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Mar 13 Bleeding Hollow PvP Guilds Welcome to the Bleeding Hollow PvP Guild List! A comprehensive guide to PvP focused Guilds on Bleeding Hollow [US]. Presented by Seanna and Zulex. This guide features a quick rundown of Guilds for both factions, Alliance and Horde. Basic information about each Guild can be provided here for community members and prospective guildmates to see! Any Guild wishing to get their name on this list or adjust information featured about their Guild can have their GuildMaster/Officers post below and/or contact either Seanna[A] or Zulex[H] in game. Updates to the list will be often. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the field! edit: Stickied 7/29/15! In no particular order, the Guilds are as follows:Zulex168 Mar 13
Feb 1 FAQ: Bleeding Hollow Transfers This is purely to swap over the FAQs, I take no credit for the majority of the post I'm posting as I only updated it from the old one (That was made during Cata) ****UPDATED COPY FOR THE STICKY**** Bleeding Hollow Streams! Check these videos if you're here for the world pvp: Sup boyfriends, so I decided that if I combined the three FAQs here, we’d have a better chance at getting it sticked. Then when people ask a question about the server, we can be giant jerks and say “read the stickies noob.” I mostly just copied stuff over from the other FAQs, but I finished the sections that Paddywack left blank, as well as some brief proof reading/editing. Please sticky this and keep it bumped, so we don’t have to have multiple threads/FAQs, as that can sometimes be less helpful than not having a FAQ at all. Anyway, enjoy. --Disclaimer: Most of this FAQ came from Paddywack, Tablez and Ikyteu, so thanks to them. I will update if things become irrelevant, or if the bleeding hollowians deem something need to be added. So due to word recently getting out that our server is big money pimpin’ for PvP, we’ve had a lot of transfers recently for both horde and alliance. This is great, and is helping our PvP community grow even bigger than it already is. If you are one of these transplants from a dead realm, I’m sure you have questions just like the rest of them. This FAQ aims to satisfy those concerns. If you are a dragonslaying PvE fanatic, have no fear, there are plenty of people willing to smash AI with you all day! Table of contents ============= 1a) Server Information 1b) Horde - to - Alliance ratio 1c) How to transfer and cost of transferring 1d) Will I like this server? 2) End-Game Content (PvE) 2a) PvE Progression: Server Rank in the US 2b) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Alliance 2c) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Horde 2d) General Loot Rules for Alliance 2e) General Loot Rules for Horde 3) PvP 3a) World PvP 3b) Arena PvP 3c) Battleground PvP 3d) Rated Battleground PvP 3e) Guilds that PvP (Horde and Alliance) 3f) Ongoing Bleeding Hollow Tournaments 4) Role Playing 5) Server Economy 5a) Alliance 5b) Horde 5c) Collectors and Neutral Auction HousePulse290 Feb 1
30m where the allaince been a few weeks since I played, where did the alliance go?Syntàxx17 30m
1h LF Mythic raiding? You won't believe this! Ha. you clicked this. Just like you clicked that BuzzFeed Quiz about "what animal is most like you!" Its a panther, everyone gets a panther. Cause a 22 yr old girl who likes panthers and is *unique* made the quizz. Anyways. Stop breaking off your main group that made you a "mythic raider" because mean old raid leader didn't give you that shiny purp. Creating your own 30 man guilds, that have an active roster on your raid days. but between the week having 0 - 1 player online and just stick it out OR! OR! JOINING ANOTHER RAID GROUP. Shocking! I know, but there are more than one ESTABLISHED guild out there. Be smart, that way we don't have 300 and a half k guilds floating around the 527k population of bleeding hollow... ...And just join The Blacktooth Grin. kappa Srsly though, yall gotta be seeing the same thing I am. 40 raid teams all recruiting the same 7 guys. Yall are gonna have to start offering house payments soon instead of xfers. From The Blacktooth Grin compound with love, Sam the Rogue who has a twitter, go follow him. @ samtherogue. or add him on btag cause hes obvs *totally famous* Sam#12763Sam6 1h
3h [H] <Innervate> 7/7 M, 3/10 M! T-W-T 11-2am <Innervate> is a guild that has been together since Burning Crusade. We are located on Bleeding Hollow horde side, a very high pop server with a great economy. We are a group of long time friends that play many other games together and have a tight knit core. We have been steadily improving our Mythic raid team and we are still looking to climb up the rankings while maintaining a chill raid environment. We currently raid Mythic Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 11pm- 2am EST. All other nights we usually have people on running random Mythic + or doing other things. We are currently 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 5/10 Heroic, 10/10 N Nighthold, and 3/3 Heroic ToV. Current Openings We are currently in need of strong ranged DPS and Healers for Nighthold progression. Tank slots are currently full but we can make room for any exceptional player if we feel it meets the raid teams needs. Applicants are ideally 880+ and have decent AP level, mythic experience is not required but preferred. Recent logs are a plus! Trial Info If you would like to apply or have any questions about the guild, please add one of the following to battle tag: Getpoached - Abujimbob#1238 Wolfshifter - kylejohnson#1233 We would conduct an interview with you on our discord. We've found over the years there is a lot more to a successful raid environment than the raw numbers. You will be guaranteed a shot to prove yourself in the raid at some point throughout your trial. Good luck in your guild search and thanks for reading! 3h
4h [H][Science] is recruiting! 10/10H Science is currently 10/10N and 10/10H and looking for solid, mature players to focus on reaching Mythic Nighthold. Raids are all listed in server time and take place on Friday and Saturdays with regular M+ being ran during the week. Currently we are in high need of rDPS, off tanks and a single healer to even out our core 20 man raid team team, while still looking to pick up main tanks, healers and DPS for M+ groups during the week. Please feel free to add me if you have any questions that aren't answered here. FourTwenty#1653 Raid Times: Fri: 9-12 Sat: 9-12Expectations: 875+ ilvl Use DBM / BigWiggs Don't stand in fire? Show up on time with Flask/Food/Pots Be Gem'd / Enchanted Betrayerer21 4h
