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Jun 21 Welcome to the Arthas Forum! Greetings! Welcome to the official World of Warcraft realm forum for Arthas! As a proud Arthas player since it went online on 11-23-04, I'm happy to welcome you to our little corner of Azeroth, and to answer some of the more common questions people have about the server we call home. What's the community like here? Generally awesome, with the occasional marmot punted in for good measure. As it is one of the original servers, Arthas has a number of veterans, and has gone through a great amount of change over the many years it has been around. The variance of player start dates makes for a pretty diverse group. Players here are generally a bit more hardcore than your run-of-the-mill server, but given the large population base, one can usually find a group of people of just about any skill level or intensity. How many people play here? Arthas is rated a high population realm. That said, queues to log in are seldom encountered, and usually related to something other than raw player demand. As for factions; Arthas is a Horde-dominated server. As of January 2016, the statistics are: Horde: 225,492 Alliance: 46,099 This means there is a ratio of roughly 5 Horde characters per Alliance character. At top-end (level 90-100), this ratio increases to roughly 7.5 Horde characters per Alliance character. Among server races, Blood Elf are the highest represented, while Gnome are the lowest-represented. There is a roughly 70:30 representation of male characters to female ones. While both Alliance and Horde have a number of guilds, note: the vast majority of endgame guilds are Horde, while the Alliance population trends to the casual. Check this forum, though - a number of guilds will put up descriptive posts in order to recruit potential members! Where is the server? Arthas is an EST server, and is part of the Chicago datacenter. When do dailies reset here? All daily quests reset at 3AM PST, therefore pending any adjustment due to Daylight Savings Time, quests here generally reset at 6AM EST. As always, you can check how long until they reset with this simple script: ... What are the PvP / PvE queue times like? LFR: The queue times on this are fairly average - depending on volume and the time of the week, this can be as quick as ten minutes and as long as a half-hour. As always, healers and tanks will experience vastly quicker queue times than DPS. LFD: The queue times for this are rather swift, rarely longer than fifteen minutes, and as always, swifter still for healers and tanks. Arena: Those looking to jump into arena matches will usually only have to wait a couple minutes at most, until reaching the higher point totals, at which point competition becomes a little more exclusive. Battlegrounds: Similar to arena, battleground queues are rarely longer than a couple minutes. The rated counterpart is a slightly longer queue, but not by much. Ashran: Due to the attention Ashran got in 6.2, it is not as problematic as before. Worth visiting if you haven't been in a while. How is the World PvP? Arthas follows most of the traditional expectations for a Player vs. Player (PvP) realm. One can usually muddle through their daily quests, farming, and other grinds with a fair amount of peace, though an encounter with a member of the opposite faction can just as likely result in a /wave as it can a corpse run. As always, be on alert! Due to the population skew, Horde will often find themselves the majority party in endgame, while Cross-Realm Zones (CRZ) has leveled the playing field in most of the lower-level areas. Any current news? The realm queue times issue has been resolved. Logging in is once again immediate.Whiteleaf86 Jun 21
2h Dead Server, why no transfer option? Why has Blizzard still not offered a free transfer off of this server? I played all my guys on Alliance during Legion. It was terrible. There is literally only 1 guild that I know of that is active on Alliance side on this server. I tried joining many different ones in the guild finder, only this one even responded. When I try to do world quests I get smothered by horde, the few alliance there typically are trying to get theirs and run. There is commonly 4-5 horde assassins on the map, but I have never known of an Alliance assassin. With sharding the zones already feel dead less than a week after launch. I can run through a zone and only see a few people. On launch day I saw hundreds. Are you trying to make our experience worse? Do you think I am going to pay you 200$ to transfer my characters just to play the game? Are you this greedy? The problem has been there for years. Look at the Horde vs Alliance ratio. Look at the overall population. Tell me it makes sense to even let this server exist. All it does is ruin the experience of the people that play on it, while many other high pop balanced servers thrive in the sharding system. This is not fair, it is not fun, and I shouldn't be forced into ONE GUILD and never play War-mode because you are so freakin greedy that you won't offer a free server transfer or just merge this server with another. I can only ASSUME greed because the alternative is ignorance. I can't imagine you are so totally ignorant of the faction imbalance and relative deadness of this server for the last several years. Either way, there is no good option. Please don't ruin this expansion because you want to squeeze money out of players. Please merge Arthas with another server that will fix the faction imbalance or offer free transfers to other servers that will actually be fun to play on and offer more than one guild as an option. (Not that this guild I am in is horrible or anything, but I am just stating the obvious)Shocknyou2 2h
