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1h [A] <Serenìty> 11/11H weekenders LFM! Hey there, everyone. Serenìty is recruiting! We don't care if you're new to raiding, new to the server, new to WoW, or if you're an experienced vet looking for a new home. If you're looking for a group of people to raid with or just someone to talk to in green text, check us out! Who we are We're mostly vets ourselves, many of whom have returned to WoW for Legion after taking breaks for various reasons. We've been together since the beginning of the expansion, but we've accomplished quite a bit in that short amount of time. Our progression this expansion includes: * 7/7H EN (AOTC) * 3/3H ToV (AOTC) * 10/10H NH (AOTC) * 9/9H ToS (AOTC) * 11/11H ABT (AOTC) We raid six hours a week, on Saturdays and Sundays from 7-10 PM server time. We don't try to pretend we're a serious progression guild. Many of us have jobs, families, or other real life obligations outside of WoW, and we understand that sometimes those obligations get in the way of making raid times. We're completely okay with that, because WoW is a game and it's easy for people to forget that. We're certainly not the most progressed guild on the server, and we aren't likely to ever be, but we do get bosses down and we have fun doing it. What we're looking for We're looking for you, if you're looking for a guild! While our primary focus is raiding, we also do dungeons (both mythic and mythic+) throughout the week as our schedules allow. If you're the sort that likes to just sit around and talk in guild chat while doing pet battles, you're welcome too. We're a family, and we're always looking for more people to join us. Raid recruitment Being a raiding guild, we do have certain gaps we need to fill on our roster from time to time. Anyone and everyone is welcome provided you're willing to learn and improve where necessary, so don't be discouraged if you've never raided with a guild before! Here's what we're looking for currently: * Healers * Melee DPS * Ranged DPS * Anyone looking to be an active, social part of our group Players with alts or off specs willing to fill multiple roles as needed are always highly sought after! As mentioned previously, anyone is welcome to join us, as you never know when we may have a raid slot open up at the last minute! We're always accepting players regardless of role for M+ runs, so if that's your endgame feel free to check us out as well! As we progress into mythic, we expect spots to become even more competitive, so if you're interested in us let us know anyway; we may have a spot but just forgot to update this post! How to contact us Getting in touch with us is pretty simple. Just search /who for anyone in the guild or add one of the Battle Tags below: * Avalith#1298 (Bearfu- GM) * Futhark#1693 (Unclepickle - Raid tank)Bearfu115 1h
2h [A] <Team No Tilt> Mythic 2D/6Hr 8-11PM EST We are TEAM NO TILT, a Semi-Hardcore Progression Guild on US-Dalaran. We are not looking for specific classes or specs but motivated quality players. Everyone here will have a chance to prove themselves regardless of their class or spec. We are looking for team-oriented players, who are constructive, vocal, prepared and above all: focused! Raid progression is a team effort, and as such everyone will participate - there is no "I" in team. We are not a world first guild, however, we ALWAYS strive to be the absolute best we can be, and all of our players are proud of what we accomplish together. Basic Info: Current progress: https://raider.io/guilds/us/dalaran/Team%20No%20Tilt Server Time: US Eastern Standard Time Server Name: US-Dalaran Faction: Alliance Side Loot Method: RC Loot Council Specific Recruiting Status: Healing classes: Resto Shaman DPS classes : Warlock Don't see your class listed for recruitment? All outstanding applicants are still encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. Raid Times: Tuesday 8pm-11pm EST Thursday 8pm-11pm EST Contact US: ZIYEN#1310 SODAMACHINE#1920 SKTHEBEST#1236 NATEISPRO#1670 DWIGHTSCHRUT#11729Irrémédiable6 2h
4h Looking for a guild Hello. I'm a semi casual player who recently transfered to horde. I'm looking for a heroic raiding/mythic + guild that raids on weekends around Noon-ish server time. Atm i'm dps but can heal or tank if needed EDIT: Found a guild, not looking for one anymoreZionka0 4h
16h Looking for a new home Greeting . my self and 4 other members from my old guild are looking for a new guild to call home. long story short are GM had a melt down of sorts and that left the team without are team lead and one of our healers went mia as well. As it stands the guild was at a stand still so we left. my friends and i are looking for a heroic progression guild that is trying to rebuild its ranks and has room for such a large group. as it stands are group has a MT in our DK a ret pally , a frost mage , a holy pally and myself am finishing up this priest to heal as both disc and holy. All of us have raid experience varying from a few bosses to having full cleared normal Antorus. are overall goal is to be part of a H aotc team that that raids on the weekends and has fun over anything else. if you have the room plz contactTouchdbyvoid4 16h
17h <A><Pack Mentality> 11/11N is LF raiders! <Pack Mentality> is a small adult guild of friends looking for more raiders for a core raid team. We're a semi-hardcore group that's serious about progression, but likes to have fun while doing it. You'll see us joking around a lot, but we know how to get !@#$ done. Must have a sense of humor, and must be willing to pet our bear tank for good luck. Bonus points if you like hanging out in voice chat (not required except for raiding)! Raid Times: Fridays & Saturdays @ 10pm server Progression: 11/11N, 1/11H Recruiting: Currently in need of DPS, holy priest, and holy pally, but willing to look at anyone. Preferably those 940+, but will accept 930+ if you're eager to gear up somewhat quick and know your class well. Who this guild is not for: -Anyone with an elitist attitude, who expects smooth clears from day one (as of yet, we only field about 10-11 players, but all are regular). -Anyone who prefers megaguilds with 300 players - we will never be one, though we will be recruiting extra people than just our permanent core slots. -Anyone who gets offended easily, or has no patience for people that are learning. All but one of us are completely experienced in Normal, at least half experienced in full Heroic, and a couple that are experienced with Mythic. Our experience varies, but we do not require a certain level of experience from trial members other than having done LFR. We run stuff together throughout the week, and despite being very small right now, we're very close-knit. We help each other out whenever possible. Contacts for more info: Whisper/Mail: Catlinna / Lustre Bearcatwolf / Blackhavoc BattleNet: Catorii#11907Catlinna0 17h
