Jan 29, 2013 (H) Hpriest lf 10 or 25 man raiding guild. 482 ilvl. Raids can be anywhere from 7pm server time Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to about 12 am server time. Been raiding since BC but just started priest two months ago and have been away from MoP for about 3 weeks just came back. If you have any questions please PM me in game.Ultier2 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 Selling guild <Soulstoned> After growing up, ditching WoW and getting a life, I realized That life without at least a little WoWing on the side just doesn't cut it. So I'm back, and planning to level this tender little sixteeny mage up to cap over the next little while. Upon logging back in I discovered that when I last played I ended up the gm of a guild called <Soulstoned>. I have no conscious memory of creating this guild. This is not a surprise to me. The guys I used to play with and I were often less than sober during weeknight games. Anyways, I don't want the guild; I'd rather join one with people in it and start getting to know the blackrock crowd again. It's a fairly amusing guild name, and I imagine SOMEONE out there might want it. Before returning to WoW I heard stories that some of you ppl are selling guilds now (whaat? when did that happen?), so I'm posting this thread to see if anyone wants it. I won't ask for something outlandish; but I am starting over broke with a lowbie character, so I would like to make a decent little chunk to help me push off again. Send me a letter or a tell in-game if you are interested. Thanks!Hext3 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 New guild Fractured Mentality 12/16hm leaders Hi, Im wondering if anyone on this server would be interested in joining a new hard-mode raiding guild, we are planning on raiding from 8pm-12pm PST Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Monday for clean up Hit me up on my B-tag if you have any questions or concerns B-tag Naltedsuts#1670Walnut1 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 [H] Bad Manners is Recruiting 10 4/6H 6/6 4/4 ...Galxi15 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 <Vivid> is recruiting for 10/25m raiding!! Vivid is a long-standing guild that was founded on November 20th, 2010. We're a 10/25-man guild focusing on end-game content and we're relentlessly searching for a [Raid leader] to refine our roster and improve our overall raid composition. We're recruiting all competent, active players who are passionate about raiding. Accepting all classes and/or specializations. If you're a good enough player, and you're not what we're currently in need of, we'll make room for you on our roster. The following classes and specializations are what we're in need of more and could offer immediate raid spots to: Elemental/Restoration Shaman Balance Druid/ Resto Druid Warlock Hunter Rogue Blood Death Knight Prot/Ret Paladin Raid times during progression: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday - 7:00PM to 10:30AM PST Basic information: Guild Website: Guild Level: 25 Server time: Pacific standard time Server name: Blackrock Faction: HordeHellzcoil1 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 LV 25Guild for Sell You can see all the ach has 7 tabs and almost open the next one. have about 100members active now just don't have the time to keep up with it. Has most of the stuff unlocked like mounts leggs ect. Looking for a Firm offer.Avaliana1 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Holy Pal 481ilvl lf raid guild Hi, unlike most people I am not available Tues or Wednesday for raiding. But I am very available Thursday-Monday. I am looking for a 25 man raid guild that I can settle down with. I am done server hopping to keep up with the pvp trends. Blackrock was my favorite west coast server and I am looking to xfer back.Healabyte1 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 <ED> 15/16 recruiting for 25m Raiding on... Illidan Server. If you're thinking of xfering like i know a lot of you are, think about this =) Have you ever wanted to punch a dragon straight in his or her whoring face, steal all their purple stuff, then gloat over their smouldering corpse? If so you should team up with Eternally Deceased. We're a fairly recent guild transplant from a server that was dying from a severe form of cancer called "no Horde anywhere" and we abandoned the sinking ship for greener pastures. We've come here in hopes of rebuilding our 10m team but haven't met enough of the right people. We have however had some epic encounters with some of Illidan's noobest. Oh the pugs.. they