Earthen Ring

Jul 11, 2013 [A] <Monolith> Is Recruiting! Welcome to Monolith's Recruitment Tread. Stay awhile and Listen! ~ Deckard Cain Wish you were part of a guild that was actually helpful with members that play often? Then look no further, what you want is to join Monolith! We are a Semi-Casual Guild on the Earthen Ring Server ,we need more core members as we are newly created. We are looking for new folks that want to join our family friendly guild. we have a handful of members in our stables and are looking for additional quality people to further progress into new content. If you're a friendly TEAM player, like to have fun, and know your class and spec well, then we want to hear from you. Reliability is a bonus, as we need members that will play often, and are willing to help out their fellow guild mates, and Raid when the guild is ready. Again please keep in mind the Key word is Helpful. We are a drama free guild and we all know that Real Life comes first. Most members in this guild were around since the old Vanilla WoW days - who remember what the thrill of progression Raiding meant at that time- with some members of the guild not coming into the game until BC. Our roster varies in age- 18 - 45 averaging in our 30s mainly. This is an adult guild. If you are looking for a mature guild that is helpful and drama free then you might wanna drop an application with us on our website. Attitude is everything,-and gear can be worked on easily. We will be actively using our forums for sharing strats, sign ups, Role Playing and lots of other communication! We are looking for ALL classes and levels as we are starting at the ground floor! You don't have to be an expert but at least be familiar with some of the content, and KNOW your class. Raid schedules will be discussed when we have enough level 90's in guild to start them up. Also note that becoming a member of Monolith is like being part of a family. We are looking to enjoy a high member retention rate, and when we "guild" members it is important to us that they want to be a functional part of our family , which means enjoying the good times and working through the bad ones. We are not here to advance you to the next best thing. We will be up front with you, and we expect the same courtesy in return. If you want to join a GREAT casual guild on the server that will be there for you whenever you need help then hurry up and contact a member of Monolith today!!!! whisper me (Protectus), Lilphee, Tyketzu, in game for more info and guild invite Or just put in an application on our website! monolith-er.wowstead. com (Remove the space before the [com] ) Thank you all for reading. MONOLITH from the retro classic to the current end game, we may not be the first but we do it BETTER!Protectus4 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Looking for a place to call home Good morning everyone! After many months of wandering alone or from places to places, I once again find myself looking for a place to call home. I've looked at the many, many guild recruitment posts in this forum and quite honestly, none of them seem to fit the mold of what I'm looking for. As much as I enjoy raiding like any other WoW player, it's not my main focus in this game. I enjoy all the things Blizzard is throwing at us, and it seems hard to find like minded people these days. Been playing on and off since Vanilla on different characters, accounts and guilds. Usually finding one I like best, only to have it transfer, dissolve or simply become inactive. I mainly chose an RP server because I've had only good experiences in the past with them. I used to be quite the RP'er in my time, but I guess it's not necessarily my main focus anymore. I like to think I'd bring a positive energy to any guild. That and a funny Canadian accent. Anyone out there looking for a lonely canuck?Shunzhi2 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Looking to buy lv 25 guild Need to park my lowbie alts in my own personal guild w/adequate storage space. Name not an issue, I will be changing it regardless. Please send in game mail to Cage on Earthen RingCage4 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 <Dost Thou Even Hoist> is recruiting! We are currently seeking skilled players to fill a druid/shaman/monk healer to fill a permanent healing spot. We are currently 8 out of 12 in ToT 10m and we raid 11pm-2:30am server time. We also welcome all players of all callings and experience levels to join our ranks! Hoist it! Jul 6, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 (H) Tuesday Night ToT Raid... Noble Order of the Bugbear has a couple of raid openings for Tuesday night 8PM-11PM server Throne of Thunder raiding. Our goal is to down to Ji-Kun (or farther) in order for our Wednesday night progression raid (9:30-1AM) to have time to work on stuff. So we need a couple of stable, regular attending raiders. These are permanent spots and yours weekly (priority over all others including guild members.) We do open loot - one MS item and then pass unless nobody else needs it. We are a laid back, no drama group, who prefers to joke and kill bosses, and DEFINITELY in that order. It is NOT required that you join our guild. But it IS required that you have a sense of humor and are not going to rage quit if we wipe once... or twice. If we wipe three times, it is possible I will rage quit - but maybe not. We provide food, conversation, and know raid mechanics. We have to Primordius on farm on Wednesdays. You could possibly have a spot on our Wednesday team if we have a no-show if interested, as well. What we need: 1 Full Healer 1 DPS/Healer Hybrid (We will pay for your reforge if needed) 1 Permanent Tank We may have room for melee or range dps if you are the right fit and promise to be a regular attendee. Please have at least 505 ilvl, have a knowledge of raid mechanics, or willingness to learn quickly. be prepared to stay for the duration of the raid. Send an in game mail or tell to Syrienne.Syrienne0 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 [H10] Catch Phrase 3/13H is recruiting! Catch Phrase is currently 3/13H Recruitment Needs: DPS! We raid Mon/Tues/Wed 7:30-11 EST Kill Videos: Live Stream: Phrase is a newly formed semi-casual raiding guild. We are incredibly laid back, though many of our members have raided hardcore progression in the past, and some even in US top 100. We are a fun group of mostly college students, who like to have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we expect: We expect all raiders to come to raid fully aware of fight mechanics, and knowledge of how to perform on a high-end level. We absolutely expect to use every bit of our time each week to work on progression, and so should you. We want our raiders to be on time, and able to stay for the entire 3 ½ hour night. Some nights we may go over, if we’re really close to a kill. This will never extend further than 15-20 minutes past 11. Our members are not easily offended, and we expect you to be the same. If kids are present, we strongly recommend a headset, as we will not censor ourselves. Every member of the raid team needs to be able to follow directions, whether they be established jobs in an encounter or on-the-fly commands issued by another member of the raid. Awareness. We expect every raider to be able to conquer any mechanic, and very quickly. Mistakes happen, but standing in fire four times consecutively is not a mistake. Most importantly: Have fun, and enjoy yourself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with an officer add Frostea (Hondoom#1436), Oromiselda (Oromiselda#1537), or Gurio (Zombie240#1387).Frostea363 Jul 4, 2013
Jun 28, 2013 [A] Cerulean Nights Recruiting Dear Earthen Ring, Cerulean Nights would really like to have just a very few more members to raid with. Our raid nights are Wednesdays and Mondays from 9pm - 11:30pm. Please let me or Nosleep know in-game (via mail) or here if you'd like to play with us! We've managed to clear the first three bosses so far... and are looking for a 4th healer and maybe a dps to add to our roster. Ideally I'd be looking for a druid or a disc priest. Also, I only have one dk on the (mage, druid, rogue, dk) token, so another dps on that token would be welcome. Thanks for reading, -Fluffy Edit: updated timesFluffystorm5 Jun 28, 2013
Jun 26, 2013 Heavier Thoughts [RP Exercise] Thought I would post something here, this is an RP server after all. The following is an RP prompt one of my guild members mentioned a while back. Thought I would be proactive and share and help promote the community a bit on our actual Blizzard forums. ... It’s been more than a year and my ordeal is finally over. Will I ever return to normal, the way I once was? Could this all have been avoided? Did I do something wrong in the beginning? Yes...maybe. How much of what I was was real, how much was twisted by the entity that once inhabited me. I'm told so many different things but the words and actions of my allies conflict. The Light, will it ever return to me? It's been elusive all these years...was it lack of faith? Is that why I had to find new sources to bolster myself with? With it gone now what do I do? I was never cut out for anything more than being a healer. Barely that. What happened between Karabor and now, when did I become... does one lose so much of himself without noticing? And Sharam, I can't know that I did the right thing or the wrong thing. I simply did what I thought would end in her best interest...and now I'm scolded for that because I’m not omnipotent, because I didn't trust her, she says. And if she didn't have a plan? I got something out of it though didn't I? I told no one but the elf...Mevar. Thomas Solomon...he didn't deserve to live, but he got less than what he deserved, I was too quick. Too quick with other things as well... Merry... Kanta... and Merrick...Merrick Shrewsbury. He makes for three now. There are very few that are important to me, it is easier that get burned less often. There are just as few that make me what one would call happy, even for a brief time. Saaska...Saashenka. I can't know that I did the right or wrong thing there either. It seemed like the right thing to do, still they try to convince me it was not, I don't see it. I am...I was a priest, I am supposed to keep people from feeling pain, especially the young. I've really messed everything up. I don’t want to do this anymore, but there aren’t options like that. I am just a stupid old goat who has lost everything. Home, family, friends, the Light, I've even lost who I was. Yet here I lay..on an amber hill in the Valley on Kun-Lai staring down at an inn.Mosur2 Jun 26, 2013
Jun 26, 2013 Troll-Only? ...Tronly? Hi all, I'm new to the server, and was hoping to find a toll-only guild/tribe that might welcome me in. I'm a casual player, as I'm fairly busy with work, wedding, trying to establish a small business. But, I'd like to start playing again, and would love a fun group of trolls to maybe play with, RP with when I am able to log in. If anyone can point me in the direction of such a magical group, that would be much appreciated! <3 I'm playing as Zuhari, a little level 5 druid. I'm currently working on a bio and backstory for her.Deizija3 Jun 26, 2013
