Aug 31 LF Guild Hello everyone I'm new to Wow but I'm a Ultima Online veteran and I catch on very quickly (I also played ROM for a while) if anyone would be willing to take me under their wings, I'm planning in making a panderon Hunter as my main after trying out a few different combinationsTheouttsider4 Aug 31
Aug 31 A:NA Leveling guild for returnees Specter - is a small leveling guild where returning to Wow and new players can level with plenty of knowledge and help, but with no pressures or hassle. We have most of the heirlooms unlocked and players from 1 to 110. Higher players have no issue helping you get gear or chasing exotic mounts etc. Play how you want, get as much help, or little, as you want. Just a safe have to get back on your feet. Want to level an alt without crap from your guildies, we let those in too.Maxspector0 Aug 31
Aug 31 The ancients misbehaving recruiting <The Ancients Misbehaving> is a horde guild on Dalaran for adults and family. Guild focus - PvE, Social, leveling, running instances and casual raiding Guild style is casual and social. If you are looking for a casual and social guild and want to find friends to play with come join us! This is a guild looking for others to join us and help us grow. We don't tolerate racism, homophobia, Islamophobia or misogyny! We want to be a guild of friends having fun! We are lgbt friendly! We are a guild of adults and family who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just pvp we have a place for you. If you want to raid without the hardcore progression orientation we have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play wow in a fun environment. Raiding style will be more serious. Emphasis in raiding will be to work together as a group without drama. The expectations will be that players sign up and come on time with food and flasks and work together with the group to get bosses down. We are always looking for others who want to join us and come regularly to our raid. Raid times are Wed and Mon. 8-10pm est server timeNajyah0 Aug 31
Aug 31 930 Resto Druid & 926 Havoc DH LF Raid Guild Hello! We are entertaining the idea of transferring here if we can find a raid guild that suits us. We are both 8/9H, with plenty of pulls on H KJ, but we have not been able to kill it with our current guild. We are a package deal, so we hope to find a guild that can have a spot for both of us. We are looking for a guild that raids 2 nights a week, with plans to venture into Mythic raiding. Preferred Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday : 7PM - 10 PM PST We may be able to work with different days, however the times will most likely stay the same. If you'd like to contact me please feel free to do so at Myschy#1180. Logs are available upon request. Thanks!Myschala7 Aug 31
Aug 31 [A] Weekend Raiding Guild LF Tank/Healers Ethereal Exiles is a guild searching for two good healers and a tank for our raid team. We are currently 7/9 H ToS with a full clear on N. We raid on Fri/Sat from 8pm-11:30pm EST (server time). While we are primarily a raiding guild we do except players of all lvls/skill for people just looking for a social aspect to there game or to make friends and run keystones with. If you are interested feel free to contact me on Bnet @LazyPeon#11106. I look forward to hearing from you :)Desolàtion0 Aug 31
Aug 30 New Horde Reroll Guild Update: We are voting on guild name in our Discord. Come join us before we start! Up to 10 players right now. Guild will start tomorrow 8/10/17 @7AM Est. I am currently wanting to gauge interest in a Horde reroll guild. I recently started up World of Warcraft again and found that most of my friends are on other servers or not playing at all. I have tried to join some other guilds but even then get lost in the numbers or can not find anything that fits me. So I decided to start a reroll guild and make a home for others like me. A place we all can enjoy the game again, make new friends, enjoy the social aspects together! The guild will be the Horde faction on the Dalaran server. So right now we are looking to see who else is interested in this project. Below are some of the ideals for the guild. A chance to experience the game all over again with a “Fresh Start” with others that want the same thing. Not just a place for alts, but a new community for us all that we can call our main home. A place for family and friends, husbands and wives, co workers, etc. With drama free and clean chat. No trade chat here. The chance to experience everything in the game as we grow together. A place that is welcoming to new players and veterans alike. No pressure to raid so come enjoy whatever you want to do in game! A PvE and PvP guild. We all like different aspects of the game and we have the chance to accomplish great things together. A chance to level with everyone else, and not feel like the odd man/woman out. No rush to end game. Come and turn off your experience if you want! I will be doing that myself. A guild where you have a voice and not just another member on the roster. A chance to try different things in game without the worry and pressure about gearing through LFR! Death Knight will be allowed but no Demon Hunter until the guild progress further. So if you are interested, please leave a reply here or join our Discord at https://discord.gg/3rcQC6j You may also add my battletag FeralSpirit#11436 Look forward to hearing from you and starting our adventure together!Khmira11 Aug 30
