Oct 13, 2016 7/7 854 prot/fury war morning raiding Hello, I am looking for an early morning raiding guild(preferably on the weekends). I currently raid Friday and Saturday nights and its tough with my schedule. I want to try and find a guild that is serious about raiding but also have fun while doing. I am currently 7/7 N and 2/7 H. add me on battlenet at one50fun#1790 or respond back to my post I am on Darksper but will transfer for the right guild. Thank you,Ejected0 Oct 13, 2016
Oct 12, 2016 <Raiders Digest> 6/7 Heroic EN http://raidersdigest.wowalliances.com/ Raid schedule: 6:30-9:30 ST (7:30-10:30 CST) T/W/Th *Must be able to use Discord* <Raiders Digest> is currently recruiting for our Core raid group. We are currently looking for: Tank Pally/DK/druid WW Monk Feral Druid Arms Warrior UH Death Knight <Raiders Digest> was formed by a group of former players, returning to WoW for the Legion expansion. As you might be able to guess, our focus as a guild will be on the PvE aspect of the game, namely forming and progressing a guild raid group, with the goal of working up to Mythic(+) content within this patch cycle. We have cleared Normal Emerald Nightmare, gotten acquainted with the encounters, and are recruiting to fill spots that will help us finish Heroic mode and step into Mythic. This is a guild that expects its raiders to show up on time, fully prepared, and consistently try to improve through research, practice, and obtaining gear outside of raids. **HOW TO JOIN** *Post below with ilvl, experience, if you can raid all 3 days, your raiding goals and your in game name/btag. *Message an officer after posting Feel free to message any of the Officers in game/bnet with questions about recruitment. Waylark / Sonnyboy#11343 Ashrayn / Guleon#1177 Dandael / Dowsund#11117 Cormagg / Mute#1695Waylark18 Oct 12, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Group of 7 players looking for raid team! Hi there! A group of 7 of us (Fire mage, MM hunter, Unholy DK, MW monk, Holy priest, Resto druid, Guardian druid) are looking for a guild to do mythic raiding with. Most of us quit during the start of Cataclysm, and are back to do mythic raiding in Legion. We're all experienced raiders, and most of us raided progressively throughout the entirety of WotLK. Here are some of our logs from current heroic content: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Gjt6Y2VADWZL9b8R https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/YCnr3QptGVPf917T#fight=16 Our names are Shinripper, Bowburry, Stiriacus, Selanarii, Lyf, Guikaze and our guardian druid who was not in the guild with us. Here are our respective armory pages: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Shinripper/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Alduron/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Bowburry/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Stiriacus/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Lyf/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Selanarii/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Guikaze/simple We take current content seriously, and are all active within our class discords to keep up to date with best strategies for different boss, in addition to itemizing ourselves correctly with the use of simulationcraft. We're all EST based and would prefer not to raid past 11PM EST. What we're looking for in addition to mythic-raiding is like-minded individuals who wish to be the best at their class, and enjoy doing the hardest current content has to offer, such as high level mythic+ runs. If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at JamJam#11795 or on Discord@ jamjam#5258 Cheers!Shinripper1 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 Looking for Guild Looking for Guild I have been playing WOW for almost a year and a half. I took a break for a while and am now back in full swing. I am currently trying to finish legion content so i can start end game. I have a good amount of experience for how long i have played and learn extremely quickly. I am just looking for a good group that would not mind taking someone under their wing. I am online every night from 7:30-12 PM CMT. My battle.net account is Bageerha#1311 shoot me a message. THanksDimgrim0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 <Moving Mountains> 4/7 HC recruiting <Moving Mountains> 4/7 HC, recruiting DPS AND HEALS Currently are recruiting for our core raid group. Need all dps and heals, pref 845+ ivl and experience. Raid Times are SUN/MON/WED 6-10ST (8-12EST) Looking for committed and dedicated players who want progression and care about working together towards downing bosses. Post