Dec 13, 2013 @Cutie a tribute to your greatness I think of you everytime i hear this epic songKornsmom3 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 WTS JC Kit 1-600 & Lvl 25 guild WTS JC Kit 1-600 and Lvl 25 guild 7 tabs. Interested in either, please add my btag Novastella#1212 w/ a message and let me know what your offer is. Thanks! P.s. You look nice today!Nõva0 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 WTB ENGINEER KIT hey was looking around and no one seemed to have any, if you have one you're interested in selling add me Bhutt902#1767Ziloth3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Combat Rogue LF active raiding guild (Horde) I'm not asking for much, just that you're willing to give new guildies a try in raids and be active. I know my role and how to play my class, so I can promise strong participation in progression (When I'm a bit more geared that is).Naaix0 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 [H] Looking for a place to call home Hey everyone, After playing for the past 6 years on EU servers (just moved back to the US) I decided to re-roll on Arthas, and play a Druid (used to play Rogue and Druid (resto/boomkin)). I'm now looking for a nice fun guild, where I'll be able to quickly level (I'm not looking for a charity guild where lvl 90s will rush me through dungeons) and progressively start raiding with (as a healer or boomkin). I'm more in this for the long haul, meaning my game plan is to get my druid fully geared for when WoD hits, and instalevel a Rogue to 90 in order to have both my classes up to speed and raiding with in my guild. In terms of raiding times I'm usually on when I get home from work, so I can play pretty much weeknights and weekends. Cheers!Kelsiek1 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 LF 1 Healer for Heroic SoO this week <Instinctive> currently has a temporary healing position open for this next raid lockout. We currently run a restoration druid and 2 priests. One of the priests is unable to attend this week due to finals. So, we need a fill in healer for this week. We are currently 1/14 Heroic after just starting Heroics last week, and we began raiding again 4 weeks ago after a very extended break. All things aside, we should reach 3/14 or 4/14 Heroic this week. This is a great chance for a healer who is looking for a guild to show up and spawn some great heroic parses that they can then use on an app somewhere. We'll be dedicating 1 and 3/4 nights to heroic progression, then the last part of Wednesday night and all of Thursday night will be spent on farming the rest on normal. Last week after progression, we breezed through 13/14 normal and 1 shot Garrosh. So you will get a fully completed 14/14 lockout if you attend. Schedule -Tuesday: 9PM to 12AM EST -Wednesday: 9PM to 12AM EST -Thursday: 9PM to 12AM EST Expectations -You have full cleared 14/14 Normal, or very close to it -You are fully gemmed and enchanted -You can make the full 3 hour raid time each of the 3 nights -You are okay with loot council -You have no problem using Mumble We will definitely take gear into consideration. Obviously it would be tough doing heroic progression with an undergeared healer. Withing the range of 550 or higher would be an acceptable item level. So, if you are okay with and fit the expectations listed above and you are interested in healing for us this week, please repsond to either this forum post, or message me in game on Tylerdk or add me over battletag at: Tyler#1976Tylerdk1 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Nope. Not even going to give him the satisfaction. deleted.Cutie2 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 WTS Mottled Drake (H) Post your offer here. Keep in mind with the cancelation of the TCG these will most likely become very rare and valuable.Veldoran0 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 @<Sold Out> How's the guild on the Horde side? Do you guys still have any active players from Vanila? I'm checking if it's a good idea changing factions to try to join you since I had such a good time back on classic with the guild. BTW this is Kitfaid.Aztharoth4 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 <10> <H> Phenomenon <H> <10> Phenomenon is now 13/14 with a 0 percent wipe on garrosh (ouch is correct). We are recruiting a tank and a ranged dps for our core if interested please pst :) my bnet is Tang#1917 - please have cleared most of Soo on normal and have at least 550 ilvl. Hit me up!Detang4 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 The book of heroes page 7 Chaacha was born in the month of the lion and his destiny was sealed in stone the day of his birth, the old druids warned chaacha's father of his fate in the future war with the horde. Born with the name chaacharino his siblings soon started calling him chaacha. Chaacha's father was a master alchemist, being of the old mystery schools his arts made him a