Sep 4 <H> <Never Stops Raining> 8/9H <Never Stops Raining> Currently 8/9 H ToS. Looking for players to bolster our core raid team and push into Mythic. If you're looking for an open and friendly guild thats dedicated to pushing content as far as we can whilst balancing real life then this is the home for you. We're also looking to build out our already strong M+ community within the guild. Alts and friends welcome! Raid Times 7-10 Server Time Tuesday and Thursday Alt Night Wednesday(Optional). Currently Recruiting Reliable DPS. Requirements Discord Good Attitude Good Times. Feel free to contact for any further Questions! Ahruk (reprisalxxx#1359) Lorrgar (crickuse#6521) Alpha (AdB#11726) Manashackle (Alllife#6958) Steelhèart(BEAUnd#6271)(me)Steelhèart2 Sep 4
Sep 3 Horde / DPS for loan Rogue and hunter both 930+ ilvl recently transfered to server and looking to find a guild to run heroic with each week. We both have mythic experience and AOTC KJ but have moved to pvp with friends so not looking to join a guild but just a regular heroic run each week with some solid people. Add shane#1945 or yell out on here .Rëckt0 Sep 3
Sep 1 930 enhance shaman 930 enhance shaman , looking to join a prog guild for mythic tos currently 9/9H 3/9M , 3 nights a week would be perfect , mostly high parses. Going to xfer from frostmourneCybrax3 Sep 1
Sep 1 Looking for a Mythic progression guild 925 Havoc DH, 9/9 H EN (AoTC), 3/3 H TOV (AoTC), 10/10 H NH (AotC), 9/9 N 8/9 H ToS. Looking for a casual progression raiding guild that is interested in Mythic. Add MayorQuimby#1288 if interestedLidrane1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Spriest LF>Mythic raiding guild Hello there,recently came back to WoW and I'm interested to start raiding in 7.3 again.Probably won't be raiding ToS as I need a lot of time to catchup and I have 2 legendaries atm,so I'll need some time to catch up and i'll be playing spriest in the argus raid. Able to play any ranged class if split run is required. Also able to make any raid times since my schedule is really flexible. Add me on btag if anyone is interested in recruiting a spriest :^) Voidy#11463Voidypriest6 Sep 1
Sep 1 925 des lock LF a mythic raid Guild and m+'sOuyesdfjsdf6 Sep 1
Aug 29 [A]FM Unlimited 2/9M 9/9H msia/sg Unlimited Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Unlimited are primarily Malaysian and Singaporean players (GMT +8). We are a guild that focusing on progression and are not interested in committing the excessive hours required to achieve progression kills. Instead we stick strictly to a raiding schedule that allows for and encourages a balanced and sustainable approach to high end progression raiding. We've been achieved a few top tier end boss raiding experiences in all patches. •Recruitment (will pay xfer free by gold(100k)) for commitment player only. >We are currently recruiting players to progress TOS mythic bosses with a solid team/players. >Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month. >Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. >Welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. Example only can raid 1 or 2 days per week • What do we expect from you? ★Commitment- We require you to be committed and able to put in the work required for the guild to maintain its rank and its competitiveness. You're required to maintain focus a positive attitude during raids and to be able maximize and perform at a high level in all your characters. We will also expect you to match our requirements when it comes to alts or mixed raids. ★Attendance- Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We are available to deal with the occasional sign out providing we have the time to prepare for it. Once progress is finished and we can deal with it, attendance requirements will usually lighten up. ★Communication- Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. We expect you to be able to write, speak and understand fluent sing English and we will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids and use our Facebook page or Whatsapp for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. •RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thurs, Mon (Mythic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Fri/Sat (heroic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Tue (normal) after reset 11.00pm - 12.30am GMT+8 (Singapore time) TOS incentive -progression boss awards 10k per player -full repairs -free feast and flask (when raid) Do not hesitate to contact us in game or Via Bnet ID Honey#1274Kiabo4 Aug 29
Aug 29 LF late night raiding/social guild (12am> ST) Have just come back after a fairly long break. Would like to get back into raiding with a friendly group of people. Have raided as a Warlock since 2.3 with the exception of this expansion. Not looking for a free ride, i will gear up myself and join your raid team when you are happy with my ilvl and dps. Have a good tuesday! CheersFoxy3 Aug 29
