Bleeding Hollow

Dec 2, 2014 WoD Has Been Worth The Wait The WAR finally got put into Wow after 10 long years. It was begun a long time ago in Tarren Mill by less than 1% of Wow's players. We'd play there. Not questing. Just fighting over turf which we established. Advancing to sack the opponent city one minute. Holding the line against an opponent advance the next. It was authentic. It felt right because war is the theme of our game. Not medals. As that initial 1% got the point that the game IS its own reward, that 1% never quit over lack of incentive. We don't need no stinkin' badges. We do not dance for a trophy. We do not ski for sponsors. We do not sell our time. We savor every moment. The ones that studied for the test in order to get a good grade never learned that knowledge is its own reward. WPVP grew because the ones that played, always got what they played for. The game is its own reward. It took almost 10 years for Blizzard to be able to deliver Ashran. It took that 1% core of WPVP players to infect others over a long time, developing into city vs city that even crashed the game. I like to think we forced the issue. Ashran IS beyond my wildest hopes of what Wow might become.Arcanita5 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 What is everyone doin during down time? I'm making this thread and listening to Carl Cox. Trying to figure out where my damn pve trinkets drop so I can be full heroic gear. What yall up to this afternoon?Shiftysneak26 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Music Monday no. 4! Welcome to the fourth Music Monday post, where I rant about my favorite songs of the past week! This week's selections: 1.) The Wanted - Glad You Came (Electropop) 2.) Natalie Merchant - My Skin (Alternative) 3.) Evanescence - Exodus (Alternative) 4.) Lana Del Rey - Body Electric (Alternative, Indie) 5.) Alex Christensen ft. Yass - Setz die Segel! (Electropop) 6.) Silbermond - Ich bereue nichts (Soft Rock) 7.) Pendulum - Under the Waves (Drum & Bass) 8.) CocoRosie - Lemonade (Alternative, Indie) 9.) Huntress - Eight of Swords (Heavy Metal) 10.) Avatar - Hail the Apocalypse (Heavy Metal) Enjoy!Tinuviél23 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Is Your Lumber Shredder Working? I'm wondering if just mine did not work last week or if others also could not harvest resources that way too.Arcanita0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Was Your Lumber Shredder Working? I was wondering if everyone was unable to use their Lumber Shredder to harvest resources. Mine was broken for most of the week. How about you?Arcanita0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 adding to the jersey post having a meetup soon in south jersey captnmurph myself and a few others from the server will be there sign if interested no one under 21 itll be at a barErixoqt3 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 THE BEST WPVP GUILD ON BH What's the best wpvp guild on BH? I want to get off my one-sided realm and come to a realm that has good wpvp and I've heard BH is the place to go. I heard good things about ruin gaming as well, saying that they are a premier guild that annihilated the horde. But who is the best? I only want to associate with the highest caliber of wpvpers, and not some backpedalling peons who still don't know what cc is in 2014. Any information is helpful, thank youUnfair93 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Proud of the Horde! I just want to say that last night was a good reminder that the horde can still work together and listen to each other and be considerate. Early today, around 3 am, Nakk spawned where my group of 7 was waiting. We let everyone know in general and told them not to attack him. Within minutes we had 2 raids of horde all sitting there waiting patiently for everyone to get there. We even got some people in Ashran and people from guilds to come. After about 5-7 minutes of waiting we ready checked and start to dpsing him down but me and some other druids made sure to keep cycling him before he died just incase there were other horde around that wanted in. Overall i would say about over 60 people got the mount last night. This event is completely opposite as to what i have been seeing with the rare mount drops where people just insta kill them. I am glad to know some of the horde here know cooperate and make it fun for everyone! Congratz to whoever got the mount with us last night!Drudz2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Whos ready to RAID? I cant wait to start raiding... Looks like some good encounters. Good luck allBubblebumm4 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 old school vanilla pvp Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Ok, so it needs to be said. I'm a gigantic !