Bleeding Hollow

Aug 8 914 Priest LF Heroic/Mythic Guild [US - Bleeding Hollow] Experienced Shadow Priest 914 LF Heroic/Mythic Progression Guilds (All days 18~22 EDT) Also free for Mythic+ Groups on Sat/Sunday 12 - 17 EDT Battletag: hasore#1313Nithramus4 Aug 8
Aug 8 913 Disc Priest LF Weekend Raiding Guild Hello all, I am currently looking for a weekend raiding guild to better supplement my newer work schedule. I am not particularly looking for a Mythic Raiding guild but I wouldn't be opposed to it. My raiding experience this expansion is 7/7M ENa 3/10M NH 10/10H NH AotC, 9/9 N ToS, and 7/9 H ToS. I'm mostly looking for a guild that is progressing the last few bosses in Heroic. My available hours are Friday after 8 ST and anytime Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested reply on here or add me on bnet Bardrevolver#144 Armory:êmez2 Aug 8
Aug 8 HPriest LF Raiding/PvP Guild My main server is Tich horde. Normally I mainly pvp but I've been getting interested in pve a bit lately. I have friends who raid on alliance and had this toon sitting around. I plan on leveling this toon to 110 and gearing up for pve. I main a hpriest on tich, but it's pvp geared :D Currently this toon is in my gbank guild, but I"m looking for an active raiding/pvp guild to move her too. I'm on all the time. With this toon I'd mostly be interested in pve, but would like to be in a guild that has active pvpers as well. I'm also looking for a guild that will help me gear up once I hit 110. I currently am in a situation that where I live, I have internet issues so gaming late night is the most ideal. And because of this, I am just a filthy casual :P though I still want to participate as often as I can.Llantias2 Aug 8
Aug 8 908 Affliction Warlock LF raiding guild!! 908 Affy/Demo Warlock LF Guild. Teamwork is important to me and finding a guild that values teamwork and effort is my goal. Looking to excel in raid with a solid team. 1. Available any evening. 2. Semi-hardcore raiding. M+'s 3. 5 total toons DK, DH, Mage, S.Priest 4. 7/7 H-EN, 3/3 H ToV, 10/10 H-NH, 2/9 N-ToS 5. WarcraftLogs------ 7. Contact info: Twitter @kerlyfryz or in game mail to RaiztlinRaiztlin4 Aug 8
Aug 8 915 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild Hello, I am a 915 Resto Shaman with 7/9H experience at the moment looking for an active raiding guild. I have 2 friends that are also looking to come with me and they are a 916 WW Monk and 911 Arcane Mage. We are looking to raid twice maybe three times a week as long as raid ends around midnight. Feel free to add me on Bnet Darcy#1648 and on discord Bubblelawl#8564.Arkaruh4 Aug 8
Aug 8 <Addiction> Selling Tomb and Guldan mount Greetings Bleeding Hollow! <Addiction> is currently selling Normal/Heroic ToS carries, we will do mythic when progression is over. We also continue to sell the Gul'dan mount from mythic nighthold. We always do carries for mythic + dungeons as well. The most relevant pricing is listed here but please check out our website for more pricing and questions, you can also email us. Just google addiction guild and we are the 3rd option. Normal ToS - 500k Heroic ToS - contact for pricing Mythic Gul'dan Mount - 3 million Runs are master looter so you don't waste time not getting anything from personal loot. We do the carries on both fridays and mondays usually. Contact us if you need different times, and we can try and accomodate. We pride ourselves on great communication and professionalism in our carries. Come get your carry with the server first guild with years of experience doing runs. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!Saraf48 Aug 8
Aug 8 [H]<Resolute> Recruiting 1/9M T/W/Th 8-10:30 As the title says. We are currently recruiting to continue to our Mythic progression. As a core we have about 18 people that continue to show but find ourselves gearing and then losing people to the summer or to thinking that they can find better, which let's be honest they can. Bleeding Hollow has a huge raiding community. So instead of trying to tell you how we are the best and how we will clear mythic in two weeks when we only have one mythic kill let me sell you on the guild instead. Resolute since I joined Halloween last year has continued to amaze me. Everyone here will give you something to do. Want to pvp we got that. Want to push M+ we got that. Want to chill in disc and drink a couple beers while belting out some songs... yeah, we got that too. You can find whatever you would like to do in this guild and probably some new things you didn't know about as well. That being said we are currently in need of the following people. -A bonk your face Warrior -A soothing waters Shaman (I like massages, that will help you) -Thinks he is cool hitting things with warglaives DH -And lastly, the coolest kids on the block that want to join this guild for the hell of it with maybe the smallest inclination to raid. If you fit this profile or you just like to drink and talk crap in disc then shoot me a message #tuurgan1640. Hope you enjoyed this blurb. Have a great day!Tuurgan2 Aug 8
