Jul 12 <Mighty Fortress> is looking for more! Mighty Fortress is a casual and laid back guild looking for more people who want to have fun and enjoy helping others level and gear out. We run all types of dungeons, Mythics and are working on our progression of raiding. We have cleared normal EN and NH and have dipped our toes in the water of the Tomb of Sargeras. There are no requirements or levels of experience needed to join. It's okay if you just want to pick flowers and not raid. Our only requirement is to have fun. For us, this game is about the people we play with and not so much the gear, loot and item levels (although they are nice huh? :) ) We also have Discord and our 1st bank tab is our freebie tab. So if this sounds like the guild for you, just whisper myself (Aggroeless) or one of my officers, Fattygnome, Lightsherald, Wildspear, Tykshot and Bluekitsune for an invite. See you all in Azeroth!! AggroeAggroeless4 Jul 12
Jul 12 New New to the server. Can't decide between Horde or Alliance. Maybe someone here can sway me to one side or the other.Overseas4 Jul 12
Jul 12 [H] Shaman looking for casual raiding guild. I’ve been playing WoW for about a month, looking for a casual guild. I spend most of my time PvPing, questing and running normal dungeons. I’m usually on weekday evenings and weekends and have a mic if needed. At some point I’d like to try raiding but not in a hurry. Available weekday evenings no later than 12am EST. I play elemental and restoration shaman and equally bad with both lol. Thanks allBlakeva6 Jul 12
Jul 12 The Alliance Comedy Tour I am now offering tours of the strange, funny, & beautiful unmarked locations near Stormwind & Ironforge. for 25 gold I will show the places to you. To sign up send a in game mail to Daeliand on the realm Dalaran; please state whether or not you have a flying mount. Transportation: If you have a 2 person flying mount mention so. People without flying mounts can ride with people that have 2 person flying mounts. If you do not have a flying mount role the dice (/roll) and put the number you got in the in game mail Payment. Please enclose payment with the in game mail to sign up this makes everyone's lives that much easier. Time: I do one tour every Monday at 7:00PM for Stormwind & 7:20 For Ironforge. Location: Please gather outside the city five minutes prior to the tour. If you think I should put more info let me know and I will add it, I will NOT however put where the tour goes; that is a surprise. Please DO NOT put the locations, it took me a long time to find some of themDaeliand1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Recruiting a team for top 50 M+ ladder runs **Updated as of 7/11/17** Recruiting a M+ team that wants to compete in top 50 ladders for each/most dungeons. I have gotten to 1700+ score strictly with pugs and feel with like minded players, we can easily climb ladders. I have extensive knowledge about the little gimmicks and details of each boss that are necessary to know once we start pushing 18+ keys on tyrannical. I would hope anyone interested in joining the team would have extensive knowledge as well of the affixes / boss fights / trash. Requirements: - 1800+ mythic score and 9/9 H ToS - 1900+ mythic score without 9/9 H ToS - 920+ ilvl equipped - willing to commit to a minimum of 2 nights a week (can group up more if all of us are online) - Minimum of 3 runs a night (if not more, 3 runs on 18-20 keys can be lengthy, while low level keys at the beginning of the week could take as low as 25 minutes each) Ideally I want a: DH DPS - Me Mage Warrior DPS DK/BearDruid Tank Restoration Druid. This comp gives us extensive AoE and ST options, 2 battle rezzes, and a lot of ways to gimmick certain dungeons. Add matty#1515 for questions.Mattydh3 Jul 12
Jul 12 - No longer looking.Moossïah3 Jul 12
Jul 11 [A] Tank LF small guild Hi, my name is Al, I'm looking for a small guild, a group of friends that likes to run anything and everything together, I'm up for anything as long as it's in good company. I'm not interested in a guild that has 100 people online that never talk to each other, I want a close knit group that likes to help each other out. I have a 110 Druid, Warrior, and Monk a 103 Pally (gonna be 110 soon) a 101 DH and a 100 DK. I love tanking, it's my favourite thing to do in this game. Also, I'm CanadianAlbarthas1 Jul 11
