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10h [H]<Final Stand> Newly Established Guild Final Stand is a newly formed Oceanic Heroic/Mythic Progression Raiding guild on Barthilas-Horde, preparing now to hit the ground running in Battle for Azeroth. We raid two nights a week with an optional third night for alt runs. We are a 'merit-based' guild. We have a culture of serious progression while maintaining a reasonable pace, although we do not let the seriousness get in the way of humour. We know when to be serious, to focus, and we know when it's time to joke around. Most importantly, we work as a unit and we value teamwork and improvement above all else! We fail together, we learn together, and we succeed together! While we may have a stronger desire for specific classes and roles, we still wish for all exceptional players to apply. The finer details of our guild can be found below. Raid Nights Wednesday 8:00pm-11:00pm ST (Alt Night) Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm ST Monday 8:00pm-11:00pm ST Loot System: Loot Council In addition to our raid times, we like to do Mythic+ as a guild on Sunday at 7:30pm-10:30pm, although this is less structured than our standard raid times. If you wish to apply, please visit our Recruitment channel on our Discord server. Please don't hesitate to private message FiRZeN#11478 ( if you have any questions or concerns.Keveric0 10h
12h [H]<Spotless> SG GMT+8 6/11M 6/9M 9/10M 7/7M <Spotless> - Barthilas Hi, we are a late night GMT+8 raiding guild made up of mainly working Singaporeans/Australians adults. We are currently looking for dedicated players for Mythic progression. If you are looking for a social, friendly and efficient raiding guild, look no further! Progression: 7/7M 2/3M 9/10M 6/9M 6/11M Raid times: 9-1130pm SGT (GMT+8)/ 12am to 230 am SVT on Wed, Thurs and Sun. Optional casual raid on Mon Expectations Commitment Preparedness Respectful Recruitment All exceptional and dedicated raiders with good mechanics. In particular we are looking at, but are not limited to the following: Melee Dps - All exceptional applicants Range Dps - All exceptional applicants, esp boomkin Tanks - OT with a DPS OS/MS Healer - Priest,Monk Loot System EPGP Communication Discord Whatsapp Casuals are also welcomed. We do frequent mythic+ and normal/heroic raid clears. Please feel free to contact either myself (Ewnsha/Ewnairr) ewnair#1890 or anyone in the guild really. You will be pointed to the correct channels. Please don't post in this thread as I may miss the message. Just add me instead. Thanks for reading!Ewnsha155 12h
16h [H] <System> 2/11 M LF Mythic Raiders. <System> is a new guild seeking more members to push into mythic progression. Although we are newly formed, our roster bolsters many experienced players whom have the mind set of pushing progression while at the same time having fun and enjoying the raid environment. The guild itself is currently 2/11 M but we have several member with mythic experience as high as 9/11 M. High Mythic+ keys are also being completed every day and off nights are used for alt/casual runs. Raid times: Wednesday: 7:30-10:30pm Server Time Sunday: 7:30-10:30pm Server Time We are seeking: -All exceptional DPS -Resto Shaman/Druid *90% attendance is required!(100 percent during trial). Real life emergencies are always excused however notifying us via the attendance post on discord is encouraged. We are looking forward to raiding and hanging out with people willing to push end game raiding! Add Drmdog#1585 on Battlenet or drmdog#5730 on Discord for more information. Alternatively you can complete this form and we will contact you ASAP 16h
19h New Zealand Guild <Conclude> Horde 11/11 AoTC New Zealand Guild <Conclude> Barthilas PvP Oceanic <Conclude> 1/9 Mythic and 10/10H AoTC NH New Zealand Raiding Guild from 6PM to 8.30PM Server Time / 8pm to 10.30pm New Zealand on Wednesday and Thursday. Currently looking for Healers and DPS (Pref Ranged) for Heroic and Mythic Antorus starting November 28th. Mostly a older group of guys, 30+ however we have some younger players. Our goal and aim is to raid ToS Heroic format upwards, in a 30 man strong New Zealand roster. We prefer raiding New Zealand times, for that reason are pushing for strong New Zealand Guild and Community within. We have players from Vanilla through to Legion still playing, some re-rolls from Alliance or Mains in higher progressed Mythic Guilds. A host of old guilds like QED, Eminence, Adept and the list goes on of NZ'ers in the mix (Some Aussies too). We push Mythic + Keystones on Weekends, Glory Raid Achievements and looking to starting a RBG Group soon too. If you are from New Zealand, looking to raid times that suite then this is for you. We accept casuals too, as it is a NZ Community were obtaining and obtaining in decent strides. The gaming community here is not limited to WoW.. some of the Street Figther/Fighting Game Scene in New Zealand, along with other MMO based games from previous years; FFXI/FFXIV. Send anyone from Conclude a message in game and discuss it further. Hopefully see all you fellow Kiwis soon (Aussies who prefer earlier raid times welcomed too). Cheers.Cynetik123 19h
1d [H] <Baphomet> 8/11M LFM Hi all! <Baphomet> on Barthilas Horde, was formed in December 2017 by high performing raiders from top guilds from different servers. We are currently recruiting exceptional players for mythic Antorus progression. This guild has one agenda only and that is to push progression to see end game content. What you'll be given is a raiding environment with like minded individuals who wants to achieve the same goals. Outside of raiding, we have active mythic plus teams running to not only get 15s done but to also help you push your mythic score rating! Raid Times Wednesday - 8:00pm - 11:00 pm SVT Thursday - 8:00pm - 11:00 pm SVT Monday - 8:00pm - 11:00 pm SVT Current Requirements 1 x Tank (Pref not Prot Pally) Healers - Resto Shaman, Resto Druid DPS - Hunter, Balance Druid Of course, any exceptional players will be considered! You perform better than our current raiders, you get their spot. If you want more info, please add me on Jumn#11185Jumn9 1d
1d [H] <Desync> is recruiting! 4/11M! Hi all! <Desync> is chill 2 day a week guild looking for reliable members to push Mythic prog. (Our Mythic progression will NOT be hardcore). We are currently looking for; Tanks Full DPS Lock S Priest Ele sham Hunter Healer MW Monk We would prefer you to be iLvl 950+ with 75 traits, and some previous raiding experience would be preferred. Raiding History 13/13M HFC 3/7M EN 3/3H ToV 10/10H NH 5/9M ToS 11/11H Antorus 4/11M Antorus Raid Times 7:30pm-10:30pm(Sever time/ AEST) on Monday's and Wednesday's & Optional alt run on Saturdays 7:30pm-10:30pm(Sever time/ AEST) Feel free to reply, chuck me a message, or add me on Scheepish#1304Millonario3 1d
