Burning Legion

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Aug 5 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 5
Aug 4 Old School Players Are there any old school players from vanilia WoW left on the server?Revenantrage310 Aug 4
Jul 6 [Horde] <Wasted Knights> Recruiting We're looking for ranged dps at the moment. We're 9/9n and 5/9h and raid on Sunday 5-9 server. You can reach me or Dawngripper. In game would be better, we're not much for the forums. ThanksGrumpydawng0 Jul 6
Jul 6 LF Tailor 7/5/2017 I need a Tailor to make me [Imbued Silkweave]x100; Have mats PST!Seth0 Jul 6
Jul 5 ZERG me NOT Disbands Ya it finally happened Qeroca and several other people are fed up with the state of alliance on this server and are going our separate ways. If you want to find Qeroca he's Qeroca - Darkspear now. If you want anything out of the guild bank send a tell to Kinkyster or Jayzzle in game, we're going to be splitting it up between remaining members over the next few days. Pce José26 Jul 5
Jul 1 [H] <Proxy> Recruiting! <Proxy> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We're a solid group of players looking to improve individually for the better of the team. Our mindset is all about enjoying the content, and progressing and clearing content prior to the next tier of raiding depending on how many we have on our roster. We're looking to expand our roster base to clear Mythic raiding content prior to Argus. CURRENTLY DOING ON SPOT TRIALS FOR RANGED DPS AND HEALERS A little about us: • Most of us are previously hardcore raiders with server first mentality, now here to have a good time and get content completed. We're no longer rushing for server firsts, world firsts, etc. But we will complete content. • Raid Times: Thursday 8pm CST-ST - 11pm CST-ST | Saturday 8pm CST-ST - 12am CST-ST • Loot Distribution is by loot council. That means loot is distributed based on highest benefit to the raid group, and clearing content. If your mindset is only gear focused, and getting higher ilvl, then this guild is not for you. A few expectations: • Maintain near 100% attendance. We fully understand when you're unable to make a raid due to certain circumstances, but please be aware that we're not here to cater to your schedule. The time of 1 person, doesn't outweigh the time of others. • We expect you to be able to maximize your class and role, come to each fight prepared, and ready to clear content and have fun doing it. • Role versatility within your class is a plus. Contact us: http://proxy-guild.com Feel free to message me in-game for more information. Nano-Agammagan (Xyphite#1907) - Please leave a note explaining your interest.Nano0 Jul 1
Jun 16 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: https://discord.gg/gwzb6qS When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara0 Jun 16
Jun 10 Guild Recruitment Hi there, our guild is currently recruiting all DPS classes to finish up our raid team. We are currently 8/10 Heroic NH. We Raid on Tuesdays after reset at 8:30 central time, and then Mondays we follow up at the same time. We have free repairs, friendly atmosphere, and occasionally bonus nachos. Our group consists of adults who work 40+ hours a week and have limited time to raid, are laid back, and most of all we like to have fun. Send me in game mail or hit up one of our members if you care to join. thanks :)Tankinpánda1 Jun 10
Jun 9 9/10M LFM for M Gul'daddy A little about us: <The Last Pull> US Horde Illidan We’re a 9/10M casual raiding guild (with wipes on Illidan in P3). Our focus is to have fun and maintain a friendly raid environment. Our raid environment is not suitable for individuals who are easily offended. Trials are accepted based on logs & progression, we do not have the time to teach you every fight and we are not looking to gear up players who have not put sufficient time into their characters this far into the expansion. Loot is awarded based on performance and who it is the highest upgrade for, trials are eligible for loot but are not likely to receive WF/TF pieces. Currently Seeking/High Priority: High parsing DPS/heals ready for M Gul'dan Raid Times: Mon-Thurs 8-11 ST (9-12 EST) Apply at: discord.gg/Yv2nDZbRæya0 Jun 9
Jun 8 Old BC/Wrath Player on the server Just saying hello to my old server. I miss how active and adventurous this server once was. I was a behind the scenes player so no one will remember be, but I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends here. Big shout out to Keepers of the Shadow! Glad to see there is still a presence here with them. Guessing <Og> tucked it's tail and ran lol. I actually raid with a few of the old members on my new server (been here since cata). Anyways, hope all is well Burning Legion. You were fun and will always hold a special place in my dead heart! (RP) - The SleeSleemer3 Jun 8
Jun 4 Anyone from sin still around? Anyone still play from the vanilla alliance guild sin?Lagvvagon0 Jun 4
May 30 904 Frost Mage LF Guild ToS and Beyond. Simply put, looking for a raiding guild preferably in the server group. 10/10H haven't touched mythic content due to the lack of enough people in previous guild, though I know the majority of the fights from videos. I've raided every tier since Vanilla and cleared in content with the exception of Some of Cata/Pandaland due to uninterested of said content or problems with raid groups unable to proceed. Times/days arn't a problem (Something does apply but that's later on) though I prefer late Afternoon/Night raiding. If you have any questions just ask them here or just add me in game #shadow1687 (sure I COULD transfer, or faction change but that's up to debate.)Raistlín0 May 30
