Sep 26 <Baby Skele Goon Squad>looking for a Hunter! <Baby Skele Goon Squad> is looking for the following class: Marksman Hunter: Ilvl 840+ Requirements: Non douchery,generally cool,english speaking. Message Venök,Dwärflörd,Meatsauced/Pumpdragøn,Cõldblood, or Bigwebnasty in game! Thanks!!!Venök1 Sep 26
Sep 26 [RECRUITING]-2 835+ Healers Raid Progression Elitest Jerks is recruiting 2 healers for out 1st raid team. We have been pugging the 2 healer spots through normal EN but need consistent committed players to push into heroic. Raid times: Friday-Sunday 8pm EST- 11pm EST or 6-9 Server Time All healing specs will be consideredSpàrký0 Sep 26
Sep 26 [RECRUITING]-2 835+ Healers Raid Progression Armament is recruiting 2 healers for out 1st raid team. We have been pugging the 2 healer spots through normal EN but need consistent committed players to push into heroic. Raid times: Friday-Sunday 8pm EST- 11pm EST or 6-9 Server Time All healing specs will be consideredSpàrký0 Sep 26
Sep 25 [A] Casual raiding w/ a competitive mindset. <Community Guild> is currently looking for DPS & Healers to fill our Friday night raid team. **Raid Time: Fridays 6pm-10pm PST.** We are seeking friendly players who are excited about clearing new content. We are not a hardcore progression guild, we are a group of positive individuals who want to experience new content together and progress through Legion at a good pace. All of our tanks and healers are ~849ilvl and are prepared for the Emerald Nightmare. We have a dedicated curse server we will be using during raids, and for other guild events. If you are interested in experiencing Legion content that isn't through LFR goggles please feel free add me on B-net @ KaolStreams#11899 -KaolKaol1 Sep 25
Sep 25 843 Holy Paladin LF Weekend Raid Guild Looking for a chill raiding guild for weekend raiding. Also into RBGS as well.Holybanter0 Sep 25
Sep 25 (A) <Relativity> 1/7 H & 7/7 N - LF RDPS Relativity Guild Info: A semi-hardcore raid guild, focused on a close knit core of 20-25 raiders. We are currently looking for 3-4 ranged dps to finish filling in our raid roster. We raid three raid nights a week and the rest of the week focuses around doing Mythic+. Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 6pm to 9pm Server Time. Recruiting: Primarily looking for Ranged DPS. hunter - high priest (shadow) - low mage - high druid (boomkin) - high Guild Requirements: -Voice Chat: Discord -Attitude: Be able to take constructive criticism, always be prepared, and learn quickly. -Attendance: 100% is required, but life does happen so a heads up in advance can circumvent it. Contact: Rethek#1943 or ChrisG#1220Rethek2 Sep 25
Sep 25 [A]848 spriest lf semi-hardcore raiding guild main spriest(willing to offspec holy but i WILL NOT play it for every fight or even close, i dont care for healing in raids although i do and am willing to heal in dungeons) lf a raiding guild. currently sitting with 848 ilvl. weekday evening raiding preferred but not required(EST timezone) im looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild to get the content completed without a lot of the usual struggles of having to teach people how to play their own class. sadly im a bit late hopping into this search but im hoping to still find a good fit but my times are quite flexible and am reasonably geared. i prefer using discord/curse voice but im not entirely opposed to using other VOIP's feel free to drop me a message at xalandria#1892 (current guild "dock boys" is just a trash guild i joined to stop the invites while i look for a real guild so dont mind that there) e/ not to interested in realm changing atm so would prefer darkspear guild at least for nowGelera2 Sep 25
Sep 24 Lf pvp guilds!!! alliance Any decent pvp guilds? Preferably something with a lot of active members Just server transferred arms warrior and I can be on anytime in the afternoon every day sometimes more so! :)Miyamotto4 Sep 24
Sep 24 (A) Holy paladin looking for raiding guild I haven't PVE'd since Dragon Soul but I am looking to get back into this expansion. I just maxed this character on the 19th of September and I am currently doing mythic dungeons to great success. I have experience 6/7 normal EN (from my havoc demon hunter 847 ilvl). I am looking for a normal/heroic progression guild that raids any day from 8PM-12PM PST. Add my battletag conork#1705Conork0 Sep 24
Sep 23 (A) 845+ 7/7n 1/7h War. Tank LF Raid Spot Looking for a raid spot. Tons of progression exp from Karazan > Firelands, took a break and came back for WOD for a bit. Now we are back in business. :-) Can DPS if needed, I have a legendary dps ring. contact at Freadnaught#1759Freadnaught4 Sep 23