on here or add me on battlenet and we can talk. childish#11396Breca0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 (H) Daytime Raiding Semi-Hardcore Guild Hello all, I have bought my current NA client when I was living in Canada but I moved back to my country-Turkey and now I am having troubles to adjust local-server times. In this case, I am looking for a guild that I can do activities(both in PvP/E and chilling). I have decent amount of WoW experience(been playing since 2007, but also have laid-off times), that includes raiding and arena experiences. Right now, I am in a friendly guild but my issue with adjusting times still continues. Times available & time zone: 12pm-4pm MST Weekdays. Server preference: Darkspear (flexable). Faction preference: Horde (highly preferred). Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual, Semi-hardcore. Current character info: 845ilvl Marksmanship Hunter. Current progression/experience: EN normal clear, honor level 16.Camokha0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 (H) Morning/Daytime raiding guilds? Looking for a guild that raids morning or early afternoons. My buddy and myself have been playing since vanilla and are looking for a guild to join. We are interested in PVE. not looking for hardcore raiding but would like an active friendly guild. feel free to message me in came on tag consecrator#1476. Currently on burning legion but wanting to transfer.Consecrator4 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 LF 3s Arena Team - Subtlety Rogue Coming from a different account, I used to play a blood death knight in 3s back when they were DPS and had 2.4k rating (pretty good for that time). Right now I spend the majority of my time raiding, but I would like to find a 3s arena team to get back into the arena scene with. Looking for friendly people who will be down with losing and learning from mistakes made rather than a quick rating grind team. Something long-term and fun for everyone. If someone knows where I could find one other than these forums please let me know!Entropi0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 853 Guardian LF Raiding guild. 853 Guardian Druid, LF for raiding guild, looking to raid midweek tues/wed/thurs 8pm server or later until whenever. No current content raiding experience, aside from LFR. Been tanking since BC, as well as raiding.Brohyme0 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 LFGuild Hey everyone, You guess it, I am looking for a guild. I recently did a faction change over from Alliance to Horde and I am looking for something casual. I am interested in casual PVE and not so casual PVP. Thanks for you time and consideration.Barbadoe2 Oct 9, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 <Community Guild> [A] Recruiting DPS (6/7N) <Community Guild> 6/7N is currently looking for DPS to fill our Friday night raid team. **Raid Time: Fridays 6pm-10pm PST.** We are seeking friendly players who are excited about clearing new content. We are not a hardcore progression guild, we are a group of positive individuals who want to experience new content together and progress through Legion at a good pace. Ideally we would like to recruit a mage or shaman, but are open to all applicants. Our tanks ilvl is 860, and our healers and DPS are all 850+. We run weekly mythics to gear players, as well as mythic+7-8. Many of our players have already cleared normal EN. We are looking to clear 7/7 this week as a guild so we can begin on heroic content to prepare for 7.1. If you are interested in experiencing Legion content that isn't through LFR goggles please feel free add me on B-net @ KaolStreams#11899 -KaolKaol0 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 820+ Prot Warrior LF Guild Currently trying to get to 850+ ilvl as fast as possible. Willing to swap realms/factions if needed. Will be making alt healer in the future based on what is needed. BTAG - Hot#11954Seaming0 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 <Friend Zone> selling Mythic+ carries! Friend Zone is selling Mythic+ runs! Don’t have the time to put together a group to push Mythic+ and deplete your keystone? Get a head start on gearing in Legion, and run with players who have experience with selling carries dating back to MoP. Don’t know what Mythic+ is? Read below! What is Mythic+? Mythic+ is a new level of dungeon in Legion that will release along with Emerald Nightmare (September 21st). They are very similar to Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, so keep those in mind if you have played. These dungeons give raid level gear! In order to enter a Mythic+ dungeon, you will need a keystone. These keystones