Bleeding Hollow

Feb 17 Tracket Pacer LF raiders Tracket pacer is currently 3/10 H NH and we are looking for a few more member to round out our core and work our way into mythic. We currently need RDPS. We would prefer Boomie, Spriest and a hunter along with a few non-leather melee dps. We are also looking for a healer, preferably a resto druid or shaman. All classes and spec welcome. We are also accepting casuals or people who want a guild to run M+ with. Message me in game, my battletag is Seffy#1168. We raid Tues and Thurs 7-10pm est.Seffy0 Feb 17
Feb 16 WTB all Starlight Rose 50g each WTB all Starlight rose 50g each. all other legion herbs 20g each. Send C.O.D to Odran - BleedingHollow. Reliable buyerOdran1 Feb 16
Feb 16 --- -Verdánt24 Feb 16
Feb 16 <The Deceived> 7/10H is Recruiting <The Deceived> 7/10H Raid times- Tues Wed 1015-130am and gearing Sunday runs We are a active late night guild looking to branch out and find active players for the Nighthold raid. We actively run mythic+ groups, And actively pug raids on off nights to farm legendaries\ap. We are looking for people who are focused on progression. Our goal is to become a top contending guild on the realm. Current needs (all encouraged to apply) Mele-Med Enh Sham, Ret, Warrior, WW ranged-High Spriest, Lock, Mage Heals-High Priority Hpal, Priest, Rsham Tanks-low Offspecs are welcome all members are encouraged to apply, Our spots are purely performance based. Feel free to send me a tell if interested. Filaso#1162 or DeeJ#1147Filasosan4 Feb 16
Feb 16 {H} 881 Resto Druid 881 resto druid looking for guild to call home and raid with! I am new to server i came from a WPVP server! I DO have exp healing raids.. I don't just log in on raid nights....Sarcasmà6 Feb 16
Feb 16 Lootworks is recruiting! Lootworks Server: Bleeding Hollow Faction: Horde Raid Times: 9:00pm-12:00am EST - Tuesday & Thursday Progression: Heroic Nighthold About the Guild: Lootworks is a progression minded raiding guild. Players are expected to have a solid understanding of their class OR to be willing to ask for help and a willingness to grow. Previous raid experience is not required, we are welcoming to new raiders that have a solid attitude and show promise. Our current players have a mix of experience ranging from those starting wow in the past 7 months to players who have been playing since Vanilla. The few hours we have a week for raiding is expected to run well. We prepare beforehand for these progression nights, and everyone wants to move forward and accomplish something great. This means that raiders are expected to bring a team oriented attitude, and consumables. The guild can help provide the latter, if you bring extra of the former. Outside of progression nights, we have a few groups running Mythic+ and Karazhan. We have a discord channel and have fun conversation. What we are looking for: We are looking for consistent players who are looking for a stable raid environment, who fall under the following roles: Range DPS/Melee DPS Any one else feel free to apply. How to reach us: You can contact us through whisper or btag: Syal - Kettch#1365 Pajamuhh - morluks#1549 Aziraphaele - HipsterHypoc#1309Aziraphaele0 Feb 16
Feb 15 <Hide The Pickle> 7/7M 3/10M is Recruiting <Hide the Pickle> is a Horde raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow that is searching for a few more key members to fill out our Mythic raid team. Currently we are 7/7H and 7/7M EN, 10/10N NH, 10/10H NH, 3/10M NH. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8:30 to 11 EST. We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders 880+ilvl , ANY CLASS CONSIDERED! High priority on: Melee DPS: -Frost DK -Enh Shaman -Demon Hunter -Ret Pally Ranged DPS: -Hunter -Mage -Warlock -Boomkin All Ranged Classes Considered If this is you or a friend of yours, please talk to an officer in-game or apply at our website - If this is not you but you are an exceptional player and would like to be part of our team, please apply or talk to an officer in-game! We are always on the lookout for exceptional players who fit our atmosphere and guild. Our goal is to see end game content and have fun with friends along the way. We don't take the game too seriously, but still are going to do what needs done to see the content we want to see, while it is still current. More information about <Hide the Pickle> can be found at our website - There you will find our forums, which will give you an idea of what we look for in guild members and a bit about who we are. While you are there, feel free to fill out an application if you like what you read - the more Pickles the better! Feel free to add our battle tags for any further questions as well. You can contact myself: Gnomechicken, or Comokni our other recruitment officer. Gnome#1946 Comokni#1683Gnomechicken16 Feb 15
