Area 52

Aug 27, 2016 Heathen (semi-hardcore) raiding guild Heathen - Area 52 (Horde) is currently recruiting for legion heroic/mythic raid content. Raid times are 10pm-1am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Raiders are expected to be as geared as possible before raid content comes out. We are currently in need of a Warlock and a Holy Paladin but all applicants will be considered. For further information contact any of us and we will be happy to chat. Murm (GM) - murmy#1370 Magic (Officer) - Magic#12489 Moose (Officer) - MooseDrool#1956Magicalmilk0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Crossfire Recruting LF Healer Hello all! <Crossfire> is a U.S. based Horde guild on Area 52. This is a newly formed guild that has a friendly and welcoming environment, and we would love to expand this family! We are a casual friendly raiding guild Looking to Start a 10 man raiding team, and also we will be doing other stuff like achievement runs at scheduled times. Our goal and expectations: Our biggest goal is clear the mythic content, but also to enjoy the game and have fun together. We are looking for people with positive attitude. and people who want to learn the game mechanics, we will Help you Learn them; if you need any damage boost food/flask/runes, we will do our best to help! We are a team, and we are going to play as a team. Since we are not going hardcore, wipes are going to happen. However, we are going to learn from those failures and down the boss! we understand that WoW is not everything in life, but we do expect good attendance for the raid groups you sign up for, If you have a tuff schedule no problem you can raid as an alt with us. Recruiting - We are still building up our raiding team, and we welcome all players to join and have fun with us! Healers: highly appreciated! We are just starting to fill the roles, so please join us and let’s raid together in Legion! DPS: We are currently in need of demon hunter, mage, warlock and druid, but all classes are welcome to join! Scheduled times - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 8pm-12pm EST (Please adjust this accordingly to your own time zone!) Communication - We use teamspeak as our communicating tool. We will use it when we run raids and dungeons. We are a family-orientated guild. The members here are nice and polite, so no bad words and cussing in teamspeak please. Contact in game - Gottiboi Btag-Gottiboi45#1673 Dinotari Btag-Dinotar#1529 OR If you are interested, please apply from our website: Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 2 vets LF raiding guild Hello, Two vet raiders here (brothers) looking for a new home on a fresh server after our current server died. I have raided with several different specs over the years (blood DPS DK, Arc Mage, DPS Warrior, Blood tank DK, Holy Pally, RSham) and back before I had a wife and kid I was a GM for a large guild (500+ members) on Mal'Ganis. I like to think I bring a lot to the table, even though I don't spend as much time on as I did in the past. we are both 34+ yrs old with families, so no drama here. we are both looking for a guild that raids 2 nights a week, 8p-11p server could do 8-12 if one of the nights was Friday. I have been playing a Havoc DH on the Beta for a while and absolutely love it, so I'm planning on Running one if I can. My brother however is planning on running a fire mage. you can hit me up anytime in game Marc#1196, I'm not on the forums much, so best place would be in game.Dëadlyshot4 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Looking for raiding guild Looking to raid in legion. I have a druid, warrior, demon hunter, monk, and warlock ready to go. My raid nights would preferably be sat, sun, and or monday. I am east coast and available after 5pmZooel3 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Two healers lf raiding guild Hey all As the title says we are two healers looking for a new home for legion. We are both pretty serious raiders with WoD mythic experience, along with previous expansion experience. We are looking for looking for 3 days a week raiding preferable on weekdays and after 8:00 pm EST We are both really good players and great at healing and looking for a guild thats going to take itself seriously but also have a fun. Not looking for server/us first but want to head in to mythic as soon as possible and progress at a decent pace and ideally full clearing before next tier or nerfs. Our current classes are Holy Priest and Mist/Resto Sham/H Pally (order of preference) If this sounds like your guild and/or have any inquires feel free to add me at Dread#12759 or RinofChaos#1415Undred7 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 New to server, Looking for guild I just re-rolled on this server and I am hoping to find a raiding guild. I haven't raided seriously since Cata, outside of LFR. I am looking to find a guild that raids around 10pm or 9pm at the earliest. I miss the progression part of raiding and the feeling of finally downing a boss and you can't really get that feeling from LFR since the challenge isn't there. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day.Mattlich2 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 LF Mythic raiding progression Hi all I am looking to seek a guild for mythic raiding progression come legion, I have multiple characters so I do not care really what I main, I will be good on whatever I play currently I am maining Warlock. I have been playing WoW since BC, raiding in BC I only got as high as archimonde 2 kills and illidan 1, my highest point of raiding was in WOLTK and Cataclysm, in WOTLK I am used to raiding at least every week day 4-5 hours if we still had content to progress on and then would do 4 more hours during weekends, when WOTLK had seperate lockouts for 10/25. Cataclysm I was in a nice guild for sure never raided even close to the hours in WOTLK would raid 3 days a week 3-4 hours a day, was able to clear Dragon Soul heroics on spine just after the nerf. Panda I was basically a casual scrub, focusing on my toon with professions reputation and all around gear that could take me into mythic but was not the best, WOD, same concept I got big into multiboxing so used that to improve on my main lock with added benefits of every profession, so again pretty much casualness. Now I know none of the above really matters, as with new expo comes new goals as I am looking, to compete or at least be part of servers top progression for mythic. Hours of Availability Eastern Standard Time Available all days of week/weekend Monday - Wednesday = all day Thursday - from 6 PM to 9 AM Friday I will not be available Friday - from 6 PM to 9 AM Saturday I will not be available Saturday - from 6 PM to 9 AM Sunday I will not be available Sunday - from 10 PM to 8 AM Monday I will not be available i work Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 hour shifts 8 pm to 8 am, every second Sunday I work 8 hours 11 to 7. I don't have any logs I have saved from WoD expo I was an active raider until I got my job then my raid hours did not work with my guild, at that point I fell behind and was not able to catch up in between work and certifications/studying, so to sum it up I am used to long hours raiding with many wipes as progression will include many many wipes, my hours I know are not the best for raiding but maybe some guilds it would work. Can PM me in game if you want to know anything more specific DotFever Stopdropnret jackala jackalb jackalc jackaldStopdropnret1 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Re-rolled on server, Looking for raid spot So my main server is about as close to dead as you can get(Cenarion Circle, Horde side) so I've taken advantage of the Legion boost to roll on this server because 1. It's highly populated and 2. It's actually in my time zone(rolled Cenarion Circle to play with a friend, then got to entrenched in the server to start over until now) Anyway, I'm looking to make a serious effort at raiding again in Legion after being so disillusioned by WoD. I want enhancement shaman to be my main focus, but I'm not opposed to playing elemental if a fight really calls for it. I am however opposed to healing and do not want a permanent spot as a healer. I do not like how healing works in WoW since the changes started in Cata and I get no enjoyment from it(and you don't want me healing a raid when I haven't healed outside of leveling content since Wrath) and in Legion, where artifacts are a thing, my resto artifact isn't going to be getting much love until I've maxed at least Doomhammer. Besides that I'm a team player. I don't like drama(never caused any and my tolerance for it became 0 the second I graduated from High school 8 years ago) I follow directions to the best of my ability. ATM I work from home, so attendance shouldn't be a problem outside of rare emergencies. If alts are allowed in the guild, I also made a Demon Hunter(because why not) that I plan on leveling and focusing on Vengeance for an alt. If things go well and I get settled on the server I plan to bring over(and level)my other 100s. As for raid times I prefer night eastern, but I'm amenable to other times. I'm looking for 2-3 days a week, for 2-4 hours a night, but I'm flexible. I definitely want to do heroic at least, but I'm interested in Mythic. This may also be a bit pretentious(read dickish) to say considering I'm new on the server and haven't raided for a while, but I'm looking for an established group/guild. I can't count the number of invites I got since rolling on the server for "new guilds that are looking to raid come legion" and again, it's going to sound dickish, but I've seen this so many times before in WoW and other games and nothing ends up coming from it. Not that I think you're lying or anything, I do believe you intend to try raiding, but as someone who used to help organize a raid group back in Wrath, it's not the easiest thing in the world and the chances for things to go wrong are abundant and I want to get into a group before legion, because once it's out, finding a good team is going to be 100x harder. Anyway, looking forward to hearing from people, but regardless, if you read this far have a good one.Ryuto8 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Returning raider LF morning/late night team Hello! Im a mature 25/F player looking for a good home for Legion. Late night player mainly due to my job schedule but late morning-mid afternoon can be arranged. Not a hardcore player by any means atm but I have a fair share of Mop raiding experience on my Hunter (switching her to Horde soon) fully cleared 14/14 SoO heroic (at the time was normal rating) with my first raid team. I'm looking to get back into raiding on a schedule for legion as soon as I figure out what my main will be (will most likely be my hunter, mage, DH or feral druid/bear off spec) I'm not looking for drama or elitism, only a nice guild I can clear content with at a reasonable pace. Please drop me a message here or your battle tag if you're interested in having me, and we can talk.Seikakuna12 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Warlock LF Raiding Guild Hi I've been playing WoW off and on for several expansions. The guild I was part of fell apart while I took a break from the game during wod. I'm now looking for a guild that raids between 9pm-2am realm time. I'm available any night currently but that may change with work. I'm looking to start raiding more seriously with and normal then moving up from there. This will be the first time that I will be raiding outside of LFR. I would prefer a guild that uses discord. Thanks for reading.Dustbringer2 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 (H) Returning Player Looking Guild Hello i'm a returning wow player who took a break from wow for about two years, with Legion coming out i want to get back into raiding, i have raiding experience since vanilla wow last raid i did before i took the break was the thunder king raid and cleared it. With my schedule i can only raid noons from like 12:30 pm to about 4 pm central time. Ostilios#1484 if you have questions. I use to main Prot PLD but am also a good DPS player, i will roll w/e the raid needs. thank youValaniel1 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 [H]<Shadow Khan> is recruiting for Legion We are a small guild composed of real life friends looking to do normal and eventually heroic raids in Legion. Some of us have prior experience with raiding back in BC, Wrath, and Mists of Pandaria. We also have new players who joined and want to experience raiding so we are accepting players who are new to raiding but are at least familiar with their class (stat priority, rotation, etc.) and want to improve. We are currently doing mythic dungeons to prepare for raid. We use Discord for our voice program so be prepared to use it if you don't already. The Majority of our group is in the mid 20s so just be at least 17 or so. Raid times will be in central time evening to night time but no set time as of yet. You can contact Mitchconner#1168, Anixal#1712, or Domes#1720 for invite or more