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Jul 15 Bleeding Hollow PvP Guilds Welcome to the Bleeding Hollow PvP Guild List! A comprehensive guide to PvP focused Guilds on Bleeding Hollow [US]. Presented by Seanna and Zulex. This guide features a quick rundown of Guilds for both factions, Alliance and Horde. Basic information about each Guild can be provided here for community members and prospective guildmates to see! Any Guild wishing to get their name on this list or adjust information featured about their Guild can have their GuildMaster/Officers post below and/or contact either Seanna[A] or Zulex[H] in game. Updates to the list will be often. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the field! edit: Stickied 7/29/15! In no particular order, the Guilds are as follows:Zulex171 Jul 15
May 9 FAQ: Bleeding Hollow Transfers This is purely to swap over the FAQs, I take no credit for the majority of the post I'm posting as I only updated it from the old one (That was made during Cata) ****UPDATED COPY FOR THE STICKY**** Bleeding Hollow Streams! Check these videos if you're here for the world pvp: Sup boyfriends, so I decided that if I combined the three FAQs here, we’d have a better chance at getting it sticked. Then when people ask a question about the server, we can be giant jerks and say “read the stickies noob.” I mostly just copied stuff over from the other FAQs, but I finished the sections that Paddywack left blank, as well as some brief proof reading/editing. Please sticky this and keep it bumped, so we don’t have to have multiple threads/FAQs, as that can sometimes be less helpful than not having a FAQ at all. Anyway, enjoy. --Disclaimer: Most of this FAQ came from Paddywack, Tablez and Ikyteu, so thanks to them. I will update if things become irrelevant, or if the bleeding hollowians deem something need to be added. So due to word recently getting out that our server is big money pimpin’ for PvP, we’ve had a lot of transfers recently for both horde and alliance. This is great, and is helping our PvP community grow even bigger than it already is. If you are one of these transplants from a dead realm, I’m sure you have questions just like the rest of them. This FAQ aims to satisfy those concerns. If you are a dragonslaying PvE fanatic, have no fear, there are plenty of people willing to smash AI with you all day! Table of contents ============= 1a) Server Information 1b) Horde - to - Alliance ratio 1c) How to transfer and cost of transferring 1d) Will I like this server? 2) End-Game Content (PvE) 2a) PvE Progression: Server Rank in the US 2b) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Alliance 2c) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Horde 2d) General Loot Rules for Alliance 2e) General Loot Rules for Horde 3) PvP 3a) World PvP 3b) Arena PvP 3c) Battleground PvP 3d) Rated Battleground PvP 3e) Guilds that PvP (Horde and Alliance) 3f) Ongoing Bleeding Hollow Tournaments 4) Role Playing 5) Server Economy 5a) Alliance 5b) Horde 5c) Collectors and Neutral Auction HousePulse291 May 9
11h [H]<Mechanics Optional> 1/11M T/W 8-11 PM EST Mechanics Optional is a semi-hardcore Mythic raid guild on [H] Bleeding Hollow-US. We are currently 1/11M 11/11 H in Antorus. We raid two nights a week with an optional raid night for alts to come in and people to have fun. Below are our raid times, all are Eastern Standard Time: Tuesday (Progression): 8-11 PM Wednesday (Progression): 8-11 PM Thursday (Optional Night): 8-11 PM We are in need of the following classes: Balance Druid Restoration Druid WW Monk (with BrM Off-Spec) Warlock (Affliction / Destruction) Mage Hunter (Marksmanship) Priest (Holy or Shadow) We currently use a loot council system with the RCLootCouncil add-on which the officers all use to cast their votes, but we also invite two raid members to become temporary members of the loot council to make voting as fair as possible. While we are looking to push content we also like to have fun and make sure all guild members look forward to logging in. We always have people online and running high M+ keys, so you won’t have to worry about pugging your weekly 15. This isn’t a guild where people only sign in for raid and as such we are looking for like minded individuals. During this process we ask that you provide the most up to date WarcraftLogs as well as a screenshot of your UI and details of any raid add-ons you are using. Please note that we ask that all potential future members use the following add-ons: RCLootCouncil DBM / BigWigs (your choice) Angry Assignments WeakAuras Thanks for checking us out! Please message me (Atomsk#11711 for bnet / Atomosk#7759 for Discord) or our GM Kip at Kipdynamite#1997 for more information.Atomosk3 11h
12h Heroic Argus/Antorus GIVEAWAYS! Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: What if I want to buy? If you're looking for a Heroic Argus or Heroic Antorus Clear (Personal Loot) we are your guys! If you’re tired of pugs and crazy raid leaders we can help you avoid all the unnecessary wipes and countless of hours wasted. Our team is made out of top us raiders dedicated to provide a professional and smooth run. Our prices are always competitive and we accept GOLD in all realms! Discord link: Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal1 12h
14h 967 Affliction w/ 5/11m exp DeletedNebekinezzar1 14h
15h sad, IWC, so sad I go out of my way to do some wpvp and you guys corpse camp me in a group? lol Wheres the sportsmanship? I thought you people would appreciate a little fun. Guess not. Hope you had a spark of enjoyment on your dead wpvp server.Nephastis4 15h
