Area 52

Dec 3 3 friends looking for guild DEADBluejuan3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Pure Athletes 1/9 M LF heals/dps Pure Athletes is currently looking for a few tag team partners yeahhh. We're lookin for a specific set of talent to add to our stable. You sick of chump guilds filled with a bunch of spot stealin show boats like Hulk Hogan? Yeah me to. Join the madnesses team. We're goin straight to the top! Skies the limit and space is the place! Let's climb the turnbuckle of mythic ToS and drop the flying elbow on these so called bosses. OHHHH YEAHHHH DIG IT! (I promise you we're not an RP guild lmao) Our current main event bouts are schedule for 1 fall with a 3 hour time limit. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30pm (est) Our needs Core heal spot Holy Paladin Resto Druid DPS Lock Warrior Rogue Ret Feral DK And any other Pure Athlete that wants to compete with us on the highest level of competition. Don't be scared to embrace the madness. We will be world champions soon. Wear the belt with us or be like that chump Tito Santana. He was just a stepping stone for the Macho Man Randy SavageSavagedamage50 Dec 3
Dec 3 Balance Druid & Ele Shammy LF Guild .Sèg4 Dec 3
Dec 3 Blood DK LF Heroic/Mythic Guild ilvl 935 Blood DK LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild. Can make any raid days minus Thursday, and I'm available from roughly 7:30-11:30pm server time (EST.) If you want to get in contact with me post some info about your guild and your battletag on here and I will get ahold of you.Drexì1 Dec 3
Dec 2 932 Monk/945 Arms LF raiding guild Hi! After taking a short break at the end of ToS looking to get back into a raiding guild. I have a 932 monk and 945 arms ( 934 equipped for optimal stats ) Looking for twice a week, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday availability 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Server time. AoTC for all raids thus far and mythic kills in each raid. Also have a friend that is looking to join as well 930 Destro lock and his priest 930 holy/disc He is also AoTC for all and Cutting edge for a few. Please add me at Draynos#1879 if your interested.Xiangshen2 Dec 2
Dec 2 ~940 Boomking Looking for Guild 940ish boomkin looking for raiding guild. Finally in a stable place with my job and housing and its time to find a good home in game! Prefer a progression minded guild that will make its way through mythic, but at the same time not trying to pull my hair out. Very self motivated, running my own sims, reading guides ect ect. Really above all else, im looking for that "home feeling again where i actually feel connected with some of the guild, not just bodies that i sit in discord with twice or three times a week. Im ready for 400 or 500 wipes to get Cutting Edge!!!! Im available from like 4pm-12pm server Mon-Fri and almost any times on the weekend! TSleazy#1276 Contact me in game or leave a comment hear if youre interested in talking!Decepticoon3 Dec 2
Dec 1 [H] 3 Players Seeking Guild Hey Guys! Myself and a few buds are looking for a raiding guild. We are looking for a guild that raids 7-10pm EST / Server time and is either Tues/Wed/Thur. Can be all 3 days or only 2. Our party is a Shadow Priest (did main holy, slowly transitioning with gear currently *coughcough me*). A Warlock (928) and a Warrior (928). We want a guild that is progressioning, hopefully into mythic one day but can still have fun! We play all blizzard games (usually a lot of overwatch) and also 1 day plan to play in Classic WoW when that launches (so if your guild expands there, we will join up!) We also love a active discord, we are social butterflies and definitely love joking around and getting to know peeps. If this fits your guild, hit me up here or my btag Pearl#11954 (I wont respond during OW lols)Pearly5 Dec 1
Dec 1 <Imperium In Imperio> Recruiting! <Imperium in Imperio>[Area-52/Horde] is a new guild formed by experienced mythic raiders who took a break after Nighthold. We are looking for a new team going into Antorus and Battle for Azeroth! Currently in search of healers and all DPS, and all friendly players! Raid times are currently planned for Tues/Wed/Thurs 10-12 EST (7-9PST), clearing heroic before moving into Mythic. Also looking for people to push M+ Keystones every week! For more information contact: Funslice12#1270 CEEJ#11181Obviøus0 Dec 1