Sep 23 <A> 5/7 N, need heals and DPS for Heroics <Sleep is for casuals> is recruiting ALL DPS and looking to expand our core. As of right now we're 5/7 normal and going to do a full clear by Saturday and start Heroics on Saturday itself as well as next week. Raid times: Tue/Thur/Sat 6pm Server time, and an average time spent raiding ~3-4 hours. We would much rather take someone who is below 840 ilvl but is willing to show up, pull good dps and understands fights and is active with the guild rather than someone who is geared out, and isn't. If you are undergeared and your performance is optimal you will get boosted through mythics and have a dedicated raidspot ASAP. Even though we are recruiting all DPS these are a few classes that are in high priority. -Shadow Priest (Holy priest as well) -Arms Warrior -Windwalker Monk -Hunters -Shamans (Enhance, mainly in need of resto) -Fire Mages -Warlocks What is expected of you: -Knowledge and mastery of class mechanics and rotation. -Appropriate build/specialization for most optimal raid performance -TeamSpeak downloaded before a raid/Mythic+ run and in the server itself -Optimal performance -Basic understanding of fights Any questions? Feel free to contact either me, or an officer in game. Marlocke#1551 Guild Motto: "Our raid times are casual, we aren't casual about raiding." Looking forward to crushing raiding content with you guys.Idpsmykids0 Sep 23
Sep 22 [A] Group of 3 LF weeknight raiding guild Hello, we're a group of friends who played from vanilla until early Cata. Real life commitments got in the way and we decided to stop playing for a while. With Legion coming up, we decided to roll up (boost up) new characters and get back into things. Times we're available for raids (preferably only two nights a week): Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday - 6 pm - 12 am CST (7 pm - 1 am EST) Thursday - 8:30 pm - 12 am CST (9:30 pm - 1 am EST) We're all Alliance on Darkspear and have had experience in the past with progression raiding. Our class make-up is as follows: Member 1: Paladin or Rogue, currently leveling a Shaman too Member 2: Warrior (any spec) Member 3: Disc/shadow priest Thanks for the read and feel free to message me at Shoni#1671 or post below!Helrend2 Sep 22
Sep 22 [H] <ez> Mal'Ganis At <ez> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Mal'Ganis (US-Horde). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill our core raid positions. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: *Sunday: 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT *Monday 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: Medium Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 0/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 How to Apply!: Battle Tag Solo#1470 Battle Tag Imitate#1825 Battle Tag Megadmg#11387 Or speak to any of our officers in game!Nohugs1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Warlock LF raiding guild with 11 PM raid time .Deamonick0 Sep 22
Sep 22 <A> The Silver Skull, 2nd Raid team, for fun! Hey all, I am the Co-GM of the silver skull, I will include a TLDR at the bottom but I want to make sure noone joins the guild with the wrong Idea. I came back to wow in WoD as a grad student and joined a guild raiding because i love PvE, due to school and work i missed raids on occasion and when i did make it i was often so exhausted, I didn't preform as well as was "required" which meant after a long day of getting !@#$%ed out by my professors or boss i logged on to a game where i was ^-*!@ed out by my guildies. I quit for a few months but like the crack addict i am, came back a bit later and found a chill late night raiding guild where every one was really cool, we would wipe and laugh about it, voice chat was often filled with jokes during raids and it made me want to log on to WoW every day just to hang out with some friends. (also we cleared heroic, and were well into mythic when life took me from WoW once again) Fast forward to the end of WoD, right before prepatch, i resubscribed to join a dead guild, no one from my old guild was around but I met my current co-gm who had a similar experience, and together we founded The Silver Skull. What this guild aims to be. for a few months before prepatch we had a rocky start, like most guilds , people would join and leave, and every now and again we had some one who joined, loved us and has stuck with us ever since. After Legions launch we continued to recruit, and have continued to grow. Once we decided to form a raid team we filled almost every slot within a day, full of people, with jobs, and school, and other life events that bring them down, keep them busy, and other wise keep WoW from becoming their life goals. and just want to play some video games. Now our raid team is almost full (apart from one healer) but we have DPS and Tanks that have pugged with us, and joined willing to wait, just incase a spot opens up because they too just want to game for a bit without the stress of "failing