Area 52

Nov 2, 2015 LF late night guild Hi, is there any late night guild in this server? Around 10PM est. Thank youMáth2 Nov 2, 2015
Nov 2, 2015 Fractured Gaming (1/13 Mythic): Recruiting! Fractured Gaming is recruiting! We are a diverse gaming group that focuses on progression in various games such as World of Warcraft, League, ARK, etc.,. We also have nights of leisure gaming (with Cards Against Humanity, Shadowrun, D&D, and others) over TeamSpeak together. Raid Progression - We are 1/13 Mythic and 13/13 Heroic, just need a few more for our Mythic roster. - Tuesdays we raid progression starting at Mythic Assault. - Wednesdays we clear bottom floor Heroics + upper floor Normals + Manno + Archi for our alts. - Thursdays we clear Upper Floors Heroic + Manno + Archi in about an hour and a half, then move back into Mythic progression for the last hour and a half of the night. Raid times by time zone: EST: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM CST: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM MST: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Recruitment, in order of need (bold signifies high need) 1. WARLOCK (Destro) 2. MONK (Windwalker) 3. Any other high DPS that will properly execute mechanics. If interested, please contact one of us for more information: [b]Krystalline#1901 Insy#1834Kristalline2 Nov 2, 2015
Nov 2, 2015 694 tank looking for guild i took a long break from the game in BRF, it is very likely too late to get back into raiding in this expansion since my gear is very out of date, but i'd for sure like to get back into it in legion. my raid availability has always been the same - i can raid any day, but i prefer to raid after 6pm eastern. if you need to ask me any questions my battle tag is : Darksky55#1477Ymirâ0 Nov 2, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 Looking to obtain a name on this realm Either 'Mbdtf' or 'Mb' illmatic#1330 lets talk out something in exchange for the names plsMbdtf13 Nov 1, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 Faction Xfer question Hey all, Quickly does anyone know how it works for a faction xfer for my alt in as much since they are still same server will my alt still share all the mounts ect as they do now or do I have to have my main and alt in same faction?Hypnotic1 Nov 1, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 LF Weekend Raiding Guild What's Up looking for a Alliance Guild that is progressing in Mythic, I'm a 713 MM Hunter 13/13H HFC 1/13M (Killrogg) , ... due to work schedule WILL REALM TRANSFER!!!! BattleTag is - BattleRod12N#1609 Thank you in advanced for taking the consideration and time to look into my thread.Vozmezdiye0 Nov 1, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 [H][Area 52] <Negatory> 10/13M LF R DPS/Heals <Negatory> is a Horde raiding guild on Area 52 which raids current content. We are currently looking for a few members to fill in our raid roster. That said, please bare in mind that we are seeking a GUILDIE, not a raid robot. We are not interested in a player who will only appear online at raid time, we want active players who are social and mesh well with our existing group. High Interest: - Disc Priest - Hunter - Resto Shaman - Warlock - Shadow Priest - Death Knight These are our higher priority classes/specs, however ALL classes and specs should apply if interested. Raid-viable off-specs are highly desirable. Progression: T18: 10/13M 13/13H T17: 8/10M 10/10H, 3/7M 7/7H Raid Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday: 8pm - 11pm EST What you can expect from us: - an active guild with plenty of social opportunities - a progression-minded raid team - guild repairs - some assistance with gear enchantments and flasks/potions - lady voices in the Ventrilo What we expect from you: - knowledgeable in your class (all specs) - research fights in advance of new raids/encounters - willingness to make adjustments to playstyle upon request - gear properly gemmed/enchanted at all times - prepared with 125 food, flasks, and potions - not a douche Please seek out Everly (Yummies#1193), Ligaments (Hog#1404), or Snobby (Snobby#1357) in game for more information or apply at: http://negatory.shivtr.comSnobby24 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 12/13N 6/13H HFC lf core. BAD ATTITUDE is currently looking for core raiders that are willing to be on time every time. We raid 9:30am-1pm Wed/Thurs/Fri EST zone. We're looking for a Rogue/Resto Shaman/Warlock/Mage and Resto Druid with tank off spec. Food, flasks and pots are provided as well as repairs. We also do monthly giveaways. We're a very active but newer guild of around 3 months formed by friends. We