Nov 15, 2014 Looking for casual guild - Alliance Hi all, Resubbed at 5.4 after a break since Wrath, looking for a casual guild of other older folks for both PvE and world PvP. I have this toon as well as a 90 Shaman and 90 Mage on server, although I haven't been able to face the queues yet!Cryptus0 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 OH QUE QUE everyone crying about a que to log on, I'm all like BARTHILAS HAS PLAYERS NOW ;* )Hayuguyz6 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Where is the main WOD city Could someone point me in the direction of the main wod city. Friends said they did a quest chain and it took them there, when I run there I cant get inside. Where does this quest chain start?Spraycontrol2 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Loving the queues I got up at 6.30 thinking the queue would be short, but no; over 2,500 went back to be and had a lovely lie in, got up at 10.45 - still a massive queue watched some TV, made some amazing carbonara for lunch, couple of glasses of chardonnay now 1.00 PM - still 300 in queue, plenty of time for a five knuckle shuffle before login; i can't contain the excitement cos i know when i enter there will be literally hundreds of Horde WoD - best expansion ever?Saralonde14 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 are you !@#$ing kidding me? launch 5 hour wait, finally get to play on a lag !@# server, takes 2 hours to complete a quest. goto work home from work into a 5 hour que only to get on 4 mins before a 6 hour main. play for a couple of hours, move house come back to 4500 in que, so i can only assume, its going to be another 5 hour wait, but oh hello theres another main... WTF is going on with this "amazing service" i pay for? and why for the $%^-ing love of all that is holy are you taking OUR australian servers down in our PEAK?!? /endrantBeechface20 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 blizzard rights to customers. so,,,.,.,.,.,.,.1..,., blizzard might be breaching terms of sale with this game. We the purchaser aren't being sold what we have bought. They sell us this game saying what we can play. But blizzard aren't delivering their promise of sale. I bought this game thinking that I would be able to play it. Yet I cannot, therefore breaching their terms of sale. if things persist the public can open a court case on basis that blizzard sold us something we brought but never delivered what was in their terms of sale. I'm no lawyer but I'm smart enough to know my rights. Can anyone else have some input on this subject. because between me and you, this could be a large court case. I only want what I bought. TomDoomsbreed21 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Funny pic thread while we wait Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Free Character Migration WHY in the WORLD hasn't blizzard enable Free Migration for this Server the queue times are 1000mins+ its absolutely ridiculous. They have Free migration available for Frostmourne thank the lord i'm not on that server the queues are through the roof but this is getting ridiculous. At least if they offer free Character migration, us Australians can finally distribute our population amongst the other realms as the difference in population between Frostmourne, Barthilas and the rest of the Oceanic severs is way to big and something needs to be done to incentivise players to move to lower populated realms /rantViciousarray3 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 When this queue is over, free gametime We are paying for this service, If you feel a bit cheated at having paid to wait an estimated 300 minutes every time you try to login, please post a reply and demand that Blizzard reimburse the game time when this whole palaver is over. I can understand that sheer demand for the latest expansion (we all love WoW) must be crushing the Blizz servers at present but that shouldn't distinguish the fact that we aren't getting the service paid for at present. Personally, I bought the whole pack to play again after moving across the world a few years back and haven't even had a proper chance to play so far. *sigh*Jeeroy54 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Impossible to log in :( When will BARTHILLAS be accessible to players again? It's been two days since I was able to log in for the last timeJusticiero2 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Can 3596 of you please log off now it's my turn! thanks.Oprahwinfury14 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Queue Times I should be in front of all you nerds cause i have some gold so that makes me important right? Thumbs up if you support the rich of BarthNäthan1 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 owange factory recruitment (legit) looking to collect some serious !@#$s and impress your friends with how cool and handsome and really good at pvp you are?* then this is the guild for you. apply in-game to myself (Vindawg, Pregnant) *best pvp guild since 07Vindawg9 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 The Q Timers... These Q's are messed up, just saying I've been playing since vanilla and I originated from Blackrock and even in peak hour traffic on Blackrock I never saw a Q over 3000, and it certainly didn't take 6-8 hours to get into the game from being 3000th in the Q back then, fix the servers because this is bull!