1d [H] <Maelstrom> 4/11M LF Ranged! I said hey, what's going on? <Maelstrom> Maelstrom was built in the rise of Legion and is in a comfortable spot on Horde side Barthilas. Currently determined and eager pursue Mythic Antorus. To prepare our final battle against The Legion we're looking to recruit players who are keen, willing to learn and committed to raid times. Our raid nights will be taking place on Wednesdays & Thursdays nights at 9pm – Midnight ST. We want to have a fun and relaxed raid environment while also bringing our best to the table as we progress through the content to come. We also know not everyone is a ransacking raider so we're open to all various types of players be it social, mythic+, transmog enthusiasts, PvPers or any that wish to join us (: Recruiting Tanks - No spots open presently, sorry :( Healers - 404! Opps! That position has been filled! DPS - We're currently seeking ranged players! Boomy, hunter, mage and spriest! . Contact If you're interested or have any questions feel free to message one of these officers who are happy to take your call ;) Asmodaen (Asmodean#11126) – Our Friendly Neighbourhood Warlock. Florence (Daffodil#6348) - Missing their Machine. Nepheli (Ash#14753) – Fabulous GM.Florence26 1d
1d [H]<Jumanji> 6/11M Contact: Powwee#1300 and ASTRO#12533 Raid times: Mon/Wed/Thurs 730 - 10:30pm AEST Currently recruiting: Resto Shaman, MW Monk and RDPS! Hi! We are currently recruiting to refine our mythic team. We are also pretty awesome and a fun bunch to play with! To be trialed in our team we require all raiders to be "ready for raid" - knowing what that means is also a requirement! haha Thanks for your time and looking forward to talking to you!Powwee5 1d
1d [H] 4/11M <Final Form> Final Form is a newly transferred guild that is looking to expand it's raiding roster! We have a proactive raiding approach with the agenda of clearing all mythic content. We are looking for progression focused friendly players to join our raid team and clear content together. Our progression currently sits at 2/11M and we are in our second week. Raid Times: Monday 8:30 - 11:00 PM ST Wednesday 8:30 - 11:00 PM ST Sunday 8:00 ST (Optional Heroic Run) Currently Recruiting: Holy Priest Resto Druid Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest / Boomkin / Affliction Warlock Warrior (DPS) Any exceptional player is always considered. We expect high raid attendance from all players, especially in trial period which lasts two weeks. We want you to come equipped for raid, including; Flasks, Pots, and Seals. Food is provided. We expect our raiders to be on at least 15 minutes prior to start time so no time is wasted. In return we provide our raid team with all fight information with a description so that fight research is in front of them and everyone is on the same page. Loot is distributed through a loot council system. If we have caught your attention, feel free to contact any of us for more information about joining. Krafty#1884 (Fordric) Holey#1476 (Unholey) diikn#1656 (Eeyy) Hamilton#1513 (Cuttinshapes) Rattison#1202 (Breadlegs)Cuttinshapes6 1d
2d <Resurgent> 2 Nights - 6/11M - LF RDPS Resurgent is a 2 night a week raiding guild on Barthilas. We are currently a new guild on barth with proven results being a top 5 guild on barth though out the Nh before taking time away from the game. We are currently recruiting RDPS and healer with OS DPS to join our raid roster for mythic . Raid Days (Wednesday/Monday 8.15 ST - 11.15ST) Currently 6/11M 11/11H Our guild is very organised, raiders are active outside of raids (people constantly online doing M+, old raids as well as chatting on Discord) and we take progression seriously with a team that knows how to get things done during raids where we expect our raiders to show up on time, come to raid knowing the fights, knowing their BIS list and having the necessary consumables. Feel free to either contact an officer in game to have a chat or feel free to add my Bnet to have a chat. Thedubbs#11832Dubbnation19 2d
2d Ascension - LF DPS - 8/11M Antorus Ascension is recruiting for Antorus! *Marsy is alive and well, and still accepting money donations* Current Progression: 9/11 Mythic Antorus Currently Recruiting: -Rogue -Warlock -Spriest -Warrior -WW Monk -Holy Paladin **90% attendance is REQUIRED. This means you can miss 1 raid a month. As we try to run a smaller raid team, this is held into very high accord. If fallen below 90% attendance, it will affect your raid spot and chances at loot.** As a guild we are always keen on getting new and exceptional recruits who have significant knowledge of the dynamics of their class and more importantly demonstrate a strong dedication towards raiding and our desire to push content. We are looking for people who share in our philosophy of tackling progression head on. If you believe yourself to be of the calibre we're interested in then feel free to contact any officer in game or add Lowgares/Korvak to bnet for a chat! Lowgares - Ryan#19351 Korvak - Korvak#1183 **The trialing process may be from as short as 2 raid nights to as long as 2-3 weeks. Loot can be awarded to trials with exceptional performance during their trialing period.** Raid times (AEST): Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm ST Thursday: 8pm - 11pm ST Monday : 8pm - 11pm ST Previous Achievements: Mythic Archimonde - US 5th | World 27th Mythic Blackhand - US 3rd | World 25th Mythic Imperator Margok - US 1st | World 5th Heroic Garrosh - US 9th | Oceanic 1st Heroic Lei Shen - US 13th | Oceanic 1st Heroic Sha of Fear – US 12th | Oceanic 2nd Heroic Madness of Deathwing - US 43rd | Oceanic 2nd Heroic Ragnaros - US 26th | Oceanic 2nd Heroic Nefarian - US 22nd | Oceanic 3rd Heroic Lich King @ 25% (25 player) - US 62nd | Oceanic 6th | Server 1st Heroic Halion (25 player) - US 58th | Oceanic 5th | Server 1st Normal Lich King (25 player) - Server 1st A Tribute to Insanity (25 player) - Server 1st Heroic Anub'arak (25 player) - Server 1st Alone in the Darkness (25 player) - Server 1stLöwgares33 2d
2d <Overtime> Fresh Guild looking for raiders! Hey, all! <Overtime> is a fresh guild with experienced leaders looking to bolster its numbers in preparation for Battle for Azeroth. Our raid times are Wednesday/Sunday 8-11pm ST. We aim to be a 2-night mythic raiding guild for people who lead busy lives but still want to smash out prog. At this stage, we are focusing on building a strong core heroic team to transition into mythic. Please add Night#1378 or Lucriseth#1661 for more information!Lucriseth2 2d