hurt.. my face.. so bad. Anyways, we're here, we're ready and we're TIRED of pugging. We want to raid with the same people every week, constantly. We want people who are as skilled and as dedicated to progression as we are! We came over with about 15 people, 6 raiders, the rest good friends who have also been with us for years. We recently found a guild in a similar predicament as our own so we teamed up with them and upped our roster to a total of 19 great raiders. We're now looking for 6 more people to join the team and complete our core group. What we need: Ideally, we'd like to recruit the following: Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Boomkin, Enhancement Shaman/Rogue, Holy Paladin and Restoration Druid. Anyone trialing for a core spot will need to have 485ilvl+ and have a minimum of 12/16 progress. We're willing to trial other classes for stand-by positions and to fill out the team until we do complete our ideal raid group. Anyone trialing for Stand-by should have at least 475 ilvl and a decent understanding of all current raid encounters plus prior raiding experience. A little more about us as a guild: We're not exactly safe for work with our discussions or language but we're respectful. We have fun when we raid (or we try to at least, sometimes that boss just pisses you off), but we do take it seriously and want to progress with out that elitism attitude a lot of guilds have now a days. We have a diverse group at the moment, all competent in their main classes. Mogushan Vaults is our !@#$%, but we haven't completed Heart of Fear or ToeS yet as a 25 man guild. Most of the current guild, especially the core raid group has experience with all the bosses however. The majority of the guild has extensive heroic raiding experience in previous expansions. We've been together, most of us, since Karazan was released. We've always been at least top 10 server-wide. At the end of Cataclysm we were ranked best horde guild with a couple realm 3rd boss kills and when we transferred off about a month back, we were sitting at horde first. Not that that's saying too much, since our realm was dead in MoP anyway. Nonetheless, we're looking to get back on track here on Illidan. We'd like to get into heroic raiding again soon after filling our core. Our raid times: Any player looking to be come part of our guild will need to have a schedule that is on par with ours. Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00-10:30 CT. Please contact me in game for further information or to discuss joining. You can find me on this toon, (Alt 0208 for the Ð in Ðeaddolly) or via realID Deaddolly#1420. Just leave a comment in your invite box.Ðeaddolly1 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 LF Late night/Early morning raid H/A Hello Blackrock, I have currently switched shifts at work so I have a odd ball schedule I can raid. I have looked at different servers and this one seems quite active so it is a possible transfer. I work from 2 pm - 10 pm or 12 am CST, depending on overtime needed. So I am looking for a raid start time of 9 pm PST 10 pm MST 11 pm CST 12 pm EST If I am required over time at work I will be less then 30 minutes later start time and I would know ahead of time. A little about my toon Windwalker DPS main spec is 485 Ilvl - This is the spec I am looking to get recruited for. Mistweaver Heals offspec 489 Ilvl - I do not really play this spec anymore I might try it again after 5.2 but I don't know for sure. Currently I am 16/16 N and I am not looking for a Hardcore raid guild, I have nothing against progression but I would rather have fun while progressing. I do play my Frost DK alot in LFR I will probley switch him over with my monk if you would rather have a DK. Leave me a message if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or observations. ThanksHalfpintfist2 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 2LF Late two night/week guild Hello friends, my friend and I are looking for a late night guild to raid with. My friend is playing a DPS warrior, while I am much more flexible about what I'm looking to play. We are looking for a guild that starts at 11pm CST or later. We are both experienced WoW players. I'm Lighto from Mal'Ganis and led Seraph (a 25 man late night guild on Mal'Ganis) for several years before real life commitments forced me to step down. Both myself and my friend have been playing since the end of Classic WoW and have been doing progression raiding for most of that time. We prefer a 25 man guild but a 10 man guild also works. I can tank on my Death Knight, DPS on my DK/Warlock/Druid