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48s [H] (Barthilas) - WildCard LF Range WildCard is founded by a collection of different mythic progression/cutting edge guild members, who value team work and performance. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable raiding environment for serious and casual players, while consistently clearing all mythic content in a respectable time frame. WildCard strives to offer a fun and social environment for all our members, while also maintaining a methodical and efficient raiding experience in order to achieve Cutting edge each tier. Our raid leaders are extremely active players who heavily research to help prepare for upcoming encounters, ensuring our valuable raid time is well spent. The guild’s atmosphere is laidback and social, raiding is not supposed to feel like a chore! Raid Schedule: Core Nights: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Server Time - AEST (GMT +10) Current Recruitment Needs: - x1 Range DPS If your spec isn't in our recruitment needs as we are willing to take in any exceptional player regardless of their spec! In our spare time, we enjoy m+, alts, other games, and chatting in discord. If you want to be a part of a fun group of people that also gets stuff done then Wildcard could be for you! Discord Link: GM // Siv#11800 Officer // dreamiix#1746 Officer // kinggero#1351Jaayo33 48s
8m [H] TYRANTS recruiting 1 healer and RDPS Hi all. Recruiting a few more players for our mythic side. We need 1 more healer pref resto druid or monk but will consider other applicants. Also need a few more range dps. Raid nights are wed/thur/mon - times are 9-12ST. We provide a positive raiding atmosphere with a semi serious attitide to progression. Our guild has consistently cleared mythic content pre nerf and achieved many top server 10-15s. Add Bellski#11465 to chat more.Bellfulgur0 8m
10m [H] <Conclude> New Zealand Guild Conclude is an early evening raiding guild to fit New Zealand times, and early Australian raiders. We have been around since early Nighthold, and continued all throughout Legion, ending with 5/11 Mythic Antorus. We plan on pushing deep into mythic progression during BfA, currently recruiting all DPS classes (excluding warrior) Our times include: Wednesday: 8pm NZ - 10:30pm NZ (6pm Server time-8:30pm ST) Thursday: 8pm NZ - 10:30pm NZ (6pm Server time-8:30pm ST) Monday (Optional): 8pm NZ - 10:30pm NZ (6pm Server time-8:30pm ST) Add our B.tags below for an invite! Lead on BigMickeyCee#2526 Galtak on Galtak#1500Galtak1 10m
1h WBSH don't like you here we are, on Barthilas Forums, in 2018. firstly, what are you doing with your life still playing wow? secondly, don't worry- I ask myself this every day thirdly, <When Bored Smash Horde> is here for Battle for Wazeroth and we are down to get dirty with some world PvP and generally causing trouble fourthly, the Horde sucks, lets be honest, sylvanas is evil and whether you're a poncy elf-lover or a 'noble' savage orc, you're still following her and you can't talk your way out of it fifthly, pray you don't run into us on Kul'tiras or Zandalar or any other randomly added island because we (WBSH) will kill you, and probably teabag you thanks for readingCreeks28 1h
3h [H] Holy Priest LFGuild Hey, I'm looking for a chill +10 heroic/myth progression guild. Experience; Vanilla (all content- (50%naxx)) BC (all content- (25% Sunwell)) Wrath (all content- (server first H LK)) Cata (all content) (Oceanic firsts in SWTOR & WildStar) Nyur#1540 for more info. Cheers.Nyuro3 3h
12h [H] <Paint> is Recruiting <Paint> is a group of long time raiders, Focusing on getting the most out of our raid times each week. If you are looking for a welcoming guild of fun individuals then you may of found your home. Recruiting: Seeking enthusiastic raiders Raid Times: We're on a three day progression schedule. Wednesday: 6:30 PM -10:00 PM Thursday: 6:30 PM -10:00 PM Monday: 6:30 PM -10:00 PM Expectations: Show up on time, ready for the first pull. be as active as your feel comfortable the more you give the more you get. <Paint> is looking into getting into mythic raiding again this expansion so know your class as well as the content. Contact Information: Speedyplague#6146Mïttïes1 12h
16h <War Criminals> Semi-HC Recruiting for BFA <F I L T H> Frostmourne [A] recently have moved to Barthilas [H] and are now recruiting for BFA <War Criminals> is a semi-hardcore guild looking to further our Mythic progression in BFA. We take progression seriously and when it's time to get down to serious business we get things done. But we know when to relax and make fun of the guy who ate the cleave/breath/fell off the platform. We're aiming for consistent, swift improvement from our members and it shows in our performance. Every night we see a noticeable increase in the quality of play from the team. We want excellent people to raid with, both in execution, skill, and as quality people to spend our time with. If you're looking for a guild who will get things done quickly in a fun environment and is always striving to improve then <War Criminals> is the place for you. We're willing to give any skilled player a trial. Progression 9/11 (M) Antorus, the Burning Throne (Guild took a break on aggramar prog and decided to wait until legion to reform 9/9 (M) Tomb of Sargeras Recruitment Tanks - All classes. Healers - Druid/Priest/Shaman All exceptional players. Schedule Wednesday 8:00–11:00 Thursday 8:00–11:00 Sunday 8:00–11:00 Contact Angrypeon - Angryzz#1710 Hyva - Sixbeast#1472 If you have any questions then feel free to contact an officer. To apply for a position visit our website: 16h