Jul 10 [A]The Heroes Hierarchy Good morning, Dalaran! The Heroes Hierarchy is a brand new guild to Dalaran. My partner and I have over 12 years experience in the game and have decided to create a progression guild for players looking to be good at the game! We have a huge passion for World Of Warcraft and want to create a community for ambitious WOW players looking to get involved in the higher level content in all sides of the game! We will be facilitating all aspects of the game for players looking to really get the most out of World Of Warcraft! The Heroes Hierarchy will be a VERY inclusive guild with insane amounts of perks and nearly unlimited resources to our main progress members in PVP and PVE groups. ( Gear, food, enchants, repairs, gems, Alt runs, Mounts, pets, gold, anything else) We are currently looking to recruit 3 officers to help up start this from the ground up. We need somebody who is able to take the game serious and be professional when necessary. There are many opportunity's available in starting a new guild, and hope we find some eager players looking to take advantage of them! If you are interested in an officer position and would like to find out more about the guild comment below, Also please contact me @ Ragnaros#1276 I'm looking forward to making a splash in Dalaran and continue to enjoy this game we all love. Happy questing, Everyone!Erodish7 Jul 10
Jul 10 [US][A][Dalaran]<Atlas> 6/9N ToS LF DPS <Atlas> is an Alliance guild, looking for some skilled DPS as we push further into ToS, and begin progressing on Heroic. We began as a reroll guild here on Dalaran, and after reaching 110, and gearing up in some M+'s we began pushing Nighthold in an attempt to get ready for the ToS drop. Now we are progressing steadily, and are just looking for a few more dps to finish rounding out our raid. We currently raid Mondays, and Wednesdays 8PM - 11PM ST If you are interested, or just have any questions feel free to add me on Bnet: Cynis#1595(Huggypunches) or one of my officers : Azureorak#1699(Sol), Superdood#1971(Super), Nazguard#1810(UncertaintyHuggypunches0 Jul 10
Jul 8 (A) Fri Sat Nights 830p-1130p 9/9 TOS Alliance : Awesome and active guild formed by long term experienced raiders with heroic and mythic raiding backgrounds. We are 10/10 H HN and now 9/9 N TOS and are recruiting to move into Heroic TOS. We have a unique and wild group of personalities! We are looking for players that want to clear and progress through content. We want all kinds of players from social only to those that want to do keystones weekly or those that are more dedicated to raiding. For those interested in joining the raid team we do have dps, hps requirements, and discord/ DBM. We will help get any willing person ready to raid as long as time and effort is spent learning your class. Fun stuff on non raid nights include transmog runs, farming groups, Mythic keys,lottery, lvl 1 gnome races and more. Raid Times EST Fri and Sat 8:30pm-11:30pm battletags NikkiB#1888Ishandì0 Jul 8
Jul 8 Casual, Social guild looking for more <The Ancients Misbehaving> is a horde guild on Dalaran for adults and family. Guild focus - PvE, Social, leveling, running instances and casual raiding Guild style is casual and social. If you are looking for a casual and social guild and want to find friends to play with come join us! We are a guild of adults and family who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just pvp we have a place for you. If you want to raid (old and new) we have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play wow in a fun environment. We don't tolerate racism, homophobia, Islamophobia or misogyny! We want to be a guild of friends having fun! Raiding style will be more serious. Emphasis in raiding will be to work together as a group without drama. The expectations will be that players sign up and come on time with food and flasks and work together with the group to get bosses down. We use discord for voice chat. We are raiding weekends My btag is battlemom#1568Najyah4 Jul 8
Jul 8 LF Casual Players Hi Everyone, I'm a returning player looking for casual night and weekend players. I just created a protection warrior after a long hiatus (haven't played since WOTLK). Looking for players / friends who want to have fun questing, running dungeons, and obviously having fun chatting while playing (currently in Ashenvale as of this posting). A little background about me: I am 38, work in IT, and have an awesome dog. So there are a couple of responsibilities that take precedence over WOW but I have no issue with scheduling dungeon runs or just questing for fun. I'm not looking for anyone to run me through the game or anything, just looking for other people who want to have fun playing the game. Happy questing everyone.Adastros2 Jul 8
Jul 7 Casual guild, LF casual players Hello there, I am with <Fresh> a brand new guild, created just a couple of days ago, after a mild interest on reddit. <Fresh> is for people to come in with a new character, or whatever toon you want really, and level up with fellow members. You can even bring in a higher level if you want to just hang out. Eventually we'd like to get together for late game content but not as hardcore as other guilds. Looking to make friends and just have FUN with the game. Casual? Fine. One day a week? Fine. Kids? We understand. IF you are looking to hangout and just enjoy your time in the game without the constant pressure of ilvl and end game, feel free to ask for an invite! Join us in our discord and catch us when we are on to ask for an invite, or reply here and I will try to add you when I am online! https://discord.gg/GsCHY6NSquiddsy2 Jul 7
