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14h 7/9M Recruiting DPS <The Last Pull> Horde Illidan, 7/9 M 9/9H is recruiting a 920+ (Priority for ranged) DPS (must have logs) for ToS progression. Raid times: Mon-Wed 9PM-12PM EST. Apply at: For more information Contact Raeya Btag: Raeya#1889 Discord: Ræya#7807 (alt 0230)Ræÿa0 14h
Oct 6 [H][6/9H]<Noxious Elite> Is recruiting! Noxious Elite is a close knit semi-casual raiding guild located on Blackrock and our current raid times are Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30 server. We're currently 6/9H and have achieved AoTC as a guild in every raid of this expansion. Noxious Elite has been around for just over 10 years now and is looking for good reliable peeps to come join in on the fun! Visit our Facebook page at: If you'd like more information or an invitation PM me at Andey#1174Ande0 Oct 6
Oct 5 [A] LF RMP or RLS Arena Team Looking for a spot in a RMP or RLS team or volunteers to make a new one. I just started getting into arenas last season (wotlk enh shaman) and got to 2300ish then. I'm not an elitist but I do take learning from mistakes and improving on strategy seriously. Please reply in this thread if you're interested in inviting me into your team or want to form a new team with me. Also post a link to one of your characters so I can view your highest arena rating. I'm Canadian and don't normally like to do anything like raids/arenas past midnight server time. Character used for arena last season (Highest arena ranking: 2,365): Oct 5
Sep 30 <Ignorance> 6/9M LF RDPS Paid Xfers Ignorance (6/9 M ToS) is currently recruiting players. Ignorance was created at the beginning of June 2017 comprised of unsatisfied members from another raiding guild on Zul'jin. Ever since, we have had strong momentum in achieving our goals as a raiding team. We are not elitists. We like to have a good time, and we do kill bosses. That said, the average age of our raid team is relatively young (~23), and we say offensive and inappropriate things so if that is a problem you will not be a fit here. At the moment we require players interested in our guild to have at a minimum 60 traits in their weapon and be 925+ equipped item level. Exceptional applicants interested in being part of our team will be reimbursed for transferring! Raid times are Tues/Thurs/Fri 12:15am-3:15 am EST (9:15pm-12:15am PST). High demand for the following classes Resto Druid/MW Monk Moonkin MM Hunter BM Hunter Shadow Priest Rogue Warlock DPS w/ OS heals (Druid, Priest) Being on this list does not mean we won't consider you!For more information contact me at Krodha#1362 on I prefer to give most of what our guild is about one on one so hit me up.Eyn1 Sep 30
Sep 29 <Gravity> (Horde) Recruiting Gravity is recruiting! We are a group of adults with lives and families who don't take ourselves too seriously, but like to down content and focus when it's game time. We are looking for quality players to help us push further into Mythic. We are currently farming Heroic weekly, and are 4/10 Mythic. We have the most need for solid DPS (ranged preferred), but will consider any qualified role. Our raid times are as follows: Raid times are: 6:30-9:30 Tu and Th (Mythic) 5:30-8:30 Wed and Fri (Heroic) Mythic+/PvP/pickup groups running almost constantly. Whisper myself, Slix, Plot, Valuko, Bîllyrayjoe or anyone else online at the time if interested. *Edit - updating progressionLikmytotem7 Sep 29
Sep 27 Defenestrate in the M+ Invitational Blackrock's own Defenestrate has placed a team in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational! They are one of 32 teams in the world that will compete for the best M+ scores. The American teams' runs will be broadcast on Twitch on one of the following dates. Weekend 2: Europe and The Americas Saturday, September 23 at 5:00 a.m. PDT Sunday, September 24 at 9:00 a.m. PDT Each region’s contenders will be a part of a single-day broadcast in which they will face a series of elimination rounds until just 2 are left standing to represent their region on the global stage. Congratulations to them! Let's all support the home team!Amorisse12 Sep 27
Sep 18 <Amplify> 4/9M Recruiting RDPS/Heals Hello Blackrock! Amplify is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras. Raid Times: 6 - 9pm server Tuesday 6 - 9pm server Thursday We also clear Normal on alts in a totally optional Saturday run. Top Needs: Holy Paladin Boomkin Ele Shaman Affliction Warlock We are currently seeking all capable players of similar progression with the intent of clearing Tomb of Sargeras. Current Progression: 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic TOV 6/10 Mythic NH 4/9 Mythic ToS What We Expect From You: -Show up on time, ready to pull -Be able to get on Discord -Have the Addons "EPGP DKP Reloaded" and "EPGP Lootmaster" -Keep a positive attitude (Sometimes dumb things happen, don't let it ruin your day) -Be able to make good sandwiches (I'm told this is absolutely crucial) I'll be editing this thread for future needs, but in short, we're back and looking to fill a few holes in the roster. Most of us have known each other for a couple years and just want to get in there and get some progression going. If you're interested or looking for more information feel free to contact me: Huckleburger#1954 You can also contact: Krayik#1995Huckleburger77 Sep 18
