Area 52

Dec 8, 2015 13/13h722 prot pally or 680 guardian bear lfg Hello! As title states I am a prot pally looking for a guild. I've cleared 13/13H as main tank and raid leader for my old guild. I've played a long time and plan on playing a lot longer. Unfortunately due to conflicting personalities it's time to find a new home. Progression does not mean a ton to me. I play the game to make friends. I would start progression all over on my druid if that's the opportunity I get. Both toons are main specced tank. The paladin has an ok holy set. The druid was recently boosted and has a pretty rag tag set of tank gear and that's it. Thanks for taking the time to look over my post.Faithbringer0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 (H) AOE LFM Raiders/Members Hey everyone AOE is a new guild that is looking for more members and raiders! we got a couple spots open right now for ranks we plan to go into heroic and mythic soon after. About AOE: We are a friendly group of people that decided to make a guild here on Area 52! this guild is VARY new but we plan to have a good raid environment but at the same time down stuff. Open Ranks/Rolls: Officer x1 PvP Leader x1 Recruitment: Tanks: Druid, Monk, Death Knight, Paladin Healers: Monk, Druid, Paladin, Priest (either spec) DPS: all dps at this time! Times/Days: 11:00pm Server till 2:00am Server, Tuesday - Thursday, (3 day, 9 hour week) Raid Leader: Our Raid leader has been raiding and leading for about 7-10 years now and is experienced in almost all the fights, he does not mind taking suggestions on boss's and does not mind helping people that are in need of help. He keeps the raid environment good but yet keeps it strict. Voice/Loot: We use Teamspeak3 for voice. We use /Roll for loot at this time can and will change soon. CONTACT: Can message me in game or add my battle-tag Warrenslife#1128 or even message me down here! Happy Hunting everyone and hope to see you soon!Hippocrates3 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Looking for guild, Need a place to call home Looking for a guild, looking to make friends and get more out of my wow experience,Nalrax0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 Five 721 - 732 Raiders LF Horde Mythic Guild ETA 12/12: Found a guild on Illidan, and I can't figure out how to delete this original post. Thanks for all the inquiries! ------------- Myself and four others are looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild to continue our mythic progression. Currently on Bonechewer, but will server transfer for the right fit. Not interested in faction changing, you filthy Alliance scum. Though we expect and are willing to compete for spots, we are looking for a guild where we can raid together. Ideal raid time would start at 8 or 9pm server, but we can probably go a little earlier/later, depending on day of the week. 732 4/13M Resto Druid 720 2/13M Combat/Sub Rogue 726 2/13M Blood/Unholy DK 721 2/13M Affliction Warlock 721 5/13M MM Hunter Cheers!Gabbylicious1 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 <I Love Lamp> 9/13M LFM!! <I Love Lamp> is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild on Area-52 Horde side. We focus on progression raiding, but with a real life over WoW mentality. We expect a level of commitment and competency from our core raiders. Our current progression is as follows: Heroic HM-7/7 Mythic HM-4/7 Heroic BRF 10/10 Mythic BRF 3/10 Normal HFC 13/13 Heroic HFC 13/13 Mythic HFC 9/13 Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7-10pm EST Wednesday 7-10pm EST Thursday 7-10pm EST Addons Needed: Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs GTFO RCLootCouncil Exorsus Raid Tools Voice Chat: We use mumble for our raiding needs of communications. If you do not have a working mic or you are a mute, we don't mind as long as you can hear us. We do a lot of discussions either before or after raid, or even both times and encourage everyone to discuss what's going on in the raid. Current Needs: Healers: -CLOSED Ranged DPS: -Mage (Frost/Arcane) -OPEN TO ALL EXCEPTIONAL RANGED PLAYERS!! Melee DPS: -Rogue Gearing is generally not an issue although we do prefer i720+ (735 ring or better) so we could get you into mythic for trial purposes. Currently we are actively searching for the listed classes/specs as potential core raiders, but we are always open to exceptional players looking to compete for a raid spot. If you think you have what it takes to be among our 20 best raiders; please feel free to contact the following: You can private message Oçeanus(Alt code 0231)(Oçeanus#1459),Möössolini (Alt code 0246) (Teddy#1806)for more information. You may also fill out an application at!! Thank you and happy guild hunting!Oçeanus0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 <Probably Naked> LFM: DPS, Raid heals! Probably naked is a semi-hardcore, 2 night a week raid guild and we are looking for you! with a relaxed 2 night a week, 3 hour a night raid schedule we are trying to build a solid core of raiders to be competitive in legion. The leadership fully understands that players will show their true colors within a couple of lockouts, so you can expect a decent turnover as we are trying to build a stable core of exceptional players. Once the run gets to a point where we will be needing more time to get further into HFC, we will determine what the best course of action is to add on more time, either it being adding more time onto the 2 night a week schedule, or adding a 3rd night. This will be a guild topic of discussion when the time comes. What we offer: Solid leadership; -the guild leaders have been gaming together since ICC, and have cleared all content as it was current since then together. with the raid leader having 5/13mythic confirmed kills in this current tier. guild repairs: -once out of probation guild