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39s Horde Nation-Dalaran is Recruiting Katakis here, Shadow Council member of Horde Nation-Dalaran 11/11 Normal and 2/11 Heroic Antorus personally inviting you to join our guild and become a member of our extended family. Not since has the guild was formed have we had such a driving force behind it to rebuild our numbers and bring back old school guild values and get back to enjoying the game as it should be. A great guild measures success not by how many raid bosses they down or how fast they can successfully clear content, but by the quality of raiding being carried out by their members, class leaders and officers so all understand the mechanics of the raid. Here are just some the the guild entitled perks of being a Horde Nation member. Guild repairs the moment you become part of the guild which increases with guild rank, loyalty and helpfulness within the guild. Flasks & food buffs not only for raiders but for our members leveling as well. This made possible from members and leadership & leadership appointed "Gatherers" Guild only events; For years I have seen lots of guilds hold their own sponsored events to show their appreciation to their members. We have taken the best of them and compiled great events for our members. Prizes for these events will be and are not limited to; Mounts ,WoW Tokens (given in gold to get token) Class appropriate gear, Battle Pets, Hexweave Bags and the ever popular gold. Our ultimate goal is to have all prizes available for all members of the guild, not just max level characters. PvPers. Horde Nation will have their own army of skilled and knowledgeable arena, rbg, battle ground captain's willing to help you become a formidable opponent. Horde Nation has a rank just for these players who rather k y a ( figure it out ) than anything else. All flasks & food buff provided from the guild with the help of its' members and leadership. Sunday's will be PvP day to ensure all members are capped for the week. So if your toon is just starting out or your a seasoned veteran, we want you! All are welcome no item level required and no limit on how many characters you can have within the guild, well help you work on getting you geared for raiding and/or leveling your profession. Awesome leadership, vanilla players and officers with 10+ years in the game. Contact any Horde Nation member for a invite to become a part of our extended family. Thank you for taking the time to read what Horde Nation is offering their members. We hope to see you in game and even more so in guild. Be sure to add your main spec and ilvl when requesting guild invitation.Katakis10 39s
6h New Player LF friends/guidance! Motivated ;) Hi everyone! I finally have the time and opportunity to play wow in 2018! I have knowledge about mmo games in general, but I don't really know the wow environment. I am really excited to start this adventure but hopefully not alone! I am looking for people to play the game with, and to share tips with me as I love starting on the right track! add me on battlenet Stevenktown#1378, and lets chat! see you in game ( haven't created any alliance or horde character yet, looking for guidance first) cheersYeezus0 6h
6h [H]<Pack Mentality>10/11H recruiting for BFA! <Pack Mentality> is a small adult guild on Dalaran looking for more raiders for current content into BFA. We're a semi-hardcore group that's serious about progression, but likes to have fun while doing it. You'll see us joking around a lot, but we know when to be serious to get things done. About us: We just moved over from Alliance, looking for a fresh start in a new environment, so our roster has gone through a bit of a switch-up. We're at 10/11H ABT in progression. Current Needs: -An offtank (BM, druid, pally, or DK) -Ranged DPS -A DPS/Heal offspec -HPriest or Monk healer The above roles will get automatic core spots as long as you're a good fit for us. Any other specs are welcome to trial with us, though! We're looking for people who mesh well with the rest of us, as we want to remain a tight-knit community. We look out for our own, and don't mind teaching or helping gear newer players. Must have a sense of humor. Bonus points if you like hanging out in voice chat (not required)! When not raiding, we like running mythics, doing older content for achieves, or trying to avoid being stalked by our resident rogue that likes auto-following with stealth and trade requesting steamy stories at the worst times. Raid Times: Saturday @10pm, Sunday @8pm server for heroic. Tuesday @8:30pm for norm - optional alt run. Who this guild is not for: Anyone who expects smooth clears from day one in new content. Anyone who prefers megaguilds with 300 players - we will never be one. Anyone who gets offended easily, or can't take constructive criticism. You can add me on BNet @ Catorii#11907, Discord @ Catorii#0992, or contact us in-game: Catlinna Valmirah BlackhavocCatlinna9 6h
21h Heavy Junkboxes Farmed For Your "Insane" Farming for you, Heavy Junkboxes For the "Insane in the Membrane" Achievement. Hello I will come to your server and farm the entirety of the Heavy Junkboxes you need to get from revered to exalted with Ravenholdt. I will come to your server and farm them so no need to transfer characters to a different server. Price is negotiable. Please add me to real id to inquire further. Horde and Alliance Friendly Total complete achievements worth farmed: 10 Fulfillment time: Two Weeks Boxes needed for revered to exalted: With Darkmoon Faire buff: 1275 Without buff: 1400 Real id: Killianth#1179 Thank you for your timeKillania0 21h
21h (H) <LFR Certified>, 10/11M, Argus recruiting TL;DR: We are looking for great, reliable, ranged DPS who can help us get down Argus for Cutting Edge. If you're the real deal, we'll even pay for your server transfer. See contact details at the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. We are currently tied for 1st most-progressed Horde guild on Dalaran at 10/11M, and tied for third overall server (includes Alliance). Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern). What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We value performance in mechanics over performance on the meters. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We are currently looking for skilled ranged dps, namely ele Sham, Mages, and another Warlock, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Vythra (SteelPhantom#11476), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game.Vythra0 21h
1d <forgotten council> 11/11 h prep for bfa <forgotten council> is a 11/11 h guild looking for more players to continue heroic raiding throuhgt the rest of legion, and look to have a strong mythic team going into bfa! we're fun and friendly and looking for more positive minded players! we raid tues-thurs 830-1130 est! reply here or whisper me in game if u have any questions :)Kwanjung0 1d