determine the Mythic+ level of the dungeon, which essentially means the difficulty, and more importantly the level of loot (840 at level 1, caps at 865 at level 10). If you clear a certain Mythic+ level within the given time limit, your keystone will upgrade to a higher Mythic+ level. This continues until the time limit is unable to be reached, which will then deplete your keystone. Loot in Mythic+ is not dropped off of bosses, but instead each player is given a piece of loot at the end of each dungeon, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE DUNGEON IS COMPLETED WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT. If a keystone is upgraded by more than 1 level, you will be rewarded an extra chest with another piece of gear. Each week, you will be provided with a Mythic+ keystone through your order hall based on your highest completed Mythic+ dungeon in the previous week (2 levels lower than your highest completed, level 1 for first week). Along with this new Mythic+ keystone, you will also be rewarded a piece of gear based on your highest completed Mythic+ level (860 at level 2, caps at 880 at level 10). NOTE: The chests rewarded at the end of each Mythic+ dungeon reward Artifact Power as well, which is essentially a resource that allows you to pick new artifact traits and power up your artifact weapon! What are we selling? Friend Zone is selling Mythic+ runs until your keystone is depleted. This means that if you start at a Mythic+2 keystone, we will run something along the lines of Mythic+2, Mythic+5, Mythic+8, Mythic+10. Mileage obviously varies based on the group, your level of contribution, etc. Essentially, you will be getting 2-5 pieces of gear ranging from 840 to 865, as well as a piece of gear at the start of the next raid reset based on the highest Mythic+ we were able to complete (expect an average of around 870). While Mythic+ doesn’t release until September 21st, we will be taking materials as early as right at the launch of Legion! Those who give us materials first will have a run scheduled first, so get your materials in ASAP if you want a run right around the launch of Mythic+! How much does it cost? Instead of gold, we are taking a much different approach towards payment for these carries. Below is a list of Legion materials that we are looking for as payment. A Mythic+ run until keystone depletion costs a total of 2,000 materials. Materials that say (1=100) mean that 1 of that material is equal to 100 of the 2,000 required for payment. Example: 200 Aethril + 400 Felslate + 200 Lean Shank + 200 Mossgill Perch + 600 Stormray + 4 Felwort = 2000 materials MATERIALS Herbs Aethril Dreamleaf Fjarnskaggle Foxflower Starlight Rose Yseralline Seed Felwort (1 = 100) Ore Felslate Leystone Infernal Brimstone (1=100) Meat Fatty Bearsteak Wildfowl Egg Lean Shank Leyblood Big Gamy Ribs Slice of Bacon (1=100) Fish Cursed Queenfish Black Barracuda Mossgill Perch Highmountain Salmon Runescale Koi Stormray Interested? Questions? If you are interested in purchasing a run, or have any questions, please contact Randylaheyy (Glorels#1155) or Israphael (Arisfarreach#1407). TL;DR: We are selling Mythic+ runs which amounts to ~3 pieces of gear ranging from 840 ilvl to 865 ilvl, as well as one piece that will be on average 870 ilvl. You will also get a decent amount of artifact power. Our price is any combination of the above materials that adds to 2,000 (1=100 means that 1 of that material amounts to 100 of the required 2,000).Selbink27 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2016 Old Ruin is back, and looking for members. If you remember Ruin from the vanilla days and were a member, hit me up. Looking mainly for casual players who have been on the server forever, even alts who just want the nostalgia. Depending on how things go the guild may pick up steam, we're playing it by ear for now, some of the old and founding members are in contact and interested in coming back for legion and playing together. The main goal is to reconnect old friends and just enjoy the game, so we may just invite people to get a small community going and go from there. <Mobius>Rock2 Oct 8, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 Dara Mactire We're back :) Started fresh from a roster of 5 members and have grown to current 340+ in over a month. Find a member online for an inv. If you were in the guild before be sure to mention it. I will not be looking at this post ever again I just wanted to let the forum people know in case you havent noticed we have returned to the scene. If you post on here expecting a response of some sort you will be mistaken. If you plan on posting something hateful or troll or anything besides neutral/positive, just remember it's a game, and this guild has been around more than most. To some people the guild is more than just that. WoD really !