at their class" or pulling "poor DPS" and damnit we cant turn them down. that being said we have decided to start a second raid team, with hopes to combine later for mythics. Please let me be clear if you are looking for a progression guild, look else where, but if you are looking to progress with some friends, and you don't mind both laughing at the idiot who caused the raid to wipe, and being the idiot who caused the wipe TSS may be the place for you. And if you are worried about how fast we progress, don't. 60% of the time we clear EVERY time. TLDR. We are seeking players for our second raid team, those who dont take the game so seriously that they burn down Detroit every time their raid fails (or do what ever) really we just want players that are playing a video game, and would like to do it with some new friends. We have message boards. Discord voice chat (with daily users) Free ice cream Sundaies on tuesdays, because im a pathological liar and this last parts not true. If you would like some more info, or would like to join contact Mowerguy#1211 or Alex#14128 or just check for a member of the silver skull on Darkspear.Thiek0 Sep 22
Sep 22 <A> 847 Havoc DH LF Raid Group/Guild Have a few buds interested in looking for a group as well. Couple healers and a tank. PST in game!Azazyl0 Sep 22
Sep 21 [H] LF Raiding Guild 848 ilvl Sub Rogue, would prefer flexible times. I have a full-time job that requires me to get up early. on EST. Goose#1177Unlivingone2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Sovereign the new Daramcterribad? i mean...i knew this guild was terribad when ti came to pvp from seeing them in random queues But dayum!!!...some players get farmed 2 vs 4+...and the guild makes a premade of 8 peopel to "deal" with those 2 players... Please stay away form pvp queues..your faction will thank you lolTwisty3 Sep 21
Sep 21 LF Late night/Weekend Raiding Guild Hi I am a ex relem first raider who has recently returned. Earn relem first with past guild back in cata/MOP days and played since TBC. Looking for a semi-hardcore guild who raids 9ST or later (mondays-Thursdays) or 7ST(Fridays and Saturdays) Please reply on fourm or message me in game! I will be roliling as my DH but leveling a mage on the side if guild needs a rangeVaslor0 Sep 21
Sep 20 <A> Tank/Healer Looking for raiding Ok, here is the deal. I am looking to raid for Legion. I have not seriously raided since Ulduar where I was in the best raiding guild (horde side) on my old server (Perenolde) called <Dragon Gate Inn>. I am an experienced tank/dps raider (if you can call experience that old as experienced) and am an experienced PvP healer. I would really like to get into raiding again and am committed to it. I am looking for more on the casual end (although I am not opposed to more hardcore either) but I also do not want to be in a guild that wipes for 2 months on one boss. I do want to progress at a decent pace. I am a laid back person who does not rage quit at all. I just want the environment to be fun. I do not want it to feel like a job, lol. Classes that I have available to me to play atm: Warrior - Tank (have not done DPS in a long time on this class) Pally - Tank (Have never healed or DPS as a pally) Druid - Tank/Feral/Resto (Not opposed to learning boomy) DK - Open, this is what I raided with back in Ulduar progression but have not really touched it since. I used my 100 boost for this character. Priest - Healer (I have never really played shadow at all but would not mind learning it!) DH - Open, obviously no one really knows this class inside and out yet and just about everyone has one! Monk - I do not know this class at all. I leveled it with invasions and therefore have not really learned anything about it. Warlock - For those lols All of these toons are lvl 100+ and I don't care what one I play. I just want to raid. I do lean very heavily towards wanting to tank though. If you are interested I would really love to hear from your guild about raid times and progression history. You can add me on bnet at Obiekabie#1743 I hope to hear from someone soon!Joeyfatone10 Sep 20
Sep 20 <A> Guardian Druid looking for a small guild Currently ilvl 845, looking for a smaller but involved guild. Very open schedule at nights, so i can raid almost anyday.Wildpokemon1 Sep 20
Sep 20 LF raiding guild alliance 848 havoc dh looking for a large raiding guildBlackjeffery0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Looking for a PvP/Raiding Guild! (Alliance) I'm looking for a PvP/Raiding guild. I mainly do BG's but I am interested in trying out some arena PvP. Going to be playing either my warrior or my DH.Naxrius3 Sep 20