Aug 8 <Pixel Frenzy> 1/9 M 9/9 H ToS (updated) Hello, we're a smaller guild looking for 2-3 more dps. Preferably ranged dps but every position considered. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST and we'll sometimes run optional raid days on Wednesday. Logs for those interested: Add me on bnet if you're interested: xinxinwong#1151 Or whisper me in game: WiikiWiiki19 Aug 8
Aug 8 MW looking for guild Mistweaver here. I'm currently 897 ilvl I play 4 different heal classes, this is my main. Heavily raid experienced. Looking for solid and stable fun raiding guild. Last two guilds fell apart. Just came back after several month break. I also am 2200 Experienced for rbg. Phadian#1960 is btag. I'll be on holiday until July 10 then looking to get serious. Would love to chat in discord and talk more I work Fri 9am- Sun 6pm CST Available all week to raid any time (I work 56 hour shifts weekends) I'll be gearing up quick ;)Pandalöl3 Aug 8
Aug 8 6/9H Looking to raid on one of my 3 alts So I'd like to raid on one of my 3 alts and get it geared while Tomb is out! I'm currently 9/9N and 6/9H on my main. I have a 905 Holy/Ret Pally Mêmez A 906 Shadow/Disc Priest Mêmes and a 903 MM Hunter Thostin My availability is Thurs/Friday anytime after 9 ST, and anytime on the weekends. If you are interested in having me reply on here. Thanks!Mêmêz5 Aug 8
Aug 8 924/926 SP/Arms looking for mythic guild Hi everyone My brother and I are looking for a progressive-semi hardcore raid enviornment where we will raid 2-3 times a week from the time of 8-11/12:00 PM EST. We both have extensive knowledge of raiding and raid enviornment in which we're looking for people that show and have the same mindset towards raiding; to push content at a progressive rate. My personal pre-legion raid experience is from vanilla wow and TBC in which I was in one of the top guilds <stampers> on Azgalor and my brother has raid led and GM'd a competitive mythic cleared MOP <Eat sleep raid repeat> on proudmoore. We're both open to swapping classes as I have a 920 arms warr and he has a undergeared hunter. We're open to swapping servers if your guild has a longstanding history of downing content and that is active outside of raidtime (mythic + groups, carries etc) Thanks, please place your guilds below and we'll PM you if interested.Bullý4 Aug 8
Aug 8 [H] 8/9H LF Active members to join guild [b]δ We Got Benched δ /b] Recruiting active raiders AND socials/casuals to push Mythic ToS , and Argus content, PVP , and even other games! Loot Distribution: Personal Voice: Discord We are a small guild lead by dedicated raiders. We are looking for skilled players to make our raid team more competitive. We’re looking for people who are always trying to improve themselves and don’t mind constructive criticism. We're also open to recruiting Casual people who are looking to actively engage in our community. Raid days are currently TBD, but ideally; Will do Tuesdays as Heroic farming once it's on farm, then Thursdays, and Fridays as Mythic progression. (Once we get there) either we will be doing this, or a Tuesday Friday progression day, it's confusing but we can explain it in better detail at a later date.Sharppens2 Aug 8
Aug 6 [A] If you need a Heroic KJ kill (for free) Did your guild fall apart while you were attempting heroic Kil’Jaeden? Did you show up every day only to watch players dribble away because the kill wasn’t easy? Are you frustrated that you put in all those hours and have nothing to show for it? Ethos <Alliance> on Kargath has a dedicated healing core and several dps who are seeking individuals committed to killing heroic Kil’Jaeden. If you are one of those people who always shows up no matter what, we will take you and get you your kill. This kill is a matter of persistence more than anything else. The requirements for DPS are: ● Artifact power well beyond Concordance (most of us are Concordance 8 or 9) ● Ilvl beyond 920 (because, you know, health pool) ● DPS>800k (the boss needs to die) ● Perfect attendance during the attempts If you are a well-geared tank, we can shift roles around to accommodate you. What do we get out of this? We get our own heroic KJ kill. We lost a few key raiders who didn’t want to stick around for more attempts once we got into phase 3. What remains is a bunch of people who are committed to getting the job done. KJ Raids are Wednesday nights, 8-11 pm Eastern. Leave a message on the HK’J (Heroic Kil’Jaeden) Discord channel at by Monday evening to get an invite. We’ll check wowprogress first just to make sure you’re legit. Rules of Engagement: 1) If you look at the Discord Channel and we have fewer than 15 people signed up by Tuesday evening, you are under no obligation to show up on Wednesday, because we won’t be doing heroic KJ that night. If you’re bored and want to come and run something else with us anyways (e.g., alt runs) feel free. We’ll be doing something on Wednesday. 