Jun 8 101 twink guild im looking for a 101 twink guild for dalaran server. ethor ill start one or join one. any advice is welcome.Demmock3 Jun 8
Jun 8 The Ancients Misbehaving recruiting We are a guild of casual and social players who just want to have fun with others. We pvp, run instances and run old and new raids. We use voice chat and have many active players. We are open to family and friends and we put an emphasis on respect for others in the guild so we don't have room for racism of any kind. So if you are a full time player or a part time player, a new player or returning player we have a place for you! We use discord and folks like to get on it and chat with others. We do have a raid group and again the emphasis is to have fun! Come ready to kill bosses, learn from our mistakes and have a blast! Our raid group runs on weekends. My btag is battlemom#1568Jenkayah0 Jun 8
Jun 8 [H] Casual part timer looking for Older Crowd Looking for an older group of players to hang out with a few times a week. Not much time for raiding (although experienced and capable) Have a raidable enhance shaman pre 7.1.5 before taking a break for 5 months. Not looking to commit to anything at the moment. Strictly casual. Essentially i'm just looking for players that are a bit older with RL commitments who are in the same frame of mind as a gamer today. Single malting Tuesday's and Thursdays. Please let me know if you have room for someone of my casual nature. Cheers.Kaynu5 Jun 8
Jun 7 Bury This rick rolled (it was something earlier but idk how to delete posts)Nickthepally0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Transferred: 880 [A] Tank LFG I'm looking to transfer to Dalaran this week and will bee looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild. I have: N Endless Nightmare exp LFR Nighthold exp Availability for raids include weeknights and weekend nights 7/8 pm to about 12am. I am looking for an older/more mature guild... But poop and fart jokes are good too.Nhef2 Jun 7
Jun 7 [A] Midiology 4/10 M Looking For Ranged (Raid Time: 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST) (Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday) (Faction: Alliance) (Server: Dalaran-US) Hello, <Midiology> is currently recruiting ranged DPS (We are full on Melee). We are currently 4/10 Mythic. We need a few more raiders to round out the guild in case people occasionally miss. We still clear Heroic on a weekly basis for titanforge and AP, and everyone is invited to the Heroic Run. We keep a fun and vibrant mumble atmosphere. If you are interested, leave a reply here or message me in game at Aquarias #1208. Current High-Priority Needs (Feel free to reach out if you aren't one of the classes below): • Mage • Shadow Priest • Marksman Hunter We expect attendance to a majority of our raids. We are progression based and expect personal improvement from all of our raiders on a consistent basis. Solid officer core ensures a drama free guild. If you are tired of guilds falling apart mid-expansion, try us out. PS: We will be raiding Heroic both raid days when ToS drops for the first few weeks. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/Midiology https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Tfaz21jZ78LJp3B6Dooplíss0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Looking for guild in Dalaran Im Looking for a guild in Dalaran. I'm new to the game but am active. I'm just looking for a good group of people to run with. I'm up for any game play except pvp. I'm currently running a night elf warrior. If you have room please let me know. My bnet name is MooseMan#11160 or hit me up here. Thanks for your time.Makos2 Jun 7
Jun 7 Order of the Dawn Looking for Members Hello all, The Order of the Dawn is currently looking for new members. We are rebuilding after a good number of our roster has gone inactive and are focused primarily on PvE content. Our guild seeks to build a sociable community with a focus on gearing or teaching members. If you are new and want to learn more about the game or have been playing for awhile and don't mind showing new people a thing or two, we are the guild for you! I can be reached on here on at bnet Darkcre8tion#1508Gailand0 Jun 7
Jun 7 (A) Kaizen is recruiting! Kaizen (Dalaran-US), is looking for players to fill out our roster of mythic raiders. We are accepting applications from all classes and specs ranged dps being top priority. Our raid times are Mon-Wed: 8:00-11:30 PM server (EST). Thursday is optional clean up night, we cycle in main raider’s alts in order to keep things interesting while gearing up those that still need it. We typically fill the raid with around 30 members. There is no such thing as a “bench” or “main raiders”. We embrace the concept of non-committal raiding, the majority of us will be there a majority of the time because we want to be there, and we enjoy the company and the activity that we do together. Many of us have real lives; if you have a date, your kid's ball game, finals, or any other kind of real life event that would come up every now and again, we would not want you to miss it for our raid. Missing a raid night, or even a raid week, does not mean a raider will lose their “spot” in the roster - we will simply be happy to see them back online when their real life allows! But this also requires that people are able to step in and out of fights as