Jul 22, 2013 Doing graphics art for gold donations Hello Cenarius. :) I am Melificence, known otherwise as Geekissexy on MMO-Champion.com and I love doing graphics art around World of Warcraft. I create signatures, wallpapers, website layouts, Twitch layouts, YouTube layouts, etc. My gallery can be found here: http://vixanya.deviantart.com If you are interested in anything hit me up in game with my Battle Tag (#Geekissexy1544 ) or leave a message here. Thanks and best of luck on your adventures.Melificence1 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 WTS Crawling Claw Got a Crawling Claw for sale, level 25. Add my battle tag if you're interested: "Strath#1220"Strath2 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 WTS Crawling Claw Got a Crawling Claw for sale, level 25. Add my battle tag if you're interested: "Strath#1220"Strath0 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 <A> Aionios 6/12 10N is recruiting. Priority needs are: Non Priest/Shaman Heals Melee DPS Highly considered: Non-Druid OT We are also still looking for 1 or 2 active raiders of any role to help secure our core raid group. We raid Tues/Wed 730-1030 Server. Casual and non raiders are also highly welcome. http://aionios.wowstead.com/recruitment to apply or ask here or in game for more info.Bearawolf0 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 [A] Midnight Crusaders 10 man recruiting [A] Midnight Crusaders Lvl 25 Midnight Crusaders is recruiting for its 10 man raid team for ToT progression. Minimum ilvl 500 required. We are currently 8/12. Raid times are 5pm - 7:30pm Tues and Wed. If enough people are available, we will also be raiding on Friday same time. We are in need of: - One healer (disc priest/holy pally preferred) - One rdps (ele shaman/spriest/lock preferred) - We may also potentially be interested in an OT (paladin/warrior preferred). We also welcome casual players. We are a close knit family guild that is looking for people to fill our ranks that love to just play the game. Either whisper or send in game mail to me, Nubrondan, or Lolacutie. Looking forward to meeting you! ;)Aeowynn1 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 deleted deletedOrgin0 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 (H) Looking for a PVP guild Hello all, I have been away awhile from the wow side and have discovered all the old horde guilds i knew and loved are gone wrought from ruin, muryans to name a few. Im a vanilla player that is looking for a good pvp guild to have some fun in arenas and rbg as well as the normal BS and raiding possibly. All the guilds i am coming across are lacking people and activity. If there are any active pvp guilds out there that are looking for a warrior arms/prot drop me a line on here or in game. Thank all.Meledan0 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 horde guilds Hello there. My wife and I joined Cenarius when we started playing, seeing the "New Players" tag on the server list. However, after two months, we've noticed how low the horde population seems to be. We've thought about joining a guild here, rather than rerolling on a new server, but the in-game guild finder seems either awfully outdated or simply misleading. I've often looked to see what players in a certain guild are online at any one moment, and even the largest ones have perhaps 5-10 people online at any one time. We were hoping to find a guild that has room for a couple of friendly, casual players. I quit WoW a year or so after WOTLK came out, and my hardcore raiding days will never return, but it would be nice to find an active group that can help and that we can contribute to as well. Are there any horde guilds still in existence that meet those criteria?Bakabito7 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 [A] Post Mortem (5/12ToT)10man Post Mortem is a lvl 25 guild that is laid back and mature. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7-10pm server. We entered ToT not to long ago and are now looking to solidify our 10man core group before 5.4 hits. We are looking for 1 solid healer prefer resto Shaman or mistweaver Monk but all are welcome. Also looking for 1 solid DPS prefer Warlock, Boomkin or Monk but all are welcome. Please whisper Heavenxsent or Virik or Furisfun if you are interested. Thank you.Heavenxsent0 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Looking for "Candycorn" on Cenarius If this is your level one name reserve toon please message me or respond here. I want the name for a transfer and would like to discuss. --SageSagebrush1 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 16, 2013 [A] Pirate 25-man Recruiting Raid Time: tue/wed/thr 6pm server for 3 hours a night Current Progression: 4 heroics (Jinrokh, Horidon, Tortos, Ji-kun) on 25-man, with 5 heroics on 10-man Tanks: Looking for a full time monk tank primarily, warrior and dk also considered. Heals: A full time shaman is ideal with monk, druid and paladin also on the list. Currently a bit full on priests. DPS: Any dps that can pull their weight will work. Leaning towards a bit more melee dps needed at the moment. But can't have enough warlocks and mages, in particular mages. Don't currently have a full time elemental shaman either. Casuals and PvP'ers are also welcomed. An alt group on weekends is currently raiding. And off nights and late night are typically achievement runs, both new and old content. Contact any officer in guild and you can find me on any of my toons by looking for Bantha. BanthaBanthatracks0 Jul 16, 2013