May 13 Recruiting for Kil’jaeden Sales next tier Hello everyone! We’re currently recruiting exceptional players next tier for Kil’jaeden sales (HORDE). Our team goes way back to Heroic Archimonde. We have been actively doing Heroic Gul’dan Sales and continuing until Tomb releases. Due to recent game changes, we have lost potential players and we are looking to bolster our roster once more. So far, our group is made out of raiders from the top 30 US guilds. Do not let that intimidate you, we also have players who are in top 200 US guilds but due to their exceptional performance they are part of the team. As of right now we have a weekend schedule (Sat & Sunday 3pm CST – 1am CST). When Tomb comes out we will be doing sales every day. If making gold is something that catches your attention you will be making a low minimum of 1 gold cap per week, in the first month(s) of the tier release. That is if you’re committed to making gold. We’re currently recreating every role. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. If you’re interested in taking part of this team please add me on DISCORD: Phet#6456 I will answer at my earliest convenience. Note: If you leave a message in this thread it is very likely I won’t be able to message back.Votkinsk3 May 13
May 5 LF Tailor With Glacial Vest Pattern Has to be on my server group, will pay well, I have the mats! Bluejoe#1815Shade0 May 5
Apr 30 <Orc Lives Matter> Currently selling full heroic/normal NH carry on Wednesday nights at around 8:00pm EST. 50k for heroic 25k for normal.Raycharls0 Apr 30
Apr 9 The Deplorables now recruiting. The Deplorables now recruiting. We made this guild as of Thanksgiving day due to the guild we were in was very anti-social. If this is what your current guild is like or you are looking for a guild to have fun with we would love to have you. What we do: Dungeons Raids ---- Currently 7/7 Normal EN and 1/7 Heroic EN World PvP Battle Grounds Rated Battle Grounds Arenas Quests / World Quests Mount / Xmog Runs Pretty much if it can be done we do it. Our members are adults with a wide sense of humor. We currently are filling raid slots and need ranged DPS and Healers. Located on Archimonde server the list of realms connected are Agamaggan, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, and The Underbog. If interested you can add me in game Kårma-Archimonde or on Bnet Kadden4play#1240 We have cookies so get in the van. May Elune light your path. FOR THE ALLIANCE! P.S. Yes I am aware it shows me as being in Royal Shadow Knights but I guess it takes a while for that to be updated.Kårma3 Apr 9
Apr 8 [H] <Paradigm> Wed/Thurs 9pm-12amPST LFM <Paradigm> is a new late night guild based on the Burning Legion server. We consider ourselves a semi-casual guild, with a 2-Night a week raid schedule. Currently our recruiting is open to all classes and specializations. Gear isn't a concern as most of us have taken breaks and are returning to the game. We do however want you to have your third relic slot, and a minimum of 860 ilvl. We will be progressing through raids at a linear progression. Starting with full clears of all normal and heroic content as a guild. Mythic content is TBD but the long term plan is to have one night dedicated to clears of all heroic content, and one night for mythic progression. Our raid times are as followed: Wednesday Nights 9pm-12am PST Thursday Nights 9pm-12am PST Currently Recruiting: Protection Warrior or Blood DK Restoration Druid/Holy Priest/Holy Paladin Assassination/Outlaw Rogue Windwalker Monk Fury Warrior Fire/Frost Mage Shadow Priest Hunter of any spec We're always looking for exceptional applicants so feel free to apply even if your class isn't listed here. We may be a semi-casual group, but many of our raiders will have a progression mindset. Be weary of that when applying as the main focus is progression, but at a less strenuous pace than other guilds. We will not be adding any additional raid nights, but on any given night we will be running mythic+ dungeon groups or having some downtime playing league of legends. If this sounds like a community you would like to be a part of, please feel free to contact any of our officers for a discord interview: GM: Definitionz#1259 Officers: Shadow#1687 Elascious#1581 Yigbit#1945 Thanks for reading our post, and I hope you have a pleasant day!Canticeblock0 Apr 8
Apr 3 (H) BOV IS RECRUITING <Blood of Vengeance> Horde faction raiding guild on Uldaman-Ravencrest is looking for competent raiders to assist us in raid progression. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/uldaman/Blood+of+Vengeance Lead by players with an extensive raiding background and Realm First Titles, Blood of Vengeance is a guild focused on progression with a schedule that allows our raiders to maintain their social/work lives and, most importantly, actually have fun while raiding. If you are a retired or recovering hardcore raider, Blood of Vengeance is the place for you. Recruiting: Demon Hunter: Havoc Death Knight: ALL Druid: Resto, Balance, Feral Hunter: Beastmaster Mage: Frost and Fire Monk: ALL Paladin: ALL Priest: ALL Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw Shaman: ALL Warlock: Affliction, and Demo Warrior: Fury, and Protection Raid times are: 7pm - 10pm (CST) with optional EN/ToV runs on Monday and Friday, and an optional current content run on Saturday night. Progress: 7/7M EN (Cutting Edge) 