Dec 1 934 Resto Druid LF Tues/Wed H Guild First, I can ONLY raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays and no earlier than 9pm Server/EST time. End time is preferably around 12-1pm. Current progression is full Heroic clears with AOTC for all raids this expansion, and 7/11 N Antorus from one night of raid. My hours are work are changed preventing me from raiding with my current guild which is why I'm looking for a good fit with a new guild. I have raided Heroic only content this expansion and am primarily looking for a Heroic focused guild, but will consider a guild that wants to work on Mythic content as well. I have a history of semi-hardcore, progression focused raiding going all the way back to Burning Crusade, including experience as an officer and raid leader. I know the fights before setting foot in raid. I show up fully prepared including having flasks and food. If your guild meets my time requirements and think I may be a good fit or would like to chat, please respond here or add me, Song42#1953. I can also furnish logs upon request.Songweaver0 Dec 1
Dec 1 [H]<Fallen Have Risen> LF DPS! <Fallen Have Risen> is a guild aiming to push Cutting Edge content on Area 52. We are currently 9/11H. What we're looking for: Melee DPS: Rogue Frost/Unholy DK Ret Paladin Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest Balance Druid Mage Marksmanship Hunter Any exceptional DPS are welcome to reach out to us regardless of class/spec. Our core beliefs as a guild are that all raid spots are earned; that no individual, including myself or any other leadership, is more important than the well-being of the team and that our scheduled raid times will be well-spent pushing progression. We believe that the time we dedicate to raiding every week is something important to all of our raiders, and we will put that time to good use progressing. We expect all of our raiders to be prepared for raid nights by bringing consumables (Flasks and Feasts will be provided) and adequate research on the fights we are attempting. To us, the most important aspect in a raider is having strong awareness and raid mechanics. We value raiders that want to execute the fight correctly. We do not want raiders that are going to ignore mechanics for the sake of looking good on the meters. What we can offer you is a guild full of good friends that will push into Mythic content. We can offer you a guild that doesn't raid on a Hardcore schedule, but will be sure to use our time raiding to progress to the best of our abilities. Our raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-10 PM EST. We will be using Loot Council as our Loot system, and our mandatory addons are RCLootCouncil, AngryAssignments, and WeakAuras2. Contact Info: Guild Master - Mink (Minko4000#1590) Raid Leader - Crazzluz (Crazzluz#1727)Drunkbilly42 Dec 1
Dec 1 <Agony> 9/9H looking for exceptional players Hello Everyone, <AGONY> ROLES NEEDED Healer (all classes considered) Ranged DPS (Warlocks, Hunters, Spriests, & Boomkins) **All exceptional classes/roles considered, so feel free to contact us regardless of fitting in these roles RAID TIMES Mon/Tues @ 8:00pm to 11pm (EST/Server Time) PROGRESSION (Tomb - 9/9H) (NH – 10/10H) (EN 4/7M) (ToV 3/3H) *AOTC in all Legion content* ABOUT US Agony is a semi-hardcore raid guild comprised of a group of friends raiding together since 2012. With years of server-competitive mythic raiding and excellent parsing in Warcraft logs, we’ve now had a chance to step back and see the big picture. We have managed to find that balance between in the game success and having a great time. If you’re soft and easily offended, this guild is NOT for you. If you feel like this is a good guild for you, feel free to message one of the following members. We’d love to have you in discord to chat, hang out, and have a drink…or two…maybe even three! Leave messages here or contact Doozer#1437 Elorian#11747 KevinB#1160Elörian1 Dec 1