Aug 30 New to WoW ;; Eager to Advance Greetings, My husband and I are new comers to WoW. We may be new to this particular MMO, but we do not lack knowledge of this variety of games. We are seeking an active guild to make new friends and who's guildies are not against helping when needed. I am not asking for free items, money, etc. Just simple guidance towards successful advancement. We would love to group with other lower leveled members for dungeons and PvP, as well. My tag is Fasination#1617 Thank you for your time. :)Fasheah6 Aug 30
Aug 30 LF guild, 922ilvl Holy Priest, 3/9M 3/9M Holy Priest, 922ilvl looking for an alliance mythic raiding guild. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/illidan/cyllnatosHellaby1 Aug 30
Aug 29 [A] Weekend Raiding Guild LF Healer/RDPS Ethereal Exiles is a guild searching for two good RDPS and a healer for our raid team. We are currently 7/9 H ToS with a full clear on N. We raid on Fri/Sat from 8pm-11:30pm EST (server time). While we are primarily a raiding guild we do except players of all lvls/skill for people just looking for a social aspect to there game or to make friends and run keystones with. If you are interested feel free to contact me on Bnet @LazyPeon#11106. I look forward to hearing from you :)Desolàtion0 Aug 29
Aug 29 <HotP> (Stormrage) Building a new heroic team <Hand of the Pantheon> is building a brand new Heroic raid team for current and upcoming content. We are looking for dedicated players who wish to grow and progress through raid content as a team. Players that are willing to take criticism, advice and improve. Our members are expected to put effort into their characters and raid team, as well as to participate on as much guild group content as possible. At the same time they are also expected to be respectful of others and to help any guild mates if needed. About us <Hand of the pantheon> is an Alliance based guild on Stormrage-US that was formed in Legion with the aspirations to grow into a tight-knit community who enjoys doing content together. Our main focus is to have fun in this game and to clear the content it has to offer. We take raiding seriously, but at the same time we know it can be stressful and is definitely not meant to be a second job but just a fun experience within the game. That's why we take a chill approach and rather than yelling or blaming, we take the time to fix and explain any mistakes that may happen along the way, not just smash our heads against walls until the tier is done. Learn as guild, grow as a guild, have fun as a guild. Raid information & Schedule Tuesday & Wednesday 10pm - 1am EST Loot council system. Based on biggest upgrade or Tier set. Voice Comms: Discord Recruitment Our goal is to have a 20m raid team to clear AotC content. At this point in time, we have DPS and Healer spots open. We're seeking for some specific classes to fill some spots but anyone interested in joining our guild will be considered and is welcome to do so. DPS • Hunter • Warrior • Rogue • Demon Hunter • Mage • Warlock • Death Knight Healer • Shaman • Priest • Druid Requirements • Minimum 905 ilvl • 52+ points on main Artifact Weapon What we have to offer: - A tight knit community that has a family atmosphere. - An opportunity to grow with a group of people and progress through Legion and upcoming expansions together. - A serious but fun raiding environment If you are interested on being part of our raid team or guild community, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns add me on btag Deuteros#1314, we would love to have a chat with you. Cheers!Health0 Aug 29
Aug 29 LF raid guild 890 Frost DK/ 860 Feral LF Raiding guild.Shiftyshoes1 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A]<Testudo>(8/9 H Exp) Tues/Wed 8-11PM EST <Testudo> - Dalaran Hello! <Testudo> is a 2 day heroic raiding guild looking to move into mythic. We are alliance side on Dalaran US. We have recently formed and are looking for healers and DPS to add to our core. We are here to progress and have fun doing it. Our main ideology is that if someone is holding us back for whatever reason (mechanics/dps/etc.), we will sit them until they up their game. That being said we mess around between pulls, swear like sailors, and have tons of fun while trying to down content and move on to the next challenge. Some preferred classes/specs would be: Holy/Disc Priest Marks/BM Hunter Rogue DPS DK But any class that can pull their weight and would like to progress in a fun group of great players is welcome to come along! Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST. If you are interested please let us know! Kkbay#1884 Subrogation#1986 Picclo#1865Piccosham0 Aug 29