2/3M ToV 10/10N NH 10/10H NH 3/10M NH Gear: Minimum gearing requirements as we push into mythic content consists of: 885+ item level At least 36 *Post 7.2* points in primary artifact We strive to experience and clear all available content with a limited raiding schedule. To accomplish this, we are looking for a great core raiding team. This is what you'll need: Consistency - Show up to raids consistently, be someone who the raid team can depend on Ability to learn - We don't expect you to inherently know everything, but we expect you to learn from your mistakes Attitude – Have fun and progress! Good game skills, and the ability to improve on them. Game skills are things such as: Encounter awareness - Be aware of encounter mechanics happening around (and under) you Game knowledge - Understand the strengths and limitations of your class Mechanical skill - Maximize the strengths of your class while playing around the weaknesses We pride ourselves on our leadership and the community we have created. We focus on group improvement through individual player growth and accountability and group cohesion. Check out our website at: https://bloodofveng.enjin.com/Home and fill out an application. Contact Lejend#1376 , Avelay#1352 Ravaras#1720 for more information. Groups are welcome to apply as well. *Paid Transfers & Faction Changes may be available with solid parses if requested.Essamun0 Apr 3
Mar 10 Large scale PVP brawl Since this server isn't listed in the shared forums - I was looking to see what the interest level would be in a large scale pvp brawl set up between factions. I know the forums are sort of dead but if enough people are interested the goal would to be 1-2 40 man raids per faction meet in ungoro at a specific time and just all out brawl for 1-2 hours. I am not sure on what the CRZ cap is for that zone so may also look into doing a smaller group test first to make sure everyone can phase into the same area. If this is something that sounds interesting just post in here or send me some in game mail so I know whether to push to get this rolling.Boppinz1 Mar 10
Mar 9 Afternoon Raiding Guild - Recruitment. [H] <Insømnia> (Area 52) is currently recruiting for our Heroic/Mythic NH progression teams! Do you find your days filled with time that you don't want to spend pugging in group finder? Then <Insømnia> is the group for you. The afternoon EST slot is what we're here to make great. Our team is currently 9/10H NH, with our sights set on becoming the premier high-end content guild for the daytime slot. We raid from 3pm - 6pm EST, Tues/Wed/Thurs. Current needs: Tanks: Not currently recruiting Healers: Need 2 healers (1 with DPS offspec), pref. Shaman or Druid Melee DPS: Not high priority but open to exceptional players Ranged DPS: High priority, all classes considered While we expect you to transfer your character if we bring you on permanently for mythic raiding, cross-realm trials are absolutely fine. Area 52 is an active, highly populated horde server. For more information, please contact myself, Aiko, at my Battle.net tag: Restless#21182. You can also leave a comment on this post or head to www.TeamInsomnia.co.ukAïko0 Mar 9
Feb 24 (A) Outlaws and Inlaws 10/10N 7/10H (A) Outlaws and Inlaws- Burning Legion is recruiting a couple healers and rdps. Melee dps are a bit more selective as we are full on leather. Raid Times: Late Night guild, 2:30-5:30am est Friday and Sat. Progression: Nighthold: 10/10N 7/10H Trial of Valor: 3/3N 3/3H Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N 7/7H 4/7M Requirements: We require every raider to have discord and use it for raids. If you cant make a raid night let an officer know or send the GM a ingame mail letting him know. Also for us to keep supplying flasks and stuff, we ask that you put at least 25 bloods worth of herbs in guild bank. Perks of joining guild: We supply flasks, health pots and food if the supply of mats are kept up in the guild bank. We can get you a +9 or higher keystone dungeon done for the weekly chest. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach me in DMs here, find me ingame or add me on battletag: ShadowStorm#137263Vinburr0 Feb 24
Feb 20 H Weekend 10/10H 1/10M lf rdps & rogue Fluffy Kittens is a Zul'jin weekend guild who is looking for new raiders to complete our raid team for heroic and mythic. The guild formed with veteran friends returning to the game and looking to form their own raid team to tackle progression. Our leadership (myself included) has top US 50 raid experience in past raiding tiers. We do not view ourselves as a self defined hardcore or semi hardcore raiding guild, but rather a group of friends looking to have a good time while killing bosses in a quick organized manner. We are structuring our raid group in a way, that allows us to raid on a relaxed 2 day schedule while still progressing. In order to achieve this we are seeking highly skilled players, who have good attendance. We won't waste your time, so dont waste ours by not showing up. Progression: 10/10N 10/10 H 1/10M Expectations: We expect raiders to show up to most raids, and if they know they are going to be unavailable for a raid night that they let us know ahead of time. Healers and DPS are expected to know their stat weights, rotations, and pull according numbers appropriate for their item level (we will work with you, but you have to put in majority of the effort). Flasks and food will be given by the guild IF said raider donates materials to the bank. Raid Times: 8-11 EST Sat & Sun with optional loot run