Sep 12 Recruiting for Argus Heroic Raid Sales Hello everyone! Recruiting players for Heroic 'Antorus the Burning Throne' Full Clears and Heroic 'Argus the Unmaker' AoTC kills. (Horde Sales Group) Who are we? We’re an active sales community composed of the top US raiders looking. We’re an explicit gold-only group with a mission to have as much fun while making a lot of gold. Under recent events we are recruiting for 1 Tank and DPS for our Horde Sales group. We do Sales every day of the week and as such we require reliable team members on whom we can count to show up. We will consider any application regardless of your class and specc. Our experience? We have been one of the top US Horde Sales group since HFC. With some of our core being part of the original HFC Sales group and obtaining over 1300+ Heroic Archimonde Kills. Last tier our Sales group averaged 371 Heroic Gul’dan kills with the highest member obtaining exactly 500 Heroic Gul’dan kills. For Tomb of Sargeras we are close to reaching 200+ Heroic Kil’jaeden kills and a group average of 146 Heroic Kil’jaeden kills. Next tier we are looking to go hardcore with Sales and we need reliable, dedicated members so our vision comes true. What services are we providing? We provide HORDE services only. Next tier we will have fixed schedules for Full Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne Clears and Argus the Unmaker Heroic AoTC Sales. We will have a fix schedule for said clears/kills and a plan to efficiently carry the services within our limits. If you’re interested in being part of our group I highly recommend you to reach out to us. We're looking for consistent, reliable players. CONTACT US AND APPLY For fast response add us through Discord. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered at our earliest convinience. Discord: Venditore#6456 (Make sure the V is capitalized) Battletag: Absalom#1531 Want to purchase a carry from us? If you’re looking to get a gold price quote for the realm of your choice we have a Sales Discord where we use it to post when we’re available or currently selling a service. We are best reachable through there and respond quickly to any questions you may have. We only deal with gold. Copy and Paste the following link Sales Discord link: Sep 12
Aug 17 (H) Looking for Mythic TOS raiding guild I am looking for a raiding guild on blackrock on the horde side. I need a guild that is progressing in mythic tos. I already have a demon hunter AOTC and at 931 ILVL. I am a skilled player and have played wow since beta. I always try to show up on time with food/flask. I have other alts that i can change to if needed that are 920+.Boredlvl0 Aug 17
Aug 8 <Defenestrate> WTS H ToS runs! Hello Blackrock, <Defenestrate> 7/9M is now selling H ToS carries! For Sale: Tomb of Sargeras - Master Loot, Heroic Full Clear KJ no loot (700k) Tomb of Sargeras - No Loot, Heroic Kil'jaedan Only (250k) Carry Guidelines: 1. The carry will be held on Tuesday starting at 7pm PST . It will last until completed. We normally complete our full clear between 1-1.5 hours. If you are purchasing a full clear - please plan on being online about 15 minutes prior to the start of your purchase. 2. This is a full carry. We will not rely on you to help us in any way during your run. On some encounters we may ask for you to die to prevent any difficulties. FOR MYTHIC SALES ONLY! 3. We will require a 20% deposit prior to your run. This will officially confirm your run status on our side and ensure your slot on our schedule. This deposit is non-refundable so make absolutely sure you can make the run date. 4. The remaining 80% will be paid before your run begins. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a carry you can pst me ingame or add me @ puka#1245Pukachi10 Aug 8
Aug 7 Congrats Amplify and Gravity Kil'Jaeden is a tough encounter and I'm glad to see that more guilds have finally gotten him down. Almost three weeks on a boss is a long slog. Congrats, well deserved!Amorisse5 Aug 7
Aug 6 [A]<Dollars to Donuts> - Recruiting We are an adult guild of casual, fun, laid back raiders looking to fill our ranks with like minded people. Our core raid group is made up of 1/2 US based and 1/2 Australia based awesomeness. Life happens, that's ok. Your mom needs you to clean the toilet, that's ok. Your baby fell off the bed, that's ok. Come kill some things with us! 7/9 Heroic ToS 9/9 Normal ToS Raid Times: Friday - 8pm PST Sunday - 12pm PST What we currently need for progression: Shadow Priest - Must have strong healing offspec. Shaman DPS - Must have strong healing offspec. Windwalker - With strong Mistweaver offspec. We are also considering any and all DPS but would highly consider: Mage Hunter Paladin Demon Hunter Requirements: Anyone is welcome. For a heroic raid spot we ask that you are up to the minimum standards for Heroic ToS or you prove to us that you're that kick !@# and silly gear doesn't matter! We expect a strong knowledge of your character, high attendance to the raids, as well as a mature attitude - with the ability to accept constructive criticism. Community is also very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers (bottom line, don't be an $%^-*!@). We welcome each and every new raider and aim to make you a member of our core! We regularly run M+ 10 and higher throughout the week as well as older content or achievement runs. Have questions? Leave a comment here or Message: Wookiebear#2771Anoarak0 Aug 6
Aug 5 DPS looking for new raid guild DPS LF New Guild have 9/9N and 4/9H ToSMalgath1 Aug 5
Aug 5 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 5