requested, which necessitates a good deal of humility and patience. A little more about Kaizen - first and foremost, we are a casual progression raiding guild. The word kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.Different people may have different takes on the idea and ideal, but for us it means working a bit, day to day, to improve at a pace you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter how low or high you start – at anything, there is room to improve. We aim to build a community with this very concept in mind. The biggest thing that we look for in Kaizen members is character, like-mindedness is very important. People will approach us and ask to immediately join, or ask about things like Item Level requirements, some will list their great achievements and rankings and parses. Often, these players see Kaizen as a way to get loot faster, instead of an opportunity to grow; we look for people who strive to improve themselves as players. We seem to confuse a lot of people when we tell them that we’re looking for character, not a particular skill set or item level . Maybe this will clear things up a little bit! The ability to put in effort, focus, get things done while kicking back and having fun is really what we are after. We don’t expect anybody to just come in and blow the fight out of the water. What Kaizen is looking for is, well, ”Kaizen”; it could be bettering your class rotation, your movements, making sure you are consistent, or just being more acquainted with the fight via running normals or LFR. Improvement also extends beyond the game. If your personal life is crumbling around you you’re not going to perform well in Guild. Conversely, If you’re getting back in shape, doing well at work, or just enjoying life, you’re substantially more likely to contribute in a positive manner both socially and mechanically within the guild. Our motivations may not be purely altruistic, but we do care about our members lives both within the game and outside of it. Because Kaizen is focused on improvement instead of item level, we do not require a specific item level in order to trial applicants - we will simply judge performance based on someone’s current gear. We are more than happy to run mythics to help new raiders catch up to the rest of the raid. Kaizen is a crew of misfits that just run together and have fun. Sure, we do progression, and sometimes that means running into frustrating brick walls, just like any other raid team. With Kaizen’s ideals in mind, the raid as a whole is able to overcome these challenges while also maintaining our softcore and fun-loving raid environment. If you’re looking to save Azeroth from the Legion and have a helluva time doing it, you can reach our recruiting officer at Sovereign#1895 you can also apply at http://kaizen.guildlaunch.com. We look forward to hearing from you!Paramecia0 Jun 7
Jun 6 What Happened to this server? I used to play on this server about 7 years ago and it was a good sized server. i noticed when logging in tonight that it was listed as a server "for new players" . Has the server died that much over the years?Hardrider3 Jun 6
Jun 6 Looking for wow bestie Hi I am looking for someone (either new or old player) who would like to start anew on the Dalaran server. I found a guy yesterday who wants to create a guild there and from what I can see it has a healthy population and I am not seeing a ton of CRZ people. I have been playing for years and been playing solo for all of Legion and I am missing having someone to play with. So having a new guild with new friends sounds fun right? I usually play in the evenings and weekends so someone who has that schedule would be nice also nothing against teens but I am looking for an adult. And another thing when I say wow bestie I mean someone to BS with in voice chat as well as leveling, running dungeons, achievements or farming just whatever we are in the mood for. If this sounds interesting to you leave a response here I will be checking back frequently.. Have a good day :))Skymägic11 Jun 6
Jun 6 Dalaran Back up :P Its up fyiDrakatan0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Did the server go down? is the only server i play on that says offlineJyllyann33 Jun 6
Jun 6 Is Alliance on Dalaran all noobs? Hello, I've been thinking of making a toon on Dalaran. The population seems right for me, but I have noticed that it is a new players server. This kind of worried me as I do not want to be in a server with a whole bunch of level 10s... Are there a good amount of dedicated players on Dalaran?Derekt11 Jun 6
Jun 6 Hus/Wf Fry Wrrs LF LATE Nite Dal Alliance gld Hey there!! My husband, Aresmadness, and I are looking for a late night Alliance guild on Dalaran that is active pretty much 24/7 but especially after *11pm CST/12pm Server*. We are both Fury Warriors. I am iL817 and he is iL882, and we're both gearing up. We're looking for a friendly guild with people we can run dungeons, PvP, and potentially raid with. We'd love to find a guild that does raiding absolutely no earlier than *11pm CST/12pm Server* due to my husband's work schedule. Please contact Erisnyx (Nyx1269#1918).Erisnyx0 Jun 6