Jul 7 [H] <GET LIT> 9/9N 4/9H Recruiting! We are looking for experienced raiders to fill a few open spots on our team. Progression for Heroic ToS (T20). Small guild, easy going with intention to progress quickly to Mythic once roster allows. Currently 9/9N and 4/9H ToS We clear normal ToS Weekly and work on getting +10 and above keys completed. Norm/Heroic NH is ran if needed on non-raid nights. Raid type is casual but we aim to progress quickly. We raid Tues/Thurs 8-11pm EST as well as other nights around the same time. Personal Loot, nontoxic environment, experienced raiders. Highly seeking RDPS but are open to melee. Open is most roles and classes. Ideally looking for geared players who have experience in N/H NH and ToS. Knowledgeable on all fights is a plus. However we welcome player that are looking to progress in a non intimidating environment. All we ask is you give it your best! Contact myself here or any guildie in game for more info.Glocked0 Jul 7
Jul 7 DK & Rogue duo LFG Wife and I are enjoying our leveling experience, even hitting up all the vanilla and expansion raid content I missed in my 10+ year absence. We have completed BC raids just us. The raid mechanics are getting harder to duo so looking for a guild that has good spread of levels and a desire to 5man expansion raid content with us. We do have kids so normally not able to play until after 8pm CST, closer to 9pm CST. During the week we play until about 1130pm CST due to work next day. These are our main toons, still deciding what our alts will be.Holyschnikes1 Jul 7
Jul 7 LF team that doesn't accept adult languages i have cutting edge xavius and ahead of the curve guldan achievements on my main. this toon is alt. pref casual team that does normal and heroic ToS, though i will be competetive on mythic team too. i just need a team that doesn't accept any adult languages, f-words. if you can let a 8 years old child hear your team's voice chat that would be awesome. im Beast Mastery hunterTestinghunte1 Jul 7
Jul 7 [A] SWT LF raiders <Stromwind Troopers> Adult casual guild, LF players who are interested in raiding TOS and mythic + dungeons. 7/9 N TOS Raids are 7-10pm Tuesdays. We are a guild with great members that enjoy hanging out on discord entertaining one another while running content and helping each other. If you are a returning vet or a new player that is interested in raiding and doing mythics with a guild that is interested in getting to know you, and helping you get better this maybe the guild for you? We push mythic + and pvp, just random bgs for now on none raid days and are most active from 6 PM -11 PM server during the week and weekends anytime. Please contact Tremix or Bauzar ID Tim#1642 if interested or /Who Stormwind Troopers and whisper a member that is on, they will be happy to assist you. Thanks you!Tremix0 Jul 7
Jul 7 [US-Dalaran][A] <Myth Wardens> Casual Guild US-Dalaran [Alliance] <Myth Wardens> <Myth Wardens> is a casual growing guild looking to build up teams for contents progression. We are constantly learning new stuff and are recruiting players for everyone who enjoys World of Warcraft, may it be in terms of lore or gameplay! We are a casual PVE focused guild. New and experienced players welcomed! Our time zone is GMT+8 and we are mostly active on weekends. We are commited to provide guidance/assistance to new players, so no worries if you're new! We will prevail over the Legion together! For those who are interested to join, you may add our Guild Officers BattleTag and leave a message (or in-game mail) WolfWolves#1570 (Wolfehart-Dalaran) Epivictus#6732 (Ithandral-Dalaran) JohnTeddy#6592 (Kittodan-Dalaran) Alternatively, you may drop by our Facebook group and leave us a message. See you guys in game! Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MythWardens/Wolfehart1 Jul 7
Jul 7 (H) Tank LF 6pm EST Raid Times (H)New Player LF 6pm EST Raid TimesXulgar1 Jul 7
Jul 7 [H]<Gods of the Fall> We are a friendly guild and are looking for new members. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild who also has a very social atmosphere. We generally have several people on the Curse/Twitch client as well as on WoW every day after 7PM EST that will be willing to do things with other guild members. We understand that not everyone is fully geared and are willing to help those individuals get to a point where we can bring them along for Heroic and Mythic raids but do want to start to clear Heroic and Mythic as soon as we can. * Raid Days/Times: Tuesdays 8:00-11:00PM Friday/Saturday 9:00PM to 12:00AM EST for progression. Sundays 9:00PM to 12:00AM EST Flex night * Progression 10/10 H NH (AoTC) 9/9 N ToS We are a PvE guild wanting to continue our progression. *If you wish to raid with us on progression nights you must download and install the Curse/Twitch client for voice comms and you must have DBM or BigWigs. You do not have to talk but you do have to be there to listen for callouts.* We are looking for respectful and courteous people that will treat others the way they would wish to be treated. **Top Priority Openings** * Range: Balance Druid, Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest * Melee: Show you know what you are doing * Heals: Priest, Restoration Shaman, Holy Paladin (Ret off spec) *Will take most individuals regardless of openings*Syrelada0 Jul 7
