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Jul 15 Bleeding Hollow PvP Guilds Welcome to the Bleeding Hollow PvP Guild List! A comprehensive guide to PvP focused Guilds on Bleeding Hollow [US]. Presented by Seanna and Zulex. This guide features a quick rundown of Guilds for both factions, Alliance and Horde. Basic information about each Guild can be provided here for community members and prospective guildmates to see! Any Guild wishing to get their name on this list or adjust information featured about their Guild can have their GuildMaster/Officers post below and/or contact either Seanna[A] or Zulex[H] in game. Updates to the list will be often. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the field! edit: Stickied 7/29/15! In no particular order, the Guilds are as follows:Zulex171 Jul 15
May 9 FAQ: Bleeding Hollow Transfers This is purely to swap over the FAQs, I take no credit for the majority of the post I'm posting as I only updated it from the old one (That was made during Cata) ****UPDATED COPY FOR THE STICKY**** Bleeding Hollow Streams! Check these videos if you're here for the world pvp: Sup boyfriends, so I decided that if I combined the three FAQs here, we’d have a better chance at getting it sticked. Then when people ask a question about the server, we can be giant jerks and say “read the stickies noob.” I mostly just copied stuff over from the other FAQs, but I finished the sections that Paddywack left blank, as well as some brief proof reading/editing. Please sticky this and keep it bumped, so we don’t have to have multiple threads/FAQs, as that can sometimes be less helpful than not having a FAQ at all. Anyway, enjoy. --Disclaimer: Most of this FAQ came from Paddywack, Tablez and Ikyteu, so thanks to them. I will update if things become irrelevant, or if the bleeding hollowians deem something need to be added. So due to word recently getting out that our server is big money pimpin’ for PvP, we’ve had a lot of transfers recently for both horde and alliance. This is great, and is helping our PvP community grow even bigger than it already is. If you are one of these transplants from a dead realm, I’m sure you have questions just like the rest of them. This FAQ aims to satisfy those concerns. If you are a dragonslaying PvE fanatic, have no fear, there are plenty of people willing to smash AI with you all day! Table of contents ============= 1a) Server Information 1b) Horde - to - Alliance ratio 1c) How to transfer and cost of transferring 1d) Will I like this server? 2) End-Game Content (PvE) 2a) PvE Progression: Server Rank in the US 2b) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Alliance 2c) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Horde 2d) General Loot Rules for Alliance 2e) General Loot Rules for Horde 3) PvP 3a) World PvP 3b) Arena PvP 3c) Battleground PvP 3d) Rated Battleground PvP 3e) Guilds that PvP (Horde and Alliance) 3f) Ongoing Bleeding Hollow Tournaments 4) Role Playing 5) Server Economy 5a) Alliance 5b) Horde 5c) Collectors and Neutral Auction HousePulse291 May 9
59m <Tranquility> 9/9H 3/9M is LF skilled DPS! Tranquility is a fun guild full of quality people who also happen to like pushing Mythic content, and we are looking for skilled dps to add to our excellent core! We went 5/10 in Mythic Nighthold, and have downed 3/9 Mythic bosses in TOS despite some roster issues (TOS burnout/real life issues affected 40% of our M NH roster). We have rebuilt, however, and have forged ahead with two recent Mythic boss kills, and are just looking to add a few more solid people (who happen to do solid dps) to our ranks! Sunday/Monday nights from 7-10pm server are our progression hours, and we also have (optional) speed clears for Heroic TOS on Tuesday. Wednesday is another optional night where we run alts/undergeared mains in a no-pressure setting that is just for fun! With our active roster, we are always doing something everyday (whether it be keys/some light pvp/hanging out in discord), and we intend to continue to add quality people to our ranks. If that sounds like something that's the right fit for you, please PM me, Gasby, or Muffinlord to join!Rompelar1 59m
2h 3/9 M {H} Semper Fidelis looking for DPS Greetings Bleeding Hollow Semper Fidelis is looking for a few dps classes to bolster our mythic raid roster into ToS. Raid Schedule Tues 9-12 Server time (Mythic Progression) Wed 9-12 Server time (Heroic for core group and trials) Thurs 9-12 Server Time (Mythic Progression) We also do alt runs and mythic+ when people are available. Classes we are looking for High Priority Unholy DK Elemental Shaman Arms Warrior Affliction Warlock Other DPS classes are low priority but all good players are welcome to apply. What can you expect from us Friendly and progress oriented guild Helpful officer team to answer any class or encounter questions Flasks and food provided for mythic raids Guild repairs Loot distribution is done via RC Loot Council What we expect from you Know how to play your class (Stat priority, rotations and CD timings) Pay close attention to mechanics Ability to make raids consistently. It's not a problem if you can't make a certain date, just please message an officer and let them know. Discord is required, Mic is optional but we would love to hear your voice :) While parsing well is important, doing fight mechanics is far more important to us. If you have an allergy to soaking Brimstone on Goroth or focusing adds on Inquisition this probably isn't the guild for you. Please feel free to leave a message here or whisper me in-game and we can have a quick chat.Iite1 2h
3h 5/9M Tomb- Tues / Thurs 830-1130 EST <Hide The Pickle> Bleeding Hollow -Tomb of Sargeras: 5/9-M Looking for Competitive players for Mythic progression for Tomb. ---Recruitment--- :: Resto Shaman :: : Rogue : :: We do not have roster issues :: With that said, we are always looking for players who are comfortable in their class/role to compete for a core spot within our Raid team! If you are looking for strong guild structure no BS and a fun raid environment check us out! Loot: EPGP Days/Times: Tues,Thurs 830-1130 EST Add me on Bnet if interested or for more info Ataxius#11861Ataxius48 3h
