Burning Legion

Mar 17, 2011 <Mysteria> Raid Recruitment. <Mysteria> If you are seeking more raid time or perhaps less drama we can accomadate you! We are now recruiting players for rapid Cataclysm end-game raid progression. We are expanding our raid teams for dedicated and experienced players with good raid awareness and positive energy! We are currently 10/12. And Realm #1 on guild achievements. We had player attendance issues hindering us from progressing at a more rapid pace. We are experienced raiders looking for like minded individuals. We do not tolerate drama. We are focused on the player rather than gear score, we want mature players who are dedicated and can make raid attendance and can work in a team for accomplishing raiding and guild achievements. RECRUITMENT: Recruiting: Hunter for CORE team position. Must be geared, dedicated to raiding and familiar with the T11 dungeons. Recruiting: Team#2 Open positions for new10/25m team. We also consider guild mergers if your guild is not raiding or is interested in progression raiding. Our raid times are as followed. Monday thru Thursday 7-11pm (CST) (Server Time). We expect raid attendance to punctual with proper preparation. If an absence is needed we expect early notification so we can replace as needed. The guild will assist with Gemming and Enchanting as available but it’s each player’s responsibility to have gear ready. We also have raid “Cauldron of Battle”, and completed Seafood Magnifique Feast for raid consumables. With adequate funding the guild will also pay repairs towards progression bosses. Each member is otherwise responsible for gear repairs. Our website is Mysteriaguild.info You may send an email to admin@mysteriaguild.info Ingame msg ßless (GM)or Deemonious(RL). We prefer to interview over vent rather than an application process.ßless0 Mar 17, 2011
Mar 17, 2011 Arena for points; early morning. I'm looking for a 2v2 dps partner for points each week. I am not able to play with my regular team members because I moved. I'd be looking to play between 4am-10am sever time.Iodous0 Mar 17, 2011
Mar 17, 2011 [H] Direct Control [1/13H] Recruiting! Direct Control 10 Man Raiding guild Raid Times - Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-10:30 PM CST We are a dedicated group of raiders that like to push content while having fun through a closely-knit atmosphere. We are actively seeking competent raiders that are reliable, and know their class inside and out. Whisper or send an in-game mail to Tugboatsyo or Lineofire. We are currently recruiting for our GROUP 1. Classes needed: Tank (1) - Death Knight - Warrior Ranged (1) - Warlock - Shadow Priest - Elemental Shaman Healer (3) - Restoration Shaman - Holy or Discipline Priest Requirements: - Mostly 359 Gear - At least 11/12 experience Relevant Websites http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-legion/Direct+Control http://www.directcontrolguild.com/forum/index.phpTugboatsyo5 Mar 17, 2011
Mar 16, 2011 [A] 12/12 10 man LF 1 healer 1 dps Tired of posting the same regurgitated nonsense so heres some bullet points about us. *The Art of Ruin is a 10 man raiding guild currently 12/12. *Currently have only 10 raiders in the guild. Seems every week lately someone is having to cut their raiding week short for one reason or another and were looking to pick up 1 dps and 1 heals. *DPS: Hunter, Warlock, Boomkin, SPriest, Ele Shaman. *Heals: Priest, Druid, Shaman. *Please have some sort of log parse to show your dps/healing data. Because we have 10 and are looking to pick up 1-2 people, people will have to sit week to week so this should be expected. Continue to show up, on time, prepared, and do your job and the spot could/will become yours permanently. *Raid days are Tues-Thurs 6ST-10/10:30ST. We are looking for people who can make all three raid nights. *To contact us check out our website over at www.theartofruin.guildportal.com or to talk to someone in person look for Dagorlad or Thyseus.Dagorlad3 Mar 16, 2011