2) If we have 15 or more people signed up, it will be a heroic KJ run. In that event, if you sign up but don’t show up, your place will permanently be given to someone else (that is, you won’t be invited back the following week). If you show up but then we have to sit you for reasons outside your control (e.g., bad internet), you’ll be invited back. On another note, if you care about Mythic Plus, we generally run our +15’s on Sundays, 8-11 pm Eastern. If you’ve slogged through the Armageddons and Darkness of a Thousand Souls with us on Wednesday, you’re more than welcome to join us for Mythic Plus Sunday. Just whisper any of us for an invite around 8 pm Sunday, and we’ll try to slot you in. Finally, it probably goes without saying that if you like our vibe and want a mythic raiding home, we’re in the market for – ahem – some strategic replacements for the weakhearted souls who left. We love raiding. We hope you do, too.Bubblewraps0 Aug 6
Aug 6 [H]<BlacklisteÐ>LFM! W/Th 8:30p-11:30p EST <Blacklisted> (Bleeding Hollow-US) 9/9N 4/9H is a laid-back guild LFM to join our core raid team for casual progression! We are searching for dedicated players who want to progress in a relaxed/fun environment. We have an active roster who also enjoy Mythic+/PvP/Rbgs etc. Raid times: We raid 6 hours a week Wed/Thu 8:30p -11:30p (EST). Looking for a chill/friendly atmosphere? This is the place! If you are interested and have any questions please add Ari#12677 to real ID for more information!Aríonn1 Aug 6
Aug 5 [H] <Professional Pirates> 9/9H recruiting! THU/SUN 8-11pm EST (also a non mandatory drunken alt run on TUE 8-11pm) Pro Pirates (Bleeding Hollow) recruiting the following class/specs; DK (frost/uh) High Mage (any) High Shaman (resto) Med (ele/enh) Low Warlock (any) High Druid (resto) High (boomy) High Priest (holy/disc) Med Pally (holy) Med Monk (mw) Med We are somewhere between casual and hardcore, probably closer to casual but we have always managed ahead of the curve and a few mythic bosses. Loot rules are essentially council, but by a system that values attendance>performance=bis list>roll. These are not hard set however. For example, a guy who shows up ~90% of the time will not auto lose his loot to a guy that makes it 100%, or that does a tad more dmg. Someone who comes ~50% of the time and is pretty much being carried because of bad skill however has no chance to get anything a decent raider wants (and will not be brought to progression). We will try to help that guy out on bosses we have farmed however. All raid mats are provided by guild officers, including chants/gems. As a guild we are pretty light hearted by nature. During progression things can get a little serious but normally jokes are made throughout. Contact gm or the co-gm by bnet or ingame or leave a reply for any questions: cyber#1134 zabatakis#1283Creaturee0 Aug 5
Aug 5 <Resonate> 6/9M 3 Nights LF Boom/Rogue/Mage Greetings, <Resonate> is a horde guild on Bleeding Hollow and has a long history of successfully completing current content at a hard-core pace while raiding a casual schedule. We are seeking experienced DPS, if you can handle mythic mechanics while doing big boy damage we'll consider you regardless of class/spec. Currently 6/9M TOS We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7:00 - 11:00 Eastern. We do not do split runs and we do not raid past our bedtime. Progression History: Tier 12: ~US 50th Tier 13: US 26th Tier 14: US 27th Tier 15: US 12th Heroic Lei Shen Tier 16: US 15th Tier 17: US 33rd Tier 19: US 59th Examples of our raid atmosphere can be found here: Tier 15 Highlight Video: Tier 17 Highlight Video: For more information you can find us at: Contact us @ Xiic#1649 | Damien#1149Huntardbear0 Aug 5
Aug 5 LF Guild Hey I'm currently looking for a new home to place my horde shammy. 9/9N and 3/9H experience on ally main. Just looking for casual play, mythic+, N/H alt runs, and AP farms. Just hit 110 so I'm around 854 ilvl and looking for a guild to help me gear up. Looking for a good group of active friendly players, not looking to be apart of a main raid team. Good community is a must! Rmplekilsthm#1943Rmplekilsthm4 Aug 5
Aug 5 907 Sub Rogue LF Raiding guild I just came back to the game recently and would like to start raiding again. I have multiple cutting edge achievements and great logs throughout multiple expansions. Currently have 9/9 normal XP on two seperate characters I work mon, wed, thurs, fri and I dont get home until around 11:30 EST so I would need the raid times to be weekends and or start after 12 EST time Add me in game for any questions inb#11405Hhaste1 Aug 5
Aug 5 Veteran Raiders LF home (Package deal) Veteran Raiders (Since Vanilla) Frost//Unholy DK (925ilvl) 8/9H Exp with KJ to 9%. Havoc DH 902 Ilvl 7/9H Package deal, looking for a raiding guild that raid during the weekday evenings. Must be a social guild, Not looking for a guild that is only active during raid time. Discord must be active as well, We like being able to BS during work hours with other members in the guild. Willing to do a Trial if the right guild comes about! Will respond on here, I check the forums hourly.Tamirga2 Aug 5