12h <Brimstone> 4/9M T/W 9pm-12am EST LF DPS Recruitment needs: Any ranged/melee DPS welcome to apply. High priority DPS class needs are: - Balance Druid - Mage - Rogue - Death Knight - WW Monk Guild Information: <Brimstone> is a two day raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow that balances an enjoyable atmosphere and steady mythic progression. Even with a six hour raiding schedule, we achieve this through preparation and focus. We believe in raiding smart, and being efficient. Raid Schedule: Tuesdays/Wednesdays from 9PM - 12AM EST. Optional (and we actually mean optional) raid on Sunday from 9PM - 12AM EST. **Optional raids generally start with Normal at the beginning of the tier, and as gear/time allows, it will shift to heroic when mythic content is the focus. How to Apply: If this sounds like an environment that interests you, please fill out an application below: Contact Information: If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us directly! Naix#11966 Kamaruka#1886 Megaphobema#1886Naix7 12h
19h The chronicles of Fogel Day 1: Arrived in Stormheim via ship. I mean it's 2017, but we're still sailing around on wooden ships like some sort of medieval peasants, but whatever. Dark Lady somethingsomething Vrykul something about a lantern. I don't know. There's lots of elves here, and they all smell horrible. I have a headache. Will update as necessary.Fogel9 19h
1d <Pixel Frenzy> 4/9 M 9/9 H ToS (updated) Hello, we're a smaller guild looking for a resto shaman or any strong dps. Preferably ranged dps but every position considered. Raid days are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm EST atm but currently deciding on the 3rd day (potentially Wed or Mon). Add me on bnet if you're interested: xinxinwong#1151 or Hossin#1772 Or whisper me in game: WiikiWiiki22 1d
1d <Horde> Euthanasia - LFM for heroic ToS We have just moved from our old guild to start up a new raid team that aligns with our raiding objectives. Our core group is 10/10 H NH with 7/7 and 3/3 as well. We are looking to expand our raid team to 20-25 players for the push to mythic. We run a pretty laid back style of raiding, and more than anything want to have fun. If you are looking to get into raiding this expansion, or missed the boat with the other three instances now is the time to get your foot into the door. We are currently looking to expand out with two more healers and eight dps. We are also open if someone has a tank spec they would like to play to come in as our tanks are flexible and can fill other rolls. For more information and recruitment info check out our wowprogress page: 1d
2d <Remastered> 9/9H 1/9M, LF DPS Remastered is recruiting dependable raiders ready to show up all 3 of our raid nights from start to finish. We use EPGP and give out bonus EP for completing a mythic+ every week that rewards the highest end of week chest. We are currently in need of dedicated DPS that know their class, regardless of spec. We are also looking for a non-holy priest healer. Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8-11pm server time. Contact Nazzadan#1458 Hermit#1475 Ragex#1718Nazzadan0 2d
2d <Addiction> Selling Tomb and Guldan mount Greetings Bleeding Hollow! <Addiction> is currently selling Normal/Heroic ToS carries, we will do mythic when progression is over. We also continue to sell the Gul'dan mount from mythic nighthold. We always do carries for mythic + dungeons as well. The most relevant pricing is listed here but please check out our website for more pricing and questions, you can also email us. Just google addiction guild and we are the 3rd option. Normal ToS - 500k Heroic ToS - contact for pricing Mythic Gul'dan Mount - 3 million Runs are master looter so you don't waste time not getting anything from personal loot. We do the carries on both fridays and mondays usually. Contact us if you need different times, and we can try and accomodate. We pride ourselves on great communication and professionalism in our carries. Come get your carry with the server first guild with years of experience doing runs. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!Saraf49 2d
2d <GT> is Selling M+10 Carries for Gold! <GT> Carry Squad is looking to sell select M+10 keys! Get a 935 ilvl guarantee'd or your money back! Please visit us at or you can reply to this post and we will make sure you get taken care of.Dirtythots0 2d
2d [H] <Imperium> 8/9H LF Healer/Range dps <Imperium>, on Bleeding Hollow-Horde, is a guild whose members have been raiding together in some way, shape or form since Vanilla. We have now gone casual and are looking to field a full 30 heroic raid. If you are a heroic raider looking for a place to call home we might be the right fit for you! Qualified candidates should have the following: a solid history of raiding (even in the past), know how to play their class to the best of their ability, know how to do mechanics, enjoy the game and have a good time. In return we provide good times and and epeen points. Currently recruiting the following: High Need - Druid: Balance, Feral, Resto Mage Monk: Resto, WW Rogue Warlock All exceptional recruits are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. Current Legion Progression 7/7M EN 3/3H TOV 3/10M NH 8/9H TOS Raid Times Tue: 9pm-midnight EST Wed: 9pm-midnight EST Other activities on off nights including m+, pvp, achievements, and alt runs. Contact: Battlenet: Grimms#1419 Discord: Grimms#2871 http://www.imperium-guild.comTayswizle0 2d
2d (H)6/9M Tabbed Out PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA BATTLETAG @ Skilless#1617 Tabbed Out - Bleeding Hollow Horde (PvP server, EST) Times: Wed/Thurs/Sun 8:30pm-12 EST Website: Progression: Current: 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 2/3 M Trial of Valor 10/10 M Nighthold 6/9 M Tos Previous Tier: 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel TO has a long history of gaming going back all the way back to Everquest. This guild has definitely stood the test of time and has had a long and successful raiding career in WoW. For any questions regarding progression in older tiers we'd be happy to speak with you in game! Recruitment: To be recruited you must make an account on our website, read our guild charter, and fill out our application. If we like what we see you will have a brief Discord interview so we can get to know you. To apply visit Looking to add: Open DPS Spots for Mythic Tomb progression! Guild Atmosphere: - We encourage the use of peoples’ real names and we encourage our members to get to know one another as more than just pixels, to get to know one another on more personal levels. - The leaders of this guild believe that a guild that is socially close is much more likely to succeed than a group of hired mercenaries. - We are an adult guild and we make adult jokes and mess with each other, if you are sensitive and cannot handle this, TO is probably not the place for you. - We use a dkp style loot system. You can read about it here: - We utilize Discord as well Contact: Guild Leader Darkranger battletag Genghis352#1259 Officers Sikwit - Raid Leader Smè - DKP/Recruitment Officer - Sme#11814 Evilmon - Asst. Raid Leader/Ranged Officer Skilless- Random Officer/Recruitment OfficerSkilless1 2d