Mar 16, 2011 ◄ Recruiting - 25mans - 10/12 - 3nts/wk ► <Exodus> is a 4 year old Alliance guild on Burning Legion (US). We’re a fun and social guild that balances having a good time with raid progression. We have an active group of friendly players who foster a relaxed raid environment where everyone can have fun. At the same time, we are focused on keeping raids efficient so we can push heroic content while maintaining our light 3 night raid schedule. Right now we are 10/12 in 25 man raids and are looking to recruit a few more fun loving and dedicated players! What we need: * We are currently looking for ranged DPS and heals. * Exceptional players of any class are always welcome to apply! Raid Schedule: We raid Tues, Wed, and Thurs, 8:30pm - 11:30PM CST. Progression: We are currently 10/12 in 25 man. Applicant Requirements: * A stable internet connection and a decent computer to play on. * The Ventrilo client - Be willing to listen and speak on it. * Dedication and reliability - Show up on time and prepared for raid. * The ability to accept constructive criticism and use it to improve performance. * History of good raid performance - Show us a log parse from a raid. * Situational awareness - If you can't move out the fire, then this isn’t the guild for you. * A sense of humor! What we have to offer: * A fun and welcoming guild environment. * A group of dedicated raiders who show up prepared and ready to push new content. * A friendly group of guildies who sign on for alt runs, pvp and other fun outside of raids. * Guild bank repairs, flasks, gems and fish feasts for all members who raid with us. * Active and friendly guild leaders who are open to suggestions and questions. * A raiding core that is eager to beat all the new challenges Cataclysm has to offer. Apply! Apply at our website: www.exodus-guild.us . Questions? If you want to talk to us or ask us anything you can contact Phiale, Pascale or Pocket in-game, or via PM on our forums. If you can’t find us feel free to ask any of our members for our alts. Phiale2 Mar 16, 2011
Mar 15, 2011 [A] Advent - Recruiting [New Schedule] Greetings Burning Legion! The time for another adventure has come with Cataclysm knocking on our door. With many guilds switching their focus towards 10-man instances, we chose to remain a 25 guild. We are looking for exceptional players who are interested in pushing the new Cataclysm content in a friendly progression-oriented environment. We are recruiting ALL CLASSES (despite what our website's recruitment might say). Our raid schedule is as follows: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday @ 8:00 PM server time until 12:00. Invites are sent at 7:30. We are looking for players with perfect/near-perfect attendance who know their class and research encounters ahead of time, are always ready with the appropriate consumables, etc. We have a particular interest for the following classes/roles: - Warlock - Holy Paladin - Restoration Shaman All other applications welcome as well. There are a few things we require of applicants: 1) Fill out the application form completely. 2) Understand that we will take your raiding experience into account. 3) You need to have ventrilo and a working microphone. 4) If you know that you cannot attend our raids, don't bother applying. (Recurring issue) Apply to Advent if: - You are interested in progression - You know your class well - You are always prepared for raids - You are willing to make some sacrifices (in-game) to help the guild progress Do NOT apply to Advent if: - You are unable to follow instructions (this includes understanding english) - You are not available when it comes to our schedule - Your old guild did things differently and it apparently bothers you that we do them our way To apply, please visit www.wowadventguild.com Feel free to send messages to Ruffscuff, Mimiru or Rynmoren if you have any questions. Thanks!Rynmoren100 Mar 15, 2011
Mar 14, 2011 [H] Stack That Cheese 11/12 recruiting Hunter <Stack That Cheese> Is currently looking for a skilled hunter to fill out our 10 man core grp. We are a small group of friends who has been hit with some set backs lately and finally rebuilding and going strong. We raid Tues/Thurs/Sunday 9-12st. Any questions or interest contact in game. Or Muffinoutlet or Imbalance. Somethin Somethin Somethin STACK THAT CHEESEVisíne0 Mar 14, 2011
Mar 14, 2011 {Death Corps}{1/13 Heroic 10}{NEED A HEALER} Hey world of warcraft community Death Corps is in dire need of a Holy/Disc Priest, Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman for our 10 man core. Our 10man core is comprised of several us top 50 raiders. We are all very relaxed and love pushing the hardest content blizzard throws at us. Right now our situation is that our Holy/Disc priest randomly left us after downing our first heroic encounter! We think something may of happened to him because everyone gets along and there was no prior signs of him even thinking of leaving. We are on the brink of downing several new heroic encounters, but NEED to fill this slot before we do. Our current healers are a us top 50 resto druid, and holy paladin. Come play with the best and have a blast doing it! We raid sun,tues,wed,thurs 10pm-2am st on burning legion horde side. dc-forums.comBlackbety1 Mar 14, 2011