Aug 29 "Zaharen Yce" is looking for new members "Zaharen Yce" is looking for new members to join our friendly and sociable guild. We have discord for all of our activities. We currently raid on Thursdays and Fridays at 11PM Server. We are looking for a few more healers but any class is welcome. PST for more info or inviteRoundmage0 Aug 29
Aug 28 {H} Priest Healer LF Raid Guild So I'm looking for a socially active raid guild. Your guilds raid progression isn't as important to me as your chosen leaders general attitude towards your guild members is. A positive , team focused raid environment is a must. ( i.e. If you're going to tear people down, make sure you have an actual solution rather than just calling names and making people feel bad , its doesn't help anything when it comes to getting other raid members to improve, I'm not saying it has ever happened to me, however I don't like to hear it happen to other people either, Good raid leaders aren't jerks I promise you. its a game its supposed to be fun. ) Feel free to hit me up in game or here. Thanks. Grumpywizard#11365Priestingbro9 Aug 28
Aug 28 Tank+Dps Duo LF raid guild 912 Prot Pally and 908 Balance druid Looking for an established raiding guild. The current guild we are in has been struggling to have 4 or 5 members on for raid nights and they end up pugging more than half the groups. The Guild is falling apart and things are going downhill not uphill. 9/9 Normal TOS exp, looking to get into Heroic/Mythic content. Pref late night but can work with your schedule.Selltmog3 Aug 28
Aug 28 927 r sham or 915 mw LF guild my current guild is having trouble with ppl showing up and not taking progresion serious LF a friendly guild that does mythic+'s and that are progression mindedKysah8 Aug 28
Aug 27 928 H Priest LF Guild I am looking for a core raiding spot in a guild that is atleast 6/9h+. I would prefer for the core raiding team to have good attendance and be mostly filled out. All I'm interested in is raiding with a good and active guild that cares about progression.Callmeemp4 Aug 27
Aug 27 [A] WipesOnTrash LF DPS <Wipes on Trash> 9/9N 6/9H is currently recruiting experienced, mature DPS (21+) for Heroic Raiding,possibly mythic raiding if we have the numbers. Raid Days are Sundays and Tuesdays from 8-10 EST. We use Discord If you are interested in discussing how you can contribute, Please fill out an application. http://wipes-on-trash-dalaran.enjin.com/recruitmentUnladylike2 Aug 27
Aug 27 deleted deletedArkieon1 Aug 27
Aug 27 [A] Weekend Raiding Guild Ethereal Exiles is a guild searching for two good RDPS and a healer for our raid team. We are currently 7/9 H ToS with a full clear on N. We raid on Fri/Sat from 8pm-11:30pm EST (server time). While we are primarily a raiding guild we do except players of all lvls/skill for people just looking for a social aspect to there game or to make friends and run keystones with. If you are interested feel free to contact me on Bnet @LazyPeon#11106. I look forward to hearing from you :)Desolàtion0 Aug 27
Aug 26 Mayhem Inc. 3/9 H ToS needs raiders! Hello. As the title says, Mayhem Inc., a long lasting guild in Dalaran, has been put under new management, aka me. We are looking for more people for our raid team so that we can continue progression through ToS and into the raids beyond. Typically we raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm server (eastern) to 11pm server. What we're looking for A tank or flex tank that is comfortable with switching between tanking and another role as it's needed. 2-3 healers. Single target like Paladins or Priests would be ideal, but we aren't picky. 3-4 DPS. An even melee and ranged spread would be nice here, but it's more important that you can output solid numbers and not get killed. Anyone. Those roles listed are our priority for the raid team, but we can also take in others that want to learn and can pay attention About us We are a fairly large guild full of helpful people. We are crass and we love dirty/dark humor, but we can respect boundaries and when the pulling starts, we unify and get things done We offer free repairs and we can provide consumables when raid time starts. You'll need to get your own runes most of the time though There are lots of people online that are willing to run something or another, whether it's a mythic plus, a fun run for transmogs or achievements or even some PvP. There's something going on. We'll be doing our normally scheduled raids Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we'll also be doing some kind of event on Saturdays. This week it'll be a run through easier content to give people a chance to run with some of us. If any of this is appealing to you or if you have more questions, message: Stormknight#1243 on Battle Net Nelaba, Nelthane, or Araldan in game Thanks for reading and Mayhem is incoming!!Nelaba0 Aug 26