Feb 15 893 Havoc DH LF guild. Active player that is always looking to get better individually and as a team. Looking for raid times between 7pm-12am est. Not interested in guilds that are less progressed than I currently am. I'm currently on Korgath, so I have no choice, but the xfer in order to progress in a timely manor. Active player that runs mythic+ daily and I have a good sense of humor. I'm interested in both hardcore and semi-hardcore progression. Overall, I'm a competent player looking for a comfortable raid environment that is also serious when it comes down to progression. Currently have 50 traits and my 4 piece from NH. Wuzo#1376 if interested. 3/7m EN 3/3 H ToV 10/10 N NH 8/10 H NH (Gul'dan 6%)Wuzo4 Feb 15
Feb 14 894 Havoc DH LF guild. Active player that is always looking to get better individually and as a team. I run mythic+ daily and get a +15 almost every week. I have my 4 piece and I'm currently at 50 traits. I'm not interested in a guild that is being built, looking for a guild with raid times between 7-11pm est, but if there is only 2 progression raids a week, I'm willing to raid up to 12am. It is also preferable that there isn't more than 2 DH's in your current core. Wuzo#1376 if interested. (Orange parses for Ilvl. Dc'd on Elisande) 3/7m EN (Guild did it once) 3/3 H ToV (Guild never attempted mythic) 10/10 N NH 10/10 H NHWuzo1 Feb 14
Feb 14 Betrayal now recruiting Betrayal Newly formed raiding guild looking for members to built our current raid team. Current needs Tanks Prot Pally HIGH Guardian Druid HIGH Blood DK HIGH Brewmaster Monk HIGH Healers ALL can apply Melee DPS Rogue HIGH Feral Druid MED Ret Pally MED Death knight HIGH WW Monk MED Warrior HIGH Ranged DPS ALL can apply All spots will be competitive all will consider all good players Raid Times Wednesday & Friday 8-11 pm ST Any questions feel free to add me Ipwnju#1104, or message anyone in guildIpwnüü0 Feb 14
Feb 14 [H] LF PVP GUILD Hey All, I am looking for a PVP guild. I'm not very big into PVE, but will do it occasionally. I'm returning to WOW for the first time this expansion, and am still leveling. I plan on doing a lot of bg's and arena when hitting 110. I am 25 from Central US. PM me or reply here, or you can add me on B-TAG - Drinson#11158Drinson0 Feb 14
Feb 14 [H] Tabbed Out - LF DPS/Heals For Nighthold Tabbed Out - Bleeding Hollow Horde (PvP server, EST) Times: Wed/Thurs/Sun 8:30pm-12 EST Website: Progression: Current: 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 1/3 M Trial of Valor 1/10 M Nighthold Previous Tier: 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel TO has a long history of gaming going back all the way back to Everquest. This guild has definitely stood the test of time and has had a long and successful raiding career in WoW. For any questions regarding progression in older tiers we'd be happy to speak with you in game! Recruitment: To be recruited you must make an account on our website, read our guild charter, and fill out our application. If we like what we see you will have a brief mumble interview so we can get to know you. To apply visit Looking to add: Potential to Add Holy Paladin, Priest healer or Resto Druid Melee DPS (Warrior, DH, DK, Ret Paladin) Ranged DPS (Warlock, Mage, Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest) Guild Atmosphere: - We encourage the use of peoples’ real names and we encourage our members to get to know one another as more than just pixels, to get to know one another on more personal levels. - The leaders of this guild believe that a guild that is socially close is much more likely to succeed than a group of hired mercenaries. - We are an adult guild and we make adult jokes and mess with each other, if you are sensitive and cannot handle this, TO is probably not the place for you. - We use a dkp style loot system. You can read about it here: Contact: Guild Leader Darkranger battletag Genghis352#1259 Officers Sikwit - Raid Leader Smè - DKP/Recruitment Officer - Sme#11814 Evilmon - Asst. Raid Leader/Ranged Officer Sassafrás - Healing Officer - Intrepid#1405Sme1 Feb 14
Feb 13 Top 10 US rogue for your 3/10+ M guild. ...available to any guild that currently seeks to progress onward to the real challenging bosses beyond Trilliax where DPS is a check. Currently I'm patiently exploring my options cause guild hopping is not my thing, but soon you'll also see how lax are my expectations/requirements. Any guild that's already at least 3/10 in need of my assistance for a raid night you are welcome to add me. I only have two requirements/expectations from a guild and its leadership. I will also share what I dislike that I see often usually from (and by no surprise) scrub guilds. Guilds where I see benching happening to myself or my guildies for any other reason except not meeting the guild attendance requirement or showing late for raiding I won't be part of. I dislike any guild that keeps players spots like an open market, where they "compete for their spots" and things are always uncertain. This is why there are trials lasting for 3-4 weeks and you're either worthy or not to be part of that scrub guild. I know my achievements/skills and experience in overall gaming through the last 26 years. I can easily be part of the top 10-50 guilds currently in WOW, but I don't need that cause I get nothing out of it except unnecessary wasted time and continues stress environment. I only care the guild I'll be part of to be a mythic capable not a mythic wanna be guild where it can overcome the final