Aug 4 (A) <Warranty Void > LFM [ Warranty Void] is a Perth Based, progression guild looking for long term members. 9/9N 4/9H ToS. Raiding Thurs / Sun / Mon @ 9:30pm SVT ( 7:30pm Perth time) Currently looking for dps, both melee and ranged to fill up our raid team. Social Members are welcome also! If you are interested, add my Btag GrUzY#1179 and we can have a chat! NB: We are on Caelestrasz / Nagrand Realm.Hybernate0 Aug 4
Aug 1 [H] Looking for a raiding guild Hello! I have just xfered ibto this realm from another (Darkiron) to play with my friend and to final play horde again! I am currently in search of a mythic raiding guild for next patch. Although i am not looking for super serious raiding guild looking for server 1st, but can down end boss before next content hits. Last serious raiding xp was in WotLK, plaing holly pally, and downed H LK before cata hit (not impressive but still did it!) After that i was playing on and off casually. I did play a bit at the start of expansion in a different guild and can probably still have logs in wow progress under the name "Keola" in darkiron server alliance. Where i did upto heroic but guild could not progress into mythic due to lack of players. I usually play from around 8-10 est and until whenever i get sleepy lol. I recently transitioned into affliction warlock and is still in the process of gearing up and optimizing gear. Thanks for reading and please whisper me on Keola or add battle tag "Keola#1888" Thanks!Keola2 Aug 1
Jul 30 <Monstrosity> 10N 10H LFM Monstrosity is a heroic guild that recently took a hard hit with personal issues. Our size has dropped but that wont stop us. We are looking for more healers and dps to rebuild and enjoy ToS. If you are interested feel free to btag Dkcountry#1795Prisonbait0 Jul 30
Jul 20 Relieved of their valuables Hello, For anyone on Blackrock with a two person flying mount and is willing to lend some time and their helping hand, I'd greatly appreciate it (oh and there's a compensation reward as well). I just require three more chests and am willing to pay a decent amount of gold for your time (amount can be discussed later, but at least plan in the thousands). Anyhow, go ahead and just send me a tell or add my battletag (zachattack#11709) if you'd like to help a fellow player out and earn some easy gold in the process. I should be on a decent amount within the next couple days, so getting a hold of me should be no issue. With that being said, I look forward to hearing from ya'll!Heatweaving0 Jul 20
Jul 19 <Desecrate> Wed&Sun 9:15-11:30Pm Server Time Raid Time - 9:15-11:30pm Server time Desecrate is a newly formed guild by a small group of friends looking towards guild progression. Currently we host our guilds weekly run on LFG but we all know how that can go... We aren't looking for anything amazingly serious but we have dedicated and experienced players who are looking for more people to help push us to the next level. OUR MAIN FOCUS Our main focus is to start building a solid and reliable raid team to start working on current/future raid tiers but to also have a great time doing it. Again we are all friends in the guild working towards common goals. REQUIREMENTS -A positive attitude - This is first for a reason. This is a GAME. We want to have FUN!!! -Reliability - We understand that there is a real world, but we don't want to have our time wasted. We have other people in the guild depending on you to show up and progress. If you cant show up DONT JOIN. -Be PREPARED- have food, flasks, etc. ready to go. -Headset/Mic- We currently use Discord and we ask that you do join our channel to listen in even if you don't want to talk. -Patience- Every guild has ups and downs but we are looking for people who want a long term home here in Desecrate. CURRENTLY SEEKING TANKS : open HEALERS : open DPS: open PST : Dbseven#1434 - GuildmasterBruïser1 Jul 19
Jul 15 (H) Weekend Raiders LF Healer/DPS Greed Team - Blackrock Server Hello Lovers - We are an adult guild of casual, fun, laid back raiders looking to fill our ranks with like minded people. Our core raid group is made up of 1/2 US based and 1/2 Australia based awesomeness. Life happens, that's ok. Your mom needs you to clean the toilet, that's ok. Your baby fell off the bed, that's ok. Come kill some things with us! 9/9 Normal ToS 4/9 Heroic ToS Raid Times: Friday - 8pm Server Sunday - 12pm Server What we currently need for progression: Shadow Priest - Must have strong healing offspec. Shaman DPS - Must have strong healing offspec. Windwalker - With strong Mistweaver offspec. We are also considering any and all DPS but would highly consider: Mage Hunter Paladin Demon Hunter Requirements: Anyone is welcome. For a heroic raid spot we ask that you are up to the minimum standards for Heroic ToS or you prove to us that you're that kick !@# and silly gear doesn't matter! We expect a strong knowledge of your character, high attendance to the raids, as well as a mature attitude - with the ability to accept constructive criticism. Community is also very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers (bottom line, don't be an $%^-*!@). We welcome each and every new raider and aim to make you a member of our core! We regularly run M+ 10 and higher throughout the week as well as older content or achievement runs. Have questions? Leave a comment here or Message: Wookiebear#2771 If you're up to you it can also apply at - Jul 15
Jul 10 Returning PVE'r looking for guild My prime was in MoP, I have multiple cutting edge achievs from there and I parsed 95%+ percentile as a shadow priest haven't raided in around 3 years or so. Just pugged a little here and there on my demon hunter and now i'm looking for a guild. I can raid any time after 5pm serverPsyron0 Jul 10
