Dec 21, 2012 (H) Alani Mount Tag Selling my Alani mount tag horde side Farmed all the Skyshards today. Message me in game. 100k OboCrankqt0 Dec 21, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 486 Resto Druid and 485 Hunter LF new home We are currently on another server and looking to transfer. We have both played since release and have raided as such. Our current guild is simply not progressing at a pace and we feel is appropriate for the players we have. They are also taking a more casual mindset as the expansion goes on. This is not how we would like to play. We are looking for core spots and would like to get right into raiding. 10 man or 25 man but would prefer 10 man. I can provide logs if need be. Our gear doesn't reflect the caliber of players we are. We currently raid 3 days a week during the week. I cannot raid on the weekends at all. This includes Sundays. Thank you for your timeJozdortzak1 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 <Relentlèss> 10M 6/6MV 1/6 HoF We raid from 6-9 ST (9-midnight EST) Tuesday-Thursday Currently we are recruiting a reliable Ele Shaman or Shadow Priest both with healing OS for our core team. We've cleared MV and are currently working on the 2nd boss in HoF. For more info or for an invite whisper in game Naztastic - Naztastic#1871 Real ID or StudderoxorzNaztastic0 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 i491 LF raid this week, guild taking it off!! I am looking for a spot anytime this week, 10m or 25m! HM Stone Guards, HOF and TOES!! Anytime will work, I gots no life!!!!!Rippedrogue0 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Fresh 90 Resto Druid LF raiding guild Hey you guys. Sorry if this isn't the place to put this, but I don't know realllllly where else to look. I just dinged 90, but I've only been playing for 7 days due to Scroll of Resurrection. I want to be part of a raiding guild that is already at least raiding with fillers/pugs. I healed dungeons from 80 to 90 and I do have raiding experience from when I was a Mage in Lich King like 3 years ago. I have Mumble/Vent/TS, I'm active, I talk in guild chat and stuff. Right now mostly, I'm just confused because everything is so different from WotLK; because of this a friendly, understanding guild would be nice. I've had a few guilds since 80 and just recently had to leave a guild because I was too new. That kinda sucked. =\ If a guild wants to pick me up for casual filling/backburner spots until I get fully geared I'd be okay with that. Really I just want to be part of a good guild. Any questions you have for me, I'm almost always online. I only have one character obviously: Fluvoxamine. No special characters. Thanks for considering me!Fluvoxamine1 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 LF RAF PARTNER LF some1 to do raf with on blackrock horde i will supply copy of game, willing to lvl multiple characters add my real id or post here Fdema123@hotmail.comCocainebaby1 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 LF Hunter + Rogue for Main raid Recursion is a late night raiding guild and is currently 6/6 HM MV - 1/6 HM HOF & 4/4 N TOES. We are currently looking for a Hunter to replace our retiring one and also a Rogue. We raid Tuesday's, Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 10pm server. We provide repairs + flasks + potions. You can contact me or Bizzy in game. CheersHorka0 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Weekly MOP Raid - Organised PUG run Hi, I'm organizing a weekly PUG raid every Friday 10PM server with a possible 2nd day - Saturday 10pm. The intention is to clear MOP raids in normal and then move into heroics starting with MV. The only way to really do with with limited headaches is to have a set group will to come each week. Currently we are looking for: 1 Healer - Resto Shaman / Druid preferred but not compulsory 1 Melee DPS - Rogue preferred 3 Range DPS - Shadow Priest, Elemental shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Balance Druid, Geared Alts are welcome. Please send me an in-game mail if you are interested. thanks for your time.Horka2 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 [H] LFM DeleteFiggoax1 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 17, 2012 Klondike Five Recruiting Klondike Five on US-Blackrock is looking for a few more exceptional raiders to bolster our raid groups. We are currently recruiting the following classes: Hunter Prot Warrior Shadow priest Warlock If you believe you are an exceptional player but your class is not listed above, we still encourage you to drop an application. We are always looking for exceptional players. An exceptional player means you are able to play at the level of our core raiders or better. Apply at: Raid Schedule: Mon - Thurs (5pm - 9pm PST) About Us: Klondike Five is