repairs will be turned on. Feast/flasks: -During normal or heroic non progression fights, feast's will be provided, nad flasks and pre-pots will be provided(as long as the mats are in the guild bank, we will make them for you) what we expect of you: be a good member: -if you are planning on showing up for a week, grab a dozen kills, and dip to another more progressed run, this is not the run for you. we are expecting people who contact us, to fully understand that we are building for legion, and our expectations for the rest of 2015, are relatively low (as far as boss kills) as we are trying to build that consistent core of players. -preparation : Make sure you know your class. If you're asked to preform a task in raid, you need to know how to do it. If you don't know, make sure you ask. This also comes down to boss fights, if there are boss fights that you do not know, absolutely bring it up to leadership so that they can show you the way. Of course there is always fatboss video's to watch and what not. Attendance: We are an adult guild. And as adults, we know that things come up and you can not make raid dates. This is not the end of the world. However please let an officer know what you will be missing. The more notice the better. -Attitude: This is a non-elitist environment, so if you plan on coming in and stroking your ego because you have more boss kills than someone, this is not the place for you. Some of the raiders here are still learning the correct ways to do the fights. Being an a#$-hole does not help anyone. Current Needs: DPs: Mage Boomkin(resto offspec) Shadow priest (healing offspec) DK Heals: Resto Druid Resto Shaman Holy priest (be really good at holy) Raid schedule: Tuesday 9pm-12am Wednesday: 9pm-12am *est* Loot: We will do loot on an officer ran loot council. In our experience this is the fastest and most efficient way to gear up the raid for the goals that the group has. All BoE's will be looted to main spec > guild bank to keep funds up for pots/flasks/repairs. *a loot addon is necessary* If this is something that sounds like it will work for you, please do not hesitate in contacting me ingame, Contacts: Netka Yuk NitzimNetka6 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 WTB Silver challenge carry i dont care for the ugly xmog just want silver for mountGezmo0 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 DPS/Healer seeking guild that raids Tues/Wed Hi there! I'm currently seeking a raiding guild, preferably pushing into Mythic progression, that raids Tuesday and Wednesday nights (any time), or any other night between the hours of 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. PST. I have three classes that I can offer to your raid group should you be interested in having them. Catsai - 713 Marksman Hunter. Half way through Tomes for Legendary Ring. Veldie - 697 Resto/ 702 Feral Druid - 6/33 Tomes into Legendary Ring quest. Senestra- 698 Frost DK - Just starting Legendary Ring Quest. I'm a recently returned to the game veteran raider who has raided competitively since BC and know what it takes to be an ideal contributor to a raiding guild. I'm a fantastic team player who values punctuality, patience, and hard work. I am generally pretty laid back and sarcastic, but I know when to be serious face to get things done. Should you find I meet the standards you look for in a raider, please feel free to leave your contact information here or add my battletag: Starlynn#1806. I very much look forward to hearing from you!Catsai4 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 2 H Raiders looking to transfer to A52 need G Hello Friends! My friend and I are currently looking for a Horde Guild on A52! We are currently on Aerie Peak and it is absolutely dead therefore we want to server transfer to A52. We are 2 very dedicated players that are looking for a guild that is progressing in Heroic or even mythic! We both know mechanics of all bosses in HFC and have kills around everything on Heroic but Mann and Arch! Looking to grow with a guild and progress as a team and hopefully try to get as far as possible in mythic before Legion. You can expect for us to be very active players that are dedicated to raiding and becoming the best we possibly can. We would like to come into one of your raids for a tryout and see if we would be a fit for your guild. Ideal raiding times are in the late evenings EST time, like 8PM - 12AM or something of the sort. Currently: I am a 710 DW Frost Dk And he is a 701 Enhancement Shaman Our gear is constantly upgrading therefore the above will most likely be higher! tldr: 2 raiders, 710 frost dk, 701 enh sha looking for heroic or mythic progression raiding guild Please shoot me a pm in game so we can talk! Whurk#1796Vlaz1 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 693 Deathknight Blood Tank lf prog Guild Greetings fellow gamers I came back to wow after about a two year break a little over year ago and I've had no luck finding a guild that is steady and actually wants to progress I'm looking to find something like the community of old days and where people actually care about getting through the content and can follow simple mechanics while still having a good time. if you're interested please shoot me a message or reply to this game one area 52 nightlyDeadmeatthor2 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 [H] <Heroic Deeds> Area 52 recruiting Heroic Deeds is a new guild with experienced leadership who have been playing together for years. We are currently looking to build a raid team for HFC and then moving into Legion next year. We are not "hardcore" but we are not "carrying" people either. We put more value on friendships and killing bosses. Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 8PM to 11PM server time (est) Currently open to all classes.specs for recruitment as we build a roster. If this interests you or you have more questions feel free to respond here or in game to either Vysions, Missedmark, or Twisted.Vysions5 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 8/13M rdruid, 733 ilvl LF guild - New job, raid times must now end at or before 8:15pm PST (10:15pm EST), also available for AM raiding (9am PST/11am EST start time). Any day of the week works for me. - Prefer to stay Horde (transferring plus faction change is just too expensive) - 733 ilvl, 8/13M HFC, strong raiding history. I have logs, all voice chat programs, etc. Leave spam if interested and I will get in touch. - Ready to transfer/trial immediately.Diabeetis0 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 (H) < Phantom Star> LFM Heroic HFC Hello, Phantom Star is currently looking for new members to fill our ranks. We are looking for both Raiders and Casuals with the current mission of completing HFC Heroic and moving into Mythic. Current goal is to keep farming Heroic HFC until we have a consistent 20 man for mythic prog/farm. Please apply here: About us: Well we come from FFXIV most recently and if you are accustomed to that game we are Savage level raiders. All of us have WoW raiding experience ranging from all the way back to 40 man vanilla. Most current raiding experience pre HFC includes HM and BRF Heroic Farm and Mythic progression. Raid Times are Tues/Thurs 8:00pm to 11:00pm Eastern. We are currently recruiting for our initial goal of HFC Heroic farm: 1 Tank (DK, Paladin, Monk or Druid) 1 Healer (Shaman, Druid, Monk or Paladin) 1 Healer/DPS 3 DPS (Warlock, Hunter, and Rogue) The class lists are subject to change, we are mainly looking for diversity but the ultimate goal is to reach Mythic so a 20 man roster will be needed. Please do not use the classes listed above as a definite, they are simply examples of composition. Gear: We are looking for ilvl 690+, but if you are able to put out the numbers then a few ilvls below shouldn’t be an issue. General requirements include: * Preferably 18+, but just be mature and able to joke around. * Ability to use Vent (Working mic is preferred but not mandatory). * Know your class inside and out, and be willing to do what it takes to min/max as much as possible (e.g professions, races , etc). * Come prepared to raid. * Try and have 100% raid attendance. * Don't stand in fire. Contact: You can contact myself, Scryptík, or Baeuric for more info.Naveya4 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Any warlocks with a tome of legion... I need one. I've searched for two months and I have no money. Does anyone have an extra one that they've got? If you have one please help me!Gormist0 Dec 6, 2015
Dec 5, 2015 Guilds Selling H Arch Kill/Mount List I think the guilds that are posting in trade chat can also post it here so everyone is not asking every few minutes. I have asked a few guilds quite often and due to the spam, sometimes they may not of seen my question. (:Níghtstarr0 Dec 5, 2015
Dec 5, 2015 LF Guild Hey guys, its been currently half a year since I've been playing. Was busy with school and unable to make the raid times of my last guild. I was pretty new to raiding but managed to make AOTC for heroic highmaul and go 5/7 mythic as well. I'm currently interested in minor heroic content but also looking for a guild that as legion comes will have some competitive open spots for mythic raiding. I'm currently looking for a horde guild on Area 52 PLM if interested.Bigbane1 Dec 5, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 LF guild that likes leveling and 5 mans I'm an experienced player who is familiar with most classes and specializations. I'm looking for a guild with members who like to run 5 man groups. Strongly prefer a guild with knowledgeable players or players willing to learn.Templeguard1 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS Greetings <Helms Elite> an Alliance raiding guild that transferred to Whisperwind 9/28/15 and we are recruiting for core raid spots! About <Helms Elite>: Helms Elite formed as a raiding guild at the end of Vanilla and began raiding with the release of Burning Crusade. Guild leadership that started in Vanilla is still in place. Primarily located on the Lothar server ( as Alliance ) the guild did spend time on Chog'all ( as Horde ) for the MoP expansion and returned to Lothar and the Alliance for WoD. As one of the servers on line at release, Lothar was home to many top raiding guilds. However over the years and not unlike many servers, the active raiding player base has dwindled and now struggles to support the few active raiding guilds. Whisperwind: Our move to Whisperwind is an exciting time for the guild, with plans to expand our raiding roster to 20+ and continue our focus of clearing Heroic Hellfire Citadel and moving on to Mythic. Long term we seek to be an active part of the raiding community on Whisperwind. Raid Times: Progression Raid Group – 7/7H - 10/10H - 13/13H HFC ■Tuesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Wednesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Sunday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) This group is about progression and pushing to be the best at all times. Recruiting: Tanks: We have a strong interest in applications from Non-DK tanks Healers: accepting applications DPS: We have a strong interest in exceptional ranged dps players Raiding Focus: Our raiding focus is to clear all current tier raid bosses in Heroic/Mythic We are a strong group of players who are on a casual/semi-casual raiding schedule. Like many other players, we have real life commitments we must attend to. Regardless of being on a casual schedule, we still have the desire to experience and complete challenging, relevant content. Much of our play time will be devoted to Heroic/Mythic content. We're looking