rich man. His mother is a relative of treebark the mad, a major figure in druid history even though he still lives some say. When chaacha was 10 his life changed forever, after the defeat of the elf army at vernahall his family had to move to the capital. A few years later he was inducted into the oldest mystery school, not much is known about Azuroth's last survivor's. Having the main element of earth, chaacha's druid powers far surpassed his peers, by the age of 20 he was a well known healer and beyond his time. After 15 years of training and what seemed like a life time of pondering, chaacha was accepted as a citizen of the world and at the age of 25 he was givin his first mission, help a little known mercenary captain named Oakrihydar. The mission was to reinforce a group of rebels who even the king supported, chaacha thought at the time how am i going to help these rebels defend southshore. The first meeting with oakrihydar and chaacha was held in a rotten hovel with cats everywhere, chaacha knew the words of the northern peoples. Chaacha asked oakrihydar what his name was when his own people call his name. Justinblade is my name but in elf words i am oakrihydar. At this point in history a motion was set into place, seeing the plight of the northern peoples war against the horde, chaacha sent his most trusted freind deltron to ask the old ones for help. This is one of many starting points to the war of all wars, the war after the portal. This is the time in history that creates heroes, the war after the portal, the war for humanity. 1/333 history of the great war, after the fall of the portal, heroes number 7Justinblade0 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 WTS Xmog Gear! All of the items should be on the AH. If you are interested and not finding it, please send me mail in-game. Offers accepted via in-game mail as well. I am Horde. Blood Groove Blade of the Bandit Bloodfist Breastplate of the Eagle Bloodfist Gloves of Power Bonechewer Pelt-Girdle of the Falcon Boneshredder Boots of the Bandit Brigade Pauldrons of the Falcon Cabalist Bracers of the Monkey Celestial Kilt of Intellect Clefthoof Wanderboots of the Bandit Conk Hammer of the Eagle Conqueror's Gauntlets of the Beast Councillor's Pants of the Whale Councillor's Shoulders of Intellect Drakesfire Epaulets Elegant Belt of the Eagle Elegant Gloves of the Owl Elegant Mantle of Intellect Elunarian Spaulders Embossed Plate Armor of the Bear Engraved Girdle of the Monkey Exalted Gauntlets of the Bear Exalted Legplates of Strength Exalted Sabatons of the Boar Felstone Reaver of the Eagle Felstone Reaver of the Monkey Field Plate Leggings of the Whale Fierce Mauler of the Eagle Glimmering Mail Pauldrons Glorious Headdress of the Bear Grand Breastplate of Spirit Grand Gauntlets of the Whale Grand Leggings of the Monkey Grand Legguards of the Owl Greenweave Robe of Stamina Helm of the Holy Avenger Hero's Band High Councillor's Cloak of the Owl High Councillor's Mantle of Intellect Hyperion Helm of Fire Resistance Imbued Plate Helmet Impenetrable Breastplate of Agility Infantry Tunic of the Whale Jade Bracers of the Eagle Journeyman's Pants Journeyman's Stave Massacre Sword of the Eagle Merc Sword of the Wolf Mistscape Gloves Mistscape Robe Mystic's Woolies Nightshade Girdle of the Owl Nightshade Gloves of the Owl Nightsky Sash Rageclaw Gloves of the Gorilla Sage's Mantle of the Eagle Sequoia Hammer of Intellect Shattered Hand Sabatons of the Tiger Skettis Helmet of the Invoker Swashbuckler's Breastplate of the Monkey Swashbuckler's Breastplate of the Owl Traveler's Spaulders Tyrant's Epaulets Vital Handwraps of Spirit Warstrike Chestguard Warstrike Sabatons Windchaser FootpadsRavanze0 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 (H)Hots Dots & BodyShots14/14 LF 1DPS & 1HEAL Hots Dots & BodyShots currently recruiting solid players to fill our core 10 man. We are in need of 1 melee dps(Shammy/Warr/Feral/DK) and 1 healer (Druid/Shammy/Monk). Must be 545+ and have the cloak. Raid times are Tuesday 8-11 and Friday 10-1. PST here or ingame @ Fore#1171.Foresíght0 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Crime Watch(10m) recruiting 550+ Rogue/Hunter We raid tues/wed 9:30-12 and sometimes weekends. We are rl friends looking a 550+ rogue/hunter who can be a consistent and competent raider. Be prepared to answer class specific and your wow experience questions. Please reply to thread or send an in game mail to Khrazyhorse. best of luck -KhrazyKhrazyhorse1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Heroic SOO core LF 1 Mage and 1 Tank Perks and Purpz is a 10 man guild, currently 4/14 heroic LF 1 geared and competent mage and a tank (blood dk, gaurdian druid or prot pally) to do some serious progression. Raid days are monday, tuesday, wesneday and thursday 9pm server to 12am server. 