Mar 14, 2011 Want to make quick gold? Check your banks! Like some of you know <K Thru Twelve> is a 70 twinking guild, and now that we have expanded our numbers a bit its time to start working on our guild bank to help our twinks out! Here is a list of items and prices that you can Cod to me (Ruztedjr) at any time, in any amount. (Obviously the higher the price the more in demand the item is and the more we will buy) Prices will be below normal auction house price since we are buying in mass bulk. Neutral Ah can also be an option, contact me in game or in this thread. Gems Cardinal Ruby = 40g per King's Amber = 40g per Majestic Zircon = 20g per Ametrine = 30g per Dreadstone = 5g per Eye of Zul = 5g per Scarlet Ruby, Autumn's Glow, Monarch Topaz = 3g per Enchanting Mats Infinite Dust = 2g per Greater Cosmic Essence = 9g per Lesser Cosmic Essence = 3g per Dream Shard = 2g per Abyss Crystal = 15g per Misc Volatile Blasting Trigger = 1g per Saronite Ore = 10g per stack only Potion of Speed = 2g per Lesser Flask of Toughness= 5g per Cod to Ruztedjr for Alliance, Cod to Ruzted for Horde I will be adding and removing things from this list as I see fit. Thank you for any help ^__^, and if 70 twinking is of interest to you please visit http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1083611058 Much <3 RuztedRuztedjr10 Mar 14, 2011
Mar 13, 2011 WELCOME BACK AXXEL Last seen, Borean tundra. I for one welcome the return of PVP and Axxel.Zzeddjr33 Mar 13, 2011
Mar 12, 2011 Amansta makes wow BAD so i go into a late night Random BG, the heals are less then perfect which for horde is a given, so i try to give my advice TO THE HEALERS and this kid tells me i need to "skey which i am assuming means back up) or he is gonna have Blizz call the police on a harrassment charge" so i look up him in armory "AMANSTA" not sure if that is a boy or girl cause the name says it all Lakkai29 Mar 12, 2011
Mar 12, 2011 Looking for +2 Herbalism and Mining Recipes I am looking for the old world recipes for "Enchant Gloves - Herbalism"(+2 herbalism) and "Enchant Gloves - Mining"(+2 mining) I'm looking for the RECIPES only, yes i know there are better ones out there, i'm just trying to fill up my book and having no luck on finding these or getting them to drop. Offering 1k for either one, 2.5k if you happen to have both though.Durgebain1 Mar 12, 2011
Mar 12, 2011 Best pvp guilds on horde and frost mages? Hey im looking to transfer here 4x glad rogue, and 2700 rating last season. I wanted to know a little about the best pvp guilds on horde and the best frost mage(s) on horde - Thank you!Roguecoming3 Mar 12, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 @Saibar <Satsujin> Pretty leet 85 mage there bro, only 83k hps and greens, its no wonder your camping in gadgetzan killing lvl 40-50s with stats like that. Yet when i arrive on my 85 mage, you sit your behind on your mount in the air like a coward. God if i had greens like that at 85 and had to resort to killing lvl 40-50s, id flat out quit. At least man up bro, and 1 on 1 someone your own lvl, no need to coward it up. You should spent more time getting better gear and less time killing people half your lvl. Im pretty darn sure you get better gear questing, lmfao!Oq10 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 2300+ Xfer As the title says, im willin to come maybe if I can find a team horde or ally who is wantin glad. I also have a 2200 frostmage spadez same server, both have 2200 weapons.Vandressa7 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 Memnochs Shadow Beware of this guild. they have some members that are....lets put it kindly, jerks. a fresh 85 pullin 8k was kicked because "dps sucks" yet didnt break cc and did my job as a shammy on hex. so beware of running with this guild.Uhealu3 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 1/13H * [H] Death Corps * Late night Raiding {Death Corps}{ Recruiting for 10/25's need competent }{High