Jun 26, 2013 Understanding the RP of Earthen Ring Coming from a massive roleplaying server that follows mainly roleplay, I'm hoping to add a sense of diversity to my knowledge, as well as partaking in other remarkable aspects of this server, too. Though I've heard that ER has a viable economy, I've only read that the roleplay is more or less based on outdated opinions from players that have questionable activity. To clarify, can any experienced ER player please give me some insight on what to expect of the roleplay here?Alrick8 Jun 26, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 SoO first boss open on PTR today... At 1:30p server time. Anyone else taking part in this?Desiderio1 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 24, 2013 DeathMatch DoneSofei1 Jun 24, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 504 Disc priest and DK Tank LF raiding guild My husband and I are pretty new to this expansion after quitting during cataclysm. We are in need of a real raiding guild home. We don't really care if you are top progression, but we expect people who commit to be there, we expect people to know their roles. I will say I am not overly nice to people, and I really enjoy healing meter wars, in good fun. We can raid 8:30pm EST-12pmEST M-Thr. We could probably also raid Sunday. We probably could raid most fri-sat nights but we will be moving in the next few weeks, and are reserving weekend to visit family. We have a lot of raiding history, you can look at my achievements for more information or if you want to know more about me you can pst me or send me an in game mail to Miyazana, or find me on my alt, Miyable. My husbands name is Pathe if you wanted to talk to him about tanking I understand finding a spot for a tank and a healer is difficult, which is why we are happy to accept alt/fill in roles especially during the summer, and we wouldn't mind being founders of a new raiding group. I don't mind slow progress so long as we progress. Thanks MiyazanaMiyazana12 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 23, 2013 Looking for nite time raiding guild. Just came back from 6 month break looking for raiding guild well be geared up approx. in 1-2 weeks.Sinetic2 Jun 23, 2013
Jun 22, 2013 WTB Ravenclaw Harbinger As the title suggests, I'm looking to buy a Ravenclaw Harbinger. I'm willing to go up to 3k Alliance side, and if someone has one Horde-side, if you put it on the neutral AH I'd pay 3.5k.Iluminaughty3 Jun 22, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 10m ToT PUG - 6/22 - 9PM Tomorrow night (6/22/2013) @ 9PM server time (EST) - I am going to form a ToT 10m pug with a guildie or two. Loot rules: Need before Greed, MS > OS Run time: 9pm - 12am server Requirements: 500+ ilvl Be able to pull your own weight (DPS, HPS, Tank survival + aggro) Be committed: Realize that it's a pug, there will likely be some wipes All roles are still needed currently, and we will fill on a first come basis. If you are interested, feel free to contact Kungfuyuda (Real ID: yuda#1308) or register on OpenRaid: Lets have fun and get some stuff done!Kungfuyuda0 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 20, 2013 [H] WW Monk LF Progression Team As the title states, I am currently looking for a decent ToT progression team to raid with. My availability is pretty open until the fall and I can pull 100k+ DPS in most situations. (Only tested in LFR and Heroic Scenarios) I have some ToT experience and am currently looking for a good group to progress with. If you are interested, feel free to contact me here or in game. Looking forward to raiding with you!Kungfuyuda2 Jun 20, 2013
Jun 20, 2013 [A] Insurgence Looking for More What We are Looking For A slot in our primary 10-man run has become available. We are looking for one DPS/Healer or DPS/Tank hybrid, with a preference for the Monk Class to balance out Token distribution. Second 10-Man In addition, we are also looking to expand our existing roster to support a second 10-man run. If you are interested in raiding as a member of our second team, please feel free to contact one of our officers or visit our website. Most if not all raid roles for our secondary team are open.steem! What Should I know? We're a fun group of people ranging in age from early 20s to mid 50s. Most of us have raided with one anotherBurning Crusades or earlierVanilla, and we can get a little rowdy in vent so be prepared for that. Insofar as gear/progress is concerned; we aren't tip of the spear but we expect to make steady, regular progression. If you're a bit under geared or unfamiliar with mechanics that's okay; so long as you're willing to learn and work at it we're happy to help you improve as a player. Who Should I contact? You can contact any of the officers below in-game for more information, or visit our website at Allisar/Issden (GM) Battletag (Nubs#1963) Isuridedes Delzoun Battletag (Steinn#1433) AdilleAllisar0 Jun 20, 2013
Jun 20, 2013 [A]WTS: Pygmy Direhorn (uncaged) Not into pet battles myself but apparently this is a very good battle pet. Will entertain all serious offers on the alliance side. Otherwise I may just keep it as it is very, very cute. :D Item link: Please either reply here or contact me in-game. :)Hamartia5 Jun 20, 2013
Jun 18, 2013 [A-25] 1/12H The Old Guard Looking For More This is a recruitment thread for <The Old Guard> PvE guild. If you are interested in raiding and might be looking for a home for your character then we'd be delighted if you continue reading. To apply, head to our website at Who We Are <The Old Guard> started near the end of summer before the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Through time and commitment, we have grown into a large successful raiding guild clearing all raid content in 10 and 25 man modes. We do our best to maintain a social, drama-free and lighthearted environment while keeping high standards of conduct, dedication and performance in raids. We frown upon elitism and strive to treat all members fairly. We are currently 12/12 in Throne of Thunder 25N, 1/12 in 25H. We completed the previous tier content in normal modes. What Are Our Goals Our goal is to progress through all raid content, including heroics, while it is still relevant. We are looking for good people who love to raid. To expand upon that, we're looking for friendly, skilled and mature players who enjoy experiencing and progressing through PvE content. Why Do You Want To Raid With Us - We raid 3 nights a week for 3 hours each session - Mon, Tues and Thurs. Weekends are free. - Rotation schedules. To keep raid running consistently, we rotate our raiders to better handle nights off and emergencies. - We are a mature guild environment. The majority of our guild has been playing since Vanilla. Most of our members are working professionals and a few college students. - We have many gnomes. For hugging or emergency food supplies, your choice. Beware they may bite back. What Are We Looking For We will seriously consider any strong application regardless of class and spec that are level 90 and geared for the content we are tackling. When Do We Raid Below are our raiding days. Bare in mind that we expect our raiding members to have high attendance and to normally be able to sign up to all raid days. It is a lighter schedule than the norm for a 25 man so minimizing distractions during the raid is a must. - Monday 7:45 pm - 11:00 pm - Tuesday 7:45 pm - 11:00 pm - Thursday 7:45 pm - 11:00 pm Where To Find Additional Information Our website can be found at The applications board will contain information about the application process and our guild. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask our recruitment officer Midnitini. The GM is Mikako.Nanako56 Jun 18, 2013
