Oct 4 Weeknight Horde Raids? I'm a player returning after a roughly five year hiatus with experience from Vanilla -> Wrath in a world top 500 guild. I have cleared 6/7 heroic Emerald Nightmare in the current expansion. I'm looking for guilds raiding between Monday-Thursday, no more than 3 nights a week or 9 hours maximum. Ideally anywhere between 8PM - Midnight EST. Are there any guilds that fit this schedule who need a solid dps (And eventual offspec healer though the way artifacts work is trash for offspecs) If not, are there any players interested in trying to start something up? This server is newer and the number of guilds seem small, most of them bursting with too many players to deal with. If you're in the same boat as myself trying to find a good home here, maybe there are enough of us to band together and at least wipe out Normal mode this week.Strongpanda3 Oct 4
Oct 4 [A] Crowd Control - LF Competent Raiders Crowd Control - (Dalaran-US) is an Alliance guild focused on progression raiding that is currently 7/7N EN and 1/7 Heroic EN. Currently recruiting competent raiders, in need of a variety of RDPS, MDPS , MDPS/Tank OS , that are serious about Heroic into Mythic Raiding. We are all raiders from different servers with experience and are looking to build a solid raid team to progress through Legion content. We will work to help you get where you need, to make sure we are all performing at our best. Our Raid times will be Monday/Wednesday 7pm-11pm EST. Can contact me by adding bnet Dooder#1271 or directly in game, GM Phrantk or any of the Crowd Control Officers in game or by responding in this thread. We require Discord for communication with guild members during raids.Gizooder10 Oct 4
Oct 4 (A) Redacted - seeking 2 more Hello folks! Redacted is seeking 2 TANKS who have an almost equal dps offspec, to join our ranks! These two will ideally be able to help tank for mythic and mythic + five man content, and potentially tank during raids, but have a dps offspec avail for raids as well. We are 7/7 normal and will be starting heroic next week. We plan to full clear normal on our first raid night then work on heroic. We use discord, and you can check out our website at: www.redacted-guild.com Also, contact Arcthor in game if you have questions!Arcthor0 Oct 4
Oct 4 [A] <Heavenly Sword> LF Ranged DPS (6/7N) <Heavenly Sword> is recruiting! We're an alliance guild on Dalaran (US) based around a multi-game community and looking to add more DPS (especially ranged) to our ranks for raids. We consider ourselves semi-casual - raiding is not required, but active participation in the community is. Raid nights are Friday evenings beginning at 8 pm CST. A second raid night will be added to the schedule soon and we also host a variety of other events such as pvp nights, dungeon runs, old world raids, Cards Against Humanity, & more! Some perks: Discord voice & text channels Website: http://www.heavenlyswordgaming.com/ Frequent events Videos and social media Points for attending events, which can be spent on real prizes Supported by a 200 person multi-game community Want to know more? Please contact Fairylights in-game (fairylights#1471) or message here and she will assist you with any questions and facilitate your entrance into the guild and our community!Fairylights0 Oct 4
Oct 3 Heavy Junkboxes Needed (A) I am looking at getting the Insane in the Membrane Feat, and I wanted to toy with the idea of hiring somebody to farm my heavy junkboxes rather than level a rogue up to 70ish. If you're interested please let me know, I would be happy to talk prices and see if we can come to some sort of agreement. I need 1275 heavy junkboxes. I can likely be reached on one of a couple characters that I currently have on Dalaran, but for simplicities sake, Talifmo#1663 Thank you! and if I miss your ping (I sometimes play/afk while I'm at work) just keep harrasing me or shoot me a piece of mail in game. Thanks!Peroxysm0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Basic Impulse 1/7M (Stormrage) recruiting Basic Impulse is a newly formed semi-hardcore guild that is looking to maintain top 15 server while we build and groom our roster. Once we have established a core raid team, we will focus on being a top 5 guild on the server. We are looking to build our raid group around people who have both exceptional mechanical skills and a strong understanding of their class/spec, while enjoying a more casual approach to end-game raiding. ***Raid Times: Tue, wed, sun @ 8pm-12am EST.