Dec 1 925 Lock LF Guild Hi! I am trying to find a good guild to call home. I haven't had much luck on the forums for my current realm so I thought I would try a few others. Here is what I am looking for: *Adult oriented guild. Active, easy going and laid back *Raiding - Laid back semi-casual. I've done hardcore, and now trying actually enjoy the raiding experience. No need for a second job. *Prefer to stay Horde *Chat Client: Discord would be preferred or Vent. About me: I have typically healed my entire time playing WoW since BC as far as raiding goes. This has been my first attempt at DPS and so far I have enjoyed it and am planning on continuing that path into the next expansion. I will say that I am by no means a "world beater" when it comes to dps, however I think I do decent for being new with it and of course open to any criticism and help with a new guild if needed. I would love to find a great guild that is friendly, easy going and just fun to be a part of (close-knit family). My available raid times: Any day: 7pm-11pm *I would prefer to stick to 1-2 days raiding. If you are interested please feel free to add me on Battle ID: Volsball33#1490. I hope to hear from some folks and hope to find a great home to be a part of.Somarra4 Dec 1
Dec 1 2 Looking for active Guild Wife and I are looking for an active guild to play with. Looking for a guild that raids on Tues/Wends we can fill all roles between the 2 of us we are currently lvling toons on area 52 but have toons we will bring over if we find what we are looking for. Hit me up in game if ya think we fit ya build. Petergriffin#1739Chrisgrifn4 Dec 1
Dec 1 [H] 2 LF Heroic Raiding Guild 934 Elemental Shaman and 924 Enhancement Shaman (Both of us are totally comfortable playing any spec) looking for raiding guild that does at least heroic! Can raid anytime between 4:30PM EST-8PM EST Monday-Thursday. Both have been raiding since Pandaria and last raid tier got 7/9H. We both also have heavy raid experience in Final Fantasy 14 with great logs if that matters around here. PM on Discord at cairom#6048 or Anzu#9479 or at Cairom#1217 and KaduChaCha#1320 for more info. :)Cairom2 Dec 1
Dec 1 [H] 936 Bear / 933 Arms LF raid guild Hey all, Two experienced raiders looking to join a raid guild for Antorus. We're looking for to become part of a group that we can look forward to playing with and actually clears at least heroic content. We're both AotC Tomb. I am a 933 Arms warrior and my buddy is a 936 Bear tank. We can be available to raid 7:00pm (PST) to 12:00pm (PST), but we're ideally searching for a two day raid guild (No Weekends). We're experienced raiders that have been playing since Nov. 2004, with some periodic breaks. Would be open to have a dialogue about opportunities over any VoIP platform. Bnet: Marraxus#1396 Looking forward to chatting. -MarMarraxus2 Dec 1
Dec 1 Area 52 - LFGuild Spanish / español Me and a friend are looking for a spanish / latin guild, if there's any, to make dungeons, raids, etc. I have many alts (the highest is 930). Un amigo y yo estamos buscando una guild / hermandad española / latina, para hacer mazmorras, raids, etc. Tengo varios alts (el más alto es 930).Javaxd0 Dec 1
Dec 1 Standard Dragon Protocol <Standard Dragon Protocol> (SDP) is a brand new guild. we are looking for new and returning players that feel lost, or left behind the gear grind. we want the player.. gear will always come. After taking breaks ourselves... and trying to jump right back into raiding... We know hard it can be to catch up/fit in. So, after trying and failing a few times? here we are. a few things to explain: 1) we do want to raid... that's why we play. and, we will also be looking to recruit an experienced RL, other than myself. 2) We are VERY social. we are looking for the same in others. we are always in discord... there is no better way to get to know or mesh with the ppl you play this game with. 3) real hate, of any kind, will be dealt with swiftly. 4)help is always offered when asked for. am i going to give the level 4 that just joined 5000g because he asked? um, lol. no. we all know what kind of help im referring to. player/game help will always be available. 5) Fun.. i/we will never ask you to play a class/spec you dont want. we all have RL issues to deal with, right? and we all play this game to have FUN. Currently, we are looking for a warlock and melee dps to join our ranks. So, if any of this sounds good to you, or if you are just curious.. feel free to give our GM a pst: Bnet is Atrayu#1150. Otherwise, any officer can assist!Lunashae1 Dec 1
Nov 30 Girl Guild? Any girl guilds out there? Or any with a lot of girls??? Ty!!!Alsandor0 Nov 30
