Jan 15 Semi casual raiding guild lf more dps <Fresh Out> is a semi casual guild on the alliance side looking for ranged dps to join our team to progress through heroic content with with a high focus on having fun and understanding for rl situations most in guild are around 30 yrs old with families and demanding work schedules. Feel free to hit me up I’m active on the server btag is hodor#11503. We would also be interested in a warrior dps as wellBlessticles0 Jan 15
Jan 15 LF Alliance Mythic Raiding I need a guild that won't need me as an actual member but as a filler spot for their Mythic Antorus raid. I prefer Saturdays and cannot do Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. I would be raiding on this Rogue and am very capable of reading all the necessary guides before we start.Xæthron0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Any very active social guilds out there? Any established very active and high population social based guild to join?Nordwinge2 Jan 15
Jan 15 LF a guild 9/9h 933 BDK I currently am 9/9 heroic and I am looking for a guild that raids after 8 pm est. ThanksDkrunes2 Jan 15
Jan 15 931 Frost DK LF new guild Currently unsatisfied with the place of my guild, therefore i am looking to join a new guild. My availability at the current time can be a bit sporadic but i mainly run Mythic + i would like to get involved in some raiding though.Itherean1 Jan 15
Jan 15 [H] Returning player looking for guild Hi all, casual player looking for guild on Horde side. What I am looking for: Fun and laid back guild with no attendance requirements A place to learn how to progress into m+ (quite playing before these came into the game) Not overly interested in raiding as my playtimes are limited to weekends, if I want to raid I can pug my way into raids Prefer adults only guild with a low drama index Willing to tank for guild runs (but need to learn - never tanked before) My typical play times are early morning on Fri, Sat, Sun, with Sat/Sun afternoon likely but not committed. I also enjoy leveling alts so looking for a guild where I can bring in a full set of alts. Send me a tell in-game or reply here if you think I would be a good fit in your guild :)Malispiritus4 Jan 15
Jan 14 LFR Certified Recruiting Heals/DPS <LFR Certified> is a semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild that has been pushing mid-tier Mythic since the beginning of Legion. But what we really want is Cutting Edge. We have a stable core of hilarious and skilled players that has allowed us to clear deep into every raid, from Emerald Nightmare to the Tomb of Sargeras. Our guild is the top weekend raiding guild on the server, and ranked third Horde-side at 5/10 in Nighthold, and 6/9 in ToS. We came into Antorus strong, but unfortunately lost a few players with the holidays. That’s why we’re currently looking for any exceptional DPS and one to two healers ready to jump into Mythic Antorus, where we are currently 3/11. All applicants must have AOTC, and ideally previous mythic experience. Please come ready with logs. Players ready to run more than one spec are particularly welcome. Join us. Do it. You won't Raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 to 11 pm Eastern. Please message Nebeon23#1360 (GM), Fenreal#1600 (Recruitment Officer) or Bonerus#1492 (Raid Lead)Nebeon2 Jan 14
Jan 14 Aggro and the ministry of darkness i am here Hey aggro ministry of darkness guild i am interested in joining. I am new still learning the ropes, can i have an invite pls. TyLelruna0 Jan 14
Jan 14 [H] Get Lit 10/11H LF DPS and Healer We are made up of mainly family or people who are friends in real life and in game. We also have an active discord where we enjoy various entertaining topics amongst guild members. Our goal is to push as far as we can go while maintaining an understanding that this is a game and its main purpose is to have fun. We understand real life gets in the way and that’s something we accept. We're looking for chill people, who likes to have fun and knows how to play but also can joke around. Majority of our members have had a high end, hardcore progression experience in the past but have moved on from that direction. We like to keep things drama free and enjoy the game by Get Lit is looking for strong healers and DPS who are ready to go raid heroic and begin mythic content. pushing content. We only raid two nights a week currently. Though if everyone’s agrees, it can be subject to change. Tuesdays/ Thursdays 8:00pm-11:00pm EST Off nights we do just about everything from mythic+ to enjoy helping others within the guild. Server: [H] Dalaran EST Healers needed: Any of the following Holy Paladin - Filled Discipline Priest Mistweaver Monk Resto Shammy DPS Needed: Any of the following Shadow Priest Affliction Lock Frost or Unholy Death Knight Frost or Fire Mage Boomkin Druid - Filled Exceptional players may inquire about joining if class isn't listed. Current Progression: 11/11 normal 10/11 H AnT & with 9% wipe on Argus If you’re interested and want to know more, feel free to reach by battle tag Absolute#1230 or post below with your battle tag to reach you.Shavana3 Jan 14