on Friday *Note potential trials are often required to go to the Friday run* This is in order for us to better analyze logs from you, and see how you perform mechanics wise before being brought into progression. Loot: Going into Night Hold we are using a loot council style system. Raiders will be rotated in every week to participate. More information can be discussed about this upon meeting each other. We are actively seeking these classes and roles. Tanks: dps w/ tank OS Healers: Discipline Priest Druid DPS: Melee: Rogue Range: Open If your class or role isn't listed contact us anyway, exceptions can always be made based on performance. Contact info: Reply on our recruitment thread or add the following btags to get in contact with an officer. Recruitment Officer: Thanatos#12871 Other Recruitment Officer: lonewolfmcq#1468 Guild Master: Phobia#1707Douchebruh0 Feb 20
Feb 18 Offering Carries We are a 900ilv equipped group offering carries. Come let us push your M+ key, with a group that won't just bail on you. use one of our keys for your weekly chest, get your Keystone Master achieve, and more! We also offer nightbane mount runs, and full Kara clears! Don't miss out! Add Kmstadt#1329 to chat with me in game for more info.Moarwolves0 Feb 18
Feb 18 BL Teamspeak Hey all, I was tossing around the idea of opening up the IRONFIST teamspeak to all members of Burning Legion (back in original, we ran the BLRA on Alliance). Since we have a 500 slot TS, I figured it might not be a bad idea. Who all would be interested in something like this? It would be free to use as far as if you want to jump in a 5 man (we won't allow guilds to raid on it though).Anaximander1 Feb 18
Feb 6 Nature Valley recruiting laid back players Hey everyone, Nature Valley is looking to recruit some laid back mature players for raiding and RBGs. Newly formed, most of us are close friends. So if you are looking for players to enjoy Legion content with give me a ring. :) *We have Vent/MumbleDerpindaisy3 Feb 6
Feb 3 (H) Technicians of War - Recruiting (H) Burning Legions Server - (Technicians of War) is LF dedicated PVP players for RBG team. LF skilled Healers and RDPS. New or Returning players are encouraged to apply. I am an avid Mount collector and T-Mog Hunter, WE will help you obtain all raid achievement mounts, T-Mog Gear. (Daily T-Mog runs) We will roll as a team in W-PVP and complete WQ daily. We are looking for RBG (Master Tacticians) and an active (Mercenary Recruiter) All Master Tacticians and Mercenary Recruiters will be paid with 1000 gold a week and free repair. LF: 4 Master Tacticians 2 Mercenary RecruitersKillzworkz0 Feb 3
Jan 19 Guild Recruitment: Alliance Greetings The guild Outlaws and Inlaws is currently recruiting for possible raiding positions for Mythic and Heroic content. As it stands right now we are recruiting for 5 spots. healers and ranged dps are welcome, but sadly melee dps are a bit more selective as we are full on leather. Our raid times are 1:30am central time on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We use discord for VoIP. Please feel free to talk to me on here or if I happen to be online feel free to whisper me directly for more details. Thank you for your time and I look forward to talking to youBergthora3 Jan 19
Dec 22 Post here if you ever visit these forums This thread shall be a record of the people who ever dare entire this dead zoneDeshxx3 Dec 22
Dec 19 [H] Heroic Weekly ToV Pug Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Thursday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 18 Enclosed is recruiting! Laid back community based guild. We have a lot of fun together. Mythic keystones every day, and we raid twice a week (Friday, 6 PM server and Saturday, 4 PM server time). We're 7/7H in EN and looking to progress more in ToV. Add me if you are interested in joining: Tomyre#1251. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of class, level, or prior experience.Tomyre1 Dec 18
Dec 17 Aug 14 Burning Legion will be connected to Agamaggan, Archimonde. Jaedenar and The Underbog. Can't wait.. Anyone know if a orc rogue named coordinator still plays? He used to be on Og.Tasenka7 Dec 17
Dec 13 Returning player LF Home Returning player looking for an active (A/H) PVE guild. After mythic HFC I took a break and I am now back on Burning legion looking for an active guild. I am new to the xpac and looking to progress through content with a team/family. I have mythic experience and do not mind sitting until properly geared. Super layed back and bring a great attitude. Thanks again. Hit me up in game reaper#1980Truescope1 Dec 13
Dec 7 [H] SG1S [7/7 M-EN] - T/Th 8hr - Tank & R-DPS ~~ Updated as of 12/06/2016 ~~ SUPERGROUP ONE SHOT - US-Stormreaver (PvP) - Horde Current & Previous Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic as of 2/23/2016 - US-Ranked #32 for 2 Night Raiding Guild Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00pm-10:00pm (Pacific) // 8:00pm-12:00am (Central) // 9:00pm-1:00am (Eastern) Recruitment Needs: Paladin or Warrior Tank with decent DPS Off-Spec Warrior DPS with decent Tank Off-Spec Shadow Priest Mage Warlock Competitive Off-Spec Heal or Tank is a huge plus! If your class is not listed but you *know* you can perform well, please apply! About SuperGroup One Shot: Supergroup One Shot was formed during the tail end of Throne of Thunder. The guild was created for a single purpose: to punch monsters and to have a good time. This common goal has proven to be successful, and we have been raiding together for multiple