Nov 30 9/9H 4/9M <Accidental Excellence> LFM! Accidental Excellence is a guild of transferred leaders and members from Celestial Vanguard on Elune-US. After reaching 8/10M in Nighthold, we decided we wanted to take a more laid-back approach while still executing at a high level. AE is looking to bolster our ranks and prepare for the next raid tier Antorus, the Burning Throne. Until Antorus launches we’re considering split heroic raids with mains and alts in Tomb of Sargeras while we increase our raid size. Legion Raid Content: Tomb of Sargeras – 4/9 Mythic 9/9 Heroic The Nighthold – 8/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic Emerald Nightmare – 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor - 3/3 Mythic Raid Schedule: Mon/Wed/Thurs: 9 - 11:30 EST Alt raid day: Tuesdays Recruitment Requirements: We're looking for the following classes to balance out our roster. Please keep in mind we're always looking for exceptional players. If you're interested and your class/role is not listed, please feel free to reach out to us. With our limited raid times, we expect our raiders to maintain 80% attendance. Raid composition is crucial for progression. Players will be subbed in and out on fights based on the encounter; including but not limited to: understanding fight mechanics, executing fight mechanics, performance, etc. Still, all raiders will be brought in for gear and achievements on boss fights once they’ve progressed to farm status. Our primary goal on raid nights is to clear as much as we can as quickly as we can. If you are recruited as a raider, you will be raiding. Currently recruiting Mythic Ready: - DPS/Healing - Range DPS Who we are: The current leadership has years of experience together. Some of us have raided together since Vanilla Wow. We have raid/leadership experience as both casual and as a hardcore guild. Most of the core that transferred are in our mid 30s and we’re looking to maintain something in between. We’re looking to build back our core with quality raiders but also just as important, quality people. While we would like to get back into Mythic Content we will not sacrifice the raid atmosphere to achieve that. Goals: • To create a great atmosphere of mature guild mates that enjoy working on and learning new content together. We're looking to maintain an active roster to progress through both 5 man and Raid content. Contact info: If you have any interest or would like more info please feel free to contact us. realID: CydTheKid#1882 nertz#1379 Discord: Cyd#7835 nertz#9079 Also you can visit us at aeguild.netSidni14 Nov 30
Nov 30 915 BM Hunter Looking For Guild I've been playing WoW on and off since 2006, mained a DK since Wrath, but switched to Hunter during WoD. Took another hiatus around 7.1 and just returned a couple weeks ago. I'm now looking at getting back into raiding and other end-game activities. My work hours can be wonky (I work in IT), so strict adherence to attendance can be difficult at times so I need flexibility there. I prefer BM hunter as my main spec (and I play it very well), and will be working on MM in the weeks to come as OS (I prefer BM not because it's easy, but rather because of my personal opinion that BM is the true Hunter spec). I'm looking for a laid back guild that is actively raiding new content as well as frequently running other end-game activities such as M+ dungeons. I realize my gear isn't the best yet, but it's a WIP. I have very thick skin, and I am looking for a guild that isn't offended easily. If there's anyone out there looking for a solid Hunter, I can be your Huckleberry. I have access to all types of comms and have a mic. If you need any more info let me know. /cheersBöwfinger4 Nov 30
Nov 30 [H] Looking for an easy going guild. Hi there. I'm looking for a more casual guild. A sociable guild. Iv'e been playing alone for a very long time because I didn't like dealing with the elitism/snobbery in some guilds. I'd like to change that, because playing alone is terrible. I also have a 110 Undead Warrior to join the party. Thanks for reading!Gravarin2 Nov 30
Nov 30 Seeking An Active Guild One player looking for an active guild to do end content with, whether it is pve or pvp. Have most classes to 110 except priest and paladin. Dont mind having to play a class that is needed but most prefer to play a caster. Btag is Brotoonz#1314.Aldher1 Nov 30
