Dec 30 883 rouge lfg EN mythic 3/7 rogue looking to clear some mythic content hit me up anytime for waitlist or what ever Guild taking 2 week off rip.Paytolose0 Dec 30
Dec 30 Rogue looking for late night raiding guild. As the title says. I've been raiding for years with all classes on all levels of content. I'm interested in finding a casual raiding guild on Arthas Horde that raids one or two nights a week. 10PM +. I'm not interested in what level of content as it can be normal or mythic. I'm just an old dog who wants to get some raid time in. Feel free to respond on here or message me in-game. My gear level is currently ready for normal mode but I am quickly getting that number higher. Thanks guys.Katsü0 Dec 30
Dec 29 <Abandon Ship>1/7M Recruiting Now recruiting players to raid with! Raid nights are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 830-1130 server Introduction Abandon Ship is an established Horde guild on Arthas. We are looking for players to fill our Mythic core and progress further into this Legion xpac. Guild Website- Abandonship provides all raiders with: - Free Repairs (once you've passed trial) - Free Flasks (cauldrens get dropped in raid) - Free Food - Free potions (mythic only) - 3 guaranteed nights per week of raiding Current Progression 1/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Recruitment We are currently recruiting all quality players who can play at our raid time and provide best attendance possible. The following classes are in particular high demand: - Death Knight - Any spec - Druid - Any Spec - Hunter - Any Spec - Mage - Any Spec - Paladin - Any Spec - Priest - Shadow/Holy - Rogue - - Shaman - Enhance, Resto - Warrior - Arms, Prot - Warlock - Any spec Applicants will require optimal gems, optimal spec and clear evidence they are knowledgeable of their class. Experience will be advantageous, but is not necessary. What is necessary is a desire to learn, improve and progress together as a team. Our Philosophy 1. Exceptional preparation. Full consumables / perfect enchants / perfect specs, gems etc. will be par for the course for all raiding members. You will be expected to know all fights and do your own research. 2. Self Motivated Players. We want players who would go the extra mile to be the best in your class. Be it keeping up with upcoming patch notes, or theorycrafting on Elitistjerks, we believe everybody has room for improvement. 3. In-depth Post Mort em Analysis. Raid logs will be analyzed after every raid for weaknesses and areas for improvement will be determined. 4. Sustainable raiding volume. 9 hrs a week of raiding. We respect that our raiders have careers, families and other priorities that take precedence outside the game. 5. Fair Distribution. We use RC Loot council for loot distribution. 6. Like-minded Players. We believe in recruiting people that match our personality and of equal skill so everyone feels at home playing with each other. 7. Dedicated Officer Corps. Officers that work for the members and not the other way round. 8. We use discord for communication- Please have a working microphone that you are able and willing to use.Contact Us! If you're interested, please visit our website at and apply. Alternatively, you can contact any officer below with any questions. Lobsterbisk#12404 Roper#11857 Mylindara#1668 Dec 29
Dec 29 H<Rogues take zero skill> Wants you!! So you think you have what it takes to make uncle Moklok proud?! Good, We are looking for more members to make a push into mythic raiding. RTZS is a well established guild, clearing content every expansion. with the same core members it makes it one of the oldest guilds on arthas. currently we are 7/7h EN, 3/3n and 1/3h(pre nerf) Tov with the roster almost full for mythic progression we are looking for ranged dps(warlocks,mages,spriests) to round out the roster. our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30 -11:30 server with a 10 min break. we are a very relaxed guild we don't rage and expect you not to rage as well. for fun check out our old recruitment video Make Arthas great again!Velkoz3 Dec 29
Dec 25 [A] SECURITY back in action....?? Hey all, I was blown up by the sheer amount of text and facebook messages by a number of people who wanted to return to WoW after Legion's drop and here we are now! Who is / who was SECURITY? We were a founded in 2004 (Vanilla) WoW guild under my leadership as well as Chicken (the infamous birthday boy!) and Iwin - and for the time of MoP / Draenor, Whiteleaf, one of the founding members. We had a simple task, have fun and explore the game. It became a raiding guild (As did many guilds!) and was one of the few guilds to obtain Atiesh, Great Staff of the Guardian from Naxx 40 / AQ 40. We enjoyed PVP and the Grand Marshal grind (I believe we did multiple grinds, probably 7 of them) We carried on to Burning Crusade and WoTLK being more of a raiding guild with the reduction to 25 players. Still staying near the top or at the top for the Alliance. During Cataclysm we were the top Alliance guild until eventual raider burnout and faction-recruiting bias ate us up in Dragon Soul. (as did many guilds...) Anyways we're back again, we raid one night a week for Legion for 