Burning Legion

Feb 28, 2011 LF Guild, 2 People Arena/Raiding Hello, Me and my buddy have just returned to playing after i would say a 3 year break. We are currently looking for a guild that likes to do Arena PVP with casual/normal raiding. We have not run any of the new instances and are still working on 85, both of us are 80. I am a Ret/Holy Pally and he is a survival/Marksmen Hunter Both of us started way back in 04 and lookin to get back into the game. Thanks for your time.Zethren2 Feb 28, 2011
Feb 27, 2011 [H]<We Brought Snacks> 7/12 recruiting! We Brought Snacks on Burning Legion is looking for skilled raiders for our evening raids, TTh 7-10 pm (CST). Current focus: Tanks: Warrior/Druid DPS: (Non-warrior) Melee Healers: Shaman/Druid Any player that's competent and friendly Our loot rules are straight forward: /roll if the item is on-spec on armor class. We do ask people to defer to others for whom it would be a big upgrade (for example, upgrading a 346 into a 359). Also we like our raiders to view gear as a means not an end. Come join us, relax, and have a good time while getting your loot and progression. Please visit http://snacks.guildomatic.com/forums to apply or send a tell to Tooththief, Fourthot or Aeroneth!Tooththief1 Feb 27, 2011
Feb 27, 2011 [H] LF Ret pally for 3's Please know what you are doing and at least 2300 exp in arena. Top gear would be nice but not extremely necessary. Send me a mail in game because I wont be looking at this anymore.Thormington0 Feb 27, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 [H] <Direct Control> Recruiting For BC Raids <Direct Control> is an active raiding guild progressing through current content. However, we are also seeking to put together a raid group for toons capped at level 70 for the purposes of experiencing BC pve content. We are not actively recruiting pvp twinks. We aren't looking to be too "pure" with the recreation of Burning Crusade; too much has changed. We will take DKs, Goblins etc. However, we are not looking for toons above level 70 for this group. We Need: 1-3 Tanks Plenty of DPS (melee and ranged) 4 Healers Looking for a shaman or two of any spec especially Apply at http://www.directcontrolguild.com/forum/ Please specify in your application that you are applying for the BC group.Aelmai5 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 <Take A Seat> is lfm 10m Cataclysm <Take A Seat> is a group of friends who have been raiding together since Wotlk and currently are looking for a few more to fill out our 10m group. We're currently 6/12 in our first couple weeks of raiding due to a late start and are looking for a reliable healer and tank (preferably non druid) to progress further with us. We don't need a detailed application but would like to know a little about your past raiding experience and that you know your class well. We expect you to be in full pre raid heroic gear with a few rep 359s and be gemmed and enchanted properly. Our raid times are currently Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes Monday if no one has conflicting schedules from 9:00-12:00st. Contact Nightslag, Casanova, or myself in game if you're interested.Wiired27 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 [A] <Thunder Bluff Steakhouse> 10-man 12/12 We are currently recruiting for second 10-man group, merging into a 25 heroic at some point. Our raid times are Tue and Wed at 6:30pm server with a third day scheduled IF needed. Please be raid ready. We are 12/12 and moving onto heroics. Submit an application to http://tbsh.enjin.com/ or PST Wakarathe or Lórien (alt+162) in game for more information. At this point in time, we typically clear farm on Tuesday, which consists of 11/12, and work on the rest on Wednesday.Wakarathe1 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 25, 2011 [A] TBSH (12/12normal) LFM for H25s TBSH was a newly formed guild about a month into cataclysm. Since then we have completed the first tier of cataclysm normal raid content and are looking to move into heroics. We want to continue with this raid content (and future content) with 25man raids (currently only doing 10mans). We are in need of healers and dps. We currently raid only 2 nights a week (tues/weds) at 6:30 pm server time. Our 3rd night is usually determined that week if we need it. Anyone interested please visit TBSH.enjin.com and put in an application or contact myself in game.Envvyy0 Feb 25, 2011
Feb 25, 2011 Prot Warrior LF Guild I am currently iLvl350 and working on the reps I still need to acquire all pre-Raid gear. I have 10/12 Reg25 & 1/13 H25 (Halfus) experience on another character, but would really like to find a home for my warrior. Ideally, I would like to find a guild that does not raid on T/Th. For obvious reasons, it would be preferable to find a guild WHILE farming quests for rep, etc, since I will also be able to farm guild rep at the same time. SRS BSNS GAIZ.Kirrick1 Feb 25, 2011