or Heal on my druid. I also have an 85 of every class except a shaman and monk if that helps. Thanks for your time! Lighto/Wesker and LightsauceWeskér6 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 ChallengeMode Pet Thundering Serpent Hachling If anyone is interested in this pet, feel free to pst anyone in <Hell> for an invite.. level up your rep and the pet is yours. It requires revered with the guild, but that takes little time to achieve.Largé0 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 =LFM 25-ToES/HoF PuG! Update 27 Jan= If you are interested in having a good time while raiding Toes of Endless Springs and Heart of Fear instances in a 25-man setting, we have put these together. You have no obligation to leave your guild, you can bypass the irritations of LFR, and you can have fun with good people. This is a weekly event, the dates and times never change. If you are a competent player who can't make a solid commitment to raiding due to work, family, or laziness, or you want to to be in a 25 man raid instead of 10 to see new content, then contact us for a raid spot. -------------***-----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***------------- When: Wednesday 7-10pm ST Thursday 7-10pm ST Requirements: iLevel 472+* (HoF) iLevel 480+* (ToES) Good Attitude Mumble Basic knowledge of the fights Consumables, party hats*Proper gear for your spec equipped, enchanted, and gemmed to the best of your ability >>We are no longer raiding Mogu'shan Vaults, however we occasionally use a save for Elegon and Will. Please indicate if you're interested in one of these kills. Loot Rules: Main spec > Off spec 1 piece each of MS and OS loot per raid day (unless no one else wants an item or everybody has received something)* BoE items, Patterns, Craft mats = /roll (those who have not won loot yet have priority on these items, got to spread the love!) These are rolled at the end of raid to keep time and focus at optimal levels. In the future event of special loot such as mounts, they will be /roll *Raid loot rules changed on 20 January 2013 from one piece per spec per raid week to one piece per spec per raid day Current needs: See post below! Contact by In-game mail: - Puddinpops - Nél - Celladrel Please include the ALT# in your mail if your name uses special characters! -------------***-----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***----------***------------- While I have tried to keep this post lighthearted, I would like to stress here at the end that we will prefer to bring individuals who have put forth the right attitude and put good effort into their characters. We do intend to accomplish heroic modes. Most of us (including you perhaps) have seen years of end-game raiding and no one likes to waste their time. Or maybe you are new, in which case, we'd love to show you why people get addicted. :D If you are wondering why we are doing this, we decided that after our 25-man guild went down to a 10-man during Cata that there were some of us who still craved 25-mans. We enjoy the complexity and fun of a larger raid. We have been raiding that way since Burning Crusade (some of us since Molten Core). I know LFR is probably easier but we miss the camaraderie, respect, and humor that is lacking in the new raid finder. Hope to see a full raid of awesomeness next week! Mabuhai71 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 <Dookers> Recruiting! <Dookers> is starting a newly formed raid group. We run weekly on Friday and Saturdays from 6-9:30 ST. We are currently in need of a Healer (Priest/Druid) to fill our ranks. Casuals accepted also! Contact me in game or directly on this forum post for information or if interested.Spydersix0 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 WTB Firelands Item Hi, I'm looking for a guild that sells stuff from Firelands runs. Specifically I'm looking for Sulfuras off Rag, heroic or normal. I don't care about any achievements, just want the item. If you're able to help out please leave some information (like a battletag) on how to get in touch with you as well an approximate price. Thank you.Naggatorr0 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 To the Bot user Muffinmane of Solders Fortune I am the reason why your worthless bot using self is in chillwind camp getting spawn killed by guard. Next time do not use Cheating mods to Lv up your hunter,Come on it's a hunter hands down the easier class to lv up and yes I did report you but seeing how most of the reports of cheating people like u never get banned or even slapped on the wrist.Dietary1 