looking to bolster its ranks for progression. We've been raiding together since 2/2007 and have always been competitive with progression on a reasonable raid schedlue. We are looking for experienced raiders of all types, as well as PvP junkies. If you enjoy competition and strive to be the best at your class, please stop by and speak with an officer or apply on our website. What we'll provide: -A fun yet focused raiding environment -Highly skilled players with no egos -Free enchants, gems, cauldrons and feasts -Full repairs What we expect from our raiders: ->90% raid attendance (though we understand emergencies do come up) -Know your class inside/out and keep up with the latest changes -Must be fully gemmed, enchanted and properly reforged -Min 480 ilvl -Knowledge of all encounters Progression - 6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults - 1/6 Heroic Heart of fear - 4/4 Terrace of Endless SpringPhìlcollins1 Dec 17, 2012
Dec 17, 2012 <DeceptioN> Expanding to 25 Man About the Guild: DeceptioN is an established raiding guild on the Blackrock server. Being a casual guild we strive to have a drama-free atmosphere where when a problem arouses it can be quickly solved. All of our members are between the ages of 18 and 35, most hovering around 20-23. Although we only raid for 8 hours per week, we have prided ourselves in making the most of it. If you're looking for an enjoyable raiding experience with people who love to joke around and can take a joke themselves, but also like to kill bosses on a regular basis, we are the guild for you! This is the guild for if you: -Want to raid seriously and get things done but not 5 days a week -Want a friendly community that has mature member that loves WoW -Don't want to deal with people consistently missing raids and lack of accountability -Is open to direct and constructive criticism -Free G-repairs in raid!! -Free gems and enchants for main spec -Guild level 25 perks Classes & Specs currently looking into: -Healer of all classes (especially Resto Druid/Shaman/Monk) -High end DPS both melee and ranged (especially Death Knight, Hunter, Mage) -Tanks with DPS offspecs We are currently running 1 core 10 man progression group and have decided to expand to 25 man to accommodate a growing guild base. Please Note: We have open competition for all exceptional players and we try our best to give new players a fair shot at seeing encounters and loot. If applying to the guild these are some attributes that you should have: High attendance High raid awareness Min/Maxer Competitive Sociable, easy to get along with Ability to work as a team, this means sometimes seeing the bench Loot System: Main spec rolls with modified loot council. Raid Times Our core raid times are 6:00 - 10:00, Tues/Wed. If interested please apply @ Please feel free to contact Meremortal, Jukie, or Eatyoursoul in-game for any questions you may have, thank you.Meremortal0 Dec 17, 2012
Dec 17, 2012 Pound Town Saturday Alt 25m MV Run 10am-2pm! Hey friends, If you are interested in doing some fast clears on your alts on a Saturday morning then you have come to the right place! Pound Town is now beginning its alt run clearing MV and could use several solid dps and a few healers each week. We obviously wants folks that can be regulars, but if you can only make it once that is fine to! The run is a great place to mingle with other solid raiders, rather than the average group of slow kids that you find in PuG's. REQUIREMENTS AND RULES: Please be enchanted/gemmed and over 470 IL, with at least 5/6 MV exp (NON LFR). We will expect every raider to flask, feasts will be provided. Loot is simple, dont die, do terrible dps, act like an idiot, or go afk and you get to MS Roll. Get it? Good, please message me on Broukz or Papabrookz to get setup with a calendar invite! Also, please make sure you can stay the full duration! Come get a taste!Broukz1 Dec 17, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Frost DK and DPS/Tank Monk LF guild We are experienced raiders lf a full time raid spot. Currently 6/6 msv and 3/6 HOF. Pst in game or comment.Kryana0 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Any old school legends left on this server =D Hi!Chanto8 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 . Guess ill Look for a group after the holidays.Crazymán6 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 14, 2012 Fury Warrior LF raiding guild Hello I am a 488 ilvl fury warrior looking for a raiding guild. I am available tues-thursday, saturdays any time, and sundays in the evenings. My current progress is 2/6H MSV 4/6 Normal HoF with attempts on Amber shaper. Contact me in-game or my battletag jlfinn2008#1910 just please state who you are. Get alot of gold farm friend requests. wow-heroes link has my logs reports on there if you wish to look. Thanks and I hope you can see me fit to raid with you :PÈz1 Dec 14, 2012