15h 2/11M ATBT<Ascension>2 Day Tue/Wed 9-12 EST Who we are: A-hardcore raiding guild that likes to have fun but kill bosses quickly (with minimal wiping). Many of us have been raiding together since vanilla; but we are a somewhat recent reform to focus heavily on end game progression. In addition to raiding we also run alt raids/keys/pvp and host random guild events. We are looking for raiders, but socials are welcome as well and may trial to raid once ready. :) What we’re looking for in raiders: • 100% raid attendance (or close to it, RL happens). • Mythic/Heroic experience. •Ability to effectively communicate via discord. • Quick to adapt/learn. • Warcraftlogs prepared to review previous experience/parses. • 75+ artifact, 940+ILVL. Raid schedule: Tues/ Wed 9:00pm-12:00am EST Currently recruiting the following DPS: Death knight Demon Hunter Druid - Feral/Boomkin Hunter Mage Priest - Disc/Shadow Rogue Warlock Exceptional applicants will always be considered even if we are not recruiting your class/spec. Contact info: Battlenet: Cbegs#1551 / Surie#11388 / Grimms#1419 Discord: Cbegs#3780 / Alex31#0543 / Grimms#2871Cbegzz35 15h
1d <BGB> 11/11H LFM for Mythic <BreakingGameBalance> (11/11H) Now recruiting exceptional DPS to fill out our raid roster. We are a talented group of raiders with the ability to push the Mythic scene. With a multi "Cutting Edge" Raid Lead there is a high demand for personal discipline and class knowledge. We are not a carry group! We expect each of our raiders to come prepared for raid with knowledge of the fights and how to maximize their efficiency. If you are looking for a solid/strong group to join we are the guild for you. Below will be a list of classes that we are interested in but will accept all applications if you meet requirements. With all that being said we do have a casual side to the guild. With players always running M+ and Xmog runs or even Rated BG's/Battlegrounds we have a spot that everyone can fit in. There will always be the ability to trial for Raid Core down the road if you so choose. We offer our Core Raiders: Food, Flasks, Pots, Gems and Chants. Raid Times: Wed/Thurs/Fri 9p-12a EST (6-9p PST) Currently Recruiting: Tanks: None Healers: None M.DPS: WW Monk R.DPS: Mage, Hunter, Ele Sham, S.Priest, Boomie **While we are seeking these specific classes all exceptional players will be considered** Trials will go through a 2 week evaluation period to test their mechanical awareness and class knowledge. Trials must have cleared Heroic ATB and be minimum 945+ with 75 points in Weapon to qualify for Core promotion. Reason being that we want to see that they have put the time into their character to get as much out of it possible. If you are interested and would like to know more please post below or message me in game! Paltrix#1372 - Keldrosa, Recruitment OfficerKeldrosa11 1d
2d H<Filthy Casuals>11/11H LF Tank and DPS <Filthy Casuals> 11/11H ABT Recruiting for Heroic Antorus. Late night PVP and Raiding guild. Laid back raids with experienced and knowledgeable players. We are very adult oriented; most of us being in our late 20-30's. Real life sometimes has to come first; we understand that. We log all of our raids and offer help to all of our members. Throughout the week we do alot of Mythic+ and pvp and old raids or tmog runs. We raid three times a week currently Fri and Sat (Heroic) and an optional Normal Antorus on Sundays at 2200 st. Our goal is to recruit other players with a good attitude and want to be a part of a growing, casual environment. Our wish is to progress as a team, have fun throughout the week and "want" to go to raid nights. Currently debating on Mythic progression. We currently have high priority on the following: Healers: Paladin Shaman Druid or Monk - Medium priority DPS: Warlock - Destruction or Affliction Shadow Priest Boomkin Mage - Fire or Frost Death Knight Tank: Death Knight Demon Hunter Paladin Voice chat Discord - Mandatory Contact Feyelyne#1276Fleshyheals5 2d
3d <Brimstone> 4/11M T/W 9pm-12am EST Recruiting Recruitment needs: Recruitment needs updated on 1/12. Currently recruiting exceptional mythic ready DPS of all kinds. We are also looking for a healer to join our mythic core. High priority needs: - Holy Priest or Resto Druid All exceptional candidates are also welcome to apply! Guild Information: <Brimstone> is a two day raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow that balances an enjoyable atmosphere and steady mythic progression. Even with a six hour raiding schedule, we achieve this through preparation and focus. We believe in raiding smart, and being efficient. Raid Schedule: Tuesdays/Wednesdays from 9PM - 12AM EST. Optional (and we actually mean optional) raid on Sunday from 9PM - 12AM EST. **Optional raids generally start with Normal at the beginning of the tier, and as gear/time allows, it will shift to heroic when mythic content is the focus. Here's a video of our first heroic Argus kill: How to Apply: If this sounds like an environment that interests you, please fill out an application below: Also, if you'd like more information, you can check our guild charter on our discord server: Contact Information: If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us directly! Naix#11966 Kamaruka#1886 Megaphobema#1886Naix40 3d
3d 946 Prot LF Normal/Heroic Raid Group 946 Prot LF Normal/Heroic Raid Group Not interested in pushing Mythic Raid contentRekghar0 3d