@#$ing sucks and having a guild that I've been in since 2011 really helps people tolerate this %^-* xpac. In the end it's about having fun and if you don't have fun, what's the point of playing? HOWL ;)Winside26 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 [Player Death] RIP Kappagodxx-Darkspear (A) No words, whatsoever. I hope we can all comfort each other in this time and bond and come together. Prayers. If anyone needs to talk please: Brandopheel#1769 [+1 if u hate propell]Trophy13 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 New people. New people everywhere. Does anyone cool still play on darkspear? I feel like the server has probably gone to ... in my absence.Invincible173 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 7, 2016 Selling Warlord of Draenor for Nemesis Quest What are the Nemesis Quests? Nemesis quests are, when reaching Gladiator Sanctum building level 2 at your Garrison, are granted one by one where you have to kill 500 of each race - granting a title for each quest completed while also progressing the "Warlord of Dreanor" achievement. You will receive the following titles: (or the Horde equivalent) Troll Hunter The Butcher Orcslayer Death Stalker Killer of Kezan Slayer of Sin'dorei Huojin's Fall The boost itself should not take more than 2 hours. You can also book specific races if you have already completed some. Pricing: (Contact for Alliance pricing) Pricing: 100k for all 7 races. Panda only: 25k. Goblin only: 25k. Panda + Goblin: 40k. Orc, Undead, Tauren, Belf, or Troll: 15k each. -If you have already started a nemesis quest, you cannot drop it and take another, that means that if you have already taken one you must complete it to take the next ones, and therefore you may have to join on two runs - You can bring an alt with level 2 gladiator sanctum to pickup the race we will do first. -We accept gold on all realms. To schedule a run or get more information, please add the following btags: Baelas#1626 Ace#1558Baelia2 Oct 7, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 Recruiting for progression raiding <Bon Weir> is back! Restarting our raiding guild after taking a break in WoD. Will be selling mythic plus in a couple months like MoP. Our core has a lot of raiding and CM experience. Rrecruiting healers and dps for our raiding team as well as for Mythic plus. We raid Tues/Thurs 6-9pm server. (8-11pm EST) Contact me at Gage#1576Greggage2 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 LF a raiding guild that raids at these times: hello guild recruiter, my name is azeez and i'm looking for a guild that raids at anytime between 9AM--3PM server time. i play resto druid/BM-MM hunter.Thekillerazz2 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 [H] To those LF PVE guild for legion... Post here if you're looking and especially let us know if you've been looking for a while. If there's enough people on here looking I'm willing to start a guild. (Post your preferred or available raid times if this interests you) I have a competitive nature so I take things seriously. HOWEVER, I have a friend that's new to raiding so and I believe in giving people opportunities so I'm okay with you being new, playing a new spec, being a returning player, etc... And will do my best to help foster and support the growth of all raid members PROVIDED you're willing to show up prepared.Tinyorkie2 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 6, 2016 LF raiding guild weird hours LF a pve guild for raid content in legion. sadly i have two choices for server times with my work schedule. 12pm to 4am server time or 9am to 1pm server time. any guilds running these times? mage/warr/dhFellfist3 Oct 6, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 RAIDING AND RBG RECRUITMENT {{ILLUMINAGA CONFIRMED}} is looking for DEDICATED PLAYERS for entry level PVP and PVE with goals to reach (HIGH MMR) and (MYTHIC RAIDING) consistent guildys get a chance to win raffles every week!!! [whisper for more info]Miyamotto1 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 843 Prot Warrior LF guild Hello , I'm looking for a casual guild to start running 10 man raids and mythic dungeons. I am semi new to the game but I can learn and love to tank. 1. I'm available Monday and Tuesday nights from 9:30 PM until around 5:00 AM EST. 2. I'm on Darkspear US. 3. I'm Alliance. 4. I would prefer just a causal guild. I may not know the fights but I will work with you and I learn prettt quick. It may take me a wipe or two to fully understand the fight. But I'm willing to take the time if you are :) 5. I have never been in a raiding guild before but I have been tanking many mythic dungeons. 