3h LF PvP Guild Hey guys! I was hoping to find a solid PvP guild to do Arenas/RBG's with in BFA. I have multiple toons with 2k exp from this season. I am mostly DPS but have a few specs that can FC. If there are any guilds on Arthas recruiting and are willing to take me in please let me know :) For the Horde!Hädes1 3h
16h Resto Druid LF Raid Team Just got back in at launch and looking for a raiding team to roll with this expansion and hopefully beyond. Planning on full resto this xpac, could be talked into tanking if need be for the right group, but prefer the healer role. A little about me: I've been raiding off and on since the Burning Crusade on one account or another, got really heavy hardcore in Cata and MoP running about 5 accounts. I've done it all from casual groups to hardcore, and I prefer the middle ground of semi-hardcore. I research a lot, reading all the time to better understand the game, my class, and how to beat the pixel people with the good stuff. I've mained resto druid previously while doing cutting edge progression with great success. I'm in my early 30's now so I don't really want to role with a bunch of kids. My schedule is pretty much open, I can make any days, any times, but I live EST so nothing crazy off the wall. I'm a quality raider looking for a quality group. I will be raid ready week one of raid unlock. About You I'm looking for something established/semi established. Not a start up. A strong core is a must, not looking for randomly thrown together people calling themselves a raid team. Do not want to have to deal with "that guy", you know, the one who never shuts up in ts/discord/whateveryou'reusing voice chat about stuff no one cares about during raid and just making your ears bleed. If you got one or more of those guys don't waste my time. Im looking for a group that is wanting to hit the ground running and will be farming dungeons ahead of raid release to be ready to smack bosses in the face. No raid leader that rages off at little timmy over there who just screwed the pooch. Yeah I know he just fubar'd the whole pull, and call him out for sure, but no emo ragers. You can respond to this thread or hit me up on btag: Warbroken#1488Wârbroken1 16h
16h <Shatter>(Horde) is recruiting. Greetings! We are <Shatter> (based on Arthas, Horde)Weekend raid group 10:30pm-2am sat+sun. We were once a much larger, harder-progression orientated guild; currently rebuilding in Battle For Azeroth. Our vision is to recreate the guild of old, where we put FUN above cutting edge boss kills. While still actually killing the bosses! We raid Saturdays and Sundays, 10:30pm - 2am EST(server time). We aim to focus regularly on Heroic raiding, while progressing into Mythic difficulty. What we offer: Tight community. We started as small group of friends who just enjoyed playing together, and quickly grew to make many more! Every member is friend! Not a number. Experience. The majority of us have been playing since Vanilla/BC, with Hardcore raiding experience dating back to BC and WotLK. Simply put, we make sure stuff dies! Enjoyable raid environment. We play and raid because we have fun doing so. Discord is full of jokes and laughter. We all work together to make sure we get that kill. Fall off the edge into the lava causing a wipe on a progression fight? We'll laugh about it then keep on truckin! What we're looking for: Someone who is enjoyable to play with: Above all else. what we require from you is to just be an overall cool person. You don't need to be the life of the party, but we're welcoming you into our family. Be the raider you want to raid with! Reliability: Part of having fun and killing bosses is making sure we can actually raid every week. You will be expected to sign up to 80%+ of the raids and show up to 99%+ of the raids you signed up for. Skill: It goes without saying that you can proficiently play your class/role, and do at least SOME research on the encounters ahead. However part of working as a team is learning the encounters together. Likewise, you do not need to be server first material by any means. Recuriting all dps and healer roles. Add my battle tag Watermonkey#11419 or you can add one of my fellow members who would be glad to talk to you Jewfro#1614 Rav#1666.Watermonkéy2 16h
1d Looking to transfer to Arthas? How is this server raiding wise? Looking to get off Area 52 with all its major server issues. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks!Torius2 1d
