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May 2 <Bad Habits> Recruing Hello Earthen Ring i am the guild master of a newly formed guild on the server and we are recruiting for night hold. Me and a few friends have decided to call earthen ring our new home. about us, all of us are 7/10 mythic and have a lot of experience with high end raiding. so if you would like to be a part of mythic raiding or if you have any questions let me know! our current raid times are going to be tues wed and thurs from 8-11 server time. for any questions let me know Windgee#1184Windgee2 May 2
May 2 FILLING ALL ROLES!!! Hello Fellow Gentlemen, We are a group of friends looking to expand our guild. We are avid raiders and are 10/10 Heroic NH. We are looking to find other strong, confident, and consistent players to accompany us. We are trying to find a team to get into Mythic Nighthold, and progress through Tomb of Sargeras. We play quite often, and do our weekly raid Tuesdays from 6-10pm. We do lots of mythic+ dungeons and even some pvp. We are looking for all classes, specs, and roles to unite with us on our journey! If you're interested in joining us, please feel free to contact any of our members or Guild Master, Winniethepoo. Have a Jolly Good Day Gents!Druudad0 May 2
May 1 Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP prospects? A while ago, I started a thread related to this topic which you can find here: and here: But my queries had been more in regards to the potential for a Nightborne guild being set up. This time around, I'd actually just like to gauge public interest in this area of RP because I'm still rather interested in trying to get something going. It's not necessarily something that would require a guild format and would likely include players from multiple realms. The aim here is to see if I can find people that are interested in pursuing this sort of RP. My last thread attained a string of dislikes on several of the posts, something that I think I should pin on the bad reputation surrounding RP that doesn't utilize the main playable races. This sort of criticism is something that I definitely understand because anything outside the norm is going to be a challenge to successfully engage but in a way, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I've been engaging in Roleplay for about 6 years now and as much as I adore my other characters, I'm definitely interested in seeking more of a challenge in my writing. However, a large portion of my personal interest is directed toward the general culture in Suramar City. Everything is very stiff and poised, refined to perfection. Of course, this lends itself to the idea of falsified unnatural beauty. The Nightborne are generally very committed to 'keeping up appearances' and holding themselves in an esteemed manner regardless of their private struggles, an attitude that is fundamentally somewhat flawed. They strive for perfection which is, in and of itself, an imperfection. It's a wonderful sort of irony. I'm also a big fan of political drama and intrigue as well as the portrayal of prejudice - especially when it regards class differences. I understand that a lot of these themes are present in Sin'dorei, Human or even (albeit, rarely) in Kaldorei/Highborne RP but there's something very appealing about the Shal'dorei in particular. Maybe they're just pretty. I'm hoping that there are others out there who agree with how I feel about this. If so, I'd like to get into contact with you and the easiest way would probably be to slap my battletag onto the end of this post. I'm toying with the idea of creating a Discord server for cross-realm communication too. What do you think? Does any of this interest you? If you'd like to get into contact with me, my battletag is Zarxes#21200Grullock1 May 1
Apr 27 Level 70 Twink Raiding Guild [Active] Name: The Búrning Crusaders Acceptable Races: - Currently, all races are acceptable. Accepted Classes: - All (currently) - I have not looked into how classes such as the Death Knight and Monk function in a raiding environment at level 70, we may find since gear is not tunned specifically for either that they prove to be underpowered….however, we may also find since they are newer classes not originally from TBC that they over excel! If you want to try them out, do so, and we can see how it goes :) Accepted Levels: - 1 to 70 - If you are below 70, you are of course welcome in the guild and we shall help you level through outland to get to the cap! There will usually be others around your level doing the same. - We do NOT take anyone higher than 70, even alts. This is to prevent any carrying or unbalance. BoA?: -BoA is a great tool to get your levels fast, and I recommend using it if you have it so you can jump into our raids ASAP! But, once you hit 70 you must replace the BoA with normal gear from heroics, quests, crafts etc etc. We do not really want BoA in raids, or at least want 90% of your gear to be non-BoA. If you need help getting gear, just ask :) Main Focus: - TBC Progression Raiding, our main goal is to play as if we are back in the good old days of TBC! - Possibly TBC based RP (side focus) - Profession Leveling up to TBC Main Rules: - On reaching level 70, you must to go to Stormwind Keep and find ‘Behsten’ the ‘Experience Eliminator’ and lock yourself at level 70. - You MUST follow level cap rules, as there will be no ‘carrying’ through raids to get armour. It will be a group effort. We raid as a guild, not taken through by a 90 so we can shoot ahead with gear. The fun is in doing the raid, getting the gear, enchanting etc…not shooting to the top and being the best. - No outside professions. You may SEND mats to your TBC alt, they have to make them! *important* - it is forbidden to buy your character 70 PvP equipment to use in-raid. Any item that has a PvP stat on it that does not come from one of the raids will be dismissed and you will be asked to replace it. We are, at the moment, PvE orientated and I do not want any ilvl boosting via PvP gear. You are of course, able to buy your character PvP armour/weapons at your discretion to use in non-raid related activities. But they will have no weight on your raid tier rank etc. Ranks: (See ‘Raids’ for tier and ilvl info.) - Overlord – The Guild Leader - Dungeon Master – People tasked with leading raids, setting dates and handing out loot. - Tier4 Raider – Someone who is geared enough to join in on Tier 4 raiding, able to apply to become a dungeon master. DM’s also server as guild officers. - Tier3 Raider – Someone who is geared enough to join in on Tier 3 raiding. - Tier2 Raider – Someone who is geared enough to join in on Tier 2 raiding. - Tier1 Raider – Someone who is geared enough to join in on Tier 1 raiding. - Gearing – Someone who is recently new to the guild and needs help gearing and raising their ilvl to the first raid requirements. This can be done via outland questing, and TBC Heroic dungeons! - Within the guild, there will be ranks set up to ensure people who understand the rules and the raid are leading raid teams. Remember, we are not face-rolling anymore so mechanics matter! As well as distributing loot and whatnot, we may implement in a dragon kill point system, but it will all depend on what people want and think! Raids & Gear Score Guide: (Raids must be completed by each raider in the order below to progress.) Tier 1: - Karazhan, 10man. Ilvl: 105-115 - Magtheridon's Lair, 25man. Ilvl: 115-120 - Gruul’s Lair, 25man. Ilvl: 120-125 Tier 2: - Tempest Keep, 25man. Ilvl: 125 -130 - Serpentshrine Cavern, 25man. Ilvl: 128 -130 Tier 3: -Battle for Mount Hyjal, 25man. Ilvl: 130 – 145 - Black Temple, 25man. Ilvl: 134 – 150 Tier 4: - Sunwell Plateau, 25man. Ilvl: 150+ Profession Caps: All professions must be capped at 'Master' (375 skill points). Times: - We are currently raiding on the 26th, between 8:30pm-9.00pm - We have heroics scheduled in between raids at the same times If you wish to join, add DarkAposte#2319 and PM me asap so we can get you sorted for our up coming raid night :) You can also leave your in game contact info below if you wish, and I will mail you.Khadromars64 Apr 27
