Area 52

Aug 28 920 DK Lf Mythic progression guild Unholy DK lf mythic guild, 3/9 experienced Btag is Magiczero#11614 If you're interested in knowing moreeMagiczeró1 Aug 28
Aug 28 . ,Darthjones0 Aug 28
Aug 28 [H]<Apocalypse Army> 9/9 H Recruiting Guild Name: Apocalypse Army Server: Area-52 Faction: Horde Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday @ 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM Eastern Times. Guild Experience: 7/7 M EN, 7/10 M NH, 9/9 H ToS Apocalypse Army is a late night raiding guild looking for smart, mature, and talented players to progress into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are a semi-casual guild who likes to kick back and have fun while raiding. No certain individual will ever be yelled or called out during our raid. However, during times of serious progression, we expect everyone to perform at their fullest potential. If we ever have anyone that is struggling to perform, we will fully analyze logs, meters, charts, make sure that certain individual is aware of what can be done to fix his or her problem. Overall, the Guild enviroment is very friendly and we attempt to make sure all of our raiders get their weekly mythic+15 so they can be more appropriately geared for mythic raiding. We also will not tolerate Elitists. Please do not sign up and join expecting to down a mythic boss in a few pulls. Before we consider you, we will be carefully examine all past raiding experiences you may have. We are in need of the following... High Priority 1. Resto Druid/MW Monk 2. Warlock 3. Balance Druid 4. Frost/Arcane Mage Low Priority 1. Hunter 2. Warrior DPS 3. Demonhunter DPS 4. Holy Priest 5. Disc Priest If you are interested, please contact: Battletag - Pointy#11765 Battletag - andrew#1177 Discord - Point#3474 Discord - boboo88#7463Lunafreyá8 Aug 28
Aug 28 <Get Right> 1/9 M, LF dps Hey! <Get Right> is recruiting some DPS for Mythic ToS! We’re a smaller, friendly guild looking to grow and add on to our core raid team for Mythic progression. We're 9/9 Heroic and 1/9 Mythic. We are looking for players that can perform well, are team oriented and have a positive attitude. Players must already have completed 9/9 Heroic ToS. We also enjoy running Mythic Keystones, PVP and older raids for transmogs. Raid Times: Wed: 830-11 pm Server Thursday: 830-11 pm Server Current Progress: 9/9 H ToS 1/9 M ToS Current Needs: DPS Rdps: Shadow priest, shaman Mdps: Feral, rogue, monk, paladin, dk Come give us a shot! If you have any questions please contact me here or in game. I look forward to hearing from you! Battletag: Ooeygooey#1248 Characters: Smóak, JazySmóak0 Aug 28
Aug 27 921 Aff Lock LF adult, casual H guild. LF a fun and very active guild with discord and a Fri & Sat raid schedule.Bubblegutts5 Aug 27
Aug 27 9/9H Experienced warlock LF guild Hi, Looking for a guild that is either in mythic or is preparing to work on advancing into Mythic. Nothing past 12am and on any day of the week. Leave guild info here and i'll contact who i'm interested in. Or you can PST me on WoWEchoe7 Aug 27
Aug 27 [H] Group of players LF Guild Hello, My friends and I are switching over to Area 52 to escape a low pop server. We are looking to raid Heroic and possibly push into Mythic. We all have experience with raiding both, but due to being on a low pop server we had trouble maintaining the 20 people required for Mythic. We are looking for a guild that raids between 9pm and 12am server, 2 nights a week. 2 of us are looking to raid as soon as possible with the other 2 or 3 coming in later. The 2 of us that are looking to raid right away are currently a havoc demon hunter and a shadow priest, however we have multiple high level toons on our other server that could be played/brought over if needed. You can message Caliorithe (Philosoraptr#1311) or Notviklund (theoldsouls#1177)Caliorithe4 Aug 27
Aug 27 908 Resto Sham LF 2 nights Heroic guild! I'm too old to bother with Mythic raiding anymore /offmylawn I still want to experience challenging content and kill bosses! Do H only guilds still exist? Free most days expect for Mondays. Plenty of raiding experience and currently 7/9 H. Can provide logs! Talk soon loves <3Kazhuna6 Aug 27
