Jul 6, 2014 Ban netherweave from getting invites nether should be banned from getting invited to darkspear because he killed my undergeared mage pls i cri :'( also if anyone sees praiseyeezus on korgath then camp that !@#$ %^-*Teleport5 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Spurious Sarcophagus wow tcg Loot card. Looking to sell the Spurious Sarcophagus unscratched atm on Darkspear. 20k OBO send me in game mail and i will get back to you as i receive them.Akatsuke0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 WTS Depleted-Kyparium Rocket Wanting to sell this unique rocket mount. Costs ~ 68k to make. Open to your offers. Message me in game or reply to this thread! Thanks in advance.Chyu3 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 You can tell its summer.... Honestly. http://i.imgur.com/aDt7B7v.jpgGinzuu28 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Nocturnal Fate Fireworks Show!! We put on a friendly fireworks show tonight. The randoms in Org seemed to enjoy it. Our Orgrimmar show went like this: http://imgur.com/LB49zJ2 Then we decided to give the lowbies of the alliance something to watch and live for, and it went like this: http://imgur.com/0bpJdio Then, for some unknown reason, some rude people came in and killed all of my fireworkers.. http://imgur.com/iOuD021 We were just trying to do something nice for your faction, people. A simple "thank you or Well Met would have been appropriate. :PHiimpeekaboo7 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 redead>swifty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPyx4LDJErQ illuminati confirmedGinzuu22 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 SoO 5/14H guild recruiting <Bon Weir> is recruiting range dps or exceptional melee dps for our 10 man roster. We are looking for heroic mode ready players for progression. Raid times start Friday and Saturday 5PM server. There is a two week trial period of backseat loot, and we carry one person on garrosh to pay for warlords launch gear. In game mail, comment, or add me on real id, Gage#1576Greggage0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 [VID] Happy Post 4th! (even to AU, EU and NZ) We're all free brothers and sisters within this cruel world, keep free guys! (WTB Atmore and Hakktru 100g/ea) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1586731811553205 No matter the country, the significance of country or what you look like, <3 you all and be FREE! :) See ya guys later this month! Missed having heaps of fun in-game! Shoutout to: NF for their awesome fireworks show I logged into and seen yesterday! You guys rocked Goldshire with an awesome show. /salute /thanks Special Handicapped Shoutout: Fearmyburst, stay strong little sister! Much respect to all, Shake PS... Will be helping folks setup to box RIFT game if you get bored and need another game until WoD is out over on Twitch.tv/shakeboxing , like myself and Hayley have been doing. Streamed last night, got ROFLSTOMPED by zergs of mobs. Also, Trion is releasing 3.0 here soon over there. Then to note it's FREE. <3 all hate none!Shakesniper1 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Horde - YOLO RBG's Hello! I have been putting together daily YOLO RBG's and if you are having trouble finding groups please add me on battletag Lockstrap#1479 I typically run 2-3 a day and as long as you are somewhat geared then you are welcome to join.Lockstrap0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 WTB Challenge Mode Carry That is if any solid groups/guilds actually sell them on Derpspear. WIlling to pay 90k - 10k per.Dalton0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 The Forces Kill Control @Lockstrap Swag We've wiped Goldshire clean with around 16 soldiers and healers on the morning of July 3rd, their earth was cracked, roofs burned, raid ACTUALLY wiped, and we have filled the soul bags with fresh souls. Following out mass portal to Orgrimmar & friends as we gained 23 players we all visited Alliance shrine where Alrithin was waiting for us with his raid, who wiped us after we MASS AOE'd bombed their grounds. They fought us under shrine later, and we quickly pushed them into the GY. Then after break times and still live streaming the event to the lands they call RL. Sir Chillerace decided to go with Sir Lockstrap into the Isle~of~which~there~is~no~Time and destroyed some fore' scored battalions. I'd say at the end of it all we had finally racked up around 200 from the whole day. Then came the fun part. Sir Chillerace reached 50+ Followers on Twitch, and knew that only an event was in order, to attack the Alliance from which their Swifty came. So we got as many as we could