priority-->}{Holy/Disc Priest}{ Resto Shaman}{<--High priority}{Lower priority-->}{Shadow Priest}{Ele/Ehnc Shaman}{DK}{<--Lower priority}{ 1/3Heroic-10M}{dc-forums.com }{PST for Info} Death Corps * 1/13H 10man * Recruitment Open Currently considering all applications to build up our 25 man roster With a High priority focus on: Priest(Holy/Disc) Shaman(Resto) Lower Priority but still recruiting: Shaman (any spec) Death Knight (Dps with tanking experience) Priest (Shadow) Druid (Boomkin and resto) Paladin(Any) Rogue(one) We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 10-2(pm-am) server time. Death Corps is a Raiding guild that is comprised of all like minded individuals who truly play the game to see new content and LOVE to be challenged. If you are not calm and collected or you tend to whine alot,this is not the group for you.Our officer core consists of several players who have been in top (#1-10)US guilds and have played since release,although this is the case we have all chosen to Raid late night 16-20 hours a week to still be on the brink of new content. We have been up and raiding for on month roughly and we currently have cleared all normal content,Soon to start clearing heroic content. As a group we would love to have a good repuation on our server and expect that you do nothing to degrade our guild. If your Application is accepted you will be put under a 3 week applicant period where we will observe you under our microscope to make sure you have what we want. Current progression:12/12 10norm. Goals: 12/12 10heroic before next content wave H25 mans by next content wave If you would like to be apart of our community and raid fairly hardcore please app @ dc-forums.com Thanks! - DCBlackbety31 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 Horde BG Queue Broken? So after some digging I haven't found much on the horde BG queue's recently but to me, it seems like they are bugged. Anyone else having this issue? Ill queue and it will say 3-5 or so mins, sometimes more and 45 mins later.. nothing pops. Vespre1 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 10, 2011 Harhus the Insane! almost.. I need your help! Hey Im going for the insane title I need the following things feel free to cod them to me at anytime Heavy Junkboxes http://www.wowhead.com/item=16885 10g per (use to be 5g) contact me ingame if you have any questions all of my chars have a *arhus as names so i shouldnt be too hard to find *edit WOOO finished darkmoon faire rep so now all i need is lockboxes!Harhus1 Mar 10, 2011
Mar 10, 2011 (H) Direct Control [14] (1/13H) Direct Control 10 Man Raiding guild Raid Times - Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-10:30/11:00 P.M. ST We are a dedicated group of raiders that like to push content while having fun through a closely-knit atmosphere. We are actively seeking competent raiders that are reliable, know their class inside out, and are always striving to get better. Whisper or send an in-game mail to Dauminth, or Tugboatsyo. Or head on over to our guild website which is listed at the bottom of the post We currently have one extremely successful 10 man group that is 1/13(H) and our second raid group is 7/12 still forming Classes needed: Ranged (Filled) Melee (Filled) Healer (1-2) - Anything but a holy paladin Tank (1) - Warrior - Druid - Death Knight We are also always recruiting exceptional players. Requirements: - Full 346 with some 359 level gear - Some Cataclysm raiding experience Relevant Websites http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-legion/Direct+Control http://www.directcontrolguild.com/forum/index.phpDauminth20 Mar 10, 2011
Mar 9, 2011 Looking for a PVP Guild Looking for a PVP Guild to do rated bg’s and try arena. I have full pvp honor gear and 3k resil Thank you Deadrev1 Mar 9, 2011
Mar 8, 2011 [H] Team Cool recruiting for weekend raids Hello! We're Team Cool is a newly formed raiding guild with a core group of RL friends that have raided since vanilla, raid leader is 3/12 heroic. Many of us have been on Burning Legion since BC and are looking to start a new guild for this xpac. We raid during the weekends in the afternoon starting at 1pm CST Sat and Sun and going until ~5pm. We are going to be running one 10 raiding group. We are only recruiting raid ready players, strat mats etc. ~346 ilvl, and players that will show up to raids. With only 10 people reliability is #1. Classes/roles needed: Tank: 2 of any class Dps: 3-4 Mage and Shaman would be ideal. No rogues or priests Healer: 1 Holy paladin or Resto shaman You must pass a trial heroic to join. PST to Scylis for more information about joining Team Cool. Hell yea!Scylis1 Mar 8, 2011
