May 30 LF Guild Looking for guild to run things with. I am currently only in my own guild that consists of me and a couple RL friends only 1 of which plays. I have every class at 110 and lowest ilvl of them is 886 average of 893~, I will pretty much play anything, while my friend is a 905 Hunter with an 887 Dk tank alt. Willing to move at least some of my characters out of my guild but having them in my own guild is nice for storage reasons. B.net is Mills#1506Bhorgrim6 May 30
May 30 902 AoTC Tank Looking... Hey Dalaran, Da-Monsta here- Just poking my tusks in to see what's around. I'm currently on another realm, but always interested in finding the place I'd like to call home. The place where I can log in, enjoy WoW, and have a damn good time with the folks I'm guilded with. Seems to be the issue lately. Finding the right feel and the right fit. So, to lay it out... I'm currently 902 Bear Tank, 10/10H Nighthold. I have a full 4- piece tier set, 4 legendaries, and am...3...I think...levels away from capping AK. I've tanked the majority of this xpac and so far have 7/7N&H EN, 3/3N ToV, and 10/10N&H NH. Looking to keep the momentum up for the rest of the current tier and into the next. Mythic progress is in my sights too, at least at a reasonable and respectable pace. For what I'm looking for...a solid guild of amazing people who make the experience enjoyable, memorable...and honestly laughable. If you can't cut up and enjoy the folks you grind with, sort of takes the fire out of it, ya know? Anyway, if you're a guild in need of a tank, hit me up. I won't bite...hard. Well...too hard. At least sit down and have a conversation with me and see if we fit well. I have vent, TS, Discord, Twitch, etc. So getting some voice time shouldn't be difficult. Ideally I'd like to raid 6-9hr/wk, spread over 2-3 nights. Morning raids work amazingly well for me, from about 9am till 1pm-ish. Then in the evening's I'm generally ready to kill bosses and take their fattest loot around 9pm till whenever. I also like doing other things with a guild or mostly guild group too. Having someone to talk to other than the voices in my head is a good start. But mythic/+ is always engaging. Grouping to rip through WQ's...etc. Whatever. I'm a generally easy sort to amuse. TL:DR-- If you're a guild looking for some tankerage for current tier and beyond, hit me up. BTAG is attached below. BigDaddy#13995 OR you can poke me on Discord via Monsta!#9577Damonsta0 May 30
May 30 902 Holy Priest 10/10 H NH Hey everyone I'm a 902 ilvl Holy Priest LF a new place to raid. Guild I'm in now has no drive to actually progress any further and are stuck 6/10 H. Im 10/10 H NH from pugging myself. Im looking for a laid back guild but who is serious enough to be able to progress. My available raid times are Wednesday and Saturdays anytime and after 11pm est the rest of the week If anyone is interested at all or has more question you can add my battle tag or post your guild spam below BakaBob#11421Sémirhagé3 May 30
May 30 Returning Player - Missing WoW Oh man. I've missed this game, and have decided that I'm going to plug back in. In two short weeks, I'm getting a new computer that will be able to handle all the graphics stuff. I have a few questions regaurding returning: - Is <PURE> still around? - How are frost mages doing? - I've never "returned" before lol so what if I forgot how to play? I'm excited to come back to the server. Say hi, and if you are a returning player too let me know if you want to do some stuff.Lanafer1 May 30
May 29 LF a Guild (Read Description) Howdy, my name is Nick. Summer just hit and I've finally got the time to play again, so I am finally getting back into wow. I'm not looking for hardcore raiding/pvp or anything, what I am looking for is a smaller semi-casual guild that just kind of does it all, raiding, pvp, dungeons, or just whatever is fun. Mainly I'm just looking for some friends to play this game with as my IRL friends don't enjoy wow and I'm bored of solo play. I'm playing a boomkin rn, but I may be changing soon, gotta do some rethinking on what I want to play (playing on Alliance but if need be can switch to Horde). I know people mainly just look for raiding guilds on this thread, but hey if you have a smaller guild with a group of people that just enjoy the game without competitive play, hit me up I may fit right in. Edit: my btag Nick#19857Moonnelf6 May 29
May 29 <Wipe It> H. Currently recruiting DPS. <Wipe It> Is currently recruiting dps for our progression core team for a strong push into tomb. Our raid times are 8-11:30 server, Tues/Wed. If interested please contact Zerolust, Zathar, Notonmymana, Ionovarcis or myself for more info. If you're not interested in raiding and enjoy a more casual environment, we run mythics/mythic+ constantly, we also run regular casual raids for the people who just want to see the content in a non-LFR environment. Thank you for your time. -Rip.Ríp0 May 29
May 29 {H} Paw Stars Recruiting 9/10 H NH We are recruiting Healers and DPS for our Raid Team. We are 9/10 H NH and Raid Friday and Saturday 8:30pm -12am EST. Whisper Harliy { Mannfrede #1145} or Belorequan for more information or an invite.Harliy0 May 29