also have a website If you have a terrible attitude and wish to join a group of sh*tters that can't seem to get consistent people then look us up. In game mail Larkk or myself or btag me Elborracho#1559.Orcnastier12 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 LF Horde Guild Hello. I am currently looking for a new home to start my horde toons. Lightbringer has all my alli toons and i am looking for a guild that i can start playing with. Mostly want i want is a helpful guild or something more hardcore when needed. The first toon ill be lvling is a resto druid. Mostly ill be doing pvp cause i hardly have time to raid at night. If you would like to know more about me or anything else. PLease contact me at lolkittens#1837 ThanksDerpkins0 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 29, 2015 <Bellum Aeternus> 7/13H T/R Recruiting 10/30/15 <Bellum Aeternus> (7/13H) is recruiting the following (ilvl 695+) for our core group: ranged DPS (any class) melee DPS (any class but rogues... we've had a rogue explosion!) healer (shaman, monk) tank (any class) Flexibility and a raid-ready off-spec are a plus. Excellent players of all classes/specs will be considered. BA offers a laid-back atmosphere while still progressing through current content. Raiders are expected to show up on time and prepared so we can make the most of our abbreviated schedule. Raid times are 10 PM - 1 AM EST Tuesday and Thursday. Contact Hellig (Hellig#1147), Eosristi (Eos#1783), Immune, or Kane for more information. Feel free to visit our community website at Cheers!Hellig8 Oct 29, 2015
Oct 29, 2015 Looking for new server - 2 people Hello, Ive been playing since BC minus a small hiatus around Cata. I started in a small guild of real life friends, and noticed they werent quite up to my level of play. I switched to a progression guild around Ulduar and began working hms, clearing all but no lights back when toc opened. Our guild was having some guild lead and raid lead issues and somehow around mid icecrown I took over as guild lead and raid lead. We managed to clear everything besides LK hm, netting our icecrown drakes before the nerfs. We got a bit into cata and with the smaller raid size hitting, we tried reducing our numbers but ran into the problems most small guilds run into with overtuned encounters. At this point my gf and I decided to take a break for awhile. We came back late mop in time to get into a guild working heroics, mostly setting up for the next expansion. We managed to kill Gary heroic (post nerf) with lots of problems. I should have used that as a clue, but we stuck it out with this guild into the next expansion. I was asked to become mt which I didnt really have any issues doing. There were multiple fails on players parts and we barely got 6 heroic encounters down. Going into Blackrock we were progressing super slow, managing to finally get to Blackhand a few weeks before Hellfire came out. We never managed to get him past 25% or so. Lots of fail again, so we figured on retiring for good. Well here we are a few months later, bored, and ready to set up in a new home again. We will be rolling new chars on your server, so it will take a bit to level and gear them. I would prefer to play my destro lock again as its always been my primary. Sadly I was always mt past toc so no logs, but I still play him lots. Ive tanked as bear, and of course the paladin was wod. I did mop and wod cms as blood dk, and was in the process of switching to him to mt with before we quit again. I have lots of other alts that I really dont care about but I pick up stuff fast. My gf has been with me through all of this as our primary resto druid. Im pretty flexible with what I play, she would prefer to stick to her resto. Were looking for a home now with possible raid spots or the opportunity to prove ourselves once we get up to par with level/gear, but have no issues waiting till next expac to do that. Were looking on busier servers so there might be more interest. We can raid Tues, Thurs, Sun, Mon. The other days I might be on but will not promise to raid as I have rl priorities. Here are our logs from the last raid tier Thanks for looking!Seht0 Oct 29, 2015
Oct 29, 2015 3/13m WEEKEND raid group recruiting Defiant Unity is looking for highly skilled, and reliable raiders who are capable of comprehending and executing mythic boss mechanics. We raid Sat 8p-12a server and Sunday 7p-10p. Openings available for immediate positions are as follows: Resto Shaman Monk healer Highly Skilled Warlocks Highly Skilled Rogues Highly Skilled ranged dps of any class except hunter. Ilvl 710 required to fill a mythic position. If you are below ilvl 710 but above 700. We do offer heroic fast clear/gear up run on Friday. If you are not quite there to 710 yet, feel free to join us for the heroic run till you can get there. Contact Sankt#1681Sankt0 Oct 29, 2015