20h <Zombies On Your Lawn> Heroic Recruiting! <Zombies On Your Lawn> is a heroic raiding guild on Barthilas Horde. ZOYL is a fun, friendly, relaxed heroic raiding guild that provides an enjoyable raiding atmosphere. The guild was formed in MoP and has been the home for many skilled players over the past few years. We want all raiders to enjoy interacting with the guild and having fun doing mythic plus, random LFRs, old achievement raids and alt runs in off time. While still progressing at a decent speed on raid nights. Raid Days / Times - Weds/Thurs/Sund, 7:00pm - 10:00pm Server Time (GMT+10 - Sydney time) - We have alot of NZ players also for you kiwi's out there! We understand that sometimes things come up and you cant make a raid for whatever reason which is completely understandable =) we just ask that you let us know in advance if possible. Recruiting all at the moment, many players in guild are able to fill spots so letting people play whatever their preference is at the moment and fill the last few positions. Tank, We run a 10-15 man close knitted roster, we just need a few more people to solidify raids for BFA. Casuals or those that can only make some raids are also welcome for just hanging out or doing mythic+ or something! =) If you feel you would fit into our guild please do not hesitate to contact any of our officers in game. Lanthaelans - Sinzz#1496 - Co-GM / Raid Leader Deanne - Dianne#11863 - Guild LeaderLanthaelans7 20h
20h [H] <Dopamine> NZ/AU Barthilas LF MW/Warlock. Name: Dopamine Faction: Horde Server: Barthilas Planned Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 6:30PM - 9:30PM AEST. Objective: To achieve the best possible result, clearing content prior to the release of the next tier and doing so in a timely manner. Dopamine was founded with our goal in mind, we are searching for quality folks who share the same passion and desire to make this a reality. Outside of schedule raiding, we'll be doing M+ and PvP on off nights. We're very sociable and enjoy hanging out in Discord talking about all sorts of various things, you'll always find someone around to have a chat with. Strictly adults only, no drama. While we aim to keep a calm, social environment make no mistake we are serious and will be pushing hard in BFA. Recruitment is only open for select roles at this stage for our raid team however we are happy to accept casual players, players interested in M+ and PvP and those looking for a forever home. What we're looking for: Commitment to the guild and the raid schedule. Fully prepared and ready to go with all consumables, knowledge of the encounters and have the required addons (i.e DBM etc.) Prior raiding experience is essential, returning players encouraged. A clear understanding of your class, role and mechanics. A second raiding character (this is NOT mandatory however will be favoured.) Able to use Discord and communicate if required. Be a team player and always bring a positive and friendly attitude. If this sounds like you and the kind of home you want to be apart of please do not hesitate to contact us. We do have a short form you can complete if you wish: Alternatively, we can be contacted directly via BattleTag and a Discord chat can be arranged. GM: Shelby (SHELBY#11719) Officer: Talimaka (LordFabbyFab#1567)Shelby42 20h
20h [H] <COMMEND ME> 1 Day Mythic Raiding Guild <COMMEND ME> is a Mythic focused raiding guild looking for highly skilled players to raid once a week. Our current raid schedule is Sunday - 6:30 to 10:30 SVT About us Our guild first formed in Mists of Pandaria with a small community/group of friends that have been gaming together for over a decade. We've played every expansion since but recently transferred to Barthilas from Thaurissan-Dreadmaul due to low realm population. In SoO, Highmaul and EN we maintained top 5~ realm progression as a 3 day a week raiding guild. Why you should join Our group is highly inclusive for people willing to put the time and effort to raid and do content with us. If our expectation of you is you know your class and how to play, then that should be your expectation of us. We're pretty funny too (I think). Even though we're no longer pushing for top realm progression, we're well aware that Heroic is not a satisfying level of difficulty for play. Expect those 4 hours of raid to either be spent efficiently, by either fast clearing Heroic, or progressing through Mythic bosses. Despite raiding only one night a week, expect to be called upon for Mythic+, PvP, Island Expeditions, WQs etc. throughout the week. We like to clear stuff as a group and hang out on Discord, and if you mesh well we'd be happy to have you along with us.What we expect We expect the usual for a mythic progression guild: 340 Ilvl minimum, before the release of raids Mandatory Flasks and Potions for progression Prior knowledge and research of boss mechanics Near-perfect raid attendance (we raid one night a week, so if you don't turn up to a raid night without any notice, expect to not return the following week)Message Icefraud, Phlipper or Traveller in-game for a chat and further informationIcefraud1 20h
1d [H] Druid/Priest/Lock/Hunter LFG Guild Hey! I'm coming back to the game after several years hiatus and am looking for a guild that regularly runs dungeons and premade bg's. I have a 120 lock atm and working on my other toons, still not sure who I want to main yet, thinking lock or priest though. I prefer a relaxed guild that enjoys raiding and progression without the long hours or mandatory participation. I'm in my 30's so would prefer to join a guild of older players. I'm trying to get my husband to play too so he will be joining as well if he decides to play. Right now I just want to level and gear up with some new friends. ^_^Nétero2 1d
