Area 52

Nov 2, 2016 Edge of Eternity is Recruiting! 1/7H Greetings Area-52, [H]<Edge of Eternity> is currently looking for new members to join our Weekend raid team. We are a laid back guild looking for solid and consistent raiders to build our core raid team and begin to plow through legions content 7/7N Cleared Normal our first time together this weekend. One shotting Xav. We are currently looking to bolster our raid team and will be starting normals as soon as we can and quickly heading into heroic's and mythic s when ready Raid times: Saturday/Sunday 9-11:30pm EST Currently Recruiting: Heals - Pala, shaman , druid Dps - Mage, hunter, lock, Warrior, Pala We are also looking for a Raid leader with additonal knowledge of current content. Please contact me for further information if you are interested in this, Requirements: Item level 840+ 90% attendance For more info or if you would like to join us please contact: Malodruid (GM): Malogrek#1297 Starrysurgey (Co-Gm): xteve#1849Maloheals27 Nov 2, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 7/7H guild recruiting for mythic progression <Long Hair Don’t Care> is a progression raiding guild on Area52. We like to have fun and joke around but at the same time progress through the current content. Currently, we are trying to recruit to fill roles to progress into mythic Emerald Nightmare. The roles we are searching for include two healers, and ranged DPS (ideally cloth). Raid times are 8:30 EST (7:30 CST or 5:30 PST) – 12:00 EST (11:00 CST or 9:00 PST) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please feel free to message me through my battle tag at Jawn#11589 or any of our additional officers such as Trinomi#1528.Feror4 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 848 MM/BM hunter looking 4 late night raid 848 ilvl hunter looking for raid team. I have 7/7 N EN and 3/7 H EN experience on another toon. I am looking for a guild that raids late night weekends. Something along the lines of Saturday, Sunday, Monday 11PM EST or later would be perfect. Willing to transfer and/or faction change for the right situation as well. I look forward to hearing your pitches!Vysions3 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 Late-Night Weekday Heroic Guild LFM Hey there! Lower Expectations is a Late Night Semi-Hardcore guild focused primarily on Heroic mode. In WoD we achieved our goal of heroic Archimonde as a guild ~4 months after HFCs release. (yay for having lower expectations !) We are currently: 7/7H - Cleared November 3rd :D Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11:30 PM - 1:30 AM EST (Server) The best trait a raider can have, in my opinion, is reliability. If you cannot reliably make our raid times, then please do not bother making contact. Especially if you're a healer. Melee DPS needs by priority: Shaman Rogue Monk Druid Warrior Pally DH DK Ranged DPS needs by priority: Priest Warlock Druid Hunter Mage Shaman Heal needs by priority: Shaman <-- None in raid currently Disc Priest If interested, please reply in this thread to keep it on the front page, and then contact me via Battlenet ( Viocondios#1755 ).Snackshot5 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 [H] <Ride the Lightning> 7/7 H LF Heals + DPS Hello! <Ride the Lightning II> is a newly formed Horde guild, moving from a dead server, that has a friendly and welcoming environment. We are a fairly laid back bunch, but we take our raiding seriously. We are looking to round off our 10 man raiding team, but would love to eventually move into mythic progression once we have a larger group of core players. If you are looking for a guild that has a fun atmosphere and tries to improve our skills and strategies week to week, then this is the guild for you. Our goal and expectations - Our biggest goal is clear the current content, but to enjoy the game and have fun together. We are looking for players with positive attitudes. Since we are newly formed and are still getting our footing on this server, wipes are going to happen. However, we are going to learn from those failures and down the boss! In order for you to join our guild you must be determined and willing to strive for continuous improvement. Attendance - we understand that WoW is not everything in life, but we do expect a 75% attendance since after all, if half of the raid is missing, we cannot do any runs. Recruiting - We are currently recruiting Healers and DPS(with preference for Resto Shaman, Warlock,Druid DPS, and Arms Warrior). Note: All exceptional players will be considered. Scheduled times - Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 8pm-11pm EST (Server time) Communication - We use Discord as our communicating tool. We will use it when we run raids and dungeons. If you feel like you are a good fit to join our guild feel free to message me (Dudedenude#1420)for inquires and more information. Here is our current WoW Progress and our website: http://ridethelightningii.gamerlaunch.comDudedenude16 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 865 Ret LF Mythic Home My job of 5 years is ending and can't raid with current guild anymore since they're a day time guild and my play times well be changing.So I'm looking for a mythic guild that raid 7-12pm PST days don't matter to much.I was 12/13 mythic in WOD with 4% wipe on archy so have been in mythic guilds before.I'm currently 6/7 heroic EN have logs to show if needed mostly in the 80% for rets. Btag is TylerDurdenn#1827Violentpride7 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 <<<Pathogenic is recruiting>>> <<Pathogenic>>is recruiting 1 tank non