get (Ended up being 20 :3) and we went straight to Goldshire, and demolished their city. At which point we were camped when chilli was told by Qwertynoob that there is a 'Tailsman of Curses' and I shud get one. So by the end of the day, I had around 300 HKs from Wpvp events. Thanks for all the help Horde, Some shoutouts to peeps in Nocturnal Fate, Bacon PVP, and Ruin Gaming. But not too many. Was hard to get players. So this is why we celebrate our Forth of the Julies, it is to understand that we are independent from the newb Alliance and that we have the Freedom to (rekt) burn any of them on a stake by the time I come along. Good work fellow soldiers, FOR THE HORDE. Glad to see peeps and their all time coolness unlocked. :3Chillerace18 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 LF raiding guild :D I need a raiding guild for my hunter she's my boosted 90 and needs a friendly raiding guild that would do some lfr and flex with me. I'm really focused on the flex raiding though, for when that time comes, Ty in advance!! Btw current hunters ilvl: 490Rosèlla1 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Steamwheedle Cartel Grind LF Farming Partner (or two) for a steamwheedle cartel rep grind. Either for insane or just to get the four reps to exalted....should take a few hours or a day or two to complete. I can be on late nights or early mornings mainly but midday is also possible. Lemme know if interested at all and we can work out times. Thanks DrPhoton#1535Photonz2 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 #ruinedsummer http://i.imgur.com/19wXftk.jpgGlorels60 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 Am I Doing It Right ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inRrCaOZhPgHakktru31 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 Who would be interested? (wpvp video contest) Last summer 1,000,000 excitement came from this. Would anyone want to do a second annual World PvP video contest, similar rules, reward, etc We can make things official in another thread, but would enough people be interested and entering a submission and/or viewing everyone else's entries http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9280358655?page=1 v2.0Bust21 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 Hunter LF Guild Looking for active PvP guild atm. I'm skilled and ready to gain some rating.Bhandit4 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 Cash flow gone They are removing the whole leveling a guild thing while baking in the guild level perks to just be something you have anyways. Except Cash flow is gone.Stomination8 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 darkspear the musical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_XaW9auTy0 it was only a matter of timeThatblackhat11 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 Alani mount for sale! WTS Alani mount for 15k OBO! Reply here or add my real i.d. Skilet#1952 to work out a deal.Weatherman0 Jul 3, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 Can i join Ruin Gaming Now? I broke out of the 1550 bracket in 2s, i should become the Co-GM of Ruin Gaming now, amiright?Zerefu27 Jul 3, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 My class in WOD http://strawpoll.me/2013209Ginzuu11 Jul 3, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 [A] Virtus Recruiting RBG Core Virtus is currently looking to expand its RBG Core groups. We are looking to recruit the following classes, Paladin - Holy Priest - Holy Priest - Shadow Druid - Resto w/ Balance off-spec Shaman - Elemental Warrior Hunter Mage Warlock We require all of our applicants to have full ilvl 550 prideful gear with gems, enchants, and reforge as well as 1900CR achievement. RBG Schedule is 8pm server, with constant alt groups throughout the day Contact in game any of the following characters via whisper or mail Obeah Geartrix Solarbaby EvensongObeah0 Jul 3, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 LF Raiding/Pvp Guild 541 ilvl ret pally lf raiding/pvp guild. Newish to Darkspear and would prefer to PvE on my paladin and PvP on my shamanCrankdizzle0 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Smallproblem's Pet Leveling Emporium! Hey guys and gals on Darkspear! I am starting a new "Battle Pet Leveling Service" on this realm! This offer applies to both Alliance and Horde! If your tired of leveling your own pets, have better things to do with your time, or simply can't be bothered, this service is for you! I am currently offering a RISK FREE, Fast and Low Cost leveling service for all Tradeable Battle Pets. How It Works: I will level any pets you provide in exchange for the price(s) listed