2d [H] <Severity> - Barthilas - 5/11M - LF H Pal In Severity we aim to maintain end game content at a semi hardcore level, whilst enjoying the game for what it is. We raid 2 nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday 7-10 server time, 6 hours total). Current Progression: Antorus - [M] - 5/11 Tomb of Sargeras [M]- 5/9 Nighthold[M] - 7/10 Trial of Valor[N][H] - 3/3 Emerald Nightmare[M] - 6/7 Previous Progression: ToT[H] – 8/13 Pre 5.4 SoO[M] – 13/14 Pre 6.0 - 14/14 Post 6.0 HM[M] - 3/7 We are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS. Healers. Exception Applications Only. If your class is listed as closed and you think you are mythic ready/exceptional please dont be shy to app as we look at all apps What you can expect from us <Severity> prides itself on being a friendly and well-rounded guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and the US. We hold regular meet ups in both Australia and New Zealand where players can meet up with fellow guildies as well as special events for expansion release days and other notable in game dates. We aim to have a drama free environment with good leadership, management and raid progression. We all enjoy each other’s company and consider ourselves to be as a solid team of like-minded individuals with the goal of having fun and killing bosses. We also enjoy playing other games together such as the Battlefield Series, Dota 2, Overwatch, SWTOR and many more We maintain that players wishing to join show good raiding qualities, these include: • Good people skills • Ability to take constructive criticism and advice • Good knowledge of the game, your class, your spec and a good history of raiding. • A Stable internet connection, computer and good UI • Ability to identify mistakes, learn from them and accept responsibility for them. • Always looking to improve on your skills • We are a close-knit team and none of us tolerate bull!@#$ drama, Arseholes need not apply • A good sense of teamwork and working as a team. If you feel that severity would be a good fit for you please add an officer on battle net for a chat Contact information: If you have any questions that can’t be answered by this forum post or our website please feel free to add one of our Officers. Reverend - zasz#1257 Xerann - kleptotron#6444 Raiynne - Raiynne#1442 Smoda - Arrith#1533Bethany0 2d
3d [H] <Prime> 2 nights. 5/11M. Who Are We? <Prime> Barthilas is an AUS/NZ horde guild with players that want to raid casually but still achieve Mythic level progression. Our raid environments are easy-going and low ego, but we get things done with hardcore efficiency. Currently Recruiting Core raider spots still open! No sitting on the bench. Tank: Closed Healer: 1 Healer Melee: ALL Ranged: ALL .... and any exceptional players! To trial, your logs will be reviewed. Returning players without recent logs are also welcome. Raid Schedule (7:30pm until 10pm ST) Progression - Wednesday Farm / Optional - Friday Progression - Monday If you have to be absent on progression nights, we expect a courtesy notification on Discord in advance. Raid Progression 5/11M ABT 4/9M ToS 6/10M NH 6/7M EN Our Expectations of Core Raiders - Discord - Both during and outside of game - Consistency - Mechanically, attendance - High preparedness - Punctuality, consumables, bonus rolls and talents. - High awareness - Be aware of your personal roles and responsibilities for every boss fight. - Addons - Low ego, high performing raiders What We offer Core Raiders - We will provide food, cauldron (flasks) and repairs - Personal loot - A fun, friendly team based environment. - Progression raiding with just 2 nights - An open Officer core that is willing to hear you out How to Apply? I am contactable via: 1. Direct message on Discord - Banethor#2822; or 2. Jump in our guild Discord and ask for any officer; or 3. Banethor#11159Banethor1 3d
3d <Magnitude> 6/11M Recruitment Open. <Magnitude> is currently 6/11 M Antorus. We have a strong, progression-focused core raid team, made up of a combination of experienced and dedicated players. Our guild provides a warm and welcoming home for players who are seeking to further their experience both in raids and dungeons, whilst balancing real life obligations and guild commitments. We are looking to strengthen our M+ community, and welcome friends and alts. Our progression raid days are: Wednesday - Thursday - Monday 7-10 SVT Our optional(alt/friendly) raid day is: Sunday At the moment, our focus is Tomb of Sargeras progression. We intend to cover old content (NH, ToV and EN depending on need) for newer members further into the new tier. We are currently have limited open spots for our core raid team, but welcome all expressions of interest: Tanks: - Full Healers: Interested in R.drood and R.sham. DPS: Shadow priest. Feral. Any exceptional dps apply. If you feel that our guild may be well-suited to you, feel free to message any of the officers or recruitment team in regards to being invited. Our core roster is setup so if multiple players are unavailable raids continue, our team understands that rotating through bench is an important and necessary part of progression. Fill out an application: or Feel free to contact any of the officers in regards to your application or future invitation: Hermit (Hermit#1986) - GM Rades/Sublime (Rades#1945) - Officer Elandrix (Ceedee#1730) - Officer Grombling (UGhillie#1512) -RL/Officer Recruitment Team: Rehc (Deano#6761) APFrenchy (KillZoneR#1340) Lendis (glitchy#11234)Hermitxp68 3d
4d GIVEAWAYS – Heroic Antorus, Mounts, Pets, etc Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: What if I want to buy? If you're looking for a Heroic Argus or Heroic Antorus Clear (Personal Loot) we are your guys! If you’re tired of pugs and crazy raid leaders we can help you avoid all the unnecessary wipes and countless of hours wasted. Our team is made out of top us raiders dedicated to provide a professional and smooth run. Our prices are always competitive and we accept GOLD in all realms! Discord link: Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal6 4d
4d Blood/Frost DK LF Prog Guild Currently am 940 Blood/Frost after boosting this character around 3-4 days ago, looking to get into a raiding guild for progression. I am happy to start in alt runs until I am geared for Mythic. - Previous Exp - 13/14 M SoO - Pandaria AOTC EN AOTC NH AOTC Tomb 4/11 H Antorus (Only from tanking POV, did with casual guild on another server when I came back, want much more progression than this.) What raid times are suitable for me : 7PM ST to 11:30 ST anything between, any days. - What I offer - - Own character study to increase DPS / Tanking ability through Warcraftlogs / class discord. - Quick learning (I generally understand fights after the first attempt) - Positive attitude - Reliability (I show up to raids on time and only skip if its an emergency) - Help with guild materials such as flasks, food, etc. Tag - Kai#14197Arissarlia4 4d