2d <Velkyn Solaris> 7/9H ToS - Looking for DPS Velkyn Solaris is a newly rebuilt guild on Bleeding Hollow that's looking to progress into Tomb [and Antorus] with competent and consistent players. We have a solid core team that has AoTC experience, however we're looking to expand in order to push past heroic and jump head first into Antorus. We are currently 7/9 Heroic with the intent of running our guild as 2/4/14 for heroic progression. The guild consists of crazy and lovable friends that just enjoy the ability to play and raid without the game turning into a second job. We've all been in hardcore guilds before, and at this point we're looking to progress with the mindset that real life happens, sometimes at the worst of times. With that in mind, we only raid two days a week so that our members can enjoy their real lives, as well as their time in Azeroth. We raid Saturday and Sundays from 9pm to 12am EST, and while these hours may seem odd, it allows us our normal work week with the ability to relax and enjoy raid over the weekend. We also run normal throughout the week if people are bored or want to gear up alts. If these hours sound like they could work for you, don't hesitate to contact us in game! [These times MAY change, but not without notice!] → Currently we are looking specifically for a Boomkin, Warlock, SPriest, and MM/BM Hunter, however any exceptional range DPS and melee DPS will always be considered! Our Expectations For You Due to the fact we are currently in the midst of rebuilding, we are looking for active players who know their class and research the fights beforehand. We require you to be raid ready prior to the start of raid, especially since the guild provides food, pots, and flasks. You are expected to show up gemmed and enchanted. Due to us only raiding two days a week, we do not have time to hold your hand. Great attitude and the ability to take corrective criticism is a must, and negative players and attitudes are not welcome. We believe that raid awareness and fight knowledge make the player NOT the gear because while gear helps, it cannot fix stupid. What Can We Offer You? *Light Raid Hours Since we are a weekend raiding guild, we do offer a much lighter schedule at just 6 hours each week, however when we are in heroic progression we do take the raid seriously. *Relaxed Environment Our guild is mostly older, mid 20's and up, and the raiding environment is friendly and relaxed. (The team enjoys killing me when I bring my DH on our normal runs...) We tend to be more active towards the later-afternoon, evening, and early morning hours, but for the most part, someone is always around. And if we aren't in-game, you can probably find us on our Discord server. *No Jerks/Elitists/Arseholes We question every person we recruit and refuse to take any jerks, creepers, or elitist pricks. While this may hurt us in hard times when we really need to recruit people, the guild takes pride in the fact that our members are genuinely nice and helpful people that simply want to enjoy the game. If the Velkyn Solaris family sounds like the fit for you, please feel free to contact us in game! * Guild Master - Sevrael - Azrael#11562 * Main Tank - Dahmonsta - BigDaddy#13995 * Raid Leader - Illádelph - Daddydelph#1664Sevrael0 2d
3d 5/9M holy paladin looking for guild I had to leave my old guild because of an oppressive air of negativity, clique mentality, and favoritism. all of which contributed to a stifling atmosphere which i needed to leave. i am looking for a guild with a healthy atmosphere of positive reinforcement, and conviviality. I would like to have people in guild willing to run keys or do non-raid content often as i feel this contributes to a thriving guild community.Panghur11 3d
3d [Area-52] <ReClear> 8/9m is recruiting! For more info go to:índred2 3d
3d 9/9 Heroic T/W/Th LF HEALS+DPS for Mythic! [Horde] Bleeding-Hollow <Victorious> is a raiding guild that has been around since Dragon Soul. We are looking for a few remaining reliable players for the remainder of ToS and well as Antorus: The Burning Thone. We are semi-hardcore which means we accomplish AoTC and as much Mythic as we can when the tier is current. We are not elitist nor are we willing to suffer those who are. We are a friendly guild who puts the needs of the team ahead of individual players. Many long standing raiders still in the guild after 8 tiers of raiding! Our raid team is always interested in quality and reliable players. All consistent and strong raiders will be considered but here are our current preferences: - Tank: pref Blood DK or Guardian Druid - Melee: pref WW, or DK - Ranged DPS: Spriest, Moonkin, Mage, Warlock, Ele, Hunter - Heals: pref Hpally, Monk, Rdruid Past Legion Raid Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Mythic Cutting Edge Trial of Valor - 3/3 Heroic AotC Nighthold - 4/10 Mythic We expect anyone interested in a raid slot to: - Run a +10 every week. - Show up to all three main raid nights during the week. - Bring a positive team first attitude; it takes a team not an individual. (Toxic, elitist attitudes will not be tolerated. Please be constructive about your criticism.) - Be prepared: the obvious consumable raid buffs as well as studying boss fights beforehand. - Class knowledge: you should know what logs are and how to critique yourself. - Have a mic/Discord. Raid schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00-12pm server (EST) with formation/trash clear 15 mins prior. (8:00-11:00 CST; 7:00-10:00 MST; 6:00-9:00 PST) We also typically run an optional farm/alt/achieve run Sunday and/or Monday evenings at 8:45 pm server (EST). Loot System: Modified LC with EPGP. If interested or further information, you can post here or message: Ethereaelle = ElvenBlossom#1880 - GM or Greenjasus = bananahead#1282 - Officer Thanks!Ethereaelle25 3d