5h Any Alliance left? I know that The Enclave left, and for good reason. This game isn't worth the time of day to most people. I myself stopped playing for quite some time and I am unsure if I want to come back full time or not. However in my absence my guild experienced an exodus and my co-gm's let things die out before xferring to a new guild. Gauging interest and just seeing who is still on BH looking for a home. I was here from MoP - Mid WoD but left for personal reasons. Thanks fellas.Exphyrl21 5h
6h 901Eq 3/10M Holy Paladin Very skilled Holy Paladin looking for a guild doing Mythic raids weekly. So if you are tired of a weak healer not performing in your raid group and what someone who knows what they are doing, hit me up and let's talk. Looking for a serious guild, with serious players that show up to clear content. 6h
6h Mythic ready group RECRUIT US! [H] Hey realmers, Our current raid team has fallen apart and a group of us are looking to try our luck elsewhere. Our current raid time is at T/TH 9PM server time. We can change days but raid has to start between 9-10 unfortunately due to work schedules. We are main 3 - Yingji (brewmaster) Toastyhoot (resto druid) Alumnos (holy priest) Here are some logs and we can also pull the top DPS & friends (3-4 at least!) players from this roster if you need them Reply here or hit me up on BTag L2kShadow#1115Yingji1 6h
8h [H] Flawless Victory - 9pm-12am T-Th Greetings Bleeding Hollow - Horde! My name is Mousse and I am an officer in the latest guild to hit the server: <Flawless Victory>! We are currently recruiting to fill out our raid spots. We arn't very large yet, but we ARE NOT SPAM INVITING. We want people to be a part of a community, not leech, spam HARAMBE or cause drama. I find from my 10+ years in WoW that this is the secret to a great guild. I have only been in 2 guilds ever and I really believe in this group. Why would I join such a guild you say? Well let me try to convince you with bullet points. If this looks good to you post here or add me in game (Mouzze#1135): -Raid nights Tues-Thurs 9pm-12am EST (open to discussion) -We are currently clearing Heroic NH, but want to push Mythic one we get more -Most players have played for over 5 years (with some upwards of 10) -We all love the game and play to have fun -We all are very serious about our characters and min-max -We love casuals, because they bring a sense of community -We take criticism, but in turn expect others to take some as well -Most of us play nightly from 6pm EST -late with some weirdos like my playing also 5am-8am EST. -We do everything: m+, raids (Heroic and Normal atm), LFR, and some even are highly ranked PvPers - A few members come from a previously competitive (5+ night a week) raiding background, but want to bring that skill to a less time committed, friendly environment We have Discord etc. If you have any questions post below or message me in game. Cheers, MousseMousse1 8h
9h Ambition - Horde - 8/10 H NH Greetings Fellow WoW players! Ambition is a Heroic progressive-yet-casual raiding guild taking home on Bleeding Hollow-US. We're a friendly bunch who share the same goals of having fun while progressing through content in a mature but relaxed atmosphere. We use Discord to organize events in WoW and other games as well, and we have active members who participate in Mythic + and RBGS. Anyone can inquire! Casual, non raiders, PVPers are welcome to join our ranks. However, we need raid ready players, around 875+ iLvl, to join us for Elisande and Guldan. Please feel free to contact: (Aesira) Ace#13149 or (Tunnzz) Tunnz#1910 in game Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-12am EST Current Legion Progress: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Trial of Valor - 3/3 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Nighthold - 8/10 Heroic Our progression during Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul - 7/7 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Blackrock Foundry - 10/10 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Thank you for interest, hope to see you in game!Aesira51 9h
10h <The Alternative> 2 day Mythic 3/10 M NH <The Alternative> - Bleeding Hollow - Horde Raid Times: Tuesday: 9 to midnight EST Thursday: 9 to midnight EST Currently Recruiting: 1 resto druid, mw monk, or skilled disc priest Non shaman DPS All exceptional applicants apply regardless of current needs! What we expect from you: We’re looking for players that consistently strive to improve their performance. We expect everyone to make our scheduled raid times. If you are unable to attend a raid, you must notify the officers and post on our forums as soon as possible. Respect is earned, not given. Excessive outbursts of rage will not be tolerated. What you can expect from us: The best will be in for progression. As a progression oriented guild, it is necessary that we optimally structure and set up our roster for each encounter. Loot is distributed by a loot council and based around the severity of the upgrade, total raid benefit, attendance, and quality of play from recipients. How you can join: Send any one of the listed people a message to get our discord information for an interview/trial. Megg#1385 RL/GM Xanblastbody - Bleeding Hollow (in game) Triliem - Bleeding Hollow (in game)Xanblastbody1 10h
10h [H] <Rival> 2x night 4/10M LF 1-2 DPS Who We Are Our goal as a guild is to clear the most challenging content possible before the next tier is released. We are a highly active 2x night a week Horde progression guild on Bleeding Hollow (a high pop/no queue server). The core of the guild has been raiding together for the past 2 expansions. We're well established, mature, active, and have a nice laid-back atmosphere but focused on getting things done efficiently. Progression Mindset: We understand what it means to be a progression guild, and in order to progress efficiently we know that carrying individuals through progression isn't acceptable. We have minimum expectations of our core progression raiders, and we hold everyone accountable to meet such expectations. Raid Days and Times: Tuesday – 8-11pm est Wednesday – 8-11pm est Sunday - (Fun/Optional/Alternate Raids) Current Progression: 4/10M NH 2/3M TOV 7/7M EN Recruitment Needs: Looking for 1-2 exceptional ranged DPS that are dedicated, good at mechanics, and passionate about theorycrafting and maximizing DPS. Preference: Hunter Warlock Mage Elemental Shaman Priest Any exceptional ranged would be considered. Voice Chat: Discord Loot: Loot Council Add me on btag b1lly#1808Draekos4 10h