4d [H] <Unreal Realities> 11/11H 3/11M 2 Nights Tired of joining <Reformed for this Patch!> Guilds? Want a forever home where you can kill bosses in a relaxed environment? All exceptional applicants are considered. We raid two nights a week. Thursday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time Monday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time Sunday is a Achievements/Normal or Heroic/Old Content clear night and is optional. Progress: We are currently 11/11N, 11/11H and 2/11M Antorus In Legion: - 7/7M EN when current. - 6/10M NH when current. - 5/9M ToS when current. In order of preference we are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS: Any and all Ranged DPS. Healers: A Healer who can switch to DPS confidently, or vice versa. Preference for Shaman or Monk. Melee: Heavy on melee currently, but open to applications for the right people. Tanks: Open to applications however not in need of at the moment. Who are we? We are a guild on Horde Barthilas and we have been raiding every single patch together since Ulduar, making us a long-term, well established and friendly guild that's been around for over 8 years. Every year we have a Guild Drinks where we get together in a different capital city (Brisbane was this year, and looks like Sydney 2018) to meet the awesome people we play games with which makes us a great "forever home" for players of any persuasion. Every night of the week people can be found on the guild Discord chatting, doing Mythic+ and playing other games together. Our current roster sits at 25 players, as a guild that is aiming to clear Mythic content within the current patch whilst only raiding two nights per week, we are looking at boosting this to around 30 players. As for non-raiders, we have plenty of those as well with over 150 accounts in the guild. All non-raiders are welcome! To have a chat please add Miniegun#1879, Zameth#1106, or Codsyg#1424 or jump on to our forums at If you are on Barthilas feel free to hit up someone in the guild and see if any of us are online as well :)Miniegun20 4d
5d [H] <Kazoku> 11/11H, Looking for Players! Who are we We’re largely a group of laid back working adults who are looking for quality progression despite our limited schedules. Our main bulk of players are from Singapore. We raid to have fun, challenge ourselves and see the content as far as possible. That said, we’re not here to burn ourselves out by treating raiding as a second full-time job, more like a full time hobby :D We believe in growing and cultivating a good gaming environment to teach and learn from each other. Goals Kazoku is looking to form a mythic raiding group in the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth. We’re currently running Heroic Antorus, and may progress to mythic eventually should we have sufficient raiders. Casual gamers are welcome to join! No strings attached. Ideal raiders Are committed and responsible Sufficiently competent in your class and specialization(s) Want a balance between personal life and raiding Want to learn and be a better gamer Raiding schedule Currently we raid on Thursdays and Mondays, GMT+8 9.30pm – 12.00am. This schedule may change nearer to BFA’s release in September. Currently recruiting all exceptional dps but prefered the below list DPS 1. Demon hunter 2. Retribution Paladin 3. Windwalker Monk 4. Feral Druid 5. Enhancement shaman 6. Warrior 8. Rogue 9 Hunter 10. Moonkin Druid 11. Mage 12. Warlock 13. Priest 14. Elemental Shaman Healer 1. Pally 2. Shaman Contact info & Btag Do contact Baddiest or Mercadesli in game, via mail or just hit us up with a whisper. If neither are online, do find anyone in guild to send a message! Mercadesli - gdjob#6368 Baddiest - Badazz#6861 Thanks and cya in Azeroth! last updated on - 09 Feb 2018Baddiest4 5d
5d <Divinity> LFM H Antorus <Divinity> 8/11 H Antorus LFM dps and 1 healer. Currently raiding Thursday and Sunday nights 8:30pm-11:30pm server time. Casual raiding. General members welcome too. Horde. Contact me in game for more info Lillayna (#1204)Lillayna0 5d
Feb 14 [H] <Marauders> LFM for Mythic [Maraurders] 11/11H - Barthilas based 2 night per week raiding guild that is recruiting more members! We raid Thursday night and Sunday night from 7pm until 10:30pm Server time [Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time currently] Our aim is to break into some mythic content Our guild is full of active, interesting and friendly people who like to run mythic + dungeons and generally help each other out. We also occasionally throw in the odd farm clears of previous raids on off nights when it suits people. We are currently looking for some more DPS, preferably ranged but will take melee too. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to leave a post here, message our officers on Bnet Req#11563 or our GM Pallydrome#11396 We look forward to hearing from you potential recruits and progressing into Antorus and future raid content!Ziräkath3 Feb 14
Feb 14 <Strike First> Barthilas 9/11H Sun/Mon Hello everyone! Thanks for looking, So we here at <Strike First> are looking for more members to join our already friendly roster. We are looking mostly at select classes as mentioned below how ever we will also consider anyone who shows they are outstanding! We have a rather active community doing M+ and hanging out on discord everyone is friendly and welcoming. Current Raid times are : 8pm - 11pm Server time both Sunday and Monday. We have an optional day on Wednesdays were we clear up to Argus for Sunday. around 9pm server. Our expectations of our raiders are 80% attendance, rocking up to raid on time and fully ready flasks, enchants, food, gems, pots and a focus on killing bosses over the next 3 hours each night with some good banter involved. (Most nights we will have flasks and feasts provided but still best to come prepared) Our current recruitment looks like this : Warlocks Rogues Druids: feral, boomkin Pally: Ret Monks: Wind walker Demon Hunters :Havoc We require applicants be 930ilvl as well as at least 75 in their weapons. Any experience in Antorus of course is helpful. How to get a hold of us Battlenet : Nevah#6718 - Officer Our GM : Shippy#6304 - How ever he works a lot so preferred second point of contact. Or simply post here with a way we can contact you. Thanks for reading and hope to be raiding with you soon - Nevah.Nèvah1 Feb 14
Feb 14 920+ Dps (hunter/monk/dh) LF guild. Looking for a raiding guild to progress with in Antorus, currently have 11/11 N and 4/11 H experience. Previous expansion experience includes some Mythic raiding. Took a break for 6 months during this expansion and haven't raided seriously till coming back recently. Looking for 2 nights a week only, any nights from 7.30 onwards. Prefer the hunter but any of the following i'm willing to play: Hunter: Monk: DH: Feb 14