4d [H]<DÈSCENT>8/9H Fri-Sat GUILD: DÈSCENT SERVER: Bleeding Hollow FACTION: Horde COMMUNICATION: Discord PROGRESSION: 9/9 ToS, 8/9H ToS SCHEDULE: Main Raid: 8:00-12:00pm EST Friday / Saturday LOOT: Loot is given out by using loot council. We have never had any issue using it and loot is given out pretty fair. RECRUITING: Currently looking for possible healers/dps to fill our roster to venture into Mythic ToS, also to have dedicated raiders. Classes in Need HEALERS - Holy Pally - Resto Druid - H/D Priest DPS - Ret Pally, Rogue,Boomkin, and Ele Shammy REQUIREMENTS: Proper Gems & Enchants Class knowledge (min/max your toon) Addons - DBM or Big wigs, RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools Ability to research & learn fights quickly, execute raid mechanics & take constructive criticism Good raid attendance (very important during progression) Patience & Loyalty Team Player Attitude & Drama Free Basically to sum it up, if we find you aren't pulling your weight, are always late, have bad attendance or a negative attitude we will bench you. ABOUT US: We have been on this server for about a year now and are finally trying to make the plunge into mythic content. We are drama free and are a great group of people. If you aren't a raider or don't have the time to put the time in to raiding we also offer a casual application as well. HOW TO GET US: Add me if interested ajam#1354(Discord Emosux#3541) recruitment officer, or our gm ajones6588#1712(Discord Ajones#2980) for more information.Kleeptia0 4d
4d [H] 5/9 M Guild LFM 5/9 Mythic Horde Guild < Orc Lives Matter > on US Burning Legion is looking for new raiders. Raid Days / Times : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday; 8:30 - 11:30 CST, (9:30 - 12:30 EST), (6:30 - 9:30 PST) High Demand Classes: Holy Paladin, DPS warrior, Resto Druid Demand: Any skilled DPS Loot: Loot Counclie Requirements: 1) 9/9 Heroic Experience, (3/9 M prefered) 2) Recent Logs 3) Addons: Bigwigs /DBM ... etc 4) Postive attitude and ability to accept criticism 5) Discord (voice) Guild Atomsphere: NSFW, Non toxic, Close Knit If your are interested please message Shiz or Rigwaltz via Discord. Contact Info: GM: Shiz Btag - Shizz#1370, Discord - Shizz#9104 Rigwaltz: Discord - Rigwaltz#0828Riglawtz1 4d
4d Horde Phasè two 5/9H fresh guild is recruting Phasè two is recruiting melee and ranged dps and a healer for ToS And Antorus progression! We are a fresh 5/9 heroic guild mainly focused on antorus, but running ToS in the mean time. Add GrimmSkull44#1411 or SexyButt#1910 if interested! We raid friday saturday sunday 7-10PM ESTGrimskul0 4d
4d ✨Internet Champions - 4/9M - LF DPS & Healer <Internet Champions> is a longtime 20 man casual/hardcore raiding guild who has a core of members who have been raiding together since Classic. We're a friendly, laid back guild who enjoys the raiding aspect of WOW, but don't wish for it to be a second job. If you're looking for an older, mature guild with friendly people and zero drama who also come prepared to raid, then look us up on our website and feel free to pm any of our officers on our Real Id's below for more information. Website: Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 9:30pm - 12:30am est We are open to any class if you're an experienced, mature player. But, for individual "needs" we're looking for the classes below. Classes/Roles we're looking for Healer We're looking for a healer to join our healing core. Ideally a resto druid, but we're flexible for the right person and fit. DPS We're looking for ranged dps that isn't a hunter (we have 4). The ability to offspec-heal in rare situations would be a huge bonus to us as well. What our Guild can offer: * Light Raid Hours Raiding a lighter schedule (9 hours), but take it seriously when we do raid. * Relaxed Environment Our guild is mostly older (mid 20's and up) and the raiding environment is friendly and relaxed. * No Asshats We interview every person we recruit and refuse to take any douchebags, creepers or elitist pricks. This may hurt us in hard times when we really need to recruit people, but we take pride in the fact that are members are genuinely nice and helpful people that simply want to enjoy end-game content. For more information or how to apply. Apply at our website ( Or contact with any questions Gig#1661 or Cinnaa#1561Gigs141 4d
4d (H) <RuM> 9/9H 3/9M Looking for RNG DPS! <RuM> is an adult mature, semi-hardcore guild. Everyone is 18+, officer's are between 22-36 years old. The guild has been around for a long time and there is a stable core group. Expectations We expect you to be 925+ ilvl with at least 63 traits in your weapon. We also expect you to be a member of your class discord and to keep up to date with the latest information or changes for your spec. If you are not performing well, we will help you as best we can, but we would expect you to research what you can do to fix the issue. Raid Information We raid Tuesday's and Thursdays from 8pm-11pm EST. There is an optional alt/AP run on Mondays from 8pm-11pm EST. We have a lot of fun, but since we only raid two nights a week, we run our raids efficiently. You will not hear any bickering or yelling in our discord, we are a friendly group =). Loot is distributed using EPGP. Progress Currently 9/9H, 3/9M ToS. We have been able to kill 3 mythic bosses in one week of raiding, and will continue to progress as far as we can in this raid tier. Which class/spec we are recruiting for Frost Mage BM/MM Hunter Sub Rogue Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest All exceptional players are welcome to come and trial though! Contact Lelyia#1170 (Bnet) I look forward to hearing from you!Lelyía3 4d
5d [H]<Omnipotent Psychosis> 3/9M Fri-Sat Bleeding Hollow Horde <Omnipotent Psychosis> Raid times: 8:30pm-12:00am Est Wed/Fri/Sat. Wednesday we are selling our Heroic 9/9 run on personal loot. Half of the money gathered will go towards the guild bank, the other half goes towards the raiders. ^^Not mandatory^^ 3 year Long-Term Core motivated to pushing Mythic content. Recruiting ALL Skilled Players with Priorities towards Healers: Restoration Shaman Restoration Druid DPS: Sub/Assassination Rogue Havoc Demon Hunter Boomkin UH Death Knight 920 ilevel minimum with at least 10 points in concordance. Omnipotent Psychosis strives to clear all difficulties of current raid content to ensure continuous progression. During our off raid nights mythic+ groups are usually formed after around 7:00pm Est to push for +15 chests/gear. We use loot council during our raids to distribute loot to the proper people. As an added bonus of being a core raider, we alphabetically shift two core raiders weekly to be able to vote on the council. We are also using allgenda to coordinate events for everyone involved in our guild. Allgenda is simply just a calendar that members or officers can create events and say that they will be there or not. Due to the need for personal accountability it is mandatory to participate in this calendar for raid invites. If you have any questions or would like a discord interview, feel free to add me on Bnet or Discord. Virtuous#1462 Bnet / Apexx#3468 Discord - Guild LeaderMagëstic2 5d