boss of a tier before a new tier arrives and even if this sometimes doesn't happen as long as I enjoy being part of the guild and the way it progresses/improves I'll remain with it. My ideal guild is one that there is loyalty and as long as I see guildies working together to improve each other and are all on same page then expect me to be your loyal member until 2021-2022 when my sub expires. My consistency is unmatched where I've been fortunate to not miss a single raid for over 13 months combined. My dedication and love for the game remains the same and the guild with a leadership experienced enough to appreciate what I bring/do for the guild is all I want. I will gladly make exceptions and give my spot to others if I happen to not need gear from bosses or if I ever happen to be late or miss a raid (which I highly doubt I ever will, but then again nothing can be certain). I will not be part of an ignorant guild where its leadership often yells and degrades its members mostly due to their lack of knowledge how to lead/assign their rolls properly during a new encounter and that also uses guildies as pawns, doing all it takes to up its ranks that's also often a cause/source for being unable to maintain a stable majority of a roster for 6+ months. The thing that I dislike the most is guilds that advertise something that they are not committed on doing cause that puts me and others in a place where I have to guild hop again. Example, guild says "we will only bench players for weak performance" to "we will bench to how we fill now as we are this top guilds and we can recruit so many bench warmers" and be also like bring range or melee or a better spec over a guildie who's helped the guild be where it is today. I can raid any day in the year from 6 up to 1 am server/est, but I prefer to be a part of a guild with up to midnight EST schedule. I currently can pull 750k+ dps as I already have 900 convegance of fate with 4 piece bonus. The preview below is just a pug Gul'Dan from 1-2 weeks ago for 8+ min where I don't even flask or pot before I had current gear. I have 7 legendaries (with 1 off spec) and I expect soon to also get the new BIS legendary introduced in 7.2 to up my dps significantly further. The other screenshot is another example why exactly I was at one time a top 10 ranked rogue in U.S and I was even world #2 rogue on logs (1st with current ilvl) on heroic Elerethe at one point by like 5k dps difference cause I didn't use something (not going to disclose what). Currently (as in the last 2+ weeks) while not in a guild I've been overcoming normal and heroic NH content via cross realm pugging where my dps has been far above from what's required to not need to waste unnecessary consumables like flasks/pots/food, something I always do when I'm with guild, so don't relay too much on my current performance log. I'm a mythic proven/capable raider who's helped my past guilds such as Unity reach top 5 on server during my 8 month stay starting from Firelands as a healer when they were a 25-30 ranked guild. I also helped Red October to overcome Odyn pre-nerf ending the last tier (EN + TOV) as a top 3 guild. Kopogero#1122Kopogerona7 Feb 13
Feb 12 Psychosomatic [Illidan] Recruiting for Core BEFORE READING BELOW ALL SPOTS ARE OPEN. IF YOUR LOGS ARE ABOVE 85 PERCENT OR HIGHER YOU WILL BE GIVEN A CORE SPOT ALSO TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION IS PROGRESS. IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR PLEASE READ BELOW Hows it going my name is Zundap, some people call me Zun. im the Gm of Psychosomatic. a guild I made back in December and reforming a Raid team. on the Side note you are probably looking for something more stable and more established. my guild was progressing fine until my co-gm decided to sabotage the guild and since then all I can find is mediocre players. Reason im hitting you up is if I can find the people I can put together one hell of a raid team. If you are still reading this please read below. Reason I am hitting you up, is becuz. 1. Good DPS is hard to find almost a dime and a dozen these days 2. Looking for a positive mindset players who are and is looking to always improve themselves. 3. Looking for players who will not treat the guild as a transition guild but instead there actual home. looking for the old wow community mentality. I also am looking to compete on the server rankings on Illidan since I have friends in Limit and want to compete with them. Reason its soo hard to recruit is becuz im looking for specific people. progression wont be an issue but like I said I need the team to do it. looking for patience, someone who can take constructive criticism if needed someone who will not only be part of the guild but someone who can help shape it and help it group. Not only in Numbers but in the community it has. Im tired of kicking baddies for not pulling numbers and not performing mechanics. which is why im reaching out too you. My goal with my guild is to make this one of the best guilds in the US if possible and idc how long it takes to make this happen im completely determined to do so. I have been offered to join a Top 10 World guild