1d H <Unkillable> RECRUITING <Unkillable> is a new guild on Arthas. We are recruiting everyone from Casuals to Raiders! We plan on Mythic Raiding when we have enough people to do it with. Casuals are free to join! Don't want to raid? Then join Unkillable as a casual player! Raid Times: Tuesday: 11:30pm-2:30am EST Thursday: 11:30pm-2:30am EST Sunday: 11:30pm-2:30am EST For Raiders: We are looking for all specs and classes. We need as many people as possible who would like to raid so we can start our Normal/Heroic Team! We will try to fit as many players in Normal/Heroic as we can! Mythic on the other hand, we have to stick with 20 players with a few backups. Normal/Heroic Team: Tanks: Any Will do; Need 2-4 Tanks, 2 main and 2 backup if necessary. MDPS: Any will do at the moment. RDPS: Any will do. Healers: Any will do. Mythic Team: Tanks: Prot Pal/War; BM; Bear pref, any will do MDPS: Any Will do RDPS: Any Will do Healers: Holy/Disc Priest; Holy Pal; MW; Resto Druid/Sham If you have any questions or would like to join, contact me on Bnet at Crazblade#1889Crazblade2 1d
2d Happy 13th Birthday TG!~ Lets all celebrate our big comeback!Orangedrank3 2d
4d Any old school vanilla players still around I raided with Ret but had a character in TG and crooklyn clan back in the day :)Gutsgor85 4d
5d [A] Returning to Game - LFG I am returning to WoW after being gone since 2009. I have a Mage, Hunter, Warlock, and Priest. I am looking for an adult guild, preferably with a few veterans, that raids and uses discord, or at least the games voice chat. I enjoy playing WoW for the social element and there is nothing more UN-Social than a group of players and nobody using the voice chat! My BattleTag is McSpuds#1427Fizbän0 5d
6d Thug Shirt for Sale I have a Thug Shirt for sale. This shirt is extremely rare as it was discontinued in Patch 4.0.3 and only available to Orc and Undead Rogues. Taking serious offers on it. Message me in game or send me an in game letter if you're interested. 6d
6d Thee Offenders wants you! Hello everyone! We are! < Thee Offenders > We came together a few months before the end of legion, we cleared heroic Antorious and took a break until BFA. Now we’re back! If you’re looking for a place to progress as a group or a place to have a couple beers and shoot the !@#$, we would be glad to have you! Most of us have a dark sense of humour and overall like a good laugh. We are very active on discord. We will be raiding Tuesday & Thursday from 8-11 (server time), players will be expected to have a minimum research of the fights watched before attempts are made, We are looking for every class and spec, and one off tank! Those having difficulty performing won’t be in danger of replacement, unless there isn’t improvement for weeks on end. We use all the necessary tools to help individuals improve their play and I can personally spend time going through the data with you. one thing to note is, we do not do is drama. We resolve our problems like adults. Pre BFA I managed to create a fun gaming atmosphere for everyone where we progressed through content more like friends & family and it was great! Hence why the post! If you are interested in joining our community drop a msg on here with your Btag and I will get back to you ASAP! Thank you for you consideration! Guild Leader Carebear :3Carebëär0 6d
Aug 14 Mage LF 2 Nights a week Raiding Guild. Mage LF 2 Nights a week Raiding Guild. Preferable any night between Wed-Sun. I have plenty of experience. I have been off the game for over a year. Want a social/fun guild but also want to progress. Thanks, Btag Fore#1171Foresight1 Aug 14
Aug 14 [H] Two pals LF new home on Arthas. Hello Arthas! A friend and I have just returned to the game. We are planning to transfer off of our dead server and are looking for a laid back Horde guild here on Arthas. (Preferably where people are on throughout the day to socialize with.) We aren't interested in hardcore raiding, but Normal stuff would be fun! We both play a ton of different characters so we'll likely have one of everything. Looking for a new family/some new friends to adventure and cut up with. If you have some room please reach out here and I will be in touch. Thanks so much! :)Supai1 Aug 14
Aug 13 LF New Raid Guild in BFA Hello, I am looking for a Raiding Guild in BFA. While in Legion the previous guild i was in went through Multiple Changes in and ultimately it ended up disbanning. Not sure what information everyone is looking for. HaHa I will be transferring My Holy/Ret Pally as well as my Warrior. If you would like to Reach me Add me on Bnet Deadd#1680Ðankhealz3 Aug 13
Aug 13 Looking for BFA Raid Guild Hey guys, Orc Shaman (Will be Factioning before BFA) and Dwarf Warlock. Im looking for a weekend raiding guild that raiding in the night time 9pm est approx. Im not looking for anything hardcore just a good social guild that knows how to raid. Been playing for a long time and know quite a bit about raiding. BNet VIExaltedIX#1450Bierry2 Aug 13
