Oct 26, 2015 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better, more creative and direct ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you a player looking for a new guild, new friends or for xrealm puggers to raid with? Want to get to know others better before you commit? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad. Oct 26, 2015
Oct 26, 2015 712 Hunter LF Guild 1/13 M and 13/13 711 Hunter LF mythic raiding guild. I am looking to change guilds due to changes in my work schedule. My old guild was an early evening raiding team and now I need something later. I can currently raid any night of the week, but on Tuesday and Thursday I cannot raid until between 10 and 10:30 pm est. I am willing to xferr for the right fit; my btag is Dractwo#1699. I can provide logs if needed as well.Draconee1 Oct 26, 2015
Oct 26, 2015 Returning player LF RBG guild for 1800 Hello, I'm looking to join a pvp guild to do RBGS with. I used to play in wrath and was 2200 rated in arena. My skill has decayed since then due to missing out on so many patch updates so I'm relearning everything. I will pick up strategies fast and play hard! in game name is Blazenhazen, Hunter. Thanks!Gerbs2 Oct 26, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Ninja looting is way too rampant these days Stricter rules need to be enforced to deter such behaviorTirdrion1 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 23, 2015 Nomadic[A]-Mannoroth-US Recruiting Is your guild struggling in between HFC and Legion? Has a lot of your raiders decided to take a break from HFC, but you and your raiders are still slogging through it? Well, Nomadic[A] of Mannoroth-US is finalizing a Second Raid team to progress through HFC and clear content. We are looking to merge our current Second Team group with another group to really develop a core group. Not only are we looking to build a Second Team, we are finalizing our last dps spots for Mythic HFC progression. We can discuss logistics of the second team in mumble, because the times for that are eligible for change depending on whats best for that team. <Nomadic>{A} of Mannoroth US We are 13/13N 13/13H in Hellfire Citadel. DPS 705+ Healer 705+ (Healer with a dps OS would be a plus) Raid Times Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00 Eastern Standard Time Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00 EST We use the Ask Mr Robot addon for loot distribution and logging. If you have any question or are interested in giving us a shot this raid week, please feel free to contact us. Twoinchdream-Easybutton#1369 [Raid Lead/Co-GM] Tinderbear-thegregscott#1117[GM] Neato-Neato#1733 Iledelph-Iledelph#1169 Bug-Kevykev#1462 Voldai-Voldai#1273 Rask-Raskol#1320Tinderbear0 Oct 23, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 Selling 200 Heavy junkboxes Selling 200 Heavy junkboxes 40g ea hordeJourdin1 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 Do not buy Challenge Modes from <Soft Enrage> I bought my challenge mode (all gold) for 200k from <Soft Enrage> guild. The person who I talked to was named Dionax. This Monday (Sep 28th) we supposed to finish whole challenge mode golds, we have done all of them except Blackrock dungeon. It was understandable that they were tired, so they told me to postpone this one last run for tomorrow (Sep 29th). They did not show up for scheduled run, but still I was ok. One more time they postponed it for today (Sep 30th). He was not online on the scheduled time. I waited like 30 minutes he shown up, after I send message on he ditched me, and removed then ignored me. He also ninja'd the gold for the last dungeon left. I tried to talk to one of his guildmates who was running another challenge mode. I asked him to give me guild master or any of officer's name, he also refused to help me and replied "Figure out who it is like anyone else would do," and of course did not reply me anymore.Darkility31 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 @Rardo Read a book for wonce.Flood3 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 13/13H Illidan server LF mythic raiders Greetings everyone! <Voltaic> is a relatively new guild that started up in HFC. We believe in creating a solid raiding community here at Voltaic, so our guild focuses on long-term friendly raiding relationships to form a tight-knit core group. In fact, many individuals have said that this is one of the best raid environments they have ever been in. We are currently 13/13H and raid on T/W/Th 10pm-1am CST (server time). We are looking