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4h [A]<The Burning Region> LFM (DPS) M PROG TBR is currently looking for the following to join us in Mythic raids: Tanks: Full. Healers: 1x Healer w/ DPS off spec Melee DPS: 1x Rogue Ranged DPS: 1x Boom Druid, Ele Shaman, Warlock Strong candidates from other classes are welcome as well. 1-2 total DPS spots available depending on recruit performance. *Note: We are currently progressing in Mythic on all 3 primary raid nights. Heroic raids are done on off nights. Those considering to join should be appropriately geared for content (Or be rdy to join us for HC on off nights). List updated 09/22/17 Raid Team Information Days: Tues/Thrs/Sun(attendance on all three days is major factor in mythic raid spot consideration) Time: 8:00pm-10:30pm EST Voice: Discord Current Progression: 5/9M Loot System: Loot Council for heroic and above. Short trial period. General Information - Progression guild looking to clear mythic content prior to release of subsequent raids. - Raid spots awarded based on performance and raid composition needs. - Focuses on building a strong core and limiting tier to tier turnover. Good natured but competitive raid environment. We've been playing for a long time, just looking for a few more to stabilize mythic roster. Chat with officers listed below and join us on one of our runs :). Contact Paw#1855, Velo#1934 , or Uteck#1695 for details. When you add us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with the first message. We are all friendly but get lots of adds. Those seriously interested in joining should have logs available for review.Páw2 4h
10h [A] <Clairvoyance> 1/9M LF DPS/heal for M ToS Hey all, <Clairvoyance> is an old cutting-edge Cataclysm raid guild that's back from the dead and ready to start Mythic progression. We have Heroic ToS on single-night farm, but we need a few more to bolster our numbers so we can buckle down and get into Mythic. We're an incredibly personable/close-knit community, more so than many other top-end guilds from what I've heard. We're all passionate about the game, but we care about the person behind the character as well. Just pull your weight, don't die to dumb stuff, and be a cool/chill person, and you'll fit right in. We're recruiting DPS (both melee and ranged) and healers. Our raid times are: Tuesday: 8-11 PM EST Thursday: 8-11 PM EST Besides that, we do alt raids on the weekend, and we run plenty of Mythic+ dungeons as well. We also provide food/flasks/pots/enchants to regular raiders. If you're interested, go ahead and comment below or add either myself or our recruiting officer: Argentan#1874 SquishyPilot#1103Heirballz2 10h
12h 914 Disc/Holy Priest LF Guild Hello everyone. Recently back, took a break after clearing Nighthold Heroic. My account got stolen and was unfortunately unrecoverable so I'm starting fresh with a new character. I've been raiding since Vanilla, however my experience was ranged dps primarily. I've played healers on and off but never a priest, so I'm still learning. Looking for a guild that can help me get back into the swing of things, laid back but still decently competitive. 1. Times available & time zone: Weekdays 6:30-9:30 PST, 7:30-10:30 MST, 8:30-11:30 CST, 9:30-12:30 EST 2. Server preference: Dalaran 3. Faction preference: Alliance 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-harcore 5. Current progression/experience: Cleared Nighthold Heroic on a diff account. Nothing but LFRs and a few keys on this char 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: HeartofDavid#1666 8. Anything else: I'm pretty competitive so I expect to be back in the mythic mindset fairly quickly. I'm not faction changing because I play with my brother on alliance who is on a different server.Nohabloheals2 12h
21h <Serendipity> 7/9M WTS ToS Heroic Carry! Dear Potential Buyer, Thanks for your interest in Serendipity's sales services. Below you will find information regarding us and what kind of services we can offer to you. About Us: We are a 10/10m raiding guild, ranked realm first during Nighthold tier and finished US 17th within the 2-Day progression scene. Currently 7/9 in mythic ToS, we strive to obtain another realm first and keep improving in our standings compared to groups with similar raiding schedules. We pride ourselves on efficiency and bring a similar mentality in our sales. Sales Information: 9/9 heroic tomb of sargeras full clear on personal loot : 650k . Date of Sale: 09/25/17 at 7:15pm CST / 8:15pm Eastern. Please log in a few minutes early as we pull the first boss at exactly 7:30pm central / 8:30pm eastern. Loot Distribution: Personal Loot Please be advised that the only guaranteed loot you'll get is the one you will loot yourself. Our raiders are very well-geared and may pass some loot to buyers. Benefits -Full clear of Heroic Tomb of Sargeras -Personal loot, possibly passed gear from raiders and bonus roll -Ahead of the curve achievement. Details : -25% non-refundable deposit required at time of scheduling your run. -Remaining 75% is to be paid before first pull on raid night -You may reschedule up to 48 hours before your scheduled run without penalty. -If technical issues arise, we allow 15 minutes to reconnect before continuing. -Gear that is an upgrade for our raiders may not be passed on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic +15 completion : 350k Mythic +10 completion : 200k -935 ilvl gear in your weekly cache -any non-needed gear passed on to you. -Will try to stack the group with the same armor class so you get more gearing oportunities. We accept gold from many servers, including but not limited to : Korgath, Sargeras, Stormrage, Proudmoore, Dalaran, Moonguard, etc... For further information regarding Tomb of Sargeras or Mythic Keystone sales, please contact me in game at rigby#1872 or on discord at Rigby#0998.Lìv5 21h
21h [A] The Hallowed Core Guild: The Hallowed Core Faction: Alliance Looking for: A resto Druid and a Holy/disc priest! Please be 910+! Will consider anyone with the right attitude and mindset! Group: Currently 9/9N Tos 9/9H Tos Time: Tues and Thur 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm (EST) About us: The Hallowed Core was started late 7.1.5 and downed 10/10H before the patch. Unfortunately we did not have enough people to start mythics and unfortunately still do not. We are a close group of friends that we consider family! Our team works together as a family should to progress at a casual setting while maintaining a nice progression speed! We're just looking to progress through Tos while having fun! If you'd like more information about the guild or xferring over to join us please add me on Bnet: Catriarra#1620 This is our Core group!Cattiarra0 21h