Aug 12 New Guild for 2nd shifters, Casual and Semi- Hello! I'm returning from a long time away from the World of Warcraft, and looking to build a community of like-minded players on my favorite old server. <Just Spit and a Prayer> will be a Horde guild for casual players and those who are interested in pushing content at their own pace. We'll keep reasonable raid hours (currently planning for around 10pm ST Wednesday and Thursday night, about 2-3 hours each, but open to suggestions), with goals to get groups together for regular M+ pushing and PvP as interest arises. Early on, the first goal will be to try and get groups of people together to level to the new cap in War Mode, for our own protection as well as the joy of making life difficult for Alliance filth! Our community will be a friendly one, with no tolerance for harassment or hate-mongering, unless the hate is toward the above-mentioned Alliance. Officers will be made of people who take an active role in further organizing our community to achieve its goals. If any of this sounds good to you, please feel free to contact me through Bnet, Crashstarr#1354, or whisper me directly in game if you see me on (likely to be after 4pm ST)Moohooves0 Aug 12
Aug 9 Communauté Qc pour Mytic+ J'ai parti une communauté Horde de Mytic+ uniquement, pour Québecois dans le but de faciliter la formation de groupe vous êtes tous les bienvenue je me tien dans les 2k de raider I.O. Addé moi Nikké#1171Nikké0 Aug 9
Aug 9 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. To get started, be sure to join our Community: Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Aug 9
Aug 9 WTS Teebu's 900k OBO selling for longboi fundsZylare0 Aug 9
Aug 9 [H]Group of friends looking for Mythic Guild. Hey we are a group of friends that is currently looking for a mythic raiding guild. Our classes heading into bfa : Resto Shaman Legion Exp : 3/7 M, would have probably 7/7 but guild disband and move to another server,and 1/11M , looking forward to getting my first cutting edge in bfa. I've always raided, got my first AOTC in 2013 at 13years old. Ever since then, I missed only 2 AOTC except some in wod which I didn't play much. Currently 17 years old i'm a serious and mature player. People normally think that young players are always trolling and not serious but I think it's the opposite, young player learn quick and can be really good. Played Shaman during all of legion and won't change for bfa, I'm a vocal healer, always calling my big cds, I consider myself as a good healer in general. My friends classes : Druid - Boomkin or warrior Demon Hunter - Havoc Monk - Windwalker We are looking for a guild that could take atleast 2-3 out of 4, I won't describe them but if you need any info send me a friend request and I can give you their battletags. My battletag : Timo#1931 ThanksDwiidsy0 Aug 9
Aug 6 [H] <Lost Boys> Recruiting for BFA Hello! <Lost Boys> is recruiting for casual raiding in BFA. We are a casual heroic guild, on a 4 hours raid week(2 hours each night). We raid Monday/Thursday 8:00 - 10:00pm EST. We generally schedule an optional alt raid for Tuesdays 8:00 - 10:00pm EST. It is quite rare for one of our raids to go past the designated 10:00pm end time. Lost Boys is a casual older guild that has been around in some form since TBC. We are looking for like-minded players who like to raid at a more relaxed schedule and pace. We do not aim for Mythic kills and primarily focus on Normal and Heroic. Outside of raiding a few of us can be found running Mythic+ quite regularly. Our current needs are: A couple of Ranged dps, and a potential healer. For any questions, contact Trentkinds#1442Benile1 Aug 6
Aug 6 <Prey> Fri/Sat Mythic Guild LFM for BFA [H][US][ARTHAS] <PREY> is recruiting! Prey is a casual raid crew that gets progression done. We are currently on US Arthas and and have a tight knit group that have been together since the beginning of legion and have since re-branded to our new name for BFA. Our goal for BFA is to push content into mythic while maintaining our busy work week and having a community of players we enjoy doing it with. Our raid times are: Friday/Saturday: 22:00 - 1:00 server time. Recruitment: We are currently looking to fill the remaining classes as we go into mythic and are in need of: WW Monk Range DPS Heals (pref Holy pally but are open to other classes to move current people around) However, whilst we have these preferences, all applications will be considered What can you expect from us? ⦁ We have developed a supportive crew of like minded individuals that enjoy pushing content ⦁ Active throughout the week despite everyone of us have careers. we are always pushing M+ keys to gear out to better the raid ⦁ A small team of officers who value leading by example. We strive on being the best players we can be and feel that leading should reflect in skill ⦁The whole team contributes and supports one another to provide as many: consumables, gems, enchants, and crafting materials, as we are able, through our guild bank ⦁ A full team of experienced players on many different classes with a wealth of knowledge to assist players in learning/ improving their play What do we expect from you? We understand that people have families, careers, and commitments, so we try to work with that, rather than make raiding feel like an extra chore, but we do still have a handful of key rules: ⦁ Basic raid etiquette: i.e. signing up for the raids in good time; turning up, ready to down bosses, on time ⦁ Have a mic and be willing to use discord to become a part of the crew and for communication on raid days ⦁ Have basic knowledge of desired class/spec and willing to learn Contacts: fuimcanadian#1253 kalrio#1348Mayhelvl0 Aug 6