2d [A/H]Pensive Community/Raid guild Seasoned and active dual faction guild welcoming community-minded members. We are laid back and provide a nondiscriminatory environment with friendly players and mature officers. We provide dual faction Discord, guild repairs, raffles, smiles. and Antorus raiding. Rank advancement based on participation and just overall friendly attitude. Horde Heroic TEAM 11/11H- Sat 12-3pm SVT/EST (bnetBriar#1421) Horde Heroic Progression TEAM 2 - Tues & Thurs 9pm SVT/EST Horde Normal Teaching & Learning Group - Sun 12-3pm SVT/EST Horde PVP - Friday 8pm & events added weekly Alliance Monday learning group Heroic TW raiding PVP, Achieves, normal and old content done regularly! Other times for normal and old content coming soon or already here! Either side: Recruiter Katryna @ Bnet Catie1140#1599 Recruiter Aschien @ Bnet Aschien#11798 Recruiter Bondra @ Bnet Willowfae#11737 Assistant GM Hooves @ Bnet Nocturnal87#11588 GM Briar @ Bnet Briar#1421 <3Briarthorns183 2d
2d (A) Aftermath 11/11H LF Raiders 4 Mythic Aftermath: We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild and growing social WoW community. More than just raiding, we encourage our members to have fun with each other in many other events as well. The Aftermath community is focussed on bringing out the best in each of our members: we seek to improve through an open culture of constructive criticism and collaborative problem solving. Aftermath is a judgement-free environment committed to building members up instead of breaking them down. Outside of raiding, Aftermath also offers Mythic Dungeon Key nights, semi-organized Random Battleground groups, and Overwatch nights. More new fun activities are being added into the mix on a continuous basis. Aftermath is judgement-free place: it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you believe in, or what you do IRL, we will welcome you to our community if you’re looking for somewhere to get away from the stress of the daily RL grind and we will give you that MMO home away from home! From the guild leadership team: Welcome to Aftermath(edited) Aftermath Schedule (all times Dalaran Server Time, US Eastern) Tuesday = Progression raid 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. Wednesday = Progression raid 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. Thursday = Mythic dungeon keys, anywhere from 6 p.m. until about 1 a.m. Friday = Optional/Farm raid 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. Saturday = Random Battlegrounds, afternoon until late Sunday = Overwatch night, details still TBD Current Raid Team Needs: In addition to this list, we will always consider applications from committed and exceptional raid members. Tanks Ranged DPS (any class) Loot in Progression Raiding is distributed through a Loot Council and we use the RCLootCouncil addon. Aftermath is always aiming to progress through the leading edge of Mythic raiding content every raid tier, but we also keep a level head about that progression. We don’t extend raids outside of scheduled times and keep a light-hearted and casual atmosphere in chat and discord. Current Guild Progression: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/Aftermath/ If this sounds like the place for you, come join us by contacting one of our officers in game: ShdowPHOENIX#1720 Richter12343#1271 Mefias#1790Shadowphoenx77 2d
2d [H]<Colombian Brew> 11/11H LFM Mythic Server: US-Dalaran Horde Focus: Semi-Hardcore & Social (21+) Raiding Raid Days & Times: Thursdays & Mondays 9:00 PM – 12:00 PM EST Progression:11/11H, 11/11N AtBT - 9/9H, 9/9N ToS - 10/10H, 10/10N NH - 3/3H, 3/3N ToV - 7/7H, 7/7N EN. Loot: Personal ... ... Raiders: Our raiding goals are simple: striving to bring our best every raid night but staying true to who we are. Our raid environment is relaxed, fair, fun, and positive. We’re looking for progression-minded players who have the willingness to work as a team, help their fellow members, and support the guild so that everyone can meet their own end-game goals. Attitude is everything. If you’re interested in raiding while having tons of fun, we want to hear from you! Who We Are Colombian Brew offers a great environment that fosters community in raid, guild and across the server. We value teamwork, fairness, positive attitudes, and seeing our goals achieved. We value an environment that does not impede on our competitive members’ agendas, nor force unrealistic expectations on players who have a more carefree approach. Regardless of your focus, you’ll never be looked down upon by other members. Our focus is a fun, progression-oriented atmosphere. Our whole guild switched to Horde in February 2018, that speaks for itself. Why Join Us? Because whether your enjoyment comes from raiding, mythic+, PVP, RP, posting memes or listening to music in our discord--we have the same values. What are the members like? Mature – The kind of atmosphere a fun-loving adult can appreciate. Laid Back - People who like to joke around and have fun with the game and each other. Even the more competitive ones aren’t elitist and like to have fun. Respectful – We’re nothing without it. Helpful – Willing to share the knowledge they have with newcomers. Raid-Competent – People who are committed to goals and each other, reliable but understanding that RL comes first, raid aware, show up on time and prepared, able to receive criticism and use it to better their performance. Social – We’re not all raiders and that’s okay. Good people who don’t raid have something to offer and gain from our guild. We're all a bunch of adults that love to hang out on discord & have lots of fun!Additionally, we offer: Strong Teamwork Diverse, Positive Environment Open, approachable, engaged Leadership Active Discord Community 100% No Drama, No Toxicity Tolerance...Valkiryen87 2d
2d The Band is recruiting The Band is looking to rebuild and step out of casual raiding, and into a more serious raid style. We are currently seeking a tank, a dps with a tank spec to step in and tank if need be. We are looking for two healers, a shaman and a druid would be nice, but any healing class is welcome. We are seeking more dps, both ranged and melee, however we are short on melee. We are also seeking people who are looking to grow with the guild and may want to step up and fill any officer roles that are needed. We are a guild that likes to have fun while we raid Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 to 11 PM EST, and are currently 8/11. We have discord, as well as a guild bank. On Mondays we do Mythic Plus keys, either to gear fellow guild members, or to push keys. Wednesdays are either normal Antorus runs, or another event. The Vision: Our goal is to create a family that enjoys having fun while progressing through bosses, while also focusing on communication and being as transparent as possible. (We also strive to kill Intrus as often as possible.) To achieve this, we frequently talk and get feedback from all of our members as well as post our discussions/meetings on discord for any decisions made going over not only what decisions we made, but why we made them. Afraid you don't have the gear to raid normal/heroic? Well don't worry we will help you gear up through Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons done on monday nights. As well as Normal Antorous on alt nights until you're ready to step into heroic with us. Afraid you’ll make mistakes while raiding? We all make them, we usually laugh about it and have a good time. Also for those who want to improve we have several kind-hearted people willing to spend the time and effort to help you learn. Looking for help to get those pesky profession quests out of the way in dungeons and not wanting to pug them. We can also help with that. We are a friendly, active, and social guild. While we are looking to fill our raid team we are also looking for those people who want to join a fun not so serious guild. Feel free to contact me or the rest of our family Intrus (NoJoeMoJoe#1116) Trixhey (Kaitly#11141) or just type /who the band. We look forward to meeting you!Kittora0 2d