22h <Shattered Requiem> new players welcome! Shattered Requiem [H] Dalaran About Shattered Requiem We started as a reroll project and just formed our guild together. The guild was built from players that recently started up World of Warcraft again and found that most of their friends are on other servers or not playing at all. We tried joining some other guilds, but even then felt lost in the numbers or could not find anything that fits. Others were new players just looking to enjoy the game at a casual pace and not just blow through everything just to hit max level. So, we decided to start a reroll guild and make a home for others like ourselves. A place where we all can enjoy the game again, make new friends, enjoy the social aspects together and feel like part of the team! :: Guild Info :: • A chance to experience the game all over again with a “Fresh Start” with others that want the same thing. • Not just a place for alts, but a new community for us all that we can call our main home. • A place for family and friends, husbands and wives, co workers, etc. With drama free and clean chat. No trade chat here. • The chance to experience everything in the game as we grow together. • A place that is welcoming to new players and veterans alike. • No pressure to raid so come enjoy whatever you want to do in game! • A PvE and PvP guild. We all like different aspects of the game and we have the chance to accomplish great things together. • A chance to level with everyone else, and not feel like the odd man/woman out. • No rush to end-game. Come and turn off your experience if you want! I will be doing that myself. • A guild where you have a voice and not just another member on the roster. • A chance to try different things in game without the worry and pressure about gearing through LFR! :: Raid Times/Day Info :: Just to be clear, we are not in a rush to hit level 110. Our members are progress through the content at a casual pace and we are never going to push for players to hurry up to raid. But, we are going to have guild events where we run older content raiding, thus we needed a raid schedule set. So below will outline the general times and days we will raid whether it is for events or for end game! Friday - Saturday 9PM-Midnight EST Times subject to change an/or more days and time slots will be added :: Current Needs :: Players up to level 70 - No Demon Hunters for now. Once the guild progresses then we will increase the level ranges. Death Knights are welcome and also BoAs (heirlooms) are allowed. :: Contacts :: Khmira - Guild Leader Baeldrin - Lead Officer Aionara - Officer Riind - Officer Kassadina - Officer Gowthak - Officer So if you are interested please visit our website for information and applications or join our Discord Server to ask questions and chat with us! https://sreq.enjin.com/info https://discord.gg/3rcQC6j Look forward to hearing from you and starting our adventure together!Khmira22 22h
1d (A)Natural Affinity 5/10M recruiting! (A) Natural Affinity is recruiting. Current Progression 9/9H Natural Affinity has been around for ages a lot of us raiding together since MC . What we are looking for is folks that want to raid mythic and are willing to put in the work to improve themselves as raiders. We raid 2 nights a week with 1 optional day that is generally farm content. Tuesday 8-11 Progression Wed 8-11 Progression What we are looking for is folks that are ready for mythic raiding. Classes in need : Looking for all ranged DPS We could also use an exceptional healer Exceptional players are always welcome to apply! If you are interested in a raid spot please get in touch with myself , Chiddymagus, Smash, Prinncey, or Lustily Thanks ! ZifanZifan10 1d
1d [A]<Invincible> 3/9M LFM [A] <Invincible> is currently looking for multiple people. We would like to offer a nice community with good people that do not mind helping others not to mention a community where you can pvp, raid, gold farm, do dungeons, achievements, socialize, laugh and other aspects of the game. Currently we are a two night a week raiding guild with a possible third night depending on circumstances. The ThunderCats Raid Team currently raids from 8-11 server time on Tues/Wednesday/Thursday. Current Progression of group 1 is 4/7M, 3/3H, 10/10H, 1/10 M, 9/9 N, and 9/9 H. Recruiting for the Team B Raid Team is now open which is our late night team. Running raids on T/T from 10pm to 1am server time and current progression is 9/9H. Team Ramrod runs on Friday's and Saturday's 9pm to 12am server time. Current Progression is at 9/9H. PvP currently Holds Events on Sunday's, in need of a new PvP Team Leader for RBG's and arena teams. We also take casuals. Recently just gave out over 100k in gold, 3 TCG loot cards, and a vial of the sands during one of our Guild Promotions. Go to http://invincibleguild.com to apply check us out today or talk to one of our members in game. Other means of contact is to message me in-game through battletag or whispers. The special è is alt+138. My battletag is Juggernaut#1975. Looking forward to hear from you.Dèstroyer67 1d
2d [A] Insurgence is Looking for More Hi, Insurgence has just moved to Dalaran and we are looking to bolster our overall ranks and fill some gaps in our current raid team, while making new friends on the server. Who We Are Insurgence was created late in WotLK, but the core of the guild has been playing together since launch. We are by no means a tip of the spear, world first guild. Instead we set out to see all content possible at a minimum of heroic difficulty, and dabbling in mythics when viable. So far for Legion, we have achieved AOTC for each raid except for ToS, which we are picking back up work on now that we have settled in on this server. We do our best to maintain a fun, social, open lighthearted environment while keeping high standards of dedication and performance in our raids. An adult atmosphere abound in this guild. What We are Looking For We're looking to be the place people log in to have fun, whether it is doing mythics, mythic+ dungeons, PVP or raiding. If you're looking for a laid back place, to have a good time while some good people, then Insurgence is the place for you. In terms of raiding, we are currently looking for ranged DPS, but are open to other classes, just send a tell and lets talk! New to raiding? No worries, as long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn, then we will work with you. All of us having families, jobs and responsibilities outside of WoW. With that in mind, we all understand that everyone has real world responsibilities, and do our best to be flexible when things come up. Raiding Schedule Tuesday: 8-11 Thursday: 8-11 Sundays 8-10 (Restarting in October) Who to Talk To] Allasir(GM) - Nubs#1963 Ferrekin - Ferrekin#1559 Sinizstorg - His memory is badAllasir11 2d