years. Our raiding environment is casual and lighthearted. You will find no supercilious attitudes among our members. Everyone is free to contribute any thoughts they may have, and all opinions are respected. A number of us have played other games together for years and have developed a friendly rapport. Our positive relationships both in and out of the game have resulted in Supergroup One Shot being a drama-free guild. Our Expectations: Attendance: The only way we can succeed and have fun is as a team, so we expect all raiders to make coming to raid and being on time a priority. If something comes up or you have other plans, you must notify an officer 48 hours before your anticipated absence if possible. Many of us are students or working professionals, and we all have obligations outside of raiding. We also understand that sometimes life events come up unexpectedly. Nevertheless, it's important that we're investing time and gear into people who are reliable, so we expect all raiders to maintain a 90% attendance rate. Performance: Mythic content is challenging, and we cannot afford to carry people through it. All raiders are expected to have mastery over their specialization and to pull competitive numbers capable of killing mythic bosses. If your class has multiple specializations for the same role, you should know each one and use the best one for each encounter. You should use the optimal glyphs and talents for each fight, and you should use your cooldowns, potions, and racial abilities intelligently. We don’t expect mistake-free performance, nor do we expect you to be a leading theorycrafter for your class. However, you should understand your specialization well enough to explain it to someone else in-depth, and you should execute your rotation to the best of your abilities. Of course, performance is hardly all about numbers. You must be able to handle mechanics at the same time. There will be a learning curve with each boss, and raiders are given a certain amount of grace. However, we expect you to learn from your mistakes quickly, and you should not make the same mistake multiple times. You should be comfortable taking initiative and handling individual responsibilities. You also must be able to follow instructions and to communicate with the team as needed. Finally, every raider should continuously seek ways to improve. We expect all of our raiders to be their own biggest critics. Whether you’re ranking on every fight or you’re struggling just to dodge the fire, we all have opportunities to fine-tune our performance. In short, you should take pride in your performance and should strive to play at the highest level you can. How To Apply: Fill out an application at: supergrouponeshot.com/recruiting/signup.php Once accepted, you will undergo a trial period where we will decide if you are a right fit for the guild, as well as for you to decide if we are right for you! Contacts: Recruiter: Azulä (alt-132) [B-Tag: Taeyeon#1361]Azulä0 Dec 7
Nov 19 LFG for Weekend Raids Pretty solid warrior imo (tank/DPS) having trouble finding a group to raid with because of my schedule. LFG that raids 8am-2pm on the weekends.Donkeytard0 Nov 19
Nov 18 Outlaws and Inlaws 7/7H recruiting DPS! Hey guys, *Outlaws and Inlaws* is recruiting more heroic raiders to push through Heroic and into Mythic Emerald Nightmare! Our raids are on Saturday and Sunday "morning" 1:30 am - 4:30 am CST. Right now we are looking for great players, not really specific classes so anyone who thinks they will fit well with the team message me and lets talk. We are currently 7/7N and 7/7H in EN. Now that the heroics are down we're looking to push Mythics! When we bring in new recruits we have them go through an initial "Getting to Know" period so we have the chance to test you out and make sure you'll be able to make every raid. Since we do have a short 2 night raid week we have to move quickly, and raiders must maintain 100% attendance. Being able to take criticism when needed is a must. We use discord for voice communication during raids and people are usually in there and online at all times of the day, but we are definitely a lot busier at night. If interested in joining us or if you have any questions feel free to contact me Battletag. Recruiter: Idle#11335Idleside1 Nov 18
Nov 17 Fabled Souls. Area-52. The Difference. TL:DR EDITS COMING SOON Regularly asked questions. •When do we Raid? We raid every Friday/Saturday/Sunday. (11:45PM - 3AM) EST. Please coordinate this with your own time zone! Thanks. (At this time, Sunday is a more optional clean up day. It is not required at this time.) •Are there any required addons? Well Jimmy, that's a very good question. In fact we do! Discord, (NOTE: Discord's Mobile Application is also required), Legion Companion, DBM, Skada/Recount, Angry Assignments, OAR3. •What do we require from our Members/Raiders? Here at Fabled Souls, we only require a few key things. Loyalty. Honesty. Dedication. Activeness. Preparation. All of which aren't as common as they once were. We want you to be as big of a part of this guild as we are. Become apart of the recruiting process by helping us find more active players in order to be able to enjoy this game even more. Knowing your Class/Spec/Rotation and being able to Min/Max is a very big part of end game content. If this isn't something you already do, this probably isn't the place for you. One must also be able to Farm for personal/guild materials. It's a team effort and we need everyone on the same page. By doing so will help us create an environment we can all enjoy and call Home. Recruitment! We are currently accepting all exceptional players. RDPS- HIGH Heal-Medium Tanks-Low (I am actively seeking a Druid/Warrior Tank) NOTE - Recruiting Officers.