which was Limit but I am choosing to take another road. looking for people with the same MINDSET as myself. someone who will commit, someone who will be loyal to the guild. does not start drama and is willing to sacrifice everything for a better outcome. I understand that a lot of people on this game are selfish, either have high egos etc.. im looking for someone who is quite the opposite. looking for people who can raid @ 9pm PST. mon, tues, wed, thurs if by any chance this catches your interest. you can either email me @ or you can go to and apply there. my battle tag is reaper#1602 like I said looking for people who are willing to take a huge step and build a rock Solid raid team with me and keep the guild small and tight. I have been talking to quite a few people but so far personality, and interested have not matched.Zundap1 Feb 12
Feb 12 <Tilted> 3/10m US 275 LF 2 DPS M Nighthold!! We raid Tues and Thurs 7-11pm CST! We are currently 3/10 Mythic in Nighthold (4% wipe on krosus) and we are looking to add a TWO more solid dps to our roster! High demand for ranged! We have been around for roughly 2 months and we are already realm 2nd US 275 in progression as of 2/12/17! We are looking for people who want to progress at fast yet fun pace! If you think you have what it takes and are interested in joining our family.. Add Chaddizback#11223 or reply down below with a comment! I look forward to hearing from you!Throwmevodka0 Feb 12
Feb 12 [A] <Affinity Gaming> 4/7M 3/3H 7/10H LF Heal <Affinity Gaming> is a casual raiding guild currently looking for an 875+ resto druid or holy priest to fill out our heroic and mythic raiding team. We will be clearing heroic in the coming week and aim for mythic NH progression in the next couple of weeks. If you are non-resto druid/holy priest looking for a raiding guild, send me a tell. Depending on your spec, we may have some flexibility. We raid 2 nights a week: 10 PM - 1 AM server Friday and Saturday. Currently, Friday is for heroic progression and Saturday is open to everyone for normal. As a casual raiding guild, we won't hold it against you if real life issues come up and you're unable to make it to raid. We just ask you inform an officer ahead of time. We're also taking any casual players that are interested in joining as well! Add Damagden#1438 on Bnet or send Brolaff an in game mail if you're interested.Brolaff1 Feb 12
Feb 11 WTB Helya Mythic Kill Any guilds selling Helya mythic kills? Pst me in game to discuss price. Will be on Decaytor. Also will be checking this post. Thanks.Decaytor0 Feb 11
Feb 11 Closed Hi all, Currently LF a mythic guild and can run raiding times between Mon-Thurs : 3pm-8pm PST Fri-Sat: 2-11pm PST Sun: 2-7pm PST Current progression experience is 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV and 10/10H NH and will not mind faction changing and transferring servers. Main weapon capped at trait 54, while healer OS trails behind at 41. I am hoping to cap trait 54 for my healer staff as well. Anyways, logs are posted below. Sorry if the parses a bit low, but always seeking improvement to better my game. Normal/Heroic Nighthold Last half of Heroic NH/Mythic Skopyron Thanks for the consideration and look forward to meeting ya! Feel free to leave a message here or btag me Fluor75#1705 to send a pst.Karihana3 Feb 11
Feb 11 [H] Returning player LF raid guild Played on kel thuzad alliance, had to leave the game after emerald nightmare for a while, came back and guild had broken up. Decided i needed a new start on this server as a new character. Currently leveling but I will be capped soon and id like to be part of a semi-hardcore raiding guild again. Can link achievements and probably find some EN logs, leave a post or send me a whisper, Psychoticate#1357Actuality2 Feb 11
Feb 11 <IWC> Sucks IWC should probably disband after this pathetic attempt of PvP.. Feb 11
Feb 10 lol where did my guild go O_o Logged onto wow last night after a good 3ish to 4ish month break and logged into a empty Alliance Vanguard with a blizzard message saying the guild moved servers or faction changed. can anyone tell me WTF happened to AV?! lolZarrett11 Feb 10
Feb 10 noob guilds are there any noob guilds?Greenfrenzy2 Feb 10
Feb 10 884 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild Looking for a fun relaxed Raiding Guild. That is at least doing NH on normal or heroic. Preferred late night (Thur-Friday 10 pm-1 am est) or weekend raid (6 pm-1 am est) Feel Free to add me to Battle Tag Ipwnju#1104Ipwnüü5 Feb 10