Aug 29 H Onineko: It's Japanese for something. 9/9H Are you from Perth? Leave this post. Not from Perth? ONINEKO! A Barthilas Australian Horde guild. Raiding Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:30-11ish Whats Onineko mean? Someone knew when they started the !@#$ing thing 11 years ago on Blackrock, but as-is the revolving door of life's commitments; that person is now probably dead. Translation was lost. Meaning was reassigned. Server was changed and we've recruited over their corpses. A side effect of not actively recruiting or giving a %^-* for 2 years has paid off well. A subscription attrition and desperate gasp for more life. Join us! ( We're looking for: - People that want to do mostly heroic level raiding. - Someone that isn't socially inept. - Ranged DPS. - Food blogs. You're: - Looking for a guild. - So lonely. - In possession of a microphone. - A filthy casual. - Not getting the love and attention you deserve. - A proud young dps who don't need no trinket. We've all come from miscellaneous parts of wow, some mythic raiders/some from the gutter. Collectively we've decided "sod it, lets just do heroics". If thats your thing, lets jam. Onineko is ideal for working professionals, unemployed manlettes and people with kids. We're probably going to piss you off if you're a jerk/have aspirations of being the best. Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H Trial of Valor: 3/3 H Nighthold: 10/10 H Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H, 1/9 M. Where'd that come?! Recruitment: Are you not-garbage. We want DPS. Swing heals welcome. We have many melee. All the %^-*ing melee. Get in on the melee scrum, get your chance to shine. Exceptional players of any class/spec are always encouraged to apply and have a chat with one of our Officers in game. Unless you're melee. Application Criteria - To jump into the raids right away, 870ilvl+ - Not an alt - You know what Discord is - Fill in the form on Applicants should have a limited to good sense of humor and ability shrug !@#$ off. Jerks get shunned. We also have several female members and make an effort for it to be an easy/safe place for everyone to enjoy. We're always actively looking for like-minded players that know their class well or are willing to learn and develop their skills with the guild. Players looking for a fun guild filled with pretty cool lads, to chat about potato and Legion junk, are more than welcome to apply. Casual non-raiding spots are always available. Follow the instructions on the recruitment page of our website to apply. Aug 29
Aug 29 wbsh still suck 2ezAstronium3 Aug 29
Aug 28 [H] <Vacuity> is now recruiting <Vacuity> Barthilas Horde. 9/9 H 1/9M. TWO NIGHT PER WEEK GUILD Current raid nights: Monday/Wednesday - 7:30-10:00pm. (Mythic Prog team) Thursday - 7:30-10:00pm (Optional Heroic farm) Saturday - 7:30-10:00pm (Optional Normal alt or farm run) Sunday - 7:30-10:00pm (Optional Normal alt or farm run) Daily - M+ Keys anywhere from 2-15 and higher. Note one of those weekend raids will soon swap to heroic. We are currently recruiting a Holy Priest and a Resto Druid for Mythic progression. However we are always willing to look any any exceptional player for our progression team. With that in mind though any and all are welcome to the various runs we have scheduled each time. This offer is extended to anyone willing to take us up on it. If you want to come to any of these runs then jump on our discord and speak to us about it. We do have some requirements for each night, however they are only there to ensure a fair and enjoyable raid night. As long as you are appropriately geared for the content of the night you'll be fine to attend. Any questions feel free to jump on disc and ask an officer (always at least one online). While we are a progression minded guild with a strong focus on getting mythic kills but we strive to provide a fun and enjoyable environment above all else. We regularly run keys of varying levels and willing to help anyone run whatever key you have from a +2 through to a +15 and beyond. We are completely open for anyone who wants to join us as a casual for a key each week, a weekend normal ToS, Heroic Thursdays or Mythic Progression or even just someone who wants a place to hang out with some good banter and fun guys. We also play a bunch of other games such as Borderlands/Overwatch/Rocket League/Pubg and many others. Always looking for more to play those with as well. Feel free to add my battletag, Jarros#1135Goths0 Aug 28
Aug 28 5/9M 924UDK/932VDH LF guild [H] Hey, i'm a raider with about 6 years of experience. I played progression in Cata, then took a long break where played Nightmare(Mythic equivalent) progression in SWTOR and CSGO semi-professionally. I also have a friend who plays for Limit-Ilidan(US Rank 1 Guild) that would be willing to vouch for my tanking ability. Bnet: David#111344 EXPIRIENCE: I havent been able to find a stable guild this patch, which explains why i'm only 2/9M. Please note I've gotten Harj & Sisters to unedr 5% so I have exp up to 4/9M. I'm a very fast learner and reliable player who follows mechanics well. Demon Hunter logs(Main): I know VDHs aren't in meta. But I have tons of expirience tanking and play my class well -- which you will be able to see from my logs. I understand my spec inside out and keep up with all the meta theory discussions. Death Knight logs: 8/9H since I only run with pugs. My DK logs are a bit weak, its because my gear could use some work. However, most of my logs are in the 80th percentile of my IL. Essentially, I have lots of potential if you are willing to work with me on gear. Availability: 7 days of the week as long as its late evening/early night. Server changing for sure and will consider faction changing for the right guild. I'm looking to main either char while keeping the other one for alt runs/bench My Bnet: Sargeras#1224Fluffykinz4 Aug 28