3d (H) 6Hr 3/11M LF Heals/DPS Pogs Anonymous is a casual raiding guild looking to fill a few openings as we continue to progress in Mythic ABT. We achieved AOTC the first week ABT was open and are currently 3/11 on mythic. Our group is laid back and clicks well so a good attitude is a must. Our focus is progression but we want to have fun while we do it. We raid Tuesdays and Thursday 7:30-10:30 server time (Eastern). There is an optional Wednesday night raid night for heroic to fill out gaps in people’s gear and for alts. Gear is distributed via loot council and RC Loot Council is a must for our raid. We are currently recruiting a healer (holy paladin or priest) and dps (preferably a mage or any other range dps). All exceptional players regardless of class are encouraged to contact one of the officers listed below. It is our preference that you come geared and mythic ready, however if you mesh well with our group we will work with you on heroic runs/mythic plus runs to get you the gear you need to be up to par. Logs and experience are always a plus. Whisper me if this sounds like the guild for you! Kyawa (battletag Kyawa #19928). Discord: Kyawa#9817Kyäwa1 3d
3d [H]<Filthy Casuals> 11/11H LF Tank and Heal <Filthy Casuals> 11/11H ABT Recruiting for Heroic Antorus. Late night PVP and Raiding guild. Laid back raids with experienced and knowledgeable players. We are very adult oriented; most of us being in our late 20-30's. Real life sometimes has to come first; we understand that. We log all of our raids and offer help to all of our members. Throughout the week we do alot of Mythic+ and pvp and old raids or tmog runs. We raid three times a week currently Fri and Sat (Heroic) and an optional Normal Antorus on Sundays at 2200 st. Our goal is to recruit other players with a good attitude and want to be a part of a growing, casual environment. Our wish is to progress as a team, have fun throughout the week and "want" to go to raid nights. Currently debating on Mythic progression. We currently have high priority on the following: Healers: Hpal, RSham DPS: Warlock - Dest or Aff, Boomkin, Spriest, Fire Mage Tank: DK, DH, or Pally Voice chat Discord Contact Feyelyne#1276Meila3 3d
4d [H] <Scorn> (11/11N & 9/11H) LF Tank! <Scorn> Our Guild We are a tightly knit group of friends who are looking to add a few more exceptional players into our core group. The majority of us are 20+ and we are mostly active in-game and on discord in the evenings and weekends. We enjoy leveling together, rocking mythic plus keystones, ganking the odd alliance or even grouping up to play other games. Our Raid Core We run a laid-back heroic progression group with a dash of horseplay. We generally shoot the breeze in discord on trash but because we only raid twice a week our members tend to knuckle down on the boss fights to git-r-done. We run live logs during our raids and if the raid officers see a potential problem it is dealt with privately in discord or in whispers. We do not publicly call out or shame our guild members. We expect all of our raiders to be punctual and show up prior to raid-pull. In the event that a raid night has to be missed, we just ask that you give the officers as much of a heads up as you can. Potential Trials We are looking for members who are active, like to help-out, strive to better their characters and who are interested in staying around for the long-run. We generally trial individuals for 2 to 3 weeks prior to offering a core raider position. We do this to make sure that our guild is a good fit for that individual and vise versa. Raid Info Here is the part that everyone will probably skip too :) We are currently running a 2/3/9 composition; however, with end-game mythic content in mind we are expanding into a 2/4/11-ish raid composition to build a mythic roster around. We run Personal Loot and raid twice a week on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 8 to 11 pm EST. We are currently (11/11N) and (9/11H) with the focus being on heroic progression. We are seeking raiders who are already heroic ready (i.e., 940+). We have one tank position available (prefer DK/Warrior/Monk) and would also consider bringing in one one additional healer (prefer Druid/Priest). If you think we are right for you and your interested in joining our guild send myself or Kòldplay a message on discord or in-game. Cheers! Surloynn - Guild Master - Discord (Brennan#1468) Bnet (Brennan#1433) Kòldplay - Officer - Discord (Chris (Koldplay)#9046) Bnet (Evilconevil#1671)Surloynn5 4d
4d <Simply the Worst> 11/11 Heroic & PvP guild Greetings fellow WoW Players <Simply the Worst> We are a Casual Heroic Raiding Guild that enjoys all facets of World of Warcraft play styles. Together we make up a great community of gamers that have like minded goals in common : having fun while progressing through content in a mature but relaxed atmosphere. We use our active Discord server to organize events in WoW and other games as well, and we have active members who participate in Mythic + and RBGS/PvP in general. Now that we've received Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker , we'll continue our 2-night a week raiding, and begin to work on Glory of the Argus raider! Anyone can inquire! Casual, non raiders , PVPers are welcome to join our ranks. *Note* We ARE a mature group and you will often find the use of profane language and humor. All in good fun, however we will not condone racist and inflammatory remarks, intentionally belittling or bullying any guild member. Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-12am EST We use RCLoot Council! This a requirement for all participants in our raids. Current Legion Progress: Antorus, the Burning Throne - 11/11 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Past Legion Progress: Tomb of Sargeras- 9/9 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Nighthold - 10/10 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Trial of Valor - 3/3 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Please contact Aesira in game, or on Battlenet Ace#13149Aesira11 4d