leather, healers, and a few dps. We are currently 7/7N and 2/7H as a guild. We are looking for dedicated and reliable raiders. We raid Fri/Sat 10-1 eastern. If you are interested please hit me up on bnet Deeweezzy#1205.Itankdurmum3 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 [H]Mage LF Heroic/Mythic Progression Guild Hi! I'm looking for a Heroic/Mythic progression guild. I would prefer Mythic but I'm not exactly geared for it. The times I can raid are Thurday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from, (preferably), 6pm to 9pm EST. If you have any questions for me leave your BTAG or mail me in-game at Magejpmlls. Btag: JPM11S#1264Magejpmlls0 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 7/7 N & 7/7H - Tues / Thurs - 9 to Midnight <Revoke Sanity> is continuing to raid all through Legion! We have been clearing content together for over 2 years, making us a great home for people looking for a place to call Home! Current Progression: 7/7N & 7/7H Looking for Clothies, RDPS, and 1 Non-Druid Healer! We have a very solid team of 17 raiders and we are looking for people to fill out our existing team and progress with us throughout the expansion. Times: Tuesday & Thursday 9pm - Midnight server time. Answer a few questions for us! Do you have any prior raiding experience? Are you willing to use TS3? What toon are you planning on raiding with? (Please link their armory!) Are you able to take criticism and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others?Our expectations of you: Be on time for raid, we will not wait for you. Attendance. Real life happens. But we will not save a spot for people who do not take their position seriously. Have internet stability. Respect others. Be mature.Add me: Grarami#1396 Please apply here!Grarami13 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 <Big Meaty Clackers> is recruiting dps! <Big Meaty Clackers> is looking for individuals (or groups of friends) to fill out our 15 man+ team. We raid tues/thur 8:30 Pm-12:00 am est, close knit group of people hoping to meet more friends for legion! Looking for melee dps (ret paladin, enhancement shaman high priority), as well as shadow priests!Kelidin3 Nov 1, 2016
Nov 1, 2016 [H]Haunted by Murlocs, 2/7M Morning Team LFM! Morning peeps! HbM is a relatively new guild on Area 52, LFM so we can speed up Mythic progress. We just started Mythic HFC at the end of November 2015, finished strong at 12/13M before 7.0, and finally got M Archi on July 28, 2016. Currently, we're 2/7M, 7/7 Heroic EN and have an optional normal clear on Saturday mornings. Off the clock we're an adult-oriented guild that enjoys bad puns, innuendo, and WTF-worthy YouTube links. "Giggity" and "that's what she said" are regular punchlines around here, and we're no strangers to a little friendly ribbing. Schedule is Thursday, Friday, and Monday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern time. Spots available: DPS DK Rogue Hunter Boomkin Exceptional applicants of any class. No couples/ group apps please. Raider expectations: 850+ with third artifact relic unlocked, and logs with multiple Heroic kills to show us what a BAMF you are. The rest is pretty much common sense - show up with consumables, solid knowledge of your class, a couple of strat videos under your belt, an open mind, and a respectful and professional attitude. We do expect at least 90% attendance. If you may be late or need to be absent, please use our forums to tell us, and mark our ingame calendar event as such for that day if you have enough advance warning to do so. To flesh out what it means to know your class - our raiders must be familiar with the most optimal spec for each encounter, why it's most optimal, and be comfortable and competitive on at least one offspec. For tanks and heals, one of your offspecs must be raid-ready dps. As much as we want everyone to play what they love, it's seldom possible to run 8 tanks and 7 healers and expect bosses to die. Questions? Comments? Sound like something you'd like to be part of? Add LolTwizted#1817 (that's me!), or apply at our website: Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!Fantazie8 Nov 1, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 Paladin LF Guild 868.x Holy paladin LF Raiding guild Time frame Preferred: 6-8 st Start times, 2+times a week. Prefer to end by 11 st Im am -2/3hrs behind server. Days: weekdays, maybe sunday evenings, my weekends are full. Content: Heroic + Open to trialing in Normal or Heroic. Thank you. I will try to get back to any and all replies quicklyMadwilly11 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 850+ DK/paly LF weekend morn raiding guild 850+ frost DK/holy/ret Paly looking for a weekend morning raiding guild. i know it's a tough slot to look for but if there are any out there please let me know :)Sinistrous0 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 Ex Inferno's <Pink> Raid Team Recruiting!! Ex Inferno's <Pink> Raid Team is LFM for its (Work-Friendly) Raid Team! We are 7/7N and 1/7 Heroic just needing that one solid healer to make the full push through. Raid Times: Wed 8:30pm-10pm & Fri 8:30pm-11:30pm EST. Play Style: Semi-Hardcore with a fun but get it done mentality. We are Currently working on the push to clear heroic EN and are just missing that one key element and that could be you! What are we looking for: Healers: - Holy Paladin Requirements: iLvl 840 +,18+, Teamspeak! Interested? - Hop onto our Teamspeak server (connection info is on our website) and look for Muggen, Cntrl, Xsnipez, or Soulsyphon. Check us out at for more details. If this raids progression