Jul 6 890 Balance Druid LF Guild As the title suggests, I'm looking for a guild. It's been a few years since I have raided but I'm really looking forward to giving it a shot here in Legion. Most of my characters are alliance but horde is definitely an option as well. Preferably something between 8pm-12 am server and not on wed.Allerys3 Jul 6
Jul 6 [H] Six Feet Under Recruiting for TOS! Hello Dalaran! We are a semi casual mature guild of raiders looking to bolster our roster! We are looking for skilled players of ALL classes and specs with HIGH priority for a Tank and Healers! You should be roughly around 890+ ilvl give or take and have a positive attitude! We raid: Monday: 8:30-11 Tuesday: 8:30-11 Wednesday: 9-11 We're a fun laid back group that gets bosses down! If this interests you, either leave a comment here on the forums or message any one of our members in game and they can point you in the direction of one of our officers! PS, We are cross realm friendly!Kezi8 Jul 6
Jul 6 [A]885 DH Tank LF Raiding Guild ^ ^ ^Raezyi0 Jul 6
Jul 6 (A) Seeking casual guild Hello everyone, I just moved to this server and am looking for a casual guild to run all content including PVE (dungeons, raids, and transmog hunting) and PVP (mostly interested in RBGs). My current character is a balance druid whose ilvl is only 857ish and will most likely dual spec to resto down the road. I have a desire to start a few alts as well. Basically, just l wanna group of people who want run the content in a non-pressured and fun environment. I am more than willing to help a small guild grow and would be down to voice chat, etc. I play mostly during the day EST currently but next month my schedule will change as I start a new job and will be playing weekends / evening prime hours. Thank you! MadFry#1572Madspud3 Jul 6
Jul 6 (A) Fri-Sat Night Raiding guild 9/9 TOS Ethereal Exiles : Server Dalaran : We are newly formed guild by long term experienced raiders with heroic and mythic raiding backgrounds. We are 10/10 H HN and now 9/9 N TOS and are recruiting to move into Heroic TOS. We have a unique and wild group of personalities! We are looking for players that want to clear and progress through content. We want all kinds of players from social only to those that want to do keystones weekly or those that are more dedicated to raiding. For those interested in joining the raid team we do have dps, hps requirements, and discord/ DBM. We will help get any willing person ready to raid as long as time and effort is spent learning your class. Fun stuff on non raid nights include transmog runs, farming groups, Mythic keys,lottery, lvl 1 gnome races and more. Raid Times EST Fri and Sat 8:30pm-11:30pm battletags NikkiB#1888Ishandì0 Jul 6
Jul 6 914 Resto Druid Hello! My name is Purplemanz. I'm a very social player and looking to explore my raiding options. I would like to get into mythic progression for tomb. I'm an experienced raid leader with about a year behind me of raid leading between guilds and pugs and everything in between. Before I get into guild things, let me tell you about myself! I love to have fun and interact with people in the game and would love to find a raiding team that fits a weekend schedule that is late night but not too late night for me. I love to heal, as I have played this character the most and found it the most entertaining. What I look for in a guild is the kind of atmosphere where people say hello when you log on, bye when you log off, congratulations to achievements; just plain courteous things. What I don't look for is a toxic, judgmental environment. I have raid led pugs into Kil'jaeden. My current heroic progress is 3/9H, downing the first two bosses and Harjatan. I am qualified to be an officer as I have in many guilds in the past. I would be active on voice chat and guild chat as well as very social. I'm looking for Friday/Saturday raid times, as this would fit me best. Afternoon works but nighttime raids are better. I'm not at all a hardcore player, if I had to describe my gameplay in one word it would be semi-casual. I'd love to explore my options, so if you have a guild that fits my accommodations then please post your contact info below and I will get back to you. TLDR: I'm a 914 resto druid looking for a Friday/Saturday weekend raiding guild. I have officer experience and love social enviorments! evanb4fun#1967Purplemanz0 Jul 6