Nov 30 <Dramatically Dead> Casual-Heroic 6/11N 9/9H Hello! We are Dramatically Dead, a semi-casual Heroic-focused guild looking for some more members. We raid Tues/Thurs 9:30-12 ST [6/11N 9/9H] and throw in mythic+ runs, transmog runs, and achievement runs based on interest. We have hit AOTC on every raid tier in Legion and that is our goal in Antorus as well. Our guild is primarily made up of working adults or folks in school and our raiding schedule and goals reflect that gaming and real life balance. We are seeking a couple more dps, around 920 ilvl or better, that know their class, pay attention to mechanics, and pull appropriate numbers for their gear level. (If you are a little low on ilvl we may be able to help gear you up to join us). We are starting in Normal Antorus and moving into Heroic once we're farming the majority of Normal. We have no: Cloth - Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock Leather - WW Monk Other dps classes are welcome! We currently have no duplicates. We roll with simple personal loot, Discord for chat and casuals welcome to come hang out with us. To get in contact with us reply here or reach out to any of the folks below: Guild Officers - Skymero, Caosm, Gaoul, Atarialynn, Destrado RealID- Ambracaos#1233Caosm3 Nov 30
Nov 30 <Chaotic Legion> 9/9H Tues/Weds 9pm-12am Chaotic Legion is a 2/11H 11/11N is a Midcore guild that raids Tues/Weds 9pm-12am. Looking for dedicated DPS. We are currently in need of DPS to round out our roster. We are in the process of rebuilding our roster to push mythic content in Antorus. Food/Flask/Pots are all provided. We are a small, close knit group of players that all have 1 thing in common, pushing content. We have multiple CE/Mythic Raid leaders. Loot is done via RClootcouncil and we use discord. If you have anymore questions or are interested, add myself on Bnet.. Bamph#11859Bàmph11 Nov 30
Nov 30 Interested in starting a Unique Guild? Here is the thing. Everyone gets something different out of wow. Everyone enjoys different things. I want to create a Guild where the focus of the guild will be to be active in Voice Chat and helpful when need be. So the guildmates can do whatever they enjoy in the game and have people to be socially active while doing so. The only guild requirement will be to be active in Voice Chat. That means before and after your raids when your doing dailys? You are chilling in Voice chat. Before and after your Rated BGs or Arenas? Same thing. -You have a small elite raid team of you and a few friends? Welcome aboard. -You a casual player who just does a lot of PvP with some friends? Welcome aboard. -You have your own 3s team and just do that? Welcome aboard. -You man a Rated BG team and just do that? Welcome aboard. - You a solo player who kind of does your own thing who wants people to chat with while doing it? Welcome aboard. - Alt your thing? You are all about leveling and gearing out alts? Welcome aboard. - You do nothing but spend time on Twinks? You want people to chat with while doing so? Welcome aboard. Anyone interested in starting a guild like this with me? I would need some leadership and of course members. I will handle the website and voicechat. If interested my Btag is GamesDean#1368. You can also respond here. I will be keeping an eye on this thread.Soulshard3 Nov 30
Nov 29 The Horde is Recruiting "Got a Raging Horde on" is recruiting players of all levels and skills. Are you a new player or returning to WoW or even a Veteran player? All are welcome to join. We're looking for players who love to play the game! Someone that has the mindset to perform to the best of their ability, someone that is active, mature, and that can take a joke. Please have a positive attitude! Lastly, someone who wants to have fun! We are still growing and we'll focus more on getting our Members geared towards Raiding and Mythic+. We're Located on the Area52 server and should be able to get a hold of us on there.Raknarl0 Nov 29
Nov 29 932 Aff/Destro Warlock LF Weekend Raid I am a recent transfer to Area 52. I took a break but I am now ready to raid again. My progression is 9/9 N and 8/9 H. I have no mythic experience but I am a fast learner. I can play either aff or destro. Presently aff is my best spec but I am improving with destro. I am looking for a weekend raiding guild. Please add me (Fuimus#11582) if you are looking for a rdps. Thank you.Dottir3 Nov 29