4d (H) <Last Attempt> (9/11H) Recruiting! (H) <Last Attempt> (9/11 H) Recruiting DPS! Last Attempt - Bleeding Hollow 9/11 [H] is recruiting players for our Heroic progression roster leading into Mythics. Ideal players are: - Active and competitive - Currently heroic or mythic raiding - Eager to learn and continuously work to improve their play - Understanding of logs and how to analyze their performance - Can show up on time for raids 2 days a week - Not dramatic and understand mythic progression is a grind - Working towards maxing their artifact weapon (not sitting on alts before/after raid) 945+ ilvl, 72+ artifact traits and a history of 70%+ parses in logs are a large plus. A bit about us: As a guild, we run weekly 15+ keys and provide full raid repairs. We have a stable raid team and players willing to put in work to progress. We have a core of raiders with prior Mythic experience and our goal is to progress through mythic content and earn cutting edge achievements. Our raid schedule is: Wednesday (9-12:00am ST or EST)(8-11:00pm CST)(6-9:00pm PST) Thursday (9-12:00am ST or EST)(8-11:00pm CST)(6-9:00pm PST) Our priority needs are: Top Priority: Any-spec Warlock * Any-spec Mage * Holy Pally Balance Druid Shadow Priest MM/BM Hunter Mid Priority: WW Monk Enhancement Shaman Low Priority: All other dps ( * Represents higher priority. ~ Represents lower priority) All exceptional players will be considered for a spot. We are trying to build a soild 20 man roster to get into mythics! Please send an officer a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Contact info: Rawr#1781 Scymas#1375 Jinxed#1459Neár4 4d
4d <Last Attempt - 9/11H - LF DPS and Heals> Last Attempt - Bleeding Hollow 10/11H is recruiting players for our casual progression roster. Currently we are raiding 2 days a week as a casual group, but are looking to go into Mythic if the roster calls for it. Last Attempt is full of returning and veteran raiders who are competent, competitive, and enjoy raiding. We previously were 8/10M on Nighthold (Before ToS) and 3/10M before we took a break from raiding. As of now we are looking to build a heroic roster that we can possibly take into Mythic progression in the future. Ideal Players: - Active and competitive - Have an understanding of raiding - Eager to learn and continuously work to improve their play - Understanding of logs and how to analyze their performance - Can show up on time for raids 2 days a week 940+ ilvl, 72+ artifact traits, and a history of 50%+ parses are a large plus. Our raid schedule is: Wednesday (9-12:30 ST or EST)(8-11:30 CST)(6-9:30 PST) Thursday (9-12:30 ST or EST)(8-11:30 CST)(6-9:30 PST) Our priority needs are: Top Priority: Any-Spec Warlock! Any-spec Mage! Marksman or Beast-Master Hunter! Any Healer other than Resto Druid Ret Paladin Mid Priority: Balance Druid Shadow Priest Ele Shaman Any-DD Warrior Low Priority: All other dps Not Needed: Tanks - Any All exceptional players will be considered for a spot. Trial raids are offered at the beginning of the week. Remember, we like to have fun and are looking for like-minded players interested in raiding heroic and possibly going into mythic! Please send an officer a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Scymas#1375 (Recruitment/Heal Lead) Jinxed#1459 (Raid/Guild Leader) Theaznterra#1923 (Ranged Lead) Rawr#1781 (Melee Lead)Scymas0 4d
4d <Kinda Okay> 9/11H LF Ret, DK Are you a reroll? Did your guild go a little stale? Do you just wanna hang out? Well, we might be the guild for you! <Kinda Okay> is recently reformed and wanting to expand their ranks! <Kinda Okay> is looking for exceptional players of all walks of life! Game Plan: We are skipping to normal Argus every week now for trinket chances. Right now, we're steadily progressing in heroic. Once heroic is on farm, we will work on mythic as long as we all feel comfortable with it. Raid: Tuesday and Thursday, 730-10 PM EST (realm time), with an all in agreement to got a little longer if needed. Current Raid Recruitment Needs and Wants: Tanks: No raid spots available Healers: Possible openings for exceptional players DPS: Pally, Death Knight Don't see your class or spec listed? No problem! We are always looking for more to do mythic+ or PVP. Even if you're a casual or a lone-ranger just looking for a place to hang your hat, you are more than welcome. Apart from raiding and m+, there will be contests held by yours truly. Prizes include gold, game time, pets, mounts, whatever! Everyone who enters gets a prize, and there will be one grand prize for the time frame. We recently gave away ~$150 worth of prizes in the month of December :) If you're interested, post here and I'll get back to you, or add either myself Rystrave#1789 or Kardnall#1658 and we can discuss further!Rystrave13 4d
5d [H] Tranquility LF quality ppl for Mythic! Hello all! Tranquility (1/11M) is always looking to add quality people who enjoy Mythic progression. We only ask for 6 raiding hrs per week (Sun/Mon 7-10pm server), and we also usually have an optional run on Tuesdays around the same time. I can't emphasize enough that we are looking for good people who fit into our guild, which is pretty casual yet knowledgeable about the game. Provided you fit in, and provided you don't stand in all the fires while executing your rotation, we definitely want to hear from you! PST me, Nightskater, Gasby, or our GM Mastá for more information! My real ID is Rom#1855Rompelar1 5d