Aug 25 [A] Weekend Raiding Guild Ethereal Exiles is a guild searching for two good RDPS and a healer for our raid team. We are currently 5/9 H ToS with a full clear on N. We raid on Fri/Sat from 8pm-11:30pm EST (server time). While we are primarily a raiding guild we do except players of all lvls/skill for people just looking for a social aspect to there game or to make friends and run keystones with. If you are interested feel free to contact me on Bnet @LazyPeon#11106. I look forward to hearing from you :Desolàtion2 Aug 25
Aug 25 (A) Weekend Raiding Guild 5/9 H TOS <Ethereal Exiles> 9/9 N TOS, 5/9 H TOS. We are currently looking for heals and dps for our heroic team. We are looking for players that want to clear and progress through content yet still have fun. We want all kinds of players from social or those that are more dedicated to raiding. For those interested in joining the raid team, we do have dps, hps requirements, and require discord/ DBM. We run reg TOS for alts and those that may not be on the progression team on Monday nights 8 pm. We are a progression guild and want to have fun without drama. We do lottery , keystones, transmog, and more. Progression core team Raid Times are EST Fri and Sat 8:00pm-11:00pm... battletags NikkiB#1888 or LazyPeon#11106Ishandì0 Aug 25
Aug 24 [A] LF Guild that raids Wed / Thurs Two buddies of mine and I are re-rolling on Dalaran and are looking for a guild that would raid sometime in the evenings on Wed / Thurs. We would be in the process of leveling, but the three of us have heavy raid experience dating back to BC and WotLK. Currently we have a rogue, shaman and paladin for the three of us. Any opportunities that we can be notified of would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindlyVonmonocle0 Aug 24
Aug 23 [A] <Fateful> 3/9 M ToS Recruiting Heals <Fateful> Loot Distribution: Loot Council Voice: Discord We are a small guild lead by dedicated raiders. We are looking for skilled players to make our raid team more competitive. We’re looking for people who are always trying to improve themselves and don’t mind constructive criticism. Raiders are expected to understand that this is a team effort; what benefits one member benefits the entire team. Raid days are Weds/Thurs 8-11 PM EST, with an optional Tuesday farm run at the same time. Currently recruiting outstanding players of any role/class. Core spots are open to people who excel at their class. We also have a social rank. Guildies run keystones and do pvp daily. If you’re interested, add me on Bnet: zentorix#11358Hrurufna23 Aug 23
Aug 23 Recruiting for Heroic KJ Sales (Gold) (HORDE) We are currently recruiting ALL Classes for our somewhat new Heroic KJ Sales group. So far we have had 4 successful nights where everyone of our members made over 1 million+ Gold each night. We sell our carries just like most other people do, we have a group of members scattered around all different realms that will find buyers and bring them in, and we do half the groups buyers.. then the other half, and repeat. We run a ration of 2:1, that means for every 2 people we can have 1 carry. For example: All of our members show up and we have 20 people. Only 10 of our members can bring buyers at a time. Requirements: You need at the least 95+Percentile parses along with decent Mythic progression and multiple kills on Heroic KJ. (We strive to make our buyers experience the best it can be) For any further questions please add my battletag: Aedint#1263 THIS IS FOR IN GAME CURRENCY ONLYEmptymailbox0 Aug 23
Aug 23 [H] Ghost Walkers 8/9N 2/9H Will Teach A shift in leadership has occurred and I am looking to revamp and refill our core raid team. We are a casual progression team, raiding 9-12 server time Thursday and Saturday nights. We have 1 ranged dps slot open, warlock/mage/shadow priest preferred. We also have a slot for a tank with ToS N experience The only role that has a raid history requirement is the tank position, due to it being more demanding. For more information about us and our progression, please visit the front page of http://ghostwalkers021.gamerlaunch.com We are holding our last night of try outs Thursday, August 17-2017. Please contact me in game on Kazjia, Equïnox or Chawp. Alternatively, you can DM me on Discord @ Equinox#3797Kazjia3 Aug 23