Jun 5 900+ Equipd Fury War/Asn Rogue/Rdruid 3-4 People Click my name for the armory of my warrior. (recent reroll starting in 7.2) Rogue http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Stemar/simple Druid http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Epsee/simple Have a Warlock who is also potentially interested if the times fit. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Slymist/simple Looking for a heavier progressive guild. We have been raiding with close friends casually. Looking to go Semi - Hardcore or higher. We have Hardcore raiding XP and understand how bench/swap in roles work, especially since we are a group of potentially 4 people. We would like to keep playing together and won't be phased if 4 core slots are open. As long as we can stay in a skill-heavy/competitive atmosphere together we will be happy. We aren't looking for a FOTM guild, we are looking for a long lasting raid home for this tier and the rest to come. I was the Raid Leader (warrior) and the 4 of us have had 95-100% attendance in over a year of raiding. Willing to faction/server obviously. Leave any spam/info/Bnet here are will contact you ASAP! Thank you for your time.Murderlnc8 Jun 5
Jun 5 [Outdated][A] <Triggered> Updated Forum Post - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755676158#1 This one will no longer be checked, thank you for your timeToastedbun41 Jun 5
Jun 4 [A] <Forged of Fury> is recruiting for ToS Forged of Fury is recruiting some ranged DPS, preferably priest, mage, druid, but open to all. We are also looking for 1 dps who can also heal for when we need a sub or in fights that are healing intensive, but also is efficient in dpsing. Your main role will be dps. We are experienced group of semi casual raiders who raid on Thursday and Friday at 10pm EST, 9pm CST, 7pm PST. until 1am EST, 12am CST, 10pm PST If you are excited about new content coming up and looking to be part of a patient guild that has positive team members then this is the guild for you. We have fun, but get the job done. We will be doing Normal Tomb, and progressing into Heroic after we clear. We are currently have NH on farm for Heroic mode.Karayanni0 Jun 4
Jun 4 [H] <Rehab> Recruiting ***UPDATE: Raid Times - Saturdays @ 9CST/10EST - Currently 4/9 N-TOS LFM Interested Raiders (tank/heals/dps) Rehab is a new guild of returning WoW players. Currently there are around 5 of us that have got back together after a few years away. We're looking to welcome new members of all skill levels. Casual, Adult setting. We use Discord for Mythic runs and chatting (warning: some of us have children you'll get the pleasure of hearing make noise in the background at times).Daezyn0 Jun 4
Jun 4 (A)Natural Affinity 5/10M recruiting! (A) Natural Affinity is recruiting. Current Progression 5/10M 7/7M EN Natural Affinity has been around for ages a lot of us raiding together since MC . What we are looking for is folks that want to raid mythic and are willing to put in the work to improve themselves as raiders. We raid 2 nights a week with 1 optional day that is generally farm content. Tuesday 8-11 Progression Wed 8-11 Progression What we are looking for is folks that are ready for mythic raiding. Classes in need : Balance Druid aka: Boom Chicken Looking for all ranged DPS Exceptional players are always welcome to apply! If you are interested in a raid spot please get in touch with myself , Chiddymagus, Smash or any of my officers! Thanks ! ZifanZifan9 Jun 4
Jun 4 2 semi-new players looking for Guild! 2 semi-new players who just bought legion and are ready to play on our 100s! Need a guild! My name is Brandon and my friends name is Andrew. We are looking for a guild just to teach us the ropes of the game for now. We fully do not understand everything with guilds, but hope some of you can teach us!Apó1 Jun 4
Jun 3 Looking for Guild Hey boys, I'm looking for a guild for my blood dk. 874. Ulbadir#1401Bigmansmash0 Jun 3
Jun 3 Rerolling Rerolling on dalaran and just curious if rdruids or melee dps is more in demandBoomnshield0 Jun 3
Jun 3 7/10 M Guild LFM! Hello everyone, <Crucible> [H] on Dalaran is searching for more players for our core raid team. We are a progression raiding guild with some of the best geared and most experienced players on the server. First and foremost, we aim to have fun while playing (while downing challenging content, of course ;). What We’re Looking For: - Fury Warrior - Ranged DPS (any exceptional players will be considered) - Holy Paladin Please have up-to-date logs to show officers. Raids are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8:30 – 12:00 EST Crucible’s Progression - Mythic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 - Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 - Mythic Nighthold: 7/10 More about us: Crucible has an awesome atmosphere – people are always in discord to talk, run M+, do RBGs, or even play other games together. If you’re looking for a close-knit guild with exceptional players, we are the perfect fit for you. We hope you will contact one of the officers below if you have any questions about the guild or how we run raid. We’re excited to hear from you and would be more than happy to invite you into our discord so you can get to know us and get a feel for our guild before you make your decision. ! Hope to hear from you soon. Please contact any of the officers below: Contact Mîder (Guild Master) – MythosFreak#1374 Shockîra (Healing Officer) – Rycyxox#1417 Yunglamp (Tanking Officer)- Kumanji#1509 Iocayne (Melee Officer) - Ethos#11453 Kotose (Ranged Officer) - Kotose#11939Shockîra6 Jun 3
