Feb 12, 2013 Hunter LF Guild - PVE/PVP Willing to transfer to horde or alliance. battletag - Tbone#1344Inçredible0 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Optimus vs WBSH One does not simply challenge Optimus to a war in Uldum and expect to be victorious! muahahaha As you have seen When Bored Smash Horde have been defeated yet once again. Optimus #1 @ PvP.Zylox0 Feb 11, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Late-Nite with Starblacks Live Stream Streaming Dinosaur Laser Fights Raids. Come watch us journey through Mist of Pandaria raiding content. Current stream times are the following: Monday: Off Tuesday: 9p-12am Wednesday: 9p-12am Thursday: 9p-12am Friday: Off Saturday: Off Sunday: 9p-12am I do stream randomly on off nights so follow my stream to get email updates of when I am going live.Starblacksan1 Feb 11, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Klondike Five recruiting [H] Klondike Five on US-Blackrock is looking for a few more exceptional raiders to bolster our raid groups. We are currently recruiting the following classes: Holy Pally If you believe you are an exceptional player but your class is not listed above, we still encourage you to drop an application. We are always looking for exceptional players. An exceptional player means you are able to play at the level of our core raiders or better. Apply at: Raid Schedule: Mon - Thurs (5pm - 9pm PST) About Us: Klondike Five is looking to bolster its ranks for progression. We've been raiding together since 2/2007 and have always been competitive with progression on a reasonable raid schedlue. We are looking for experienced raiders of all types, as well as PvP junkies. If you enjoy competition and strive to be the best at your class, please stop by and speak with an officer or apply on our website. What we'll provide: -A fun yet focused raiding environment -Highly skilled players with no egos -Free enchants, gems, cauldrons and feasts -Full repairs What we expect from our raiders: ->90% raid attendance (though we understand emergencies do come up) -Know your class inside/out and keep up with the latest changes -Must be fully gemmed, enchanted and properly reforged -Min 490 ilvl -Knowledge of all encounters Progression - 6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults - 5/6 Heroic Heart of fear - 1/4 HeroicTerrace of Endless SpringPhilcollins5 Feb 11, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Looking for a new home So me and my wife are looking for a new server to call home. We have both been progression raiders since BC and would love to find a guild that isn't full of failure and bad life choices. Currently, our iLvl is a bit slack as we wasted 5.1 in a guild that wasn't up to snuff and have had horrible luck with drops on the few normal mode bosses that we have been able to down. The best we have been able to get so far is mid 480's in GS. I have a prot/fury warrior and my wife has a ele/res shammy. Our primary specs are prot and ele respectively. We are both a bit rough around the edges so one of those "hold hands and sing Kumbaya" guilds is not for us. We drink, talk trash, laugh at inappropriate jokes, and neither ask for or give any quarter. Needless to say, we're looking for an 18+ guild. We may have a kid, but that doesn't mean we want to play with them online. We're hoping to find a challenge. We both min/max our characters and do all the research to optimize our performance. We know what elitistjerks is but our research doesn't stop there. We pick up fights quickly but after a few expansions, the mechanics start to all look basically the same. Blizzard is apparently big on recycling. Our availability is near 7 days a week between 7pm and 11pm (PST) on weekdays and pretty much open on the weekends. This is not to say, however, that we want to raid 7 days a week. We've done that before in BC and it sucks. Moderation is a good thing. We are, however, online for most of our evenings. So an active guild is a really good thing. Having an active and social vent is even better. There also needs to be a loot system. We would definitely prefer a point system but anything works. Just as long as there are clearly defined and adhered to loot rules. It is incredibly irritating to finally see a piece drop only to have it handed over to nick the new guy because they cyber'd the raid lead earlier. Last but not least, we don't want to fill out a novel's worth of an application full of parse logs and details only to find that we're the only one on the raid team that would qualify for the raid team. If you have high standards, please be able to meet those high standards yourself. There is nothing worse than an elitist that can't even stay out of the fire themselves. I'm not saying I