*** * Loot System: We have raiders roll for gear, while applying some emphasize on making sure gear is “passed” to whoever needs that item the most. **What you can expect from us: We put the progression of the raid group first, and for that reason we give raid spots to people based on their personal performance rather than their relationship with another member of the guild, or the amount of time they have raided with us. In addition, if a player is under-performing we will approach them in private to assist them in improving their performance. If a player is unable to perform around the same as most other raider’s, they will be benched until they can show us in mythic+’s that they clearly can compete within our current roster. Above all else, we strive for a rage free, light atmosphere that is focused when needed, and will do what is necessary to maintain that raiding environment. We also provide flasks, and do our best to subsidize pot’s/enchants. **What we expect from you: That you are ready for raid, and online 15 minutes before the raid starts. While we understand that people can’t play hours and hours outside of raid time, we do expect people to do as many mythic+, and world quests that give artifact power as they can. We believe in people playing the class they enjoy the most, and for that reason we do not expect anyone to have an additional raid ready character, nor do we class stack. Most importantly, we expect all players to have reviewed boss mechanics prior to raid, and to have a positive attitude during raid. Application process: Instead of having people apply online through an application process, we simply conduct a brief interview on the spot. Afterwards, if both people are satisfied we will host a 5 man mythic/mythic + trial to see firsthand how a person deals with some mechanics and if their hps/dps is satisfactory. Upon a successful trial run, a person will then raid as a trial until they illustrate that they clearly compete with our current roster. Contact information: If you have any questions, or would like to begin the application process, you may add Fillawsophir#1663, (maximus#11355).Fusions0 Oct 3
Oct 2 [A]ilvl125 Prot Warrior TWINK LF TBC Team Hey, I gotta lvl70 ilvl125 Prot Warrior and I'm looking for a TBC legacy raid team to progress through the raids with. Must raid Friday, Saturday, or Sunday preferably at 6pm to 9pm, no latter than 10pm.Magejpmlls2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Dalaran inquiry (Possible server xfer) Hello Everyone, My Gf is tired of playing on illidan. She is not a PvPer and xfered just to be with me.(This was before server mergers were a thing) She is also unfortunately tired of paying for server xfers. So what I am trying to do is show her a good populated, balanced realm that is safe for her to play and enjoy the game. And Dalaran was at the top of my list for balanced, High Pop, West Coast servers.(as far realmpop data is accurate.) My interest are a bit different, but also must mesh with hers so...just a few questions. How is the community as a whole? Active? Trade/achievement (excluding /4chat troll) How is the Raiding and Guilds? A lot of recruiting? Raid progression? (Looking for a social semi casual raiding guild as I am full clear HFC Normal/Heroic). Is the LFG chat/ Trade chat helpful and community friendly or is it completely toxic?(exclude casual trolls. We all know there will be a peak of these plebs no matter the server. However some servers are so bad and toxic that its just best to turn the chats off. ) I know that a lot of this info could be searched on realmpop/WoWprogress etc. This however, excludes the community and their personal experiences and opinions. This is what I want to know. How you all feel about your own server. it will tell us a lot about the community and if it would be a good move to transfer here. Thank you all and please. Feel free to let us know what you think and how you feel about your server and community.Astridr14 Oct 2
Oct 1 Any Horde oldies left on this server? Who's left from Vanilla/BC days? Any ex-Unleashed or Doom still around? There was a Facebook thread a while back of a bunch of returning players planning to come back to the server, curious if anyone's actually started playing again; perhaps on different accounts like myself.Drinkjin3 Oct 1
Oct 1 851 Tank LF skilled Heroic/Mythic guild Have tanked for 5 years now with mythic raiding experience, currently have a 851 DH and am working on gearing my monk as well. I am looking to join a guild of skilled raiders who are looking to improve as players and progress in a timely manner. I dont wanna waste my time or your time so I am looking to be surrounded by skilled players where we can all learn and grow. I am currently 7/7N 1/7H in two days of raiding. Battletag - Profoundsoup#1577Profoundsoup0 Oct 1
Oct 1 Fire Mage LF Fri/Sat Raid Team Hey! I'm looking for a raid team in need a Fire Mage that raids Fri/Sat preferably at 6pm to 9pm. Any takers?Magejpmlls0 Oct 1