Mar 8, 2011 <Pandæmonium> LF2 Solid healers, and 1 Melee Pandæmonium, is currently looking for two solid healers Shaman, Pally, Priest. And one solid melee dps. Guild progressions is 7/12. Raid nights are Monday and Tuesday 12pm server, to 3am server If your interested in raiding with us, send in game mail to Mefoo, explaining your experience and gear.Mefoo0 Mar 8, 2011
Mar 7, 2011 (H) Ludicrous amount of leather for sale I have 1337 savage leather and 73 heavy savage leather for sale. Going for 10.8k. http://s1127.photobucket.com/albums/l627/hurrdurr9/?action=view&current=LEATHERZ.jpg pst me or send me mail in-gameHurrdurr0 Mar 7, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 WTB Fury of Angerforge Im looking to buy a Fury of Angerforge at 14k. If you have one on the HORDE side please CoD it for 14k to Vecter or talk to me ingame! Thanks! VespVespre1 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 Game masterification http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/4435/gmticket.jpg I appreciate the ones who will play along.Porcia2 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 Six of Embers I need one, if anybody has any please contact me in game or on here so we can make it happen.Reighp2 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 5, 2011 @ the three alliance in Tol Barad ./golf clap for losing 3 versus 1 to someone with exactly 0 pieces of pvp gear.Begil0 Mar 5, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 >H< Edge of Insanity 10/12N 10m Recruiting Guild: Edge of Insanity Guild website: http://www.eoigaming.com Server: Burning Legion (PVP Central Time) Guild Faction: Horde Timezone: Central About us: EOI is a 10 man guild that functions more like a gaming community. We need a couple extra bodies to help keep things rolling forward. The guild has been together 5+ years with some members gaming together for more than a decade. We aim to down bosses and have fun doing it. Schedule: EOI raids 7:45pm-11:00pm central time, Tues/Weds/Thurs and would like to see us push into mondays as well. Progression: We are currently 10/12 with Al'akir only a few % away from being 11/12 What we are seeking: We would like to keep the guild small to avoid having to bench too many people but also avoid days where we dont raid because real life gets in the way for some. Because of this we are looking for people who can do dual-roles. We need a couple healers (Shaman/Priest/Paladin) who could also switch to a dps/tank role if need be but the primary role will be healer. Please be atleast 350 iLvl for your healing spec and have knowledge of the fights. Poor attitudes need not apply. If we sound like something you would be interested in please come check us out at http://www.eoigaming.com. If we aren't what you are looking for good luck in your current search.De1 Mar 3, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 @lillarp I'm sorry. I thought the trinket was the other one. It's late and i wasn't fully paying attention. Didn't mean to take over you. :(Killtehnööb1 Mar 3, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 WTB swift spectral tiger Looking to buy this mount in game, if you have one that you are looking to sell please contact me via this thread or in game. ThanksUrameshi3 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 Goblike Just a heads up horde side. (Yes I know I got rolled... I was a bit tipsy) Yesterday a mid -30s goblin hunter spammed org for an SM run for 800g (6 runs total). I obliged without asking for anything up front (yeah). At the end him and his friend simply booted me from group and both set me on ignore. I chalked it up to doing my good deed for the day. 2 hours down the drain... Meh, i got what i deserved for being stupid. Keep an eye out for this in the future though.Necrothin0 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 TCG Mount X-51 Netherrocket for sale Hello Burning Legion. I've arranged to buy a rare formula from someone on your realm and will be transfering over a trademule toon soon but since there is a limit on the gold I can transport cross realm I'll be sending him over with some goodies to sell. One of them will