don't find myself burning from time to time, but if you require skill, have skill. TLDR: Looking for an active, trash talking, capable, raiding, non-idiotic, rated R, 18+ guild for raid times between 7pm and 11pm PST (give or take).Madmodi3 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Looking for guild to raid/pvp with..old timer I quit back in 2007 after playing since release but now with a year and a half off between college and graduate school I'm looking to play again. Hoping to find a group of quality players to raid and pvp with. I've been gone so long that most of the people I played with have moved on so I'm stuck here starting at square one when it comes to knowing people. Some info about me. I've participated in a number of full clears of MC BWL AQ and Nax back in the day as my class leader. I plan on playing a Holy Paladin (I enjoyed the healing role of this class), and I have a mic. I also live on the west coast so raiding with a PST in mind would be nice. I just started this character about a week and half ago so I should be 90 in about a day or two. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Battle Tag is Matt#1611Foosy0 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Spriest LF core raid spot Hi I just transfered in and I'm looking for a raid group that starts around 9pm server. I have been playing the priest class since the end of wrath and I know it well. I'm sure I will be more than competent for any guild that will have me. Post here or contact me ingame. ThanksMavelock0 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 WTB lvl2+ guild. Bought -ThanksDirkapriest0 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Selling lvl 25 guild Guild name is <Extinct> on the Shadowmoon server. This toon is the GM if you want to check out the guild. Not in game much anymore so email me if you're interested in making an offer. Johnnyblue09@yahoo.comTekkx0 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 [H] 485 Frost DK (5/16H xp) LF raiding guild Recently switched from my 498 Guardian Druid (where I was 5/16H) to Frost DK a few weeks ago, looking for a raiding guild now. Recently tested my dps against Raider's Dummy and peaked at around 150k, 5 mins in was around 85k, 10 mins was at 77k. I consider myself a laid back person but when it comes down to raid time I'm ready to kick !@# and wear new clothes. -LF a softcore type guild that has fun but focuses on progression. -LF a good group. I know my iLevel is low so I can't expect to hitch a ride onto a heroic raiding group right now, but I only want to roll with people who know their individual specs, prepare for fights beforehand, and don't frequently repeat mechanic mistakes over and over. -Runs monday-thurs starting earliest at 8pm PST (PACIFIC STANDARD TIME), or Saturday during the day (not the PM though) or Sunday during the day and OR the night. To contact me: DeadraHelix#1993 Thx!Spinecloud1 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 How's the talent? So me and my wife are looking for a new home. We sadly wasted 5.1 on a guild that couldn't even get through HoF and just recently cleared MV. On normal 10... That led me to check server census' and found out our server was dying. So I was wondering about a couple things. How's the talent on this server? It would be amazing to actually drop bosses instead of being forced to watch the rest of the raid group stand in fire and die... Second, my wife hates being ganked. It's a deal breaker for her. With the lopsided population on this server, do ally's ever go out griefing? If you run into them out in the world, do they run or go get friends? Honestly, the numbers have already sold the server for me so I don't mind either way. However, if my wife hates it then I'm just playing with myself and that's just... dirty... I'm just looking for info to put up a good "pro-blackrock" arguement.Madmodi4 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Late-Nite with Starblacks Live Stream Streaming Dinosaur Laser Fights Raids. Come watch us journey through Mist of Pandaria raiding content. Current stream times are the following: Monday: Off Tuesday: 9p-12am Wednesday: 9p-12am Thursday: 9p-12am Friday: Off Saturday: Off Sunday: 9p-12am I do stream randomly on off nights so follow my stream to get email updates of when I am going live.Starblacksan3 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 <Ordeal> 16/16 normal - 8/16 heroic -10man <Ordeal> 8/16 Heroic - 16/16 Normal - Currently recruiting 1 healer and 1 ranged dps for a core spot in our 10 man raid group. Raid times are 1am-4am server time - Monday. Wednesday. Thursday. Please feel free to talk to me via REAL ID for more info! Real ID = blizzaga100@hotmail.comNambus1 