May 29 [A] <Coffee and Chill> LFM Sundays@7:30 EST <Coffee and Chill> is recruiting new members! We are looking for core raiders, but everyone is welcome.  Currently working our way through N/NH but getting ready to move on to Heroic. Raid Night is Sunday from 7:30pm EST to 11pm EST We are in need of all DPS and a few healers (anything but rDruid).  Hit up Sativa or Breebear in game for more info!Sativa7 May 29
May 28 [A] Returning Player LF Guild and Fresh Start Hey, I haven't seriously played in a long time, but wanted to give legion a shot. My other account somehow got banned while I was away so I am sort of starting from scratch, oh well. I decided to try out a Demon Hunter. If there are any reroll/returning player guilds that are newer and mature (preferably 18/21 plus, as I'm 28), that would be great. If not any guilds open to new players that enjoy raiding with some PvP mixed in. I play mostly evening on weekdays and would look for 7-10 CST optimally.Lunchxbox3 May 28
May 28 (H) Old fart reroll LF a guild Greetings I am 51 yrs old and a 12 year Wow veteran. This toon is a reroll on this server as it was getting a little stale on my max lvl toons on Area 52. Looking for a fresh start with a guild that hopefully contains older players that actually use voice chat and do stuff as a guild. I tend to play early morning to early evening on weekends and early evening on weekdays. I do enjoy casual raiding but my availability is early so I tend run a lot of LFR and Mythic+. Thanks for your time and happy adventuring!Angaya1 May 28
May 28 {A} {E Pluribus Unum} 9/10 H NH E Pluribus Unum {EPU} "Out of many, we are one" is a casual raiding guild with a semi-hardcore mentality, with 10+ years of raiding experience. We transferred to this server to begin anew and join real life friends that were on this server. We are currently 9/10 Heroic Nighthold 10/10 Normal Nighthold, 6/7 Heroic EN, and 3/3 Normal ToV. We are looking to start mythic progression very soon, and start with heroic ToS when it is released. Our raid nights is Friday and Saturday at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm server. We are currently seeking a couple ranged dps to fill out our Nighthold progression team, however anyone that wants to be a part of us is welcome. When we are not raiding, we spend our off nights running mythics, mythic+, and old world content for achievements, mounts and transmog sets. If you would like to know more about us and what we are about, then please send me or any of the officers an in game message or by adding me to battletag: Kelsir#1199.Kellale0 May 28
May 28 (A)H DH 891/F Mage 892 4am-1pm/4pm-5pm Hi guys, I'm looking for a guild to raid with as my previous guild raid times are not suitable for me. I'm actually based in Europe now so the normal times are too late for me, so I'm looking for a Daytime Raid Guild. A bit of background of me, I used to play Warrior Tank (894 ilvl) the most, so I'm quite sure I know most of mechanics in every Raid. Now I changed to DPS because I find it more enjoyable for me atm. I'm working on gearing up my Frost Mage (850 no legendaries) as I'm aware most guilds are looking for RDPS, but I think my Havoc DH is quite ready (891 with only one legendary, second probably will appear soon) for almost anything. I would like to start with Normal NH and work my way up to Mythic in a relatively short time of time. I basically want to be ready for ToS. My available times are the following: Every day from 4am - 1pm EST Server Time Every day from 4pm - 5pm EST Server Time If you're interested let me know, I consider myself a pretty laid back guy who just wants to raid progress with a bunch of good players. Also, I'm available in discord or whatever way of communication you guys use. Finally, I actually prefer raiding as much as possible, but I understand if you guys only raid 1-2 times a week. Just let me know you're interested! Thanks!Keredion0 May 28
May 28 [A] 10/10H <Not Quite Right> Dalaran is LFM Not Quite Right [A] 10/10H is looking for more for ToS. About us: We're a blend of veteran (Vanilla & BC) with newer skilled players looking to fill a few more spots as we prepare for Tomb of Sargeras. Currently we are a Heroic progression guild with a very light raid schedule. We like to have a good time, are often inappropriate, but put a focus on coming prepared to raid and downing bosses. We're currently running Personal Loot, we provide potions, food, and flasks. We trial new raiders for 2-3 weeks to give both sides a chance to find a good fit. Current needs: Posted below weekly Expectations: 890+ iLVL, knowledge of the fights, having a sense of humor is very important, discord chat with a working mic and decent internet connection are a must, the ability to adapt to various raid mechanics and showing up 85% of the time for raid on progression nights. Optional: Adult beverage of your choice and gambling during raid encouraged. Current raid schedule: Progression W 10-1 EST - currently H NH trials Progression TH 10-1 EST - currently H NH trials cont,/mop-up Farm/alts Su 10-1 EST - currently N NH trials Contact Sikoru#1340 MagicPants#15981Nannerpantz4 May 28