1d Balance Druid lf mythic guild. Have exp Returning player looking for a guild to do Myhic+ with and raid with in BFA. Raid Experience: 13/13M exp HFC - Cutting Edge 7/7M exp EN - Cutting Edge 3/3M exp ToV - Cutting Edge 4/9M exp NH - Ahead of the Curve 1/9 M exp ToS - Ahead of the Curve 6/11M exp AtBT - Ahead of the Curve (Got mythic Aggramar down) *Some achievements are located on my other account* Around the time of NH coming out I had some IRL stuff come up and had to take a break from the game. With Battle for Azeroth here i wanted to get back into and find a guild to either raid with or to do mythic+ with or both. Have mostly experience with healers, however have decided I would like to play dps again in Battle for Azeroth and main a Balance Druid. Battletag: Cata#11504 Discord: Cata#7989 Feel free to add my btag or discord to have a chat!Catourish0 1d
1d [H] Build Trumps Wall Mythic Raiding <Build Trumps Wall> is a Mythic focused raiding guild on Barthilas - US. With consistent improvements across tiers, we have proven that raiding numerous hours is not required to stay competitive or stable regionally. However to sustain that competitive edge and stability, we are always on the lookout for potential additions to the roster. We welcome healthy competition and value activity/capability within a role as one of the strongest aspects in a player. Recruiting: Seeking 2 RDPS, a WW monk/Enh Sham and a healer to finish our roster. Raid Times: We're on a three day progression schedule. Wednesday: 7:30 PM -10:30 PM Thursday: 7:30 PM -10:30 PM Sunday: 7:30 PM -10:30 PM Expectations: Applicants and raiders are expected to maintain close to 95% attendance during all progression content. It is also expected that applicants have a strong understanding of their class and it's various roles. It should be evident that you are putting forth maximum effort in both improving your characters effectiveness and your own performance both in and out of raid. Contact Information: Vertigo#1206 Omgfreecake#1325Omgfreecake2 1d
1d 11/11M [H] Falconwing Square <Falconwing Square> ... About Us ... Progression ... Raid Times ... If you are interested apply at 1d
1d [H] <Pug Party> Recruiting <Pug Party>, formed by some mythic raiding veterans is recruiting to fill out our roster for BFA mythic content. We love to joke around and have fun but still clear content in a reasonable amount of time. Raid Times We raid 3 days a week, 7.30pm - 10.30pm server time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A lighter schedule will be used after progression is over each tier. Currently Recruiting Healers Ranged DPS Any other exceptional applicants will be considered. We also run a lot of M+ outside of raid time as well as play other games. If you're interested pm me or one of the officers on AyV#11831, Darkflare#6399 or TeT#11495.Ayv8 1d
2d [H] Priest/Monk and Priest LFG!! Hi all, I'm a long time experienced raider coming back to the game after stopping halfway through Nighthold, and my partner and I are looking for a guild. My main is currently a 330 Shadow Priest, but I'm also leveling a WW Monk with my girlfriend (who is also a shadow priest). We're looking for a guild that raids 2 nights per week, ideally Sunday/Monday or Sunday/Tuesday, in the range of 7-10pm. We're also looking for a guild with a bit of community. Would prefer a group that isn't just log on at raid time and logs off straight after. If you'd like to know more or have any questions, please let me know! We're looking to find a new home soon :)Krimsonmyst0 2d
2d [H] <Stratus> 3-N, LFM M BFA <Stratus> is recruiting for BFA! Stratus is a newly formed guild, composed of 11/11M players who want to push harder in BFA than we did in Legion. We are looking to recruit strong, raid-focused players for mythic raiding in BFA. We raid on a 3-night schedule: Wed / Sun / Mon, 7:30 - 10:30 SVT (AEST). (Though it is likely we'll also be raiding Thursday for the first week of each raid tier.) We are currently looking for: High priority: Healer: Shaman DPS: Warlock Medium priority: DPS: Balance Druid, Priest! *If you play a class that is not listed above, but would still like to apply, please do so, as our recruitment isn't strictly limited to the above classes. **If you play a melee dps, having a ranged alt is a major plus, for those ranged favoured fights. Characteristics of applicants we want applying: Being able to handle criticism. If you make a mistake, chances are it'll be brought up to ensure that it doesn't re-occur. If you get mad during instances like this, you're probably not the right person for Stratus. Focus on continuous self-improvement. We're looking for players who research talent builds for different bosses, sim regularly, and examine logs to see where they should be popping cooldowns or using defensives etc. Attendance is a big factor for us. If you're unable to make a raid we expect to be informed prior to the raid. Although we do know emergencies happen and you may be unable to provide notice, however, if it is a recurring theme then your raid spot may be lost. What Stratus can provide for you: A semi-hardcore raid environment that is aiming to clear content as quickly as possible. Drama-free guild, or as free to as we can get. We're not interested in toxicity. A working raid bench - contact for more information regarding this. To Apply If you're interested in applying, please fill out the small google form below, then contact one of our recruitment guys on BNET: Tum#12559; or Sleepytime#11950.Vechs16 2d
