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Jun 12 Bleeding Hollow PvP Guilds Welcome to the Bleeding Hollow PvP Guild List! A comprehensive guide to PvP focused Guilds on Bleeding Hollow [US]. Presented by Seanna and Zulex. This guide features a quick rundown of Guilds for both factions, Alliance and Horde. Basic information about each Guild can be provided here for community members and prospective guildmates to see! Any Guild wishing to get their name on this list or adjust information featured about their Guild can have their GuildMaster/Officers post below and/or contact either Seanna[A] or Zulex[H] in game. Updates to the list will be often. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the field! edit: Stickied 7/29/15! In no particular order, the Guilds are as follows:Zulex172 Jun 12
May 9, 2017 FAQ: Bleeding Hollow Transfers This is purely to swap over the FAQs, I take no credit for the majority of the post I'm posting as I only updated it from the old one (That was made during Cata) ****UPDATED COPY FOR THE STICKY**** Bleeding Hollow Streams! Check these videos if you're here for the world pvp: Sup boyfriends, so I decided that if I combined the three FAQs here, we’d have a better chance at getting it sticked. Then when people ask a question about the server, we can be giant jerks and say “read the stickies noob.” I mostly just copied stuff over from the other FAQs, but I finished the sections that Paddywack left blank, as well as some brief proof reading/editing. Please sticky this and keep it bumped, so we don’t have to have multiple threads/FAQs, as that can sometimes be less helpful than not having a FAQ at all. Anyway, enjoy. --Disclaimer: Most of this FAQ came from Paddywack, Tablez and Ikyteu, so thanks to them. I will update if things become irrelevant, or if the bleeding hollowians deem something need to be added. So due to word recently getting out that our server is big money pimpin’ for PvP, we’ve had a lot of transfers recently for both horde and alliance. This is great, and is helping our PvP community grow even bigger than it already is. If you are one of these transplants from a dead realm, I’m sure you have questions just like the rest of them. This FAQ aims to satisfy those concerns. If you are a dragonslaying PvE fanatic, have no fear, there are plenty of people willing to smash AI with you all day! Table of contents ============= 1a) Server Information 1b) Horde - to - Alliance ratio 1c) How to transfer and cost of transferring 1d) Will I like this server? 2) End-Game Content (PvE) 2a) PvE Progression: Server Rank in the US 2b) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Alliance 2c) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Horde 2d) General Loot Rules for Alliance 2e) General Loot Rules for Horde 3) PvP 3a) World PvP 3b) Arena PvP 3c) Battleground PvP 3d) Rated Battleground PvP 3e) Guilds that PvP (Horde and Alliance) 3f) Ongoing Bleeding Hollow Tournaments 4) Role Playing 5) Server Economy 5a) Alliance 5b) Horde 5c) Collectors and Neutral Auction HousePulse291 May 9, 2017
1h LF Guild (Casual PVE/PVP) Hi guys, Returning player here. I can't hardcore heroic raid 3-4 nights a week like I used to in Wotlk/Cata (I have to be an adult and stuff), but wish I could! Anyways, I've been catching up the last few months on a few characters (decided I will be rolling Balance druid) for BFA. I'm looking for a casual guild, preferably on EST time- hoping to get back into a WoW groove. I have to use my new and improved rig for something right?Pattyz1 1h
8h LF Casual Guild Getting back into the game since Cataclysm. Availability is mostly Tuesday and Wednesday (if no plans irl) then a few hours in the morning Thursday-Saturday between the hours of 8AM-12PM PST and 2 hour play time between 12AM-2AM. Looking to progress slowly. Just starting out by doing mostly world quests and learning from few guides. Currently playing as Havoc Demon Hunter.Nort2 8h
9h (H) The Blacktooth Grin [11/11H] Hello unsuspecting person returning for BFA/ Pre-patch! We are <The Blacktooth Grin>. We're recruiting members to add to our raid team! Join our casual 2 day a week Heroic Raid experience. Heroic Raid Times - Tuesday and Sunday 8pm-11pm server time (est) We are an adult (18+) only guild who love to have fun, raid, pvp, and do mythic+ nearly every night. We use discord heavily and have an active evening roster. Whisper Hodel in game or add my battletag TJS#1608 or check out this awesome recruitment video one of our members made 9h