@#$, I don't pay you guys to sit in a Q. Basically the only way you can play at the moment is if you: A: Maintenance night, set your alarm to wake up in the morning at like 4am when the servers come back up. B: Log out for the night, wait an extended period of time, log back in so you can wake up in 5-6 hours for when you finally get through the Q. Basically if you don't do something like this, you can't even play the game, even the low populated servers are getting bull%^-* Q timers like these, fix it! Free transfers to Oceanic servers was a HORRID idea Blizzard, poor form.Éowyn3 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Ashran (not main town) Last night before the maintenance I tried to enter the battle of Ashran to buy my level 100 pvp gear, but it said the world server was down. Now I'm eating a login queue, and wondering if anyone could tell me whether we can get to the pvp vendor now? (AKA: Your faction's General) According to level 100 battleground chat, US realms have been able to access it from the word go. By the way the login queue is currently 2500 people.Lelouch3 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 WTB free xfers off barth Not a complaint, just wondered why Frostmourne has free xfers and we don't, were not far behind them in big ques. I for one would take it just so i could play, id even xfer back in a couple weeks meaning bliz would make more money and player would be happy. MAKE IT SO!Hippytrail16 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 I don't know.. I don't know what's worse, this WoW queue time or going to the hospital for food poisoning and waiting several hours.Kesttang4 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Character not found So i got d/cd and now no characters can be this everyone or just me?Loltroy7 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 6 hour queue into 6 hour maintenance surely with the hundreds of millions of dollars blizzard get monthly from us peons they could afford some more slots for their servers. if i charged money for something and didn't provide it i'd be charged with fraudSylanux4 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 never login, give the game back to me!!! since new patch comes out, i never login my main server. is it kind of wasting my game time by blizzard??? plz expain to me !!!!blue!!!!Nengni0 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Ridiculous This is just ridiculous, after waiting 2 hours to FINALLY get into this server i get disconnected for two minutes, try to log back in and now i'm back in the stupid Que. Honestly blizzard this isn't the first expansion how long does it take to figure it out?Shlappah16 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 the Patient Patience is a virtue, life is suffering, long queue times are what more than any of you truly deserve for the amount of money you paid. Think about the thirsty elephants in Africa walking for endless days and nights searching for the nearest pool of water to quench their midsummer thirst. Would they have any turn playing WoW? Meanwhile you have all day and every day to sit and wait for hour long queues. Life is about waiting. Just as you wait to order a burger at Maccas, you wait in line to get into the cinemas, it shouldn't come off as something foreign to any of you that waiting is a natural thing in life. As you realize this truth you feel yourself becoming calm and less caring about the 15 dollars you paid earlier this month to renew your subscription to the World of Waiting. Nichiren Buddhism mentions you will reach a state of nirvana when you let go of all inhibition and desires in life because desire is the root of all evil. You are still in queue and will be in queue for the next 5 hours, but let it all go and you will feel much better about life and where you are going. Let go of your inhibition to join the queue and press alt + f4 to free yourself from the queue chains that binds your spirit. Allow your inhibition to escape your minds, alt + f4 from WoW and press the power button on your computers. Once you've accomplished the first step towards nirvana drink a cup of tea and rest your weary tiresome head on a pillow and dream. Dream about a happy life you lead without having the need to spend 15 dollars a month on a game where you are in the queue. You will be happy and I will be in game.Razuke2 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Logging in to game server So after transfering from Frostmourne over night im woken to try login to my character now on Barth and it just hangs on Logging in to game server ... Anyone else have this problem this morning and if so how long does it take until it logs in?Pipeseeker7 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 What is love ...Synris6 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 i cannot wait 4 hours!!! I am a casual player, I only go on when I have time to play which most cases means about 2 hours or less at a time, I cannot wait 4 hours in que if I have 2 hours to play! this is crapDeathwarant6 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 ashran down? is ashran down for anyone else in barth or?Coolmagerguy1 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 waiting time trying to log on to WOW on Barthlias is 384 min that is not good since new expansion cant get to play as the relms I play on are all locked...Snot HappySnotmuncher7 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Curiosity Just out of curiosity... If its 4000 - 5000, 6 hour queue's now... Will this be ongoing for months?Sníckerz3 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Soon enough I've been spam refreshing this page for hours...but we all know it will be worth! Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 <When Bored Smash Chinglish> is recruiting HARDCORE PVP GUILD looking for more members to join us as we aim to hunt down the famous streamer Chinglish as soon as he has transferred back to barth after the queues are gone. stream: we are gonna get him bois if you are interested you can add my B-tag: #imsoboredwaitinginqueuesthatImadethisthreadifyoureadthisWBSHdwIstillLoveyouallecxdee<3Fuzz5 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 main extended lol..Beechface1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 please delete :)Missymoo0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Get them back up already come on blizzard, ive spent over 10 hours in ques and even longer without game play, I, like everyone else has paid my subscription, bought every expansion, i did not expect to not be lvling right now... please sort your !@#$ out in a timely fashion.. Thanks in advanceBeechface10 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 STOP !@#$ting on your community. 90 Undead Hunter 3315 *Warning of heavy QQ* What i'd like to know is how !@#$ing STUPID Blizzard can really be. So it launches and on most realms yet only one of either faction apparently experiences UNPLAYABLE lag... So they don't do the fair and just thing and bring the servers down until the issue can be rectified... Nah instead they let it go on whilst one faction eats *%*@*!%! and the other faction is pretty much smooth sailing to 100. How in the %^-* does that work exactly? And to top it off, wake up today... 1pm on a !@#$ing Friday (NOT EVEN PEAK TIME) and I'm stuck in a 3000 person que only to get D/C like many others and now am back in a 4000+ que. Wonderful.... So many people can enjoy the game, yet a larger amount of people just get dicked by your very %^-*ing obvious incompetence. This was a long time coming (since last night) when the only response and update we got was that you understand that some realms are experiencing lag and that you're looking into it (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE !@#$ING CENTURY) and the community didn't receive another update for the next 4-5 hours. Forgive my vulgar language throughout the post but I for one have had enough. I find it %^-*ing infuriating that these money hungry !@#$ suckers put out a LFG documentary that portrays the fact that they love their gaming community and so on and so %^-*ing on, YET this is how we get treated. Okay there's an issue.... AT THE VERY LEAST keep us updated as you used to do in the past (FEW YEARS BACK). Rant over... I'll be waiting when the realms come back on at 4am and I highly suggest you dicks pick up your game. Cheers One very angry customer.Bowney16 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 so was almost in game. Got DC from queue... now i can't even que. this makes me QQ.Smeal2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 every time i go to play 4200 place is queue, wait times 350 mins should I just unsub or are u supposed to login before work in the morning to get through the que by time u get homeDeathwarant2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Considering Transfer to Barthilas Currently in a 5 .6k queue on Frostmourne. Does Barthilas also have queues to enter? (I cannot check myself atm because I am currently in queue). CheersPinkbug22 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 cannot choose realm Keeps suggesting frostmourne! with no other choice available. gg blizzardQuinney1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 [A] Dissent(25) 3 nights - LF DPS! IMPORTANT NOTE: We are taking a Christmas break from 17th of December to Jan 2nd. Jan 2nd (Wed) will be our first night back after the Xmas break. We are happy to take on applicants before this time however, be aware there will be no official raids during this time period. Dissent is a jig-saw of semi-casual, serious and ex-hardcore raiders who have a passion for clearing content but are unwilling to sacrifice the other aspects of their life to do so. Dissent is ideally suited to the mature gamer. We are a well-established and stable guild - we've been raiding 25 man content for 3 years and have retained our core group during this time! We are passionate 25 man raiders and tackle all fights on this mode. While our light schedule deems us a casual guild, we do take raiding seriously and are looking to recruit people that wish to maximize the time they spend in a raid environment. We maintain steady