@#$%^- when I drink. Ebonicz I had fun at your expense last night; You are correct that isn't very mature. It was really fun intoxicated, and couldn't help myself. For that I openly apologize. Also, boobs.Ragemistress2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 [A] Nine Manned It Recruiting With the recent open free character transfers, we are looking to pick up people that feel the move unnecessary. Currently raid times are 8:30pm-12am Tuesdays and Thursdays with Monday nights occasionally acting as a clean-up night with the same raid time frame (8:30-12). Group one's current progress is 14/14 with Heroic progression starting next week. We are currently looking to recruit people for a second group with the idea that once Warlords of Dreanor releases we will combine groups for Mythic raiding (when the time is right). Of course all exceptional players are welcome, but current high priorities are the following: -Holy Pally -Ranged DPS -Healer(s) Contact ragemistress#1146 in-game or shoot Ragemistress on Bleeding Hollow in-game mail -or- Contact Tarrondor in-game. Shoot me a PM or send me in-game mail. We can invite anyone for a trial. For core raiding spots we need folks that know fire doesn't buff you. TL;DR We have fun, and get !@#$ done. LFM pals to write funny green text.Tarrondor55 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 <Nine Manned It> Trying Something. So last night on a whim we decided to open a normal siege to anyone on BH ally that wanted to come. Now granted it was Saturday night, and some of us....well me....are drunks. It still went fairly well. So next Saturday night at 8pm ST, we're going to find something PVE related....and open that up to anyone on the server that wants to come. There will be no restrictions, other than not bring d-bags, and it will be fun! So with that being said thanks to everyone that came, and we'll find something else for the coming Saturday. Really just trying to get to know the other people on server that want to raid, and let them get to know us!Ragemistress7 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Question about Gladiators Sanctum So last night before I logged off I maxed out my work orders in my Glad Sanctum with the intention of logging in tonight before the restart to claim them all and hopefully get some gear/honor. But now with the new season starting tomorrow after the patch I'm wondering if I should wait to collect them. Does anyone know if work orders started before the patch can drop the new season of PvP gear? I'd hate to waste 13-15 hours of time on these work orders to claim them right before the patch and miss out on better gear. Any input would be appreciated :)Burtofski2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 @RG:) RG I think I'm gonna go to your guild but first I wanna know when you guys are transferring servers and which one? I would like to be apart of RG I'm knew to BH so I don't know much:)Slowandeasy21 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Silthide or Gorok If anyone knows when these was last killed, or if you end up killing them please post it here. These are the hardest to get. People tend to kill them & not know their "Mount Rares". Would appreciate it.Jøhnnydeath0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Nakk Nakk was just downed :( I missed it, but just putting it out there for people who are tracking the timer.Daybreaker0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Lots of positions open - High Council Hiring I have a charter for a new guild and I am looking for like minded, active players in the Bleeding Hollow Horde to start this guild with me. It will be an active social guild for all level of players. We will be questing, leveling and even doing a bit of RPing as a faction. There will be lots of events, contests with prizes and dungeon dives set up and I would like to have a guild of people that help each other. I am setting up a website and an in game meeting space as well. If you are interested in being on the High Council or for more information on joining or any other aspect of guild life send a letter to Mokara.Mokara4 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Green Fire Emporium Have a full stock of Sealed Tome of Lost Legions ready for sale. Currently the tomes are running at about 14-16k gold on the AH currently, with mine setting the lower 14k. If you contact me in game or request a CoD here I will sell each for 10k. Get your green fire now! Or if you want to get owned for hours on Isle of Thunder happy hunting, but in my opinion Kanrethand takes long enough on his own....Ebonicz1 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 <Nine Manned It> recruiting. Hey we're recruiting too....that's different than every guild on BH I swear. <sarcasm> All jokes aside, we raid tu/thur 830-12, and are looking for more members in preparation for WoD. Come xpac everyone that's wanting to raid (if not mentally challenged) will get to. Till then, the same philosophy will be applied as much as possible without the flex tech for norm/heroic; in order to get everyone geared to level. Previously 14/14, same leaders same core....back from short hiatus to prevent burn out. We have fun together in and out of raids, and value good game experience over pieces of pixels. Light schedule, and we get kill. 420 friendly, chill no drama environment. Add Ragemistress#1146 