below. Simply send me in game mail, or whisper me, with the pets that you would like leveled. Please be sure to include the levels that you would like each pet to ultimately be at. How is it Risk Free?: Unlike other Battle Pet Leveling Services, I have 98% of all Tradeable Battle Pets. In order to assure a 0% risk for you, I will level my own copies of the Battle Pets that you would like. Then, when the leveling is complete I will contact you either by whisper or In-game mail to let you know your pets are able to be picked up. When you pick up your pets, you will include the leveling cost(s) and your copy of your pet, hence RISK FREE. Low Cost: The Battle Pet Leveling Pricing is as follows: Level 1-10 250g Level 11-20 350g Level 21-25 400g --------------------------------- Level 1-25 950g! Time Frame: The total leveling times will vary depending on the number of pets you would like leveled. 24 Hours is the standard turnaround. However, that being said, the turnaround could be as little as 1 Hour . Orders over 1 pet will receive a 10% discount on the total order. For more information, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me in game via whisper or mail, or through this forum post. Thank you for looking and have a great day! -Smallproblem's Pet Leveling Emporium-Smallproblem0 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Chronicle of the Annoying Quest Returns! Are you a fan of the show CHRONICLE OF THE ANNOYING QUEST? IT'S RETURNING! JOIN ME LIVE TONIGHT FOR A MACHINIMA EXCLUSIVE! LIVE NOW @ http://www.twitch.tv/teagen_the_rogueTeagen7 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Who on this server now makes prof kits? I need an engineer kit for my rogueBrutalmaz2 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 The Redead Challenge: 5000g Reward (Vid Up) I am currently standing in the SW Cathedral. The first person to score a KB on me will receive 5000g. Challenge over. Results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or76Z10mPncThatblackhat14 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 [A] LFGuild As title says. Just came back from a loooong break. -Played BC, WotLK, Cata, Mists -Had a guild since Cata till a few months into Mists. -PvE Hard in WotLK -Light PvE in Cata -Decent exp in PvP -8 year player -Will need some insight on some newer stuff. Thanks!Rahtchet1 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Any Truly Old School Darkspearians? Gyshall Ravius Rinn/Folan Healem/MM Yunky/Artful Death Mahanaxar Dollwin secksyheals/R A I D Grasslands redeyeorc chipman howitzer harryp If these names don't mean anything to you you haven't been around long enough. Anyone Im missing?Torny293 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Looking for good times.....PVP wise you Sicko I am a decent healer I think.....I am looking to do some PVP.....2s 3s RBG, WPVP, Add me in game trat#1742 If you are starting WPVP and I am on I will come heal.....I notice that I am bored quite a bit and always looking for something to do. I will also help you queue for Dungeons.....anything really.Lucentl9 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 World PVP Time is all Time. WIthin the deep confines of the space time continuum. A brave Sir styles out of his way to bring you the newest information on the hip things the kids are in to now a days. We're pvping on your vendors while in BG que. Raided your goldshire three times after capping conquest in arenas (Got 17800 full gear on first day, tries too little). And got some little RBG action. Even if Bubble failed to be the healer he started out to be. Q.Q. And followed up with *Insert smoke weed everyday.avi//* So with that, I am very welcomed back, in other threads, pms, and psts about how bad I am. As always this is Worst Warlock Darkspear Horde Sir Chillerace here again, to tell you teh world pvp is beck. BECK liek nevar beforE3, So be prepared' be vury prepared.Chillerace41 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Selling Rare Battle Pets! I am going to be selling my rare Battle Pets.. I have a bunch of hard to come by pets that just collect dust! I am selling for a few hundred to a few thousand cheaper than AH. Pets that I'm selling right now are as follows: Guardian Cub - 13k Hyacinth Mackaw - 4k Firefy - 4.5k Chuck - 4.5k Disgusting Oozling - 4k Black Tabby Cat - 5k Darkmoon Turtle - 5k Darkmoon Hatchling - 4.5k Anubisath Idol - 3.5k Azure Whelpling - 4.5k Dark Whelpling - 2.5k Emerald Whelpling - 3k Muckbreath - 6k Nightsaber Cub - 10k - SOLD Message me in game or post on here if you would like any! Open to reasonable offers. Cheers!Elderwolf0 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 what to switch to DS so im currently happy on the realm that i am playing on but ik a guy that plays on DS and i am wanting to xfer one of my toons over here to get a little more pvp action. i dont know who i want to transfer tho and wanted some opinions. the classes im thinking about are: Feral druid, WW/MW monk, enh/ele shammy, destro lock, frost mage, and sub rogue. thank you for any input you have on this topicFrostface6 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 HORDE we have come to Save your economy. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13271497607#1Stomination3 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Looking for someone to level to 90 with! Hello Darkspear forums! Just recently I picked up WoW again and I am interested in leveling a new char with someone. I want to start 100% fresh, new realm, new class, new everything. - Horde>Alliance - Preferably some sort of voice chat - Don't wanna only do dungeons - Enjoy questing So please if you are interested let me know....Orvall0 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 QT LF RBG Guild 2200-2400 XP on Multiple Characters, tired of being Horde Formerly of <NAO Gaming> and <hey im mvp> I have a geared DK (Can TC/Strat call) and MW, but have all classes at 90 and play pretty much anything I'm looking for a regular Alliance group to run with, will transferLivemonk4 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Pretty hilarious duel victory. So, as many of you likely know from Ruin Gaming™ history. We conquered the Horde on Kil'jaeden. We infuriated them by farming them at new quest nodes on patch day, killing their faction leaders, disrupting their gameplay, etc etc. So today, one of said Horde sought to bring the negativity of their decaying realm to Darkspear Horde. I sprung into action and demanded a duel to put him in his place. As expected, he didn't plan to duel honorably. He had fellow Ruin-gaming hating Alliance on their horde alts attempting to give away my stealthing positions, in addition to having multiple Alliance show up to try to attack me. #Pathetic. That wasn't enough to stop me, though. I was victorious and still at 100%. PROOF: imgur.com/Phc5iRl.jpgApollolol171 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 How I love my morning messages :') http://i.imgur.com/GBjzS2a.jpgLee19 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 AWar LF 3's, Prefer WLS 1850+ xp 3's and 1800+ 5's last season LF to rock some awar/afflic/rsham. I would like to find some folks with similiar xp for a hopeful 2k push. Yes I run SW/SB/MSR in 3's, no I won't send feet pics. Ebiah#1455 Don't flame me Kenji, I love you and it would break my heart. Cowers in cornerKovekz2 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Sup Org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iG803NkUuc y u so sillyThatblackhat45 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 A<GG>25 RBG's, Arena and WPvP -Introduction- Now you may be asking yourself, why should I join Gloriously Globaled? Well it's pretty simple, we are a group of adults ranging from college age to middle aged who are very social, tight knit, never say die attitude. We treat each other with respect, understand we all have lives away from WoW and take a genuine interest in each others day away from WoW. -PvP- We're not a super elitist guild who requires you to have moved the sun just to be considered a spot in guild. But what we do require is for you to have a basic understanding of your class and an overall good attitude. We are accepting all pvpers who are level 90 and willing to group with other members. -RBG Team- We are now forming up our 1800 core RBG groups, you must have an ilvl of 550 and be 1750+ to join this group. Keep in mind we do run 550 ilvl alt groups which will get you to a 1750 RBG rating to join the main group. -RBG Cap Group- We will being running cap groups whenever we can to ensure our guild members are getting their weekly caps. We are also putting together an RBG team to push a little rating so we will require those interested to have at least a 1700 RBG achievement. -Arena- We are recruiting players interested in arena combat with a 1550 achievement in 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5's. You must have a basic understanding how to play and are willing to get better. We hold our arena players in high regard and we're looking forward to strengthening our pvp community. -WPVP- Even though we're on Darkspear and most of the population is Alliance, there are still some Horde who come out to fight. But what do we do when there's no Horde to fight? Easy, we hit the Isle with Censer's in hand