550 ilvl min with cloak is required and a good attendance must be kept up. We are a fun group but we are looking to clear heroics this teir. Pst me in game or add Aerrona#1152 for more info.Aerrona3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Arthas Music Thread 7.0 What are you listening to atm. Server is down so might as well do something productive. Pronobozo - Logisticaýncute4 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 <VEX> Area 52 LF tank Who: VEX (Lvl 25), established 3/14/2009 on the Misha server, now resides on the Area 52 server. We are a social-progressive 10 man raiding guild. Our mission is to bring all competent raiders to the level of experience, raid progression, and iLevel that optimizes their enjoyment of the World of Warcraft, while maintaining a solid, social atmosphere. We currently have three teams that are all doing heroic content, Team High Burst is 3/14 H and looking to progress quickly. What: 1 Tank - Pally/DK/Monk Please be ilvl 555+ and similar exp or 560+ with less, we'll teach you the ropes if you don't know, all exceptional players will be considered. When: Fri 10pm - 1am, Sat 9pm - 1am, Sun 9pm - Kill Garrosh (sometimes an hour sometimes 3, depends on how much time we spent on progression the previous nights). Where: Siege of Ogrimmar. Our team rocked the other 2 raid groups in guild last tier but do to attendance issues recently we've had to replace some key members which has us lagging way behind. We're itching to climb back to the top of the dog pile. If you're looking to transfer servers to Area 52, feel like you match up well with these times and ideas and are interested in joining, please let me know. Send me an in game mail (Leggybrunett), add me as a battletag friend (Legs#1398), or reply to this forum post, and I'll be in touch soon. Thanks, LeggyLeggybrunett3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 @Kornflake Your grounded.Kornsmom2 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 (H) Skill recruiting 1 healer, 3/14H SoO Looking for 1 healer to fill our core raid group and push into heroics. 14/14N as thread states, raid nights are 9:00pm-12:00am EST Tues/Thurs. Please respond here or contact me ingame via battletag MasterCypher#1380 if interested.Cipher1 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 <IN TOO DEEP> LFM Weekend Grp 2 <In Too Deep> 14/14 is LFM Raiders for their Weekend Raid Group. We will raid on Sat and Sun from 8 - 10. This is a casual raid environment that will produce results!!! We will assist any members with gear through flex raiding on off raid days (Fri & Mon). If you are interested please send me in game mail with Main and Off Specs and ilvl. Thank you,Gigolodev0 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 [H] Crime Watch recruiting 550+ Rogue/Hunter Crime Watch is made of mostly rl friends. We are 8/14 and raid tues/wed from 9:30-12 server time. We are in need of a 550+ rogue or hunter. Please reply on forums or send in game mail to Khrazyhorse for more information. Be prepared to answer questions about your class and wow experience. -KhrazyKhrazyhorse0 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 LFG Bloodsail Admiral Achieve Level 90 Blood Elf Mage, lookin for some people to grind some goblins for Bloodsail Rep! Hitting Friendly with Bloodsail Buccaneers allows you to purchase pirate clothes and net you the title "Bloodsail Admiral!" :D If interested, let me know, or message me in game!Xirah0 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 [H] Cat/Rogue+Disc+Hunt LF Heroic Progression Howdy, I'm a 561 feral / 544 subtlety rogue looking for a heroic progression guild! Doesn't matter if you're still working on Norushen or whatever level above that, so long as you can down Garrosh on normal, I'm in! I also have a 560+ disc priest & hunter friend who I'd like to raid with if you can squeeze them in! 10 MAN PREFERRED. I get kinda shy in them 25 mans, yeah? I'll raid on either of my characters, and can assure you that I will do optimal dps in whatever gear I may have already or obtain whenever. I know how to hit buttons, and am the sole developer of Claw / Assassin addons found on Curse, used by ferals/rogues around the globe to optimize their dps! Yes, I'm that serious about dps. Yes, I will stand in that puddle to squeeze that extra mangle in. It's okay, I popped a survival cooldown. Quit yelling at me, damnit. Here I said I didn't have logs, okay maybe I do. I can make pretty much any raid time. I live in my mom's basement and don't work, after all! Yes, I realize I have no heroic experience in Siege of Orgrimmar. How am I supposed to obtain experience if I never get the chance to try it in the first place? My battletag is Spy#1955.Spyware7 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 [H] Weekend Raiders searching for more Weekend Raiders is a newly formed casual guild (currently level 18) that is searching for members to fill our 10 man raiding roster. We have abundant leadership experience from previous expansions