info.Volgak0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Dps warrior LF mythic guild (8/13m exp) Dps warrior looking for a guild to farm mythic dungeons in the first few weeks then go hard when raids get released. have 8/13m exp (we could have easily gotten 11/13 if some previous issues had been resolved) with usual highest dps. My previous guild essentially gave up back in april due to attendance and leadership issues so I need something new to join after doing pvp and playing other games til now. My availability is pretty open, so just throw stuff at me and we will see if I can work with your schedule. logs (somewhat old) I will most likely be pouring artifact power into arms and pulling allnighters for the first week of legion launch to get as much gear on me as possible. battletag is Buesketter#1676Razuki0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Healer seeking mythic guild 20/m who is new to area 52 but during WOD raided on alliance side as a hunter but also would come in as healer and found out healing was something I enjoyed alot, I was only able to go 5/13 m and 13/13 h many times. I am looking for a raiding group seeking a healer that will be able to push and progress in legion content (Would also play a dps if necessary) Versatile when it comes to healing classes I have a 100 of each and can play them effectively which will suit your group. Dedicated and will come to each raid prepared and ready for each pull. My availability is completely open when it comes to raiding times. Looking for a guild that will best fit me with people wise and type of progression that suits me being heroic or even mythic but it isn't completely necessary just a nice thing to look forward to. Personally I am a rather calm and easy going person easy to get along with I enjoy a good meme once and awhile, interested to find a group of people who are enjoyable and capable. Good player and also decent healer with a lot of options. Can also dps if theres no option of a healer, I would pref unholy dk if it comes to that So if there is a guild looking for a dedicated healer who will be committed, researches class/fights and come with food and flask the works then I will leave my battle tag below if your guild is interested YungLean#1961 feel free to contact me.Kookiememe1 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 [H]LF casual late afternoon raiding guild. Howdy! Retribution Paladin here looking for a semi-casual raiding guild to team up with for the start of legion. I'm going to be working 3rd shift hours at the start of Legion and so would be available for raiding in the in the late afternoon/evening period (3PM EST - 10PM EST) I've been playing WoW on and off for the past few years and haven't raided in a guild setting since WotLK. That being said, I'm looking to get back into the game and I've had a decent amount of experience during BC and Wrath. I was DPSing/Healing in my previous guild for 10 mans throughout both expansions as a shaman. I'm a positive player who's looking to have a good time while slaying bosses with a good group of guildies. I'm willing to have a Prot or Holy offspec if that may be necessary for the guild. If interested, feel free to post or add me on Bnet (Rikkit #1747)Graeldin3 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Fury Warrior Looking for a raiding guild Hello there, I'm thinking of transferring servers and was wondering if there was a guild here that would be looking to add some fury to their roster. Im looking to raid in the late evenings and or weekends if possible.Daimyô2 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 WMBR 13/13M selling Mythic archi TONIGHT 8/26 We Might Be Raiders is now selling 13/13 Mythic HFC and Mythic Blackhand! ---- What you get from HFC ----- all items that your character can use that raiders do not need 1 tier token per boss 13 achievements(130 achievement points) Defiler's End title Felsteel Annihilator mount ---- What you get from Blackhand ---- All gear off the boss Ironhoof Destroyer mount 1 Achievement(10 points) Ironbane title ----Pricing---- Lower HFC (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok, Hellfire Council, Killrogg, and Gorefiend) - 250k Upper HFC (Shadow-Lord Isskar, Socrethar the Eternal, Tyrant Velhari, Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul'horac, and Mannoroth) - 475k Mythic Archimonde only no mount - 250k Mythic Archimonde only with mount - 1.1 million Mythic Blackhand + mount - 200k Sold out through June and no longer scheduling Individual HFC bosses - Contact in game for pricing We will match any other Area 52 guilds prices! ----raid times--- Friday 10pm-1am est (upper HFC) Sat 9pm-1am est (lower HFC and Blackhand) generally finished by 11 est If you may be interested contact Flóyd(Floyd#1844) in-game to schedule your run today!Flóyd46 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Nothing to see here Nothing much , HBU?Speculation0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Resto Druid Looking for guild Resto Druid ( Off spec Guardian/Boomkin ) I am an active raider with some mythic raiding experience. I am willing to swap roles as needed, I can heal tank and dps with the best of them, and I am always willing to take on the odd roles in raids as needed. I am also looking for a group of like minded players to do mythic + 5 mans. Raid Schedule: Weekdays: 7pm-11pm CST Current logs ( I don't have an active raiding guild, so these are from pugs ) Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 New guild looking for officers Fresh new guild <Quantum Death> is looking for officers to help grow the guild. We are a couple of experienced raiders looking to get a nice group of laid back fun people to raid in Legion. PST or in-game mail for invite.Mynxye0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 FRESH new guild looking for officers -- Fresh new guild <Quantum Death> is looking for officers to help grow the guild. We are a couple of experienced raiders looking to get a nice group of laid back fun people to raid in Legion. PST or in-game mail for invite.Mynxye0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 FRESH new guild looking for officers -- Fresh new guild <Quantum Death> is looking for officers to help grow the guild. We are a couple of experienced raiders looking to get a nice group of laid back fun people to raid in Legion. PST or in-game mail for invite.Mynxye0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Resto shaman seeking mythic raiding guild Resto Shaman with 7/13 M HFC experience seeking semi hardcore guild for heroic/mythic raiding in legion. Start times: Between 6:00 pm ST & 7:30 pm ST End times: Between 10:00 pm ST & 11:00 pm ST Days: two days a week from M/T/W/T Please view my armoury. Add me to bnet if I meet your criteria, Aphotic#1385. Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Returning Resto Druid LF Mythic Guild Hi everyone, I'm a returning player looking for a legion heroic/mythic raiding home on Area 52. The last several weeks I've been playing this character pretty casually so it is not super geared, but I'm more focused on legion. I've played wow on and off on several characters since vanilla. I was most active raiding in vanilla, BC, and early WoD patches. Other MMOs that I've raided in over the years include SWTOR and FF14. I prefer a semi-hardcore raid environment which includes being prepared, playing at a high level, but still maintaining a fun and positive environment. Raid Availability: M-Thurs 8-12 server time, would prefer 2-3 nights a week. I should be able to maintain 100% attendance on this schedule, with the exception that I do have to travel for work typically one week a quarter with prior notice. Please hit me up with any questions. Frankfutter#1767Frankfutter3 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Returning Holy Paladin LF Mythic Guild Hello! I am looking for a semi-hardcore guild to beat up demons with come the release of Legion. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla but have taken a casual stance on the game since MoP and the release of FFXIV. With Square Enix's lack of focus on it's hardcore player base, I have started to get bored of FFXIV and am looking to return to WoW. I have a long raiding history in both games and have experienced raiding in all roles, however since the end of ICC, I mainly play healers, specifically Holy Paladin. I have experience leading groups as well, but am not looking for a leadership role. In a guild, I am looking to join a group of like minded players to spend my time with. I am not looking to be on the bleeding edge of progression, but would like to tackle mythic content with others who take raiding seriously. The most important thing for me is that the group likes to laugh and have a good time whilst knowing when it's time to put on the try hard pants. Personality wise, I am very easy going, outspoken, and sarcastic but when raid time comes around I like to get serious, prepare, min-max, slay some dudes, and receive loots. Additionally, I'd prefer if the guild was open to friends as I regularly play with a group of 4-5 friends who are currently on the fence about switching away from FFXIV. 3 who are similarly exp'd as myself and 2 WoW virgins who I met during my time on FFXIV. Some History: Vanilla: Pugged MC+BWL as Rogue on Perenolde[A] TBC: Pugged all main content aside from Sunwell where I took a short break from the game WoTLK: Joined my first actual raiding guild at the start of the expansion until about mid ToTC where I swapped to Protection Paladin for the majority of ICC. Swapped to Holy near the end of Wrath. Cata: Transferred to Tichondrius[H] where I very briefly mained Mage during BoT/BWL progression until the guild desperately needed a healer where I swapped to Holy Paladin for the remainder of the expansion. Took a break during Dragon Soul. MoP: Did not come back to the game until ToT where I transferred to Area 52[H] and was casually playing on and off until about mid SoO and left the game entirely for FFXIV. Mained Mistweaver Monk throughout ToT, swapped back to Holy Paladin. WoD: Played super casually, did not raid outside of LFR. Currently playing Legion Beta for about 6 months. For those who care about my FFXIV history: Levy Mcgarden on Gilgamesh First Coil: 5/5 as BLM Second Coil: 4/4 as BRD Final Coil: 4/4 as BRD Alex 1: 4/4 as MCH Alex 2: 4/4 as MCH All Primals cleared. My Battle Tag is PixelPete#11289, please feel free to add me for more questions.Pixelpete5 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Druid LF Raiding Guild I am a returning WoW player. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla and raided fairly seriously through Cata, with some light raiding on and off since then. I am mostly interested in healing and dps, although I wouldn't mind learning how to tank should that need arise. I realize my druid is currently on Hyjal but I am looking to move him to A52 (where my warrior is) prior to Legion. My raid availability is fairly flexible. I look forward to hearing from you.Drbash5 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 [H] <Cherubs of Death> Looking for more! Hello Area 52! With Legion less than a week away, Cherubs is opening the doors of our guild home for more members! First things first, we are a serious/casual focused raiding guild with the intent to raid on Fri/Sat 9-12 EST. While our raid roster is full at this time, we are primarily looking for back-up raiders and casual members. So, if you are those individuals looking for a home, keep reading! Cherubs is a guild founded by long-time friends/family members that have raided together seriously from TBC through MOP. This group decided to rebuild the guild for Legion, and so far, it has been a successful endeavor! We have lots of active members with varying degrees of experience and focus. Our aim is to be the kind of guild home where you know the other members, feel comfortable asking for help, and get to enjoy the SOCIAL aspects of the game in a mature environment. So, we do only accept individuals 21 and older that consistently act (in guild and out) like an adult. Drama and childishness will not be tolerated. We are a diverse group, with lots of experience, and a sincere desire to enjoy the game and appreciate the people we've chosen to play it with. We love adding other like-minded folks to our ranks! If this is something you'd like to consider or if you'd like to talk to our upper management a bit more, feel free to add Doezer#1598 or Tristrem#1953, or contact us in game! We don't bite (hard), and we do like talking to anyone who feels like this would be a good fit for their guild home! With much love, Cindre ;)Cindre6 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 DPS Warr and Versatile Player LFGuild My friend and I are looking for a new home in Legion. He is dead set on playing warrior until the pixels from his newly farmed Tusks of Mannoroth blind him, and I can play just about everything except warrior (leaning Shaman, Priest or Warlock). For the most part, I have main-ed healers since BC, though might be interested in switching it up. We both have a decent amount of