3 hours only. 9pm-12am. We are doing Mythic content where we can and Mythic +12s or higher. We're currently 1/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic EN, 2/3 Heroic ToV (pre nerf) - looking for the rare raider that USED to be hardcore. The raider that used to either be in a top guild that has grown in their life and can't dedicate what they used to but does have time for that 3 hour stretch and does well with their class. We want the person who knows their class inside and out, has raided top tier content while relevant, but can't do 3-4 days of raiding. The "used to be hardcore, now casual in terms of time" raider. If this is you, I'm speaking to you. I'm looking for DPS classes. Diversity specifically. Mages, Hunters, Feral Druid, Shamans (either kind) Hit me up. RyanT2112#1952Sapphire0 Dec 25
Dec 24 <Kill Order> 10 pm - 1 am EST Tue/Thur <Kill Order> 7/7H EN, 2/3H ToV We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is looking for more people to progress through Mythic raids and are in need of a few more people to fill out the last spots. We are currently farming H EN until we are able to fill a full 20 man raid for Mythic progression. On average we have 18-19 people online for raid night and the raids gear average is 875 and most of us have had prior Mythic EN experience. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. with Sunday alt raids (full EN heroic clear). We also have multiple Mythic+ guild runs a night and are putting together a few Nightbane groups. We also have quite a few people that like to do battlegrounds and even arenas if that is something that interests you. If interested PST: Guild leader: danimal#1609 (Danlita) Officer: Dayman#1332 (Constip) Officer: jmenard99#1419 (Caldron)Constip0 Dec 24
Dec 23 [A] SECURITY -- An Arthas Institution Greetings, everyone. =) SECURITY is a server staple; an established institution of higher WoW-ing that has been around, in one form or another, since Arthas came online on 11/23/04. We are a proud and active member of the server community in both facets of the game. Due to the drastic reduction in interest, population, and other factors, the guild no longer has an organized raiding group, but would like to establish one. The guild encourages participation through rated and non-rated battlegrounds, arenas, 5-man content, mats farming, and other non-raid events. These events are user-driven, user-scheduled (that is, not scheduled by management). The guild has an operating Ventrilo that members are welcome to use for both playing and socializing, and supports the OpenRaid movement of cross-realm raiding as a supplement to guild and server activities (learn more at Inquire with Whiteleaf for more information regarding recruitment. If Whiteleaf isn't online, send an in-game mail. Remember that guild invites cannot be sent until both parties are online! The guild forum can be found at: If you have any questions, fire away. Hope to see you SECURING Arthas soon. -Whiteleaf GM, SECURITYWhiteleaf180 Dec 23
Dec 20 MM Hunter looking for a raid/M+ guild Hello my name is project and I am looking for a raiding guild that matches my raid times. About me : I have completed raids on other chars of mine like high maul and foundry in wod and emerald nightmare normal and tov 2/3 Normal. I have swapped from prot/arms warrior to hunter because I was no longer enjoying the warrior. I am punctual and listen during raids in fact I did some raid leading of my own in this current expansion and past. My gear is not the best at the moment but it's going to come and my numbers will only go up. I am available for raids Monday to Friday 630pm (server) to 12am (server). I am looking for mostly a normal/ heroic guild but I can do mythic raiding if the team requires me. Personal information is, 25 year old male from canada Ad me on battlenet for additional info, Project#1810Projectsnipe2 Dec 20
Dec 20 Can close Can be removed, not needed anymoreVaara10 Dec 20
Dec 20 [H]Extra Crispy 8-11 pm EST W/Th or Su/Mon Current recruiting thread located at: Dec 20
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Thursday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 18 Glorious platelegs dropped on Arthas! Hey guys, the other day I pulled Glorious Platelegs (of power) out of AQ40! I see that there have only been two in the auction house since May.18th 2016. I just wanted to let everyone know there is another one up there. I will be listing this until it sells. The only toon I care enough about to put such a rare piece of transmog on would be my lock and of course he can't wear it. Please feel free to send me a mail in game if you'd like to make an offer. All offers above 250k gold will be considered. It is currently listed at TSM market value for Arthas. Regards, AkimosAkimos0 Dec 18
