Sep 28, 2016 843 MW Monk LF Guild Hi All, Restarted playing and looking to join a guild for raiding / mythic plus / PVP. I'm in southern california, so looking for a guild that plays in the evenings out here and on the weekends. Looking forward to it!!Ryme2 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 27, 2016 <Bandaid Buddies> is RECRUITING! <Bandaid Buddies> is a seasoned and established guild looking to attract Talented players to help fill our 20 man Raid comp to help push Emerald Nightmare progression! We are a Casual, "Tight-Knit" Guild that creates a great environment for people to play together! Our Raid times are 5-8 Server Time (PDT) Tuesday & Thursday! We are currently raiding with a 11-13 man group and are trying to expand! The classes we are in need of are listed below: -Mage DPS -Warlock DPS -Death Knight DPS (Unholy Preferred) -Hunter DPS -Priest Heals (Holy Preferred) -Paladin Heals (Priority classes are subject to change based on guild needs) If you are interested in joining or you are looking for more information about our guild, please visit our website @ For more information in game, add me via @ MCgiggleface#1897Dàntu0 Sep 27, 2016
Sep 21, 2016 4 Friends LF (H) Mythic Raiding Guild Prot Paladin Elemental Shaman Fire Mage Ret Paladin We're 4 returning players, full time workers, looking to play after hours (PST). Flexible on time Looking for a casual - semi hardcore raiding guild (preferably 2-3 raid nights a week) All of us have raided in WoD (have logs upon request).Abador2 Sep 21, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 2400+ PvP Guild I've created a fresh PvP guild recruiting players with 2400+ Arena and RBG experience only, without exception. I'm hoping to unite Blackrocks PvPers to create new friendships and Arena/RBG partners. We are linked with one of Blackrocks largest guilds PvP Ganksters. Given the way gear is designed based on Arena rating, this will give us the opportunity to PvE also. If you meet the requirements to join, feel free to message me in game. Repairs will be permanently free to all members, excluding alts.Zîz0 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 [H] LF Midweek late night raiding guild 846 Brewmaster/845 WW monk and 835 Resto Druid LF tuesday-thursday raiding guild (preferably mostly adult, I'm 32). LF 2-3 nights per week 8pm server or later. Can play either toon or lvl any other class from 100 as needed. Raiding experience from BC and Wrath...took a break till WoD and mainly pvp'd for that expansion. Hit me up in game, dandickerson#1597Shinjuku0 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 What killed the Blackrock? Back in BC this server was wayyy packed and full. Did they give out free transfers or something? Also RIP never forget the Argent Dawn server everyone made gnomes on and spammed out BLACKROCK DOWN in trade chat when the server crashed.Rekufu5 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 Looking for Raiders hi im cikamin <<wowbitines>> is a late night casual raiding guild that strives to push the limits of progression raiding while maintaining short schedule, we are in the process of reforming our hc roster times are Tuesday,Wednesday and Sunday 11 to 1:30 am. Some of our players came back for legion and we would like to get more people for raid, we are a friendly,chill and casual guild that just wanna have fun while we achieve and defied bad guys so if you interesting on join us contact one officer or just PST on game to my tag mingo#1371.Cikamin0 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 [A] Alliance Raid Group A few friends and myself are forming an Alliance raid group to push content when it drops. Groups will start 8PM EST, 5PM PST, day(s) TBD. Schedule may change. If you have an alliance toon left on Blackrock, please consider joining us to see how far we can go! The current group consists of 6 members with various experience including server first clears in Vanilla and TBC. Members include some of the alliance first 110s, 850+ilvl, etc. Group has been established and playing together since Legion's launch. We intend to maintain a serious approach during progression fights and chill/relax when farming time comes. Please keep in mind that the group is mature and likes to have fun, but you may be asked you to step aside if it's clear you're not ready. Group is focused on pve content, but there will be a weekly RBG for others that are interested. Contact me in game or here if you'd like to join us - JustinTime#1137Pissaunt0 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 Blackrock, it has been fun. I have to get out of this server, and it sucks. I've been playing on this server and this character in fact on and off since 2004. The alliance powerhouse guilds, Eminence, Prodigy, etc... Then we had the people that would never shut up like pvpdino and dirtyauction. This place is literally empty 95% of the time on alli, and not even an expac launch brought numbers to either side. Blackrock full gtfo... As an original speaker of those words back in the day, I'm about to take my advice and in fact, gtfo.Xann5 