Sep 30 [A] Looking for Guild with older player base Gearing a Holy Priest and Prot Warrior. Interested in... (a) Light raiding, 5 mans, Battleground, maybe some arena, (b) Not interested in taking things too seriously but serious enough to have fun and probably find a spot on a 2-3 day a week raid schedule. (c) Prefer working professionals like myself who are just looking to unwind a bit after the day, no guilds run by kids. Please don't contact me if you're just adding headcount for the sake of guild rewards. (d) Discord / Mumble / Jabber (e) Not the weirdest guy on your raid roster, probably the most sarcastic. Reach out in game - lets chat. ThanksJavafanatic0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Knights Union (A) Recruiting Raiders Knights Union and alliance guild on the Dalaran Server is looking for raid minded individuals to add to our roster. We currently have two raid teams with a third one on the way. Our Hardcore Progression teams raids Tues/Thurs from 730-1030 pm est and occasionally will stay later to down a boss or two. This team is completely built around progression and requires 100% attendance unless an emergency. We use the DKP loot system. At the time of this post we are 7/7 N and 3/7 H in EN. our second team is a casual more laid back approach that raids Mon/Wed 730-1030 est and allows you to miss one raid per month. It is currently 5/7 N EN at the time of this post. We will be forming a third hardcore progression team in mid October to start raiding at the end of October. This team will have the same requirements as the Hardcore team we have now. It will raid on the weekends Friday and Saturday 10pm-1am est. So those interested can jump in and be ready to apply on the 15th of October. If you are interested or have questions you can either visit out website at www.knightsunion.enjin.com or you can find me in game real id Duvdar#1675Seaphiel1 Sep 30
Sep 30 [A] <Order of the Righteous> Our Cause is Righteous..... <Order of the Righteous> Is recruiting people that wish to dedicate themselves to the ideals of Vanilla wow. That's right! We firmly believe in the ideals of the past, and pridefully place our banners in every location of the world. Some of the these old ideals are: Striving to build a community within our inner guild. Assisting players in our own guild whenever they need help, and whenever we can offer our assistance. Some people believe that a social guild that actively communicates with each other is a thing of the past, which is why we do our very best to communicate both verbally and in guild chat! (We use Discordapp) We are a guild that promotes selflessness rather than selfishness. We hold a strong claim that we are a Charity guild over a PVP / PVE guild. What does that imply? Helping new players become champions, and giving as much as we can back to our community. We strongly believe that the community makes the player base, and without a 'good' player base we have a destructive, spiteful, hateful, trollish community built on the pillars of hate, and greed. Most guilds nowadays do not post events on the calendar, our calendar is generally filled with various times to cater to those in Australia, Europe, the East Coast, and the West Coast. We have all kinds of events, for all kinds of people. We are the only guild that changes our colors to show support for fallen serviceman (Red / White / Blue), promote breast cancer awareness (Pink), promote LGBT unity (Rainbow), promote awareness for certain genocides such as the Armenian Genocide (Red / Orange / Blue), promotes unity in certain worldly events like the shootings in France (Red / White / Blue), and to top it off we have a SPECIFIC day every month where we cater to veterans and help them with their basic needs. Order of the Righteous prides itself on helping others, especially when we can lend the assistance in real life. We are the -ONLY- guild that has brought together big donations to send to the American Cancer Society, and the Red Cross. We even have set up donations for animals, and have raised awareness about animal abuse in farms.The bottom line is that our events aren't standard, our guild isn't your usual guild that simply PVE's or PVP's. Many of us have joined this guild to dedicate our time to other people, our community, and each other. If you believe in the old ideals of Vanilla, and what it meant to be a social, active, kind, caring, loving guild, then OOTR is the home for you. (We're also one of the biggest WPVP Guilds and tend to destroy Orgrimmar for hours on end. :D) For extra evidence, we've set up a page in Imgur where you can look through some of our photos. https://imgur.com/gallery/I16fD Also we have more pictures of the RAOK on our website. http://ootr.enjin.com/gallery/m/40582856/album/280819 For Legion Content: We're currently seeking all classes for Mythic Dungeons. Some people are under geared, thus we will do Heroics / Normals to help them out. We currently have a team set up for raiding, our raid times for that raid group is: 8PM-12AM Friday-Sunday. Our second raid team is being set up to cater to Australians and Europeans. The Third is being set up to cater to people on the east coast, or early morning raiders. What about PVP? Order of the Righteous is the biggest 'QUALITY > Quantity' guild on the server. While we may have a lot of raiders, we also have a lot of PVPers, or people that PVP on the side. We were the only guild that was able to amass 200 people to flood Orgrimmar at a given time. If you uphold interest in PVE, PVP, and the RAOK. Join us and help us spread a message of unity, socialization, and generosity.Kornbredkhan95 Sep 30