Aug 5 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 5
Aug 5 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 5
Aug 4 <RuM>9/9H Tomb lf raiders <RuM> is a pve/pvp guild looking for players to fill out our roster. We have downed all normal bosses and 3 heroic in two raid nights on the first week Tomb of Sargeras has been open. Last patch we've been unable to push Mythic content as we have 16 core raiders and need more than that to progress. We are a casual raiding guild with plans to farm heroic and gradually move towards mythic. Need mostly players in dps roles. We're a light hearted group but serious about getting content done, so while we won't bite your head off if you make mistakes, we also won't hesitate to point them out, and help you improve. Outside of raid times many of us run mythic + , old content or group up for battleground/arenas. Raid times are Tue, Thur 8-11pm ET. We use EPGP for loot distribution and Discord for communication. If you're interested, contact Theantihero (akriger#1589) or Zarissana (Zarissana#1314)Zarissana17 Aug 4
Aug 3 [H] Lootworks-Bleeding Hollow Server: Bleeding Hollow Faction: Horde Raid Times: 9:00pm-12:00am EST - Thursday & Friday (Looking to switching to Tuesday & Thursday) Progression: Currently farming Normal ToS and Heroic ToS (A few raiders with AotC) About the Guild: Lootworks is a progression minded raiding guild. Players are expected to be willing to ask for help and show a willingness to grow. Previous raid experience is not required, we are welcoming to new raiders that have a solid attitude and show promise. Our current players have a mix of experience ranging from those starting wow in the beginning of the expansion to players who have been playing since Vanilla. We are currently in the process of reforging our guild roster as well as raid roster. The few hours we have a week for raiding is expected to run well. We prepare beforehand for these progression nights, and everyone wants to move forward and accomplish something great. This means that raiders are expected to bring a team oriented attitude, and consumables. Outside of progression nights, we have a few groups running Mythic+ and Karazhan. We have a discord channel and have fun conversation. What we are looking for: We are looking for consistent players who are looking for a stable raid environment, who fall under the following roles: Range DPS/Melee DPS Healers Any one else feel free to apply. How to reach us: You can contact us through whisper or btag: Aziraphaele - Aziraphaele#1405 Bearpepe- Exdeath88#1124Aziraphaele0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Need a New Raiding Guild Hey everyone, The guild I was just in has fallen apart due to leadership issues and so I am looking for a new raiding guild. I currently have a 916 resto shaman, 910 holy paladin, 910 Warlock but would be willing to play something else as I have other characters that are just a little lower in ilvl. I am looking to raid twice a week with maybe a 3rd night anywhere between 8:30PM and 2AM and I am currently 7/9H ToS. Add me on Bnet Darcy#1648Asonia2 Aug 3
Aug 3 [H] <Goon Scrap> 2/9H Recruiting Heals/DPS Hello there friends, <Goon Scrap> is currently recruiting healers (non-priest) and DPS of all shapes and sizes to join our core raid team as we progress through ToS. We are currently 2/9H and have ambitions to eventually get into mythic once a solid roster is fleshed out. Raid times are W/Th 8:30-11:30pm EST, with an optional attendance clean up night on Monday. We have Discord and strive to keep a positive, friendly atmosphere. With our current needs, we would ideally like players to have experience in ToS with an item level >890. If you do not fit this criteria, please feel free to apply anyway. For anymore information please contact nomenclature#1753 (Lowenbrau in game), repo#11739 (Luminek in game) or hoonz#1666 (Mandems in game). (Players from Toronto especially encouraged to apply!)Lowenbrau0 Aug 3
Aug 3 [H]<Dishonored> 8/9 H Sat/Sunday Recruiting <Dishonored> is a late night progression oriented guild pushing Mythic content. We are seeking skilled, progression minded raiders to be part of our team with the goal of completing all current content throughout Legion. As part of the <Dishonored> raid team, you can expect to be part of a group which is dedicated to maintaining a fun but focused environment and a consistent raiding schedule with the understanding that this is a game and real life happens. We expect our raiders to come to raid prepared (pots, flasks, food, tomes, etc.) and ready to focus, do their best, and have fun clearing new content. Currently we are recruiting: Tanks *We are looking for one strong tank to have our UH DK go back to DPS. He has currently been filling tank slot Healers *Restoration Shaman *Holy Paladin *Disc Priest *Any strong healer will be considered DPS *Balance Druid *Shadow Priest *Mage *Ret Paladin *Rogue *Arms Warrior *Any strong DPS will be considered Raiding time: Saturday 9:30 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST Sunday 9:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST Progression: EN 7/7H ; ToV 3/3H ; NH 3/10 M ; ToS 8/9 H Previous Heroic+ raiding experience and Logs are a plus We're always looking for any players who are ready to contribute to a talented roster and have a progressions oriented mindset. Competitive raid spots are available now regardless of tenure. If you feel you meet the requirements, feel free to contact us in game or on the forums. Hope to hear from you soon ! Ravedge (Ravedge#1619) Jekora (TCVxPRIDE#1530) Darxfu (Darx#1919) Mythin (mithin#1464)Ravedge2 Aug 3
Aug 2 I have a question Maybe I have been looking in wrong place but I can not find current info on if the Gurubashi arena chest still drops. If it does then what times it drops. Anyone Know? Maybe it is known as the battle Ring in the cape of Stranglethorn ,,,Wiredwrong1 Aug 2
Aug 2 {H} <GT> 3/9M ToS Recruiting Healers & RDPS <GT> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow. We are looking for like minded individuals who want to down content in an efficient laid back atmosphere. We strive to maintain an experience our players can enjoy which is why we have a low turnover rate with trials. While we do have a laid back atmosphere we still push to finish content in a timely manner. We are currently searching for skilled players who share our goals and mindset. <GT> has a solid core of people, many of whom have been playing together since Cataclysm. The people we would like to recruit are those who want to be long standing members of a stable guild with proven leadership from Top 50 US guilds. If you join us you will be given a chance to stand out and earn a raid spot in our core. We do not recruit for the bench, however we do swap people in/out for fights depending on group composition. We expect 100% attendance given our light raiding schedule. Here are some of the things to know about <GT>: - We raid Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10pm to 1am EST. - No required alts - No split runs - No forced main swaps if you play a lower performing class/spec - No extended mandatory raid hours beyond our scheduled 9 hours, even during progression, although we do vote whether to add a night the first week of a new tier. Website: Currently recruiting: Tank: Closed Healers: Open Melee DPS: Closed Ranged DPS: Open If you're interested add one of the players listed below and we would be happy to talk to you regardless of recruitment needs! Contact Information: Trudyn#1665 Imaloser#1211Dirtypea1 Aug 2
Aug 2 [H] 924 BM lf Heroic Guild 9pm or later start - -Porako0 Aug 2
Aug 1 917 Affliction Warlock LF Late Night Guild Character: Imperimortem 919 Undead Affliction Warlock 55 weapon traits My progression: 5/10 M NH 9/9 N ToS 8/9 H ToS I need a guild to run mythic with instead of trying to form pugs About me: I'm a 25 year old student who has a part time job and a gf, but I still manage to hop online at least 5 nights a week I need a late night raid guild since I'm typically on from every day Pacific time No stranger to Discord Edit: 917 to 919Imperimortem3 Aug 1
Aug 1 912 Lock LF Guild Looking for a raiding/Rbgs guild, I spent the last year and a half away off on another server. I have 8/9 norm 4/9 on ToS all through pugs. Times for raiding would be weekends or weekdays after 5pm CSTFuthork4 Aug 1
Jul 31 <Bloodline Legacy> 9/9 N 8/9 H LFM! Hello! Bloodline Legacy is looking to add some more core members to our roster as we look to push forward into mythic ToS. A bit about us: We are a mature group of individuals 20+ who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of us previous hardcore raiders who unfortunately, just had to grow up. We take pride in our ability to create a strong blend of progression minded raiding and enjoyment of the game. As a guild, we highly value member self-improvement as well as consistency. We go the extra mile to work with our recruits and help them reach their full potential so they can maximize their skill, class and ability to perform all while kicking back with a few beers and awesome people. Our current Raid times are Tue/Thu/Sun 8:30-11:30EST Guild Progress: 1/9 ToS (H) 9/9 ToS N 1/10 NH (M) 10/10 NH (H) - AoTC 10/10 NH Our recruitment needs are as follows Tanks: Guardian Druid : Low All other Tank Classes : High Ranged DPS: Warlock : Medium Mage : High Shadow Priest: High Hunter : Medium Ele Sham : Medium Boomkin : You're a unicorn, please join. Melee DPS: All Melee Classes : Low Healers : Holy Priest : Low All other healing classes : High We are open to all classes and can make adjustments for the right candidate regardless. We also would be very interested in potential groups of 3-4 players. Feel free to reply to this post, or add Mutata#1288 on to get in touch!. Cheers and have a good one. -SpamzMcspamz12 Jul 31