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 16, 2016 It's Räge wats up!! What exactly is everyone planning today in the realm of Blackrock.Rägeheärt0 Sep 16, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 Any oldschool Blackrock PVPers? Vifn here :O - I need 3s partnerVifz12 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 Blackrock sucks ^Gelly0 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 [H] 830 ilvl Sub Rogue lf Guild Hi there, I'm lf a casual/semi-hardcore raiding/pvp guild. no drama or elitests just a fun laid back environment but with an emphasis on progressing through legion content of all kinds, mythic dungeons and raids, rbgs and world pvp or simply just a guild to group up and grind through world quests with. If you'd like to tell me more about your guild and send me an invite, mssge me in game. Btag: Akrayu#1712Akrayu0 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 11, 2016 WTS Frozen Rune x40 send me an ingame mail if you're interestedGusto0 Sep 11, 2016
Sep 10, 2016 [H] Tank looking for guild for Legion raiding Experienced tank looking for tanking spot in a Legion raiding guild. Preferably 2 nights a week but could do 3 depending on days. Please send me a tell or in-game mail to contact me. Joe#13663Examine0 Sep 10, 2016
Sep 8, 2016 [H] 840 Holy Priest LFG Title says it all, looking for an active guild that I can raid with once the raids are out, I've been playing since 2008. My schedule is flexible and just about all times are open for me, Fridays can be iffy though. I'm in EST. PM me ingame if you have any other questions.Vyrilex2 Sep 8, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 <Nerd Lordz> Raid Recruiting New guild formed by a few RL friends, looking to expand our ranks in preparation for the upcoming Legion raids. Seeking people that like to have a good time with some laid back folks, all while pushing raid content!!! We plan on raiding Wed, Thurs, Sun from 7-10pm server time. We are currently looking for all roles. While we would like to push content we still value having a good time doing it. We are all long time WoW players, and finally have matching schedules to really get in there and kill some bosses! If you are interested message me in game Notouchiez - Moosekins#1121Notouchiez0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 5 players looking for Legion guild/raiding Hello everyone 5 RL friends looking for a solid guild to kick off the Legion launch. Interested in weekend raids if possible and PVP. We all have multiple alts and can fill in any roles we need to fit the mold. #SteveRogers#1994 Thanks guysClairence0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Returning Player LF Mythics/Raids I am just returning the game after a very long break. I am now iLVL 704 and I am interested in trying to get the Grove Moose mount and doing some Mythic Dungeons! Please add my btag and let's do some! Nienjah#1553Isekold0 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 19, 2016 [H] Deathwatch Hatchling Any guild here on Horde have the Deathwatch Hatchling pet & doesn't mind inviting me into the guild to grab it? ThanksDano0 Aug 19, 2016
Aug 18, 2016 Mythic Archi Mount Sale <Exceptionally Average> is a guild on Mal-Ganis that is currently selling Mythic Archi Mounts runs. 100% drop rate until August 30th before it drops to a 1% chance in legion. We run the sale on Wednesdays at 8PM EST (9PM CEST) for 1.1Mil gold. Come get your mount and loot. add Chriswhite#1950 for more inquiriesTiphoid1 Aug 18, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 <Defenestrate>WTS MYTHIC HFC, Blackhand Mount Hio Blackrock, dunno why my last post got deleted, but here we go again! We are currently selling 13/13 MYTHIC HFC and 13/13 Heroic HFC, as well as Mythic Blackhand and Mythic Imperator for dem achievements! 13/13 MYTHIC HFC w/ LOOT: 1.5m (Mount not included) 12/13 MYTHIC HFC w/ LOOT: 1m 11/13 MYTHIC HFC w/ LOOT: 700k MYTHIC BLACKHAND + MOUNT IRONHOOF DESTROYER: 300K 13/13 Heroic HFC w/ all loot included: 180k -This will only be run with 3+ buyers 13/13 Heroic HFC w/o loot: 100k -This will only be run with 3+ buyers -Heroic Archimonde only(PERSONAL LOOT!): 70k -Heroic Archimonde only(MOOSE MOUNT!, no loot): 50k 13/13 Normal HFC w/ all loot included: 100k -This will only be run with 3+ buyers. Mythic Imperator(Title: <Name>, Empire's Twilight) WITH LOOT: 100k -This will only be run with 2+ buyers. How to schedule a run!: -Send either an in-game Mail to Newsh, or E-Mail to including the following information: COPY/PASTE BELOW AND REPLACE THE BOLDED WITH YOUR OWN INFORMATION -What type of run you would like to buy! Example: 13/13 Heroic w/ loot -What character specialization AND class you are purchasing for! Example: Restoration Shaman -What days and times you are available for your run! All runs will be done between Friday-Monday, so please include all times you are available on each of these days. Example: Friday 6 p.m.-11 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Monday 6 p.m.