19h <A> Redacted is branching out! Hello potential friends and members! I am from Redacted and we are looking into expanding our ranks! We are looking at Battle for Azeroth as well as the rest of Legion until that point. Redacted has been going strong, so far our guild has obtained "Ahead of the Curve" on our own through this entire expansion. As such, we are also looking into expanding our ranks! The raid team is currently sitting at 9/11 Heroic Antorus and has room for more raiders. Our focus in classes for this are: 1 back up tank 2 healers 3 ranged dps (prefer lock and hunter) 2 melee dps (no paladins) Sorry we had too many of them already! When do you guys raid? Currently it's Wednesday and Friday, 8 to 11 PM EST (this will change in BfA!) Is Redacted looking for only raiders? Hell no! We want to bring in more people! Now we are also looking to bring in people who are not raiding yet. We are looking for people who re-joined WoW or looking to fresh start into a guild. So if you are new, returning, looking for a new home. We are looking for you. We want you to join us in BfA this coming fall. You don't need to worry about what we are looking for in terms of raiding. Things change each expansion and people try new characters or specs. Sound good so far? Allow me to give you a taste of what we are. We are some pretty wacky folks. I myself am a partaker of Internet Bloodsports. Some of us are reserved and others a bit outspoken. Most of us crack jokes on each other. The guild has a running gag where we attempt to kill members by letting them walk off the edge after life gripping them at random. We also like to get serious when looking at new content and working to get the boss down. A lot of us are not politically correct in the slightest.. Sorry if that offends someone.. Still sounding good? The guild only asks you to come give us a try. Join the guild temporarily or hit us up for groups or our raid days. Asking yourself how do you get a hold of us? Well here is a quick way! Arcthor#1172 GrimNacho#1793 Marcos#1408 Revenas#1326 OldGrampa#1811 These btags will put you in touch with an officer. Those of us in Redacted hope you consider joining our forces as we march into the next expansion!Soverus7 19h
19h Found a place, thanks! Me and a buddy are burnt out rerolled mythic raiders looking for a 2 day a week Heroic/Casual Mythic prog group. What we are looking for: Consistent raids heroic or higher any day of the week between 7 and 10:45, 11 PM at the latest. EST. What we bring: -We will have 100% attendance -We will perform at a mythic level -We do not cause or participate in drama -We play outside of raids frequently -We are stable adults with no children -Our work schedules do not change -Loot is not a priority If your mythic guild needs a scab for alt runs or your main group needs 2 more for the roster hmu! We are looking to transfer as soon as today and we will be interested in earning a main raid spot by BfA. Thanks for reading. Rated#1390Thailer5 19h
19h LF A Guild to call Home Hello to whomever may read this, I am currently looking for an active guild, who either runs Keys/Raids on a Sun/Mon schedule and has friendly folks. Current guild looked promising but people started jumping ship fast as nothing was being done, discord has never had more then myself and 1 other person online for voice chat. I have a great deal of 110s to select from for Melee/Tank/Ranged that are up in the 930 ilvl range if a mage isn't what you are looking for. I work night shifts Tues - Sat so I am usually stuck with morning/afternoon playtime during those hours, I have been a Raid lead during WotLK, and Cata, Was a Progression raider during those expansions as well. I was an Arena/RBG player as Feral during Cata. I'm usually the guy who will do the work no one else wants to do to help the guild out such as Farming Food/Fish, grabbing Herbs, and Flying people around every now and then to help with Pathfinder. You can send me in Game Mail or Send a whisper mentioning this thread to my mage depending if I'm online, if I don't respond via whisper I'm probably afk doing work around the house and will have missed it, I do respond to whispers while I am online and not AFK.Shandrellia4 19h
20h Veteran Player LF BFA Home First and foremost - thank you for taking the time to stop and look at my post. As the title says, I am a veteran player who has been actively subscribing to the game since November of 2006. Since then, I have played with many players, across many server, and a number of guilds. That being said, I have grown tired of the flavor of the week guilds that don't last much past an expansion - or even worse, a raid tier. Characters: 957 Frost Mage 951 Resto Shaman 920 Boomkin 897 Holy Priest (and some others) What I am looking for: 1) A down to earth group of players who like to raid, dungeon crawl, pvp - who have fun shooting the !@#$ 2) Stability - something that says that the guild won't be over and done with next xpac or next tier 3) Understanding - I am 29, married, and in the military. I have a very active life, and am looking for some understanding with that. 4) With the above being said - I am okay being a standby in the guild, that doesn't offend me, as I am not easily offended. What you get from me: 1) Dedication - should you look to me as a raider or a back up - when I am there, I am giving my 100% 2) Even Tempered - I will not blow up at anyone for learning their class, making mistakes (within reason), or being under geared. Everyone has been their at some point - I know I was. 3) A fun-loving guild member who will always help where and when I can. 4) Someone who is dedicated to playing their class to the fullest - and is always teachable. I have earned AoTC every tier since HFC (when I returned from a break that spanned most of MoP and the end of Warlords) and have some early mythic experience in EN and NH. Please feel free to respond here, or reach out to me on bnet BDav14#1467 Thanks!Peregrine6 20h
20h [H] <Galactic Guard> 10/11 H Antorus Hello! Im Vyxxa, officer and heal lead in <Galactic Guard>! We are a new horde guild on the server and are in search of heroes of all kinds to help fill our ranks. Alongside our GM and Main tank Sharpfire (Sharp#12155), we are eager to find like-minded individuals that are looking for a home to meet new people, raid, socialize, and generally enjoying the game with. We are 10/11 H Anturs and are looking to build more toward a successful mythic raid team. We have experience in progression raiding from WotLK to present and are seeking to bring our expertise and prowess to Dalaran sever. We have achieved AoTC dating back to Heart of Fear up to AoTC: KJ. Please Pm us or add us on bnet for more information if you are interested. We look forward to potentially raiding with you. We raid on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8-11pm Server. GM: Sharpfire-Dalaran (Sharp#12155) Heal lead: Vyxxatish-Dalaran (Vunce#1880) We also are starting to stream our progression days on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/sharpeh_firebear Take a look at some of the videos to see if we are the type of guild you'd be interested in raiding with.Vyxxatish132 20h
22h [A/H]Pensive Community/Raid guild Seasoned and active dual faction guild welcoming community-minded members. We are laid back and provide a nondiscriminatory environment with friendly players and mature officers. We provide dual faction Discord, guild repairs, raffles, smiles. and Antorus raiding. Rank advancement based on participation and just overall friendly attitude. Heroic TW raiding Horde Heroic TEAM 4/11H- Sat 12-3pm SVT/EST (bnetBriar#1421) Horde Normal - Sun 12-3pm SVT/EST Alliance Normal - Tues 7:30pm SVT/EST Alliance side: Recruiter Goulhunter @ Bnet Charlie#13672 contact a guildmember via /who Pénsive Horde side: Recruiter NiquionFang @ Bnet grimwarrior6#1250 Recruiter Gingerslapz @ Bnet longbow88#1613 contact a guildmember via /who Pensive Either side: Recruiter Igor @ Bnet LordHavok69#1846 or Discord Igor#3505 Assistant GM Hooves @ Bnet Nocturnal87#11588 GM Briar @ Bnet Briar#1421 <3Briarthorns108 22h
1d Exiles of Lordaeron Recruiting. [A] Stormrage Experienced and looking for a guild that is just the right fit? Not geared enough for heroic but want to run normal & perhaps give heroic a try? Tired of having to look for a new guild every few months because of drama? Looking for a guild that is progressing but cannot server transfer at the current moment? Like to have fun & progress at a steady pace while raiding without being under constant pressure? EOL is the guild you have been looking for! We have been around since Vanilla! We are a Stormrage based guild & do bring in exceptional consistent players from other realms to raid to with us. Realm transfer is not required unless we decide to start mythic. Current Antorus progression is 11/11 heroic and now to start farming heroic. Heroic progression times & days are: Tuesday: 8-11PM EST (Realm time) Thursday: 8-11PM EST (Realm time) Also in the process of trying to form a normal alt/gearing group on Wednesdays 8-11PM Est (realm time) Current needs are a shammy/monk healer & Dps. Having a tank or heal off spec is a huge bonus,but not required. What we are really looking for are people that want a long term fun raiding home. Please contact me in game (Joe#12534) or reply to this thread for more details.Shredar4 1d