mentality or raid times are not your cup of tea, we may have other offerings available in our other raid teams. Check out our websites raiding page for more info.Nayatí0 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 [H] 7/7H <Crisis> Tues & Sat 9->12EST Crisis @ Area 52 has been a part of the gaming community in one form or another since 2006. Originally focused on PvP, the guild branched out during The Burning Crusade to become one of the top progression raiding guilds (formally Destromath). After a break during WoD we are now back and pushing into Emerald Nightmare with a wealth of in-game experience. We are looking to polish off our roster with quality end-game players who want to progress into heroics and give the maximum amount of effort in raids. You must be able to accept (constructive) criticism and show a zeal for challenging encounters. Your gear, achievements, reputations, and overall character development tell a lot about the kind of player you are. You must be able to take responsibility for your actions and adjust to adverse situations without hand holding. Our raiding hours are Tuesday & Saturday 9 -> 12EST, depending on how hard we are pushing new content. Once content is cleared, we will drop to one day a week, with days off focusing on Mythic+, alt raids and PvP. Recruitment is currently open, with a strong need for the following: Warlocks Mages Hunters Non-Priest healer with a DPS offspec Your item level is a non-issue, dedication to character development and drive to see end-game content is paramount. Full details can be found on our website - Please take time to fill out your application thoroughly, if you have any questions contact Felstone#1154 or Tocino#1333 in-game / on our website. If you have difficulties with either feel free to reply here.Felstone7 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 <BlackHat Mafia> 3/7H LFM DPS and 1 Healer We are a two night raiding guild that is currently doing Heroic progression with an eye towards Mythic raiding. We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30 PM - 12 AM EST. The main goal of our guild is to kill bosses. We don't care about raid loot we care about progression and use gear as means to achieve that progression. We are all really easy going but we take our raids fairly seriously and want everyone to be putting their best foot forward during raid times. We are looking for raiders who can act like mature adults and are willing to learn if they don't know something. That combined with being able to consistently attend raid are our only "hard" requirements. While being geared for heroic raids is a plus, we really want to bring the player and not the toon. We have no problem teaching people the raid and helping gear people out if they're willing to commit the time and effort to progress with us. For loot we use an in-house loot council based on attendance and the effectiveness of the gear for someone in progression. Like I said before: loot is not our goal, progression is. We currently have a 14 man raiding roster and we are looking for some more DPS and one more healer to round out our roster. We are most interested in ranged DPS but all are welcome. Please reply here or feel free to add me if interested. Battletag: JohnnyCage#1493Jhinine0 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 879 Havoc DPS 4/7M Exp LFG Hello I'm looking to transfer servers, and to see if there is room in a Mythic Raiding guild for a spot / trial opportunity. Class / Spec : Demon Hunter Havoc Ilvl : 879 Raiding Experience I've been playing WoW since vanilla, and began raiding seriously in Burning Cruise. I was raiding as a Rogue till the end of HFC in WoD. I took a break during Cata, and came back towards the end of Pandaria. My raiding experience is as follows... Burning Crusade : Full Black Temple Clear Full Sunwell Clear Wrath of the Lich King : Full clears on all Raids - Normal / Hard mode achievements Full Trial of the Grand Crusader - Norm / Heroic Icecrown Citadel - Full Normal / 11/12 Heroic Mists of Pandaria : Seige of Org - Full Norm/Heroic Clear - 10/14 Mythic Warlods of Draenor : Highmaul : Full Norm/Heroic Clear - 4/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry - 10/10 Heroic Legion : Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Normal and Heroic - 4/7 Mythic with experience on Eye. Player Experience : I'm very dedicated to raiding. Its what I love to do. I strive to play to the best of my abilities, and when I feel like something isn't correct I take it upon myself to figure out or seek assistance to figure out why. I take criticism very well, and prefer to hear any input that will help me become a better raider. It can only help. I had to learn Demon Hunter from the ground up. Aside from this, I play WoW because of the people. I thrive in an environment of like minded players who enjoy raiding bosses while having fun with cool people. I already have a full time job, so that is not what I'm looking for. But I do love progression. Raiding Times : I'm PST, so anytime after 5 p.m. / 8 p.m. EST is good for me. Raids : Looking for 2-3 nights a week. (Weekdays preferred) Progression : Prefer a 3/4+M Guild Faction : Either Environment : Semi Hardcore I have some logs, however the majority of them were deleted by the GM of my previous guild when she disbanded it. Heroic Log Night : Personal Log for Mythic Ren/Ursoc : Latest WoL Profile with Parse info for Mythic / Heroic : If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you for your time.Oneglaive0 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 <Unfair Advantage> LFM