11h 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H 1/10M GUILD LFM [H] Bleeding-Hollow <Victorious> is a raiding guild that has been around since Cata. We are looking to finish filling out our raid roster for Mythic Nighthold progression! Right now we have open recruitment for heals and DPS. Actively seeking: Warlock Warrior DPS Frost DK Holy and/or Disc Priest But any and all exceptional raiders will be considered. We are always looking for quality players. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M - Cutting Edge Trial of Valor: 3/3H Nighthold: 10/10N + 10/10H + 1/10M Raid schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:45-12pm server (EST) We have multiple Keystone Masters in the raid roster and make sure to run weekly +15's every week. We also typically run an optional farm/alt/achieve run Sunday and/or Monday evenings at 8:15pm server (EST). We expect anyone interested in a raid slot to: - Be prepared to show up to all three main raid nights during the week. - Bring a positive team first attitude; it takes a team not an individual. - Be prepared: the obvious consumable raid buffs as well as studying boss fights beforehand. - Class knowledge: you should know what logs are and how to critique yourself. - Have a mic and the ability to use it. We always aim to maintain a 25 player raid roster to account for absences and encounter specific needs. That means not everyone can be in for every progression kill but you will be brought in for subsequent kills if you demonstrate you can perform. Loot is handled through loot council. We communicate through Discord; a working mic is required. If interested you can post here or message me or any of our other officers: - Ethereaelle (Elvenblossom#1880) - GM - Kaelorei (Vandreigan#1872) - Officer/RL - Lyndryx (Lyndryx#1130) - Officer - Kungfuso (Firechomp#1142) - Recruitment Officer Thanks!Ethereaelle20 11h
12h <Omnipotent Psychosis> [H] 1/10M NH Raid Times: Friday / Saturday 8:30-12:00 P.M. EST Alt Runs / Heroic Mode Thursday 8:30-12:00 P.M EST (Non-Mandatory) ^Though highly recommended^ The guild is laid back with an active base of players. We generally push mythic+ 15 keys every week. However, when it comes to weekend raiding, we look for pristine attendance, quality game play and eagerness to progress. Your artifact weapon should be near complete with 50+ artifact traits. Loot Distribution: Loot Council (Addon Usage Required) Communication: Discord Voice Chat and Facebook Group Chat We are recruiting the following for our raid team: (890+) Priority Chart: {H} High Priority {M} Medium Priority {L} Low Priority Warrior: Fury {M} Rogue: Subtlety{M}/ Assassination{M} Monk: Brewmaster{H} / Mistweaver{H} Paladin: Retribution{H} / Holy{L} Death Knight: Frost{M} / Blood{M} Druid: Balance{H} / Restoration[L} / Feral {M} Priests: Shadow{M}/ Holy{L} / Disc{M} (WE DEMAND TRIBUTE FOR DISC, PROVE YOURSELF WORTHY) Check out our website: If interested or have any questions add any of the following battle tags: Virtuous#1462 (GM) Fireboar#1984 (Recruiting Officer) Zrunner33#1785 (Recruiting Officer) (((PART-TIME RAIDING SCUM NEED NOT APPLY)))Smërf6 12h
16h <Bloodlines Legacy> (10/10H) LF Mythic Hello, all! <Bloodline Legacy> (10/10H) on Bleeding Hollow is currently recruiting to fill out our progression raiding team. We raid Tues/Thu/Sun at 8:30-11:30 PM (EST). We are currently actively seeking healers/DPS, but are open to all talented players. Looking To Break Into Mythic Raids. Looking for Pros at the game but in a more laid back role, no elitists, but with the goal of progression and clearing raids We are a small, close-knit raiding group that have all been playing WoW since it's inception. Most of us have been in top tier raiding guilds in past. With the advent of flex-raiding we have found that the ideal composition for heroic raiding is 20-30 people, while we are currently sitting at 15 active raiders. As such, we are looking for mature and talented raiders to help fill out our roster. While we are really hoping for raiders that are already geared and ready to step into progression raiding, we are open to help gear players on non-progression content. If you are a good fit for us, we would be willing to help you transfer to our server! We are looking for any exceptional DPS to join our team, but have a particular interest in: High Demand: Boomkin, Death Knight , Rogue , Hunter , Mage , WW Monk , Good Resto Druid Medium Demand: Exceptional Other DPS Please contact me (Ragex#1718) or reply to this post if you are interested. Thanks and have a nice day!Ragëx2 16h
19h <<Unity>> Recruitment 5/7M 3/3H 10/10H <<Unity>> Currently 10/10H NH. Are looking to bring in any individual or a possible merger into our guild. Our needs are off tank & dps for our Mythic NH roster. Needs focus around Range but any exceptional player is welcome! Raid times are T/Th/Sun 8:30pm - 11:30 EST Website- ( GM- Shalmii Bnet- Slayer6407#1842 Officer- Weaslemasta Bnet- Weaslemasta#1803 Officer- Bearing Bnet- Bearing#1125Shalmii10 19h
20h Who R Top Ten Guilds Who Are The Top Ten Guilds On Bleeding HollowDancingwind6 20h
1d Oh Yum Yeah 3/10m <Oh Yum Yeah> 3/10M is recruiting! We are looking for skilled ranged and exceptional melee to help us progress farther into Nighthold. We raid tues/wed from 9:30 to 12:30 with an optional alt run/AP farm on the weekends. No loot council! Battletag-Jalexx#1161 for further questions or to get a hold of me in gameExòrcist1 1d
1d -H- Casually Addicted - Tues/Thurs raids Casually Addicted - is a new raiding guild formed of a core of raiders who have been playing together since the beginning of Legion. We enjoy playing the game and raiding in good company. We are currently looking for players who both can perform well and can also mesh well with the team. This means that the ideal player: - knows his class in and out. - can perform to a level that is expected for the current content. - Is eager to push beyond heroic and eventually mythic - Has no problem attending our raid times. -Is able to communicate and engage with other guild members in and out of raids, whether only for fun or to work together through content. We are 9/10H as a guild, with alot of us having AOTC Our Progression raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:15-10:15pm EST Our Farm raid times are Wednesday/Sunday 7:15-10:15pm EST We don't actually care if people are not quite there yet, or not there at all. But if you want to be part of the raiding progression team and need to bring your character up to par in terms of gear/skill/ect., then you are expected to attend farm nights to get there. We have a no bull!@#$ attitude during boss fights and if you aren't pulling your weight we have no problem filling your spot with a PUG until you get where you need to be. With that said, we will be more than happy to carry you through what we consider "on farm" content and help you with your class. If you want to join as a casual with no obligations that's completely fine. We'd be more than happy to have you and congratulate you on all your awesome (a bit of sarcasm here) achievements in guild chat to make you feel at home. We also play a variety of games together. Most of them are just as great as your achieves (!) but if you don't want to play those games alone, we're here for you. Recruitment Needs TANKS *closed HEALERS Open to all specs Melee DPS Open to all specs High need for an enh shaman and frost DK. Ranged DPS Open to all specs. If you are interested in joining us, contact one of the following: Bloodyhead#1845 Actua#1829 Skies#1166 Luco#1558 Cheers.Sofan16 1d