(3) (Edited) I'm looking for exceptional players to fill these ranks. I would prefer these candidates have a extensive MMORPG background. (Preferred) Time management. Must have some knowledge with computers and computer programs. Requirements are as follows; •Highly self motivated. •Decent Computer Rig. •Working Mic and the ability to speak and understand English. •The ability to be able to Moderate multiple platforms. (Facebook, Guild Website, Guild Discord) -This includes.. Posting, Updating Information. Responding to potential recruitment applications. This is the foundation of the Guild. The GM and the Officers are the Rock everyone stands on. I will be very selective when choosing these individuals. Fabled Souls Goal. We are trying to build an environment of (Casual/Semi-Hardcore/Hard-Core) play-styles that can exist in one place. We are looking to create a Guild with not one but multiple focuses. Raids - PvP - Lore - Achievements - Transmog/Mount Runs - Dungeons. We want Fabled Souls to be your One Stop Shop. We only Raid on a 2 Day progression schedule. Most of us here are adults with IRL priorities. We can't Raid the 6+ Hours with a 4-5 Day schedule as we once could. With this, comes a lot of responsibility and self-readiness. We require you to be prepared. Don't know the fight? Do your research. Min/Max your Class/Spec for optimal chances at Glory. Understand the importance of the 3 hours we raid. You must be able to take constructive criticism in whatever ways it may come. Understand, that in frustrating situations things are bound to get heated. We understand you might not have been playing as long as others, or you might not understand the Mechanics (that WoW has re-used a hundred times) but this is once again the importance of being prepared. If you hold back our other members, you will be removed from Raid until you can show a difference. (We stress this because of past issues). If you can't take "Raiding" seriously. Please keep moving forward. At the end of the day, after the dust settles, we want to create a larger Family. We have known some of these guys/gals for a long time. We have a lot of moments/memories that we will always cherish. We hope we can make some with you as well. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. We look forward to hearing from you. We have options for transferring characters if Applicable. Best Regards, Fabled Souls. The direct contact is Shròómz. His Battle Tag is as follows; Shroomz#11551 Alternative methods of contact are as follows. Officers. KanyeBest #11327 - Pilchy Spellweaver#1683 - Darthamar FabledSouls@Outlook.com Fabled_Souls_Guild_StickyShròómz1 Nov 17
Nov 15 Looking for new guild Can i join a guild preferred English speaking that dont mind someone who asked questions? And friendly of course! Thanks!Talaridd0 Nov 15
Nov 14 Guild Leader Discord New Guild leadership discord I wanted to open up a discord that was focused on Guild Leaders (officers or GM's) as a place to go to get feedback on problems they face, help with Raiding issues, help with PVP issues, and even a place to help you find a raid spot for a guildies that needs to move on due to "reasons". Here is the discord info and right now it is open to all. So feel free to join and let's build a helpful community for all looking to build a healthy guild!Nevahduck1 Nov 14
Nov 14 "Buenas Noches" Crybaby guild Buenas Noches the guild is bipolar. I dueled this rogue in the guild, he lost so he dueled again, lost once again. Then decides to act like a child with a thumb in his mouth crying because he cant beat me. Then he kicks me from the guild, i worked hard to get to "Veteran" and done good for this guild. Now, the guild master sides with the rogue because its his "Raid buddy" who likes to favor and hold this child's hand. You guys will never get passed 4/10 in raiding. Good luck to you allZirun20 Nov 14
Nov 9 [Horde] Recruiting for Mythic+ Carry Runs Hello guys! As of right now I am sure some of you may find yourself in the same boat I am currently in. You’re probably in a good guild but you can’t seem to get a solid group for Mythic+ runs. I am currently 7/7M 2/3H. Straight to the point, I decided to form a solid group that can easily 3chest Lv.6-8 carry runs and efficiently do 8-12 keystones. I am currently looking for 2 DPS. I will also take a TANK into consideration if you think you have what it takes. The DPS can be the following classes: Rogue Monk Mage If applying as a tank: Druid Warrior If your class is not listed above but you know you can perform extremely well, please feel free to make yourself known. SCHEDULE Friday : 7pm -11pm Central Standard Time Saturday : 5pm – 11pm Central Standard Time Sunday : 5pm – 11pm Central Standard Time ** CST is 1 hour behind EST and 2 hours ahead of PST** The schedule times may seem a bit too much for some people, but after all I am looking for a dedicated team that is willing to put in their time to efficiently gear while having fun. After all, most of your 880+ gear comes from M+ Dungeons, sad but true. What are you looking from a dps class? I am looking for a solid 400-450k overall dps. There is an iLevel requirement of 870 to be part of this group. Of course, I will always take skill over iLevel but if at this point of the expansion you’re not 870, you really aren’t committed