be the Netherrocket mount from the TCG. If interested in purchase you can leave me a message here or make a toon on Illidan to contact me. I have an add on to screen low level whispers so you'll need to make a death knight or use ingame mail to catch me. If you use ingame mail it might be a good idea to send me your realid info. Will most likely be transfering it over sometime later this week. Looking to sell for 80K gold but reasonable offers will be considered. Yukio1 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 Catch me... if you can LawlSeth5 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 RIFT Head start tomorrow and launch on Tuesday. Who else is heading there to try it out?Greensnake7 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 @alliance at TB crocs Literally making a 3 man group just to kill me, plus other alliance joining in and i still get 2 of you. GGDeshuzzdi4 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 (H) <Stack that Cheese> 8/12 recruiting! <Stack that Cheese> we are currently 8/12 and looking for a couple more to add to our roster to help fill out our core group. Currently looking for a healer or two (druid or shaman pref) and a OT with dps off spec (war/dk/druid). Our Raid times are tues/thurs/sun 8:30st-11:30st. With 3 weeks on 1 week off due to raiders having work. If interested or any questions contact myself in-game or Muffinoutlet.Visíne5 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 Horde BG Queue Broken? So after some digging I haven't found much on the horde BG queue's recently but to me, it seems like they are bugged. Anyone else having this issue? Ill queue and it will say 3-5 or so mins sometimes more and 45 mins later.. nothing pops. Blizzard, are there any plans to hotfix this? If ya'll cant hotfix it are you guys planning on tweaking it or fixing it? If anyone else is having this problem, have you found a work-around? It's a bit annoying waiting 30 mins to get into a BG. If at all possible Ide like to see a blue pop in and answer my questions. P.S. I don't play any other characters outside of Burning Legion so my experience is only coming from this server. P.S.S. Maybe ya'll should hire more goblin engineers and less gnomes ;P Thanks in advance -Vespre Vespre2 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 2, 2011 [A] Stacked Like Pancakes 9/12 Recruiting We are currently looking for ranged and healers for our main raiding group. We raid Wed/Thur 8-11 Server. We are not recruiting for bench positions.....these are for our core group If interested please send a tell to myself/beldind/nazuliKireliiz0 Mar 2, 2011
Mar 1, 2011 3.3k ret pally looking for 3's and 5's Hello everyone. I just came back to Wow having not played since 2006. I've spent most of my gaming time away on titles like Darkfall and WAR. I originally despised arenas when they were introduced but now I want to see the competitive side of them, because battlegrounds and world pvp just aren't cutting it. So. 3.3k resil ret pally looking for 3's and 5'sKharkov3 Mar 1, 2011
Mar 1, 2011 [A] <Nebraska> Recruiting We're looking for a few more members to help fill out our raid roster for 10 man raiding. Due to the varying work/school schedules of our members we've had some difficulty filling out a full 10 man group lately and have had to resort to pugging dps/tanks out of trade. To say the least that isn't the ideal situation for a group looking to progress. What we're looking for mainly is a Tank, a Healer, and some ranged DPS (especially a hunter). We would like to see 345+ ilvl equipped raid gear and some prior raid experience, but that is by no means required. We try to raid 2 times a week for about 4 hours at a time. Days and times have varied based on member's schedules, but usually run 8pm-12am server time. If you're interested please contact me or anyone in guild in game. Thanks for your interest.Spuv3 Mar 1, 2011
Feb 28, 2011 LF Guild, 2 People Arena/Raiding Hello, Me and my buddy have just returned to playing after i would say a 3 year break. We are currently looking for a guild that likes to do Arena PVP with casual/normal raiding. We have not run any of the new instances and are still working on 85, both of us are 80. I am a Ret/Holy Pally and he is a survival/Marksmen Hunter Both of us started way back in 04 and lookin to get back into the game. Thanks for your time.Zethren2 Feb 28, 2011