Aug 22 <Myth Wardens> Recruiting SEA Players! Realm: US-Dalaran [Alliance] <Myth Wardens> - South East Asian Guild <Myth Wardens> is a casual growing guild looking to build up teams for contents progression. We are constantly learning new stuff and are recruiting players for everyone who enjoys World of Warcraft, may it be in terms of lore or gameplay! We have almost enough players to form a raid team (7/10), join us on broken isles to push back the legion! We are a casual PVE focused guild. New and experienced players welcomed! Currently our guild members are mostly busy at work on weekdays, and will mostly be active on weeknights (time zone: GMT+8 or similar). If you are also the same, then our game time fits! We are commited to provide guidance/assistance to new players, so no worries if you're new! We will prevail over the Legion together! Experienced players can apply as well, there is no requirement for joining our guild. No achievement or any feats of strength required! We only ask you to enjoy the game and have fun. Feel free to ask us anything! For those who are interested to join, you may add our Guild Officers BattleTag and leave a message (or in-game mail) WolfWolves#1570 (Wolfehart-Dalaran) Epivictus#6732 (Ithandral-Dalaran) See you in World of Warcraft! o/Wolfehart1 Aug 22
Aug 22 928 Bear Tank So as the title says, 928 Bear Tank looking for guild. Prefer a good group of folks in an active and engaged guild. Social, and who make the game fun, and make it a new experience each time I log in. Definitely looking to continue progression. Sitting on 8/9H with several H KJ pulls, and nothing to show for it yet. Looking for a place that can get it done, make it fun, and make it look damn good while doing it. Pushing into Mythic is also desired. Prefer 6-9 hrs a week. Any day is good for me, just 9pm or later. Can go till whenever. Just a snapshot, I've hit the AoTC benchmark on each raid of this release so far, and would like to keep that going, while chipping away at the Mythic content as much as possible. 59 traits in my artifact, BiS Guardian Legendaries....and other stuff and things. Feel free to hit me up. BTag: BigDaddy#13995 Discord: Monsta!#9577 I also have a BrewM Monk as well, though not nearly as geared. Sitting at 902 right now on him, so if you want a Monk I can do that, just need to get the gear to get where he needs to be. Either way, hit me up if interested, and thanks for readingDahmonsta0 Aug 22
Aug 20 The Alliance Comedy Tour I am now offering tours of the strange, funny, & beautiful unmarked locations near Stormwind & Ironforge. for 25 gold I will show the places to you. To sign up send a in game mail to Daeliand on the realm Wyrmrest Accord; please state whether or not you have a flying mount. Transportation: If you have a 2 person flying mount mention so. People without flying mounts can ride with people that have 2 person flying mounts. If you do not have a flying mount role the dice (/roll) and put the number you got in the in game mail Payment. Please enclose payment with the in game mail to sign up this makes everyone's lives that much easier. Time: I do one tour every Monday at 7:00PM for Stormwind & 7:20 For Ironforge. Location: Please gather outside the city five minutes prior to the tour. If you think I should put more info let me know and I will add it, I will NOT however put where the tour goes; that is a surprise. Please DO NOT put the locations, it took me a long time to find some of themDaeliand6 Aug 20
Aug 20 [A] Returning and Rerolling Looking for Guild I am looking to reroll over on Dalaran as a returning player... I will be alliance side and plan to either transfer or re level my monk and druid at the very least. I enjoy a casual guild but I would also like to get into some raid content with 7.3 on the horizon. Let me know who all is out there. Thanks :DGrimfyre2 Aug 20
Aug 20 Returning Player LFG Experienced player returning after about 3 months of being gone. Looking for a guild on dalaran. My current server is Frostmane and I'm looking to transfer off. I am also currently leveling several toons on Dalaran, I can fill any role however my main role in the past has been tank. I can however happily DPS or heal. Please reply here or message me in game. Send me a friend request Onetrillion#1705Armitron6 Aug 20
Aug 20 (A) 5/9 Heroic TOS Weekend Raiding <Ethereal Exiles> 9/9 N TOS, 5/9 H TOS. We are currently looking for heals and range dps for our heroic team. We are looking for players that want to clear and progress through content yet still have fun. We want all kinds of players from social or those that are more dedicated to raiding. For those interested in joining the raid team, we do have dps, hps requirements, and require discord/ DBM. We run reg TOS for alts and those that may not be on the progression team on Monday nights 8 pm. We are a progression guild and want to have fun without drama. We do lottery , keystones, transmog, and more. Progression core team Raid Times are EST Fri and Sat 8:00pm-11:00pm... battletags NikkiB#1888 or LazyPeon#11106Ishandì0 Aug 20