Jan 14 ScÔrn: Recruiting pvp minded players! Im starting a pvp oriented guild here on Dalaran. I want it to be fun so no Trolling/toxic people will be allowed. Im here to have fun and want to have fun with other people. Im excited for classic servers to be coming out! Im kind of hopeing they will bring back the days long AV but probably not because why would any one want to do that again but maybe! If you like to bg with friends without being yelled at or called names this is the place! If members want a more competitive tone the can form a group for arena and rbg. This is a salt free zone. Send in game mail or message me for an invite/ more informationFervency5 Jan 14
Jan 14 {A}<Faaip de Oiad>PvP guild Currently I am the only member, along with my alts lol. I would like to recruit PvP players only, I do not do raids or dungeons. I would like to eventually build a core team for RBGs. In the meantime, regular bgs or pug rbgs. I also get into arena. I play most nights after 9pm eastern. I would like to recruit players like me, who only PvP. It'd be nice to connect on a friendly level as well, because I believe most teams work best with people who like each other and get along well. I am a scorpio (lol) I like heavy metal, Tool is my favorite band. I like The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. I am non-religious, not racist and not political. I'm cool with whatever and whoever people want to be. I'm older, 37. I have a kid, so I understand that stuff. I never give up in battlegrounds, even randoms. If you like to sit graveyard til the bg ends bc they capped one flag, you are not welcome in this guild. I would require use of a battleground targets addon and Discord. I will use the guild calendar for events. If you sign up and don't show up, you will be booted. I will not tolerate bashing of other guild members. I will need Officers. Any TC that joins will be an officer. The bank will primarily be used for professions, I also have it stocked with some goodies for regular BGs. I currently have a max lvl herbalist and JC, working on maxing Alchemy and Enchanting. I love a bank system where we all contribute and share. I cannot tolerate a member only taking from the bank; everyone should contribute in some way. I will grind BGs with anyone, to help get gear/honor. I have a few lower lvl toons as well. I know this is poorly written. Feel free to ask any questions. I need more coffee. btw, Faaip de Oiad is a Tool song, it means "voice of god" that is in no way tied to any one religion.Parabol0 Jan 14
Jan 14 [A] <Descendance> 1/11 M LF DPS Greetings Dalaran, Descendance is looking for skilled DPS for mythic progression. Our raid times are Tues/Wed 8:30-11:30 pm server (EST). We also use the EPGP loot system to distribute loot fairly as it is based on your attendance consistency and eliminates drama. We have a discord server and guild Facebook page which helps foster more of a family environment. Ultimately, we are hoping to push into mythic content so please only reply if you are willing to commit and can perform exceptionally well with your class. Please send Fáwnix (Alt 160 for á) a whisper or add my btag Fawnix#1248Fáwnix5 Jan 14
Jan 14 Wanting to check out a new 'home' sever' Hello Dalaran sever.. Happy New Year! :) So my main on WrA has reached a lull, being bored of it. My guild doesn't raid at all and has been pretty dead since mid-Mists.. bounced around a few different guilds on WrA and some random severs for the last year or so. Every time I pick some sever to roll an alt, I notice that this one keeps poping up as 'New Player'.. while, I'm not new, it kinda interesting. I've played in Vanilla Wow up to late BC, on an older account until it was hacked, and lost my job about the same time. Started back up again Cata and been playing ever sense on like I said, random severs.. So now, with the new year.. think its time for a new sever again, with an active guild! I currently play a pally, so kinda abit comfortable with that. I've played other classes as well. I'm very much a newb when it comes to raiding, due to a few things.. Raid times never seem to work for me, and this is a big one.. I'm a deaf WoW player, so over the years I've been kicked out many a guilds cause I can't use a mic. They didn't want to take the time to help me out.. I read the adventure guide and look at youtube vids, but being deaf, I don't know what they say.. lol =D Anyways, enough of my rabble.. hope to hear from one of yas soon!Enjikou6 Jan 14