Jul 31 @Splitz, the Guild Hopper Do not invite Splitz to your guild. He will stay less than a few days and leave with no explanation, if you're lucky. He must think he is some Boomkin god and no guild on our server is good enough for him. I think he's been in 5+ mythic guilds in less than a month since recently transferring. He didn't want to be known as a guild hopper, but your actions speak louder. If you are reading this Splitz, you should just transfer to another server. Your reputation is tarnished.Sensualpanda9 Jul 31
Jul 31 <JustTheTip> 1/9M R>DPS AND HEALER Hello fellow raiders of Bleeding Hollow. Justthetip is 7/7M 2/3M 7/10M 1/9M mythic raiding team. We consist of multiple former top US raiders that raced during SoO. We are a semi hardcore tight knit environment that have been raiding together for over 10 years. We raid on a relaxed schedule now of 7.5 hours a week, T/W/Sun 9-11:30pm ST. We want all raiders to enjoy their playtime. However due to our limited schedule, we expect everyone to put up their A game and not waste anybody's time. What we are looking for? We are open to DPS/Healers beside hunters However we have priority on certain classes, DPS: DK,Warlock,Boomkin,Rogue Healers: Any exceptional healers, mainly rsham/hpal/hpriest If your spec was not listed, feel free to apply anyways because we are always actively recruiting for better players. How is gear distributed? We use Rclootcouncil. This method seems to be the most fair and easy way to distribute loot. Each week we have 3 officers and 2 randomly selected raider to be the loot council. We use 2 randomly selected raiders because we believe in transparency and fairness in loot distribution. So we do not get accused of playing favorites. Our main focus: As any raiding guild in this game, our main focus is progression. Being able to defeat the hardest bosses is our main goal. We have a boss !@# raid leader, a funny GM and multiple officers piloting each raid to ensure a fun but yet competitive environment. We do not expect much, just read up on the fights, do your assigned tasks, and don't be a *@*%##*@ when it comes to loot. As of right now we have a roster of 20-23 raiders and a few apps. If you are asked to sit during progression, please do so in an adult matter. We all want to contribute to the boss kill, however we need the best roster we have for progression. We promise to get you in there once the boss is dead and on farm so you can get loot as well! Oh yeah, did I mention that we provide flasks,potions,enchants and gems for our certified raiders? :') If any of this seems compelling to you please send me a btag invite at wusteak#11461,Tallac#1184, Salsa1207, or message me in game @ Yeezi, or our fellow GM/Officers Salsa, Tygrwood and callat.Yeezi48 Jul 31
Jul 30 [H]<SLAPPED IDIOT> 7/9H ToS Recruiting <SLAPPED IDIOT> We're looking to fill our core raiding group. Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 PM Eastern to 10:30 PM Eastern. We're a laid back, tight-knit group of friends that aims to create a fun and enjoyable raiding environment. We're currently recruiting for all roles, but mainly looking for an off-tank and healers. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a comfortable environment for other players, and have been successful in the past in having several of the PUGs in our groups server transfer to join the guild. We run daily M+, old content, PvP instances and are often willing to help those in need with whatever activity they're working on. What we're looking for right now High-End Ranged DPS: ⦁ Shaman ⦁ Hunter ⦁ Druid ⦁ Warlock High-End Melee DPS: ⦁ Death Knight ⦁ Rogue Tanks: ⦁ Warrior Anyone interested in joining can message any of the following: Bonk#1819 Bestplay#11934 wtfisablink#1703 totkopf#1828Bambroskef2 Jul 30
Jul 30 [H] <Team Stik Yo Chik> 1/9 M Tues/Thurs <Team Stik Yo Chik> is recruiting strong players of all roles! Particularly interested in DPS who are able to maintain a viable off-spec role. Raid times: Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:30-10:30 EST. In real life, we are a group of young professionals in our 20s, mostly working STEM-related jobs. In game, we are simple memelords looking to tackle the most difficult content WoW has to offer. Our core philosophy is that all of our members should have a good personality fit. We believe that this is essential to maintaining a healthy guild with a fun environment. While being skilled at the game is important, we are more interested in you as a person rather than as a player. Before joining, you are expected to participate in a Discord interview. A microphone is required. Bring your friends and your dankest memes. Toxic behavior, immature attitudes, and drama are absolutely not tolerated. If interested, add my battletag Hossin#1772 or my co-officer's Bisquik#1739. Or you may post your contact information here.Luljin16 Jul 30