Aug 27 933 Resto Druid if Sat Sun raid team! Due to work I wont be able to raid during the week! so I'm looking for a mythic sat/sun raid team! Message me in game to talk more! Mezlock#1354Icydruid2 Aug 27
Aug 26 925 Monk Tank LF late night guild Hey There, I am returning from somewhat of a break. I have been tanking on my monk since MOP. I currently work Grave shift so i can run Mon/tues/Wed starting at 9PM PST . Or Early morning around 6AM PST. After a guild merger i have been stuck DPSing as a reserve so i really dont have much logs, Nor do i care for DPS. As I recently came back so i do not have Mythic TOS experience, im only 8/9Heroic, but i have Mythic experience in all other raids, and i am a fast learner i just need to get a shot, and a team that is willing to work with me. my Bnet is Koridoom#1361 QUOTENoriceforyou6 Aug 26
Aug 26 <FDLU> Late Night Progression 5/9H LFM FDLU 9/9n 5/9H is looking for healer(s) (non druid/pally) and then DPS(non-hunter). We raid Thursday and Friday nights (Fri/Sat Mornings) 1AM-4AM server. We have a small group and would very much like to expand during Tomb. We have been AOTC in heroics since Legion launch. Mythic raiding is not our #1 goal because of manning issues. If we were to get enough we would def push mythic content. Interested reply here or send me a bnet request AAIIYAAA#1485Aaiiyaa3 Aug 26
Aug 26 Weekend Raiding LF DPS <Flow Gods> is a group of semi-hardcore players with our minds set on completing content. Looking for like minded players to fill out our core roster! We are currently 7/9 Heroic ToS with 4% on heroic Avatar and in need of DPS to round out our roster to finish Heroic and push into Mythic. Guild provides Feast, Flasks and entertainment! Also running Mythic Pluses daily! Recruitment Needs: Melee: -Rogue -Warrior -DK -DH -Shaman Ranged: -Druid -Shaman -Hunter *Tank or Healing OS is a PLUS!* Any exceptional player are welcome! Also accepting all non-raiders! Raid Times/Days: Friday/Saturday - 10pm - 1am Server time (EST) If you have any questions or want to chat with an officer please add our btags! Neafy#1248 (Neafette - GM) Ovarrix#1766 (Ovarrix - Raid Lead) Reaver#1141 (Splitlimb - Officer) Neztah#1898 (Nêz - Recruitment personnel) (Edited for spelling - oops!)Nêz4 Aug 26
Aug 25 LF Healer to Level with So I know this sounds crazy (and probably a long shot) but I am looking for a healer type person that would like to make and level healing toons to go with the tank alts I am trying to level. I have various classes and levels on both horde and alliance side but wouldn't mind starting over if the right person came along. I'm basically trying to make 1 of each tanking class but would like the company in leveling along through dungeons. My main is a guardian druid (lvl 110 - iLvl 910) and I also have a prot pally that I would like to run M+ with if you would be interested in having a tank buddy to run with as well.Aurigen1 Aug 25
Aug 25 ilvl 918 Unholy DK needs a raid guild Title. My last guild just sort of fell apart over time as people burned out and stopped playing. This led to our raid team suffering a lot of roster changes during Tomb and we were going through both PUGs and new recruits like crazy, and tonight we officially stopped raiding, so here I am. I can provide Wowprogress links if needed. My parses are alright; nothing too spectacular, but I can maintain competitive damage with most other DKs in my ilvl group that I've come across. I also have a few alts that I've been wanting to get to 110 and geared for future tiers, but for the immediate future this DK will remain my main. I'm currently 8/9 for Heroic Tomb because of the aforementioned roster changes, we just had to keep bringing in PUGs and new recruits and teaching them how the mechanics work, and we just couldn't get a stable team of people who all knew how to do the Kil'jaeden fight for sure to secure the kill. I would prefer weekend raids, but really any day is okay so long as I can meet the hours. My own time zone is the same as the server's, and I work until 5 Monday-Friday. Any time after, say, 7 will be fine for me to raid. I'd call myself semi-hardcore since I have a full-time job and can't play all day every day like I used to, but I do care about my performance in raids and my progression, so I never slack off unless it's really easy farm content on a casual night. I have Discord, Ventrilo, and Mumble for voice chat. My bnet is oVentus#1886 if anyone might be interested in having me. edit: I forgot, I'm also working on a tank spec. I have 57 traits in my Unholy weapon and 52 in both Frost and Blood, so I have Concordance for all 3 specs. I can actually probably off-tank in the gear that I have now (I have other trinkets to replace my DPS ones), but I'll admit right now that I have 0 experience tanking Tomb.Kromkosh12 Aug 25