1d Shadow Priest and Frost DK looking for guild Just recently transferred to server, looking for an active guild pushing mythic progression. Our availability is Monday-Thursday and we would prefer a two night raiding guild. Both have 11/11 H and 1/11 M antorus progression experience. 955 Shadow priest is dual speced with holy 961 Frost DK has 957 blood DK off spec If interested please leave guild information below along with battletag so we are able to contact you. Thank you!Jwoww4 1d
1d [H] DEFIANT - Late Night/West Coast Guild Casual late night/West Coast raiding guild looking for more members! Coming back to the game and not able to get on a team? West Coast on an East Coast server? Hoping to start over with a new group? Looking to get in on the ground floor and build a team to move into Battle for Azeroth? We're looking for you! Raid Times are Wed/Thurs 12am EST. We're 7/11 H. Top priority for the raid team: Tank (Plate preferred, but open to Leather) Healer (Priest/Paladin/Druid) DPS (Hunter, Shadow Priest, Shaman, Druid) Non-raiders and Late night/West Coast/Asia/Oceanic players are more than welcome to join us! If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me: Yoshîmî: Chojin#1912Yoshîmî7 1d
1d LF Raid Members to lead into BFA <W R A T H> on Dalaran looking for raid members. We are a friendly, casual guild currently 9/11 of Heroic Antorus. Coven is not on farm... We are a friendly guild who run keys and has several fun events on weekends such as drunken raids/events on weekends and other fun stuff... We use discord. We are recruiting. We are currently 2/2/6 comp. We would like 2/3/10 comp. add Froggerr#1207 on btag. lets chat. We run normal clears every Tuesday on normal! All raids are eastern server time. Midnight to 3am. Tuesday is alt raid/fun raid. Wednesday is Heroic/Thursday is absolute progression ATM. Hope to hear from you!Fröggerr0 1d
1d [A] <Clairvoyance> 3/11M LF Healers and DPS <Clairvoyance> is looking for a couple consistent people to round out our main raid group! We raid Tues and Thurs 8 pm to 11pm server (EST) as main raid days. We also run normal/heroic on Wed and consistently run Mythic+ throughout the week. We are specifically looking for a Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, MW Monk, SPriest, Affliction Lock, and Boomkin but are more than willing to take any class. We are a very focused group that is focused on progression and having a good time. Just need a few more members to ensure 20 people every week! Please contact #Allanonn#1603, Argentan#1874, or Deoseo#1206 with experience and any questions! We look forward to raiding with you.Gawynne5 1d
1d [H]<Untamed> LFM Heroic Antorus! We are currently filling all roles. <Untamed> is a newly resurrected Horde guild on Dalaran server looking to fill its ranks and take on Heroic Antorus, with intentions of Mythic raiding. The origin of the guild dates back to 2005. Our raid times will be rotational: Week One: Tuesday and Friday 7:30-9:30/10PM EST. Week Two: Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-9:30/10PM EST. Rinse and repeat. We never plan to raid beyond 10PM ever. www.untamedguild.net Thanks for reading.Inlor1 1d
1d (A) Phantoms of Fortune! We are a group of AOTC raiders that enjoy chatting with each other in discord and having fun with each other! we are looking to start a new semi-casual raiding guild that will challenge aotc and get mythic content done every raid tier! We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a big emphasis on building a social wow community! We dont just raid we have fun with each other. We encourage character improvement and have an open forum for constructive criticism. We are only as strong as our weakest link! We create a judgement-free environment that brings up our members rather than breaking them down. We offer a stress-free raiding environment (farm nights) as well as a progression minded (mythic nights). We also organize events ie. Mythic key nights, Random BG's, Overwatch Night!!! We dont care if your straight, bent, man, woman, bald, black, white, purple, or ooompa loompa! If you want to be part of something that will take stress off your daily REAL LIFE grind we will give you your mmo home away from home! From myself , arigozia, & mefias WELCOME TO PHANTOMS OF FORTUNE!!! Phantoms of Fortune Schedule Monday= Chill Night Tuesday= 8:30 - 11:30 pm server (progression raid night) Wednesday= 8:30 - 11:30 pm server (progression raid night) Thursday= Mythic Key Night! Friday= 8:30 - 11:30 pm server (optional/farm) Saturday= Random Battleground Night! Sunday= Overwatch Night! Current Needs: Strong Dps/ Beast Heals/ Main Tanks Loot Distribution: Loot Council We have our sights on Mythic Progression every raid tier but at the same time keep it semi casual! So if this sounds like a place for you! come join us! whisper me or add me in game ShdowPHOENIX#1720Shadowphoenx5 1d
1d Rogues only community Welcome to <The Defias Brotherhood>, here's a little bit about us if you want to learn more! - Who are we? Well, the clue is in the name. We are a Rogue only guild, attempting to create a social, friendly and helpful community hub for any Rogue wishing to join us on Dalaran. A place where us sneaky people can rally together! - What do we do? Primarily we are a social guild, really for the friendship and meeting other like-minded Roguey people. Other than that, possibly a bit of everything. Of course we aren't a raiding guild if that's what you're looking for. We will probably be mainly focused on the PVP aspects, especially world PVP. Sneaking around Orgrimmar with a squad of stealthy buggers sounds like good plan. - Why should you join? Because you're a Rogue! If you want to meet and become friends with other Rogues across the realm, this is hopefully a good place to do that. Learning tips from veterans or giving tips to newbie rogues. Teaming up with some other ninjas for some ganking or whatever else. The sense of belonging? Ok I'm clutching at straws there. - Sweet, what are the requirements? Nothing, as long as you are a Rogue, you are welcome here. We'd love to have you no matter your gear or rank. Just everything Rogue, come and join the family! You can catch me in-game at: Kabbalist OR add my BattleTag: Maineiac#11256 See you in-game, Rogues!Kabbalist0 1d
1d < Retrospective > Legacy Raiding Guild Hello there! < Retrospective > Dalaran - Alliance is recruiting for its legacy raiding guild level 80! It's time to celebrate the start of a new Project! New challenges, more than ever with the new scaling, I hope you are ready to take it DOWN! Currently in phase of leveling, Retrospective is a Project 80 guild that plans to raid all the WOTLK content together. Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/qBZsYVM Or come in-game if you need an invite! The more the merrier!Acelement0 1d
2d 964 Ret pally looking for guild my pally is currently on the horde and will be willing to swap server and faction change im 11/11H ABT 11/11N ABT parses: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/thrall/deathtrend looking for a progression guild ThanksPrudel3 2d