top 1000 world experience and we're looking for a guild to continue that in, though we don't want to devote our lives to the game. As such, we're looking to raid no more than three nights a week, preferably after 10pm server. You can contact me at Predictable#1767.Faustinus1 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Nothing to see here. Found what i was looking for. ~` )Speculation5 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 [H] - Cyrogen - LFRaiders for Legion We mainly need healers but we could use Damage dealers as well. We have both tanks but off tanks welcome. <Cyrogen> - Horde GM : Rysha Other Contacts : Sarukahs (Graywolf#1521) Guild Type : Raiding Schedule : Tuesday; Wednesday; Monday 830-1130EST Other Info : Our main focus is to get through Normal and heroic. Mythics is something we want to do but if not something we can guarantee we will be doing. We are a fun loving group who have been playing MMORPG games for quite some time. If we learned anything it's that it's about the fun you had with your comrades in arms while beating your head on the bosses fists. Website : This link forwards to our facebook page. We had a website but no one used it but the facebook page is very active. Admins of the page are officers. There is a sticky post there. Please comment there so we know who you are if you go to the Facebook page.Sarukahs0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Crossfire Recruting LF Healers/dps Hello all! <Crossfire> is a U.S. based Horde guild on Area 52. This is a newly formed guild that has a friendly and welcoming environment, and we would love to expand this family! We are a casual friendly raiding guild Looking to Start a 10 man raiding team, and also we will be doing other stuff like achievement runs at scheduled times. Our goal and expectations: Our biggest goal is clear the mythic content, but also to enjoy the game and have fun together. We are looking for people with positive attitude. and people who want to learn the game mechanics, we will Help you Learn them; if you need any damage boost food/flask/runes, we will do our best to help! We are a team, and we are going to play as a team. Since we are not going hardcore, wipes are going to happen. However, we are going to learn from those failures and down the boss! we understand that WoW is not everything in life, but we do expect good attendance for the raid groups you sign up for, If you have a tuff schedule no problem you can raid as an alt with us. Recruiting - We are still building up our raiding team, and we welcome all players to join and have fun with us! Healers: highly appreciated! We are just starting to fill the roles, so please join us and let’s raid together in Legion! DPS: We are currently in need of demon hunter, mage, warlock and druid, but all classes are welcome to join! Scheduled times - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 8pm-12pm EST (Please adjust this accordingly to your own time zone!) Communication - We use teamspeak as our communicating tool. We will use it when we run raids and dungeons. We are a family-orientated guild. The members here are nice and polite, so no bad words and cussing in teamspeak please. Contact in game - Gottiboi Btag-Gottiboi45#1673 Dinotari Btag-Dinotar#1529 OR If you are interested, please apply from our website: Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Resto Druid LF day/late night raid group I work afternoons/night. I am free from (PST/california time) 11:30 pm - 1:30 pm (the next day) Resto Druid. Looking for a guild or a group to raid with come Legion. Simple as that. I have experience.Ëpione0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Experienced healer returning for legion I am looking to break back into raiding for Legion. I’m an experienced progression raider and I have been raiding off and on, as permitted by school, since Wrath of the Lich King. I’ve tanked, healed, and played both melee and ranged dps. Most recently raided in WoD and got midway through heroic HFC by last September before having to step away. In WoD I raided as both a resto shaman and a resto druid. For Legion I would be most comfortable raiding with either of those two characters. Though I would be open to other classes if something seemed like a very good fit. I am a little rusty at the moment but I really enjoy researching and practicing my class. So I’ll get back up to speed as quickly as possibleR. I’m looking for a guild that will push into mythic content. Having a friendly atmosphere is also a huge plus. My availability is pretty open, the only restrictions are Tuesday and Thursday the earliest I could start is 9 pm EST. Feel free to leave a post here or contact me Mazrim #1924 online.Ayyad7 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Raiding Hey guys I'm thinking of coming to this sever for raiding in legion! My question would be is this sever good for PvE and being friendly with the coumminty? Iv had bad experiences with elitist and needing 13/13 mythic achievements before you can even enter a single raid or guild on different severs. It was discouraging but I'm still up to find a decent sever..please inform me veterans on this sever. Thanks in advance!Exhilaratez1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Grad student looking for guild Hello, my name is Matt and I have wanted to get into raiding for as long as I have been playing. I raided a little in WotLK; however, I want to find that sense of community I am missing from back then. I main an Enhancement Shaman and would love to find a guild that would welcome me. I am currently in the Guild "Therapy;" however, the timezone in which I live is 2 hours behind server time and their current raiding schedule does not work for me. I am looking for a guild that raids from 10PM server time. I really miss that camaraderie from yesteryear and hope to find a new home. Thank you for you time and consideration! MattWillywornka1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 [H] Holy Paly seeking raiding guild Aloha mateys! Syrenica here, seeking a weekday (Tuesday through Thursday) evening (8 pm - ???) raiding guild that may or may not be "Mythic ready," but at least looking to add a Holy Paladin to their roster in time for Legion. Not that it matters, but I've been maining on my Paladin since WotLK, however, I do have an Army of Alts... I'm just looking for a home and a chance to prove myself during raids, but most importantly looking for an open and friendly guild that is ready to tackle new content and improve together as a team... Hit me up Syrenica#1947 Mahalo!Syrenica4 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 LFM DPS for progression - 9pm-12am server Prëdation is seeking to add several talented and serious raiders to join us for Legion and beyond! Led by Mythic-experienced players and longtime WoW veterans, Prëdation is on a mission to conquer high-end raiding while the content is current! Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Raid Times (all times eastern): Invites: 8:45pm, First pull: 9:00pm, Hard end: 12am Server: Area 52 - High Horde population, physically located in the Chicago data center Web Site: (members only use for boss/log/theorycrafting) Recruitment Contacts: Cynien (BattleTag: knovvv#1671), Hâlcyon (BattleTag: laughingowl#1692) RECRUITMENT NEEDS We really care about the right fit, so we are willing to talk to any class that is interested in joining us, particularly ranged. However, we do have higher priorities on certain classes and roles: rDPS - Hunter, Mage,Warlock mDPS - Monk, Rogue, Warrior Tanks/Heals - Full. Interested in Hybrid classes willing to OS that could potentially shift into these roles over time_____________________ ABOUT US Prëdation is comprised of a solid leadership core that has many, many combined years of WoW raiding experience, especially at the Mythic (old HM/Heroic) levels. We are an adult guild, mainly comprised of working professionals that values our time, commitment to others, and having our talents consistently challenged through WoW's toughest content. THE TEAM We are committed to challenging ourselves, consistently improving as we work our way through the Mythic bosses... getting incrementally better as a whole each raid, each week, each tier. We expect all or our raiders to continually strive to improve, but we believe that happens best in a positive, adult environment where we can discuss issues and seek solutions rather than search for people to blame. Anyone who is reliable, researches, works hard to continually perform better than the night before, and values the success and accomplishments of the team over any individual success will fit in well here. RAID ENVIRONMENT Raids are conducted in a serious environment. Thus, leadership expects all raiders to be ready, on time, and focused in on the night's objectives. Sure, there are plenty of times to lay back, joke around, and relax during raids (trust us, we do this plenty) but when it comes time to conquer and dominate, we expect a no nonsense attitude and conquering behavior from our players! We are all playing together for one common goal - domination of Mythic bosses! RAID SCHEDULE Our raid schedule is three-day back-to-back weeknight raids, allowing for four back-to-back free nights. While on off-nights we will be doing things like alt raids and PvP, it is highly important to us that our teammates also enjoy life outside of WoW and do not become burned out! ATTENDANCE We consider every raider part of our core team—we do not recruit for the bench. We do however, have an 80% attendance policy, so we obviously can't run a roster of only 20. We rotate sits fairly (taking comp into consideration on progression fights). Our goal is to maintain momentum during Mythic content as well as maximizing the week's time to raid! It is imperative to respect all other fellow members and their commitment to the raid times. We do understand that life happens and conflicts could arise at the last minute—we expect our raiders to communicate properly with leadership and give as much notice as possible. COMMUNICATION We use Discord for both text communication throughout the day (more than guild chat, so everyone can be involved) and as our our VoIP. We also use a forum to discuss our raid strats, logs, and other necessary raid topics. Both of these are connected with one another so it makes for a smooth and easy transition between the two. Plus, both work great on mobile!Drayvik0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 13/13 H LF DPS Late Night Weekend Raiding 3/13 M, 13/13 H Risen Crusaders is now looking for DPS to build our roster in preparation for Mythic Legion raiding. Raid times are Fri and Sat 11:30 pm EST til 2 am-ish. High demand for RDPS but looking at all. Not accepting hunters right now. Tank/heal OS is a plus. 710+ preferably. 18 yrs + please as we are a group of working adults that don't put up with childishness or drama while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Contact: lron#11810 or lexuh#1671 for more info.Combät75 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Returning DK/Hunter/DH Quit mid WoD LFG Flexible Between any of these classes, I changed between DK and Hunter Early WoD, I just rerolled on Area 52 a few days ago for legion! Hello! i quit WoD halfway through before HFC released and BrF had just released at the time of quitting i was 7/7 Mythic Highmaul 10/10 H BRF With 2/10 Mythic BrF My guild held #3 Ranking on a very high pop server (Proudmoore) i just didnt find the expansion any good once blizzard had dropped the ball on content, i played a little of HFC did not enjoy it much. I am looking for a guild that has mythic experience[i][/i], and/or a group of returning veteran players with some history similiar to mine. Horde or alliance it doesnt matter . i am trying to get a proper feel for the new frost spec at the moment so my talents may be a bit questionable below i will attach basic app questions What is your main and off spec? How experienced/comfortable are you playing each of your off specs? UH/Frost I am extremely comfortable playing any of the DK specs, I have knowledge in each spec all the way back to Wrath of the Lich king where i tanked/DPSsed when a fight called for it, I have strong knowledge in both DPS specs and will happily switch depending on the fight. i am constantly theorycrafting and trying new things when it comes to my class, all throughout the day and until raid time, each and every day i'm constantly trying to maximize my class's potential in a raid enviorment, i discuss with my peers anything related to the Death Knight Class and how we can all improve even if its just one single bit of DPS and how much it matters during progression. i switched between Ret Paladin and Death Knight between expansions therefore having some knowledge in Ret DPS aswell, i played a Horde Paladin on Baelgun,Magtheridon and Illidan Alliance DK on Baelgun,Zangarmarsh and Hellscream What is your past MoP and current progression? BC - Raided in a friends guild on a 3 day a week schedule we cleared Sunwell and BT in a timely manner WOTLK - here is where i