13h (H) <First Iteration> Heroic Raiding/M+ Guild Hello all! We are First Iteration. We are a newer guild located on Bleeding Hollow that focuses mainly on heroic raiding and high mythic + content. We are comprised of long time players and former hard core players that don’t have the time necessary to continue that hard core lifestyle. We are a very close knit bunch that have been friends for a very long time and are looking for more players to join our ranks. We are active in all facets of the game; from mythic +, to weekly heroic raids, to PvP, and even to chasing those elusive achievements. You will find us on most nights of the week and you’ll always find us ready and willing to partake in all sorts of activities. Guild plans for BFA In BfA we are really looking to takeoff with our heroic raiding and mythic + endeavors. We already have a core team comprised of the current guild members, but we are looking to expand and add additional teams and hopefully create a community of people who are always looking to push high mythic + keys. We will also be completing weekly normal and heroic raids. Outside of that we will be looking to possibly set up a functional guild RBG group along with participating in arenas and regular BG’s. Our schedule for BfA is currently shaping up to be as follows: Sunday: Regular/Heroic raid ~7:00 pm CST-10:00 pm CST Monday: Cleanup raid day/free day ~7:00 pm CST-10:00 pm CST Tuesday: Hard M+ key push day ~7:00 pm CST Wednesday: Free day Thursday: M+ practice day ~7:00 pm CST Friday: Free day Saturday: Free day Times are sometimes slightly tentative depending on schedules, but the days will always be the same. Raiding will be conducted on Sundays, with Monday as a back up/cleanup day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will break into our set mythic + teams and push/practice keys. This is where our core will put most of their focus. The above schedule represents what our current core has in place. Obviously anyone who wants to push keys on any day is always free to do so. All of this is nice and dandy, but what kind of player are we looking for? We are looking for solid, mature, knowledgeable, laid back, and open players. We want people who are open to constructive criticism and who can also formulate it on their own to give to others. We are a very open and relaxed group, but we know how to hunker down to get stuff done. We are also an older group of guys, ages 25-30 and are looking primarily for people around the same age. Maturity is big with us as a number of us stream and try to keep things as PG/PG-13 as possible. We all know how to joke around, but more importantly, we all know how to take a joke. If you think you would be a good fit please fill out our short guild questionnaire ( and feel free to add me or one of the officers to talk! Vear#11500 Charlievane#1317 LemmeDrink#1229Vear9 13h
20h LF guild for BfA funsies Hello all~ My bf and I are looking for a guild for upcoming BfA. About us (I feel this is like a dating profile o.o): On and off players...we were more active from BC-Cata...Pandaria-Draenor is kind of a blur and didn't hold our interests, and we're just completing Legion content right now for flying. Legion's questlines and content has renewed our hopes for BfA. :D He's more of a PvE-type of guy with dashes of PvP in there. (He plays Marksman Hunter.) I'm more of a PvP-type of girl who used to heal BC-Cata raids. (I've got this priest and a Fire mage.) I know I would definitely not mind a raiding/PvP schedule since I am a college student. I like schedules. With him...probably questionable, lol. Anyway, please get back to me at Arapiama #1615 or in game on this character "Hij" or "Fuhij". Thanks!Hij1 20h
20h Music Thread aka What are you listening to now? - 'Good Music Only' Edition --- --- --- Now I know some of you 'new age' kids won't appreciate good music like this but you'll have better tastes when you're older. Change my mind. 20h
20h War Mode in BH? Who else is going to do some war mode on BH? Maybe people who left the server would like to PVP on it again. Who is looking forward to do some PVP before and during BFA?Kaelst2 20h
20h Considering a Transfer here Hey Guys, I'm considering leaving my home server Emerald Dream where I play Horde, because the pvp phasing wont include RP servers, and I want a lot of active world pvp. I was looking at Bleeding Hollow because of the strong Horde population (it seems). And it’s East Coast location. Do you think the BFA phasing of zones will make world pvp active and population balanced? I'm wondering if the population imbalance will make world PvP really boring and unbalanced? Would Bleeding Hollow be a good place to come to if I'm looking for lots of nice world PvP? How is the server health?Dotworc4 20h