Jan 13 Recruiting...... "Zaharen Yce" is looking for new members to join our friendly and sociable guild. We have discord for all of our activities. We currently raid on Thursdays and Fridays at 11PM Server, currently in Antorus heroic (1/11)H and (10/11)N. We are also working on getting up a 2nd group for fri and sat with times TBD. We like helping new players learn the game at every level. We have quite a few players leveling up now. If you have any questions, we employ you to ask them so we can answer them and help you learn. Respect is our #1 rule and we love to joke around on a good day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for info https://zaharenyce.enjin.com/ raging#1221Ragingcajun1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Returning player LF social guild. Hey there. Suppose you'd call me a casual I guess. Been playing off and on over the years. Came back after a 2 year-ish break. Just mainly looking for a guild that has plenty of members, is active, friendly and just overall decent people. Current main is my DH, hoping to branch out into others later. Only disclaimer I'll mention is I don't have much time for raiding, work schedule is crazy, nor do I have much interest in it. Don't have much experience in it honestly either. Just like to enjoy the game how I want to if that's cool. Regardless, thanks for reading !Vathrelor3 Jan 13
Jan 12 [H] <Galactic Guard> 10/11 H Antorus Hello! Im Vyxxa, officer and heal lead in <Galactic Guard>! We are a new horde guild on the server and are in search of heroes of all kinds to help fill our ranks. Alongside our GM and Main tank Sharpfire (Sharp#12155), we are eager to find like-minded individuals that are looking for a home to meet new people, raid, socialize, and generally enjoying the game with. We are 10/11 H Anturs and are looking to build more toward a successful mythic raid team. We have experience in progression raiding from WotLK to present and are seeking to bring our expertise and prowess to Dalaran sever. We have achieved AoTC dating back to Heart of Fear up to AoTC: KJ. Please Pm us or add us on bnet for more information if you are interested. We look forward to potentially raiding with you. We raid on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8-11pm Server. GM: Sharpfire-Dalaran (Sharp#12155) Heal lead: Vyxxatish-Dalaran (Vunce#1880) We also are starting to stream our progression days on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/sharpeh_firebear Take a look at some of the videos to see if we are the type of guild you'd be interested in raiding with.Vyxxatish128 Jan 12
Jan 12 <SMA> Selling Heroic Argus and +15 Keys <SMA> is selling Heroic Argus carries as well as Mythic +15 Keystones. Heroic Argus Argus Carries are ran on Thursday at 7:30est. Contact us for pricing. You will receive -Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker Achievement -Violet Spellwing Mount -Chance for Patheon Trinket -Chance for Legendary Patheon Trinket -Chance for 955+ Ilvl Gear. Looting is set to personal. Mythic Keystones We also run +15 Mythic Keystone carries just about every day. The runs are guaranteed in time. Contact us for availability and pricing. You will receive -Keystone Master Achievement. -Chance at 940 loot in the dungeon. -Guaranteed 960+ loot in your weekly chest. Btags Airegus - Airegus#1711 Raf - Raf#1556 Puppies - Puppies#1139 Raniena - Alexander#22248 P.S if you're interested in buying a carry for something other than what we are offering feel free to contact us and we will see if we can accommodate.Airegusdh0 Jan 12
Jan 12 [H] 8/11 H looking for Rogue, Mage, Hunter <Apotheosis Now> is a stable semi casual raiding guild on Dalaran that has been together since vanilla. We are not looking to push mythic raiding but instead focus on finishing heroic content ahead of the curve. We are currently looking to expand our raid group with a Rogue, Mage, and Hunter. We would also consider a Boomkin. We are an adult guild full of working professionals. Our raid schedule is Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 - 11:00 EST. We also have a number of members that enjoy pushing Mythic + keys. Flasks are provided for members on server. Our current progression in 11/11 N Antorus, 8/11 Heroic. If any of this interests you can comment here or contact me in game. Bnet: Superfly#1528Superfly4 Jan 12
Jan 12 Recruiting.... "Zaharen Yce" is looking for new members to join our friendly and sociable guild. We have discord for all of our activities. We currently raid on Thursdays and Fridays at 11PM Server, currently in Antorus heroic (1/11)H and (10/11)N. We are also working on getting up a 2nd group for fri and sat with times TBD. We like helping new players learn the game at every level. We have quite a few players leveling up now. If you have any questions, we employ you to ask them so we can answer them and help you learn. Respect is our #1 rule and we love to joke around on a good day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for info https://zaharenyce.enjin.com/ raging#1221Ragingcajun0 Jan 12