to your progression. Artifact Rank requirement? Each class has its own peak in their artifact. Meaning, a point when unlocking more traits is no longer a dps boost but survavility, utility for your class. My goal is to make the most efficient Mythic plus team to swiftly execute through level.7-10 difficulties. Carry runs are a big focal point. The goal is to do Lv.6-8 carry runs and 3 chesting them, as the team gets to know each other and are comfortable with their strategies, pushing through higher levels and attempting 3 chesting them should be of ease. So far I have been pugging my dps and it is just not a great experience when sometimes the pug we bring as a “carry” is carrying them. I think this needs to stop and time for a hardcore team. After reading all of this you’re still interested feel free to contact me through my btag (Oblivion#12140). Leaving a message here is also acceptable. The more information you give me about your experience, skill the greater chance you have being accepted.Chemz3 Nov 9
Nov 8 <Orc Lives Matter> Recruiting rdps and rsham Hello fellow burning legion...ites! We are currently 5/7 Mythic EN and are looking forward to pushing into the new raids. We are in high need of ranged dps and a restoration shaman for core raid spots. Our raid days/times are: Tues/Thurs/Sun from 6:30 - 9:30 PST If this interests you please reach out to me at Maltymilk #1522. I will respect anonymity if desired.Maltymilk0 Nov 8
Nov 4 Weekend Raid team 7/7H LF DPS Our raid times are 1:00 - 3:00 AM server time Sat, Sun. We run Mythic+ same time ever day of the week at that time. Currently LF big deeps and healer's to push into Mythic EN. Battletag: Jessdoh#1384 To join we require a test run with you in order to see if you're capable of playing your class. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Forgot to mention alot of us stay on later than 3 am to finish up normal and other stuff. So if it fits your schedule, you'll definitely have people to play with.Highballer0 Nov 4
Oct 28 Goodbye Horses Recruiting for Legion <Goodbye Horses> is a recently formed Alliance guild on Burning Legion-PvP. We are made up of mythic raid experienced players from various servers who have met up on the Burning Legion realm to begin raiding together. Composed of highly skilled mythic raiders and decorated PvPers, we aim to be competitive in this server’s raiding progression while also dabbling in high ranked arena/RBGs. Over the next month we will be finishing up our roster and would love to have you guys join us. We wish to create a close-knit community where anything is achievable. Raiding and What You Need to Know We're looking to field a group that can be competitive while not pushing us into a "raid and log" style of group, but please do not confuse this with not being progression focused as we do not intend to waste yours or our time. In order to achieve a healthy raiding environment we believe that the social aspect within the guild is just as important as class/raiding proficiency so, look to be social. If you're an experienced and reliable player then look no further than <Goodbye Horses>. Raid times Times are subject to change. All times are based on server time (CST): Mon - 7:30PM-11:30PM Tues - 7:30PM-11:30PM Thurs - 7:30PM-11:30PM What We Need We are currently in need of ranged DPS and 1 heals, though skilled and experienced raiders of any role are always considered. Please go to our website to see a more detailed list of what we are looking for – Flyingoveryou.com PVP and other activities Raiding aside, most of our core roster also loves to PvP. We invite anyone who wants a taste of PvP to come and join us for some revamped Legion BG's and arena. We will also have guild events scheduled so that we can enjoy everything Legion and past expansions have to offer. Our goal is to be a very social and close-knit guild that wants to achieve everything in the game. Casuals welcome! While the majority of this post is aimed towards progression-focused raiders I want to stress that we also aim to be a home to social people in general, a guild is only as strong as it's community and being able to do things outside of raid times (farm raids, xmog runs, RBGs etc) will allow us to continue a healthy environment that will hopefully last the length of this expansion and future expansions. How to Contact If you meet any or all of the above criteria, visit our site Flyingoveryou.com and contact one of us in-game: Cinema#1246 Martel#1193 TheMatador#1647 IamGod#1249 We hope to raid with you in Legion!Martel18 Oct 28
Oct 28 Prot War LF Mythic Progression Guild Hey All, I'm looking for a raiding focused guild who needs a solid tank who knows his !@#$. I've been tanking since vanilla, and recently started back up playing again. I'm currently 860, have cleared heroic EN, and looking to start mythic progression. I can work my schedule around almost any raiding timeslots as long as they are in the afternoon. Please pst me ingame (Hit). - HitHit1 Oct 28