Hi there, <Unfair Advantage> is a new guild looking for people to join us. We aim to build a community from the ground up. The basis of this guild was the thought that there are a lot of WoW players who are missing out on significant end game content, because of nervousness or anxiety of performing poorly in groups. As a result, there are many players who are stuck in LFD and LFR content, which Legion so far is not so friendly towards. WoW is at its best when you are playing with friends. We'll take you in, be patient, and constructive, so that we as a community we can have some fun and experience end game content together. We accept any casual or veteran player who is line with our core belief of basically, be cool, relax, have fun, and help out where you can. If this sounds like something that might suit you, please hit me up. Don't play Wow alone, play with us :) Infect#1797Shat5 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 855 hunter (7/7 EN) LF heroic prog guild Any guilds recruiting for ranged, available all day Tuesday and 11pm server or later any other night. Mythic raiding exp, long time player.Talonstryke6 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 Feral druid 861 lfg Looking for a guild to run with, my raid times are 10pm-2am (ish). i am currently 27/34 traits in feral and 16/34 in resto. Any guilds that can raid later in the night would be ideal trying to get some progression doesn't have to be completely hardcore.Xiiaye3 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 7/7H, 1/7M 2-Nights - LF Ranged DPS, Heals We are <No Salt Needed>, a 7/7H, 1/7M 2-night guild currently looking for RANGED DPS and a Healer as we begin Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Our raid nights: Sundays 9:30pm-12pm (Server, EST) Mondays 8pm-12pm (Server, EST) We use discord for coms, where the atmosphere is fun but focused. Progression is our goal! Current Needs: 2-3 Ranged DPS Healer We're looking for encounter-aware ranged dps and heals that can maintain high numbers while understanding and executing mythic mechanics. If you’re interested in joining a talented group of players for Mythic EN and beyond, please contact Bfunky#1185. Thanks!Stoley0 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 31, 2016 HPriest and Prot Pally LF sat/sun guild As the title states we're searching for a weekend raiding guild. Any time would be fine but has to be Sat and Sun. Priest is 855 ilvl Pally 856.Lyisis1 Oct 31, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 (H) <Enraged> 3/7N Recruiting <Enraged Syndicate> a progression focused raiding guild, founded by a crew of friends with similar goals and visions of how an end-game guild should operate. Built of ex-hardcore raiders and players, we look for adults who want to be around high quality players but just don't have the time they used to for raiding. Our RL is 7/7 H EN and 3/7 M EN. We went the more casual route for MoP/WoD but rebuilt our raid team for Legion with experienced, friendly and tenacious raiders. Our current focus is Mythic/Mythic+ Dungeons as we rebuild, gearing out our team for 10/25 man raids, while continuing to only recruit players who fit what we want personality and skill wise. Once that is completed, we will look to Heroic and Mythic raiding, but refuse to just bring in 20 warm bodies. Raiding Schedule & Needs: Thursday and Friday nights, 8pm - 11pm, PST Healers: ✥ Holy Paladin ✥ Resto Druid ✥ Mistweaver DPS: ✥ Warlock ✥ Mage ✥ Enhancement Shaman ✥ Shadow Priest ✥ Ret Paladin ✥ Rogue ✥ Other exceptional DPS is welcome to apply! * Requirements: ilevel 820 (We will help run you through Mythics(+) We have a firm "21 and over only" age requirement. Most of us are in our 30’s and 40's with our prime time being the evenings and weekends. A majority of our chit chat is about gaming in general, our careers, what’s happening on our favorite TV shows, sharing family antics, other games we play, movies, pop culture, WoW class changes and content, theory crafting and joking around with each other. We spend a good amount of time running old stuff, LFR, leveling alts, doing transmog runs, getting achievements, and hanging out on Discord (voice chat). We also use Discord (text) as a method of staying in touch during the day/when people travel, which stays active almost 24/7. If you want to be a part of a stable and motivated guild of adult players who encourage themselves and each other in end game content, check us out. Jerks, attention, lazy players and those looking for a quick fix need not apply. We have been around a long time, and expect our players to be as well. Our current leadership although small is very experienced. We are all ex-hardcore raiders from top guilds and have been playing together since Vanilla. Due to changing work schedules and other real life circumstances. We decided to step back from our intensive raiding schedule and push just as hard but only 2 days a week. In game contacts: RJWA#1906 and Jesse#1890Profian2 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 Feral Druid looking Feral druid looking for weeknight casual raiding guildBmchickabm3 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 861 Frost DK LF Progression Guild. Hello, everyone. I'm a 7/7H, ilvl 861, Frost DK with a Tank Offspec looking for a new home after recently being displaced from my old one. I just recently swapped to Frost so I have no relevant Logs. I am looking for a progression oriented guild that is at least 6/7 or 7/7H. Message me in game so we can have a good chat. I'm not just looking for any home, I'm looking for the right