for exceptional DPS to come fill out our mythic roster for mythic progression in HFC and in Legion. If interested, please read the information below and come join us for our journey to Cutting Edge! General Information: Faction: Horde Server: US-Illidan Raid times: T/W/Th 10pm-1am CST (Server Time) Progression: 13/13N 13/13H Recruiting for: Mythic HFC Progression In high need of (705+ ilvl preferred): - Frost/Arcane Mage - Windwalker Monk -Resto Druid -Resto Shamen We're looking for players that...: - are dependable and will show up to raid every night on a timely basis. - have superior working knowledge of their class/spec. - have similar progression to our progress and are willing to commit to Mythic content. - are mature both during raid times and within the guild. - have a working mic and are comfortable using it. - are close to obtaining their legendary ring and the T18 2/4 piece set. What we'll provide: - Great guild and raid leadership. Leadership is calm yet focused - no yelling or other childish behavior. - A chill, but fast-paced raid environment. We will remain a 3 night/week core even for Mythic Progression. - An excellent and competitive raid team. - An excellent and thriving guild community. Applicants should contact: - Guild Master/Raid Lead: Lâyton (Chemley#1720) - Officer: Nerish (Nerish#1942) - Officer: Yøko (YoungEric#1643)Yøko1 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 any late night raiding guilds recruiting? any late night raiding guilds recruiting?Talonstryke0 Oct 9, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Rsham LF mythic guild I am currently LF a mythic guild to raid with. I xferred to this server to play with friends about 2 months ago, then quit the game for a little while. I have downed several mythic bosses this xpac even through 2 guild disbandments. I just came back from a 1.5 month break from wow. I am currently: 1M and 10H HFC, 8M BRF and 4M Highmaul with 717 ilvl. I'm ready to raid again! Add Kiki#1118 to btag if interested.Khrisa0 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 5, 2015 Depraved ~LF RANGE DPS~MYTHIC 11PM-2AM PST Hello, <Depraved> is openly recruiting for late night mythic raiding! We are one of the few late night pacific time raiding guilds in the US and reside on Blackrock. We raid 3 days a week (9 hours total) with every intention to clear Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Current Progression: 3/13M, 13/13H Raid Schedule Tuesday 11:00PM - 2:00AM PST Wednesday 11:00PM - 2:00AM PST Thursday 11:00PM - 2:00AM PST We are looking for a few more solid players to complete the roster. We are openly recruiting ALL CLASSES but have the highest need for RANGED DPS. RANGED DPS **Boomkin** **Mage** **Warlock** Shadow Priest Hunter HEALS **Paladin** Priest The team is comprised of experienced raiders, some of who raid simultaneously in top US guilds. We are building our roster as we work our way through Heroic HFC, and prepare for mythic! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time. Contacts Maniakra#1152 (Recruiting) ExaltedOne#1814 (Raid Lead)Sendaraven6 Oct 5, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 Blackrock or Kil'Jaeden for WPVP? Going to change my server tonight and deciding between BR or KJ. How's the PvP looking on Blackrock lately? I'm looking to play alliance on a horde dominated server for as much fun as possible.Piamet3 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 WTB Swift spectral tiger comment price or pst ingame thxPuka9 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 Really awful lag in arenas everything going fine 40-100 ms doing most of everything I do in wow. Queue arenas, after a few games, start getting 300-600 ms. Randomly. Feels spiky too, like it works smooth for a second and then it lags out for a while. Actually just straight DC'd from a game so I decided to make this post. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if it is a server issue or if its something going on on my side of things. I am on west coast as well btw.Ellenpagetko2 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 6.2.2 Unholy & Frost Dk Help & Entertainment ! PLEASE VISIT !!! HypeDoWns Description For All New Potential Viewers ! *Greetings From Darkspear* !!! Hello to all the Dks and Pvp players !!! Im new to the Threads and trying todo my best to spread positivity to the WoW / Dk Community ! I dedicate alot of my time helping players and making entertainment showing 2200xp Gameplay. Im a very Humble player and I simply just want to help all who is seeking Unholy / Frost Dk Guidance. My youtube channel has alot of GREAT information for you to absorb for Improvements or to Refresh your memory on something you may have forgot about. NOTE, I take video requests if you have something you would like to see that i Dont have. I help navigate to a video that suits your question if i have something along the lines. Also, I do my BEST to respond to all players who contact me via ingame or on the comments / discussion section of my channel. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please ask and ill give you a 100% Accurate answer. Trust me I wont steer you wrong ! If you made it this far, Thank You for your support and I hope all viewing this will give me and my content a Fair chance. My Goal is to simply Help grow a positive wow community and improve players Skillcap. [i][/i] Things to Find on HypeDoWnTv Content for New Players or Competitve Players looking to take their gaming to the next lvl ! - Unholy & Frost Dk Macros - Unholy & Frost Dk Talents - Unholy & Frost Dk Glyphs - Unholy & Frost Dk Addons Unholy Dk Content (More + Request it, and ill make it happen) - Unholy Dk Rune Management (Old but will be viable in Legion) - Unholy Dk Healing Guidance - Unholy Dk Burst Tutorial - Unholy Dk Dueling Tutorials - Unholy Dk Arenas 2v2s 3v3s and 5v5s 2200+ xp 2.1k mmr Games. (viable comps) - Unholy Dk RBGs Target Calling - Unholy Dk overall assistance if you ask anything you shall receive a genuine Response ! - All videos contain Deep analyse to learn and improve ! Frost Dk Content (a lot of Key Information) - Frost Dk Damage Rotation - Frost Dk DW vs 2H analyse. - Frost Dk Blood Tap vs Runic Corruption analyse. - Frost Dk Arenas - 2v2s 3v3s and 5v5s with our viable comps ! - Frost Dk Quick Responses to all questions ! (100% Accurate Information) - All videos contain Deep analyse to learn and improve ! Im still Actively posting Videos Weekly and I take Video requests of things people would like to see. If you see any tab above that your having trouble finding Plz ask me for the link to the video =]. Again, Thank you and I hope you all find something of use ! I am in the process of finding teammates to push higher mmrs to potential stream in the near Future. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter @HypeDoWnTvHypedown0 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 Hi Blackrock Hello Blackrock! cheers!Schmidly2 Sep 23, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 LF Merger/Absorbtions Options Plain and simple looking for any guilds with similar issues looking to get back on track in mythic HFC. add my btag rizzenx#1586Synthetic0 Sep 20, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 realm down? Unable to log in to character :(Elesarr0 Sep 19, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 [H]<Roll For Blame> 7/7H - 10/10H - 7/13H <RollForBlame> is a semi-casual Horde guild recruiting raiders looking to raid 2 nights a week. Raid times are 6-9PM Server Time (PST), Wed/Thurs. We aim to clear the most relevant Heroic level encounters. Mythic only after we have Heroic on farm. Message or mail Nexiom, Falagar, or Barren in game for more information. Current positions open: Rogues - Medium Feral Druid - High Balance Druid - Medium Monk - High Warlock - Medium Mage - Medium Any Healer - High <RollForBlame> is maintained by a core group of players going on 10 years, from the early days of TBC up into this most recent expansion. Many of us have experience at bleeding edge content throughout various expansions with some of the hardest content in the game. In Warlords of Draenor, we aim to raid semi-casually in order to experience the games content but not push bleeding edge. This enables us to play the game and have more fun instead of more stress. If you're looking for a laid back guild and some fun, please feel free to message or mail Nexiom, Falagar, or Barren in game. Notable past experience (during time when it was relevant): Illidan 25man Sunwell before Patch 3.0: Felmyst, Brutalus, Kalecgos 25man 0 Keeper Yogg-saron 25man Heroic Anub'arak 25man (A Tribute to Insanity) Realm First Heroic Lich King (5% buff) 25man Heroic Cho'gall and Sinestra 10man Heroic Ragnaros 10man (US 400) Heroic Madness of Deathwing 10man (US 450)Nexiom17 Sep 18, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 WTS Alani Mount I have 10 x Skyshard ready to go! When used, these allow you to kill Alani the Stormborn which drops the mount Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent (this is a guaranteed drop.) Price will be 30k or best offer. Sep 18, 2015