Apr 23 server dead? Its been years since I played on this server - my first one of several, but in coming back for legion, I have yet to see more than 25 horde in any place even though the server stats say a ton should still be online. Whats the situation? Have I just missed the populated areas? Ive scanned all the old world base cities, dalaran, and the isles...where is everyone?Sèpsis16 Apr 23
Apr 20 [A] Lunatic Friends LFM, cross guild welcome! Hello Earthen Ring! Lunatic Friends has raided as a guild in every tier since the Trial of the Crusader. We're a family friendly guild with players ranging from their teens to their sixties, with most falling in the late twenties to early thirties. We try to maintain a PG-13ish atmosphere in guild chat as well as in vent. We raid Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm till 11pm server time. Our current progression is 7/7 H, 3/3 H and 10/10 H. Our first priority is a tank. We have several members who tank as an off spec but we're looking for another raider for whom tanking is their first choice role. We’re also open to healers and DPS who are a good cultural fit. We’ll be running farm/gear up nights on Sunday evenings at 8pm server time for the next few weeks, beginning next Sunday March 5, so if you’re not yet geared for Heroic Nighthold that is by no means a dealbreaker! Also not a dealbreaker is guild membership. We know quitting a guild where you have friends and memories is not something everyone wants to do and we’re happy to take members who want to raid without leaving their WoW home. What we do need: Preparation! Watch a video, read a guide, do whatever it is you do to make sure you know what to expect. We also expect everyone to have consumables ready and gems and enchants taken care of in advance, but we have a lot of members who are very much on top of their professions and who like helping out the team, so we strongly discourage members from spending gold on raid prep without asking around for help or checking the GB first. (As one of the keepers of enchanting mats gathered in raids, I can’t stress this enough: please ask! Unless you’re cross realm, in which case the last vestiges of the server based economy prevent us from assisting. GG Blizz.) If you’d like to give us a try you can reply here or message me, Yvandis, Åz or Laalia in-game. Edit: UpdatedCylthia2 Apr 20
Apr 19 ISO dreadleather gloves - harmonious pref I need a pair with high mastery, even just high mastery but i like harmonious. Willing to pay 2k gold, but not 4k like scalpers on ah are wanting atm. leave message or contact in game. TYMethial0 Apr 19
Apr 18 <Catch Phrase> 4/7M 3/3H 3/10M 6hrs/wk raids If you are interested in raiding with us, please contact an officer (contact info at bottom) Our current recruitment needs: rDPS Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of recruitment needs. We raid Tues/Wed 8:00-11 EST during progression, never past 11pm. Catch Phrase is a semi-casual raiding guild on Earthen Ring Horde. We are incredibly laid back, though many of our members have raided hardcore progression in the past, and some even in US top 100. We are a fun group of mostly recent grads, who like to have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. Our community also spreads to other games such as LoL and Diablo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we expect: Due to our shortened raid week, we expect all raiders to come to raid fully aware of fight mechanics, and knowledge of how to perform on a high-end level. We absolutely expect to use every bit of those seven hours to go to progression, and we expect every raider to want the same. We want our raiders to be on time, and able to stay for the entire 3 hour night. Some nights we may go over, if we’re really close to a kill. This will never extend further than 15-20 minutes past 11. Our members are not easily offended, and we expect you to be the same. If kids are present, we strongly recommend a headset, as we will not censor ourselves. Every member of the raid team needs to be able to follow directions, whether they be established jobs in an encounter or on-the-fly commands issued by another member of the raid. We expect every raider to be able to conquer any mechanic, and very quickly. Mistakes happen, but standing in fire four times consecutively is not a mistake. We also expect our raiders to be proactive during encounters as apposed to reactive; if you see something that needs to be soaked, you shouldn't be waiting for someone to call it out. Most importantly: Have fun, and enjoy yourself. We will shift to 20m Mythic team with a similar progression-oriented mindset. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone looking to apply can head over to our website at and fill out an application. If you have any questions add Andy (Oromiselda#1537), Gurio (Zombie240#1387), or Lord Pigga in-game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Roster Guild Website: Kill videos with multiple PoVs can be found at: Logs can be found at: And yes, we do have many people who pet battle competitively.Gurio274 Apr 18
Apr 8 [A] < Lost in the Stars > < Lost in the Stars > Guild aimed at smaller size of regularly active members for daily activities focusd on PvE. Looking for daily players either experienced or inexperinced and wanting to learn or need help gearing. I come from a 10/10 Heroic and Mythic Guild, Looking to just enjoy the game at this point. I am aiming to make a fun stress enviornment for players either looking to run mythic dungeons, AP farm, farm broken shore, raid and just enjoy the break from reality in a laid back atmosphere. I also welcome all social members not looking for anything anything other then just a nice place to hangout converse and join events at their discretion. We are not aiming to have 100's of members, we want a more personal approach rather then multiple clicks. Things we are aiming for outside the social aspect of the guild: Regular 5 man groups for mythic + dungeons. Regular grouping for world quests. Eventual raids when we have enough players. Active PvE focusd players, geared or wanting to gear up. Recruitment: Currently recruiting any mature like minded individuals whom either are looking to be part of the PvE focus or just a social enviornment free of idiots =). If you are interested contact in game, for more information or any other inquiries. =)Zyélah2 Apr 8