Jun 28 Returning Blood/Unholy DK(BrM Alt) Returning Blood/Unholy DK(911 ilevel blood/908 ilevel unholy). I will start of by saying I didnt come back to get much experience in NH/EN. I was away for three years. That being said I had a long and established time as a tank and dps in top 20-30 guilds from about t2 to t15. I would have gone back to them however I my timings have changed and prefer to find a guild that starts up after 8PST. I am primarily looking for guilds that are established and have at least 8/10M in T19 going into T20. This is due to my confidence in my abilities. I can give you people to talk to people in the guilds I was part of so that you can check me out if need be. Thanks *I do have a preference for tanking roles as that is what I spent the large majority of 15 years doing but I am still a good solid dps that always parses highly so I will switch back to unholy if need be for a spot. I also have 52 Points into Frost now as well to round things off. On the side of this I am used to spit raiding so I have also leveled 3 alternatives to my tank. Bear, DH, and Monk. The monk is what I have been primarily working on as an alternative and can main switch to him as primary if a BrM tank is preferred. **About guild nature: I can't believe I am going to type this out as well but I from my experience since coming back in some middle of the pack guilds, I am going to say this. I prefer environments that aren't ego-centric. By this I mean I have found from experience that guilds that are supportive about each other and not concerned about flexing their ego with more abuse then ability aren't guilds that actually make it or stay in top spots. I have just left a guild that had some good clearance in NH for this specifically. I am not here to flex my ego. My performance will do that for me 57Points into Blood 53 Points into Unholy ***I am willing to race and server change for the right fitRatzass4 Jun 28
Jun 25 <BONDS OF THE IRON HORDE>10/10H1/10M1/9H <Bonds of the Iron Horde> 10/10H 1/10M 8/9N 1/9H 6-9pm server Thurs&Sat,DRUNK AP runs Fri, Monthly Xmog Contests w/Big Prizes,&Late-Night Alt Raids!LF DPS and RBG Leader.Find Us on FB.Fun&Friends.Enchants/Gems/Flasks/Feasts Provided for core raiders!Äddêräll0 Jun 25
Jun 21 Selling 150+ TCG Pets! ~ Life Hey! Tankez#1825 is my Real ID I can deliver to any realm. Have a great day!Life0 Jun 21
Jun 18 [H]LFG A group of friends and I are looking for a progression guild. We come from a guild called The Blooded who was 6/10 M NH. The group consists of two awesome DPS guys. One of the best healers I have ever run with and a main tank who is very good. We were officers and GM from The Blooded and we have all run raids. Looking for raids Tuesday through Thursday 8PST 912 Blood DK 909 Rogue 908 Holy Priest 903 Hunter Dane#1105Ifaponu0 Jun 18
Jun 18 <The Elite Warbringers> Recruiting ToS Hello, We are currently recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras we are currently 10/10H NH and are in need of a resto shaman or resto druid or both and some dps to fill our core group. Most of us have been playing since vanilla and are looking to push hard and into mythic content. Along with that we have quite a few top 10 mythic plus players myself included. if you are interested in joining please contact me on my Btag- Frost#1285Redoutlaws0 Jun 18
Jun 16 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara0 Jun 16
Jun 14 <A>Terror Squad Inc PvP community guild Link to Guild Recruitment forums thread: Terror Squad Incorporated (Terror Squad Inc) Server: Emerald Dream Type: PvP Hello friends! My name is Alatril and I am here to make a small announcement. I have had a vision of a guild format I wish to share and hope people will join in to help build. For too long now I have watched the PvP community dwindle down especially on the North American side of the spectrum. Below will be an outline of what I hope to accomplish (with help) with this community guild. Table of Contents 1) Our (my) goal 2) About Myself 3) Community 4) Development 5) Competitive PvP 6) PvE? 7) My server 8) Closing Our (My) Goal So simply my goal here is to create a community of players who love to pvp, want to improve and contribute to the PvP community in general no matter how big or small the contribution is. I hope to build a guild community that not only wants success when it comes to higher ratings and PvP achievements but success on improving other players in the process and helping them reach goals they want to set for themselves. To often I see disdain for players that want to PvP but don't have the experience in high pressure situations to actually improve and contribute in those situations. I want to build a guild community where players not only have access to other players of the same skill level but players who are also willing to help other players improve by sharing their experience. About Myself This won't be long because this isn't about me. However I feel like a little background is needed. I have been playing WoW since its exception. I have dedicated countless hours to the game and characters. My love for PvP started late Vanilla when a friend of mine dragged me into an AV for quest. I have never been a player that has achieved high ratings nor sought to. However recently I have watched top players on Twitch and love watching WoW esports in general and not only wish to improve myself to learn the game and its mechanics better but also contribute to WoW esports either by playing or otherwise. I just want to be involved. Also this summer I