really shined during progression becoming a melee officer and a Raid leader, i accomplished Realm Firsts! like Yogg Saron Deaths Demise and TOGC Grand Crusader,Aside from that i maintained a #1 Rank for my class on my server. During constant effort and trial we eventually defeated yogg and accomplished something so great, and epic as we raced another guild that had the boss at 1% during our kill, During this time i played on Baelgun and Hellscream with celerity Cataclysm - Saddening moment as my health Diminished after so many accomplishments and i had to leave the game MOP - Out of place and without a home i tried to find a new one and ended up joining a guild called Bless the Martyr, which included ex members from (Bane) a top horde guild on the Baelgun Server ahead of crisp. Raided with them for a while,Recruitment video seen here the guild eventually broke up for good leaving me without a home again During this time i accomplished Realm 2nd MSV Heroic, Realm 2nd HoF realm 2nd Terrace of endless spring, i was in the groove again until it all went to crap and everyone disbanded. Mid patch 5.3 Throne of thunder ever since then being a returning veteran player i picked up WoD again and decided to go for the things i was doing back in the day, this is the best way i can summarize my progression since its a lot of information to put into text What are your main sources of theorycrafting? Icy Veins(Old Info), MMOchampion, Simcraft and forums peers and Old friends, i also attempt to prove things wrong/ right myself with constant effort to figuring out what works best for me and what information could be improved to the Death knight population. I'm a strong believer in trying things for yourself before coming into conclusions that something is going to work best by just reading about it, A good example would be something like the whole 2 handed frost Haste vs Multistrike Debate and RC vs BT . I'm constantly figuring what works best for myself in terms of UI,Gear, etc. Daddy#1770 is my battletag Thank you.Mateelda2 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 prot pally LF heroic/mythic guild for legion i achieved 5/13M in HFC non hardcore, if interested add my btag Tailez#1660 i am open to raid anytime after 9pm estCanavar1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 [H] Seeking Late Night Weekend Raiding Guild Morning! I'm looking to reroll an elemental shaman or shadow priest for Legion (open to other classes/specs if the guild is right). I can only raid Sat/Sun from 10pm - 7 am CST. I offer: Near 100% attendance Experience in raiding (both casual and hardmodes at various points) Calm attitude Activity outside of raiding Let me know if you feel that I might be a good fit for your guild.Ronchy0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 722 Ele Shaman LF late night raid As the title says, I'm a 722 Ele Shaman with years of raid experience look for a late night (10pm est+) raid team! Healed many raids but for HFC was required to be DPS so comfortable as all three Shaman specs as I've played them all in current content. Would prefer to healing with Elemental off spec if needed for runs. Able to raid any night as long as it's in the late evenings (10pm+ as stated above). Would also be up for playing a Lock, Priest or Holy/Prot pally but would need time to relearn tanking. If I fit your needs, please add Zevierra#1936 so we can chat about an application/joining process.Fortheea1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Elite Tank needs a home Experienced Tank looking for a home for this expac, only been in 3 guilds my WoW career. Need guild ASAP. Can play DH, Warrior, DK you pick the DH is the most geared 848 if you want another tank class other than the DH I will need time and help gearing. I am worth your time the question is are you worth mine, add me to find out! BT: schiller003#1689 I am wanting to find my final raid team in WoW, those times stand for what I am looking for! Experience* Vanilla- MC, ZG, AQ, and BWL to Chrome B/C-N/A WotLK- All raids cleared on heroic including TOGC 25 no wipes achieved Cata- Sever firsts for almost all content and most geared Tank on the server. Spine and Madness heroic killed before any nerf. MOP- All content cleared on heroic, SoO Mythic progression up to blackfuse during content. WOD-Almost all content cleared on mythic 6/7M, 10/10M, 11/13M LEGION-All mythic dungeons cleared Raid days: Any days after 10 pm est work for me as I will be off work by then. Experience - 11/13M HFC 10/10M BRF 6/7M HM [u][/u] [b]I WILL NOT APP before talking to someone first, if you think I will be a good fit chat with me and we will go from there.Fourtwosix1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 LF Raiding Guild Willing to transfer to any highish pop server. Looking for a guild that raids on the weekends ending at 1PM PST or earlier or looking for a late night guild that raids at 10pm PST Tues, Wed, Thurs or after 11:30 PM Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun. Prot Pally and Resto Shaman Looking!Bananapandá2 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 2 Potential Transfers LFG Currently marooned on a server that I transferred to in order to play with friends who have since stopped playing, looking to transfer back to a high pop horde server to settle down as I'm tired of transferring around. Very brief background as I believe the best way to get to know someone you're going to be raiding with is to actually talk to them. Active 60+hr/wk raider from vanilla release to end of BC Member of multiple top server and high ranked US guilds Fulfilled roles of Class Lead, Officer, Loot Officer. Turned casual during end of WotLK Cata returned to semi-hardcore progression raiding WoD started in a semi-hardcore progression guild however due to roster issues and the lack of interest in the expansion quickly fell apart. I'm looking for a guild for legion, I will be planning on playing either a tank DH/Paladin or my Shadow Priest. I will tend to always lean towards my shadow priest but I am also able to fill other roles and I have multiple 100s which I have raid experience on. The other transfer is a holy priest who has been playing since end of BC and has a lot more gear than I do, I'll let her reply to this.Crìm9 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 <Prëdation>LF Legion Raiders! Attention all raiders! <Prëdation> is a newly established Horde guild on a mission to conquer end-game raiding in Legion, and of course, beyond! Organized and led by Mythic-experienced raiders, <Prëdation> is looking for