1d ✨Internet Champions - 3/10M - LF DPS <Internet Champions> is a longtime 20 man casual/hardcore raiding guild who has a core of members who have been raiding together since Classic. We're a friendly, laid back guild who enjoys the raiding aspect of WOW, but don't wish for it to be a second job. If you're looking for an older, mature guild with friendly people and zero drama who also come prepared to raid, then look us up on our website and feel free to pm any of our officers on our Real Id's below for more information. Website: Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 9:30pm - 12:30am est We are open to any class if you're an experienced, mature player. But, for individual "needs" we're looking for the classes below. Classes/Roles we're looking for Healers We're looking for a 5th healer to join our healing team. This would be a core healing position, with the intention of rotating everyone for Mythic progression. In a perfect world it would be a Resto Druid, but we'd consider any healer class that wants to be part of our healing team. Ranged We're looking for a Mage, Warlock or Shadow Priest. What our Guild can offer: * Light Raid Hours Raiding a lighter schedule (9 hours), but take it seriously when we do raid. * Relaxed Environment Our guild is mostly older (mid 20's and up) and the raiding environment is friendly and relaxed. * No Asshats We interview every person we recruit and refuse to take any douchebags, creepers or elitist pricks. This may hurt us in hard times when we really need to recruit people, but we take pride in the fact that are members are genuinely nice and helpful people that simply want to enjoy end-game content. For more information or how to apply. Apply at our website ( Or contact with any questions Gig#1661 or Cinnaa#1561Gigs96 1d
1d [H] 7/10M 7/7M 3/3M LF WARLOCK & SPRIEST High need for WARLOCK & SPRIEST. ***ALL PLAYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY REGARDLESS OF RECRUITMENT STATUS.*** ABOUT BARRACUDA Located on Bleeding Hollow-US, <Barracuda> is composed of talented, skilled, and highly competent mature players who enjoy raiding the toughest content on a three night, nine hour schedule. We are a stable group! We haven't missed a raid night all tier and will keep growing stronger with each tier. MYTHIC CORE GROUP Past Progression: T17 - 16/17M | T18 - 13/13M Current Progression: 10/10M EN & ToV | 7/10M NH Raid Times (required): 9:45 PM - 1 AM EST Wednesday, Sunday, Monday CONTACT Kalakay#1969 Payote#11448 RECRUITMENT NEEDS Heals: CORE: None BACK-UP: All DPS: CORE: Warlock, Priest BACK-UP: All Tank: CORE: None BACK-UP/3rd Tank: All WHAT WE WANT FROM OUR RAIDERS (CORE & BACK-UP) Great Attendance Life happens but that doesn't mean you can't warn us or prevent certain things. Friendly Attitude As a raider, it's not your job to go over peoples performance/attitude. Comments are taken privately. Knowledge Looking up your own logs, comparing to others, reviewing current information about your class, and chatting with other people. Awareness Want to raid only Heroic? That is fine, but we can't have you dying every pull causing us to battle res you. Ability Be able to carry your own weight and own up to your own mistakes if you are lacking. Everyone plays a part. SOCIAL/CASUAL MEMBERS In need of a stable, mature environment to enjoy the game in? Looking for a good high population Horde favored PvP server? We have room for you. We always welcome casual players in need of a nice home while enjoying the wonders of Draenor! Our social members enjoy a variety of in game pursuits - achievement hunting, Battle Pets, gearing via LFR, RBGS & arena, and casual PvP. BACKUP RAIDERS Are you well geared from LFR and pugging? Are you looking for progression but can't always commit to a set schedule? We want you! Backups will be informed of their need for the week by Wednesday night each reset - if you hear nothing from us, you are free to pug a raid (yes, there are plenty of pugs on this realm!). ADDITIONAL LINKS Guild Website: WoWProgress: WarcraftLogs: We do provide server transfers for exceptional cases. A LITTLE NOTE BEFORE YOU MOVE FORWARD... Barracuda, like any other guild, has had it's fair share of ups and downs. We as a guild have seen expansions, tiers, and players come and go, so we strive to make the most of our time together. Every player is welcome to spend their time as they see fit in this entertaining mmorpg Blizzard provides for us. That said, it is of tantamount importance that we invite members who are of like mind and spirit. We strive to maintain as healthy of an environment as possible, where raiders and officers alike can act mature and respectful in their positions. We have absolutely no time for individuals who don't have the common courtesy to giving fair warning about missing raid. We understand that real life happens. That is another beast entirely. We have no patience for those who are unwilling to respond when questioned about their actions, reactions, or motives, either in vent or in chat. We have zero tolerance for liars, excessive trolling, and toxic attitudes in the face of progression, farm, and even basic guild interactions. This guild is, for the majority, composed of "the working adult." Therefore, we do not enjoy logging on to a game to deal with such shortcomings and rather immature actions. If what we mentioned is your version of fun, we are not for you. If after all that, you are still interested in joining us in our shenanigans and shenanigans do happen, then we would love to have you.Peiyote2 1d
1d <Infernal Legacy> Recruitment! <Infernal Legacy> (3/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, 10/10H NH) looking for ilvl 890+ DPS (Lock,Mage,Warrior) and 1 Healer (Priest,Monk,Shaman) for core spots to push into Mythic content! However, Reviewing all applicants. Raid nights are Tue and Wed! Thur are optional. Raid times 22:00-01:00 server time! We run mythic + dungeons nightly and guarantee 900+ gear in your weekly chest if you're part of the raid team or are trialing for the raid team. Contact the GM Strywix or the officers Hotbunny,Perlek, or Théoden. Discord is so come join us anytime to talk about a possible position!Strywix4 1d