5d (H) 935 Warrior LF Raiding Guild Im not looking for anything too crazy, only a guild that does heroic, I don't wanna make the jump to mythic raiding.Avuzire1 5d
5d Mythic ABT Euthanasia is looking to fill a few spots for some mythic pulls tomorrow evening (Fri 1/12) 9pm - 12am eastern. Min ilvl 950. discord required. looking for Rdps primarily, however, melee will work some as well. No space for heals or tanks. Loot will be personal. Add Waliany#1587 to bnet if interested or talk to me in game.Airrakugor0 5d
5d <Horde> Euthanasia - LFM for heroic ToS We have just moved from our old guild to start up a new raid team that aligns with our raiding objectives. Our core group is 10/10 H NH with 7/7 and 3/3 as well. We are looking to expand our raid team to 20-25 players for the push to mythic. We run a pretty laid back style of raiding, and more than anything want to have fun. If you are looking to get into raiding this expansion, or missed the boat with the other three instances now is the time to get your foot into the door. We are currently looking to expand out with two more healers and eight dps. We are also open if someone has a tank spec they would like to play to come in as our tanks are flexible and can fill other rolls. For more information and recruitment info check out our wowprogress page: 5d
5d <Graphic Violence> 2/11M LF DPS Raiding guild for over 6 years, laid back and tight-knit group focused on clearing content with no drama at a fair pace. We love to joke around with each other so if you are easily offended we aren't the guild for you. Looking for like minded individuals who want to progress in a relaxed environment. Mainly want dps but will take healers/tanks for back ups. Raid times/Attendance: Tuesdays/Wednesdays: 9PM-12AM EST *Optional Mondays: 9PM-12AM EST *Mondays subject to change to mandatory depending on progression and/or want of raid group. As with any raiding guild Attendance is of the utmost importance, that being said we understand that real life takes priority. All we ask is that you tell someone in advance if you're going to be late or a no-show. Repeated no-shows or tardiness without notice will result in removal from raid team. Loot: We are pretty laid back with loot, as our members aren't loot wh0res. Mainly use personal loot or if using master looter simple highest roll wins though sometimes depending on the piece we give to the person who needs it the most. Loot method open to change if majority of group feel we need another system. Outside of raid: We have a group(s) that regularly do mythic+ Active Discord/community, many of our members play different games together If any of this interests you or you have questions please add me on Bnet or Discord for more info: Bnet: YoungSandwch#1248 Discord: Jarvis#7286Jarvisrider1 5d
5d [H] <A Reddit Dystopia> Team WH 11/11H LF DPS ARD of US-Bleeding Hollow Horde is a large cross-server community with multiple Mythic Progression teams. We started from a single Reddit post and have prided ourselves on providing community runs of all current content. We routinely have over 100 members in guild online at any given time and have a Discord community of over 1000 members. ARD truly believes in a no douche-canoe policy and we strive to provide a toxic free environment for all players in all aspects (Questing, PvP, M+, Raids). Currently, Team Waffle House (11/11H 1/11M ABT) is looking for some RANGED DPS'ers to round out our team so that we can start Mythic and make progress there. Raid times are Tu/Thursday from 10pm - 1am EST. We are starting to clear heroic Tuesday nights and hitting Mythic on Thursdays, although roster boss for Mythic has been our biggest foe. In ToS we were 9/9H and 3/9M. Our ideal applicant would have thorough knowledge of their class/encounters in ABT, ilvl 945+, and most importantly, NOT BE a douche canoe. Also, please be on Bleeding Hollow! To get a hold of us, message us in game or via bnet and we can arrange a trial run! Terq - Terc#1319 [Raid Leader] Caeydin - Caydin#1765 or Collarchoke - ShinyPants#11724Collarchoke8 5d
5d [H] <Trap> Mythic Progress. W-F-M 6-9pm EST <Trap> is recruiting experienced raiders looking for a "Semi-Hardcore" Raid environment. Along side our core team we are looking for a couple casual "Bench " Players, with the idea that if openings come up a spot will arise for the taking. Trialing in is as simple as messaging a council member for a quick and painless DISCORD interview. Very structured and organized guild that's just over all looking for more friends in the same mind set! Big plans for legion as far as Mythic + Progress, Casual PvP events, Weekend Alt Raids, and just the day to day grind. Current Progression *Emerald Nightmare* 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic [Aotc] 7/7 Mythic *Trail of Valor* 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic [Aotc] *Nighthold* 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic [Aotc] 3/10 Mythic *Tomb of Sargeras* 9/9 Normal 9/9 Heroic [Aotc] 3/9 Mythic *Antorus the Burning Throne* 11/11 Normal 11/11 Heroic [Aotc] *Stocked Guild Bank with raid materials *Repairs *Voice chat-Discord *Group of Experienced/Mature Leads (Council) *Guild Radio Station *Guild Facebook If interested