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Aug 23, 2016 Veteran Holy Priest LF raid guild Edit: Thread deleted.Madisen1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 Returning Raider LF Guild I'm looking for a guild I can progress mythic content with in Legion. I'll get this out there right away: I don't have any recent logs and any screenshot of my UI is out of date. HFC is the first raid tier I haven't participated in since T11 in Cataclysm as I joined the U.S. Navy when it began. I'm no longer in the Navy due to health problems so I'm looking to raid again. I'm most interested in playing a warlock, but I've also considered a death knight (tank > dps) or a resto shaman if I find a guild that needs one of those more. Internet specs from 52ms, 5.21 down, .72 up. My speeds are low but I have two internet connections I switch between if one starts lagging. Computer specs: 6700k, 980 ti, 16gb DDR4 3000MHz. I'm a reliable player. I'll always be on time and prepared for progression. I adapt to class changes quickly which is why you shouldn't worry about me being new to warlock. I love min-maxing. To prepare for Legion I've been hoarding gold to buy some BoEs as well as watching streams and videos of beta gameplay including leveling, raids, and theory crafting of classes. Unfortunately I don't have beta access, but I'm still doing all I can. My main addons for raiding are: ElvUI (Easy replacement to default UI) Skada (Damage meters) WeakAuras 2 (Cooldown timers and what not) DBM (Boss timers) Summary of my raiding experience: Cataclysm: T11 - Casually began raiding with friends. Full cleared all normal content, no heroics. (Blood dk) T12 - Casually raided Firelands. Cleared all normal content, no heroics. (Blood dk) T13 - Joined a server top guild (Eldre'Thalas) and full cleared heroic Dragon Soul. Guild fell apart. (Blood dk) Mists of Pandaria: T14 - Raided with friends. Full cleared normal, cleared a few heroics. (Resto shaman) T15 - Moved houses, no internet for a while led to a late start. Cleared normal, few heroics. (Resto shaman / spriest) T16 - Joined a 25 man guild on area 52 while I raided with friends on weekends. Killed everything except Garrosh heroic on my hunter, later killed him in WoD prepatch when he was "mythic". Full cleared normal on resto shaman with 5 heroics. Both guilds fell apart. Warlords of Draenor: T17 - Joined a random casual guild with a friend. They were really bad but it was fun. Full cleared heroic Highmaul, only 2 mythics. Full cleared heroic Blackrock Foundry, 8/10M. (BrM Monk) T18 - Raided for the first week, then shipped out to bootcamp for the U.S. Navy. I believe the biggest thing to set someone apart from an average player is realizing WoW isn't hard. Learn to play your class and everything else is just a time investment. Usually if one guild is progressing faster than other guilds, they're investing more time in raid and using their time more efficiently. A good player specifically needs to do what he can to make the guild progress, because being good on your own doesn't mean much. Be prepared for every raid completely: Know your class, know the fights you're working on, have all consumables ready, and don't do anything to increase downtime between pulls. My weakest point is definitely communication. Even when I was tanking I never queued my mic as often as I should have, expecting my healers to know when they needed to use a CD on me without me saying so. I've gotten better at it but I still slip up occasionally and don't say as much as I should. I don't really have any ties with my previous guilds. Most of them fell apart. My previous guild was just something I joined with a real life friend we saw in trade chat. They weren't very good but we got through the heroics and a few mythics of WoD. By the end of foundry they didn't really like us because we were impatient with them. We parted ways at the start of HFC, which I would've done anyway because I joined the Navy. I'm no longer in the Navy due to medical reasons, and looking to raid again.Aelaru6 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 730 warlock needs guild with open raid spot my guild stopped logging on so I had to quit. I play to raid and since that wasn't happening anymore I left. so if u can use a lock in your raid group then ill be happy to join.Lgslim6 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 [H] Warlock Seeking Raiding Guild for Legion I am looking for a raiding guild raiding guild to join for Legion N-H-M progression and beyond. I have 7/7 H HM, 2/7 M HM, 10/10 N BRF, 10/10 H BRF, 8/10 M BRF, 13/13H HFC and 1/13 M HFC with previous Hard mode raiding experience in WotLK, Cata and the beginning of MoP. My ilvl is currently 727. I am looking for the following: Raiding 2-3 Nights a week Horde Raids Mon-Thurs Raids starting at 6:30pm CST or later Raids ending at/or before 10:00pm CST At least one, 5 minute break to pee/stretch/do the macarena etc. Fun/Mature/Adult atmosphere My realid is LemonSqueezy#11225 if you'd like to get in touch. Thank you!Ellipsîs7 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 US H 748 13/13M TANK LF Mythic Raid Team US HORDE 748 13/13 MYTHIC TANK IN SEARCH OF MYTHIC RAID TEAM Available Weekdays 5pm EST - 10pm EST Friday evening, Saturday, and/or early Sunday. 