5d [H] <Professional Pirates> 3/9M Recruiting THU/SUN 8-11pm EST (also a non mandatory drunken alt run on TUE 8-11pm) Need a healer (resto druid) and one or two dps wouldn't hurt either DK (any spec) High Warlock (any spec) Medium Hunter (MM) Low Shaman (Enhc) Low Warrior (Fury/Arms) Medium We are somewhere between casual and hardcore, probably closer to casual but we have always managed ahead of the curve and a few mythic bosses. Loot rules are essentially council, but by a system that values attendance>performance=bis list>roll. These are not hard set however. For example, a guy who shows up ~90% of the time will not auto lose his loot to a guy that makes it 100%, or that does a tad more dmg. Someone who comes ~50% of the time and is pretty much being carried because of bad skill however has no chance to get anything a decent raider wants (and will not be brought to progression). We will try to help that guy out on bosses we have farmed however. All raid mats are provided by guild officers, including chants/gems. As a guild we are pretty light hearted by nature. During progression things can get a little serious but normally jokes are made throughout. Contact me or the co-gm by bnet or ingame for any questions: cyber#1134 zabatakis#1283Zabatakis6 5d
5d 920 DK LF Mythic progression guild 920 DK LF Mythic progression guild 3/9 experienced, Btag is Magiczero#11614 if interestedMagiczeró1 5d
5d [H]<SLAPPED IDIOT> 7/9H ToS Recruiting <SLAPPED IDIOT> We're looking to fill our core raiding group. Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 PM Eastern to 10:30 PM Eastern. We're a laid back, tight-knit group of friends that aims to create a fun and enjoyable raiding environment. We're currently recruiting for all roles, but mainly looking for an off-tank and healers. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a comfortable environment for other players, and have been successful in the past in having several of the PUGs in our groups server transfer to join the guild. We run daily M+, old content, PvP instances and are often willing to help those in need with whatever activity they're working on. What we're looking for right now High-End Ranged DPS: ⦁ Shaman ⦁ Hunter ⦁ Druid ⦁ Warlock High-End Melee DPS: ⦁ Death Knight ⦁ Rogue Tanks: ⦁ Warrior Anyone interested in joining can message any of the following: Bonk#1819 Bestplay#11934 wtfisablink#1703 totkopf#1828Bambroskef3 5d
5d [H] <A Reddit Dystopia> Team WH 9/9H LF DPS ARD of US-Bleeding Hollow Horde is a large cross-server community with multiple Mythic Progression teams. We started from a single Reddit post and have prided ourselves on providing community runs of all current content. We routinely have over 100 members in guild online at any given time and have a Discord community of over 1000 members. ARD truly believes in a no douche-canoe policy and we strive to provide a toxic free environment for all players in all aspects (Questing, PvP, M+, Raids). Currently, Team Waffle House (9/9H ToS) is looking for some DPS'ers to round out our team so that we can start Mythic and make progress there. Raid times are Tu/Thursday from 10pm - 1am EST. We usually clear heroic Tuesday nights and run a normal just for fun on Thursdays and take along alts. Since we originally started as a cross realm team, we haven't really tried Mythic but due to our success in Heroic NH and ToS, we'd like to give Mythic a go. Our ideal applicant would have thorough knowledge of their class/encounters in ToS, ilvl 910+, and most importantly, NOT BE a douche canoe. Also, please be on Bleeding Hollow! To get a hold of us, message us in game or via bnet and we can arrange a trial run! Terq - Terc#1319 [Raid Leader] Caeydin - Caydin#1765 or Collarchoke - ShinyPants#11724Collarchoke1 5d
5d Resto Druid looking for guild Looking for a chill guild to get back into the game. Available Thus/Fri 10-1 ST.Floppysåck2 5d
5d Solid core LF raid leader for new 6 hr guild Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out this post. In short, we are a group of 7-10 friends who have been playing this game together for many years. Currently most of us have killed 4/9M about a month ago raiding 6 hours this tier. Lately we have grown quite tired of the struggle of finding us all a guild that can learn fights as quickly as us yet still know how to have a good time during and outside of raids. This is why we are now looking to change things up and start something ourselves. So we do have a slight problem. Even though we are all well versed in looking at logs, studying up on the fights, etc. we would unfortunately not have the time commitment required to be a fantastic raid leader and also run the guild at the same time. That is why we are looking for someone with similar goals to ours to start something potentially great and long lasting. Some quick requirements we have: 1) Will be Horde and Zul'jin (we can pay transfer for right person) 2) Main raid times will be Sunday/Monday 8:30-11:30 ET (can maybe be negotiated to 9-12 ET) 3) We can provide all the flasks, food, recruiting, guild loot tracking, etc. necessary to run the guild. We just need someone to yell at us to keep us on track ;) We strongly feel with the right group raiding 6 hours is more than enough time to clear all raid content every tier. If you are looking for a guild that will be in mythic immediately, then this is not the opportunity for you. If you are looking to build a solid guild foundation in order to create an ideal raiding guild atmosphere then we would love to chat with you. I kept this relatively brief because I would like to chat with you personally 1 on 1 about our logs and the future goals of this new guild so please contact me at honkerrs#9675 on Discord (faster response) or honkerrs#1508 on BNET. Hope to hear from you!Honkerrs0 5d