Jul 30 LF Blacksmith with Blazing Rapier Plans Finished.Flaxy2 Jul 30
Jul 29 Returning player LFG Enh Shaman or Aff Lock looking for a Sun/Mon raid team. Returning after a break and looking to get back busy as usual now that RL has slowed down. Lock: Shaman: I have been raiding since just before TBC launch and understand how mechanics work. Lon#1734Swìftshots2 Jul 29
Jul 28 914 HPally LF Guild Hi all, I'm looking for a raiding guild with raid days Sun/Mon/Tues any time. I know they are odd days, but it's what I have available to raid. Preferably looking for a casual/semi-serious guild. Also my girlfriend is a 903 Frost DK, and I'm sure she'd like to join as well. Add BTag: PullMyDinghy#1237 Thanks!Rumpface0 Jul 28
Jul 28 [H]<Goon Scrap> H ToS LF DPS/Heals <Goon Scrap> is 2/9H with 5/10 mythic NH and full heroic ToS experienced leadership. Currently looking to build our core raid team as we progress through Heroic ToS ASAP. Raid times are W/Th 8:30-11:30 server (EST). LF All DPS and ideally Non-Priest heals Add nomenclature#1753 or HardCastle#11419 for more infoBasedwater10 Jul 28
Jul 28 [H] <Maximum Effort> - 8/9H Recruiting Maximum Effort is a laid back, semi-casual raiding guild recruiting players interested in Legion raids, Mythic+ dungeons, and players just looking for a fun, active group of people to play with. Raiding Info: We raid Heroic ToS on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30pm until 11:30pm EST. There is also an optional Normal ToS alt raid on Saturdays that starts at 8:30pm EST where loot is set to Personal. Discord Voice is required for our main raid; even if you don’t have a mic to talk you must be able to hear instructions/call-outs. Loot: We use Group Loot on regular raid nights. All members are welcome to roll Need on upgrades while we ask new recruits to roll Greed only during a preset “trial” period. We expect all members to be considerate of one another when rolling. Recruitment: We are currently seeking ranged DPS roles, especially Mages and/or Shadow Priests. Melee DPS please feel free to inquire as well! (Un)fortunately, our Tank and Healing roles are full for Tomb of Sargeras. Not interested in organized group content but want to join a socially active guild? We typically have people online most of the day as well as an active Discord Server. If you are only looking for the social aspect of the game, we should be able to provide what you are looking for! Social: In addition to our raid team, our guild members form Mythic+ groups throughout the week. We also offer the occasional guild meta-achievement run for mounts, titles, and glory. Guild raid lockouts for old content are available and we have our resident mount and pet experts for those interested. For more information or inquiries about joining Maximum Effort, please contact any of the following members: Ravenna#11443 xRainy#1106 Ranglez#1778Xantera3 Jul 28
Jul 27 @Horripoo My dearest Horrigan, When you look at me, I develop a deep thirst. My body becomes so sensitive to your every move and word. The way you look right into my soul as you speak to me is the most intoxicating thing I have ever experienced. When you run your fingertips down my neck and shoulders, my heart beat increases with each caress. And when we pull each other close I can barely control my breathing as you plant wet, soft kisses on my mouth and chest. This wasn't only love....this was pure ecstasy at its finest... Sincerly, your lover, The Infamous Necrachilles p.s. I miss you so much already </3 Jul 27
Jul 27 Orchym Asylum! New Guild Hey all! So I started a new guild on Bleeding Hollow and we are recruiting new members. We plan to create a tight knit community for Legion end game content. We will be raiding, running keys, and doing PVP. Recruiting all players interested. From the most hardcore to the filthiest of casuals! PST me in game on this toon or my druid (Shiftym) or add me on Bnet Arkhym002#11902!Shockym1 Jul 27
Jul 27 (H)<Cursed Crusade> LF DPS and HEALER for ToS Guild: Cursed Crusade Realm: Bleeding Hollow Faction: Horde Loot System: Personal/Master loot /roll Raid Times Tues/wed-9:30-11:30 pm server Cursed Crusade is a close knit group of players that enjoy our weekly raid runs and mythic+ runs. Currently looking to expand our roster for ToS. Recruitment: Tank: Closed Heals: Pally Shaman DPS: Ranged for more information add one of the players below: MajorCope#1787 Trydant#1820Holyea3 Jul 27
