Nov 28 [H]Niflheim GMT+8 - (9/9M) LFM! Greetings! <Niflheim> - Barthilas, is a GMT+8 raiding guild and is currently looking for exceptional and skilled players as well as like minded players from all classes for Mythic progression for current and future expansions. If you have a strong knowledge on your class and you have the skills to back it up, then <Niflheim> wants you! We are also recruiting for 5man mythic+ if it suits you more as a casual player. Current Progression 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 3/3 M Trials of Valor 10/10 M Nighthold 9/9 M Tomb of Sargeras What we expect from you Able to commit to near 100% attendance Know your class well and be prepared for fights Having the desire to clear current content Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 12am Server time to 3am Server time (9pm - 12am +8GMT) Usual Raid time: 11pm - 2am server time Daylight savings Raid time: 12am - 3am server time Currently RECRUITING: Tanks Any Exceptional Tank Range DPS Shadow Priest Melee DPS Rogue Healer Restoration Shaman Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk If you are an exceptional player and your class is not listed and you are interested in joining, you may also apply at or you can leave a message below. You can also add your ingame name or Btag here. Lastly, you may also contact Akíza (Akiza#11139), Basbiel (Brad#1416), Kaelarok (Kaelarok#6482) & Nervie (Foster#1344) in game.Akíza158 Nov 28
Nov 28 del .Fierydiva0 Nov 28
Nov 27 Asgard 1/11(M) - Frostmourne (Alliance) Asgard 7/9(M) - Frostmourne (Alliance) is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that strive to clear content efficiently while maintaining a lively and lighthearted atmosphere. Current members of Asgard have the ambition to push for upper server rankings and we welcome like-minded players to apply. Raid Times (AEST/Server Time) Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm Now Recruiting (Minimum ilvl 935+ with 70+ Traits) Druid (balance) High Druid (Healer) High Priest (Discipline) Very High Pally (Healer) Medium Priest (dd) Medium Warlock High Ranged DPS DPS capable of playing healing or tanking Offspecs in mythic progression (M+ players) Always recruiting strong players to bolster our team. Apply even if your role is not listed. Contact Battle-tags Stiix#11103 Sweets#1979 Sutekh#1386 Dejavu#6722 Please provide us with logs if you would like to be considered for a trial. We're also very competitive when it comes to Mythic Plus. We welcome all Pvpers & casuals.Ripstiix5 Nov 27
Nov 27 Looking for RAF Partner (OC) Hi, i am looking for a RAF partner. I live in Perth Western Australia. (GMT+8 Timezone) Id like to RAF a few Chars maybe more. I have a free battle chest key for you. (first month is free included with the battle chest). I am thinking horde on barthilas server or ally frostmourne. Add me on skype (qqbot88)Rigigi0 Nov 27
Nov 27 [H] <What R This> 4/9M Recruiting DPS + Heals <What R This> We are a relaxed guild with the best banter in the game looking for other players with similar personality to join our core team. We currently have demand for DPS particularly Range DPS. Have 4 core spots available and happy to trial any class / spec. We raid 8pm ST Wednesday and Sunday for 2.5 hours. All casual members are also more than welcome to join :) Contact me on Bnet for more info! Morepudding#1538Morepudding6 Nov 27
Nov 26 Mythic Raider 5/9 LF Guild - DK/Warrior DPS .Ruloc2 Nov 26
Nov 26 <Metanoia>Barthilas 5/9M weekend raid guild Barthilas (H) Oceanic weekend raiding guild **<Metanoia>** * Sat - 13pm-16pm ST * sun - 13pm-16pm ST * friday -normal/alt run 23pm ST > 9/9H 5/9M > we are a semi casual raiding guild with a core of experienced raider looking to expand our roster for Mythic TOS progression and the coming Antorus raid > we uses discord for raid comm and EPGP as loot system * what we ask of you is to be mechanically strong and able listen to raid calls properly *have a positive mindset and a strong will to push throu progression * min 930ilvl+ * we are in urgent need of 1tank(with dps offspec),rdps(mage/hunter/spriest) 1 healer -------APPLY ON OUR WEBSITE--------- PM ingame Meenz or any officer Aurah wagwanrasta mininaaAurah1 Nov 26
Nov 24 Mage LF Arena Partners 1800 CR Mage 2200 Exp Player Fresh Back into Legion looking for people to play with. Prefer people chilled who can learn from there own mistakes and not just blame others/factors. Want to just improve and get better as a player. Tepre#1690Teprex0 Nov 24
Nov 24 Found a Home for now thanks guys. So what we have to offer is, 943 Prot War 932 Druid 930 Rogue Those are the classes that the 3 of us been playing, currently we have 4/9M ToS we currently are on Frostmourne Alliance and are looking to swap to horde. My self prot war will be just playing that prot war, The druid want to tank still but can go heals but wants to stay tank, and well the rogue well does rogue things. If you guys want to hit me up for more of a chat just add my Bnet: Heartnet#1967Eclaír1 Nov 24