-11 p.m. MYTHIC RUNS ARE DONE ON TUESDAYS AT 7:00 P.M. PST!! Do you do deals for multiple runs and return buyers? YES! If you purchase multiple runs from us, you will receive a discount on runs beyond your 2nd full Heroic clear purchased, or 800k gold spent with us. If you purchase multiple runs from us and return to purchase from us in future tiers, discounts will still apply, as well as having priority on spot availability! The discount amount will depend on what you are purchasing or how much you are spending, getting up to 10% off of full clear purchases! Do you do provide any incentives for referrals? YES! If you purchase a FULL run from us, for every person that you refer to us that makes a purchase you will receive a 5% referral bonus up to a maximum of 5,000 gold per referral. For example, if you refer a friend to us who purchases a full HFC clear, you will receive 5,000 gold as a thank you for the referral. If you refer a friend to us who purchases an individual piece of gear such as a Tier Token for 30,000 gold, you will receive a 5% referral of 1,500 gold. What if I want to purchase a specific item and it does not drop? You will pay for the item you are looking to purchase BEFORE the boss is pulled. You must CLEARLY state the item that you are purchasing when you trade the gold to avoid confusion or any potential "issues." If the item you are seeking does not drop, your gold will be returned, and we will keep 15% of the item price as a fee for the raid spot. If you come to purchase an item and want to purchase an additional item that drops, you will have the option to do so at the previously listed prices. If you are after multiple items from the same boss and none drop, we will keep 15% of the item price FOR EACH ITEM YOU WERE AFTER. What if I coin the item I want to purchase in addition to it dropping from the boss? We are not responsible for the results of your extra loot coin roll. If you are coming to us to purchase an item and the item drops, you will pay for the item regardless of your extra loot roll coin results. If you happen to roll the same item that you came to purchase, you will still receive the drop from the boss, and you will now have TWO(!!) of the item you came to purchase! We suggest you don't be too hasty with those extra loot roll coins so that you can save yourself the heartbreak of rolling duplicates if the item does drop! Questions? Mail me or add Newsh#1616!Newsh91 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 [H]Guaranteed To Bleed - 2 Day 6-9pm pst About us: Currently we are recruiting for Legion. We are a 2 day Heroic guiid with cross server members. We Have been a raiding guild since BC and are a very close guild. Our core raiders have been together for years and we gain new ones every year. We used to raid hardcore but we've got older and 2 days fits our lives the best. We look for people that want to be casual but want to get through content. Casual but good. What we want: Good attitudes. We are a guild that has stuck together cause we like each other. We have a very good community and want to keep it that why. People that want to raid and be successful. Know their specs and have multiples in case the guild needs it. Doesn't need their hands held during raid. Be able to think quick and know the fights. This stuff isn't too hard. Raid Days: Tues/Wed 6:30-9:30 PST Recruiting: Range DPS (High) WOULD LOVE Mages and Shadow Priest. To Apply fill out our basic Application Don't be afraid to talk with us: Helms#1526 or Noobe#1687Viri1 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 Slaughtz makes fun of military Did some World PvPing in Exodar. Defending the Exodar Bonfire for a good 10+ hours on it's first day and ended up wiping to <Usurpers> They won a World PvP engagement fair and square. Was a great and fun fight. However, the end result was something that threw me off. Breakz (Slaughtz / Tydolla) an officer, boyfriend to Guild Master Alleessa of <Usurpers> ended up saying some things, specifically personally attacking me. Was a fun time on our end, but it seems they have personal grudges. Screenshots showing them badmouthing the military and being completely inappropriate. I thought it was a fair understanding that everyone in the military served to protect their country, but apparently to him that's another thing. People wonder why Blackrock is dead. This guy is overly toxic, ragey, and everything of the sort. We were having some fun and he had to take personal shots over it.Vurian8 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 15, 2016 Blackrock Realm Statistics Since the server's were going down, I decided to utilize my time in a wise manner after watching Alliance Trade Chat go up in air in a debate over Blackrock being dead or not, the future of Blackrock, etc. These server statistics are pulled from multiple websites and are based on the 120 servers for North America, Oceanic, Latin America, and Brazil Blackrock is referred to as the 31st top PvE server. Stormrage, Illidan, Stormreaver, Azralon, Mal'Ganis, Sargeras, Zul'jin, Barthilas, Proudmoore, and Frostmourne tie for 1st place. (This ranking is based on progression of server and how many guilds are listed for progression, Blackrock is very high in ranking for Mythic