2d [H] <Heart> 3/9M is recruiting! <Heart> is Recruiting! <Heart> has formed a solid Mythic raiding core that is moving quickly through Tomb! We have a laid back raid atmosphere but expect personal responsibility and high performance. Our atmosphere is very welcoming and we accept people with open arms as a part of the family. Currently 7/7 M EN (Cutting Edge!), 2/3 M ToV, 7/10 M NH, 9/9 H ToS (AoTC), and 1/9 M TOS. Recruiting: Ranged dps (Boomkin highest priority) healer (monk, druid, priest) This list is not limited, we consider applications from any class! (Having logs will increase your chances) Details/Requirements: Discord. Personal Loot Raids are Tues/Thursday 7:00-9:30pm EST. Good attendance. 920+ Item Level. Minimum 52 traits in main spec Artifact. 850k+ Single Target DPS. Appropriate consumable use at all times for progression. Fully enchanted and gemmed gear. Knowledge of your stat priority. Heroic raids: are a guarantee invite for anyone in the guild that can preform a very minimal level. Progression Mythic raids: are based on performance and attendance (If your good and show up regularly your in). Farm Mythic raids: mythic raiders will be rotated in on a schedule and/or based on loot needs. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact desks-Dalaran (Desk#1816 on battle.net) or Tagorg-Dalaran! We look forward to hearing from you!Callmeemp31 2d
2d [A] Corsets N Crosses Recruiting Guild Name: Corsets N Crosses Faction: Alliance Realm (US/EU): Dalaran US Realm Type: PVE Realm Timezone: EST We are looking for Members to help form our Raid Team for Antorus The Burning Throne The days and times we will be running is Thursday & Friday 7pm - 9pm EST. We are currently looking for Tanks, Healers and 1 or 2 DPS specs. If interested in Game mail me with any questions or request for a invite . We need Members who are willing to join us in discord not just during raids. Discord is where we put our Mythic+ groups togetherMightyherc0 2d
2d Zaharen Yce is recruiting "Zaharen Yce" is looking for new members to join our friendly and sociable guild. We have discord for all of our activities. We currently raid on Thursdays and Fridays at 11PM Server. We are looking for a few more healers. PST for more info or invite We are looking at getting up a 2nd raid group, just need more members. As we are looking for healers, we are also looking for DPS and tanks but if you could do a combo (heal/tank, heal/dps, dps/heal) or any of the 3, then that would be great We have started heroic ToS but it'll be a few more weeks before we are fully into heroic. If you would like an invite, then any of my members would be able to help, if you want more info, you can add my battle tag : raging#1221Ragingcajun0 2d
2d [A] Looking for a Guild Hello all, New player here, never played WoW before, although I have a lot of experience is other MMO's. Started playing WoW, and love it Looking for an Alliance guild, I split my time between this game and World of Tanks, so I'll be on consistanly but not every night. I don't play many games anymore as I try to pick 2 and stick with them so I can put the hours in and be a supportive member. Looking for a friendly group of players willing to help n00bs learn. I love to heal, but learning the ropes behind the mechanics of course. I also love to play warrior and mages. Right now I have a Priest, Warlock, Warrior and Mage. Please, no drama. I have 4 teenagers, 3 of which are girls, and a menopausal wife. I have all the drama I need at home. Thanks, have a great day!Limrunar2 2d
2d The Ancients Misbehaving recruiting <The Ancients Misbehaving> is a horde guild on Dalaran for adults and family. Guild focus - PvE, Social, leveling, running instances and casual raiding Guild style is casual and social. If you are looking for a casual and social guild and want to find friends to play with come join us! This is a guild looking for others to join us and help us grow. We don't tolerate racism, homophobia, Islamophobia or misogyny! We want to be a guild of friends having fun! We are lgbt friendly! We are a guild of adults and family who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just pvp we have a place for you. If you want to raid without the hardcore progression orientation we have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play wow in a fun environment. Raiding style will be more serious. Emphasis in raiding will be to work together as a group without drama. The expectations will be that players sign up and come on time with food and flasks and work together with the group to get bosses down. We are always looking for others who want to join us and come regularly to our raid. Raid times are Wed and Mon. 8-10pm est server timeJenkayah0 2d
2d [A] <Serenìty> 9/9H LFM for ToS and Antorus Hey there, everyone. Serenìty is recruiting! We don't care if you're new to raiding, new to the server, new to WoW, or if you're an experienced vet looking for a new home. If you're looking for a group of people to raid with or just someone to talk to in green text, check us out! Who we are We're mostly vets ourselves, many of whom have returned to WoW for Legion after taking breaks for various reasons. We've been together since the beginning of the expansion, but we've accomplished quite a bit in that short amount of time. Our progression this expansion includes: * 7/7H EN (AOTC) * 3/3H ToV (AOTC) * 10/10H NH (AOTC) * 9/9H ToS (AOTC) We raid six hours a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays from 7-10 PM server time. We don't try to pretend we're a serious progression guild. Many of us have jobs, families, or other real life obligations outside of WoW, and we understand that sometimes those obligations get in the way of making raid times. We're completely okay with that, because WoW is a game and it's easy for people to forget that. We're certainly not the most progressed guild on the server, and we aren't likely to ever be, but we do get bosses down and we have fun doing it. What we're looking for We're looking for you, if you're looking for a guild! While our primary focus is raiding, we also do dungeons (both mythic and mythic+) throughout the week as our schedules allow. If you're the sort that likes to just sit around and talk in guild chat while doing pet battles, you're welcome too. We're a family, and we're always looking for more people to join us. Raid recruitment Being a raiding guild, we do have certain gaps we need to fill on our roster from time to time. Anyone and everyone is welcome provided you're willing to learn and improve where necessary, so don't be discouraged if you've never raided with a guild before! Here's what we're looking for currently: * Melee DPS (highest priority currently!) * Ranged DPS (high priority) * 1 healer with a DPS off spec (mistweaver or holy pally preferred) As mentioned previously, anyone is welcome to join us, as you never know when we may have a raid slot open up for a healer or tank at the last minute! How to contact us Getting in touch with us is pretty simple. Just search /who for anyone in the guild or add one of the Battle Tags below: * Avalith#1298 (Dinìvas- GM) * BansheGG#1937 (Ñami - XO) * Futhark#1693 (Unclepickle - Raid tank)Bearfu21 2d