one. Add me @ Socretez#1335.Molecular0 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 1/7M Tank LF New Guild **Dagme1 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 1/7M Too Strong Recruiting Quality Players TOO Strong is searching for quality players. We are a 1/7M weekend raiding guild raiding Friday and Saturday 8P est to 12P est. or msg Geston for more info.Geston0 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 861 v-dh 7/7 h will xfer looking for raid g Hey, I've been playing wow for many, many years now. However my life has grown up over the years to where I can no longer play as much as I use too. However I still enjoy raiding and I still enjoy progression. The issue is in order for me to continue playing this game I will need to find a special raiding guild out their that can fit my schedule. Right now I am able to raid anytime on Monday between 11 am and 10 pm est. I also can raid tues or thurs between 6-9. However for some reason my raid times must not be very popular because I been searching for over a month. So now I'm reaching out to the entire wow community. Horde, Alliance regardless of server. Please let me know if you have a potential home for me. Note- All my old school achievements were on a different account. Never could figure out what email I used for it after an extensive break from the game. However I have been raiding sense the BC days. I killed mimiron pre nerf as a tank and finished several expansions. I love tanking... its the best. So please feel free to post on this thread. I'll be checking it quite often. Best Regards, NaturellNaturell1 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 [H] Beyond the Dark Portal LFM Mythic EN Beyond the Dark Portal Area 52 Horde Progression: EN 7/7N 7/7H Will Be Starting Mythic Progression As Soon As Our Roster Reaches 20 Raiders In Need of Healers and Ranged DPS !!!!! Raid Days: Monday and Wednesday 10pm EST to 1am EST 9pm CST to 12pm CST 8pm MST to 11pm MST 7pm PST to 10pm PST Aussie Time: 12pm to 3pm Current Recruitment Needs (minimum ilvl 850) Healers ---------------------- Restoration Druid - HIGH Mistweaver Monk - HIGH ******DPS Notice (Must be able to maintain 180-200k DPS without buffs) Melee (Not Recruiting At This Time) ------------------------- Ranged ------------------------------------- Marksmanship/Beast Mastery Hunter - HIGH Demonology/Destruction Warlock - HIGH Balance Druid - HIGH Shadow Priest - HIGH Fire/Frost Mage - HIGH Please Feel Contact Us Via Battle Tag or In Game Sigmaforce (Ziquan#1863) Bearlydecent (Thoringil#1583) Xxomar (kbomb#1900)Sigmaforce0 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 30, 2016 2/7 Mythic Guild recruiting! <Peer Pressured> is recruiting for our mythic raid group! We are an experienced group of players who are looking for a few like minded raiders for semi-hardcore progression raiding. The guild is formed of 13/13 Mythic HFC raiders, many of whom have top-tier raid experience from other expansions. Current Progress: 7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 2/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare Raid times and days are: Tuesday: 8:30pm EDT - 12am EDT (Optional) Wednesday: 8:30pm EDT - 12am EDT Thursday: 8:30pm EDT - 12am EDT Looking for: ANY CLASS AND SPEC! Requirements: Positive and progression-based attitude. On time and prepared for each raid. Able to take constructive criticism. Have required addons installed. Add Kryptonightz#1475 (Guild Master) if you are interested in applying.Kryptonightz0 Oct 30, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 Lágrimas de Sangue is recruiting. Lágrimas de Sangue is a fun close knit Horde guild on Area 52 looking for more active members. We are a mixed variety of players ranging from old school Vanilla to fresh Legion Babies. We are a friendly family guild and pride ourselves on helping our fellow guildee with questions/gearing or general game queries. All levellers are welcome. Our raid team is requiring some new members to complete. Raid times are Tues/Wed 10:00pm - 1:00am server times (EST). We are wanting to push progression into Legion raids as quick as we can. Currently we are seeking a few core roles for our team. We are missing: 1 - 2 Healers - Sham/Pally preferred 1 OS heals - Sham/Druid Preferred. Ranged DPS - we are running short on ranged as Blizz has a great love affair with Mele this xpac. Openings for most ranged is still open. We ask for around a 850+ ilvl and to be able to attend both nights 99% of the time. Some homework of fights is appreciated as it helps keep the night moving - all new fights are placed on our Private Facebook page for everyone to view. A solid understanding of your class is required and be willing to work with others. We seek a positive attitude towards the group and the game - Elitist or negative attitudes will not be tolerated. We also use Discord for voice communication that everyone is welcome into in and out of raid. We would also love to get a Mythic + group established. These runs are one way of getting some gear without the time needed for raiding. Please contact us if you are interested in this. If you are looking for a casual/backup role (Tank/Heals or DPS) then we are able to possibly cater for you too. We would rather pull someone from the guild to fill in than to pug a stranger. Food and Flasks can be supplied by the guild as long as we have the matts donated to the bank to cover it. Some repairs are also covered. Feel free to contact me on my btag - Toonzie#1229 - or in game on Illidanna. You can also contact anyone in guild for information. Thankyou for your