Aug 6 11/11M abt Lf fri/sat raiding guild for bfa 7/7M en 3/3M tov 10/10M nighthold 9/9M tos 11/11M ABT . Looking for well populated active guild that is going to raid heroic/mythic in bfa. Bnet is Ojay#1349. Tank/RestoOjaý1 Aug 6
Aug 6 LF [A] Alliance Guild for BFA Content! Hi All, Just wondering if there are any active alliance guilds out there recruiting people for BFA? Interesting in raiding, pvp and end-game content next expansion. Thanks.Wobba2 Aug 6
Aug 5 <PC> Selling 11/11M Argus Mount+ Guldan Mount Hello friends! Parse Culture is opening up our sale spots for Mythic Guldan kills for the guaranteed Hellfire Infernal mount and Mythic Argus kills for the guaranteed Shackled Ur'zul mount. We only take gold as payment. Next Available Sale: Contact me for details. General Details for raid runs: - Sales runs can be done cross-realm, except mythic Antorus (you will have to transfer to Tichondrius) - We do discounts for previous buyers when possible. - US runs include all North American Region servers, which are located under the lower tabs named United States, Oceanic, Latin America and Brazil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List -Mythic Argus Kill + Cutting Edge with Mount - 8M or best offer -Mythic Argus Kill + Cutting Edge WITHOUT Mount - 4M or best offer -11/11 Mythic Antorus + Cutting Edge with Mount - 11M or best offer -Mythic Guldan Kill with Mount - 1.5M -Heroic Antorus 11/11H Full Clear Master Loot with tier tokens- 2.5M *Contact me if you're interested in a Master Loot option with 11/11M. Sale Details: 1. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be paid when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. 2. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. 3. Loot Rules (when relevant) You will only receive loot not needed by our raiders. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Ericorn#1969 If I am not available add Guild Leadership for details - NotJason#11993Ericorn3 Aug 5
Aug 5 @Totadile ysobad?Decal9 Aug 5
Aug 2 [H] <The Sworn> Recruiting for BFA! <The Sworn> 9/11M Antorus, The Burning Throne is now recruiting for raiding in Battle For Azeroth! Currently Recruiting: TANK: Low Priority HEALER: High Priority DPS: High Priority We prefer applicants to have previous mythic experience, and be willing to take constructive criticism during raid in order to benefit the raid group. Having extensive knowledge of your preferred class and role is optimal. Any class and role will be considered, as going into the new expansion allows for a lot of flexibility. We’re looking to fill spots to be able to have a full roster that has a few alternates. We raid on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Mondays from 9:15pm-12:15am EST. We require that you have great attendance and use discord, with a mic preferred. Loot is distributed via loot council that consists of the GM and Officers. The main things considered during loot distribution is the attendance of the raiders, and how the upgrade would benefit the raid team. Off spec and non-key items may be rolled for depending on the situation. <The Sworn> was formed during Siege of Orgrimmar and was originally a 10m heroic guild before the transition to 20m in Warlords of Draenor. As a guild we have been raiding consistently since formation, with no breaks or lapses in time between raids unlike most mythic progression guilds. We are main character oriented; however, we do alt runs frequently and there are always people online looking to do things. We are a very friendly and social guild! If you’re looking for a relaxed environment to raid in, we’re the place to be! For any questions about recruiting, contact Wraug#1125 or Reaynn#1775.Väryn3 Aug 2
Aug 2 [H] <Super Adventure Pals> 9/11M, LF All Hi, we are a group who went 9/11m last tier before taking a break (we are a fairly casual group and it was our first tier trying mythic). We are a 2-day raid guild that raids Tu+Th from 9-12pm EST. We are a semi-casual group that quickly clears heroic and would like to push as much mythic as we can again. We are looking for all roles in BFA except for priest healing and continue to welcome people with limited or no heroic/mythic experience. We have a friendly raiding atmosphere and also run M+ together and RBGs after raid. If you are interested in joining or have any other questions, please message me! Azschian#1123Azschian2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Vindictive Recruiting Greetings Arthas players! Vindictive is a casual but semi serious guild always looking to grow our ranks and have more friends join us. Currently we have a very healthy roster going into BFA, and are leaning towards more people interested in pushing Mythic content in the new expansion. Vindictive is best characterized as a casual but serious guild as our take on raiding is very laid back. We love to just have fun together as a guild, and don't take anything too seriously, but still love to clear current content quickly as we stomp heroic every Tuesday. Our current raid times are 8:30 to 11:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays, with around 20-30 people making attendance. We regularly do things as a guild outside raid times as well, so if you aren't a raider, there are many opportunities to have fun with us. We RBG frequently (11-0 on the season so far!) and house some very skilled Mythic Key pushers sporting 23+ keys (as well as #2 server healing Monk, soon™ to be #1), as well as frequent current tier achievement runs. All in all, if you are looking for a place to call a home, and a group of friends to just hang out with on your Adventures in World of Warcraft, let us know if you are interested! Contact any officer if you have any questions: Guild Leader: Eada - Arthas Officer: Cipher - Arthas Officer: Amorlamor - Arthas Officer: Harkahome - Arthas Officer: Zulazahn - ArthasHarkahome5 Aug 2