Dec 14, 2012 [H] Arenaphilia - Recruiting for 3x RBG teams Arenaphilia is currently looking for members for its three core RBG teams -- "Low MMR" (Saturdays 8p), 1500+ CR (Sundays 8p) and 1900+ CR (Mondays 8p). There is no RBG experience required (for the 0 CR team), only thing you will need is a full set of PVP gear (dreadful or better, t1 weapon required for 1500 and 1900+ teams only), Skype (w/ mic) and a couple essential PVP add ons (battleground targets, healers have to die, etc). For more information please reply here, add teo#1220 in game, or apply on our website at Thanks!Teodruid0 Dec 14, 2012
Dec 14, 2012 471 Experienced Raiding Lock LF Prog Guild Experienced raider. Been playing since 2008. Know how to maximize dps through rotation, reforge, enchants, and gems. Looking to raid in a progression guild. Preferably starting around 10 ST. Carry my own weight, put in work for the guild, help out with reagents and mats for flasks/pots/feasts. Anything else you want to know just ask :)Decimatethek4 Dec 14, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 (H)<Nomad>10/16 Recruiting Mage & Socials About Us We are a guild of friends and capable raiders who have played together for a long time and decided to make a new casual but progression minded guild. We are 10/16 normal and 1/6 heroic. We value Skill and Personality over everything else. We recognize that some people do not want to raid 5 nights a week which is why we use a lighter 2-3 night raiding schedule so people don't have to make sacrifices in their real lives to play a game they enjoy. We value the people we raid with and highly dislike the idea of benching raiders so if you are a solid player who can consistently show up to raids, we won't bench you when Blizzard puts your class on the nerf train, nor will we bring in a buffed up class to do your job. We are a small guild and like the fact that everyone knows one another and can socialize without hesitation. We will accept non-raiders who are actually social and want a friendly place to hang their hat and chat while they play the game. Our vent is active and we usually even have friends from other guilds drop in to chat. While our guild isn't designed around pvp, most of our members do participate in some form of it so you're sure to find a partner or group for whatever type of pvp you enjoy. Nice tabard, vent, guild repairs and a well-stocked guild bank included! Raid Times Tuesday and Thursdays 6 - 9pm server time Sundays 6 - 9 server time (as needed for progression) Recruitment Needs >>>>MAGE<<<< Also recruiting socials and PVPers of all levels! Contact Contact me in person or via mail battletag - Tbolt#1135 or Umberleë (alt 137) - battletag - alexpancake#1511Tbolt35 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 selling horde lvl 25 guild! Looking to sell my lvl 25 guild send ingame mail to Astale or leave commentKava0 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 Arms Warr LF RBG Group or Guild Hi, been trying to get into a RBG group or guild but havent had much luck spamming in general chat so I thought I'd try the forums. I'm ok and willing to put in the time to get better....Pacific time preferred. Thanks!Odoylerulez0 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 Engineer looking to craft mount! I have the 12 spirits needed to craft it, you're mats!Riegh0 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 LFG to do [Only the Penitent...] achieve.. The title says it all, I am looking for a group or for some people to run Norm FL to get this achieve.Tandk1 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 Blackrock Horde server question. I keep reading that this server is dying and that it's becoming more of a Pve server, is this true? Are there any pvp guilds? Is the server active with Rbg/Arena?Smashmouf2 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 11, 2012 485 Tank/DPS Monk LFR As the title says I am a Tank/DPS monk looking for a raiding guild. The current guild I am with tried to do a late night raid and people didn't show up so some went to other servers and now there is pretty much no one left. I have been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla WoW and have 40 man raid experience as well as 25 man. In Vanilla I did all content as well as in BC. When WotLK rolled around I started raids there but quit a few months in and came back before Cata and did 10 man LK. When Cata hit I started 10 man progression but quit due to the fact that the guild I was with at the time just was not progressing at the pace I was looking for. I am not a hardcore raider but it should not take 2 months to learn 1 fight. I am also willing to xfer servers but only to horde as 55 bucks to xfer and change sides I think is a waste of cash.Martinaa2 Dec 11, 2012