Apr 6 [H]Remnants of Darkness - Recruiting! Looking to see all the content but tired of the rigors of hardcore dedication? <Remnants of Darkness> is the place for you. We raid normal modes as our main priority on Mon/Tue/Wed (2 nights alternating) 8-11 Pm EST. Our Current Raid Progress: H/N Emerald Nightmare 7/7 N Nighthold 10/10 H Nighthold 3/10 We have several players in our guild that have been involved in different levels of raiding since Vanilla and BC. The leadership here has 'been there and done that' when it comes to hard mode raiding dating all the way back to the Ulduar days. <Remnants of Darkness> is a group of players that all enjoy many aspects of the game and like to do more with there in-game time, than just raid 20 hours a week. We run mythic+ groups, Arenas, BG's, and just plain out have fun! Repairs, food, pots, gems and enchants are provided by the guild. Paid for by completing the Weekly Guild Challenges and the occasional Mount/Pet Raffle. BattleTags to Reach out to: GM: MikeDLary#1708 Officers: Verthal#1426 JenniferLary#1990 Xaqshnr#1186 Dzargul#1938Kanicus2 Apr 6
Apr 5 (H) BOV IS RECRUITING <Blood of Vengeance> Horde faction raiding guild on Uldaman-Ravencrest is looking for competent raiders to assist us in raid progression. Lead by players with an extensive raiding background and Realm First Titles, Blood of Vengeance is a guild focused on progression with a schedule that allows our raiders to maintain their social/work lives and, most importantly, actually have fun while raiding. If you are a retired or recovering hardcore raider, Blood of Vengeance is the place for you. Recruiting: Demon Hunter: Havoc Death Knight: ALL Druid: Resto, Balance, Feral Hunter: Beastmaster Mage: Frost and Fire Monk: ALL Paladin: ALL Priest: ALL Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw Shaman: ALL Warlock: Affliction, and Demo Warrior: Fury, and Protection Raid times are: 7pm - 10pm (CST) with optional EN/ToV runs on Monday and Friday, and an optional current content run on Saturday night. Progress: 7/7M EN (Cutting Edge) 2/3M ToV 10/10N NH 10/10H NH 3/10M NH Gear: Minimum gearing requirements as we push into mythic content consists of: 885+ item level At least 36 *Post 7.2* points in primary artifact We strive to experience and clear all available content with a limited raiding schedule. To accomplish this, we are looking for a great core raiding team. This is what you'll need: Consistency - Show up to raids consistently, be someone who the raid team can depend on Ability to learn - We don't expect you to inherently know everything, but we expect you to learn from your mistakes Attitude – Have fun and progress! Good game skills, and the ability to improve on them. Game skills are things such as: Encounter awareness - Be aware of encounter mechanics happening around (and under) you Game knowledge - Understand the strengths and limitations of your class Mechanical skill - Maximize the strengths of your class while playing around the weaknesses We pride ourselves on our leadership and the community we have created. We focus on group improvement through individual player growth and accountability and group cohesion. Check out our website at: and fill out an application. Contact Lejend#1376 , Avelay#1352 Ravaras#1720 for more information. Groups are welcome to apply as well. *Paid Transfers & Faction Changes may be available with solid parses if requested.Essamun1 Apr 5
Apr 2 [H] < Lost in the Stars > Recruitment < Lost in the Stars > Guild aimed at smaller size of regularly active members for daily activities focusd on PvE. Looking for daily players either experienced or inexperinced and wanting to learn or need help gearing. We also are looking for regular social members that just want an laid back, fun atomosphere free of immaturity of jerks in general. I am a decade long player, skipped panda expac and WoD. Previously a top 10 ranked paladin from vanilla through wotlk, looking to be active but not push progression endlessly. I aim to have just a nice enviornment with people that just want to play and enjoy the game in a semi casual - hardcore type approach. Things we are aiming for outside the social aspect of the guild: Regular 5 man groups for mythic + dungeons. Regular grouping for world quests. Eventual raids normal and heroic. Active PvE focusd players, geared or wanting to gear up. Recruitment: Currently recruiting any mature like minded individuals whom either are looking to be part of the PvE focus or just a social enviornment free of idiots =). If you are interested contact either Xyelah or Euphi. for more information or any other inquiries. =)Xyelah0 Apr 2
Mar 27 Looking for PVP guild Horde Trying to get back in to some PVP RBGS and Arenas. Im looking for a guild with the pvp mindset if any are out there let me know i would love to join.Keno0 Mar 27
Mar 26 Blood fist Does the guild blood fist still recruit? I saw them on the wow progress site.Glowyeyes1 Mar 26
Mar 24 Looking for a guild (Horde) Returning player looking for a guild that does dungeons, raids, and some RP as well. Would love a guild that's very social and easy going. Play mostly nights 6pmEST and weekends (all day).Korikuma0 Mar 24
Mar 23 Looking for A Guild (Horde) Simply Looking For A Guild To Call Home.Ichigo0 Mar 23
Mar 19 Prot Pali LF Earthen Ring Progression Guild 1. Times available & time zone: 6pm-12am M-F, All Day Saturday and Sunday, EST 2. Server preference: Earthen Ring 3. Faction preference: Alliance 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: ilvl 886 Prot Palidan, I have completed EN N&H, ToV N & Downed Odyn/Guarm in Heroic, Mythic +12 highest dungeon completed. WoW Progress page: 6. Recent logs (if available): Don't have logs 7. Contact info: Whisper in game or add my BTag: RoyalJester#1797 8. Anything else: I'm looking for a progression guild to help with learning and completing raids. I do my own homework on the raids, but it's hard to do Heroics with a PUG due to lack of accountability and patience. (Moved from Guild Recruitment since I'm looking to stay on Earthen Ring)Armanius0 Mar 19
Mar 14 Looking for small guild (Alliance) Looking for a small/casual guild. Been playing since 2005 (this is not my main) looking for a small, causal, family like guild on this server. All of my real life friends have left the game and need a new home for all of my characters. My main is currently on a different server but will be transferring back once I find a guild I fit in with. I am not interested in raiding due to work and family, but enjoy leveling alts, questing, crafting, etc.Optimûs0 Mar 14
Feb 26 Looking for some PVP folks! Hi all! I know Earthen Ring is not a hotbed of PVP, but it's what I'm enjoying in the game right now - and I'd love to find a guild and/or a group of people who are interested in learning the Arena/RBG game with me and competing at a casual level. Ideally this would be an existing group I could join, as I'm not sure I have the time to commit to organizing, but if you're a solo player who's interested definitely still leave a reply :)Naeroryn0 Feb 26