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Selling DOTA 2 Keys very cheap Send in game mail and we can set something up. Very cheap, 500g each, I have 4 just sitting in my account. I've logged in 1k hours with that game but haven't played at all the last 3 months so don't know anyone to give them to.Laroux1 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 [H] Holy Pally LF day time raid This toon is an alt, my main is 6/6H 5/6H 2/6H Crysys on Kil'jaedon ..I'm looking to raid in the afternoons on my pally. Ideally a 2 day raid week would by what i'm looking for. My battle tag is Large#1234Largehawiian0 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 [H]Resto/elem shaman LF weekend raiding guild Currently have an ilvl of 483 as of 1/25. Looking for weekend raiding guild. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Between all my characters (I have 4 90s) I have experienced 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF & 3/4 ToES. I am a competent player. I'm like a "tell me what you need me to do and I'll do it" type player. Very good at problem solving and observation. (Probably easier to be seen than believed but thought I'd at least say it) Feel free to send me an in game message or reply to this. Hope to hear from somebody soon :)Kixski1 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Casual Raiding [H] - NZ/AUS Times Looking for a few more raiders for MOP raids. Mature, skilled and fun bunch of Kiwis! Raiding is: Friday nights 7:30pm till 11:30pm New Zealand Time which is Friday nights 5:30 to 9:30pm Australian East Coast Time which is Thursday nights 10:30pm till 2:30am Server Time (PST) UTC-8 hours. Starting 2013 we are adding the following raid slot: Saturday afternoons 1pm till 4pm New Zealand Time which is Saturdays 11am till 2pm Australian East Coast Time which is Fridays 4pm till 7pm Server Time. Looking for people who are awesome players but don't necessarily want to raid everyday. Alts are OK provided you can play your class exceptionally well. I used to be a guild and raid leader for many years clearing all hard mode content up to ICC (WoTLK) before stepping down from 4 days a week raiding. Since then I have played 9 characters through all normal mode content. This team is inside a level 25 guild on Blackrock that is a hardcore 10man raiding guild ( To join their hardcore team (very limited spaces) you must apply on the website. If you want to play "casually hardcore" with us, PM me interest and class/spec and raiding history. Free guild repairs and all other perks! Server is always busy, you can find groups for anything at any time. Some of the worlds top guilds on this server. Big Oceanic player base. My Btag is thespoot#1777 or MSG "Nkalakatha" ingame. Currently in high demand are: Tank(non Monk) Hunter Rogue If your a good player, I can probably make something work. Current Progression: 6/6 MV 3/6 HoF 1/4 TOESNkalakatha21 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Warlock LF Raiding Guild just recently returned to the game, and would like to get back into raiding. looking for a guild that either raids weekends or between 4-8pm realm time. iv been playing since BC so know my class well, just currently a bit out of practice and learning new rotations and such, also would like a guild that has a pvp aspect to it also. hit me up either with a message here or ingameAtreidez0 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 WTT WoW gold for D3 gold Let me know how much you want for your D3 gold. I have around 100k WoW Gold up for tradeMemelt1 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 [Horde] LF JC 1-600 leveling kit What the title says, pst with with any info either on here or in game. If i don't respond here send me an in game mail. ThanksFhail0 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 H pally LF PvE Th-Mon avail Hey guys, so I pulled a stupid move and followed along with all my friends to Tich for PvP. However I always like raiding and I miss Blackrock. So I'm just throwing a shout out if anyone needs a holy pally for a long term guild member? I have been playing wow sense the Beginning of BC and have healed and dpsed for several years. I know how to get stuff done, how to research fights, how to use teamwork to down a boss, and I am in it for the fun not the Gear. If interested give me a shout out and give me an excuse to spend another $25 to xfer!!! Please Tich is horrible ha haHealabyte2 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Oceanic/Late Night guild 10/16H LFM About Intolerance - Blackrock <Intolerance> is a New Zealand based 10 man raiding guild with