5pm EST Friday - 10pm EST Sunday Contact Chronicfury#1416Neurosìs1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 (H) <Soft Enrage> Is Now Recruiting <Soft Enrage> Soft Enrage is a 13/13M raiding guild. We have a weekday raid team and a weekend raid team. We strive to provide a fun environment for all of our raiders. Having good progression aids in this task. We formed at the start of Draenor, rising in the rankings each tier. We plan to keep this momentum going into Legion. Previous Raiding History Weekend Group- 5/10 M BRF 13/13M HFC Raiding Schedule Weekend Group: 1am-4am EST Saturday (Friday night) 1am-4am EST Sunday (Saturday night) 1am-4am EST Monday (Sunday night) Weekday Group: 9pm-12am EST Tuesday 9pm-12am EST Wednesday 9pm-12am EST Thursday Recruitment for weekend group 8-23-16 Our current needs: ~DPS~ Boomy- High Feral- Closed Mage- Very High Warlock- High Priest- High Monk- Low Paladin- Closed Warrior- Low Hunter- Medium Elemental- High Enhancement- Closed Rogue- Closed Death Knight- Closed ~TANK~ Closed ~Healer~ Closed (All applicants will be considered) Recruitment for weekday group 8-23-16 Our current needs: ~DPS~ Boomy- Medium Feral- Medium Mage- Medium Warlock- Medium Priest- Medium Monk- Medium Paladin- Medium Warrior- Medium Hunter- Medium Elemental- Medium Enhancement- Medium Rogue- Medium Death Knight- Medium ~TANK~ Open ~Healer~ Open (All applicants will be considered) Expectations Attendance: Very high attendance is required. We understand that there are things in life that are more important than raiding. That being said, we expect those important things to be done outside of our raid times. Preparation: Every raider is expected to put in their own time and effort to be as useful to the raid as they can be, whether it is researching how to play the class right, farming gear, having the right enchants, or watching a guide on a boss fight over and over again! Respect: Respecting everyone in and out of the guild is a must. It creates a more enjoyable environment, especially during those heated raid nights after wiping over and over! Our reputation is also at stake if people outside of the guild are disrespected. Do not do anything to give the guild a bad name. Skill: A high skill level is required. We are always looking for recruits, so if you do not perform at the level that we need, you won't last long here. It is as simple as that. Contact: For weekend raid team: Mopshot (Mop#1618) Cakebolt (Cake#1948) Kurik#1594 For weekday raid team: Dirvard (Dirvard#1682) Bunny (Bunny#1480) Any officer can be contacted for either raid team if the ones listed for a given group are not on.Dirvar0 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 DK&Rogue Looking for Mythic Raiding Couple skilled and dedicated players looking for a new home. Looking for something around 9pm-12pm EST on weekdays or pretty flexible on weekends. We are both 740ilvl in current content and killed 10/13M before a real life move caused us to lose internet back in March. Generally, we are the two that have fight mechanics down in a few looks and are waiting for others to figure them out. Normally the ones that get stuck interrupting ect. We are moving from a PST time server to try and find a better fit on a high pop EST server, please add me (Balzane#1686) or respond to this thread. Thank you. KisheKishe1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 Returning mythic raiders LF new guild Returning mythic raiders looking to find like minded individuals to form a new guild with, or to join an established mythic guild. Previous experience founding and leading a currently successful 13/13M guild. We can raid any day of the week between 8:00 pm and 12:30 am server time. Our main classes are rogue and monk, however we are willing to play any class required. We left the game due to both getting new jobs. Because of these circumstances we were unable to finish the tier. I left while at 9/13M. Things have settled down for the both of us and we’d like to get back to raiding. We previously made due raiding on toasters, but both splurged on new pcs in preparation for Legion. In summation, two skilled, dependable raiders are looking to either form a new guild with like minded individuals, or join an established guild. We know the pains of forming and leading a guild. It’s something that both of us can take or leave. We are both confident enough in our abilities to earn a spot on any roster. You can contact me at Dirvard#1682 and my friend at Bunny#1480Dirvar1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 Tank and Healer LF Late night Guild I am a resto shaman and I have mained this toon since WotLK my boyfriend plays a Prot Pally which he has mained since WotLK. We looking for a guild that raids on or after 10PM PST 12AM ST 1AM EST We were in a very competitive guild in Cataclysm and finished realm first Heroic DW. Once MOP launched we raided casually because the guild fell apart. We Cleared most of the heroic content while taking many breaks in that Expac. In this Expansion we have cleared everything on heroic. We are looking to get back into progressive raiding and mythic content. We are both great players and are looking for something long term. We would prefer to join a guild that has been around for awhile and has a strong core group. If you are what we are looking for please send me a message BananaPanda#1655 The shaman pictured is not the one I am applying for.Sunscreen1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 New to Realm, looking for Raiding Guild. As the title says; I just transferred to this realm. Previous raider, took at hiatus from raiding in the past 2 expansions and was in my friends PvP only guild. Been raiding since BC before that though. Contacts: Detected (rogue) Ruicx (demon hunter) Geared (warrior) Spellcasts (mage) Powerwords (priest) bnet: traviitrav#1862 Classes I have available to offer (and have experience in): Rogue Demon Hunter (obviously, right?) Warrior Mage Priest If you're looking for a tank, I prefer to only tank with the warrior if it's needed, I'm not a fan of Demon Hunter tanking (yet at least). I have 99% of the time been raid heals, and I'm not opposed of doing so in Legion, but it would be nice to play a DPS class this time. I have Teamspeak, Discord, Vent and Skype