Jul 11, 2014 You will be happy to know Vulpine Vulpes Productions - Hookah Gaming Network is no longer apart of Ruin Gaming. We are Moving to tichondrius Horde for WOD and we will be doing more hookah giveaways from there. Also I am playing my Rogue Now Ventrixx! if you havent got my btag yet its Drasmirfox#1982!Vulpes55 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 Hunter LF Pve Guild 551 Hunter LF raiding guild to finish out the expansion/start WoD with. Mainly play night time 6pm cst or after. Have experience with most boss's in a mixture of lfr/flex/reg. Only about 2/3 weeks away from my cloak on this toon and already have it on another lesser geared toon. If interested please contract me in game or real id untoten#1542. I do have previous raid experience in BC/LK with a couple server firsts as well.Sumtingwõng0 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 Darkmoon faire free for all! Come to darkmoon faire for some fun free for all pvp :D http://i.imgur.com/NRrVnWA.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JOuasWr.jpgDrahma6 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 Hoity Toity Alliance Faction Changing.......So I can heal ChilleLucentl16 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 What does everyone do IRL? Been really curious about this for a while. I know we all have in-game personas and there's obviously lots of fun stuff we do together in Azeroth... but what's everyone up to when they are sitting at the computer? I'll start: I'm moving to Paris, France this August to begin studying at the American University of Paris. I got a good scholarship and had to take them up on it. I plan on being there a year before heading to Los Angeles to attend my dream school, the University of Southern California (provided financial aid is supplied there as well). This summer I have been brushing up on my French and traveling with a group of friends I have had for ten years before we all go our separate ways. The four of us just spent two weeks at a house that has been in the family for centuries on Block Island, Rhode Island. One of them, my neighbor for 13 years, just began basic training at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Another of mine is moving out of town for work, so it's just me and one other friend before we all head into different directions. Recently my girlfriend and I broke things off since I am going to living across the planet and it's too unrealistic to try and keep it together. So ultimately that leaves me with few things to spend my time on other than WoW, learning French, and going on long runs here in the Pacific Northwest before I move across the planet! That's my story! What about you guys? Don't feel too shy to share.Giovanni100 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Horde and IOC during CTA... Are you guys even trying? We're winning in less than 5 minutes...Kubica52 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 WTB 9/9 Challenge Mode Looking to buy a CM run for 90k ASAP :) Vex#1582Vex0 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 I'm in ur Goldshire, Camping ur peoples out. Wiping raids at the fastest level imaginable. Moar Military Style World PVP I Military Roleplay if you know what I'm saying. <_> *wink wink* /me picks up self /me does mad pushups /me works-out sum workout techniques (!@#$ idk about this one I'm phat(). /me does training crawls /me does a circus or 2. /me sucks the souls out of his fellow soldiers (Wow now I see how %^-*!@#$%^ that can be after typing. Not Cube guaiz I sware) /me gets 3k...pennies for today's paycheck. /me gets shot n heals 2 ful cuz hitler loses woot merica rolnald regan and mcdonalds and all that gud stuff. Merica~~~~~ /me touches iraq. JK, I'm not about that Ruin Gaming lief, it's a struggle. To aline so many mammoths so perfectly. You are truely #1 Rank 11 awesome sauce bosses from the mists of Warlocks in Space Goats. We, the Horde, shall follow this marching swagger all the way up into Stormwind with u (n wipe) BUT THAT'S BECAUSE HORDE IS COOL. On a serious (idk what i just read notice) I need peeps in Ruin Gaming to understand there is support for WPVP denail and abuse. Contact our support teams now! We are here 24/8 to help get you all through the forcing of none PVP because you're what they call "Not allowed, unless RG says so" requirements. Never again will you be denied WPVPing because ur GM or officer or drill Sargent wants to hold you back...from erasing the jimmies on Azeroth. So if you're ever being told no WPVPing, just contact us and we can support