2d [H]<Colombian Brew> 7/11H is recruting! Server: US-Dalaran Faction: Horde Focus: Semi-Hardcore & Social (21+) Raiding Raid Days & Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 PM – 12:00 PM EST Progression: 11/11H, 11/11N AtBT - 9/9H, 9/9N ToS - 10/10H, 10/10N NH - 3/3H, 3/3N ToV - 7/7H, 7/7N EN. Loot: Personal Currently Recruiting: Tank: Open to tank trials. Healer: Open to Restoration Druids & Shaman, Mistweaver monks. DPS: Balance Druids, Mages, Marksmanship Hunters, Elemental Shaman -- & Any skilled raider will be considered. Casual/social members and new raiders also welcome! ... Heroic/Mythic Raiders: Our raiding goals are simple: striving to bring our best every raid night but staying true to who we are. Our raid environment is relaxed, fair, fun, and positive. We’re looking for progression-minded players who have the willingness to work as a team, help their fellow members, and support the guild so that everyone can meet their own end-game goals. Attitude is everything. If you’re interested in raiding while having tons of fun, we want to hear from you! Normal/Casual/Social Members: It’s not always about raiding and we get that. We offer a non-mandatory Normal raid on Monday nights for our new trials and for anyone who doesn’t want to or cannot commit the time to our Tues/Thurs nights. Who We Are Colombian Brew offers a great environment that fosters community in raid, guild and across the server. We value teamwork, fairness, positive attitudes, and seeing our goals achieved. We value an environment that does not impede on our competitive members’ agendas, nor force unrealistic expectations on players who have a more carefree approach. Regardless of your focus, you’ll never be looked down upon by other members. Our focus is a fun, progression-oriented atmosphere. Why Join Us? Because whether your enjoyment comes from raiding, mythic+, PVP, RP, posting memes or listening to Dyno's music in our discord--we have the same values. Additionally, we offer: Team Progression Rewards Strong Teamwork Diverse, Positive Environment Open, approachable, engaged Leadership Active Discord Community 100% No Drama, No Toxicity Tolerance A Screaming Tuna, (join to find out.)What are the members like? Mature – The kind of atmosphere a fun-loving adult can appreciate. Laid Back - People who like to joke around and have fun with the game and each other. Even the more competitive ones aren’t elitist and like to have fun. Respectful – We’re nothing without it. Helpful – Willing to share the knowledge they have with newcomers. Raid-Competent – People who are committed to goals and each other, reliable but understanding that RL comes first, raid aware, show up on time and prepared, able to receive criticism and use it to better their performance. Social – We’re not all raiders and that’s okay. Good people who don’t raid have something to offer and gain from our guild. We're all a bunch of adults that love to hang out on discord & have lots of fun!...Valkiryen35 2d
2d Dalaran-Looking for new home Greeting . my self and 4 other members from my old guild are looking for a new guild to call home. long story short are GM had a melt down of sorts and that left the team without are team lead and one of our healers went mia as well. As it stands the guild was at a stand still so we left. my friends and i are looking for a heroic progression guild that is trying to rebuild its ranks and has room for such a large group. as it stands are group has a MT in our DK a ret pally , a frost mage , a holy pally and myself am finishing up this priest to heal as both disc and holy. All of us have raid experience varying from a few bosses to having full cleared normal Antorus. are overall goal is to be part of a H aotc team that that raids on the weekends and has fun over anything else. if you have the room plz contactTouchdbyvoid1 2d
2d [A] <Testudo> 5/11M LF Healer and DPS <Testudo> on Dalaran US is looking for quality players to bolster our mythic roster. We are currently 5/11M having killed High Command and are now moving on to Imonar! We are looking to acquire a talented healer for our mythic progression. We are also currently looking for exceptional DPS to strengthen our roster, as well as players interested in transitioning from heroic raiding to mythic raiding or getting back into WoW with previous high-end raiding experience, who are motivated and willing to try and earn a spot. Needed specs: High priority: Warlock, SPriest, Warrior, Ret Paladin Low priority: DH, Mage Raid times: Tues/Wed 8-11 EST (Progression) | Heroic is usually done on an offnight. Server/Faction: Dalaran US / Alliance Additionally we are looking for active members who enjoy pushing mythic+ keys! About us: A small group of us came together during ToS with the mutual goal of progressing through the current mythic content. Our main philosophy is that we want to have a fun community with focused progression. Additionally, we feel raid spots should be competitive and those who are not performing in their role will be asked to sit until they are able to improve. We have an active discord, like to joke around between pulls, and generally promote a fun but serious raid environment. Our biggest needs are players who are consistent with attendance, come prepared and have a progression focused attitude. For additional info. please contact: BNET: combatwombat#1411 (me) or Discord: combatwombat#7971 (best way to reach me) You can also contact one of our officers below: BNET: Kkbay#1884 or Discord: Discord Larli#7741 BNET: Picclo#1865 or Discord: Picclo#4429 BNET: Hailskiba#1626 or Discord: Hixx#0238Pizzaprincez14 2d
2d [A]High Life-Dalaran LF players who suck! Do you suck? Retorical Question. You're reading this, right? We're a small guild and we suck. We hang out in Discord. Chit Chat. Run M+ and stuff. Usually evenings EST. And suck doing it. We're OK with that because we're having fun. No. We're not elitist fun suckers. Just suckers who have FUN We do aspire to suck less. We want to grow our characters and want like minded players to share the FUN in doing that. If you want to suck like High Life sucks, drop me Tinkerizmo-Dalaran, Heelyum-Dalaran or Cornyash-Dalaran a line or mail in game. Or reply here.Tinkerizmo2 2d
2d <Council of Remnants> Alliance Reroll Guild! What are the goals of Council of Remnants? We level together and do the content we can along the way. We are a casual/social home for other like minded players. We will enjoy ALL aspects of the game together which includes questing, alts, PvP, old raids, new casual raids, crafting parties, guild events and other FUN activities! We are more concerned with the guild and our community. We want to encourage player interaction with each other and grouping together. The end goal will be to run some Legion raiding at a casual level. When did this re-roll start? The guild officially started on January 17th 2018 just after the release of patch 7.3.5 and the new leveling changes. We launch the guild with over 70 members on day one. We continue to grow each and every day with new rerollers and players coming back to the game, also players picking up the game for the first time. Council of Remnants Guild Outline Θ Play whatever class you want, spec you want atmosphere Θ Start something totally fresh from level 1 Θ Join not just a guild, but a community that you can call home! Θ New player friendly atmosphere Θ Recruitment of new players will fall into our current level ranges Θ Heirlooms are fine but there is no rush! Θ Casual play style that will never be hardcore! Θ Alts are encouraged so you can play with people of varying levels. Θ Social players welcome! Θ Fun guild events! Θ Active Discord channels where we like to talk throughout the day! Θ Casual Raiding and learning to raid together in a relaxed group of friends. Θ Demon hunters will not be allowed unless you have a character already at level 98 in guild, or we begin recruiting level 100 characters. Θ You may only transfer a character into the guild if it is the same level or lower level of your highest level character currently in the guild. Θ Boosts will be allowed once you level a character in our guild to 110. Join us in our Discord. All guests are welcome. We understand this will not be a guild for everyone. We want to foster casual/social game play and will NEVER be a “Hardcore” progression guild. If you are more concerned with gear scores, DPS, etc then we will not be a good fit for you. If you like achievements, alts, having fun while also balancing work/life, then this will be the guild for you. https://discord.gg/VuqpUs4 - Discord LinkLilasea37 2d