talented and like-minded raiders who have a passion for high-end raiding. Certainly we have specific needs but if you are a talented and exceptional raider who is looking for a long-term home, by all means, please reach out to us. So if you are looking for a guild that takes care of its own while creating a fun, yet, serious raid environment dominating Mythic tiers, <Prëdation> just may be the guild for you. Below are some quick pointers about us: HORDE US - EAST AREA 52 Raid Times are as follows: Tuesday - 9:00pm to 12:00am (EST) Wednesday - 9:00pm to 12:00am (EST) Thursday - 9:00pm to 12:00am (EST) With our overall goal to clear all content on each individual difficulty level while it is current, <Prëdation> will be adopting a three day raid week. Attendance Policy: While we do work on becoming a reputable progression guild and maintaining a high-end raid environment, we do realize that life happens at any given moment. With that being said, we do expect our raiders to be available for 80% of our raids. Loot Policy: All loot is dispersed via Loot Council, made up of Guild Administration. Loot is to be dispersed to what benefits the raid team the best versus any other loot dispersion category. Current Needs: Note: Prospective members should provide logs when being considered for recruitment. While logs are not mandatory, it is points in your favor during deliberation. 1) Ranged DPS - Hunter, Warlock, Mage 2) Melee DPS - Rogue, Warrior, WW Monk While the above classes are what we're actively recruiting for - we will still talk to anyone interested. Bench raiders and casual players welcome! All prospective members will be subject to an interview in Discord with guild leadership to determine recruitment. An application is pointless to us, because the logs and personality do the all the necessary talking for you. Please add GM: knovvv#1671 Officer: laughingowl#1692 Myself (Recruiting Officer): brucebanner#1166 to begin recruitment talk with <Prëdation>. We look forward to speaking with you and hopefully, creating a long-lasting relationship within WoW for years to come. Serious inquiries only!Snôww0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 <Twisted by Design> Raiding guild for Legion <Twisted by Design> is a progression raid focused Horde guild looking to add to our roster for Legion. Our guild is built on attitude and atmosphere. We put emphasis on personal responsibility, and maintaining a toxicity free environment. What am I looking for? It is my responsibility to surround the members of my guild with people I feel they will enjoy playing the game with. People who want to excel at raiding, without the trash attitudes. Those who are always looking for ways to improve their game play, and are driven by the next challenge. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 EST Needs: Melee DPS - Rogue, Warrior Ranged DPS - All will be considered. Voice com: Discord Website: How does it work? Register and apply on the site, you will instantly be given our discord information. After that we will interview you as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, shoot me a message or respond on the thread. Thank you. Jagglez - (Jugglez#1927)Jagglez0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 BAD ATTITUDE MORNING RAID LFM RAIDERS #BAD ATTITUDE# LFM MORNING RAIDERS!! WE RAID : MWF 10 AM to 1 WERE LOOKING FOR: RANGED DPS AND HEALER WE SUPPLY: ALL CONSUMABLES FOR RAIDERS VOICE COM: MUMBLE WEBSITE: WWW.BADATTITUDE.GAMERLAUNCH.COM RECRUITING NEEDS: HUNTER, LOCK, MONK HEALS, PALLY HEALS, PRIEST HEALS, BOOMIE WILL CONSIDER ALL APPLICANTS * Currently were running 15 man raid but would like to begin legion with a full mythic team...Our guild is a large social/raiding guild. YES we do run achieves and old content as well. We are LF people that want a wow family. Were exceptionally active and plan on keeping it that way. We plan on gearing the entire raid team during scheduled raid days as well so no one is left behind. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE (SEE ABOVE) or PM us in game: pewpew#1562 unfriendly#11454 or pst lindworm or skultor on serverLyrixx6 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 Ignore Post, Found a guild Found a guild.Avalaina1 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 <Ascended> LFM core raid spots open! Basic Information; Guild: Ascended Server: Illidan(Horde) Website: Currently under construction, will be up soon! Previous Progression: Mixed players from various mythic levels between 6-13/13 Mythic. Current Progression: Prepping for Legion! Raid times: Wednesday/Thursday 7-11 server. A little about us: Howdy, Ascended is a recently reformed guild of previous mythic raiders looking to recruit for Legion. A majority of our members came from a guild(Volatile) on Whisperwind with the hopes of starting anew and pushing the limits. We believe that with a new roster of fresh people mixed with our veterans that we can go beyond what is necessary and power through the new expansion. We are recruiting mostly DPS and healers at the moment. We are looking for preferably ranged DPS with the exception of hunters but we are also accepting melee. Listing your previous experience with both raiding and group environments is a must. Mythic raiding is the core part of our raiding group and is what we strive for but we also allow those looking to be social and join a guild for the perks and potential friendship. If you are looking to join for the social aspect make sure to specify. Reasons to join our guild: We are a guild of friendly people looking to progress in world of warcraft and have a fun time. We are of a very proficient background in raiding and thus consider ourselves a solid roster looking to bolster our ranks. Our veterans strive on making sure everyone is doing the best of their abilities and are looking to help all those who join with the aspirations of raiding. For the casual people just looking for a social environment then look no further, we focus on raiding but we are very friendly and helpful with the overall experience of world of warcraft. You'll find our guild a nice place to relax and enjoy the company. Advanced Information: We want our raiders to be consistent and of a good nature. If you are willing to improve and learn then you would make a great choice. We greatly value those with the ability to adapt and learn very greatly. Our loot system is going to be "Loot Council" which refers to the loot being distributed by the GM and the fellow officers. Add Cody#11803 on for any other questions!Wowimôp0 Aug 24, 2016