Aug 25 924 Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild .Webbý3 Aug 25
Aug 25 <Dramatically Dead> H [6/9H] Hello! We are Dramatically Dead, a casual Heroic guild looking for some more members. We raid Tues/Thurs 9:30-12 ST [6/9H] and throw in mythic+ runs, twice-monthly transmog runs, and achievement runs in on other nights as able. We have hit AOTC on every raid tier so far and that is our goal in ToS as well. Our guild is primarily made up of working adults or folks in school and our raiding schedule and goals reflect that gaming and real life balance. We are also seeking 2-3 more dps, around 910 ilvl or better, that know their class, pay attention to mechanics, and pull appropriate numbers for their gear level. (If you are a little low on ilvl we may be able to help gear you up to join us) Cloth - Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock (We have no one snagging our Heroic Cloth loot!) Leather - Rogue Other classes will be considered but we are pretty full on Hunters and Warriors. Discord for chat and casuals welcome to come hang out with us. To get in contact with us reply here or reach out to any of the folks below: Guild Officers - Skymero, Caosm, Gaoul, Atarialynn, Destrado RealID- Ambracaos#1233Caosm3 Aug 25
Aug 25 [H] 9/9N, 3/9H Weekend Evenings LFM Hey all! Haunted by Murlocs [H-Area52] is recruiting chill, skilled people for a weekend-evenings team to kill bosses in good company. Want an up-and-coming team you can grow with? These are your people. Its core is experienced with 7/9H+, but couldn't make morning raids anymore; we love them so much we decided to put together another group to fit their times. Schedule: Saturday and Sunday, 8:30-11:30 PM Eastern. Needs: Healers, DPS. Questions? Interested? Add Raye#1374 or LolTwizted#1817, and let's chat.Fantazie0 Aug 25
Aug 25 LF Late night raid group 917 ilvl subt rogue LF a new late night raid guild! I have 8/9 H and experience with H KJ fight. I am a decent raider and learn mechanics and fights pretty quickly. Preferred Days: Monday, Tuesday OR Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Preferred Times: 11:30pm- whenever Server Time.Kyuji3 Aug 25
Aug 25 911 havoc dh Recently mainswapped, looking for a new team with a similar mindset of killing bosses.Sickasf7 Aug 25
Aug 25 LF heroic raiding guild Having grown tired of pugging we are looking for a Heroic raiding guild on our server. We are available to raid Tues and Wed evenings. It will be all 3 of us coming if we find the right fit. 920 Enh shaman with a very strong resto off spec 919 Holy priest 918 Pally tank with a mediocre dps off specHolytacos11 Aug 25
Aug 24 918 WW/MW monk LF new home New to server, in search of a Heroic moving into mythic progression guild. I have all three spec weapons at 52 traits or more but main WW. Mained MW for the first two raids of xpac and am 9/9 H ToS Please contact me Str8edge187#1982Fongsâiyuk9 Aug 24
Aug 24 914 Shadow Priest Needs Home Looking for a raiding guild that raids late night 12am-3am ish server time i'm 9/9 normal and 5/9 Heroic message me in game or add me at Xenasaga#1561Rikress3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Heroic DPS needed Guild recruitment Howdy and thanks for clicking. Horde Core is looking to recruit three or four solid DPS for our Heroic Progression guild. Our number one rule is "Don't be a butt head" Having said that we do personal loot, but that may change to Master Looter soon. We are currently on Maiden progression and need a few DPS to fill out our roster. We provided cauldrons and feast for every pull and only have a few hard and fast rules 1. ilevel 910ish. if you can sustain 700K DPS you get a pass on ilevel 2. Mechanics are more important that DPS 3. If you fail the same mechanic repeatedly you will be asked to sit until we down the boss. 4. No Drama. We are a guild of working adults and will not tolerate childish behavior. 