Sep 20 LFHorde Greetings! Let me keep this short and sweet. I was doing World Quests in Azsuna. A monk comes flying in out of nowhere, stuns me, bursts me down to 30% before I can react. I heal myself up, start fighting 1 on 1. I bring her down to ~40%, and she stuns and runs. I trinket and follow. I chase her around Azsuna for an HOUR, at least. I chase, find her, we scuffle, bring her down to ~40 or 30%, she stuns, runs, heals, I catch her, we scruffle, again and again. She eventually calls in a Paladin. I 2v1 for a good five or ten minutes, until a noble Hunter (Daynez of our lovely Darkspear) comes along, looks at us for a good five seconds, and joins the fight. We continue fighting, and eventually win! Burst down the Pally, dispel the Divine Shield, execute, kill the monk. I'm not here to brag. The monk is Kesumi of Darkspear (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Kesumi/simple) I want to find her/him and congratulate them. I want them to know I enjoyed the fight, would like a rematch some time. If you can point them over to me, so they remember me, I'd be much appreciative. ~High Priest BubblesworthBubbleswörth2 Sep 20
Sep 19 <A> <Distilled Gaming> Hey guys, As with everyone else here, we're looking for more members! We're trying desperately to fill our core team up for the upcoming raid tier. We're rather small right now, and I'm definitely not trying to zerg, but we'll take anyone with a sense of humor and a good attitude. We'll be doing end of the week raiding, thurs-sat, starting about 7pm PST (timing still to be decided exactly) We use Discord comms which will be absolutely required for raiding. Everyone is helpful and willing to assist with gearing up/prep work. Free beer. Message me or someone online in Distilled Gaming for an invite or more info! Thanks! Vegas3t #1624Threetearz1 Sep 19
Sep 19 MM Strikes Again! Good day filthy talls of Darkspear. MM has struck again with another wipe video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSzlC7tPoZw This Video has been Approved by MM and MM's affiliates such as: Smart Canadian Asset Management or S.C.A.M. French Representatives Against Unfair Distribution or F.R.A.U.D. Be on the lookout for more instructional videos from MM that are coming soon to a store near you. Tbagem6 Sep 19
Sep 19 The Mad Monk If your going to Attack a Bear with 3.5 million HP whose doing his world quests, then Die...don't add him and try to talk !@#$... https://postimg.org/image/xnbpcryht/ I'd like to add i had 6 mobs on me when he jumped on me and then tried to run when he realized it was a bad idea.Liquidscrïpt4 Sep 19
Sep 19 LF Alliance Casual PvE Guild Hey guys! So I have recently started playing again after about a half year break. I main a Prot Warrior but I am also leveling a Prot Paladin on the side and tanking is by far my favorite role to play. I am looking for a mostly casual guild. I have a decent amount of raiding experience in WoW and a lot of experience in other MMOs so I'm not new to raiding. I am just wanting a guild to group with now and again to do stuff with, and likely will not be able to commit to many schedules because I am a college student and I have a weekend job. If any guilds like that out there that are looking for more members, please do let me know!Dàgmar0 Sep 19
Sep 19 LF PVP Guild - Horde I just returned to the game. I'm a long time player (been playing since Vanilla). I just switched my rogue and warrior over to horde side for Legion. Looking to find a PVP guild that I can run with. All I do is pvp at this point. No interest in raiding. Looking to do arenas and RBG's with some cool people. I'm looking to push some rating for the first time in my WOW career. Haven't quite decided on a main yet.. will be this warrior or my rogue. Names are Reckan and Wrayith. Thanks in advance!Reckan3 Sep 19
Sep 19 MAKE DARKSPEAR GREAT AGAIN You wanna know how we're gonna do it? I'll tell you how we're gonna do it. This is how we're gonna do it. We're going to build a wall around Azeroth, and I'm going to make the orcs pay for it. Nobody invited these smelly orcs to our realm, all they do is complain and suck the resources out of areas that rightfully belong to humankind. Did you know that every day innocent players leveling through Azeroth are killed by illegal orcish immigrants? It's true. And if I become king of Azeroth I will deport every orc found within our borders. MAKE DARKSPEAR GREAT AGAIN USA USA USA USAInvincible17 Sep 19