3d [H] <Owlcatraz> 9/9 H, 4/10 M Need RDPS/Heal CURRENTLY RECRUITING: DPS to fill out mythic raid team, 1 healer (resto druid or holy pally preferred) With the final boss of heroic ToS down, we are looking to fill out our mythic raid roster and are actively considering any solid DPS; especially ranged. We could also use 1 more healer! Get in touch with us: Feel free to message anyone in the guild and they will point you in the direction of an officer, or add me on either of the below: Battletag: Sara#12460 Discord: Whimsie#3904 Check out our streams: https://www.twitch.tv/syleska (Feral/Guardian Druid PoV) https://www.twitch.tv/whimsie1 (Holy Priest PoV) About Owlcatraz: <Owlcatraz> on Dalaran-US is always considering more raiders to join our casual yet progressing raids. Most of us have been playing for years so we know our !@#$; we just got older somewhere along the line and can't raid 5 nights a week anymore because work doesn't like it when we call in sick for raiding. Raid Times: We focus on progression with a concise and efficient schedule, as we maintain a 4 hour raid week. Raid Days: Wednesday 8:30-10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday 8:30-10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/237202 Tell me more about Owlcatraz: Owlcatraz was founded during EN in this expansion as a couple groups of like minded individuals came together and decided to give this a whirl. All of our officers have been playing since Vanilla or BC (giving us something absurd like 55 years of combined experience) and have participated in raiding and guild leadership off and on over that period. Age-wise, most of our membership ranges from late 20's to mid 30's having grown with the game, and generally do not have the time or desire to raid 3-4 hours 3-4 nights a week any longer. That said, we like to experience the raid content, and use our time well to achieve that. We progressed through Heroic NH, increased our roster to accommodate moving into Mythic, and were able to achieve 4/10 without expanding our time demands or changing the atmosphere. With the short raid week we of course run lots of keystones and generally run a causal normal and/or heroic run (depending on the current state of progression). We also have several members interested in PVP who are happy to group up for Bgs etc. on off-nights. We have many social and active members who can often be found hanging out in discord, whether it be on voice or chatting in our various text channels. Hmmm... so what is expected from me?: Attitude is paramount! We can work with most players, but we strive to keep our atmosphere chill and positive. If you're prone to bouts of unbridled nerdrage please move along! From a nuts and bolts standpoint we do have some rough baselines we'd like to see from a player desiring a regular raid slot. Since the numbers vary greatly I'd recommend hitting us up if you're interested and we can take a look and talk about expectations. We tend to be quite flexible on attendance (more so for dps than tanks and heals) as we're all working adults, some with families, some with school work etc. Our only ask is that you're up front with availability and notify us on discord if unable to attend a raid. We hope to hear from you soon!Whimsie27 3d
3d <Testudo> 9/9H Moving to Mythic LF Players [A] <Testudo> - Dalaran Hello! <Testudo> 9/9H is a 2 day heroic raiding guild looking to move into mythic. We are alliance side on Dalaran US. We have recently formed and are looking for healers and DPS to add to our core. We are here to progress and have fun doing it. Our main ideology is that if someone is holding us back for whatever reason (mechanics/dps/etc.), we will sit them until they up their game. That being said we mess around between pulls, swear like sailors, and have tons of fun while trying to down content and move on to the next challenge. Some preferred classes/specs would be: Tank: Guardian hybrid RDPS: Hunter/Warlock/Mage/EleShaman/Boomkin (with healing offspec)/Spriest Melee: DH/Rogue/Ret (with healing offspec) But any class that can pull their weight and would like to progress in a fun group of great players is welcome to come along! Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST. If you are interested please let us know! Btag Kkbay#1884 Discord Larli#7741Larlii0 3d
3d [A] Redacted is recruiting Greetings fellow Dalaranians! I am Soverus of the guild Redacted. We are currently looking to bring our numbers up with about 10 more active people. So here is what we are. Redacted: is on the Alliance Faction. works primarily on Eastern Standard Timezone. is a semi-casual raiding guild. is a lot of fun to be in. is an 18+ guild (can make exceptions based on interview) is for people with weird work schedules and families. We view life > WoW We currently are looking for the following: 2-3 healers / back up healers 1-2 back up tanks / 2 Melee DPS 3 Ranged DPS (Prefer mage, warlock, won't turn everyone down though) As stated we are semi-casual raiders. We schedule 3 raids a week. One of the raids is for a progression team. Two are for everyone to join in. Our raid days are Wednesday, Friday, and Monday (Progression day). Progression team requires separate interview by two officers. We have cleared so far EN 7/7 Normal and Heroic NH 10/10 Normal and Heroic ToS 9/9 Normal 8/9 Heroic If this interests you at all please contact these btags Revenas#1326 Arcthor#1172 onDanzetron#1355 Runic#1204 GrimNacho#1793 Iceshadow#1216 Talcyonnis#1369 OldGrampa #1811 for an interview.Soverus3 3d
3d Horde player lf Guild Hey guys I'm back from a 3 year hiatus from WoW and looking to get back into it, currently starting from scratch and looking for a laid back guild to join and just play together. I am also looking to get back into heavy raiding once I am leveled up.Priorcity6 3d
3d 6/9 M Guild LF Strong DPS, heals <Crucible> [H] on Dalaran is searching for more players for our core raid team through mythic ToS. We are a mid-core progression raiding guild with some of the best geared and most experienced players on the server. We are considering exceptional players of any class, but currently have high demand for shadow priests, ret paladins, warlocks and hunters. Also considering holy paladins. Please have up-to-date logs to show officers. Raids are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8:30 – 12:00 EST Crucible’s Progression - Mythic Nighthold: 9/10 - Heroic ToS: 9/9 - Mythic ToS: 6/9 More about us: Crucible was created at Legion launch, but we have grown substantially since our inception. Our founders raided together in previous expansions and even managed server firsts on former challenging content. Our mythic team is comprised of truly exceptional players; we continue to grow and improve with every raid and will undoubtedly persist in that upward trajectory. Great attendance and attitudes are a must for our mythic progression runs. Crucible has an awesome atmosphere; people are always in discord to talk, run M+, PvP or even play other Blizzard games together. We're very close-knit and maintain a family-like atmosphere coupled with progression raiding. We hope you will contact any of the officers below if you have any questions about the guild or how we run raid and would also like to extend an invitation to our discord so you can get a feel for our guild environment before you make your decision. Hope to hear from you soon! Contact any of the officers below: Mîder:(Guild Master/Melee Officer)- MythosFreak#1374 Shockîra:(Recruitment/Healing Officer)- Rycyxox#1417 Yunglamp:(Raid Leader/MT)- Kumanji#1509Shockîra4 3d