Feb 25, 2011 <Stacked Like Pancakes> recruiting! Recruiting Ranged DPS: Demo/Destro locks, and any other geared/experienced range We are always looking for exceptional players of any class. Also recruiting for our second group. Scheduling Raid times are Wednesday,Thursday, Sunday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm CST. Must keep atleast a 80% raid attendence (Certain exceptions apply for Sundays). Our Progress (10Man) BoT: 3/4 Throne: 1/2 Blackwing: 4/5 For more information please contact Vilevenom, Beldind or Kireliiz ingameVilevenom1 Feb 25, 2011
Feb 24, 2011 Scoobi previous BL Player, Question!? I transfered and quit playing a year or 2 ago. Was thinking about coming back to Burning Legion. Hows the raiding and pvp scenes out there these days? Worth coming back?Shaggi2 Feb 24, 2011
Feb 24, 2011 LF 2200+ Players for 10v10 (Alliance Side) Yaaa I know I know Alliance Side. Anyway, PST me in Game if you are interested, will be putting a team together to play either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. In game mail works too.Hugster6 Feb 24, 2011
Feb 23, 2011 Cheeseismilk • 1520 3s • 3 night • LF 2s Realm: Burning Legion Battlegroup: Vindication Type: US CST PvP Faction: Horde Schedule: Tues 3-9 | Sun 4-7 | Mon 6-8 About Cheeseismilk has successfully completed Three's Company: 1550 with a less than demanding three night schedule. .. For any further questions you may contact me. Progress 1200 in 2s 1520 in 3s 640 in 5s Recruitment Rogues: Full Healers: Full Melee: ENH Shaman Ranged: 1 Elemental Shaman Always recruiting exceptional players of any role, class, and spec. Expectations Required • 1020 Cataclysm 2s experience • Mostly 352 level gear • Some kind of parse or combat log Desired • some Cataclysm 1550+ experience • Some 359 level gear Achievements - Three's Company: 1550 - Websites - Cheers.Cheeseismilk3 Feb 23, 2011
Feb 23, 2011 A l{{ Endless Fury }} lfm DPS & Healz {Endless Fury} is recruiting a couple more bodies for 25 mans. Biggest need is a couple of dps 350ilvl min and 12k dps plus. Always accepting exceptional players. Mage, Lock, ret, and hunter in particular. Raid times are tues-thurs 6:30-11 server time. Please contact a guild member in game and they will be able to direct you to whom you need to speak to. also, in game mailing me, Phoneraiser, will work as well. Hope to hear from you soon.Phoneraiser0 Feb 23, 2011
Feb 23, 2011 Iamhell=Speed hacker I just did a WSG with this low life pos, obvious speed hacker. Hopefully with all the tickets people submitted he won't be around much longer, but just in case blizzard doesn't do their job *rolls eyes*, add to your blacklist. Oh, he's in the guild "kentucky fried gnomes" and he says, "they won't care". Just thought you might want to know your guildie is a pos hacker.Beautyfull1 Feb 23, 2011
Feb 23, 2011 WTB organic Lifeform Inverter Looking to buy this dagger from omnotron defense system in blackwing descent, If this is an item that already gets sharded in your guilds run please contact me in game and we can work out a price. I pull 13k dps so not the worst rogue ever :PNyahlol1 Feb 23, 2011
Feb 22, 2011 NOOOO http://www.tvguide.com/News/Justin-Bieber-Hair-1029712.aspx?rss=breakingnewsAndralina1 Feb 22, 2011
Feb 22, 2011 [H]Disc Priest LF Hunter for 2s' Rating 2.8k res disc priest LF hunter for 2s' rating. Please view my armory page http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/icyfish/ PST me in game or here.Icyfish0 Feb 22, 2011
Feb 22, 2011 LF people to start with. H or A Hello everyone Still new to this game but I learn fast. Looking for some people to start off with me on either Alliance or Horde side, doesn't matter to me much. I'd probably be rolling another warlock just because it's familiar and I'd like to stick with that if possible...From my experiences they seem decent at PvP and survival and are pretty fun! My game time is eastern time zone and I'm generally on anytime between 5pm-1am. - I do have vent and skype ThanksDuriak0 Feb 22, 2011
Feb 21, 2011 <Church of Sarkoth> Now Recruiting [H] The Church of Sarkoth is selectively recruiting players of all levels and classes. The Church is best characterized as a casual guild with an emphasis on PvP, particularly world PvP; we also plan to raid and run BGs/arenas as well. Whisper any of our officers or check out our website (http://churchofsarkoth.org/forum/) for further information.Gustave17 Feb 21, 2011
Feb 21, 2011 WTB BURNING SHADOW SPIRIT DIAMOND Im looking for the Burning Shadow Spirit recipe. If you get it and want to sell it, just send me an in game mail with your offer and ill get back to you. Looking forward to your offer. And of course im Horde side but if an Alliance character has it and wants to sell it just make a lvl 1 alt and we can work something out.Casañova0 Feb 21, 2011