Sep 19 LF Raiding Guild 845 Arms Warrior, 842 Marksmanship Hunter, 830 Havoc DH. Looking to find a group to start raiding Emerald Nightmare at release. I'm confident in my abilities, but I'm always willing to learn. I would prefer to play on my Hunter, but I can play on my warrior if a melee is needed. I live in the CST time zone, but time isn't a large issue. I'm available most days at most times. Pospisil#1985Jinesani0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A] <Armament> Casual/ Raiding Guild RAID TEAM IS FULL Are you tired of nonactive guilds? Hardcore elitist robots? An unfriendly guild atmosphere? Well we have the guild for you! <Armament> A pretty new guild full of great friendly adventurers! We have mythic dungeons being ran everyday along with carries for lower item level guild mates! We have a very active and fun Team Speak with someone always on to chat with! Right now out raid team is currently full and ready to start. We are planning on starting a 2nd team very soon so everyone has a spot to fight the Legion! Our leaders are all very experienced guild and raid leaders. We will go out of our way to help anyone that needs it whether it be help on gear, rotation, ganking, quest, ect... If you are interested in joining our team feel free to message any of the officers for an invite or an other information you want to know about the guild! Officers- Vadimor- GM Aiskey- Officer of Arms Shrulkenn- Officer of Arms Mope- Officer Darthey- Officer Bearmitzvah- OfficerVadimor0 Sep 19
Sep 18 <A> LF Weekend Raiding Guild My RL friends and I are looking for a guild to raid with on weekends. We're currently 845+ ww monk, fire mage, and resto sham.Sharetea0 Sep 18
Sep 17 Bajheeras army! Hey! I've been trying to join the guild for the past few days but when I try no officers are on. Anyone know an officer? Thanks! :DHairywaffles6 Sep 17
Sep 17 Prepared Needs to comeback Now that Prepared is gone, Alliance is constantly running around bullying people trying to level. Keeping me from playing the game I paid money for. How is that fair? Yet they were the main ones crying about how unfair it was for them to have to fight Prepared because they stood no chance against him. How does someone 10-9 levels below you who you constantly kill fair any better than you did against Prepared?Basegodx8 Sep 17
Sep 17 Guilde Quebecoise Salut je cherche une Guilde sur darkspear qui va raid dans legion et qui a une grosse communauté. Je joue demon hunter tank 842 et dps 843 j'ai clean toute les mythic et jveut continuer avancer avec des gens qui veulent raider le 20 septembreMiamort0 Sep 17
Sep 16 <A> LF Guild to Raid / Mythic+ With! EST time - prefer later raid times (starting at 9ish or later) free all days. Main spec vengeance for mythic+ but have no issues switching to havoc for raids if it is preferred. 842 ilvl as vengeance, 840 as havoc Bradical#1704Elvenefris2 Sep 16
Sep 16 New Raiding Guild Hello, we are a new guild just starting up and we're looking for DPS to fill our roster. We are raiding Wed-Fri at 9-11 PM MT. Please add me on Bnet so we can communicate and set things up! Genshi#1912Steelvalor0 Sep 16
Sep 16 851 Tank LF core spot Thu/Fri As the title suggests I am looking for a home with a great group of individuals looking to progress through Legion at a competitive but fun rate. Seasoned vanilla player that has been on DS since launch here. Plz post with guild info, and ill reach out. PS. I work nights, so Thu/ Fri is a must. hope that works with one of the guilds on the server here. Looking forward to hearing from you.Wraythia1 Sep 16
Sep 16 LF Late(r) night raiding The short of it: - I've raided progression content in Wrath, Cata, MoP and kind-of WoD. I stopped seriously raiding in MoP due to my long-time guild calling it quits. - I have been a healing lead, officer, main tank and raid leader previously. - I've been apart of US and world first heroic kills, but I am not looking for a group that has its head up its --- when it comes to progression. Those days are behind me. What I'm looking for: - 11 PM EST start. 2-3 hours, 2-3 days a week. - Progression raiding without the high-strung atmosphere - Guilds looking for a tank, I have no interest in leveling another toon to be my main at this point. Always down to do alt raids on other toons. pathosiis#1631Kyndredd0 Sep 16
Sep 15 Swifty's Race change for Free video My favorite WoW youtuber Swifty has Made a video back in 2009 called Race Change for Free. He found that Trick from Order of the Hidden Eye. OotheWoW's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j84-fHLN1hs Swifty's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQfFQbFl6kw I bet you like those videos! If you like Swifty, He's awesome! But i want race change for free glitch back?Warlundever0 Sep 15