a growing number of Americans and Australians who suit our raid times. We formed just shortly after WotLK came out. Many of us have raided together beforehand, and continue to raid with one another because we know our classes well and have a similar framework of mind -- progression. Our players are respectful and kind to one another, regardless of rank and we push ourselves and others to accomplish the most out of their class/role. Because of this, raid invites are based on performance. We expect your best consumables to be up at every moment during our raids -- food buffs, flasks, and on some learning encounters potion buffs. It is always tracked and enforced. Loot is distributed via loot council who take performance statistics and attendance record into account when handing out items/gear. Any other questions feel free to ask an officer in-game or post on our forums: Baalzaman, Iranoutofspa, Razghùl. Galillidon. Recruitment is Open to everyone (cross realm too) -- We are always looking for gifted players. However, we do need more classes than others. We advise that you are able to make at the very least 90% of the raids. Please do not consider applying if you are unable to meet this requirement. These are also core raid spots. We will trial you for roughly 1-2 weeks in our raids before deciding whether to bump you up or write you off. Our current priority recruitment needs are: Ele Shammy, Lock and either a Frost DK or WW Monk Any exceptional oceanic apps Furthermore New Zealand and Australian players are welcome to join our community as a casual - we are a level 25 guild with generous perks for the player including guild repairs. Mists of Pandaria Progression Mogu'shan Vaults Stoneguard: Heroic Feng the Accursed: Heroic Gara'jal: Heroic Spirit Kings: Heroic Elegon: Heroic Will of the Emperor: Heroic Heart of Fear Imperial Vizier Zor'lok: Heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak: Heroic Garalon: Heroic Wind Lord Mel'jarak: Heroic Amber-Shaper Un'sok Grand Empress Shek'zeer Terrace of the Endless Spring Protectors of the Endless: Normal Elite Tsulong Lei Shi Sha of Fear Raiding Hours We raid 7:30PM New Zealand Time till 11:30PM NZT (5.30pm-9.30pm AEST) on progression content, 3 days a week. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. in server time this is 10.30pm PST-2.30am PST Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sundayùl35 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Warsong Gulch reputation farming This is a geared reputation farming group, focusing on flags caps and nothing else. Send me an email with your battletag to if you want to participate. Please tell me what guy you will be doing the runs with. You can add me to facebook, by searching that email address in the facebook search bar. I will not respond to this post, as I will be putting it on several good servers pvp forums.Exhume0 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 [H]Prounreal LFM 10 man T/W/Tr 6:30-9:30PM st Prounreal is a 10 man raiding guild with raid times onTuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 6:30-9:30 server time. We are currently 6/6 MSV 2/6 HOF. We are a mature guild that is currently focusing on progression. We are recruiting for the following classes/specs: Druid(any spec) DK or Paly Tank Any plate DPS Hunter Shaman(any spec) Monk(Tank or Heals) Priest(any spec) Warlock Message Metrage, Taijichi, Palykins, or Lotomo in game for more information.Lotomo0 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 Geared and experienced Hunter LF prog guild. Hi, Im looking for a heroic progression guild on Blackrock. I'm 500ilvl and have 5/16H progression. I've been playing since release and I know my class well. Logs: Times that suit me would be from 8pm server time onwards. Locris#6873 if you wish to message me. Thank you.Hinjoo0 Jan 23, 2013
Jan 22, 2013 499 Ele Shaman Looking for 25m EST guild Looking for a progressive 25m raiding guild that raids mon tues wed 9p-12 est sundays and thursdays are flexible. My current progression is 4/6hm msv 1/6hm hof and 4/4 reg toes. Looking for something similar to my current progression. Armory link WoL BattleTag Ariel#1645Âriel0 Jan 22, 2013