already, but if there is another program that is preferred that's okay. Core Addons: ElvUI DBM GTFO Skada TMW Looking for a Raid schedule Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays between 8pm-12am server time; I work during the week so I can't be up until 3-4am.Spellcasts3 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 [H] Fresh guild looking for raiders! Hello! <Furious Napkins> is a returning guild that is looking for new guildies to rebuild for Legion after a long break. A little bit about us: We originally created this guild because looking for a social, friendly guild that actually progressed in current content wasn't always the easiest. When the guild started at the beginning of Cataclysm, we raided steadily up until mid-way through Mists when we decided to join Area 52 due to the low population of our last server. Unfortunately, when Warlords came out many of us took leave of the game to get a needed break after playing since BC. Now with Legion on the horizon, we’re looking to get things up and running with a fresh start and new guildies. Building a community is definitely high on our priority list but we always like to progress in current content. While we don't strive to be the best, we still like to make progression and will take the necessary steps to ensure that we are at our optimal performance. We are looking for people that are knowledgeable about their class and are able to take constructive criticism when needed. Good communication skills and teamwork are qualities that make good raiders, so we hope to find some like-minded individuals! While we do focus on raiding, we are always up to have fun on non-raiding days and hang out in chat. We also welcome non-raiders who just want to be part of a good community. Along with the community, we also offer the basics such as a Discord server for voice chat and a fully leveled up guild. We’re currently thinking of raiding Tuesdays and Sundays 9:30pm-12 EST and have a need for all roles as we’re starting fresh. Feel free to reach out to Phanster#1140 for any questions!Gumshu8 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 [H] <Echor> 13/13 H Lead LFM for new guild <Echor> is a brand new guild looking to expand its ranks for the upcoming Legion Invasion. Here at Echor we pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, while still progressing aggressively through legion content. Our top priority is to avoid the drama that often accompanies a mythic guild, and to have fun while pushing current content. While we wish to provide a stress free environment, we will expect raiders to come prepared for raid nights with consumables and knowledge of fights. Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday from 8-11 pm We will attempt to push Normal and eventually Heroic content. On top of Raiding, the new progressive Mythic Dungeons will be one of our top priorities which we will be forming teams for as soon as our core fills out. Please contact our GM for more information: theCoLoRwh1t#1265Ryauwarr8 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 <Cherubs of Death> US - Area 52 [H] Hello everyone! Legion is around the corner and guilds are popping up all over the place recruiting new members, so we decided to post on here. Cherubs is a guild of close friends/family who used to raid semi-hardcore from TBC through MoP. We have decided to go more serious casual only raiding 2 nights a week Friday/sat 9pm est-12 est We are a guild focused on having fun while clearing content. We understand that people have responsibilities outside of WoW and at times get pulled away to work or do other activities. All we ask you give a 24 hour heads up before raid so that we can work on filling your raid spot. We also realize and fully understand that emergency's happen and a "guild notice" is the last thing on your mind so obviously if this happens we understand. We are a mature guild of adults, meaning players that are over the age of 21 and act like adults ONLY! We are all here to enjoy the game while progressing and childish drama is not wanted/tolerated. We're accepting applications for all classes as we are currently in the process of rebuilding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We aren’t looking for the best of the best or elitist type personalities. We want people that will work hard on becoming good players while improving themselves and helping others. We will do everything we can to help you out, if you feel that you have room to improve. The leaders and officers have all been leading together since TBC and we would like you to join us in the newest Chapter of our story Contact us in game (Doezer#1598 or Tristrem#1953) or leave a message below. Looking forward to hearing from you!Doezerr7 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Returning raider LF laid back raiding guild Hey, I'm a returning player looking for an active friendly (preferably adult) A52 guild that raids sporadically, or regularly in my windows of availability. I raided actively in WotLK, hardcore in Cata, and a little casually in the beginning of HFC. I'm still interested in some progression raiding (and mythic+!), but now I mainly want a fun group of people to be a part of going into legion. Since I'm currently working and going to school, my availability is in the mornings on M/T/W or late nights Th/F/Sa/Su. My main in the past has been Marks Hunter, though I'm looking to play that as well as my disc priest (I LOVE the new disc) and other various alts. I really look forward to hearing from anyone interested in adding a laid back guy and a fairly good raider to your roster! You can also message me in game, Darkmangge #1834Dkmangge1 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Returning player LF Moose carry I played through the beginning of