Aug 28 [H] <Frostwolves> 9/9H 9/9N Expanding <Frostwolves> <Frostwolves> is a 9/9H and 9/9N fun and casual guild that raids 3 days a week. We are primarily a Singaporean guild, but also with many raiders from other countries such as Thailand, Australia and even Brazil. Occasionally, we may even organize guild outings IRL (for SG) just to hang out. We're currently seeking players to expand our roster for mythic progression. However, in order to improve progression, do expect that Wednesday and Thursday will be changed to Progression night, while Sunday will be a farm night where we carry our casual raiders for farm contents. All casuals are welcomed too, if you stick around enough we'll probably carry you for farm nights too! Raid Times: Wednesday - 10.55pm SVT - 2am SVT (8.55pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8) Thursday - 10.55pm SVT - 2am SVT (8.55pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8) Sunday - 10.55pm SVT - 2am SVT (8.55pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8) What we need from you 1) Attendance 2) Be prepared. (Flasks/Food/Gems/Enchants, watching videos for progression fights and learning before we attempt) 3) Knowledge of your own class. (We do not need you to be the top 95 percentile of ur iLvl bracket, but we don't expect you to be at the bottom 40 percentile too) What you need to know 1) You might be benched. (Due to attendance/raid composition/skill-wise) 2) You MAY be yelled at during progression raids. 3) You will be trialed. Open Positions Top Priority 1x Tank Warlocks Hunters 1x Arm Warrior Mid Priority Any other exceptional DPS Players Low Priority Any other casuals that just wants a guild to chat and have fun with. (You may of course join us for farm nights when we deem you fit enough =P) Officers to contact: Spectre#1316 Peppermint#6112 Cyric#1540 Alternatively: 1) Head over to Barthilas-Horde, and /who Frostwolves. Get the guy to refer you to an Officer (: 2) Drop a mail to Lyziana/Lucidel/Soliinari/Meccamaster stating ur Bnet tag. They'll add you from there. 3) Officers and their alts are listed as Rank 3 here, PM any of them for an invite: Warcraftlogs: Aug 28
Aug 27 [H]<Maraurders> 9/9H LF DPS <Maraurders> 3/10M NH 9/9H ToS LF 3 DPS Barthilas based 2 nights a week raiding guild that is recruiting more members! We raid Thursday night and Sunday night from 7pm until 10:30pm Server time with farm clears on Tuesday nights. Our guild is full of active, friendly and full of welcoming members who also enjoy running content outside of raiding. Mythic + keystones, Previous Raid clears and all the way down to old content for transmogs, mounts and achievements. We promote a friendly but mature atmosphere that is understanding to those with family and other commitments. We are currently looking to take in new members to bolster our ranks. For our raid team we are looking for DPS players to close out our roster. Ideally we are looking for; -Warlock -Warrior(Arms or fury) -Rogue / DH All applicants will be looked into regardless of our preference. We also encourage anyone looking for a social and casual environment to throw a line and speak to us, as we do also run content with Casual and social members on a weekly basis, or anyone who'd like to give raiding a try but don't quite feel ready and would like some help along the way. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to leave a post here or message any of the following on BNET: -Our Raid lead : Req#11563 -Our GM Pallydrome#11396 -Our Officers: Tektonic#1722 and Rhys#1696 Or one of our Guildies - TheCobaltFox#1420Bagheraa0 Aug 27
Aug 27 [H]Tribo - Recruiting Raiders - (4/9M) < Tribo > has been a progression raiding guild for 9+ years and currently reside on Barthilas [Horde]. Our member base varies from Southeast Asia and Western Australia, with a few hailing from the US and Canada. Currently seeking quality players to fill out our raid roster and Mythic+ runs. Current Progression: ToS - 4/9M Previous Tiers: 9/10M NH 3/3M ToV - Cutting edge 7/7M EN - Cutting edge Tribo's first and foremost focus is 20m Mythic Raiding, 4 hours per night 3 nights a week on : Wed, Thurs, and Sun from: 10pm - 2am AEST 8pm - 12am Perth/Singapore/Malaysia/HK ... ALL Quality applicants will be considered, regardless of class! If you are one of the above, please submit your application here: ...Charsnars3 Aug 27