Sep 14 [A]<Closet Memers> is recruiting You kids ready to no life this xpac and kill the mighty dreadlord Jaina? If so then I have the place for you... We are looking for people to join our group for raiding, mythic + dungeons, pvp, and whatever shenanigans one can think of. We currently have RFC on farm and are looking to expand to hopefully get Deadmines on farm by the end of the quarter. We are not a hardcore guild by any means. We have jobs, college, and rl commitments...you know adult like stuff but we will stay current with content. We are looking to raid Wednesday and Sunday nights. Closet Memers is a collective that plays a lot of games together and is pretty active in discord. We have a separate wow server that we use and will be hanging out in there most of the time trying to trigger one another. We are currently looking for: Tanks: Low M Dps: Medium R Dps: High Heals: Medium If you are interested you can whisper me online or add my on bnet goosetavich#1945. please don't assume my genderGoosetavich1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Dara Mactire has Reformed. Hi, Drewbrees here. I took over the guild Dara Mactíre once my father quit and moved on to making a business out of what he did with this guild. I took a break from the game after MOP and in my absence left a few questionable people in a high rank. I was inactive for 93 days and after 90 days people can dethrone the GM. Okay I get that. After questionable contact with this guy over 3 months, on the day of getting the guild he couldn't even tell me he was going to do it even though we had just talked days before. After coming on and asking for Guild Master, he refuses, kicked me out of my own guild, and has scummed me out of a legacy filled original guild with realm first 25 guild. After hours of talking nicely to a guy who wants own and RUN my own guild and go on as the "real" Dara Mactire, they got me nowhere. So here is what is going to happen. Dara Mactire will go on as Dara Mactíré on Darkspear and will no longer be associated with the other guild on Darkspear named Dara Mactíre. Unless this guy comes to his senses, this is how it will be. For Legion, I will be running the guild under the Dara Mactire name no matter what. This is Dara Mactire going forward regardless the hostile takeover of the original guild. I will be putting out a personal statement in a video on the Dara Mactire youtube channel located @ youtube.com/DaraMactire in the next coming weeks as we prepare for Legion. If you are an old school member, current member, supporter or fan, come and join me in the new guild as we wait for Legion to drop. Just message Drewbrees or send me an ingame mail. If any of you want to get into contact with me you can add my btag @ Drewdles#1931. I have been known as Somekid, Vallentime, Peitos, Vallenxo, Pattyann, Catriona, Drewbrees. HOWLDrewbrees19 Sep 14
Sep 14 <Moving Mountains> Heroic/Mythic Progression <Moving Mountains> - Darkspear US <Moving Mountains> is a fresh guild that is built by veteran players who are returning to the game for Legion. We are currently looking for dedicated players that can commit to raiding and truly want to clear and progress through heroic and mythic content in Legion. We are looking for mature and driven players and want to build the guild around a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Currently recruiting DPS for our core group. Our raid times Sun/Mon/Wednesday 8pm - 12pm. EST. (6-10 Servertime) Anyone interested can contact me through this forum post or through my battle tag at chiLdish#11396.Breca1 Sep 14
Sep 14 No longer lf raiding guild Title.Gushers1 Sep 14
Sep 14 LF weekday raiding guild Looking for a weekday raiding guild. Can raid mon-fri anytime between 5-10 server time. Currently an 841 resto shaman.Unleashdd1 Sep 14
Sep 13 <Armament> Raid Team Recruitment Currently adding to our ranks of members with the intent to push new content quickly and effectively. All are welcome but only some will raid. Raiding requires dedication and commitment of the highest level to your class and knowledge of the encounters. That being said. If you are interested in joining our ranks and putting in the time and effort to stay committed to our cause - we will enjoy welcoming you in and giving you a shot. Bnet: Philol#1515 Further questions can be answered in game. Current Schedule Tentatively Planned: Evening WeekendsPhilol0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Ilhini, Knazknaz, and Abashi Is it really necessary to kill lower levels 3v1 over and over again? I mean I'm all for pvp but you've killed me at least 6 times now and I'm not even fighting back as I'm just trying to enjoy the Legion launch. I've spent more time running back to my body than enjoying the content. There's nothing I can do to 3 lvl 102 / 103's ganging up on me.ßriggs2 Sep 13
Sep 12 Dear Benjiz Dear Benjiz, lvl 110 scrubrace rogue, who joined mythic party, received loot 15 ivls lower then his peice made my guildys roll and then proceeded to say that if we had anything for him off last boss that he would trade, 'yw for carry' he says when a RL friend who plays ww beat his dps at 820 ilvl Bruz, you are far from top tier, dont act like you are any good at the game ? 1200 at best 1/12m prog no problem bro Stay small mate hope you're dreams and aspirations of being a salty virgin become more realistic in the coming weeks, Yours sincerely Goeymontana[u][/u] Oceanic KingGoeymontana2 Sep 12