WoD, and then left WoW until recently. I've re-subbed, and looking to see if any Guilds are currently offering Moose carry's. I'd love to pick it up before Legion hits.Korika0 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Boomkin looking for Raiding Guild Been raiding since BC, with a break during WotLK with most of my high end raiding coming during and after dragon soul. My experience for WoD is HM 7/7M, BRF 9/10M, and 10/13M in HFC. This was mainly through tanking since i mained a warrior tank for WoD but am now looking for a change with the new expansion. I try and be the best raider that i can be and am open to criticism to better improve myself. If interested message me in game on Mavreck, Trafalgarr, or Troyam. Or leave a message on hereMavreck5 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 [H] Druid LF morning/midday raiding. I work nights so my schedule for raiding is usually between 9AM and 8PM server time, looking for any guilds that start and finish between those times. I am available any day of the week and hardcore raiding is not a problem. Currently wanting to tank but can play any role. Also currently have a DH(like everyone else) and working on a Death Knight. Would also be willing to heal on my druid or roll a shaman if need be. I have heroic experience in wrath/cata and have down all content in BC pre-nerf up to brutalus in sunwell. Vanilla experience is all content pre-nerf up to AQ-40. Never did naxx.Wilfu0 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 H - Transfers Looking for Guild Recently returned to WoW and stuck on a server that is on its deathbed despite being merged. Would love to find a guild on a higher pop server to raid with during Legion. We were both part of the core team in one of the top guilds on our server during WOTLK and early Cata, fulfilling roles of main tank and lead healer/officer. We only played sporadically during late Cata, MoP, and WoD, mostly running 5-mans and LFR, but are looking to return to raiding for the next expac. Looking for (warrior) tank and (shaman or ??) healer spots in a guild that raids A.M. CST. We would love to chat with you if you think your guild would be a good fit.Cerca5 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 Resto shaman LF Heroic/Mythic Guild I main a Resto Shaman which I have played since WotLK. I am looking for a guild that raids late at night Tues, Wed, Thurs after 10PM PST, or Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun after 11:30PM PST, or Mornings ending by 8:30am PST, or weekends ending by 1:30PM PST. I am willing to transfer to any horde server that has a decent population. No dead servers please! I raided competitively with my server in Cataclysm and finished Realm First Madness. One Mop launched I experienced guild after guild falling apart and have only been able to raid heroics. I am looking at finding a heroic/mythic guild that is well established and could use a great healer. I am also hoping to find a raid spot for my boyfriend who has mained a Prot Pally since WotLk and is also a previous raid leader. If he is unable to find a tanking spot he is willing to play Ret. I have tried tons of forums to find something that will work with our times so that we can raid together and it seems almost impossible. I'm sure there has to be something out there for us!! Thank you BananaPanda#1655Bananapanda0 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 (H) Lf Raiding Guild T/Th Hey there. Just coming back to the game and looking for a raiding guild for Tuesday and Thursedays starting around 830-930 server time. I play Druid, Shaman, and Warlock. I'm not very picky on spec being I love all the specs these classes offer. If your interested send me an in gam mail or tell to Roshor or can post here and I'll contact you. Thanks!Roshor0 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 LR Selling 13/13M, Archi/BH Mounts <Legacy Reborn> 13/13M is selling 13/13M on Tuesdays 8:30pm EST. What does this include? -All loot even for offspecs (except warforged and/or socketed gear which is reserved for guild) -All 13 boss achievs -1 piece of tier per boss. Selling M-Blackhand mounts! Dates Available: SOLD OUT! Selling M-Archi mounts! Dates Available: August 23 Pricing and scheduling 500k for 13/13M 1.2 Million for M-Archi Mount Add Epic#1595 to schedule your run today! Prices are subject to change, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to be payed when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. 3. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. If you have not paid in full and/or have not made previous alternate arrangements by that time, your deposit will be forfeited.Criticalshot14 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 Returning Player Considering Transfer Here Hello, I am a returning player for the upcoming Legion expansion and looking for a new (US) server to transfer to as it seems my current server is pretty dead and I'd like one with a medium-high to high population I think. I was hoping those who currently play on the server might be able to give me a little insight into it? - How's the horde/alliance balance ratio? (I'm Horde so I don't want a server that's 90% alliance) - How is the economy/availability of items on the AH? - Good server for both PvE and PvP? I'm a somewhat casual player who enjoys PvE and PvP, but not looking to necessarily have a weekly raid/pvp schedule to commit to. Would this server be a good fit? Thanks to anyone who might be able to add some insight for me. :)Viskahn4 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 [H] Returning player LF 2 night/week raid First off, thank you for looking at my post. History: I'm an ex-veteran player who started playing in vanilla on day one (and even in vanilla beta), right up until the