3d [H] Singing Sunflower Recruiting Who we are: -Singing Sunflower is a recently created guild on horde side Dalaran with the intentions to progress into raids on Sunday and Mondays, for those who want to raid on alts or are unable to raid other days of the week. We formed three weeks ago, so progress is just beginning but within this span we have already achieved 9/9N 1/9H while having multiple toons still under geared for the current content. The guild is formed by several raiders with current 9/9H experience and is looking for more raiders to play with. Raid Times Sunday 9pm to 12am Eastern time Monday 9pm to 12am Eastern time What we are looking for: Currently we are still filling our roster so we are looking for another melee or two and more ranged as well as a healer to round out our group Tank: DK/DH/Monk/Pally/Warrior Melee: DK/Feral/SV Hunter/DH/Warrior/Shaman/Rogue Ranged: Boomkin/Warlock/Spriest/Mage/Shaman Heal: Resto druid/MW Monk/Holy Paladin/Holy/Disc Priest Any other classes are welcome to talk to any officers within the guild. We are not focused on gear but on personality to make sure that raids are enjoyable for everyone there. When we are in raid we like to joke around and talk, but come boss pull take things seriously. Loot: -Currently we are often running personal as several people are still gearing up their toons as many of our raiders are alts that want to raid on the weekend or people who couldn’t raid during the week. We have the intention at one point to switch over to master loot or RClootcouncil where we will pass out gear fairly so that everyone enjoys the raid environment but also focus on killing the bosses and progressing as a group. We may be a young group just starting out, but we are focused on enjoying the time we put into the game and improving each other each week. If this sounds like a guild you might be interested in please respond here or contact us in game Beezlebub#1958 Versusone(Gm/RL) Vytalis#1149 Inalli (officer)Versusone8 3d
3d [H] <Galactic Guard> 8/9 H ToS Recruiting Hello! Im Vyxxa, officer and heal lead in <Galactic Guard>! We are a new horde guild on the server and are in search of heroes of all kinds to help fill our ranks. Alongside our GM and Main tank Sharpfire (Sharp#12155), we are eager to find like-minded individuals that are looking for a home to meet new people, raid, socialize, and generally enjoying the game with. We are 8/9 H ToS and are looking to build more toward a successful progression through /Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We have experience in progression raiding from WotLK to present and are seeking to bring our expertise and prowess to Dalaran sever. We have achieved AoTC dating back to Heart of Fear up to AoTC: Gul'dan. Please Pm us or add us on bnet for more information if you are interested. We look forward to potentially raiding with you. We raid on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8-11pm Server. GM: Sharpfire-Dalaran (Sharp#12155) Heal lead: Vyxxatish-Dalaran (Vunce#1880) We also are starting to stream our progression days on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/sharpeh_firebear Take a look at some of the videos to see if we are the type of guild you'd be interested in raiding with.Vyxxatish78 3d
3d [H] <Ouroboros> Recruiting raiders for Legion Hello friends, My name is Pause. You Hordies may remember me in such channels as /2 (Trade) and /1 (General). I talk about sports! More to the point; <Ouroboros> is recruiting members for Tomb of Sargeras and beyond! We're picking up steam in Tomb (9/9 H, 2/9 M), but we've been held back some nights by poor attendance at key positions. We're seeking players who can commit to our raid schedule and understand what that commitment means to their fellow raiders. <Ouroboros> raids 2 nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes an optional alt/farm clear on Wednesday) from 8:00pm until 11:00pm. We try to progress with as full a raid group as possible during heroic, and then take the BEST OF THE BEST to Mythic. Our recruitment is sort of open. We're looking for healers and ranged dps primarily. Honestly, we're open to all ranged dps specs (aside from mages, really) and all healers (but especially holy paladins). While these are the stated roles we need, ALL exceptional applicants are considered, no matter what role/class. As we continue towards the end of Legion and beyond, we want to field the absolute best roster possible, and I personally hope the competition is fierce. Applicants are expected to use Discord. You should also have all raid materials you need to maximize your performance. While feasts are provided, you should know the preferred consumables for your spec. Gear must be gemmed/enchanted properly, as would be the norm in any raiding guild (at least, I hope that's the norm for raiding guilds.) Pleasepleasepleaseplease if you are interested, send me a tell in game, add me on bnet @mortificial#1983 or Discord @mortificial#3627. Feel free to also contact any of the officers in the guild as well. Left this relic from the past: We're a level twenty-six (26) guild and we wear two (2) tabards at one time. Thanks for reading!Pause10 3d
3d [A - Dalaran] <Memoirs> Legacy Raiding Guild <Memoirs> is an Alliance legacy raiding guild located on the US Dalaran server. Having finished Vanilla and BC era raids, we are now currently recruiting for level 80 (WotLK) content. Our mission is to create a progression-minded legacy raiding guild that tackles older content with era appropriate gear, enchants, and consumables, to give is us the most genuine and true to period experience we can get in the current version of the game. Whether you are a nostalgic veteran, a player looking for something to break up the monotony of current content, or even a newcomer looking to be able to experience older content at level, Memoirs may be exactly what you're looking for! As of 9/10, our experience gains are capped at 80. Since the WotLK era, all of the classes of that time have evolved and even with era appropriate gear, all roles are miles ahead from where they once were. In order to compensate for that, we will be adjusting raid sizes to accommodate. The following restrictions have also been put into place: *No heirlooms at cap. Heirlooms are permitted to level with, but please have level appropriate gear ready to go at 80. *Level 80 appropriate classes. Please no Monks. Any race is fine. *No raid/dungeon run throughs by higher levels to obtain gear at 80. *Professions capped at 450. *Transfers are permitted for characters level 70 and below. No level 80 transfers are accepted. We raid Friday and Saturday, 10pm - 12am EST. We are currently FULL on melee dps, mages and paladins. We are especially looking for locks, hunters, and another non-dk tank! Please feel free to contact the GM at Kinalun#1167 for any additional info or questions you may have! tags: Legacy, Legacy Raiding, Reroll, Reroll Guild, WotLK raiding, WrathStablyn3 3d