Jul 13, 2013 WTS Level 25 guild Selling level 25 guild, 7 bank tabs. ~165 members with quite a few level 90's, all BoA's unlocked. Looking for around 40k, but willing to negotiate. Hit me up on here, in game, or send an ingame mail.Zankinichi1 Jul 13, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 [A] Praetorian Guard recruiting. 6/12H ToT <Praetorian Guard> is now recruiting full time players for our core group; we current need 1 tank and 1 healer(non-druid) who know how to play their class. We raid tues/thurs/sun from 7:00-10:00 server time. Contact me (preferably in game) by mail or whisper if you're interested.Adysa0 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Looking to start a guild As the title says I want to start a fresh guild. Looking for like-minded people to start the guild. Guild will be doing raiding and PvP. This will not be a hardcore guild. Its Semi-casual. All I will ask is be there for raiding and know your class. Looking to raid 2-3 times a week and possibly more to do the older content as well. I have done all LFR so I'd like to get the NM under my belt. Yes I know I can pug but I'd like to get a solid guild built from the ground up with good people. PvP will be whatever we want to do. I am not hardcore in this aspect either. I would like to do RBGs, and Randoms, and Arenas. Maybe even get some WPvP going. Not sure on the name atm. Looking for people respond and see if we can hash out a name. Raiding has gone downhill since alot of people do LFR now. So if you would like to restart the social aspect of your game and have some community then lets start a guild and make it happen. Oh I forgot looking for 90s but don't necessarily have to be geared since we will start with the first tier raids and progress to ToT and hopefully be ready for Seige in 5.4. If your interested reply here or talk to me in game.Razaden2 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 [A] Looking for 7-730p start raid guild Hello all, Myself and 1-2 others are looking for a new server to call home. We are interested in finding an active raid guild that starts around 7-730p for many much good times. Not really big on RP, just looking for a server thats not dying and that has a guild that we can call home. Looking for an adult environment. A bit about us- I've been GM and RL of semi-progression raids for over 3 years (I keep trying to step down, but people keep begging me to do it). I've played every class as every role in a raid setting (save for this expansion, can only claim 5 classes on that one). My friends have been with me since the start of this, a disc priest and another 'multi-classist' like myself who is currently playing an assassin rogue. We currently have 3/12H ToT experience, and are looking for a raid group thats a little more laid back than our current environment. We have no problem stepping backward in progression if its the right fit. Hit me up at ash#1125 if you have questions. Thanks for your time!Ashios2 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 WTB Cata Herbs Looking for lots and lots of cataclysm herbs. Paying large bulk prices, ~10g a stack. COD to me all you have, every day, no questions asked. ThanksEycce0 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Looking For Guild Looking for Guild: I am an old time player that is looking for a fun friendly helpful guild, that has activities for ALL Members and not just the raid team. I was a raider at one time on my rogue and raiding doesn't really inetrest me much anymore nor does PVP. I enjoy leveling alts, crafting, Mog runs. I love to jump on one of my big toons, and run lowbies through dungeons to help them level up, and will always run to help with things like ring of blood, quest bosses, etc. I am a competent enough raider with good raid awareness that although I don't raid anymore I can fill in from time to time if someone is going to be late and I have the ilvl to get in the place. Lately haven't been doing much except soloing old raids for companion pets and mounts, I keep farming baron geddon (Deathknight) for my other binding