2d [H] <Tedious> Returning for BFA Tedious is a Heroic/Mythic raiding focused guild on Horde Barthilas. The team is built upon working raiders, committed to downing the final boss of each new raid tier. We are currently searching for members ranging from entering the raiding community only recently, to those who have been actively involved since the dawn of World of Warcraft. Raid Tier Progression; Nighthold; 5/10M Tomb of Sargeras; 5/9M Antorus the Burning Throne; 2/11M Raid times: 6:30pm-8:30pm on Thursday and Sunday (WaST) Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Being that the guild had a massive break and we lost valued members we are currently seeking all players who wish to have an easier raiding schedule, The guild is very upkeep and Organised when it comes to raiding and can be beneficial when coming to Real life situations! What else we offer: PvP; We are trying to take a step into the pvp part of things in wow to have some more ground of what end game can be in other aspects! Mythic Dungeons; We have created a Mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through Warcraft to be better and to hit harder! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up 15 mins prior to set raid time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of members that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism - BANTER contact: Recruitment Officer - Besieged#1927 We look forward to hearing from you!Rektgrim17 2d
3d LF 1 night/week Heroic Guild Hi All, Looking for a 1 night/week guild that aims to clear heroic. Currently leveling a shadow/disc priest but will be able to fill any eventual spot due to my horde of toons. Any 1 nighters out there?Hydroxia0 3d
3d <Celestial> - Barthilas horde <Celestial> We are an Australian guild located on Barthilas horde looking for high quality players to fill positions for our mythic raid team in the upcoming BFA expansion. Our current members have a solid background in raiding, with experience throughout various expansions with top oceanic guilds. Although we are new, we want to build something special and we have the drive to do so. The raid times that we would like to start with in BFA are 8:00-11:00pm Server Time (AEST) on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Our current team consists of cutting edge raiders that have achieved highly in the current expansion, completing 7/7 M EN, 3/3M ToV, 9/9M ToS and 11/11M Antorus. Attendance and Punctuality If you sign up, show up! People have lives we understand that. Not everyone can follow a 3 day raid schedule consistently and that is okay, this does not mean you can't join this guild and can't raid with us casually, as life can pull mean and cruel stunts on people. However, if you have the intention of maintaining a core mythic position within this guild, we do expect you to attend! Please always tell an officer if you are going to be away with a few days notice, the more notice you can provide it would be greatly appreciated. Preparation If you can do what you signed up to do, come to raids with a good attitude and a head on your shoulders you will do well. We do expect you to do your research for fights and ensure you know how to play your class, especially with the forthcoming changes to classes in BFA. Although we want to take a serious approach to raiding we are by no means unrealistic, always bring your best banter! Attitude This is by no means a G rated guild, we love good banter. Having a good chat between pulls is a great way to learn who you’re raiding with but we expect you to keep it clear during fights. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. We want to keep a non-toxic mature environment full of the best bants on barth. You will always be warned before any action is taken, assuming you are mature enough to know if you’ve done something wrong this should never happen. Accept responsibility for your own mistakes. Nothing is worse than when someone makes a mistake, they know they made a mistake, and they don’t own up to it. Let us know, if you don’t tell us what happened we can’t fix it. If it’s something dumb all you have to do is say “I did something dumb”! Guess what we all do it! Overall, we NEED players who have a passion for the game, a drive for progression, a want to learn and to be involved and also have the ability to take on constructive criticism. There's no I in Team, help us to help you further progress the group. Currently recruiting Healers Mistweaver Monk DPS Demon Hunter (High priority) Rogue (High priority) Spriest (High priority) Shaman Warlock Boomy/Feral If you’re interested in a position and want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact: GM Mzsunday#6226 - Ãngeloid Officer Ssjsalmon#1675 - Accuracybad Officer Hygeia#11189 - DayfallÃngeloid10 3d
3d {H} TENACIOUS are recruiting!! Hello all you fabulous horde lads and ladettes. Tenacious is looking to recruit able bodied, active DPS to flesh out our core raid team for BFA. We are also on the look out for a dedicated off tank or backup tank. Like to raid? We got ya covered.. What about Mythics? Sure thing, Mythic + too! Old content for poops n giggles? We can make that happen! We currently raid 7-10pm Sunday and 8.30-010.30pm Monday nights. We are a new guild but growing steadily and we have a great mix of new players, returning players and veterans. We aim for a relaxed but focused raid environment that's inclusive, friendly, filled with some good banter and ultimately gets content down within a reasonable timeframe. If this sounds like something youd like to be a part of please message one of our guildies in game or add KittyKat#1855. Enjoy your gaming time!Crèanath1 3d