Feb 21, 2011 LF 2s carry, 20k gold Need exactly 2045 or higher by tomorrow night, im a really good rogue just extreemly undergeared. If you play a shadow priest/lock/mage/enhance shaman/ret paladin and would be interested pst me in game.Nyahlol5 Feb 21, 2011
Feb 20, 2011 A lvl15{{ Endless Fury }} lfm DPS & Healz Endless Fury is looking for a couple more dps and healz to fill our 25 man spot. if you have 350 ilvl then please in game mail Phoneraiser, Earthjumper, xoop, voloaura with some info about you. if we are online then we will be happy to talk to you. thank you for your time.Phoneraiser3 Feb 20, 2011
Feb 19, 2011 TBC Raiding Guild Experiment - 2/19/11 Hello Burning Legion! I want to start a TBC raiding guild and am trying to find others like myself who would like to participate. As of right now all is open to discussion including server and faction, but these are some of the basic points I had in mind: -Level lock at 70 -No 70+ interference with raid content (i.e.; no taking runs through BT from 85's while we're still in Kara, no 70+ characters will be allowed in raids.) -Only use gear/enchants that existed in TBC (Preferably within the tier of content we are currently on) [The idea of only using skills/talents that existed during BC is complicated by the Cata talent changes, so this will be up for discussion] -New class mechanics will cause a lot of the old fights to require different (or in some cases simplified) strategies, so Death Knights will be open for discussion. (In previous guilds like this, DKs were often not allowed) -This will serve as a side project and be mainly just for fun, so raid times will be flexible and most likely as minimal as possible. -The most common opinion before Cata was that changes to class mechanics and talent trees would take a lot of the difficulty out of these fights. I am not particularly concerned with this, until it begins to trivialize encounters entirely. If this is something you are interested in doing, reply to this thread. Depending on what kind of buzz we can generate, I would like to start as early as possible. -The BanditPantybandit0 Feb 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011 [A] Cutie and Me recruiting Healers! .Alesandra42 Feb 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011 Looking for a Social/Casual guild. Hi Guys, I am Feral Druid, mostly seen in bear form. I am from India and mostly play at 10 PM - 1 AM CST. Also i dont play regularly i.e, i play 2 or 3 days in a week. I am looking for a social guild just to have companions on my journey in azeroth, i only have burning crusade expansion so will not be able to help with end game content. Its boring when i dont have someone to talk to so i would like to join a social guild to make friends and have fun with them where i can. If any guild is interested please contact me.Etragan4 Feb 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011 Rift Beta Any BL people playing rift beta starting today? If so, which server?Delinger6 Feb 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011 10m guild LF tanks and 1 healer <Nephilim> Alliance Guild, is wanting a couple of solid tanks and 1 solid healer so we can begin our raiding as a full guild. We are small and casual for the most part and are looking into raiding on FRI-SAT from 20:00 server time and later. At the very least, have heroics unlocked and our crew can help out with the rest. For tanks, I would like to see you in action myself. We have raiding experience if anyone wants to research us from the Gurubashi realm. (And we do speak english, for those who know of Gurubashi) Any questions or maybe for an invite PST Skullbright, Kambo, Adyan, or Rendria on Burning Legion.Skullbright0 Feb 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011 Stacked Like Pancakes Recruiting 10-Man Stacked Like Pancakes(11) is looking for geared, skilled and competent players to continue 10-man progression. We are currently 9/12 and are in search for a feral dps/tank and skilled ranged dps. Also accepting exceptional applicants of any class due to the fact that the structuring of a possible second 10-man raid group has begun with raid dates to be announced. Current raid times are Wednesday and Thursday at 8 PM server time. If interested or believe you fit the criteria in the aforementioned, send me a whisper in-game or shoot me an in-game mail.Fadazzmdget1 Feb 19, 2011
Feb 17, 2011 <Sparkle Motion> is recruiting... Anyone who is in love with Fran Drescher. We are currently running nothing but we have a heart tabard. Whisper me or respond here if you are interested.Demønd0 Feb 17, 2011
Feb 16, 2011 Tank/dps LF four winds this week lookin for a raid, wed, thur, sun, mon. ilvl 350, should be in my gear. Have tanked omnitron, magmaw, and first boss in BoT.Bluesummer0 Feb 16, 2011