5d The Blacktooth Grin Recruiting! Hello, We are <The Blacktooth Grin>. We're recruiting members to fill out our raid team, currently 6/9H 9/9N ToS. Tanks - Unavailable DPS - Ranged preference but all are welcome Healers - Anything besides MW monk We've been raiding casually up until now, however our members are finding more time for Warcraft and wish to step it up in terms of what we accomplish in a raid tier. Raid times Heroic Progression - Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm-11pm server time (est) Normal Farm - Sunday 8pm-11pm server time (est) We are an adult (18+) only guild who love to have fun, raid, pvp, and do mythic+ nearly every night. We use discord heavily and have an active evening roster. Whisper Sindry/ Hodel in game or add my battletag TJS#1608Tzeitel3 5d
5d Ret and HPriest LF 1-day heroic guild My main is Actionhotdog on Bleeding Hollow - the forums are not allowing me to choose that character for some reason. My wife and I have been serious raiders since Wrath, but we've decided it's time to step back. We're looking for a one-day raiding guild. I hesitate to say full casual, but atmosphere is much more important than progression for us now. We're new to the server and don't know very many people at all, so I'm turning here for help. Horde only please! Actionhotdog (922 Ret) - Stephling (933 HPriest)- My Btag is Timling#1342 if you would like to contact me directly.Actionhero3 5d
5d 915 Marksmen Hunter looking for guild Looking for a weekday raiding guild that also does mythic+. Hint#1911 add if interested.Elcharcoal1 5d
6d 937 Mage LF cutting edge guild Looking to either play on Illidan/Mal'ganis/Bleeding Hollow/Arthas/Stormreaver (in that order) as Horde OR Sargeras as alliance My goal with the servers is high pop PVP central datacenter server as horde, but am also willing to stay Sargeras alliance just to be on same server as my alts (so no, I'm not interested in another alliance server, or any low pop/pve/west horde servers) Available raid times: Monday: 5pm-10pm (EST) Tuesday: 5pm-10pm (EST) Wednesday: 5pm-10pm (EST) Thursday: 5pm-10pm (EST) Friday: 5pm-anytime (EST) Saturday: any time Sunday: anytime until 10pm (EST) Checklist of things I'm looking for in the raid group: -No drama -Core position(s). I'm not looking to be a bench player, so prefer guilds running 20-23 people range, not 30. -Not carrying people in progression -Loot council -1-2 raid leaders tops, don't want 6 people shouting the entire encounter. -Low downtime -Chill atmosphere, joking outside of progression pulls etc. -No split runs or anything too hardcore like that, I don't really want to have more than ~12-15 hours mandatory into this game every week. -I'd prefer it expected that people are putting effort in outside of raid, at least the weekly 10/15 key and some AP farming(even just WQs) to stay competitive. -History of CE a big plus -Currently 5/9M or better highly preferred, might consider 4/9 if good logs and just need a dps or two to complete roster or something. Essentially I'm just looking for a guild that jokes around and has fun, but is serious when it needs to be. I want cutting edge every tier, but beyond that I'm not too worried about being US top 50 or anything. (Although would be nice) I also potentially have a solid fury war that would come with me, so if you need him as well it's a plus (Roxuos-Sageras). My btag is Invisy#1645Dogolith0 6d
6d [H]<SimplyTheWorst>(9/9H ToS) T/W 9p-12a LFM <Simply the Worst> is a Horde Heroic progressive-yet-casual raiding guild taking home on the NA realm of Bleeding Hollow. We're a friendly bunch who share the same goals of having fun while progressing through content in a mature but relaxed atmosphere. We use Discord to organize events in WoW and other games as well. We have active members who participate in Mythic + and RBGS/PvP in general on a daily basis. Our goal for every raid tier is to achieve Ahead of the Curve. Once that has happened, we'd like to do several things for fun during farm content, namely being raid achievements for mounts and older mythic raids! Anyone can inquire! Casual, non raiders , PVPers are welcome to join our ranks. We are currently looking for: Open Recruitment for all classes and roles. Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-12am EST Current Legion Progress: Tomb of Sargeras- 9/9 Heroic, 9/9 Normal Past Legion Progress: Nighthold - 10/10 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Trial of Valor - 3/3 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve For more information or recruitment contact: Argentt in-game or BTag: Hordcore#1852Argentt12 6d
Sep 13 Resto Druid Coming back Looking for a chill raid guild to get back into the game with. Dont care about progression looking to meet people I like to spend time with.Floppysåck0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Looking to Aquire the Name 'Slam' Looking to acquire the name 'Slam'. It appears that it is currently being used by an inactive low level. If you are the owner or know the owner of the toon can you please message me here? Would love to sport the name if it currently is not being used.Poetryslam0 Sep 13
Sep 12 Grd Druid lf Casual Raiding 921/916 guardian druid LF casual raiding guild, 2 nights on weekdays. 8/9 Heroic experience on DPS alt. Long time experience with tanking.Ursov0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Recruiting for Argus Heroic Raid Sales Hello everyone! Recruiting players for Heroic 'Antorus the Burning Throne' Full Clears and Heroic 'Argus the Unmaker' AoTC kills. (Horde Sales Group) Who are we? We’re an active sales community composed of the top US raiders looking. We’re an explicit gold-only group with a mission to have as much fun while making a lot of gold. Under recent events we are recruiting for 1 Tank and DPS for our Horde Sales group. We do Sales every day of the week and as such we require reliable team members on whom we can count to show up. We will consider any application regardless of your class and specc. Our experience? We have been one of the top US Horde Sales group since HFC. With some of our core being part of the original HFC Sales group and obtaining over 1300+ Heroic Archimonde Kills. Last tier our Sales group averaged 371 Heroic Gul’dan kills with the highest member obtaining exactly 500 Heroic Gul’dan kills. For Tomb of Sargeras we are close to reaching 200+ Heroic Kil’jaeden kills and a group average of 146 Heroic Kil’jaeden kills. Next tier we are looking to go hardcore with Sales and we need reliable, dedicated members so our vision comes true. What services are we providing? We provide HORDE services only. Next tier we will have fixed schedules for Full Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne Clears and Argus the Unmaker Heroic AoTC Sales. We will have a fix schedule for said clears/kills and a plan to efficiently carry the services within our limits. If you’re interested in being part of our group I highly recommend you to reach out to us. We're looking for consistent, reliable players. CONTACT US AND APPLY For fast response add us through Discord. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered at our earliest convinience. Discord: Venditore#6456 (Make sure the V is capitalized) Battletag: Absalom#1531 Want to purchase a carry from us? If you’re looking to get a gold price quote for the realm of your choice we have a Sales Discord where we use it to post when we’re available or currently selling a service. We are best reachable through there and respond quickly to any questions you may have. We only deal with gold. Copy and Paste the following link Sales Discord link: Sep 12