Progression though, with 5 guilds all 13/13 and 21 guilds in total progressing through Mythic HFC) Blackrock is the 43rd most populated server at approximately 7,350 players. Stormrage is the most populated server at approximately 32,200 players. Blackrock is the 18th largest Horde population at approximately 6,800 players. Illidan has the largest Horde population at approximately 26,800 players. Blackrock is the 117th largest Alliance population at approximately 550 players. Stormrage has the largest Alliance population at approximately 31,700 players. THE FOLLOWING ARE PROJECTED FOR THIS SEASON: Blackrock has the 15th largest amount of Gladiators (Arena PvP) -12 Gladiators- Tichondrius has the most with 349 Gladiators on server. Blackrock is the 15th top server for Rated Battlegrounds based on the 1800 rating and higher with 66 people representing our server currently. Tichondrius is #1 in population for 1800+ Rated Battlegrounds with 1017 people. (Next is Kel'Thuzad at 441 people for 1800+) As far as this research shows, we are not dead. Our population is doing very well size wise and content wise. There are 77 servers that are smaller than Blackrock and 102 that have less Horde than Blackrock. I can understand the Alliance standpoint on referring to Blackrock as dead, with having only 550 active players and being the 4th smallest Alliance population, however, we are expanding, we are growing. It is only dead if you let it be dead. Blackrock is great now and it will continue to be so throughout Legion. I hope everyone had a great Canada Day or Independence Day or regular day for those outside Canada & USA.Vurian1 Aug 15, 2016
Aug 13, 2016 <Intoxicated> Guild Recruiting Blackrock Hello, Late night riders welcomed. Welcoming all classes taking a few only Super chill, friendly and likes long walks on the beach Shooting for a 10 - 12 man raid. Tentative raid times: TUES,WED,THURS: 930pm, 10pm to 1230pm, 1am. THESE ARE IN PST FORMAT MAYBE A SUNDAY CLEAN UP As u can see were shooting for 2.5hrs to 3hrs a raid and atleast 2-3 times a week You can contact me on here or PM Straykay, Resurect, Xxomen, Jonah (all in Blackrock) OR jus leave a comment on here and well be in contact.Straykat0 Aug 13, 2016
Aug 12, 2016 <Wonderbread> LF Ret paladin for core spot Jomz 8/8HM guild in Cata LF Ret paladin for core raid spot. Formerly known at <desire> of chromaggus. Past notable achieves include : Server first : Heroic Al'akir Heroic Nefarian Strong core that has been raiding together since vanilla. Pst reshock, cixel, thrillho, or doodman for more info. Must be able to provide extensive logs from DS and past raid exp.Jomz1 Aug 12, 2016
Aug 9, 2016 5 Man team LF (H) Mythic Raiding Guild Aff. Warlock/MM Hunter Spriest/Mage Boomkin/Ele Sham MW Monk/Holy Pally Destro lock/Blood DK We are CST players and full time workers. Preferred Raid times (Start) 6-8PM CST. All returning players. No logs, nothing that proves our skill. Just trust that we play our classes well and follow instruction. Help us find a good home!Mikeljaxsun2 Aug 9, 2016
Aug 8, 2016 LF (H) Guild - Late Night Looking for guild who does PVE and PVP. Preferably raids at 10:45pm and after CST.Bicepz0 Aug 8, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 Looking for Officers for new Guild Veteran player and former BC/Wrath G.M. looking for a raid leader, rbg leader, and a few other officers to build a solid, well-rounded guild for Legion. I have a good amount of management experience both inside and outside of the game. Hit me up in game to discuss our interests. Spellcheck Btag: Dex#1427Spellcheck0 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 WTB Grove Warden Mount Hello friends, I have recently started playing again and I am very interested in getting into a HFC run to get the Grove Warden mount while I still have the chance because it is gorgeous! I am curious if anyone on the server is selling these run at the moment? Thank you very much in advance!Oboulde2 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 WTS Recipe: Discolored Healing Potion A recipe that will appeal to avid collectors. No longer available in game. (Quest for it was removed with the Cataclysm.) Reply here, or for serious buyer can add me on - Seal#11789Zalandar0 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 WTS Hotshot Pilot's Gloves WTS Hotshot Pilot's Gloves, the extremely rare drop gloves from Gnomeregan. ... On Barthilas Alliance. Add me on Ozijak#1923Majaklin0 Aug 1, 2016