Oct 25 WoW research - help a fellow player! Western Michigan University Department of Sociology Principal Investigator: Whitney DeCamp Student Investigator: Ryan Castillo Title of Study: Timelines and Trade Chat: Comparing Contextual Self-Disclosure and Perceived Social Capital on Facebook and World of Warcraft You have been invited to participate in a research project. This consent form will discuss the purpose of this study and will explain the necessary time commitment, the procedures employed in the study, and the risks and benefits of participating in this research. Please read this entire document carefully and feel free to contact the principal investigator if you need more clarification or have any questions, comments or concerns. We would like to invite you to participate in a study on the uses of various online mediums, such as online games, and how these platforms allow users to share different types of information and form relationships online. The results of this research may help us to better understand how popular forms of online communication influence users’ ability to both maintain existing relationships and forge new connections with other members of their online networks. We have decided to ask World of Warcraft (WoW) players to participate in this study due to the game’s large player-base and the many online WoW communities that provide opportunities for recruitment. Participation in this study will require completion of an online survey regarding both your use of World of Warcraft and general online involvement. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study. Your participation is completely voluntary and you are free to stop participating at any time. Your responses will be anonymous, your name or any other identifying information will not be requested, and your IP address will not be tracked. Data used to analyze responses for any future reports will not include any identifying information that could trace your responses back to you. No one will learn of your personal responses. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason. While your participation is greatly appreciated, you will not suffer any consequences if you decide to stop participating. If you have any questions prior to or during the study, you may contact the primary investigator, Ryan Castillo at (442) 242-3302 or at ryan.p.castillo@wmich.edu. You may also contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at (269) 387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at (269) 387-8298 if any questions or problems arise during the course of the study. This consent has been approved by the Western Michigan University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) on September 1, 2016. Do not participate after September 1, 2017. Participating in this survey online indicates your consent for use of the answers you supply. I have read this informed consent document. The risks and benefits have been explained to me. I am above the age of 18 and agree to take part in this study. If you agree with these statements, please follow the link below to begin the survey. https://wmichcas.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_dhiNzLAgwceX1B3Incubus0 Oct 25
Oct 23 [H] <Provoked> 2/7M LFM for Core Provoked is a Zul'jin based guild looking for reliable and mythic minded raiders to join our team in order to progress and be as competitive as we can. Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs 0830 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST Communication: Discord Loot: Loot Council Additional: We have a 100% optional donation program to stock the guild bank to provide flasks and food to the raid. Top contributor receives a sky golem mount (sell it if you don't need it) and the next 5 get to roll for 50000 gold. Currently need: RDPS (Hunter, Shaman, balance, Spriest, mage) - _________________________________________________________________________ About the server: Zul'jin is a high pop server that is mostly populated by Horde, there are many raiding guilds on the server so if this one does not work out for you then there are plenty to reach out to. * If you are on another server you will trial with us in heroic to see if we are the right fit for you and if you are the right fit for us. At the current moment we are unable to cross realm for mythic. If you decide to xfer then we will pay via gold for wow tokens for 30 days of game time. What we expect: 1) be mythic minded, you are doing the hardest content the game currently has to offer for raids 2) be able to study your logs and compare to how your peers are doing at the same ilvl in the same content 3) we are here to have fun and expect everyone to have fun and joke around but at the same time, take raiding seriously and just know that there is a time and place for everything Website: http://provokedzuljin.enjin.com. In game contact: Bubbleototem; Real ID: bubbleosevin#1157 Email: anthonyy0921@yahoo.com Add me to Btag and we can chat in discord, take 5 mins and app on our website and Ill reach you, or email meBubbleototem0 Oct 23
Oct 20 <The Apathy Coalition> Recruiting <The Apathy Coalition> is a re-forming casual guild on Burning Legion server, Alliance side. We're looking trying to get a regular raid group going, and RBGs with sufficient interest. The raid night will be Sunday, time TBD. So far, we need all roles. Hoping to start the raiding next Sunday (10/30). We will generally be operating on East coast time. The group will be pretty flexible, real life comes first. Show up if you want, or don't. Whatever. We are using Curse for voice chat.Itsadrood0 Oct 20
Oct 19 [A] Stacked Like Pancakes Hello, Stacked is looking for some more members, mostly DPS, to fill out our roster for raids. You don't need to be a DPS though! Anyone is welcome! Our core is built around a great group of friends. We are laid back and just try to enjoy the game's content no matter what it is. If that fits what you are looking for than give us a shout!Kired0 Oct 19
Oct 17 @Qeroca Hi Q <3 I lub u EDIT: ;DSepharious9 Oct 17