Dec 18 <Chosen> H-Arthas 1/7M & 3/3N <Chosen> H-Arthas Recruitment 1/7M & 3/3N We are poised to become one of the top 2 night raiding guilds on the server. We have progressed extremely quickly. We cleared 7/7H on our first week of raiding and the first time we entered Mythic EN as a guild we were able to pick up a kill on mythic nythendra. This is something very few guilds have been able to accomplish, we take pride in it, and it is in part due to the quality of members and leadership we have in this guild. Raid time: We raid Thursday and Sunday evening from 7-10PM EST Chosen provides all raiders with: - Free Repairs up to 1000g / day - Free Flasks (cauldron gets dropped in raid) - Free Food - Free potions of power for progression - 2 guaranteed nights per week of raiding for 3 full hours The following classes are in high demand and require 870+ ilvl and 280K single target DPS: -Death Knight - DPS - Druid - Non tank - Hunter - MM/BM - Mage - Fire - Paladin - Holy/ret - Priest - Shadow/Holy - Rogue - DPS - Shaman - Low priority - Warrior - Arms - Warlock - Low priority Battle tag: Arihm#11652Arihm2 Dec 18
Dec 18 Two players looking for a casual raid guild Hello all, I'm looking for a casual raiding guild to be a part of. I used to do PvP often and would not touch raids since I found it very difficult to find a raid group on WoW nowadays. A casual raiding guild on Fridays and weekends would be perfect; timing is flexible for me during those days. I used to be a protection warrior so I have experience on that but not I am rolling an arms warrior. Hoping to find a guild that is lenient and not too hardcore since I am still in the learning phase of Legion. A friend of mine, Grakkus (a death knight) is looking for a guild as well.Johannes1 Dec 18
Dec 17 [H] 4/7M 3/3H - 2 Night Raid Guild <Heavy Breathing> Horde We are currently 4/7M Emerald Nightmare, 3/3H Trial of Valor looking to fill a couple of Core Positons on our Mythic Roster as well as some back-up and casual positions. Battlenet ID - Skiz#11828 Iso - Isovest#1810 Tempo - BanishingJoe#1719 Terestial - Terestial#1555 A little about us: Formed by raiders with a like mind of how we want to get through and see content in Legion. We have raiders that have been playing as long as Vanilla, as well as raiders that have just joined with Legion. We are currently one of the top 2 Raid Night guilds on Arthas, we will be tied for 2nd once we down 5/7M. We have a few of the top ranked players on the Server as well as a few top 100 US ranked players in the guild. We Raid on Tuesday and Wednesday from 20:00 until 23:30 (8pm until 11:30pm) EST. We have Casual/Alt raids on Thursday night, and plenty of Mythic+ and other content throughout the week. What we are looking for: Unfortunately at this time, we are not recruiting any Tanks. If your class is closed, we are always accepting players for Off/Alt/Casual night raids. Death Knight – Closed Demon Hunter - Havoc Druid – Balance Hunter – Closed Mage – Open Monk – Open Paladin - Open Priest – Discipline, Shadow Rogue - Open Shaman - Elemental Warlock - Closed Warrior - Arms We would prefer a quick chat over Discord with one of our officers so that we can both get a feel to see if our Guild and Team would be a fit for you. Feel free to contact any of us when you see us online if you have any questions. ID: Skims (Raid Leader) – Skiz#11828 Iso (Officer) – Isovest#1810 Terestial (Officer) – Terestial#1555 Tempo (Officer) - BanishingJoe#1719Skims0 Dec 17
Dec 16 877 Arms Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Quick Background: I lead/managed a guild of friends throughout mythic HFC and into legion. We briefly touched Mythic EM before many started to burnout. Ran into a bunch of attendance issues and got tired of trying to fill spots. Now looking to not have to do as much leading and just log on to kill stuff. I have a pretty busy schedule so a 2 night raiding guild is ideal. Legion Experience: 7/7 EN Normal and Heroic 2/7 EN Mythic 3/3 N ToV 2/3 H ToV Armory: 877, both BiS legendaries, Weapon level 35. Logs: My Schedule: As I mentioned I am really most interested in a 2 day guild. I work and go to school, so while at the moment I am on break with some free time, late January and on my time is fairly limited. Ideally a Monday/Wednesday schedule fits me best. Contact: Nawmeen#1720Nawmeen0 Dec 16
Dec 15 885 DH Lf daytime raiding guild/ M+ I have 35 pts in Vengeance artifact and 35 pts in Havoc also. I can play both specs effectively. I've been raiding since vanilla. I am available 8am-5pm EST 4-5 days a week,Backdraftt0 Dec 15
Dec 14 [H] big floppy noodle - Open Mythic Raid [big floppy noodle] is hosting a Mythic EN on Thursday, December 15, beginning at 8pm est. Invitations will occur at 7:45pm If you would like to join, AotC is required along with knowledge of the encounters. No Mythic experience is required to join. There will be learning and likely some wipes. Please join only if you are interested in working together as a team to progress through Mythic content. If interested, please PM myself, Twoinchtotem, Bigjuju, or anyone in [big floppy noodle] and they can direct you to someone to speak with for more information.Kngcrab0 Dec 14