Nov 29 <TNoF> 9/9H Recruiting For Antorus <Twisted Nails of Fate> 9/9 H ToS, AOTC Tos/NH/TOV/EN Raid times: 8-11PM EST Thur/Sun Voice: Discord TNoF is an adult, friends, and family oriented guild with a focus on Heroic raiding and Mythic +. We are currently looking for some fun folks to join and round off our raid team as Antorus approaches, with the emphasis of reaching a larger roster to push into mythic after heroic is cleared. Recruiting any good players, but have a priority in: Mages (all specs) Warlocks Priest (holy, disc) Havoc DH DPS DK Hunters Reqs: 910 ilvl and knowledge of the fights. We are looking for raiders that can help contribute not only to our raid team, but to the friendly guild environment while pushing heroic content. RL takes priority here and we adjust our team to things that come up. Alt runs and mythic + pushes happen during the week. Cross realm players are also welcome for normal/heroic, with schedules and invites through btag/discord. Questions or interested? Reply in thread or contact Imhottep (VerbalKint#1298) or Nuggette (Bookemdanno#11474)Nuggette18 Nov 29
Nov 29 Feral Reroll on Area 52. LF Weekend Guild I'm 5/9M ToS 9/11 normal Antorus Let me know. I rerolled feral.Ronny1 Nov 29
Nov 29 925 MM / 922 Rogue LF Raiding Guild. Returning player Looking for a Raiding Guild to Kill some time with. Veteran I've been around since Vanilla, allergic to fire tend to move. Have all classes, But have been hunter/rogue for years feel the most comfortable on them. Looking for a raiding guild that isn't too serious but also gets !@#$ done. not a fan of wiping on easy mechanics every week. Just looking for some Decent people to spend hours slaying dragons or stepping into arenas/bgs with. current guild is just my bank alt guild to avoid spam.Zabbuh15 Nov 29
Nov 29 Rogue and Warlock LF Guild 920 Rogue and 930 Warlock LF Raiding Guild. Both have AOTC KJ. Prefer 2 nights/wk in the range of 7-11 pm. Please leave BTag so we can talk.Merixi14 Nov 29
Nov 29 H [Area 52] 929 Ele Shaman I quit playing for a couple months early on in the tier (got to 3/9M). I am an experienced raider looking for a more casual guild that has fun with progression. Hit me up in game if you are recruiting so we can talk and see if it will be a good fit. Name in game is Zolfares.Zolfares7 Nov 29
Nov 29 942 Tank LF Weekend Raiding 942 ilvl, 75 traits, 3/9M ToS experience. Would like to raid Fri/Sat nights, preferably finishing by 10:30-11pm central. Add btag Scenery#1613.Salvein1 Nov 29
Nov 29 Blood DK and Havoc DH LF Raid Group Hey guys, as the title says were a pair looking for a raid team. Any days are good but we can only raid between 7pm to 12am est. We are experienced players just returning for this raid tier and have worked our way up to roughly ilvl930. Let me know if anyone is interested, thanks!Veenare1 Nov 29
Nov 29 940 Hpally LFG 5/9M ToS Xp Hello Everyone, Looking for a guild on Area 52 Horde. Looking to raid evenings on weekdays or weekends. Open to any days so pst me with any info. Was very active in raiding until ToS where my guild slowly disbanded and started playing other games or IRL got in the way so I took a break. 25/29 Mythic kills this expansion prior to Antorus. 938 Equipped/945 bags ilvl with 71 traits in crucible. Working hard on pushing to 75 traits while also pushing M+ to get gear until I find a raiding guild. Logs: You will need to search for Depti on Rexxar. Note: M+ score is low on wow progress because it reset on transfer/7.3.5 Contact: BNET: Depti#11876 Isn't letting me post on paladin heres my armory: Nov 29
Nov 29 [H] Guardian/Feral and Fury war Hello Area 52, My buddy and I are looking for a guild with open slots for either 2 MDPS or a Tank and MDPS. We would love to get into Mythic this tier and push progression. We both have pretty thick raiding history between Wrath until now for myself, and Vanilla to now for my buddy. We have been part of very serious raid groups, and some very casual, we are looking for a solid middle ground. We want to push into Mythic because we enjoy the content, but we aren't looking for some super serious raid schedule. I am just returning from a break, so I have not raided ToS, however he is 7/9 M. We are both competent and confident players. This isn't our first run in with guild recruitment, we aren't trying to be a back up, we are looking for core spots. Feel free to add me to BTag to chat and see where things go. Noxxica#1169Dargondrood0 Nov 29