Feb 10 The Bad Mama Jamas 3/7M 3/3H 4/10H We are The Bad Mama Jamas – a recently transferred Guild. 3/7 M – 3/3 H – 4/10 H Needs: Raiding: Frost DK - Boomkin - BM & MM Hunter - Fire Mage - MW Monk - Holy Pally - 2 Shadow Priest - Outlaw Rogue - Ele & En Shaman - Arms Warrior - AF & Demo Warlock PvP: Anyone Interested Casual Members Always Welcomed. We are looking to build a community, let me make that clear first and foremost. We want anyone who would like to join us. We want serious players as well. We want to recruit Dedicated Raiders, Hardcore PvPers, Mythic+ Key Pushers, or even the casual member. We want you to be able to log-in and be able to find members to run any sort of content you’re interested in. We want everyone to have fun, but we want to be serious when it comes to progression. We have made the decision to transfer to a larger realm to increase our chances of recruiting dedicated, like minded individuals. We decided to faction change since the majority of our base community were originally Horde at one time and decided to return out of preference. We are looking for members to push previous Mythic content as well as future. We are currently behind due to lack of players and need more members to fill our Mythic Raid team. We’d like to recruit a full team of 30-members to pull from to ensure proper comps for progression. When we recruit enough members we are going to immediately jump back into Mythic content, form Rated Battleground groups, arrange Mythic+ key groups, and assemble some Arena comps. If you are a casual player, no problem. If you just want to log in and talk with the guild as you run your dungeons or LFR. That’s perfectly fine with us, because if you ever decide to become a raider all you have to do is apply for a position on the team and see if you make the cut. PvP is a huge interest for many of our currently standing members. If you are a PvP junkie who’d like to teach a few things and assemble a Rated group, by all means, please apply. Besides Progression Raiders, one of our biggest recruitment priorities are Mythic+ Runners – They benefit the raid just as much as the raid itself. We need members who enjoy running carry groups to farm AP, pushing keys, and completing weekly 15+ keys. This guild is for everyone, but we take progression seriously. We are a laid back group of individuals, we don’t have many chat restrictions within the guild itself. We don’t censor our members, but please be respectful to other members because we are quite diverse. If you are easily offended, you may not fit into our guild. With all that said, if you are interested in the guild for any reason. Please apply using the link below. If you have any questions feel free to message me in game, or reply to this thread. Beblitz#1605 - Baebopp - Recruitment Officer Monkybizz#1985 - Lohnhoof - Raid Leader Rockky#1369 - Perrì - Guild Master www.thebjms.guildlaunch.comMemehealz0 Feb 10
Feb 10 WTB Witch-Hunters Harvester WTB Witch-Hunters Harvester add me and we can discuss a price #diesel1676Brùtè2 Feb 10
Feb 10 <Cuties Only> LFM for Nighthold Progression <Cuties Only> is recruiting for a semi-Hardcore raid environment on a more casual schedule. =====Who We Are===== Cuties Only is a group of long time wow players from various Hardcore raiding backgrounds who are now older with real world responsibilities. With Nighthold out we are starting to come back to the game to raid again without the 5 night a week schedule. =====Current Progression===== First Week: 8/10 Heroic Nighthold =====Our Goal===== With our return in Nighthold and moving forward into Legion, we are moving to a 2-3 night a week raid schedule. That being said, we have our sights set on being near the top on server, while building our core, and working on synergy in the mean time. =====Who We Want===== Since we are reforming and building for Nighthold now is a great time to get in on the ground floor and clear content with us, while prepping for 7.2. These are some key traits that we are looking for: Someone who understands that 2-3 nights a week raiding means that you need to bring your A game each and every night. The ability to preform under pressure. Extensive class knowledge . (IE : Alpha/beta testing, keeping up with theory crafting, properly gemmed/enchanted) A computer that can handle 20-30 man raiding, and the ability to communicate via VOIP (Discord) when needed. Tough skin. While a lot of us have raided in some of the best US guilds out there over the years, we do provide criticism to players, and sometimes it may not come off that great in the heat of the moment.=====What You Can Expect From Us===== We offer a stable guild with leadership that has been at the top and know how to get back there. We offer a fair loot council system, where we promote raiders each week to make sure it all stays balanced. We also offer a guild bank to fund each week of raiding. =====Raid Time's and Days===== As of right now the days are up in the air, but the times are: ---9:30 PM EST - 12:30 PM EST Sunday ---9:30 PM EST - 12:30 PM EST Tuesday ---9:30 PM EST - 12:30 PM EST Thursday With the potential for an extra 30 min each night if we feel like we are close to a kill. =====Recruitment Needs===== Two Healers 1 Mistweaver 1 Restro Druid 1 Paladin DPS Death Knight - Medium Warlock - High Mage - High Hunter - Closed Rogue - Low Ret - Closed Warrior - Medium Monk - Low Shadow Priest -Low Druid - Low Tanks Closed =====This Guild Seems GREAT! Where Do I Sign Up?===== If the idea of raiding pushing for the top on an 9 hour a week raid schedule appeals to you, please don't hesitate to contact us! Lyriks - Guild Master - lyric#1368 Neprut - Officer - Neprut#1513Neprut0 Feb 10