Feb 25 Crowling's Journal OOC: Taking the entries from Earthen Ring's old community site, and posting them here. Comments are welcome, so long as there's no mud-flinging or anything!Crowling14 Feb 25
Feb 24 Call Of The Scarab - Alliance Is there a decently large group that has someone picked out to collect the Abyssal Crests? I'm going to be doing these quests pretty regularly on a couple characters and would rather not waste them.Richker5 Feb 24
Feb 22 < Just a setback (JAS) > Just a setback (JAS) - A heroic progression team with a desire to develop into a mythic team. Tuesday & Thursday 9 pm server - midnight server (6pm-9pm PT, 7pm-10pm MT, 8pm-11pm CT, 9pm-12am ET) Loot System - Personal Voice Comms - Discord Currently recruiting - Healers and DPS, offspec tank Raid Leaders Osaring Pepprmintpaw Requirements Bigwigs / DBM Discord ilvl required - 875 Consistent attendance One mythic plus at level 7 or higher run each week Team Goals Guild (AIE) first in progression Progression oriented Pleasant atmosphere, but focused on the raid Expecations Use your BiS food Be gemmed and enchanted use 2 potions per fight healing pots used defensives used appropriately understanding of how your class works and what stats are desired 50% parse or better for ilvl willingness to learn how to analyze logs willingness to learn how to SimC your character (DPS) Be ready at the start of raid time to pull trash There will be no planned breaks, take your breaks while trash is being cleared and keep them to a minimum watch and read posted strategies before raid time Current desired build - 2/3/9 Current members - 9 Current tanks - 2 Current DPS - 6 Current Healers - 1Torqan1 Feb 22
Feb 20 H Weekend 10/10H 1/10M lf rdps & Rogue Fluffy Kittens is a Zul'jin weekend guild who is looking for new raiders to complete our raid team for heroic and mythic. The guild formed with veteran friends returning to the game and looking to form their own raid team to tackle progression. Our leadership (myself included) has top US 50 raid experience in past raiding tiers. We do not view ourselves as a self defined hardcore or semi hardcore raiding guild, but rather a group of friends looking to have a good time while killing bosses in a quick organized manner. We are structuring our raid group in a way, that allows us to raid on a relaxed 2 day schedule while still progressing. In order to achieve this we are seeking highly skilled players, who have good attendance. We won't waste your time, so dont waste ours by not showing up. Progression: 10/10N 10/10 H 1/10M Expectations: We expect raiders to show up to most raids, and if they know they are going to be unavailable for a raid night that they let us know ahead of time. Healers and DPS are expected to know their stat weights, rotations, and pull according numbers appropriate for their item level (we will work with you, but you have to put in majority of the effort). Flasks and food will be given by the guild IF said raider donates materials to the bank. Raid Times: 8-11 EST Sat & Sun with optional loot run on Friday *Note potential trials are often required to go to the Friday run* This is in order for us to better analyze logs from you, and see how you perform mechanics wise before being brought into progression. Loot: Going into Night Hold we are using a loot council style system. Raiders will be rotated in every week to participate. More information can be discussed about this upon meeting each other. We are actively seeking these classes and roles. Tanks: dps w/ tank OS Healers: Discipline Priest Druid DPS: Melee: Rogue Range: Open If your class or role isn't listed contact us anyway, exceptions can always be made based on performance. Contact info: Reply on our recruitment thread or add the following btags to get in contact with an officer. Recruitment Officer: Thanatos#12871 Other Recruitment Officer: lonewolfmcq#1468 Guild Master: Phobia#1707Douchebruh0 Feb 20
Feb 18 Offering Carries We are a 900ilv equipped group offering carries. Come let us push your M+ key, with a group that won't just bail on you. use one of our keys for your weekly chest, get your Keystone Master achieve, and more! We also offer nightbane mount runs, and full Kara clears! Don't miss out! Add Kmstadt#1329 to chat with me in game for more info.Moarwolves0 Feb 18
Feb 13 Lf Tank for mythic + Hello, I am part of a group that constantly runs mythic+'s during the week when were not raiding. We are looking for either a Prot Warrior or Guardian druid, but can take any class that is good. Prefer 875 ilvl+.My battletag is tokara102#1782.Torqan1 Feb 13
Feb 12 delete this post. ...Flamegore0 Feb 12
Feb 9 {H} - <Remnants of Darkness> lfm DPS Looking to see all the content but tired of the rigors of hardcore dedication? <Remnants of Darkness> is the place for you. We raid normal modes as our main priority on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7-10 Est. We have several players in our guild that have been involved in different levels of raiding since Vanilla and BC. The leadership here has 'been there and done that' when it comes to hard mode raiding dating all the way back to the Ulduar days. <Remnants of Darkness> is a group of players that all enjoy many aspects of the game and like to do more with there in-game time, than just raid 20 hours a week. We run mythic+ groups, Arenas, BG's, and just plain out have fun! We are currently seeking DPS, we prefer ranged, but will talk to anyone that is looking for a new home. If you would like more information or feel like this is the place for you, then hit us up in-game. BattleTags to Reach out to: GM/Me: MikeDLary#1708 Officers: TheUndies#1447 Verthal#1426 JenniferLary#1990 Our current progression is: EN - 7/7H (Also, 7/7N) ToV - 2/3N Raid times: Wed: 7-10 Thu - 7-10 Mon - 7-10 (this is only an 'as needed' night) Right now we use Monday's to full clear EN for quest progress. Mythic +: Right now we have 2 groups running around the +6/+7 levels on a constant basis.Squidwasp4 Feb 9
Feb 8 [A] <The Royal Lions Brigade> Heavy Roleplay The Royal Lions Brigade Who are we? The Brigade is a multi-departmental military organisation that works within the Alliance to help protect the King's realm and the people who live in it. The Brigade works on two fronts, inner city and the outer world. Within the city of Stormwind, the Brigade manages the bulk of the Stormwind Guard and the protection of the citizens in the city, this department is headed by the Captain of the Guard. The Captain oversees the management and maintenance of the Stormwind Law Book as well as briefing the Brigade Council on inner city matters. In the outer world, the Brigade is active in several aspects... The Armed Forces makes up the military might of our guild, the first to arrive at the front lines and the last to leave with their heavy weapons, ships and aircraft. They are headed by Jiwa Cranktopple and are given the responsibility of waging, and managing warfare across Azeroth and beyond. The AF will be the go-to place for anyone looking to charge into battle with the Horde, the Legion or any other threat standing against the lands and people of the Alliance. The Counter Intelligence Department, run by Rappa Ranger, is the specialised group of trained operatives who work behind enemy