2d Daytime Guild/Raid Interest Morning Dalaran, I'm just dropping this out here as a feeler to see if there's anyone in the same relative situation, or anyone who might be interested in forming, or helping to form a guild. Specifically one with a morning or daytime, weekday raid group. I work nights, and work every other week. So it's been difficult for me to commit to progression raiding on a 'normal' raid schedule. And I haven't been able to find an active guild on this realm that fits within the hours I'm looking for. What I am looking to build or interested in forming is an active, social guild that has the capability and desire to clear content as it is released. Ideally it would be Monday-Friday, choosing a day or two during the week to start. And the raid times would be around 10am EST-1pm EST or 11am EST-2pm. Outside of that, there's plenty of options on where to go and what to do with it. And there's nothing preventing the development of a group that would raid during prime PM hours as well. As I said, just sending this out to see if there's any interest. Feel free to hit me up in game, through BTag, or on Discord. Thanks! BTag: Silverfox#12254 Discord: Syn#3265Synchi1 2d
3d [A] <Toilet Paper> Recruitment [A] <Toilet Paper> is a recently formed semi-hardcore raiding guild comprised of an extremely efficient raiding core comprised of players that previously raided in <Gloryhogs> of Smolderthorn and <The Exiled> of Arthas. Our focus is on Mythic and Mythic+ content. We are offering paid transfers for purple parsers! We are looking to build up our roster and truly focus on Antorus. A majority of our roster is comprised of working professionals that are former top 100 raiders, and we are looking for more like-minded people to add to our core. Due to some members of our core having alternating work schedules every week, we switch back and forth in a Week A and Week B format. Raid times - Actual Starting time is currently up for debate. Week A: Wednesday and Thursday 5:30-9 PM ET Week B: Tuesday and Friday 5:30-9 PM ET. We have members on at and running M+ and other content at all times of the day usually. Current Progression: ABT: 11/11H with 11/11M Raidlead experience. Recruitment Needs All classes will be considered, we do believe in "bringing the player." Currently the following spots are readily available: Healer: Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, Disc/Holy Priest, MW. Melee DPS: Any Exceptional Applicant's Ranged DPS: Boomkin, Spriest, Ele Shaman, Warlock, Hunter. Some additional background on us, where we come from, and our atmosphere: Our original core is roughly 10 people that have been gaming together for a long time. Most of us came together during Mists of Pandaria in the guild <Gloryhogs> on Smolderthorn, where we achieved US 133 Garrosh on our 7 hour raid schedule, which put us at about the 3rd most efficient Garrosh kill in the US. We continued raiding into early Warlords, and cleared through H Blackhand and a few Mythic bosses before we finally began to disband due to a lack of leadership (Our GM/Raid Leader and some officers never returned for WoD, and our Co-GM quit during the first tier). Nevertheless, we did make some interesting marks such as US 14 Butcher. In the time since, some continued to raid and some of us continued to play together in our venues (HoTS, Overwatch, PUBG, etc.) and we continue to play together both inside and outside of WoW. With us, you can expect consistency if nothing else. We have a light-hearted and welcoming atmosphere, farm runs are full of banter but we like to tighten down during progression content. If this seems like the type of group you want to be a part of, or would like additional info please contact one of the following people. We prefer a brief chat in voice as opposed to a lengthy application so that both parties and get a better sense of how good the fit would be. And remember, if you're going to wipe it might as well be with us. Vbrown#11775 (Raid Leader/GM)Schnutted0 3d
3d [A]<Doomed to Fail> 11/11H LF Resto Druid <DTF> is a recently reformed Heroic raiding guild looking to round out our raid roster for Antorus farming and BFA progression. We have a very solid core of experienced players and want to bring some new faces into the fold. About Us <DTF> focuses on fun. Whether it be through consistent raid progression, +15 Mythic dungeons, group leveling, throwback transmog runs, or organized PvP we aim to have a good time. Over the years of playing most of us have gone from playing super hardcore into what we like to call "mid-core." We aim for perfection during play but always keep a casual atmosphere. While raiding is our primary focus, we run keys throughout the week with several of our members committed to pushing personal scores and we welcome anyone who is interested in joining solely for M+ content. Normal runs for alts are usually scheduled for the weekend, and more casual players are more than welcome to come to those as well. While PvP isn't something we're focusing on at all right now, with the launch of BFA there will be an organized push to doing group PvP content. At present we have no intention of making Mythic difficulty a priority as most of us do not have the time to commit to serious Mythic progression, however it's not completely off the table. Who We're Looking For We want to find more players like us: people that play to the best of their ability, understand their classes, but still have fun. While our guild has no set age requirement, expect 18+ language used frequently. We also have a very strict no drama policy summed up in a few short words: don't be a d!ck. What We're Looking For Healers (Druid, preferably with adequate DPS offspec) DPS (Melee or ranged; preferably with adequate tank offspec) While full heroic experience is not necessarily required to join, it is a huge benefit. While exceptional applicants may skirt around this rule, we're generally looking for 930+ ilvl. Schedule and Loot Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server time (EST). We form the raid at 8:00 and start clearing trash with the aim for first pull to be at 8:30 sharp. Tuesdays are Normal Garothi/Aggramar/Argus before moving onto Heroic, with cleanup Thursday night. Alt runs usually run Saturday evenings, with M+ content Thursday after raid and throughout the week. At present loot will remain on personal for heroic content. Because it's late in Antorus we see no reason to use any other loot system. Once the raid meta of BFA becomes more apparent moving to a loot council will be discussed, but is still unlikely. Contact Us The best way to contact us will be through our discord server. Post in the #recruitment channel and an officer will get in contact with you within the day. https://discord.gg/C4qwxSjNylôs12 3d