6. You can contact me at Deel97@outlook.com 7. I hope to me the newest addition to your guild :)Drseal0 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 <Friend Zone> wants to be your friend! - We are on US - Darkspear (PVP), Alliance. - SUP. <Friend Zone> is recruiting you people to join our guild and kill internet dargons and stuff. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:30pm Server time, we end raid at 11:00pm server time. We raid a total of 10 1/2 hours a week. We want applicants who don't need people to hold their hands, and who can be responsible enough to be prepared for raid. You also need to pull good numbers and not drop fire in the raid. Our Current Progression as of 12/20/12: 25: MV 5/6 H., HoF 2/6 H., ToES 4/4 N.(+Elite Protectors) What we are looking for as of 12/20/12: Paladin: Medium (Retribution) Warrior: Low Druid: High (Balance, Resto) Rogue: Medium Hunter: Medium Mage: Low Warlock: Low Priest: Low Shaman: Low Death Knight: Low Monk: High (Brewmaster, Mistweaver) If you don't see your name on here, but you think you're better than our current raiders; please look at what we have to offer and submit an application on the website below. If you are interested, visit www.friendzoneguild.com, read the Guild Information page then register and apply! Contact: Vitaminwater: Battletag, Vitaminwater#1922 Celltechrage: Battletag, Spens#1678 Nawp: Battletag, Nawp#1149 We are super cute and are looking forward to hearing from you!Nawp360 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 Bandet tell you what you want the duel to be in a Darkmoon faire. that is fine i will give you the 30k if you will give me till saturday to get it. One change in your rules though. If somone jumps in it does not count as a loss and you do not get to keep the 30k over that. I cant control people. And if you start losing i dont want you to be able to call any ally friend of yours watching to jump in make me automatically lose. deal?Slyphene32 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 4, 2016 Any guilds recruiting pvpers? I just started the game again after a long break and am looking to get back into pvp.Eniquity62 Oct 4, 2016
Oct 4, 2016 LF Casters for Raiding 7/7 Heroic Progression Full clear Saturday nights with 1-2 heroic Bosses after, Sunday night 3-4 Hours progression in heroic. In 3 weeks after heroic Content is on Farm and players are geared Core teams will be selected. Guild Itself has had great innovative ideas going back to Cataclysm. Several well know youtubers got their start in Guild, built careers with a boost from our explosion of PvP excitement. Each new thing brought more fame, and more stepping stones for youtbers and streamers.. Sodapoppin, Swifty, Bajheera, Hotted, Athene, Sensus , Zybak, Cartoonz, Hansol, Sway, FiloVirus, and a Legion of Rank 1 Glads all made their breakout here In Dara Mactire.. So of course you will hear trolls, and haters, an trash talking..But they all know our name, and what we have done will live in WoW legend. So when you see the flame posts, or the guy telling you one thing or someone else another, Just let them Know Douglas is back and has big new plans set for the game this year. Raiders - Plan on being good and see your experience put to good use. (kinda of secret for now because ..well yeah because) ~ Kind of our new focus PvP - Plan on seeing some old school exciting Stream events Arena - 2 tournaments with over 20k In prizes to be announced..will be overseen by Vanguardz. Expect to see some bright new youtubers that combine skill with entertainment. So let them talk but , but only Dara Mactire can deliver what it says. As always We say ~ HOWLKirsty1 Oct 4, 2016
Oct 4, 2016 things you should ? 1..reszo and his guild are going to camp the new starting piont in mop 2..horde is going to take this realm back 3..Bándet is going to keep writing on forums lol 4..swifty should drop dara and make a guild 5..wow should hot fix the AH,world map,low lvl pallysOree33 Oct 4, 2016
Oct 4, 2016 To all the haters... Step up or shut up, plain and simple... Stop hiding on the forums talking mad !@#$ and hiding behind your achieves, and your one victory. *Cough* Bandet *Cough* Hmu in game. k? "If you see me, You already lost!" - SlypheneSlyphene79 Oct 4, 2016