3d Executiepie Hi all, I'm trying to get into contact with Executiepie - level 90 BE warrior who was playing on barthilas back in MOP. If you happen to read this or anyone who knows how I could get in contact with them, could you please mail me at this character or add on discord - kevin#5083Berin0 3d
3d LF active Alliance Guild Any active Alliance Guild in Barthilas ? For the Alliance, flubearFlubear1 3d
4d [H] Arms Warrior LF Guild Hi, just recently transferred to Barthilas and in search for a new home. Looking for a semi-casual guild that runs Mythic dungeons. I'll also be interested raiding Heroic/Mythic raids in the future, depending on your schedule. Currently iLvl 315 looking to get close to 340. I'm chill and know my class well, I'm confident in my ability to play all 3 specs if required. Avid Pvper keen for some 3s or RBGs when the season starts. Can add me on Evexx#1478. Thanks for reading.Jaetime0 4d
4d [H] TankFase Looking for friends Ello, Was wondering if there is any guilds with a bunch of 120s doing wqs/dungeons/end game content that wouldn't mind a tank looking for the same? Not looking for raiding just yet but it's a goal in the future. Hit me up Cheers!Erisselia1 4d
4d Lf friendly guild Hey guys im currently looking for a casual raiding guild that mainly will be doing H but am open to the idea of also doing mythic in the future also looking for an environment that has players willing to do all kinds of content like pvp, war fronts etc shoot me a msg on my btag Bubbles#1316 :) (19M)Fekza0 4d
4d Priest LF Guild! Long time WoW player but new Priest main looking for a guild to raid and gear with. Will mostly be playing Shadow but can be flexible and play all specs reliably. Horde only guilds please. Preferably a later raid start time also. (9PM server) Thanks! Add me on if you want to discuss. Zyr#11158Ytar0 4d
5d [H] <Valid> H/M Guild Recruiting <Valid> is a new guild made up of veteran and new players alike, hoping to bolster our ranks with some solid players interested in a more casual raid environment for BFA. With progression in mind, we are understanding that real life takes precedence and that sometimes, things get in the way of a video game. When we aren't raiding we are either running M+, hunting achievements, playing other games or breathing. Mostly though we just talk crap in discord. At this stage we're aiming for Heroic progression and following that, Mythic prog. Our raid schedule for BFA is as follows: > Friday / Sunday > 7:30pm - 11:30pm - Server Time AEST (GMT+10) Potential spots to be filled: > Healer - Shaman > Ranged - Mage, Warlock, Balance Druid > Melee - DH/Monk All roles/exceptional players considered & social players welcome. So if you're interested in joining, hit one of us up in game. See you in game! Contact: GM // blame#11778 Officer // kira#6502Hepl6 5d
5d [H] <Blue Label> Barth - LFM for BFA Hello Barth! After a bit of a hiatus from WoD, we have decided to come back for BFA more focused to clear fast but with a lighter schedule. Blue Label is an end game raiding guild has been around since the Burning Crusade and has been raiding since till Warlords where we took a break. Now with the core back, we are currently looking for more for BFA. Raid Times: 8:30pm to 12am (GMT+10 – AEST – Server Time) on Wednesday, Thursday, Monday With Sunday as an optional day for heroic and such. Currently Recruiting: 1x Mistweaver Monk 1x Warrior 1x Demon Hunter 2x of either Hunter/Shadow Priest/Balance Druid Any class not listed will still be considered If you are interested, please add btag hanul#6440 or kizuu#1770 for a chat. Thanks!Hanull1 5d
5d [H] TRIBO GMT +8 Raiding Guild < Tribo > has been a progression raiding guild for 10+ years and currently reside on Barthilas [Horde]. Our member base varies from Southeast Asia and Western Australia, with a few hailing from the US and Canada. Currently seeking quality players to fill out our raid roster and Mythic+ runs for BFA. Previous Tiers: 9/11M Antorus 6/9M ToS 10/10M NH 3/3M ToV - Cutting edge 7/7M EN - Cutting edge Tribo's first and foremost focus is 20m Mythic Raiding, 3 hours per night 3 nights a week on : Wed, Thurs, and Sun from: 10:30pm - 1:30am AEST 8:30pm - 11:30pm Perth/Singapore/Malaysia/HK Looking for all skilled players ALL Quality applicants will be considered, regardless of class! If you are one of the above, please submit your application here: If you have any questions you can direct them to any officers Poh#1583 Jenn#1916 Charsnar#1272 Jakiee#1461 Rapthefro#1218Sustandivo18 5d
5d [H] Restoration Druid LF Mythic Guild Hey guys, i'm currently trying to find a new home for my main! I have quiet a high amount of raid experience. In legion i mained a Rogue and cleared mythic content of each tier (can provide logs and proof). I have also raided at mythic level in other expansions. This time around I've decided to go back to my roots and main my druid and i am looking for a guild to take me in :) You can add me for further information or just for a chat if you're interested! Battletag: Jinx#13204Jinxqt0 5d