progression with far less raid time than most guilds - You must be on your A game to keep up. Loot is distributed via EPGP during current tier We also run an informal/optional 10 man ALT raid for laughs once a week! RAID TIMES: Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 8pm-11pm. ATTENDANCE: You must be able to have a decent attendance as we don't like to 'over-recruit', but that said, we are extremely tolerant of occasional AFKs - Dinner wth the girlfriend? Working late? Vacation in Europe? No problem! We strive to have a roster that is not congested, but flexible enough to cater for the occasional absence. T14 Progress: 6/6 MV - 5/6 HOF T13 Progress: 8/8 HM - Glory of the Dragonsoul Raider T12 Progression: 6/7 HM GLORY OF THE FIRELANDS RAIDER (All achieves completed on 25 man!) T11 progression: 12/12n, 7/13 HM T10 progression: 11/12HM - 32% HM LK While current. Glory of the Icecrown Raider. We are currently seeking: * HIGH DEMAND: DPS of all specs - we are heavy on druids however. * ALL applicants of all specs (with suitable gearing and experience) will be given a fair look as we expand for MOP! Please view our website for further details ~ Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 EVERYONE IN QUEUE! if you all log off and let me in first that would be great! :PBonestomp2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 We can all agree queue times suck. We all hate queue times however not all realms have a couple hours long wait. Take the Draenor realm for instance. Our Queue times take only a minute on Draenor and we are a mediumhigh population server with 67% alliance to 33% horde population ratio. Come move to Draenor and enjoy lots of Friendly helpful people, tons of raiding, world pvp, Ashran marathons, and no lag either or hour long queue times :) The #1 server for this expansion is the Draenor realm and you are welcomed here with open arms always :)Magicevan2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Can you log in? I can't even get into the queue currently.Aquilae17 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Unholy DKS in prepatch.. wowócka1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 [H]<Is a Panda> GMT+8 Guild 14/14M LFM <Is a Panda> was originally a Frostmourne guild until the day before WOD was launched. We are a semi-casual guild with aspirations of more success in this Expansion on Barthilas. Prior to Patch 6.02 our guild managed 10/14H progress in 25m and has since cleared 14/14 Mythic even after rebuilding from a guild split. we are enthusiastic about our move and interested in recruiting any good players who also have patience and tolerance with others to join us. Our guild is multicultural with some great players originating from Australia, Asia and even the US. we expect a sense of humor but also respect for others of various cultures. we are looking for serious raiders who know how to perform well, but at the same time we want to have fun and create a sociable environment without the elitist attitudes of Hardcore guilds. RAID TIMES: Wednesday: 12am - 3am (AEST) Thursday: 12am - 3am (AEST) Monday: 12am - 3am (AEST) RECRUITING: Any players of excellent ability (please provide log links) 1x Warlock 1x Feral Druid 1x rogue 1x Elemental shaman We will also accept any players interested to join on a casual/social basis. PROGRESS IN WOD: Currently our guild is very active leveling with 27 people online last night and 10+ people in the L93-96 range on day 1. we are aiming to commence Heroic raiding on 2nd December.Vorpal1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 [H] Thermal Anvil. Recruiting 1 healer for Warlords of Draenor heroic raiding. Also recruiting for our RBG team. A little bit about the guild and the team: We are a very close-knit guild, and the team works very well together. Many members are known by their first names, and all members of the guild are friendly and easy-going. Thermal Anvil is not a large guild, and nor does it want to be, we would rather stay very close and small so to give all the members an opportunity to form close relationships while playing together. We're very comfortable around each other, and I'm confident any new recruit will feel the same way within a short period of time. The team consists of dedicated and skilled players who know the ins and outs of their classes, and thus that is what I am looking for in potential raiders. Gear is never a deciding factor with me, for Normal Mode I took players along at a minimum of 525, so long as they were confident and competent playing their class. Although, the main point of our raids is fun, and if you are here to complete content ASAP, and obtain the best gear then this is not really the team for you. We raid for fun and to have a good time together, and we are looking for other like-minded players. There are not many rules during raid time. You will find the experience in our raids is incredibly relaxed and laid back. There is never a pressuring moment and you will never find yourself intimidated or threatened, if you make a mistake, who cares? Before, during, and after bosses we like to have a laugh and a good chat together. There are also pretty much no rules with what you can say in guild