1d [H] Professional Pirates Recruitment! 2/10M Hey there bleeding hollow! Our guild has been slowly bolstering our ranks to fill out a 20 man mythic group. Our current progression is 2/10 mythic Night Hold, 6/7 mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV and every kill we have is on a safe farm status. At this point in time we have a pretty solid roster. Logs are ran each raid to ensure we can fine tune the group to either provide us a new kill, and also to be competitive with each other. Our guild and group in general is pretty laid back but we make the most of the time we set aside for raiding. Our progression nights fall on thursday/sunday 8pm-11pm est. Our first boss pull is around 8:15- 8:20. Tuesday night is set aside for alt drunk night. While most of us still run on our mains, we take this time to just have fun together and gear up new players or alts. Tuesday night is not a mandatory raid night and it does not count against you if you do not show up. We just take care of farm content and throw in a few mythic +. Thanks for taking the time to read the post, you can shoot me a whisper in game or reply here to get in touch with me. Battle Tag: Cyber#1134 -CyberCyberswag21 1d
1d (H) <Savagery> 2day Late night guild <Savagery> 10/10H NH 2day Late night raiding guild. Progression- Tues/Wed/Sun(alts) 1015pm-130am EST. A little about us, Savagery is a close knit guild that enjoys all aspects of Wow, diablo3, League, and many others. Are main focus is Wow and raiding. We also enjoy pvp, Tmog, Achievements, you name it. We are a relevantly new guild and all core members been here since day one. We just need a few consistent ranged/heals to be a steady Mythic guild. Our guild ilvl average is 897 equipped. We all have Mythic NH experience just not as a guild due to building our numbers. If these times work for you and you have a Hardcore mindset on a casual schedule, this guild is perfect for you! All are encouraged to apply! Everyone is welcome. Current Needs MELE- Low Ret, Enh Sham RANGED- High Spriest, Lock, Mage, Ele sham HEALS- Very High Lf all heals, If you have offspecs as well even better. TANKS-low M+ tanks and offspec tanks are welcome. Feel free to send me a tell if interested. Filaso#1162, Looking forward to meeting you!Lyssi5 1d
2d 3/10 M, 10/10H, 7/7M, 3/3H is Recruiting! <The Alternative> - Bleeding Hollow - Horde is recruiting! Raid Times: Tuesday: 9 to midnight EST Thursday: 9 to midnight EST Currently Recruiting: 1 non DK tank Non shaman DPS All exceptional applicants should apply regardless of current needs What we expect from you: We’re looking for players that consistently strive to improve their performance. We expect everyone to make our scheduled raid times. If you are unable to attend a raid, you must notify the officers and post on our forums as soon as possible. Respect is earned, not given. Excessive outbursts of rage will not be tolerated. What you can expect from us: The best will be in for progression. As a progression oriented guild, it is necessary that we optimally structure and set up our roster for each encounter. Loot is distributed by a loot council and based around the severity of the upgrade, total raid benefit, attendance, and quality of play from recipients. How you can join: Megg#1385 RL/GMXanblastbody17 2d
2d [H] <Wasted Epics> Recruiting EDIT: SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE FORUM POST... KEEPS CHANGING MY NAME TO KANNE! My DK's name is Synsha and my Druid's name is Synshi. Please contact me via Synshi or my BTag @ Hiddenswine#1330. Hi there! About Us: We're Wasted Epics! We're a casual raiding and M+ guild looking for like minded individuals to continue our progression through content! We're very friendly and easy going. As such our current progression is: 7/7H 1/3H 10/10N 4/10H Raid Times: Tues and Thurs 7:30 - 9:30 pm EST What we're looking for: We're looking for people who are able to attend both raid times as the number one killer of progress is poor attendance! Prior raiding knowledge and experience is always nice, but definitely not required! If you're looking for hardcore Mythic progression, then we're probably not the right place for you. Current Needs: Healers: Looking good on healers atm! DPS: We're looking pretty good for DPS (feel free to contact me anyway though as we're not full!) Tanks: We're looking for 1 main spec tank! Pref a blood DK, but more than willing to look at others! If you're interested in joining us, then please contact me @ Synshi. My BTag is Hiddenswine#1330Synsha13 2d
2d 900 Prot Paladin LF raiding guild Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a raiding guild as mine has all but stopped raiding on a consistent basis. I'd prefer a guild that raids 2-3 nights a week, Tu-Th no later than 11. Some of this is negotiable, but those days and times would work best for me. About me - -54 traits on weapon -4 set with legendary helm -Keystone Master Tank -Consistently parses in high 80's-90's for healing as a tank -Skilled at my class, have been playing a prot pally since WotLK -Will put forth best effort to contribute to the raid group -Fast learner, few repeated mistakes -9/10 H NH (would like to have killed Gul'dan, but guild attendance has made it difficult) I would be ready to trial as early as Thursday of this week, and would be happy to answer any further questions. You can either post a reply in this thread or send me an in-game mail (alt 0225 for my a). Thanks for your time and consideration!Sinistrál4 2d
2d <Last Attempt>T/W/Th 9-1230 LF active raiders Last Attempt is recruiting players for our mythic progression roster. We are currently: 3/10 M NH 10/10 H NH 7/7 M EN 3/3 H TOV While fully geared raid ready players are always desirable, gearing people up is easy. Finding people with the skill and activity needed to progress is the challenge. Ideal players are: - Active and competitive - Currently heroic or mythic raiding - Eager to learn and continuously work to improve their play - Understanding of logs and how to analyze their performance - Can show up on time for raids 3 days a week - Not dramatic and understand mythic progression is a grind - Working towards maxing their artifact weapon (not sitting on alts before/after raid) 880+ ilvl, 35+ artifact traits and a history of 40%+ parses in logs are a large plus. As a guild, we run weekly 15+ keys and provide full raid repairs. We have a core of raiders with prior mythic experience and our goal is to progress through mythic content and earn cutting edge achievements. Our raid schedule is: Tuesday (9-12:30 ST or EST)(8-11:30 CST)(6-9:30 PST) Wednesday (9-12:30 ST or EST)(8-11:30 CST)(6-9:30 PST) Thursday (9-12:30 ST or EST)(8-11:30 CST)(6-9:30 PST) Our priority needs are: Tank - Closed (2) RDps - Hunter, Warlock, Mage priority (1) MDps - Ret Paladin, Frost DK prioirty All active players are encouraged to message us as we aim to maintain a competitive 20 man roster. Contact info: Scymas#1375 (Recruitment) Jinxed#1459 (GM) Epicletdown#1366 Sooperknova#1642Verdánt7 2d