Feb 15, 2011 WTB Swift Spectral Tiger PST ME IN GAMEClearcutlol3 Feb 15, 2011
Feb 14, 2011 Selling <Arch Enemy> Level 4 guild with 2 bank tabs. Good band too (guild name) Has Alliance Slayer and a few other achievements going for 750g-1000g Send me mail ingame or pst me (Avaleirra) Avaleirra1 Feb 14, 2011
Feb 14, 2011 <Ragnarok>[10] 9/12 Recruiting Good Hunter We are looking for an Exceptional hunter to complete our 10 man Group 1 core and to continue progression. We expect you to know 12/12 and be ready to raid (Ilvl 350+). Also be able to pull substantial numbers. PST/Mail Metallicâ, Imgonnaheal, Oevay , or Buffenator for more info Sun-Wed raids 7PM-11PM Server time (Central)Metallicâ3 Feb 14, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 So Game of thrones gets HBO and gets this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MophfvUlfI and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ixEWrTLiZg But Goodkind and Sword of Truth gets @@#*ing Sam Raimi or whatever his damn name is and ruins Sword of Truth with Legend of the Seeker. There is no God.Zzeddjr12 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 Red Scare [12/12] R>Resto Druid/Shaman Red Scare [12/12] is recruiting a Resto Druid or Shaman. our raid time are 7:30-11:00P.M Central Monday Tuesday and Thursday. Yarida redscare.guildportal.comYarida0 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 <Wenis> is recruiting DPS, 10/12 N10m Wenis is a 10 man guild focusing on raids, arena's and rated BG's once Cataclysm hits. Raid times at the moment are not set in stone but will be later in the evening around 9ish server time with arena's and BG's whenever your partners are on/when enough people that want to do them are on. **Requirements** The only thing that we require is the fact that you know how to play your class well. We will not hold your hand and carry you through the everything, if that ends up being the case, you will be replaced. Oh and vent would be a good thing to have as well. **Recruiting** Everything! as long as you're good. Need more DPS, preferably ranged, preferably a shadow priest or a warlock. Could also possibly use a rogue. **Progress** Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 Halfus, Valiona/Theralion, Ascendant Council, and Chogall Blackwing Descent: 5/6 Magmaw, Omnitron, Atramedes, Maloriak, and Chimaeron Throne of the Four Winds: 1/2 Conclave of Wind If you're interested, send either myself, Kaffy, Wumpy, Weimantoo, Patchemup, or Trispectual a tell in game for more info.Tÿr49 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 WTS> First Mate Hat leave offers plx ty First Mate HatCleaveland11 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 Transferring servers, Looking for a guild. looking for a high level guild with vent interested in pve with some pvp on the side. you can armory me and find my stats but off the bat i have: - 2600 resil - Knowledge of most instances. - vent - Friendly personality - Patience Please let me know if you are interested in me, send an in game mail to me. or reply to this thread and we can talk on aim or something similar. Thank you.Vermin17 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 [H] Illumination LF H pally/ Resto druid Who we are: We are a Horde progression raiding guild that strives to consistently be the top PvE guild on Burning Legion. Illumination has been around sense the beginning of Icecrown Citadel in December 2009, and became one of the top server guilds in a matter of only a couple months! We will always be in the process of finding the best players in the World of Warcraft. Website: Illumination-guild.com Wanna apply? Please go to our website above and press apply now! Our Leaders: Illumination’s leaders have been playing together for a year now and have a great amount of experience in leading top server guilds sense the start of World of Warcraft. We expect to continue that reputation as well as gain a positive reputation on Burning Legion. Why Illumination?: Illumination can offer our members most importantly, a smooth raiding experience while playing with us. As well as the leadership that listens to the guild and not show any form of dictatorship. Also, a fun group of people that want to achieve progression in the fastest and most efficient way possible while HAVING FUN playing this game. Last, we can offer an un-biased loot council that equips our members with gear to help progression go along faster. Illumination can also offer a well organized well led PvP experience. With the new expansion here we have begun our rated battle ground teams! Our team leaders have had great success in past arena seasons and are looking to fill our ranks for this new player vs. player experience! We expect all of our pvp'ers