Sep 17, 2015 How much is a full heroic carry?> Anyone?Bleep1 Sep 17, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 <The Temple>8/13(H) Recruiting a Tank and Dps <The Temple> 8/13 Heroic s a laid back but get serious when needed type of guild, with multiple people knowing each other outside of game. We are currently in need of a permanent Tank and Exceptional DPS for our heroic progression team. A min ilvl of 690 and good knowledge of your class preferred. Msg Zódd, Xenkou, Blackgarjay, Cøløneldole, or Aborym in game or post here for any questions. Casual and Returning players of all types are also welcome to join we run normals and pug in groups randomly though the week. www.thetemple.gamerlaunch.comZódd1 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Pvpdinosaur here. Any oldschool Blackrockers? Just reactivated about an hour ago. Haven't played since pre-cata. I've only seen one familiar name so far, and it's a bit depressing. Community was 80% of what made the game fun and now it seems its dead! Hello to any old friends out there that may have switched to horde! :)Pvpdinosaur48 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Selling Heroic HFC Loot/Runs <Soft Enrage> currently looking to sell specific loot/tier/full runs/aotc acheive for gold in Heroic Hellfire Citadel. TIMES Bosses 1-6 Loot: Saturday 9pm PST. Bosses 7-13 Loot: Sunday 9pm PST. Prices Tier Peices 35k Trinkets 50-80k Archi Class Trinket 100k Weapons 1h=60k 2h=90k All other loot 20k Archi AoTC with no loot 60k How it Works 1) First contact me @ yurij#1834 which is my BTag. 2) Discuss what loot you want and if it is available. Confirm the times work. 3) Log on and be ready to be summoned on the boss or bosses you need loot. 4) Full deposit needed before the boss is engaged traded to me. 5) If the loot drops or you bonus coin I keep the deposit and you get the item. If the item does not drop and you do not bonus coin it your deposit is refunded -10%. 6) If the item drops you get it looted to you and I keep the deposit.Buddhaboris0 Sep 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Survey on your gaming experiences Hi all, I am posting this for a friend. She is a researcher (and avid gamer) who studies online behavior. Please help her study helping in video games by filling out this short survey on your thoughts and experiences: Thank you. TriageTriage0 Sep 14, 2015
Sep 11, 2015 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode Anyone still selling 8/8 gold challenge runs? Most posts I see are dated several months back. And if so, is the price still 250k?Headrush2 Sep 11, 2015
Sep 10, 2015 [H] Weekend raiding guild LF DPS! 10/13N HFC <True Warlords> is now recruiting! We are 10/13 N HFC and are in need of more folks for progression! Looking for all DPS classes and/or DPS with tank OS. Raid times are 8-11 Server on Friday and Saturday nights. If you're looking for a new raiding guild or just wanna hang out, come join us! Btag me for more info: slinkywink#1357.Seraphynne1 Sep 10, 2015
Sep 9, 2015 Returning Player DPS DK 650 Ilvl Hello, I am a returning player with a DK with an Ilvl 650 I stopped on Highmaul Imperator normal, but did some of the hardmode fights such as Kargath, Butcher, Tectus and also Brakenspore. No big reason why I stopped I just felt like I had alot going on and I just decided to stop, I let my past guild know ahead of time that this may happen so I didnt just disappear. Now I am back and am looking for a guild preferably within Blackrock, but if it sounds like a good home I will consider. I want to get back in and get ready for Legion whenever that comes out, but I plan to play for a while now that I am back. Just need to find a good home that will suit me. The progress of the guild does not matter just the quality and skills the players have within the raid group. For more information you can message me in game! Thanks for reading. Message me at Razed#1594 for more info ill be glad to chat!Huntwink0 Sep 9, 2015
Sep 7, 2015 close me plz found a great guild thanksChibster0 Sep 7, 2015
Sep 6, 2015 <Follow The Forgotten> Social Guild We are a VERY social guild and are looking to expand! If you want to join or find out more you can add Malusion (me) as a friend and/or message me or Omi.Malusion0 Sep 6, 2015