5. Come to raid with all of your enchants and gems. Bring a few flasks incase our alchemist isn't able to make raid. 6. You cannot raid drunk or super high. 7. Mumble is our voice service and is required. 8. We raid tue/wed 7:30-1100 server, with a 8pm start on Wed. 9. Everyone has to tell the Guild Warlock how awesome they are at least once a night. The druid also appreciated belly rubs. Because he is such a good boy!! Come do a few runs with us if you want to make sure were a good fit for you, and that we like you as well. Many Shenanigans shall be had. Contact myself Maxout#1655 or our Raid leader krimean#1611 Discord is the best way to get us during the day, and the above is cool if I am in game. Discord ID krim#7049 or Eliminster#6607Eliminster3 Aug 24
Aug 24 933R Druid LF Sat/Sun M Raid Team! 3/9M exp with sisters at 30% Mezlock#1354 to chat in gameIcydruid0 Aug 24
Aug 24 LF casual guild Been a couple years since ive played and just bought a new account. Just looking for a guild to help me out so that ill be able to help out in return :)Demonicgore1 Aug 24
Aug 24 5 Raiders Looking 4 Team We are a group of 5 raiders with experience in 8/9 Heroic and all of Normal. The group consists of an Arms Warrior, Druid (can play any spec other than feral), Pally/Shaman (Will play any spec), a Monk/Warlock, and a Shadow Priest. We are looking for a new raiding guild to finish our heroic progression and dabble in Mythic. Our Schedule would best fit a Friday to Sunday raiding scene. 7pm - 12 am server preferred time range Battle tags ZyberFenn#1417Volee6 Aug 24
Aug 24 912 Dk dps LF new home. Hey, how's it going. Thanks for taking the time to check out this post. As title says, I'm a 912 DK looking for a new guild to call home. I just recently transferred over from Zul'jin to kind of get a fresh start on things. I'm looking to join a progression minded guild that's close to finishing up heroic with aims to push Mythic. In Nighthold I was 8/10M prior to patch. Currently, my logs are a bit of a mess due to pugging and recently working on alts. My current progression for Tomb is 8/9N and 1/9H. I'm willing to trial this upcoming week, and I have 2 other alts (Warrior/Ret Pally) in the 905 range I can also bring along. Anyways, if you'd like to know more or just wanna chat, drop me a line in game @ Laax#1627. Thanks again for reading this, and look forward to hearing from you.Laax15 Aug 24
Aug 24 LF Mature guild Returning to game after long absence. Looking for MATURE group (no elitism or related silliness). I've never done a mythic dungeon or real raid. Have 3 110 chars., ILs about 895. As former GM and RL in Pandaria I understand game and interpersonal dynamics of WoW. Would like to chat on Discord prior to joining anyone. Send IG mail to Pincenez if you want to chat.Pincenez1 Aug 24
Aug 24 LF EAST COAST Raiding Guild Hey all, currently on US Maelstrom, but everyone on the cross server cesspool of players seems to be in the west coast, meaning i am 3 hours ahead in time of them now working full-time during the week allocates my raid schedule would preferably be best around friday anytime after 5pm ET, pretty much all day saturday and can fit sunday in up until 8:45pm the latest I hear good things about a52, any help? cheers. current iLvl 884 as of 8/23/17Zurrak1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Area 52 Discord? As some of you gamers may know, Discord is a very popular text and voice chat app used on desktop and mobile for gamers. I've seen some other WoW realms starting to create their own server (within which are multiple channels for players to use and talk), and I was wondering if Area 52 had its own. If not, we ought to make one!Kelfogary2 Aug 24
Aug 24 Tank lf raid group 924 8/9H xp Btag: Dethmaul#1894Charminultra2 Aug 24
Aug 24 How does your auction house fare? Contemplating a server move, and thinking about A52 as a possibility. One of the driving forces behind this is the economy, as it moves well on A52, and it .... well it stinks on Thunderhorn. Do legacy world goods (wod and earlier), and transmog sell well, or is it about as well as other servers?Thereland3 Aug 24