Aug 19 3/9 M Recruiting DPS & healer Progression: 3/9 M Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST Wednesday 9-11pm EST (Guild wide Heroic NH clear) 10/10H Sunday 8:30 - 10:30pm EST (Guild wide Heroic NH clear) 10/10H Monday 8pm - 11pm EST (Casual/Alt/Fun) Server: Dalaran - PvE (US) Loot System: Personal Loot with ML and group discussion for tier bosses and notable BIS trinkets. About Us: <Rally> is a guild comprised of people who were formerly hardcore raiders at one time but have since crossed a threshold into adulthood rendering us all unable to put in that amount of time anymore. We are a casual guild but take our progression raiding seriously. We still bring all highest level consumables to every raid, run and review logs, and fully gem, enchant, and optimize gear. Our casual raid has less stringent expectations. This is an environment where you are free to come and go as you please (within reason) and be a little more relaxed about your clears. This raid is still led by a raid leader but just moves at a bit of a slower pace than the progression raid by nature of lower ilvls or skill caps than that of the progression team. Guild Atmosphere We have mostly older people here, averaging about 29 in age. We're still plenty immature at times and we have lots of fun. There's some dry humor, a meme channel in Discord and hidden bot commands to troll each other. We're a family here. We have the annoying uncle who never shuts up until we globally mute him and we have the mom who has to keep the children in line sometimes. We spend the day chatting in Discord chat from our phones or work until people start getting home and logging in. We have people with children and families and share complaints about cranky children and spouses. We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply! We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, Nightbane runs, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc. Our goal is to recruit and grow with people who fit into our team well. While we won't be actively pushing for sever firsts with all new content, we will strive to see all content while it is relevant and stay "ahead of the curve." Disclaimer: We do not tolerate bad behavior, carelessness, excessive tardiness, etc. How to Apply: Please visit our Discord server at https://discord.gg/ankmdQQ or simply send a message on Battle.net to Avarraela#1295 to chat. My Discord username is Ava#5594.Avarraela56 Aug 19
Aug 19 [A] Weekend Raiding Guild LF 2 RDPS Ethereal Exiles is a guild searching for two good RDPS for our raid team. We are currently 5/9 H ToS with a full clear on N. We raid on Fri/Sat from 8pm-11:30pm EST (server time). While we are primarily a raiding guild we do except players of all lvls/skill for people just looking for a social aspect to there game or to make friends and run keystones with. If you are interested feel free to contact me on Bnet @LazyPeon#11106. I look forward to hearing from you :)Desolàtion0 Aug 19
Aug 18 LF DPS/FUN people HERE YE HERE YE, COME ALL! Add me; My husband and I have played WoW for a very long time, although we are just getting back into it. Eventually we would like to be a raiding guild and enjoy a fun environment and progress up the totem pole with a core group. He is a Tank, but also has a 110 hunter. I am a Holy Priest, but I am also leveling a mage as my alt. ilvl 913 currently on my Priest. We have a VERY fun environment and if you are looking for a guild with great people who are very serious about creating something from the ground up and you would like to be a part of it, message me/add me Lorolee#11439 :) <ButtPlugBrigade> "The perfect fit for you;)"Lorolee0 Aug 18
Aug 18 lfg Hi. Im a 846 fury and arms warrior that is looking to join a guild on my realm dalaran. Since im in school my schedule is a mess but usually i can play everyday. i really want to start doing mythic dungeons and normal en. I can also use discord and skyoe for voice chat. thanks i hope to join your guildFemaledude6 Aug 18
Aug 18 <Forlorn> Recruiting <Forlorn> is looking for new members for Alliance adventurers on Dalaran. Achieving AOTC in both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold, we are now looking to rebuild our roster and our 5/9 heroic ToS raid team. If you're looking to raid, our scheduled raid hours are on Tuesday and Thursday from 8PM to 11PM realm time. We usually run keystones on off-nights when people can get on. If you're looking for a friendly & supportive environment to enjoy content when you can make it on, that works too. While many of us thoroughly enjoy our (extensive) time on Azeroth, we are predominantly a guild of adults with professional and personal obligations. Our officer core is comprised of long-standing gamers both in World of Warcraft and beyond. Some of us have played on-and-off since vanilla. Guild chat is filled with mature, yet respectful, content. Harassment of any sort is not tolerated, but light-hearted banter is encouraged.Grimstahl3 Aug 18