Jul 31 Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne Sales <Hard in the Paint> is now selling 11/11 Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne, Mythic Argus mounts and Mythic Gul'dan mounts! Get your CE or AOTC achievements and 960+ gear in a quick and cheap run. Additionally we also sell “The Chosen” title and accompanying transmog set. Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne: Mythic Argus mount - 7,000,000 (Shackled Ur'zul) Guild Master Loot-All equipable loot given to the buyer Additional sales: _____________________________________________________________________________ Mythic Gul'dan Mount - 750,000 Guild Master Loot-All equipable loot given to the buyer Mythic Keystones are sold on an individual basis. We will carry almost any key, and can stack classes to increase your loot chances. Weekly affixes are the final determination for prices. Personal Loot - 125,000-175,000 Time of Sales Tuesday-Thursday starting @ 8pm PST/11pm EST Info If technical issues arise during your scheduled raid, we will allow 15 minutes for you to get situated before we continue on. For personal loot runs, ALL GEAR which is not an upgrade for our raiders will be traded to the buyer that rolls highest on the item. *In-game currency only* Contact To purchase a run please contact myself or others listed below. Transcndence (Transcndence#1533) Proxxi (Proxxi#1414) #Shackled Ur'zul for sale #Mythic Argus Mount for saleMorsrequiem15 Jul 31
Jul 31 Quebec PvP Nouvelle communauté PvP francophone. Equipe RatedBG, Arena, War Mode et plus. Ayez une bonne connaissance de votre classe et un micro. Basé sur le respect. Ecrivez moi en priver pour plus d'informations. Maryjeane#21790 Gabtbk#1689Maryjeane1 Jul 31
Jul 31 [H] Melee DPS LF Heroic Raiding Guild Hello! I am a melee DPS main (Leaning Surv Hunter/WW Monk) LF a Raiding Guild for BFA. I am currently on Dalaran, but the Horde population is pretty low, and I am willing to realm transfer for the right fit. Experience: I am "new" to raiding, in that I have only seriously raided for one tier, and that was ToS. However, during that time we went 3/9M and I gained a ton of experience with that group. However, I swapped to Horde because obviously FOR THE HORDE and also I wanted to play with my brother. What I am Looking For: A guild that isn't filled with hundreds of people, but isn't overly small. I want a no-drama guild, who is willing to always help out others. Lastly, a primarily-adult guild would be nice, as playing with kids could get old. I believe that is everything, if you think I'd be a good fit, whisper me in game. My BNet is Timmah#11545.Raudra1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild Hello! I'm new to Arthas, switched over from Zul'jin for the new expac. Looking for a Heroic/Mythic Raiding guild. I have 2/11M experience and I know my class pretty well. I work 5 days a week from 5pm-10pm Wed/Thurs (5pm-11pm on Fri/Sat; 4pm-8pm on Sun). My battle tag is crazblade#1889 if you want to know moreCrazblade2 Jul 31
Jul 31 Tank Lf Fun guild to Raid with Hey all, I've been on Arthas for about 1-2 months now trying to form up my own hand full of players, unfortunetly i haven't been very succesful in doing so. I am looking for a home! a guild that enjoys spending time doing normal and heroics raids, who shoot the !@#$ together, most importantly just looking for fun people to play with. Would love to raid! I am a Tank druid Raid Ready 4 set and all, with resto/boomy offspec I also have a hunter and rogue at 110 Just going out on a limb because i'm not one for forums normally I consider myself a very competent player and i have a few friends That come along with me. Anyway yall have a great one :3Carebéàr2 Jul 31
Jul 31 Returning player lf M+/casual raiding guild As title says, returning player looking to get with an active M+ and light raiding guild. I'm an old skool raider who has played since vanilla. Raided for year with some Mythic experience on different toons. Usually on most nights for a few hours and currently gearing to get into normal/heroic raiding. Current ilvl 910ish, Hit me on this post or @ Seyven#1398.Yuwai1 Jul 31