Feb 14 Experienced raider LFG for Bfa - Tank Hi guys. I'm looking for a solid raiding guild for the new expac. Could be to soon but why not start looking early! Due to some issues surrounding my previous guild disbanding I decided to take a break up until the launch of BfA to focus on RL and leveling the last two tank classes I needed. I am wanting to tank for a new team come the release of battle and I will have all 6 tank classes ready for it's release. I have experience across multiple expansions but most notably in legion with: Mage: • 3/7 mythic Emerald Nightmare • 3/3 mythic Trial of Valor - cutting edge • 9/10 mythic Nighthold Warlock: • 5/9 mythic Tomb of Sargaras • 2/11 mythic Antorus the Burning Throne While my previous guild was awesome, real life issues and burn out got the best of us. I am looking for a guild that raids 2 nights a week with preferably NZ friendly times, I am also not opposed to transferring for the right fit. If you are wanting to have a chat, hit me up on battle net: CrazyMage#121450Aki1 Feb 14
Feb 13 [H]Niflheim GMT+8 - (9/11M) LFM! Greetings! <Niflheim> - Barthilas, is a GMT+8 raiding guild and is currently looking for exceptional and skilled players as well as like minded players from all classes for Mythic progression for current and future expansions. If you have a strong knowledge on your class and you have the skills to back it up, then <Niflheim> wants you! We are also recruiting for 5man mythic+ if it suits you more as a casual player. Current Progression 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 3/3 M Trials of Valor 10/10 M Nighthold 9/9 M Tomb of Sargeras 9/11 M Antorus, the Burning Throne What we expect from you Able to commit to near 100% attendance Know your class well and be prepared for fights Having the desire to clear current content Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 12am Server time to 3am Server time (9pm - 12am +8GMT) Usual Raid time: 11pm - 2am server time Daylight savings Raid time: 12am - 3am server time Currently RECRUITING: Tanks -Closed- Range DPS Boomkin Melee DPS Rogue Healer Mistweaver Monk If you are an exceptional player and your class is not listed and you are interested in joining, you may also apply at or you can leave a message below. You can also add your ingame name or Btag here. Lastly, you may also contact Akíza (Akiza#11139), Kaelarok (Kaelarok#6482) & Nervie (Foster#1344) in game.Akíza166 Feb 13
Feb 12 [H] <No Drama> - heroic guild LF DPS & Heals. <No Drama> is a Semi-casual raiding guild currently progressing through heroic (9/11H) raiding Thursday/Monday 8:00-10:30pm ST. We are a newly formed guild, containing many returning players currently progressing through ABT as a guild, most of our raiders do however have AOTC. While we are a casual guild, we are obviously all keen raiders and are looking to clear content with the possibility of mythic in the near future. We are currently seeking more like minded players to fill out our group, we are looking for: DPS (most classes) Heals (shaman/priest/druid) Any questions, feel free to shoot a message in game to either myself or Kallani, or just post here.Lilthiccboi0 Feb 12
Feb 12 Graveyard Shift [A] Discord Community Although our overall design is catered towards late night and early morning US players, we highly encourage our Oceanic brothers and sisters to join the cause! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 1:00 PM and 3:00 AM Australian Eastern Time (9:00 PM and 11: 00 AM Eastern US Time). Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. At Blizzcon 2017 it was announced that a new "Community" feature will be added to WoW with Battle for Azeroth. Essentially this looks to be an in-game version of Discord. Once the feature launches, we plan to make every use of it in tandem with this Discord server. More information will become available once the feature reaches the PTR. Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Feb 12
Feb 12 <The Tribunal> 11/11H GMT+8 <The Tribunal> Is a newly formed guild, based in Perth, The GMT+8 time zone. We are a group of player who have been playing this game since the Vanilla and Burning Crusade Era. Our Aim is to establish a strong solid raid team for the remainder of this tier and moving forward. Our long time goals is to be pushing Hardcore Mythic and push for those Server First Achievement, its a Strong goal our Raiders want to push. We will be a 3 night per week raiding team, with possibly a Night for Alt Runs. We wont just be a Raiding Guild, we will be doing Mythic+ runs to push the keys as high as possible. Our progression prior to making up a new guild was. Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor 3/3 Normal 3/3 heroic 3/3 Mythic The Nighthold 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic 7/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargaras 9/9 N 9/9 Heroic 7/9 Mythic Antorus 11/11N 11/11 H Guild is Currently 11/11H Antorus Raid Times Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00 perth time (9:00pm - 12:00 pm Server time with DLS) Thursday 6:00 - 9:00 perth time (9:00pm - 12:00 pm Server time with DLS) Monday 6:00 - 9:00 perth time (9:00pm - 12:00 pm Server time with DLS) Classes Melee - Enhance Shammy, Ret Pally Ranged - Boomkin, Spriest, Mage and Lock, Ele Shammy ( all possibly ranged classes ) Healer - Holy Pally and Resto Druid Will take any exceptional dps and or Casual Players Loot For the remainder of this tier, loot will be personal, then moving forward we will be using EPGP For any questions are or enquires, please message Novium#11385 or Huges#11489, Gobcap#2690.Chickynuggy17 Feb 12