Oct 3, 2016 Basic Impulse 1/7M (Stormrage) recruiting Basic Impulse is a newly formed semi-hardcore guild that is looking to maintain top 15 server while we build and groom our roster. Once we have established a core raid team, we will focus on being a top 5 guild on the server. We are looking to build our raid group around people who have both exceptional mechanical skills and a strong understanding of their class/spec, while enjoying a more casual approach to end-game raiding. ***Raid Times: Tue, wed, sun @ 8pm-12am EST.*** * Loot System: We have raiders roll for gear, while applying some emphasize on making sure gear is “passed” to whoever needs that item the most. **What you can expect from us: We put the progression of the raid group first, and for that reason we give raid spots to people based on their personal performance rather than their relationship with another member of the guild, or the amount of time they have raided with us. In addition, if a player is under-performing we will approach them in private to assist them in improving their performance. If a player is unable to perform around the same as most other raider’s, they will be benched until they can show us in mythic+’s that they clearly can compete within our current roster. Above all else, we strive for a rage free, light atmosphere that is focused when needed, and will do what is necessary to maintain that raiding environment. We also provide flasks, and do our best to subsidize pot’s/enchants. **What we expect from you: That you are ready for raid, and online 15 minutes before the raid starts. While we understand that people can’t play hours and hours outside of raid time, we do expect people to do as many mythic+, and world quests that give artifact power as they can. We believe in people playing the class they enjoy the most, and for that reason we do not expect anyone to have an additional raid ready character, nor do we class stack. Most importantly, we expect all players to have reviewed boss mechanics prior to raid, and to have a positive attitude during raid. Application process: Instead of having people apply online through an application process, we simply conduct a brief interview on the spot. Afterwards, if both people are satisfied we will host a 5 man mythic/mythic + trial to see firsthand how a person deals with some mechanics and if their hps/dps is satisfactory. Upon a successful trial run, a person will then raid as a trial until they illustrate that they clearly compete with our current roster. Contact information: If you have any questions, or would like to begin the application process, you may add Fillawsophir#1663, (maximus#11355).Fusions0 Oct 3, 2016
Oct 2, 2016 [A] <Kidney Shot> LF Heals and DPS Hello. Our guild's name is Kidney Shot. Our goal is to have plenty of healers and DPS for every raid, so we will not have to add people using the Premade Groups finder. We have already achieved our goal, so now our goal is to find strong DPS and healers from within the guild to promote. We are looking for healers and DPS, either melee or ranged, to join our ranks. Raiding experience is preferred, however we want people of all experience to apply and join our team. We will schedule raids at 5:30 PM server, 7:30 PM EST, on Wednesdays. We have cleared normal Emerald Nightmare twice already. We will be doing mythic dungeons during the off nights whenever, usually early in the lockout. If you show you can be active, and are performing at a high level, we may promote you to our core roster. We will be doing Heroic on Saturday at 5:30 PM Server, 7:30 PM EST. This is going to be the goal for newly recruited members of the guild. We have talented DPS and vocal healers. We need people who can do mechanics while still keeping their numbers high. We have strong leaders already, so basic knowledge of the bosses may be able to carry you through some encounters. We will be using Discord for our VOIP. We have a server set up and ready for you to join as soon as you are ready. We offer guild repairs and guild promotions. If you just want guild repairs and do not want to raid or dungeon with us, that is fine with us too. We have an active chat during the afternoon and evenings, so you will be sure to find someone to talk to, if that's what you are looking for. PST or mail me, I'll be sure to respond (I'm on daily!) Marillene-DarkspearMarillene0 Oct 2, 2016
Oct 2, 2016 to the dh and mage that tried to kill me Azrael (dh) and Steaknbacon (mage) if you see them just laugh at them! lol they tried to kill a holy priest and I killed them bothCvs8 Oct 2, 2016
Oct 1, 2016 Your King is Dead. We sacked your City. Well killing your King was very simple for Ruin Gaming, very fast too. No resistance besides for TDS. Shame though, I was expecting a particular guild to defend their city. I was disappointed. After we killed your king, we wiped you twice in your own trade district and then walked out your front gates, in victory. ... This is a sad Day for the Alliance. :)Neuromancer260 Oct 1, 2016