Dec 10, 2012 479 Shadow Priest lf progression/HM raids Hey there. I'm an experienced raider dating back to BC, took somewhat of a casual approach in Cata and back for MoP. Trying to find my new home here on Blackrock (new transfer). I'm interested in heroic raids, challenge modes, and pushing content before it's nerfed. My schedule is Mon/Tues/Weds and I can also make Sunday if after 7pm. Having trouble finding a guild that doesn't do Thursdays here. I'm dedicated, mature, but love to joke around and get to know my guildies, and prefer 10 man.Rotheart5 Dec 10, 2012
Dec 10, 2012 come join us blackrock outside of garroshes place bring a scorpion mount Dec 10, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 Looking for 2's partner Been BGing since the beginning on a number of charcters. I haver never been interested in arena till now. Would like to join someone who just wants to have fun and gain some conquest along the way. Im not as geared as i would like to be before stepping into arena, but the PuG BG's are realy gettin old. send me a tell ingame as Rauden. ThanksRauden0 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 Transfering/faction changing LF new guild (H) Hi my boyfriend and I are on our way to blackrock shortly and we are looking for a guild to take the 2 of us since we want to raid together. I main my holy paladin with a 488 ilvl since i havent been raiding much due to guild issues this tier I'm currently 6/6mv, 3/6hof and I haven't gotten in to see ToES, My boyfriend mains his deathknight as blood/frost blood is his most geared spec atm with a 496 ilvl his progression is 4/6 heroic mv 1/6 heroic hof and 4/4n ToES with all content cleared on nomal the first week of release. Logs are available if you want to add my battle tag I can throw you some links MissBehavin#1157 What were looking for: Resonable progression, preferably a 10man with no weekend raiding.Missbehavin0 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 <Prevail> LF guilds that are looking to merge If you have a guild that you dont want to lead anymore, here is some good news. Prevail is looking to do guild mergers, to expand our roster as well. We just started 2 weeks ago. We are a LVL 25 guild. 6/6 mv 2/6 hof and thats just within 2 weeks. You can whisper, Mariyâ, khorie, dpariah, atomizer for further info.Mariyâ0 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 Blacklist Gobmobbin I was selling Alani and this guy comes in offering a trade. Pull her, kill it, and he leaves after harassing me. I have just wasted almost 2 months of farming for this little !@#$ to have his 5 minutes of fun. Please refuse all groups, offers of help, ect. to this little %^-*!@ piece of #$%^.Xamnation2 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 DBA recruiting for raids and such Death by Association (level 25): is a small casual guild that is made up of mature, laid back, social and friendly players. Our players enjoy multiple aspects of the game such as pvp, raiding, questing, alt leveling, old content… etc. We are now looking to add more like minded mature (25 years of age +) individuals to boost our playing atmosphere and help move us into future events such as raiding, guild pvp, or just to socialize with. We always accept active and casual players of all levels. Starting a little late, we know, meh..... Raid Content: Starting at MV and working our way up. Raid Nights: Wednesday and Thursday Raid Times: 2:30am server time Min ilvl: @470 Current requirements: 1 Tank: Non Warrior and potentially non druid: only reason I say this is because there is already a feral and resto druid in raid and could potentially have a boomkin as well, holy druid overload…… 2 Healers: Non Druid, prefer one heals to be a holy pally for mastery buff. 2 Range DPS: Prefer one DPS to be a lock (for stones, SS, etc) and the other to be a Spriest or Ele Shammy will take a Boomkin if we have too, for the crucial 5% haste buff. Want to also start up rbgs once we get enough geared players to do so.Narzala0 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 @Houndus That kid still around?Pigvomit1 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 [H] LFM 2k+ xrealm RBGs Sun 12/9 @ 8p PST LFM cross realm Rated Battlegrounds Sun 12/9 @ 8p PST, going for 2k+ MMR (1970 min CR required), will be using Skype. Need 2 heals (resto Druid + resto Sham) + my rDruid (1973 cr 14/15 pc malev gear) 1 flag carrier (prot war) and 6 dps (frost dk / arms war / 2x Warlock* / 2x Mage*) * prefer to round the dps out with double lock double mage but would consider any adequately geared/rated rogue, hunter, else sham, boomkin or spriest. Everyone needs to have "battleground targets" and "healers have to die" add-ons installed, know how to create /assist macros (and/or focus dps swaps on called targets) and be able to CC at the same time. I would love to turn this into a recurring 2-2.2k+ group of consistent players and will be very selective when looking at gear/CR in terms of inviting. Bonus points if you can play every week at this time and form a cohesive team. Please reply here or add teo#1220 if you are interested, will edit accordingly as spaces fill up.Teodruid0 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 8, 2012 Omg Im Proccing (6/6,1/6H 3/6 and 1/4) Due to real life events we have 2 openings in our core 10 man group. Currently we are in need of 1 tank (Preferably a Dk/Monk or Druid) and one healer of any class. Raid times are 7-10 Server Tuesdays/Thursdays/Sundays. Contact Maliizz or Sproutsnout in game for additional infoKiyara4 Dec 8, 2012
Dec 8, 2012 Normal MV 6/6 run Sunday 12/9 LFM Hi, I am running a normal 6/6 MV run on Sunday starting @ 6pm server time. We are looking for the following classes/specs to join us: Main tank: Off tank: Healer w/ OS DPS: DPS: We currently have our 2 main healers and 1 dps. I am 487ilvl and everyone else so far is above 482ilvl. This is a PuG and loot will be handled as such, we will try to be fair and have everyone get atleast 1 piece of loot before someone gets 2 pieces etc. Please be 475+ ilvl and have exp, I am happy to go over a fights strat for you or provide you with links if you need some assistance just ask but please try and be fully prepared before the raid. Food will be provided, but please try and bring your own flasks for the raid. You can message me on slackerz in game or you can reply to this thread to be added to our roster for the raid, thanks and happy hunting.Slackerz0 Dec 8, 2012
Dec 8, 2012 (H) rsham lf latenight/weekend raiding guild Name: rigzs Ilvl:464 will get better with some time availabilty: anytime at or after 8pm server or anytime on weekends experiance: not awhole lot in mop just what the raid finder lets me do. i work on the oil rigs so wht time i come home for the day is a unknown thats why im looking for late night or weekend, i am a fast learner hell i made youngest operator in the state of montana this year at 20 y/o. just looking to get back into raidingBigtusks1 Dec 8, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Raid HoF Normal 4 pm LFM HoF Guild run Fresh Quick clean "Starts at 4 PM " " Must have done atleast 5/6 "NORMAL " and have a functional brain !!!.. " Need 1 Tank / Few Dps pst ilvl 480 / specSimurgh0 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Rocket Chicken Pet I am selling a Rocket Chicken, I am taking offer's but I will not be low-balled. It is a $125 pet and will not be sold very cheap. I am taking offers for the pet or trades perhaps if I feel its a proper trade. This makes a great pet for those who collect or like to pet battle! I will check the thread every hour for updates.úlook5 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 LF consistent 3's team. **Posting on BR forums... not smart** So I've played wow since 2005 and have always pvp'd inside of that time. However, when Arena was introduced back in the day I never really took interest mainly due to the fact that when BC came out I had just xferred servers and then after the first couple of seasons due to lack of experience and interest, I never found partners. I just recently started to do arena last year and continue to enjoy playing it when I can. So here's my problem. #1 I have no 3's experience, at all. #2 I don't know anyone who is at the same skill level who has realistic expectations for new arena teams and also is interested in learning arena. So, every video I watch and guide I read from Glad's says you just gotta put yourself out there. I'm currently looking for a consistent 3's team w/ a viable comp. The players need to understand that I have no experience, but have the correct outlook on arena in the sense of learning to achieve wins vs expecting wins to land in our lap. Simple enough? Thanks. Edit: Can go as frost or unholy, though I would need to practice longer as unholy to see the same kind of dmg output and utility synergy that I can perform as frost currently.Trïbute2 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Mad guild is mad: die vitam aeternam vitam aeternam is such a !