Nov 23 Seeking Antorus prog guild - +8GMT Hi All Currntly seeking a more active guild for Antorus prog - 7/7M, 2/3M, 9/9H exp 931 Arms/Prot Warrior however I can swap classes, you choose my class, i like them all, but would like to stay on warrior. Monday-Thursday raid days, any time after 9PM ST (8PM ST non DLS) will be perfect. Chakkie#11894Blinkked1 Nov 23
Nov 22 6/9M 947 BM Hunter Hey all! 947 BM Hunter LF raiding guild that is also interested in high m+. 6/9M TOS. Have 75 artificat traits. I'm willing to to realm transfer/faction change. Would prefer a late night guild but will consider all times. WoW Logs - - Feel free to contact me on bnet @ kinggero#1351Kgero2 Nov 22
Nov 22 PvP Guild Barth Horde <Sylvanas Rebellion Army> is a newly formed guild recruiting players who are focused on PvP as we are looking to establish a guild that does RBG's, arena's, world PvP and more in the works as we develop the numbers. Our aim is to be pushing the best PvP guild on Barth and to set up a number of RBG teams and form arena teams to be pushing rating! Although a lot of the focus is on progression and rating we also want to have that social base as WoW heavily relies on meeting new people and enjoying the game as a guild. So what this means is we want to have more people in discord, being active in guild chat so people no longer need to use the LFG system as much. All of this is a work in progress and will take time but we have people dedicated to put words into action, all we can ask is to recruit people who are keen and interested in the same things we are.Verrim1 Nov 22
Nov 22 [A]FM Unlimited 5/9M 9/9H msia/sg Unlimited Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Unlimited are primarily Malaysian and Singaporean players (GMT +8). We are a guild that focusing on progression and are not interested in committing the excessive hours required to achieve progression kills. Instead we stick strictly to a raiding schedule that allows for and encourages a balanced and sustainable approach to high end progression raiding. We've been achieved a few top tier end boss raiding experiences in all patches. •Recruitment (will pay xfer free by gold(100k)) for commitment player only. >We are currently recruiting players to progress TOS mythic bosses with a solid team/players. >Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month. >Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. >Welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. Example only can raid 1 or 2 days per week • What do we expect from you? ★Commitment- We require you to be committed and able to put in the work required for the guild to maintain its rank and its competitiveness. You're required to maintain focus a positive attitude during raids and to be able maximize and perform at a high level in all your characters. We will also expect you to match our requirements when it comes to alts or mixed raids. ★Attendance- Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We are available to deal with the occasional sign out providing we have the time to prepare for it. Once progress is finished and we can deal with it, attendance requirements will usually lighten up. ★Communication- Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. We expect you to be able to write, speak and understand fluent sing English and we will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids and use our Facebook page or Whatsapp for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. •RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thurs, Mon (Mythic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Fri/Sat (heroic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Tue (normal) after reset 11.00pm - 12.30am GMT+8 (Singapore time) TOS incentive -progression boss awards 10k per player -full repairs -free feast and flask (when raid) Do not hesitate to contact us in game or Via Bnet ID Honey#1274Kiabo7 Nov 22
Nov 22 <Serenity> Recruiting Melee dps for Antorus! <Serenity> Horde - Barthilas - 10/10H 3/10M 9/9H 3/9M Wed/Thurs 8pm -11pm st (Farm/Prog) Sat 8pm - 11pm (opt normal/heroic tos for mains that missed wed or alts) Recruiting Melee dps for Normal - Heroic Antorus Prog and dabble in some Mythic later on! Im proud to say we have a very active group in Serenity. Theres always a bunch of us on discord running things together, playing overwatch, running mythics etc. If youre looking for an active guild that feels more like an extended family we might be worth considering! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serenity is a established guild comprised of mature raiders wanting to progress at a decent rate without sacrificing the enjoyable social aspect of the game. A place where we can have that sense of accomplishment and still have an escape from the drama and egotism of the world. This means our priority as a guild is our atmosphere. We boast a very happy guild environment and active discord. We're not just a guild where raiders are the pawns to do the bidding of the hotshots up top, we are a team! We are a primarily Heroic Prog focused guild, which allows us to have a flexible roster for people with work and family commitments. As a result of the mix of devoted and semi casual raiders we use epgp to distribute loot to ensure the fairest possible outcome and minimize any drama. A fair few of our current core team had had little to no raiding experience prior to joining the guild and are now shining in raids. Attitude for us always takes priority over experience and gear! As far as mythic content goes, we will move at our own pace with our already established team. We wont over recruit or replace when someone slightly better comes along and we most certainly wont push beyond our limits and allow toxicity to take over our raids. We're a team and we will progress at our own rate and enjoy the time spent in the process. Egotistical nonsense will not be tolerated in our guild. We expect our raiders to be focused on their own performance, help each other as needed and trust that the leaders wont let any underperforming issues go unaddressed. We dont know what the person behind the screen could be struggling with so we dont go out of our way to potentially make it worse. Leaders and raiders discuss raid issues in a discord chat channel so everyones in the loop and can have a say. We also have a unique raid mog theme each week for funzies. My aim as a leader and recruiter is to be as transparent about our goals and how we operate as possible, hence the wall of text. Id rather start off on this foot than run around explaining everything later =) If you've made it this far and you feel as tho Serenity is the home you've been looking for I'd love to hear from you. As said above, our priority is peoples attitude, so any level of experience or gear are welcome to join if you're willing to put in the effort to catch up! I look forward to hearing from you, Aure Aurelina#11652 Kainnita: Theblackash#6716 Auro: Timerty#1687Aurelina44 Nov 22
Nov 21 <Corvus> Social Heroic Guild LFM for Antorus <Corvus> is a brand-new social Heroic guild. Our end-game focus will be clearing Normal/Heroic, as well as diving into the challenges of high-level mythic+. The aim of this guild is to balance real life responsibilities with the enjoyment of a social and fun-loving community. What We Offer: - Relaxed Weekend Raiding: Saturday and Sunday 7-10 SVT - Friendly, fun environment (with varying amounts of good-natured teasing). - 100% Personal Loot System to avoid drama and pass responsibility to the player: your loot, your choice. - Planned achievement runs of past content; both dungeons and raids. - A relaxed and flexible roster- ilevel-appropriate alts will be welcome. - Beginner-friendly environment with members happy to level and teach, welcoming players with from all over the world with various schedules Future Plans: - A mentoring service for World of Warcraft newcomers. - Monthly transmog competitions. - Weekly Mythic+ guild competitions. - Pet battling tournaments (somebody out there has to like pet battles right?). - A multitude of custom-made and hand-picked guides to simplify classes and specs, as well as guides to current and future raids. What We Seek: - A relaxed and friendly an attitude. - A desire to put down social roots in a burgeoning guild. - A willingness to learn and improve as the game progresses - A passion for bringing those boss health bars down to zero! Current Roster Needs: Our aim is to have a consistent 10-man team, with a flexible approach to the roster that enables us to add or substitute people as required by our players’ schedules and real-life demands. - Tanks: Open - Healers: Open - Melee DPS: Open - Ranged DPS: Open Antorus opens on the 28th of November; core raiders will be expected to have a minimum ilvl of 930 by then. Interested? If you’re keen to find out more about Corvus or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me over bnet or by leaving a response on this thread! GM: Ceresaira/Sym (Symmetry#1654)Ceresaira0 Nov 21
Nov 20 [H]<Jumanji> Barthilas Contact: Powwee#1300, MayorQuimby#1288 and ASTRO#12533 Raid times: Mon/Wed/Thurs 8 - 10:30pm AEST Currently recruiting: RDRUID/M Monk HUnter Rogue Fury Warrior Ofcourse all classes will be considered! Hi! We are currently recruiting for a strong 20 man team for mythic raiding in Antorus and also enjoy doing high level keys. We are also pretty awesome and a fun bunch to play with! To be trialed in our team we require all raiders to be "ready for raid" - knowing what that means is also a requirement! haha Thanks for your time and looking forward to talking to you!Powwee3 Nov 20
Nov 20 Horde Raiding guild Normal-Heroic Intro- Who we are “Horde raiding” is a group of RL friends looking to bolster our ranks in the upcoming raid Antorus, we have members on Frostmourne and Barthilus. Our members are long time Wow players aging between 18-26, in New Zealand and Australia. We are not a hardcore progression guild, Raids will not involve hours of wiping on bosses. Raid times & Days We raid 2 nights a week starting at 7pm NZ time, Wednesday & Sunday What we looking for We are looking for players that can turn up twice a week and learn the fights. We are currently looking for Mdps, Rdps & 1 healer, Raid times are currently not locked down but raiding will probably start 6-8pm (NZ time), twice a week. What difficulty Normal-Heroic raiding. How to apply Just fill out these details, Look forward to hearing from you!Manaz0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Sup Any originals still around?Houked0 Nov 20