Oct 28, 2015 closed Are you a former 10 man progression guild? Are you tired and frustrated trying to keep 10 extra raiders? Are you struggling to keep all 20 raiders dedicated and online for raids? Are you tired of having to forego progression because a handful of people who shouldn't even be raiding at the mythic level fail to log in on time or even at all? So are we. Sick Society is a former 10man heroic progression guild that was forced into 20 man for mythics. We are having all the same issues i noted above and are looking for like minded raiders who are dedicated and show up on time 98% of the time ready and excited to raid. We want to continue to push mythic progression but have been slowed because not everyone is progression oriented and knows exactly what that means. Sick Society has been raiding together 5+ years under the same leadership/officers. Everything is up for negotiation except we require you to join us. Our GM and officers have put so much effort into the guild that option is off the table. If you have a group of raiders and are tired of spending hours each day recruiting and getting casual raiders or worse nothing, and would like to discuss the possibility of a merger please add my btag crystal#1295Adorãbella0 Oct 28, 2015
Oct 28, 2015 delete deleted made 2 copies of my postAdorãbella0 Oct 28, 2015
Oct 28, 2015 717 mage lf mythic guild looking for guild Tuesday Wednesday raid days time doesn't matterSlushieez0 Oct 28, 2015
Oct 28, 2015 WTB HFC ML HEROIC CARRY FOR DISC ALT hashtag#1976Compp0 Oct 28, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 kicked from a boss at 100k hp just raided with a guild and was about to down xhul horac heroic and then i get kicked. i wish people in the guild called "roar" valued virtue and integrity. idk how they function as a guildHolycrumbz3 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 Anyone still left from TBC? Anyone still around from TBC that was in gnomish tea party or related guilds?Stupendous1 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 the guild are all !@#$ers !@#$ing ninjaed me. my prot tier drops and they just fukin take and then kick me. like wtfPaperarrow4 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 26, 2015 <Evil Deeds> Sargeras Alliance 4/13M 13/13H Evil Deeds 4/13M 13/13 Heroic HFC 8-11 (cst) LFM Mythic Raiders. Evil Deeds is a 4/13 Mythic progression oriented guild with a community of members that provide a mature atmosphere and a vast knowledge of all aspects of the game in regards to pve, pvp, and their classes. We have a strong core of players that work well with each other and have played together for a long time. We have a fairly laid back atmosphere and like to have fun, but emphasize personal responsibility and preparedness to kill bosses. We are currently recruiting at this time to fill our roster in core and backup positions. Core Spots include Spriest Ele Shaman Warlock Boomchicken Rogue All applicants will be considered. Current Progression: 4/13 Mythic HFC 13/13 Heroic HFC 13/13 Normal HFC Raid Schedule : Tuesday-Thursday 8pm-11pm CST If you think you would be a great addition to our guild and are able to perform to the standards of our raid, please register with our forum using your character's name and follow our application process. If you have any questions regarding recruitment or guild information, please contact any of our officers in game or by private message. Contact: Shock - Chocolatemlk#1561 Byze - Byze#1970 Bael - Baelsmash#1101 Ramr- Rinnku#1588Àbsolution4 Oct 26, 2015
Oct 26, 2015 Looking to move, need guild [h] Going to be switching to horde. Looking for a guild if possible beforehand. I used to raid a lot back in the day, just took a break and wanted to come back. I'm not asking for a raid spot, just an active guild that does stuff together and no elitist attitudes.Aldraina0 Oct 26, 2015
Oct 26, 2015 Sick Society- Area52 3/13M recruiting We raid tues/wed/thurs 8-11pm est and are 3/13m 13/13h. What we need is ranged dps and a resto shammy but we will consider anyone that meets our requirements(minus disc priests and tanks as we are full on those) we require 705 ilvl minimum with your legendary ring. We are a very friendly group and we consider ourselves friends rather than guildies. We have been raiding for 5+ years under the same officers/leadership and will continue raiding. For further information pls add my btag crystal#1295Adorãbella0 Oct 26, 2015