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 WTT Darkmoon Cards Trying to get my deck before the weekend is over. I need Ace of tigers, two of tigers, four of tigers, six of tigers, eight of tigers. I have for trade. Five of Cranes, Six of Oxen, Two of cranes, Three of tigers, Three of serpents, four of cranes, and five of serpents. Feel free to message me in game on either Moider or Skeletone. If you're on alliance just reply here and we can set something up.Moider0 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Fresh Guild! Lf casuals/raiders/pvpers. Ruthers Pull New guild on Blackrock. Starting 10 mans on MV. Most of us are rerolls or xfers who missed the raiding curve so were starting fresh. We group together. Do heroics, guild runs, help each other out. Raid times are between 9-10 server time. Hit me up in game.Inverloch3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 491 guardian tank in need of raiding guild. 491 guardian tank here Lf raiding guild for Heroic and 5.2 progression. Current progression: MSV- 6/6(N) -1/6(H) HoF - 6/6(N) -0/6(H) ToES- 4/4(N) -1/1(elite)-0/4(H) If you have any questions or interested my real Id is Envi#1793Revenge0 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 looking for a good pvp guild Holy pally, Destro Lock, and Ele Shammy looking for a good pvp guild. Looking for a fun friendly guild, who gives everyone the opportunity to participate in guild activities and RBG's. Ele Shammy is currently working on a Shadow Priest for next season, we all have many alt's that are geared and available to the group as and when needed... healer, Flag Carriers and a Mix or Mele and caster DPS we all have previous RBG experiane and have transferred to this sever in the hopes of gaining high rankings as our old sever was a PvE sever and there was only 2 active RBG teams on horde, we are all sitting around 1800 rating and some of us have had expirance up to 2k rating in the pastAkasrah1 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 (H) Selling Blacksmithing 1-525 Selling all the mats for Blacksmithing 1-525 listed here the guide to leveling the blacksmithing is also there I'm open to offers on how much I should sell it for.Slavehandjoe1 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 WTS Darkmoon Fair Rabbit You can send me an ingame mail offer or post it on here. Will be sold in 48HrsAvaliana0 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 WTB level 15-25 guild [H] I am looking to buy a level 15-25 guild. Members or bank tabs does not matter I want a bare bone guild with just levels. Whisper me in game or in game mailZeechx0 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 ! Prot Pally / Prot Warrior LF Guild (HORDE) ***NOTE: DIFFERENT GUILDS ARE FINE, WE DON'T EXPECT TO GET INTO THE SAME GUILD*** I am a 482 protection pally (control / haste build) with 2 set bonus, LFGuild. My friend is also similar ilvl with 2 set protection warrior, LFGuild as well. We are both experienced in MSV all fights on our tanks, HOF 5/6 (on other characters). Add me at Volhard#1509 please. Unavailable from 7:30 to midnight (PST) on Fri's and Sat's. Please message me in-game, I wont be following up on these forums as its a pain to go through each when I don't have a character on the server.Vierdin0 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 Define is recruiting for 5.2! Define is looking for a few active raiders and backups to fill our 10 man group for heroic progression through the rest of 5.1 and to quickly push through 5.2. Progression: MSV- 6/6(N) ~ 1/6(H) HoF - 5/6(N) ~ 0/6(H)[/li] ToES - 4/4(N) ~ 1/1 (elite) ~ 0/4(H) Raid times (Server Time): Tue - 18:00 to 21:00 Wed - 18:00 to 18:00 Thur - 18:00 to 18:00 Recruiting: Tank: Monk Paladin (One position open) Melee DPS: Death knight Monk (Two positions open) Range DPS: Warlock (One position open) Healer: Resto Druid (One position open) Before applying make sure: You are fully enchanted/Gem Know what it takes to progress Must be able to make raid times, We do understand if real life comes up, but you must let us know at least a DAY ahead if possible. Note: You will be dismissed immediately if you are disrespectful If interested, please make a reply on this thread with all relevant information, AND send me an in game mail or whisper. Thanks, <Officer> Coviar Battletag: Coviar#1705Coviar1 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 MW Monk and Warlock LF Raiding Guild Looking for a non-bull$hit Guild to raid with. We are both available after about 6-7 ST. Warlock's Armory - ( Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 LF Evening Guild [6:30-10PM] WW/MW Monk Looking for a guild with evening raid times, just came to the realm about a month ago and I'm looking for a new home. So far I've pugged 6/6 MV, 3/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES. Just looking for a guild with similar progression, 2-3 nights a week between 6:30pm-10:30pm st. Used to raid pretty actively but now I've got a kid and a job. Just looking for a place I can log on, slay some dragons and have some fun with a consistent group. 