Sep 5, 2015 BLACKROCK IS EMPTY GTF(IN) black rock is dead can we do something about that? k thanksSythiyer1 Sep 5, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 Casawn of the guild Defenestrate seen botting I've noticed this while in a nemesis group in Ashran at around 2:00 AM PST that phased me into the Blackrock server. He uses same paths to reach the npcs he's farming around Brute's Rise and completely ignores players unless engaged, in which he immediately attacks and pops all cool downs every time. Typical bot behavior except that this one is fully geared, challenge mode weapon, and can hit like a truck. He's most likely set to farm these npcs possibly because they have a chance to drop pieces for the AH you can build in your garrison, which sell for pretty big chunks of gold. He's set to a specific priority I've noticed after killing him 20 times... Loot NPC > kill NPC that was engaged before pvp combat > attack pet if I'm not in range for death grip > engage player This is either a hacked account or someone knowingly doing this at this late time hoping people wouldn't notice because at these times Ashran isn't that populated and nobody would question a fully geared character. Sorry if this is known already in this server but I gotta put this guy on blast because it's not acceptable what he's doing. Edit: reported Casawn so they could investigate, if they ever do get to that.Linsane36 Sep 4, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 WORLD WAR = WORLD PVP = EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT . WORLD WAR = WORLD PVP = EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT . November 18 - December 2nd REVISION 1.0 (complete) ORIGIONAL POST: Please: UPVOTE + REQUEST STICKY ================================================================== WORLD WAR = WORLD PVP = EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT ================================================================== ... ================================================================== Event Information ================================================================== ... ... CHECK ORIGIONAL POST The origional post has much more information in full detail of the event. Please click and view the origional post. ORIGIONAL POST: Please: UPVOTE + REQUEST STICKY THIS IS A CROSS-REALM-CROSS-SERVER PVP EVENT!Vvar0 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 loque nahak Can anyone confirm the last known spawn for loque nahak on the blackrock server? please and thank you. fellow hunter Zanrex.Zanrex1 Sep 1, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 693 Feral/Boomkin LF Raiding Guild Hi, i'm looking for a raiding guild that raids around 7-9 PST, I'm 693 feral and a 684 moonkin.Daisybubbles0 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 Potential Alliance Guild Transfer? Hello all, recently my main's guild (Alliance) has been considering relocating to a new server from Emerald Dream. We are looking to get away from the large amounts of drama that take place there (obviously every server has it, but it seems to go to extremes on Emerald Dream.) We are a small/medium scale World PvP guild and are currently scouting for some Horde dominated servers to join. Any insight on how popular the idea of World PvP is when you can get it on both factions would be greatly appreciated!Sm3 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 [Standard Deviation] lf dps+1 Swing Healer Guild: Standard Deviation Server: Blackrock (PST PvP) Progression: 3/13M Times: Tuesday-Thursday 8-11PST (11-2EST) Website: Recruitment Needs: highest needs Elemental Shaman Mage rogue DK 1 Swing healer- Druid/Shaman only *Must be able to play dps and resto 50/50 depending on comp per fight. Will consider any exceptional dps rizzenx#1586 Hawt9999#1866Rizzenx13 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 3/13M LF Healer Hey guys, we are looking for an additional healer to join our core roster as we progress through mythic HFC. Prefer Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin but we will consider any healer. This is an immediate opening, you will be raiding right away. If interested please apply at or contact any officer (information provided below). Our current progression is 3/13M, and we raid 2 hours a day for 4 days a week Raid Schedule Sunday: Off (With alt raids) Monday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Tuesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Wednesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Thursday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Friday: Off night Saturday: Off night Officers: Tandris - - - (RL) Tandris#1799 Geezpow - - - GeeZPoW#1332 Choyal - - - Choyal#1745 Gollyday - - - Sweenz#1353 Thank you