2d [H]<The Blood Rose Order> LF players Good morning TBRD is a brand new guild made with the intention of helping each other out and progressing in raids for ANT and BFA we are looking for dedicated players that want to form a bond with a nice group and learn together and just experience high end raiding so if your interested add battletag Dchosenone#1189 or just PST me in game thanks and looking forward to having you :)Keindrae0 2d
2d [A] < Sons of Liberty > is now recruiting! Hello fellow players! :D Guild name: Sons of Liberty Server: Dalaran Faction: Alliance Who are we? First and foremost, we are a guild formed of 5 family members who have experience running WPvP oriented and Rated PvP Guilds but recently transferred to Dalaran to find new experiences, also a new home to search for new friends to help build our guild so we can get ready for everything BFA has to offer. We are very active for our numbers. The guild discord is very active and filled with helpful friendly players that make the guild what it is today. We are determined to build a community with other like minded players, so we can flourish in Battle for Azeroth--this is what keeps us going strong. If you come chat with us, we can show you the heart and determination of this guild. Guild Focus Raiding-(Saturdays 8pm Server Time) WPvP-(Weekly and Weekends Random Times) Mythic + (Randomly Everyday) Our Vision We seek to grow our guild as a family, not a dump for pugs and alts like most guilds these days. We strive for a place where people come not for guild perks, but to make friends and memories with a family that cares about one another. A community that values the player as a person, not a number. Where other guilds click a button to spam invites throughout the entire realm, we believe that the best way to get dedicated members is to be personal and get to know each individual player as a friend. We find our members using our own eyes, not an addon, whether it be the noob questing in Elwynn, the renown duelist in front of the Gates of Stormwind, the Gold Shire fence sitter that never leaves his post, the friend from that dungeon, or the guy who always charges in the front lines of battlegrounds... no matter who you are, we have a place for you in our guild. Sons of Liberty calls for you, will you answer? Structure of the Guild The guild has a ranking system that will work efficiently and with integrity, as hard as you work. As the guild grows and expands, we will be seeking officers for certain positions. If you don't seek to become an officer, that is fine with us, but we encourage all members who are interested in the idea to come to the Guildmaster, or other Officers and let us know, so we can discuss the steps necessary and hear your input on the idea. To give you an example, here are some officer positions we look forward to fill. Treasurer Recruitment Officer Guild Officer WPvP Oficer Rbg OfficerMore TBA... [u]How to contact us Speincer (GM) BTAG: Spencer#1938 Discord ID: Spencer#7653 I'm usually in Discord, so if you ever wanted to talk one on one, I'm sure I'll be available. Thanks for your time, and i hope we get to talk soon!Speincer34 2d
2d [A]<Forsaken Elite> 11/11 H Ant LF DPS Forsaken Elite is a mature Heroic raiding guild looking for new members! We're a pretty friendly guild that runs steady heroic raids, a normal/alt run every weekend as well as mythic plus! We are semi-casual time wise in our raiding (only about 4 hours a week for progression), but semi-hardcore results wise. We don't have a PvP team (or activity) currently going, but feel free to join and start some up! We've hit AOTC every raid this expansion and are aiming to start Mythic raiding before BFA launches. We're also very good with players new to raiding! Some of our best DPS and officers joined during Legion! Finally raid consumables and repairs are supplied! Times: Tuesday: 10pm - 12am EST Wednesday: 10pm - Midnight EST. We are scheduling a weekend alt/normal run for all 110 players. Raid Team Status: Heroic Progression is done. We're farming Antorus and occasionally doing other runs (previous mythic tiers, achievment runs) as breaks. We are primarily looking for DPS! If you want to join as a healer, we can always use heals in mythic+ as well as alt runs, but we do not have room on the main raid team progression. If you are a TANK, there can be room on the main raid team. This is dependent on skill, experience, etc. Again, there is room for tanks in M+ and alt runs. If you want to main tank but you're not sure if it's for you, feel free to try it out in normal runs/mythic+. Pots, food, flasks, repairs, and runes(sometimes) are supplied! The weekend normal/alt run is open for players of varying skill levels! If you're new to raiding and what to give it a shot, come to our normal runs where there's no pressure and can get all the help you want! Here are our logs and progress page if you're curious about us: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/Forsaken+Elite https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/148613 https://raider.io/guilds/us/dalaran/Forsaken%20Elite Contact Info: Discord: Tucker#2303 Battle.Net: DeadEyeTucke#1945 Feel free to message one of us in game as well!Alän6 2d
2d [A]<The Wizard Saints>(5/11M) is recruiting! The Wizard Saints Dalaran – Alliance Raid Schedule: Progression - Tues/Wed 10pm to 1am EST Farm - Thursday 10pm – 1am EST Loot – EPGP The Wizard Saints is a progression based raiding guild looking to recruit skilled players for our core raid team. We are currently 5/11 Mythic Antorus, and we're seeking exceptional players to fill out our mythic roster. Core raiders are those who have shown performance excellence and solid attendance. All members are encouraged to strive for personal improvement on a continual basis, foster respect for others, and participate in the general community of the guild. Current Recruitment Needs/Roles: Note: as we move into mythic progression, core raider ranks become competition based. Tank – low need Heals – low need Ranged DPS – high need - Warlock, Shadow Priest Melee DPS – low need Any player with proven exceptional skills – regardless of class/role – will be considered. In addition to progression raids, we also coordinate weekly alt runs and M+ groups for key pushing and weekly chests. [WoWProgress](https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/The+Wizard+Saints) If you are interested in joining, you can contact an officer through [Discord](https://discord.gg/BMbutrU), or btag - Meliika#1665, Mad#12581Meliika35 2d