5d <Log Horizon> Fun 2 night Raiding Guild Barth Horde - <Log Horizøn> This guild was made from a small group of friends who just want to get content done, I wouldn’t consider us casual, nor semi hardcore. We are that sweet spot in between. We are a good mix of fun and professional. We like a mature, drama free and a relaxed raiding environment. Not worrying to much about what is flavor of the month in terms of numbers and or raid comps, play what you want! But in saying that, we do like to complete content with little stress since some of us don't have a lot of time in the week for progression. So depending on the numbers we get, we will focus on Heroic clears rather than stretching ourselves thin trying to get a solid 20 and since it’s a new group I plan to take things slowly and not stress too much in the beginning. We plan to continue to push Mythic keys and you will find a group with us pretty easily through out the week. As well as plans to do the new content like island expeditions and warfronts, with some of us having a love for PvP outside of raid times. At this stage we aim to raid Wednesday and Friday nights. and try to be GMT+8 and +10 friendly with raid times being 10.30pm to 12.30am ST (EST). Looking for all classes and specs to fill our ranks. New expansion hype! Come join <Log Horizøn> Feel free to contact myself through my tag if you are interested - Bewm#11753Bewm2 5d
5d -DELETED- -deleted-Faelira0 5d
6d New Zealand Guild <Conclude> Horde 11/11 AoTC New Zealand Guild <Conclude> Barthilas PvP Oceanic 11/11 AOTC 4/11 Mythic Wed Thur Aus/NZ 6pm to 8.30pm Server Time / 8pm to 10.30pm NZ Time Mythic Ready DPS and Healers for Antorus Prog. We are looking for Mythic Ready Raiders to fit into our 4/11 Progression, not people who need to farm Heroic to get to Mythic. DPS/Healer who and Flex Specs and have BiS Legos etc that can do prog on either spec. Warlocks. If your a New Zealander/Oceanic Player looking for a decent prog guild then give me a message in game: ChrisNZ09#1353 Thanks, Christopher. Casual Oceanic Players Welcome Too.Cynetik140 6d
Aug 13 Tank LF Guild for BFA Experienced raider looking to find myself a home for BFA, as current guild doesnt have a spot for me. for more info, hit me up Souseikisama#6144Kelsìer2 Aug 13
Aug 13 11/11M Lock LF Mythic Guild, Logs Inside Hi, I'm looking for a Mythic Guild on Barth for BFA. I'd prefer a 2-day group if possible. I have raided pretty extensively in the past, particularly in Legion. I achieved Cutting Edge in NH on rogue and in Antorus on WW monk. I was not able to raid ToS because I was moving. I have usually mained lock, but I was not a fan of the Legion iteration which is why I spent time raiding on other classes! If you're looking for a warlock for BFA and you have had reasonably good progress in the past, please contact me - I'd love to talk! Bismark#11729, thanks!Proudmom1 Aug 13
Aug 13 [H] Maelstrom W+Th 9pm-12ST LFM Hello! Maelstrom are looking for Core raiders to join us for BfA. Our raid times suit +8GMT players, or those who stay up late AEST, to play after the kids have gone to bed. The heart of our guild is a made up of a laid back bunch of mostly mature Aussies, who like to have a laugh, try not to take things too seriously, but are diligent about maintaining our characters and striving to improve our raid performance. Most of us are mid-twenties and over. We try to give each other a helping hand, but also expect you to ultimately take the initiative in maintaining your character. Our aim as a guild and raid team is to have fun, yet clear heroic and then mythic content efficiently on a 2 night schedule. To achieve this we expect Core raiders to: ⦁ Have as close to 100% attendance as possible ⦁ Let us know well in advance if you can't make a raid ⦁ Keep up to date on your class, strive to improve ⦁ Show up to raid early, know fights, and have consumables on hand ⦁ Can-do attitude, happy to switch specs/roles, or sit if needed ⦁ Communicate, listen to advice ⦁ Support guild activities outside of raiding Raid Times: Wed: 9pm-12 ST Thur: 9pm-12 ST Core Recruitment: Melee: ⦁ WW (with MW OS) Ranged: ⦁ Hunter ⦁ Ele ⦁ Boomie (with Resto) ⦁ Warlock We intend to add a night or two for Alt/Casual raiding. Dates to be decided when Uldir comes around. Come join us - whether you're a Mythic Keystoner, Alt/Casual raider, social player, or leveller. Friends and family welcome. Contact: Co-GM's/Officers: Ash: Ash#14753 Asmo: Asmodean#11126 Daff: Daffodil#6348Valyri3 Aug 13
Aug 12 [H] <Moist> 6/11M ABT Recruiting for BFA <Moist> is a semi-hardcore PVE guild. We're looking to complete the most difficult raid content on a 2 night raid schedule, and want like-minded raiders who can enjoy a fun but competitive raiding environment. We have decided to restructure the guild, we now have 1 GM, 4 Officers and 1 Raid Leader. Information: ------------------------------ Progression: ABT 6/11M ToS 6/9M NH 9/10M ToV 2/3M EN 7/7M HFC 13/13M Realm: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Personal Loot (Due to BFA) Voice Platform: Discord Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Optional night - Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (first few weeks of new content only) Sunday Night: Alt Runs / PVP Nights (Optional) Recruitment: Healers: (Shaman/Paladin/Priest/Monk) Ranged DPS: Warlock/Ele Sham/Boomkin/Priest Melee DPS: Rogue / Warrior All other interested raiders are encouraged to apply as well, and exceptional players always considered! Contact: Guild Master: Thunda - Tank Officer: Squid - Squirtlsquid#11356 Healing Officer: Sollaar - Sollaar#6990 DPS Officers Blytz - Blytzkrieg#6203 / Shieldmon - Siffu335#6170Sollaar27 Aug 12