time.Baijou6 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 Two Melee DPS LFG Hello! I currently play a Frost Deathknight, and my buddy plays a Windwalker monk (Herth on A52). We were Cutting Edge and AOTC in HFC, respectively (for some reason acheivements dont show on my dk? I have 12k acheivement points on my other characters, and my Cutting Edge was on Retribution Paladin). Due to some IRL issues at the beginning of the expansion, we were not able to join a guild and commit to raiding by the time Emerald Nightmare came out. As a result, our progress isn't that impressive, so I would not mind joining a guild progressing on Normal EN for whatever reason. I started the expansion as a fury warrior and got to 855 ilvl, but messed up my secondary stats and was entirely disappointed with the playstyle. Therefore, I rerolled DK and am now 841 ilvl. My buddy has an item level of 857. We're also interested in progressing through Mythic+ content, and the new dungeon, Return to Karazhan. Now, we ask of you: -Raid Day(s)/Times -Progression -Atmosphere in the guild -Loot system Thanks for your time. You can reach me on this forum, in-game, or add my battletag; Johnny#11783Valdryn6 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 4 Players Looking for guild(H) Enhance Shaman-860ilvl Mistweaver Monk-850ilvl <-- aotc Fire Mage-850ilvl Ret Paladin-855ilvl We can raid 8 server on Tue/Thur/MonSavarria4 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 LF Healer for tonight mythic Dragons <Reign of Fire> 3/7 Mythic is LF Healer, guild progression on Mythic Dragons. Tonight at 845pm - 1am server time. Pst for details ( Clik503#1543 or Aenastar #1382).Akellies0 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 Oldschool DPS/Heal OS LF 2 night / week Ele DPS with viable/experienced Heal OS Old school raider (raiding since classic, top 100 guild experience, former raid leader, former officer, etc, etc) looking for "casual-core", adult guild. Looking for 1-2 nights per week No raids on Tuesday or Saturday (unless you are OK with 50% attendance) Times between 7PM - 1130 PM server Active on non-raid days for casual PvP and Mythic or future alt fun a plus.Airilia1 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 7/7H TOO Strong << TOO Strong >> is searching for more quality players for Mythic progression. We are currently 7/7H. Raid times are Fri\Sat 8p-12p est. Character and performance are both a must to be considered. We are in need of the following: Mage SPriest Resto Shaman MW Monk Check us out atèo3 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 WTB Heroic EN Carry All the threads for carries seemed to disappear so I don't know if it's still allowed or not. I am looking to purchase a Heroic EN carry for my alt character(Protection Warrior) before next reset. Message me in game with prices. My BTAG is Smoothie#11601.Aedyn0 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 Need 4 Ranged DPS Mythic Nythendra <Delicious Cake> Night team is recruiting. We need 4 ranged dps for Mythic Nythendra. We have had Heroic on farm for weeks now just need a few ranged (cloth pref) in order for us to be in mythic. Once we have a full 20 we expect to clear quickly, just need to fill. add Pureimpulse#1566 Willing to take as a trial/pug before you join so you can see what we're about. Even if you aren't interested in joining the guild and just want to Dps for the night. Need to line up 4 for tuesday. We Raid 1-4am server T,W,THPureimpulse0 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 H <Reunite> Weekend Raid Team Recruiting DPS As the guild name says, we are all friends reuniting in legion after our long break in Cata. A little bit more about us: 1 Strong players (4 of us ranked world Top 100 during our Fireland time) 2 Small but stable team 3 Well educated remembers 4 We love new members We are not a hardcore raiding group playing 24/7 anymore due to job, school, marriage and even new born babies. (yay!) But we are still looking forward to clearing as much content as we can on weekends. Currently recruiting a few dps spots (preferring but not limited to Rdps) Spriest/Locks/Hunters/ele shamans/Rogues & any exceptional players. Raid time: Fri/Sat 9-12 pm server time (Today will be our first raid) Please 1 Know your class/spec 2 Be punctual 3 Be willing to help and accept help Hit me [wewillbefine#1295] or anyone up online in the guild if you are interested! Or reply here! We will be waiting for you. :DChaonicorn2 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 29, 2016 4/7 M Tank LF New Home I currently have two geared tanks. One is a 874 vengence DH and One is a 876 Protection Pally. I am 4/7 mythic on my Vengeance DH and 3/7 on my protection Paladin. I am looking for a team that raids at least 3 nights a week. I am looking for a full time tanking position. Im not looking for a dps/tank role. Or a 3rd tank position. I have played a tank since BC and I love to tank. I have tanked for top 50 us guilds before. Im looking for a guild that wants to progress and has a fun and friendly atmosphere. Previous progression Server First Heroic 25 Lk Server First Heroic 25 Deathwing Server First mythic/heroic Garry Server First mythic Archimonde Granted the servers i got the Firsts on were not big time servers. I dont really care about if the new raid team is server first. I have a hardcore mind state with a laid back personality but i dont care if the raid has to take 300 pulls on a boss to down it. I just love to raid and want to play. Reason for leaving current guild: Alot of drama, fighting amoungst the officers. Alot of my