Nov 19 [H] Aztecs 9/9H guild Raiding and PvP We have fully cleared Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and looking for all 920+ for core team to get prepared for mythic. We Raid 6:30-10 SVT Wed/Sun. We regularly run Mythic + and norm/Heroic raids to help gear up our guildmates. PvP group has just been added to our guild. Any PvPers are welcome. We have a very active discord and facebook page, All social/casual players are also welcome! At the moment we are looking more for anyone with a friendly attitude and is easy going. We are friendly guild that makes room for anyone.Skywólf3 Nov 19
Nov 18 [H] Against The Odds - Barthilas Against the Odds is an Aussie guild on the Barthilas server with a view of heroic raiding (and potentially some mythic, depending on numbers) in Legion on minimalist time-frame (4 hours a week). We’re looking to recruit mature players that want to make raid progression while balancing real life commitments. We value community and cooperation highly, and have guild meetups occasionally. About Us Most of our group is made up of older ex-hardcore players with families/full time work who still want to lock in some solid progression every tier without committing to the long hours required for hardcore progression raiding. In order to accomplish this we take on a work smarter not harder attitude to push our progression every week. How we accomplish this is by doing our prep outside of the game or on our own time so that when we do come together as a group for our two raid nights we've got everything in place to lock in prog kills. What we're looking for Our ideal raider is someone who is committed to attendance on our two raid nights and who can learn quickly. We would prefer someone who has a thorough understanding of their own class, and who is willing to ask questions and take feedback to improve their performance. The kind of raider we're looking for is someone who has limited time to play WoW but wants to maximize the use of that time. They are prepared, punctual and mature in attitude. They desire progress over farming loot and are committed to being the best they can be at their class. We want players who have that progression itch but due to real life are unable to commit to the regular hardcore guilds out there. Current Progression - 18/11/2017 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M - EN 3/3N 3/3H - ToV 10/10N 10/10H 4/10M - NH 9/9N 9/9H 1/9M - TOS Raid Days – Thursday/Sunday Raid Times – 7.30pm to 9.30pm AEST (ST) Classes/Specs Needed: Tank – One experienced tank needed Heals - Core spots filled. DPS – All DPS welcome Add me to apply today! Arwenemma#1899Totemma0 Nov 18
Nov 17 Looking for pvp guild Chasing a pvp guild hit me up freshstart#11342Ramky1 Nov 17
Nov 17 [H]<Crunchy Adventures> 9/9H LF DPS Crunchy Adventures is a socially driven guild that cleared both Heroic Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras. We are AU/NZ based and are a friendly, cheerful and wonderfully salty community. We are a group of close friends that love to hang out together & play a range of games together, such as League of Legends, Destiny 2, Diablo 3 & PUBG. We have expanded our healer rosters and are now looking for interested DPS to join us for Antorus The Burning Throne as we clear through Normal, Heroic and begin our Mythic Progression. We have interest in expanding our raid team and potentially starting a second team. Our Raid Nights are currently Mondays and Fridays from 8.00pm – 10.30pm SVT. If you are interested, we are willing to consider any DPS for Raiding, but we prefer the following: Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior, Shaman or Priest We are also interested in starting up an RBG team and are looking for any interested players who want to jump in for Arenas and BGs in general. If you are interested in joining us in general or would like a Trial run to see if you like the guild, please contact one of the officers below: Zul#11572 Lunlaena#1354 Clairebear#12200Alaanii0 Nov 17
Nov 16 (H) 9/9H 3/9M Casual raiding guild. <Ataxyia> 9/9H, 3/9M ToS - We are an active guild that is looking to continue to clear Tomb, All while trying to encourage a fun raiding environment that's mature and helpful. We also have many groups doing Mythic+ dungeons. Looking for geared and experienced dps/healers but will talk with anyone with the right attitude that is willing to prepare for Anotorus Currently in need of: Healers: Healers with strong dps offspecs or vise vers :D - Pref resto/boomkin druid and resto/ele shaman DPS: Ranged preferably - Room for any ranged to fit into the roster - Can accommodate under geared or new people Raid nights Wed/Thurs 7:30PM-10:30PM ST (Australian Melb/Syd) for progression content. With normal fun clears Fridays and Sundays that is for alts and Casuals to attend. Add Docbot#1756 or Anekaiz#6824Docx4 Nov 16