for considering AfterLife!Minatojinn1 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Looking for WEEKEND Raiding GUILD! HELLOOOO BLACKROCK I am looking for a permanent home offering a raiding schedule that meets my needs. Hoping to find a relaxed raid environment with a focus on progression. And just want to kill bosses with minimal frustration. Ele/Resto Shammy Friday/Saturday/Sunday THANKS!Drizzydre1 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 [H] <The Blackhand Job> 12/13H recruiting. We are seeking healers (H Pally, MW Monk, Disc Priest) Tanks, DPS (hunters, locks, mages) 700+ If you're class isn't listed, but are a good player, or are listed and interested, please whisper an officer in game, or leave a reply in this forum.Mawgsquad2 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better and more creative ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you looking for a new guild or for skilled puggers? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad.. Aug 27, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Wisdomcube Real ID gogoRyanettes2 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 DK Tank LF a Heroic+ HFC Guild TL;DR I am looking for a guild of people focused on raiding End-Game content (Heroic+). The players are mostly interested in no bs progression and are emotionaly stable enough to not rage quit to a sereies of progression wipes. I currently perform the tanking role on DK (Main) and a Warrior. I started pug tanking HFC 2 weeks ago and currently 12/13N 8/13H. A brief history of my wow experience... Vanilla: 2006. Played holy priest, leveled 1-60 with Holy (don't ask, yes it was insane). Played with a family/friend guild clearing MC through AQ 20. A really great experience! The game has changed soo much since then. The Burning Crusade: Played Holy Priest mainly. Healed Heroics (back when they were actually heroic) through SSC, TK, Hyjal and Black Temple. Leveled a Mage and a Rogue at the end of the expansion for PVP mostly. Really liked Rogue. Really enjoyed TBC, best expansion. Had to stop playing TBC shortly before Wrath due to RL. Wrath: My rogue became my main. I joined the expansion kinda late around the time Ulduar was released. Eventually Raided from Naxx through ICC. Really liked Ulduar. Played PVP on Priest and Rogue. Rogue PVP was brutal, very unforgiving, but fun. Tried Arenas and got 1900+. I really enjoyed the experience and was proud to earn my T1 pvp weapons....back when they required rating and few players had them. I really enjoyed raiding on my rogue back then. Cata: Played Rogue and Priest PVP mostly. Rogue in Cata was very fun. you felt like a god most of the time because Recuperate would heal you to full hp shortly after a vanish and you did a lot of dmg. Even though in cata they made the first steps to pruning talent trees, they were still there and you could spec to dmg reduction. Played Rated Battlegrounds on my Disc Priest. Got up to 2100-2200 MMR then our group stopped playing because the leader camped when he got 2200. I had 2000+ on kel'thuzad Alliance at the time. I also started playing shadow priest and really enjoyed it...still do. Alts were easy to get in CAta. I leveled a DK at the end of the expansion and tanked for the first time. I actually started enjoying tanking. I tanked a little bit of the last instance. MOP: I tanked most of MOP. I tanked mostly on Monk, but also on Warrior and DK. My monk was my main. Wasn't in a guild so pugged most of the time. Managed to tank the raids and get AOTC. Didnt Really like MOP. I thought at the time, and still do that removing talent trees was horrible. I also do not like the legendary quest design. WOD: My DK is my main and I enjoy tanking with DK and Warrior. I don't like monk tanking anymore for some reason. It jsut feels different than it did in MOP. I pvp with a bunch of other classes as I did in MOP. I have pug tanked Heroic AOTC for both Highmaul and BRF. Currently working on HFC but at this point would much prefer a guild to the horrors of pugging. Some Notes: Would prefer a trial period before invite. All the above experience has been over multiple servers. Most of my characters now reside on Blackrock Horde. BTW, this server is way different now than it was in Wrath. In Wrath is was soo packed and was the TOP pvp server, even more pop than Tich..its kinda dead now. **Things in wow that I would like to try/learn : Challenge Modes. I have never done them. Mythic bosses. I can raid M-F 6-11PM Server, Sat-Sun Anytime Mostly. Thank