end of WotLK. Throughout my wow career, I've been in several guilds that were involved in most server firsts, and all heroic content (10 and 25 man) up until the end of WotLK were cleared. Prior to quitting wow due to RL, my main was a holy paladin on US-Kilrogg, and I had the server first Val'anyr. My raid attendance was close to 100%, and I kept up with all the theorycrafting, and min/maxxed my characters where possible. My alt was a rogue. Paladin: Rogue: As of this post, I am in the process of leveling a warrior for Legion. I'm looking primarily to main an Arms or Fury, with a Prot offspec. Having said that, I am keeping my level 100 boost until I find a good home, and am comfortable with playing any class or role except for ranged DPS. Personality and IRL: Both in game and IRL, I am serious, determined, and dedicated; but kind-hearted and helpful. IRL, my life revolves around my full-time job as a lead engineer in one of the world's top enterprise tech companies, and I am happily married with a lovely wife (who unfortunately does not game), and have 1 kid. What I am looking for: I am looking for a casual-serious (or do you call it casual-hardcore) mythical raiding guild for Legion. Casual about the schedule, serious/hardcore about raiding. Faction or server does not matter. I'm on EST, and would prefer to raid at or after 9pm, 2 nights a week maximum. Being married with a kid, I am unable to afford the time I used to back in the old days. I believe strongly in quality over quantity anyway. I'm no longer interested in server firsts and all that jazz, but I do want to play with a strong social group of people who want to have fun together experiencing content in hard-mode. ID: Xyun#1664Xalvadora1 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 LF H Raiding Guild Just came back after skipping WOD LF Heroic Raiding Normally Play Tank sense (BC) Willing to Reroll dps if needed can also roll any tank and most dps. I'm 26 prefer a mature guild. I'm almost always on .Have a lot of tanking experience In BC and Wrath as well In other MMOs. Any Questions Feel Free To Ask BNET: Zanthorg#1333Zanthorg2 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 Recruiting- Aslan's How, Alliance Recruiting for new guild start. Great opportunities as a new guild with a fresh look. Here is what your need to know... Requirements -Level 10 or higher -Download WoW Armory -Bring a sense of adventure Server/Fraction Area 52, Alliance Availability -Whenever you can -Preferably weekends -Mostly Late Nights Notes We will work to host all kind of events. Our goal is to have fun and make friends. We will also try and get Comic Con and Blizzard Con meet ups in place for the guild as well. If you want to join then please feel free to post here, message in-game or send a letter by mail in-game. Look forward to talking soon! ***We will not tolerate harassment, arguing and betrayal of guild. Respect is key***Sinondro0 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 LF late night raiding guild EST I'm returning for legion and looking to find a new guild to raid with. I'm a semi-hardcore raider looking for a guild that raids on saturday and sunday around 10pm. I am mainly going to be playing my demon hunter and mm hunter in legion. You can contact me in game just add my battletag Turtlestacks#1599.Turtlestacks1 Aug 21, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 <Sanctifico> 13/13M Leadership Recruiting WE HAVE STOPPED RECRUITMENT FOR THIS TIME <Sanctifico> [TAGLINE] Do you wanna be the best you can be? Do you like to rank? Do you like thinking outside of the box to have fun? Sanctifico is a place that fosters your desires to be #1. We are looking for exceptional raiders to form a solid raid team. Our main focus to raid Mythic progression with like-minded individuals. Individuals who will take pride in their role and master their class. They will strive to be the best they can be by reviewing material outside the game to better themselves. We are a democracy and everyone has a say, after all we are a team. Timezone: EST Raid Format: 20 Mythic Raid Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Raid Times: 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST Loot: Loot Council Website: Progression: Newly formed guild under 13/13M leadership with 12 year raiding history Guild Tracker: Warcraft Logs: Recruitment: We are only recruiting casuals at this time Players with Alpha/Beta access or Alpha/Beta knowledge for their class preferred. We encourage you to contact us if you believe you are qualified, our application process involves a lengthy interview on voice chat (mumble). We need to vet you as a player and as a social individual. Contacts Ironsquid#1925 - GM Vvisdom#1510 - Officer Jelliebeane#1245 - RecruitmentVvisp18 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 Queue Times? What do you think queue times are gonna be like when Legion launches? I was looking to come back horde and this is one of the servers I was looking into, but don't want to invest time in a character I won't be able to log into and play.Mattrandir0 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 Looking to buy Grove Warden 40k Looking to buy the Grove Warden mount,reply to this thread or pm in gameErader1 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 <Haunted by Murlocs> LF DPS for Legion New xpac, new post! A little about us: HbM is a relatively new Horde guild. We just started Mythic HFC at the end of November 2015, finished strong at 12/13M before 7.0, and finally got M Archi on July 28, 2016. Off the clock we're an adult-oriented guild that enjoys bad puns, innuendo, and WTF-worthy YouTube links. We are seeking skilled and motivated ranged DPS, and/ or one DPS warrior to fill out our core team. Schedule is Thursday, Friday, and Monday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern time. Raider expectations: Show up at least 15 mins before raids with consumables, thorough knowledge of the fights and your class, an open mind, and a professional, respectful attitude. Be familiar with our forums, and use them when needed. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary but us :) We do expect at least 90% attendance. If you may be late or need to be absent, please use our forums to tell us, and mark our ingame calendar event as such for that day if you have enough advance warning to do so. To flesh out what it means to have a thorough grasp of your class - our raiders must be familiar with the most optimal spec for each encounter, why it's most optimal, and be comfortable and competitive on at least one offspec. (Alts are acceptable for your OS, provided that they are comparatively close with your main.) For tanks and heals, one of your offspecs must be raid-ready dps. As much as we want everyone to play what they love, it's seldom possible to run 8 tanks and 7 healers and expect bosses to die. Questions? Comments? Sound like something you'd like to be part of? Add LolTwizted#1817 (that's me!), or apply at our website: Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!Fantazie8 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 [H] <Face Down Loot UP> recruiting <Face Down Loot Up> is looking for more dedicated members for our raid team but willing to take in some casuals who just want a home. Our raid times will be Friday/Saturday mornings from 1a-4a server. Currently we could use more dps (ranged especially) and maybe a healer for our raid team. for more info reply on here or pst me in game AAIIYAAA#1485 good luck, happy legionObareon5 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 20, 2016 [H] <AVALANCHE> is recruiting! <AVALANCHE> 13/13H 4/13M is looking for more players to bolster its ranks! We raid 11:00pm-2:00am Server(EST - A-52) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Very relaxed and laid back raid group! Roster ready to go for legion with plenty of room for more! Located on A-52 US. Add jarabeas#1590Dracen11 Aug 20, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 Recruiting Boomkin for Heroic raiding Twisted Nails of Fate is looking for a Boomkin to be the final piece of our puzzle. We raid Thursday and Sunday nights from 8:15-11 est. We are a heroic guild and will be focused on heroic content. We also do alt runs/PvP/old content at least once a week. I encourage players of all experience levels to reach out. Runfast#1109Zungorn0 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 Two raiders looking for heroic raiding group Experienced mage and feral druid looking for a raiding guild that runs after 7 server. We aren't looking to push into top 10 server we just want to see the content in heroic.Athop2 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 Crossfire Recruting Hello all! <Crossfire> is a U.S. based Horde guild on Area 52. This is a newly formed guild that has a friendly and welcoming environment, and we would love to expand this family! We are a casual friendly raiding guild Looking to Start a 10 man raiding team, and also we will be doing other stuff like achievement runs at scheduled times. Our goal and expectations: Our biggest goal is clear the mythic content, but also to enjoy the game and have fun together. We are looking for people with positive attitude. and people who want to learn the game mechanics, we will Help you Learn them; if you need any damage boost food/flask/runes, we will do our best to help! We are a team, and we are going to play as a team. Since we are not going hardcore, wipes are going to happen. However, we are going to learn from those failures and down the boss! We understand that WoW is not everything in life, but we do expect good attendance for the raid groups you sign up for, If you have a tuff schedule no problem you can raid as an alt with us. Recruiting - We are still building up our raiding team, and we welcome all players to join and have fun with us! Tanks and healers: highly appreciated! We are just starting to fill the roles, so please join us and let’s raid together in Legion! DPS: We are currently in need of demon hunter, mage, warlock and druid, but all classes are welcome to join! Scheduled times - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 8pm-12pm EST (Please adjust this accordingly to your own time zone!) Communication - We use teamspeak as our communicating tool. We will use it when we run raids and dungeons. We are a family-orientated guild. The members here are nice and polite, so no bad words and cussing in teamspeak please. Contact in game - Gottiboi Btag-Gottiboi45#1673 Dinotari Btag-Dinotar#1529 OR If you are interested, please apply from our website: Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 [H] Looking for fun, social (drunk?) guild Will be xferring a L90 goblin rogue from another account and just want to have fun getting through Draenor and the new Legion zones with a group of friendly, fun, folks with a good sense of humor. May be interested in 5 mans / raiding as time permits, but priority is the social aspect (work sucks, looking for a good outlet)Miritan0 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 R Shaman LF Raiding Guild Greetings! I am looking for a raiding guild for Legion. But first: My availability is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday (no time restrictions on these days). About me: I have been playing/raiding since vanilla (although, I did not play WoD at all). TBC is when I started raid healing and never looked back. Throughout my raiding career I've mainly played priest but once I began with R Shammy in cata I knew I had found my niche. I have been a part of