Nov 16 [H]<Maraurders> 9/9H Recruiting for Antorus <Maraurders> 3/10M NH 9/9H ToS Barthilas based 2 nights a week raiding guild that is recruiting more members! We raid Thursday night and Sunday night from 7pm until 10:30pm Server time with farm clears on Tuesday nights. Our guild is full of active, friendly and full of welcoming members who also enjoy running content outside of raiding. Mythic + keystones, Previous Raid clears and all the way down to old content for transmogs, mounts and achievements. We promote a friendly but mature atmosphere that is understanding to those with family and other commitments. We are currently looking to take in new members to bolster our ranks. For our raid team we are looking for DPS players to close out our roster. Ideally we are looking for; - 1 Main Spec healer - 1 Healer with Gear offspec -2 Dps ( Melee or ranged ) All applicants will be looked into regardless of our preference. We also encourage anyone looking for a social and casual environment to throw a line and speak to us, as we do also run content with Casual and social members on a weekly basis, or anyone who'd like to give raiding a try but don't quite feel ready and would like some help along the way. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to leave a post here or message any of the following on BNET: -Our Raid lead : Req#11563 -Our GM Pallydrome#11396 -Our Officers: Rhys#1696 - TheCobaltFox#1420Bagheraa2 Nov 16
Nov 16 <Magnitude> 7/9M Recruitment Open. <Magnitude> is currently 5/9 M ToS. We have a strong, progression-focused core raid team, made up of a combination of experienced and dedicated players. Our guild provides a warm and welcoming home for players who are seeking to further their experience both in raids and dungeons, whilst balancing real life obligations and guild commitments. We are looking to strengthen our M+ community, and welcome friends and alts. Our progression raid days are: Wednesday - Thursday - Monday 7-10 SVT Our optional(alt/friendly) raid day is: Sunday At the moment, our focus is Tomb of Sargeras progression. We intend to cover old content (NH, ToV and EN depending on need) for newer members further into the new tier. We are currently have limited open spots for our core raid team, but welcome all expressions of interest: Tanks: - Full Healers: - Needed! DPS: Shadow priest. Feral. Any exceptional dps apply. If you feel that our guild may be well-suited to you, feel free to message any of the officers or recruitment team in regards to being invited. Our core roster is setup so if multiple players are unavailable raids continue, our team understands that rotating through bench is an important and necessary part of progression. Fill out an application: or Feel free to contact any of the officers in regards to your application or future invitation: Hermit (Hermit#1986) - GM Julilla (Duggy#1127) Recruitment Team: Rehc (Deano#6761) APFrenchy (KillZoneR#1340) Lendis (glitchy#11234)Hermitxp45 Nov 16
Nov 15 7/9 843 Hpal LF 8/9 M guild Looking for a guild, cannot make raid times of current guild anymore.Rezakia0 Nov 15
Nov 14 940+ Druid Balance/Resto LF Antorus Guild ClosedPurfukt0 Nov 14
Nov 14 934 Shadow Priest LF Guild Currently 3/9m looking for a 2 night guild but will consider a 3 night guild. Live in New Zealand so would prefer raiding times around 8pm-1am nzt Raided Mythic through Cata, Mists, WoD and all of legion What you can expect from me Near 100% attendance. Be there before the raid starts. Have a working mic. Positive mindset Easy/ friendly person to get along with. Research boss encounters before hand. Will have food/flasks/vaunts runes. Leave your battletag here and ill add you for a chatBoot7 Nov 14
Nov 14 941 Priest LF Guild 941 Disc Priest (great holy OS, okay shadow) looking to move to Horde Barthilas for the upcoming expansion and potentially before Antorus release. I'm currently 3/9M and looking for a semi-casual guild who want to push some mythic Antorus without burning out or being too super srs. Based in WA so GMT+8 guild would be nice but not really necessary. Most of all I am after an active, stable and well-organised guild with a decent community and laid-back culture. Feel free to hit me up on discord for a chat! :D Sarkai#7853 Logs for anyone interested: Nov 14
Nov 13 940 Enhancement shaman looking for guild Looking for a mythic guild im 5/9 atm with lizard lady experience. looking for late night guild as well.Dagaraa2 Nov 13