Oct 1, 2016 (A) <The Unholy Die> Recruiting for Mythics We are a core group of long time WoW players who have stayed together over the years and are interested in recruiting to further our 5 man Mythic progression and our Raiding Group. We have a few in our raid group who have cleared EN, and many who are pushing Mythic+ 6 Dungeons. A few of our raid group are on a different server. We really need a couple tanks and a couple healers so we can have multiple groups going, but we will take anybody wanting to game with a solid experienced group of friends. Here is our wowprogress page>>> http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/darkspear/The+Unholy+Die Our raiders are all 840+, many over 850, and 2 over 860. Send myself, or any member a message and come join us!Azazyl0 Oct 1, 2016
Oct 1, 2016 99% Alliance lol, like a pve server lol Balance it blizz....crossrealmArchøs18 Oct 1, 2016
Sep 30, 2016 LF Lock/Rsham 3v3 1500cr I'm looking for a lock and rsham, my rating isn't amazing right now but I haven't had much time to play until now. Let me know if you wanna play, I am a pretty good feral and can play most if not all of my talents.Olfis0 Sep 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016 Looking for pvp buddies!! Hey looking to try and find people that are up for bg's/trying some rated arenas. Hit me up in game or leave a message here.Shayvy1 Sep 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016 wtb Thug Shirt 1000gDatfreek14 Sep 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016 LF (horde) pvp guild unholy dk looking for a home! I want to push rating in arena/BGs I'll do wPvP and don't mind doing PvE since pvp is based on ilvl now.Ønysablet0 Sep 30, 2016
Sep 30, 2016 855 h priest of raiding guild 855 holy priest LF raiding guild group! 7/7 N EN and 5/7 H EN I've raised in core groups since BC but took a break from raiding last expansionCvs0 Sep 30, 2016
Sep 29, 2016 (A) 847 Druid LF PVE Guild Hello....I am a 847 Boomkin looking for a PVE guild. Free evenings and located Est. I have a 842 Lock but prefer to main my Druid. Im on most evenings and weekends. IGN - Mizzbizz / Ahhsuhdude BT - Bizznichw#1481Mizzbizz0 Sep 29, 2016
Sep 29, 2016 [A] 847ilvl Prot Warrior lf Raiding Guild Looking for a guild that would be 2 nights a week that would raid between 6-11EST. Would like something that is more than casual, but will still join if it's the only thing I can find. My in game name is Stayshook and bnet is Fappin#1358 to contact me.Stayshook0 Sep 29, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 848 Druid LF Raiding/Mythic + Group Availability: Mon - Wed: 6:30 - 11:00pm (CST) Sun - Open Thurs - Sat: Unavailable My artifact points are in Resto currently; however I'm versed in all specs and I'm very flexible with my spec. Feel free to respond to this post or message me in-game. Thanks! Tag: Cant#1238Threepeat2 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Looking for PvE Guild Hello! My name is Josh and I am looking for a new guild to call home! I haven't played for a while and have been off and on since Vanilla but decided I wanted to come back! I never did much PvP but I thoroughly enjoy PvE and would like to join a guild with the intent of raiding. I have extensive experience at raiding in all roles and actually prefer a healing or tanking position. I currently need to get some characters to 110 but as soon as I do I would like to get into it! Please let me know!Purpalius2 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 [A] LF Pvp Guild & EN 7/7+ PVE Guild Currently looking for a stable pvp guild (RBG focused preferably) for my Boomkin (recently dinged 110, @ 808 ilvl, gearing quickly). Also looking for a PVE Guild currently focused on EN Progression (Heroic). Currently 6/7 on the first night of EN Normal with a Group Finder pug (Didn't have time for Xavius due to the raid being 5+ Hours and work in the AM). Probablyboom - Druid - 808 ilvl (as of 9/28) Nethillidan (real original name) - 853 ilvl (w/ Legendary) 6/7 N Progression with Knowledge of Xavius fight, 848 Vengeance Offspec with knowledge of tank fights as well. Preferably looking for an East Coast Guild, or ST 4-10pm Raid Times During the week. Fridays/Saturdays any time, given prior notice. Sundays anytime, 10pm ST latest. If you require anything else or have any other inquiries, let me know. Thanks!Nethillidan0 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 (A)<Filthy Roleplayers> 7/7n 1/7h LF Hpally <Filthy Roleplayers> is a small guild comprised of a group of friends that have been gaming together for several