May 27 looking for new home/casual guild Good day everyone, I'm currently looking for a new home and decided on checking out Dalaran because its in my timezone. I have a toon[A] already on the realm that I'm leveling but i want to move my main over. I'm looking for a causal guild who helps each other out and raids on weekends Fri and Saturdays preferably ( due to work schedule _-_ ) - This can be Horde or Alliance I have no preference.Phaeirah2 May 27
May 27 active former gm lf guild I have a 900 warrior and hunter just looking for an active guild to be a part ofBrochilldude10 May 27
May 27 6/10 M Guild LF heals + dps Hello everyone, <Crucible> [H] on Dalaran is searching for more players for our core raid team. We are a progression raiding guild with some of the best geared and most experienced players on the server. First and foremost, we aim to have fun while playing (while downing challenging content, of course ;). What We’re Looking For: - Fury Warrior - Resto Druid - Holy Paladin Please have up-to-date logs to show officers. Raids are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8:30 – 12:00 EST Crucible’s Progression - Mythic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 - Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 - Mythic Nighthold: 6/10 More about us: Crucible has an awesome atmosphere – people are always in discord to talk, run M+, do RBGs, or even play other games together. If you’re looking for a close-knit guild with exceptional players, we are the perfect fit for you. We hope you will contact one of the officers below if you have any questions about the guild or how we run raid. We’re excited to hear from you and would be more than happy to invite you into our discord so you can get to know us and get a feel for our guild before you make your decision. ! Hope to hear from you soon. Please contact any of the officers below: Contact Illîdan (Guild Master) – MythosFreak#1374 Shockîra (Officer) – Rycyxox#1417 Iocayne (Officer) - Ethos#11453 Kotose (Officer) - Kotose#11939Shockîra3 May 27
May 26 [H] Corrupted Twilight recruiting members! [H] Corrupted Twilight We are group of chill casual people looking for raiders and anyone else who just wants a friendly guild. We have a core team but we could use more people to help us with our Heroic Nighthold guild runs that are friday at 9:30 pm server time. Corrupted Twilight is open to all players not just raiders. RULES Don't be a jerk If you sign up for raids you have to be on time have discord for raiding Have fun be activeContact me or Thulsadoom in game message or mail if interested in joiningFeloraloran0 May 26
May 26 [A] LF Guild Social/Raiding/Gathering I am returning to WoW after some hiatus and want to get back in strong. My main is this lvl 100 Warrior, 658 iLvl planning to improve through Legion soon. Social: I would love a social guild that is active on Discord or another good voice chat. I'd be up for just hanging out or helping quest, or rep grind. Raiding: I am actually brand new to Raiding but would love to try. I have a flexible raiding time frame weekday evenings or weekend afternoons-to-night Eastern Standard Time. Like i mentioned I'm up for improving my item and character level to be raid ready. Even though I'm brand new to raiding i have at least been dungeoning on and off for about 7 years or so. Gathering: One of my favorite things in WoW is gathering professions, I have 578 Mining, 692 Skinning, and 611 Archaeology. I'd be happy to top up guild banks and spend some time scavenging of these materials for other guild members to use. Let me know if you think I'd be a good fit, I'd love to join an active guild! Some notes: I have not started Legion yet, though i have it and am planning to I am almost complete Dreanor Pathfinder if flying for Dreanor mines would be useful (just need to rep grind with a group) I am up for making new toons but most of my value will be on this warriorFinalflame6 May 26
May 26 903 Guardian w/ 902 hunter alt Lookin for a part time raid spot and someone to run mythic plus dungeons with, cant raid on a full time schedule as work and school prevent.Idewitall2 May 26
May 26 Frost Mage Newb LFG Frost Mage looking for no pressure guild and nice people. Former player, just getting back into Legions after 3-4 year absence. WOW, have things changed.Dioblique3 May 26
May 25 900 lock for m+ Looking to build or join an m+ team. Currently interested in +9-13 content (dungeon dependent) and pushing as gear progresses. Affliction 900 (flexible gear to hit up to 144% mastery) Available from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am CST daily. Additionally Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to Noon CST. I am not interested in transferring guilds if that is a requirement of any arrangement. Please be an adult(s) or at least mature and respectful. Active Discord user. (would entertain other means of communication but Discord is preferred)Soapboxhero2 May 25