several successful raid teams and run a couple of raiding guilds myself. I play wow for the raids and enjoy the challenge that comes along with progression. What I'm looking for: Im looking for a guild that wants an experienced and competent R Shammy on their raid team as a vital role on the healer roster. I understand that we all need to be flexible but I am looking to mainly heal but can off spec when needed. A raid team that takes progression seriously but also doesn't expect 4+ nights of raiding a week. I used to raid like that, and while it was fun at the time, I just can't raid to that extreme anymore. I'm looking for a guild that wants to push mythic content but I'm totally fine with not being near the top of server progression. What you can expect from me: In short, you would get a competent, reliable, experienced, and mature raider. Someone who won't show up to raids without knowing the fights up and down. Or someone who mentally gives up after 2 hours of wiping. You would get a raid member that would give advanced warning if there is a schedule conflict that would prevent raid attendance and who would commit to at least 75% raid attendance. Lastly, you would get a raid member that doesn't not detract from a raid team with poor attitudes and various drama. If you feel we might be a good match or have any questions please contact me via battle tag Fresh#1167 Thank you, -FreshFatmess0 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 LF Late Night Raid Guild Mage or Rogue Hi as the title says I'm searching for a late night raid 11:30pm (at the earliest) - whenever Tuesday - Thursday. I'm looking to move my mage and rogue to a new realm so whichever role is needed I'd be more than happy to fill with either character. I have NOT done any WoD content as I was very disinterested with this expansion but I do have a raiding past. Here's a quick overview of it: BC - Played holy pally in BC and raided pretty casually doing Kara, Zul Aman, Gruul's, and Mags. WoTLK - Continued holy pally into wrath healed Naxx 10/25, EoE, OS, and first few bosses in Ulduar 10m normal. (All during the times of the raids being relevant.) I also switched to rogue doing icc 10 normal and ruby sanctum. Cata - Back to holy pally only doing 10 man BWD and BoT then quit the game. MoP - Played shadow priest doing 10 man MSV all bosses except Will on heroic in december of 2012 (Have achv. dates for it). Moved onto HoF cleared as well as terrace with ahead of the curve achievements as well as some HoF heroic. Stopped raiding at this point after this guild had constant attendance issues with members from the start and just stopped playing the game due to that becoming so frustrating. So I'm looking to get back into raiding full throttle in legion. I will be on all day during release getting to 110 asap and getting geared as quickly as possible. If you're interested add whitekid#11160. I'm generally on at night but you may catch me earlier. Thanks!Wishwash0 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 <Big Meaty Clackers> is recruiting! Big Meaty Clackers is looking for a healer and dps for legion raiding, our schedule atm is wednesday-friday 9pm est to 1am est. We are a group of friends who met through real life, and through gaming and are looking for more people to join the family. I hope you will join us!Kalshire1 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 Shadow Priest LF Home! Hello! First of all, yes, I plan on coming back to the Horde and this server. (And if you're willing to assist me in shelling out for it, I'm yours! lol) I'm looking to get in on a core spot for progression come Legion's release. I'm a recently returning player who's just spending the next month trying to relearn my spec with the new playstyle. I'll also be learning my Holy spec to flip to if required for certain fights, or if someone should be away. I'll also be using my free boost to make a Druid alt which I plan on maining as Resto with Balance offspec. Most recent raid experience is HFC, 13/13 N, 13/13 H, 6/13 M. I took a break from the game due to boredom with WoD. Loot systems don't bother me, raid nights don't bother me. I'm in the EST/EDT timezone, so as long as its nothing like 3am raiding, it doesn't bother me. :) Now that's out of the way, the most important part of my search is the people. I'd like to become friends, get to know each other a little and have fun together with the new expansion. Nothing is more important to me then the community I'm playing with. Please get in touch here or add Hydrolicide#1434 to battlenet if you wish to talk. Thankyou!Surana6 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 Druid Looking for guild Resto>Guardian>Boomkin Druid looking for leveling raiding guild in legion. I am flexible and will be off specking boomkin/guardian in legion, while I main spec Resto. I have some mythic experience ( Mop, Cata: when it was called heroic, 3/13M HFC). I am flexible on days I can raid, my raid hours for weekdays are 7-11PM CST.Teeyon2 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 WTS Defias Brotherhood, boots and belt. Looking to unload 2 sets of the boots, and 2 belts. Willing to negotiate on prices, hit me up Infect#1797Magrokk0 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 Multi Rank 1 Havoc DH LF RAID Havoc Demon Hunter LF serious progression raid group raiding 3-4 nights a week. I am a 3x rank 1 gladiator, (2x on Monk - Grevious, Prideful, 1x on Paladin - Furious) and 8x regular gladiator. I have a fair amount of raid experience clearing MC/BWL/AQ40 in vanilla, all of the content in a top 50 guild in BC, and all of the content in WOTLK. I casually raided in MOP as well with Heroic clears on most of the content. I have a full time job but have the ability to play approximately 5 hours a day and