for thunderfury, (lol over a year and still no binding lol) went and soloed "Tempest Keep"(hunter) last week no pet, no mount ...sigh try again next week :P ..If you think I could find a home send an in game MAIL to sniperbarbie and we will talk as I have whispers turned off and g-invites due to the never ending spam. My toons that are looking for a home: Gabriella-90 prot pally (max transmute alchy/ max herber) Sniperbarbie- 90 BM hunter (max engie/max LW) Cardox-90 blood/frost DK (max BS/Max Miner) Thank you, sniperbarbieSniperbarbie0 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 Looking for A Raiding/Active Guild Topic, I'm currently in a great guild although i never get enough feedback about the questions i have about gameplay. As well as my item lvl is slowly increasing so i will be eligble for more raids soon. I am an enchanter/tailor both maxed. Please leave any potential guild opportunities on this thread and I will get back to you. Thanks, HosricHosric1 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 519 Ret Paladin LF ToT Clean-up (10/12) Looking to hop into a run for the last boss or 2 of ToT. Only really want Lei Shen for a chance at the axe, I really need to get rid of this LFR sword >.> 12/12 experience, and willing to help with progression. Shoot me a mail or tell. Or add my Btag: Toy#1136Toy0 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Aionios needs YOU!!! Aionios is looking for experienced, motivated, mature, and easy going players to fill our ranks! We are 3/12 ToT. We are seeking quality raiders for our 10-man raiding group as we push into ToT, raiders should be appropriately geared for our content, fully enchanted, gemmed, and prepared. DPS: Death Knight Rogue Warlock We raid two nights a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting at 7:30 server and ending 10:30 server. We're mostly laid back players and would welcome the same from our recruits. Visit http://aionios.wowstead.com/recruitment or contact an officer for details.Bodhidhamar8 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 [A] Stay of Execution is recruiting Stay of Execution (12/12) is recruiting 1 Tank for our core raid team. We are also interested in keeping an active bench for backups/fill-ins. What we are looking for: Min 6/12 exp ToT Preferred 11-12/12 exp tot. 515+ ilvl What we expect: Know current tier fights, come repaired, accept calender invites. What do we provide: Food, Flasks, Discounted prices on enchants, a friendly adult team of raiders. Pst or send in game mail to Orgin, Butcherjonès, or Silverarc; or /who Stay of execution and ask to speak to anyone of officer rank for more details.Orgin1 Jul 1, 2013
Jun 29, 2013 Be Different .. Be yourselves If you wanna be a feral cat... be a feral cat... if you wanna be a bear tank...then be a bear tank if you wanna be a moonkin...then be a freaking moonkin. if you wanna heal and keep people alive...then be a Resto druid... If you wanna act silly all the time like I do.... then be a redmage I like all 4 cause' I love "tasting" different flavors. And don't let anyone tell you...that you cant. Haters gon' hate either way... just let em hate ~RdmJRedmagejake0 Jun 29, 2013
Jun 29, 2013 528 Hunter LF cleanup run Sat 6/29/13 528 hunter 2/13H experience looking to finish out a normal ToT run starting at Primordius OR Dark Animus tomorrow ( 6/29 ). Message with start time and the boss you are starting with or add me on btag Brian#11740Grumplin0 Jun 29, 2013
Jun 28, 2013 [H] Children of the Damned 8/12 - Recruiting Children of the Damned is a Level 25 Raiding and Casual Guild. The last few expansions have seen raids within the Guild progress through ALL normal content and a significant amount of heroic content while maintaining our casual, mature and friendly approach towards raiding. All guild members, both casual and raiders, are considered friends and family, and will stop at nothing to achieve our goals, which is primarily to enjoy the game...and maybe snatch the odd Realm First! Working as a Better Team now and again. Currently we are seeking mature aged and friendly gamers with a good sense of humour and without the attitude to add more depth to both our guild and potential raiding groups. Current Raiding Schedule/Recruitment: Stripes Run - Friday 6-9pm; Saturday 6-9pm (considering some Applications) Taupe Run - Wednesday (Sunday on hold) 1:30-4:30am, 7:30AEST-10:30 (Currently considering any application, in particular a tank) Our doors are always open to suitable casual gamers and some additional spots may become available in any of the raids starting in the near future. For more information please visit our website @ www.taupe.org.au, or contact any of the officers listed below in-game. GM: Fatcat (Endcat, Alchemius) Officers: Niya; Habs; Jaffle; Mekquake; Gazamel; Hollie Raid Leads: Issabella; Axa; Beef, CanibullFatcat49 Jun 28, 2013