Sep 30 [H] <Dissonance> recruiting, LF heals & RDPS Dissonance is a new casual raiding guild that is looking for new raiders. Specifically we're looking for a healer, and 2 melee dps. A death knight would be preferred but not necessary. Would prefer ilvl 840+. We raid twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm-12am server time. We're a guild that's very relaxed in how we approach things, accepting players of all experience levels so long as they're willing to learn and put forth the necessary effort. We use personal loot as our method of loot distribution. If someone gets an item which is not an upgrade and can be traded, we settle it through loot council. We use Discord for voice communication. If you're interested in joining, please contact me either in-game or here on the forums. Thank you for your time!Natssuaeva1 Sep 30
Sep 30 863 R Shaman 7/7H LF Hardcore Raiding Good day, I am searching for a tight knitted group to tackle mythic raid content. I am aiming to become one of the top resto shaman of the world and would like to find a guild in need of a dedicated hardcore healer. I am a very competitive person and I always try to find ways to improve. Current ranking from warcraftlogs Rank #174 healer in heroic EN Rank #33 Rshaman in heroic EN My schedule: availability Sun-Mon 7pm-11pm EST Fri-Sat. 5pm-12am EST Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qLbkFXtDPpQhncV6/#fight=2 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/16135601/latest/#metric=hps Ltitle about me: I started in BC and raided throughout cataclysm always tackling hard content. I quit due to stagnant content in cataclysm and transfer to League of Legends where I played at a diamond level. After hearing the good news about legion, I return to WoW at prepatch. I am much more competitive than I ever was and always try to compete with others healers in my raid and server, and around the world. I am the person who is willing to do anything to help my guild clear content. Reason for guild change : I want to play at a competitive level and not have to carry the healing team all the time. With my current group, mythic progression does not seem possible. I don't want a guild to hold me back due to players not performing or trying as hard as I am. Inot addition, I want a guild who can benefit a great healer to clear challenging content together. Add me on battletag or leave a post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Battletag ID: jhinkin#1398Mawna0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Weekend Raiding Guild Paying your Xfer Weekend Raiding guild Saturday-Sunday 6pm-10pm central Hunters-High Mage-High Lock-High Priest-none As title states we are willing to pay for your server transfer is you are looking to join the guild and do progressive mythic raiding on Mal Ganis. Please contact myself at Senax#1743 I will respond when I get home from work in the evenings. Here is our recruitment thread for more info http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749385746Senax2 Sep 30
Sep 29 [A] DK looking for late pm/early am guild Is there any guild out there that operates on a later schedule? I've got work/kids now and can only play Late pm (>11) or early am. Did hardcore top 3 server raiding back in vanilla and tbc.Mortifex1 Sep 29
Sep 29 <A> 853 resto druid LF progression raid team can't post on my main due to some circumstances, but I am currently looking for a new raiding team. I am looking for a guild who is currently in heroic progression and is looking to do mythic progression as well.I would also like a guild that is social and active. I am an experienced healer with multiple World of Logs parses and heroic raiding experience for many tiers. I am looking for a night time raiding team. Days don't matter. If you are interested leave a reply below and leave your battletag and I will be in touch.Ironhunt1 Sep 29
Sep 29 [A] 7/7N 1/7H guild recruiting We are looking for three players to join our ranks to raid with our core group. We need 1 healer and 2 ranged dps. Our raid hours are 8h00-11h00 PM EST on Wednesday and Thursday. We are mostly looking for : -Resto shaman -Disc Priest -Fire mage To get more information contact me Toofattowin#11999Dwallex1 Sep 29
Sep 29 [A] 846 Mage moving to Dalaran Hey all, I have been looking through various realms and I am curious how raiding is on Dalaran. I have already cleared EN on Normal and Nythendra on Heroic so I am hoping to find a decent raid team that is looking in to Mythic+ and gearing up in Normal and Heroic EN.Pyroblastina4 Sep 29