Jan 12 Looking For a Guild I'm a returning casual player looking to get into the game more. I never really got into much end game content and this character is my first natural 100 and I'm starting to feel a little lost. Looking for a guild that is new player friendly. When I'm not in my college classes I'm playing wow, and am looking to learn more about the game.Akkö5 Jan 12
Jan 11 <The Sanctuary> Recruiting 2 dps, 1 healer <The Sanctuary> is recruiting for our Early team! We are currently looking for great players for our early Mythic Team!(7:00pm EST-10:00pm EST Tues-Thurs) From LFR on alts, Artifact Power/Titanforged farms, to current Mythic Progression raids, Sales runs, an active Discord, and Destiny 2, we do it all! If you are friendly, intelligent, consistent, and hungry for progress, you are invited to apply! We highly value the ability to plan, accept criticism, and self-improve. We Currently have 2 DPS spots and 1 healer spot open! For more information, message or mail Gerrith, Alekros, Drobdk, or Minyeo ingame!Gerrith0 Jan 11
Jan 11 952 aotc tank LF guild 11/11H aotc 952 tank LF raiding guild also have 950 friend who is ret pally who needs one too bravia#1120Krelladin1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Dalaran Discord! Hey everyone! A few folks have talked about making a Dalaran realm discord and we went ahead and did it. Come hang out there while you're in or out of game. We hope it is useful for people looking for groups, guild recruitment, bring new players up to speed, and to help people fill their heroic/mythic raids and dungeons. I've made channels for a variety of things, and if you think there needs to be anything added, just let me know. Come join the Dalaran Discord - https://discord.gg/9YAvJrF Edit: New working link added!Stangmeister31 Jan 11
Jan 11 [A] <Testudo> 1/11M 2 Night Recruiting [A] <Testudo> - Dalaran Hello! <Testudo> 1/11M is a 2 day heroic and mythic raiding guild. We are alliance side on Dalaran US. We formed during ToS and are looking for DPS and a Main Tank to add to our core. We are here to progress and have fun doing it. Our main ideology is that if someone is holding us back for whatever reason (mechanics/dps/etc.), we will sit them until they up their game. That being said we mess around between pulls, swear like sailors, and have tons of fun while trying to down content and move on to the next challenge. Some preferred classes/specs would be: Tank: *Blood DK/Guardian Druid* RDPS: MM Hunter/Ele Shaman/Spriest/Warlock Melee: DH/Ret But any class that can pull their weight and would like to progress in a fun group of great players is welcome to come along! Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST. If you are interested please let us know! Btag Kkbay#1884 Discord Larli#7741 Btag Picclo#1865 Discord Picclo#4429Piccosham0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Looking for guild! Hey people so I am what I guess you could consider a casual player? I play on average about 4-5 hours a day (or try to)On my days off (Friday and Sunday) I can get quite a few more in. I’m 23, and pretty laid back. I have a daughter and work 40 hours a week and of course she comes first, so my schedule can vary. I started playing at the end of WoD. I have 8 classes at 110, few are geared. My main classes are Mage, Warlock, and recently this warrior. I have not done much raiding, but would like to. I would also like to get into M+. I have always played solo so my experiences with these have been mostly PUGs. I enjoy pvp very much as well. There’s kinda my situation. I would love the get to experience actual “end-game” content and get tier sets and what not. And of course, get those awesome mogs. Oh, and last thing! I would much prefer if the guild uses discord. So if anyone would be interested in recruiting me feel free to just post here. Looking forward to meeting some cool people to chill withLilzerk4 Jan 11