friends have quit or left for other servers. I just want a new start and to make new friends and have fun. Im not an elitist by any means but i look to improve myself and my characters everyday. Im constantly going over my own logs looking at what i can do to be better. I research my class and know the ins and outs of my role. Nobody is a harder on me then i am myself. I am a team player im always looking to figure out ways i can help the guild to progress. Ill help anyone who asks for it. Im easy going and i dont rage out and quit. Ill be the first person to tell you when i mess up. Anyways just want to see what's out there on this server.Ashannique3 Oct 29, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 [H] 5/7M <I Love Lamp> About Us: <I Love Lamp> is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild on Area-52 Horde side. We focus on progression raiding, but with a real life over WoW mentality. We expect a level of commitment and competency from our core raiders. Our current progression is as follows: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H Emerald Nightmare - 4/7M Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7-10pm EST Wednesday 7-10pm EST Thursday 7-10pm EST Addons Needed: Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs GTFO RCLootCouncil Exorsus Raid Tools Voice Chat: We use discord for our raiding needs of communications. If you do not have a working mic or you are a mute, we don't mind as long as you can hear us. We do a lot of discussions either before or after raid, or even both times and encourage everyone to discuss what's going on in the raid. Current Needs: Healers: - OPEN Ranged DPS: - OPEN Melee DPS: - OPEN Gearing is generally not an issue although we do prefer ilvl 865+ so we could get you into trial purposes. Currently we are actively searching for the listed classes/specs as potential core raiders, but we are always open to exceptional players looking to compete for a raid spot. If you think you have what it takes to be among our 20 best raiders; please feel free to contact the following: You can private message Oçeanus (Alt code 0231)(Oçeanus#1459) Möössolini (Alt code 0246) (Teddy#1806) for more information. You may also fill out an application at!! Thank you and happy guild hunting!Smokintwo43 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 [H] <Twerk Team Six> LF a Few Raiders Looking for: 3 Healers (Pref: Pally, Priest, Monk), 3-5 Ranged DPS (Pref: Warlock, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shaman), 2-3 Melee DPS (Pref: Rogue, Warrior, Shaman, Monk). We are looking for players around 850+ ilvl for heroics, but would gladly bring under-geared players to normal runs, we also run lots of mythic and mythic+ dungeons, in guild, to help gear up players. DPS, ideally, we want you to be above 200k. So far we are 7/7 Normal EN and 1/7 Heroic EN. We are a new group, still searching for a consistent raid composition. We would like to get a group of 15-20 consistent, well rounded players for heroic progression. We really only have about 9-10 players that can do heroic, and around 14 or 15 that we do normal with. We would love to get to 20 consistent raiders. Raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 9-12 PM Server time (EST). We are a group of five friends looking to start a raid group for Legion. We have varied levels of experience but overall we tend to find success in every game that we play. We are not looking for anything too hardcore but we want to do the best we can. We want to build a solid group of 15-20, if everything goes well we'd like to have a good group for Mythic raiding, eventually. We are not elitists but we want people to do their part (preparation) and play their class well (do your own research, but it is perfectly fine to ask questions), and overall have some enthusiasm towards raiding, care a little bit, that is all we ask. We are not aiming to be the best raiding guild, but we know we won't be the worst, either. We just want to have fun, enjoy the game, and progress through content at our own pace. Though, we are not afraid to make tough decisions if a player is not performing well enough or is inconsistent with raid attendance, matters like that will be handled, maturely. After all, it is not about the individual, it is about the group as a whole. We try to keep a stress free environment and expect people to make mistakes, it happens, fix it, learn from it, and move on, you will not be hounded as long as you act like a mature adult. After all, this is a game, not a life or death matter. The idea is that we will grow and evolve as a team. We want to start something new and hopefully keep it going as long as we can. If you are interested, please fill out this form and we will contact you: If you'd like to talk to us in game you can try to message either me (Faynt or Sidsa) or the guild leader, Radareth. Feel free to add me via BattleTag ID as well, Axxzor#1300.Faynt27 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 Thunderkiss- Come join! (Thunderkiss) is older player base guild, "think of the older timer guild" but still active/progression. We run Mythics, full perks, and all leaders are ages of 45-65, but we have a few younger couples that play when they are not at work. No you don't have to be "old" to join, just not a elitist as we all are in constant learning, and just looking for casual environment with perks and people to help you. Our several year old guild, formerly Know as "NeverNeverLand" changed names due to the founder retiring, so we changed the name to honor her. Area 52 is VERY horde heavy, we welcome