21h <Nova Divine> Recruiting PvE/PvP Nova Divine is recruiting members who 18+ and are know Strats/PvE that is our Main Guild Spec and for Causal PvP now this is not 100% and is not Red'q to join but is allowed. Using Discord & site and did i say we have more? yep we love our poor members with 100g daily repairs & event's soon! are you worthy enough to be a God?Felbladé0 21h
1d [A]The Enclave Is Recruiting - PvP/PvE The Enclave is currently recruiting any and all Alliance players interested in the following: Normal/Heroic Raids - Mythic raids are a fast ticket to burnout city. While we were the only Alliance on BH capable of doing them we collectively as a group got sick of it and ended up taking a break. We have no intention of doing it again. Heroics are good enough for us and we can bring up to 30 people. Unrated/Rated PvP - We run various random and rated BG groups from time to time. Not to mention grouping up to smash Horde with our over powered tank specs in the world. Long Lasting Community - The Enclave has been around as a gaming organization since 1998. You'll always find stability in our community no matter what game we play. For now it's WoW and in the future it may be another game. A long winded posted for 2018 WoW is not necessary. We no plans to leave this realm and merely want to play the game and enjoy it for what it is. Going against the grain isn't going to help us so we don't intend to do that at all. So in the end do you want a home on Alliance? Want to clear raids/battlegrounds with speed and efficiency without relying on pugs? We're the guild for you. Want to push cutting edge Mythic raids? We're not it. Find another server. Want a family friendly environment? We're not that either. Send me a message in-game for invite. Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to bring as many people as possible to our heroic raids and gear up as quickly as possible as a guild. Thank you for reading.Horrigan34 1d
1d H - Community Recruiting - Fun/Casual events Dear Horde Players, "For The Lulz" is an up and coming Community built with idea of bringing Vanilla play back to the game with random acts of goofiness and scheduled epic events. Do you want to raid Astranaar? Do you want to have 50 person battle royale at the gurubashi arena? Do you want to try doing a 25 man raid with only druids. Do you want to join a bunch of other people in creating level 1 humans and drown yourself in the rivers of Stormwind? Do you want to gank a bunch of plebs in Hellfire Peninsula and then run away when they log onto their rogue mains? Do you want to play hide and seek? Do you want trivia and lore? Do you need help with some achieves and some runs or bgs? For The Lulz is for you then. There will be weekly planned events, with some prizes and giveaways, an active twitter (@FTLhorde) and discord (, plus plenty of others to chat and enjoy this game with. ^ is a link to get an invite. Damnitdan#1890 is my Real ID just in case you have any comments, questions or concerns.Khanzu0 1d
1d Wtb name 'Swiper' Who has it? I'll fight you. With gold. How am I supposed to be a Vulpera Rogue without that name?Necrachilles2 1d
2d Communities Tomorrow! – Join “For The Lulz” Dear Horde players, “For The Lulz” community is being created tomorrow and we are looking for more players to be a part of the inaugural crew. We are a community dedicated to silliness and escapism from the gear grind. Do you want to raid Astranaar? Do you want to try doing a 25 man raid with only druids. Do you want to join a bunch of other people in creating level 1 humans and drown yourself in the rivers of Stormwind? Do you want to gank a bunch of plebs in Hellfire Peninsula and then run away when they log onto their rogue mains? Do you want to play hide and seek? Do you want trivia and lore? For The Lulz is for you then. There will be weekly planned events, with some prizes and giveaways, an active twitter (@FTLhorde) and discord, plus plenty of others to chat and enjoy this game with. My real ID is damnitdan#1890, please add me or post here if you are interested or have any comments or suggestions.Khanzu1 2d
2d (H) Tabbed Out 11/11M LF DPS PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA BATTLETAG @ Skilless#1617 Tabbed Out - Bleeding Hollow Horde (PvP server, EST) Times: Wed/Thurs/Sun 8:30pm-12 EST Website: Progression: Current: 11/11 Mythic Antorus Previous Tier: 8/9 M Tomb of Sargeras 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 3/3 M Trial of Valor 10/10 M Nighthold TO has a long history of gaming going back all the way back to Everquest. This guild has definitely stood the test of time and has had a long and successful raiding career in WoW. For any questions regarding progression in older tiers we'd be happy to speak with you in game! Recruitment: To be recruited you must make an account on our website, read our guild charter, and