3d Simplicite Sales! Simplicite (A) Korgath 9/9M 10/10M 118 US, 388 World! 11/11M 104 US, 322 World! Mythic ABT kills now available! This will be a price per boss payment or in sets (1-5, 1-7,etc.). We are able to sell every boss at this time, Argus is currently without mount but eventually mount will be available. Please contact me for dates/times! Btag can he found down below! We are also able to sell Mythic KJ kills (can do all of ToS) if there is any interest! We are also able to sell The Chosen runs for ToV as well. Heroic Sells would occur every Thursday evening, 6:30 central (server) time. Guarantee you will be the only person for your tier piece that we are selling to that run. The Argus kill will allow for quest completion for the new leggo ring, as well as a chance for Aman'Thul (arcano 2.0) or your specs pantheon trinket. This is ran on personal loot by 965+ilvl 11/11M raiders. Potential to be traded a lot of gear! The Gul’dan Mount sale is also on Thursday evenings (we can do it other days as well just need notice!) right before the heroic run. The mount has a 100% drop rate on Mythic! This will end come BFA! For prices along with other conditions, please add me! Fizzyelf#11113 Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping gear you!Taehee0 3d
3d [A/H] 2/11 965 Monk LF Guild I'll keep this concise and to the point... 965 MW/963BrM Monk LF guild. Currently 2/11M with pulls and progress on M PK and M HC. Looking to continue the progression until the end, with the occasional weekly Heroic clear if needed or wanted. Looking for active, social and engaged guild with established and committed raid core. One that actually enjoys each others company, uses voice chat, and logs in for more than just raid nights. Lastly and sadly, I am most active during the mornings and afternoons from about 9am EST till late afternoon. This would be ideal for me, but I can make scheduled night time raids. It would be intermittent though, due to my work schedule. There's the nuts and bolts of it. Any further questions, info, inquiries, or flirts, hit me up on my BTag or Discord. BTag: Silverfox#12254 Discord: Syn#3265 Thanks! Oh...and P.S. I *AM* willing and able to change faction and realm for the right people. Hit me up and lets chat.Synchi1 3d
3d [A] <Murlocs of War> Raiding guild <Murlocs of War> LF a few more active members for our heroic prog. need 945+ Ilvl disc/dbm is req. Also newer/returning players (110/915+) for our normal runs. We'll help you gear up/improve & learn fights. pm me for info/times.Kotaforest1 3d
3d [A] ⚔️PvP Community Discord RageQuit Discord is the Alliance PvP Community for upcoming BFA. With experienced leadership in large scale communities, guilds and PvP. Join the fastest growing Discord with over 4k members and growing fast. https://discordapp.com/invite/9ghPBE9 Why join us? -We already host thousands other Alliance members within our Discord. We run events daily as shown in this link: https://teamup.com/ksx5hrm1rpryicafjs totaling over 60 Officers that work around the clock to make sure you get the best experience in PvP content. We also do many events on the fly due to World PvP. We do our best to make sure the Horde cower before us! -We have a very organized ranking structure to ensure events run smoothly and in a timely manner. If you ever want to become an Officer, all you have to do is apply in the #officer-application channel. We offer nice incentives and perks for our Officer core here at RageQuit. -ACTIVE Discord. Not only are we active, but we have cool things to do in our Discord such as you can personalize your profile by giving yourself personality roles and even personalize your color. We have music bots, Pokemon finding, trading, duel game and more! -PvP includes: BGs, RBGs, Arenas, World PvP, Tournments. Don’t PvP? No worries, we also do light PvE and even public events such as Karaoke, group movie viewing, Community Meetings with GIVEAWAYS and more. https://discordapp.com/invite/9ghPBE9 ←-What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! OKAY I joined, now what? 1-Once you join, head to #game-setup channel and React with the emoji below WOW image to get the @WoW role and view WoW related gaming channels. 2- Read over the #rules-info channel for all the detailed list of all that we have to offer in our server. 3-Have FUN within our Community! If you have any questions or need help, contact the #❓support channel. https://discordapp.com/invite/9ghPBE9 -Deathology, President of the RageQuit Community -Cadigan, President of the RageQuit CommunityCadigan0 3d
4d (H)Rebuilding Toon Roster[LFG Leveling] Swapped To Dalaran from Us-Hellscream, looking for some new friends. Hit me up if anyone is interested. Mojo#1449Azdra0 4d
4d Brand new player looking for a guild Hi, I'm relatively new to WoW. I'm fury warrior and I've mostly been doing questing and some dungeons. I kinda like the questing and learning the lore, so I'm looking for a guild that would have more people like me in it. New players doing quests and eventually doing dungeons and then raids at some point. hmu Krohnaq - DalaranKrohnaq1 4d
6d Storm, an Alliance Reroll starting April 30th Storm, a fresh Alliance Reroll is coming to Dalaran! While we aim to begin raiding in Legion, our true focus will be to establish a successful AotC and Mythic raiding guild for BFA. What we offer: - Dedicated officer core that is already established - Structured leveling approach to encourage/support a sense of community - Dedicated website - Private Discord server - Bags will be provided to all members - Guild Bank open for repairs - Voluntary non-raiding events scheduled weekly for all members - Very structured approach to raiding - All raids will be lead by an experienced and successful mythic raid leader What we are looking for: - Players that are committed and serious - Players that are looking to raid in BFA - Players that are looking for a community feeling within the guild, no reason to search externally for anything - Players that are looking for a permanent home Raid Schedule: Friday: 9PM - 12AM EST Saturday: 9PM - 12AM EST Leveling Schedule: Start date April 30 - Only level 1 toons / 20 if allied race will be invited April 30 - May 9 (1-60) May 10 - May 19 (60-80) May 20 - May 29 (80-100) May 30 - June 8 (100-110) June 9 - June 21 (Gearing Up) June 22 - 23 (Nighthold Normal) June 29 - 30 (Tomb of Sargeras Normal) July 6 - 7 (Antorus Normal) July 13 - 14 (Antorus Heroic) Sound interesting? What you're looking for? Find out more details and apply on our website: https://stormguild.enjin.com/ Recruiter7 6d
6d [H] DEFIANT - Late Night/West Coast Guild Casual late night/West Coast raiding guild looking for more members! Coming back to the game and not able to get on a team? West Coast on an East Coast server? Hoping to start over with a new group? Looking to get in on the ground floor and build a team to move into Battle for Azeroth? We're looking for you! Raid Times are Wed/Thurs 12am EST. We're 11/11 H. Top priority for the raid team: Heals DPS (Hunter, Shadow Priest, Shaman, Druid) Non-raiders and Late night/West Coast/Asia/Oceanic players are more than welcome to join us! If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me: Yoshîmî: Chojin#1912Yoshîmî27 6d
6d How active is Dalaran now? ^Luctus6 6d