Jan 22, 2013 [H] <Fixed> 10m 10/16H LFM We are currently recruiting 1 Elemental Shaman with strong Resto OS (MUST be able to play and be comfortable in BOTH specs!) 1 Balance Druid Raid Times Tues-Thurs 7-10PM Server Time (PST) We do raid extra days if agreed upon by the majority. Raiding Progress 6/6H Mogu'shan Vaults Feat of Strength - Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor 4/6H Heart of Fear 4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring Cataclysm Dragon Soul: 8/8H (7/8H pre 10% nerf) Realm 2nd Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider Firelands: 7/7H (4/7H pre-nerf) Realm 1st 25m Glory of the Firelands Raider BoT/BWD/To4W: 11/13H About Us <Fixed> is a semi-hardcore 10 man progression raiding guild. We are focused around the idea that you can have a job, go to school, or at the very least, have a life outside of WoW yet still down heroic content in a timely manner. We only raid 9 hours a week (3 hours per night for 3 nights). Because of this, all players are expected to perform at the highest level with sufficient research and knowledge of their class. Min/maxing is expected of our raiders. The core has been together since early Tier 11 and has a great working chemistry. We also have an older player-base compared to other guilds. The average age of Fixed members lie between 25~27 years old. We use Mumble for our voice communication! Apply at If you have any questions, you can contact the officers in-game or through our forums. Pelenthius - GM/Raid Lead Ezstrox - Officer/Raid Lead Keziä - OfficerEzstrox41 Jan 22, 2013
Jan 21, 2013 <H> Area 52 Nidhogg 11/16HM R#1 10 LF MDPS Hello, Nidhögg is currently recruiting an exceptional DPS warrior/dk/monk/enh sham/rogue to progress through heroics. We raid primarily Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-12 EST with cleanup days on Sunday or Monday. We are a laid back, drama free guild whose only concern is killing dragons. We expect applicants to be knowledgeable on all progression fights as well as complete mastery of their class. Please have around 495 ilvl and heroic experience this tier. If this seems like a good fit for you please contact either Kneezy1337#1990 or Phazed#1409 for more information. Apply at: Jan 21, 2013
Jan 21, 2013 mod plz delete mod plz deleteKrazzix0 Jan 21, 2013
Jan 21, 2013 World server down. Why oh why is the World server down?! Char Stuck in UC...Cant play. This is awsome... :(Vordk6 Jan 21, 2013
Jan 20, 2013 [H] 10 Fri/Sat- 5/6 H MSV 2/6 H HoF LF Hpally <Hell> is recruiting a holy paladin for our core 10 man raid team. We expect you to have similar exp. and have a decent item level and exp. As the title says, we are 5/6 H MSV, 2/6H HoF, and 4/4 Terrace. We raid Friday/Saturday 5-9 PM PST (Server Time). If you are interested you may: Reply to this thread with the character you wish to apply with Contact myself (Khai) or Moolaun in-game through mail or whisperKhai0 Jan 20, 2013
Jan 20, 2013 <Guns and Cigarettes> LF 10m Raiders & More! Back after a long break during Cataclysm, we decided to return home to Warcraft to check out the MoP expansion. Since our return to the game, we've really enjoyed it, and are eager to begin raiding again. There's only one problem: we need some raiders to fill our ranks!!! We are seeking raid-hungry individuals with a desire for fun as much as a desire for l337 lewtz (haha). Currently we need melee (1-2) and ranged (2-3) dps and healers (1-2); a viable off-spec is a bonus, but by no means required. We are a guild full of awesome people who like to have a good time! We use Ventrillo for communication and in some instances, Skype. 18+ years of age are really preferred, but if you can conduct yourself in a civil and friendly manner we're open to your addition. Raid Times: Tuesday / Wednesday - 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Server Time) (Optional) Sunday - 7:00 - 10:00 (Server Time) Loot Rules: We use a simple roll system (1-100) for loot. Main specs rolling will always take precedent over off-specs. We're all friends here, no need to fight over gear! Additionally, we would love to have other casuals or interested parties join our ranks as well. Alts are welcome here also, or even semi-hc players. Got a wow gf? Bring her too! So if your interested in raiding, and wanna have a good time while doing it, shoot a whisper to myself, Hatelock, or Kenison, our guild leader. Don't be afraid to send an in-game mail if we're not on. See you around Azeroth!Hatelock0 Jan 20, 2013
Jan 19, 2013 TimeZero 10M LF raiders! <TimeZero> Is currently looking for members to come join our 10m raid group! we will raid 5 - 8 p.m Server time, tuesday and thursday. We are currently looking for a NON- plate melee dps, a strong hunter and mage. Also need 2 healers, most interested in holy pally & disc / holy priest, others will be considered! you must be a dedicated player who will show up to the raids and be commited to our guild. We will be looking to progress very quickly, and get a good group going strong into 5.2. If interested send me in - game mail, or add real-id:!Zéroset0 Jan 19, 2013