Aug 12 [H] Barcode Recruiting for M+ and Raid BFA!! Hello and Welcome everyone! Barcode is not just a guild but a community for horde based in Barthilas looking to recruit members for mythic+ dungeons and Mythic raiding in BFA, we have an experienced core who did high mythic+ dungeons in legion and mythic raiding as well. All core members used to be based in FM alliance but we decided it's time for a switch! Currently in hunt for one healer "prefer pally" and few RDPS spots left for our 20 Raid roster 1. We are based in Australia and our time zone is +10 GMT (Sydney) 2. Server preference: Barthilas 3. Faction preference: For the HORDE! 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual 5. We Raid on Wednesday and Thursday 7:30Pm-10:30PM +10GMT 6. We do mythic+ everyday, core team aim for at least 7 per day. 7. Contact info: Our discord 8. We used to be an alliance so nothing much of logs will show on my end, but if you're looking to search my main character name is "Come" on frostmourne. My guild was top 3 on oceanic when we were doing mythic Nighthold and I was one of the top druid tanks as well. More information about our guild could be found in our discord, feel free to contact me there regarding any questions. Thank you.Admonlog7 Aug 12
Aug 12 LFM Oceanic M+ Community <No Raids Allowed> Hey all, Looking for good players who aren't toxic to come join our Oceanic M+ Community. The plan is to run 1 Heroic clear a week to get Azerite peices etc and rest of the time have a pool of good players forming and running keys whenever xD (possibly scheduled if the demand for it is there) So, if you want to push keys and aren't a douchebag message/mail me in game. So far we have too many tanks and healers so.. make of that what you will To join you should have at some point in Legion been comfortable in 20+ keys See you soon xD SquishSquishý1 Aug 12
Aug 12 [H] Veteran Prot/Ret looking for a new home Hey All, I've recently moved to Barthilas recently after years in Khaz'Goroth. I'm looking to raid in BFA and would prefer a mythic level guild (5 or 6 done in current content). I primarily play my Paladin (Prot or Ret, I'm easy. Haven't healed since sunwell.) and can happily level and gear alts as required to bring to raid. About me as a player: Previously a cutting edge raider in TBC(Rerollers/Clan Drop Bears)/WOTLK(RoE). I moved to europe for work during Panda, so I did little during that expansion besides heroic, and then back to cutting edge in WoD(Ctrl Alt Elite). During Legion I was fairly casual due to work constraints, though came back at the end of legion as my previous contract ended. My current work contract however seems fairly stable and leaves me in a position to raid properly once more. About me as a person: I'm in my late twenties, a business professional, and GMT+10. Prefer a more mature environment when it comes to a guild, and the social aspects are important. If you have an active discord where people hang out, talk, and do content together all the better. Would prefer a guild that is more of a community than log on, go to raid, log off! Current max level characters on barth: Paladin (Prot/Ret) (Main) Hunter (BM/MM) Demonhunter (Veng/Hav) Druid (Guardian/Feral) TL;DR Achievements Downed KJ in sunwell pre-nerf. Cleared all WOTLK content when current tier at highest difficulty (Except alone in the dark, that was completed later) All the important AOTCs. 10 years of raiding experience, including other games. Have plenty of raid lead experience as well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!Absolver2 Aug 12
Aug 11 [H] <Edge of Oblivion> Recruiting <Edge of Oblivion> is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth. We raid Fridays & Saturdays 11:30pm server time, looking for like-minded, mature players. Also recruiting M+ players for our keystone groups. Very active guild. Contact: Azwar - HiddenSquid#123941 Shazrael - Shazrael#1198 Nycrosis - Nycrosis#1413Nycrosis1 Aug 11
Aug 11 New Player LF Casual and Friendly Guild Hello. I was given an account by my brother so I figured I can give the game a try. I’ve read some basic mechanics and a handful of information but I still find some things overwhelming. I really want to enjoy the game but I prefer playing it with a couple of people. I was told to search for a newly-formed guild where I can grow casually and learn about WoW step by step. I can only play at night and on weekends but I promise I’ll do my best to keep up with the guild’s expectations. Thank you! :DSierraph3 Aug 11
Aug 11 [H] Sanctify GMT+8 SG mythic guild recruiting Sanctify is a late night GMT+8 raiding guild made up of mainly working adults. Our members are largely from Singapore while we also have players coming from countries such as Philippines, Australia, Japan, Indonesia etc. We are now recruiting for Battle For Azeroth! While Sanctify is a newly formed guild, most of our core players and leadership were previously from <Spotless> on Barthilas. We were active throughout most of Legion and achieved respectable progress (7/7M 2/3M 9/10M 6/9M 7/11M). For BFA, we have decided to form a new guild what will place a greater emphasis on progression raiding. Raid times (tentatively): 9-1130pm SGT (GMT+8)/ 12am to 230 am SVT on Wed, Thurs and Sun. Optional raids may be organised on off days. What we offer: 1. An organised guild and raid. Guild and raid rules are clearly detailed and enforced. Our officers are approachable and are committed to preserving a pleasant atmosphere and efficient raid. 2. An experienced raid leadership. Our raid leaders have mythic raiding experience throughout the entire Legion expansion and were among the top 20 guilds on the realm at various points throughout the expansion. 