3d Alliance and Horde Mythic+ Discords Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know about the the NA Alliance and Horde discord's I've put together. The Alliance one is at almost 1500 members, the Horde one is almost 300 members (It was just created this week). These are quality discords and are featured on wowhead's official community discord list. Roles are assigned automatically by a custom coded "Update_Bot" based on your Mythic+ score. The Alliance one is extremely active given it's population, but the Horde one will be there soon! If you have any questions feel free to contact me in the discord. We are hoping to increase the popularity of Mythic+ as well as find a nice home for players looking to make group finding more easy. Thanks! Alliance M+ Discord Code: m8TRn4w Horde M+ Discord Code: KgRfzpkRëlic0 3d
3d In Search of Raid Lead Mature Adult guild seeking RAID LEAD! <DSM5> 18+ Dalaran Alliance We are a casual social guild looking to raid TOS. Yes, I said casual. We are not hardcore raiders, we wont make it through mythic raiding but would LOVE to at least get through heroic. We are looking for kickass players seeking a guild that wants to raid TOS. Raid lead would choose raid days/times (preferably weeknights EST) and also be responsible for assisting with raid recruitment. We use discord, which will be a requirement. We would be willing to help pay for a realm transfer for the right personThoroughbrèd1 3d
4d [H] Mass Exødus is recruiting We are a heroic ToS 7/9 guild that formed out of desire to raid and run keys, but have it be fun and without drama. We offer a casual atmosphere for players to socialize while making things go dead, be it a raid or M+ boss… and sometimes even the occasional alliance filth! We have experienced officers and raid leadership, as well as discord, guild repairs, and guild bank. We believe in recruiting players over classes so we are open to all, but we do have higher preference on some based off current guild composition. Below are our preferences: Healer: • Resto druid • Holy priest RDPS • Warlock • Mage • Spriest • MM Hunter MDPS • Demon hunter • Retadin • Death knight • Rogue If you believe you would fit in with our merry band of misfits contact Kvarien or reply here.Kvarien0 4d
4d [A] <Order of the Righteous> The Order is the Organization itself, and 'of The Righteous' is the charitable deeds we promote. <Order of the Righteous>(A) Is recruiting people that wish to dedicate themselves to the ideals of Vanilla wow, being charitable, and helping the community out. We firmly believe in the ideals of the past, and place our banners firmly in every location of the world to symbolize what we stand for. Some of the these old ideals are: Striving to build a community within both of our guilds. Assisting players in our own guild whenever they need help, and whenever we can offer our assistance. Also promoting the fact that new players, and or old should do the same OUTSIDE the guild. Some people believe that a social guild that actively communicates with each other is a thing of the past, which is why we do our very best to communicate both verbally and in guild chat! (We use Discordapp) A free voice communication program that anyone can use. We are a guild that promotes selflessness rather than selfishness. We hold a strong claim that we are a Charity guild over a PVP / PVE guild. What does that imply? Helping new players become champions, and giving as much as we can back to our community. We strongly believe that the community makes the player base, and without a 'good' player base we have a destructive, spiteful, hateful, trollish community built on the pillars of hate, and greed. Most guilds nowadays do not post events on the calendar, our calendar is generally filled with various times to cater to those in Australia, Europe, the East Coast, and the West Coast. We have all kinds of events, for all kinds of people. We are the only guild that changes our colors to show support for fallen serviceman (Red / White / Blue), promote breast cancer awareness (Pink), promote LGBT unity (Rainbow), promote awareness for certain genocides such as the Armenian Genocide (Red / Orange / Blue), promotes unity in certain worldly events like the shootings in France (Red / White / Blue), and to top it off we have a SPECIFIC day every month where we cater to veterans and help them with their basic needs. Order of the Righteous & Pelican prides itself on helping others, especially when we can lend the assistance in real life. We are the -ONLY- guild that has brought together big donations to send to the American Cancer Society, and the Red Cross. We even have set up donations for animals, and have raised awareness about animal abuse in farms. We also promote the philosophies of the RAOK. What is the RAOK? The RAOK is a universal philosophy that has been used for thousands of years, by both animals and man, and it is one of the core values that we associate ourselves with. We believe that it can unify a community, and bring people together, and sustain a community long enough against the 'rusty 'formation' of trolls, hackers, scammers, and douche bags. The RAOK: Random acts of Kindness. We ask that you do it at least once a day, if you can, wherever you can! Our core values are: 1. Unity - United we stand against all odds, against all drama, and against anyone or anything that upholds negativity in a community, together we motivate, uplift, and help one another out. That is what we're about! Fighting together gets the job done, a guild that is divided is a guild not at all! 2. The RAOK: Random acts of Kindness, be charitable, helping others without seeking anything in return. 3. Honor - Honoring our serviceman that have fought for our country, honoring the RAOK, honor each other with kindness, love, and truth. Promoting the ideals of Chivalry, by honoring that, we honor it all! The bottom line is that most of us have joined to fight for a better tomorrow, a community that is united under a banner of charity, kindness, and that surrounds itself on the ideals of the RAOK. We're not fixated on hardcore raiding, or PVP, rather we're fixated on the ideals of helping one another. Fun Fact: When most people join a guild the first thought of mind is, "I want to get so and so, I want to be this and that, I need this, I want that." So they tend to join PVP, or PVE guilds. These guilds are built on the foundations of selfishness, not selflessness. When people see us, they're automatically thinking, "How can we help others, what can we do to help each other, what can do we to give up something in the name of the RAOK?" Thus promoting selflessness from the start. If you have a similar like-mind please join one of the two guilds, on either faction of your choice. For the RAOK! For extra evidence, we've set up a page in Imgur where you can look through some of our photos, we also have a Twitch that we ALWAYS stream our giveaways at!Kornbredkhan302 4d
4d Tcg items for sale Corrupted Hippogryph 5 mill Landro's lithcling x2 120k ea message me in game and ill redeem the cardsGarryc1 4d