Dec 14 Retribution is looking for Ranged DPS Retribution is looking for Ranged DPS. (although any strong applicant will be considered). EN: 3/7M (edited: now 3/7) HoV: 3/3N Retribution prides itself on our value of friendship over loot. If you are looking to get geared up, you need to look elsewhere. If you are looking for a home, Retribution might be for you. We expect all members and potential recruits to: - Act like an adult, regardless of age. This doesn't mean you cant joke or have fun, but there is a proper way to act (i.e. not spamming Trade etc). - Keep an open mind when it comes to feedback. Understand that the Officers do their best to improve the raid, them telling you to not stand in fire isn't the same as them saying you are a baddie. - Have an average ilevel of 860+ - Have Discord installed and configured. You are not expected to talk (it helps though) but you are expected to listen. - Have Raid appropriate mods installed and updated. - Be willing to invest time and energy to better yourself in the game, a strong desire to progress in Heroic/Mythic content. Contact ingame: Bareass Dayvon Summerginger (GinSum#1844)Summerginger2 Dec 14
Dec 13 Recruiting About us Oblivious-Arthas is a 20 man raid group who started off as an Open Raid guild in the Fall of 2015. We made the decision to realm transfer and consolidate into the awesome team we have now. We rapidly progressed from a learning group, to a Mythic group, in just a matter of months and retained most of our original roster into Legion. 7/7 H EN, 2/3 H ToV and have begun mythic EN. Recruiting We are looking for all DPS & Healing classes, but we are lacking some of the following: Resto druid w/ off spec Holy Priest w/ off spec MW Monk w/ off spec Fire Mage Rogue (any) Havoc DH Tank classes are filled, but we'd love a DPS with a solid tank off spec as a backup if needed. Raid Times Monday- 11:00am - 2:00pm EST (US) Wednesday- 11:00am-2:00pm EST (US) Alt/Normal Run: Saturday- 11:00am-2:00pm EST (US) What We Expect Our objective is to clear as much content as possible within our allotted schedule. While we value skills over item levels, we expect a reasonable amount of focus from our members during raid time, further, we expect all of our members to maintain a respectful, competitive, and proactive mentality. If you feel we would be a good fit, please don't hesitate to contact us in-game or apply directly to our site: We ask that you please put effort into your application. Contact Information Versie/Starez: StareTG#1852 Saerbear: Saerbear#1495Vendettá0 Dec 13
Dec 13 [H] <Garden> 7/7M LF RAIDERS Garden (Arthas) Current Needs: Demonhunter (dd) - Medium Druid (balance) - High Druid (feral-dd) - Medium Hunter - High Mage - Low Monk (dd) - Medium Paladin (retribution) - Low Priest (dd) - High Priest (disc) - High Rogue - Low Shaman (elemental) - High Shaman (restoration) - Low Warlock - High Warrior (dd) - Medium Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST. If you are applying for a core raid spot: Show up to all raids on time, prepared, and have current up to date knowledge of your class and boss encounters. Have previous pve experience and show us you can play at a competitive and stressful level. Be able to analyze logs of yourself and other top players to improve and learn how to play better. Be able to play in uncomfortable situations and the pressure of high skill mechanics. PLEASE HAVE CURRENT AND RELEVANT KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR CLASS, AND THE GAME ITSELF! <--- Apply here GM: N9NEDiME#11506 OFFICERS: Faide#1794, Collybuds#1702, Cole#1400Truths11 Dec 13
Dec 13 Halp the Jaquelator choose! In the spirit of respecting our server's opinion, Jaquelator of The Exiled wants your valued opinion on what he should play next! come help us decide on what he'll be Jaqing to next! Shall he be surrendering to memes or cooking the land in a holy crusade?! You decide!Schnuttz1 Dec 13
Dec 12 <Popotan> Recruiting Ranged DPS for M/Hc <Popotan> [1/7M-2/3H] We're recruiting for late night Mythic progression! Raid times Sunday/Tuesday, 11:59pm-3am (Starts on Sunday night, goes till Monday Morning basically). These times are Server Time, or EST We're working on mythic progression and we're VERY melee heavy, so we'd love any form of ranged DPS. We're a friendly guild who also helps with RBGs, we run a bunch of M+ stuff, and are very friendly (As long as you're okay with the occasional playful banter). You can hit any of us up in game! People to look out for are: Thiberos/Thibby Nufin Crumper SunnyD Ullrit Societyfalls SmackledörfThiberos2 Dec 12
Dec 12 [H] <Insanity> LF RDPS AND HEALER Le groupe [Raid] Insanity – unhuman (Arthas US) 4/7M en progression sur Il'gynoth est à la recherche bons raiders RPDS et HEALERS pour agrandir notre groupe mythic. Raiding: - Soirs: 2/semaine (+1 soir optionnel) - Journée: Mardi et Mercredi - Horaire: 7h30pm à 10h30pm (EST) - Attendance: > 90% - Addon: Weakaura, Deadly Boss Mode, Exorsus Raid Tool et EPGP lootmaster - Attitude: Motiver, Connaissance de sa class/spec, Connaissance des fights Boss, Bonne écoute et exécution des directives. Guild unhuman : - Plus de 450 accounts Unhuman est plus qu'une guilde de raiding performante, c'est aussi la plus grosse communauté Francophone sur World of Warcraft US. Nous comptons présentement plus de 450 accounts actifs. Depuis sa création en 2006, Unhuman cherche à offrir à ses raiders un environnement de jeu qui favorise la progression et ce avec des joueurs d'excellent calibre. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs que ce soit PVE ou PVP, mais aussi des masters du Pet Battles, des champions de l'Archéologie ou peu importe ce qui vous branche ingame. Vous êtes donc assuré de trouver ce que vous cherchez chez nous peu importe votre style de jeu.Carolinej0 Dec 12