and are looking to make a go of it in MoP. As of now we are looking for 1 tank 2 ranged DPS and 2 Healers. We would like to request for a modest 500 item level or better and we are more then happy to work with you to improve it up to SoO standards. Our Raid times are 9pm-12am Saturday and 7-10pm Sunday, subject to minor change, (plus or minus an hour) both server time. If these conditions work for you, please feel free to message Tehassassin, Atlas, or Dragontron in game, or leave a reply here on the forums. Thank you in advance for your consideration.Tehâssassin1 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 <Anchor Watch Elite> is starting a raid group Okay so i'll get right to the good stuff, Raid Times: Our raid times will most likely be Tuesdays from 7-10pm and Wednesdays/Thursdays from 7-10:30pm. The Tuesday slot may be bumped up to 10:30, but for now this will probably be our times. Goals: It's a little late in the tier and expansion to really set our sights on server ranked progression, but in the time between now and the launch of Warlords of Draenor I think we can assemble a really good roster of talented raiders. While we work on recruiting a full team, we're going to start running flex mode until we're ready to start normals. It will help everyone get to know eachother and get a sense of what our group will be like come crunch time. The idea is to be running Mythic raids at some point in WoD, and probably dip our toes into heroic SoO before then. Time will tell. At this point we are actiavely considering any person who has some sort of raiding experience outside of LFR. It doesn't matter what era it was from, we only ask that you know what you're doing, how to properly play your place, come prepared to raids, be able to take advice and be able to make our raid times 95% of the time. If you can do all of these things then we would love to have you in the guild. If you have any questions or would like to talk about joining, please respond to this post or contact any of the following people in game: -Adenah -Zebikk -Venthore Or me.Veldoran6 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 Geared Enhance WTB 9/9 gold CM carry 565 enhance, 14 normal soo exp, 2700pvper 2215cr rogue, SO I'M NOT A DERP. I have 2 flex garrosh boa weapons and 2 476 trinks so I have a decent CM set. Basically looking for a 9/9 gold cm carry in which I play my toon. Not going to pay 100k+ especially since I'd be an asset if enhance wasn't subpar for cm/proving grounds. I can only pay to toons on arthas. For questions or offer add me at Vneckqt#1493. Please have a full 9/9 gold exp group so we can knock it out quick.Shambresha0 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 LF 25m raiding guild I have a couple dps that are in need of a 25m core soo spot. I have 9/12 normal exp and am looking to heroics, prefer tues-thurs 9-12+am server.Mesosquishy0 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 <rekindle> selling lvl 25 with decent guild achieves. reply on here or in game for offer/asking priceAvalon3 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 <Virtuous> is recruiting Hello Arthas, <Virtuous> a level 25 guild with 9/14 10m Normal cleared is recruiting for a brand new 25m raiding team. We are currently looking for tanks and healers 540+, but accepting all players and classes. Raid times are currently Tues-Wed, 9-12pm server, and Fri-Sat, 11-2am Server. For more information PST or send In-Game mail to, Filthytrix (Officer), Anonomousity (GM). You can also feel free to check out our guild page for application information at: virtuousarthas.guildportal.comFilthytrix1 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 @rachael ray fight club In dedication to my main man Psycogirl and Reverence.Cutie58 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 [Deleted] [Deleted]Gumio2 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Warrior LF Raiding Guild I am a warrior looking for a serious guild that raids from 2-3 times per week, in order to progress through SoO and Heroics if possible. The catch is I am currently only around the 520 ilvl mark. I currently main protection but would be entirely willing to switch to a dps spec if that was preferred by any who are interested. I have extensive experience raiding progression in WotLK and enjoy the challenge that progression raiding offers. You can contact me at any time through the forums or in-game, my battle tag being: Werfert#1902. Thank you for your consideration.Werfert0 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 buying lvl 20+ guild pst me in game pleaseSohornie0 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Clarity - Recruiting DPS Clarity US - Arthas 8/8 Heroic DS 7/7 HM FL 13/13 T11 Heroic *Server First Heroic Deathwing* *US Rank 57 Overall* *US Rank 20 10 Man* Raid Times Tues / Thurs / Mon - 7:30pm-11:00pm EST Positions Available HEALER - (Druid/Sham) DPS - (Any Class) MUST