Jun 3 [A]<Clairvoyance> needs DPS/heals for Mythic Hey all, <Clairvoyance> is an old cutting-edge Cataclysm raid guild that's back from the dead and ready to start Mythic progression. We have Heroic Nighthold on single-night farm, but we need a few more to bolster our numbers to hop into Mythic (hopefully in time for Tomb!) Currently, we're at 3/10M (gonna keep editing this as we get more kills) We're an incredibly personable/close-knit community, more so than many other top-end guilds from what I've heard. We're all passionate about the game, but we care about the person behind the character as well. We're only competitive insofar as fighting each other for the top DPS spot - we're not as worried about top parses or anything like that. Just pull your weight, don't die to dumb stuff, and be a cool/chill person, and you'll fit right in. We're primarily recruiting DPS (both melee and ranged) and healers, but tanks can feel free to reach out as well. Our raid times are: Tuesday: 8-11 PM EST Thursday: 8-11 PM EST Besides that, we do alt raids on the weekend, and we run plenty of Mythic+ dungeons as well. We also provide food/flasks/pots/enchants to regular raiders. If you're interested, go ahead and comment below or add either myself or the co-GM: Argentan#1874 Savandor#1375Heirballz10 Jun 3
Jun 3 Horde ilvl 900 Havoc LF PVP Guild Please have weekly RBGS/Arenas. Willing to pull my own weight + more.Dantedarkly0 Jun 3
Jun 2 [H]<Gods of the Fall> We are a very friendly guild that recently completed a realm transfer and are looking for new members. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild who also has a very social atmosphere. We generally have several people on the Curse/Twitch client as well as on WoW every day after 7PM EST that will be willing to do things with other guild members. We understand that not everyone is fully geared and are willing to help those individuals get to a point where we can bring them along for Heroic and Mythic raids but do want to start to clear Heroic and Mythic as soon as we can. Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Friday/Sunday 9:00PM to 12:00AM EST for progression. Saturdays 9:00PM to 12:00AM EST Flex night Progression 7/7 H EN 3/3 H ToV 10/10 H NH We are a PvE guild wanting to continue our progression. If you wish to raid with us on progression nights you must download and install the Curse/Twitch client for voice comms and you must have DBM or BigWigs. You do not have to talk but you do have to be there to listen for callouts. We are looking for respectful and courteous people that will treat others the way they would wish to be treated. Top Priority Openings Range: Elemental Shaman, Fire Mage, Beast Master Melee: Enhancement, Feral, Frost Death Knight Will take most individuals regardless of openingsSyrelada2 Jun 2
Jun 2 [H] <Apotheosis Now> Heroic & Mythic + LFM Greetings Dalaran, You may recognize the guild tag as this has been our home since Vanilla. We are looking to add members to our Heroic raiding & Mythic + runs. We enjoy having a good time and pushing Heroic content. If you are interesting in joining us we would love to chat with you in game or on discord. If you aren't sure about joining right away I encourage you to join us for some runs. See what we are like. Even if you aren't all that interested in joining but have experience and would like to join us on some runs let us know. We currently raid Heroic Nighthold Tuesday & Thursdays 9-11 EST. You can reply here or contact me directly. bnet: Superfly#1528Superfly2 Jun 2
Jun 1 (A) Regime Actively Recruiting ***Recruiting for ToS progression*** Guild Name: Regime Server/Faction: PVE-Dalaran (Alliance) Raid Days/Time: Tuesday 8-11pm and Wednesday 8-11pm EST Progression: 1/10M 10/10H Nighthold Current Needs: Marksmen Hunter, Shadow Priest, Frost Death Knight, Off Tank/DPS Hybrid (Any Class) First and foremost, I appreciate you taking the time to review this post to see if we would be a potential fit. Listed above are our current needs for our main raid team. Please note, if your designation is not listed above; do not hesitate to still reach out to any of the officers listed below. Regime is always willing to review any potential candidates as we are consistently attempting to push content and our needs may change. A little history in regards to our guild: All leadership has been playing together since Vanilla and we strive to provide an environment that any individual can feel comfortable. Since we started way back then, our lives have dramatically changed along with our priorities. Prior, I would consider ourselves a bit more hardcore considering we all have server first experience and were proactively committing a large sum of time to the game. Now however, considering we all have families; we identify more as a casual guild. This does not mean we still do not wish to progress though. Our goal is to still see results while enjoying the game for what it is. Proper expectations would be to progress through all Heroic raids at a reasonable pace attempting to get any AOTC achievements. With that being said, if you do wish to inquire more about the guild itself or any of it's officers; please feel free the message any of us. Officer Real IDs: ADDave#1449 Zartan#1232 Subrogation#1986 (Me) Moose#11226Subrogation6 Jun 1