Aug 24 (H) <Crux> 3/9 MTOS is recruiting! Crux-Area 52 is currently recruiting players for their Mythic Progression team. We are a dedicated raiding team that is looking to push further into Mythic TOS. Our members are experienced raiders that have been raiding since Vanilla and are active, friendly, and willing to work to progress through the current content. We are currently seeking talented Elemental Shamans, Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Druids. While not a requirement, we’d prefer players who off-spec has tanks or healers. As always, we are willing to talk to all applicants. Progression raid times are 9-12 EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Optional nights, which usually consist of heroic clears or additional pulls on Mythic progression, are 9-12 EST on Thursday. If interested, please contact one of the following members for any questions you may need answer or if you’re looking to apply: Aamodon-Area52, Hayde-Area-52, Snickercakes-52 or Geriputo-Area-52 Additionally, you can reach me at TheBostonTap#7710 on Discord or TrollyOlly#1504 on Battle.netAamodon0 Aug 24
Aug 24 Sick Society 8/9H LF RDPS Are you tired of being a mindless drone in a 10 team raiding guild? Would you like to become an individual once again? Sick Society would love to have you. We raid tues/wed/thurs 8pm-11pm est. Our current progression is 8/9H 9/9N and we are looking for Ranged DPS. If you are interested or have any questions please add my btag barbiedoll#11881 or /who sick society and whisper anyone onlineBarbíedoll0 Aug 24
Aug 24 <Shadow Remains> Horde lf heals and dps Hello everyone! <Shadow Remains> is the reformed <Synthetic>, taking up the mantle after our GM retired. We are a group of active players with a lot of experience in WoW. We are raiders, Mythic+ fanatics, achievement hunters, and a family for your social needs. We would fit under the "Serious Casual" category, as we like to have fun, but when we're together for raids or other organized play, we take it seriously. We are currently seeking dps for our Tues/Weds (7:30-11 server time) raid team, with a preference toward a few talented melee players. We are currently raiding Heroic Tomb of Sargeras, and fully intend to be pushing into new content with 7.3. We ask for at least an ilvl of 880, but are willing to put in the time to help you gear if you're serious about joining us. Other classes/roles may apply and most likely we'll find a spot for you, but know that a raid spot may not be immediately available. All other players can have a home with us as well. We are pushing for more Mythic+ teams in the guild and would love to build up a core of PvP players to get an RBG team rolling as well. At <Shadow Remains>, our entire play philosophy revolves around the idea that we should all be having fun taking on challenges together, and the only real rule is not to be a jerk - in guild, in world chat, in trade... anywhere. Come check us out! Pst any guild member for an invite, or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, either here in the thread or in game. I will get back to you.Karzedna42 Aug 24
Aug 23 Recruiting for Heroic KJ Sales (Gold) (HORDE) We are currently recruiting ALL Classes for our somewhat new Heroic KJ Sales group. So far we have had 4 successful nights where everyone of our members made over 1 million+ Gold each night. We sell our carries just like most other people do, we have a group of members scattered around all different realms that will find buyers and bring them in, and we do half the groups buyers.. then the other half, and repeat. We run a ration of 2:1, that means for every 2 people we can have 1 carry. For example: All of our members show up and we have 20 people. Only 10 of our members can bring buyers at a time. Requirements: You need at the least 95+Percentile parses along with decent Mythic progression and multiple kills on Heroic KJ. (We strive to make our buyers experience the best it can be) For any further questions please add my battletag: Aedint#1263 THIS IS FOR IN GAME CURRENCY ONLYEmptymailbox0 Aug 23