Nov 13 [H] Sealed - 2 Nights - 7/9M Ranged dps Sealed: Formed in 2011, Sealed is an Australian-based 2nights/week raiding guild currently looking for committed and serious raiders. We finished HFC 13/13M, Oceanic 54th and will be pushing for a higher finish in Legion. We aim to quickly and efficiently push content on a limited 8 hours, 2 nights per week raid schedule. Raid times (server time) Wednesday 8:00-11:00 PM Sunday 6:00 -11:00 PM Current Recruitment Tanks: FullHealers: DPS with heal off-spec desiredDPS: DPS with heal off-spec desired (Spriest, WW, Shammy) 925+ is required Applicant Requirements: Have a stable internet connection with a reliably functioning computer. Be punctual to all scheduled raids and provide warning otherwise. Have the initiative to research fight strategies. Stay up to date with their class and its optimal play style for each encounter. Interested in joining? If you're interested in joining either contact myself or one of the contacts listed below for a chat. After a chat with one of our officers, if we think you'd be a good fit for the guild, we will offer you a trial. If you prefer to submit an application (optional), you may do so via our website and one of our officers will get in touch with you. For a quicker response add me. Contacts Phoebie - Bnet: Phoebie#1860 or Discord(best for getting in touch during day): Phoebie#0935 Ringostaarr - ringostarr#1252 Ohsosad - ohsosad#1130 Frankoneil - wewewewenis#1819 Cyrodill -Cyrodill#11648 Get in touch with one of the people above if you'd like to know more, or visit our website - Nov 13
Nov 11 [H]<Jin Steady> Bromance late night RT1/7M <Jin Steady> Bromance Raid Team is recruiting healers & rdps. We are a bunch of experienced raiders looking towards end-game mythic progression at a steady casual pace. Our current roster consists of members hailing from Singapore, Australia, Japan and the Philippines. Most raiders are above 25, experienced with the game, looking to get end-game progression done and juggling other life commitments at the same time in a drama-free raid environment. We are currently recruiting healers & rdps. Raid time are as follows: Wed & Thur progression 9:30pm to 12:30am SGT (12:30am - 3:30am thurs/fri SVT) Optional Mon heroic farm We are currently 1/7M on EN & 3/3N on HOV. PST Zeeshop / Emopapa / Sygrin / Ewnsha in game for more information or leave a message here and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you may fill up this recruitment form. Nov 11
Nov 11 Buying all [Heavy Junkbox] - Ravenholdt rep As title says, im buying all [Heavy Junkbox] you own, alliance or horde. Also if you'd like to farm them for me let me know your price. Add my bnet - Algreen#6956Shireenbara1 Nov 11
Nov 10 Looking to return to mythic raiding looking to return to mythic raiding scene as i took a break half way though NH after trying multiple games i have again been brought back to wow. Im looking to be part of a good group of people wanting to do mythic prog. As i have taken a break i am a little bit behind on gear but will be ready for the up coming raid. Im looking to raid on my warrior but can be flexible if needed My xp this xpac is as followed 7/7 EN 2/3 TOV 5/10 NH i was also the Gm/ part time RL for a top 5 guild on barth though NH. If this sounds like i would be a good fit or you have any more questions feel free to add me on rdubbsz#1560 or comment below.Thedubbs0 Nov 10
Nov 10 <Judean Peoples Front> H Guild for Antorus Hey guys, <Judean Peoples Front> is a new horde raiding guild looking to fill its ranks for Antorus. We are comprised of a group of friends who have moved from Frostmourne Alliance and are looking to start raiding N/H Antorus as well as moving forward into the new expansion. As players we have experience ranging from playing since Vanilla all the way to freshly starting in Legion and 2 of our ranks have guild mastered or guild raid lead before. In Legion we have raided every tier, reaching Ahead of the Curve in almost every raid as well as 2 pushing mythic progression. We aim to raid 2 nights a week (Wed/Thurs) from around 8-10pm EST. We aim to cater for a more casual audience while still pushing at least AotC each raid. We currently have 1x tank, 1x healer and 3x DPS with all of us having multiple 110s we can use to mix and manage raiding. For further inquiries message Windows95#11102 or message any of our officers online at the time.Goreguut2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Returning Mythic raider LF Raiding guild Looking to make a come back into raiding since NH going to be playing a warrior add me if you wanna have a chat rdubbsz#1560Rdubb1 Nov 10
Nov 9 BARTH COMMUNITY SERVER!! Come join the fun memes someone made Nov 9
Nov 8 940 ele sham & Havoc DH LF raid guild (Horde) Two experienced reliable raiders playing since vanilla looking for Raiding Guild intent on M progress for Antoras, able to raid up to 3 nights a week any time after 9pm Svt. Barthilas HordeBarrigan1 Nov 8
Nov 7 US players on Oceanic? I specifically play Horde on PvP servers and have considered making a transfer over to Barthilas. My problem is my work schedule doesn't allow me to raid at normal times, and I haven't been able to find a guild that raids late at night. I generally cannot start a raid until midnight CST, which I believe is around 5pm server time for Barthilas. It's much easier to find raiding guilds that start at 5/6pm than at midnight, and without raiding I am losing interest in the game because LFR isn't enough and pugging is a nightmare. Are there any other players here from the US? What is the experience like?Yarbles1 Nov 7