Jun 17, 2013 [H-10] Exodus Recruiting [3/12N] Exodus Guild is Recruiting for 10 ToT What are you currently recruiting? Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman Unholy Deathknight Frost Deathknight Retribution Paladin Feral Druid Rogue* Please note that ALL applicants will be considered, despite recruitment needs. What is the Exodus raid schedule? Wednesday 8:45pm-12:00am EST Thursday 8:45pm-12:00am EST Sundays 8:45pm-12:00am EST*Please note that raid times may be subject to change. Can you tell me a little bit about Exodus? Exodus is a newly formed 10 man casual progression raiding guild. We are a group with good chemistry and crafted friendships. We enjoy raiding and consider ourselves progression, but understand that there is a balance that needs to be met between gaming and real life. Where can I apply or learn more about Exodus? Visit our website at Add BusterBrats#1327 to real ID and send a message in gameSpahf5 Jun 17, 2013
Jun 14, 2013 Might transfer In Hello there mister/miss reader. I'm thinking of taking advantage of the cheap realm transfer and this server is high on my list. After studying the battlegroup, though, how would you rate the PVP aspect of it, be it battlegrounds, world PVP, etcHsema3 Jun 14, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 Keedy Black H25M is recruiting Need 24 other skilled twerkers to help us twerk them bosses dead App: Video of you twerking and drinking koolaid at same time PST Gurio ingame for more informationDordrey6 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 Looking for a dungeon running/RP Guild! I and several of my alts may be a potential transfer, just looking for some friendly folks to give me a home in your lovely server! I adore doing dungeons and I am a beginner/casual RPer. Sentinels has been my only home for several years now...I think it might be time for a change if I can find the right community.Kirawolfkin1 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Now Crafting Vial of the Sands Was lucky enough to get this recipe yesterday. I'm happy to craft the mount for free for anyone willing to provide the materials and gold to buy the vendor parts. Shoot me a note on Stethane or Domo.Stethane0 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Seeking Exalted Harness, paying 2k Paying a cool 2k for it. I have no horde toons but I will use the neutral AH if necessary. Been seeking this piece for a long time. Reply either here or send me ingame mail.Hellmourne0 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 [SOCIAL] <The Honor Guard> Wants YOU! <The Honor Guard>, one of Earthen Ring's oldest and most stable guilds, is looking to expand its membership heading into this summer season. You may be right, we may be crazy, but we just may be the lunatics you're looking for! (Who DOESN'T love a Billy Joel reference) In return for your undying love and devotion, we offer the following: :::Guild Level 25, so all the perks and rewards associated with that::: :::Members who have been playing together for over 8 years, including the same officers::: :::A casual T14 raid on Thursday evenings; achievement raids on Sundays::: :::An active roster with a number of players on at all hours of the day doing various things::: :::An...interesting...guild chat that will likely leave you mentally broken but satisfied::: So what kind of players are we looking for? Our only true requirement is that you're a friendly person who plays well with others. Looking ahead to 5.4, we do plan to participate in the new flex raiding system, as it is tailor made for a guild like ours; a system for people who don't necessarily have the time/interest/ability to raid normals but still want to be with friends. If this sounds like the place to be for you, feel free to drop by our website ( to say hello and browse through our guild charter for more information. A PM here or in-game to me (Aurealius, Shendor, Semperius, Darkspyre) helps speed along the invite process but you can also look for any other member of the guild online for an invite as well. Thanks for reading, hope to see some new people in Azeroth soon! Godspeed and we look forward to seeing you in Azeroth!Aurealius15 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 So, I'm Thinking Xfer... I'm an old school PVE'r/RP'r who just recently came back to WoW after two years only to find my current server dead, dead, dead. I'm thinking of transferring back to Moon Guard, or starting fresh either here or WrA. I'm primarily looking for hardcore RP and PVE, but mainly want a fun, active population. So, I was hoping you for some info on ER. What's the server like? How's the RP (your guild list looks impressive)? I've been playing Horde for years but am not opposed to making the switch for the best experience. General impressions? Love it? Hate it? Give me some dirt! Thanks!Vasp4 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Wal Mart is Hiring "Wal Mart Specialist" Is recruiting a wide veriety of classes for RBG's. Prefer 1750+ in arena's. Currently setting up streamed: tournements (weekends), Raiding Stormwind, and world pvp.Captåmerica29 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 [H] Ex Inferis Looking for DPS and Heals Guild name: Ex Inferis Server: Earthen Ring - RP-PVE Faction: Horde Size: 10 Man Group 1 Raid Days: Sunday & Monday Raid Times: 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm EST Group 2 Raid Days: Sunday & Monday Raid Times: 8:00 pm until 10:00pm EST Group 3 Raid Days: Sunday & Tuesday Raid Times: 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm EST Recruiting the following: Pally (Holy) with DPS OS Any Healer with DPS OS Ex Inferis is looking for some mature raiders to fill out our raid teams. We currently have 3 teams, we are progressing in ToT 11/12 normal soon to start heroics. We are laid back in our style and only raid 2 days a week. Being laid back does not mean that we do not take raiding serious, since we only raid 2 days for a total of 4 hours we are in need of people that we can depend on. We are a mature guild, we joke around but get serious when time to raid. If you are just looking for a place to hang out feel free to join us. We have a third group that has just started raiding. Currently they are searching for a healer with a DPS OS, they mostly want a Pally, but are willing to work with any. This team also raids on Sun/Tues 9pm-11pm server In Cata we had one of the top rated RBG teams on server and are looking to start up again. If you are interested in any of these you can contact me or apply at inferis.guildlaunch.comPastor6 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 <CATACLYSM> 4/12 ToT - Casual Mature 10 man Tired of drama, cliques and like a casual FUN ambiance? Cata is an older, mature player based guild that manages a balance between game and life. Cataclysm: when there is more to life than just wow! CATACLYSM! Server: Earthen ring Faction: Horde So good they named an expansion for us! Cataclysm is one of the long standing horde based guilds on Earthen Ring. We've been in business for almost eight years now with no plans to stop. We are a raid focused guild that is currently fielding 10-man teams. We're currently looking for recruits of all classes and need a few raiders to complement our current line-up for regular raids and are also always in search of social members that makes Cataclyms what it is, a mature and fun guild. Raid spots are available on limited basis. Our raids are scheduled between Tuesday through Monday. 8:45pm EST start time going to about midnight. Loot is handled through the EPGP system with players being awarded EP based off of the time they have committed towards raiding. Our raiding policy isn't strict, we don't require you to attend 100% of raids. Above all, real life is handled first! We have a unique atmosphere that caters to the skilled, mature gamer. The guild is split into casual players who enjoy leveling toons and immersing themselves in gchat, to the highly skilled players who like to grind out new content. We have something for everyone. Guild Leadership The guild is managed by a team of officers who are committed to striking a happy balance between progress, enjoyment and real life. We are not only open to, but really want your suggestions and involvement in the health and progress of the guild. If you have any questions or concerns, contact any of the officers in-game or through this website by private message. The current officers are: Brewtalíty Lagunel (GL) Loode Tilikumnakai How we handle loot Our goals with our loot rules are to get EVERYONE geared as quickly as possible, as fairly as possible. The sooner every raiders is geared, the quicker and further the entire guild progresses! Cataclysm uses the EP/GP (Effort Points/Gear Points) loot system for our Official Raids. Of all the systems we've tested, we find it's the most fair, reliable and most straight-forward. Loot is awarded Main Spec first, going to the bidder with the highest PR (Point Ratio). If no one wants an item for Main Spec, it then goes to the person with the highest PR but no gear points are charged. That means off-spec is free loot that doesn't affect your EP/GP PR. You can read more about the EP/GP Loot System here. Required add-ons for Raiders There are some add-ons we ask all raiders to have. The primary example being EPGP since it is required for loot distribution. We will link to them on for ease and to be sure it's is exactly the correct one, but use whichever download site you prefer. Required for Raiders EPGP (core) EPGP Lootmaster Deadly Boss Mods -or- BigWigs (Boss fight information and situational awareness) Mumble (Chat client used during raids - or to just socialize) Recommended for Raiders GTFO (combat alerts) Recount (statistics) A good healing Raid frame (Vuhdo, healbot, grid, etc) (For all Healers)Loode0 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 So... Shadow Remains... Yes. Shadow Remains. Elurs and I were talking the other day. We are tired of SR not actively raiding anymore. We want guild runs. We want to get back in to challenging dungeons... With that said, we actually have to start recruiting. So if you see Elurs or myself in game, introduce yourselves. Raid times are currently under discussion. We are considering 8 PM server weekdays - Weekends pretty open to timing. At this point, we don't have the schedule built out. Will be doing that based on guild member input. Come hang out with us, see if we have the same goals. Have fun!Diamondsoul12 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Server Transfer LF Guild I am in the process of transferring this Shadow Priest and my Mage to Earthen Ring from a dying server. I am looking for an adult (18+) guild that is active. Although I do RP on occasion, I am interested in all aspects of the gameplay including old and new dungeons and raids. I am kind of burned out on progression raiding and took a break since Panderia has come out, although I am ready to dip back in on a limited basis. Can anyone recommend a guild for me on this server?Seidre2 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 (A/H/RP) Echoes of Theramore Originally posted on our player-run roleplay