Oct 26, 2015 the guild "roar" just ninjaed ninjaed heroic hfc gear.Sageme10 Oct 26, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 sthang and his guild "roar" are ninja looters they pug people to help carry there raid and mislead people with ms>os. more like guild>pugsTruedespair6 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better, more creative and direct ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you a player looking for a new guild, new friends or for xrealm puggers to raid with? Want to get to know others better before you commit? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad. Oct 25, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Cryptix <Area 52> Recruiting For Heroic/Myth Whats going on everyone my name is Bog and Im here to talk to you about my new guild Cryptix on Area 52. About Us My buddy Stank is a former Raid Leader with Mythic BRF experience and I have just recently returned to WoW after a brief Hiatus and i was 12/13 Heroic HFC and we decided to start completely fresh with new toons and a new guild for the end of WoD moving forward into legion. I began playing wow during vanilla and stank joined up during wrath, and with Cryptix we are looking to re-create that atmosphere we once had with former guilds. What we look to accomplish We are looking to hopefully create a heroic raid team that will eventually begin to push Mythic content in the last tier of WoD and moving forward into legion. The Raid times would be 11-2am EST Tues-Thurs. But thats not all we also want to build a community that covers more than just WoW . Games such as Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, CS:GO, and any games people are interested in. Who We are looking for We are looking for people who want to help start something new and help build it from the bottom all the way to the top. So if your a new player looking for a fun and exciting environment, or if your're a veteran and want to try something new Cryptix is the place for you. Soon to Come We look to have a ventrillo server and or mumble server set up shortly along with full bank tabs and guild repairs. So if you liked want you read and wanna give a shot feel free to contact either me or stank BOGrady#1165 Stanktank#1834 Hope to hear from you guys and see you all out there!Bogrady4 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Old player returning after a hiatus Im looking for a laid back raid, social, pvp guild that will be raiding on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in Legion. Either hit me up here or in game. Thanks!Goldshøt0 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 Nomadic[A]-Mannoroth-US Recruiting Is your guild struggling in between HFC and Legion? Has a lot of your raiders decided to take a break from HFC, but you and your raiders are still slogging through it? Well, Nomadic[A] of Mannoroth-US is finalizing a Second Raid team to progress through HFC and clear content. We are looking to merge our current Second Team group with another group to really develop a core group. Not only are we looking to build a Second Team, we are finalizing our last dps spots for Mythic HFC progression. We can discuss logistics of the second team in mumble, because the times for that are eligible for change depending on whats best for that team. <Nomadic>{A} of Mannoroth US We are 13/13N 13/13H in Hellfire Citadel. DPS 705+ Healer 705+ (Healer with a dps OS would be a plus) Raid Times Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00 Eastern Standard Time Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00 EST We use the Ask Mr Robot addon for loot distribution and logging. If you have any question or are interested in giving us a shot this raid week, please feel free to contact us. Twoinchdream-Easybutton#1369 [Raid Lead/Co-GM] Tinderbear-thegregscott#1117[GM] Neato-Neato#1733 Iledelph-Iledelph#1169 Bug-Kevykev#1462 Voldai-Voldai#1273 Rask-Raskol#1320Tinderbear0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 13/13 H HFC 714 DPS Warrior Looking for a guild that raids between the times of 2 and 6 server pm during the weekdays. Preferably want to be in a guild that is starting to progress on Mythics. contact me at Kazmar#1536Käzmar0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 Paladin & Mage LF a Guild :) Hello! A friend and I are new to Area 52 and are looking for a guild to join. We'd like to raid in the future, but more, we would like a guild to be social with, have fun with and have a home with. We both have 100 alliance toons and experienced in HFC. Just decided to come horde for a bit of change. Both of us have headsets and social in any communication. Feel free to leave