you all the way. 1-800-get-glad #Thiswastotallynotawarning #Thisisnotsparta @It's a Guild Recruitment thread. ?????Profit. Wut meg? <Chilles Army> Already LvL 13! With 140 strong soldiers ready willing, and constantly able to take the alliance and do bad things to their jimmies. WPVP, PVP, and even PVE supported! Come, learn leadership, strategy startpoints, and ways on how to finally get 1550 like all the coolest kids in the world. Needless to say we are very serious at many moments, and currently leveling to become the best Guild on Darkspear Horde since the Fall of DM/TCT rip.Chillerace15 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Krwn Super Hardcore Rap Skills Just making sure Darkspear's super skilled rapper gets all the attention he deserves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xGH7SO7iIo&list=UUMvxpYQbvAPPldq1fRfGOoA Nothing quite like the sound of spit passing through one's retainer while delivering such lyrics, so hardcore. Signed, KovekzKovekz19 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 test http://i.imgur.com/saBjnEJ.jpgTalentless5 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Horde on darkspear Hello, would anyone of you fine horde let me phase into your server on the timeless isle since there would be an abundance of alliance for me to kill? i need 100 more bloody coins for the mount and now the the cooldown is an hour its kind of annoying. I come from a horde dominated server and we only see like 1 alliance through out the day.. my battletag is ezduzit#1582Grocus12 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Lore Predictions - Warlords What do you think will happen (lore-wise) in Warlords? Post them below. ^_^Athala7 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Real life is happening around you. and you're just sitting inside playing content that isn't going to be updated until december. bonus clip: audio recording of my dad smashing his GF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TtJGGNvE1UGrovyle1 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 WTS garrosh kill Sorry Alliance, not on Garrosh today rekt n00b scrublords. None can defile us even with ur bad 35 man raid that fails to fly in all at the same time, only to be rekt by all the Sirs from Void Narnia who decided to not be afk in orf. ~Sincerely Swifty.Chillerace4 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 LF Raiding guild Well I think it is about time for me to get back into PVE. I used to be a semi-hardcore raider back at the beginning of Cata on my blood DK (horde-Kirin Tor) I took a little hiatus from the game and when MoP came out I went the PVP route. I've had a lot of fun, but honestly miss the bonds that come with a group of raiders. I know I'm rocking pretty much all PVP gear but I have joined in on some OQ flex modes last night and seem to be pulling top 1-3 dps depending on fight and how others are geared. I also just switched to Combat Rogue and still progressing as far as timing of CDs, but I know I'm capable of putting out more dps as I get used to my new found PVE spec. Wish to raid Monday-Thursday 8pm-?? ( I could swing 7pm depending on work?) Also, I do wish to main this toon in the next expansion. I do have multiple toons that I may offer up as part of your raid roster:(all of which gear is a little subpar for heroic, and maybe even later normal modes) Blood DK - I know this guy like the back of my hand, I haven't played him much but won't disappoint. Aggro like a mofo and survivability to boot. WW monk - I mained this toon at the beginning of WoD, but grew tired of him and the play style seemed a little drab. He has since slowly moved towards Mistweaver but that gear is FAR from optimal ARMS/Fury warrior - this toon is on a different server but I'm willing to transfer him. He was my PVP hero for OPs sake. Puts out some damage in both specs. Holy Pally - Another server transfer toon?! I had a lot of fun with this guy but he was set aside when I made the permanent move to darkspear. I'm confident with my skills healing on this toon, even with his lack of gear.Rufioz0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 We have a confirmed tango mango we have a triplemango. REPEAT TRIPLE MANGO!!! REPEAT CONFIRMED DOUBLE TANGO. TRIPLE MANGO DOUBLE TANGO] RUN!Ginzuu4 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Darkspear by Dr.Ding Walk into Darkspear stormwind on Sunday night Looking at gnomes choke hoez and nerdz on trade chat fight. I'm rolling in the skies with my lean green flying machine But gg I get flameshocked by the boxer that was