lines, and in the shadows of the Alliance lands, to gather information, remove key targets, and stop terrorism and catastrophe before it strikes! Like the Stormwind Guard, the CID operates on both internal and external fronts - it has a presence within the city watching from the back of the crowd, and deep within hostile territories, cultivating its close working friendship with the Guard and Brigade Military to quickly strike and effectively keep everyone safe. The Magical Department is the arcane might of the Brigade and manages the diplomatic ties between the Brigade (as well as to some extent the Alliance) and the City-State of Dalaran, it is headed by Archmage Khadromars Spellweaver. The key task of the Magic Department is to offer guidance to both the Guard, the Guild Council and the Alliance when needed. It has multiple roles, from fighting with the Armed Forces to cover them on the battlefield, assisting the Guard with dangerous enemies of the state who take up residence in the city. The other aspect of the MD is to take in Kirin Tor recruits and help train them on the field, as well as tracking down, securing and locking away objects deemed to dangerous to be left out in the world. Come Legion, the Brigade has a complex and fun storyline planned that will take it across Azeroth and the new zones, entering the dungeons and raids ICly to conquer the Legion and undermine its plot. We will be spouting a powerful member base and an established Council to lead us into the new expansion! History: As many know, the Royal Lions Brigade started out as the Conjurers Court a little over 7 years ago and quickly became one of the major players within the community. Archmage Kelsus Hadson, former Kirin Tor emissary, resigned his mantle to the city-state of Dalaran and joined the Alliance in Stormwind. The Court managed magical affairs within the Kingdom and policed the misuse of the magical arts with the aid of its member base, keeping the people of Azeroth safe. Under the first years, the Conjurers Court took control and command of Westbrook Garrison, the stronghold of Elwynn forest making use of it as the orders headquarters that carries onto the present day. Eventually, the Court decided to change its direction and merge with the Stormwind Guard - becoming more military active in the wider world and changing its name to the Alliance Protectorate. From here, the guild ventured out into Pandaria to fight the looming threat of the Sha and aid the recovery of the Pandaren people from the war that had come to their lands. This went on for many months, before finally the decision was made to once again remake ourselves and join the best of both the Court and the Alliance Protectorate together - a magical Council with the wisdom and knowledge of many great Dalaran Archmagi, and the military prowess and strength of powerful commands and tacticians. From this the Royal Lions Brigade was founded under the firm leadership of its Commander, Kelsus Hadson. Now, the Brigade stands as a pillar of both knowledge and power against any foe that would seek to destroy the mighty Alliance, or harm her people, whilst also offering kinship and a place to call home to any interest in furthering their cause. Our Leaders: Commander: - Archmage Kelsus Hadson Chancellor: - Archmage Barbro McGinty High Council: - Archmage Khadromars Spellweaver - Regent Rappa Ranger - Jurar (The Mystical Panda) Council: - Director Jiwa Cranktopple - Cedrey Winterfang - Garrikk Where to join? Feb 8
Feb 5 9p-1a EST Recruiting for Nighthold TDLR: Looking for DPS, Ranged and Melee for our Raids and Dungeon Challenges. Healers and Tanks also welcome to apply. Progression Raid Nights: Tue,Wed 9pm-1am EST. <The Blade> is back from our disapperance throughout MoP and WoD. The game has taken a turn for the better and we would love to take part in all of the Legion's challenges. We are on Earthen Ring and play Late Night EST typically between 11pm-3am. Raid nights on Tue and Thu. We're looking for a handful of players who appreciate the end-game and want to join a group of like minded players. Former members of <The Dark Blade>, we are currently 2/10 (H)Nighthold, 7/7 (H)Emerald Nightmare, 3/3 Trial of Valor. Join us on our journey through Legion, testing ourselves and the demons who want us all dead. We have eyes open for DPS though all roles are welcome to be tested. We're a mature group of "old school" raiders who know how to enjoy ourselves when pushed to the limits. We live by a simple code: Strength and Honor Discipline and Focus Have Fun getting it Done We hope to hear from you. Respond to this thread or send me a Private message in game.Surscia42 Feb 5
Feb 1 Vinlei's letters to home (IC) Placeholder for now! When I get her all set for RP, I plan to update this as regularly as I can.Crowling4 Feb 1
Jan 27 Mythic+team lf home Ally reroll lf raid guild. PST online or here with questions, bnet is greentreats#1206.Sýr1 Jan 27
Jan 27 [H] Dark Honour Guild LF DPS <Dark Honour> Server: Earthen Ring US Faction: Horde Time Zone: Primarily Eastern and Central US Who are we: We are an adult guild created so we can play, raid and see content on our own schedule without the demands of a truly hardcore guild. We all have families, careers or both. Careers in both Fire and EMS, Military, Banking, Teaching, IT and much more. Our end raiding goal is currently Heroic content. Who we're looking for: We are looking for adult players (21+ or 18+ with a reference from a current member) of all play-styles. We expect those who wish to raid with us to put effort into developing their characters both in and out of raid content. You should be able to carry your own weight and not be carried by the guild. We don't expect you to be a min-maxing hardcore theory-crafter, but don't settle for the minimum either. What you can expect: Dedicated leadership in a family and career friendly environment. We consider ourselves to be an excellent guild for those in the military and public service who play World of Warcraft and want to be a regular part of a progression raid team. We also consider ourselves to be an excellent guild for those with small children who wish to progress, but can not commit to every scheduled raid due to the time a child requires and the unexpected events that occur when you have a small child. We do not hold attendance, or a lack thereof, against our members. We have no class or spec requirements. Our members play the class and spec they wish to play. The only restriction being that we obviously wont have 7 tanks or 12 healers on a progression attempt. Raid Schedule: We will raid 2 nights per week for a total of 6 hours per week. The nights we use will be Tuesday/Friday/Saturday 8-11pm EST. The schedule will rotate between those 3 days on about a 3 week cycle. All raid will be posted well in advance so everyone will know which raid cycle we are on. Current Raid Needs: We are currently in need of DPS both ranged and melee. Off-spec of heal/tank is always a plus, though not required. We currently have 2 Shaman DPS so we would prefer non-shaman. Raid Goal: Our goal is to be running Heroic EN the first week of January at the latest. We want to be working on Heroic ToV in February and preparing