you.Runebar0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 Rdruid LF heroic/mythic guild Returning player looking for a morning guild (central and pacific time zones) or an east coast raiding guild. I had to take a break several months ago to finish school and get my work schedule sorted out. Now that everything is stable, I'm looking to get back into the game. Currently 685 ilvl after being away 6 months. Current progression is lacking a bit due to my absence: 7/7 H Highmaul 3/7 M Highmaul 9/10 H BRF (This is where I had to quit) I have a solid raiding history of full clearing (or coming close) to full clearing end tier content that dates back to WotLK. I can raid any day, but I can only raid between the following times: Pacific time: 8am-8pm Central time: 9am-9pm Eastern time: 11am-11pm I have a pretty wide window available, but my time availability is not flexible, as I work third shift with an alternating schedule. *This doesn't mean I'm unreliable. I work different days every 2 weeks, but I'm always off at the same time. Leave your spam below, or get in touch directly. If necessary, I'll fill out your applications or whatever is required. I have both vent and mumble. Btag: Adorabull#1705Adoräbull0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 <The Scourge> is dead. Here's why Hey folks. I've been leading groups on Blackrock for quite a while, so hopefully most of the server's big names are at least loosely familiar with and respect me by this point. I founded the guild <The Scourge of Lordaeron> roughly a year ago. Over time we became a pretty solid group, getting close to top 10 server in this raid tier, with ambitions to get quite a bit higher. Earlier this week the guild died. Why? A nasty clique developed inside the guild. At first, it was a group of similarly minded friends within, but comprising a minority of, the core raiders. Over time it became excessively elitist, the people in it poisonous and taking into account only those opinions coming from within their group. These people were once my friends. They developed the nasty habit of seizing on individual mechanics failures in raids, criticizing only the people outside of their clique, and making a big, long term deal out of it while deflecting any criticisms brought upon their own members. Raiding became socially toxic because of how little people came to trust one another. I knew who the individuals behind the clique were, but it was large enough a group that I made the poor decision to leave them in the guild and hope things never got too bad. The sad thing is that these people think they are so much better than they are. They're high 70s to low 90s in the log rankings at best. They lost sight of long term, incremental progress and fun in favor of cowardly backstabbing and pathetic power plays. They forgot the faces behind the screen and what guilds are supposed to be. My failure as a guild master was not reminding them of this. I should have removed these people from the guild. Removed a quarter of our raid group, delayed the guild's progress by a few weeks for the sake of its long term health. This I should have done. I didn't because I got too caught up in the performance race myself. The assclowns in the clique - Rapida, Ellerage, Bloodbane, Bonegrinder/Karugen - decided to blame everything on me and Blokesmuntz (when our primary desire all along had been to keep the keep the guild going and for everyone in it to keep having fun) and peaced out on a raid night, declaring an ultimatum to our raiders; come with them or not raid until we could rebuild our group. So half our raid team left at first. Many of the rest followed, because rebuilding a raid team at this stage of the tier on this server would take a long time. The constructive problems that the clique cited were ones that I would have been happy to work with them on, if they had thought even once to sit down and speak with me. They decided not to. If they had positive suggestions for the guild, I would have worked with them on this; my devotion to my guild and the people in it is unquestioned by dozens of people on this server. They didn't talk to me, kept me in the dark while scheming and plotting to sabotage my guild as much as possible because it was in their benefit. They pulled this move as a hasty surprise THE DAY BEFORE we were going to merge with another guild and solidify our mythic roster; a move that not coincidentally would have pushed out most of the drama-causing clique. They timed this mutiny in exactly the right time to sabotage