years now. We're laid back people just looking to enjoy progressing through difficult content. All of us have been playing WoW for over 5 years, on and off. We're looking for others who want to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, while still trying to maximize their effectiveness. Everyone is expected to know their specs fully, be optimized for raids, and show up on time. Starting heroics next week! • We're currently looking to finish building a solid 10 man team, we need 1 HOLY PALLY. • Raid times: Tues/Wed 6:30-10:30pm EST • Minimum ilvl: 840, but we can work with you • 100% attendance required since we're only working with 8 hours a week, though emergencies and vacations obviously come first. If you're interested in more information, hit me up and we'll have a chat on discord. You can add me @ theselol#1815 Thanks for your time.Theselol4 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Holy Pally LF Early Morn Raids or Start One! Hi, im looking for a guild of Early Morning raiders, if there are even any on darkspear.Also if there are like minded people who would be interested in starting up a guild of early morning weekday raiders let me know and maybe we can form somethingUthroldere0 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 [A]Aggressive Progression Recruitment Introduction Hey. Are you busy all week long and find it hard to find a raiding guild that fits what times you are available to play? Are you a semi-casual player that really wants to get into raiding but is having trouble because you don’t have much time to commit to it? Is all the free time you have really early in the morning on weekends when no guilds are raiding? Well look no further! <Aggressive Progression> is a new guild that is specifically for those who want to get into the raiding scene but don’t have as much time to commit to it as others do or or those who can only raid odd hours of the weekend.  Expectations We expect everybody to be on time for raids and put in effort to learn their class to the best that they can. Remember you don’t have to be an AMAZING player to join the guild. All you need is the desire to improve because only then will you improve as a player. Make sure your gear is enhanced and socketed(doesn’t have to be the expensive stuff can be the cheap stuff as long as you’re performing well). Make sure to be stocked up on food and flasks(plan to have available in the guild bank). Everyone is expected to know the fights and their role in the fights. Everyone must be able to use Discord to connect to our guild channel(you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to BUT it is preferred if you have a mic and can speak. You MUST however be able to hear what the raid leader is saying at all times) You need to understand that this is a new guild that is forming so it might take a while to get everything set up. We are planning to be able to start raiding this weekend if everything goes smoothly. Raid Times -Saturday 4AM -7AM PST -Sunday 4AM - 7AM (will go late if everyone stays) PST Content We Plan to Progress -Normal EN (7/7 Raid Leader) -Heroic EN (3/7 Raid Leader) -Mythic EN (If we are able to clear it! Clearing mythic EN is not our priority! if you are looking for a hardcore mythic progression guild look elsewhere) -Mythic + Dungeons (as an alternative gear path to mythic EN) -Once the other raids come out and we have a more reliable and core team we will start racing for the new tier of mythic raids. Recruiting/Raid Sizes Because we are newly formed we are basically recruiting everything. Head on over to our website linked bellow to submit an application to join our core team. We are planning on progressing with a 2/4/9 comp but will go up to 2/5/13 if we get enough applications. Apply Here : http://aggressiveprogression.shivtr.com/Rubyóx4 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 [A]<Core Two> LF Heroic Raiders/Mythic+ <Core Two> is recruiting for progression raiding and mythic + groups. As of today we are 5/7 Heroic Nightmare and run a few high mythic + groups. Please be ilvl 845 or above. Discord is the voice program we use. We are looking for DPS and non paladin Healers for Raid progression. Raid nights are currently Tues/Thurs/Fri at 7-10 Server Time. Preferably: Hunters, Shadow and Holy Priests but all are welcome to apply. For mythic plus, we would like another tank and more dps/healers. We have groups running constantly throughout the day. Even utilizing our alts to get more keystones. If you are interested please message/mail Khadaren or Lavablast. You can ask anyone online for an officer if the two mentioned are not online. Thank you.Lavablast2 Sep 28, 2016