for more info.Fatard4 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Hi Hello there.Sakriligus5 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 BH playlist! Since the last playlist I made for you guys had some bands that other people did not like, I tried to make this one with a lot of different genres for all tastes, or at least cover some of them- Pick your favorite song in the list, and begin! :)Partzqt3 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Good Luck Good luck tomorrow with whatever you're doing as the season starts! I know ill be rbging for sure to get that juicy capTenaedft2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 630+ Mage LF Guild About me: Raided back in classic and BC, took off Wrath and Cataclysm, bailed on Panda b/c it was boring, back with a vengeance for WoD. Will make water and portals on demand :-P Live in PST. Interested in raid progression and PVP (open world, BG's, whatever I'm bad at it, but I'm enthusiastic!) About you: 18+, semi-hardcore that treats the game like a game. Needs a mage for a core spot. Not prudish or SJW-y. Doesn't have a loot council. Has fun. Aren't dicks.Azznor4 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Luk down at 10:03 10:03 EST Bleeding Hollow-USKenneth0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Is.. Is Alliance side trade chat being just as stupid as Horde trade chat, with the linking pictures exploit?Alexciana6 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 WTB Scabbard of Kyanos I would like to purchase one of these trinkets from either alliance or horde. Please leave a message if you have one, or contact me in-game.Kypster0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 LF Guild I just started playing this game about a month ago maybe less, I play pretty much all day due to the fact that I just had knee surgery and have to stay at home for the moment. I joined my current guild hoping to learn a bit more about the game, grow as a player and be part of an active to community but as of late I find myself being the only player online at time and not having anyone to guide me through the game or help me by answering questions. I would like to join a guild that has members from different timezones, helpful members whether I have questions about PVE or PVP and do stuff like dungeons, camping or BGs together. I am new to this game but I used to play LoL, I ended last season being dia in ranked so I have Ok mechanics. I am also willing to change factions if it comes down to that, I just want a guild that has active members all the time and can help me grow as a player/member of this community.Pandaramus55 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 <Avidity> Seeking Ranged DPS and Druid/Priest Avidity is a newly formed guild. We are a semi-hardcore US World of Warcraft guild located on Bleeding Hollow. Our focus is PvE raiding, If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed and positive raid environment and a clearly defined schedule that still pushes new content as quickly as possible, Avidity is the place for you. What We Offer Equality - Avidity provides equal opportunities for both old and new players, if you prove yourself to be better than the other already existing members of your respective class then you will take their spot regardless of how long they have been in the guild. Stability - Avidity was formed by a stable group of professional gamers that are willing to work hard to make sure Avidity becomes and stays a top progression guild. Tiered Schedule - Our raid schedule is demanding. But we don't expect our members to keep this pace all expansion long. Our Tiered Schedule allows us to be competitive during progression content, while still having a reasonable schedule to prevent burnout . Tier Length of Tier Days Time Release 2-3 Weeks Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun 7:00PM - 11:00PM EST Progression Mythic Clear Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST Farm New Content Released Tue, Wed, Thur 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST Looking for Monk DPS/Ranged DPS/Druid and Priest HealsObamaplz0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 The Alliance pvp guilds not pvp flagged This a joke how can you call yourself a world PVP guild when you cant even be attacked in the world. This one for the guy who had balls. Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 I Mean... at least they aren't saying An@l before they spam the chicken?!Zarrett2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 ilvl 639 Hpriest LF semi hardcore guild Raid goes live soon, and I am looking for a guild that gets !