be GEARED and GOOD. Need Logs for references. Classes with Orange weapons are more then welcome to apply. About Us Clarity is a stable 10 man that was created at the beginning of the Cataclysm expansion. It consists of 5 RL friends and people who we have played with over the years. How to apply Do one of the following: - Apply to Clarity: - Contact the following players in game: Netherflame, Jumpshot - Post a reply with your informationJumpshots27 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Blood DK LF PvE Guild on Alliance!! As the title says. Currently 511 iLvL and rising. Coming back from a break so am a little behind on content!Darnaton2 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 looking for solid pvp guild/players on Arthas Hello I was just looking for either A) an invite to a real pvp guild or B) some on-realm xp'd players for arena. I haven't been playing much serious arena due to friends quitting and such so I'm looking to network some new partners, and looking for RBG opportunities. btag is Delirium#1373 if anyone is interested. I prefer people on Arthas. I'm ~2100 xp in arena from last season, and 1900CR in rbgs this season purely from PUGs. Thanks.Arenhel0 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 LF Server Xfer and PvP Guild I'm about to upgrade to MoP and I'm interested in transferring to an Eastern Time Zone PvP server. What do you guys think of Arthas? Is the community solid? Is the Horde-Alliance ratio balanced? Is world PvP still alive and are there any active PvP guilds?Maldoror3 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 542 Disc Priest LF Guild I'm looking for a guild that raids regularly any night but Tuesday and weekends. How is it that every guild raids on Tues nights? I'd prefer a guild that's making progression through normal and wants to at least eventually try heroics. 10 or 25 man is fine. My offspec is Shadow, but I really only use that for dailies and the like, but even that's rare. May be convinced to go Holy, but have very little experience with it. I raided regularly back in WoTLK days, but took a long break during Cata. I was Pally tank back then, but wanted to do something different. I have experience in all SoO fights except Garrosh, because I didn't want to beat him on LFR. Feels cheap that way... Want to feel like I earned it. So that's why I haven't done Garrosh yet. Anywho, long story. Feel free to message me in game on Wicht. Hopefully there's a guild out there that will fit my schedule :) Thanks for looking!Wicht1 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 [H] [10] <Aperture Laboratories> LFM... still Aperture Laboratories is a relatively kind of not really new casual raiding guild looking for more members. Although we haven't done much of the current content as of 5.3, this is due to a lack of (mostly) dps, which frankly I do not understand. BACK IN MY DAY YOU HAD TO HOLD BACK THE DPS THERE WERE SO MANY DPS APPLYING TO EVERYTHING. Anyway, thus far we've assembled an almost complete group of seemingly competent people that have all demonstrated an ability to bring something important to the table, which is super mega awesome. We're Currently Recruiting: Tanks: We actually have two tanks already (although one of these might go MIA), but I like to have not only the minimum amount of required tanks. Our MT is pretty cool, you can talk to him and make a cool people tank group or something idc. WE WANT YOU, TANKS! DPS: Basically any kind. Although we have a few DPS already it's always good to have more than one of each kind because of missing raids and whatnot. WE WANT ALL OF YOU, PEOPLE WHO DON'T REALLY HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO MUCH ASIDE FROM PRESSING NUMBERS IN A PRESET ORDER WHO FOLLOW MECHANICS SOMETIMES! Healers: Mainly in need of resto druid/monk/priest/(what other classes heal?). Need one more to complete the "healing group". We are cooler than everyone else - there will be benefits. Requirements for joining this thing I'm talking about: There are basically no gear requirements for joining, however if you intend to raid with us frequently, reasonably good gear (i.e. 480+) is the requirement. However, competence is definitely required and you have to demonstrate the ability to do things and contribute positively to the team or you will not go. Title for this section: ____________________________________________________________________________ The main goal of Aperture Laboratories is to be able to provide a laid back/relaxed casual raiding experience will still moving through current content. What I mean by this, is that we hope to have a raid team that is able to move through current content without the raid leads having to yell at people and exclaim rude things about their mothers in order to get performance. We believe that with reasonable positive encouragement and fun time environments it will be super good or something oh gawd what am I even typing at this point this is such bull!