Sep 28 [A]835 Mage LF Fri/Sat Raid Hello! I'm a ilvl 835 Fire Mage looking for a guild that raids Fri/Sat preferably at 6pm to 9pm. I do have previous raid experience.Magejpmlls1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Geared Mage Looking For Guild [A] Hello, I'm looking for a raiding guild that raids on fri/sat preferably at 6pm to 9pm. My ilvl is 835 at the time of writing this. By the way I'm a student and my schedule tends to be a little random.Magejpmlls1 Sep 28
Sep 28 844 Warlock LF SAT/SUN Raiding Hello all, I am looking to get into raiding but only problem is my guild raids T/TH and I can only raid on SAT/SUN due to work and school. I have 0 raiding experience but I learn fast. I just really got into WoW this expansion since my main game LoL (Diamond 1/Masters) got a little stale. I have been playing league Of Legends for 5 years now (Not that it matters). My faction is Horde and I do not really want to switch over to Alliance. TY MSG Me: TJCOOL#1392Orpzzi1 Sep 28
Sep 28 [A] <Tension Tamer> Recruiting for H/Mythic Hello! This is a new guild on Dalaran recruiting all roles and classes to get ready to down some serious raiding content. We are planning for minimalist raid times starting out: 8pm-11pm est on Sunday and Monday nights. I've got specific goals in mind centered on raiding efficiently. This means a couple things for a prospective recruit: -You can take and give polite criticism and feedback often, and act on it immediately. -You are capable of fast and meaningful improvement as a player in terms of both playing your spec and working through boss mechanics. -You research your class/spec and appropriate logs and analyze your own and others' gameplay outside of raid times. -You are prepared for raid right on time. -You do not take criticism or being temporarily sat out on off nights too personally. I know that seems daunting, but my goal is to create a friendly and open environment for improvement and serious content. I hope to keep the criticism, feedback, and organization required for this without the drama and negativity that can come with it. I first want to collect a good group of 10-20 people to farm heroic, and then work on filling that out and smoothing out the edges to begin mythic content. We might be a little late to the party for an EN clear, but I plan to complete it :). Other than that, our core group of friends are easy to talk to and friendly and we're usually just hanging out in Discord/Skype while playing. We welcome new players to make guild chat fun :). Finally, unrelated, but yes, the guild name is a reference to Coco Peru's quest for the Tension Tamer Tea. It goes without saying that we are definitely LGBT friendly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq4Phcjy4o4 Reply here or even add me in game (Mephim#1314) if you have questions or are interested! -Mohya the best mistweaver ever out of the 10 that existMohya0 Sep 28
Sep 28 [A] 849 Prot Pally Looking for guild Currently looking for a raiding guild after coming to this server at the start of legion after not really playing in WoD and MoP. The raid times would have to be after 9pm est or close to it due to the times i work. Days after pretty fluid for me. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in game.Qulsen0 Sep 28
Sep 27 [A] LF Late night raid guild Hello, I am interested in looking for a guild that does late night or early morning raiding. I am currently Prot spec'd warrior with 843 ilvl and still gearing. able to tank Heroics and Mythics. Send me a message, Game tag. MFxStrange#1922Hæthen2 Sep 27
Sep 27 looking for west cost guild 101 Am looking for a guild based on the west cost. As I am a new player to wow need a guild the is willing to help and teach about the game I am a experienced gamer I have a good idea but these is a large game and many ins and out that I do not know. I work full time and have a family so life comes first. also I prefer using TS I think it allows for a better game experience's when gaming. Don't just send me an invite I prefer you to reply to this. so if it sounds like I would fit your guild just let me know. Thank you for your time.Maltodoku1 Sep 27
Sep 27 [A] 853Outlaw/851Hpally LF Guild We were fed up with our "Casual/ Progression" raid guild and are looking for a new home! In our last Heroic EN I pulled anywhere from 250-300kdps (picture proof from two lvl 5 keystone groups) , and my friend, pally, was our top healer, beating out druids and shamans. WE are looking for a guild that does Mythics, Keystones, and Raids, as well as other fun things!! Please email me and add my battletag Velaynah#1136 lelandkulok@gmail.comVelaynah1 Sep 27
Sep 26 [A] Rogue looking for guild Hello guilds of Dalaran! I am a returning player looking to find a guild to tackle normal and heroic content with as a melee damage dealer. Being able to raid 3-4 days a week is a priority for me so a late night schedule would make the most sense, something past 10PM EST to 3AM would work well. If your guild sounds like a good fit send me a message in game if you want to get to know me better. Battletag: Scotah#1996Ranneran1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Need Dungeon group need to do neltharions lair, and assault on violet hold level 108 unholy dk ilevel 767Napsy1 Sep 26