for skilled, dedicated players to fill our rosters. Requirements: ■ Age 17+ and in control of your online gaming time. ■ Know your class. We expect your best performance at all times. ■ Take constructive criticism and direction when need be. ■ Research the basics of boss fights on your own time. ■ Show up on time, and ready. ■ Good raid awareness. Do not stand in fire. ;] ■ The ability to listen and speak on Teamspeak3 during raids. ■ Be open-minded, laid-back and not easily offended. ■ Don't be an elitist. Show us you're good by actions, rather than words. ■ Computer/internet that can run World of Warcraft (especially while in a raid environment) without any issues. Contact: If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact any of our Officers. BattleTags: ■ Squizz: Squizz#1910# ■ Rettuclos: Rettuclos#1494 ■ Dedaol: Dedaol#1914 Feel free to whisper us in game for information Website: Feel free to visit our site and fill out an app. www.helmselite.comSquízz0 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 Glorious Legplates For Sale [Xmog] Have one set that dropped while leveling mining.. the odds of that. When you hunt for them for years they dont drop & when you randomly kill an annoying mob they drop. Anyways open to offers, horde side but w/e since AH is merged. Leave a btag / name for me to contact you atHeirloomrun1 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 9/13M | Tues/Wed 7-11 | DPS & Healers Guild: <Far Beyond Insanity> Server: US-Stormrage - Alliance Age Requirement: Mature adults (21+) (few exceptions have been made for the right person) Progression: Highmaul 5/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 5/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel 13/13 Heroic 9/13 Mythic History: We have been around on Stormrage for over 6 years now. Schedule: We have a 2 night raiding schedule, Tues/Wed 7:00-11:00pm EST. Our Philosophy is to Raid Smart, Not Hard. Hardcore style raiding in only 2 nights. We are looking for players that are reliable, can work mechanics correctly, and who always look to improve oneself. We are NOT a casual raiding guild but one that raids seriously in only 2 nights. We believe in a good balance of life’s responsibilities and WoW is the goal to have both without burn out. We do run an aggressive and competitive raid environment but at the same time friendly and respectful. HEALERS Holy Pally Resto Shaman DPS Most DPS If interested tag me Krazy#1922 or Astyanax1184#1954 Apply at www.fbiguild.enjin.comKrazyrampage1 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 WTB Medallion of the Legion(s) Hello, i'm looking to buy 11 Medallion of the Legion ( for 45k or for 4.5k each.Squanchý0 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 Few friends looking for a raiding guild Hello, Few friends and myself are looking for a new guild to be apart of and grow with. Our class/spec are Ret Pally Shadow Priest DK tank or Resto shaman Looking to raid at night, time isn't really a issue.Túralyon2 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 3, 2015 [H] <AoN>13/13 N 7/13 H - LF DPS/Healers <AoN> N(13/13) H(7/13) is currently recruiting outstanding DPS and Healers with an item level of 695 plus for our heroic raid team. We are also looking to form a mythic raid when we fill our required twenty slots. Please note that this is a casual guild and all applicants are considered and welcome. However, to continue with progression we are looking for the following: ______________________ Monk - Heals/DPS Death Knight Mage Priest - Holy/Shadow Hunter Warlock Warrior - Fury/Arms ______________________ About Addicts of Nightlife Addicts of Nightlife is a weathered and experienced guild that has World of Warcraft roots dating back to late vanilla. During the Burning Crusade expansion, AoN took the plunge into raiding the newly established 25 man tier and enjoyed success while maintaining a casual attitude. The guild further blossomed during Wraith of the Lich King and became noted for clearing current content for both heroic and normal within patch releases. This progress in raid endeavors continued with the arrival of Cataclysm, but unfortunately real life events forced the guild to take a hiatus shortly after patch 4.2 Rage of the Firelands. Core members to the guild returned shortly after patch 5.4 and enjoyed success in normal and heroic versions of siege of Orgrimmar. Addicts of Nightlife is proud to continue raiding in the newest expansion Warlords of Draenor, and are seeking out new members to share in the complexity of mythic raid content. This is the perfect opportunity for casual players that are fed up with the obvious lack of challenge in LFR and to join a successful casual raiding guild. If interested in joining <Addicts of Nightlife> please apply at or send an in game tell to Verhetzen, Daerà or Hyorí. __________________________________________________ Guild Information: Server: Area 52 Faction: Horde Raid times: Tuesday 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm server Wednesday 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm server Monday 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm server __________________________________________________ Thank you for your time and good luck in your World of Warcraft endeavors! Dec 3, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 <Bad Touch> is recruiting Do you get tired of logging into the game and not having anyone to talk to? Do you wish you could get all your weekly dungeon quests done? Mythics? Valor Farming? Do you want a friendly atmosphere and social guild that is determined to make a dent into mythic raiding? <Bad Touch> is recruiting a few more DPS and a few heals to help complete our 20 man raid team. We are looking for Hunters, Balance Druids, Destruction Warlock, Shadow Priest, and for heals we would like a Restoration Druid and a Mistweaver Monk. We are currently 8/13 Heroic and we are progressing hard and fast. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday at 8pm to 11pm. If you have questions please ask or pst me in game at Doxxz or anyone else in the guild! Thank youDoxxz4 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Horde Core(12/13H) - lfm casuals & raiders Horde Core is a casual guild first and foremost. However we also field a relaxed but serious progression raid team. BLUF: Always looking for good folks - casuals, raiders, etc. The guild has been around for a couple of years (and its core has been raiding together for much longer than that). We have all the normal perks including repairs and the ability to set up events. We only have one rule for guild membership: Don't be a butthead (i.e. ruin the game for others or give our guild a bad name). Anyone - class/spec/level - is welcome to join our guild for the casual aspect of the game. Our raid team is currently 13/13N, 13/13H. We have toons with past herioc/mythic experience and are always willing to help out. We are open to welcoming good folks both as casuals and to flesh out our raid team to finish Draenor and get ready for Legion with the emphasis on always pushing current content (Normal, then Heroic, then Mythic). We are very flexible in adapting strategies to the group we have available so all spots can be considered open (though we are heavy in some class/specs). Our current needs right now are varied but we are missing a class/spec combo or two so its worth inquiring about your toon if you like what you read. SPriest, Lock, and non-DK tank are near the top. We are looking for folks with extremely similar goals and reasonably similar experience/gear but.... we can always fix gear/experience. It's much harder to fix raid awareness, respectful attitudes, humor, and reliability. It is more than casual - you should be gemmed, enchanted, talented, and glyphed appropriately and always working to improve your performance. It is less than hardcore - Real Life matters and we only spend seven hours a week spread across two nights raiding and our standard is fun - not speed. It is serious - a very hard to find sweet spot where folks do their best and try to improve but don't get tied up in knots when it doesn't go smoothly for a pull (or seven). For raiding we do use logs ( to help us improve - but not as a tool to belittle folks. As long as you are trying to improve you are welcome here and 50% against rank is a reasonable goal. The same butthead rule applies to our raid team along with a couple more items. 1. Be reliable for our raid times of 1930-2300 Server/eastern Tu and We 2. Be able to be on Mumble and willing to communicate to help the group 3. Don't be all about me, now, and loot - we progress as a group and are fair to everyone - loot always drops and does not define the player (though we love it too) 4. Be raid aware and open to improvement If you are interested in general membership or in raiding hit me up in game at Ops#1155. Thanks, Opso Ops#1155Opso2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Dark Asylum 2/10M LFM Dark Asylum - Area 52 Progression: 10/10H 2/10M Raid Times: T/TH/F 6:30 to 9:00 EST Recruitment We are looking for a DPS with viable OS heal, along with 2 more DPS. What we prefer would be a Shaman and Monk, but we are open to other classes as well. About us If you want to get to know us better you can visit our site: Want to join? If you would like to have a trial run with us please feel free to fill out an application on our site or you can add Hoxsey#1546Warhoxsey10 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 Tank Looking for Serious raiding guild [H] I am a well versed tank coming back from a break and joining a new server looking for a serious guild for mythic/heroic content for whats left of WOD and pushing into Legion. Tanks I currently have at max level Warrior-709 (715 Ring) Paladin- Low Gear Monk- Low Gear DK- Low Gear Druid- Low GearI don't mind playing any of my tanks, but prefer Warrior and DK. I have extensive raiding experience as a tank in general, small amounts as a healer and almost none as a dps: Naxx (25)- 15/15 OS (25)- 1/1 EOE (25)- 1/1 Uld- (10)- 14/14 Ony(25)- 1/1 Icc (25 Heroic)- 12/12(8/12 as a Hunter) BWD (Heroic)- 6/6 BoT(Heroic)- 4/5 FL (Heroic)- 6/7 DS (Heroic)- 6/8(8/8 as a druid healer) ToT (Heroic) 10/13 SoO- (Heroic pre-patch) 13/14 (Mythic post patch) 14/14 HFC- 6/13 HeroicAdd Apostle#1282 for more information questions or to discuss raid times.Apostlè2 Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 <Redux> Hellfire Citadel Sales! <Redux> of Area-52 is looking to sell full clear runs through Hellfire Citadel + more. Below you can find our package deals, and what you get from each deal. 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot Run) - Loot includes all non-wf for desired spec, wf/socketed gear will be given to raider if needed. - Mythic Hellfire Achievements + "Defiler's End" title - Takes 2 Raid Days to Finish 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot run / Personal Loot) -Guaranteed ilvl 705-720 loot for your class/spec -Ahead of the Curve Achievement + Heroic Achievements -Takes 2 hours to complete 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode - Unique transmog weapon - Challenger's War Yeti -"the Indomitable" title - Runs take 2-3 hours to complete Scheduling: Our raid times are currently pretty tight (for mythic) but can be shifted a little to accommodate buyers (Heroic/Normal much more flexible). Our Normal raid times are between 10pm - 1am PST. To schedule a run with us or if you have any further questions, contact me using the information below or reply back to this thread. Contact Info: Battletag: soup#1193Sooup17 Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 <Digital Addiction> Selling H Archimonde Kill <Digital Addiction> is now selling Heroic Archimonde kill on Shadow Council. Please see the following details. Price: 35,000 Gold per kill Time: Saturday at 10am MST (We raid 3 times on a weekend, and the time can be negotiated among Fri night, Sat morning, and Sat night, but generally Sat morning is the most convenient for us.) Contact: Reela#1821 (Reela or Demintorr on Shadow Council) Special requirements: None (you don't need to be at certain iLevel for this.) Details: Mumble is optional. Any loot that goes to DE is free for you to grab.Reela1 Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 <Static> 6/13 H Looking for RDPS <Static> (13/13 N, 6/13 H) is looking for ranged DPS to continue progressing in H HFC. We are currently closed to hunters. Item level 690+ is recommended, but we're okay taking slightly lower item levels as well. Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 - 11 PM server time. Please direct inquiries to myself (Queitus#1184) or Piper (Snow#12425).Palaisin0 Dec 1, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 Arcane/Frost Mage lf Mythic team. Hey I'm a 712 arcane/frost mage that is currently looking for a mythic team to join. I have 13/13h xp aswell as ahead of the curve. My ring is legendary with its current Ilvl being 753. I have not raided in a couple weeks due to family coming into to town and then getting sick which I am still dealing with. What I am looking for is below: Days- Any day between Monday and Friday Times- Any time AFTER 11pm server ( 8pm Pst) running no later than 4am server (1am pst) Difficulty- Prefer someone actually in Mythic raiding but if you are 12/13h and are able to get into mythics after the archy kill I would be willing to talk to you. Not interested in someone that is 5/13h dont want to regress that much Ui- Here is a screen shot of my ui. Very clean no clutter. Stream- I do stream my raids so I need a guild that will be ok with me streaming, even if that means we wipe 100+ times on a boss. I love to stream and will not shut down my stream mid raid because of a wipefest happening. If there is anything else that you would like to know please let me know. I will be checking this forum post often and reply to any guilds that seem like a good fit for me. I do have young children (9mo,3yr,5yr) thus why i need such a late raid scheudal. I am on the west coast and 8pm my time is the earliest I would like to start due to bed time and such. I can not under any circumstances raid on the weekends as I only work Sat/Sun and work retail thus have a random schedule. Thanks for any interest! Battletag- tink#1686Tinkêr8 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 715 Disco dancer LF raiding guild EDIT: 13/13H now - woo, PuG progression! :P --- Well, technically a Disc priest. I can /dance if that's required, though! Anyway, I'm looking for a guild to start progressing into Mythics with. I'm 13/13N, 12/13H thus far, though I've got Archi down to 9% or so (WTB people to kill/kite infernals/stop hugging fire!) - and got M Assault to around 20%. My legendary ring is at 768, so far, and I have my 4set. I've been playing since Wrath, and specifically Disc since late Wrath.Though I'm a blatant altoholic, Mazzy is my main, and has been my focus for the past 6 years or so. I can use whatever voice chat is needed (apart from Skype, cause it has a tendency to mess my WoW sounds up. Granted, I've never seen anyone who raids on Skype - mostly just arenas. But I digress.), and I typically call out when I pop my external CDs and such, if needed. I bring my own food/flasks/pots, keep my gear gemmed/enchanted, and keep up to date with how my class plays. Consistent as a consistent thing, too, when it comes to attendance. I prefer around 9pm-12ish, server time, and can make any day apart from Friday. I can give or take a couple of hours either way. 2-3 nights a week, ideally. I'm after a guild that has a friendly atmosphere, but one who seems to actually care about learning mechanics and progressing. I'm not after complete ragemodes in voice, though, shockingly enough. Also not after endless wiping on farm bosses cause people stop caring about killing adds and such :P Just a decent, chill bunch of people to kill internet dragons with, really. Bonus points if there's activity outside of raid nights, even if it's just chattering in *place voicechat of choice here* Anyway, if you're after a Disc (dedicated - I have no interest in Shadow at all), then feel free to get in touch Mazz#1718Mazzle5 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 <High Five> 11/13M recruiting 4 Archi/Legion 11/13M HFC! - 10/10M BRF pre 6.2 Top Needs - Warlock - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE US A WARLOCK! - Melee spot ideally a Rogue, DK, or potential Ret/Holy (Good at both specs) spot The rest of these spots we're definitely looking for players who want to push themselves to perform, be reliable and get to know us. So, even if it's low it's more of a we can still raid tomorrow without you, but we ideally do want someone on our team to fill that roll and make us better. - These players are ideally geared enough and with good enough parses to be immediately competitive on progression and possibly earn a spot in every pull. Legendary rings and sufficient ilvl to parse in the top 70% or higher of their class. Maybe - There are ranged spots open, so a good Hunter or Mage could fit - There is potentially a resto shaman spot available - Potentially Warrior, Ret, Holy Paladin, Boomkin, WW Monk Actively recruiting high end players that want to come earn a spot! Who we are High Five is an end game raiding guild on US Area 52. We have raided end game content on Area 52 for nearly four years under this name. The guild has gone through iterations on other servers, but only a handful of those people remain. Many of us have raided on Area 52 since BC and have become close friends who provide the type of end game environment we want to play in. In High Five, you will find some of the best players at their positions. You will find humor and you will find significant progression on a 3 day schedule. --------------------------------- What we stand for 1. Progression without meaning is useless. 