fill out our application. If we like what we see you will have a brief mumble interview so we can get to know you. To apply visit Looking to add: DPS Spots (DK, Mage, Shadow Priest, WW Monk, Demon Hunter) any DPS who have TANK OS is a huge plus! Guild Atmosphere: - We encourage the use of peoples’ real names and we encourage our members to get to know one another as more than just pixels, to get to know one another on more personal levels. - The leaders of this guild believe that a guild that is socially close is much more likely to succeed than a group of hired mercenaries. - We are an adult guild and we make adult jokes and mess with each other, if you are sensitive and cannot handle this, TO is probably not the place for you. - We use a dkp style loot system. You can read about it here: - We utilize Discord as well Contact: Guild Leader Darkranger battletag Genghis352#1259 Officers Evilmon - Raid Leader/Ranged Officer Sikwit - Senior Officer Smè - DKP/Recruitment Officer - Sme#11814, Discord - Smesus#4820 Skilless - Tank/Recruitment OfficerSkilless4 2d
2d [H] Tranquility LF quality ppl for Mythic! Tranquility (now 9/11 M!) is a Horde guild on Bleeding Hollow that has been around since Cataclysm. We are a good group of people who are always looking to add more to the roster, as we believe constant recruitment keeps things fresh and fun, as well as keeps our discord incredibly active throughout the week and outside of the game! We've built a tight-knit community that only asks for 6 raiding hours per week, and we raid Sun/Mon from 7-10pm EST. Sure, our hours aren't traditionally those of a standard mythic guild, but we definitely get a lot out of our few hours we have, and we intend to keep that momentum going through BFA. If this sounds like something that might interest you, I'd love to chat over real ID and answer any questions you may have. I also would definitely love to ask you a few questions to ensure you're an excellent fit for our guild! Hope to catch you soon! Rom#11997Rompelar48 2d
3d A Casual Based - Fun Based: Wow Community Dear Horde players, upon the launch of BFA I will be starting a Community called "For The Lulz" dedicated to random acts of silliness and potential escapism from the gear grind. Do you want to raid Astranaar? Do you want to try doing a 25 man raid with only druids. Do you want to join a bunch of other people in creating level 1 humans and drown yourself in the rivers of Stormwind? Do you want to gank a bunch of plebs in Hellfire Peninsula and then run away when they log on their rogue mains? For The Lulz is for you then. There will be weekly planned events, an active twitter and discord, HOPEFULLY a vibrant community of players willing to enjoy this game with. My real ID is damnitdan#1890, please add me or post here if you are interested or have any comments or suggestions.Khanzu5 3d
3d [H] <Trap> BFA Raiding W+F 6-9pm EST <Trap> is recruiting experienced raiders looking for a "Semi-Hardcore" Raid environment. Along side our core team we are looking for a couple casual "Bench " Players, with the idea that if openings come up a spot will arise for the taking. Trialing in is as simple as messaging a council member for a quick and painless DISCORD interview. Very structured and organized guild that's just over all looking for more friends in the same mind set! Big plans for BFA as far as Mythic + Progress, Casual PvP events, Weekend Alt Raids, and just the day to day grind. *Stocked Guild Bank with raid materials *Repairs *Voice chat-Discord *Group of Experienced/Mature Leads (Council) *Guild Radio Station *Guild Facebook If interested please get in contact with on of our leads to schedule a Discord interview. Trix#1170-Trix (Guild Master) First step: Check out our Rules/Expectations for raiders #Trap Core Raid Rules# #1. We are here to progress and have fun, be prepared for the night and ready to raid. #2. BE PREPARED FOR RAID. * Food, Flask, Etc *Fully Optimized (Gem'd/Chanted/Upgraded) *Be ready to go the full raid time #3. Loot is Personal Loot so nothing important here #4. Must Maintain a 85%+ attendance score or spot will be up for grabs. Give the earliest notice for an absence it affects your percentage. #5. STUDY YOUR TOONS! KNOW YOUR CLASS WEAKNESS AND STRENGTHS! BE THE BEST OF YOUR CLASS! #6. Mandatory Addons *Exorsus Raid Tools *Deadly Boss Mods *Details! Damage Meter *Discord-Phone App + Desktop App #7. Be competitive but not rude to your fellow raiders, we are all adults. Have fun but be mature and remember we are all friends here. #8. Council Held to 100% of all rules! #Currently in search of: Plenty so please contact an officer! +Bench Casuals #RAID TIMES WEDNESDAY: 6-9 EsT FRIDAY: 6-9 EsT MONDAY: 6-9 EsT (Optional) ***Rules only apply to Core Raid Team*** During interview bring your questions and Concerns. ***DEAR CASUALS...WE ACCEPT YOU TOO :)**** Ask about our second raid team with different time and days. Thursday+Friday 3pm-6pm Est (Bleeding Hollow Server Time)Nephylm276 3d