Feb 10 885/886 Fury/Arms warr LF Nighthold guild With PvP being dead this expan(5min ques at 2k rating), i'm looking to get into pve. I have pugged all the normal bosses and am looking to progress in heroic/eventually mythic. know all fights. Got to 2350 in 3s and Duelist in wod, just looking to sort of switch over to pve this expan, but not looking to pug any more nighthold heroic, currently 3/10 NH H Petrov#11433Spaghett3 Feb 10
Feb 9 [H]The Blacktooth Grin New year New Me LUL JK What it d00 Bleedin Holla’ its your favorite band of ruffians comin at ya to drop some knowledge on ya. Hope all yalls new year went well, mine.. Well, lets just say I still have the taste of bad choices in my mouth. Would have made this post earlier but we were too lazy to wake up on time from our bangin hangovers for new year’s greetings. Party was more lit than Forrester’s Christmas tree..before the BTG shenani-VAN toppled it over. Its time to strap in, and listen to the things we gotta say! this is gonna be a long one! ;) 4 long years ago, The Blacktooth Grin was just an idea. After spending months hopping from 1337 guild to another I, Sam the Rogue of Bleeding Hollow was tired, drained from being in the presence of every edgelord, 3100 keyboard warrior, and Vanilla Masters, I realized I was a washed up, Cata Rogue, that just needed a “quiet” place to finish withering and die. Die a slow casual death. That fateful realization led me to create the hive of scum and villainy that many of you covet, and call home. Today… Today, we have made it 4 years... Happy 4th birthday to The Blacktooth Grin in the words of Nixon, 4 more years!.. Or something like that. So hooray for us! Next, I’d like to paint a picture to explain what's next on our dossier. Queue the smoke, Enters a terrible guild that does stuff together...occasionally...while singing along to the soundtrack of Tim Allen’s Jungle 2 Jungle. It’s like a party that never ends, but deep down you want it to. (We’re getting old. Help.) you hear the lamentations of mythic Nythendra as The Blacktooth Grin slowly, attempted to take her life. BANG! she died. Took us a while. Wish we got her down the first time. One and done. But we’re bad, see? It’s disheartening to hear her anguished cries for help. It was awful, like Youtube Rewind 2016 awful. Eventually we couldn’t take it anymore and had to end it for her. May she decompose in peace. Few got loot. ANYWAY CONGRATULATIONS TEAM WE DID IT! SMELLS LIKE A JOB WELL DONE! Now wasn’t that heartwarming? I gotta give us some credit though, our raid team is kinda decent! We can down bosses, dad! Great story right? Oh you didn’t read it? Cool. The Blacktooth Grin is 1/7 Mythic EN now! & accepting more players who wish to take part in our raid team. Inquire with @Vyllndrius, or his Btag @Elements#1321. Anniversary announcement, Check Raid team props, CHECK Next… I’ve been hearing whispers in the dark corners of the Grin Tavern that some of these scrubs want to run some “ structured” pvp like… Rated battlegrounds… Crazy, right? We’re starting fresh, gonna need a bunch stuff, Lead, Target Caller, solid healers, good dps, yano... basically a team. Kappa. If you are interested, send me a whisper, or reply here, or I guess you can btag me “Sam#12763” Anyways, at the end of the day, I’m proud of our members, our team, our community. We may not be Pie Chart, or Rawr XD, Addiction, or Conviction, or what others may even classify as “good” and we’re okay with that because we are THE Blacktooth Grin, and we’re here to stay. If you actually read all this, you dope, you loyal, and I kinda like you a little. Not a member but wanna be? Heres how: Be 18 or older Understand we aren’t tryhards Enjoy a social environment , focused on either pvp or pve Understand our humor. Bonus points if you use Discord, ‘cause we do too. A lot. Lastly, Message me. :D Thanks, folks. Stay classy Bleeding Hollow. Sam the RogueSam23 Feb 9
Feb 9 4 Friends since Wrath LFG. We are 5/10 H. Due to our previous guild's lack of leadership and direction we are looking for a new guild to call home. We consist of a dh dps (Thesko), a mage (Skutemage), a prot pally(Aranithiel), and a holy priest(Healcannon). Aiming to be able to find a place that will take at least 3 of us and the 4th casual if need be. Starting times at 9:30 pm or a little bit later would be ideal. We'd like to stay horde and we are currently 5/10 H. Here are our heroic kill logs: Feb 9
Feb 9 H <Dracarys> 10/10N 2/10H LF Heals Dracarys is a PvE Raiding Guild based on Bleeding Hollow US. We are striving for a more focused, serious, committed, progression driven raiding environment while keeping a friendly and fun attitude. We are seeking various core spots for our raiding team. Also open to the idea of absorbing a guild that is currently struggling for members. Inquire with me. Ammonex#1298 Our current needs are: HEALERS. Need 1-2 strong healers with possible DPS offspecs. Willing to carry someone of lower ilvl through normal if necessary. Our raid times are: Tuesday: 8:30 - 11:30 Server / EST Thursday: 8:30 - 11:30 Server / ESTDaemonexia6 Feb 9
Feb 7 .. .Kopogerona2 Feb 7