Nighthold when that releases. Mythic raiding is not currently on our list of goals. IF we have enough players that are interested, then and only then will we consider moving onto mythic. Loot System: We use the Suicide Kings loot system. We will be utilizing the addon KnoferSK to assist with this. Allowing players to see in real time their place on the list for both main spec and off spec. A little more info: We try to be a friendly and welcoming guild to all players. We are understanding when unexpected things arise with family and work preventing attendance and we do not hold that against our members. Outside of raiding we want to run 5 mans during the week so we can help the non-raid members of the guild and raise guild funds for repairs and consumables. We also like to go back and earn guild achievements from old content in an attempt to give members other things to besides raid. Questions can be left here or directed to either of the officers listed below. I will do my best get back with anyone interested ASAP. Thank you for considering Dark Honour and happy hunting! Guild Contacts: Xaqshnr#1186 Dzargul#1938Kanicus20 Jan 27
Jan 26 [H]Last Breath guild LF DPS for Mythic + Last Breath on Earthen Ring Horde is looking for 3DPS to fill out a Mythic + weekly progression team. we currently have a item level 875 Tank and Healer. We are a small guild of only 4 people that have been playing wow since 2005. We are all married have kids, and dont consider ourselves hardcore, however the tank and myself (healer) do play this game probably to much :).Sylias1 Jan 26
Jan 26 [H] Small guild recruiting 5 man Mythic Hi! We have a very small guild looking for a few others to focus on 5 man mythics. We are in need of a healer and one dps. We are three RL friends in our 30's. We take the game fairly serious while having fun. Just want to dedicate Sunday evenings (central time) to 5 man mythics. You really don't have to join our guild. We'd rather not have to pug. Reply if interested. Thanks.Succulent1 Jan 26
Jan 26 Wanting to gauge interest on Legacy Raiding! Wanting to see the interest of a guild that runs 'legacy raiding' starting from 70 through possibly 100. The guild will restrict item levels, professions, and other future expansion items that are not from our focused raiding expansion. Each expansion will run about 4 to 6 months. All content should be cleared at that time. A set date will announce the end of level lock and all members level to and through next expansion. No characters over the guilds focused expansion level will be allowed. Want to see if it would be better on alliance or horde side and also if any active guilds currently do that here. Please comment and let me knowEanirlii0 Jan 26
Jan 25 [A] Insurgence - Recruiting Recruitment We are openly recruiting all classes and play styles for Legion. About Insurgence Insurgence is a guild for friends to enjoy end-game content in World of Warcraft. We are not a bleeding edge progression guild. Our goals in Legion are to experience all of the aspects of WoW, including dungeons(heroic, Mythic+, etc), world events and raiding. In regards to raiding, we will experience all content in a timely fashion. Raid Times Tues/Thurs - 8pm -11pm server Sunday - 8pm-10pm server Who Should I contact? You can contact any of the officers (or guild member if one of the folks below aren't on) in-game for more information, or a detailed breakdown of our policies and who we are can be found at Allisar/Anubas (GM) Battletag (Nubs#1963) Addiena Oisin Illidarious IsurididesAllisar0 Jan 25
Jan 24 Recruiting DPS and Heals for Raid Team How's it going everyone. My name is Terca, I am a part of AIE in the Gravitas Sub Guild. Myself and some other guildies have been raiding for about 5 months in our group so cleverly named Chicken McThuggets(Patent Pending). We are a casual group that progresses to Heroic content and run every Thursday & Sunday 9:30pm to 12:30am Server Time. We are currently looking for 4 DPS and 1 or 2 Healers to come join us and expand our roster. We also have been running mythic+ throughout the week and are hitting around +8-+10. Current Roster: Tanks: Terca (Prot Warrior) Paxdruid (Druid Guardian) Healer: Corvoe (Resto Shaman) Cymbyd (Holy Pally) Baerequake (Resto Shaman) DPS: Vaetan AKA Vohjin (Frost DK) Obifizzle (Enhancement Shaman) Raithmore (Arcane Mage) Treefrog (AssassinationRogue) Amijade (Affliction Lock) Xylem (Destro Lock) Maricashaa (BM Hunter) Morgy (Shadow Priest) Dicotera (Hunter) Hutch (Ret Paladin) Terrador (Fury Warrior) If you have any interest then feel free to pm me here, or in game with a mail or pm while I'm on Terca. Thanks for your timeTerca0 Jan 24
Jan 24 [A] WTB Tichondrius Kill (N) Looking to buy a kill this coming raid week for the BS pattern. Please message me in game with pricing.Richker0 Jan 24
Jan 23 Looking for Guild Hi, I've recently returned from a two year hiatus and just getting back into the game. I'm looking for a casual, friendly guild. I'm not a raider, but I'd be willing to learn on my lower level toons that are on ER (Mozzle my goblin mage and Mandora my rogue troll) or even on Pyrela even though my ilevel isn't great. I do like doing dungeons. I primarily quest and travel around. I'm still learning all the changes. Thanks!Pyrela1 Jan 23
Jan 22 Officer's Journal (RP) (This is a collection of entries from the Journal of Grand Marshal Acele Walkinson. I started this on an external website and have migrated it several times due to the shuttering of those sites. The chronology roughly follows the World of Warcraft storyline from their first game to current MMO)Acele28 Jan 22
Jan 18 The Never Ending Thread.. It's been about six years since the last one.. I think it's time to bring it back. This is the thread that never ends..Jarrick20 Jan 18
Jan 16 Looking for Heroic Raid Guild Hello, I am a Prot Pally right here on Earthen Ring. Until recently (very recently actually) I have been working very hard to recruit for a Heroic raid team for Dark Honour. We lost a few members over the last few days while I was working and seems it would be better for the members of my guild... my friends, that I change the goal of my recruiting. Instead of finding new members for Dark Honour, I would like to find a new guild for my members. We want to see and complete Heroic Raid content with a group of people that we can one day call friends and not just guild mates. We work hard to be successful both in the raid and out of the raid. Every week we tackle Mythic + and help anyone who asks... not just guild members. When we need to PuG an additional spot for Mythic dungeon groups we always choose the player with the lowest ilvl on the list because we feel they would receive the greatest benefit from our group. When we raid, we like to have fun. We want this to remain a game and not a job. We strive for success, take/give construct criticism when needed to help the group the as a whole. We want nothing more than to be successful as a raid team and a guild, while still being able to have fun. We would prefer a guild that raids 1-2 nights/week with one of those nights being a weekend, going no later than 11 pm EST. We are all adults, the youngest of us being 27. We are mature, have families and careers. The Class/ Roles we have are Prot Pally, Holy Priest x2 (One working on a Holy Paladin), Monk Heal/DPS (Prefers Monk healing but has many classes and specs to choose from), and a Mage. Potentially a DPS DH may make the move as well. We have all completed EN/ToV on LFR, most have done EN N and as a guild after just one 2 hour night we achieved 3/7 N 1/7 H and got H Ursoc to 35% before losing. I would like to keep us together as much as possible, but I also know that many guilds already have their teams established and need specific roles. Please Let me know if anyone is willing to take in my friends and give them a new place to call home. Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering us a potential addition to your guilds family. Xaqshnr#1186Kanicus4 Jan 16