Aug 26 3/9 M exp Moonkin/resto LF prog team Since i have been having no luck in attempting to find a team to heal in on my priest, i've decided it's time to give up that dream in favour of actually raiding the content. As such i've decided to seek a team in which i can play moonkin as most guilds seem to be full on the healing roster at the moment. I do have a resto offspec which i can play and have played in the past this expansion, however i'd like to give moonkin as my main spec a chance. Happy to be the swing dps who heals on fights where an additional healer is needed and whatnot. I have killed 3/9 ToS Mythic in the first 2 weeks on my priest as holy but since then i have struggled to find anywhere with similar progression that was seeking a holy priest. If you are looking for a moonkin(potentially resto druid - would have to see based on the team/offer) then please add my btag or post here and have a chat. Btag: Staele#1310 Thanks.Feora5 Aug 26
Aug 25 [H] Marauders - Barthilas 8/9H Marauders is a 2 night a week raiding guild based on Barthilas we are currently seeking 1 DPS and 1 Heals pref druid to finish off our mythic team. Our guild is full of active, interesting and friendly people who like to run mythic + dungeons and generally help each other out. We also occasionally throw in the odd farm clears of previous raids on off nights when it suits people. Our raid nights are thur-sun 7:00-10:30 ST If you have any further questions feel free to post here or add me rhys#1696Eeveê2 Aug 25
Aug 25 WTS Wooly White Rhino WTS Wooly White Rhino TCG mount, looking for around 1.5m. :) Whisper me in game!Spraybottle0 Aug 25
Aug 23 Looking for horde pvp guild. Want to join a friendly casual pvp guild that enjoy wpvp. I would also be intrested in doing some casual rbgs.Groga0 Aug 23
Aug 23 913 3/9M Balance Druid LF Non-Thursday Guild Hey guys, I am an experienced raider looking for a guild that raids on pretty much every day but Thursdays, with preference to later starts so I dont get screwed by DLS. My current ilv is 913 and I am prepared to be sat as needed. I have logs which can be provided on request as well as the following geared alts on Barth, and as such I would prefer to stay on Barth. 916 Destro Lock 918 MM Hunter Feel free to add me on Froot#11202 to have a chat or pst me in game.Hoytscinemas1 Aug 23
Aug 23 [H] Partying Potatoes 9/9H rec for mythic Partying Potatoes We are a semi-serious guild that is based in Barthilas. The guild is made up of mostly Singaporeans with a handful of Indonesians. Our members range from the age of 25 - 50 with real life commitments but still want to enjoy raiding at a high level. We are in the midst of expanding the guild in preparation for mythic progression as we have recently conclude our heroic progression. Raid Schedule Wednesday and Monday 8.30 to 11.30 pm (GMT+8) We do insert additional raid days subjected to a majority vote. Player Expectations ~Sorted in accordance to importance~ I. Maturity, as we try to be as inclusive as possible there will come a time where we have to bench in order to progress. We seek the understanding of the raiders affected and they are expected to leave the raid gracefully. II. Attendance, we maintain a small raid roster as such near 100% attendance is required. III. Punctuality, raid invites goes out 5mins before the raid starts. Raiders are expected to be fully ready (flask, food, enchants, correct talents, etc) to receive the invites. We average 6 hours of raiding a week, every second counts. IV. Class Proficiency, we encourage all our players to play competitively. Doing personal research on how to improve one’s class and learning how to read logs and understanding how to improve one’s performance is also expected. Having a good comprehension of boss mechanics and watching videos before the fight is compulsory. V. Voice Discipline, we use Discord as our voice chat. Unless you are assigned as a raid leader or someone that is calling out boss mechanics, it is appreciated that you do not hog the voice channel. Some small chat every now and then is fine but only during farm bosses/ runs. If you bring the wind fury, you can be sure we are gonna bring the boot. Having a mic is not mandatory. Discord however is mandatory. VI. Hardware, all raiders are expected to have a stable internet connection with latency not more than 500ms. No, we also do not tolerate reasons for failure such as, “My PC is only capable of 20 fps”. We believe a certain level of monetary investment is required to raid at this level. VII. Gear, ~910ilvl with 52 traits. Positions Tanks -Closed- DPS Rogue Mage Warlock Most other classes are encouraged to apply as long as you are capable of churning out exceptional numbers. Healers Holy Priest (High Priority) Resto Shaman Getting in touch If you fulfill our aforementioned requirements and are interested in joining us, we would be more than happy to give you a trial, kindly send an in-game message to Amelon, Ferevellon or myself Whitetruffle. Alternatively you can leave a comment in the thread and I will get in touch with you at the nearest time possible. It would be greatly appreciated that you comment using the character you are applying for which makes the vetting process easier.Whitetruffle6 Aug 23