@#$ done in a timely manner. I want to start Hmodes asap. I can either go disc or shadow for os. I am always available as well.Influenced1 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 lol @ horde Too all the horde that was in the pit today get rekt you'r not ready!!!Wylryn43 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Druid and Warrior Ex Server firsts LFMythic A warrior friend and I transferred to this server today and are looking for a raiding guild that starts 930 Central time or later. We were both in guilds that hit server firsts in raiding in TBC and WOTLK. We're willing play w/e spec is needed in order to raid and see content. Regards, TrolbotchiknTrolbotchikn0 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 RET & PROT WAR LF RAIDING GUILD Hello, My friend and I are searching for a raiding guild that raids on Fri/Sat at anytime. We are 7/14 (mine was on my rogue) mythic from MoP, and Challenge Mode Veterans. We love to raid and play with guildies. HMU at Headlinez#1693 or at my friends btag, NoobJosh#1978 or Post your recruitments below, and Ill make sure to fill them out!Esperion1 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 [H] <Raiding Naked> 20-man Mythic Raids <Raiding Naked> is putting together a 20-man Mythic raid group for WoD. We're on Bleeding Hollow playing Horde and are looking to be semi-hardcore. Raids will be fun but also seriously progressive. Casual players/socials are also welcome to join if they just want to have some fun. We're in need of all classes/roles, but are primarily looking for exceptional DPS to fill a full 20-man Mythic roster. Our current roster is made of a group of friends that have recently resubbed to prepare for WoD. We're all veteran players playing new toons that enjoy PvP, PvE, and drunken WoW nights :D Raid Times: 10 - 1 am PST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights (1 am - 4 am server time/EST Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings) Application: To apply, please fill out the following application and send it to Additionally, you can visit our website at Loot: Loot will be handed out on a need MS/greed OS basis. As a raid/guild leader in the past, we have never had issues with handling loot. Any questions can be sent to Crithappens (Majestic#1751) or the e-mail above.Crithappens0 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 [H] MM Hunter LF Serious Raiding Guild Greetings, I am seeking a guild that is serious about raiding and looking forward to progression in this expansion. I have a ton of raiding experience dating back to vanilla. My raiding availability is: (Can make exceptions) Mon. - Fri. 5:30 - 11:00 PST Sat. - Sun. Anytime For more information you can contact me via my battletag at ito#1811 or simply leave a small summary of your guild here and I wll contact youItolol6 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Bonkers is a laid-back casual social Guild!!! Right now we are doing alot of WPVP Ganking in areas like Talador, Spires of Arak, and Gorgrond while waiting in BG Que! Come join the fun as we drive the world crazy!!!Babyjenny0 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Hi my name is Boxxy - Raid team! Hello there Bleeding Hollow, tomorrow, 12/2/2014 the first raid of this expansion will be released. Our raid group is geared and ready to go tomorrow, but we still have a few slots open to fill out the 20 man mythic roster. Our current needs are: -Resto druid with dps or tank os -Holy paladin with dps or tank os -Rogue dps -Any other geared and exceptional Dps or healer may also be considered. Please be at or above 630 item level! Our current raid times set in stone are tuesday/thursday 8pm-10:30pm est. Monday and or Wednesday may be added to the schedule once we get rolling and figure out which night works best for every one. Other than raid nights, many of us PvP, have alts and will run an alt raid group for fun and to keep them up to speed with current raid requirements. If interested in joining, please respond to the forum post or look me up in game, I am on most nights around 7:30 est and later. Thank you!Cyberswag0 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 check this out Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 <The Departed> is recruiting for WoD We transferred to Bleeding Hollow last year from the dead server Haomarush. Some of our dead weight transferred with us but they have since departed The Departed, (LOL see what I did there). We are in need of everything. Main tanks, DPS, and healers. These will be main raiding spots, not standby spots. Our ultimate goal is mythic it may take us a little longer to get there than some guilds but that is our goal anyway. We are mostly a PVE guild with a small spattering of PVP here and there, just to add a little spice. Our raid days and times are not set in stone as of yet, but they will begin sometime in the evening hours around 7:30 PM server time. We are waiting until we have enough people to set these times in stone. What you can expect from us is a well informed raid leader not yelling at you when mistakes happen. We will offer guild repairs on raid nights at the start. As we progress further we plan on permanent open guild repairs up to a set amount per day. Generally flasks and food are provided by the guild but we expect some help in that department. What we expect from you is to show up on time prepared to raid. Have the ability to learn from your mistakes and progress further. Have some knowledge of the fights before hand, by videos or reading up on the encounters. Lets make the transition into WoD smooth and enjoyable for everyone. But first and foremost lets have some fun downing bosses, and just some fun in general. If you are interested respond here or whisper an officer in game.Shamsan3 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 NAKK Died We just killed Nakk at 9:54am EST on 11/28/2014. Time & coordinates are in the pic.