Feb 7 <Deez Nerdz> 10/10N 7/10H NH LF DPS <Deez Nerdz> – Bleeding Hollow -US (Horde) is recruiting ranged dps for Nighthold progression. We are 10/10N NH and 7/10H NH. We raid at a semi-hardcore level on a casual schedule. Be ready. Be on time. Know your stuff. We are seeking high quality dps to push mythic raiding on a casual schedule in Nighthold and beyond. Min 880 ilvl. Must be ready to jump into the fray. RECRUITMENT PREFERENCES (in order of preference) Boomkin Hunter Warlock Mage Spriest All players should have logs or show progress (not carries) with a solid background on a progression raid team. RAID TIMES Tue/Thur 9pm-midnight EST LOOT Loot Council clover#11874 Discord: sephorae#7200 http://www.deeznerdz.comSephorae0 Feb 7
Feb 6 "Sanctuary" LF DPS 8/10 Heroic Nighthold "Sanctuary" Progression 8/10 Heroic Nighthold. Raid Times: Tues, Weds 9pm-12am Server. LF DPS for Mythic Progression. Prefer Hunter, Warrior, Ret Pally, Warlock. Open to all exceptional players. Message me in game to chat more. Minogue#1578Minogua0 Feb 6
Feb 5 <Prepot> 8/10H Recruiting DPS for mythic <Pre-Pot> Is a serious Progression guild based on US Area-52 (PVE High Pop Realm) - We are serious about pushing top rankings and are currently looking to round out our roster. Raidleaders XP 7/7M and 2/3M and 10/10H NH 3/10M NH Current Progress 10/10N NH and 8/10H NH Expectations By the end of the week 10/10H 1/10M Recruitment Needs Tanks- Non Druid DPS- Mage- Very High Hunter- Very High Spriest- Very High Lock- High DH- Very High DK- Very High Rogue- High RAID TIMES ARE LISTED (for anyone that gets confused about time zones) PST Tuesday – 9:30PM - 12:30AM Thursday - 9:30PM - 12:30AM Monday - 9:30PM - 12:30AM CST Tuesday – 11:30PM - 2:30AM Thursday - 11:30PM - 2:30AM Monday - 11:30PM - 2:30AM EST Wednesday – 12:30AM - 3:30AM Friday - 12:30AM - 3:30AM Tuesday - 12:30AM - 3:30AM If you are looking at joining us you should desire 3 things above all else. 1) An unbiased, stable, drama-free raiding environment led by experienced top end raiders. 2) Raiders that are held accountable for constantly improving and being the best 3) Efficiency and attitude needed to push top rankings on a 3 day schedule. What we expect from you: -That you show up early, prepared with full consumables, knowledge of fights and strategies ahead of time. -That you are able to think analytically and understand that the mechanics of a fight are the most important thing not your numbers -That you can conduct yourself appropriately in a group of 25+ people -That you are able to review logs and improve yourself on a weekly basis -You are okay with sitting out on fights once in a while What you can expect from us: -Unbiased leadership -Raiders that have raided and led many different top US guilds -A long term home with people who are laid back and wish to progress with other like minded individuals -The best players will be the ones who get the most raid time for progression -Low drama, it goes a long way to keeping things running smoothly. Apply @ Divinedpala#1802 Recruitment chonged#1958 Guild MasterVindictíve1 Feb 5
Feb 4 <Horrific> 4/10 LF Tank and Ranged DPS We're an awful group of people with no morals. Join Us! We raid Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday (cleanup) from 9pm-12am server time. If you want to heal, then we got a spot for you too. Get in touch w/ Michaelbluth, Regina, XinilMichaelbluth0 Feb 4
Feb 4 4/7M, 3/3H, 10/10H, 10/10N LFM! Well Met! <The Alternative> is open for recruitment! The Alternative on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently seeking individuals who share similar competitive progression goals and yearn to be part of a competitive Mythic, 2 night a week raiding team. History (Black Dragonflight): 7/14 H SoO (before the nerf to add mythic and get rid of flex) 7/7 H HM 10/10 H BRF 11/13 Mythic HFC Current Progression (Bleeding Hollow): 3/3 H ToV 7/7 H EN 4/7 M EN 10/10 H NH 10/10 N NH Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 9 to midnight EST ---Open recruitment for tanks/1 heal/competent dps--- Specifics: Tank of any kind 1 holy pal, h priest, or mw monk DPS including ret, and s priest • Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs. Our raiders are motivated, skilled and focused and we are looking for individuals who share these same qualities. We expect all our raiders to have a full understanding of fight mechanics and to always be ready on raid night. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, don't hesitate to app or interview and get started with us! We look forward to slaying dragons with you. -------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the guild/recruitment process feel free to add me: megg#1385 (GM/Raid Lead)Xanblastbody5 Feb 4
Feb 3 Hi noobs. How's it hanginPhen3 Feb 3
Feb 3 884mDPS or 882rDPS - LF Progession Guild As stated. Drop me a mail. Looking for a solid, fun, group of guys / gals to slam some content. I can either play my DH dps/ot or Mage. Mail me / whisper at: Darlinista (dh) or Sorlina (mage) Have cleared 8/10N, 2/10 H between the two toons. I am EST, I have Discord & TS. Available anytime from 8:30-whenever EST.Darlinista5 Feb 3
Feb 3 Horrigan Vs Rallies (VIDEO) I have beaten IWC in Guild vs Guild combat. I have beaten their leader in 1v1 combat. The Enclave reigns supreme.Horrigan12 Feb 3