3d join <i dont care> or dont whateverKnivlagg0 3d
4d 11/11M <Barracuda> Selling M Argus <Barracuda> is selling Mythic Antorus!! Mythic Antorus Sales - BLEEDING HOLLOW GOLD ONLY!! Mythic Argus only Master Loot (no mount) - 2.5m Sale run time Wednesdays @ 10pm EST or Sundays @ 10pm EST Requirements - Master loot runs, so you get everything you need for your main spec (multiple token drops, etc.) and anything not wanted by raiders for your offspec. We will hold max ilevel pieces (985) to be rolled by raiders first for main spec only. If no raider wants, we will give the piece to buyer. - We require a 10% deposit to reserve slot Contact Discord: Kalakay#1674 Battletag: Kalakay#1969Kalakay5 4d
4d Returning Raider LFG! Hello Gm's and Raid leaders alike! I'M BACK WITH AVENGANCE! lol :P Seriously tho I took a long hiatus from WoW due to work related issue's... IE: I made the worst/ best decision ever and became a Truck Driver... While I did that for the last few years I hadn't been able to raid or really play wow. Although I have checked in from time to time over the years I haven't been able to raid. I am now however in a job/position that allows me to raid and play as I did once more. YAY!!! As you can probably tell I am a pretty out going type of guy and very much enjoy this game. That being said here is what I'm looking for: Raid days: Sunday and Monday (anytime, but I do prefer evenings if possible) Raiding type: I hope to find a guild that will go into mythic and be able to keep up with progression as the expansion goes along. Type of overall guild personality: I'm looking for a guild that is mature, but is not afraid to crack jokes and have fun while they are on. What I'm not looking for: Whiners and snot nose little kids :P but seriously I'm not looking for a baby sitting job in this game and would like a guild that is on a mature level as I am. IE: I really don't care for people that will cry or whine over loot they didn't win. or Folks that just can't figure out the word Teamwork... Ok so that pretty much covers what I'm looking for. So here is what I will bring to the guild. A Fun and very talkative member that is not afraid to crack jokes about someones Mama :P but can be serious when its time for progression. A Member willing to help others if I am able. IE: raid need Enchants, Flasks or just general Mental health I'm here to lend a hand or smart !@# remark :P A experienced raider that has been raiding since BC and can play any role required of him. (although I mostly main as a healer or tank most of the time) Somebody that will step up to the challenge not whine about too many wipes or tell the raid leader "your doing it wrong" .. ok well I might but it will be more of a "Thats what she said" type scenario lol :P Ok so you made it to the end of my extremely long and demanding post full of horrible jokes and innuendo's.. So I'm willing to bet there is one general question on your mind... What the hell is this guy Maining and can I fit him in to my BFA Raid team. Awesome cuz I figured I would tell ya now :P My main is...... Drumroll please...... (hears Drum roll)... Main......> Resto Shaman (preferred main spec),enhancement ( other preferred off spec if needed) ,Elemental Shaman (Will do if I have too and offered candy :P) So as it says there I am able and willing to play all 3 specs on my Shaman as I love my sexy Totems and utility the class brings to any raid or dungeon. :) Lastly just to make it easier for ya'll since you read my very entertaining and long winded recruitment post.. Here is my Battle Tag: Miticulous#1571 Feel free to contact anytime in the AM as I am usually online in the morning everyday.Morningwoods1 4d
5d WTB The Chosen Looking to buy The Chosen titleAshtriana0 5d
5d BlizzCon? Hi all! Anyone from Bleeding Hollow planning on attending BlizzCon this year? It will be my 10th year - pretty excited! :)Rhythms2 5d
Jul 11 ❗️LAST CHANCE❗️ Cutting Edge sale tonight! Cutting Edge (comes with Titanslayer title!) being sold before pre-patch goes live and CE becomes no longer available by [H][US][Bleeding Hollow]<Tabbed Out> (11/11M CE guild) starting tonight at 8:30PM EST (in game gold only) Hurry before spots are taken! CE will no longer be available starting next Tuesday! Officer info for pricing: Bnet: sme#11814 Discord: Smesus#4820Cbegsdh0 Jul 11