6d [H][EST - LATE ][BFA RECRUIT] The Defectors Who... The Defectors was the result of raiders and veterans from a previous guild sick of watching the previous guilds leadership take breaks and still lead from the shadows. We the founders of The Defectors decided to swap from Alliance to Horde on Dalaran to use our knowledge of raiding, leadership and team building to assemble the best team we can. While our guild is small starting off, we are going to ensure you are a right fit for us. Built on Democracy, we don't have a guild leader. We have a council that works with each other. No one person calling the shots, but a group effort to build the future of the guild. What... The Defectors has end game progression in its sights. We want Mythic and have Mythic players and leadership in place for raiding. We will not be top 10, but we will be AoTC. We will touch Mythic and push through Mythic with a goal of downing the content. We will to continue to push, bringing a focused, driven and, most importantly, positive attitude to raids. We will not stop at raiding either. Dungeons / Transmogs, Mythic+ pushing; Guild BG's and Rated Arena and eventually a Rated BG Team. Our leadership team consists of industry professionals from: the game industry, prior Military, top 100 guilds, competitive raiders and raid leaders who have helped sit in on other guilds to push them to the limits and get them AoTC! We aren't just a guild, we are a community. We will give back to game and be known. We have the ability to pull from top 10 guild players whom we've played with; and get insight as to better strategy from those that are working on the bleeding edge. I would like to emphasize we will NOT be pushing to be top 10 guilds. We will be a raiding guild that will push content but not at the job level. If you are looking for Elitest, this is not the place for you. While we will strive for perfection; we will work together to build the team vs isolate you. The Schedule... Tues & Thursday – 9pm-12am EST (Progression Raiding) Sun - 9pm-12am EST (Clean-up / Alt Runs) We run efficiently on 2 days of raiding a week for a mere 6 hours! On top of that we focus on making every moment and pull count. Our raid times are late and EST based to accommodate those of us who work, have family or are late night owls. You may notice we have a Sunday raid! This is for clean up, killing or working on that last boss for those who want to push more and alt runs we want to do. We may do more come BfA, it will depend on our progression and the guilds want to push harder. Legion Progression... The founders of The Defectors have accomplished AoTC from all tiers the expansion. Some of them also hold Mythic clearings up to the most recent teir. We will not be forcing raiding during the remainder of this expansion as we will be growing our roster for Battle For Azeroth. That doesn't mean we won't be active by any means. Currently Recruiting... Healers: Medium MDPS: High RDPS: High Tanks: Medium Contact Info... Discord code: A5SeUMz Founders Battletags that are recruiters: ... Please feel free to comment here, leave a message, send a smoke signal do whatever you think you need to do. We will get in touch with you if you leave a message here and don't want to initiate contact. Stop by, introduce yourself and thank you for your interest.Chikfillidan0 6d
May 19 Stormrage <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> is Recruiting Guild: <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> Faction: Alliance Server: Stormrage Raid Days: Friday & Saturday 8:30pm -11:30pm EST server Cleared: 8/11H Recruiting: Looking for Heals and Dps and active casual members Goals: We are currently recruiting active members to have a happy solid guild. We are recruiting more solid core members for our raid team. Intending on mythic raid content. We plan on being active within and out of the guild. I realize, as a guild, trying to rebuild that it will be difficult. Considering the Expansion is right around the corner, which is why we are preparing for that as well, but at the same time maintaining it being fun and just overall having a good time. Extras: We offer discord and all its many tools. We have games periodically during holidays and off days as well. Our calendar stays full of events. Contacts: B.tag: Biggjax#11657 Kithanna#1592 “Stay Fluffy”Bigjax0 May 19
May 19 Looking for guild (Horde) Hello, I just transferred to Dalaran last night after playing on Stonemaul since Cata. I made the transfer because I like seeing many other players, like a sense of community. Stonemaul had become desolate. My character- Fury warrior, ilvl currently 928. Myself- I am a college student, and I also run my own company. Balancing the two can cause difficulty meeting raid times (but I will try my best!) I have discord, if that is what you use, but I can download any form of communication your guild may require. I'm looking for a guild that both raids and does pvp, but if you focus on raiding that's also fine. I'm not a raiding God so you may need patience with me. I can learn any raid and all fights, but I love constructive criticism because it helps me improve. But above all that, I'd like to be part of a kind guild with a sense of community.Luctus4 May 19
May 18 [A][H] <Order of the Righteous> The Order is the Organization itself, and 'of The Righteous' is the charitable deeds we promote. [A] (Main) <Order of the Righteous> | [A] (Second) <For the RAOK> & [H] (Main) <Order of the RAOK> Is recruiting people that wish to dedicate themselves to the ideals of Vanilla wow, being charitable, and helping the community out. We firmly believe in the ideals of the past, and place our banners firmly in every location of the world to symbolize what we stand for. Some of the these old ideals are: Striving to build a community within both of our guilds. Assisting players in our own guild whenever they need help, and whenever we can offer our assistance. Also promoting the fact that new players, and or old should do the same OUTSIDE the guild. Some people believe that a social guild that actively communicates with each other is a thing of the past, which is why we do our very best to communicate both verbally and in guild chat! (We use Discordapp) A free voice communication program that anyone can use. We are a guild that promotes selflessness rather than selfishness. We hold a strong claim that we are a Charity guild over a PVP / PVE guild. What does that imply? Helping new players become champions, and giving as much as we can back to our community. We strongly believe that the community makes the player base, and without a 'good' player base we have a destructive, spiteful, hateful, trollish community built on the pillars of hate, and greed. Most guilds nowadays do not post events on the calendar, our calendar is generally filled with various times to cater to those in Australia, Europe, the East Coast, and the West Coast. We have all kinds of events, for all kinds of people. We are the only guild that changes our colors to show support for fallen serviceman (Red / White / Blue), promote breast cancer awareness (Pink), promote LGBT unity (Rainbow), promote awareness for certain