May 25 [A]T/Th 4/10 M LF Hpally (Or MW Monk) Guild - Alone [Late Night guild] Realm - Sargeras [Alliance] Raid Time - 10:30-1:30 A.M Pacific (1:30-4:30 A.M. EST) Raid Days - Tuesday and Thursday <Alone> 4/10M Relaxed 2 NIGHT Mythic Focused Guild is looking to recruit a Mythic ready Holy Pally We are pushing M NH with the mindset of solidifying our core roster for M Tomb. We strive to keep raid environment relaxed and focused. If you play in the late night and early morning time slot, we have a home for you. Most of our players log on past 10-11 P.M. Pacific (: Our core is extremely solid, but are in need of specifically a Hpally/MW to really cap our team in prep for M ToS and continued M NH Progression. Feel free to add: Matty#1515 with questions We do not require applications, but you and I will have a discussion in discord in replacement of the app process.Mattyenh1 May 25
May 25 (H) ...Gärto0 May 25
May 25 [A]<The Burning Region> 8/10M LF2M for Mythic TBR is currently looking for the following to join us in Mythic raids: Tanks: Full. Healers: Full. Melee DPS: 1x Rogue Ranged DPS: 1x Boom Druid/Shadow Priest (Priest/Druid w/ strong healer off spec preferred) Strong candidates from other classes are welcome as well. 1-2 total DPS spots available depending on recruit performance. *Note: We are currently progressing in Mythic on all 3 primary raid nights. Heroic raids are done on off nights. Those considering to join should be appropriately geared for content. M NH lockout is being extended as of 5-23-17 List updated 05/25/17 Raid Team Information Days: Tues/Thrs/Sun(attendance on all three days is major factor in mythic raid spot consideration) Time: 8:00pm-10:30pm EST Voice: Discord Current Progression: 8/10 M NH, 7/7M EN, 2/3 M ToV Loot System: ML /roll with MS>OS consideration. Short raid recruit trial period. Tier Gear (on heroic and up) is done by via a priority list (DPS > Healers > Tanks). General Information - Progression guild looking to clear mythic content prior to release of subsequent raids. - Age: 18* preferred but not required. - Raid spots awarded based on performance and raid composition needs. We've been playing for a long time, just looking for a few more to stabilize mythic roster. Chat with officers listed below and join us on one of our runs :). Contact Paw#1855, Velo#1934 , or Uteck#1695 for details.Páw1 May 25
May 25 <AFK> (10/10H, 3/10M) LFM SHINY PEOPLE <AFK> is now recruiting! Background: <AFK> was formed with the intent of clearing Mythic content on a 2 day/week schedule. Our raid team is 7/7M EN, 3/10M NH. We are looking to fill in a few holes in our roster as we look towards more Mythic progress. Info: Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm EST. We distribute loot via Loot Council. We do not have a guild website - we use a guild Discord server for communication both in and out of game. We are highly interested in recruiting the following classes: Warlock Death Knight Warrior Holy Paladin or Mistweaver While we would prefer to fill with these classes, if you are a dedicated dps or healer player and are interested in a chilled out but serious raiding environment, message us! Requirements: 890+ iLvl Able to use discord (listen and speak) Previous raid experience is preferred but not required Please contact one of the officers listed below on battle net if you are interested: Karo#1923 mumboman#1229 Advent#1100 Vayne#1637Felsbaeman1 May 25
May 25 [H]<LFR Certified> looking for mythic raiders <LFR Certified>, a horde-side guild on Dalaran-US, is looking for a few players to round out our core raiding team as we push into mythic Nighthold. We are a friendly group of players, mostly in our mid-20s and early-30s. We have families and jobs, and we enjoy the challenge of mythic raiding and high mythic+ dungeons. LFR Certified has been around since mid-WoD. We have a talented and dedicated main team, but attendance troubles have kept us from pushing our progression goals. We are currently the 8th-ranked active Horde guild on Dalaran: 4/7 M EN; 3/3 H TOV; 10/10 H NH, and we’ve made good progress 19-manning mythic Skorpyron. [https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/LFR+Certified] Raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm EST. Alt raids are held on off nights. Perks of joining <LFR Certified>: - A guild bank stocked with raid consumables: flasks, feasts, and potions are available for your convenience, as are guild repairs. -Loot Council Master Loot: Gear is given distributed on a “best in slot” basis, meaning there is less loot being wasted, and the raid—as a whole—gears up more quickly. -Flexibility: People have lives, and can’t make every raid time—we get that. Sign up when you can come. (Though those with higher attendance will likely get priority when invites go out.) In particular, we are on the hunt for a holy paladin, as well as any cloth dps, but will consider any qualified and enthusiastic applicants. To get in touch, contact Nebeon, Spicegold, Clowdjumper, Anesthetic, Akeja, Koneck, or Fenreal in game.Koneck13 May 25
May 25 [A] <Reborn> 2/10M 10/10H recruiting Reborn is a semi-casual guild. We clear Heroic Nighthold every week and have started progressing through Mythic. Our raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8PM to 11PM server time (Eastern daylight time) We welcome all classes and roles, and have a particular need for healers and mages. We supply food/flasks and cover repairs, use Discord for communications and memes, provide logs after raids and give advice on how to improve to people who want it. We run a fair amount of Mythic+, Timewarp dungeons and other miscellaneous content. A few guildmates also play Heroes of the Storm on a frequent basis. If you're interested and want more information, whisper someone from the guild and ask to talk to an officer (type "/who Reborn" ingame) or add Battle.net account Silentstorm#1654Auriane0 May 25