Sep 11 [H]<Gods and Monsters> 9/9 H ToS Recruiting <Gods & Monsters> two night raiding guild. T/TH 8-11 EST. 9/9 H recruiting: Tank(BM/Guardian/Blood), Ranged (Mage, Boomkin, Spriest), Melee (Enh Shaman, Feral) to push into Mythic with. Any interested player should message Ubrlock, Millcity, Smorsnir, or myself in game or reply in this thread.Probabilitÿ0 Sep 11
Sep 11 <Cream of the Crop> 9/9H ToS Recruiting <Cream of the Crop> is a 9/9 H ToS raiding guild that is looking to start mythic progression. High Priority: Holy Paladin Holy/Disc Priest Resto Druid Any Strong DPS will be considered. Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday/ 8:00-12:00pm EST If interested contact FrisbeeToss#11958, Vegeta#1231 for more details.Mirvan5 Sep 11
Sep 11 Prot Tank lf a raiding guild Hi i just transferred here from aggramar looking for a raiding guild thats active and friendly am a 900 ilvl prot Pally looking for a Place to call home and that will actually use me for a tank i can raid monday through thursday any time with friday through sunday after 7 pm realm time. i am 9/9 normal tos with 6/9 heroic on my alts so i know fightsDuskfear0 Sep 11
Sep 9 [A]The Enclave Is Recruiting - PvP/PvE The Enclave is currently recruiting any and all Alliance players interested in the following: Normal/Heroic Raids - Mythic raids are a fast ticket to burnout city. While we were the only Alliance on BH capable of doing them we collectively as a group got sick of it and ended up taking a break. We have no intention of doing it again. Heroics are good enough for us and we can bring up to 30 people. Unrated/Rated PvP - We run various random and rated BG groups from time to time. Not to mention grouping up to smash Horde with our over powered tank specs in the world. Long Lasting Community - The Enclave has been around as a gaming organization since 1998. You'll always find stability in our community no matter what game we play. For now it's WoW and in the future it may be another game. A long winded posted for 2017 WoW is not necessary. We no plans to leave this realm and merely want to play the game and enjoy it for what it is. Going against the grain isn't going to help us so we don't intend to do that at all. So in the end do you want a home on Alliance? Want to clear raids/battlegrounds with speed and efficiency without relying on pugs? We're the guild for you. Want to push cutting edge Mythic raids? We're not it. Find another server. Want a family friendly environment? We're not that either. Send me a message in-game for invite. Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to bring as many people as possible to our heroic raids and gear up as quickly as possible as a guild. Thank you for reading.Horrigan23 Sep 9
Sep 9 [H] <Maximum Effort> - 9/9H Recruiting Maximum Effort is a laid back, semi-casual raiding guild recruiting players interested in Legion raids, Mythic+ dungeons, and players just looking for a fun, active group of people to play with. Raiding Info: We raid Heroic ToS on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30pm until 11:30pm EST. There is also an optional Normal ToS alt raid on Saturdays that starts at 8:30pm EST where loot is set to Personal. Discord Voice is required for our main raid; even if you don’t have a mic to talk you must be able to hear instructions/call-outs. Loot: We use Group Loot on regular raid nights. All members are welcome to roll Need on upgrades while we ask new recruits to roll Greed only during a preset “trial” period. We expect all members to be considerate of one another when rolling. Recruitment: We are currently seeking ranged DPS roles, especially Mages and/or Shadow Priests. Melee DPS please feel free to inquire as well! (Un)fortunately, our Tank and Healing roles are full for Tomb of Sargeras. Not interested in organized group content but want to join a socially active guild? We typically have people online most of the day as well as an active Discord Server. If you are only looking for the social aspect of the game, we should be able to provide what you are looking for! Social: In addition to our raid team, our guild members form Mythic+ groups throughout the week. We also offer the occasional guild meta-achievement run for mounts, titles, and glory. Guild raid lockouts for old content are available and we have our resident mount and pet experts for those interested. For more information or inquiries about joining Maximum Effort, please contact any of the following members: Ravenna#11443 xRainy#1106 Ranglez#1778Xantera4 Sep 9
Sep 8 <Velkyn Solaris> 6/9H ToS - Recruiting All <Velkyn Solaris> is a newly rebuilt guild of friends, currently 4/9H in ToS looking for all roles to help round out our current team. Our core member's raiding experience ranges from 6/9H to 9/9H ToS and we're now looking to push progression as a guild into Tomb with a stable roster of competent and consistent raiders. With that said, we're a friendly and laid back guild who enjoys the raiding aspect of the game, but don't want it to become a second job. Food and flasks are provided for progression nights, and our crafters are always happy to help with enchants and gems. We also have an active discord and our team enjoys pushing keys and running older content, as well as occasionally taking time away from the game to play Overwatch and Diablo. Raiding Schedule: Saturday 9pm-Midnight Sunday 9pm-Midnight Requirements: We would like our new recruits to be at least 910+ ilvl equipped if possible, with a solid grasp of their class, and the knowledge and ability to handle all raid mechanics. New