Dec 12 Considering Arthas for Horde. recommend? Hi folks, I'm a bigtime world-PVPer and a semi-casual raider, 7/7 H EN. I'm sick of Alliance because on my realm, they are strongly pacifist and are very bad at BG's and world PVP. I'm looking for a server with a lot of activity in general. I like a populated world where you can make new friends and go on adventures. WoW dies for me when the world is empty. I'm also looking for a balanced A/H ratio, but I'm fine with there being slightly more enemy players. I'd roll Horde on my server, but the Horde outnumber the Alliance about 10-1, and that's just no fun at all. Thanks for your insights!Etrias2 Dec 12
Dec 11 Looking for Raiding guild Looking for a chill raiding guild which also do mythic + 867 ilvl know all heroic fights in EN and 2/3 in TOV.Jozilla5 Dec 11
Dec 11 [H] Experienced group of 5 LF raiding guild At the beginning of Legion, I started and lead the guild Deconstruction on Kel'Thuzad alliance: We were able to achieve 1/7M 3/3N but were plagued by recruitment and attendance issues. The core of this guild has decided to transfer to horde and join a guild that meets most of the following criteria: -4/7M+ -Typical weeknight raid schedule, 3-4 days (per team if there are multiple) -Located on a large, horde-dominant server (Illidan, Area 52, etc.) -Has multiple raid teams that raid at different times/days, reducing the odds that one of us will have a schedule conflict and increasing the chance that all of our roles will fit into the guild. The 5 of us consist of: -Remmitius, prot warrior, 877, 36 traits: (EN by ilvl): (TOV by ilvl): -Iconz: holy priest (reroll - currently lvl 105): holy paladin logs: -Thuggly: guardian druid, 869 (recent reroll): -Crushalheals: resto/ele shaman, (reroll - currently low lvl) ww monk logs: -Thornrayne: enh shaman, 873: The lower-parsing among the group are more than willing to improve, and have made significant strides in doing so since the launch of Legion. Also, are willing to have a bit of flexibility in terms of the roles we play. Redus#11981 for more info, thanks.Remmitius0 Dec 11
Dec 10 879 BM hunter LF at least 3-5/7 Mythic Guild Looking for a Tues/Thursday w/ raiding time being preferably 9pm-2-5am server time. (I would like to make a lot of progression) I enjoy going into my raid fights blind besides the dungeon journal. After i have done most of it i learn everything fast. From how its done better with different strats. I am currently 7/7 Heroic and 1/7 Mythic EN 2/3 ToV. I have done 3/7 Mythic fights with some like Ursoc getting down to 5%. I check my logs to see about what can be approved. I highly dislike needing to provide consumables/repairs to other people. Used about 100k-200k last guild i was in. Looking for a guild with a good environment/no toxicity and somewhat less talkative when its raiding time. I strive to be better with everything i do while online. I always pug my heroic and also normal every week hoping to get the titanforge upgrade to avoid needing gear while we do mythic. My attendance is nearly perfect on those days unless i actually need to go to work considering I work nights. But i always look ahead and warn whoever has been in charge of the guild i was currently in. Would like to have a talk in discord if anyone would like to have a chat about anything! HaVoCvx#1148Dontcallpeta1 Dec 10
Dec 10 Looking for possible merger Ascendants currently consists of about 10-12 active raiders. We regularly clear 7/7H and 3/3N TOV but cannot seem to recruit enough people to move to mythic raid content. We raid tues/thurs 8-11pm est. Last xpac we were server 7 with cutting edge achievements and regularly cleared mythic archimonde, however entering this xpac was rough with the loss of about half our raid crew. We consist of 2 tank, 2 heals, and a mix of ranged and melee dps. We are looking for a possible merger with another group since recruitment doesn't seem to be an option. Looking for another guild of similar progression or a bit further that also has similar raid times. Any days between mon and thurs would work.Bkers2 Dec 10
Dec 8 2/7M 875 MW monk LF raiding guild Hey guys, The Guild I was in just fell apart, and I'm looking for a new home. I am looking for a guild that raids between 7pm to 1130pm, between the days of Monday- Thursday. I'm am smart, friendly raider that will show up everyday. I do everything I can to help the raid down bosses. I am always striving to do better, and do my best to help my team. At the end of raids I always go through logs to see what I can improve on. You can message me here or add me real id lardenis0831#1211 here are my logs as well: Dec 8
Dec 7 885 Enh Shaman & 878 MM Hunter lf raidguild We're both 3/7M EN and 2/3H ToV. Always come prepared with flask, food and pots. Attendance is generally never an issue. We're looking for a guild that raids Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30-11:00PM server time. We have mics. We're friendly. Our guild just fell apart mid-tier, a classic tragedy story. Keepin it simple at this point. Logs can be furnished upon request. Can interview or apply online if required. Crooked#11909 or PapaWonka#1839 to communicate in game.  Or you can reply here. Or email upon request. Cheers!Crookedjay3 Dec 7