kind of mean. As I rez I'm thinking....The kids in ruin gaming warship this guy like he's their g Its funny cuz they all got the STD So then I head to Elywyn cuz I'm kinda bored As I'm riding a hit a deer Dismounted to see if it was ok but I got jumped by a rogue stormbolted him and I killed that queeer I'm starting to remember why this place has such a bad reputation. Screw it I'm going back to KT nationFadingding8 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Crafting Vial of the sands for free! Howdy all, I'll be transfering over tomorrow and just thought i'd let you know, I have the vial of the sands recipe, and being that it tends to be very hard to find someone with the recipe, i'll be happy to craft it for you, free. For those of you that dont know, the vial is a mount that turns you into a golden drake, you'll be able to carry 1 passenger with you. this comes with an achievement and ads a +1 mount to your overall mount count. Now before i get 900 whipsers of "what are the mats, where do i get them? how much does it cost." Here you go You're going to need (8) eight. Not one, 8. SANDS OF TIME. and 1 Pyrium laced vial. These items can only be purchased from a vendor. Nothing drops them, and they cant be made. The vendor may be found in uldum, her name is yasmin and she can be found in the farthest north west flight path in uldum. Assuming you have the guild perk for 10% off, you're going to end up spending 21,600 for the sands (2.7k each) and 4,500 for the vial. so 26.1k in total. Thats a pretty hefty amount, but the good news is, the rest is really cheap/farmable. you'll need 12 truegold bars. You should be able to find these on the AH, otherwise, an alchemist (preferably a transmute master) can transmute them using cataclysm volatile and bars. If you buy them from the AH, expect to pay around 250-500g each. you'll also need 8 flasks of the winds, and 8 flasks of titanic strength. These are simply cataclysm flasks and can be made by any alchemist if you dont see any on the AH. These shold be cheap to buy, though (less than 50g each) Lastly, you need 8 deepstone oil. This is a potion made by alchemist, very easy/cheap. You should be able to pick this stuff up for less than 50g for all of it. Assuming you BUY EVERYTHING. You can expect this to cost you roughly 30k. If you farm everything. 26.1k. So again this is what you need. 8 sands of time 1 pyrium laced vial 12 truegold 8 flasks of the wind 8 flasks of titanic strength 8 deepstone oilMagepwnyou0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 LFM for WoD raiding guild (May do SoO!) Hello everyone, Me and a friend are in the process of forming a new horde PvE/PvP guild on Darkspear. However, I'm in charge of raiding within the new guild and I am currently forming a roster of people looking to raid in WoD. I am looking for either experienced raiders or even those new to raiding who are able to commit to raiding 2-3 nights a week and have the patience and morale to sit through long progression. As it stands, we are still working on a name (yep, we don't have a name yet!), but regardless we are still looking for members. We do have plans to raid mythic in WoD and would like any role really. Also we're not looking to get world first or even server first, but if it happens it happens! So that means we don't want anyone who bears a high ego or acts all "elitist". With that in mind, I hope you all join us to form an awesome raiding team!Hackhead0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 WTB Garrosh Kill LF a normal garrosh kill for mount and loot, paying 25k (negotiable) + extra for loots, looking to do in the next 2 weeks or so.... Add me on battletag #Hammermane1618 (Before Friend Zone trys to get me to buy a heroic kill.... ill be buying some wings of SoO from you guys right away so dont worry :) )Hammermane4 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 atmore on patrol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5V1vSuEMMoThatblackhat3 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Tonight Lets have some actual pvp.Ginzuu11 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 (A) Buying 9/9 Challenge Modes 90k Gold - Please have a legit group and not some awful thing you formed using trade chat.Dalton0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Back from Puerto Vallarta Sup baesLee5 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Hey All I'm back for a while. It's been a long 4 months! Hope everyone's doing alright.Giovanni42 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 LF PVP Guild Hey guys/gals