Jul 26 LF Friendly and Fun Drama-Free Raiding Guild! Hello everyone! I am originally from the Proudmoore Server but would like to transfer and/or quickly level a character on your server. I would be glad to make a Horde character here as well. Healing has been my focus and passion since I started playing in vanilla. My main is a 916 Resto Druid and I am always prepared, on time and carrying a super good attitude to boot! My primary focus is making friends, but I believe being successful together in raids is part of that. I'm super duper friendly and quite talkative. If their is room for me in your Guild I would dearly like to be included! Ultimately, I just enjoy playing with people and I am never too busy to help with something no matter how trivial it is for me, but I can keep up with the most cutting edge content as well. This is a new account created for Legion and I'm a late arrival to this expansion. I don't mind if you're still working on Normal, stuck in Heroic or progressing on Mythic. As long as everyone has a good time then I'm a happy camper! I would prefer afternoon/evening raid times and can attend early morning raids as well. WTB Friends! WTS Heals! pst!Zhaji3 Jul 26
Jul 26 WTB Knockoff Bling and Everliving Spore Just like the titles says, I am looking to buy these two rare pets. Knockoff Blingtron - 150k Everliving Spore - 250k Would love the assist. Can reach me in game on this toon or realid @ qtonduty#1120.Kentonn0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Recruiting for Heroic Kil’jaeden Sales Hello there! Our Heroic Kil’jaeden Sales team (HORDE) is recruiting for potential candidates to fill our DPS spots (Preferably Range DPS). We are also interested in 1 Tank. We have been having attendance issues due to having a team composed of top US guilds. Most are required to do extra days during the weekend, extend hours, do alt runs, etc. We are in need of reliable and consistent players that can efficiently do damage while executing mechanics. Our Sales team goes back to Heroic Archimonde Sales and up until now. The team is full with top US guilds, most of the group is 7/9M with some 8/9M raiders. Do not let that intimidate you for we have amazing players that are in casual guilds that come to our runs to make some profit and have fun. We’re planning to push to 2:1 ratio by the start of next month but not only do we need decent players; we need reliable team players. We are desperately in need of a strong tank. Sadly, we are not looking for any healers at this moment but we could always take you in consideration, don’t be afraid to contact us. When we are more efficient with pull times and a strong, consistent group you will easily make 3-4 million a day during the weekend. We play Friday – Monday. We are pretty good at communicating in advance when our next sales run is. You must have a functional mic, headset, and access to Discord. If you’re interested in applying please add me on Discord: Archy#6456 We’re always looking for exceptional players, give it a try! Need to buy a Heroic ToS Service? (in-game currency only) If you are interested in buying a Heroic TOS service with us please visit our Discord: we will quote your going realm price.Menaphos2 Jul 26
Jul 26 <BlacklisteÐ> H ToS W/Th 8:30p-11:30p est <Blacklisted> (Bleeding Hollow-US) 9/9N 3/9H is a laid-back guild LFM to join our core raid team for casual progression! We are searching for dedicated players who want to progress in a relaxed/fun environment. We have an active roster who also enjoy Mythic+/PvP/Rbgs etc. Raid times: We raid 6 hours a week Wed/Thu 8:30p -11:30p (EST). Looking for a chill/friendly atmosphere? This is the place! If you are interested and have any questions please addAri#12677 to real ID for more information!Aríonn7 Jul 26
Jul 25 (H) <SLAPPED IDIOT> 10/10H Recruiting <SLAPPED IDIOT> is looking to fill its core raiding group. Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 PM Eastern to 10:30 PM Eastern. We're a laid back, tight-knit group of friends that aims to create a fun and enjoyable raiding environment. We're currently recruiting for all roles, but mainly looking for Tanks and Healers. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a comfortable environment for other players, and have been successful in the past in having several of the PUGs in our groups server transfer to join the guild. We run daily M+, old content, PvP instances and are often willing to help those in need with whatever activity they're working on. What we're looking for right now - All DPS (secondary healer/tank specs are nice) - Healer - Tanks Anyone interested in joining or any questions please message either: Bonk#1819 or Bestplay#11934Dig5 Jul 25
Jul 25 Resolute 9/9 H ToS Is Recruiting for Mythic! <Resolute> 7/7 M EN CE 2/3 M ToV 4/10 M NH Currently 9/9 Heroic ToS Resolute is a raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow looking for more members. We have a comfortable and progressive atmosphere looking to down content while having fun. We will do many activities outside of raiding such as rbgs, Mythic +, World events and more. We raid 8-10:30 server time, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Our goal is to move through Mythic progression once we have a solid 20 man team. Currently we have a solid team and we're always looking for exceptional players to help round off our ranks into mythic. Please add MikeyB603#1445 or Tuurgan#1640 if you're interested in talking about things further or would like a guild invite.Lazarús6 Jul 25