Dec 6 (H) Raiding Guild recruiting!!! <Endeavor> is now recruiting for our Mythic roster and pushing TOV! 7/7H and 2/3 needing RDPS ( non-spriest non-Hunter) and a Healer ( non- Pally or Hpriest)!! Raid nights Wednesday & Thursday 8-11pm. We do farm content on tuesdays (not required) All exceptional Players will be considered We also have a Weekend PVP team and Alt runs!! If you are interested at all please leave a comment or message me directly. Battletag : Britbrat#1136 or find my toons online Leieu, Leifena, Gorganna or any officer can help you.Leieu1 Dec 6
Dec 5 <Ascendants> 7/7H 3/3N Recruiting Looking to fill our slots for core group. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm EST. In need of healers and dps, mainly rdps. Pst for more info.Thekrimson3 Dec 5
Dec 5 LF RAIDING GUILD We are a Tank healer combo LF a raiding guild Ours is falling apart and we will be needing a new home. I am a Hpriest 873 ilvl and I can provide logs. He is a Druid tank 868 ilvl and also has a boomkin spec he enjoys. We have current expac exp as to 7/7 heroic and TOV exp. We are Needing a guild that raids between the times of 8-11pm server time Tues-Thursday. we also have alts we enjoy to play . We are old school players and have raided since vanilla. Please let me know if anyone fits this criteria.Pandiea3 Dec 5
Dec 4 [H] <3 Hops This Time> <3 Hops this Time> of Stormreaver is a 4/7M guild looking for a few more ranged DPS for our continued Mythic Progression! Join us as we cha cha slide through Emerald Nightmare! We're dedicated to having ex-hardcore raiders who bring that focus to their 9-hours a week of raiding(On boss pulls), but are casual the rest of the time. We've currently opened our recruiting for talented raiders for: Mage Shadow Priest Windwalker Monk Frost Death Knight Discipline Priest If your class is not listed above, but feel you would make a great fit, feel free to inquire Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7:00 CST -10:00 CST Wednesday 7:00 CST -10:00 CST Monday 7:00 CST -10:00 CST Invites start going out at 6:45 CST, and our stop time is always 10CST, we've all got jobs and the boss will be there tomorrow. Contact: Brashara#1324 – Guild Leader & Raid LeaderDrujo0 Dec 4
Dec 3 . .Camsunn0 Dec 3
Dec 3 -Endeavor 7/7H 1/3H TOV I am currently looking to fill spots on my raid team. I am looking for a Mistweaver Monk or Resto Shammy. I am also look for any exceptional range with healing OS. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11pm EST. [Horde] Endeavor is a guild that was created with the intent to progress into Heroics and Mythics within the server of Arthas. We are pretty new to the server of Arthas. However, we are not new to raiding, and downing content. Endeavor's Guild Master, Officers, and Veterans have been around World of Warcraft for a long time. Most of us have raided together for the past three to four years even when some of us disbanded in the middle of Mist from a guild we were all in. We do like to have fun, and cut up in between trash pulls, and when we are not raiding, but we do take progression seriously. Endeavor is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids Wednesday and Thrusday 8-11pm! We also like to do PvPing, Questing, Old Raids, and Achievement runs. We also play Diablo 3, Overwatch, and many other games together. If you are interested my Btag is below along with our facebook page, and website. Battle Tag: Leo#18862 Facebook Website: Wowprogress:ònidas1 Dec 3
Dec 2 Mythic+ VoTW Farm Group (885+) Looking for 1 Healer, and 2 DPS for M+ VoTW farm runs. This will take place on Saturday from 12pm CST – 7pm CST. This is a 7 hour farm run for M+ VoTW 7/9s. Point of the run is to mainly stack plate wearers that said. Healer – Holy Paladin or Resto Druid DPS – Paladin, Warrior, DK, or DH You must be 885+ to participate in this run. If you’re a tank and you wish to come as one I will consider you. Contact (Oblivion#12140)Chemz0 Dec 2
Dec 2 <Razzia> Mythic+ & Karazhan Mount Sales <Razzia> is selling Mythic+ carries & Karazhan Mount Runs! Get your Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount from Nightbane in Karazhan and Mythic+ loot chests now! Ran by the best Mythic+ players on Arthas who got the Realm First! Keystone Master. TERMS OF AGREEMENT / FAQ 1- The whole payment is done BEFORE the run. If you're buying a Mythic+ run, you are required to pay the full 3 chests price. If we finish the dungeon with 1 or 2 chests instead of 3, we will refund the extra gold for those missed chests. For example, if you are buying a Mythic4 run, it will cost 30k (20k + 5k + 5k for the 2 extra chests). 