hope to launched a Twitch talked show called NerfCraft as well (follow on Twitter @NerdCraftWoW) Community Community has always been big to me. Community is what made this game a passion and it is what continues me playing. However, as the game has its ups and down I have also seen a decline in community. This has a lot to due with declining player base and server deaths but also some other things. The one I wish to focus on is the PvP community. I see a lot of divide and disdain within the community. What I hope to accomplish is to build a guild community where mutual respect no matter what a person's skill level is. Everyone can learn from everyone in my eyes. Everyone can contribute. Developement Players in general are far more skilled than ever because of how long the game has been around. However I still feel like a lot of players want and have room to improve but don't know where to turn to do so. Also it seems harder and harder to find players to connect with to play with as well. I hope to build a guild community that gives players access to such things.Aliatril2 Jun 14
Jun 14 Farewell Blackrock! From Divine Heresy =] Last updated 22/9/11 Divine Heresy has arrived on Frostmourne Alliance! The once successful Blackrock guild is now opening its doors for recruitment a much larger oceanic player base on Frostmourne. We are very excited to make the transition to this vibrant and active server. Expect only great things to come from this young and upcoming guild! We raid Wednesday & Thursday from 6:30pm AEST - 10:30pm AEST (Raid may extent to 11-11:30 during progression) About Divine Heresy Divine Heresy is an Australian based guild which has a lot to offer all WoW players! We have both an exceptional PvE & PvP aspect to our guild. While also accomodating those players who play WoW on a social level. What ever your goals are for PvP & PvE whether you wish to clear heroic PvE content or achieve Gladiator/Grand Marshal. Divine Heresy is a guild that can offer the best of both worlds. Cataclysm Progression BWD/BoT/ToFW - Tier 11 12/12 Normal 6/13 Heroic Firelands - Tier 12 7/7 Normal 3/7 Heroic Raiders / Core Ratted Battle Ground Team Raiders & Members of our Core RBG team can expect fully funded guild repairs and flasks. Similarly we also enchant best in slot items. We provide a friendly and goal orientated raid atmosphere in which we are also pushing ourselves to be the best we can possibly be, with an aim of clearing ALL content & achieving Grand Marshal/Gladiator titles. We are recruiting for Cataclysm! We are currently on the look out for ALL Exceptional raiders to progress through Cataclysm. We are looking for those players that are a league above the ordinary WoW player. If you know this is you, please do not hesitate to apply. High Class Priority! We are currently looking in particular for the following classes for raiding. Please check out our website for our current high class priorites. Immediate spots available for ALL exceptional players. No outstanding players will ever be refused! Please apply at our website - If you have any questions about Divine Heresy, Feel free to make a level 1 character and contact one of our officers in game - Lumiini, Tephy, Angx, Dindon & Tolf. Similarly you can speak to me through real ID or email. lumiiniwow@gmail.comLumiini118 Jun 14
Jun 7 <MetaCortex> US - Lightbringer recruiting! <MetaCortex> @ US-Lightbringer PVE-PST (Alliance) Hello there and thanks for stopping by! We have opened up recruitment for our mythic raid team in anticipation of the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras. Item level can be somewhat flexible for the right person, however we'd love you to be at least 890 ilvl, as well as have 50+ artifact traits, as that means less of a gear disparity between us, and helps to get rolling with launch Currently Recruiting: - DPS: open to all (bonus if you have a healing O/S!) - Healer: Resto Shaman or Mistweaver preferred - ANY exceptional players About us Many of our members are longtime players that moved with us from Alexstrasza to Lightbringer after wanting to experience a livelier in-game community. On this server we have risen quickly and managed to reach a top 12 server rank before starting to wind down for end of tier. We plan on continuing to progress through mythic with the launch of Tomb of Sargeras. Our raid times are Tue/Wed/Thu 7-10pm server (PST). Invites start at 6:45 server. We do require 100% attendance, though we do understand that emergencies can happen. Raiding Environment Casual but disciplined. We like to make the most of our time. No one is forced to play a certain class, but you are expected to be able to switch to your off-spec should the need arises. More about recruitment and loot rules on our official site: The best way to contact me is via B.tag: Sedestia#1763 or reach out to anyone in guild and they can direct you to an officer for a chat!Soleirissa0 Jun 7
May 25 <The Elite Warbringers> recruitment Hello, We are currently looking for more Dps/Heals for our Core raiding team. On top of Raiding we also PvP, run Mythic + Keys, as well as old Achievement runs and Mog runs. Raiding wise we raid 6:00 p.m. Server time to 9:00 p.m. every Thursday and Saturday. We are currently progressing through H NH. If you want to raid, but aren't geared enough for it NO WORRIES. As we will run older (but current) raids/ dungeons to help you gear up and catch you up to speed. We try to build our guild around sociable people that want to interact with other members and do stuff to keep ourselves and others entertained. If this guild sounds like something you're interested in then please leave a reply or you can message me directly. My B-Net is Belial#11851.Ørias1 May 25