the guild and the guild merger, to ensure that Scourge could never be viable again (thus driving the majority of Scourge's raid team to follow them). A cynically profitable ploy. The objective of this realm forum post is to see their pathetic dreams burn to ashes in their hands. The loyal members of my guild who stayed behind are now joining Regicide, a guild that me and my officers have always been friendly with. To anyone who left Scourge to join Exodus, who did so just so you could keep having fun and raid - don't stay with them. These people (Karugen/Bonegrinder, Rapida, Bloodbane, Ellerage, etc) are backstabbers who destroyed a long-term guild for the sake of a power play and because they knew that they were going to be kicked off the raid team after the merger; my only regret is not gkicking them sooner. I failed you all in not doing this sooner. I should have been stronger. You all suffered for it. For that, I could not be more sorry. To the people in Exodus who I know and still respect, the people who had fun in Scourge under my leadership - don't bother with Exodus. They are doomed. They will never be able to fill a mythic raid team - they are incapable of leading their way out of a wet paper bag. Regicide is taking anyone from Scourge who is in need of a new home; whisper Neonblade or Blokesmuntz anytime for an invite. To anyone curious about this situation, be careful about speaking to the leaders of Exodus. These people are liars and backstabbers and bull!@#$ters on a very fundamental level, and they will twist even the most minor of events to fit their %^-*ed up drama agenda. To the members of the clique who destroyed scourge - go die in a fire.Coldbringer55 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 Returning Player Looking for a Guild Hello, Since returning from the game after stepping away for some time I'v decided I want to start playing again in preparation for the upcoming expansion. Many of the people I used to play with have taken a break from the game as well and I'v noticed the game being much less fun with out the social dynamic it once had. I don't find pvp or raiding as fufilling using the LFG functionality and miss the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning an RBG/Arena match or getting a guild first boss kill with a group of friends. Looking for a laid back group of like minded individuals to game with and shoot the !@#$ with, send me a message/mail in game or comment here if you think your squad might be a fit for me. :) TL;DR Sup doodz wanna be guildies? Thanks, SoultexSoultex0 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 Mage (arcane) LF guild Im looking for a guild to progress with, i know how most mechanics work in the raids in wod. If interested just pm meMegiarmus0 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 <Temple> 13/13 (N) 7/13 (H) Recruiting Dps <The Temple> -Blackrock About us: Raid Times: Sunday and Monday 6-9 server; 9-12 EST. Progression: 13/13 N and 7/13 H. We are a close knit group of friends most of which know each other personally, and we are looking to expand our core.We like to have fun during raids but, we also like the down bosses so during progression it's time to put your game faces on. What we are looking for: We are currently recruiting Dps of all types, however, all are welcome to apply. Alts welcome if competent and geared. Casual Members with no ilvl requirement also welcome. with understanding you wont be carried. About You: -You should have at least a 700 ilvl or above (exceptional players could be given special consideration) -You should Preferably be 09/13 N and/ 3/13 H ( or at the very least have some heroic experience. ) -If you are not progressed to or close to our progression you should at the very least watch the videos and be as prepared for the fights you are unfamiliar with. -Knowledge of your class and spec is a must. ( IE if you just boosted to 90 you had better know how to play the character you want to raid on.) For and questions or more info contact: Zodd#1488 Feel free to Apply to our new guild site.ódd5 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 <Dead Reckoning> 8/13 H LF Strong DPS! We're a 2 day raiding guild who raids 8:30-11:30p server time, our guild is very friendly and has great raid leaders! Primarily looking for strong DPS to help push us into Mythic, our most wanted list is: Mage DPS Druid WarlockBut will consider all! Will also possibly accept a strong tank. PST Daargen, Fonix, or Serophine in game for more info!Daargen2 Aug 18, 2015