Nov 7 Returning newbie LF guild (+8gmt) Hello all!! I am returning to wow after a long 10 years. Was from Barthilas when it first opened and had experienced the game since vanilla up to pandaria. Now im looking for a +8gmt or SG guild to stay in and hopefully get a raid slot in future. Rolling as a holy pally atm and might change to prot if need be to suit guild requirement. Drop me a friend request or chat me up ingame for more info! Friends are always a good addition back into this world! Bnet: Ponstar81#1287Daddybod0 Nov 7
Nov 6 935 Frost Mage LF 2-Night Raiding Guild LF 2-Night Raiding Guild; Any-time Monday,Tuesday, Friday...Evenings Thursday or Sunday... Interested in Heroic and Mythic ToSVirologic4 Nov 6
Nov 6 5 Raiders LF 2 night a week Guild We are a group of friends who have recently returned from taking a break shortly after EN. To find our guild had fallen apart, we are currently looking for a new raid team. All of us have had extensive experience raiding mythic and have been raiding together since WoD. We have 1 healer 2 tanks and 2 dps. we understand that finding a guild with 2 vacant tank spots is unlikely but will consider rolling an offspec for the right guild. What we are looking for - 2 night a week raiding roughly 6 hours a week. - A fairly active guild both socially and with Mythic+. - Raiding at or after 8pm AEST. What you will get in return - 5 comitted players who research thier class and fights prior to raid. - 5 players that will turn up on time and consistantly. - 5 players that understanding spending time on the bench isnt the end of the world. These are some of our logs after returning to the game To get in contact with us please add Romaji#1549Aldanis5 Nov 6
Nov 6 Any Alliance Social Guilds? Hey all. Returning after a year off with all my Alliance toons on Barthilas (not the safest place for Alliance) and wonder if there are any social Guilds to be a part of as I run back from the graveyard.Kurtimus0 Nov 6
Nov 5 Tedious 5/9M LFM Tedious is a newly formed mythic raiding focused guild on Horde Barthilas. The founder, Scargrim, has built up a team of hard working raiders, committed to downing the final boss of each new raid and earning Cutting Edge. Our members range from entering the raiding community only recently, to those who have been actively involved since the dawn of World of Warcraft. A lot of our members share the same values and goals; they strive to be the best they can be whilst following a healthy schedule to have a life outside of the game. Website for applying: Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Fri and Sun. Alt Runs: 7-10pm Thursday, Saturday, Monday (these are optional raids) Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Open Range Dps - Open to Tanks - Open Healer - Open We are Currently in a rebuild state for Antorus! We are also Recruiting a Raid Officer and a Healing officer! What else we offer: Raiding; Substitute and casual raiding Positions where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Mythic Dungeons; We have created a Mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through Warcraft to be better and to hit harder! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up 15 mins prior to set raid time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of members that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism contact: Guild Master- Skargrim#1387 Guild Officer-Flameimp#1752 Recruitment Officer-Zoopy#6576 You can also apply at We look forward to hearing from you!Scargrim57 Nov 5
Nov 5 Blood DK LFG I will be transferring my blood dK to Barth in about a week or so (ally side). I'm looking for a guild that does heroic/mythic raiding. I currently have all legion raid tier aotc and would like to start getting into more serious raiding when Antorus comes out. I can dps also. I currently live in Korea so I believe I'm an hour ahead of aussies? Not sure but let's talk raid times and such ;)Xannahh2 Nov 5
Nov 5 3 Range DPS looking for Guild Looking For GMT +8 guild. 3 of us are from Khaz Goroth trying to look for a guild here . Frost mage and 2 boomkins( memeganaz and gagakganaz)-all of us are ilevel 930+ . feel free to check our logs below. we done heroic but no chance on mythic yet we are looking for a mature and enjoyable guild and perhaps have some chance to have some mythic raid progression and we prefer personal loot. Feel free to contact my battle ID Rednahoof#1649 or post in this thread ThanksFireganaz2 Nov 5