@#$ guild. I won ashes of alar today and now they are all butthurt. WAAAH WHAAAAH mount dropped and I didn't win wahhhhhh. Are you people serious? Crying over pixels? Kicking me out of the guild for gloating? I'm sure anyone who won It would fly around on it. Not like I would ride my armored wyvern now that I won one of the best looking mounts in the game. In my old guild, we congratulated people who won rare mounts not get all butthurt. So sorry to the guy who rolled the same number as me.Skrillex2 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 WTS 25 LVL GUILD Horde -25 lvl guild -over 850 members that have been active in the past 2 weeks -6 tabs -no raid achievesRunnika1 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 What happened to Adept and Maldazzar? I stopped playing WoW for years, but I followed Mushgog/Maldazzar just because he was the best player I've even known. In addition to following his insane achieve run, it was cool seeing his videos and his clever trolling of people on forums. Looks like after Cata he's done with WoW, as are Adept? Anybody know what's up?Dratnuh6 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Warrior LF Experienced 3v3 Team Hi, i recently moved to US servers few months back and i'm looking for an active 3v3 arena team. My old Nickname on europe Yozo " Grimbatol / Horde" i have 2300+ rate experience. #Violentlove2649Simurgh0 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 lf weekend raiding guild resto shaman. i work on the oil rigs so my time is vary limited i would like to join a weekend raiding guild available: anytime on weekends Gear: ilvl 463 will get better with alittle time/full pvpgear for rbgs minus the weps xp: not much just the ones that let me que for in the raidfinder fast learner. i want to get back into raiding this expansion name: rigzs relm: BLACKROCKBigtusks0 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 [H]<Dinosaur Laser Fight>10M 1/6H MSV 5/6 HoF <Dinosaur Laser Fight> raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9PM to 12 PST. We kill monsters and have a great time doing what we do. We expect our guild members to be mature enough to handle jokes and profanity. We are currently 1/6H in Mogu'shan Vaults and 5/6 in Heart of Fear. Recruiting: Death Knight (DPS): Low Druid: Closed Hunter: High Mage: Low Monk: Low Paladin: Low Priest: Closed Rogue: High Shaman (DPS): High Warlock: Low Warrior: Low Visit our website to apply: DINOSAURLF.GUILDLAUNCH.COM Feel free to contact an officer in-game: Lilwarzone Lothrik Nightsaber StarblacksanLothrik13 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 <Psychomaniac> recruiting tue/wed/thur 9-1ST <Psychomaniac> lv25guild Recruiting a solid range dps and healer MS rdps OS (item lvl 480+) for our 10man core raid group(4/6 at MV, 2/6HoF)! raid day tue/wed/thur 9pm-1am STDeathwink2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 476 ilvl fury warrior lf home ! Hi i am an arm warrior 476 ilvl looking for a good pve guild schedules on tues-wed-thurs on any server/factions , where i could stay for a while to progress Mist of Pandaria raids. Well i am playing that game for 5 years now , took some break for personal reasons and i came back for Dragon Soul like 8-9 months ago , im still pve guidless for the moment cause i was working too much this years to make pve schedules so now its the winter and ill have around 24 hours / week so ill be able to make a decent pve schedules to progress into mop raids. Well ive been playing an ele shaman * Satyres * for 3 years starting from Burning Crusade to the end of wrath of the lich king but when cataclysm comes out i rerolled a warrior so ill enumerate my shaman's raid experience then my warrior's ones. PVE EXPERIENCE as elemental shaman : Naxxramass 10-25 , OS 3D 10-25 , EOE 10-25 , Ulduar 10-25 hm ( Alone in the darkness on time ) , TOGC 10 ( Tribute of Insanity ) , ICC 10-25 hm 11/12 ( Light of Dawn at 30% + Glory of the icecrown raider on time ) then cataclysm came up. PVE EXPERIENCE as fury/arm warrior : BWD - BOT - TO4W 25hm 8/12 , Fireland 10 hm 4/7 before 25% nerf patch , Dragon Soul 5/8hm completed About Mist of Pandaria raids , like i said i didnt get into a good pve guild to progress the end of Cataclysm so im still guidless for mop , i havent done any bosses on normal or heroic in MV n HOF for the moment , the only thing i did is the raid finder thing and get all my epics from daiies but it doesnt looks that hard to be honest... ive seen too much pve mechanics in my life i wont be impressed by normal modes stuff but im interested about heroic mode , thats why im playing that game to have challenge with hardmodes. Im a serious player about PVE stuff because im not playing that game without a guild , most of the reason ive quit its because i had no guild. my opinions about playing that game is , you dont have fun if u aren't playing with good players to progress as a core. Well just let me know if you guys are interested about me to join your guild add me real id ** or in game , ill appreciate it to be part of a serious guild with decent players thanks for reading.Creexus0 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 WTB lvl 20+ Guild Don't care about achieves/bank tabs/members etc. Cheaper the better. List with prices, or mail me, or pst me in game. ThanksMedîç0 Dec 5, 2012