May 25 [A]<Nerf Girls Plz> 3/10M (4/7M, 3/3H) LFM Nerf Girls Plz is a newly formed guild on Dalaran who are looking for raiders who want to push mythic nighthold content once we get established. Even Though we are a brand new guild the guild's officer core used to form the core of US top 100 guilds. Historically the guild itself starting 3 months late (on Frostmourne) in HFC ended up getting a US 402 rank oceanic 52nd (with 4 of us raiding from the us/canada during oceanic raid peak times). We then moved to Garona at the start of Legion but unfortunately the player base wasn't what we expected in regards to a raider's mindset and the maturity we had hoped for. We take our raiding seriously and if you are a skilled player that knows how to maximize the utility of your class then we will more than happy to bring you into the family. We have a very active community outside of raiding - with mythic +'s being our major priority at the moment, alt runs and rated bgs being being a part of this once we get our raiding core sorted Current Progression 3/3H Trial of Valor 10/10H Nighthold 3/10M Nighthold Past Progression HFC 13/13 Mythic (US 402nd) EN 4/7 Mythic RECRUITMENT NEEDS 2x mages 1x h pally 1x dk 2x rogues 1x ele sham 1x Warrior 1x mw monk Just remember we are always looking for exceptional players regardless of recruitment needs Tank - open Melee - Frost Dk (PRIO), Havoc DH (PRIO), Rogue, Warrior, Ret Paladin Range - Lock(prio), Ele Shaman(prio), Boomkins (Prio), S Priest, Hunters Healer - Open prio on MW and Hpal Raid schedule as follows: Tuesday - 8.00PM - 11.00PM (EST) Wednesday - 8.00PM - 11.00PM (EST) Thursday - 8.00PM - 11.00PM (EST) there will optional Alt Raids on Saturday and Mythic+ Clean ups on Sunday - an extended raid day if needed will be offered on Monday apply at http://nerfgirlspls.enjin.com for more information PST / BNET add Kyrax - Kyrax#11829 Silfury - Silfury#1148Kyraxx30 May 25
May 24 Dalaran Discord! Hey everyone! A few folks have talked about making a Dalaran realm discord and we went ahead and did it. Come hang out there while you're in or out of game. We hope it is useful for people looking for groups, guild recruitment, and to help people fill their heroic/mythic raids and dungeons. I've made channels for a variety of things, and if you think there needs to be anything added, just let me know. Come join the Dalaran Discord - https://discord.gg/kxUcQ6zStangmeister8 May 24
May 23 898 Hav DH LF casual raid guild I just left a 10/10 H NH raid guild looking for a new one due to the loot issues i had. I dont like the rcloot addon i thought it was unfair so i left wouldnt have been bad if entire guild had a vote on who was awarded gear. But newho im laid back and put out descent DPS so if someone needs a slot filled with an experienced player here i am. I dont mind even if your guild is only running normal just dont want pug groups. I also have 9 other 110's but this is my best geared.Illeguarian1 May 23
May 23 SPriest LFG Been playing since Vanilla but pretty much skipped WoD and just recently have gotten back into WoW. Currently in the process of gearing up as my armory shows. Looking for a home to run Mythic+ and some casual-ish raiding with (it's been a long time since I've done any serious raiding). Would be open to the possibility of a faction change as well. I'm west coast and active anywhere between 7/8PM into the early morning server time.Xhantos3 May 23
May 22 any alliance guilds raid sun Any guilds raid NH normal or heroic all on sunday and finish it in 1 day? I'm looking to xfer my human warrior over from emerald dream where alliance seem to not even be able to do normal NH in 1 day haha :PElementalold2 May 22
May 22 [A]Atlas Guild reroll starting soon! The idea of this reroll is for people who are new to the game or people who want a fresh start on a different server to level together and get to know each other and enjoy the game. This will not be a top tier raiding guild. It will be push as far as we can get and then stop at that boss till the next raid tier. The ultimate goal is to clear at least 10/10 H NH or H Tomb. I want a guild where people play what they want. Weak specs also. It will be a 2 night a week raid guild with times between 7pm-10pm EST. If enough people are interested we can start a discord server and debate a guild name. I will obviously need help establishing this guild so people who are mature and are interested in helping me set it up please add me at Subjektive#1294. Feel free to add me either way so I can build a list of potential people and set up a possible start date that everyone can be apart off. I have decided to roll on alliance-Dalaran server i have not started leveling i do have some interested people in this reroll please add me. Subjektive#1294 Reroll date starting May 26th at 7pm EST!!!!!!Subjektive0 May 22