Jul 5 [A] Booty Bay Liquors 7/9H ToS LF DPS & Heals BOOTY BAY LIQUORS - DALARAN - US Raid Progression - Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm - 10:00pm server time Loot System - Loot Council We are a recently transferred guild from a dying server our core players have been raiding together for 10 years plus we are a laid back guild who will always do what it takes to get things done. We are always recruiting experienced raiders and exceptional players who know their class currently we are trying to fill out our mythic raid team for Tomb of Sargeras and finish off heroic. We are in need of good melee dps and healers but will take any solid dps. Progression History: EN - 7/7H 7/7M Nighthold - 10/10H 4/10M ToS - 7/9H Contacts: GM - Blakkopps Btag (blakkhole#1446) GM2 - Macntreez Btag (mistqt#1440) GM3 - Tohmkruise Btag (superfreak#1393)Macntreez0 Jul 5
Jul 5 [A] LF Members/Raiders <Stromwind Troopers> Adult casual guild, LF players who are interested in raiding TOS and mythic + dungeons. 4/9 N TOS Raids are 7-10pm Tuesdays. We are a guild with great members that enjoy hanging out on discord entertaining one another while running content and helping each other. If you are a returning vet or a new player that is interested in raiding and doing mythics with a guild that is interested in getting to know you, and helping you get better this maybe the guild for you? We push mythic + and pvp, just random bgs for now on none raid days and are most active from 6 PM -11 PM server during the week and weekends anytime. Please contact Tremix or Bauzar ID Tim#1642 if interested or /Who Stormwind Troopers and whisper a member that is on, they will be happy to assist you. Thanks you!Bauzar0 Jul 5
Jul 4 913, 3/9H Guardian Druid As the title says, ilvl 913 with 3/9H Tomb progress (likely to improve come Tuesday). Looking for an active and social guild with awesome and amazing people to make the game and the experience more enjoyable. Preferably somewhere with a solid, strong raid core (though still building is just fine). Have Legendaries (two of which are BiS for spec), and a few ranks of Concordance. Looking for 6-9 hours-ish/wk. Can raid in the mornings or evenings. 9am EST-1pm EST or 9pm EST-whenever. Though I'm in a guild now on another server, it's small, and not a ton of activity outside the raid nights. Faction change is possible if the mojo is there on both sides. Anyways, interested? Hit me up sometime, you never know. Can reach me on BTag or Discord. BTag: BigDaddy#13995 Discord: Monsta!#9577Damonsta2 Jul 4
Jul 4 [A][US][Dalaran]<Antithesis> - DPS for ToS <Antithesis> is looking to fill out our raid roster in preparation for ToS. We're Alliance-based and currently sitting at 7/7M 1/3M 1/10M on Dalaran. We're a tight knit core of lunatics, some of whom have known each other for ages, some of which are new additions to the crew, and all of whom want to push progression (including Mythic) at a reasonable pace will still remembering how to have a good time. Recruitment: -Ele Shaman - Spriest - Mage - Rogue -Ret Pally - DK DPS We will consider any/all raid ready players (preference for 895+ ilvl, at least first point in Concordance). We're an entertaining bunch, but we do expect that our raiders are committed, seeing that we only raid twice a week. We'd love to have a solid bunch of regular raiders that can function as a cohesive, consistent team. We have an active group of Mythic+ enthusiasts, shard farmers, bg warriors, as well as run past content, and generally pick up whatever people are interested in doing. Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8:00pm-11:30pm server/EST Discord, a sense of humour, and a good attitude required. Love of beer and break time gambling encouraged. B-tag: Dodgy#1284 or Araxiel#1332 - feel free to respond to this posting or message either of us in game.Eliraenn4 Jul 4
Jul 4 redacted redactedNannerpantz5 Jul 4
Jul 3 [A] Corsets N Crosses Guild: Corsets N Crosses Faction: Alliance Server: Dalaran Voice: Discord Corsets N Crosses is a new guild forming by some WOW friends. We are looking for some respectful active players who would like to join us and have fun playing the game. We are currently running Mythic+ Dungeons and LFR raids until we have enough people who are interested in forming a Raiding team. We are accepting Toons ranging from Level 25-110 however really need more 110's to start our raid teams mostly Tanks and Healers.If your interested in Joining us and building a fun friendly guild please whisper or In Game mail Sindariian, Tàz or Mightyherc for more info or a guild Invite.Mightyherc0 Jul 3