Sep 26 (A) Healer and tank/dps LF guild My friend and I are coming to dalaran as it looked to be a promising server. We are both experienced raiders from all previous expansions. And are looking for a semi casual raiding guild to raid with. Mistweaver monk and demon hunter tank or dps.Värius3 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] <Nightbourne> LF Late Night Raiders Greetings, The <Nightbourne> are looking for a few more active players to help tackle the end-game content that Legion will have to offer. Currently seeking rolls for our 2nd raid group which will run Mon/Wed night starting at 10pm EST (perhaps 11 if need be). Roles needed are: -1 tank (non-plate preferably) -1 raid healer (ideally shaman or druid) -2 ranged dps Many of us have years and expansions worth of raiding experience under our belts and are looking forward to starting the first week in October. We will be using discord as our voice chat system this go around. Typically you can find a large guild base of active players willing to run whatever heroics, mythics, or world quests suit your fancy during non-raiding hours. Feel free to send myself (Odinson#1467), Yumisura, or Frostcarnage a message in game and we would love to talk with you a little.Goobrgrape0 Sep 26
Sep 25 [A] Heavenly Sword LF More Ranged DPS, 4/7N <Heavenly Sword> is recruiting! We're an alliance guild on Dalaran (US) based around a multi-game community and looking to add more DPS (especially ranged) to our ranks for raids. We consider ourselves semi-casual - raiding is not required, but active participation in the community is. Raid nights are Friday evenings beginning at 8 pm CST. A second raid night will be added to the schedule soon and we also host a variety of other events such as pvp nights, dungeon runs, old world raids, Cards Against Humanity, & more! Some perks: Discord voice & text channels Website: http://www.heavenlyswordgaming.com/ Frequent events Videos and social media Points for attending events, which can be spent on real prizes Supported by a 200 person multi-game community Want to know more? Please contact Fairylights in-game (fairylights#1471) or message here and she will assist you with any questions and facilitate your entrance into the guild and our community!Fairylights0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Thank you to Order of the Righteous So im still a pretty new player to WoW and on September 12th i got scammed, i didn't realize what it was before it was too late. It was a guild member who was selling mounts, so i decided to see what his price was, well i didn't have 40k so he offered me it at half price, i thought it was a friendly guild member price. http://imgur.com/a/5YLzb http://imgur.com/a/gD5y6 http://imgur.com/a/DQ6Wi http://imgur.com/a/Oulld So yeah i know after reading this over a couple of times i was idiot and should have notice sooner but i didn't and ended up losing everything i had, i was talking about what happen with people in my instance and apparently a member of Order of the righteous wanted to talk me. He invited me to his discord and offered me to join the guild. I showed him the screen shots and he told me to meet up in dalaran. So this all happend. http://imgur.com/a/p1vfn http://imgur.com/a/bVUYi http://imgur.com/a/EpmMj I just wanted to say thank you to the guild Order of the righteous for the gold it was much appreciatedAquyindra6 Sep 25
Sep 25 Community Discord Live! Hello guys! If anyone here doesn't yet know about Discord, it is a relatively new voice and text chat application that works both as an app and in your web browser. It's like combining TeamSpeak and Skype and putting it into a single app. A group of us made a community Discord. In this discord you will be provided with latest hotfixes with also all Class discords at your disposal. All classes have a Discord channel, each with a varying number of members and multiple sub-channels dedicated to specific topics regarding that class. Each channel is maintained by class community leaders and are excellent resources for anyone, new and veteran to the game. We will try to make the discord channel as beneficial for each of you as possible. Feel free to use our community discord for anything you want to do. The link below will direct you to our discord channel: https://discord.gg/XyUn2mtVotkinsk1 Sep 25
Sep 25 LF Morning Raiding Guild/group LF an early morning raiding guild for my Pally (ilvl 841) Warrior (ilvl 839) and possible shaman. My Pally and Warrior are both prot but I can change to dps if needed. Shaman would be ele. - As a third shifter I would be able to raid between 8:30am and 12:30pm. This works for everyday of the week except Saturdays which I could raid till 11:30am. -LF laid back atmosphere with others who like to have fun but also get things done. Please add me Whiteness#1272, looking forward to finding a home :DThelightnass0 Sep 25