Aug 18 The Fish and Bread Trick Christian Guild Rec. Hello Dalaran! One of the very few HORDE Christian guilds still kicking it is on your server! Raid Times: Sun/Mon or Tues 8 to 10-10:30 pm EST Raid style: Casual Openings: All classes and specs are welcome, however we are specifically looking for a healer and a handful of DPS of any kind. Website: http://www.thefishandbreadtrick.com Public Discord: https://discord.gg/jcNFDxw <The Fish and Bread Trick> is a Christian Horde guild on the Dalaran server. Originally on Ghostlands, but we decided to move to a more active and larger community. We have been around since 2009 (I am the same guild leader actually) and continue to have a solid core of players. Christians? Yep, we're mostly Christians who play World of Warcraft. Crazy-sauce I know. But you know what, we respect and love everyone who joins the guild regardless of their faiths and backgrounds, and we expect that all guild members do the same to each other. We also expect that you keep the cussing and raging out of raids by at least using that handy-dandy push-to-talk button. We are not a Bible-verses-in-trade-chat spewing club or an attempt to convert anyone. We just enjoy playing with like-minded folks, and we help each other out as life hits us with real friendships because we think of this guild as a fellowship, not just a bunch of NPCs whom we invite to M+ runs or raids. We are normal level raiders who intend on finishing heroic. Raid style is casual, but we check logs, and officers encourage players to get better by helping them learn their class. Noobs are welcome. We raid Sundays and Monday or Tuesday at 8 pm to about 10 pm EST. Interesting? Go to the guild website at http://www.thefishandbreadtrick.com to apply. Feel free to contact me via Bnet at Junataro#1159. Thanks for reading and have an excellent day!Junataro7 Aug 18
Aug 18 Gold How can I make gold? I have so much trouble making gold. It literally takes me years to make 1,000 gold. Is there some trick to making gold that I don't understand?Aurelne6 Aug 18
Aug 17 LF Horde Legacy Guild Hello everyone, Is there a Horde Legacy guild, or an active guild out there that has a legacy charter, to offer players the ability to start from the beginning and build toward end game by hitting the Raids AT LEVEL? I have come back to WoW after a long break off, and would be good to go thru the game as designed. Or have the opportunity to. (yes. I created a guild here w/ my brother as a place holder, but we are not actively recruiting.....yet) Thanks in advance.Baeldrin2 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A] Ethereal Exiles Ethereal Exiles is a guild looking for more social players wanting a nice home and a place to make friends. We run keys weekly and have events such as naked gnome races or Glory of the Raider achievements runs along with our alt ToS runs on Monday that we usually clear in 2 hours or so along with our main progression raiding Friday-Saturday. If you're interested in joining or wanting to know more about our guild add me on Bnet @LazyPeon#11106Desolàtion0 Aug 17
Aug 16 Post Deleted! Current Progress (as of 8/16/2017): 3/9 HToS, 9/9 NToS, 10/10 HNH, 3/3 HToV, 7/7 HEN Progression Raid Nights: Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST Optional Farm Raid: Saturday 9-11PM EST. M+ teams run daily! High Recruitment Priority: 1 HEALER (Pally or Priest preferred, but could be any heal) Medium Priority: Ranged & Melee DPS FLEX Tank/DPS <Mayhem Inc> is recruiting more raiders! We have a core of around 15 players, and we are looking to expand to a solid team of 20 for Tomb of Sargeras and Mythic progression. Our raid team is a bunch of strong, experienced players who love to raid, who understand that successful play relies on cooperation, and who are consistently looking to improve our play and our gear. We take raiding seriously, but are friendly and funny as hell. Who we are looking for: Potential applicants should be able to commit to regularly attending Tuesday and Thursday night raids. We accept cross-server trial applicants. You do not need to come in a seasoned, hardcore raider (but also, if you are: come play!). If you have some experience or are willing to listen and learn, we are willing to help you master the mechanics, gear up, and perfect your rotation. Don’t be boastful, petty, or otherwise a jerk. We’re awesome – you should be too! Note: For the safety of our players, Healers and Tank will be asked to run some M+ before trialing in raid. What we can offer you: - A serious raiding experience without the high pressure of a hardcore raiding guild - Organized Mythic+ teams that run dungeons together regularly - Personal Loot - No penalty for occasional raid absence (we’ve got lives, jobs, and families, too) - An active guild Discord Add any of these BTags for more information: Athreya#1207 (Cessatia, recruit officer) TPrime#1999 (TPrime, GM) Stormknight#1243 (Nelaba, raid lead) Kebi#1887 (Kebi, officer) Cessatia23 Aug 16