Jun 1 Looking for alliance guild Hello I have an 872ilvl hunter and I am looking for a semi competitive or casual guild (18+) that likes to do raids and mythic plus dungeons. I am a very new player so I definitely don't know a lot about the game, but I am willing to take the time to learn. Availability-Eastern time zone Tuesday+ Thursday+Friday+Saturday+sunday- 5-10pm I can also do Saturday and Sunday mornings.Carninbanage2 Jun 1
Jun 1 [H] <Heart> (7/10 M NH) is recruiting! <Heart> has recently transferred from Ysera-Durotan and you can find our old progress page here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/ysera/Heart. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild who also enjoy M+ and just want to have fun together. We use Discord as our comms and we usually have people just chillin' or talking at almost every hour of every day. We have progressed smoothly through Mythic Nighthold so far and hope to continue to do so here! Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday - 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM EST for progression. Wednesday/Sunday - 7:00 PM start time EST for occasional heroic/normal runs. Progression: 7/7 M EN (Cutting Edge), 2/3 M ToV, 7/10 M NH. We do require all raiders to be present in Discord on progression nights, for obvious reasons. We also ask that you have DBM/BigWigs for mechanics. We are looking for people with an overall great attitude who have a desire to raid and progress with a fantastic group of people. Please bring a level of maturity to the table on raid nights, we only raid two nights a week so we like to make those two nights count. All applications will be reviewed, we are not necessarily looking for specific classes at this time. (Even if you are a casual player or you are only interested in the M+ portion of the game, please give us a whisper! We will gladly take you!) Please add Point#11527 on Battle.net if you wish to talk further! We look forward to hearing from you! :)Pointzeroo7 Jun 1
May 31 @ Show Me My Opponent Guess I wasn't good enough to wear the Show Me Opponent Guild Tabard. I counted 6 for a mythic pug. Simulated DPS. Excellent disqualifier. 18k on Heroic Brackenspore was the actual. And it was on the mushroom spawning outside of the group because ranged wasn't stacked. the 18k was on the big add as soon as he was brought into the group and interrupted with counterspell, the 18k was on the spore shooters even when I had to blink out and get the spore shooters and iceblock because I was out of heal range. You were poor about moving to the green mushroom and had no clue when to use lust. At the beginning ... otherwise it's wasteful because of the blue mushroom buff. Here were the percentages of damage done by Beyonzo on the 3 key targets in Mythic Brackenspore Brackenspore - 63% Big Add - 18% Spore Shooter - 12% RastaJay 62% Brack 19% Add 16% Spore shooter Now, the two ranged who tunneled the entire fight didn't switch to adds at the right time didn't get the sporeshooters but were good according to SimCast Arconistic 69% Brack 22% Big Add 7% Spore shooters - so you tunneled the boss and big add Mikestrahan Brack - 71% Add - 18% Spore - 7% and we almost wiped because the spore shooters didn't go down timely, the mushroom spawned in the wrong place, and green mushroom was late being cleared out by flamethrowers. And btw, someone already invited me into the guild ... I accepted and then gquit because I was trying out. But maybe I was trying you out and I counted 6 on dalaran who can contribute to a mythic kargath try soon. What guild you're in doesn't really matter. You can't bring your 3 friends from Mal'Ganis for Mythic Runs and it's going to be a long time before WoW Progress says show me my opponent 1/7 (M). And yeah, people do look at that. Simcast DPS. Is there SimCast DPS damage taken? I finished last in damage taken on Brackenspore. And the 18k was where it was suppose to be for the entire fight from the start to the finish. Maybe you should take a look at more important tabs in recount. 30k dps is the number for Mythic Brackenspore. You need 6/7 runs through heroic plus getting the 2/7 Mythic for a couple weeks for everyone to get there. 20K is the number on Heroic Brackenspore, I got 18k because I had to spin my frozen orb into a single sporeshooter to get it down quickly because no one else is on it. I also had to use comet storm on a single target, and since you didn't use bloodlust at the correct time, my cooldowns were off from when you actually performed the bloodlust. You need 14 more people from dalaran just to enter the instance for a mythic boss. At this time, I don't consider <Show Me My Opponent> a Warlords of Draenor Mythic Progression Guild. Brackenspore is Stack, Tank and Spank .... melee on the mushroom, ranged on the sporeshooters .,.. which leaves melee dps on big add interrupts, unless your ranged is using focus target interrupt macros. Thanks again for that tryout. Mythic Brackenspore requires more discipline than you showed and there was no recognition of the mythic mechanic changes on Kargath. So even if you found 20 people to enter the instance for Mythic Kargath tries, you'd struggle unnecessarily because you didn't practice Kargath selecting a specific person for Berserker Rush as the mechanic requires on Mythic Difficulty. Simcast DPS. perhaps there's a discrepancy on iLvl 660 PvP gear when it comes to Heroic Highmaul and your "simulated" numbers versus comparable iLvl 655 PvE gear, all of which I was passed because I had 660 gear in those slots. Thanks again for that tryout fellas. Maybe a few of you were good enough to make a third Dalaran Mythic Progression organization. Cheers,Rastajay12 May 31