3d Selling Mythic Plus Carries and More! Our Services: Mythic Plus 15 Carry 960 Piece of Loot out of your Order Hall Cache Achievement: Keystone Master... Rewards a Artifact Appearnce for your Class and Spec (Character Specific) Any piece of loot from the dungeon our carriers can provide, starting at 940 iLevel Big Artifact Power token from your Order Hall Cache Cost: Message on BTAG: Gotfood#1441 Gold Only Any Alliance Server Time: 15-30~ Minutes Depending on Dungeon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full Heroic Antorus Clear 945+ Pieces of Loot and Tier! All 11 Bosses killed on Heroic Difficulty Chance at Legendary Trinket Aman'Thul's Vision and Pantheon Trinket! Pantheon Trinket Upgrade Token! Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker... Guaranteed Legendary Ring: Insignia of the Grand Army Mount: Violet SpellwingCost: Message on BTAG: Gotfood#1441 Gold Only Any Alliance Server -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroic Argus the Unmaker Chance at 955+ Piece(s) of Loot! Chance at Legendary Trinket Aman'Thul's Vision and Pantheon Trinket! Pantheon Trinket Upgrade Token! Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker... Guaranteed Legendary Ring: Insignia of the Grand Army Mount: Violet SpellwingCost: Message on BTAG: Gotfood#1441 Gold Only Any Alliance Server Time: 15-20 Minutes! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information: We have been running Mythic Plus all throughout the expansion, completing over 3000+ Mythic Pluses. Even before the release of Mythic Plus, we have been selling Challenge Modes back in MoP (Mist of Pandaria) and WoD (Warlods of Draenor) helping people get their achievements, transmogs, and gear. We have all been Cutting Edge Raiders since MoP Days going into Battle for Azeroth! All our raids are completed with no failure! If you have any questions or would like to set up a time, please add Gotfood#1441 to btag and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Reminder we do carries on Any Alliance Server. Link to our main forum post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759170665Gotdh6 3d
3d [A] or [H] Looking for Guild & Friends! Hello! My name is Aegislash and I've been living on this very low pop RP server all by my lonesome. I really wish I had a more active community to play alongside with and it's about time I consider moving to a more populated server! I would also be interested in boosting up a Horde character as well for the right Guild. I'm primarily looking for friends and a decently active Discord/Forum I can be social in when I'm at work and stuff. If your Guild is not as active as you'd like it to be, I can offer a lot of social and warcraft-y energy to help the community grow into the home I am looking for! Oh, and it's not a problem for me if your Guild is still struggling in normal raids or whatever, I just like to tag along and do stuff. However, I can keep up with cutting edge content as well. I am always on time and prepared with a super good attitude to boot! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strengths: Being polite and drama-free is certainly up there, but probably the thing I'm best at is once I am an already established member of a Guild then I excel at welcoming and including new members. Weaknesses: Being super long-winded and typing up far too lengthy forum posts and constantly wanting to share pictures of my Transmog and UI with everyone. Thanks a bunch! Aegislash#11669Aegislash5 3d
3d [A]<Forsaken Elite> 11/11 H Ant LF DPS Forsaken Elite is a mature Heroic raiding guild looking for new members! We're a pretty friendly guild that runs steady heroic raids, a normal/alt run every weekend as well as mythic plus! We are semi-casual time wise in our raiding (only about 4 hours a week for progression), but semi-hardcore results wise. We don't have a PvP team (or activity) currently going, but feel free to join and start some up! We've hit AOTC every raid this expansion and are aiming to start Mythic raiding before BFA launches. We're also very good with players new to raiding! Some of our best DPS and officers joined during Legion! Finally raid consumables and repairs are supplied! Times: Tuesday: 10pm - 12am EST Wednesday: 10pm - Midnight EST. We are scheduling a weekend alt/normal run for all 110 players. Raid Team Status: Heroic Progression is done. We're farming Antorus and occasionally doing other runs (previous mythic tiers, achievment runs) as breaks. We are primarily looking for DPS! If you want to join as a healer, we can always use heals in mythic+ as well as alt runs, but we do not have room on the main raid team progression. If you are a TANK, there can be room on the main raid team. This is dependent on skill, experience, etc. Again, there is room for tanks in M+ and alt runs. If you want to main tank but you're not sure if it's for you, feel free to try it out in normal runs/mythic+. Pots, food, flasks, repairs, and runes(sometimes) are supplied! The weekend normal/alt run is open for players of varying skill levels! If you're new to raiding and what to give it a shot, come to our normal runs where there's no pressure and can get all the help you want! Here are our logs and progress page if you're curious about us: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/Forsaken+Elite https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/148613 https://raider.io/guilds/us/dalaran/Forsaken%20Elite Contact Info: Discord: Tucker#2303 Battle.Net: DeadEyeTucke#1945 Feel free to message one of us in game as well!Alän1 3d
3d New Player Looking for Guild Hello Everyone, I am a new player, too WOW at least, and looking to get into a guild. I'm not a stranger to MMO's, just always have been turned away from WOW for an unknown reason but now I am loving it! 1. Times available & time zone: PST, usually late nights, early mornings. 6:00am-8:30am, and 9:30pm-2:00am (not every night, but if we are doing stuff I won't get off) 2. Server preference: Currently on Dalaran, if it doesn't cost anything I can move servers, but I would like to still be US West. No specific preference on a type of server. 3. Faction preference: My main 104 warrior is alliance and I have a 100 DH on Horde. I am filling out my characters and don't have a set side. 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore. I love to get into games and focus hard in MMOs, but my overall personality is very casual. 5. Current progression/experience: 2 characters in the 100s, focusing on them before I make more alts. I have about a month of experience in WOW total, but over a decade of experience in MMOs 7. Contact info: You can reply on here, or discord. My handle is Factionless#9903. 8. Anything else: Extremely active and Guild Focused. I use discord for other games and hanging with friends, but I am not an active communicator, pretty quiet and won't say much unless its needed for the Raid/mythic/PvP etc.Kopecsz3 3d
3d [H] 932 Lock Looking for casual raiders Hello hello! Let me start by saying that this is my first time ever on WoW, so I've still got much to learn. I'm currently in my parents' guild (it's just the 3 of us, really). I've done 11/11N for Antorus, and 9/9H for ToS so I'm still progressing. My time online, however, isn't as much as I would like. I work 40+ hours a week as a waiter, and my schedule is (usually) as follows: Monday: Off work Tuesday: Double or 5pm Wednesday: Off or 5pm Thursday: Double or 5pm Friday: Double or 5pm Saturday: Double Sunday: Double The only day I absolutely have off is Monday because I requested it be at least one of my 2 days off, if I get 2 days (the other being Wednesday for the most part). Other than that I'm usually online by 11pm server time if I close that night. If I don't then it's somewhere between 9-10pm. If you feel like you can squeeze a spot in for me, that'd be lovely. Thank you all!Captncookie1 3d