and go on a slight rampage. Yes you heard it right, same faction wpvp is not only condoned but encouraged here. We are recruiting members who are interested in small scale to medium scale wpvp and we have the leaders to support all types. -General Requirements- -Have a good attitude and respect guild members -Download the addons your PvP lead designate as required (ie BG Targets, DBM, ect.) -Download Skype and Teamspeak 3 -We're not here to hold your hand so be willing to take the initiative and start groups. -1550 in 3's, 5's or 1700 in RBG's. Accepting all former and new members who are level 90, you can contact me for additional information. "Death to the Horde and all their sympathizers".Kovekz61 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 WTS Alani Mount 10 Skyshards. Please make an offer and feel free to add me in game and we can make a deal. My friend has sold 2 this month for around 50k-75k So that is what i will be basing my price on. Open for negotiations.Twistedlôck5 Jul 1, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 What kind of Rig do you play on? I'm Sure many of you cant help yourselves, you're going to troll. This is what i have.... Some things are far to powerful for others, and i should upgrade others... with that said.. Intel(r) core(tm) i7-4770k cpu @ 3.50ghz Asus Sabertooth Z87 Motherboard - ATX, LGA1150, Intel Z87 Express Chipset, 1866 MHz DDR3, SATA III (6Gb/s), 8-CH Audio, Gigabit LAN, Quad-GPU CrossFireX Ready. Cooler Master Eisberg 240L Prestige, 240mm Fan @20.5 dbA, and 1600 RPM. Kingston, DDR3-1600 (16 Gigs, Two 8 gig sticks) 64-bit Operating System Windows 7 w/ a 7.9 Windows Experience Index. EVGA - GeForce CTX 760 - 2 Gig DDR5 *(EDIT)* Logitech HD Webcam C525 Logitech G105 Keyboard ANKER Laser Gaming Mouse, Model 98AN5000-BA (Two) AOC, 23 inch LED Monitors. EVGA 600W power supply. ************************************************************************************* If you have any legitimate suggestions of what i should replace or do differently, let me know. I'm already on board with replacing the Video cards, and the power supply. I also have an Asus G74 Laptop, its about 2 years old... still a beast. I don't used it that much. And i have a Micro 13 inch Asus Laptop, Plays wow with little problem on Medium Video settings.Atmore53 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Alliance has two Brawler's Guilds now! Come make your way over! This place is waaaay more warmer. http://gyazo.com/3c94876794514687aeefc8ea01e3d5bdHauntedwow0 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 29, 2014 WTS/WTT lvl 25 Guild - 4 Tabs. Hello everybody! I have recently acquired a lvl 25 guild named <Hard in the Paint> (apparently a Waka Flocka reference) but im not looking to keep it. It has 4 tabs and a bunch of the standard achievements including the heirlooms unlocked. As of now im looking to either sell it for enough to get the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent, or just straight out trade it for the mount. If someone offers me a pretty decent price for it ill probably sell it as well. And no, i dont want/have time to farm the mount. If you want to offer, or want to trade the mount for it, i dont usually check the forums but ill look back every day or so here. Otherwise, find me in game under this character as i usually go on every day after 5 EST. Just send me an in game mail and ill get back to you. Thanks!Liemneeson1 Jun 29, 2014
Jun 29, 2014 I am not ryangosling. So here I was minding my own business standing on storms body when this. Warning this post contains pictures with whispers from carrasco, I do understand if you can not look at them. http://imgur.com/KKs0JVJ The struggle begins http://i.imgur.com/57Fbvr1.jpg I am thankful to what ever god is out there that I did not become the next ryangosling. http://imgur.com/qrxBdgL All of this started because of this. http://imgur.com/hLeyxoM Ryangosling I am sorry for trying to steal your biggest fan plz forgive me. Ps. you taste good storm.Tosko7 Jun 29, 2014
Jun 29, 2014 WTB Swift Spectral/ Non Swift Tiger Swift Spectral Tiger 400k-450k Non Swift 200k-300k HMU : BOBBY#1801 Also willing to do other payment methods. Hmu!Stormlashx15 Jun 29, 2014
Jun 29, 2014 Selling kills (SoO and others) <Bon Weir> is selling Garrosh normal kills. We do our kills on saturday night. Prices are 35k. If you want non-BoA loot it will cost 5k. We also sell MSV, Heart of Fear, and Terrace Heroic kills. Prices are negotiated. in game mail, or add me on real id: Gage#1576Greggage3 Jun 29, 2014
Jun 29, 2014 WTB Engineering Kit 0-600 Alliance. Leave your btag here and I'll speak to you in game :)Bãndit0 Jun 29, 2014