Feb 2 Noob question New to the game, is this server all about world pvp or are there decent pve and raiding guilds? Trying to figure out what realm to choose lolRakabby3 Feb 2
Feb 2 Fire Mage ilevel 884 LF Casual Raiding Guild. Fire Mage ilevel 884 LF Casual Raiding Guild. Hello, My name's Full. I've been on Bleeding Hollow for the past 2 years as just a regular raider and 12 year veteran of WoW. I've moved around a lot since starting back in January 2005. I've raided end-game Heroic WoD, Mythic MoP, Normal Wrath, Normal BC, and Onyxia 40man in Vanilla. I know the ins, outs, dos, and don'ts of the raiding scene. I'm currently looking to get back into some casual raiding in Legion. At the start of legion I led a raid group with about 14 other IRL Friends, however most of them do not have enough time to play and raid so the raid group disbanded before we got to see ToV. So I stuck to pugging NH and EN and managed to get 10/10 N NH. I'm looking for a guild with a schedule between the following days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Between 7-10PM EST. Any of those dates and times fit well within my availability schedule. Again I am not looking for anything Top Tier or Extreme. I've been there and done that. If you know of any guilds that are casual raiders and actually raid please feel free to contact me. Thanks.Full4 Feb 2
Feb 2 [H] Whimsy 3/10 H Recruiting Raiders/Casuals Whimsy is recruiting all people that want to hang out on Bleeding Hollow. Looking for all types of PvE players, PvP players are also welcome but we don't do too much organized PvP at the moment. We mainly do raids and mythic+'s . We also like to hang out in discord and shoot the !@#$ a lot. If you are interested in raiding with us, we raid Wednesday/Monday from 10 PM - 1 AM EST. Currently in need of dps of all and any specs for raids. Could use both tanks and healers as well for mythic +'s. If you want to join or need more info hit me up at Turbopan#1469Burntcrispy2 Feb 2
Feb 2 [A] Mage looking for raiding guild! Hey there! Currently i am 876 ilevel Fire mage looking for a guild to raid with. A little bit about me! I have had alot of raiding experience in the past i guess i should start with when i actually started raiding. I raided a bit in BC, but never really made it past Kara because i was a noob hehe. When wrath finally came around i cleared everything up to Heroic LK and managed to score a kill pre nerf when i was maining a rogue. When cata hit i had stopped playing for nearly the entire expansion. When MoP came i came back to the game clearing MSV HoF, ToEs ToT and SoO never really pushed mythic in MoP as i had no interest. Once WoD Came i started really going for the higher progression clearing HM, BRF, and HFC on mythic, getting AoTC for archimonde (even before the moose was added). And then here i am, i quit playing early in legion after about a week or so of playing i had RL problems and had to stop playing for awhile. However i have been back for about a month now and have decided to look for a guild to raid with. TL:DR- Looking for a guild, experienced player on various classes. Feel free to add my Bnet or talk to me Ingame Highwayman#1469Misola0 Feb 2
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Feb 1 [H] <Praedari> Recruitment open for NH <Praedari> We are looking to recruit good and dedicated raiders to complete our roster for Night Hold and mythic progression. We are currently [10/10]N -- [3/10]H NH Raid Times: Tuesday / Thursday 7-10pm est (server time) Our goal is to have a raiding atmosphere that is fun while still being progressive. That being said, we are looking for players that can push themselves and are eager to progress in mythic content. Many of our players were hard core mythic raiders in prior expansions. We are currently looking for players 870+ ilvl, and need about 2 to 4 solid players to round out a solid 20 man group for NH progression. Recruitment needs: *Tanking - [CLOSED] *Healing - [OPEN] - [1] Open to all except druids and paladins. *DPS* - [OPEN] - [3] We are in high demand for: Shamans, Mages, Demon hunters and warlocks. All great DPS players should apply regardless, as we prefer assigning core raider spots to stellar players with the right mindset. Bring the player, not the class. If interested please leave a reply here or message in game: actua#1829 disdainful#1929 Cheers!Sofan8 Feb 1
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Jan 31 888 Rogue LF Home 888ilvl, 4/7M progression, 40 trait sin weapon. LF Raiding guild to finish out mythic progression with and prepare for Nighthold! Add my btag Eenow#1134 or leave a reply here if you guild is currently looking for dps. My availability is kinda all over the place currently with sports. I am however wide open during the days if there are any midday guilds out there. As for nights, Thursdays, most Tuesdays and Fridays are the best for me. Just looking for a place that I can get a night or two of progression in through Night hold until my schedule calms down abit.Sve6 Jan 31
Jan 31 DH lf raiding guild 872 DH tank or Dps lf raiding guild Friday and Saturday nights 9-11 CST. add samcro#1503Samnina1 Jan 31