please get in contact with on of our leads to schedule a Discord interview. Trix#1170-Trix (Guild Master) First step: Check out our Rules/Expectations for raiders #Trap Core Raid Rules# #1. We are here to progress and have fun, be prepared for the night and ready to raid. #2. BE PREPARED FOR RAID. * Food, Flask, Etc *Fully Optimized (Gem'd/Chanted/Upgraded) *Be ready to go the full raid time #3. Loot will be handed out Via Loot Council (Mythic Only). Depending on content, the council will decide where all gear goes with 3 grading factors. *Attendance *Biggest Upgrade *Group Progress (to strengthen weak spots) Do Not Be Upset over council the gear goes to specific places for a reason, Trust in your council! #4. Must Maintain a 85%+ attendance score or spot will be up for grabs. Give the earliest notice for an absence it affects your percentage. #5. STUDY YOUR TOONS! KNOW YOUR CLASS WEAKNESS AND STRENGTHS! BE THE BEST OF YOUR CLASS! #6. Mandatory Addons *Exorsus Raid Tools *Deadly Boss Mods *Details! Damage Meter *Discord-Phone App + Desktop App #7. Be competitive but not rude to your fellow raiders, we are all adults. Have fun but be mature and remember we are all friends here. #8. Council Held to 100% of all rules! #Currently in search of: Plenty so please contact an officer! +Bench Casuals #RAID TIMES WEDNESDAY: 6-9 EsT FRIDAY: 6-9 EsT MONDAY: 6-9 EsT (Optional) ***Rules only apply to Core Raid Team*** During interview bring your questions and Concerns. ***DEAR CASUALS...WE ACCEPT YOU TOO :)****Nephylm271 5d
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6d Why was the panda laid off? He was ex-panda-ble :(Punnda3 6d
6d Chicago area players? Seen a lot of other posts like this. So figured I'd give it a shot. Any Chicago area players,or Ill. players for that matter.Stalkings36 6d
Jan 10 Alliance Discord: PvE/PvP/Fun Events ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Join one of the LARGEST and Most ACTIVE WoW Discord servers today & join Thousands of others! ANYONE CAN JOIN! *Why do we use Discord?* All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Voice chat that doesn't slow down your game. Designed for use while gaming, Discord has minimal impact on your CPU. Your game's performance won't be affected in the slightest. Text chat designed to share images, videos, and links from your desktop or phone. Encrypted IP, so NO DDOSing can occur. *What do we offer in our server?* +Raiding (Normal, Heroic) +Dungeons (Normal, Heroic, Mythic+, Transmog runs) +World PvP (Small to Large scale, Assassin/Gank Squads, City Defense/Offense) +Rated (BG, Arena) +Random BGs +FUN Events (Transmog Contest, Races, Karoke, Drunk nights 18+, etc) +Discord Dungeons (game inside Discord) +Earn levels and points in Discord to spend on Roles +Music Bots and Socialization with other Gamers *Can I become an Officer in your Discord?* Of course! We have a very organized structure/ranking system in Discord that covers it all. You can even progress futher than Officer rank if you are dedicated to the community. *Rules?* Located in the #information channel. It's pretty simple and self explanatory. Just don't troll and you should be fine <3 *Questions?* Just ask in the #help-support channel and someone will be with you asap! Thanks for considering us for your WoW needs. -Cadigan & Deathology, Presidents of the RageQuit community, Owners of The Alliance Empire in 30+ guilds on WoW.Cadogans0 Jan 10
Jan 9 [H]Abomination ►Seeking Raiders/Social◄ Abomination [H] Bleeding Hollow About Abomination, Our guild was built from a group of players that have been around since Beta, Vanilla and The Burning Crusade. We been in some other guilds but felt lost in the numbers, guilds with too much drama going on, others that last only a couple months or could not find anything that fits our schedules. So, we decided to start our own guild and make a home for others like ourselves. A place where we all can enjoy the game again, make new friends, enjoy the social aspects together and feel like part of community! Raiding Information We want our raiders to come prepared for raids and be online at least 15min prior to the raid start time. We also ask to respect our Raid Leader in the group and to not talk over them while in Discord. We will start our raids on Normal and once we clear it for two weeks, we will move to Heroic. Rinse and repeat up to Mythic content. Tuesday and Thursday 8:45PM - 11:30PM EST Starting [N] Antorus and will progress through to Mythic. Contacts Meanielee - Guild Leader Kaenise- Officer / - Invicti#11219 If interested, please join our Discord! We can chat with you there. Or you can seek us out in game. Right now we are looking to build up our roster and prepare for Legion Raiding. Look forward to hearing from you and starting our adventure together!Kaenise2 Jan 9
Jan 9 5/11 M Antorus- Tues / Thurs 830-1130 EST <Hide The Pickle> Bleeding Hollow Antorus: 5/11 - Mythic 11/11 - Heroic -Looking for Competitive players for Mythic progression. ---Recruitment--- :::Priority::: ( any 1 of these is ideal, will look at any good player regardless of this list ) -Hunter -Moonkin -Mage We are always looking for players who are comfortable in their class/role to compete for a core spot within our Raid team! If you are looking for strong guild structure no BS and a fun raid environment check us out! -Days/Times: Tues,Thurs 830-1130 EST Add me on Bnet if interested or for more info Ataxius#11861Ataxius72 Jan 9