Feb 11 H Onineko: It's Japanese for something. 7/11 Are you from Perth? Leave this post. Not from Perth? ONINEKO! A Barthilas Australian Horde guild. Raiding Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:30-11ish Whats Onineko mean? Someone knew when they started the !@#$ing thing 11 years ago on Blackrock, but as-is the revolving door of life's commitments; that person is now probably dead. Translation was lost. Meaning was reassigned. Server was changed and we've recruited over their corpses. A side effect of not actively recruiting or giving a %^-* for 2 years has paid off well. A subscription attrition and desperate gasp for more life. Join us! ( We're looking for: - People that want to do mostly heroic level raiding. - Delusions of mediocrity enough to poke Mythic. - Someone that isn't socially inept. - Ranged DPS. - Food blogs. You're: - Looking for a guild. - So lonely. - In possession of a microphone. - A filthy casual. - Not getting the love and attention you deserve. - A proud young dps who don't need no trinket. We've all come from miscellaneous parts of wow, some mythic raiders/some from the gutter. Collectively we've decided "sod it, lets just do heroics". If thats your thing, lets jam. Onineko is ideal for working professionals, unemployed manlettes and people with kids. We're probably going to piss you off if you're a jerk/have aspirations of being the best. Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H Trial of Valor: 3/3 H Nighthold: 10/10 H Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H, 2/9 M. Oops. Antorus, the Burning Throne: 7/11 H. Recruitment: Are you not-garbage. We want DPS. Swing heals welcome. We have many melee. All the %^-*ing melee. Get in on the melee scrum, get your chance to shine. Exceptional players of any class/spec are always encouraged to apply and have a chat with one of our Officers in game. Unless you're melee. Application Criteria - To jump into the raids right away, 870ilvl+ - Not an alt - You know what Discord is - Fill in the form on Applicants should have a limited to good sense of humor and ability shrug !@#$ off. Jerks get shunned. We also have several female members and make an effort for it to be an easy/safe place for everyone to enjoy. We're always actively looking for like-minded players that know their class well or are willing to learn and develop their skills with the guild. Players looking for a fun guild filled with pretty cool lads, to chat about potato and Legion junk, are more than welcome to apply. Casual non-raiding spots are always available. Follow the instructions on the recruitment page of our website to apply. Feb 11
Feb 11 [H] <Moist> 5/11M ABT Recruiting DPS/Heals <Moist> is a semi-hardcore PVE guild. We're looking to complete the most difficult raid content on a 2 night raid schedule, and want like-minded raiders who can enjoy a fun but competitive raiding environment. Information: Current Progression: ABT 4/11M ToS 6/9M Realm: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Loot Council Voice Platform: Discord Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Optional night - Sunday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (first few weeks of new content only) Thursday or Friday Night: Heroic Run (Optional) Recruitment: Healers: (Shaman/Paladin/Priest/Monk) Ranged DPS: Warlock/Ele Sham/Boomkin/Priest Melee DPS: Rogue / Warrior All other interested raiders are encouraged to apply as well, and exceptional players always considered! Contact: Add Sollaar#6990 to your for more information!Sollaar12 Feb 11
Feb 11 Starting Re-Roll guild, KJ server Hi everyone! I am not sure what you're experience has been like in Wow. You can be a seasoned vet or starting your first ever character. I started in Wrath and ran a raid guild from Firelands in Cata to Nighthold in Legion. I ended the guild I ran for 6 years last year due to RL family issues. Now that a new Xpac is in the future and family things have settled, I find myself itching to gear up toons and enjoy a steady guild to raid or hang out in. Looking to start on Kil'Jaeden server, Horde side, guild name <Undoing>. It is pvp for now, with the pvp server changes coming soon it won't matter, but could make leveling fun in the meantime :P. Anyway, So, here I am looking to start a Re-Roll/re-boot guild that has aspirations to stay tight knit, raid together lightly (I'm talking one, well raided night a week) most likely a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and run old content and have fun. Thinking a 10 pm ish start time, the raid details will be worked out later but should be around the mentioned times. All that aside the main focus until next expansion is to level, gear and have fun! I am thinking a March 1st start time, I will transfer my old guild, get it stocked with bags and things and get ready for the fun to begin! All you have to do is log in, start a toon and come beat up pixels! Going to allow toons from scratch, BoA's are welcome as is RaF. Dk's are allowed the 2nd week into March and Demon Hunters will be allowed in the first week of April or once someone levels to 99 from scratch. This will allow everyone starting fresh to level a bit and catch up to the hero classes. If you are still reading this, awesome! If you have interest in joining even better! Add my btag and we can chat, or leave a message here. I will do my best to answer any questions! Knox#1691 Also anyone that is interested, can try the guild Discord and we can all start chatting and getting to know each other :) You don't have to have a mic, it makes for good chat without talking, too. Feb 11
Feb 10 Roleplaying Guild Any around on Barth? keen to start a new character, meet some oce rpers. I live rural so I cant really handle US latency, So let's rule US realms out of this topic please.Calmdown0 Feb 10
Feb 8 [A] Völtage - 3/11 M - Dath/Khaz [A] <Voltage> We are a semi-hardcore guild currently looking to recruit a few extra players to compliment our core roster for Mythic ATBT progression. Raiding Progression 10/10 H NH, 9/9 H TOS, 5/9 M TOS, 11/11 H ATBT. 3/11 M ATBT Needs DPS Pref (Rogue/MM Hunter/Frost DK/Ele-Enh Shammy,Warlock) HEALS Pref (R Sham, MW Monk) All Exceptional candidates will be considered !! Raiding Schedule Mythic Progression:- Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm AEST Raiding Goal : Cutting Edge As a raiding guild, we have gone from strength to strength, and we are always on the lookout for exceptional raiders to compliment our amazing line-up. I would love to have a chat with you, discuss your ambitions and goals within the game, and see if Voltage is the place for you to achieve those. I am available through the day on Sajesstive#6264 on Discord, and afternoons/nights on BTAG Doggadogjr#1662. Look forward to hearing from you !!Sajesstive1 Feb 8
Feb 8 [H]<Random Latin Words> New guild recruiting <Random Latin Words> is a new guild, looking to clear Heroic. We are welcoming anyone and everyone, from the newest player with a thousand questions, to the experienced raider who is looking for a quieter raid experience. We provide free repairs for all and, once it's up and running, free flasks and buff food for the raid team if required. We are more then happy for members to bring their own or contribute to the free consumables. We will most likely not be progressing Mythic in Legion, unless it is heavily requested. We'll see how we go in BFA. Right now, we do not have a raid team or times for raiding. However, once we get at least 10 people ready to go, we will sort out a time that suits as many people as possible. At this stage, it's likely to be on a Wednesday/Thursday evening from 7pm AEDT till 10pm AEDT, but that time is flexible for now. Raid nights are unlikely to be late night, e.g. 10pm - 2am etc. If you're interested, let me know here, ping me in game or add me on Battle Tag. My Battle tag is Emoir#6166. The same goes for any questions.Taldur1 Feb 8