3d 10/11 H ABT <Entity> Recruiting! I formed Entity: an 18+ guild always looking for new, interactive members who are seeking a semi-casual and active environment. We do mythic+'s, help fresh 110's gear and are currently working on progression raiding. We are 10/11 heroic antorus burning throne. We also host random events and random gold drawings for our guildies! Server: Dalaran Faction: Horde Raid Times: Mondays: 9pm RT (Heroic) Tuesdays: 9pm RT (Heroic) Thursdays: 9pm RT (Open Normal/Heroic) *We raid for about two hours each night or a little over depending on the progression we are making* Current Progression: 9/11 Heroic Antorus Burning Throne 11/11 Normal Antorus Burning Throne *Anyone who is interested in joining our heroic team must attend one of our raid days as a trial run before being accepted in permanently.* Wow Progress Page: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/Entity Guild Raiding Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/280580/ Discord:https://discord.gg/PUJtVMd Currently Seeking: *In need of healers* Although we are currently seeking mostly healers, we are also always looking for strong dps and tanks. We have mostly max level guildies and a few lower level guildies/alts. We encourage anyone who is new to raiding or coming back to raiding to join us, we are patient and happy to work with people no matter their level of experience. Loot System: We do personal loot for our normal raids and Master loot on tier bosses only for our heroic progression team; otherwise personal loot is our preferred method. Contact Info: Feel free to respond to this thread or contact me personally on bnet! Sinfulbliss (GM): LilDictator#11665 Mordred (Officer): Seiba#11390Sinfulblíss10 3d
3d [A] <Order of the Righteous> The Order is the Organization itself, and 'of The Righteous' is the charitable deeds we promote. [A] (Main) <Order of the Righteous> | [A] (Alt) <For the RAOK> & [H] (Main) <Order of the RAOK> Is recruiting people that wish to dedicate themselves to the ideals of Vanilla wow, being charitable, and helping the community out. We firmly believe in the ideals of the past, and place our banners firmly in every location of the world to symbolize what we stand for. Some of the these old ideals are: Striving to build a community within both of our guilds. Assisting players in our own guild whenever they need help, and whenever we can offer our assistance. Also promoting the fact that new players, and or old should do the same OUTSIDE the guild. Some people believe that a social guild that actively communicates with each other is a thing of the past, which is why we do our very best to communicate both verbally and in guild chat! (We use Discordapp) A free voice communication program that anyone can use. We are a guild that promotes selflessness rather than selfishness. We hold a strong claim that we are a Charity guild over a PVP / PVE guild. What does that imply? Helping new players become champions, and giving as much as we can back to our community. We strongly believe that the community makes the player base, and without a 'good' player base we have a destructive, spiteful, hateful, trollish community built on the pillars of hate, and greed. Most guilds nowadays do not post events on the calendar, our calendar is generally filled with various times to cater to those in Australia, Europe, the East Coast, and the West Coast. We have all kinds of events, for all kinds of people. We are the only guild that changes our colors to show support for fallen serviceman (Red / White / Blue), promote breast cancer awareness (Pink), promote LGBT unity (Rainbow), promote awareness for certain genocides such as the Armenian Genocide (Red / Orange / Blue), promotes unity in certain worldly events like the shootings in France (Red / White / Blue), and to top it off we have a SPECIFIC day every month where we cater to veterans and help them with their basic needs. Order of the Righteous & Pelican prides itself on helping others, especially when we can lend the assistance in real life. We are the -ONLY- guild that has brought together big donations to send to the American Cancer Society, and the Red Cross. We even have set up donations for animals, and have raised awareness about animal abuse in farms. We also promote the philosophies of the RAOK. What is the RAOK? The RAOK is a universal philosophy that has been used for thousands of years, by both animals and man, and it is one of the core values that we associate ourselves with. We believe that it can unify a community, and bring people together, and sustain a community long enough against the 'rusty 'formation' of trolls, hackers, scammers, and douche bags. The RAOK: Random acts of Kindness. We ask that you do it at least once a day, if you can, wherever you can! Our core values are: 1. Unity - United we stand against all odds, against all drama, and against anyone or anything that upholds negativity in a community, together we motivate, uplift, and help one another out. That is what we're about! Fighting together gets the job done, a guild that is divided is a guild not at all! 2. The RAOK: Random acts of Kindness, be charitable, helping others without seeking anything in return. 3. Honor - Honoring our serviceman that have fought for our country, honoring the RAOK, honor each other with kindness, love, and truth. Promoting the ideals of Chivalry, by honoring that, we honor it all! The bottom line is that most of us have joined to fight for a better tomorrow, a community that is united under a banner of charity, kindness, and that surrounds itself on the ideals of the RAOK. We're not fixated on hardcore raiding, or PVP, rather we're fixated on the ideals of helping one another. Fun Fact: When most people join a guild the first thought of mind is, "I want to get so and so, I want to be this and that, I need this, I want that." So they tend to join PVP, or PVE guilds. These guilds are built on the foundations of selfishness, not selflessness. When people see us, they're automatically thinking, "How can we help others, what can we do to help each other, what can do we to give up something in the name of the RAOK?" Thus promoting selflessness from the start. If you have a similar like-mind please join one of the two guilds, on either faction of your choice. For the RAOK! For extra evidence, we've set up a page in Imgur where you can look through some of our photos, we also have a Twitch that we ALWAYS stream our giveaways at!Kornbredkhan404 3d
3d Looking for guild! :) [H] Hello friends, I am new to the server on horde side. I do not really mind what you guys do as a guild as long as it is base line social.Solius3 3d
3d Looking for a new home Hey all, I've been playing WoW off and on since classic and unfortunately the servers I currently have my characters on are... well they're pretty dead population wise. Was looking for a new server to play on, not sure if I am going to transfer a couple characters or just start fresh just yet but I saw people recommend Dalaran. I checked realmpop and saw it was VERY populated for the Alliance side and was wondering what everyone thought of it on here. I know its the Dalaran forums so its probably going to be a bit bias but still. I'm not a huge hardcore raider by any means and mostly play casually but come BfA I would love to try and give raiding a shot as my work schedule should be changing soonish so I should be able to actually be able to play in the evenings (right now I work late). Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this over and I would appreciate any input anyone would have!Ragoris7 3d
3d Recently returning WoW player LF Guild Hi, my friends and I recently returning to WoW and we're looking for a casual raiding guild. We would like to progress through the expansion and have fun at the same time. We all were part of a hardcore raiding guild previously, and we don't appreciating getting yelled at during raids anymore. Our ideal guild would be one that is progressing through heroics/mythic dungeon. Thank you for reading! Battlenet: chunsing#1261Decoytanker4 3d
4d [A] LF small guilds to band and conquer H-Ant **ALLIANCE** Ardent Decree is looking for members or smaller guilds to do a Saturday night raid at 730pm server...Antorus Heroic. Respond to this thread and someone from our guild will contact you. We are a fun loving not so family oriented guild. Our Saturday night runs are drinking and raiding. Again if interested post below and we'll get some discussion going. We use discord and believe in fun over strict rules.Wookiemonstr0 4d