Jan 8 <Reckless Intent> 10/11H - Recruiting DPS <Reckless Intent> - Bleeding Hollow (H) is recruiting DPS to help wrap up heroic progression and start pushing into mythic. What we’re looking for in a player: -Attendance. Show up for every raid and stay the entire duration. -Understand your class, be willing to take criticism, and be able to adjust. -Willing to take the time to learn new bosses and play at your best. -Keep the drama to an absolute minimum. -940+ iLevel, and 70+ Artifact Traits. About Us: Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30pm EST – 11:30pm EST. We also run normal/wrap up anything, non-required night on Sundays from 8:30pm EST – 11:30pm EST. Loot: We run RCLootCouncil. The addon is required if you expect to get gear. Recruiting: Melee DPS Death Knight – High Demon Hunter – Med Druid – Med Monk – Low Paladin – High Rogue – High Shaman – Low Warrior – Closed Ranged DPS Druid – Med Hunter – High Mage – Low Priest – Med Shaman – High Warlock – Low Healers Druid – Closed Monk – Closed Paladin – Low Priest – Low Shaman – Closed Tanks Death Knight – Closed Demon Hunter – Closed Druid – Closed Monk – Closed Paladin – Closed Warrior – Closed. Contact Please feel free to contact us in game, post a comment/question here, or add me on RealID -Wargames#1502Wargâmes0 Jan 8
Jan 7 LF Raiding Guild On BH Allie I am a very easy going person, I catch on quick 1-2 goes and i have the boss fight down, I use to mythic raid when the emerald nightmare was a thing i was 3rd on server in KT. At the moment just looking for a nice casual or hardcore raiding guild to get back on the horse=D thanks much for your time. If you need to reach me my battle tag is Igetsilly#11641Papasausage1 Jan 7
Jan 7 @Ironwolf Clan Bleeding Hollow PvP is dead. Come to Emerald Dream, the real war awaits. PS: Jan 7
Jan 7 Anyone from cata/MOP days still around? I used to come on this forum all the time and watch the WPVPers dook it out. Just ran into Kagrenac on Emerald Dream and the dude is a full blown RPer now. Would love to hear from anyone in IWC/fights like a gurl/HAx10/AV or just anyone else from those days. JimmboBiggulpz14 Jan 7
Jan 6 H) <The Leftoverz> Recruiting lively members! About Us: We're a small but growing guild of friendly, casual, non-judgmental, relaxed, experienced and mature players looking to make new friends. After some rumpus with our former guild I decided to step up and pick up the pieces and now here we are! :D We have an active Discord; and also we're not tied down to just one game. We get burnt out like everyone else but love to stay close to all of our friends, so in between raid days guildies might be goofing off in another game but will always find them chillin in Discord. WoW ofc will always be our priority :) Also I'm working on building an active core raiding team. Experience isnt required but encourage those interested in raiding to please come prepared and research the fights and your toon. I'll be running those that need gear thru mythic+ to help build up serious raiders. Raid times will be: Tues and Fri 8pm-11pm server(EST) Our goals are to have fun! All are welcome to join us. If you're interested or have any questions you can message me - vishas#1889Rhaethe0 Jan 6
Jan 6 (H)912 Affliction Warlock LF raiding guild I'm a returning player who raided in BC and in WoD. I'm looking for a semi-casual guild that raids a couple times a week. I'm an old player who's looking to have some fun doing raids in Antorus and mythic dungeons. I returned a couple weeks ago to level up and have been learning the fights in Antorus. Hoping to find a guild I can grow with for this last push through legion and into BfA.Glendlexan4 Jan 6
Jan 6 H<Under Raided>Recruiting Raiders & Casuals H - Bleeding Hollow <Under Raided> Recruiting Active Players for Raiding, Dungeons, casual play, and community. Group of laid back, experienced Raiders/players developing a guild in anticipation for Battle for Azeroth Heroic Raiding (possibly Mythic depending on how much we can build before the exp), with practice in Antorus ASAP. Since we trying to grow, we need active players, officers, raiders, dungeon runners, etc. We are open to anyone willing to learn & have fun. If you just want to have a group to hangout and have a good time, you are welcome. You want some mythic+ runs? Sure. All this aside, we do have a goal of Heroic (and possibly Mythic) Raiding, and we are actively recruiting for our core team. About Us The leaders are a group of friends returning to WoW wanting to learn, progress, and have fun doing so. We are a mature guild (leaders 25+) so we don’t have time for petty drama nonsense. We want to have fun and make progress, and we need to grow as much as possible before Battle for Azeroth. The goal with Antorus is to develop the core Raiding team and get in practice before Battle. Currently we are "casually" raiding Antorus with PUG fills until we establish our core raid team (11/11N & 4/11H). We are raiding late Fri ~12:00am-3:00am and Sat ~9:00pm-12:00am. We are also looking to add a weekday time for a 3rd option, but that is still TBD. We are also running mythic+ for gearing up people if needed and teamwork/practice. Help us develop our Core Raid team and player base! We need players, officers, raiders, dungeon runners, etc. We are open to any active players willing to learn, have fun, and progress! Contact If you have any questions feel free to comment or message me here or add me on Bnet: Trytostopme#1356 Thanks!Sanjimo0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Returning Players looking for small guild Returning players that have been playing since Vanilla looking for small guild just starting to raid so we can progress together and take it slow. Me and my friend have been playing since launch but stopped about a year ago. We both are in our 30's with families and kids so we're looking to slowly progress with some older people if possible. Let me know if you think we might be a good fit!Näppa6 Jan 6