3. Mature environment. We have ZERO tolerance for any form of drama in guild or raid. Working adults are already stressed at work and do not need to come home to a stressful raid. 4. Progression oriented. A large part of why we have formed a new guild was to more closely align with the current officers' vision of progression oriented raiding. We aim to experience endgame content at the highest level without disrupting our real lives. 5. Working adults friendly. The core of the team are made up of working adults and even parents with young children. We understand that real life takes priority. What we expect: 1. Progression oriented mindset. A mythic raider should come fully prepared with knowledge of his/her class, the raid encounter, and all necessary raid consumables. It is not ok to make 19 other members wait while one hearths to buy consumables or read up. 2. Accepting suggestions/criticisms. Everyone makes mistakes. Fixing our mistakes is how we kill a boss. During a raid, mistakes will be pointed out with the intention to correct them in subsequent pulls. Our officers may also approach raiders outside raid to suggest improvements they can make based on our logs analysis. We may also require specific weakauras and addons for raid encounters. 3. Raid first mindset. Progression raiding frequently requires an optimal raid setup for specific encounters. Only twenty raiders can be present at the time of a kill. It is inevitable that some raiders may have to sit out from time to time. However, it takes every single member of a raid team, including the bench, to successfully progress through mythic. 4. Maturity. We have ZERO tolerance for any form of drama. We are currently looking for all exceptional and dedicated raiders with good mechanics, in particular: Healer - 1 restoration druid, 1 restoration shaman, 1 disc priest Guild/raid communication is primarily through: Discord Whatsapp Please feel free to contact me (milkymars#1246) or our other officers (Lichborn#1866), (ewnair#1890). Please DO NOT post in this thread as we may miss your messages. Just add us. Thanks for reading!Pylorii17 Aug 11
Aug 9 [H] LF Fri-Sun Raiding Guild Hi, I am a fairly new player looking for a guild that raids on friday and weekends (can't raid during the week due to RL commitments). I'm open to playing any role and very happy to learn/take advice from more experienced players. I'm new to raiding but not to the game and willing to put in the time to improve. Thanks! Battle Tag is Killerrabbit#1634Nyixx0 Aug 9
Aug 9 Tank LF Hardcore raid guild Currently looking for a guild interested in mythic progression in BFA I will main any class tank that is required and will main the most needed tank for a guild willing to have me. Previous hardcore raid exp; - Server first Horde 25m HM Lich King - Server second Horde 25m HM Deathwing - High Heroic progression through ToT Returning from a lengthy break keen to get back into the competitiveness of hardcore raiding. Currently can raid 5-10 pm Sun-Monday and 5-4 am Friday and Saturday. Happy to Faction transfer for the right guild. Feel free to contact me through battle net - chaosfurian#6945 Thanks allApëx4 Aug 9
Aug 9 <Stormgarde> Twitch Broadcaster Community Stormgarde ANZ is now recruiting players in the Oceanic timezone for all PVE and PVP content for Battle for Azeroth! Who are we? We are a new up and coming community full of various content creators from various content platforms such as Twitch! The guild has been founded by Hyp3rstrike who is the community leader for Twitch Adelaide, and also a team member for the Down Under Team. What Faction and Realm are we on? We are actually running a guild on Frostmourne for the Alliance and Barthilas for the Horde, so both sides can join in! Can Non-Content Creators Join? Yes absolutely! We do have content creators in mind of course but we would also love to play with people who just want to enjoy the game. How Can You Join? Add me on Bnet @ PrebHunter#11858 for info on the community and an invitation!Tameboges1 Aug 9
Aug 8 [H] RShaman LF noob friendly adult raid guild I've been a casual wow player for quite a while and joined a mate late in legion where I enjoyed dipping my toes into some normal raiding. Now that I don't work any more and my mate has stopped playing, I have a lot more time so am keen to step it up a notch. I am interested in Normal/Heroic raiding and progressing to mythic once my skills are up to par. I am available every evening after 9pm AEST for raiding so schedules aren't an issue. I have no job so have plenty of game time. I am keen to have a chat on discord before I join a guild to make sure that I'm not wasting anyone's time.Jacabon1 Aug 8
Aug 8 <Rubicon> recruiting BFA, 11/11M leadership <Rubicon> is a freshly formed guild with a wealth of raiding experience - notably including Legion cutting edge raiders. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a PvE focus looking to push M+ and at a minimum achieve cutting edge for each raid tier heading into BFA. We are currently recruiting all roles and welcome experienced and returning players alike. We put an emphasis on a willingness to improve, reliability in showing up to raids and a persistent attitude to tackle mythic progression. Raid times are TBD, but we will be raiding 2 days of Wednesday, Friday or Sunday for 3 or 4 hours between 7-11PM AEST. Contact Popovic (Dievar#1143) or Paper (Lickitung#1487) for more information.Paperw0 Aug 8