Jul 11 [Highly Unfocused] recruiting for BfA (H) Highly Unfocused recruiting for spots for Battle for Azeroth! Why Highly Unfocused? Good question, here are a few reasons: 1) Contrary to the name, we focus when it is important. 2) Life is always first, it is a game after all. 3) Play what you want, want to change? Go for it, just have fun! Fun is important. 4) Groups for PvP, M+, killing Alliance for fun. We do it all. 5) We play many different games together. ARK, Conan, League, PUBG, Divinity Sin, you name it, someone plays it. 6) Serious raiding environment for our 2 days we raid. If you cannot be serious for 5 hours, you should not be raiding. Unfocused raids 2 nights a week, Tuesday 7:30 till 11est and Friday 8:30 to Midnight est. Good groups don't need 12 hour raid weeks, this isn't a part-time job after all. During down time we play other games together or run mythics or just harass the Alliance. Also achievement runs, nice to get those old mounts from Raids or dungeons. All those Glory of the xyz. All in all, if you are looking for a top logging world first mythic guild, this isn't for you, heck probably the wrong server if I am being honest. If you want to have fun with a group of friends and down content at a reasonable pace, maybe a group to play other games with as well, check us out. Low pressure group just having fun. If you want more information or want to join (no applications, this isn't a freaking job) let me know at Andromeda #1168 or jump into our discord : @Talrin the Divine or Deeknoll, or really just talk to anyone.Tålrin2 Jul 11
Jul 11 Colorado anyone? Figured if the Florida crew get a forum... Well.. I can't be the only one from Colorado right? Someone needs to come to club beta New Years so I can wear my new heels! ^_^Nemysys13 Jul 11
Jul 11 11/11M <Malice> Tues / Thurs 830-1130 EST -Antorus: 11/11 - Mythic Recruitment Open for BFA We are always looking for players who are comfortable in their class/role to compete for a core spot within our Raid team! If you are looking for strong guild structure no BS and a fun raid environment check us out! Add me on Bnet if interested. Ataxius#11861Ataxius117 Jul 11
Jul 10 Selling M Guldan mount/CE/Chosen and more! ❗️[H][US][Bleeding Hollow]<Tabbed Out> (11/11M CE guild) sale runs (in game gold only) starting at 8:30PM EST every Tuesday❗️ 3 million - “Cutting Edge” Mythic Argus Ask an officer - Mythic Gul'dan Mount Ask an officer - "The Chosen" achievement/title/transmog set 400k - 11/11 Heroic Antorus personal loot Ask an officer - 11/11 Heroic Antorus master loot 200k Heroic Argus Kill Only Hurry before all spots are taken! Officer Bnet for pricing: sme#11814Cbegsdh0 Jul 10
Jul 9 done got a rocky boy squared away ty teamWod1 Jul 9
Jul 7 Selling Guldan Mythic Mount + more Selling multiple items below. Reach out to me regarding price and days. Skilless#1617 11/11 - Heroic Antorus - Personal Loot 11/11 - Heroic Antorus - Master Loot Heroic Argus Kill Only Mythic Gul'dan Mount "The Chosen" achievementSkilless8 Jul 7
Jul 7 2150+ Monk Looking for BFA H PvP Guild I recently came back after a 1.5 year hiatus and I would like to transfer to a large population server in preparation for the expansion. Being deep into college I don't have time to be a hardcore raider like I used to be (Realms first Light of Dawn baybee) so I would like to focus on PvP in the coming expansion. Prior to Legion, I have played warrior since vanilla leading 2000+ RBG groups, playing in 2150+ 2s and 3s, challenger, duelist, etc. I would love to find a forever home with like-minded individuals that like to do arena, RBGs, world PvP, casual raiding/mog runs, etc. If I don't respond to your posts please add my battletag, Psydrox#1510Psyshiro0 Jul 7
Jul 6 [H] Looking for a PVP War Mode guild BFA I'm an older dude looking to group up with some people for PVP and other stuff as well.Azazel3 Jul 6
Jul 5 [H] Abomination - Recruiting for BfA Hello! Abomination is a newly formed guild on Bleeding Hollow of largely re-rolled characters. We were still rather small at the start of ATB so we never got guild groups for anything above normal mode, but are very interested in filling out our core raid team to be able to progress through heroic raids once BFA launces! Raids: Our current raid times are looking to be tues/thursday 8:30-11pm server time (EST). We may extend hours or add another day depending on how we're looking a bit closer to launch. We are still looking mainly for dps, as well as a couple healers. Mythic+/PvP: While we don't have any times scheduled for mythic+ or pvp I know of many core members who are interested in doing both so we would love more members, raiders or not looking to do more of that content as well! We have a discord and a few core members still leveling characters so whether you're re-rolling or just need a new home for the new expansion come get ready with Abomination! You can add my battletag if you have any questions! Detox#1937 Indy#11556Meanielee1 Jul 5