Aug 23 [A/H] Looking for PVP Guild! Hi everybody, Yes - I realise I'm on Frostmourne! But I have a series of level 110 toons and levelling other toons up to 110 so I can get the most out of the PVP experience. I suppose I'd classify myself as a Hardcore Casual. When I play, I play to win - But I'm not looking to smash it out every night of the week. Please reply if you're in, run, or know of a good RBG guild running on the server that has a great community to be part of :) Cheers!Kaijiro2 Aug 23
Aug 22 [H] <Unreal Realities> 1/9M LF Mythic Raiders Tired of joining <Reformed for this Patch!> Guilds? Want a forever home where you can kill bosses in a relaxed environment? Are you not a douchebag? Welcome! All exceptional applicants are considered. We raid two nights a week. Thursday: 8pm Server Time -> 11:30pm Server Time Monday: 8pm Server Time -> 11:30pm Server Time Sunday is a Achievements/Normal or Heroic/Old Content clear night and is optional. Progress: We are currently 1/9M, 9/9H, 9/9N In order of preference we are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS: Warlocks, Mages, Boomkin, Spriests, Ele Sham. Melee: Pretty close to full. Exceptional applications only. Healers: A Healer who can switch to DPS confidently, or vice versa. Who are we? We are a guild on Horde Barthilas and we have been raiding every single patch together since Ulduar, making us a long-term, well established and friendly guild that's been around for over 8 years. Every year we have a Guild Drinks where we get together in a different capital city (Brisbane in August this year) to meet the awesome people we play games with which makes us a great "forever home" for players of any persuasion. Every night of the week people can be found on the guild Discord chatting, doing Mythic+ and playing other games together (PUBG seems to be the flavour this month) if that's what you are in to. Our current roster sits at 20-25 players, as a guild that is aiming to clear Mythic content within the current patch whilst only raiding two nights per week, we are looking at boosting this to around 30 players. As for non-raiders, we have plenty of those as well with over 150 accounts in the guild. All non-raiders are welcome! To have a chat please add Miniegun#1879, Zameth#1106, or Codsyg#1424 or jump on to our forums at If you are on Barthilas feel free to hit up someone in the guild and see if any of us are online as well :)Miniegun0 Aug 22
Aug 21 [H] <Glitch> 4/9M LFM DPS! Hello World of Warcrafters! <Glitch> - Barthilas is an Oceanic Mythic progression guild that aims to have fun and down bosses at the same time. Formed in Legion, our Officers and Core Raiders have come from top guilds on different Oceanic servers with server first experience. With ToS out soon, we are looking for more exceptional mythic players to push for higher rankings! Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm SVT Currently Recruiting We are currently looking for the following: Exceptional DPS with min 52 Traits and 910 ilvl Any exceptional players who play classes that are not listed above are still encouraged to apply. If you are interested, please reply to this post or alternatively, contact the following: Jumn#11185Jumn64 Aug 21
Aug 21 930 enhance shaman 930 enhance shaman , looking to join a prog guild for mythic tos currently 9/9H 3/9M , 3 nights a week would be perfect , mostly high parses. Going to xfer from frostmourneCybrax3 Aug 21
Aug 21 <Somebodys> Mythic Recruiting <Somebodys> on Barthilas  1/9 Mythic is recruiting for our Mythic ToS roster. We are a 3 night raiding guild (2 nights in mythic) that has just moved into mythic and are currently in need for some more DPS to trial for our core team. Schedule: Heroic Wednesday, Mythic Thursday and Monday 7:30-10.00pm Server Time. Gear: We use RCLootCouncil and gear is voted by a team of 8 members consisting of officers and core raid members who take into consideration the following: class/spec, skill, attitude, attendance, and the overall impact towards the guild. Requirements: 915+ ilvl with a minimum of 52 traits. Goal: Our goal as a relatively new guild is to build up a strong mythic team to push into ToS and be ready for the T21 Argus Raid. Please add Crush#1412 or alternatively you can whisper us on Milkyshakes/Crushingdps in game. Aug 21
Aug 21 100-110 character dungeon carries. Hi I'm offering a dungeon power leveling service where you can sit back and relax while I do all the work for you. Leveling service: You will need to be able to do legion dungeons. It will be done through normal dungeons. You will be playing your own character. Price: 20k per level or: 5k per dungeon 180k if you want to do the whole 10 levels. If you bring a paying friend with you I'll give you a further 10% discount. Contact: If you're interested contact my Nand0#11622. ____Nander1 Aug 21
Aug 21 926 5/9M Boomkin Looking for similar prog guild (4/9M at least). Nothing later than 1AM finish and day's aren't a problem. Reply here if interested.Xozat2 Aug 21