comments below!Tortie0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 22, 2015 Fri/Sat Night Raids!! <Adverse Effects> <Adverse Effects> is a laid back adult guild that kills bosses and has a fun time doing it. We raid two nights a week. Friday we start at 10 pm EST. Saturday we start at 9 pm. Both nights we end at 1 am EST. We currently run EPGP as our loot distribution system along with common sense. Progression We are currently 13/13N, 12/13H Recruiting Ranged DPS - Full on Hunters. These are CORE raiding spots. We will consider all classes & specs though, providing you are are a good fit for the guild and an exceptional player. Recruit Expectations First and foremost we are looking for people who can and who want to commit to a Friday and Saturday night raid schedule. 100% attendance is not required nor is it expected, however communication is. Life happens and people can not all ways make every raid and that is fine. But we do expect some sort of notification. The majority of the guild are adults between 25-35 with families and full time jobs. Raiding more than we do is not an option for us. Our time is very valuable and we will not have anyone who is OK with wasting everyone's time by not showing up to raids previously committed to. Communication is very important. We are also looking for people who may not be completely focused on hitting Mythic Progression as soon as possible. Our guild will never be a server 1st guild or a top US 100 guild. That is not a goal nor is it an interest. We are however focused on progression. The goal of everyone in the raid group is to kill bosses, while having a good time doing it, so we want like minded recruits! Contact Us If you might be interested in getting some more info, having a chat or what not, add my battletag. Meoph#1305 Officers - Meoph#1305 Timegnomez#1435 Crunchyroll#1474 Frenzi#1148Meoph35 Oct 22, 2015
Oct 22, 2015 13/13H Guild looking to progress into MYTHICS *Heathen* 13/13H HFC Heathen is a semi-hardcore progression based guild recruiting loyal players to round out our mythic team and team for next expansion. We have a tight knit grp of raiders that are knowledgeable and are eager to progress into content. Many of our raider have been raiding for years and have alot of experience and are ready for more players to enjoy the fruits of mythics raiding. What we are looking for in Raiders: 1.Be on time: 15 mins early Near perfect attendance 2.Be prepared: Flasks/Pots. Research fights. 3.Be respectful: If you going to miss a raid let us know. Treat other members as you would want to be treated. Raid Sched: Wednesday 7:45-11 EST Thursday 7:45-11 EST Maybe a third night based on progression needs(Sunday) off nights- Normals/Heroes of the Storm Loot System: Loot Council Contact Info: Murmaider - GM (Murmy#1370) Kryptonightz- officer- Kryptonightz#1475 Magicalmilk- officer Looking for 1 healer/1 Tank/Few DPS Recruiting: deathknight (dps) high deathknight (tank) low druid (balance) high druid (restoration) medium druid (feral-dps) low druid (feral-tank) high hunter medium mage high monk (healer) medium monk (dps) low monk (tank) high paladin (holy) medium paladin (protection) medium paladin (retribution) low priest (healer) high priest (dps) high rogue medium shaman (restoration) high warlock high warrior (dps) medium warrior (protection) highKryptonightz0 Oct 22, 2015
Oct 22, 2015 728 Prot War / Hunter (8/13M) LF Mythic Prog raid timesJakeÿ0 Oct 22, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 [A] Cross-realm DAY RAIDS 10am-1PST. 13/13h <Overthrown>'s group is looking for more interested raiders. We are a cross server raiding team and so we are somewhat unique in that members are NOT REQUIRED TO JOIN THE GUILD OR SERVER. We raid Tuesday+Thursday at 10:00AM - 1:00PM PST. Current progression is 13/13h. Our group is targeted towards players who want a semi-casual atmosphere and weekday raiding, but with the expectation to down content as well. We welcome alts as long as you make the raid times and are heroic ready. Our current focus is to build the raid group so that when 6.2.3 drops we can begin cross-realm MYTHIC. RECRUITING: We need players who have killed at least 11/13h + 13/13n. - TANK: We need a tank. Big ups if you have a usable dps offspec. - MELEE DPS: Really need a DK/Warrior/Ret. Other classes played well also considered :) - RANGE DPS: Need non-Hunter range DPS. If you are interested in joining, please send us a friend invite on Real ID @ kannibus#1882 or sarkazmo5#1177 or just reply here and we can take it from there.Rejuvenating0 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 699 R Shaman LF wed/thurs/fri guild Resto shaman