May 31 The Ancients Misbehaving recruiting <The Ancients Misbehaving> is a horde guild on Dalaran for adults and family. Guild focus - PvE, Social, leveling, running instances and casual raiding Guild style is casual and social. If you are looking for a casual and social guild and want to find friends to play with come join us! This is a guild looking for others to join us and help us grow. We don't tolerate racism, homophobia, Islamophobia or misogyny! We want to be a guild of friends having fun! We are a guild of adults and family who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just pvp we have a place for you. If you want to raid without the progression orientation we have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play wow in a fun environment. Raiding style will be more serious. Emphasis in raiding will be to work together as a group without drama. The expectations will be that players sign up and come on time with food and flasks and work together with the group to get bosses down. We are raiding weekends We need a tank/dps duel spec, heals and a few dps My btag is battlemom#1568Najyah1 May 31
May 31 [A]-Atlas- LF a specific type of player Top O' the Morning to my fellow players this post is going to try to convey a specific recruiting desire on my part and on the part of the guild and all the people in it. First I will give some background Atlas was created as a reroll guild to gather people together and start over on a new realm which ended up being Dalaran. The GM (Subjektive) had a vision to create a guild that promotes teamwork and friendship. I found his post on the forums and since I had been playing alone for months I decided to throw in with him. So we spent a week gathering people to create level ones and level to 110 together . We started last Friday and we had great success many people are close to 110 and along the way created a lot of new friendships and the best part we have new wow besties to play with. So here we are now creating a new post to continue finding people who want more from a guild. I know I have always hated being in guilds who never talk or do anything together might as well not even be in a guild if no one talks. We are creating events weekly and the guild will be raiding normal and heroic. as well as continuing to help people level and gear. So the thing I want to stress is if you are looking for the tight knit social/raiding guild where everyone knows your name and looks forward to hanging in discord to BS while we play then this guild might be for you. You can add me Raven#13525 or Subjektive#1294 and talk to us personally to get a better feel or you can pst anyone in the guild to get a guild invite. Hope you have a wonderful wow day.Skyföx1 May 31
May 31 900 on several toons I just wanna do a good job and find an active group. Looking for a guild to slot into weekly events: MDPS > Tank > RDPS > Heals PvP > PvE Willing to reroll Only 1 toon on server currently (Horde DH) Mostly just looking to find an active group and to do a good job. I've played in basically every expansion since Vanilla. (didn't endgame till TBC) 4/10 Heroic Nighthold _____ Bonus if you can help me earn 1800+ or Ahead of the Curve. Both things I think I'm skilled enough for but just lack a group.Dantedarkly3 May 31
May 30 <Little Temple> Guild Recruitment :) <Little Temple> 1. info: We are a casual guild but wish to become a little more serious by starting raids/dungeons/pvp. We also would want to do fun guild events such as raffles and pvp battles by level and other fun events :) We have 7 bank tabs that are all setup with perms and such. 2. Faction preference: Horde guild :) 3. Times/time zones! We would like anyone that's able to be from 6am (est) to 11pm (est) And to be an active and friendly member. :) 4. Current progression/experience: We have not started raiding yet and would like to get people to start gearing in mythic+/normal raids if we can get the members, we have people that are able to do mythic+ right now but require more people for the raids :) 5. Contact info: We would prefer to be contacted through either in game (/who Little Temple) or through my battletag (ShinyPants#11495) or my email (Yugi3211@gmail.com) 6.TL;DR: We are a guild with about 47 members, 7 guild tabs and little achievements that is looking to expand, We are most active from 6 to 11 est and would prefer people on Horde :PIriliedrelia0 May 30
May 30 LF someone to run me through BRD for quests. This is probably an incredibly stupid request to make here, but I don't really have any other options to choose from. Asking people in trade chat just nets me a bunch of hate, and using the group finder doesn't work, because everyone just does the same damn thing - teleport to the Grim Guzzler, kill Lord Incendius and Fineous Darkvire, then re-queue. For someone like me (a quest completionist), this is infuriating. I'm willing to bet that this post will catch a lot of flak, but I've got nothing to lose. With that said, I'd really appreciate it if someone could run me through BRD to get the quests done. Thanks in advance.Vonreichter2 May 30