Aug 23 893 rogue LF Guild I'd like to start from normal and work my way up through Heroic. i'd love to find a guild willing to put me on raid team. looking for 9-12 server time - any day.Friendley3 Aug 23
Aug 23 918 Boomkin Im a 918 Boomkin looking for a late night raiding guild. I work late so i need a start time that is after 11 est (8pst) and i can raid any night except thursday nights.I am currently and have always been on a horde server but am willing to go wherever i can fit in at. I am looking for mythic progression but understand that cutting edge isn't always obtainable. I am only 4/9 Heroic ToS due to a lack of commitment from my current guild. If you have any question or anything let me know. My btag is Tenning#1579.Tènning2 Aug 23
Aug 23 925 destro lock lf group 925 destro looking for a late night group work til 10 central almost every night 8/9H exp but had past mythic exp looking to push further im free any day after 11 serverNôpants3 Aug 23
Aug 23 920 Havoc DH LF Guild I am currently 3/9 H TOS and want to continue progression. Almost any raiding times are fine with me :)Cárm14 Aug 23
Aug 22 Duo healer and dps LF guild Me and a buddy are looking for something that isn't hardcore but would like to be part of a heroic raiding guild that is looking for mythic later. Looking for raid times from 7-12 CST during tues-thurs. I am 902 Sub with access to 894MW/890 BRM monk and partner is 895 holy pally with access to 885 blood dk. Both of us have raided in the past so mechanics are not something new for us. Looking for a new home in Area-52. Hope to hear from you, thanks!ßakedpotato6 Aug 22
Aug 22 Skilled group looking for guild We are a bunch friendly, long time wow players who have been raiding since vanilla. The group consists of resto shaman, resto druid, priest, warlock, rogue and mage all 910+ . We are looking to merge with or join a more or less casual raiding guild with the potential of decent progression through HTos that raids 2 night a week. We all don't expect to get raiding spots right away. ThanksMoonshock25 Aug 22
Aug 22 Tank/dps looking for raiding guild Btag Dethmaul#1894Charminultra1 Aug 22
Aug 22 Group of 4 looking for mythic progression Hi All, as the title says I'm part of a group of 4 looking for a mythic progression guild, we all have mythic experience in ToS aswell as past raid tiers. our group consists of Warlock - Aff DH - Havoc Mage - Frost/Arcane Shaman - Resto I can provide logs upon request, whisper me in game Character name WelcWwmwwmwwmwwm4 Aug 22
Aug 22 Sales Thread!!! Hi friends!!! We're a group of 5/9 Mythic Exp Raiders selling a few runs / carries. We do accept cross server players (with a fee) Mythic +15 Keystone run -All loot that's available for trade is yours (sometimes items titanforge to 950 and we end up not being able to trade it.) -Our Key. You dont have to grind up your keystone to 15. we provide the key, you sit back and enjoy the carry -Prices vary from 200k (Area 52) | 250k & 300k Depending on the server you're in. (if its a dead server its most-likely going to be 300k, if its a more populated server like Zul'jin or illidan we can swing 250k) Normal ToS (Saturdays ran at 4pm and 5:30pm PST) -Personal Loot -We will always bring 1-2 carriers of your class. (The RNG gods have been good to us) -Run takes less than 2 hours. (average 1 hr 30min) -Off pieces such as boots, rings, belts, neck and relics are on a /roll basis if more than 1 buyer wants an item. We try to not stack buyers of the same class / cloth specialization so we can spread the loot. -You wanna make sure you get a certain trinket or relic? No problem! reserve the item, (we charge extra) (This only applies to buyers who purchase a run from us, you cannot buy a KJ trinket without buying a KJ kill or full run) Tier (from any boss) = 30k Trinkets (from any boss aside from KJ) = 30k Relics = 50k KJ Trinkets = 60k -We will make sure you come out with at least 2 items after the run or we return half your gold! -Prices: 150k (area 52) | 200k & 250k cross realm. (if its a dead server its most-likely going to be 250k, if its a more populated server like Zul'jin or illidan we can swing 200k) *Note that all loot is subject to titanforge, if it titanforges to max (950) more than likely we aren't in control and wont be able