looking for a guild that runs Normal or Heroic (prefer Heroic) on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday nights. I just started re-playing this toon recently, so I know my gear isn't great, but I've been working on it. I have 13/13H experience on a 714 warlock. My work hours will be changing at the end of the month, so I'm looking now for something that will work with my new schedule. I can play these hours now. Its just at the end of the month I'm moving from 1st shift to 2nd shift.Thryna0 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 703 Enh Shaman and 702 Warlock lf H raid team Title says it all. We recently xfered to Horde and are looking to raid late nights on weekends. Lot's of quality raiding experience in the past as well as exceptional mechanics. Both of us are 13/13N and 8/13H exp. Shaman logs: Warlock logs: Add my btag: Goldenpe nis#1993 (not a joke that's my real btag) or: Legacies#1700Locced2 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 Looking for Raid Group Hi, we are two friend looking for a group to raid between the week between 20:30 up to 23:30 st. We are: Prot paladin ilvl 717 (13/13N, 13/13h) - can also so as retry (711 ilvl) Retry paladin ilvl 718 (13/13N, 13/13h) Add me to real id (DarlFire#1839 or Batu#1301) Best Regards! DarlFireBelnika1 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 Looking for a Swift Spectral Tiger Was tracking an auction last night for 350k but after spending about 12 hours trying to pool my money and sell stuff off i ended up getting the last of the gold 10 minutes after the auction expired. Looking to buy one for that price if there's one available =3 Just send me an in game mail and let me know ^_^Bearista0 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 13/13H 1/13M LF Mythic raiders (illidanrealm) <Voltaic> is a relatively new guild that started up in HFC. We believe in creating a solid raiding community here at Voltaic, so our guild focuses on long-term friendly raiding relationships to form a tight-knit core group. In fact, many individuals have said that this is one of the best raid environments they have ever been in. We are currently 13/13H and raid on T/W/Th 10pm-1am CST (server time). We are looking for exceptional DPS to come fill out our mythic roster for mythic progression in HFC and in Legion. If interested, please read the information below and come join us for our journey to Cutting Edge! General Information: Faction: Horde Server: US-Illidan Raid times: T/W/Th 10pm-1am CST (Server Time) Progression: 13/13N 13/13H 1/13M Recruiting for: Mythic HFC Progression In high need of (705+ ilvl preferred): - Frost/Arcane Mage!(high priority) - Trialing all ranged melee and healers currently We're looking for players that...: - are dependable and will show up to raid every night on a timely basis. - have superior working knowledge of their class/spec. - have similar progression to our progress and are willing to commit to Mythic content. - are mature both during raid times and within the guild. - have a working mic and are comfortable using it. - are close to obtaining their legendary ring and the T18 2/4 piece set. What we'll provide: - Great guild and raid leadership. Leadership is calm yet focused - no yelling or other childish behavior. - A chill, but fast-paced raid environment. We will remain a 3 night/week core even for Mythic Progression. - An excellent and competitive raid team. - An excellent and thriving guild community. Applicants should contact: - Guild Master/Raid Lead: Lâyton (Chemley#1720) - Officer: Nerish (Nerish#1942) - Officer: Yøko (YoungEric#1643)Yøko0 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 Seeking a Guild Master of Big Horde Guild Hello Everyone, I am approaching the end of my Achievement Collection, and I am pursuing one achievement I need some willing horde to assist with. To this end, I am looking to hire a Horde Guild (20+ Players) about 30-Minutes. Guild Masters who are interested in earning a good sum of cash for their guild, and have the pull to have at least 20+ Players (Level 90-100) attend this "event" should send me a Whisper to discuss these details. Achievement Requested: Fire-Watcher (Obtain 2000 Bloody Coins) Method of Achievements: Disclosed only to Guild Master of a Guild, Price for the 30-Minutes: Negotiable based on a number of variables, Selinace#1683Wildroot1 Oct 20, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 698ilvl hunter looking for late night raiding I'm looking to get back into the commitment of raiding with a team then constant pug runs an people leaving after a wipe. My schedule is conflicting but a Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday late night raid would be best. I also have a 680 resto druid if needed Thanks for stopping by hope to get some offers an help fill ranks. Feel free to in-game mail or pstWestlysnipes0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Looking for a raiding guild--Dk/Druid Hey there i recently re rolled on area-52 due to my previous server being dead. I currently have a Dk and Druid at level 100 plan to level more later. I am comfortable to tank heal or dps depending on what the guild needs at the time. My battle tag is Etherithy#1173 if you have any questions. Or Etherithy/Autumnrain in game.Etherithy1 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Frost Mage and Prot Pally LF raiding guild Hello. My friend and I want to get back into raiding. We have only done LFR raids in WoD but have been raiding for many years now. We would prefer to raid M - F (not necessarily every night tho) 10pm to 1am. Thank youIcekalt0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Hey there! I've been looking for a raiding guild on area 52 to do some raiding with. That is all have a nice day.Deadsolaire0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 close closeBûttêrs0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 18, 2015 Rabstab, 715 Warrior Tank LFG For Mythic Hey there. My name is Mark and I'm going to keep this simple. I'm looking for a guild either seriously starting into Mythic or already within Mythic. My exp is 3/13 Mythic. I'm a diligent and reliable raider who has been raiding since BWL was released back in Vanilla. Been playing a Warrior Tank since The Burning Crusade. I know my role as a leader and as a Tank within the raid and I'm ready to take on the more challenging content within the game. Raid Times: Pretty much everything works for me BESIDES FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (I will not raid on these two days at all). 13/13 Heroic -- 13/13 Normal Vocal and reliable Maintank/Guild Leader exp. Officer exp. Recruiter exp. AKA, pretty much and all around helpful guildie who strives to improve whatever guild I'm part of, as a whole and progress steadily. Kram#1720 is the Battle-Tag to add. Please reply on this post as well as add me for further contact. Thanks! Looking to stay on Area 52 AND as Horde, but will transfer if the times are sufficient for my schedule. Rabstab0 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 Sick Society- Area52 3/13M recruiting Sick Society-area 52 is currently looking for ranged dps, a ret pally and a resto shaman, with a minimum item level of 705 and must have legendary ring. We are 3/13 mythic and 13/13H. We are looking for people that are reliable and respectful towards each other and our time. We raid tues/weds/thurs from 8 pm to 11 pm est. If interested leave a post below or contact us in the game at crystal #1295Adorãbella1 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 <Freakshow> 13/13 heroic 6/13 mythic HFC DPS <Freakshow> Area-52 Tues/Wed/Thurs 730-11 server Loot Council Currently 6/13 mythic,We are looking for skilled players for core spots for Mythic progression. DPS Warrior- Very High Feral Druid- High Warlock - High Mage - High Any exeptionnal player will be considered Feel free to apply on For more information add: Macgee#1943 (officer) Kirisaki#1666 (officer) Tubesoxx#1703 (officer) teo#1208 (officer)Belyìste28 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 WEEKEND MORNING team LFM! 12/13 Heroic HC. Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 9am to 1:00 pm EST (server time) Current Team needs (12/13 Heroic HC) - 2 700+ Healers - A few 700+ DPS Greetings! We are Siege the Day, a WEEKEND raiding guild on the Area 52 Server. We are a group of adult WoW players who wanted to progress through SoO, but have lives/jobs that mostly allow us to play weekends. We also have a few really experienced raiders who wanted a weekend raid for their alts. Things are going well so far in Hellfire Citadel. We are trying to finalize our 20 man team and hit mythic hard! Since we raid only 2 days/8 hours a week, we run a raid that has fun but gets things done efficiently. That means showing up 15 minutes before raid starts, and usually only taking ~10 minutes of break time during the raid. This allows us to have the best of both worlds, progression and free time to spend with our family/friends! If you are looking for a guild that is fun and still manages to progress without disrupting your life, Siege the Day may be the place for you! If you are interested, message Vindicator#1515 Please also add ElevenWilson#1307, since Vindicator does not play much during the week.Vindicátor25 Oct 17, 2015