Aug 20 [H] <Marshmellows> 4/9hm recruiting Hi All, <Marshmellows> is a newly reformed guild of friends who are looking at creating a casual progressive raid group. We are just reforming our raid team day by day, and we need dps & healers. <Marshmellows> is a very friendly guild created by a group of friends, so if you are new to raiding, getting back into it or simply just want something layed back and casual but still get bosses down this will be the perfect guild for you. Server Barthilas - HORDE Times & Days Wednesday - 8:00PM - 10:30PM Server Time Monday - 8:00PM - 10:30PM Server Time What Are We Recruiting DPS (All dps) What do we want? We are after all types of people, we accept new players, returning players and veterans! You don't need any raid experience at all! We will show you the ropes help you gear! All that we ask is that you turn up on time and be reliable! We want to progress through Tomb of Sargeras, getting into heroics and onto mythic! A bit about our GM and Raid Leader We have been raiding for a few years, Velathelina/Raid Leader since Cataclysm, having done competitive raiding in Cata, MoP and WoD, usually completing Heroics (now mythics) pre nerf, but falling back to a more casual guild for HFC, then decided to create our own casual guild with friends for Legion this time around. Having mained a warlock all my WoW life, swapping to demon hunter tank has been an interesting and fun turn around. Mustangr is our trusty GM who has been around since BC, loves to better himself as much as he can, spends countless hours watching progress videos and strategy guides, podcasts, always up to date with everything to do with WoW and loves to help others out even when it doesn't benefit him in the slightest. We're really looking for a good group of people who get along, have patience and want to progress. If you've made it this far and this sounds like your kind of guild, please leave a message here or speak to me. You can add my battletag for more information or speak to someone online. Velathelina#6714Velathelina0 Aug 20
Aug 19 [H] Efficacy 9pm-12ST Efficacy is a newly formed, East Coast based raiding guild looking to recruit players to finalise our core team. Guild leadership has a raiding history stretching back throughout the game's history, with plenty of raiding and raid leading experience at mythic levels. We are looking for players with the drive and knowledge of their classes and the ambition to do what it takes to progress consistently. If you believe this is you, then we want you. Expectations: -Being able to commit to near 100% raid attendance until each night is called. -Being able to at least log into our Discord to access resources and listen to direction. -Willing to learn and take criticism. -Engage with the guild community well and be a positive addition to it. Raid times: Current raid times are: Wed/Thurs/Mon 9pm-11 Server Time – This will change to 9pm-12 during mythic progression, once the core is finalised. Progression: Unfortunately, due to roster instability, currently we are sitting at 7/9H for Tomb following some key members deciding to take their leave. Efficacy will continue to push for the Heroic KJ kill up until the release of the new tier, which we will hopefully find more success in. Recruitment: Currently we are still in need of dedicated DPSers - At this point we have positions available for sPriests/Mage/Rogues/Drood in particular - preference given to DPS with strong Heal OS. Also looking to recruit one Mainspec Tank - preference for Druid/Brew/DH but other applicants welcome. Exceptional applicants of any class/role are always welcome and encouraged. For more information on openings and the guild itself, contact Ghoul#12350. **Note: the classes explicitly listed are those that would be considered ideal; but we are open to applicants of any class with the right player behind it**Ghoulcleave6 Aug 19
Aug 19 1/9M 9/9H Recruitment <Somebodys> [MYTHIC Recruitment] looking for one talented mage/healing priest to finish off our roster 920min 1/9M 9/9H Raid times are 7:30-10pm sever Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. /who somebodys and speak to crush milk or undisputed or you can add Crush#1412 to find out moreCrushingdps1 Aug 19
Aug 18 [H] Semi-Pug Mythic Progression Runs First of all, do note that this is a semi-pug progression run. We're looking for competent players who are seeking Mythic progression, but are wiping to attendance-boss in their guild. Come join us on Sunday 9pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8 (11pm SVT - 2am SVT) for Mythic progression runs. Again, do note that we will not be able to proceed on with this unless we have 20 players available. Registering does not guarantee a spot (as we still might be lacking 20 players, or we have no spots available for your role). Currently we're looking for 1) DPS slots 2) 1 or 2 healing spots. 3) 1 Offtank position. Drop a message here, leaving your In Game Name. On Sunday roughly 15-30mins before raid time, I'll drop you a whisper confirming your attendance. What's expected of you 1) Reading up on Mythic Goroth, Demonic Inquisition and Harjatan. 2) Food/Flask/Pots 3) Discord (No need for mic)Lyziana0 Aug 18