Nov 4 [A] LoP 9/9H AotC only guild Guild Name: <Legends of Poker> We are a tight knit group of players, most of us have been playing together for the last few years, some even longer. We are a niche guild which runs a raid group consisting of member across many different servers. There are no requirements to realm transfer, you can raid from the comfort of your own realm/guild! Server: US-Staghelm (PVE) Central Time Faction: Alliance Raid Times: 11:30pm - 1:30am Server Time (CT) on Tuesday, Thursday and Monday. Loot System: Personal Loot Website: Atmosphere: Mature Information about us: We are a mature progression and fun oriented raiding guild. We have been playing together for years and look to continue to do so for years to come! Our raid environment is consistently stable and enjoyable for all members which critical to our primary goal. We perform the research necessary to clear content and we expect all raid members to be prepared not only with the knowledge of the fights but with consumables (including flasks, potions, runes and food buffs - though often our raid members are kind enough to provide feasts for everyone). Being prepared does not preclude having fun though, this isn't your second job, this is your opportunity to have fun with a mature group doing what we all enjoy! Goal/Objective: Our objective has always been to reach and defeat the last boss of current heroic content prior to the release of a new tier of content (obtaining the Ahead of the Curve achievement). Guild Activity: We do our best to accomplish our goals on a 2 hours/night (6 hours weekly) raid schedule. This allows a lot of us who have families/intense work schedules to still participate in raiding activities. Raid Times (all raid times are 11:30pm - 1:30am Server Time (CT)): - Tuesday - Thursday - Monday Class/Role Recruitment Priority: Range DPS: - Druid: High - Priest: High - Mage: Low Melee DPS: - Rogue: High - Death Knight: Medium - Demon Hunter: Medium - Druid: Low - Monk: Low - Warrior: Low Healers: - Discipline Priest: High - Druid: High - Monk: Medium - Paladin: Medium - Holy Priest: Low - Shaman: Low Tanks: - Paladin: Medium - Warrior: Medium - Demon Hunter: Low We aim to be flexible! Often we have tanks/dps/healers utilize their off-specs if group composition necessitates it or if the fight becomes easier as a result of certain classes being healers/dps. Off specs must be geared enough for current content if they are to be utilized. Because our goal is the AotC achievement for all raid members, we are open to accepting applications from other servers and have no requirements on transferring. We would prefer to accept a minimum of 930 ilvl and 60+ artifact. Exceptional applications for any class/role will be considered. Guild Perks: - Guild Repairs - Friendly Environment - Very Experienced Raid Leader - Experienced Raid Members - Loot Distribution: Personal Loot If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us in-game (information provided below) and I will be happy to assist! Regards, Ruthe. Contact Information: Ruthe - Recruitment Admin (Allorah#1838) Bitterman - Raid Leader (Contact in-game) Remote - GM (Contact in-game) Scooper - Officer (Contact in-game)Ruthê0 Nov 4
Nov 1 7/9 tank LF guild 7/9M (on main) tank xfering to barth this weekend looking for raiding guild with similar progress. Preferably 2 to 3 days a week, 8pm onward. Guardian druid 940, brm monk 930. Link Btag for ingame chat. Thx allGenbuu2 Nov 1
Nov 1 [H] <Namaste> lf DPS and Heals on Barthilas <Namaste> Do like your raids filled with banter? Looking for a fun social guild that is also tackling end game content? Do you like long walks on the beach and Murloc impressions? If so, we want YOU! We are looking for DPS and Heals to join our Heroic ToS raid team. Raid times: 08:00PM to 10:00AM Server time(GMT+10). Tuesday and Thursday - switching to Mon and Thursday when GoT finishes... Faction: Horde Looking for: DPS - Mage, Hunter, Boomkin, DK, Warrior, Rogue, Enh Shammy pref - all applications considered - off tank set favorable Heals - Druid, Holy Priest, Paladin Requirements: You don't have to be hardcore, just keen, positive, reliable and ready to kick butt. Guild Expectations We come to every fight prepared with consumables, watch the fight guides and speak up if we don't understand a mechanic. At the same time we enjoy banter and jokes in raids, and we are not averse to singing in Discord. How to get in touch: Contact any of our members and ask to speak to an officer about recruitment, or contact me direct @ Malikyth#1840Maltreat0 Nov 1
Nov 1 <Namaste> lf rdps and heals <Namaste> Do like your raids filled with banter? Looking for a fun social guild that is also tackling end game content? Do you like long walks on the beach and Murloc impressions? If so, we want YOU! We are looking for a Tank, RDPS and Heals to join our raid team as we progress from normal to heroic ToS. Raid times: 08:00PM to 10:00AM Server time(GMT+10). Tuesday and Thursday - switching to Mon and Thursday when GoT finishes... Faction: Horde Looking for: Ranged DPS - Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage Heals - AoE Requirements: You don't have to be hardcore, just keen, positive, reliable and ready to kick butt. Guild Expectations We call ourselves Cas-core. Casual Hardcore raiders. We come to every fight prepared with consumables, watch the fight guides and speak up if we don't understand a mechanic. At the same time we enjoy banter and jokes in raids, and we are not averse to singing in Discord. How to get in touch: Contact any of our members and ask to speak to an officer about recruitment.Maltreat3 Nov 1