492 ww monk - Crìme [479 os healing gear] 474 hpal - Savìor 475 blooddk - Intimìdation 487 arcane mage - Nukular Looking to raid on my monk, I also have decent healing gear but I would much RATHER dps. I've played nearly every class endgame with membership in most top tier guilds on my previous realm. Just whisper me in game or on my Bnet - DNYTE#1546. Thanks for consideration.Crìme3 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 [H] Ret LF Raiding Guild Free from 9-12 server time. I've been having trouble finding pugs ever since my guild has died, and am trying to find a new home. I started playing when Cata. came out, and started HM in Firelands and quickly rose in DS. I'm a quick learner and would like a to see either progressive or casual raiding, either pick. Was a tank in BoT/BWD/Tot4W -> DS and quite often played Ret and Holy when I was needed to.Exalus1 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 482 iLVL TANK LF RAID GUILD HEY, im new to MoP and am currently looking for a raid guild in blackrock! -I've played in BC for a couple months with a couple friends but never really got into end game -Fast learner (only started Jan 2nd with already 482 ilvl) -I've done all 16/16 LFR, never really getting criticized for my abilities (probably cause i watched all the fatboss fights) - i have a mic and can communicate well 25 or 10m raid guild doesnt really matter to me im free every day from 3pm to midnight but prefer weekends!Neonhat1 Feb 4, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 ★ Recursion*** 10m ★ 12/16 H • LF Healer ★ Recursion is currently in need of a healer (shaman / priest / monk ) for a core position. We are a late night raiding guild - 9.30pm PST - 1.30AM PST (2AM Max). We raiding 3 - 4 days per week. if your a decent player with good healing experience and can make late nights - contact the following people: Horka Ravenbrow Anything that starts with bizzy Lagster *** guild name changing soon..Horka1 Feb 4, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 DK (Tank) and Warlock LF Raiding Guild No longer looking on my DKAzúla3 Feb 4, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 <Symbiosis> Looking for skilled players <Symbiosis> A Newly Formed Guild on Blackrock Server! Symbiosis is looking for Skilled Raiders to make a push into Raiding Content. The guild leader has cleared all current Normal Mode Content. We are looking to make a late push into current content. Our Raids Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7:30-10:30 PM PST We are looking for skilled players to fill our Roster for Progression Raiding. Website to Apply at: Even if your class is not listed above if you are an exceptional player please apply! BattleTag: Aeras#1131Isábell2 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 [H]25m - 5/16HM - LF Mage, Feral Druid, or DK <Standard Deviation> of Blackrock is currently seeking to add a select raider for our already solid roster. Current progression: 16/16n 5/16 HM - 25 Man We are a 25 man guild full of adult raiders, great atmosphere for players 21+ a very respectful environment. Good times, good laughs, good game, dead boss... (If you are under 21, don't bother apping, I raid when the kids go to bed, don't want to deal with them in my fun time) We kill HM content and experience all content releases with only a 9 hour per week raid schedule, we accomplish this through an experienced raid roster and an extremely active and collaborate raid forums while we are offline between raids. Log review experience and the ability to articulate thoughts in these forums are required elements of our membership. Raid schedule is:Tues/ Wed/ Thurs - 8:00-11:00 pm PST (We start on time, we end on time) See more information about us and send us a raid team application at, you can also add me to Battle Tag: Paenless#1856 if you would like to chat now.Paenless0 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 [H] 499 Disc/Holy LF Guild CAN'T Raid Mon/Wed Pretty much just the title. I am an experienced Disc/Holy priest looking for a new guild. Interested in raiding but I cannot raid on Monday or Wednesday. I am strongly considering transferring to Blackrock, hoping to find a good guild before I make the move. You can contact me in game or respond to this post. Thanks! Battletag: Oankali#1132Eshen1 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 <New Enemy Conquest> Recruiting Hi