5d [US][A][Dalaran] Midiology 9/9 H ToS LF DPS (Raid Time: 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST) (Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday) (Faction: Alliance) (Server: Dalaran-US) Hello, <Midiology> is currently recruiting Ranged DPS classes. We are currently 9/9 Heroic Tomb (We hit 4/10 M NH before Tombs opening). We need a few more dedicated raiders to round out the guild. We keep a fun, vibrant, and adult mumble atmosphere. If you are interested, leave a reply here or message me in game at Aquarias #1208! Current High-Priority Needs (Feel free to reach out if you aren't one of the classes below): • Mage • Marksman Hunter • Boomkin • Warlock We expect attendance to a majority of our raids. We are progression based and expect personal improvement from all of our raiders on a consistent basis. Solid officer core ensures a drama free guild. If you are tired of guilds falling apart mid-expansion, try us out. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xNhAtw7T6Q3cWkPRDooplíss1 5d
5d [H] Six Feet Under Recruiting for TOS! Hello Dalaran! We are a semi casual mature guild of raiders looking to bolster our roster! We are looking for skilled players of ALL classes and specs with HIGH priority for a Tank and Healers! You should be roughly around 890+ ilvl give or take and have a positive attitude! We raid: Monday: 8:30-11 Tuesday: 8:30-11 Wednesday: 9-11 We're a fun laid back group that gets bosses down! If this interests you, either leave a comment here on the forums or message any one of our members in game and they can point you in the direction of one of our officers! PS, We are cross realm friendly!Kezi15 5d
5d Struggling, need some advice Hey everyone, I play this game since months before BC came out, always on a PvP server. I love World PvP and the little things like making you focus on something else while doing something in the world. But now World PvP is so sh** getting 1 shotted and everything. I never thought I would say that but now BG's are way more balanced to play than world PvP but I don't want to get into that topic. I'll level a character from 1 to 110 without heirloom to make me enjoy the quests that I haven't after the Cataclysm expansion and I'm looking for another server for a fresh start. I was thinking of Emerald Dream, they have lots of cool RP events (I was never into RP but it seems cool) but then I discovered this realm and it is packed with people in every zone of the game which is refreshing to me. But ok, getting to the point: The fact that it is a PvE server, is it fun? Like, anyone who always played in a PvP realm and changed to this one thought it was a good change of pace? Do you get some other players with PvP turned on? Can anyone give me a little overview of the feeling of the server please? Thanks in advance!Bacaiau3 5d
5d [H] Darwin's Misfits a guild that does stuff. Do you like to do PvP stuff? I think we have people that does that stuff. Do you like to raid stuff? I think we have people that do that stuff too. I think 1/9 in Heroic Tomb. Yeah raid stuff. Do you like mythic dungeon stuff? Well then sure we can do that stuff too. Want to talk about cooking recipes? We so do that stuff. If you want a guild to login and chill out with that’s us. Accepting all levels and classes for general stuff. For raids we are looking for healers and range DPS. We are super laid back, chill, older 26+ guild. We enjoy doing stuff. We really enjoy doing stuff together. We use Discord to discuss all of the above stuff and you can too if you join us! If you are a smaller guild that is looking for a partnership to help fill out your raiding roster we can assist you with that stuff too! You can contact myself, Ajaag, Yuuka, Squishycow, Ramsgurl or the GM Shrimplypibl here or in game.Ajaag3 5d
5d {A} Dark Sun Knights LFM 21620 293 posts Dark Sun Knights, a casual progression guild since Wrath. We are all adults. We have finished normal ToS and are now into heroic ToS. Our raiding nights are Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30 to 11 pm EST. What you will get here is a friendly adult place with folks knowledgeable about the game but also realize we all have lives and jobs outside. What we are not likely to do is raid Mythic. We do enjoy fun nights on older content some may have missed. We play the game for fun and enjoyment and the shared pleasure of reaching goals both small and large. If this sounds like something your looking for, feel free to in-game us.Isolo0 5d
5d [A] Looking for a raiding guild 903 Affliction warlock, just returning to WoW for this x-pac. I am an experienced raider can pull my weight in dps and mechanicsEwstickyimps2 5d
5d Looking for a guild I'm planning to leave a guild im at due to a guild getting disbanded. I am also a great healer for the raid. Three of my friends are also planning to join with me. Please let me know if you have any spots open thank you so much for your time. Ps I won't be on due to internet outage due to Comcast.Alpan3 5d
5d Destro lock (9/9 H ToS); possible transfer... Level 928 warlock (also have 917 frost mage) looking for raiding guild on alliance side for ToS mythic progression and beyond. Have 9/9 H ToS experience and about 20 or so pulls on mythic Goroth (current guild just started this past week). Had a toon on this server before, and from what I remember, it is pretty active in terms of PvE content. I'm available weeknights after 9:00 EST; looking for group that runs progression 2 nights/week. Btag is buckeyes#11437; feel free to contact me in-game if your group is looking. Thanks and good luck.Móriarty3 5d
6d (A) Dark Sun Knights LFM *Update* Dark Sun Knights, a casual progression guild since Wrath. We are all adults. We have finished normal ToS and are now into heroic ToS. Our raiding nights are Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30 to 11 pm EST. What you will get here is a friendly adult place with folks knowledgeable about the game but also realize we all have lives and jobs outside. What we are not likely to do is raid Mythic. We do enjoy fun nights on older content some may have missed. We play the game for fun and enjoyment and the shared pleasure of reaching goals both small and large. If this what you're looking for in a guild, feel free to in-game mail me, contact me at Agelaus#1304 or send me a tell. Regards, XakXakopane55 6d
6d Looking for Raiding Guild Looking for raiding guild. 912 Frost Mage or if heals needed been trying this Resto Druid thing but at 884 ilvl. Looking for times between 3 and 9 server. I come with a great attitude, bad jokes and usually don't stand in stuff. Battletag Happysock#1433Happyfluid4 6d
6d [A] <Guldan Stole My Bike> 8/9H M/Th 10-1EST Update 9/4: H Avatar down, KJ is goin' DOWN! Update 8/24: Host down, 3 to go. Update 8/14: First week of heroic progression since we formed up and now 5/9H. We're looking for a few more dps and a healer to flesh out our roster from our solid 10-man to 15-ish. Our vibe is very fun, but we're also progressing really well together with great teamwork. M/Th Heroic Tomb progression 10-1 EST Sunday Normal Tomb alt/farm 10-1 EST ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you or a loved one ever woken up in the morning, looked outside, and noticed something missing? <Guldan Stole My Bike> is here for you. With our dedicated team of officers and raiders we will work tirelessly day and night to fill the bike-less void in your life that Guldan left. With Loot! We're raiding Heroic Tomb M/Th 10-1 with a N farm/alt run on Sundays. We provide all raid consumables and 5k repairs per day, questionable humor, gambling, and general tomfoolery. Come join us on our alt night to check us out :D MagicPants#15981 LeGremlin#1504Nannerpantz7 6d