May 14 Looking for a girlfriend Anyone interested? Add me on bnet: Vera#11866. (I'm male.)Prizma0 May 14
May 13 Recruiting for Kil’jaeden Sales next tier Hello everyone! We’re currently recruiting exceptional players next tier for Kil’jaeden sales (HORDE). Our team goes way back to Heroic Archimonde. We have been actively doing Heroic Gul’dan Sales and continuing until Tomb releases. Due to recent game changes, we have lost potential players and we are looking to bolster our roster once more. So far, our group is made out of raiders from the top 30 US guilds. Do not let that intimidate you, we also have players who are in top 200 US guilds but due to their exceptional performance they are part of the team. As of right now we have a weekend schedule (Sat & Sunday 3pm CST – 1am CST). When Tomb comes out we will be doing sales every day. If making gold is something that catches your attention you will be making a low minimum of 1 gold cap per week, in the first month(s) of the tier release. That is if you’re committed to making gold. We’re currently recreating every role. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. If you’re interested in taking part of this team please add me on DISCORD: Phet#6456 I will answer at my earliest convenience. Note: If you leave a message in this thread it is very likely I won’t be able to message back.Votkinsk3 May 13
May 8 Hi Blackrock. Anyone else remember the good ol days back in classic? Blackrock was a healthy and amazing server but the majority of people have left, like myself. I was just reminiscing about the battles for the world bosses and tarren mill. *wipes tear from eye*Frontear162 May 8
Apr 26 New pug Raid team on Blackrock New pug raid group raiding M/W 5:00-8:00 est. Doing H Nighthold runs, EN Mythic Runs, TOV M runs. Looking for players that can consistently make those times. Reply here if interested. Leave your battle tag id or character name. Thanks.Tastywaffles0 Apr 26
Apr 16 <Breakthrough> Semi Causal Guild <Breakthrough> Semi Casual guild A semi casual PvE guild looking for more to fill out a mythic roster of 20 man. Mainly looking for Dps classes but all other classes are welcome. Raid nights are Sunday-Tuesday 7pm-10pm PST with M+ runs daily (2/3H ToV and 1/7M EN). Very fun and social group of players that emphasize raid progression but also want to have fun, don't expect hardcore raid styles. PM me in world or add my BattleTag for more info: Luain#1468Luainesta8 Apr 16
Apr 10 New Ret Pally Streamer Hey Im a Ret Pally started playing again when legion dropped and im the GM of The Weather Channel. Trying out streaming cause why not haha see how it goes. Come watch my stream and have a good time :D Apr 10
Apr 5 Tank/DPS LF new guild 870 Guard Druid LF active raid guild. Have done 10/10H and 1/10M on Frost Mage, no raiding on guard druid. Also have 854 Prot pally. Looking for a guild that is either late Normal NH or HNH Battle tag is DevilDragon#1795Bstntheworld0 Apr 5
Apr 3 [H] 2-night LF RANGED (7/7M, 2/3M, 3/10M) ***Currently we have a high need for ranged dps and healers. We will consider exceptional melee applications*** WHO: <Really Bad Players> 7/7M, 3/3M, 6/10M* WHEN: Sun/Mon from 7 to 11 p.m. PST WHERE: Horde-US-Blackrock (PST-PvP-Bloodlust) *As of April 3rd, 2017, we are U.S. #14 out of Alliance and Horde guilds that raid 2 nights per week. About us: many of us are retired "hardcore" raiders that no longer have time to raid more than 2 nights a week. We push hard on the 2 nights each week that we raid. Really Bad Players has been around for a long time and we're looking for new raiders to add to our family. We have fun in raids, but we are hyper-focused on the 2 nights each week that we raid. We also enjoy running Mythic+, many of us play alts as well, so you'll never have a problem finding something to do on off-nights. Check out our website to drop an application, or reach out to us in game if you have questions. IMPORTANT NOTE: We only raid two nights per week for a total of eight hours. We will never, ever add an additional night of mandatory raiding. We already get *** from our wives about playing too need to add to the pain. Since we raid so little, it is absolutely essential that people have high raid attendance. As such, we require a 90-percent raid attendance. This is not unreasonable. We do, of course, understand family vacations, work trips and things of that nature may happen. That's fine. Life happens. Guild website: Wowprogress: Btag for questions: Thefate#1434 ...and just for fun, here's a Krosus wipe compilation video for your entertainment: Apr 3