2. We expect you to be at your best, push yourself, each other, and know your ***. 3. We expect you to be part of the community and not just raid log. 4. Pixels will drop again. Pay it forward through recognition. 5. We expect you to be invested in the guild and fiercely loyal. You have a voice, a purpose, a duty to make High Five the guild you want it to be. --------------------------------- What we are looking for High end raiders who are interested in pushing end game on a 3 day schedule (Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30 p.m invites and 9p.m. - 12 a.m. raids). We are recruiting for long term positions and players who will gel with the existing player base. Applications should be reasonably lengthy so we can see if you will fit in and if you are willing to put in the kind of time that a three day a week guild needs from its raiders to progress in end game content. A 5-10 sentence application is typically too short to be useful. You should have the ability to talk over voice comm, and should use it. The people we play with mean a lot to us. --------------------------------- How you can apply First, we recommend talking to an officer and letting us get to know you. We can save you some embarrassment and help you with the application process. Chewtoy (GM) Chewtoy1982#1602 Wind (Healing) - Noiree#1468 Effinhunter (Dps) - Effinhunter#1904 After that, we have several application options on our website at However, all of them will require you to eventually create a forum account. Put time into your application. Make it worth reading. We want to see good parses for your gear level, but we also want to see a personality that is more than just a cardboard cutout, and we really appreciate people who have experience with pushing end game content over multiple expansions. Talk yourself up, and if you get a chance, come into our Mumble and interact with our guild members. How to apply: Pillars of High Five: You should apply even if your class isn't listed and what we are looking to create is what you want out of WoW. Current Tier: Mythic Xhul/Tyrant (11/13) - US 149 World 528 Mythic Gorefiend - US 162 World 537 13/13H HFC - Archimonde US 171 World 616 Mythic Assault - US 230 World 760 Previous Tiers: End of Tier 17 - US 180 World 558 Mythic Blackhand - US 181 World 567 Mythic Blast Furnace - US 175 World 587 Mythic Iron Maidens - US 164 World 622 Mythic Operator - US 211 World 824 Mythic Kromog - US 231 World 860 Exceptional players, we welcome the application and conversation. We will be 100% honest with you about where we stand on your application and room in the guild. As long as we can make it work, we'll try to make it happen for the right person. We're more worried about the person behind the character, than the character itself.Chewtoy4 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 New to Horde looking for Heroic/Mythic Guild Holy Paladin, recently switched from Stormrage Alliance to A52 Horde and am looking for a new guild to raid with. Preferably nights 10pm+. Cleared every tier on heroic since ToT and have mythic experience in SoO. Stopped raiding for most of the expansion after getting AotC Imp/Blackhand, am looking to get back into raiding for Legion. Have friends with me that moved between 2/13 mythic and 7/13 mythic experience.Autumnblade0 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 [Style] WTS Mythic Hellfire Citadel + more <Style> of Illidan-Horde is looking to sell full clear runs through Hellfire Citadel + more. Below you can find our package deals, and what you get from each deal. 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot Run) - Guaranteed Felsteel Annihilator mount - Guaranteed Ilvl 720-735 loot for your class/spec - Get BiS loot including all Warforged/Socketed Gear - Mythic Hellfire Achievements + "Defiler's End" title - Takes 4-5 hours to Finish 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot run) -Guaranteed ilvl 705-720 loot for your class/spec -Ahead of the Curve Achievement + Heroic Achievements -Takes 2 hours to complete Scheduling: Our raid times are flexible and can be shifted to accommodate buyers. Generally, our times are between 8-12EST. To schedule a run with us or if you have any further questions, contact me using the information below or reply back to this thread. Contact Info: Battletag: stylehfcsell#1102 Skype:lishuopanboVikurn0 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 697 enhance shaman and 689 priest lfg My girlfriend and I would like to try and find new friends to raid with. Prefer like Friday/Saturday raids. I have my legendary ring. Looking for people to have fun and talk with, and kill some bosses!Reblog3 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 29, 2015 The Warbound is Recruiting! We're a small guild that is reforming after a break and we're looking to reboot the guild in preparation for Legion. We have a six slot GB that's usually pretty well stocked, we have lots of nice and helpful peeps and we're trying to make a nice solid community we can all enjoy. Right now our current focus is more casual/leveling, but we're going to get into guild runs on instances and later into raiding. Feel free to message me in game for an invite or more info, happy hunting!Drommash1 Nov 29, 2015