to trade it. Heroic ToS (Tuesdays and Saturdays ran at 7:30pm PST) -Master Looter. We try not to stack buyers so you can have as much loot as you can get. -25+ man run. -Full run 1mil Area 52 | 1.2mil xrealm (loot included) -Full run 750k Area 52 | 850k xrealm (no loot included) -KJ only 500k Area 52 | 600k xrealm (Loot included) -KJ only 300k Area 52 | 450k xrealm (NO loot) -Only want certain bosses? You just wanna spend your coin? you arent really interested in a full clear? No problem we offer flexible runs!! Per boss basis (KJ not included) 180k Area 52 | 200k xrealm (NO LOOT INCLUDED UNLESS RESERVED. Sadly we do not offer loot for a per boss basis simply because we want to make sure that our buyers who came in for a full run are getting their golds worth, and restricting boss loot for a dude who came in on 1 boss isnt fair for them) -Off pieces such as boots, rings, belts, neck and relics are on a /roll basis if more than 1 buyer wants an item. We try to not stack buyers of the same class / cloth specialization so we can spread the loot. (unless reserved) -Want a specific item from a boss? reserve your item!! Prices are as follows: (This only applies to buyers who purchase a run from us, you cannot buy a KJ trinket without buying a KJ kill or full run) Tier (from any boss) = 50k Trinkets (from any boss aside from KJ) = 50k Relics = 60k KJ Trinkets = 80k *There is no fee for titanforged loot. IF 2 items drop, buyers who reserve the item gets priority on titanforged gear. If no one reserved a the item, its whoever can pay more, or a /roll basis. Rules for the run: -Be respectful of your fellow players -No racism during the run You are not entitled to act a fool because you purchased a run. By purchasing a run you agree to follow the rules above. If you are being an absolute jerk to people we will kick you and we will be keeping 100% of the gold paid. We do stream all our runs, to make our buyers feel safe when purchasing runs from us. I know its a lot of information to take in, but if you have any questions or would like me to clarify a price / rule for you. please feel free to message me in game. Btag : Faize#1420Faizemonster1 Aug 22
Aug 22 New guild need more for raidteam Knights of Blood Legion is a new guild on Area52 horde . We are putting together a core raid team to begin raiding . We need Heals and Dps. Would also like Dps with heals / tank OS . Heals want : Shammy / Druid Dps want : Spriest / arms warrior / DK unholy / MM hunter /DH Raid days are Friday and Saturday 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. server time . Must be reliable. Discord will be required for raids. DBM / RcLootCouncil required If interested you can contact me here or add tinkerbella#1388Tinkerbellaa1 Aug 22
Aug 22 <Mechanical Misplay> CALLING ALL RDPS <Mechanical Misplay> is recruiting RDPS n HEALZ to fill our core raid team! We are Currently 7/9H in ToS. With a two week trail period. We are looking for raiders 910+ to fill those spots! All are welcome. A little about us.. We just formed this guild on 8/6/17. We are focused on H TOS progression, and we want to move into mythic raiding. Our raid schedule is T/TH 8-11pm server. We want our team to be full active players that are logging on other then raid times. Keystones and normal are run all the time. We are looking for raiders 910+ that already have experience in H TOS. Once you are in guild you will be judged on; -Raid performance -activity level -M+ performance -attitude If you want to take this next step forward with us, please reply to this post or add Broy00#11517 or Scaly#11711Zetâ1 Aug 22
Aug 22 late night weekend guild!!! <Righteous Crusaders> Do you not have anything to do on weekend nights? Do you not have friends? Do you like to raid? Well we have good news! A late night weekend raiding guild is looking for healers, DPS, and a tank to join an awesome heroic progression. The heroic progression also is looking for players to join mythic dungeons and PVP during the week. You can whisper in WOW either GUCCIBURST or BT GUCCI#1411 for more info as well as an invite. Raid times est friday 1230a to 3 am sat 11pm to 2 am sun 11pm to 2am You can also contact: Grizzly22#11935 Altov#1633 Kohlaman#11160 Gucci#11936Gucciburst3 Aug 22