genocides such as the Armenian Genocide (Red / Orange / Blue), promotes unity in certain worldly events like the shootings in France (Red / White / Blue), and to top it off we have a SPECIFIC day every month where we cater to veterans and help them with their basic needs. Order of the Righteous & Pelican prides itself on helping others, especially when we can lend the assistance in real life. We are the -ONLY- guild that has brought together big donations to send to the American Cancer Society, and the Red Cross. We even have set up donations for animals, and have raised awareness about animal abuse in farms. We also promote the philosophies of the RAOK. What is the RAOK? The RAOK is a universal philosophy that has been used for thousands of years, by both animals and man, and it is one of the core values that we associate ourselves with. We believe that it can unify a community, and bring people together, and sustain a community long enough against the 'rusty 'formation' of trolls, hackers, scammers, and douche bags. The RAOK: Random acts of Kindness. We ask that you do it at least once a day, if you can, wherever you can! Our core values are: 1. Unity - United we stand against all odds, against all drama, and against anyone or anything that upholds negativity in a community, together we motivate, uplift, and help one another out. That is what we're about! Fighting together gets the job done, a guild that is divided is a guild not at all! 2. The RAOK: Random acts of Kindness, be charitable, helping others without seeking anything in return. 3. Honor - Honoring our serviceman that have fought for our country, honoring the RAOK, honor each other with kindness, love, and truth. Promoting the ideals of Chivalry, by honoring that, we honor it all! The bottom line is that most of us have joined to fight for a better tomorrow, a community that is united under a banner of charity, kindness, and that surrounds itself on the ideals of the RAOK. We're not fixated on hardcore raiding, or PVP, rather we're fixated on the ideals of helping one another. Fun Fact: When most people join a guild the first thought of mind is, "I want to get so and so, I want to be this and that, I need this, I want that." So they tend to join PVP, or PVE guilds. These guilds are built on the foundations of selfishness, not selflessness. When people see us, they're automatically thinking, "How can we help others, what can we do to help each other, what can do we to give up something in the name of the RAOK?" Thus promoting selflessness from the start. If you have a similar like-mind please join one of the two guilds, on either faction of your choice. For the RAOK! For extra evidence, we've set up a page in Imgur where you can look through some of our photos, we also have a Twitch that we ALWAYS stream our giveaways at!Kornbredkhan441 May 18
May 18 [Selling] Character Art Hiya, Ever thought to yourself about getting fan art done for your character on WoW? I'm also wanting to expanding on my experience of drawing armour/details much more. Https://therapysartdump.tumblr.com To contact me: Btag: Nasrollahi#1430 Discord: Kazmire#9239 I will almost always respond quickly, if I'm not too busy irl. Thanks for reading! - KazzieKazmire2 May 18
May 17 Relatively new player looking for guild Hey, I'm a Windwalker monk and I'm looking for a guild to join. I'm pretty new to the game, don't have a ton of experience and don't have good gear (boosted my character). I want to do PVE content (dungeons/raids), have no real interest in PVP or RP. I prefer smaller guilds, like around 50-60 people, but I'm flexible if need be. I also would prefer a guild with people around my age group (teen), and a guild of people with similar interests (weeb/anime stuff) is cool, but again, not necessary. I don't want super hardcore stuff, but I do want to progress. Add me on battle.net (Electro2#11703) or just reply to this post. Thanks!Nahadorik6 May 17
May 17 <Téquila Mockingbird> LF N/H Raiders Guild Name: Téquila Mockingbird Server: Dalaran (PVE) Faction: Alliance Raid Times: Wednesdays / Sundays from 9:30 to 11:30 server time. Addons: DBM, GTFO and Discord required. Loot System: Personal loot Recruitment Needs: Looking for tank and heals, but will consider all roles. About Us: Téquila Mockingbird is a social PVE guild on US-Dalaran. We are looking to build a group of people who are of our same mindset and can mesh together as a team for progression raiding in Antorus and future expansions as well. We do plenty of other content outside of raiding as well, such as M+ keys, questing, pvp and old content transmog/achievement runs. If you’re interested in joining our team or have any questions, please contact Verina#11437.Lalorine0 May 17
May 16 One Sky - New Week End Raiding Guild One Sky is a Week End Casual Raiding Guild, that was recently formed with myself and a few others that are 11//11 Heroic Antorus. We are looking for persons that are mostly available on weekends. During the week days most of us are generally have limited time. We raid on Saturdays and Sundays 8pm to 11pm this time schedule may need to change to accommodate more people as we grow. About Us: Our motto is "The best way to improve is to improve those around us". In other words, for all of us to grow and be better everyone has to give to each other. Primarily we are recruiting people that are interested in raiding Normal/Heroic and dungeons Mythic +15.However this should not be seen as deterrent for fresh 110 players. We will try our best to help our members in Mythic+ or raids to gear up and learn the content. We want people that are mature and understand the constraints everyone has whether be work or family life. Please keep in mind that even though we are casually raiding on weekends, that means we want to make the best use of the time available to do things productively. Lastly feel free to contact me in game on this character(Murdarah,Murdah,Murdarawr) or battlenet(Murdestiny)Murdarah5 May 16
May 16 <Mighty Fortress> LFM Hey everyone! Just like many of you, we are coming back to the game after a break and get ready for the upcoming expansion. We are a laid back and casual guild on the Dalaran server who enjoy helping each other level and gear out. There is no expectation for you to be on all the time, we know there is actual lives we have to live. :) We are here to have fun, not to schedule our life around a game. There are no requirements to join. The game is not about the loot and the gear but about the people we play with. The friendships we make in game are more important than the gear, even though it is nice to get it :) If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to whisper either me or one of my officer Fattygnome, Tykfu, and Mayflÿ for an invite. See you in game! AggroeAggroeless0 May 16