2d Hello... Is it me you're looking for? Man.. guys, Lionel Richie... can we just agree that hes a lyrical genius? ... 1984. Whew. Anyways. is there anyone even left playing here on good old Bleeding Hollow? Our server took some hits from all the alliance xfering off to go to Emerald Dream to go do the same thing they did here. Log on Zerg wpvp and then post screens and fight on twitter. Good use of 35 bucks or whatever. Kappa The Blacktooth Grin Update: We raided some, now we aren't. Legion's kinda snoresville right now. Whats keeping yall playing still? I mean nothing like running Mythic+15s every week - for a piece of 900 gear with the wrong stats on it, just to be sold to the same cheese vendor inside your class order hall for 32 gold wondering what a cheese vendor wants with armor anyway. Sorry, sorry back on track - raiding 3 nights a week with the bosses on farm only to keep trying for the titanforged version of Draught of Souls to up your DPS 2% to be THE BEST RAIDER EVAR! right? Its just not for us, right now. We have been trying to keep up the "social" piece of the guild goin and keep our discord pretty active. we've been playing a lot of other games too, but WoW is getting prettttttty boring. Suppose I should through out some recruitment or trolly propaganda or some crap like that so here I go: The Blacktooth Grin: We're a guild thats been around for 4 years. We are social, and semi-okay at the game, like PVE and PVP(whatever is left of it. Thanks Brolinka) we tend to be crude, SJW call us pigs. We have an age requirement of 18 or older cause we lewd. As mentioned we have a pretty decent sized Discord community ( its meme city in there baby) If anyone of you just wanna chill or join up or something, feel free to add me on btag: Sam#12763 Well, I think that's all I got. Guess i'll let all you guilds looking for mythic players, and carry runs and standard cookie cutter "raiding" guilds have the floor back. Thanks for you time, Folks With Love, Stay Classy Bleeding Hollow. Sam the RogueSam20 2d
2d [H] <Bloodline Legacy> (10/10H) LF Heals/DPS Hello, all! <Bloodline Legacy> (10/10H) is currently recruiting to fill out our progression raiding team. We raid Tues/Thu/Sun at 8:30-11:30 PM. We are currently actively seeking healers/DPS, but are open to all talented players. We are a small, close-knit raiding group that have all been playing WoW since it's inception. Now that we have cleared heroic NH, we are looking to step into Mythic raiding. We currently have a core of 15 players and we are looking for mature and talented raiders to help fill out our mythic roster. While we are really hoping for raiders that are already geared and ready to step into progression raiding, we are open to help gear players on non-progression content. We are looking for any exceptional DPS to join our team, but have a particular interest in: High Demand: Boomkin, Death Knight, Rogue, Hunter Medium Demand: Holy Pally, Other DPS Please contact me (Rastik#1244) or reply to this post if you are interested. Thanks and have a nice day!Rastik6 2d
3d Who's got the biggest PvP Ayyy winter is almost over, remember Wednesday night duels? Well at 9 pm this Wednesday, we remember all over the old dal sewers. 1v1 fights, no healing or tank specs, no items. Only orange swag.Helladin5 3d
3d [H] <Trap> Mythic Progress. W-F-M 6-9pm EST <Trap> is recruiting experienced raiders looking for a "Semi-Hardcore" Raid environment. Along side our core team we are looking for a couple casual "Bench " Players, with the idea that if openings come up a spot will arise for the taking. Trialing in is as simple as messaging a council member for a quick and painless DISCORD interview. Very structured and organized guild that's just over all looking for more friends in the same mind set! Big plans for legion as far as Mythic + Progress, Casual PvP events, Weekend Alt Raids, and just the day to day grind. Current Progression *Emerald Nightmare* 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic [Aotc] *Trail of Valor* 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic [Aotc] *Nighthold* 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic [Aotc] *Stocked Guild Bank with raid materials *Repairs *Voice chat-Discord *Group of Experienced/Mature Leads (Council) *Guild Radio Station *Guild Facebook If interested please get in contact with on of our leads to schedule a Discord interview. Trix#1170-Trix (Guild Master) Dktorres#1597-Kanorexia (Raid Lead)(Main Tank) First step: Check out our Rules/Expectations for raiders #Trap Core Raid Rules# #1. We are here to progress and have fun, be prepared for the night and ready to raid. #2. BE PREPARED FOR RAID. * Food, Flask, Etc *Fully Optimized (Gem'd/Chanted/Upgraded) *Be ready to go the full raid time #3. Loot will be handed out Via Loot Council (Mythic Only). Depending on content, the council will decide where all gear goes with 3 grading factors. *Attendance *Biggest Upgrade *Group Progress (to strengthen weak spots) Do Not Be Upset over council the gear goes to specific places for a reason, Trust in your council! #4. Must Maintain a 85%+ attendance score or spot will be up for grabs. Give the earliest notice for an absence it affects you percentage. #5. STUDY YOUR TOONS! KNOW YOUR CLASS WEAKNESS AND STRENGTHS! BE THE BEST OF YOUR CLASS! #6. Mandatory Addons *Weak Auras *Exorsus Raid Tools *Deadly Boss Mods *Details! Damage Meter *Discord-Phone App + Desktop App #7. Be competitive but not rude to your fellow raiders, we are all adults. Have fun but be mature and remember we are all friends here. #8. Council Held to 100% of all rules! #Currently in search of: Plenty so please contact an officer! +Bench Casuals #RAID TIMES WEDNESDAY: 6-9 EsT FRIDAY: 6-9 EsT MONDAY: 6-9 EsT ***Rules only apply to Core Raid Team*** During interview bring your questions and Concerns. ***DEAR CASUALS...WE ACCEPT YOU TOO :)****Nephylm225 3d
3d LF Heals DPS--M & Th 8:30-11:00 p.m. ET <Vindicta> | 6/10 H-NH - is recruiting healers and DPS for our core raiding group. Raids Monday & Thursday 8:30 - 11:00 p.m. ET (Optional drunk raid fun runs every Friday night) You: Are a skilled, aware raider who wants to see progression without having to raid more than twice a week. Aren't an a$#hole. Just want raids to be fun again. We: Run efficient, disciplined raids. Still joke around as much as possible. Are nice people. Message me or another officer if interested - Altsobaddy, Redring, Saela, Telodzrum, Grekzog, Coldeplate, Pyrehail.Altsobaddy2 3d