May 21 H - Mage - LFG I work bankers hours, but I also stream on Tuesday/Thursdays which seems to be the normal hours that most guilds hit. If you have a guild that goes on different nights, (perhaps weekends), I would be interested in talking to you. I have just started playing again. Had not played since WoTLK. Still a learning curve. My gear level is 863. Frost mage is my main spec. Really looking for a great group of people to learn the game again from and experience the mythic level and higher stuff. I feel I am missing out. I am from Kentucky in the EST time zone. Id just like to find that bond that is missing since old school WoW.Opocai0 May 21
May 21 [A] <Debauchery TeaParty> is LFM! (8/10HNH) We are a band of disgruntled ex-guildies that have formed a guild with the sole intent of learning from our predecessor's failures. There is an incredible amount of Catch-22 within the current raiding climate, and our collective goal is to change that, if only in our corner of the community. For the new, we offer companionship and leveling groups, and the knowledge and resources to help you with quest help, dungeon runs, and build advice. We've all been there, and whether you're a MMO veteran who's always wanted to try World of Warcraft but only recently gotten into it, or a complete novice, we can help you reach the current max-level content, or help you enjoy the ride. For the experienced, we have our sights set on heroic and mythic progression, as well as keystone runs on a daily basis. Though our guild encompasses a wide variety of skill levels and ilevels, there is a focus on improvement, logging software, and comradery. That will mean that we may not take it all at a breakneck pace, but the enthusiasm and passion is there. With some patience, we can all make it through. For those who are looking for a hardcore, pulse-pounding, life-consuming experience, you might not find it with us here at the Debauchery TeaParty. There is a certain hollowness that pervades the mythic-progression guilds we've been a part of, that generates ire and bickering beyond anything else. We want to eliminate it, but 'drama-free' as a phrase has become a mockery of itself. People will be people, drama will happen no matter the setting. But our goal is to be well aware of it when it happens, and work through it like adults. We are based out of the East Coast of the US, and therefore operate on EST. Our home server is Dalaran, and we are Alliance-based. Although we are a casual guild, we have managed to clear 8/10 H NH, and are working on accumulating progression in other areas. Our raid times are Friday/Saturday, 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. We are currently advancing through Heroic Nighthold, and plan on going straight to tomb of sargeras normal when it releases. I myself am the guild leader, and can be reached via e-mail at Keddlin@gmail.com, and we do have a community discord. If you see me online and would rather talk in-game, send me a whisper. My battle tag is Keddlin#1179. We are looking for ANYONE who is interested in our values, any level, any ilevel, any amount of experience for our general group. For our heroic raid roster, we are looking for driven dps who are able to meet our dps bar for progression night. We have a "Party Friday (Anyone can come)/Progression Saturday (Min. DPS req)" sort of system, therefore just about anyone can come for the first raid day, but for HNH, we need at least 350k dps sustained. Melee or Ranged is fine. For our M+ progression team, any role is valuable. [FAQ] "What is with that name?" The name is from the anime Log Horizon, and was selected because of its similarity with our guild premise. "Do you have a full vendor?" We're working on it currently, and we run transmog guild runs biweekly to catch up on raid and dungeon achievements. "How many active players?" We have reached an active playerbase of 20 members as of the time of this edit (4/14/2017), but we average 6-10 new members a week so far. "Do you do mythic raiding content?" Not yet! "Do you have an RBG team?/Do you pvp?" Many of our members joined with the explicit request that we build up a rbg/arena group, and so it is one of our many goals. You could very well head this division, if the passion is there.Anniebeast2 May 21
May 20 [A] 9/10M T/W/Th 10PM-1AM EST LFM <Friendly Banter> is a newly formed Alliance guild on Tichondrius. We are currently 9/10M NH, 10/10H NH and are looking to further progress in Mythic raiding. We are currently looking for any exceptional players to be part of our guild! Our goal is to build a strong guild roster and advance through raids. Currently recruiting a ranged DPS and a rogue. Always recruiting exceptional players. Friendly Banter's Website: https://friendlybanter.apexmega.com/ Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:00PM-1:00AM EST Server: Tichondrius Faction: Alliance Guild Type: Raid Current Progression: 9/10M NH, 10/10H NH, 7/7M EN Links: Logs- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/162326 WoW Progress- http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/Friendly+Banter/rating.tier16_25 WoW Site- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/tichondrius/Friendly_Banter/ Contact Information: Guild Leader: EmailSupport#1938 (Racialist) Officer: ArchProject#1457 (Lunorah) Currently Recruiting: ... To Apply: Please post an application on either our site: https://friendlybanter.apexmega.com/ or you can respond back to us on this forum. We will review all applications on a daily basis and get back to anyone as soon as possible. Note: We only recruit for core raid positions but this does not make the exception that raiders who under perform might be asked to sit in the future for the raid to further progress. Please don't hesitate to reach out to either of us, we'll be happy to further explain and answer any questions you guys may have or even just to chat. We look forward to anyone joining Friendly Banter :)Lunorah94 May 20