Sep 24 LFG Unholy DK 1. Times available: 3pm PST Mon-Fri, 12pm Sat-Sun: May very certain days 2. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore 3-4 days a week. 5. Current progression/experience: 5/7N EN 5. Contact info: Btg-Slowjazz#1997 6. Anything else: 19 years old, attending college part time. Don't have any kids and live with 1 room mate. Not really emotional but connects with groups. My favorite thing to do is touch butts, chat, and eat tacos. I'm a big innuendo pun player who will throw jokes at most curve balls. Glory to the horde!Slowjazz0 Sep 24
Sep 24 LF Raid Group 11pm - 1 am Fri, Sat. Hey Dalaran, Long time raider on this server. Looking for a group that runs from 11 pm - 1 am on Friday and Saturday. I have my mage available and I do come with a healer potentially. I have experience raiding high level, mid level and low level as well as leading (though I don't plan to do that). If you might have a spot or are interested, let me know in game or here.Sellii0 Sep 24
Sep 24 lf active guild I am a casual player looking to join an active guild with members online that actually want to get things done... My ilvl is 816 and I am wanting to raid... Help me...Cuddlyrazor3 Sep 24
Sep 24 [A]Winter..I mean Legion is coming... Night's Watch is recruiting active players to build a solid raid team in preparation for the release of Legion this summer. This will be a casual raid guild, you must have a working mic, preferably adults but higher levels of maturity welcome to apply. No elitist, we are laid back and all want to experience the content without major stress. Night's Watch is perfect for returning players who may feel they are behind on content. Please don't join expecting to be carried, given gold or geared up. We all work hard to earn what we have, it's easy to get gear good enough to start HFC normal. Guild event times are eastern. Most events will be scheduled after 9pm, but there is room to tweek the times. We also enjoy PvP; those who have gone solo in PvP and are interested in a raiding experience, Night's Watch is for you. We have hopes of also building a solid group of ten (to start) for premade BGs. For questions or an invite pst Quimbi, Azayne in game or by battletag Azailia#1983 Thanks!Parabol4 Sep 24
Sep 24 <H> Show Me My Opponent Recruiting Show Me My Opponent, previous top horde Dalaran raiding guild for High Maul and Blackrock, is looking for a couple DPS classes. Bonus points if you're willing to gear for off healing / off tanking. We'll be doing the low end of the raid size (10ish raiders). Raid times will be Tues 8:15 - 11:30, Weds / Thurs from 7 - 11 EST. Times may change depending on how the group is feeling. Show Me My Opponent is a small guild with a core of about 8 players in their mid to late 20's that have been playing together for close to 10 years. You don't need to join the guild to raid with us, but if you do you'll find guild chat pretty quiet because we're all on discord - which you're more than welcome to join. You should know around how much DPS you should be doing and how to play your character properly. We plan on doing progression raiding, though definitely not hardcore. Whisper me or anyone online in the guild to apply.Bigdiesél4 Sep 24
Sep 23 [A] LFM Raiders & Mythic Runners Just started up a guild to get a fresh raid group going! Looking for all classes. Looking to get enough to at least form 15 mans for EN as well as Mythic - Mythic+ runs. If interested pst to Kitsumeyo in game. Raid times are 8pm on weekends server time.Kitsumeyo1 Sep 23
Sep 23 [H] Strive or Die Recuiting {Strive or Die} Is looking for active raid and mythic members to push Legion content with us! We are in need of rDPS as well as a tank for our weekend raid team! All other players are welcome as well, if interested please just message one of our members for any more information.Líquid0 Sep 23
Sep 23 [A] Resto Druid/DK Tank LF Mid Day M-F Raids I have a Mythic ready Resto Druid or a DK Tank looking for a group or guild that raids Mon-Fri (no weekends) starting around Noon PST.Papagee0 Sep 23
Sep 23 [A] Cross-realm Daytime Raiding T/Thu We are a core of raiders from different servers currently seeking a few capable DPS and a healer for mostly heroic raiding. - Tues/Thurs 9:30am-12:30 PST - Laid back atmosphere, but we like to get stuff done. We finished last tier 9/13m before we stopped raiding. Attendance is very important, but we understand when things come up. - Would prefer you be geared enough to at least run mythic dungeons, but we can also work with you since we are still early in if needed. - Need raiders who can consistently stay the entire duration of the raid. - We have people from multiple servers in the group, so a guild join is not required but you are welcome to do so(we are loosely based on Proudmoore). Please add Rejuvenating#1452 on Btag and whisper me if you think you might fit!Rejuvenating1 Sep 23