øhnnydeath17 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 LF 2s / 3s Looking for a team to play with consistantlyDemonofbirds1 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 <H> 2 Healers Looking for a raiding guild Myself and a friend of mine are looking for a good raiding guild focused on progression. he is a paladin healer and also enjoys tanking. I enjoy healing as a shaman. About me: I havent played since WOTLK, but was part of some of the world-firsts in ragnaros/onyxia back in the day. Very good player, love raiding and pvp. I never know what else to say here ^.^Arkengate0 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 LF good raiding ally guild for the new raids TitleJese0 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 [H] <Los Girthrados> recruiting for raids! Hey, <Los Girthrados> is a group of friends that have been playing the game since vanilla. Our goal is to comfortably clear normal and heroic within the first few weeks, and perhaps eventually move onto Mythic if it goes well. We are a pretty casual, laid back guild, but also emphasize performance and accomplishment. Our raid leaders both have Top 100 Heroic Progression Experience during ToT, and have raided during every expansion. If you are looking for a casual guild that will also comfortably clear normals and heroics, please reply to this thread or contact Shampa#1355, Jake#11817, or Reid#1941 in game. Our raid times are as follows: Tuesday 9pm-12am Server Wednesday 9pm-12am Server Sunday 9pm-12am Server We will add a Thursday or Monday if the group wants to/we are really close to getting a kill. We are currently recruiting every class and spec, just trying to fill a few more spots so we have a group of 10 ready when raids drop on the 2nd, and eventually seek to get a group of 20. Please have past experience and at least a 630 item in every slot and 680 ring. **Final Note** We understand that everyone does not have time to do a several page long application, so we only require a vent interview and trial if you are interested.Leksolus2 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Need a decent guild for raids and CMs I'm currently an ilvl 638 fairly well geared holy priest. I have a disc spec but I'm most experienced with holy. I'm looking to join a solid guild with similarly geared players for raiding and CMs. I'm not really into PvP at all. I've been doing all my CMs with pugs and although I get through them I would much prefer to play with a solid group that can rely on each other and improve together. I don't want to join anything too hardcore with !@# holes and I have to show up to everything or be kicked. Still I don't want to join some casual guild with a bunch of 610 ilvl people struggling through heroics, never progressing in raids and just wasting my time. I've been looking for a guild for a while and every time I get into one I'm the best geared by far and nobody is doing CM dailies or gearing up at all. So yeah, if anybody has a guild that sounds like what I'm looking for give me some info.Atinius1 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Really quality pvp I'm really impressed with WoW pvp I que up on my lvl 100 for some awesome fun arenas vs ret pals and ferals. It's really great to see such a diversity of classes in the pvp scene! Blizzard is a wonderful gaming company, always releasing the most hardcore and skill intense content imaginable. I especially love Ret pals, it's the most balanced class I've seen in an MMO. Also the gearing system is amazing! One time I played an mmo where I worked really really hard on gearing my toon to be unique and it was SO BORING. like yo I just wanna play my character not work on it ya feel? Anyways I just super love WoD pvp and I hope to play Ret feral Blood dk to my gladiator title in 5v5 arena. Thank you World of Warcraft for being the most hardcore and fun-to-play MoBA ever. *Edit* also today I killed a lvl 40 horde questing on my rogue and vanished hahahahahhahaha rekt you stupid nerd haha #blizzardordie #Andrew#1Ekelon17 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Need input on your realm! (Horde) I'm looking to transfer somewhere from Blackrock kuz its 97% horde and I can't find anyyyy alliance to gank even if I search every zone for hours. People recommended Bleeding Hollow and I want to hear from some of you guys. -How dominant is each side (Does horde always dominate or is it even etc) -How active are Draneor zones (like if I ran through the zones are they plentiful with alliance) -How active is world pvp (Besides ashran) -How is the pvp guild situation on horde side?Angrywalrus45 Dec 1, 2014