Apr 3 (H) BOV IS RECRUITING <Blood of Vengeance> Horde faction raiding guild on Uldaman-Ravencrest is looking for competent raiders to assist us in raid progression. Lead by players with an extensive raiding background and Realm First Titles, Blood of Vengeance is a guild focused on progression with a schedule that allows our raiders to maintain their social/work lives and, most importantly, actually have fun while raiding. If you are a retired or recovering hardcore raider, Blood of Vengeance is the place for you. Recruiting: Demon Hunter: Havoc Death Knight: ALL Druid: Resto, Balance, Feral Hunter: Beastmaster Mage: Frost and Fire Monk: ALL Paladin: ALL Priest: ALL Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw Shaman: ALL Warlock: Affliction, and Demo Warrior: Fury, and Protection Raid times are: 7pm - 10pm (CST) with optional EN/ToV runs on Monday and Friday, and an optional current content run on Saturday night. Progress: 7/7M EN (Cutting Edge) 2/3M ToV 10/10N NH 10/10H NH 3/10M NH Gear: Minimum gearing requirements as we push into mythic content consists of: 885+ item level At least 36 *Post 7.2* points in primary artifact We strive to experience and clear all available content with a limited raiding schedule. To accomplish this, we are looking for a great core raiding team. This is what you'll need: Consistency - Show up to raids consistently, be someone who the raid team can depend on Ability to learn - We don't expect you to inherently know everything, but we expect you to learn from your mistakes Attitude – Have fun and progress! Good game skills, and the ability to improve on them. Game skills are things such as: Encounter awareness - Be aware of encounter mechanics happening around (and under) you Game knowledge - Understand the strengths and limitations of your class Mechanical skill - Maximize the strengths of your class while playing around the weaknesses We pride ourselves on our leadership and the community we have created. We focus on group improvement through individual player growth and accountability and group cohesion. Check out our website at: and fill out an application. Contact Lejend#1376 , Avelay#1352 for more information. Groups are welcome to apply as well. *Paid Transfers & Faction Changes may be available with solid parses if requested.Essamun0 Apr 3
Apr 3 [H] 10/10H - LF Healer and Ranged DPS Hello Lovers - We are an adult guild of casual, fun, laid back raiders looking to fill our ranks with like minded people. Life happens, that's ok. Your mom needs you to clean the toilet, that's ok. Your baby fell off the bed, that's ok. Are you afraid of guild drama? Guildies with contagious diseases the doctors have yet to identify? Then our relaxed, mature guild might be for you! Visit us and apply at: 10/10 Heroic Nighthold Raid Times: Saturday - 6PM Server Sunday - 12PM Server What We Need: Healers (High; one with great DPS off spec preferred) Ranged DPS (High priority) Requirements: Anyone is welcome. For a heroic raid spot we ask that you are up to the minimum standards for Heroic Nighthold or you prove to us that you're that kick !@# and silly gear doesn't matter! We expect a strong knowledge of your character, high attendance to the raids, as well as a mature attitude - with the ability to accept constructive criticism. Community is also very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers (bottom line, don't be an $%^-*!@). We welcome each and every new raider and aim to make you a member of our core! We regularly run M+ 10 and higher throughout the week as well as older content or achievement runs. Have questions? Message: Wookiebear#2771 Deidrich#1152Stoik8 Apr 3
Apr 2 (H) Mythic Weekend lfm [Fluffy Kittens] H on Zuljin is currently rebuilding our Mythic raid team. We have made solid progress, however have openings on our 20M Mythic roster due to real life taking away a few of our raiders. What Do We Offer Current raiders receive guild repairs /flasks /food provided each week, we just ask you donate spare mats to the Gbank so this can be maintained. A solid group of individuals progressing on current content, continuously making AotC, while maintaining a light and friendly raid environment. Officers willing to help you balance stat weights, rotations, and mechanics for optimal efficency. Members reliably parsing above the 80th percentile, eager to progress further into Mythic content with you. What We're Seeking Current needs are: Ranged DPS Rogue Enh Shaman Havoc Demon Hunter 1 healer (pref with viable dps OS) While these are our current needs we are willing to trial any player looking for a progression minded guild while maintaining that fun relaxed environment. Current raid days are Saturday and Sunday 8-11 EST. With Friday being a optional day for alt / trial member runs. Please contact anyone below for more information. Recruitment Officer: Thanatos#12871 Other Recruitment Officer: lonewolfmcq#1468 Guild Master: Phobia#1707Douchebruh0 Apr 2
Mar 30 10/10H Guild looking for DPS. <SuperTroopers> Horde on US server Thrall Raid Times: Tuesday 10:30pm - 1:00am Wednesday & Thursday 9:45 PM - 1:00 AM EST/6:45 PM - 10:00 PM PST Age: 18+ mature 7/7H EN 3/3H TOV 10/10N NH 10/10H NH Hello Everyone, <SuperTroopers> is a newly formed guild of old friends that are veteran raiders in WoW with hardcore progression. We are not looking for hardcore, but we would like to progress efficiently and be competitive on our server. If we can get the numbers, we are going to do mythic as soon as possible. At the moment we are looking for range dps to fill up to 20 people. We are about min/maxing as much as we can for raiding to be as successful as we can for the limited time we have for raiding. We are a highly active guild that runs mythic dungeons constantly and are always running content with each other while having fun. If you have any questions or are interested, then please post on here or message me at my btag Metalfreek05#1366 or Zzugzzug#1948, Thestra#1134Haqssalot1 Mar 30