Jul 3 [A or H]LF mythic raiding guild Hey guys, My situation is a bit special so let me explain real quick. Im a 23 yo French dude living in London playing wow since years but due to work (i work as a dealer in a casino my shift is a pretty much all nigh shift with a mix of day shift) it make it nearly impossible to find a guild that will suit me. I have been trying to find a guild but it was always an issue mainly due to my working hours, so i then decided to move to US server to finally get a guild that suit my playing hours and then so have a proper progress. My experience so far on legion: -4/7 MM (before TOV came out) -4/10 MM -9/9 NM -5/9 HM I didn't choose a server yet since i am currently looking for a guild, but i will need a guild on East coast server, my ping will be too high on west coast. I didin't choose yet the spec i'll be playing for the guild, this will need to be discuss, i am very flexible about that, i'll play what the guild need. Over the years i have been playing mainly rogues, WW Monk and Havoc demon hunter is my current main. Pretty much always played melee but again i wouldn't mind play ranged if the guild needed so. What i look for: -Mythic raiding guild -Raid Thursday / Friday / saturday / sunday from 7-12 pm CEST My key power here is motivation understand that i left my EU account 915 DH and 7 other lvl 110, buy a new game to get into a guild where i can get decent progression, my progression as been slow down due to the fact that i couldn't find a proper guild with my schedule that why i decide to move to US. Here is my the armory of my main: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/elune/scoudy Here are my two lastest logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nH7rbf3GgqhVFz2x#fight=7&type=damage-done https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nH7rbf3GgqhVFz2x#fight=13&type=damage-done Feel free to answer on this threat i'll check frequently, as soon as we talk about it and we both side happy i'll boost my char to 110 and catch up with gear ap. I do not mind what server or faction it will be. Thanks for reading and i hope to talk to you soon :)Lfguuild0 Jul 3
Jul 2 {H} EPU Raiders {EPU Raiders} is a multi-faction guild on Dalaran server. We have a social/casual guild on the alliance side, and our progression raid team is horde. We are currently 8/9 Normal ToS as of 6/23/2017. We are looking for quality players to join our progression raid team. We raid Friday and Saturday 7:30 pm server to 10:00 pm server. Currently on the alliance side with are 7/7 Heroic EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV, 10/10 Heroic Nighthold. On our off nights, you can find us running old content, mythic+ dungeons and just having fun on discord and in game. If you are interested in joining a family style guild with no rude people, you are welcome to message Kelali in game.Kelali4 Jul 2
Jul 2 [H] Holy/Ret Paladin LF Guild Just returned from a 2 month break, after giving FFXIV a try. Dropped it on Stormbloods release because that grind is TERRIBLE. Coming back to WoW because hell, might as well come back for the new patch. I've experienced raiding since way back in BC where I was TERRIBLE (my mage was my first ever max level toon at 70), and when Wrath came, I was able to up the ante though I was probably less than average. Skipped most of Cataclysm till Dragon Soul, skipped ALL of Mists, raided Highmaul but stopped after guild couldn't down last boss, and then hit a stride during Hellfire Citadel. Downed H HFC with a few Mythic kills post Legion patch (as if that was very hard), and hit the ground running with Legion; 7/7M EN, 3/3 H ToV, 10/10 H NH. Haven't touched Tomb at all, but I'm really looking forward to it. Available schedule is Monday evenings, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons (I work mornings Fri-Mon). If you're interested or want to know more about my scrubby self, my Btag is Dimunsis#1605!Zakatus2 Jul 2
Jun 30 901 Ilvl Havoc LF Weekend ToS Guild I Have raided since TBC, R rated tongue but doesn't toxic/flame. Just looking for content. Also have heavy pvp experience. As soon as get my gold farm up/get situated with the guild I can play whatever roles are required. I have a geared Warrior/Druid/Shaman off server. Weekday's are busy for me (RL and such) I only typically free "5-9" PM EST but on the weekends I have a free schedule Friday-Sunday Add me on battletag, or send me recruitment info/contact info here No I have no problems conforming to guild standards, voice programs, add ons, loot etc etc. 100% I just really want to enjoy weekly content again with no bull. dantedarkly#1975Dantedarkly2 Jun 30
Jun 30 916 Guardian Druid and 916 Shadow Priest 916 Guardian Druid and 916 Shadow Priest currently looking for a weekend raid team. Both are 9/9N and 7/9H. Both have concordance in all specs and the ability to play off specs as well as druid having a 910 frost mage available with concordance. Btags: GiGi#1168 & Syan#1437 Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/psyrina https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/syansPsyrina0 Jun 30
Jun 30 Looking for a horde guild I have a 45 troll feral druid in-which I'm looking for a good place to call home for her. I'm casual at most but enjoy being around a postive bunch.Leafmealone2 Jun 30