to have at the minimum 2000 plus experience in any previous arena season but are open to all players. What do we expect? We expect our raiders to be prepared to raid with a positive attitude. We expect anyone who is interested in applying to Illumination to have experience in raiding either 10 or 25 man content. We currently raid Monday - Thursday 7:00- 10:00 server time (CST) and Rated Battlegrounds Sunday 7:00-10:00 server time (CST) Current Progression: Blackwing Descent Magmaw - Dead (10/25) Omnitron Defense System - Dead (10/25) Atramedes - Dead (10/25) Maloriak - Dead (10/25) Chimaeron - Dead (10/25) Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Dead (10/25) Valiona and Theralion - Dead (10/25) Ascendant Council - Dead (10/25) Cho'gall - Dead (10/25) Throne of the Four Winds Conclave of Wind - Dead (10/25) Al 'Akir - Dead (10) Also, we expect our raiders to STAND OUT when they play this game. Illumination is not looking for average players that can barely keep up with everybody. We want players that can do their role, play their class to almost perfection, and at the same time be able to provide a great attitude both inside and outside raids. Last, we WILL NOT carry players in Illumination! We like to keep it a friendly environment here but if your not puling your weight, then you don't cut it. No exceptions! We are currently recruiting: (1) Restoration Druid (1) Holy Paladin (1) Holy/ Discipline Priest (1) Rogue (1) Enhancement Shaman **We are currently recruiting all exceptional players as well** Got questions? We would love to talk to you! If you have any other questions you can contact Drkavorkion, Nagerr, Vsp, Olewillis, or Battlekattle. Thank you!Drkavorkion10 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doWu17pb6YsHpx1 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 13, 2011 Quit Poaching! Definition: Guild poaching is the act of actively recruiting another guilds members, and usually the better geared or better playing members. To make matters worse, it’s usually done by top progression guilds who treat the smaller or less progressed guilds as a minor league whom they can farm talent from at will. Most of the time these guilds are trying to replace retiring players, but just occasionally the tactic is used offensively to halt or stymie progress in competing guilds. I am posting on an alt for obvious reasons. I am a member of a progression based guild, and have been personally targeted by two different high-end guilds on this server. I won't tell you if I am Alliance or Horde, but rather this is happening on BOTH factions. If people want to join your guild, they can make that choice for them selves. Sending in-game mail and whispers with promises of epics is just sad. What's even sadder are the people that fall for this, and join these guilds. I won't name the guilty guilds, but they know who they are. Stop it. You're making yourself look bad. Giving your guild name a bad name. Like I said before, this is happening on both the Alliance and Horde factions.Duffgirl22 Feb 13, 2011
Feb 12, 2011 when you put a woman in charge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL1xUWgBlFw Hpx8 Feb 12, 2011
Feb 11, 2011 Loot theft This is jsut to put a warning out about a incident after a Baradin hold 10 about the pvp plate belt. the character in question is Hellscreams of Înghetul de Lupi there was a roll for said item in which the rolls were myself a 47, other pally tank 46, and hellscreams a 40. He waited until the entire raid excluding myself and the other tank remained he then self looted the belt and promptly logged. i apologize about the piss poor typing was in a hurry to get on to workDaimes3 Feb 11, 2011
Feb 11, 2011 [A] Rayne of Destruction LFM core 10M team Rayne of Destruction is primarily a PvE progression-focused guild. We are currently farming heroics and are geared enough to start raiding (The raid schedule is negotiable to meet all of our member's needs). We are looking to grow the guild with players who know their class/spec well, and who want to progress through end game content while having a good time doing it. We WILL get you geared to raid with us. We are recruiting core members for our 10m raid team, but we're always looking for skilled players of any class/role/spec.Alastrina0 Feb 11, 2011
Feb 10, 2011 Lilbub = Bubbles Soo for now on Lilbub will be known as Bubbles.Ágen8 Feb 10, 2011
Feb 10, 2011 [H] LF 3s and 5s ^ nough said. get at me in game.Jues1 Feb 10, 2011
Feb 10, 2011 Glee is the best show ever :)Juanito7 Feb 10, 2011
Feb 9, 2011 Cör and Wa Pop Killa are loot ninja Don't raid or join BH with this guild, especially if you are the same class as one of them. They ninja the item, and if they don't need it, d/e and sell the shard. Happen to me and a guildie while doing a BH with them.Majinboo1 Feb 9, 2011