Feb 7 PvP Guild recruitment Barthilas!! <Hit A Nerve> Pure PvP Guild LF active players who are interested in RBG's/Arena's as we are looking to push rating especially towards RBG's. Active in Discord and have experienced players leading the guild who are always happy to help out! We are on HordeVerrim1 Feb 7
Feb 6 <Serenity> <Serenity> Horde - Barthilas - 11/11H 1/11M Wed/Thurs 8pm -11pm st (Farm/Prog) Sat 8pm - 11pm (opt normal/heroic tos for mains that missed wed or alts) Recruiting rDps for Heroic Antorus Prog and dabble in some Mythic later on! Im proud to say we have a very active group in Serenity. Theres always a bunch of us on discord running things together, playing overwatch, running mythics etc. If youre looking for an active guild that feels more like an extended family we might be worth considering! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serenity is a established guild comprised of mature raiders wanting to progress at a decent rate without sacrificing the enjoyable social aspect of the game. A place where we can have that sense of accomplishment and still have an escape from the drama and egotism of the world. This means our priority as a guild is our atmosphere. We boast a very happy guild environment and active discord. We're not just a guild where raiders are the pawns to do the bidding of the hotshots up top, we are a team! We are a primarily Heroic Prog focused guild, which allows us to have a flexible roster for people with work and family commitments. As a result of the mix of devoted and semi casual raiders we use epgp to distribute loot to ensure the fairest possible outcome and minimize any drama. A fair few of our current core team had had little to no raiding experience prior to joining the guild and are now shining in raids. Attitude for us always takes priority over experience and gear! As far as mythic content goes, we will move at our own pace with our already established team. We wont over recruit or replace when someone slightly better comes along and we most certainly wont push beyond our limits and allow toxicity to take over our raids. We're a team and we will progress at our own rate and enjoy the time spent in the process. Egotistical nonsense will not be tolerated in our guild. We expect our raiders to be focused on their own performance, help each other as needed and trust that the leaders wont let any underperforming issues go unaddressed. We dont know what the person behind the screen could be struggling with so we dont go out of our way to potentially make it worse. Leaders and raiders discuss raid issues in a discord chat channel so everyones in the loop and can have a say. We also have a unique raid mog theme each week for funzies. My aim as a leader and recruiter is to be as transparent about our goals and how we operate as possible, hence the wall of text. Id rather start off on this foot than run around explaining everything later =) If you've made it this far and you feel as tho Serenity is the home you've been looking for I'd love to hear from you. As said above, our priority is peoples attitude, so any level of experience or gear are welcome to join if you're willing to put in the effort to catch up! I look forward to hearing from you, Aure Aurelina#11652 Kainnita: Theblackash#6716 Auro: Timerty#1687 Kage: Intended#1234Aurelina49 Feb 6
Feb 6 [H] Exit Wound; 2/11M - LFM DPS camaraderie; mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. Exit Wound is a horde guild based on Barthilas. We have been a raiding guild since Cata and have been consistently raiding since with very minimal breaks/downtime. Our roster is made of all different levels of experiences with people from back in Vanilla to people who have only started playing in WoD. Our guild prides itself on the camaraderie on people who are in our guild. The base of our guild consists of loyal, genuine and dedicated people who share the same passion for raiding as our leadership team who are also very strong and resilient, especially with all the curveballs the game can give to guilds regarding make or break situations in a raiding environment. We've had them all but we're still standing and going strong. We're looking for raiders who; > Who show up and are prompt and on time (100% attendance to pass trial) > Know their class and keep improving themselves > Able to take direction and constructive criticism > Have a decent internet connection/PC > Loyal to guilds! This is a HUGE quality we look for > Non-elitists > Have initiative - looking at fights/strats for current content > Be okay with rotating roster Raid Days; Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Raid Times; 8pm - 11pm EST (7.45pm invites) Voice Comms; Discord Looting; Master Looter = CURRENTLY RECRUITING = Tanks; Closed. Healers; Closed. Melee DPS; Open. Strong tanking OS is desirable. Ranged DPS; Open!! ALL EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANTS WILL BE LOOKED AT If interested and think you'll be a great fit for our guild, please add; MissRenface#1693 or lyc#11918Rensocaramel89 Feb 6
Feb 5 WTB MYTHIC ToS RUN (FIRST 3 BOSSES ONLY) Hello, I am currently looking for a Guild or a Raid Team that can run me through Harjatan and the Demonic Inquisition fights in Tomb of Sargeras on Mythic difficulty I only want these two bosses, as they drop the Tier Gloves and Tier Helmet. They are among the first 3 bosses in the raid (Goroth being the first boss that must be killed before Harjatan and Demonic Inquisition can be accessed) I want these two bosses on Master Loot, to maximise my chance of getting the Tier pieces that I need. Any loot that is not my Tier or an upgrade may be given to anyone else who needs it, of course. In summary: -FIRST 3 BOSSES ONLY (Goroth, Harjatan and Demonic Inquisition) -I WANT MASTER LOOT FOR THE TWO TIER BOSSES (HARJATAN AND DEMONIC INQUISITION) -I WANT MY TIER GLOVES AND HELMET, WHICH DROP OFF HARJATAN AND DEMONIC INQUISITION, ANYTHING ELSE THAT I DO NOT NEED CAN BE GIVEN AWAY Please add Infernyx#1161 or talk to Voltryk in-game to discuss price and terms.Voltric0 Feb 5
Feb 4 <What R This> 2/11M LF Tank <What R This> 2/11M Recruiting 1 or 2 tanks for core team. We raid 8pm ST Wednesday and Sunday nights. message Morepudding#1538 for more info.Morepudding2 Feb 4