Jun 26, 2013 Sup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9q70zCJYBcStrath0 Jun 26, 2013
Jun 19, 2013 LF 3s KFC team and a raiding guild I am not getting anywhere with recruiting with my other guild and don't see anyone coming back. So looking for a casual guild to raid with. I play Arms so if you don't want Arms than I ain't your guy. Looking to raid around 2-3 nights a week and around 2-3 hours from 6-9 server as I am on the east coast. Also want to do some 3s. Not going for any hardcore arena. Just want a 3s for some points and if we getting rating then we get rating. Mail me in game or post here.Razaden0 Jun 19, 2013
Jun 17, 2013 [A] <Ènvy> 10 man LF DPS <Ènvy> is recruiting two exceptional dps for a 10 man heroic driven raid team. A hunter, Elemental Shaman, or Shadow Priest would be preferred but if you are not one of these and are interested still feel free to contact us. About us: <Ènvy>, US Alliance Cenarius is a previously Heroic level 10 man raiding guild that has recently reformed. We were originally on the server Bladefist getting to 9/16 Heroic during T14 before disbanding. Recently we have reformed to start raiding again on Cenarius but at a more casual pace; we have projected a once a week raid schedule on Sunday. Although our raid time is short we plan on using that time to its fullest by downing Heroic content in Throne of Thunder before the final raid is released. We also currently have some ToT heroic experienced members and have been raiding hard modes since Tier 11. Although <Ènvy> takes raiding quite seriously we do like to joke around quite a bit when hanging out and some things we talk about may be considered offensive to some. So anyone who can’t take a joke or gets upset easily probably does not belong in our guild. That being said, if your personality fits with our group you may just find some longtime friends here as some of us have known each other since WotLK. Raid times: Sunday from 5:00-9:00 p.m. server time. (Schedule may slightly change depending on what is in the best interest for the guild) Loot: Currently we use /roll but may switch it up once we start to get some hard content down. What we expect from you: •Age 18 or older •Near 100% attendance •Working headset and mumble •Appropriately geared for current content •All gear Gemmed and Enchanted correctly •Showing up to raid with consumables (flasks, food, potions) •A good attitude towards raiding What you can expect from us: •Progression in heroic modes: with time we believe we will be a top guild on Cenarius even with our short raid schedule •An active guild: we do a lot of old content, PvP, and many other things on off days •Fairness: as long as you do your job to the best of your ability you will be treated equally •Fun: although we plan to go hard for progression we still treat World of Warcraft like a game. We joke around a lot and have fun on off days as well as in raid. If you’re interested in becoming a part of <Ènvy> you can contact us through: •My battle tag: Saintar#1492 •In game mail to Saintar •Whisper me or one of our officers: Heerolicious/LostkillerSaintar1 Jun 17, 2013
Jun 17, 2013 Monk tank (IL 464) looking for raid guild I'm a previous cata raider currently looking for a home on Cenarius. Took a break when my guild disbanded pre MoP, but I'm now looking for home on Cenarius. My main (monk tank) is IL 464 after just hitting 90 last week and I have a Mage and warrior both leveling quickly through their 40s. Please let me know!Welovedome1 Jun 17, 2013
Jun 16, 2013 Looking for icc 10 man I have five (healer, tank,3dps) need the other half of groupWycher1 Jun 16, 2013
Jun 16, 2013 Looking For Friendly Active Guild :) Hey guys i'm recently new to WoW (5 days in to be exact) and i'm looking for a good/friendly guild to join. I've played a many of other games and I catch on fast. I'm currently level 42 Human/Warrior/Arms. I just want to join a guild that's active and friendly with the exception of doing dungeons and those sorts of things. Just leave your reply's below :D thanks guys.Comx0 Jun 16, 2013
Jun 16, 2013 "Open After Hours" Guild Recruitment We are currently level 10 guild recruiting all types of players people from leveling to people who want to start raiding. I you want an invite i am usually on all the time at any point. just whisper me in game or leave a post here.Bokolkara5 Jun 16, 2013