Jan 19, 2013 Gold/Mats giveaway - Leaving Game Hey everyone, I came back to the game for a short time, but ultimately stopped playing because my friends stopped, and also I lost interest. I’m about to stop payment on my account, but because I don’t see myself coming back, I thought I would give away some gold. I’ve got 100k and a bunch of pre Panda Mats to give away. I was curious weather anyone had an idea on how I could ensure that this stuff gets into the hands of either a player or guild that would appreciate it? I’m not going to put a lot of effort into this, just thought someone could get some use out of it. Any ideas let me know. Better to post here, cause I will likely only log on to give it away. ThanksVigal10 Jan 19, 2013
Jan 19, 2013 495 Mage LFG 495 Arcane/Frost (Can play any spec) 16/16 Normal 5/16 Heroic Looking for raid group that starts around 9:00pm server time. (Give or take a hour would be manageable.)Icéwell1 Jan 19, 2013
Jan 18, 2013 <Ravenwolf> 10m open positions Ravenwolf has recently altered its raiding format to fit the needs of both its more casual and progression oriented raiders. As such, we have a Tuesday and Thursday raid (@7pm ST) currently planned for either ToES, HoF, or both ToES and HoF, with a progression oriented raid on Saturday now planned for heroic MSV. The guild will change its raid goal for the week in the future based on future progression and needs of its raiders. Six out of 10 core raiders have pledged to raid on Saturday as well as Tuesday and Thursday. Currently, we have an opening for a ranged dps (either a hunter or a mage) for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Also, due some of our raiders not being able to make the weekend raid, we have long-term openings (on Saturday) for two tanks (blood dk, prot pally, and guardian druid are ideal) and a disc/shadow priest. Players both pure and hybrid are highly encouraged to have a playable offspec. Healers are preferred to have a dps offspec, tanks are preferred to have a dps offspec, and pures are encouraged to be comfortable with more than one spec so they can either gear for burst, max steady dps, or aoe. Players which are not committing to raid with the guild in a certain instance in a particular week are free to pug in non-guild runs. It is not a requirement to be in the guild to be part of our long term Saturday raid. If you meet the requirements of a being a very good raider in the classes/roles that we are looking for and would like to be part of our close-knit relaxed, but progressing oriented atmosphere, you may either contact Tavendar, Zindax, Exacutioner, Pandiebaby, or Zirul in game for an invite. Loot Rules: MS>OS (No Loot Council) GM: Tavendar Here is a link to our wowprogress page if you want to look at our raiders: Jan 18, 2013
Jan 18, 2013 5 Players LF Raiding Guild 5 Players - Guardian Druid, Holy Pally, Ele Shaman, WW Monk, Rogue - looking for friendly, relaxed, progression raiding guild on Blackrock Horde. Preferred 2-3 raids/week around 2am realm time. All players have progressed T14 10/16 content with some heroics. PM Brigne in-game or respond via forum for more details. Thanks for reading :)Brigne1 Jan 18, 2013
Jan 18, 2013 LF RaF Partner LF recruit: What i will provide: - I will pay for your all your expansions INC MoP, +3months of gametime (one month is free) for the duration of RAF. -Mount training +mount/s, glyphs, bags, gold. Requirements for you: - Blackrock Horde Only. - Must live in Australia-NZ or work around my timezone. Work days can RaF nights + weekends. -Vent or Skype -Looking to Level at least 4+ toons. Must have the dedication and time, roughly 5hours a day. Reply in this thread if interested.Dranken2 Jan 18, 2013
Jan 17, 2013 Recursion 10/16 HM LF MDps/Tank-Healer-Rogue Recursion is a late night US 10 man guild that is currently 6/6 H MV & 4/6 H HOF. We are a semi hardcore guild that clears content at a reasonable pace. We currently raid on: Australian eastern standard: - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday Between 5.30 approx - 9.30 approx US Pacific standard time (blackrock server): - Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday Between 9.30pm to 1.30 am We are currently looking for: 1 Plate Dps with good tanking experience - warrior pref 1 Healer ( priest pref) 1 melee dps - rogue preferred Note: We raid an extra day for progression. If your interested contact: Horka Ravenbrow, or Anything that starts with Bizzy CheersHorka2 Jan 17, 2013