recruits will be trialed on Saturdays in a normal ToS run to make sure that they will be a good fit for the team. We are open to any class if you're an experienced, mature player, but for individual "needs" we're looking for the classes below. However, as always, casual players are welcome to join the guild for gearing and Mythic keystones. Roles Needed: Healers We're looking for 1-2 healers to join our healing core. Ideally we would love a resto druid, but we can be flexible for the right person and fit. - Resto Druid - Holy Pally DPS We're looking for ranged dps, as well as any competent melee to help round out the dps roster. The ability to offspec-heal/tank in rare situations would be a huge bonus to us as well. - Mage - SPriest - Warlock - Shaman - Havoc DH What we can offer YOU? Light Raid Hours - Since we are a weekend raiding guild, we do offer a much lighter schedule at just 6 hours each week (give or take), however when we are in heroic progression we do take the raid seriously. Relaxed Environment - Our guild is mostly older, mid 20's and up, and the raiding environment is friendly and relaxed. (The team enjoys killing me when I bring my DH on our normal runs...) We tend to be more active towards the later-afternoon, evening, and early morning hours, but for the most part, someone is always around. And if we aren't in-game, you can probably find us on our Discord server. No Jerks/Elitists/Arseholes - We question every person we recruit and refuse to take any jerks, creepers, or elitist pricks. While this may hurt us in hard times when we really need to recruit people, the guild takes pride in the fact that our members are genuinely nice and helpful people that simply want to enjoy the game. If you're looking for an older, mature guild with friendly people and zero drama who also come prepared to raid, feel free to PM any of our officers listed below because we'd love for you to join the <Velkyn Solaris> family! [b]Guild Master: Sevrael Healing Officer: Gigavolts Recruitment Officer: IraerraSevrael9 Sep 8
Sep 8 (H) Pulling Threat 8/9H LF DPS and Heals <Pulling Threat> is a heroic raiding guild looking to push into the mythic raiding scene with ToS. We are currently recruiting raid focused people as well as friendly casual players, levelers, and people just looking to hang out. Current Progression 8/9 H-ToS 9/9 N-ToS What We Do -Raid Mondays and Wednesdays (Alt night on Tuesdays) 9:00pm-12am EST. -Mythic+ guild runs; for gear, for the challenge, for fun! THIS has always been a large emphasis for our guild and we are seeking Tanks and Healers to help fill the demands of our guild's M+ needs! -Gear up/assist guildies! We pride ourselves on our core group's willingness to run and help other guild members. May it be a fresh 110 that needs burnt through heroics or mythics, or helping anyone with current quest/dungeon content. -Guide learning members. If so desired, we have some very knowledgeable core players who can assist and guide you on what they know to help you improve your play. Please keep in mind that your current skill level with your class may act as a barrier to make our Heroic/Mythic roster. We must see a desire to learn to continue our efforts with you and before we will bring you on alt runs to receive loot. What We Don't Do -Tolerate people being negative to our members. Inside the guild or out. -Tolerate toxicity or passive aggressive behavior. Respect and patience are big with our core members. If there are issues, we address them and deal with them upfront and directly. -Take this game too seriously. It's a game and having fun is always goal. Recruiting Needs Tanks Death Knight - Closed Demon Hunter - Closed Druid - Closed Monk - Closed Paladin - Closed Warrior - Closed Healers Druid - Low Monk - Closed Paladin - Low Disc Priest - Closed Holy Priest - Closed Shaman – Closed Melee DPS Death Knight - High Demon Hunter - High Druid - High Monk - Closed Paladin - Low Rogue - Med Shaman - Med Warrior - High Ranged DPS Druid - Low Hunter - High Mage - High Priest - Low Shaman - Low Warlock – Med/Low If these things sound like they fit the way you want to enjoy the game then please feel free to send an in-game message to Noralisa, Grogenstein, or Wargâmes and we can discuss further! We will also take any casual players who are just looking for a home to hang out in for mythic+’s, leveling, PvP, etc. Thank you for your interest in Pulling Threat! ~wargames#1502 ~bluuegg#1267 ~JustDivis#1184Wargâmes21 Sep 8
Sep 8 [H]<Casually Addicted> 9/9H LF Whatever <Casually Addicted> is looking for more! We are a guild consisting of young adults who enjoy playing this game in their free time. We are a drama-free guild looking for more people who want a relaxed place to get some progression done! We raid 7:30-10 EST Tuesday and Thursday, with an all in agreement to go longer. We do m+s when there's enough around to do so, just to get our high keys in for the week. We are currently aching for any of the following (italicized is priority): Healer: Shaman Range: Shaman? Melee: Shaman! Feral? We're currently about 5 short of having a consistent roster. Please have 915+ ilvl to be trialed in for heroic raiding. We do normal ToS for alts and gearing on the weekends. We can usually blow through that in a couple hours. If you have questions just reply to this thread, or add Rystrave#1789 or Luco#1558 to bnet. We can arrange a time to talk in Discord and trial along :)Rystrave8 Sep 8
Sep 7 [H]<Caustic> (5/9 M) <CAUSTIC> BLEEDING HOLLOW: HORDE Current Progression: 5/9M Previous Tier Progress: 9/10M Raid Times: Mon, Tues, and Thurs 7:00PM-10:00PM EST Caustic is group focused on Mythic progression looking to recruit players who can handle personal responsibility, have solid attendance, come prepared, and perform their role. Caustic is currently recruiting to sustain, and grow, a healthy roster of 23 members for per boss needs. If you can show up prepared, not stand in the fire, and can do your job with a smile on your face - Caustic is where you need to spend your raid nights. We're not looking for any specific class or role, just people who understand attendance is important and can perform their job. Interested in joining Caustic? Feel free to add either Peau#1757 or LoreCannon#1408. Thanks, Peau - Guild Master Ragemeter - RORagemeter3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Wasting People time in a Raid Get A Life People Wasting People Time In a raid do join if your not going to do anythingSinblader0 Sep 7