Jan 6 [Journal] Marshal Jarrick Mason Shattered Mind, Severed Soul, and the Long Road to Redemption ---------- Jarrick closed the heavy oak door behind him as he entered his quarters, his mind very visibly elsewhere. A dim candle, the only source of light left burning in the room, caused shadows to dance, playing tricks on the wall and ever so slightly illuminating the bronze pendulum that swung back and forth in this late hour. Alone in the silence, save for the sound of the restless clock. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He walked over to the table and set the white pawn down on it. He turned away without giving it as much of a glance and ran plated fingers though his beard as he thought about the events that transpired tonight. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Subconsciously, his gaze found its way to the white pawn, but his thoughts did not change. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He turned towards the keg in the corner; untouched since the night prior. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He turned on his heel and paced across the room. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He exhaled deeply, sinking into the chair at the table, still deeply consumed in his thoughts. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... His gaze wandered back to the white pawn and his mind turned over the words that Sielic repeated in his cell before they left him at his own request. "Tyrilyna... How could I have done this to you..." The sentence echoed through his head for what seemed like an eternity, trying to find some semblance of peace.. of redemption. Something. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He ran plated fingers through his hair as his mind continued to wander. "Sielic, old friend.. Do you remember who I am?" The look on Sielic's face was a look that he would never forget for the rest of his days. "...I remember everything." Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He found himself sitting with his jaw locked as he turned the nights events over in his mind. He was not the only one that fought to bring Sielic back from the terrible fate which had befallen him, but even he couldn't predict this outcome. They had recovered his mind, body, and soul alike, but it was not without a heavy price tag. One which he was not entirely certain could ever be repaid. His eyes made their way back to the white pawn; the idol that Ravaji had given him after Caelryn had surrendered it. A symbol of hope? Of redemption? A second chance, perhaps? It was meant to be a symbol of something, but he could not decipher it. Sielic was supposed to be redeemed, not damned. Celebrated for his selfless act, not confined to a cell to suffer his transgressions. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... He ran both of his plated hands through his hair, clasping his hands behind his head, his gaze still lingering on the white pawn. Only time could remedy what plagued Sielic now.. and he could only hope that time was enough. ---------- Continued in 'The Legion Comes'Jarrick11 Jan 6
Jan 6 Characters of Earthen Ring It's been a while since we've had an updated list of characters on Earthen Ring and it's high time that changed. Feel free to post as much or as little as you'd like about the background of your character. There is no specific template to follow, and you can be as detailed or as vague as you would like, so just give us a little glimpse into the life of your character and how they became the person that they are today! I'll kick it off in the next post.Jarrick2 Jan 6
Jan 5 [Diary] A Small Red Book [Entry 1] The handwriting is neat, each draenic letter written with a slow, heavy hand. My aunts recommended that I write because seeing the words and writing them out might help me with my stammer, but I am not so sure. I have the same problem writing. It is like my thoughts are interrupted, like my brain gets filled with sounds. Even writing the words seems slow. I have to stop and look at them again. Refocus my attention with each letter. I was never a very good writer either. My mom always said it was because my head was full of the human's common. That I had lost so much draenic. She died on the Broken Shore. I did not see it happen. But I was right there, unconscious. She saved me. An infernal broke my back, one I could not hear coming for all the noise. My shield did nothing. The Light did nothing. I felt the barrier buckle, and the pain of my back being shattered just above my tail. I can still feel it. It is white hot. Like someone slapped a band of molten iron around my waist and it just burned and burned into me. Then I could not feel anything. I still can not really feel anything. I remember my mom holding me on that black beach and saying over and over again "please, Lieke." I held her hand with all the strength I could and she almost laughed: that kind of relief that is so completely overwhelming you can only laugh. I remember her dragging me, the dark skin of her face darker with soot. But that's it. I did not see her die but her death is burned into my memory like that white hot blow that broke my back. Her name is in that memorial in Stormwind. And I lived. Woke up in a hospital tent of injured soldiers. A night elven woman said I was healed, but I still could not feel my legs. I still can not walk. My aunts say it is because my body is healed but my mind is not. They say I should not have gone to the Broken Shore. I was too young. That now I have to win a very different fight than that of the Legion. But I just wanted to be with my mother. To show I could fight by her side. That I was an adult, and not some naive child being taken advantage of by the human Church of the Light. I still do not feel like a child. I just feel helpless like one. Like I was broken in two on that black shore. I love my aunts. They have looked after me without question when they discovered I had been injured and my mother killed. They seem much more calm about it than I am. They said it is to be expected: you live a violent life, even a noble one in defense of your people, you are likely to die a violent death. It just feels like injustice to me. They say the cosmos are inherently unjust. My faith is shaken. Not shaken, broken in two - like me. The Light failed me and it failed my mother. It failed so many on that shore. The Light was supposed to be unbreakable. It