Blackrock, we are new to the server and i was looking to recruit a few DPS to fill my core 10 raid. i am looking for 2 ranged pref. a lock, hunter, or Shadow priest. I am also looking for 1 Melee DPS. We have a solid core and are eventually going to be runnig 25 man, once we get our core group running and a second is soon to follow as recruitment steps up or allows it. please send me an in game mail the "ë" in my name is alt-1+3+7 or find me in game for more info, thank you, Cattlëguard.Cattlëguard4 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Ret/ Holy Palli LF guild on MV Hello all! I rerolled to a palli for my main, and missed the raiding curve by a month or two. I am looking for a guild that is currently raiding 10 man MV. I have no problems healing as well as dpsing. I am open to any guild that raids from 9pm and on. Thanks! Hope I can find a guild here ><Inverloch6 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Looking for progressing raiding guild Hi, My realm is dying/dead and my guild has just now stopped raiding, I'm looking for a new guild to join that could use a DPS who does his best to minimize mistakes and 100% attendance. Anything after 6:00 PST works for me. I'm looking for a guild that at minimum has normal 16/16 down. I'm currently 4/6H MSV, 1/6H HOF, and 4/4 ToeS with a 491 Item Level. Here is a couple links to some of our recent logs: Please post in this thread if you have any interest in picking me up. 100% attendance will be given and thus I expect a raid spot 100% of the time as well should that hold to be true. Thanks, TriggafingaTriggafinga3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Hunter, Mage, and DK tank LF Guild Hunter, Mage, and DK tank looking for a guild running or wanting to run 10 mans. Looking mainly for Tues/Wed/Mon for raiding around 4:30-7:30 server. Flexible on some time slots. All around around iLvl 470, and know and understand the fights and mechanics.Nozza1 Feb 1, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Define LF3M 10 man - 13/16(N) / 1/16(H)! Progression: MSV- 6/6(N), 1/6(H) HoF - 5/6(N), 0/6(H) ToES - 2/4(N), - 0/4(H) - Elite protectors dead Raid times(pacific) Invites are @ 7:15 outside the raid : Tue - 7:15(pst) to 10:30(pst) Wed - 7:15(pst) to 10:30(pst) Thur - 7:15(pst) to 10:30(pst) Recruiting: Melee DPS: Death knight Feral Druid Range DPS: Warlock Boomkin Healers: Resto Druid Before applying make sure : 1) You are fully enchanted/Gem 2) Know what it takes to progress 3) Must be able to make raid times, We do understand if real life comes up, but you must let us know at least a DAY ahead if possible. 4) Make sure you understand that being in 10 man guild, you will have to sit out one time once in awhile, as we need to have strong 12-13 raiders. If you are interested please feel free to add my Battletag : EvilMage18#1867 Thanks <GM> PhattankPhattank11 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 We need GDKP'S Now!! Ok, LFR loot seems to rarely drop for me, and when it does it is usually a repeat of something I already have. I have three level 90s and I am going to give up on trying to gear through LFR. Who on Blackrock is running GDKP'S? Time to get them up and running again.Immortäl5 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Dinosaur Laser Fight 16/16N 1/16 HM LF Healer <Dinosaur Laser Fight> raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9PM to 12 PST. We expect our guild members to be mature enough to handle jokes and criticism. We are currently 1/6HM and 16/16 normal mode. Really looking forward to start Heroic progression as soon as we have a reliable complete team. Recruiting: Healer: Druid or Shaman Visit our website to apply: DINOSAURLF.GUILDLAUNCH.COM Feel free to contact me or an officer in-game: Starblacksan GM Lilwarzone MörphlingGidgidonni2 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 <Therapists> 4/6H, 1/6H, 4/4 lf r/e shaman Our raid times are 8:15-11:15pm PST Tuesday-Thursday. We are currently recruiting a resto/ele shaman and boomkin for Heroic MoP 25 man raiding. We have a strong team and we would like to add a few more skilled players. We are looking for quality raiders who have solid experience with heroic fights and know how to get the most out of their class. To get to our guild site: All talented classes are encouraged to apply, but for 25 man, we are in higher need of: Resto Shaman (capable of dps) Boomkin ****For our ten man weekend team: Healer (druid or priest) warlock hunter druid (balance or feral) an off tank would be great pally dps/tank If you have any questions or for a vent interview, contact one of the following in game: Terroarr Chuibacca Shiftbane Kalarr UnahornnTerroarr102 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Recruiting one healer for heroic modes Dinosaur Laser fight is currently recruiting one healer...Preferable a Shaman, Druid, or Paladin for 10m raiding in MoP on Blackrock-US Our raid times are Midnight to 3am Eastern time Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday. Our progression is currently 16/16n and 1/16h. Please be geared appropriately and have knowledge of the fights. Either go to or contact Lilwarzone or Starblacksan in game. Thanks.Lilwarzone1 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Swansong >.