Jan 11 looking to recruit: Ministry of Magic Hey Dalaran peeps, The Ministry of Magic guild is looking for players all levels. Our goal is to have a friendly, casual, non-toxic environment. We're currently super small and probably not appealing compared to other guilds but hey, at least we got a cool name! We have seven guild bank tabs and free repairs. When we have enough people we definitely plan on doing raids and mythic+'s, as well as non end-game content guild activities as well. But what we want most is to establish a super cool and friendly and amazing guild <3 If you're interested, send a message to jarexe#1183 <3Lynker0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Plan B looking for DPS Plan B is moving into heroic Antorus. We're 11/11 N and 2/11 H. We're doing progression and taking our lumps. We would like to push up to 15 players and need DPS to fill out our ranks. Melee would be a plus as we are range heavy. Raid times are Tuesday 8:30pm - 10:30pm EST and Thursdays 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST. What we expect from you: Be at least 940 geared. Know your class. Willing to wipe while learning encounters. Have discord. You can reach out to Emooly in game or Fitz#1733 is my battle tag. I will also look in on this thread, so feel free to post here and I'll try and reach out to you.Emooly0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Husband+Wife LFG Husband (DK/Monk) and wife (rogue) combo looking for casual guild that will have a raid start time of 8/9pm server time. We are not serious/hardcore raiders or gamers.Holyschnikes5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Looking for a guild.. Back after a very long time. Just looking for some friends. A guild that makes my experience better. Prefer it not be a zerg guild. I like to bond with people, not just see another barrens chat. Prefer a mature group as I'm 35 and prefer the company of mature players. Up for raiding. However not right away as I'll need some practice on my character. Considering rolling a fresh character so I'm well adapted to the skill set I choose. Battletag is ShinjiIkarii#1181 I have a few Dalaran heroes. 100 warrior tank on horde a 90 hunter on alliance as well as some 70s and 80s etc. Please feel free to message me if you have a guild open to inviting someone like me, and likewise if said guild meets the aforementioned preference. Thanks for viewing. Edit: Was previously in a guild called Paw Stars, however I did not get to know them very well as it was a brief return to play. Upon login it appears I'm no longer a member.Setdeimos5 Jan 10
Jan 10 <Mighty Fortress> All Levels Welcome! Just coming back to the game after a break? Trying the game out for the first time? Tired of playing the game alone? Hate pugging and getting yelled at because you don't know the fights? Then Mighty Fortress may be for you!! We are a laid back and casual guild who enjoy helping each other level and gear out. We run dungeons, mythic + and dabble in raiding as well. We have completed normal ToS and have started working in Antorus. If you dont want to raid and would rather go flower picking or something...no problem! We are here to have fun, not to schedule your life around a game. There are no requirements to join. The game is not about the loot and the gear but about the people we play with. The friendships we make in game are more important than the gear, even though it is nice to get it :) If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to whisper either me or one of my officer Fattygnome, Tykfu, KhaosDK and Mayflÿ for an invite. See you in game! AggroeAggroeless1 Jan 10
Jan 9 New player LF friendly social/family guild Like title says, a new player here looking for an ACTIVE guild thats social and welcoming. not super interested in raiding and whatnot yet, maybe some dungeons while leveling just some friendly faces to add a social aspect to this MMO full of LFR/LFD.Killuminati5 Jan 9
Jan 9 Just a shy rogue looking for a guild Hey guys! Am a Singaporean who moved to Toronto a year ago! Looking for a noob-friendly guild to teach me mechanics and more importantly - to call home! Cheers!Jyky1 Jan 9
Jan 8 <Injustice Warriors> Casual, Laid Back Guild We at Injustice warriors are a guild that hate SJWs. We are a horde only guild :D Please if you see the RAOK guild please just look at them angery. Our rules are: -No Politics -No ERP We give bags, Netherweave Bags , to everyone even if they dont want to join :D Please put all your experiences in this thread :DQuelillys0 Jan 8
Jan 7 Heroic Antorus tonight! Conspiracy Theory is running heroic Antorus tonight! We will be searching for some Rdps, 8-11 EST Sat/Sunday. Discord required, msg namiaimtopls, Krashedyou,dakchu if you'd like to attend! :) Can also add Krimson#11228 if easier Thanks guys!Wittlenami0 Jan 7
Jan 6 .. ..Tinkerizmo0 Jan 6
Jan 6 1k gold for twitch follow, alliance Giving away 1000 gold per Twitch follow. Twitch.tv/kingathens7. WHISPER or MAIL me with your follow name to receive gold. Thanks :)Athensgokuu0 Jan 6