Jul 4 Old Names From Old Times Hey Guys, I used to play on Bleeding Hollow back in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. I transferred off the server years ago to play with friends on Tichondrius when it was an alliance dominated server. I still have several toons on Bleeding Hollow with names for sale for in-game gold only. The names are "Ra" and "Nasty". If you are interested, reply here or add my btag (Sugarfree#11110) and we can talk. Cheers!Starhunt0 Jul 4
Jul 3 [H] Broken - Now on Bleeding Hollow - LFM (H) Broken - now on Bleeding Hollow (US) is rebuilding & recruiting for core spots for Antorus & beyond. Top Reasons that Broken might be for you. 1) 21+ adult guild 2) Wildly inappropriate "NC-17" Discord & Guild banter. 3) We limit breaks in raids to push the pace and get things done. 4) We understand, real life is important and comes first. 5) Never too satisfied, never too negative. 6) Longevity - the guild has been active since BC. Did we get your attention? GOOD! Now to the details: Broken is 6/11 M Antorus - raiding 2 nights a week: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30PM-12:00AM EST and due to popular demand, creating another group on Sunday & Monday nights! LF Tanks and all other spots to make the roster stronger than even, including small groups and other active guild members for m+ dungeons and off-night raids. Sun/Mon will need to farm some heroic as we recruit up for it and get strong for bfa. We are even starting to get more PVP in the guild and we welcome more! Our goal is to blend a mixture of fun and progression, while staying efficient with our limited raid schedule of 2 nights. The guild is comprised of mostly adults 21+, with loads of game and real-life experience, who enjoy working together as a team to down new bosses and make fun of each other along the way. Overall, we are a guild comprised of progression minded raiders who also have real life commitments, that are not content to just farm a raid on heroic endlessly. We were sad to have to leave our old home, but the server population issue on Uldaman is dire. With our move, it's opened up some spots in the roster to have new members fill. We were formerly utilizing RCLootCouncil, but with the upcoming change to loot by Blizz and our move to a new server: we’re going to personal loot, might as well get used to it now. If Blizz backtracks, we may revisit this policy change. Expected add-ons: DBM or BigWigs, GTFO, a meter of some kind (Details, Skada or Recount), other recommended add ons are Weak Auras and Angry Assignments. Go to for text recruitment chat and application or add B-Tag Bloodrooted#1329, Ishin#1586, Mavros#1383, or bigitup#1602 and we can answer any questions you may have!Bloodrooted31 Jul 3
Jul 2 (H) pvp guild LF highly active pvp guild 2k+ exp.Shockula2 Jul 2
Jul 1 Lag /DC/ Servers? We having some server instability?Valdorian0 Jul 1
Jun 28 [H] LF Hardcore Mythic + Guild for BFA My husband and I are looking for a new home for BFA: - Mythic + focused guild pushing high keys - Casual 1 night only raid requirement (heroic or mythic) - We enjoy RBGs, but not required Yes, we are currently Alliance, but we are looking to go Horde for BFA. We are adults with real life responsibilities, that have both played the game for over a decade at various difficulty levels. Since WotLK, we have pushed the highest levels of content (Hard Modes, Mythic raids and Challenge Mode dungeons) on a casual schedule, raiding at most 2 nights a week. A little about us: I am currently a resto druid, and I intend to play resto in BFA. I've played this toon for 10+ years. I have a long history of hardcore raiding. This expac I went Cutting Edge in mythic for everything except ToS. I am currently trying for Cutting Edge for ABT, but with only a week or so left, not sure if we will get it. However, I have achieved this level of progression on a strict 1 night/week raiding schedule. My main passion however lies with Mythic + dungeons. For me, it is even more fun than raiding, and I would love to join a guild where Mythic + progression is the main focus, and raiding is only a side venture, preferably 1 night a week. My score this season was 4161, but I know it could have been much higher had I been in a guild with a group of like minded people who wanted to push M+ progression. My husband is an alt-a-holic, though he traditionally focuses on hunter/monk. He has been on a WOW break since TOS was released. Prior to that, he was pushing Cutting Edge mythic content with me for EN, TOV, and NH. He also enjoys Mythic +, and would prefer a guild that focuses on that instead of a multi-night raiding schedule. 1 night/week for raiding is enough. TL:DR If you are a Horde guild looking for quality team players, that pushes M+ content hard, doesn't have required raiding more than 1 night a week, and you are mostly adults, then please reach out to us about guild recruitment. Thanks! :) My Btag: Auralae#1669 My Discord: Aura#0706 Husband Btag: Steinbock#1131 Husband Discord: sellous#7539Auralea0 Jun 28