4d [A]<Threads of Fate>,Reroll,Week 3 ***Now accepting any recruits level 80 and UNDER*** Recruitment needs: Paladin: Closed DK: Closed Rogue: High Mage: Medium Druid: Medium Warrior: Medium Hunter: High Warlock: Low Monk: Closed Priest: Low Shaman: Low DH: Not opened yet unless you level to 98 Anyone looking for a semi-casual, adult environment to start fresh in, please take a few minutes to read about <Threads of Fate> Server:Dalaran, Alliance Requirements: ... ***Previous raid/playing experience is NOT required. New/returning players, we would love to have you if you meet the above requirements Mission Statement: ... Short Term Goals: ... Long Term Goals: ... What I Can Give: ... Member Expectations: ... Raid Times ... If you have any questions, you can join me in discord: https://discord.gg/j3cJRVc or PM Derrom#4962 on discord BattleTag: Derrom#11273 Alternatively, you can leave your btag and I will add you if you prefer that. Thanks for taking the time to read about Threads of Fate!Derrom13 4d
4d A rogues only guild! Welcome to <The Defias Brotherhood>, here's a little bit about us if you want to learn more! - Who are we? Well, the clue is in the name. We are a Rogue only guild, attempting to create a social, friendly and helpful community hub for any Rogue wishing to join us on Dalaran. A place where us sneaky people can rally together! - What do we do? Primarily we are a social guild, really for the friendship and meeting other like-minded Roguey people. Other than that, possibly a bit of everything. Of course we aren't a raiding guild if that's what you're looking for. We will probably be mainly focused on the PVP aspects, especially world PVP. Sneaking around Orgrimmar with a squad of stealthy buggers sounds like good plan. - Why should you join? Because you're a Rogue! If you want to meet and become friends with other Rogues across the realm, this is hopefully a good place to do that. Learning tips from veterans or giving tips to newbie rogues. Teaming up with some other ninjas for some ganking or whatever else. The sense of belonging? Ok I'm clutching at straws there. - Sweet, what are the requirements? Nothing, as long as you are a Rogue, you are welcome here. We'd love to have you no matter your gear or rank. Just everything Rogue, come and join the family! You can catch me in-game at: Kabbalist OR add my BattleTag: Maineiac#11256 See you in-game, Rogues!Kabbalist2 4d
4d (H) Mage looking to do more than LFR 936 iLvl mage looking for a new home. Looking to raid, only night i'm not free consistently is Tues nights and weekend afternoons. Up to help out and run whatever really, just tired of LFR. Have discord and teamspeak installed for voice coms.Trigunx1 4d
4d The Ancients Misbehaving The Ancients Misbehaving recruiting more so if you are a returning player, a player who never left or simply looking for a new guild look us up! We are a guild of adults who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just pvp we have a place for you. If you want to raid without the hardcore progression orientation we have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play wow in a fun environment. We have a raid group that puts having fun as a priority. We want to see content but not necessarily to be the first into content or get it done fast. We raid Wed. and Mondays 8:30pm to 11pm est. We are looking for people who want to raid, get bosses down without the drama. So if you are looking for a guild and want to find friends to play with come join us! We want to be a guild of friends having fun!Jenkayah0 4d
5d The Band is recruiting Are you tired of being with out a guild? Are you tired of pugging heroic dungeons and lfr? Will look no further. The band is currently looking for new members. We are seeking ranged and melee dps for our regular Antorus raids, but are open to all. The Vision: Our goal is to create a family that enjoys having fun while progressing through bosses. While also focusing on communication and being as transparent as possible.while killing Intrus. To achieve this, we frequently talk and get feedback from all of our members as well as post our discussions/meetings on discord for any decisions made going over not only what decisions we made, but why we made them. We are looking for DPS particularly now, both ranged and melee. Not able to stay up too late or raid for too long on a weeknight? We've got you covered. We currently raid 8:30pm-11pm EST (5:30pm-8pm PST) on Tuesday, and Thursday. Afraid you don't have the gear to raid normal/heroic? We will help you gear up through Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons and Normal Antorous until you're ready to step into normal/heroic with us. Afraid you’ll make mistakes while raiding? We all do, we usually laugh about it and have a good time, but also for those who want to improve we have several kind-hearted people willing to spend the time and effort to help you learn. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact me or the rest of our family Intrus (NoJoeMoJoe#1116) Naitalya (Kaitly#11141), Vaert(SRedbeard#1571). We look forward to meeting you!Trivy1 5d
5d [H]Pensive Heroic Saturday Raiding 4/11H Saturdays 12-3pm SVT/EST. Are you super busy adulting? Want to have a fun raid with friends without hostility and raging? Have a alt that you just want to raid with a few hours a week? Need a break from the pressure of Mythic raiding? Pensive may be the guild for you :) Super chill and established community dual-faction guild. No raging lots of laughs. Discord Voice. 950 min ilvl. ML. 9/11N+ exp preferred. PM me at Bnet Briar#1421 or Discord Briar#1894.Briarthorns13 5d
6d [A] Reckless Ascension 8/11H Tues/Wed 8-11p <Reckless Ascension> is looking for a few more DPS and a healer to join us for Heroic Antorus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8-11 PM server time (EST). We're also taking members for other events, including normal Antorus runs on Friday 8-11 PM server, mythic+ on the weekend, and other guild events throughout the week. The core group server transferred to Dalaran and has been raiding together for multiple expansions. It's a friendly and fun group and we would be happy to have you join us. Please contact any of us in game with questions or for an invite: Abagailoxley Drakestride HadarielHadariel10 6d
6d LFG- Family Guild/Leveling- Alliance I am a returning player, but the last time I played was waaaaay back when BC came out. So I am playing through the classic content right now, reminiscing with my husband who is a totally new player to this game. :) We are hoping to find a smaller group of older folks that have been around forever and don't mind explaining what has changed in the game to me and giving newbie advice. We would like to get help running lower level instances, and we would actually like to read the quests and not necessarily rush through. We like to spend time on exploring general points of interest in the game and chatting about what has changed. I will definitely do the upper level content too, but I'm not there yet and I'm not a "boost" sort of player. We sometimes play with my thirteen year old son, so we are not exactly an 18+ only group. We play short hours 7 or 8-10 central, a little longer on weekends but we can play pretty consistently and we will participate with the group. Please give me your contact info if you think my family might be a good fit for your guild! Thanks!Faythie2 6d
6d [A] <Discordant> recruiting new members We are recruiting new members. We are a 10 year old guild, formally <Sword of Azeroth> Undermine, newly transferred to Dalaran. We are a experienced group of players who are happy to help newcomers to World of Warcraft. We're a social, casual guild looking to build our community for raiding in the future. All levels and skill are welcome. We also have discord and guild repairs for members. Please message Sione or Graymonkey in game for more information or guild invite; or leave a message in this post and we'd be happy to get back to you. Happy questing.Sione33 6d