Nov 29 937 Prot Paladin LF Morning Raid Team Hello, I'm a 937 Prot Paladin (currently gearing out Ret too) that is looking for a morning raid team for Antorus. I've raided on WoW since TBC, Wrath, and Cata, and have lead my own group until I eventually got burned out from raid leading and moved on to other MMOs before MoP launched. Been recently doing M+ since coming back to the game a month ago to gear myself back up to current content and now I'm looking for a morning group since I work nights. Schedule: I can raid any morning starting from 11am PST (2PM ST) to 6pm PST (9PM ST) Willing to server transfer / faction change for the population on Area 52 I have raiding experience across multiple MMOs as multiple roles (tank / dps / healer) and am easy to get along with and pretty lighthearted in raid. Bring my own flasks, pots, etc. and have researched the fights beforehand to know what to do before going into raid. Right now my eyes are set on Normal / Heroic with an interest in Mythic when I gear up a bit more. If you wanna chat with me in-game, my bnet is VagrantZero#1608 Thanks for taking the time to read all this!Reyvandra0 Nov 29
Nov 28 935 Holy / 932 Shadow LF Guild for Antorus Hey there! My experience with ToS on another character was 2/9M then I decided to take a little break from raiding and switched my main to this character. I prefer to raid as Shadow, but I am willing to Heal. Whether that be as Disc or Holy, I do not care. I also do not care if the guild is Heroic only, or Mythic progression. The raid times that work for me are: Mon - Thurs: 6pm - 11pm EST Fri & Sat: Usually late nights work well here. 12am EST start. Sundays I prefer to have as an off day. I prefer 2 days a week, but may be able to do 3, depending on the raid time. My previous experience (pretty much all on my old Alliance character) EN: 4/7M (got a late start on this one) NH: 9/10M ToS: 2/9M You can reach me by either commenting on this post, sending and in game letter, or add my BTag: Haffamm#1372 Thanks!Vaosan6 Nov 28
Nov 28 933 ilev Warlock 9/9 Heroic. LF Raid Team. ...Victimiser3 Nov 28
Nov 28 (H) <Ex Inferno> Team Red. Fri/Sat 9-12 Hey guys, we're the newest raid team in the <Ex Inferno> community. Team Red was formed from a solid core of alliance transfers that have been together for a while. We have extensive raid experience and were 9/9H TOS, 3/10M NH, ect, ect. We're a chill group of raiders that are looking forward to pushing heroic content and some "relaxed" mythic when we get our numbers back up. We're starting here in Ex Inferno for the start of Antorus and looking for several like minded, laid back raiders to fill some core spots after a short trial. Days/Times: We raid Friday and Saturday 9-12EST Needs: -DPS -Rogue -Mage -Warrior -Paladin -Heals -Druid -Monk Recruitment is open to all, the classes listed above are just our current high need/open classes. If you feel you're up to making 90% of raids, performing well every week and can obey mechanics feel free to apply! Ex Inferno is an extremely active gaming community with groups running in several other games besides wow. We have constant Mythic + runs going and several members who are active in the PvP side of things as well. If you're interested in joining Team Red please contact me here or send me a message on bnet. Parker#1401Emurlan3 Nov 28
Nov 28 930 Unholy DK LF Raid Team As the title says im a 930 Unholy DK looking for a raid team. I'm an experienced player just coming back for Antorus, can show NH logs. Let me know if anyone wants to talk more!Veenare4 Nov 28
Nov 28 LFG raids THU/FRI NIGHT or ANY DAY MORNING Hi there, I am a semi-hardcore raider currently looking for a Heroic Farm raiding guild to call home. I have been looking for a guild for a while now which suits my schedule. My preferred raid time is: 1. Thursday/Friday = 7.00pm-1.00am (At night) 2. "ANY DAY" in the "MORNING" = 8.00am-2.00pm (In the Morning). Preferred Realm: 1. Illidan (Horde) 2. Area52 (Horde) **Willing to switch realm too if everything works out. Currently i have Aotc on 2 diff alts and have been farming HC ToS on 3 different alts. List of alts on which I farm HC-ToS: 1. Havoc Demon Hunter: 2. Holy Priest: 3. Resto Shamy: (KIND OF A MAIN FOR NOW) Some other Alt to mess around in mythic plus: 1. Resto Druid: 2. Blood Dk: **Currently working on mage alt too, to have a ranged DPS class (also if guild needs a ranged dps)Galadriêl3 Nov 28