everyone who just want to unplug from Real life for a bit and enjoy playing or chatting. Crafters welcome, couples welcome, military personal very welcome, pvpers welcome, casuals welcome. there is no "requirements" to join just look us up on Area-52 and whispers one of us and join the family. Thanks for taking the time to read, Have a great Day!Retroskips1 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 <Internecion> Recruiting For Core Raid <Internecion> We are a newly formed guild looking to form a solid raid group. We are looking to become a Mythic Raiding guild an eventually become a cutting edge guild. We are currently looking for all roles as long as you are 840+ We will start out with running Normals and gearing people. If we have a higher average ilvl we will start with Heroic. Our goal is to clear mythic before Nighthold is released. Our raid times will be Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-12:00 EST and Wednesday will be an optional day with Mythic+ Runs. Add my battletag Ripheld#1191 for more info.Ananai4 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 <Ooker Dooker Beatdown> [H] Who Are We <Ooker Dooker Beatdown> Is a very active and social progression based guild created this expansion. Our guild is currently 2/7 in heroic Emerald Nightmare while are a little behind due to a few absences. A trio of close friends looking to push a group a great raiders into further content providing a fun and entertaining environment while raiding. All three leaders have prior experience leading back to Vanilla including all raids up to now including 25m Heroic and Mythic content. Raid Times/Days Thursday - 9pm-11pm Server Time (Mandatory) Saturday - 9pm-12pm Server Time (Mandatory) Sunday - 9pm- xpm Server Time (Sundays are a practice day or extra gear for normal and are not mandatory.) Goals We are looking to the future of creating a mythic team right after Heroic Emerald Nightmare has been achieved. We are still going to have heroic and normal runs for practice and achievement runs so content does not presume old and boring to the guild. We are not a one and done type of progression, we have plans of alt raids and clears after the core group has completed the raids. Recruitment 2x Hunters (Ranged) 1x Ret Paladin 1-2x Warlocks We are looking for 200+k DPS steady for current raids and you will be put through a trial of a normal Emerald Nightmare run or a few mythic dungeons. Other classes are most certainly welcome to join and are welcome to normal and heroic raids. As we progress further, mythic is a limit so we will need to have a set group. Contact You can reach me on my battle tag MaxSquats#1413 or add me in game on Area 52 at Ugoreshom. I am looking forward to hearing from any and all participants and thank you for reading!Ugoreshom1 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 [H] <Joosebocks> Early Raid 1am-5am EST Saturday & Sunday Morning 1am - 5am EST. (8hrs/week) Brand new raid team. 7/7 Normal 3/7 Heroic (any progression site doesn't reflect this yet since we have been pugging majority of the raid. We need more friends!) Come slam and jam in the AM to wake the neighbors up. We want quality players that got a late start in this expansion or looking to hop to a schedule that fits you better! Requirements 18+ attitude. We're relaxed, but if you can't handle criticism you're out of luck friend. Must know who Kevin Bacon is. Friends play with friends. We love to socialize beyond raid nights. Get ready for some Rocket League and other fun games. Quality over Quantity. I want your logs before you raid with us full time. Feel free to ask how to log your fights! Any logs of any difficulty within Emerald Nightmare is cool. Current Needs Healers and DPS. No discrimination against any classes yet. Get in line while the food is hot. Default#1163Duos7 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 859 Prot Pally LF Heroic/Mythic Progression Hi there, I play prot paladin and I'm looking for a guild that raids mostly weekdays (sun-thurs) starting a bit later in the evening (work until 8PM server weekdays). I have full cleared normal EN but don't have much experience in heroic quite yet but I'm willing to put in the time to learn out of game by doing my homework and in game through proper progression. I'm very easy to work with and have a good healer friend that would like to join with me (similar item level resto druid). He is also reliable and easy to work with. Feel free to add me if you have any questions. I appreciate you taking the time reading this over. WaterMaloun#11106Watermaloun3 Oct 28, 2016
Oct 28, 2016 [H] Beyond the Dark Portal LFM Mythic EN Beyond the Dark Portal Area 52 Horde Progression: EN 7/7N 7/7H Will Be Starting Mythic Progression As Soon As Our Roster Reaches 20 Raiders In Need of Healers and Ranged DPS !!!!! Raid Days: Monday and Wednesday 10pm EST to 1am EST 9pm CST to 12pm CST 8pm MST to 11pm MST 7pm PST to 10pm PST Aussie Time: 12pm to 3pm Current Recruitment Needs (minimum ilvl 850) Healers ---------------------- Restoration Druid - HIGH Mistweaver Monk - HIGH ******DPS Notice (Must be able to maintain 180-200k DPS without buffs) Melee (Not Recruiting At This Time) ------------------------- Exceptional Candidates will be considered Ranged ------------------------------------- Marksmanship/Beast Mastery Hunter - HIGH Demonology/Destruction Warlock - HIGH Balance Druid - HIGH Shadow Priest - HIGH Fire/Frost Mage - HIGH Please Feel Contact Us Via Battle Tag or In Game Sigmaforce (Ziquan#1863) Bearlydecent (Thoringil#1583) Xxomar (kbomb#1900)Sigmaforce0 Oct 28, 2016