Mar 25 [H]<Benevolent> 6/10H NH <Benevolent> 10/10 Normal 6/10 Heroic Nighthold Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00PM to 10:00PM Server Time (PST) Server: US Blackrock PVP Faction: Horde Voice Chat: Discord Who we are We are a semi-casual guild looking for players who like to have fun and joke around, can be serious when necessary, but most of all like to kill bosses and progress. The main core has been together since WoD. With a wide variety of players that have time and experience with this game from the beginning, up to just joining during WoD. Outside of raids we are also an active guild that runs mythic + content. As well as an alt raid once a week and achievement runs when we can find the time. What we’re looking for Healers: We currently have no Shaman or Priest healers in our raid lineup and would love to keep it diverse. However, don’t let that stop you from getting in contact with us if you’re interested. DPS: Melee DPS is needed, looking to find some leather class melee, or a strong warrior. Expectations Looking for players that want to succeed in a semi-casual environment. Players willing to take criticism, show up on time, be raid ready when it’s time to go. Follow mechanics, and be willing to accept responsibility, mistakes happen. Show up to raid on time, and be raid ready at 8. We want to pull at 8, only raiding 6 hours a week doesn’t leave us with a lot of time. Be positive and friendly, we’re looking for a friendly environment that wants to see stuff die. If needed, we will help gear you up through alt raids if necessary, but ideally looking for around an 880 item level. During raids, we also provide all food and flasks. Also, we will help provide the more expensive enchants if the materials are available. Any extra farming you can do for the guild is greatly appreciated, but not required. ******************************************************************* Thanks for taking the time if you’ve made it this far, hoping to fill the ranks and continue our push! How to Contact US: I'll be watching the forums, but in game messages are the best grumpash#1624 or storm#1819Kasaki6 Mar 25
Mar 23 Prot Warrior 7/7 M, 3/3 H, 3/10 M LF a guild I'm searching for a guild who I can do mythic raiding with and that also does high leveled M+ runs. I had to bail from my old guild because they moved to a different server and it was stressful raiding at late night for me. I am currently interested in doing weekly raids, PvP content (as Arms or Fury... wouldn't mind jumping into rated BGs or arenas), and dungeons in mythic or M+. My current schedule as follows: Tuesday night raiding is unlikely due to a long night class that requires a strong commitment for me to attend as part of grad studies. However, I can attend other days (realistically a 2/3 hour shift up to 11 PM CST due to life and work responsibilities. I'm sorry but I'm done with losing sleep because of raid content). Mainly I want to be able to continue raiding without forgoing any of my personal responsibilities. I realize that most guilds in this server want to raid past 11:00 PM CST, but maybe there is a guild out there that will respect those with job or college obligations.Cobroxwarr1 Mar 23
Mar 19 866 Frost/blood dk lf semi hardcore guild I was in a hardcore raiding guild back in wrath and looking to get back into raiding in legion. ill be able to make raid times from 7-11 est.Shakè0 Mar 19
Mar 15 Gatherer MIning botters !!!! Blackrock Horde Gatherer MIning botters !!!! BLizzard didnt do their work !Magiegage1 Mar 15
Mar 14 WTB Felsteel Longblade WTB felsteel longblade. Please respond if you have the blacksmith pattern. I'll pay fairly. Thanks.Kruxzor0 Mar 14
Mar 13 <Vehementi> 10/10 HNH 1/10 MNH LFM <Vehementi> • Server Americas- Blackrock – Horde • About Us <Vehementi> is a group of players that have been raiding together for over 10 years. Our guild was established early 2011 on Blackrock after we server transferred from Jaedenar. We are a well-developed guild that consist of mainly adults. Our officers and GM have had years of experience leading and managing guilds on Wow, as well as other MMOs. We are interested in players who are looking for a home for raid progression or just casual play. This means that if a player would like to join to focus on progression but would also like a place for his/her friend to hang out and level, then we are the guild for you. • Recruitment Focus We currently need Healers and DPS. However, tanks for M+ runs and to fill in on raid nights when we have an attendance issue are welcome to join. • Current Progression NH- Heroic 10/10, Mythic 1/10 TOV – Heroic 3/3 EN – Heroic 7/7, Mythic 7/7 • Raid Schedule (PST) We currently have two raid groups running: Early Crew and Late Crew Early Crew- Tue/Wed 5pm-9pm Late Crew- Tue/Wed 9pm-12am Early and Late Crew combine for optional raid Thurs/Sun for cleanup and progression at 9pm-12am • What You Can Expect From Us We are a welcoming group of players that are interested in meeting new people that encourage fellow guild members to become better players. We try our best to help each other out and keep a fun gaming atmosphere. • What We Expect From Our Members Raiders- We expect our raiders to be knowledgeable in his/her class, and willing to take constructive criticism and a helping hand if needed. We also expect our raiders to have proper gems/enchants as well as raiding mats for each raid. We want reliable players that show up for most raids, however we realize that sometimes IRL issues interrupt and supersede WoW. All we ask is that our raiders let us know ahead of time if he/she is unable to raid if possible. Casual players- All we ask of our non-raiders is to be respectful to fellow guild members. • Contact Info GM – Henric – Hank#1994 Officer -Genvieve- Genvieve#1777 Galbinus- Galbinus#1294 Miso- Miso#1616 Waymond- Joe#16427 Bonbon- Bonbon#1306 Drewbearcat- Drewbalee#1270 Holyarthus- Ghostdragan#119307 Dreden- Saidredic#1220 Mar 13