Jun 15, 2013 508 Warlock Looking for a Guild Hello everyone obviously I am an Alliance player on the Cenarius US server. I am in the process of looking for a guild to join and following are a few aspects that I would like to have coming with the Guild. Firstly and most importantly I am looking for a guild with a family atmosphere where players are mature and intelligent. If you don't feel your guild has this quality then please; don't bother posting here. The second thing I require before joining a guild; I am looking for a place that has people on game and vent. I thrive for interaction with other players the past guilds I have been in through the years have always been half dead or no one on vent until it was raid time and then poof; they disappear until the next raid night. Again if you're a guild where there's one or two people on through the day please; don't bother posting here. Now a little about me so you can get an idea if we'd be a good fit. My name is Joseph Woods; 21 years of age and player of World of Warcraft from the beginning of Vanllicraft through two different accounts. My first account was shared with a very very close friend of mine who passed away during Cataclysm following which I made the decision to close the account in her honor and proceed on my own account. I've raided Vanilla to Cataclysm and just a little a bit of Throne of Thunder (6/12 Experience). I am currently an intern and student for Forensic Science going for my Masters Degree, currently having five more years left to complete. In close; here's what to remember. I want a family atmosphere with plenty of players on at all times in both game and vent for me to interact with and please my social thriving. If your guild doesn't have room for me to raid; that is fine I can wait my turn as raiding is not important to me at this moment. Thank you and if you're interested Post here or for a faster result add me on battletag. Joseph#1861Dekonic0 Jun 15, 2013
Jun 14, 2013 515 rshaman LF 10m ToT LF 10 man ToT tonight add Parabola#1239 if interested.Salladhor0 Jun 14, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 [A] Rising to Power recruiting for raids 10M RtP has been around for awhile on the Daggerspine server. We recently moved to Cenarius to begin anew as Daggerspine is more or less dead for Alliance and not too far off for Horde. We are recruiting pretty much all atm. Most of our other raiders have stopped coming on as we don't have enough to raid. As I said before we are looking to recruit all. We will be starting at MSV and move are way up to ToT as fast as we can. We will take vets who are geared or new folks who are looking to start from the bottom. We are casual so don't expect any 7 days a week raids. We all have lives here and they come first. We are looking for people with the same mentality. People who want to raid but aren't upset if we don't and don't rage when we die to a boss. If this is you then this is not the guild for you. We last planned for Thurs, Fri, and Sat from 6-9pm server time which I believe the server is PST. Times are subject to change as we may pick up the pace or add more time if we are going places. Also as a casual guild you will be able to generally play what you like unless we need a specific role filled. We will not ask you to be the best but expect you to enjoy yourself and keep striving to get us that much further. We will be starting with 10 man and heck do 25m if we happen to get the people for it. Loot system is generally who needs it rolls. Mostly likely healers and tanks will have priority but everyone will get loot as long as we keep killing bosses. This guild has never been big fans of PvP but if we get those interested we will run RBGs and randoms and arena if your into that sorta thing. I am not a big arena player cause I suck at it. I play better in groups. Sorry for the wall of text. My apologies if it crit you too hard. To shorten the long story, looking to restart are raiding with fresh blood and get some community back into our guild and into WoW. Contact me in game if I am on or mail me. Like I said we are taking most atm and we weed out as we go so you can also apply in game if you would like.Razdan6 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Battletron Brawler's Guild Boss I find the boss ''Battletron'' for the Brawler's guild too hard for my elemental shaman. I have made progress on all the other bosses with double potting and buffing up fully, and I still cannot seem to win this DPS race. Is there any hope Blizzard is going to nerf this fight soon? You need to deal around 80k dps and still use some sufficient self heals along the way. Opinions?Cevltovin5 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Glad , looking for teams hi :) i just moved to cenarius with my pve guild and I'm looking for partners for teams. I've been gladiator on multiple classes season 3-9. I quit for two years and came back about 2 months ago. I don't rage. I believe its much more fun, and productive to play with people who don't either. I'm willing to play with anyone above 1800 experience, although it would be nice to find some experts to play with and go for some titles. anyways , cheers, and I hope to find some good partners :)Catbeard0 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 WW monk lfg Hello, I was thinking of transferring to this realm and was wondering what the market is for a WW monk? My current server (Nazgrel) is pretty much dead and a fresh start would be nice after so many years. Current progress with my guild is non-existent after so many core players left for greener servers or stopped playing; however back in WotLK and Cata, we were one of the top guilds on the server and had some progression into heroic modes. My current progress in raiding is 3/12 ToT and 16/16 normal MSV/HoF/ToES (technically I'm 6/16 heroic, though I don't really count it as some of the old, now better geared ex-guildies who transferred to another server led my undergeared rogue alt through all 6 of H MSV). I won't lie, I'm probably not the best monk out there at the moment; my gearing is on the lame (508). Still, I can probably hit a good 85-110k dps if I had to give a rough estimate with what little bosses I have done in ToT and LFR, and I know once properly geared I can be an asset to any raid team. I chose to roll monk at the start of this expansion as a main and I am familiar with WW's playstyle pretty well. What I will tell you is, having done heroic progression raiding before, I like to think I have good raid awareness and skills; even if I might not know all of the fights completely yet, just point out what to avoid or any other specific instruction and I'll follow it to a T as I am pretty fast at learning and picking things up. I am also happy to watch vids and learn fights as well prior to raiding for new bosses. What I'm looking for in a guild: -Ideal raiding times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or the weekend (Saturday, Sunday); I am currently a graduate student and cannot guarantee I'll have Tuesday or Thursday off in a given semester (usually a class I need ends up being one of those days), so I would rather not make any commitments I probably cannot keep due to that. Looking for anywhere from 8pm-midnight PST or its equivalent in EST servers. -No 25mans. Sorry, just too many people for me, mainly done 10 mans and while I didn't mind doing 25s back in WotLK for extra shots at gear, the fact they share a lockout now means I'd much rather go with my primary choice of 10s. -I don't do BM or MW, sorry. Never done healing (and don't plan to ever) and being a former tank before, bad experiences turned me away from it. -Not really into anything hardcore. While heroics are nice and all, I personally grow kinda sick of heroic raiding after a while since I feel it's just a time killer they get you to do to pay more money inbetween patches. I'm more looking for a guild that's into casual raiding that clears 12/12 in a given patch, with maybe some progression into heroics. I mean, if I never see Ra-den die till the last patch of MoP, that's more than fine with me. So yeah, if that ad didn't turn you off too badly, feel free to drop me a message, Battletag is Xezat#1265. Thanks for your time!Xuanzang0 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Do we...have more horde? Anybody know if our number of horde on this server has gone up? I'm seeing a bunch of new guilds/players popping up. And no, I'm not mistaking cross realm people from CRZDcer4 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 [A]12/12 ToT Prosapia LF lock and Holy pally Prosapia is looking for a holy pally and a warlock to fill out our 10man roster and push into ToT heroics. We are an alliance guild on Cenarius and the bulk of the raid group has been raiding together for several years now. We raid two nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday 6 - 930 PST, and operate under the philosophy of making fewer, smarter pulls given our shorter raid week. Because we raid two nights a week we are looking for skilled, intelligent players that can pull their own weight, communicate well, and of course stay out of fire. We are looking for the following combination of classes and players should have a 515 ilevel at the least. Healer - Holy Pally Warlock Our progression in the previous tier was 2/6 Heroic MSV and all other content cleared on normal. Going into ToT we strive to do better and are currently 12/12 with a rapid Lei Shen kill and expect Jin'rohk to follow next week. On off nights we tend to run LFR as a guild and whatever other content strikes us. Our raid is close knit, has good humor so having a sense of humor is a plus. Please contact Ashem or Ilthiana in game either directly, by mail, or via battle tag (Thaleras#1397). You can also apply at your website http://www.prosapia.shivtr.com/Ashem19 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Daytime Raiding Are there any daytime / mid-day raiding groups