Feb 4 H <Slash Roll> H 9/11 RECRUITING HEY! Looking for a chilled out group with a focused goal on killing bad guys? <Slash Roll> could be for you! A tight knit group of dedicated raiders, we're looking to expand our ranks! Currently seeking all skilled players and those with a dedication to learn, with a priority on healers! All raids run on personal loot! We currently raid Wednesday & Sunday 10.30pm - 1.30am ST (GMT +8 7.30 - 10.30) (Barthilas). We also have Saturday night PVP and run M+ keys all week! We aim to get everyone a +15 for the sweet loot. Have achieved AOTC on all raids this xpac and very close in this tier! Interested? Let us know! Avostachio#1714 (GM) Sharky#2786 Fennekin#11762Kailah0 Feb 4
Feb 4 [H] Procrastinators United LFM for Mythic ABT <Procrastinators United> is a friendly and chill guild on Barthilas with a strong core of experienced raiders looking to expand its numbers. After finishing off heroic we are looking to push into mythic so we have things do with our friendos beyond heroic farm. We want players that are friendly, competent and always looking to improve their skills. As we only raid 2 nights a week we do need raiders who know how to be serious during pulls and remain focused. However, a willingness to gamble your hard earned gold between pulls will go a long way. Outside of raids we run mythic + regularly and there are generally people sitting in discord, screaming out for human interaction, so there is always someone to chat to if you're a bit of a saddo like me. What we desire from you: • 75 traits in your main spec weapon or a willingness to get it up there quickly if you're currently returning to the game • 100% attendance is not required but we do need to know if you can't make a raid • Relevant add-ons installed (DBM, weak auras etc) and an ability to listen to your raid leader overlord, Amberlea • Always prepared for raids - flasks, food, runes, gear gemmed and enchanted • Giving mythic + a red hot go to get your weekly 15 done for that phat loot • A sick mog or at least the ability to appreciate my sweet mog What can we do for you? I am glad you asked potential friend • A proper raiding home if you're sick of pugging or being friendless in your current guild • A relaxed yet determined atmosphere that gets bosses down in a decent time-frame but understands that raging during prog just ruins everyone's good time • If we remember, cauldrons and feasts are provided if you're stingy. Guild repairs are also left on for longer than intended so take advantage of that when you can Our raid times are: Wednesday ~ 7:30-10pm Thursday ~ 7:30-10pm Monday ~ 7:30-10pm (EXTREMELY OPTIONAL ALT RUN TO MUCK ABOUT IN) We are currently in need of: RANGED DPS and HEALERS •Hunters •Shadow Priest •Warlock •Balance Druid •Mage •Resto Druid •Mistweaver Monk We will consider any strong applicants even if you aren't one of the above classes. If any of the above gets your motor running add Phaedra#11234, Tieranix112#1777, Ilid#1850 or Hairygunda#6130 on bnet to apply or ask any questions you may have.Cucumbear8 Feb 4
Feb 3 9/11M [H] Falconwing Square <Falconwing Square> ... About Us ... Progression ... Raid Times ... If you are interested just add KillerPegasi#6337 on Bnet and I'll be happy to have a chat with you.Meawa54 Feb 3
Feb 3 LFG raids THU/FRI NIGHT or ANY DAY MORNING Hi there, I am a semi-hardcore raider currently looking for a Heroic Farm raiding guild to call home. I have been looking for a guild for a while now which suits my schedule. My preferred raid time is: 1. Thursday/Friday = 7.00pm-1.00am (At night) 2. "ANY DAY" in the "MORNING" = 8.00am-2.00pm (In the Morning). Preferred Realm: 1. Illidan (Horde) 2. Area52 (Horde) **Willing to switch realm too if everything works out. Currently i have Aotc on 1 toon and have been farming ATB on 3 different alts. List of alts on which I farm HC-ToS: 1. Havoc Demon Hunter: 2. Holy Priest: 3. Resto Shamy: (KIND OF A MAIN FOR NOW) Some other Alt to mess around in mythic plus: 1. Resto Druid: 2. Blood Dk: **Currently working on mage alt too, to have a ranged DPS class (also if guild needs a ranged dps)Dêâthbringêr4 Feb 3
Feb 2 [H] <Divergent> 2/11M Recruiting <Divergent> A guild that strives for success, while maintaining a highly active community We are a predominantly Australian guild located on Barthilas (Oceanic). As a long standing Barthilas guild, We've been participating in end game content since Highmaul, achieving many great personal goals and high ranks throughout Hellfire Citadel up to Tomb of Sargeras. That being said, we're looking for more like-minded and raid-ready individuals to continue on that legacy through Antorus and onto the next expansion. Our current raid times for the core progression group stand as Wednesday/Thursday and an optional Heroic Raid Monday, 8pm-11pm Server Time (AEST) and we are currently 11/11H ABT, 2/11M ABT. We also host an alt run on Saturday nights, 8pm-11pm. Expectations Be respectful & considerate of the guild and it's members, core and casual. Keep your egos and toxic attitudes in your prior homes, they're not welcome here and won't last long. A greater understanding of your class and mechanics for fights. Turning up to raid nights, and also being able to accept you may not get loot all the time. Mythic spots are not given freely. They're earned. We only have 20 spots so performance and attendance are key to getting into mythic progression. Trials will Start at Heroic and may be moved or tested in mythic if gear and skill permit. Classes We Are Recruiting: Tanks: Closed Healers: Druid, Shaman. Melee: Monk, Rogue, Demon-Hunter, Druid. Ranged: Druid, Priest, Warlock, Hunter. Please note: Any exceptional Ranged will be strongly considered. Any queries, please feel free to contact me via Battle-tag, Sardir#1794 or get in contact with any available Officers online. Officers: Sorcerèr Fendord Jaspers Genbu Ultimia Dïvïnïty2 Feb 2
Feb 1 Lf PvP guild Hi all, Are there any pvp guilds on this server? ThanksOrsea2 Feb 1
Feb 1 [H] <Salt> 8/11H Recruiting <Salt> is a two night per week raiding guild on Barthilas. We are looking to clear Heroic and move into Mythic, with more of a focus on Mythic moving into Battle for Azeroth. Raiding Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 ST Progression: 11/11N, 6/11H Recruitment Status: All classes and roles. Contact: Sparkleflap#11165Sparkleflap6 Feb 1
Jan 31 no longer relevant as the title states, i am looking for a guild to heal, my disc spec is a work in progress but am willing to try it out if need be if interested message me at ViciousTaco#1210Vicioustaco0 Jan 31
Jan 31 961 holy priest as the title states, i am looking for a guild to heal, my disc spec is a work in progress but am willing to try it out if need be if interested message me at ViciousTaco#1210Vicioustaco0 Jan 31
Jan 30 Cant log in to any toons Can log into any toons. I get into the loading screen and keep disconnecting. Please fix. Am I the only person with this or???Gaveron1 Jan 30