network ( a.k.a. ERN) here: To Citizens of Azeroth, Hellscream's Horde is a machine that threatens to overtake all. Too long has it sought out the perfect weapon or means to eradicate the peoples of Azeroth. Too long has it been since his Horde used such a weapon without warning or provocation. Too long has he cut down both Alliance and Horde who have stood against him. Too long has the Grand Alliance stood as a bulwark against the red tide, but not as a driving force, but as only a container or keeper. No longer. It is time to drive the tide of Hellscream to Orgrimmar and unseat a warchief from his throne. The blood spilled by tyrants runs thick. It runs from civilians and soldiers lost in a war waged without bounds. This war has spilled a tide of blood that stains us all. I call upon those of all walks and banners to unseat Hellscream and bring peace to Azeroth. Let us push Hellscream's tide to where it began. The Templars of the Rose calls upon its allies to drive a wedge between Hellscream and anything he desires. A blockade will cut him off from the world, attacks will drive the Horde retreat from Pandaria. Aid will flow to those who rise against him and swords will clash against those who uphold him. Let us swell into our own wave and wash away Hellscream. He will hear the echoes of Theramore and know the torrent he unleashed when he sundered its beacon of peace. We will retake Theramore's ruins and dominate the south seas. Any ship that flies Hellscream's colors will know our fleet by name and where it came. The Rose calls upon any ship or soldier that will answer and join the cause, for our battles will be many. Let us oust a tyrant together and close the chapter of war once again on Azeroth. For Theramore. Light's blessing. Signed, Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield Justicar, Templars of the Rose ---- Out-of-character Info Q: What is Echoes of Theramore? Echoes of Theramore is a naval campaign kicking off in Patch 5.3. Naval battles, open roleplay, and other operations will be some of the roleplay to be found. Q: Who can get involved? Anyone who asks. Events are open to all who wish to get involved, Alliance or Horde. We're also seeking roleplayers who want to play Horde and/or pirate opposition. Send a PM to myself, Kino, or Kelaani. Q: How do I get involved/know what's going on? A meta-guild group will be created on the ERN for communication. Events and updates will be posted on the ERN as well, so everyone is in the loop. Q: Where is the plot located? Land-based roleplay will begin at Sentry Point in Dustwallow, the tower just outside the ruins of Theramore, and will advance based on roleplay. Naval roleplay will take place on the vacant ships over Vash'jir or in the bay north of Binan Village in Kun-Lai. Note that many of these ships are placeholders, and the ships' actual locations will heavily depend on roleplay as well. Ships at cities will be used on occasion, should ships make port. Q: How will ships battle each other? There are two stages: bombardment, which is based on dice rolls and hit points, then boarding, which is done by duels. Either /duel or roleplay duels are fine. The bombardment phase will vary based on the ships involved and the ships' capabilities. For example, some are faster or heavier hitters than others. For details and number crunching, see Kelaani and Kino. Q: Will everyone have to use the same battling system? No. Variations are welcome, as long as battling parties choose mutual terms. Q: Who has what ship, etc.? Ships are expensive and not everyone has one. For the sake of sanity and fun, I don't want to create a rule system of who has what ships, since all it will do is end up with people barking at each other and hurt feelings. Instead, I'm going to rely on trust. If your character has had a ship and you want to jump in, please do. If you'd like your character to have a ship, please have fun acquiring one. It can be a frigate or a tugboat, just remember that the hit in the wallet isn't the same. Q: I have other questions. Please don't hesitate to fire away below or send a PM ingame.Arialynn10 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 WTB Darkmoon Game Prize + Well-Worn Blindfold Obtained, but thank you regardless!Bitterst4 Jun 4, 2013
May 30, 2013 [A] Dark Legend LF Backup/Fill-in DPS & Heals WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Back-Up DPS and Heals - As of right now we do not have a open position for a full time raider...BUT we always have people that are willing to, or at times, would rather sit out on random nights. We will have a lot of open raid nights this summer with vacations. If this is okay with you, please apply. WHAT WE EXPECT OF YOU: Raiders that know their class/spec/role inside & out. Players that are motivated to read encounter information before raids. Players that are “situationally aware” and can pick up the mechanics of an encounter quickly. Possess a working microphone and know when, and when not to use it. Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not crash on heavily graphical encounters. APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS: Attend 2-3 raids as an applicant RAID REQUIREMENTS: 500 Item level All gear must be gemmed, enchanted and correct to your class/spec Come on time and prepared Deadly Boss Mods addon Ventrilo RAIDING SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday nights 9pm – 11:30pm WHAT OUR GUILD CAN OFFER: A stable & mature raiding environment A chance to get a full-time raider position in a 10man progression guild. Raid repairs & flasks/food/pots for raid nights A simple loot policy: Main Spec Open Roll Loot System. A simple guild rule: RESPECT. Our guild is drama free and “family” like because of that once simple rule. Contact Arienn in game (Battletag Arienn#1677) or apply @ darklegend.guildportal.comArienn0 May 30, 2013
May 30, 2013 widdine? all fixed ignore this threadValibas2 May 30, 2013