Feb 27, 2011 [H]<We Brought Snacks> 7/12 recruiting! We Brought Snacks on Burning Legion is looking for skilled raiders for our evening raids, TTh 7-10 pm (CST). Current focus: Tanks: Warrior/Druid DPS: (Non-warrior) Melee Healers: Shaman/Druid Any player that's competent and friendly Our loot rules are straight forward: /roll if the item is on-spec on armor class. We do ask people to defer to others for whom it would be a big upgrade (for example, upgrading a 346 into a 359). Also we like our raiders to view gear as a means not an end. Come join us, relax, and have a good time while getting your loot and progression. Please visit http://snacks.guildomatic.com/forums to apply or send a tell to Tooththief, Fourthot or Aeroneth!Tooththief1 Feb 27, 2011
Feb 27, 2011 [H] LF Ret pally for 3's Please know what you are doing and at least 2300 exp in arena. Top gear would be nice but not extremely necessary. Send me a mail in game because I wont be looking at this anymore.Thormington0 Feb 27, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 [H] <Direct Control> Recruiting For BC Raids <Direct Control> is an active raiding guild progressing through current content. However, we are also seeking to put together a raid group for toons capped at level 70 for the purposes of experiencing BC pve content. We are not actively recruiting pvp twinks. We aren't looking to be too "pure" with the recreation of Burning Crusade; too much has changed. We will take DKs, Goblins etc. However, we are not looking for toons above level 70 for this group. We Need: 1-3 Tanks Plenty of DPS (melee and ranged) 4 Healers Looking for a shaman or two of any spec especially Apply at http://www.directcontrolguild.com/forum/ Please specify in your application that you are applying for the BC group.Aelmai5 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 <Take A Seat> is lfm 10m Cataclysm <Take A Seat> is a group of friends who have been raiding together since Wotlk and currently are looking for a few more to fill out our 10m group. We're currently 6/12 in our first couple weeks of raiding due to a late start and are looking for a reliable healer and tank (preferably non druid) to progress further with us. We don't need a detailed application but would like to know a little about your past raiding experience and that you know your class well. We expect you to be in full pre raid heroic gear with a few rep 359s and be gemmed and enchanted properly. Our raid times are currently Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes Monday if no one has conflicting schedules from 9:00-12:00st. Contact Nightslag, Casanova, or myself in game if you're interested.Wiired27 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 [A] <Thunder Bluff Steakhouse> 10-man 12/12 We are currently recruiting for second 10-man group, merging into a 25 heroic at some point. Our raid times are Tue and Wed at 6:30pm server with a third day scheduled IF needed. Please be raid ready. We are 12/12 and moving onto heroics. Submit an application to http://tbsh.enjin.com/ or PST Wakarathe or Lórien (alt+162) in game for more information. At this point in time, we typically clear farm on Tuesday, which consists of 11/12, and work on the rest on Wednesday.Wakarathe1 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 25, 2011 [A] TBSH (12/12normal) LFM for H25s TBSH was a newly formed guild about a month into cataclysm. Since then we have completed the first tier of cataclysm normal raid content and are looking to move into heroics. We want to continue with this raid content (and future content) with 25man raids (currently only doing 10mans). We are in need of healers and dps. We currently raid only 2 nights a week (tues/weds) at 6:30 pm server time. Our 3rd night is usually determined that week if we need it. Anyone interested please visit TBSH.enjin.com and put in an application or contact myself in game.Envvyy0 Feb 25, 2011
Feb 25, 2011 Prot Warrior LF Guild I am currently iLvl350 and working on the reps I still need to acquire all pre-Raid gear. I have 10/12 Reg25 & 1/13 H25 (Halfus) experience on another character, but would really like to find a home for my warrior. Ideally, I would like to find a guild that does not raid on T/Th. For obvious reasons, it would be preferable to find a guild WHILE farming quests for rep, etc, since I will also be able to farm guild rep at the same time. SRS BSNS GAIZ.Kirrick1 Feb 25, 2011