Jun 25 <RuM> 10/11M - T/Th 8-11pm - LF Ranged DPS <RuM> is an 18+ semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for players who are geared and skilled enough to CE in Mythic Antorus. We are a fun, friendly, welcoming guild that likes to get the most out of raid time. We don't talk over our raid leader, we don't screw around too much on main raid nights, and we come prepared. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8 -11pm server-time (EST). EPGP, Discord, DBM/Bigwigs and Weakauras are required. We provide food and flasks! - So if you are someone who can play their class at a high level, has a positive attitude, and is ready to kick !@# in Antorus, please contact our raid leader Lye - Xardion#1688 or me - VOldis#1809. --We are looking for 2 Ranged DPS!-- We're also happy to have anyone who regularly plays M+ and can fill-in as needed. - I just want to add that I have been in RuM since the opening of ToS, and it has been a blast. Everyone gets along. We have fun improving every week. No one $%^-*es about who got what loot. We almost always pull within minutes of raid start. We all get our mythic + done together, and we have a couple people that like to push keys to 20+. I can't recommend it enough. Thank you!Voldish23 Jun 25
Jun 23 Bleeding Hollow-US [H] 10/11 M Titan Forged <Titan Forged> on Bleeding Hollow is looking to add some raiders to round out our team as we push for Cutting Edge in Mythic Antorus. Casual players are also welcome! ... Our raid times are: Mythic Progression - Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST Main Heroic Run/Mythic Farm Bosses - Thursday/Monday 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST Normal/Alt Runs - Various We are a unique group of individuals who love memes, pushing keys, and having fun. If you aren't prepared for extreme banter along with your mythic progression, you'd probably be best looking elsewhere! ...Snowsparx5 Jun 23
Jun 21 <Tabbed Out> Mythic Gul'dan/The Chosen Sales Currently selling Mythic Gul'dan and The Chosen sales on Tuesdays @ 8:30 server time. Mythic Gul'dan - 1.25 million The Chosen - 1.25 Million Add me to btag @ Sme#11814 if interested. Have spots open for both tonight, 6/19. Thanks!Smesus1 Jun 21
Jun 20 970 6/11M Ele/Resto LF heroic/m+ guild As the title states looking for a guild that is either progressing in heroic or just clearing heroic each week and m+. Avail mon-thurs past 8pm ESTGuérisseure0 Jun 20
Jun 19 11/11m Frost Mage LF new home for BFA Frost mage considering xfer to BH. LF semi-hardcore established raiding guild with people who have an active community. 500 + pulls experience on M argus For whatever reason my guild used a frost mage for orbs on argus, hence the pump in p1/2 and then the deaths in p3Notkappa2 Jun 19
Jun 19 <WIPED> 11/11 H ABT LF DPS FOR MYTHIC ABT! <WIPED> Is a semi-new established raiding guild progressing through ABT rapidly! We are in need of good DPS for mythic progression! We are accepting all DPS above 955-960 and up only! Must have at least 72 artifact power traits in weapon! Currently have a solid raid team for heroic and mythic, just need to polish around the edges! 11/11 H and 0/11 Mythi until we get more core raiders for it! Raid times are Friday/Saturday 8-11 eastern! Sundays are an optional raid day as well! We have active M+ groups running keys all day everyday! Friendly environment and great people for a great time! In game contacts nolan#11204! add me and send me a message listing your information on your char!Invaderzim0 Jun 19
Jun 19 954 RSham LF H/M Raiding Guild I've pugged 8/11H Antonus and would like to finish the last 3 with a consistent group. Pugging the final 3 bosses has been astonishing difficult and would enjoy completing the runs with a competent group.Erectum2 Jun 19
Jun 19 947 EnhShaman LF Heroic Raid/Mythic+ Guild Hey all, I'd like to join a guild that currently has either progression or Heroic/Heroic alt groups every week to get things done before BFA hits. I can join raid groups every week day from 8.30 pm server time. Weekend should be more flexible but still available. So far I've done 5 heroic ABT bosses due to not being able to find groups, normal is no problem.Akktala2 Jun 19
Jun 19 6 Cutting Edge Raiders LF Guild Found guild.Hawbs0 Jun 19