doing ToT? I saw someone spamming in trade about a week ago, but nothing since. I've got a raid geared hunter and ret/prot pally with 12/12N exp on the ol' main. If anyone else is interested in a midday raid, post a reply or send me ingame mail. I'd be willing to put it together as like an alt run provided everyone joining is a competent raider (aka: know the fights and your class... I don't want to have to explain every fight or deal with people new to raiding.) I was thinking 1-2 days a week tues-friday sometime between 10am and 3pm for a couple hours.Thornbeard0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Looking for (classic)Raid Guild looking for a guild that does classic raidsPhazzon1 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Paying 10k for 13k conquest cap carry Coming back to the game after a long break, I'm looking to pay 10k for a carry to 13k conquest points. I am undergeared, but not absolutely terrible; with current gear my play would be ranked at about 1800-1900. (I know that's bad...just saying I wouldn't be too heavy to carry lol! Please whisper Klinikal or Naggin in game, THANKS!Klinikal0 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Resto Shaman LF Arena/RBG I finally have time to do some more playing and looking for a 3v3, 5v5, and/or RBG. Last time I did a lot of pvp was WotLK (got to ~2k on my hunter then). I really have no preferences on comp at the moment. Just looking for like minded people who want to have fun and get better at pvp. I don't claim to be a great pvper but I've played this game since vanilla and everything gets better with practice. Feel free to contact me online or send in game mail to this guy or Boldafist (my monk). ThanksEmbolden0 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 [A]Inglourious Allies 2/13H ToT (10) Inglourious Allies is a level 25 guild witth 1 10 man raid team. We are comprised of a core of long time gamer friends and we value HONESTY RESPECT/COURTESY and GOOD GAME PLAY. We are known as a friendly and honest guild. Raiders are expected to be fully gemmed, enchanted and in a valid PvE spec. Feasts, flasks and guild repairs are provided to all RAIDERS in the guild. Our 10 man raid team and its needs: Raid#1 2/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder Tuesday 8:30 PM to 11 PM Thursday 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM Sunday 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM 1 Full-time Ranged dps Druid Boomkin (with healing Offspec) or Mage Any back up raiders or exceptional candidates are free to apply as well Requirements Minimum 505 7/12 T15 experience 95% + attendance or please do not waste our time Valid PvE spec Contact: Mysteryium/Tutelin/Diavoli/Chaosbull in game please Casual players are also welcome in Inglourious Allies as we regularly run Transmog runs and do older content.Mysteryium30 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 [A] <Spark> 10M || 3/13H || LF 1 Ranged DPS <Spark> is a late night Heroic progression guild from Cenarius (US). We are a tight-knit group of both online and offline friends looking for three more exceptional players to add to our core raid roster. We are currently 3/13H for Throne of Thunder. Raid Schedule (All times are PST): Tuesday: 9:30-12:30 AM Thursday: 9:30-12:30 AM Sunday: 9:30-12:30 AM Currently Looking For: 1 Ranged DPS of the following classes/specs: Balance Druid Mage (any spec) Elemental Shaman Warlock (any spec) If you are interested in joining our ranks, or have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post below or contact Haruka (Seratha#1145) via in-game whisper or mail. Thank you.Haruka8 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 (A) KILLERS I am looking to start a raiding group with this guild as there isnt one going. The times i want to aim for are 4am-7am svt wed,thurs,mon I dont appreciate people giving up after 3 wipes as it is learning to progress. I expect people to be knowledgeable of their class and watch each fight that we progress on. This is only casual for now and would like to progress onto more serious later on. If you would like to know me message/mail me in-game or post here...500 ilvl minFraan1 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 1, 2013 <A> Legion of Kings recruiting plate tank We are recruiting a plate tank for our 10 man TOT group. Experience not required. We are starting TOT progression. Raid times are 10;30 am to 1:30pm Server Time on Sundays. Also recruiting backup healers and all roles for our 2nd raid group. Msg here or sent an ingame mail to AnyafireAnyafire0 Jun 1, 2013
Jun 1, 2013 WTS level 25 guild Alliance-side, US-Cenarius (PST). Level 25, 650 achievement points, 7 bank tabs, a few unlocks and very close to a few more. Hit me at haraway37@gmail.com on RealID.Duskmane6 Jun 1, 2013