would like to raid 3-4 times a week at night. I would like to join a guild that is either fairly established or has a core of raiders with exceptional experience. I am happy to fill out a full application if you are looking for a dps demon hunter for legion and have a website. Thank you.Sputterdh1 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 Tank LF weeknight guild Looking for a Weeknight (mon-Thurs) raiding guild with start times @ 10-11pm EST. Have Exp tanking all through the last few expansions including some mythic level tanking. Have been playing game since vanilla and have been raiding as either tank or dps the entire time. Please feel free to leave reply here or get me in game Elivo# 1238Balorog0 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 [H] HPally/Blood DK LF Casual Raiding Guild .Azraelius0 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 <Diligence> [Team Blue] Morning Mythic Guild <Diligence> [Team Blue] is an established guild that has had a core group raiding together since MoP. The Raid Leader and GM has been playing since Vanilla and we have a mature approach to raiding. We are both former military with professional jobs, and know how to structure and lead raids efficiently with our experience in WoW and out of it. If you are looking for a guild that has a good atmosphere and clears content then we are the group for you. Please visit our website at Classes we are recruiting We are currently looking for all classes! If you are an exceptional applicant, then please let us know and we will take that into consideration. We are looking for Pre-WoD raiders as well. Even if you don't have the gear, we are more than willing to have you along if you have previous content experience. What we expect from you: We expect you to be a competent raider. You may be called out for making mistakes in raid and we expect you to learn from your mistakes and improve as an overall player rather than to get angry or frustrated. We are willing to work with gear, but what we want is a fast moving progression that will allow to be satisfied with the content and down it quickly. You will also need a working mic, solid internet, and little to no excuses :) Raid Times We are currently planning on raiding Monday: 9am-12pm ST Wednesday: 9am-12pm ST Friday: 9am-12pm ST We are adults with school or family, and understand that we can't be raiding 16 hours a week, and honestly don't feel that we need to in order to clear this content. This game has gotten easier over the years, and with a solid group of raiders we can accomplish that. Legion Plan We are going to be adding to our core group in this coming month before the launch of Legion. Our guild took a break, but we are coming back with a renewed vigor. We will be be leveling up together, and clearing all dungeons and content in preparation for the first raid tier. Our goal is to avoid burning out our players, so that we can be ready for mythic progression. Since we are adults, we are looking for a high intensity raid atmosphere and preparation before hand. We all have fun playing, but raid times are where we put forth the effort to down content. If this doesn't interest you then please don't apply. Contact Please contact Recond#11134 or Dunzo#1443 if you want to add a Btag. In-game contact any toon with a Recon suffix. We are currently doing open invites and will be narrowing the pool down as we approach content in Legion.Recond0 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 Vet Player LF Heroic/Mythic guild Hello there! I'm a veteran player who has taken some time off in wow and is going havoc Demon Hunter lf a future home in wow. I Have heroic raid experience and some mythic experience in game. I have had a couple months worth of time on Legion beta and have tested most of the raid content and mythic dungeons. I have also done alot of testing on my Demon Hunter and have a really good understanding of the class. I am looking for a high end heroic/starting mythic guild who raids anytime after 9pm est. Add me on bnet so we can talk more! Sego#1483Belovin1 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 10/13M Experience DK looking to Raid [H] Hello Area52! I am interested in finding a guild to raid with at most two nights a week!! I am hoping to find a late night raiding guild, preferably starting at 8:30PM EST. I have 10/13M experience in HFC and LOADS of hardcore raiding experience in the past. I just have a lot of real life stuff going on so I can only commit to 2 nights a week :( [getting married next year and planning the wedding with my woman...] Though I only have two nights a week I will commit to those times 100% outside of emergency situations! If you're interested hit me up here or add my battletag : Mahv#1846 or e-mail me: Thank you!!Decree2 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 Looking for raiding guild for Legion Looking for Legion raiding guild, I am available to raid the following times. Mond-Thurs 7pm 10pm US EST. Frid-Sat 7pm 2am US EST. Pls mssg in game or send mail. Thanks!Mynxye0 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 LF legion raiding guild I am looking for a 2 night a week (mon-thurs any variation of those nights) progression oriented guild for legion I am currently 734 ilevel with 7-13M pre 7.0 progression would have been farther but we had some problems we will just leave it at that and now due to RL our raid/guild leader is disbanding the guild. So I am looking for a place to call home for the remaining time WoW will be alive. I am very loyal and committed to the team as well as a drama free person. I will do whatever it takes to push hard and achieve farther. I have Vent Mumble and discord and will be ready to raid soon after legion arrives. please hit me up in game at Kohva #1325Kohva0 Aug 17, 2016