Jul 31 (H) - Tank/Veteran Raider LF Raiding Guild Greetings all! I am a returning player looking for a new home with a casual raiding guild, home to a great group of mature players who are focusing on raiding up to mythic difficulty, in a relaxed, fun, but focused environment. I am planing on fulfilling a tank role with this character (my paladin) but also have a mage that I like to play as well. I just started playing a little more than week ago after a short break from the end of WoD until now, and am currently working on gearing up. I would love to, at the very least, get some time in the raid content of this expansion, but am really working towards having strong presence for the upcoming BfA expansion. I am available to raid from 9pm (8:30 at the absolute earliest!) till whatever time, and would prefer a guild that raid 2 nights a week, preferably Friday and any other weekday (Saturday and Sunday nights are a no go for me as that is family time). I have significant raid experience: Vanilla - All content cleared on my Mage up to and including the first few bosses in Old Naxx BC - All content cleared on my Mage as well as starting to tank on my Paladin as an offtank fill in for my guild WotLK - All content through TotC cleared on my Paladin as MT/Heals for my guild with my Mage always waiting outside to fill a spot if needed ***Extended break up to WoD due to a growing family*** WoD - All content cleared on heroic difficulty and started on mythic as a MT on my Paladin I have a family outside of the game and, as such, am looking to devote focused time to clearing content with a group of like minded folks, if this sounds like your guild, feel free to hit me up in game @ Thedeernad#1406Bubbleherth1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Experienced Healer LF Guild (Legion/BfA) Hi Everyone, I am looking for a raiding guild for legion/bfa and hopefully this time the guild that I join won't disband when the going gets tough! I can raid pretty much every night weekdays including Sunday 6:00-1:00AM CST I have played pretty much every healing class at some level of end game content. I primarily play Disc Priest and Resto Druid, though I do enjoy shaman and holy priest play style. (I am not a huge fan of Holy Pally or Mistweaver) I am a reliable and loyal guild member. Also I am not an idiot and I don't stand in fire! I do my homework and don't make the same mistake twice. WOD: Raid Experience: Vanilla: MC, AQ 20&40, everything except NAXX BC: Everything except Sunwell (Trash) before nerfs WOTLK: All but Heroic LK CATA: World 520 and US 111 MOP: No thank you! WOD: 9/13M Legion: EN 7/7H, 3/11H RealID: Paradox#12450Rainmaker2 Jul 31
Jul 31 LF Grp to play with in BFA Hello Arthas, Looking for returning players or an established guild to take us in. We're looking to raid mythic and world pvp. we want to raid on tues weds thurs 6:30pm to 9:30pm. I personally have previous mythic raiding experience, everyone else is very new to mythic raiding. If interested please pm and we can talk details. Chris#1359Sizzurph1 Jul 31
Jul 31 [H]Rotators <Rotators> Looking for active players for semi hardcore BFA Raiding guild. We are looking for our core raiders and class officers. Raids will be twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays at 19:00 PM. Apply now ! http://apply.rotators.orgDensjizz0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Ele Shaman and Boomkin LF Guild for BFA Looking for a new home for BFA . Raid Days/Times Mon-Thursday 8pm-11pm EST any of the four days would work but only looking to raid 2 days out of the week.ü2 Jul 31
Jul 29 Alliance Priests Social Community With the addition of communities under the social tab of and World of Warcraft I would like to invite everyone to join the social community Alliance Priests! Help us build the largest class community in the World of Warcraft. We are growing fast and looking for talented individuals to fill moderator position. Join and help make this the best community in the game. - No limit on communities you can join - Cross server chat for priest discussion - Everyone welcome, main or alt - Positive attitudes please - Recruitment allowed click the link to join Jul 29
Jul 24 GUILD RECRUITMENT Hello fellow raiders. My buddie and I are currently starting a mythic raiding guild for bfa. Ours goals for the guild are to shoot for top 100 as well as have people for mythic + And Just in general a great community. I am looking for three strong dedicated people (preferably veterans/active duty service members) for the roles of recruitment officers, Raid lead, and guild leader. Everyone’s welcome but the top 20 raiders will be the mythic raiding team. I Know a lot of people quit in legion (I did for 16 months) so I will not be looking at logs for legion raids I know they’re are plenty of strong great players who haven’t even done the raid. We are shooting for 9+ hours weekly raiding. Also for mythic progression mythic + ect the mythic raid team dps mains will be required to have a tank/heal off spec/class equally geared once we start mythic progression in bfa. We have a a little bit of time before pre patch. If you want to join we will be doing antours recruiting and seeing how people work in a raid environment. I desperately need a recruitment officer because I suck at this as you can see. Discord-Corey(olivehunters)#3913 Shoot me a message if you’re interestedOlivehunters4 Jul 24