Jan 6 [A] Outer Haven - LFM 8/11H Antorus [A] <Outer Haven> is a Casual Raiding Guild on the Dalaran server looking to build upon our solid core of players for Antorus and beyond. Raid experience for this expansion: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 8/11 Heroic Antorus Outer Haven uses Discord for communication. Raid Times - 5hrs a week: Thursday 9:00pm-11:00pm server time (ET) - Skipping to Normal Imonar and then going to Heroic. Friday 8:30pm-11:30pm server time (ET) - Heroic only night. Currently looking for: DPS What to expect from us and you: When raiding Enchants, Gems, Flasks, Potions, Food and Repairs will be provided by the Guild. Just come to raid, ask questions if you need some clarification on boss strats and have fun. For more info, please send and in-game mail or tell to: Pryito, Kaliyo, Dermog, Tärtarus, or Starrlia Add us as friends on battle.net to chat. Pryito#1140 Dermogh#1182 Carmis#1218 Best method for contact is Discord Private message me @ pryito#0003 - It will go to my phone!Pryito20 Jan 6
Jan 5 905 Priest LF Guild - Newer Player I mainly play as shadow and absolutely love the spec currently but willing to change to whatever is needed, the times I am available is kinda limited due to being a law enforcement officer I work a lot of overtime. I am available Tuesday and Wednesdays from 10:30 pm - about 3:00 am EST, I am , I just want to get the most out of the game with the time I am available to play. Thanks for any considerations I appreciate it greatly!Tyzska1 Jan 5
Jan 4 <Endeavour> 8/11H We are a friendly active raiding guild that always has 5-30 people online at all times willing to run Mythic+ dungeons or help with anything else you would need. We are currently pushing Heroic content looking at starting Mythic content soon. * Raid times *All times are EST/Server* - Progression on Saturday & Sunday 7:30PM - 10:30PM. Normal Antorus on Friday 7:30PM-10:30PM If you wish to be a progression we require WeakAuras with this WA https://wago.io/SkKHEiaiW As well as DBM and you must have knowledge of the fights. **Top Priority Openings** * Ret Pally * Holy Pally * Holy Priest **You can contact Animaltooth#1225 or comment here for an application.** *We will take most individuals regardless of openings*Syrelada0 Jan 4
Jan 4 [H] Requiem Reborn Recruiting! MMO's are lonely without friends. Whether you are new to WoW, coming back from a hiatus, or a long standing veteran Requiem Reborn could be the home you've been looking for! R&R (Requiem Reborn) knows that this is a game and the goal of any game is to have fun. Our attitude is laid back, easy going and as humorous or serious as you want it to be. Many of us are on our Discord server a lot, even to chat during work hours (shhhh). Our current status: We started our guild as a re-roll guild, and have quickly grown. Even though there is no requirement to do so, we have many people that have locked their characters at 80 to participate in older raids. We'll move some of us (and newer players) thru the game in this manner. We also have a growing number of 110s that are helping each other get Flying/Running Random BG's together. R&R is starting to explore the idea of end game content as well as RBG's. Our motto is: Play what you want, How you want! We are a NO PRESSURE guild. We make playing the game an adventure and fun. It isn't about the progression. That will happen on its own! If you are interested in a good environment and community, check us out! Website: https://requiemreborn.enjin.com Discord: https://discord.gg/CZt3pMHyroskir7 Jan 4
Jan 3 [A] <Guldan Stole My Bike> 8/11H M/Th 10-1EST Have you or a loved one ever woken up in the morning, looked outside, and noticed something missing? <Guldan Stole My Bike> is here for you. With our dedicated team of officers and raiders we will work tirelessly day and night to fill the bike-less void in your life that Guldan left. With Loot! We're raiding Heroic Antorus M/Th 10-1 with a N farm/alt run on Tuesdays. We provide all raid consumables and 5k repairs per day, questionable humor, gambling, and general tomfoolery. Come join us on our alt night to check us out :D MagicPants#15981 LeGremlin#1504Nannerpantz18 Jan 3
Jan 3 [A] <Trial by Combat> New Guild Forming <Trial by Combat> is a newly formed guild. Created by a group of friends who are wanting the same thing in game. A no drama, fun filled group, to progress through end game content, mythic +keys, and any other content we can find. About the founding members. We all have been playing for years and have been lucky enough to become friends with each other. Between us we have a wide range of knowledge that we hope to share with all new members. Our main focus is going to be Antorus progression. If you would love a fresh start to Antorus raiding, this is the group for you. Raid nights will be Tues/Thurs 9pm-12pm server time. Hoping to start January 2nd. We are actively recruiting raiders to fill our ranks for the core group. We have positions open for healers, and dps all classes and back up tanks. We would like to fill the raider ranks with members who will be actively involved with the guild. Once the raid group is full we hope to get one or two mythic key push teams together. While we are focused on raiding, we will also be accepting social, casual, and new players. But please remember this is not a leveling guild. At first you may not have many people to run with while lvling. On non raid/mythic nights we will be doing other things from helping people gear to leveling alts. All people interested need to be 18+ If any of this sounds interesting. And your looking for a guild that wants to progress while still having fun. Message myself in game Hadorek or Battlenet Hadorek#1253 Or one of the others in game Joeverrated Kanaee PheloneusHadorek10 Jan 3