chat, or over vent, as long as it doesn't directly attack another member (too harshly ;)). The raid environment is very relaxing and I think that many players will enjoy what we have to offer. However with that being said, some of the things discussed in vent may not be for those easily offended, I don't want our members to feel attacked but if you are considering Thermal Anvil, keep in mind that some controversial topics may come up in vent or guild chat. We try to keep topics like this strictly in officer chat or vent, but we can't regulate this. That being said if you do feel uncomfortable, just whisper an officer and they will put an end to the conversation. I do have to point out a few things that will matter during raid time. Firstly, listen closely in vent, instructions might come your way and it could mean the difference between killing the boss or wiping, please keep your ears open for any instructions the raid leader, or any other member might ask of you. Secondly, flasks, potions and food are open for all raiders within our guild bank, however the lower ranks won't be able to take it out themselves, simply ask someone to take it out for you. And lastly, unless the loot is personal, lootmaster is the default loot option, and it will always be on a MS before OS basis. Rolling on loot you can't use, rolling multiple times, or disrupting other member's rolls won't end well. Raid times for Siege of Orgrimmar were 7:30 AEST(server time) to 10:30 AEST twice a week. In Warlords of Draenor, we are keeping 7:30 to 10:30, Wed and Friday, but we will also be raiding Sunday nights, from 7:30 to 10:00. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post here, or contact me in-game: Drek#1978. Thanks! Dreknathal.Dreknathal8 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Khadgar the sneaky hearther I was playing on the server just now. I was at the place where you first start your garrison. There was a lot of lag as there were so many people. Suddenly we all disconnected from the game and we were all hearthed back to Pandaland, Summers Rest. We looked at our bags to see that our hearthstones were on cooldown and khadgar was standing right outside of summers rest.... How do we get back?Throtar2 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 LFM deeps for SoO Hello ladies, gentlemen, neck beards, pregnant women..... The list goes on! I am currently on the look out for good caster/ranged deeps to fill a few spots for 10 man SoO. What I am looking for is the quality of mediocre filth that clogged up Barthilas during WOTLK seeing as the playing standard has well dropped to the levels of unemployment found in NZ and across the globe! The reason we are in need of these spots filled is due to the lack of commitment due to our raiders working in the mines and constantly on call, or coming under fire from an angry titan (The wife/other half) so I need these spots filled. If you have at the very least, sound knowledge of the fights up to and going further than 14/14 norm and have a decent achieve then pst me for a chat. No ilvl requirements, however, full PvE gear is the only requirement due to my OCD of not liking PvP geared raiders. List of what we want: 1x Good deeps 1x Good deeps that can laugh and joke 1x Good deeps that can show up when ours don't and laugh and joke Leave this post for reading purposes, pst me in game for the rest or add my battletag temeflaps#1455. Chur!Afkflaps4 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Warlords of Draenor - Pre-Expac War #5 Hey guys, so its that time of year again, The annual Pre Expac war is here again, for those who don't know, this all started when TBC was being released and the idea came for an all out gankfest between Horde and Alliance the day before release (Since no one really does anything before it anyway), and its turned out big successes since. War #1 TBC - Thousand Needles - (Alliance Won) A: 1 / H: 0 War #2 Wrath - Stranglethorn Vale - (Horde Won) A: 1 / H: 1 War #3 Cata - South Shore - (Alliance Won) A: 2 / H: 1 War #4 MoP - Gurubashi Arena - (Horde Won) A: 2 / H: 2 War#5 WoD - Timeless Isles - DECIDES THE WINNER Standings - Alliance: 2 / Horde: 2 When: Wednesday 12th Novemeber NIGHT BEFORE WOD RELEASE Time: 7:00pm Server Time Where: Timeless Isles - (Fight for Celestial Court) Common Questions - What do I need to bring? Yourself, and preferably guildies, mates, as many people as you can bring, all are welcome Why is this happening? This is a traditional event thats been happening on Barthilas since the release of TBC, it has been a major success for wrath, cata and mop releases as well. What is our objective? At the moment me and a few others have come up with the idea of siezing control of Celestial Court Horde Contacts for more Information: - Mutatorlol, Nightmarelol, Alliance Contacts for more Information: - Krixooks, JovialNightmarelol70 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 12, 2014 WTB SoO Garrosh Carry Buying Last Minute Garrosh Carry if possible Please Ingame Price shiftytrix#1265Mightyknight0 Nov 12, 2014
Nov 12, 2014 LF Leatherworking KIT Paying 30k for a complete leatherworking kit before WoD release, add me on btag liam#1166Tonxra1 Nov 12, 2014