Jul 24 [H]<Unchained> - TuesThurs 7pm-9pm EST. We are a fairly new guild working on building out our roster for BFA. Our goal is to clear Heroic content, being able to spend the time and effort on Mythic is doubtful at this time but not out of the question. We wanted to establish a guild where we would be able to raid consistently but also go to bed at a decent time haha. We are inexperienced when it comes to raiding for sure but that gives an opportunity for other inexperienced players to join a guild where everybody will be learning together. If you are interested or have any questions reply to this thread or message me in game at Slaul-Arthas.Slaul3 Jul 24
Jul 20 H - Community Recruiting - Fun/Casual events FOR THE 3RD TIME BECAUSE COMMUNITIES BROKE Dear Horde Players, "For The Lulz" is an up and coming Community built with idea of bringing Vanilla play back to the game with random acts of goofiness and scheduled epic events. Do you want to raid Astranaar? Do you want to have 50 person battle royale at the gurubashi arena? Do you want to try doing a 25 man raid with only druids. Do you want to join a bunch of other people in creating level 1 humans and drown yourself in the rivers of Stormwind? Do you want to gank a bunch of plebs in Hellfire Peninsula and then run away when they log onto their rogue mains? Do you want to play hide and seek? Do you want trivia and lore? Do you need help with some achieves and some runs or bgs? For The Lulz is for you then. There will be weekly planned events, with some prizes and giveaways, an active twitter (@FTLhorde) and discord (, plus plenty of others to chat and enjoy this game with. ^ is a link to get an invite. Damnitdan#1890 is my Real ID just in case you have any comments, questions or concerns.Khanzu2 Jul 20
Jul 20 Arthas OFFICIAL Horde PVP Community Group Community Forum (MAIN): PVP Forum (Arena): PVP Forum (BG): Official Horde PvP Community - Invite Links: Horde PvP 1 (Full) Horde PvP 2 (Join) ...NOTE*: Please help the us grow by sharing the main posts with your Realm, Guild, and Friends. Be sure to [Reply] and hit the [Like] button too.Vvarleader0 Jul 20
Jul 19 [Horde Legends] social guild Hi we are Horde Legends, we are recruiting members, good people to talk about the game or severals things. We can do BG or Instances. Whisper me if you wanna join.Nahuhell0 Jul 19
Jul 18 Straight Outta Hillsbrad is recruiting! <Straight Outta Hillsbrad> 2/11m Wed 8:30-11pm est Fri 8:00pm-11:00 est for mythic and 8-11pm sat for optional farm night (these days will stay the same in BFA but the farm day may change to a from Saturday to Wednesday or Friday). We are looking for raid focused players who want to push and clear mythic in BFA. We are currently recruiting dps of all classes, though Ranged is preferred currently (also if you are comfortable in multiple roles that is a major plus). We are an easy going fun loving group who want to progress and have a good time. We strive to be a progression oriented family. With that in mind if you are on the mythic team we expect you to show up regularly, understand your role and class and if you cannot be there for raid night (which is 100% understandable life happens) to inform an officer. We like to shoot the !@#$ in both discord and guild chat, members are treated like family not numbers after all we are a team! Our plans are to hit BFA hard and try and clear all of mythic (or get damn close) while it is relevant content. We are not a world first guild, but we do want to push mythic as much as we can. If you are interested feel free to contact me. :-) Contact Imallsoul#1823 for question and info.Soulidar0 Jul 18
Jul 18 SECURITY - 11/11 M LF Ranged DPS Wowprogress Link: Raid Schedule: Tue 9 - 12 Server Thu 9 - 12 Server Mo 9 - 12 Server (Only for limited time/Optional) SECURITY is a very social Guild with emphasis on Mythic Progression. After a multi expansion break we re-started as a very casual 1 raid night a week Guild at the start of Legion and we slowly progressed into a very capable Mythic Guild. We are currently in the process of revamping the Guild and have already picked up a lot of very talented players that were either part of a Top 100 Guild or were very successful raiders in general. I will not bore you guys with a long wall of text explaining all the intricate things that make our Guild any more special than others out there. I can however promise you this. Full dedication from your Raid Leaders and Officers to assure that the Guild will continuously improve. We have had times where everything seemed doom and gloom but we persisted and continued to improve. Most Guilds would either break apart or have players get at each others throats near the end of an expansion, especially after a long drawn out progression period, but we persisted and always tried our very best. A lot of our members knows each other from real life or chat and "shoot the !@#$" outside of Raid days via other forms of communication other than in-Game. I believe that this builds a stronger Core of players.... a Team. Our current roster for BfA is looking exceptionally strong and we are very hopeful that we will rise up the ranks in this Game! You can DM me here or send in Game mail to Shakerdeepz Shakerdot Aribeth Sapphire Serol or any other Officer you see online in Game. Thanks for your time!Shakerdot2 Jul 18