May 16 [A] The Hallowed Core The Hallowed Core is looking to recruit for bfa and beyond! We are a casual progression guild that is currently accepting all players. We are lgbt friendly. We like to think of the guild as part of our extended family welcome all with open arms. Our Groups: Group 1 currently raiding tues and thur 9-11:30 pm est. This is our main group we are currently trying to find a warlock, non warrior tank, ww monk, rogue and a holy pally. We consider everyone however. Group 2 is coming soon! Our Message: Weve been a guild for about a year and a half now and plan to continue through the end of wow. We are a very open minded guild that likes to have fun in a casual setting. We value fun in this game. Our goal is usually only aotc for the current raiding tier however we have been known to do mythics. We also try to take time to push mythic+ and with them making a comeback in bfa we are gonna continue pushing them! We are also currently accepting social and leveling players! If youd like to join or potentially more info simply whisper me in game on any character in the hallowed core with cat in the name or btag me at catriarra#1620 see you in game!Catvndis1 May 16
May 15 4/11M 965 Resto Shammy LF Guild Hello everyone, I am looking for a mythic raiding guild and a fun guild to chill with. I am on usually everyday during the week and weekends. I also like to run mythic+ dungeons as well, and have other characters attuned for mythic+ as well. Mythic Bosses Completed Garothi Worldbreaker Felhounds of Sargeras Antoran High Command Portal Keeper Hasabel Varimathrus(Attempts) 31 ARGUS(Attempts) 33 Times Available Monday 5:00pm - 12:00am Tuesday 5:00pm - 12:00am Wednesday 5:00pm - 12:00am Thursday 5:00pm - 12:00am Friday 5:00pm - 2:00am Saturday 8:00am - 2:00am Sunday 8:00am - 2:00am Hope to hear back from guilds! -IostreamIostream4 May 15
May 14 Looking for a guild M+ guild for Alliance Looking to find a guild that likes to push m+ keys daily. Whisper me ingame, or add me at Hecatos#1626Hecatos0 May 14
May 14 <Infinity> Mythic Antorus, M Gul'dan Sales <Infinity> of Mannoroth 11/11M US 16th is starting up sales for Mythic Antorus and Mythic Guldan. Contact Unfitted#1409 to schedule a run. Mythic Antorus is now cross-realm, so you will not have to transfer your character to our server. ------------------------------------------------------------- Currently selling: Mythic Antorus Next available run is the week of 5/22. 9/11 Mythic Personal Loot - 4.5M 11/11 Mythic Personal Loot - 6M 9/11 Mythic Master Loot - 6M 11/11 Mythic Master Loot - 10M A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required up front for Mythic Antorus runs. Mythic Antorus runs take place Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8-11 EST. Prices subject to change. More information can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761817375#1 ------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic Nighthold Mythic Gul'dan Personal Loot (inluding Hellfire Infernal mount) - 1.5M Mythic Gul'dan runs are usually on Wednesdays or Sundays at 8 EST. Additional times can be negotiated. ------------------------------------------------------------- We will accept gold on any realm! We also accept Horde gold, with an additional cost of 500k. Unfitted#1409Unfittedmonk19 May 14
May 13 [A] <Righteous Doom> LF N/H Raiders Hello all! Righteous Doom (RD) on Dalaran is a guild started by someone who knew little about the game in the middle of Legion, but her genuine care for each member made all the differences and continues to inspire us all. We are an active, positive, family friendly casual raiding guild. We have a team of veteran players as officers to provide strong leadership and we offer lots of benefits to members of all levels. They include access to guild events, such as Thursday keystone* and Saturday raid**, monthly raffle for mounts, pets and more, as well as guild repairs on day one, a fully stocked guild bank with helpful items, a discord server, and best of all, friendships! Our vision for this guild is to be able to consistently clear normal/heroic contents while having fun doing it. *Keystones are not limited to Thursday only. **A second weekend raid night will be added once there is enough interest. Keystones and raids run from 7:30pm - 10:30pm EST. We are currently focused on building a fully guild run team for the end of expansion and next without using the group finder! We have previously cleared normal Antorus but 6/11 for heroic. Now looking for a few more dps and possibly 1 more tank to round up the team! My btag is HanShan#1254 Alternative recruitment contact: Crazywarrior#11376 Our Discord link is discord.gg/9bq3Bxv Thank you for checking us out and looking forward to welcoming you into our guild!Mycelle3 May 13
May 12 The Band is looking for more The Band is looking for new members to join our raid team, and to progress with us in Battle for Azeroth. Currently we are 8/11 on heroic and are trying to progress through Coven. We are seeking two healers, a tank, and more dps to fill our raid groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-11 PM EST. The Vision: Our goal is to create a family that enjoys having fun while progressing through bosses, while also focusing on communication and being as transparent as possible. (We also strive to kill Intrus as often as possible.) To achieve this, we frequently talk and get feedback from all of our members as well as post our discussions/meetings on discord for any decisions made going over not only what decisions we made, but why we made them. Afraid you don't have the gear to raid normal/heroic? Well don't worry we will help you gear up through Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons done on monday nights. As well as Normal Antorous on alt nights until you're ready to step into heroic with us. Afraid you’ll make mistakes while raiding? We all make them, we usually laugh about it and have a good time. Also for those who want to improve we have several kind-hearted people willing to spend the time and effort to help you learn. Looking for help to get those pesky proffesion quests out of the way in dungeons and not wanting to pug them. We can also help with that. We are a friendly, active, and social guild. While we are looking to fill our raid team we are also looking for those people who want to join a fun not so serious guild. Feel free to contact me or the rest of our family Intrus (NoJoeMoJoe#1116) Trixhey (Kaitly#11141) or just type /who the band. We look forward to meeting you!Naitalya0 May 12
May 12 <Mighty Fortress> LFM Hey everyone! We are just coming back to the game after a break and getting ready for the new expansion to come. Whether you are new to the game or coming back, everyone is welcome! We are a laid back and casual guild on the Dalaran server who enjoy helping each other level and gear out. We are here to have fun, not to schedule your life around a game. There are no requirements to join. The game is not about the loot and the gear but about the people we play with. The friendships we make in game are more important than the gear, even though it is nice to get it :) If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to whisper either me or one of my officers Fattygnome, Tykfu, and Mayflÿ for an invite. See you in game! AggroeAggroeless0 May 12
May 11 [A] Resto Druid/Arms Warrior LF PvP guild Arena Master on multiple characters 2700 5's 2600 3's 2400 2's Played day 1 Vanilla -----> WotK. Returning to play some PvP before BFA Looking for guild that has plenty of active members Contact me in game, lets talk /w CreamkinCreamkin0 May 11