May 30 [H] <W R A T H> Late Night/West Coast Players We raid Wed/Thurs 12am EST to around 3am EST. We raided into Mythic HFC in WoD (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/stormscale/W+R+A+T+H) and are currently 2/7 M-Emerald Dream, 3/3 H-Trial of Valor, 10/10 H-Nighthold. Members of <W R A T H> understand and value real life/WoW life balance, so we are often lumped in the 'casual' category, which suits us just fine! Top priority is Ranged DPS, preferably cloth. Non-raiders and Late night/Asia/Oceanic players are more than welcome to join us! If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me: Yoshîmî: Chojin#1912Yoshîmî54 May 30
May 30 Mythic Raiders looking for new home! Greetings! My friends and I are looking for a new guild to call home. We pride ourselves in performing our roles to the best of our abilities. One way in which we do this is by competing for top tier parses on Warcraftlogs. The other way we push ourselves to the limits is by doing Mythic content and high level Mythic +s. We are currently in a guild that was once Semi-Hardcore but has chosen to become a lot more casual. To each his own we say and whatever makes you happy go out and do it! Unfortunately for us it means that we must find another guild that will help us satiate our craving for cutting edge content. Ideally a guild that has room for all 4 of us, and one that raids 2-3 days a week but not on Fridays/Saturdays. We are A Prot Paladin - 912 A MW Monk - 910 A Havoc DH 900 A Fury War 900 Brief Summary The Prot Paladin (me) and the MW Monk are in the top 5% of parsers on Warcraftlogs for NH Heroic and NH Normal. We currently are 3/10 Mythic but would undoubtedly be higher if we were in a more than casual guild. I myself was once a main tank for a top 100 guild back at the end of the Burning Crusade. The other two (DH and War) are excellent players that rerolled their classes and have a slightly lower item level. Even though both their characters are only a month old they are already achieving epic parses for their classes. We are all mature and skilled players and look at the raiding team as a single unit. We understand that sometimes a person needs to get benched if they are having an off night, or if they are under performing. While that has yet to happen to any of us we will all be ok when it happens. The success of the team as a whole is what matters most to us, and we want to be part of a successful team that challenges us! In closing We are the type of players that thrive in the sort of environment that Mythic raiding and high-end Mythic +s promotes. We want to be challenged, we want to push ourselves, and we want to be a part of a team that wants the same thing. We are all around the age of 30 with careers and families and we consider ourselves to be mature people and view Mythic raiding as if it were an e-sport. We also love to have fun and shanangans often ensue when we are not raiding. If we sound like people you would want in your guild and have room for us then drop us a line!Oncess6 May 30
May 30 LF Guild Looking for guild to run things with. I am currently only in my own guild that consists of me and a couple RL friends only 1 of which plays. I have every class at 110 and lowest ilvl of them is 886 average of 893~, I will pretty much play anything, while my friend is a 905 Hunter with an 887 Dk tank alt. Willing to move at least some of my characters out of my guild but having them in my own guild is nice for storage reasons. B.net is Mills#1506Bhorgrim6 May 30
May 30 902 AoTC Tank Looking... Hey Dalaran, Da-Monsta here- Just poking my tusks in to see what's around. I'm currently on another realm, but always interested in finding the place I'd like to call home. The place where I can log in, enjoy WoW, and have a damn good time with the folks I'm guilded with. Seems to be the issue lately. Finding the right feel and the right fit. So, to lay it out... I'm currently 902 Bear Tank, 10/10H Nighthold. I have a full 4- piece tier set, 4 legendaries, and am...3...I think...levels away from capping AK. I've tanked the majority of this xpac and so far have 7/7N&H EN, 3/3N ToV, and 10/10N&H NH. Looking to keep the momentum up for the rest of the current tier and into the next. Mythic progress is in my sights too, at least at a reasonable and respectable pace. For what I'm looking for...a solid guild of amazing people who make the experience enjoyable, memorable...and honestly laughable. If you can't cut up and enjoy the folks you grind with, sort of takes the fire out of it, ya know? Anyway, if you're a guild in need of a tank, hit me up. I won't bite...hard. Well...too hard. At least sit down and have a conversation with me and see if we fit well. I have vent, TS, Discord, Twitch, etc. So getting some voice time shouldn't be difficult. Ideally I'd like to raid 6-9hr/wk, spread over 2-3 nights. Morning raids work amazingly well for me, from about 9am till 1pm-ish. Then in the evening's I'm generally ready to kill bosses and take their fattest loot around 9pm till whenever. I also like doing other things with a guild or mostly guild group too. Having someone to talk to other than the voices in my head is a good start. But mythic/+ is always engaging. Grouping to rip through WQ's...etc. Whatever. I'm a generally easy sort to amuse. TL:DR-- If you're a guild looking for some tankerage for current tier and beyond, hit me up. BTAG is attached below. BigDaddy#13995 OR you can poke me on Discord via Monsta!#9577Damonsta0 May 30