May 20 Is your guild merging? Hey again Area 52! Is your guild merging? I study online communities, and as an avid WoW player, the issue of dying guilds, recruiting quality members, and merging social networks and communities is important to me. If you're a guild leader or guild member in a guild that is considering merging with another guild, let's chat! Add me to your BattleNet friends so we can talk. My battletag: MUMENRIDER#1483 Thanks everyone.Lokosh1 May 20
May 19 Looking for guild Hello all, I'm looking to join an active guild that actually speaks to each other. I have been away from game for a few months due to not being able to find a decent guild. I am on est time zone.Naldreas2 May 19
May 18 Any Late Night Raiding Guilds? Looking for late night guild with 11pm-2am EST raid times (8pm-11pm PST). I have an 890 MW Monk and an 875 Elemental Shaman. 9/10 H NH.Mirridan2 May 18
May 17 Reload selling Nighthold runs (heroic/normal) <Reload> is now selling heroic and normal nighthold runs. The runs will be master looted to gaurantee all eligible loot goes to the buyers. The only exception would be any titanforged pieces that would go to main Reload raiders. This isn't very common. We will only bring one of each class token to spread the loot out. We will do normal clears on Saturdays at 2pm EST and heroic on Tuesdays at 7pm EST. We will only accept in-game gold. Please add my battle tag #Arsin1162 or reply here for pricing and consideration.Fathomm12 May 17
May 17 880 Havoc DH Considering Xfer Looking for a new home because the A/H ratio on Thrall is stupidly skewed towards the Horde and I haven't had much social interaction on the server as of late. I got back into WoW with Legion after a long hiatus following Cata. Prior to that I was very active with my guild and would raid as often as I could as well as helping with recruitment and other officer duties. I haven't been 110 for super long but I've been focusing on gearing up and trying to learn the different fights and encounters throughout the various Mythic dungeons as well as doing as much of the raid content as I can with my work schedule. Ideally I'm looking for an active and friendly guild to gear up and learn with. I don't want to be carried, I'm not a pro per se but I'll learn any and all mechanics etc that are needed. Due to my schedule if it isn't a Monday or Tuesday I can't really raid until 12 at night est so a late night guild would be best.Cilran1 May 17
May 17 ✨ 8/10M NH ✨ T/W 7-11 ✨ Recruiting ✨ ... ... ... * Yes, apps are required from everyone as well as logs. * Server transfer will be required.Krazyrampage0 May 17
May 16 3/10M LF Late night guild Hello all, Currently looking for a early morning/late night progression guild that I will be able to raid with. The primary issue that I have had raiding this tier is that my current job is very non-conducive to your typical 7pm-Xpm as I work 11am-9pm PST. With this being said I am looking for raiding times either early morning (7am-10am pst) or late night, (9pm-2am pst). These times also must be during the week and I would prefer Tues/Wed/Thurs. I have been raiding since Late BC and raided top 100 US in Wrath(I was in high school at this time and had a lot of free time.) I am looking for a guild that progresses with the intent of getting Cutting edge every tier; I understand my experience current tier may not show the progression mindset. I have been unable to raid most of this tier and the 3/10M was achieved months ago. Willing to play any class. Also willing to progress with a guild that is not as progressed/currently forming if timing and mindsets match. Thanks!Eyedie2 May 16
May 16 Looking For Fun Casual Guild Alright folks... where my casuals at? I'm not talking necessarily about casual raiding. I'm talking about the people who enjoy: Pet Battles Transmog Runs Server/Guild Events Gnome Races Trying to finish an on-level dungeon with 5 DPS Fishing Tournaments Running Dungeons without going 100mph the entire time Maybe even a little *gasp* RP And all the other silly peripheral stuff in the game. I'm looking for friendly, warm, caring folks who are more about the journey than the destination. Folks that will run a lowbie alt thru a dungeon for gear. Folks that will help you out when you come back from a long hiatus and are clueless about all the new systems. Folks that aren't just about increasing their ilvl, but that want to have fun first and foremost, and if they "get swole" along the way, thats just a great side benefit. Dalaran looks to be the second biggest server according to RealmPop. I know my people have to be here somewhere. Where are you? <3Haijinx4 May 16