Jan 6 LF Social Guild! I'm just a newer player looking for some people to quest with - maybe raid in the future idk. Preferably mature! IG: heyitfelipe (or just leave info down below!)Geaky4 Jan 6
Jan 6 <Bravely Ran Away> (Horde) <Bravely Ran Away> is recruiting. We are a 2/11M and 11/11h group and are seeking additional Consistent players to bolster our ranks. We will consider all applicants, casuals, levelers, etc. We raid W/Th from 10-12 EST as well as lower difficulty runs Tuesday 9-12 EST and W/Th 9-10 EST. Current needs: Boomkin/Resto, MM Hunter. Contact me via Discord - @dsandshaman#0521Dsandshaman2 Jan 6
Jan 6 934 WW monk looking to get back into raiding. Hey there 934 ww monk wanting to maybe get back into raiding. Would like to eventually at the very least attempt mythic content but obviously with my lack of experience and just coming back from a long break I do not expect to go directly in to mythic. Do not mind starting normal/waiting until I am geared enough to hop into the raid group. Available evenings (5:30/6:00pm~) pretty much every day of the week until 12 at the latest as I wake up around 6-7am for work on the week days. If you would like to ask for more info or just contact me my battle net tag is trashmouse#1125Monkshock1 Jan 6
Jan 6 927 Hunter 932 Boomkin LF Heroic guild Hi! We are two irl friends looking to join a fun relaxed guild together with a focus on Heroic Antorus. We prefer something later in the evening (11 EST or later). If this is you please feel free to reply or message me in game. Thanks!Smutin1 Jan 6
Jan 6 943 Enh Shaman lookin for active guild 947 Enhance Shaman looking for an active raiding guild. My goal is to find a chill fun group of people to play with that wants to raid and push mythic+. Mythic Raiding is not something i want to do right from the start or in the near future as it requires a lot more time than i have to dedicate to it. So i'm looking for a guild that wants to or is currently farming normal (ant) and progressing through heroic. I also have a 920+ Alliance Dk and a 930 BM Hunter on another server but im looking for a guild on this current server if possible. Server transferring or goin to alliance or horde isnt an issue so long as the people im playing with i enjoy playing with. If you have those raid days available and think your guild is what im looking for feel free to add me @Petergriffin#1739 and we can chat in more details. Thanks in advance for ya time.Stewiiee3 Jan 6
Jan 5 952 Hpally 3/11M lfg 954 Hpally looking for mythic raiding guild. experience 9/10M NH 7/10M ToS 11/11H Antorus and 3/11 mythic ~3.4k mythic plus score alts: all ~950 ilvl DK (blood) rogue (subtlety) shaman (elemental) looking for a sociable group that also runs keys.Hestaby8 Jan 5
Jan 5 H<Filthy Casuals>11/11H Recruiting all <Filthy Casuals> 11/11H ABT Recruiting for Heroic Antorus. Late night PVP and Raiding guild. Laid back raids with experienced and knowledgeable players. We are very adult oriented; most of us being in our late 20-30's. Real life sometimes has to come first; we understand that. We log all of our raids and offer help to all of our members. Throughout the week we do alot of Mythic+ and pvp and old raids or tmog runs. We raid three times a week currently Fri and Sat (Heroic) and an optional Normal Antorus on Sundays at 2200 st. Our goal is to recruit other players with a good attitude and want to be a part of a growing, casual environment. Our wish is to progress as a team, have fun throughout the week and "want" to go to raid nights. Currently debating on Mythic progression. We currently have high priority on the following: Healers: Hpal, RSham DPS: Warlock - Dest or Aff, Boomkin, Spriest, Fire Mage Tank: DK, DH, or Pally Voice chat Discord Contact Feyelyne#1276Fleshyheals0 Jan 5
Jan 4 950 Mage LF Raiding Guild I'm a previous mythic raider looking for a guild to eventually push into mythics with. I raided some mythics this expansion in EN and Nighthold on a different class but I have since re-rolled to a mage. My gear isnt top notch yet but with a little work it will be there. I have the game knowledge and I've cleared most of Heroic Antorus. Im looking for a guild that raids at roughly 8-9pm Server time any days except for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For any additional info add me on bnet at Phayz#1771Phayz0 Jan 4
Jan 2 Antorus [7/11H] Heroic only guild Hello, We are <The Blacktooth Grin>. We're recruiting members to add to our raid team, currently 7/11H 11/11N Antorus Tanks - Unavailable DPS - Ranged preference but all are welcome Healers - Need healer for our larger raid! (currently have rduid, rsham, mw) We bring a casual 2 day a week Heroic Raid experience. We have no real interest in joining a mythic race , raiding 4 nights a week, or having to cancel raid if a few players are out of town. Hopefully that's what you're looking for too! Raid times Heroic Progression - Tuesday and Sunday 8pm-11pm server time (est) Normal Farm - Thursday 8pm-11pm server time (est) We are an adult (18+) only guild who love to have fun, raid, pvp, and do mythic+ nearly every night. We use discord heavily and have an active evening roster. Whisper Hodel in game or add my battletag TJS#1608Hodel9 Jan 2