Looking for a skilled group of ally players to have some fun with in rbgs. Fairly new to this realm so any advice or guilds looking for a Dk and my cousin, a Disc Priest to join their ranks let me know :)Vanillafloe6 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Bustspear [DS Off-Topic Forum] #17 Welcome to the "Off-Topic Darkspear Forum!" This thread is made for any offtopic conversations or topics. This can allows the thread to go from anything really (Ex. Talk about Real life things, TV, other games, in-game experiences, etc.) without the thread actually being "Off-topic" and be risked to easily deletion. (Theoretically you can't go off-topic IN an off-topic thread) Don't cause too many problems and get it deleted though :) These threads are created by Kenji / Deaven. Only in the time of my absence can someone create another Offtopic other than me to continue the flow. In doing so, they must also wait for the previous thread to be capped fully Previous Thread: Welcomebackspear [DS Off-Topic Forum] #16 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13139393826 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome back Bust! :D Also, thanks for capping before I have to leave and do stuff for most of the day! =P Also http://imgur.com/a4xK8Hc Hype.Kénji499 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 The 2 city attacks was smart.... but not timed well enough. By the time you started attacking garrosh we had already wiped your group in Thunderbluff and had portals up to org. But GG either way.Hakktru21 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 LF PVE guild I just came back to wow and i'm looking for a populated pve guild that is competitive and I am currently trying to complete the gold challenge mode achievement. so if this sounds like your guild or you want to help with the gold challenge pls replyJustreggie0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Hpriest LF 2s and 3s Partners I was 1900+ but have for some reason been getting crappy partners....my usuals are not on when I am for some reason or another. Sure IRL gets in the way. But I am looking for good partners to cap and possibly push 2K. I have been 1900+ this season see link. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Lucentl/statistic#21:152 Lucent#1742 I seriously would appreciate troll free responses but I know that will not happen.......Lucentl12 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 WTB Heavy Junkboxes 25g/ea (ROGUES) Last post that I made for Dampscale Basilisk Eye was moderately successful, so I thought I'd take another stab at it, this time with a much bigger request. I am looking for rogues who are willing to farm Heavy Junkbox. I need around 900 (UPDATED 7/6) of them, so it will take quite a while, and quite a few rogues. Gear doesn't really matter for farming these, so even a rogue alt will work (just need to be above level 60ish at a minimum; depends on farming spot). As for where/how to farm them, there are some decent tips on the wowhead page (http://www.wowhead.com/item=16885), and a ton of guides scattered throughout the internet. Unlike the basilisk eyes, you can farm these in a lot of different places, so you shouldn't have to worry about running into anyone else farming them. In terms of price, I am looking to pay 25g per lockbox. These can be sent CoD to Selbink.Selbink16 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 wanting to sell lvl 25 guild Level 25 guild for sell, 6 tabs, some boas, used as extra storage. Moving realms, pst rimii offers.. no low ballers.Meelena1 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Knee Deep in Blood Was that sorry attempt at World PvP legit? I mean it was fine when you brought 3 people and lost to 2 people. But when 7 of you lost to 3 people -- that's just uninstall level.Sonyuhshidae16 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 WTS Alani Mount Kill (H) Serious offers only please. Have the sky crystal. Price is negotiable. Add me on battletag for more info. ath#1650Smdbrah4 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 <I Know The Universe> Hxc PvP Now:+PvE in WoD Website is launching this month, it will make a lot more sense at that point : ) Led by a Glad Drake EXP'd Frost Mage, w/ a wealth of games played in many comps and brackets! Always willing to help out a guildie in need (if he or she's got the XP of couse!) My officers are RL friends and will keep the guild chat in line, as well as take on the PvE leadership role for WoD. If you are looking for a good place to gear up, push rating, and get