Jul 30, 2016 Sours and friends Selling 8/8 Gold CM Carries Hello Blackrock. My team of friends and I are now selling 8/8 Gold Challenge mode carries for Horde here on Blackrock. We are a team composed of US#1 Iron Docks nerds and friends and we can ensure smooth runs. If you're interested add me @ Sours#1791 to discuss the details. Cost: Edit 5/3/16: upping price as we get closer to legion and time is worth more G and our Calendar is filling up fast! We may be double booking and opening up additional timeslots soon so stay tuned! Book now before its out of your budget range! If you booked before 5/3/16 Do not worry your price is locked and will not be changing. 8/8 = 300K gold // ~37.5k per (varies based on which dungeons) old: 8̶/̶8̶ ̶=̶ ̶2̶5̶0̶K̶ ̶g̶o̶l̶d̶.̶ Individual dungeons also available upon request. Times: Monday 6:00PM, Thursday 7:30PM, Saturday 6:00PM (all PST) check out our other post @ Bring just yourself and enjoy your Yeti mount, title, world teleports and weapon xmogs (character specific in wod and acccount wide in legion!) Edit 3/28: Updated times.Sourspls17 Jul 30, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 <H> LF Raiding Guild Hello, I'm currently looking for a raiding guild in preparation for Legion. I stopped playing after cata, and I just returned to the game. My intention is to play and raid during the new expansion. I'm willing to reroll to a new class if needed when the xpac launches. However, for now, despite how close we are to the release of the xpac-- i'd like to join either a progression raiding guild for HFC. Either for Heroic or Mythic difficulty. The times i'm able to dedicate myself are after 9pm EST, either on weekdays or weekends. My last raiding experience prior to my departure was Heroic Firelands, and Dragon Soul on my Shadow Priest. My DK has heroic ICC experience.Jóji0 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Guilds of Blackrock Please describe your guild. Heavy, Medium, or Low focus on select content(s). (I.E. Legion of Death Gaming - Heavy PvP, Low PvE) In addition, please provide a few words to describe your guild. For instance; "1800 PvP", "Gladiators Only", "Mythic Raiding", "Hardcore Raiding", "Casuals" Please provide either guild website, or forum recruitment thread. Whichever one you prefer people to visit more. If you want people to be able to contact you in-game, include your Recruitment Officer's In-game name and if you want to give it out, BattleTag. HORDE GUILDS <Pandorum> - Heavy PvE, Low PvP (Casual / Regular Players) / Recruitment Officer: Papamcheese - AlotaFajitas#11150 <Aggressor> - Heavy PvE - (Regular / Serious Players) Late Night Guild Recruitment Officer: Zionexx - zio#1502 <Dunamis> - Heavy PvE, Low PvP. (Regular & Serious Players) <Usurpers> - Heavy PvP (Regular & Serious Players) <PvP Gankster> - Heavy PvP (Casual & Regular Players) Recruitment Officer: Gankenz <The Temple> - Heavy PvE (Casual & Serious players) <Defenestrate> - Heavy PvE (Serious players) <AfterLife> - Heavy PvE (Regular/Serious Players) / Recruitment Officer: Gollyday - Sweenz#1353 <Slash Cry> - Heavy PvE (Regular Players) Recruitment Officer: Thisperwin#1187 <Soft Enrage> - Heavy PvE (Regular/Serious Players) / Recruitment Officer: Darkcor <Amplify> - Heavy PvE (Regular/Serious Players) Recruitment Officer: Huckleburger#1954 & Krayik#1995 <Sledge Hammer Face Lift> - "Hardcore in General" <Warlords of Oblivion> - Heavy PvE (Regular Players) ALLIANCE GUILDS <Legion of Death Gaming> - Heavy PvP, Medium PvE (Casual, Regular, and Serious players) <Ironblood> - Heavy PvE, Medium PvP (Casual/Regular Players) Recruitment Officer: Hzone / Tzone & Ratspec <Bloodrain> - Heavy PvP (Casual & Regular Players) This has been discontinued with <Legion of Death Gaming> announcing it's transfer to Emerald Dream.Vurian37 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 19, 2016 <We Sell Cmodes> -- selling 8/8 gold cmodes *** 6/27/2016 - WE ARE DOING SALES AGAIN *** *** 6/27/2016 - WE ARE DOING SALES AGAIN *** *** 6/27/2016 - WE ARE DOING SALES AGAIN *** *** 6/27/2016 - WE ARE DOING SALES AGAIN *** <We Sell Cmodes> on Blackrock-Horde is selling full 8/8 gold challenge mode runs for any spec/class on horde . We're a group of players who have held world best times, US best times and have held at least a top 10 time in every single dungeon this expansion. If you have any questions feel free to add ubreddit on Skype. I'm always on and will respond ASAP. Alternatively, you can contact us ingame by adding kelbie#1152 or reach#1311 With 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes, you get : - 360 Achievement points -”The Indomitable” title -The Challenger’s War Yeti mount (Account wide) -A set of weapon transmog for your character -Challenger’s Path, which allows you to teleport to the entrance of each dungeon. If you are interested in Challenge Mode Silvers, or single Challenge Modes, please message us, we should be able to accommodate your requests. What do you need to complete these Challenge Modes? -A headset and skype installed -A DPS spec with 630+ ilvl in all slots -Invisibility pots -Greater Draenic Flasks -DPS potions -Around 3 hours of your time Our pricing: -We are asking for 400K for the 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode carry. We accept gold from ANY servers. Current times as of 1/27/2015 - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds - #13th US Everbloom - #20 US Auchindoun - #19 US Skyreach - #20 US UBRS - #25 US Iron Docks - #40 US Grimrail Depot - #41 US World Best Auchindoun (Dec 14th) - World 2nd Skyreach (December 11th) - World 7th Iron Docks (December 11th) - US 4th SBG (Dec 14th) - US 5th UBRS (Dec 15th) - US 9th Grimrail Depot - (December 12th) - Jul 19, 2016