@#$ and oh damn WHO IS EVEN READING THIS well hopefully a lot of people actually because the goal is to foster a reasonably sized community that can do things and also potential recruits will look here which is great because we need a few people. ____________________________________________________________________________ TLDR: Recruiting all roles for casual raiding, need mostly dps but everything is welcome as a backup of some kind, etc. We're maybe cool, I can't say because I'm biased, but the officers have experience doing some nifty raiding things. Be our friends, please. If interested post below, or contact Amphiaraus/Gannar/Werumensium. THANKS FOR LETTING ME CLOG UP YOUR FORUMS ARTHAS, HUZZAH TO ARTHAS! Edit: Raid times have changed: Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm Server (Eastern) Time.Amphiaraus15 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 <Valiant Exiles> PVP/RBG recruitment. <Valiant Exiles> PVP/RBG VE is recruiting all PVP players and RBG team members. We're starting with low MMR and hope to push higher and have fun skull bashing along the way. Vent(For RBGs) and a friendly attitude are required. Feel free to Contact me here or In-game. RBG times start friday 8pm server time. Hope to see some new faces! <Valiant Exiles> is a friendly and helpful guild. We accept all friendly players, new or old. Whisper any member of the guild for an invite.Breña3 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Looking for PvP Server for WoD Hello all. I'm a returning player to WoW. I'll be bringing over several friends from other games to play WoD, all of which are big pvp fans and are excited about world pvp. I'm looking for a server that has a competitive H v A population, instead of one side just rolling the other all the time, and is also in a decent battle group. How is this server? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!Keithstone1 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Selling Shadowmourne Items Got everything if anyone wants it send me a tell kakashirogue#1778Kakashi0 Dec 2, 2013
Nov 30, 2013 WTB Inscribe Kit Looking to buy a 1-600 inscribe kit, or 1-525. Mail me in-game. ThanksZalten0 Nov 30, 2013
Nov 30, 2013 Mythological (Horde) recruiting for 10m. MYTHOLOGICAL 10-Man; Raid Progression (SoO) - 9/14 MYTHOLOGICAL is currently seeking like minded raiders looking for a quality raid experience with a lower time commitment. We focus on a weekend raiding schedule that caters to people with busy IRL committed work weeks. Our guild is primarily an adult community that focuses on having fun, killing bosses, and playing WoW on our own terms. I guess we would label ourselves "casual," but with a strong commitment towards progression within the allotted time frame. We are not a large guild, and we don’t recruit for bench spots so all recruits are for core positions. Attendance, is expected to be high. We feature one ten man raid team. We raid from 10AM - 1:30PM EST every Saturday and Sunday. We also supply enchants, flask, food and repairs. We currently have 2 open raiding position(s) in our core group. We are somewhat flexible with the class (eying two DPS positions with one DPS having a possible healing offspec) - but, we are looking for someone with a strong grasp of their class and knowledge of all current Pandaren content. If you like what you’ve read, please apply at the following site: You may also msg “Manah” in game. Again, raid times are 10AM-1:30PM EST every Saturday and Sunday. Thank you.Vindiseasel4 Nov 30, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 Experienced Raider LF SoO progression guild 561 survival hunter, 14/14 normal experience. I'm looking for a serious progressing guild (pref. 10man) that raids more than 2 days a week and is consistent. I have vent, raidcall, and mumble. I have absolutely no life so I'm always available and reliable. I come prepared with my own !@#$, I don't need my hand held. Whisper me or mail me in-game (Â = alt 0194 ë = alt 0235)Ângël1 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 WTB jewelcrafting leveling guide. mail me your price, looking for a 1-600 leveling kit.Tietoso0 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 WTB enchanting lvling kit. mail me price.Elfwrath0 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 Tank/RET PvPer LF GUILD THAT IS BOTH PVP/PVE Took a break from WoW. I am a Active player that wants to play PvP and PvE in a Competitive and Friendly environment. I have an MiC and Common sense. Thanks for your time.Sohornie4 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 Arms Warrior LF RBG group Looking for a dedicated RBG group, one that will push rating eventually and not suck hader then a well paid asian prostitute while doing it. Sick of these Yolo rbg bull!@#$ groups on Oque and after a failed 3 days of trying, posting this here.Nikkirhoads0 Nov 29, 2013