3d <JustTheTip> 3/10M R>DPS AND HEALER Hello fellow raiders of Bleeding Hollow. Justthetip is 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H 3/10M mythic raiding team. We consist of multiple former top US raiders that raced during SoO. We are a semi hardcore tight knit environment that have been raiding together for over 10 years. We raid on a relaxed schedule now of 7.5 hours a week, T/W/Sun 9-11:30pm ST. We want all raiders to enjoy their playtime. However due to our limited schedule, we expect everyone to put up their A game and not waste anybody's time. What we are looking for? We are open to DPS/Healers beside DPS death knights However we have priority on certain classes, DPS: Mage,Boomkin,Warlock,Warrior, Retribution Healers: Hpriest If your spec was not listed, feel free to apply anyways because we are always actively recruiting for better players. How is gear distributed? We use Rclootcouncil. This method seems to be the most fair and easy way to distribute loot. Each week we have 3 officers and 2 randomly selected raider to be the loot council. We use 2 randomly selected raiders because we believe in transparency and fairness in loot distribution. So we do not get accused of playing favorites. Our main focus: As any raiding guild in this game, our main focus is progression. Being able to defeat the hardest bosses is our main goal. With our current group we should've been easily 7/7M for Emerald nightmare, however we lacked the needed number of players for mythic. Once we acquired our set of 20 players toward the end of the tier, we blasted through EN from start to finish in about 2-3 weeks. There were no bosses that exceeded 35 attempts on mythic. Sadly, we were not able to down Xavius, as we only had one hour left to the tier in our raid time. This time around, we will be moving at a more competitive rate, and in hope to join the race on our server. Oh yeah, did I mention that we provide flasks,potions,enchants and gems for our certified raiders? :') If any of this seems compelling to you please send me a btag invite at wusteak#11461,Tallac#1184, Salsa1207, or message me in game @ Yeezi, or our fellow GM/Officers Salsa, Tygrwood, Doodlepriest and callat.Yeezi19 3d
3d [H] Adaptatión 7-10pm est. T/W/Th Adaptatión on Bleeding Hollow (PvP) is a 10/10H NH & 7/7M EN - 3/3H ToV experienced leadership & core we are comprised of Determined & Driven raiders to push content without the massive time commitment, many of us have been raiding since the early days of Vanilla. We are preparing for Tomb of Sargeras Mythic as our main goal, we are 14 strong raiders and looking for 8-10 more for an optimal Mythic Raid Core (+3-4 Extra for raid balance/rotation purposes) At this time we also consider "Package Deals" (If they fit our needs) if they are ALL EXCEPTIONAL raiders. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-10pm EST (server time). ---Currently Seeking--- The Listing below is not limited to those class/specs only, we have a general idea of the raid composition we want and have room to adjust certain ratios Melee/Ranged Tanks Melee WindWalker/Rogue Warrior/DK Ranged Shadow Priest Mage Warlock Hunter Elemental Shaman Healers Resto Shaman or Mistweaver ---What we have to offer--- A Serious Raid Team without the massive time commitment of 4+ raids a week, we utilize the raid times to full extent in order to progress quickly. We supply guild repairs for Raiders/Core Raiders (Trials are expected to come prepared for the duration of their Trial period) during progression as well, Flasks, Pots, Personal Foods, Augment Runes. Enchants & Gems, as long as we have the supplies ---What we expect of you--- Being On Time for raids (15 min early, logged in and on Discord) Fully prepared for raids (Don't forget grabbing things like your seals or anything else you might require during raid time, watching the next fights in advance to have an idea of encounter mechanics) Knowing your class in and out, being able to maximize your output for each specific encounter (Talent switching) being up to date with class changes and so forth. Excellent raid awareness, being able to watch what is happening around you and what is coming up next to avoid unnecessary damage or loss of damage. Being able to adjust quickly to changed circumstances that may arise during encounters. Team Player, willingness to sub out for certain boss encounters for a better composition. Raiding experience & a Stable Connection For more information, feel free to contact one of us. Battle Tags Careme <Dcoy#1399> Aspendawn <Aspendawn#1674>Careme8 3d
3d [H]Rival-3/10M - LF 2 rDPS US - Bleeding Hollow/Horde Tuesday/Wednesday 8PM-11PM Eastern (server) About Us: Rival is a 2 day a week end-game progression guild focused on clearing mythic raids while they're still current. We are looking to build upon our strong core of players. Even though schedules no longer allow many of us to devout 40+ hours a week to raiding, our goal is to be one of the best 2 day/week raiding guilds. Raid slots are based on encounter needs. With access to all specs we recommend that you are familiar with all aspects of your class though we will NEVER ask you raid as a spec you are not 100% confident with playing. Ideal applicants maintain an enviable level of knowledge in regards to their class with a proactive attitude towards progression. Our community is funny/serious and active; theory crafting and strategizing are both held in high regard. Dependable and appropriate levels of attendance are expected. As we enter Mythic Progression we are currently recruiting the following classes/spec to round out our Mythic CORE roster but not limited to: - 2 rDPS (High) -All exceptional Players (High) Because we are a 2 day a week guild we exercise discipline and we focus on efficiency to ensure both our personal and team goals are met yet we realize at the end of the day we're all playing a video game. BNet: Nophobia#1502 B1lly#1808Nopho11 3d
3d [H] <Rocks Do Float> Wants Raiders & Casuals Rocks Do Float is a late night raiding guild looking for DPS for Mythic Progression. We are also looking for casual or returning players to have fun in the guild, run mythic +s, BG, arena or hang out. **No requirement for casual players, including character level. **Requirements for core raiders: ~ 890+ item level ~ 40+ Weapon traits ~ Must have a mic and Discord **Our raid times are as follows: (All times are EST) Tuesday - Optional Farm Night 10:30PM - 1:00AM Thursday - Progression 10:30PM - 2:00PM Saturday - Progression 10:30PM - 2:00PM The guild is laid back and very active in game and on Discord. Experienced raiders as leaders. Laid back atmosphere. **If interested, please message one of the following in-game Älastriona (alt code is alt 0196) (Alastriona#1873) Thatguyright (thisguyright#1422) Nakali (xpoh#1321) Ordros (wolf#1541)Älastriona6 3d
3d Bots, bots and more bots Has anyone else noticed it is getting increasingly difficult to go out and pick some herbs to make flasks and pots for raiding? I just spent 2 hours trying to get enough to make a few flasks. It's getting ridiculous and they take off faster then you can report them.Smâshed0 3d
3d <Fully Charged> Recruiting for NH Progression <Fully Charged> is currently recruiting *MATURE* players for normal NH and pushing into heroic. Raid nights are Fri/Sat at 8:00PM EST. We're looking for a DK, Mage, SPriest and Melee DPS. Heals needed are a Shaman and Paladin. 865+ ilvl with 35+ traits is required. Discord is a must, and casual players are also welcome! Add FunkyMonk#132891 for more info. Thanks =)Phalkon1 3d