Aug 16 New transfer LF pvp guild New transfer to Dalaran server. Enjoy tanking in pve and healing in pvp, but play this game alongside others, so I consider myself a try hard who has casual time restraints. Only have one character at cap currently, but looking to get involved on a casual basis while I build up my gold to transfer my Druid and level my paladin. Interested in a guild whose members enjoy bg grouping to find people to synergize with in bg's for some fun domination. Also dabble in pve content when nothing else going on. Always team player, and don't mind teaching others how to make gold as well. Sincerely, EledhanPapibaer1 Aug 16
Aug 16 Reaching out Does anyone know how to get ahold of someone from your guild from your phone? This is my first time using the forums idk what im doing lolDemonambrose2 Aug 16
Aug 16 [A]<Hardcore Casual> - LF Healer! Greetings! We are an Alliance guild looking to fill out our ranks for ToS and 7.3 content! Currently 6/9H ToS. We are looking for any mixture of classes and specs so please inquire if interested! Primarily looking for a healer. Raid Times - Tuesdays & Fridays 9pm-12am server. Our raid goals are simple... to execute at a high level and complete content in a timely fashion. We will certainly entertain all players who maybe just need a home. If raiding is your cup of tea, there are a few expectations... know you class and be able to socialize on a mature level (or at least be able to listen to it). As the guild name implies... we like to be serious about playing (raiding, mythic+, etc...) group composition and consistency is important for PvE success... but we also understand the realities of life and the unexpected events that it can bring. What can you expect from <Hardcore Casual>? Simple... players who can provide quality play and experience with limited downtime. When you log on, you'll do so knowing your going to be playing with legitimate and seasoned veterans of the game. We are all adults, men and women. We know how to have a good time, we know how to take care of business. If this sounds like a guild that's right up your alley, please contact us right away. Please message if interested Junkx - Junks#11100 bnet Junkx#5926 discord Dracaryk - Dracaryk#1222 bnetJunkx10 Aug 16
Aug 16 (A) Wayward LFM Greetings! Wayward is a friends and family made guild consisting of members whom have been playing since vanilla; a fairly new guild to Dalaran, with most of its members transferring from Whisperwind. We are a semi-hardcore guild seeking active remembers to join our raid team for Tomb of Sargeras progression. Raid Schedule: Tues/Weds 8:30-11:30 pm EST Current Progression: 7/9 H ToS Voice Chat: Discord Loot System: EP/GP Wayward is openly recruiting dedicated raiders. We looking for all spots to fill in our odds and ends. For more info contact: Screwup (Screwup#1845), Craidon (Devilking#1495), Chakresh (Sylvannos#1840) or Aveanah (Avaeda#1499)Craidon0 Aug 16
Aug 15 [H]New player looking for guild Hey guys, semi-new player returning and looking for an active, social guild for me and some friends to be a part of. Leveling and dungeoning are the current goals, hopefully with raiding on the (somewhat distant) horizon! Looking for some people to learn from and enjoy the game with, thanks!Redwhaler5 Aug 15
Aug 15 Resto Druid LF Casual/Progressive Raiding! As the Title states, I'm a Resto Druid (909 ilvl), just getting back into the game after taking a break. I've been playing off and on since Vanilla. My "Hardcore" glory years were back in BC, Wrath and Cataclysm. Being that I was what, 15 when I first started playing, and am now 28, my priorities have obviously shifted, and I don't have the same time to commit as I once did. That being said, the only Raiding experience I have during THIS expansion is 7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare, 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare, 3/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, 3/3 Normal Trial of Valor and 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor. I have 0 experience in either Nighthold or Tomb of Sargeras. I'm looking for a Guild that Raids 2 nights per week (3 at most) for about 2-3 hours per Raid. Progression isn't nearly as important as finding the right fit and group of players that would be willing to take on a Resto Druid with little to no experience in current content. If I sound like I might be a good fit, please feel free to reach out to me either here on the Forums or F0rgotenSage#1986Effìcacy1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Daytime Raiding I'm looking for individuals that either raid during the day or would like to start a daytime raiding guild. I'm on most every morning on Dalaran server I have also toons on Area 52 horde server. Raid times around 10am to 2pm would be great times could be adjusted I work nights 9 to 6:30 eastern. I can be reached in game but I have lots of alts so here or mail me at kepman@gmail.com.Flippeebear13 Aug 15