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Jun 30 [A/H]Returning player looking for a guild Greetings, I just came back to the game after a few years hiatus, last played expansion was Cataclysm. Once again, I've felt the WoW itch return and, not being able to scratch it with another game, here I am! As per the topic title, I am looking for a semi-casual guild to join, with whom I can level and go through content all over again. I would prefer a startup guild, one that I can help grow and evolve over time, and have a close group of players to progress with and develop party tactics for dungeons. That being said, I am not opposed to being part of a larger guild either, provided that there are players interested in running older content dungeons for the fun and gear, rather than rush to 110 for end-game. This current character is Alliance, but, seeing as I haven't much to my name yet, I am not opposed to re-rolling into Horde, if an opportunity arises. I am mostly available and online every day, but my work schedule makes the hours a bit erratic until July, at which point I'll have steady available times. I am in the eastern time zone, if it makes a difference. I realize that it may be in poor taste to look for a guild while I'm currently in one, and I agree with that assessment. I simply do not have access to my personal computer today in order to leave it, but do have a limited access to internet from work. Now, this is not a move against the guild proper. While I am grateful for the invitation, I simply realized/remembered that my best experiences in WoW were tied to helping a guild (and guildies) progress, while going through my own playthrough. Being vastly under-leveled compared to my current guild mates, I can't do that, and PUGs for dungeons are lackluster, to say the least. TL;DR I want to take time to enjoy the game with other like-minded people, don't care about faction, hit me up famSoriila4 Jun 30
Jun 30 Forming a Weekend Raiding Team Entity is a recently formed social guild Horde based in Dalaran server looking to form a 15/10 man raiding team. Our raid leader as well as other members have heroic raiding experience, we are pretty chill and social and are looking for like minded people. Our tank spots are occupied but we are looking for ranged and melee dps as well as healers. Ideally we would like to see people with: 50 traits minimum on their artifact and an ilevel of 890, if you don't have the gear don't worry we can help you with that. Raiding experience is preferable but not required. Our raid schedule will be Friday and Saturday 8pm-10pm server time although that is subject to change if necessary depending on what works best for everyone. If raiding is not what you are looking for please consider us anyways. We are a mostly social/chill guild with members who just like to have fun and help each other out. Contact PlasmaSnake#11429, PerfectWeapo#1395 or TheBrodieMan#1613 if you are interested :)Rokkhu0 Jun 30
Jun 28 LOWERCASE-Feathermoon [A] 9/9n 4/9H Looking for a new home? Want a change of scenery? Look no further! LOWERCASE -Feathermoon/scarlet crusade is recruiting for it's main raid. The guild is back up and running after taking some time away from the server but the core is back. The core team has been raiding Mythic progression this expansion and has decided to return home. raid times are 5:30pm PST- 8:00pm PST Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are currently looking for 1 tank a couple healers and some dps. The Core team is 9/9n and 4/9H and looking to push mythic ASAP. We are a social guild that does lots of mythic+ and PVP. For more information please contact me here or at Ally#1321.Faillin0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Order of the Silver Moon Scam http://imgur.com/a/HQ0hS watch out for these douchebags they r only attempting to hurt other guilds. they wanted to destroy order of the righteous becuz they didnt like them what a bunch of doucebagsSaeaiaga0 Jun 28
Jun 28 [A] <Order of the Silver Moon> Introduction: Greetings! If you haven't seen us advertising or trekking across Azeroth's surface already, then hello! I am Coberroldam, proud leader of <Order of the Silver Moon>. With over 325 active members [over half of which are on within two days], we are a guild that is growing quickly. As of June 26th, 2017, we are exactly 4 months old, and we have 635 guild achievements. Our main focus is to help players of all walks of life. Whether you're new or experienced; a higher level or a lower level, we're here to help! We're kind, social, and we're looking for players like you to join us! I can assure you that you'll have an awesome time with us, and it's always worth a try! We are a casual guild, but we do go out of our way to assist other players and to help those who are new, which puts us under a charity-like guild category. We have an array of players, all of which have unique personalities and have become like family! Our Officers This guild would not be complete without the hard work and dedication its Officer Team [or Council, as we call it] puts in. Consisting of 7 players [including myself], the Council makes all sorts of decisions based off of players' opinions, as well as decisions as to who could be our next Officer! These players are especially active to ensure this guild's safety and success, and are ready to