Nov 29, 2015 705 resto druid LF Heroic HFC Guild Tanked heroic HFC and took a break. Looking to get back into healing. currently 705 with 4 piece and ring. I don't mind joining a guild just starting heroics or one that is working on them. I am dedicated and can pull my weight. Looking for a guild that is close knit and has long time members, not looking to hop into a guild then hop out like alot of people in WOW now. Let me know here in forums if interested and i'll hit you up ASAP!Jamôcha3 Nov 29, 2015
Nov 29, 2015 Hunter LFG Heroic/Mythic My name is Kevin. I have been raiding pretty consistently since ulduar. (Except cataclysm) The last guild I joined was in the midst of falling apart, I stepped in my second week and raid lead. 3 weeks later we had formed our own guild. But unfortunately all or most of those people are taking a break until legion arrives. So I am looking for a new home. 12/13N, 7/13H. Times available: Weekdays 10:30pm est- 6am est Weekends 5pm est- any time Currently playing marksman, item level 706 and I don't mind doing all the hunter/!@#$% mechanics ;)Gragoa3 Nov 29, 2015
Nov 29, 2015 Looking for raid guild I am looking for a cool laid back guild that raids casually not too hardcore about it but is progressive & not afraid to remove a weak link in the group for the sake of progression or at least help them improve, I am currently on Khaz Modan & things are pretty much dead horde side,Guild hardly raids and when they do i typically cant join due to schedule clashing, I have multiple max lvl alts which consist of a BM Hunter (Whitestrike), Holy Paladin (Whitelights), Resto Druid(Terrant), Dest Warlock(Desicrate) and currently working on maxing a Disc Priest(Lightsear), Been raiding since end Cata running heroics, Done normal mostly since MoP to now WoD due to lack of guild progression, Would like moving my alts over slowly starting with which is most requested, Thank you hope to hear from you guys & gals at Area 52 :]Whitestrike2 Nov 29, 2015
Nov 29, 2015 Frost Dk Looking for Progression raiding guild for the rest of this xpac and going forward into legion. 13/13h exp on 2 toons. Looking to get back into the heavy progression raiding after a xpac of only heroic. Im looking to run mainly horde come legion. This toon is 690ilevel, without ring. Leave spam let me know!Crusted1 Nov 29, 2015
Nov 28, 2015 Guilds these days. Im just returning from a break since WotLK. I'm looking for a Leveling or a casual guild. All i see is progression guilds now a days. Are there any guilds out there that hold on to the family and friends spirit? Or is it switch the people out until it works? Traumaplate #1117 Hopefully I can find one.Ebonhaart1 Nov 28, 2015
Nov 28, 2015 10/13 Mythic Player Mage US 50 player Hello, currently looking for a guild for my alt, day's preferred are weekends due to school but will consider weekday's. As stated EXP above with legendary ring at 747. I do not have BiS gear and this would be a gearing project. Number's aren't insane because I have mostly normal pieces besides mythic tier glove's and some other heroic pieces. I don't wan't to list everything I've achieved on this forum post so hopefully you'll like what I have to offer on an app. Any other questions add Prop#1123Porogami4 Nov 28, 2015
Nov 28, 2015 Sick Society 5/13M LF warlock or mage Sick Society-area 52 horde wants a lock or mage any spec. We raid tues/wed/thurs 8pm-11pm est. We have a stable, friendly and laid back raid environment. Must be 705+ ilvl with your legendary ring(735) please add my btag if you are interested crystal#1295Adorãbella4 Nov 28, 2015
Nov 28, 2015 2 day a week Heroic guild LF heals We Do Boss Now is looking to recruit a healer. We are a very casual guild only raiding Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 to 10 est with an alt raid on Saturday. We are currently 11/13 with just tyrant and archimonde left (8%!). We are looking for someone that doesn't want to just raid but become part of our team moving forward. The ideal member would be content with heroic clears being the end game. There is a chance for mythics later on but that is not our main focus. If this sounds like something you may be interested in leave a message here or add Warsinger#1659 *NEEDS* 1 HEALER always looking for more people so if you're a dps that may be interested shoot me a message.Faithbringer2 Nov 28, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 H HFC Carry Anyone selling carries today for H HFC? Looking for today only.Icespear1 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 712 resto sham lf late night group Greetings all. Chain healer looking for people to chain heal. I plan on xferring to area 52 over the holiday break and am interested in a late night core. I work til 11est so a raid start time of 11:30-12 til 2-3st is what fits my availability. ThxMalku1 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 looking fo guild Looking to join a casual guild. My guild has done noting in a few months. I would like a guild that does thing together. Helping alts, doing mythic dungeons, achievement runs, and some guild raiding. Will probably change guilds the middle of next week. I work an odd schedual so i cannot commit to a hardcore raiding schedual, but do like to raid when time allows for it, so i normally pug. 714 assassin rogue, AOTC, 4 piece, Heroic WF Arch trinket, legendary ring.Dansrogue3 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 26, 2015 <Hellscreams Marauders> LF core raiders! New raiding guild looking for anyone interested in raiding. We welcome all experiences and can assist if you're item level is lacking. Presently looking for all roles and we raid every Friday - Saturday 9 pm to 1 or 2 am EST. If you're interested please feel free to contact me (the GM) via email or Email: battletag: Allister#1537 We also have a website if you wish to browse it before contacting us. Happy hunting raiders, hope everyone has a blessed Holiday!Nerisemita1 Nov 26, 2015