Jul 17, 2016 H - {Pandorum} recruiting for Legion Heyo, Blackrock! Legion is coming and we at Pandorum are coming back to the game and looking for other enthusiests to enjoy everything it has to offer. Several of us have been playing off and on since BC with plenty of Heroic/Mythic raiding experience but we are looking to keep things low key and enjoy the game. Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild Our goal/plans: Heroic End-game Raiding (2nights max, day/time TBD) Mythic Dungeons Casual PvP & Arenas With gear changes in Legion we'll be dipping into all the content and enjoying the parts of the game we enjoy most without feeling constrained. Atmosphere: Our environment and atmosphere is casual with a competitive mindset, we believe in playing the game the right way with the correct attitude, regardless of the outcome. We have a close-knit type environment that everyone gets along with one another, with zero tolerance for toxic or negative playes. About us: As I said before a few of our members have been playing since BC with plenty of experience in Heroics/Mythics but we're looking to keep things more casual while still doing current content and clearing Heroic raids. We are also part of an online gaming community if you are interested in looking for others to play games outside of Warcraft. Checkout what we have to offer at If you're looking for a good time with good people look us up. If you have any questions hit us up on BNET AlotaFajitas#11150 (General info) Onyx#1895 (General/Raiding info) Or catch us on Teamspeak - (No Password)Papamcheese3 Jul 17, 2016
Jul 14, 2016 History of LoDG [8 Year Anniversary] There has been a lot that has changed in my life. 8 years ago I could not tell you that I would have accomplished what I have. My 10 year old self would not imagine leading a community for 8 years straight. On July 14th, 2008, I woke up not as a Guild Master, but as a Co. Guild Master, of a banking guild used for a friend's alt, a guild that originated all the way back to Vanilla but had since fallen apart and became his bank guild. <Eye of the Void> That is what we were known by from July 2008 through December 2009. During the time of EotV we had been specifically a social guild. Lead by a 10 and then 11 year old, we were the largest and most active guild on our server, Baelgun(PvE). Our formation started due to me being an ignorant child who didn't listen to orders of his former Guild Master, Eloradin of <The Brotherhood of Kharn>. I was a little warrior who was leveling up. Eloradin was giving me some free carries through Zul'Farrak and ordered me to not join the fight. I saw he was getting low and decided to help, and so I joined into the fight. Shortly after us killing the mobs, he kicked me from guild, and that was that. Hira, one of my friends from TBoK had ownership of EotV and was using it as a banking guild and offered to let me stay in it. Shortly after permitting me to hang out in EotV, Hira told me I was allowed to invite people to the guild.. and so it began. In the first day of me inviting people, we had amassed well over 200 players (which by the way, back then was a lot of members). Our guild focused heavily on being social and just having fun. I had made some great friends during those times and we cleared raid content at an acceptable rate. Our officer core during the days of EotV included: Me (Guild Master, Hira handed me GM a few weeks into inviting people as they wanted to only assist), Hira (Co. GM) Plutonium (Officer, and Hira's son), Crelen (High Officer and close friend of mine at the time), Spellcaster (High Officer, close friend of mine at time, and RL friend of Crelen), and my brother (who has since quit WoW). EotV was a head rival of the <Tough Chicklets> guild during WotLK in the social and size aspect of the game. We raided as a 25-man raid guild during this time. In December of 2009, Icecrown Citadel was released and our guild name changed to <The Voidish Verdict> and became known as TVV. Leadership changed slightly as Hira and Plutonium left to adventure in private servers and Sondor (a close friend of mine at the time, became Co. GM). Our guild progressed as a 10-man Raid guild during this time. December 2010 was a month that was rough for our guild as Cataclysm was released. Our population had downshifted as a large amount of our core membership was recruited to guild's focused on the more serious raid scene instead of the social and casual scene as well as Sondor leaving the guild to form <The Lights Hope>. Half of the guild left TVV to join TLH and we name-changed back to EotV. Cataclysm was a major struggle for our guild but we learned to adjust and accomedate. Our guild teamed up with <Patriot Saints> and <FAIL TRAIN> for raid content, raiding as a 10-man. A few of our members placed their mains in <Patriot Saints> for some time, while others remained in EotV. Our Leadership had shifted greatly as I was the only Officer within EotV at this point on an alt, while maining in PS. Halfway through Cataclysm, our guild decided that we would merge into <Vanquish> to raid 25-man Firelands as well as 25-man Dragon Soul and to join their PvP