act when needed. Events <Order of the Silver Moon> is filled with events, with at least one event every single day! From Guild Game Nights to recruitment events to personalize players' experiences, we make sure that this guild has a mix between giving players their own time and keeping them busy when they're bored. Don't forget the weekly raids and the bi-weekly major Horde city assaults, either! [Currently not on Legion raids, but getting there! Keep in mind that we ARE casual! :)] Discord As a social guild, it is a priority that we stay connected. While we understand if you aren't able to use Discord, we strongly suggest that you get it so you can get updates on happenings in the guild, and it also serves as a social outlet where people can just hang out in voice chat. You can also send the dankest memes in the #dank-memes chat ;). Contact Me! We hope you'll consider joining! Here's how you can contact me: Discord: Genne#1750 [it's case-sensitive. Be sure you message me telling me you were interested in this post, too!] In-game: You can add Coberroldam as a friend, or you can send a request to Genegerbread#1286. [again, be sure and tell me you came from this post! :D] Thanks all!Coberroldam4 Jun 28
Jun 27 906 Guardian Druid What's up Dalaran, Da-monsta here! Just wanted to leave a post, see what's up. Though not currently keeping a main on Dal, I have an alt or two there and always interested in keeping my options open. Looking for a strong, active, social, and awesome guild full of just as active, social, and awesome people. My current ToS progession is 9/10N with a few N KJ pulls. I'd like to continue that progress and push through into Heroic and if even possible, keep Mythic on a possible horizon. Looking for 6-9 hrs/wk and would prefer 9pm EST or later. For all the weird folks like me, I can also do daytime raids if that's a thing. From roughly 9am till around 1pm any day of the week. Little about me...as the title states, currently 906. Have 5 legendaries which include both BiS Guardian legendaries (Eko for survival and Luffa Wrappings for DPS). I have Concordance, and have cleared N and H on each raid of the expansion with AoTC for each different raid. If anyone out there is interested, feel free to hit me up. Leave a reply here, drop me a message on Discord, or add my BTag. Faction change is possible if the chemistry is right, and of course a realm change is more than viable. Talk to you soon, hopefully. Discord: Monsta!#9577 BTag: BigDaddy#13995Damonsta1 Jun 27
Jun 27 [A] Outer Haven - Looking for more 8/9 N ToS [A] <Outer Haven> is a Casual Progression guild on the Dalaran server looking for like-minded players to push content and have fun in the process. Raid experience in the guild is 7/7H EN, 3/3 H ToV, 10/10H NH and 8/9 N ToS. Outer Haven uses Discord for our VoIP program. Raid Times: Thursday 9:00PM-11:00PM EST Friday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST Currently recruiting 2 more members. Either 2 Boomkins or 1 Boomkin and 1 Mage Expectations: When raiding Flasks, Potions and Food will be provided by the Guild. Have basic knowledge of your class, know fights, ask questions, be patient and have FUN! For more info, please send and in-game mail or tell to: Unú, Søraka, Lûnae, Pryito, Sácred, Dermøgh, Nëcessities, Shiroganë or Caliphas. Or add us as friends to chat. Pryito#1140 Life#1971 Dermogh#1182 Carmis#1218 Irvo#1237Pryito1 Jun 27
Jun 27 9/10 M & 8/9 H Guild LF DPS Hey Dalaran, Crucible is looking for a couple more players to complete our core roster as we move into mythic progression this week! We have a very high demand for: Rogues Holy Priests Mages Warlocks Gonna keep it short and sweet here: Raid times are Tues/Thurs/Sun 8:30-12 EST. Add my btag and let's get talking, we're a very active, talented guild. Rycyxox#1417Shockîra0 Jun 27
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Jun 26 [A] Ex-Raider LF Casual Raiding/Mythic+ Guild Having quit high end raiding again after a brief return earlier in the expansion due to the time requirements, I am looking for a guild to run mythic+ and 1-2 nights of normal/heroic raids per week with. That being said, I still would like a group that puts in their best efforts and a reasonable level of skill to make the most of small amounts of raid time. I can play any role and currently have 7 classes at 110, with my current main being a Balance druid with a Resto offspec. I also would be willing to play my elemental/resto shaman or blood/unholy death knight. As for raid times, I am looking for something in the evening on any days other than Thursday and Friday. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your guild!Fjolsvith0 Jun 26
Jun 26 Alliance Paladin looking to transfer Good day, my name is Belgur (ret pally) and I'm considering transfering to Dalaran. I'm iLvl 902 and 10/10H 2/10M in NH. How is the raiding community on Dalaran? And are any guilds looking for a melee DPS? I've also tanked in expansions past and dabbled in healing.Belgur4 Jun 26