Sep 23 DH LF raid guild I lvl 833 Returning player, haven't played much since end of Wrath. Not interested in server firsts or anything just nice casual progression through content with tight knit group.Shikness1 Sep 23
Sep 23 [H] Recruiting for Legion <IWonAMathDebate> Is now recruiting for Legion Progression! We will also be accepting people who want to learn to raid but will not be on the main team at the start of progression. We will also open our guild to any and all who would like to be in a fun and helpful environment for Legion! We will be a weekend raiding guild on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Times are TBD but Friday and Saturday will be starting around 7-8ish EST and Sunday around the same time but finishing earlier. Right now, Sunday will be the clean-up day and will be optional. If we get more dedicated raiders, we can make Sunday a permanent raid day. Who are we? <IWonAMathDebate> was formed by 2 close friends who wanted to create a fun/serious raid environment for everyone involved. We both struggled with finding guilds that had raid times and environments that fit our schedule. We both have previous experience with top-tier raiding. We like to joke around and have fun but when it comes to raiding, we like to keep it more serious. Jokes are welcome and having fun is a big priority, but when going over mistakes and strategies, we like to be serious. Joking around will be highly encouraged but keep it within reason. Do not be offensive towards people if they do not welcome it. What is our purpose? We at <IWonAMathDebate> strive to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild. WoD was a strange expansion for us with guilds falling apart and people not wanting to be in a serious environment. We don't plan to be a world first guild or even top on a server. Our plan is to be clearing Heroic/Mythic content in a timely manor. Expectations We expect you to be on-time for raid nights (preferably 15-30mins prior to raid start). We do understand that real life happens, but not showing up to raid before saying something is not something we like. If you are going to be late or can't make it due to personal reasons, let us know so we can continue on with the raid and plan accordingly. We plan on having a main core raid team that will be limited in spots. For the future, we would like to have multiple raid teams to include everyone in the guild. If you are interested in learning how to raid, we will welcome new players and veterans to teach them. 1) High attendance/consistency and punctuality 2) Communication: Voice (not sure which yet) and the ability to speak up when necessary 3) Positive attitude and willingness to improve 4) Knowledge of your class, spec, gearing choices 5) Ability to handle hours of progression Recruitment Needs All classes/roles are welcome. Tank - Need 1 tank, non Warrior (off-spec tank welcome incase of no-show) Heals - All welcome DPS - All We plan to do more than just progression raiding. 5 man content will be big in Legion and we plan on having groups for this. We will also be a home for casual players and pvpers alike! If you are interested in joining us, leave a message here or contact us via Bnet at Proehlster#1328 or Sploof#1339Sploofadin7 Sep 23
Sep 23 For horde eyes only. Our guild is recruiting all races, all classes, all specs, and all levels. We at <IWonAMathDebate> are looking to increase our numbers, we got tired of creating alts to increase our numbers so we have turned to recruiting. We welcome anyone, but we would also like to have a tank, some healers, and some ranged dps for our raid team. We are a very friendly guild. We have our very own special guild hall, we it is fully stocked with vendors and all sorts of eye candy, we call it Dalaran. Our raid times consist of Friday and Saturday 8pm-11pm EST, if need be we will also raid on sunday. If for some reason you can't make the raid just let us know, we do understand life events happen, example-your boss decides to ruin your day and make you stay over. We will understand that and also spam him a bunch of man boob pics if you give us his number. To simply apply just add Proehlster#1328 who is me, the gm, or add Sploof#1339 the co-gm/guy that will send moob pics.Ìsaputap2 Sep 23
Sep 23 [A] DH tank and resto shammy LF raid guild A RL friend and I are looking for a home on Dalaran. Most of our evenings are pretty much open except for Saturday nights. We are looking for a guild that has a commitment to raiding but not necessarily looking to be in a super top 10 whatever hardcore raiding guild. We are both ilvl 840+. I'm really enjoy the DH tank and feel pretty committed to sticking with it, but willing to do dps role if needed. My shaman buddy is a resto main but enjoys playing all specs and is 840 or better geared for all. msg me in game at Kyokanz or Kyokans if theres any interest. note: the guild you may see me in currently is just a guild my friend and I made just for leveling/communication/alts/whatever.Kyokanz2 Sep 23