teams. We kept our alts in EotV and I joined Vanquish as a PvP Officer, leading 1 of their 4 Rated Battleground teams. One night during Dragon Soul Progression raiding, Decapitator the Guild Master of <Vanquish> announced that he was closing down the PvP Division of <Vanquish> as it was holding back the raid team and kicked all PvPers out, including me. I assisted people in getting into EotV and then later shifting them into a guild a friend lead, named <flowerpower> that was forming a PvP team. At this point, MoP was preparing to release and I was getting ready to lead EotV on a main-focus. Mist of Pandaria released and I did not enjoy it. EotV collectively decided to move from WoW to Battlefield 3, where we played from launch of MoP until 5.3 (Escalation). We returned to WoW at this point and name-changed our in-game guild name to <Legion of Death Gaming> and became LoDG. During Battlefield 3 we were a platoon named LoDG, so it was fitting. During 5.3 we prepared to raid SoO by raiding ToT as well as PvPing. LoDG was the first time we had taken WoW to some extent, 'serious'. We raided SoO on a competitive level and PvP'd at a competitive level for our server. We raided Heroic SoO as the 4th top raid guild and were the 2nd top PvP guild.Vurian1 Jul 14, 2016
Jul 8, 2016 LF Blackrock Raiding Guild - (Horde) I am currently looking for a raiding guild on Blackrock horde, after a recent return to the late season it seems inevitable to find a home. This Death Knight is my main, I have a warlock in the process of leveling thou name ( Bartzak - Blackrock), He is my main since wotlk but so is my DK. I have no experience raiding this expansion but have understanding of the concept behind addon usage and Raid awareness. Vent or TS3 preferred. Please with good intent, whisper me in game or drop a reply to my post, - A fellow Gamer.Ammathein1 Jul 8, 2016
Jul 6, 2016 [A] Legion of Death Gaming Legion of Death Gaming is a guild that started up on July 14th, 2008 and has been off and on since then. With having top PvPers and PvErs, big name streamers and Youtubers, etc. within our guild. We have achieved some great things over the years. Our guild originates from the Baelgun (PvE) server in TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, and WoD. During MoP we took some time and played on Sargeras (PvP) as well as Emerald Dream (RPPvP). We stayed on Emerald Dream all the way through WoD until January 1st, 2016 when we moved to our current home, Blackrock (PvP). Blackrock. We decided that Blackrock was going to become our new home. Why? It was a Low/Medium population server, which use to be a High populated server back in WotLK; with the Oceanic servers opening up, population dropped greatly and the community floundered as it lost people. Horde is dominate here on Blackrock for population and LoDG is okay with that, infact we love that. We came here to rebuild the ENTIRE community. We want to bring a fight to the Horde, motivating activity from the Alliance and Horde alike and attracting Raiders, Rated PvPers, World PvPers, and others to the server. Our goal is simple: To be the difference from the server dying, and the server breathing again.. With our history and story out of the way, LoDG is recruiting! Legion of Death Gaming is looking for Regular and Serious players alike for Rated PvP, World PvP, Regular PvP, Raiding (PvE), and Social aspects. For Rated Battlegrounds: We're looking for players who are able to get into TeamSpeak and listen to orders, preferably have a mic so you can call out information. We want all players to have Battleground Targets to assist you in finding the right target. For World PvP: We're looking for anyone who is max level and willing to take the fight to the Horde. We prefer that you have access to TeamSpeak so you can hear our orders. For Raiding: Recruiting for Mythic Progression. We will be looking at raiding 6-9 hours a week. Looking for players who are capable of getting serious during progression and being able to relax during farming. We're a fun-loving group but don't want to ruin progression by having to much fun. Must have TeamSpeak! If you're interested in joining contact: Vurian (Guild Master) - Vurian#1109 (Leads World PvP, Rated BG's, Premade BG & Ashran, and Raids) Glowinns (Co. Guild Master) - Glowinn395#1460 (Assistant GM, Fill-In GM, Raid Lead) Yomitzu (Officer) - Yomitzu#1248 (World PvP Officer) Stärkïller / Déçîmätíôñ (Officer) - Kusottare62#1639 (World PvP Officer) Pearlknight (Officer) - Pearlknight#1724 (Rated PvP Officer)Vurian72 Jul 6, 2016
Jul 3, 2016 [WTS] Guild GFX Legion Bundle for Gold Looking to sell my soul this bundle will include a custom logo for your guild a Banner for the website and a Custom Youtube Intro for Boss kills etc I will post a few logos I have made for some guilds if you want to see banners or youtube intros you can add me to bnet anyways only accepting work from one guild for now and my price is 250k for entire set if you just want the logo or youtube intro we can work it out cause it will definitely be less Logo you will receive Adobe Illustrator file Banner if you want the psd have at it youtube intro whatever file format you want it in throwing in some wallpapers i made so you can check out some of my work and not think im a complete !@#$ lord =O Bnet FeelsBadMan#11664Shockramen1 Jul 3, 2016