May 15 Looking for new home <3 Hello everyone, I'm currently hunting for a new home. I am seeking to settle into a laid back guild that raids. Primarily I am a healer with experience as Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, MW Monk and Druid, which I can actively play any if needed. Horde or alliance, doesn't really matter to me. Lemme know! Input appreciated. <3 <3 <3Auna5 May 15
May 15 [H]<Scrubless>9/10 M Recruiting DPS! Current Progression: Emeral Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M Nighthold: 9/10M - Working on Gul'dan Raid Schedule: T | W | Th: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM PST Sun | Mon: 5:30 PM * - 9:00 PM PST * Sun & Mon are for casual alt and achievement runs for those who want to participate. Recruitment Needs: Tank: Low Priority Healer: Medium Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Range DPS: High PriorityIf your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. About Us!: <Scrubless> is a three day progression guild on Thrall - a competitive, high population Horde server located at the New York data center. We don't expect perfection, but we do expect a high level of class mastery, encounter knowledge, and mechanical execution. This requires preparation through proper itemization, talent choice, consumable use, and encounter research. Furthermore, we like versatile players who can competently play multiple classes and multiple roles; this indicates a well-rounded understanding of the game. Moreover, we value players who are respectful of other raiders' time. Fun times and raiding are not mutually exclusive, but progression requires focus and optimal time management. With 10.5 hours of raiding per week, it's paramount that raiders come to raid with knowledge of progression encounters. When you optimize your own play, you optimize the guild's play. We understand that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, we do not tolerate people continually making the same errors. We need raiders to adapt quickly to situations and learn from the mistakes they and others make. We emphasize teamwork and openness to constructive criticism. Raiders are free to bring issues (with strategy or other players) to the attention of officers. Expectations: Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and potions. If information is available, study current and future progression fights. Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. Respect the time people dedicate to raids. Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes. Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. The ability to communicate is a must: having a working microphone is a requirement. Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs to try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/thrall/Scrubless Website: http://scrubless.org/ If you wish to apply, either fill out an application on our website, or contact one of the people below and we can chat about your potential trial. Contacts: GM: Kahn (Kahn#1770 ) Raid Leader: Keeperofthev (ChuckNorris#1395) Kylore (GoblinSmithy#1769) Taerok (Taerok#1579)Nivera9 May 15
May 15 looking for a guild to help me out Hey y'all... I'm looking for a raiding guild :). I'm an 896 boomie and i have a !@#$ty laptop. I know I'm not very desirable (/cri). I need a guild that's patient enough to help me gear up. After that you can decide wether or not to keep me. Help me become the OP laser chicken I've always wanted to be.Lynker2 May 15
May 15 Tank or Healer So I had intended to heal with my Druid, but have so far found myself tanking A LOT. Like I get into dungeons within 2 minutes as tank vs 10-15 minutes as healer. Druid currently level 36. Does this server have a high healer count? Is it in need of tanks? If so, Druid or Warrior for tank? Is this just a low level problem and I will get to heal at higher levels?Holyschnikes2 May 15
May 14 [A] <Kommunist Kittens> (10/10NH H) LF RDPS Tired of your !@#$ guild? Come join our !@#$ guild! We're the Kommunist Kittens, a group of about 15 IRL friends who transferred here from Badgar, er.. Khadgar.. at the beginning of the year and raid somewhat casually. Our focus is on fun while downing the latest content (10/10 NH H), but you won't be raiding with us unless you're messed up in one way or another. Recently some of our guys took a break so we're looking to fill up with some Ranged DPS for our Heroic "progression" in hopes to be ready for Tomb when it goes live. We currently raid 8-10pm Mon/Thurs server time. Most of us are seasoned veterans that have been around since Vanilla, with some notable achievements in PvP/Hardcore raiding, but we're all washed up now and just drink our raids away while getting some shinies. Message me ingame @TinyDruid to find out more. Get red or get dead!Tinydruid0 May 14
May 14 New Home Hubby and I are looking for new home. We have been playing on proudmoore for awhile now, but the time difference for us isn't working so we thought we would try a EST server since we live on the east coast. Is Dalaran a good place to be? We might move our mains over, or just level new ones, haven't decided yet.Wisca4 May 14