2- If you reserve a run a few days in advance, you are required to pay a 20% deposit to reserve your spot (20% of the total cost). Right before your run starts, you will pay the remaining 80%. NO REFUNDS FOR A CANCELED RUN. If you don't show up or cancel your run, we keep the 20% deposit. So please, make sure you CAN and WILL attend your run before you reserve one. 3- You are required to have a DPS spec ready to play to the best of your ability, even if your main spec is Healer or Tank. Even though we won't ask you to do special jobs or require a certain amount of DPS from you, healers or tanks will be useless compared to a little extra DPS. 4- If you're buying a Mythic+ run, you're paying for the amount of chests, not for an amount of loots. Although, our players will give you the loots they don't need (which is about 95% of the loots that drop in Mythic+). 5- If you're buying a Karazhan Mount Run, you can clear Karazhan during that weekly reset but CAN'T kill Nightbane. If you have Nightbane killed already, you will be locked and won't be eligible for the Smoldering Ember Wyrm. PACKAGES MYTHIC+ -Your key- Level 2 Key: 10k + 3k per extra Chest Level 3 Key: 15k + 3k per extra Chest Level 4 Key: 20k + 5k per extra Chest Level 5 Key: 25k + 5k per extra Chest Level 6 Key: 30k + 5k per extra Chest Level 7 Key: 45k + 10k per extra Chest Level 8 Key: 55k + 10k per extra Chest Level 9 Key: 70k + 15k per extra Chest Level 10 Key: 100k + 25k per extra Chest Level 11 Key: 125k + 25k per extra Chest Level 12 Key: 150k + 25k per extra Chest NIGHTBANE KILL + MOUNT Opera Event to Curator speedrun + Nightbane kill! You get the following : Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount! One Night in Karazhan achievement! A chance of getting 875+ loot from Nightbane Price : 250k SCHEDULES & CONTACT INFO We mostly run on Monday & Thursday, anytime between 7pm and 12am EST/Arthas server time. We're 100% free on those 2 days but can also run on other days. Other possible schedules will depend our raiding schedule and personal availabilities. If you can't make Monday and Thursday nights, get in touch with us and we will you a schedule sometime during the week. If you want to schedule a run or have any questions regarding our runs, prices or possible schedules, please message Tyralis (Tyralis#1567) in-game or visit our sales page : Dec 2
Nov 30 Morning Raid Guild Recruiting About us Oblivious-Arthas is a 20 man raid group who started off as an Open Raid guild in the Fall of 2015. We made the decision to realm transfer and consolidate into the awesome team we have now. We rapidly progressed from a learning group, to a Mythic group, in just a matter of months and retained most of our original roster into Legion. We are in need of reliable raiders. We have heroic EN on farm and have begun mythic progression. Recruiting We are looking for all solid DPS & Healing classes, but we are lacking some of the following: Resto druid w/ off spec Holy Priest w/ off spec MW Monk w/ off spec Rogue Havoc DH Tank classes are filled, but we'd love a DPS with a solid tank off spec as a backup if needed. Raid Times Monday- 11:00am - 2:00pm EST (US) Wednesday- 11:00am-2:00pm EST (US) Alt/Normal Run: Saturday- 11:00am-2:00pm EST (US) What We Expect Our objective is to clear as much content as possible within our allotted schedule. While we value skills over item levels, we expect a reasonable amount of focus from our members during raid time, further, we expect all of our members to maintain a respectful, competitive, and proactive mentality. If you feel we would be a good fit, please don't hesitate to contact us in-game or apply directly to our site: We ask that you please put effort into your application to be considered. Contact Information Versie/Starez: StareTG#1852 Saerbear: Saerbear#1495 Vendetta/Ofeliah: Vendetta#1762Vendettá2 Nov 30
Nov 29 LF Guild Restro/ Balance Druid looking for guild that's going to run Raid, Heroics and Mythic on weekends or late nightGurmin9 Nov 29
Nov 29 [H] <Impervious> 3 night 4/7M LF DH! Hey guys! Impervious has been around since the middle of Wrath of the Lich King, with Leadership comprised of many individuals who raided in server first guilds during Vanilla, TBC, and early Wrath. More than just a WoW raiding guild, Impervious is a gaming community that plays many games together... and we have a blast doing it! We are a laid back, yet strive to instill a hardcore mentality for performance - we want individuals to come prepared and be ready to utilize our limited 9 hour/week raid schedule to its fullest. Our goal is to simply clear all Mythic content while it is relevant. Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Thurs - 8:30 - 11:30 pm Eastern (server time) Realm: US-Arthas Currently, we are on the hunt for the following classes/specs (but we are always looking to add exceptional, like-minded players to our ranks): Demon Hunter (Havoc) Note that you are NOT being recruited for a bench role to pad the roster, but rather a full time raid spot. Spots are earned based on performance, not seniority. Before being invited, we ask only that you take part in a short interview in our preferred voice chat (Discord) to make sure we're a good fit for each other! For recruitment needs, please reach out to: Xyrxes (Bnet: Xyrm#1598, Discord: Xyrm#9485) Pallywallie (Bnet: Pauliewallie#1743, Discord: Pauliewallie#5347) Don't forget to check us out at Nov 29