Aug 18 9/9H H\S 925 Priest LF M Prog LF Mythic Raid team! Pref 3/9m. Logs avail!Miskqt1 Aug 18
Aug 16 [H] Fire and Blood Recruitment GMT+8 Fire and Blood is a semi-casual, enjoyable Horde raiding guild on Barthilas, aiming to progress through Mythic Tomb of Sargeras! Our Raid times which are late nights on the server and is good for any GMT +8 players 10pm - 12:30am Server Time Wednesday Thursday Sunday We have currently cleared 9/9N 9/9H ToS 5/10M NH, 3/3M ToV 7/7M EN. We also do Mythic+ dungeons and aim to keep it challenging as well as making sure everyone gets a high key completed for the week! We currently have a solid raid team of around 14 raiders with a few casuals who come and go. Currently looking for Tanks to rotate - Any class Healers - Rsham DPS - rogue, boomie Listed classes are higher prio, all classes welcome We are looking to expand our roster and aim for have a healthy core team for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras prog and for the future so if you're looking to raid or want to find a new home in the World of Warcraft just add my btag and have a chat! :) stephella#1670Stephella0 Aug 16
Aug 15 Blingtron Martial Arts Tournament Event I don't know how many people from Barthilas Horde comes here but I'd like to post this annual event I organize to see if we'll have more people attending this year's event aside from guildies. The requirements to enter the event are as follows. -You must be an Engineer and able to summon your own Blingtron 6000. -Register your interest here on discord either by replying here or sending me a ingame mail on your participating Engineer. -The event will be held on the 30th August (7pm Realm Time) Prizes I'm thinking of giving out this year is 150k in gold(Pocket Change for some people...I know) 8 Hexweave Bags Surprise. I'll decide whether to split it between 3 winners or host the usual Winner Takes All, depending on what the majority wants. Due to the mishaps of last year's Alliance players forming a raid group to crash the party, this year we'll announce the venue to the participants on the day via ingame Mail.Aethas2 Aug 15
Aug 15 [H] <Vague> - 9/9H LF Rdps/Healers Hey guys, welcome to our forum post, <Vague> is a newly formed guild consisting of experienced raiders looking for mythic progression in ToS. We’re currently looking for dedicated players who would love to have fun in an efficient raiding environment who don’t mind getting serious when it counts. Progression: 9/9H TOS The Majority our core are also 9/10M NH and 1/9M TOS experienced Recruitment: Our current priorities for recruitment are as follows: Ranged DPS: High Tanks: High Melee: Low Healers: Medium Raid Times: (All times are GMT+10 or SVT) Wednesday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Thursday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Sunday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Additional raid nights may be set to Monday, however these nights will be optional. For additional information please add/message: Guild Master: Spurtle: Silky#6396 Recruitment: Hurtle: Hurtle#11453 Recruitment: Glaivesbae: Justdan#11583Spurtle13 Aug 15
Aug 14 [H] LF Casual Norm/Heroic Tos Guild Ex hardcore raider looking to transfer and join a relaxed casual normal/heroic ToS guild with no intention of mythic. 7:30pm - 10:30pm or thereabouts. Happy to transfer and faction change. Have another rogue with a similar background looking to join also. Thanks,Niyo1 Aug 14
Aug 12 WTB heroic TOS loot run WTB heroic TOS Masterloot run tonight! Add my bnet Nand0#11622Pùb0 Aug 12
Aug 11 Looking for Social/Casual guild Hey. I'm a returning player. It's been some years. I kinda like PvP but really I just want a group of people to hang with and have a few laughs. I'm an all round crappy player. At the moment I am leveling a healer because...umm...reasons? And it would be nice to find some mature in age, immature in outlook people to play with. If you are looking for an idiot who can really only get better, give us a hoy. Live in Australia, can play weeknights and weekends.Lactalia0 Aug 11
Aug 11 [H] Newbie looking for a home <deleted>Dellivia0 Aug 11
Aug 11 [H] Ataxyia 9/9H 1/9M, recuiting ballers. <Ataxyia> 9/9H, 1/9M ToS - We are an active guild that is looking to continue to clear Tomb, All while trying to encourage a fun raiding environment that's mature and helpful. We also have many groups doing Mythic+ dungeons. Looking for geared and experienced Rdps/healers but will talk with anyone with the right attitude that is willing to prepare for Tomb! Currently in need of: Healers: Healers with strong dps offspecs or vise vers :D - Pref holy/ret pal and resto/ele shaman DPS: Ranged preferably with Boomkin/shadow/hunter in high demand. Tanks - Maybe if the right fit ;) Raid nights Wed/Thurs 7:30PM-10:30PM ST (Australian Melb/Syd) for progression content. With normal fun clears Sundays that is for alts and Casuals to attend. Add Docbot#1756 or Anekaiz#6824Paldoc11 Aug 11
Aug 10 deleted deletedFluffykinz3 Aug 10