> <.< >.> -_-Zysis1 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 <Cherry Poppin Daddies> PVP Recruitment We just opened the doors on the guild and are starting recruitment. We are looking for all players and the only requirement is t1 Weapon. ALL PVP ALL THE TIME! Pst me or Voidon in game for information!Cintax0 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 (H) Hpriest lf 10 or 25 man raiding guild. 482 ilvl. Raids can be anywhere from 7pm server time Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to about 12 am server time. Been raiding since BC but just started priest two months ago and have been away from MoP for about 3 weeks just came back. If you have any questions please PM me in game.Ultier2 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 Selling guild <Soulstoned> After growing up, ditching WoW and getting a life, I realized That life without at least a little WoWing on the side just doesn't cut it. So I'm back, and planning to level this tender little sixteeny mage up to cap over the next little while. Upon logging back in I discovered that when I last played I ended up the gm of a guild called <Soulstoned>. I have no conscious memory of creating this guild. This is not a surprise to me. The guys I used to play with and I were often less than sober during weeknight games. Anyways, I don't want the guild; I'd rather join one with people in it and start getting to know the blackrock crowd again. It's a fairly amusing guild name, and I imagine SOMEONE out there might want it. Before returning to WoW I heard stories that some of you ppl are selling guilds now (whaat? when did that happen?), so I'm posting this thread to see if anyone wants it. I won't ask for something outlandish; but I am starting over broke with a lowbie character, so I would like to make a decent little chunk to help me push off again. Send me a letter or a tell in-game if you are interested. Thanks!Hext3 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 New guild Fractured Mentality 12/16hm leaders Hi, Im wondering if anyone on this server would be interested in joining a new hard-mode raiding guild, we are planning on raiding from 8pm-12pm PST Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Monday for clean up Hit me up on my B-tag if you have any questions or concerns B-tag Naltedsuts#1670Walnut1 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 [H] Bad Manners is Recruiting 10 4/6H 6/6 4/4 ...Galxi15 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 <Vivid> is recruiting for 10/25m raiding!! Vivid is a long-standing guild that was founded on November 20th, 2010. We're a 10/25-man guild focusing on end-game content and we're relentlessly searching for a [Raid leader] to refine our roster and improve our overall raid composition. We're recruiting all competent, active players who are passionate about raiding. Accepting all classes and/or specializations. If you're a good enough player, and you're not what we're currently in need of, we'll make room for you on our roster. The following classes and specializations are what we're in need of more and could offer immediate raid spots to: Elemental/Restoration Shaman Balance Druid/ Resto Druid Warlock Hunter Rogue Blood Death Knight Prot/Ret Paladin Raid times during progression: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday - 7:00PM to 10:30AM PST Basic information: Guild Website: Guild Level: 25 Server time: Pacific standard time Server name: Blackrock Faction: HordeHellzcoil1 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 LV 25Guild for Sell You can see all the ach has 7 tabs and almost open the next one. have about 100members active now just don't have the time to keep up with it. Has most of the stuff unlocked like mounts leggs ect. Looking for a Firm offer.Avaliana1 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Holy Pal 481ilvl lf raid guild Hi, unlike most people I am not available Tues or Wednesday for raiding. But I am very available Thursday-Monday. I am looking for a 25 man raid guild that I can settle down with. I am done server hopping to keep up with the pvp trends. Blackrock was my favorite west coast server and I am looking to xfer back.Healabyte1 Jan 27, 2013