4d <Politically Incorrect>[H] 3/10M LF DPS We are looking for primarily the below dps, but will keep an open mind if you have exceptional logs. Assassination Rogue Fury Warrior Frost Death Knight Shadow Priest Tues/Wed raid 9:30pm-12:00am EST Thursdays are optional heroic/normal alt raid nights. We regularly run m+ with guildies outside raid nights and have a very active discord channel. Loot council is how we determine loot, but we have created a document outlining the rules and guidelines so no one is confused on loot awards. We help supply raid consumables and guild repairs. We are looking to expand our core to approximately 25 with a good rotation, so nobody will sit more than once a month. This is to help vacations and random IRL stuff since we are all adults with lives outside WoW and know things come up. We love to have fun and enjoy our game time, but during raid we are serious and intent on progressing through mythic Nighthold! If you want a guild that is serious about progression while also having fun doing it an on a somewhat abbreviated schedule, add me on Bnet at FiddlesMcGee#1504 or contact Decalage in game. Also, please be ready to link some logs.Khiyu2 4d
4d [H] <GT> 7/7m 2/3m 4/10m Bleeding Hollow. <GT> 7/7m 2/3m 4/10m located on Bleeding Hollow is currently looking to recruit most classes. Currently our roster is rather tight and therefor a high attendance rate is required. Our raid environment is laid back yet we know how to have fun in chat when the time is appropriate. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild and as such expect our raiders to be prepared on raid nights consisting of making sure your schedule is clear and you come to raid with the appropriate flasks/food and runes if needed, especially progression. Our raid times are as such: Tuesday 10-1:30AM EST Wednesday 10-1:30AM EST Thursday 10-1:30AM EST Invites generally go out 15 minutes before 10PM. Current needs: Healers - MW Monk, Priest, Holy paladin. Tanks - None DPS - Most Classes Please message one of the following members for more information or to apply Dooflop#1873 - Me Trudyn#1665 Kojie#1431 Helios#1882Amerikä0 4d
4d Blood dk looking for a guild Blood dk looking for a guild, gonna stay blood have a lot of fun I'm a very fast paced tank looking for a guild to be a casual raider with.Aãron0 4d
4d <Hide the Pickle> 4/10 M Recruitement <Hide the Pickle> is a mythic progression guild, currently 4/10M in Nighthold (7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV). We are actively recruiting exceptional raiders to further push mythic progression. Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30-11 PM EST. We pride ourselves on sustaining an enjoyable raid environment with our raiders. That being said, when it comes time to progress, we buckle down and do our jobs. Nothing is more enjoyable than killing bosses and getting those sweet purplez! Melee DPS Priority: Ret Paladin Havoc Demon Hunter Ranged DPS Priority: Affliction/Demonology Warlock Arcane/Fire Mage BM Hunter If you or anyone you know would like to setup an interview for recruitment, please contact me on my battle tag. Comokni#1683Comokni8 4d
4d 3/10M 2 days/week - Need Ranged DPS Join our discord: <Oh Yum Yeah> is currently recruiting all classes to join our core raiding team. Currently 3/10M NH, with pulls on Krosus. WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR OUR MYTHIC ROSTER: - Boomkin - Hunter - Warlock - Spriest - Ele Shaman - Mage - DK About Us: We are a TWO DAY A WEEK, 6 HOUR/WEEK guild. We progress a bit slower through mythic but leave time for real life. If you are looking to go hardcore, but have limited time, we are the perfect fit. Raid Times: Tue/Wed 9:15pm to 12:30am EST server time. Please join our discord if interested: You can also contact me in game @ Lionoh#1981Commodore0 4d
5d [H] <Legion of Divinity> 3/10 M NH Recruiting [US] [Bleeding Hollow] [H] Raid Times (Wed/Sat with Monday as backup or Mythic+): Mon/Wed/Sat 8:30 - 11:30 PM (EST) 3/10 M guild looking for more DPS and a tank to finish a Mythic team for Nighthold. Most of the group is around 900+ ilvl already. What we want from applicants is reliability and the ability to improve. The raid group is fairly laid back and gets along well with each other, but we expect good attendance and to kill bosses. Loot Distribution: We use a loot council to distribute loot with an addon called RCLootCouncil. Our goal is to fairly distribute loot in a way that improves the raid team, while also rewarding our raiders for their play. Priority classes: Guardian Druid or Protection Paladin Hunter Balance Druid Mage Ranged DPS with off-spec Heals Any skilled applicant of another class should also feel free to apply, but these classes are highest priority for composition and loot reasons. Add EpicLord#1151 or find me in game if you are interested.Xarthok7 5d
5d 898 frost dk and friends LF GUILD me, a holy paladin friend (with a mythic ready healing monk), and a fire mage were looking to find a guild to call home, and get a gul'dan kill on this server. I recently transferred and was looking to get me and my 2 friends into a guild. We all have experience up to Trilliax, but only a Skorpyron kill under our belt. My friends names are Zyya (and Soamy) and Matgonza Skorpyron log (2nd kill): A guldan kill and a skorpyron kill (1st kill): A full heroic clear: One more heroic clear (minus gul'dan): Hopefully this is enough proof to show that we're ample and competent players, and I can speak for me and my friends that we show up raid ready and good to goSicklyblueh5 5d
6d Guild LF joint mythic raiding Is your guild performing well in heroic but not quite into mythic as a result of roster problems? Let us help each other. Until we can fill our raiding team with other mythic ready dps we would like to go into mythic with another guild here on Bleeding Hollow. We can hammer out the details on how it works but essentially we'd bring our 10 best, you bring your 10 best or whatever it takes to make the ideal comp and go into together. Preferred raiding times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 7pm and 11pm. What we have to offer: A core group with 7/7 M EN, 3/3 H ToV, 10/10 H NH, 1/10 M Nh with experience on Chronomantic. Add me at Verlust#1310 if you would like to make some magic happen!Veridank2 6d
6d <Hella Sugoi> New guild recruiting raiders! We are recruiting entry level raiders to fill out our ranks. We are primarily seeking healers and tanks, but all promising applications will be considered. We are looking for driven players who are always working towards improvement, but want a more relaxed, friendly environment. Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9-12EST. Recruitment - Foo (Foo#1280) Apply online - 6d