May 30 902 Holy Priest 10/10 H NH Hey everyone I'm a 902 ilvl Holy Priest LF a new place to raid. Guild I'm in now has no drive to actually progress any further and are stuck 6/10 H. Im 10/10 H NH from pugging myself. Im looking for a laid back guild but who is serious enough to be able to progress. My available raid times are Wednesday and Saturdays anytime and after 11pm est the rest of the week If anyone is interested at all or has more question you can add my battle tag or post your guild spam below BakaBob#11421Sémirhagé3 May 30
May 30 Returning Player - Missing WoW Oh man. I've missed this game, and have decided that I'm going to plug back in. In two short weeks, I'm getting a new computer that will be able to handle all the graphics stuff. I have a few questions regaurding returning: - Is <PURE> still around? - How are frost mages doing? - I've never "returned" before lol so what if I forgot how to play? I'm excited to come back to the server. Say hi, and if you are a returning player too let me know if you want to do some stuff.Lanafer1 May 30
May 29 LF a Guild (Read Description) Howdy, my name is Nick. Summer just hit and I've finally got the time to play again, so I am finally getting back into wow. I'm not looking for hardcore raiding/pvp or anything, what I am looking for is a smaller semi-casual guild that just kind of does it all, raiding, pvp, dungeons, or just whatever is fun. Mainly I'm just looking for some friends to play this game with as my IRL friends don't enjoy wow and I'm bored of solo play. I'm playing a boomkin rn, but I may be changing soon, gotta do some rethinking on what I want to play (playing on Alliance but if need be can switch to Horde). I know people mainly just look for raiding guilds on this thread, but hey if you have a smaller guild with a group of people that just enjoy the game without competitive play, hit me up I may fit right in. Edit: my btag Nick#19857Moonnelf6 May 29
May 29 <Wipe It> H. Currently recruiting DPS. <Wipe It> Is currently recruiting dps for our progression core team for a strong push into tomb. Our raid times are 8-11:30 server, Tues/Wed. If interested please contact Zerolust, Zathar, Notonmymana, Ionovarcis or myself for more info. If you're not interested in raiding and enjoy a more casual environment, we run mythics/mythic+ constantly, we also run regular casual raids for the people who just want to see the content in a non-LFR environment. Thank you for your time. -Rip.Ríp0 May 29
May 29 {H} Paw Stars Recruiting 9/10 H NH We are recruiting Healers and DPS for our Raid Team. We are 9/10 H NH and Raid Friday and Saturday 8:30pm -12am EST. Whisper Harliy { Mannfrede #1145} or Belorequan for more information or an invite.Harliy0 May 29
May 29 [A] <Coffee and Chill> LFM Sundays@7:30 EST <Coffee and Chill> is recruiting new members! We are looking for core raiders, but everyone is welcome.  Currently working our way through N/NH but getting ready to move on to Heroic. Raid Night is Sunday from 7:30pm EST to 11pm EST We are in need of all DPS and a few healers (anything but rDruid).  Hit up Sativa or Breebear in game for more info!Sativa7 May 29
May 28 [A] Returning Player LF Guild and Fresh Start Hey, I haven't seriously played in a long time, but wanted to give legion a shot. My other account somehow got banned while I was away so I am sort of starting from scratch, oh well. I decided to try out a Demon Hunter. If there are any reroll/returning player guilds that are newer and mature (preferably 18/21 plus, as I'm 28), that would be great. If not any guilds open to new players that enjoy raiding with some PvP mixed in. I play mostly evening on weekdays and would look for 7-10 CST optimally.Lunchxbox3 May 28
May 28 (H) Old fart reroll LF a guild Greetings I am 51 yrs old and a 12 year Wow veteran. This toon is a reroll on this server as it was getting a little stale on my max lvl toons on Area 52. Looking for a fresh start with a guild that hopefully contains older players that actually use voice chat and do stuff as a guild. I tend to play early morning to early evening on weekends and early evening on weekdays. I do enjoy casual raiding but my availability is early so I tend run a lot of LFR and Mythic+. Thanks for your time and happy adventuring!Angaya1 May 28
May 28 {A} {E Pluribus Unum} 9/10 H NH E Pluribus Unum {EPU} "Out of many, we are one" is a casual raiding guild with a semi-hardcore mentality, with 10+ years of raiding experience. We transferred to this server to begin anew and join real life friends that were on this server. We are currently 9/10 Heroic Nighthold 10/10 Normal Nighthold, 6/7 Heroic EN, and 3/3 Normal ToV. We are looking to start mythic progression very soon, and start with heroic ToS when it is released. Our raid nights is Friday and Saturday at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm server. We are currently seeking a couple ranged dps to fill out our Nighthold progression team, however anyone that wants to be a part of us is welcome. When we are not raiding, we spend our off nights running mythics, mythic+, and old world content for achievements, mounts and transmog sets. If you would like to know more about us and what we are about, then please send me or any of the officers an in game message or by adding me to battletag: Kelsir#1199.Kellale0 May 28