was supposed to be love in the face of hatred. It was the warmth in Northrend, the shield of Draenor against the Burning Crusade. It was the protector and saviour of my people, but where was it on that beach? Why did it break in the face of such implacable hatred? Aunt Veerke is a monk. She says power comes from within; that for her, it is only her spirit against the entire might of the cosmos and every injustice it might throw at her, and for her that is enough. I try to meditate with her, but the last time I tried I snuffed out the candle somehow and that seemed to unsettle her. My aunt Verusha draws strength from the world. She says the elements help her to stand against the Legion. The water's calm, the earth's rage, the fire's speed, the air's changeability. But for me it was always the Light. It was always there, always warmth, always light against the dark that would swallow it up - that unceasing void of a night sky could not withstand the Light. Or so I thought. I want to help the Templars again. I remember the Templars as a force of good. Not of a force obedient to the law, like so many priests and officers of Stormwind wanted them to be. Arialynn always knew there was a difference between law and justice, and knew the law was not always good. She - and the other Templars - practiced a kind of good that I admired. That I was a part of, for a little while. My aunts don't think it's a good idea. The Templars fight and I should not fight - can not fight. But I still want to help. My stone still works. I have spoken to some of them. I even met with Blackwald. He lost his ship and an eye on the broken shore. But he has no stammer. He had a strength to persevere through what he saw and experienced. I wish I had that strength. He told me that Arialynn had been married - then lost her husband on the shore. She has children now, but still fights. I guess like my mom. That is hard to write for some reason. I think I should help her, but I do not know how. She probably does not even need my help. My mom never did.Lieke1 Jan 5
Jan 1 [H] <Bear Fight> Recruiting for Raid & PVP Bear Fight raids weekends saturday and sunday, 9pm to midnight. We have been in a rough spot with healers, having lost a couple due to real life issues which put us behind our goals; that being said our heroic progress is behind where it should be, so *BEAR* with us on that. Many of us have known each other since BC, wrath, or cata so the guild has a very tight knit community to it; we use curse voice and text each other memes and offensive things. Tanks and DPS are always welcome; everyone who can make a move to another role should be ready and able to make moves as needed. 35 points will be recommended for Nighthold but for now we can faceroll Emerald Nightmare together. We're recruiting competent raiders who understand that if raid starts at 9, it means be online ready to go at least 15 minutes before ready to go. Food and Flasks are provided, but the guild works together through contributions; herbs and mats are donated through the week and crafted in advance to raid. We do alt runs on Fridays. Mythics, Kara, and pluses throughout the week as we see fit. As for PVP, we do not currently have an established RBG team, but are working on getting one together. For that we are definitely looking for a boomkin able to flag carry and another Mistweaver monk. Many of us spam arenas, pug into RBGs and spam battlegrounds. The more members who want to pvp, the more that will get done. Feel free to hit me up in game, sometimes i don't see whispers so ingame mail is the safest way to get a response.Puddin2 Jan 1
Dec 30 - -Decapitation0 Dec 30
Dec 28 [A/RP] <Blackdawn> Rises After a long Hiatus, Blackdawn has been reactivated! About Blackdawn An RP guild dating back to pre-Cataclysm, Blackdawn is an RP guild that has in the past combined World RP, Storylines, Events, and PvP to bring emphasis to the World of Warcraft. The guild is headed, themed, and mostly populated by Gilneans (both worgen and human) but accepts any races. WHy? Because the goal of Blackdawn is not to purely focus on Gilneas. The original members (including draenei, dwarves, and gnomes) undertook it as a goal to have Blackdawn not focus merely on restoring Gilneas, but fulfilling the obligations of Gilneas to her allies as well. Other Information Blackdawn members have included pure RPers, PvPers, and Raiders within their ranks. Previously the guild used its alliances and contacts to field full casual raid teams, but due to the game's lower population counts since Cataclysm, we're now hoping to field our own casual 10-man teams in due time. A number of our members also enjoy PvPing on a regular basis, and with enough members and interest, teams can be created. While the guild currently does not employ a website, we do use the Earthen Ring Roleplaying Community enjin site (, with intentions to eventually create our own community site. Many members also play other Blizzard title games such as Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2, and soon-to-be-released Overwatch, as well as non-Blizzard games such as Final Fantasy XIV. Roleplay Blackdawn accepts all races and classes, and any skill level of RPer. Those who believe their RP skills are sub-par can receive information and experience to hone their skills. The guild intend to have a number of small events leading up to Legion release, and hopes to get a strong jump on Legion. Those who wish to level new characters will find plenty of people willing to help, either with supplies or their own lower level characters. Contact To join the guild, contact the following accounts (whether by whispers or by mail): Alysdair Kyran Blakmoore Phaylia RosemaryAlysdair5 Dec 28
Dec 28 Guild Leader/Officer Discord New Guild leadership discord I wanted to open up a discord that was focused on Guild Leaders (officers or GM's) as a place to go to get feedback on problems they face, help with Raiding issues, help with PVP issues, and even a place to help you find a raid spot for a guildies that needs to move on due to "reasons". Here is the discord info and right now it is open to all. So feel free to join and let's build a helpful community for all looking to build a healthy guild! Here is the Link to the discord: Dec 28
Dec 24 Insurgence <Alliance> Recruiting for Legion Recruitment We are openly recruiting all classes and play styles for Legion. About Insurgence Insurgence is a guild for friends to enjoy end-game content in World of Warcraft. We are not a bleeding edge progression guild. Our goals in Legion are to experience all of the aspects of WoW, including dungeons(heroic, Mythic+, etc), world events and raiding. In regards to raiding, we will experience all content in a timely fashion while attempting to remain in the top 30 of progression guilds on the server for non-Mythic progression. Raid Times Tues/Thurs - 8pm -11pm server Sunday - 8pm-10pm server Who Should I contact? You can contact any of the officers (or guild member if one of the folks below aren't on) in-game for more information, or a detailed breakdown of our policies and who we are can be found at Allisar/Anubas (GM) Battletag (Nubs#1963) Addiena Oisin Illidarious IsurididesAnubas6 Dec 24