May 30, 2013 [A/RP] Harbor Market, 1st Sunday Every Month Good greetings, roleplayers of Earthen Ring! It's been some time since I posted Harbor Market updates on these forums, but I thought I'd bring back a current version of Ye Olde Harbor Market thread: Let's get started! Q: What is the Harbor Market? The Harbor Market is an Allianceside merchant's market that began June 27, 2010. It has been hosted bi-weekly since, and is now a monthly event that visits each Alliance capital city on a rotating schedule. Roleplayers are encouraged to come as vendors or buyers to sell/buy ingame professions, roleplay items, recruit new members to their guild, or entertain. The market also includes a raffle, and fireworks shows and parades for special occasions. Q: When does the Harbor Market occur? The Harbor Market currently occurs on the first Sunday of each month in a different Alliance capital city. This thread on the community Earthen Ring RP Network ( will update regularly to let folks know when and where the next market is in town. Q: How do I get involved? There are many ways! Sponsor: a sponsor is generally a roleplay guild that helps advertise for the market, chooses a theme, and provides entertainment for market-goers. Past examples include weapon demonstrations, cook-off contests, and charity drives. Manager: market managers are alts in the <Council of Merchants> who dedicate their time to networking, advertising, and organizing the market. It's a busy position and the work they put in is much appreciated! Vendor: vendors set up booths at each market to sell items, ranging from ingame mats, craftables, food/drink, or roleplay items such as those made by addons. Vendors are encouraged to be innovative with their wares and sales pitch and can sell their items for gold should they wish. Shopper: a shopper is a market participant who comes to meet roleplayers, buy items at the market, and participate in the raffles and contests. All are invited and are encouraged to help along the ingame roleplay economy. Q: What does a Harbor Market look like? Here are some screenshots! Here are folks gathered for the end-of-night market raffle: And here's an aerial shot for the second anniversary celebration: Q: I'm not a roleplayer but I want to sell things. Can I get involved? Yes, but with a catch! If you'd like to participate, please roleplay your transactions. This can be done with a few /says and /emotes. If you have any questions, give Annalynda, myself, or another CoM member a ring. Q: I'm not from Earthen Ring, but can I get involved? Yes! Roleplayers from other realms are invited to join us by rolling an alt on Earthen Ring or using cross-realm zoning. Just note that if you take the latter method, you won't be able to trade with ER players or join us when the market visit Stormwind due to CR limitations. However, cross zoning is an ever-changing feature and we'll keep you all updated. If you'd like bring your own local realm vendors, go for it! Just give Annalynda, myself, or other CoM folks a ring so we can organize the vendor booths. We like to keep things spaced out and mitigate chat spam so folks can keep up with roleplay. Q: I have another question. No problem, just sound it off here and it will be answered. This thread will be updated regularly.Toddles25 May 30, 2013
May 29, 2013 Crafting a World of War Hey everyone! So in a previous thread I had discussed a bit of dissapointment with RP overall. Not that it isn't great, I love RP, that's why I'm here. I've discovered my frustration lies in the fact that nothing tangible is effected by RP! Nothing that we can lay our hands on and claim, no solid evidence, other than great stories. And the fact that we don't operate under restrictions. That we are free to do whatever, and therfore that creates less room to have good quality RP, not more. Well, I've thought of a bit of a solution. A game withing the game if you will. A tangible goal, that multiple entities can be working towards or against. My idea is to create a global war, with territories, resources, and lives at stake. A war between the Horde and the Alliance. I haven't edified it yet, but what if we made it so that multiple guilds from each side could participate in this. What if RP actually effected the outcome of battles, of trade, of lives, of territories, or resources, and the like. Effectively this would be much like risk. Factions would control territories and could only attack territories that are nearby. Turns can be taken, and times would be set for those turns. And what if territories gave resources that supplied armies. This leaves plenty of room for Guard, House, and Political RP, holy, and all those varieties of RP. But also what if money was involved, underground cartels, mobs, thugs, and the like could get involved in that way as well. This is a very basic idea. It's not perfect, and still has a ton to work out, so be gentle. But what do you think?Rethrok3 May 29, 2013
May 28, 2013 Opinions Wanted: Death Knights as Kor'Kron Hello all, This si something I've been thinking about a little bit. I miss the Horde-side of RP, and now that I have a second toon nearly to 90, I've been considering moving my DK back to the Horde, as an Orc. At first, I though "Hey, why not RP him as a member of the Kor'Kron? Perhaps one who fell/was raised in Northrend as a DK during the campaign there, or possible backtrack all the way to the initial scourge invasion (the pre-WOTLK event). Then I figured I'd RP him as an anti-Garrosh Orc, clinging to his Kor'Kron traditions and honor, viewing his loyalty to the Horde and its ideals as he understands it, not necessary its Warchief. BUT, not necessarily on this realm, but on others, I've seen downright hostility towards Death Knight players wanting to RP as members of the Kor'Kron. Something about us all being immature n00bs who can't play any other class. I don't let other peoples opinions sway the way I play my characters typically, but, for a character to be fun, they have to have SOME degree of acceptance (i.e. in-game hostility is fine, but if everytime I walk into Orgrimmar in Kor'kron gear as a DK I get grief, IMO it's just not worth it...) So I wanted to see if there was a general consensus here on ER regarding this. Like I said, on other realms (mainly Wyrmrest Accord, it seems) there is DEFINITELY a well-voiced opinion on the matter, and that is that NO DK should RP as a member of the Kor'kron, EVER. Is it like that here?Larkgrave0 May 28, 2013