6d [H] <The Square Wheel Clan> We are a social, low-pressure guild made up of a few old friends who have relocated to Dalaran looking for like-minded members to grow the new guild. Whether you're a new player looking to learn dungeons, etc. or an older player looking for a place to land and willing to help the new players, give us a try. All we ask is you're respectful, somewhat mature, and willing to contribute! Hope to see you in-game. PallyPallidrome0 6d
6d [H]Looking for progression guild 918 Frost Dk LF for Heroic Raiding Guild. recently moved to US server no achivments to link! need some better gear for mythic progression raids! can maintain around 950k consistant dps. I haven't done a lot of high end raiding after Cata.but I'm used to be in progression guilds before. can play on Monday Tuesday and Thursday. I'm okay with heroic progression raids also!so feel free to leave comments guys. Thanks.Ewris3 6d
Sep 18 [A] <Reverse Counterplay> LF RAIDERS <Reverse Counterplay> We're a newer transfer guild from Zul'jin formed of previous mythic raiders. The majority of us raided in two guilds called <The Exiled> - Arthas and <Gloryhogs> - Smolderthorn. We have all been end game mythic/heroic raiders earning achievements such as Cutting Edges for Garrosh, Blackhand, Archie, Xavius, Helya, and Gul'dan. We are currently 8/9H in ToS and looking to be a mythic progression team pushing into Antorus. Due to our scheduling we decided to form another guild and also decided on the Alliance side this time. As we are a newer guild to the server we're looking for raiders who would like to be amongst the ranks in our raid team, we are currently pushing heroic ToS content and could use all classes and specs to fill some roles. We are extremely interested in range dps/healers at the moment. We actually raid on a swing schedule for a week A and week B scheduling our times are based EST and we only raid 2 days a week currently. Week A: Wed/Thur 5:30-9 ET Week B: Tues/Fri 5:30-9 ET For more info feel free to add Vinniebrown#1595 Vbrown#11775Schnutted0 Sep 18
Sep 18 <SOVERIEGN SAGES> Needs Raiders Hello everyone, Sovereign Sages is new to the server but not new to WoW. We moved from a low pop realm to Dalaran in search of a fresh start. I'm searching for seasoned players to become key members of a brand new core raid team. Save me from pugging, I can't take it any longer... On our old server we started off strong and then the doldrums of WoW set in. A death knell on a low pop server. I need to find dedicated players to kick start a new team to work through heroics and beyond! In addition to raiding we run dungeons/mythics, PVP and love to earn achievements. We're family friendly and strive to treat everyone with respect. Players of all levels are welcome. If you like all things guild and enjoy progressing and celebrating your success with a team, I'd love to talk to you.Suzahnnah15 Sep 18
Sep 18 RDPS/Melee LF Raiding Group Hey there, 927 Hunter along with a 925 Warrior and a 926 DH already guilded but looking to raid with a group preferably Thursday/Friday starting at 7 or 8pmEST. Hunter and DH have AOTC ToS and extensive raid experience. We will use our Bonus Rolls and bring our own supplies. Just wanting to help tear apart Antorus!Sindariian0 Sep 18
Sep 17 [A] Drow - 8/9 H Recruiting for Mythic -Drow- is a new guild forged from exceptional players looking to further progress in Mythic raid content. We are looking for players of all classes and specializations to fill a core Heroic/Mythic progression team. All officers are veteran raiders currently 9/9 N and 8/9 H ToS. We are also suitable for more casual players interested in M+ dungeon content. Core Beliefs: Strive to be the best at your class, respect guild mates, and contribute to the community. Raid Times: As of now we are a mostly a West Coast guild, so raid times are Tuesdays 10:00 PM-1:00 AM server time and Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9:00 PM-12:00 AM server time. A trial raid night will likely be included for new members as well. Note: These raid times are not set in stone and can be negotiated once the core team fills. DPS spots for raid team will be competitive once core team is filled and is based on a show of mechanics while pulling optimal DPS numbers. This will be done by an additional trial raid night for non-core raid members to show off DPS and mechanical skill and try to earn a core DPS spot. All are welcome regardless of ilvl or experience with a minimum of 910 expected for core raiders. Note: Currently looking for an outstanding healer for a healer officer spot. Contact any of the officers below for more information Ian#1177 Ragnorrakk#1753 Austin#14571 Seth#1841Gjest6 Sep 17
Sep 17 [A]927ilvl DPS/Blood DK(w/ AotC)LF Raid Guild :CLOSED:Dreddmourne1 Sep 17
Sep 17 [A]Triggered(1/9M)Recruiting Heals & DPS <Triggered> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We took a break from raiding after clearing heroic due to a few raiders having real life issues but we are back to progress through ToS as much as we can before Antorus releases. We have a laid back raid atmosphere but expect personal responsibility and high performance. Currently 7/7 M EN, 2/3 M ToV, 8/10 M NH, 9/9 H ToS, and 1/9 M TOS. Recruiting: Ranged DPS (Boomkin/Mage preferred) Warrior or Rogue DPS Holy Paladin If your class is not listed above, please still feel free to check us out as we are always looking for exceptional players of any class. Details/Requirements: Discord Loot Council Raids are Tuesday/Thursday 9:30pm-12:00am EST. Good attendance is required. 920+ Item Level. Consumables and repairs supplied by guild Required addons: BigWigs/DBM, RC Loot Council, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras2 Heroic raids are a guarantee invite for anyone in the guild that can preform a very minimal level. Progression Mythic raids are based on performance and attendance. If you want to be apart of the Mythic Raid team please be sure you meet the requirements above. If you are just interested in a social guild who clears heroic weekly and runs high keys (we have multiple groups spamming keys throughout the week) we can do that as well. Contact Information: Guild Leader: Jess#1453 (Jibanyan) Officer: Velimere#1890 (Jezebella) Officer: Stringz#1684 (Stringz) Officer: AdamBomb490#11359 (Revixter) Application: Feel free to contact any member of the guild leadership listed above. Please provide logs of any relevant raiding experience. Farm content is currently done on Thursday and is used for applicants and the guild to feel each other out. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to join! Good luck! https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/TriggeredJibanyan1 Sep 17
Sep 16 WTB Heavy Junkbox DeletedTalifmo0 Sep 16