Jul 1, 2016 Legion ExpectationsLólhello1 Jul 1, 2016
Jul 1, 2016 <Reform> is selling mythic Blackhand kill <Reform> is selling mythic Blackhand Kill + mount. Price is 200k and it happens every Thursday @ 7:30 PST. Only takes about 10 minutes. Please add key#1399 if interested.Key1 Jul 1, 2016
Jul 1, 2016 Aggressor - Late night mythic guild Legion <Aggressor> Recruiting all flame retardant individuals with a heroic / mythic raiding mindset for a late night schedule. Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 9:30pm-12:00am Sever time (Pacific Time) All positions are open at this time. Leadership has current and previous mythic / heroic raiding experience as well as experience managing a guild. If you are returning from the break and haven't played in an expansion or so, that is fine on the following condition - you are able to show somewhere in your WoW history that you have cleared something on heroic (when heroic was mythic) or mythic when the content was VIABLE. This means current - for example killing heroic Ragnaros in Firelands isn't impressive if you did it only a few months ago. Add zio#1502 battletag to speak in person in game. Looking forward to progression, -ZioZionexx0 Jul 1, 2016
Jun 30, 2016 (H) Selling Challenge Mode Carries Hello, Blackrock! My group has done thousands of Challenge Modes and have completed 8/8G on many characters and every single class. We've also done countless realm best times under both the Horde and Alliance banners. We can guarantee a smooth, painless run. Rewards for completing all 8 Challenge Modes with a Medal of: Bronze: "Name, the Indomitable" title. (Character-Specific) Silver: Challenger's War Yeti mount. (Account-Wide) Gold: Unique Transmogrification Weapons. (Character-Specific)More information can be found here: Requirements: Have Teamspeak3 installed with working headphones/speakers. Microphone is optional. Have at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time in order to complete all challenges back to back. A damage specialization. We have tanking and healing covered. Payments: You may pay before each dungeon. Half before each set of 4 dungeons (2 payments). Full payment moments before your scheduled run.We ask you to pay full upfront to prevent long delays from having to log in and out so often (it really does add a lot of time). Scheduling: Add my BattleTag and we will set up a time that best fits yours and our schedule. Shivty#1508Ayý15 Jun 30, 2016
Jun 28, 2016 Dear Blackrock, Love MonicaKryptronicx4 Jun 28, 2016
Jun 28, 2016 Community Event Ideas - We need your help! Greetings and hello. I am Vurian, Guild Master of Legion of Death Gaming I am working on building a community here on Blackrock and building our server up. We are wanting to host weekly or monthly community events to motivate people to log in and keep active. We are asking you, the community, what kind of events you would like to see. We are looking for PvE, PvP, and mixture events to host. Our current event ideas: Gurubashi Arena Darkmoon Deathmatch (Darkmoon Faire Arena) 1v1 Tournaments 2v2 Tournaments 3v3 Tournaments 5v5 Tournaments 10v10 Tournaments Halaa Battles Wintergrasp Battles Tol Barad Battles Mythic Dungeon Race Challenge Mode Race Raid Race Leveling Race Iron Man Challenge - The Original Ruleset of No BoA's and no dying Transmog Contest Raffles / Lotteries Battle-Pet Tournaments Regression Event (Everyone makes a new toon, and progresses through content as if it was relevent. Stopping at 60 and full clearing raids, then stopping at 70, stopping at 80, 85, 90, 100, and so forth until they've fully progressed in order, without BoA's. You progress as if it was current content and have to be full group of same level people) Cow Darts (Make level 1 Taurens and set a Target at bottom of Thunder Bluff and jump at it to see who get's closest) Blackrock Olympics (Annual event where guilds compete in PvE and PvP content to score. Mythic Dungeons, Challenge Modes, Raids, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 10v10, and many other events as well) These are a great list of events but we are always looking for more! All of these events are Realm-Wide events, including Alliance / Horde. Our goal is to keep Blackrock a fun, friendly, and active community. If you are interested in helping us progress forward in making Blackrock great simply contact me! Vurian#1109Vurian4 Jun 28, 2016
Jun 27, 2016 H <Slash Cry> recruiting for Legion Slash cry is a 13/13H guild, with some mythic experience. Looking to start recruiting early for Legion. We are looking to progress heavily and almost hardcore but still having fun. We are a group of mostly vanilla raiders looking for similar but also new and fresh as well. We are looking for all characters and roles. Experience is preferred but not required. Btag Dkcountry17#1795 for more information or my recruitment officer at btag thisperwin#1187.Bstntheworld1 Jun 27, 2016