Jan 17, 2013 Raylemo AH Bot Anyone else seen this guy sitting on his Spectral Tiger in front of Valley of Wisdom AH 24/7? Please report.Gonebohica0 Jan 17, 2013
Jan 17, 2013 493 Prot paladin LF Challenge mode group As the topic says, I am looking for a steady challenge mode group that wants to run and finish up gold. Times: I am able to be on any time except tue/wed/thur between 7:15(st) to 10:30(st) as these are my days that I raid. If interested and wanna form up a group or if you have a group already and need tank feel free to hit me up!! Battle tag - EvilMage18#1867 or you can msg me in game or Phattank or Kalitra.. Hope to hear from somebody ~PhattPhattank0 Jan 17, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 TimeZero 10M LF raiders! <TimeZero> Is currently looking for members to come join our 10m raid group! we will raid 5 - 8 p.m Server time, tuesday and thursday. We are currently looking for 2 healers, and strong dps classes. you must be a dedicated player who will show up to the raids and be commited to our guild. We will be looking to progress very quickly, and get a good group goin strong into 5.2. If interested send me in - game mail, or add!Zéroset0 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 Therapists (H) Raiding guild. Healers needed! Our raid times are 8:15-11:15pm PST Tuesday-Thursday. WE OUR CURRENTLY: 2/6 heroic MV / 6/6 HoF / 4/4 ToES We are currently recruiting a resto shaman and dps for MoP 25 man raiding. We have a strong team and we would like to add a few more skilled players. We are looking for quality raiders who have solid experience with heroic fights and know how to get the most out of their class. To get to our guild site: All talented classes are encouraged to apply, but for 25 man, we are in higher need of: Resto Shaman (capable of dps) Boomkin Fury Warrior If you have any questions or for a vent interview, contact one of the following in game: Terroarr Chuibacca Shiftbane Kalarr UnahornnSarthan6 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 LF 2s Partner Arms Warrior I just leveled as an alt and I wanted to try to get some Arena rating on him, looking for a 2s partner I have had prior 2.2k experience on my shadow priest and 2k experience on my mage both a couple seasons ago. Would like to try to get somewhat experienced arena partner that plays around the same time I do, between like 5-10 cst and keeps a productive attitude to improve each game, figure out where the success or failure came from and just improve. Message me here or in game if interested.Eagereagle0 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 [H] Socially Awkward 10/16(10m) needs healer Socially Awkward(25) 10/16(10m) is progressing to stone guards heroic and is looking for one dedicated healer, please be 475 ilvl+ and have 10/16 exp. raid times are 6:30-9:30pm servertime, every tuesday wednesday and thursday. We would prefer a resto shaman, MW monk or resto druid. Send urpist or aldago a in-game mail if your interested or you can apply at and leave a note with your in-game character name.Urpist0 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 500 ilvl Lock LF Raiding guild. 16/16n 5/6h. Lookin for a raiding guild with similar progression. My raiding guild stopped raiding this week, have to find a new home. Send me a in game mail with info if your interested in me joining your raid Group.Fortunetella1 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Birth of Tragedy - [16/16n - 3/16h] - LF Tank Birth of Tragedy - [H 10m] Blackrock - Now Recruiting Due to work conflicts, Birth of Tragedy [BoT] is now looking to recruit a tank to join our raid group as we continue to progress in heroic raids while preparing for the release of The Thunder King. We are currently 16/16n and 3/16h and hope to fill the spot immediately. What we need: Tank - preferably Guardian Druid or Brewmaster Monk, to maximize loot potential, but accepting of any tanking class. Raid Information: Required Availability Tuesdays - Thursdays 6pm - 10pm Server Monday Time TBD If everyone is availabe - Not Required About BoT: [BoT] was formed in the Summer of 2008. Our core raid consists of players who have been working together since as early as Gruul's Lair. Aside from the always crucial skill component we look for, we would prefer recruiting a tank who is looking to join the team for the long haul and who plans on raiding for longer than half a patch. If you're enthusiastic about raiding, take pride in mastering boss mechanics quickly, and are looking to join a stable core raid team, please message Kehoe, Elliryanna, or Irieonna in game. Thanks!Kehoe0 Jan 15, 2013