Nov 28 [H] Guardian Tank + DPS Warrior LF home Hey Area-52! Guardian Druid tank (938) and a DPS warrior (934) looking for a new home for Heroic Antorus and beyond! Prefer two raid nights over three, prefer 9pm server and later. Hit me up in game for more info.Genzjin0 Nov 28
Nov 28 WTS 101 Twink Boosts Lasorchicken - 101 Twink 849 ILVL Balance Druid 3% Crit 37% Haste 145% Mastery Requirements for the boost service: ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. Minimum of 40% Experience heirloom gear. Class Hall Unlocked Prices: 2.500g/run if you come with 1 or more friends. each one of you pay 2.000g/run Every run will take approximately 9-11mins. it will take 3-4 runs per LVL Accepting gold in Area 52, Tichondrius, Dalaran, Illidan, or battle pets from other realms If you have any questions or if you are intrested in getting your character boosted, please contact me Battletag: Mrpinkllama#1237Lasorchicken0 Nov 28
Nov 27 New Guild any interest? Hello i'm a veteran of area 52 transferred here 3 expansions ago from a dead realm. some of you may know my hunter/shaman Bownrz/Shamoolance i have tried to keep most of my encounters on this realm positive (although you cant please everyone). I am here on the forums looking to see if any serious players like myself have any interest in forming a guild. The guild i am currently in is fantastic, community is amazing as well as the leadership. The issue i have is the raid times are starting to annoy me, even though they fit my schedule perfectly before now they are starting to become somewhat of an annoyance.(raid times friday/saturday 11pm-2am) i am trying to move away from a weekend guild and actually push for a more hardcore setting (minimum three day guild starting earlier in the week). If there are any serious players that would love to be a part of a new guild and possibly be part of leadership please add me as soon as you can so we can discuss and maybe get this project going. i currently have the guild and the name im not willing to budge on <Logic>.I intend to form a guild to push cutting edge for all content released. thanks for your time my battle tag is Aiakos#1689Ayenal8 Nov 27
Nov 27 Offense Intended-Money, Fame, and Fortune! We are recruiting atm, No Warlocks/RDruids please!!! we are running multiple days and working on RBG team. Guild Night - @Wed 730-1030 Team Testo - @9-12 Tue/Thur Team Hellgan - @730-1130 Fridays and 730-1030 Sundays With Argus coming up we wish to Push through as fast a possible shooting for Cutting Edge! We Use RCLoot/ERT and Discord for voice. We have many people available to help set u and and get in the right direction. If you can commit to those times then get with Decepshin#1189 (Phorsayken) Hellgan#1882 (Hellgan) or anyone online if you have any question feel free to Message me in game or on discord (Vit#6684).Phorsayken0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Rambunctious Playmates LF for raiders Hello! We are seeking players interested in pushing Heroic (aotc) and Mythic for Antorus. We raid Tues/Wed 9pm-12am ST. There are openings for dps and heals with heavy interest in recruiting raid ready warlock(any spec), shadow priest, balance druid, arms/fury warrior, rogue(any spec), ww monk, and resto shaman. Interested players should be 925+ ilvl and at around 69+ traits in main spec weapon. We use discord for voice, and provide flasks and feasts. Loot is set to personal. On off nights we run m+ and hang out in discord. if you're interested in joining please contact me (Naturion), Steamgirl, or Girra. Or reply to this post. Check our progress at: Nov 27
Nov 27 Area 52 Discord Channel I just created an Discord Channel for all of Area 52. It will have various channels from guild recruitment to a global chat. Join us and lets discuss stuff. Nov 27
Nov 27 Tank for Raid team Player since Beta. Reliable Prot Tank. I'm not a mouth breather, I've done some Mythic NH, and tanked AoTC for ToS. Had a team, but work schedule conflicted. Looking for weekday nights 10pm-2am. (Prefer not Tuesday). Willing to help create a new team/guild. Prefer something that lasts. Cross game guild would be nice, but really looking for a Raid team to get to Mythic. Current ilevel: 927(925eq)Killrobots0 Nov 27