Aug 9 [H] <Namaste> LF Sexy DPS We are looking for moistening DPS to never wear the ugly tabard and raid heroic tomb with us twice a week. It’s all about positive vibes brah, so bring your flexible raiding style and prepare for a combucha font of gear and funtimes. Raid times: 08:00PM to 10:00PM Server time(GMT+10). Tuesday and Thursday - switching to Mon and Thursday when GoT finishes... Faction: Horde Looking for: Bad !@# mofo DPS of all kinds. We also welcome any fun social members who want a chill place to hang out and make new friends. Requirements: You don't have to be hardcore, just keen, positive, reliable and ready to kick butt. Guild Expectations We call ourselves Cas-core. Casual Hardcore raiders. We come to every fight prepared with consumables, watch the fight guides and speak up if we don't understand a mechanic. At the same time we enjoy banter and jokes in raids, and we are not averse to singing in Discord. How to get in touch: Contact any of our members and ask to speak to an officer about recruitment.Maltreat1 Aug 9
Aug 8 923 9/9H MONK TANK LF WEEKEND RAID GUILD 923 9/9H Brewmaster monk lf non wednesday thursday raid guild. PM ME ON BNET bisho#1574Bamböozle0 Aug 8
Aug 8 WTB H ToS WTB The following runs, Heroic / Normal ToS Mythic NH Gold only!Genjipro0 Aug 8
Aug 8 (H) Novum recruiting dps Novum is currently a heroic progression guild who's prog is 9/9n and 7/9h tos. We are currently seeking some dps to fill our raid spot. We have been running a smaller raid team due to people taking breaks for rl comminitments and looking to build up our raid team. We are a very social casual guild who likes to have fun but get bosses dead. We raid 2 nights a week Wednesday and Sunday from 7-10pm st. If you think that our guild might interest you please dont hesitate to message me. We are seeking 900+ilvl Bnet- Binni#1788Binnii4 Aug 8
Aug 7 [H] Against The Odds - 1/9M 9/9H ToS Against the Odds, Barthilas Against the Odds is an Aussie guild on the Barthilas server with a view of Mythic raiding in Legion on minimalist time-frame (4 hours a week). We’re looking to recruit mature players that want to make raid progression while balancing real life commitments. About Us Most of our group is made up of older ex-hardcore players with families/full time work who still want to lock in some solid progression every tier without committing to the long hours required for hardcore progression raiding. In order to accomplish this we take on a work smarter not harder attitude to push our progression every week. How we accomplish this is by doing our prep outside of the game or on our own time so that when we do come together as a group for our two raid nights we've got everything in place to lock in prog kills. Outside of the 4 hours we raid most of us are on every evening after work or over the weekend kicking back with the guild either with Mythic+ runs, WQ's or engaging in pointless debates about how much we hate Fjarnskaggl & Nomi this expansion. What we're looking for Our ideal raider is someone who understands whats required for progression both in a Heroic & Mythic environment who happens to be time poor. This means having a thorough understanding of your class, likely in multiple specs, being gemmed/chanted and bringing sufficient raid supplies (prepots/flasks/food) on the raid night. Because of our limited time frame we don't have the luxury of learning a fight once we walk in the door or putting together strategies on the fly, so we expect every raider in the group to be fully versed for a fight. The kind of raider we're looking for is someone who has limited time to play WoW but wants to maximize the use of that time. They are prepared, punctual and mature in attitude. They desire progress over farming loot and are committed to being the best they can be at their class. We want players who have that progression itch but due to real life are unable to commit to the regular hardcore guilds out there. Current Progression - 09/07/2017 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M - EN 3/3N 3/3H - ToV 10/10N 10/10H 4/10M - NH 9/9N 9/9H 1/9M - TOS Raid Days – Thursday/Sunday Raid Times – 7.30pm to 9.30pm AEST (ST) Classes/Specs Needed: Tank - Core spots filled. Heals - Core spots filled. DPS - Ranged DPS needed. If your class/spec isn't listed but you feel we're exactly the kind of guild you're looking for then definitely add me on Bnet for a chat anyhow. Add me to apply today! Arwenemma#1899Arwenemma9 Aug 7
Aug 5 [H] Mauraders - Barthilas 8/9H Marauders is a 2 night a week raiding guild based on Barthilas we are currently seeking 1 DPS and 1 Heals pref druid to finish off our mythic team. Our guild is full of active, interesting and friendly people who like to run mythic + dungeons and generally help each other out. We also occasionally throw in the odd farm clears of previous raids on off nights when it suits people. Our raid nights are thur-sun 7:00-10:30 ST If you have any further questions feel free to post here or add me rhys#1696Eeveê0 Aug 5
Aug 5 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 5
Aug 4 Buying H ToS Run tonight. Buying H ToS tonight. Anyone running?Angrydame0 Aug 4