Nov 29 (H) 4/7M Recruiting ALL(Paid Transfers) <HTG> is recruiting! We are a group of veteran players and experienced raiders looking to push progression raiding in Legion. Our goal for legion is to be top 200 U.S. come Nighthold. At this time, we are primarily looking for: -Non Druid Tank (high priority) -DPS Death Knights -Resto Druid -Resto Shaman (high priority) -Mages -Windwalker Monk and Mistweaver Monk -Shadow and Holy Priests -Rogues -Warlocks -DPS Warriors We will still consider any applicants, especially those with outstanding logs, references, etc. Always feel free to add me on btag and lets chat!!! Our raid days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, And Sundays from 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST (server time). Please make sure that you can attend all of our raids barring emergencies. Loot is handled via loot council, with aspects such as attendance and performance being considered when determining who receives what. Raiders are expected to research boss fights and their class and should know their proper stat weights, BiS, and skill priority/rotation. Raiders are also expected to be able to handle criticism and understand that there is a possibility of being sat for optimal group comp on certain fights. You should have a stable internet connection and computer, as well as a working microphone and Curse Voice installed. The trial period for new recruits is two weeks of full attendance. If you are interested in joining either: -Whisper Tyiestian/Fahrad on Arthas. -Add my Battle Tag: HTGFade#1272. -Simply reply here :) Thanks guys have a wonderful day! -TyestianTyiestian7 Nov 29
Nov 29 Dear Kogen of Mouthwatering Beasts I met you in a bg, we lost the game and you seemed to took it pretty badly. I could tell you were upset because even after crying and complaining to everyone in the game, you continued you spam through whispers. I tried to tell you how ironic you were being when you kept telling me to 'grow up kid', but you had ignored me so I couldn't get my reply through. Well, if you ever read this, please try and just let it go. You win some, you lose some. It's not the end of the world champ. You'll get through it! Thanks and best of luck, XidauXidau2 Nov 29
Nov 28 WTS 895 Cloak - Drape of the Forgotten Souls this sexy beast just dropped! current offer is 350kEazypeezy6 Nov 28
Nov 28 H <Pantheon I> recruiting <Pantheon I> is a newly formed guild looking to expand our roster to build a solid group for raiding and pvp. Leadership is currently 7/7 EN and 7/7 H EN. Raid times are TBD, in addition all roles are needed. We also run mythic+ dungeons a regular basis. There is no ilvl requirement to join. Newer an inexperienced players are also welcomed. Message me in game for more info. We are a very chill group of people an understand that everyone have lives outside of WoW. If your looking for some stress free raiding or a community that's relaxed <Pantheon I> is the place to be.Tij6 Nov 28
Nov 28 <Ascendants> 7/7h 3/3n Looking for more. <Ascendants> US Horde on Arthas is recruiting for our core raiding roster! We’ve been around since Cataclysm, with many of our members having raided since vanilla and Wrath. We are a mature guild, primarily focusing on Mythic content and pushing progression each tier. We strive to kill bosses and get loot while having a good time. Our past conquests include Firelands, Dragonsoul, Throne of Thunder, Siege of Orgrimmar, Black Rock Foundry, Hellfire Citadel and everything in between. Getting the Ahead of the Curve feats of strength and mythic boss mount is something we all pride ourselves on. We are looking for exceptional players or players willing to become exceptional while pushing content and progressing through the expansion. We are especially looking for ranged DPS and healers but if you are an exceptional player of any class or spec, we would love to have you. We are willing to help with Mythic+ and some of us PvP and play other games as a group also. Our raid schedule is currently Tues and Wed 8-11 PM EST with Mon used for clean up or Mythic+ If we sound like a guild for you, stop by and apply or simply drop me a line in-game Okami#11761! See you in game!Valhalan0 Nov 28
Nov 27 Guild Leadership Discord New Guild leadership discord I wanted to open up a discord that was focused on Guild Leaders (officers or GM's) as a place to go to get feedback on problems they face, help with Raiding issues, help with PVP issues, and even a place to help you find a raid spot for a guildies that needs to move on due to "reasons". Here is the discord info and right now it is open to all. So feel free to join and let's build a helpful community for all looking to build a healthy guild! Here is the Link to the discord: Nov 27
Nov 27 [Horde] 3 Of us LF Guild We're LF EN Heroic Farm guild and Mythic progression guild. Bezzi WW Monk 875 Sacred Assassination Rogue 870 Hit me up arthras or leave your id and ill contact you.Bezzi7 Nov 27
Nov 27 LF casual and mature guild (PVE - Horde) Hi all, I have returned to wow for...reasons :). I want to join a mature, fun, laid back guild that values the social aspects of a guild. I'm 32 years old, live at the coast (CA) and will be leveling some new toons. I usually don't do pvp, mostly pve. I don't know which class I will main yet... CheersFeedmenøt2 Nov 27