May 11 MM Hunter Looking for a Raiding Guild I'm a MM Hunter looking for a guild that raids. My Item level is 900.And I have a a lot a free time so I'm looking for one that raids multiple times a week and does mythic+.So I guess semi hardcore. But my Item Level isn't that high so I guess I can only do mostly normal, heroic and some mythic.Dmitrya0 May 11
May 10 First Public Dalaran Discord The First Public Dalaran Discord, (created in 2015, posted on the forums 2016) There are many guilds, guild leaders, officers, new players, and random people that would love to have their own Voice Channel to be able to communicate with their friends. Yet some do not understand what it takes to create one, nor do they want to uphold the responsibility of leading a Discord server, because of (IE: Trolls, Harassment, Drama). First What is Discord? Discord is a communication app that you can use via on a browser, or download it at Discordapp.com It's free to use, and all you gotta do is verify your email (Security measure), to ensure you're a real person. Once you're signed in on the top left hand corner is the "Settingup_Guidelines" text edit channel, by clicking that you're able to read all the rules, and setting up information associated with Discord. Which all in all will take you about 5 minutes. Why should I use Discord? Discord can help bring people together, it can introduce you to new guild mates, and help you establish new friends on the server. Discord can help your guild establish raids, events, and other activities by providing a social means. Can anyone use this Discord, even if they're not on Dalaran? Everyone is welcome to use it, no matter where they are. I am offering a free Public Discord, with Admins that will regulate activities that go on in it. It's a free to use public Discord for anyone and everyone that needs a place to listen to music, interact with new people, meet new people, do community wide events, find people for their raids, dungeons, or pvp events, and also recruit for their guild! That's right I even said guild recruitment! That sounds great, so how do I join it? Once you've downloaded it, or signed up (takes 1min) and verified your email to their website. You can find a link on the left hand side when you open the program on the browser, or on your PC. Its a plus sign, that when you click on it gives you two options. "Create a server, and Join a server." Click on Join a server, and copy paste this into it: Now you've finally joined the Discord channel that's great! Where was the setting up thing located again? On the top left hand corner. There are Voice Channels, and Text Channels. Click on the Text Channel, "Settingup_Guidelines" to help you get started, and start your journey to fully understanding what Discord is about! If anyone has any problems or concerns they may speak with me directly, or any of the admins. We are actively seeking new admins that want to help out, and ensure that the community is a positive environment for new players, guilds, and social people. Korns Edit: Please don't censor just my posts: because theres plenty of other Discord invite links to other servers on the Dalaran Forums, perhaps you should go look at it. @TheMods.Kornbredkhan120 May 10
May 10 Looking for a casual guild to make friends in Recently got back into WOW and i'm in the search for a raiding guild that is casual and allows room for improvement. In search for friends.Bethanu5 May 10
May 10 LF PvP guilds Are there any PvP guilds on Dalaran at all? So far it seems most guilds are only prog guilds and throwaway mega-guilds. If anyone knows of any that are recruiting or just KNOWS of any I'd like to know I've been looking for the past 2-ish weeks since I transferred. I guess I should have checked before I transferred but w/e.Voidelvessuk1 May 10
May 10 [Three Angry Inches] Recruiting Three Angry Inches is looking to fill out our raid team as we push in to mythic raiding and BFA. We run heroic raids on Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm EST, have an active Discord, do guild mythic+ runs, and are running normals to gear people. If you are interested you can respond here, message my character in game, or send a friend request to MrSmash1993#1531.Cerundion1 May 10
May 9 11/11H B/UH lf guild Hey guys, so I'll make this quick. I'm just looking for a guild to go into bfa with. I really only did dps in legion and it kinda feels bad lol, I tanked from Wrath-WoD. So I've cleared all raids on heroic and have some mythic experience in legion with 3 bosses down in EN, 7 in NH, 2 Tomb and 1 in Argus on my shaman Boltsdeep Bleeding Hollow server. I'm looking for a guild raiding Sunday - Thursday somewhere around 7-12 server time or so. Thanks, SpaceDog#11756.Ghoüler0 May 9
May 9 Dalaran sever reset command Hey guys stuck in the weekly quest with my laptop at school and no acesss to Internet herre at home. It's really annoying myself and alot of people. If anyone knows the /command for server I think it's /splug 012010 or something I can't see anything ppl are saying. My screen is 98% black "in my minds eye" and I'd love to get out a hereLokiorgord6 May 9
May 9 <Dramatic> Now Selling Mythic Antorus! <Dramatic> located on Sargeras is now selling full or partial Mythic Antorus bosses as well as the Mythic Gul'dan mount. Requirements/info: - We accept gold only. No RMT or items, etc. - Cross realm characters are allowed as well as cross-realm currency. - We require a 20% down payment as confirmation of the sale and your presence on the sale date and time. We will give you a 30 minute grace period to show up or a negotiable length of time if you warn us in advance. - We do our runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 - 11:30 CST/server time. If you can only meet a portion of this time feel free to contact us to negotiate a suitable time. - On master loot runs you get everything you need for your main spec (multiple token drops, etc.) aside from max item level relics (985). Mythic Antorus 9/11 Mythic Personal Loot - 3m 9/11 Mythic Master Loot - 4m 11/11 Mythic Personal Loot (no mount) - 5m 11/11 Mythic Master Loot (no mount) - 6m 11/11 Mythic Master Loot with mount - 12m Mythic Argus mount only - 9m Mythic Gul'dan mount - 1.5m If you have questions or wish to set up a run please contact either Crimm#1855 or Synnove#1345.Crimmv2 May 9
May 8 wtb eye of azshara mythic run hi. i would like to purchase someone's time to organize and run me through a mythic eye of azshara instance to complete a quest i've had for 6 months. using the lfg tool is too intimidating for me. i'm bad at wow and terrified of some random making me feel even worse about being bad at wow. hence, the wtb. i've completed the eye on heroic, but it's been months. i'll read the walk through and prepare myself, but i'm looking for someone to boss me around and do the heavy lifting. i'll do weak dps and do what i'm told. from what i understand, it can be the first level of mythic, not 15+ or whatever. again, i'm bad at wow. i've never done a mythic dungeon. i don't even know what to offer for this service, but get in touch with me and i'll attempt to make it worth your time. (undead#1887) thank you.Cabilis2 May 8