tabard (thats TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED) then add EHP#1495 to your battletag and I will be with you shortly! - I have a 540 iLvl MM hunter, 544 UA Lock, & 550 Mage! Hpriest is on the way, just need 30 more 2v2 wins... lets go out there and SHRED IT UP! THIS GUILD USES SKYPE AS A MEANS TO FINISH OUR OPPONENTS: no vent allowed.Zezy5 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 (A) LF a CM Gold Group Hey Darkspear, I'm trying to either form a group or join a CM gold group to get the transmog gear before Patch 6.0, Hit me up in game and lets make this happen. Currently I'm going as feral DPS for CM modes, I'm building a resto set to heal just incase. Also I have invis potions/flasks/food ready 2 go, and have researched most CM dungeons.Lyft2 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 deaderace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP-oj7d_0CA lolwutThatblackhat42 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 RG Opponent Rankings And Awards RG OPPONENT RANKINGS 1. Russians on Blacktide 2. Titan Alliance/HOD 3. Vizunah Square/French 4. WSC tied with D7 tied with AB All Day tied with Boat Camping Jerks 5. Aredone 6. Victorious Secret tied with Cataclysm Fire Department tied with Requiem 7. Fluffymage 8. Darkspear Alliance 9. Machinima 10. Star Wars Dara Mactire Awards Opponent Most Viciously Hunted Down and Camped -Tie between Archanon (VS/CFD) and Machinima and Aredone Opponent That Experienced RG's Fanaticism The Most -Tie between Titan Alliance/Hod and Vizunah Square/French Opponent Most Cruelly And Diabolically Destroyed -AB All Day Opponent That Generated The Most Whiny Youtube Videos -Star Wars Dara Mactire Opponent That Was Provided The Best RP Experience -Fluffymage Opponent That Felt The Most Unfairly Treated -Vizunah Square/French Opponent Whose Schtick Was most Ironically Appropriated And taken To A Game Breaking Degree -Boat Camping Jerks Rankings and Awards subject to revision with additional RG members' input.Atrositor19 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Timeless Isle WPVP 2 hours! Yo we world PVP'd so hard today, got at least around 200 HKs over two hours. For once alliance had a really rough raid time in TI. DIDN'T GET ONE RAID TO FIGHT US. And... Bust wus thar. LEMONS IS LOVE; LEMONS IS LIFE. Also, we went from like 10 pugs, to 20, and so on, kept rebounding. WOOT. One of our most successful raids yet, glad it was livesteamed.Chillerace0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Batmetal anyone?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qatmJtIJAPwAtmore0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Was fun... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyXl5FVrvSAAtmore1 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 WTB Pattern: White Bandit Mask please reply with an offer thanksJustreggie1 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 BRO..... Have you even broken the sound barrier? IDTSAtmore6 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Raidead 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPyx4LDJErQ Seven Alliance pay Orgrimmar a visit.Thatblackhat27 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Multiboxing too OP? Lewpi9 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 so ret..... SO i hear so much bad things about ret right not but good things for WoD so now i need to figure out another class to play before WoD comes out and im stuck between a rogue enh warr feral ww hunter dk plz give adviceEnlighteness12 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Battle of the Isle A great effort Horde, but yet again the Alliance prevail even when outnumbered. Pushing you guys back to your territory and still we stood strong. Army strong. Then you guys just had to bring your multi boxer (let's be real, that's basically a forfeit), who wiped at least three times. Back and forth it went but never were we pushed back to our base. The Isle is ours. In all seriousness though, thanks for the action. It was fun. /flexLinsane81 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Vessel Raid Recruitment Vessel is looking for 2 healers (preferably rdruid+hpriest) for newly formed raid group. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)Pändøra3 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Am I Doing It Right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLc0GtEO1sA this is a vid of me going into a big mob and dying #hakktru http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13348784795 :D <3 #hakktruThatblackhat15 Jul 7, 2014