Jan 2 Mythic+ Team Hello everyone! I am looking for a Tank and 3 DPS to run Mythic+ dungeons with every week. I played a lot during the Nighthold era and had a consistent group I used to run with, we would get on the leader-boards pretty much every week for a couple dungeons. Now that I'm back into the game I am looking to form another group like that, because lets face it, pugging sucks! Currently I am 939 (Resto Druid) so I don't need you to have crazy high mythic Antorus gear, as long as you are open to voice com communication, can take criticism and want to have a good time pushing high keys for the pure enjoyment of the challenge. You can respond to this post or message me ingame: Battalrin#1971Dwerva0 Jan 2
Jan 1 <Mighty Fortress> All levels welcome! Just coming back to the game after a break? Trying the game out for the first time? Tired of playing the game alone? Hate pugging and getting yelled at because you don't know the fights? Then Mighty Fortress may be for you!! We are a laid back and casual guild who enjoy helping each other level and gear out. We run dungeons, mythic + and dabble in raiding as well. We have completed normal ToS and have started working in Antorus. If you dont want to raid and would rather go flower picking or something...no problem! We are here to have fun, not to schedule your life around a game. There are no requirements to join. The game is not about the loot and the gear but about the people we play with. The friendships we make in game are more important than the gear, even though it is nice to get it :) If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to whisper either me or one of my officer Fattygnome, Tykfu, Khaoslinger and Mayflÿ for an invite. See you in game! AggroeAggroeless0 Jan 1
Jan 1 <A><Decadence of Cerberus> is recruiting! <Decadence of Cerberus> is a growing guild looking for new/returning players interested in raiding! We're just starting to form our raid team, and raid Saturday/Sunday nights at 10pm server. Currently at 9/11N Antorus. We're a friendly group of people that know how to have fun, but also when to be (a little) more serious during harder content. There's almost always someone in our Discord's voice chat, and we have helpful members willing to help with runs or answer any questions you might have about the game or your class. We're just starting to dip our toes into raids as we gear up more of our members. Currently most in need of ranged DPS, but accepting any class and level (20+) at the moment while we build our core raid team. Patience is a must, as most of us have not cleared current raids completely, so we're still learning as a guild. Disclaimer: We consider ourselves a mature guild, so we say what's on our mind and usually mean it, within reason. We do have some boundaries - we don't accept racism or sexism, but generally we have close to zero filters when talking to each other. Just don't be that guy from that night. Feel free to contact any of us for further questions or invites: BNet: GM: Jorey#11343 Co-GMs: Knightofzero#11655, Catorii#11907 Discord: GM: Marth#4072 Co-GMs: Ironhidej#7450, Catorii#0992Catlinna0 Jan 1
Jan 1 [A] Crusaders of Darkness 5/11N Ant Crusaders Of Darkness is recruiting to fill our current raid team for progression of Antorus! Currently 9/11N. Raid times are Thurs-Friday 10-12am, feasts and flasks provided. Disc for voip. For details add me on bnet, Elitexwarior#1327Fîsty6 Jan 1
Dec 31 DPS guidance assist MM Hunter I am trying to figure out why my DPS is so low compared to other players of similar Ilevel in mythic + dungeons. Any guidance would be very helpful . Thanks in advance https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/27856394/14/#boss=111466Aschienn0 Dec 31
Dec 31 1:1 Gold Trade from US-Dalaran Hey All - I am looking to do a 1:1 Gold trade. I have ~1.4m gold on US-Dalaran and am looking to trade with someone on Area 52(preferably), Moon Guard or Stormrage. I am looking to trade minimum 50k and maximum 150k. If you are interested please let me know. :)Monkbumm0 Dec 31
Dec 30 Looking for a furry guild. Hey all, I am a furry, and was hoping to find a furry guild on this server. Any out there? Thanks!Morwena0 Dec 30
Dec 30 Need A Teacher So I'm brand new to the game and I'm looking for someone to help teach me the basics of this game. Anything would be appreciated.Siusteron5 Dec 30