May 27, 2013 [H] <Aberration> is recruiting We are a level 25 social raiding guild on Earthen Ring. Our goal is to make sure all of our members have fun first and foremost. As well as progressively raiding. Basically come to have fun and if you fell like raiding that is open to you as well right now we raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:15pm invites go out at 8:00pm. (For those into raiding) as well as at some point I would like to start a rated pvp team. Our back ground we where form 2 1/2 years ago on the server Malygos decided to move due to lack of horde and disrespectful people on the server. Our 1st week on Earthen Ring we started raiding and by the 3rd week we downed Deathwing… which was a great feat for us and feel it was due to the new people we picked up on Earthen Ring and just there mere friendliness. We do have many people that do play Sarcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well as other games. We plan to go back to old content to get achievements. So to some things up our goal is to provide a fun leveling and raiding experience in one big family. We are also looking for Raiders that can make the Raiding time of 8:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday for Current ish content and Weds at 8:15 we just run some random old Raids for and the trans mog Fell free to contact Kameo or any guild member to get you an officer for information on joining the guild as well as visit . As well as my gamer tag is Kameo#1392 P.S. All we ask from our member is to be respectful to othersKameo0 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Thinking of moving Greetings ER! I am thinking of changing realms and this one is top of the list (want to stay in an RP server). My current realm and guild are in a time zone that makes me unable to do much with others due to my job having horrible hours and alliance is very quiet here. I enjoy all aspects of the game, pvp, pve and rp (especialy achivement/mount/pet farming) and may have a friend coming with me. How active are things over there ali side? Thanks!Deatra6 May 27, 2013
May 24, 2013 Earthen Ring Worgen/Traveling RP Edited by Bloodpelt on 5/20/13 10:23 AM (PDT) Hello Earthen Ring! my name is Bloodpelt and I RP as a Worgen whom has embraced the wild as his life, though interacting with humans on occasion. I am NOT feral I just have chosen to live in the wild among other likeminded Worgen I still know how to interact with humans and have control over my actions and emotions. It is summer break for me! and I am terribly bored out of my mind, I have been leveling up alts but at the same time I want to RP, so I've decided to start up an RP and anyone is welcome to join. Our story starts out where Bloodpelt has traveled to Stormwind to pick up some supplies in which his pack is missing, though being gone for a while he now has to make his way back to the point where his pack left off (not in a guild and have no official pack as of the moment) Going by the name of Arcadias Felborne in human form, Bloodpelt is traveling on the road to the wetlands. Where his pack has left off, depending on how many people rp with me will determine whether or not the pack is actually there or if they have left him behind. Nothing is set in stone I've just come up with the beginning and I look forward to rping with you and making things up along the way! Some things I want you to know, if you are a Worgen (don't have to be, could be any other race I come across in travels) then I prefer for you to RP in human form, frankly I think it's a bit odd that I see so many people running around as Worgen in human society, to the average person they'd probably be terrified of a massive Lupine like beast that could rip you to shreds if it really wanted. One of my other rules is NO RPing in Armor and weapons (Unless attacked by bandits, if something like that happens) (Certain leather and cloth are acceptable) I can't stress how much I doubt every single person can afford plate or chain armor in the Warcraft universe, not to mention wearing it all the time would be tiresome and carrying a weapon in your hands all the time would probably inspire fear in others who might assume you're going to hurt them. There are multiple ways we can RP this, you could become one of my traveling companions or I can simply run across you in my travels, etc right now I am currently stationed near the stormwind gates and don't plan on RPing anymore until somebody takes interest, keep in mind this won't be a heroic battle of clashing swords and smashing armor type of RP, just some simple traveling RP and hoping to find my pack again. If you want to join up with me here's my steam info just add me on steam and hit me up with a message Steam: Tyren Andell or Message me in game on the Earthen Ring Server as my name is Bloodpelt, I might be on Ghazaghkull (my orc) or Elindir (my Bloodelf) I'll be checking this post frequently too if you want to leave your info here so I can message you in game.Bloodpelt1 May 24, 2013
May 23, 2013 LF casual or raiding guild gmt +8 Hi guys, I'm looking for a casual or raiding gmt+8 guild to chill and hang out with. Prefer if can do t14 or t15 raid as well. Just post here or add me on my battle tag: Evilrevenant#1169 Thanks!Padowan0 May 23, 2013
May 21, 2013 [A] House of Avalon ToT 10m Recruiting Healer House of Avalon is a level 25 Alliance Guild currently building our raid group. We are looking for 1 healer with the motivation to 2 heal whenever possible to fill out our roster, any class. Preferred minimum item level 496+ We are running Throne of Thunder Normal. Other members are mostly veteran players with experience ranging from 1/12 to Heroic ToT. We raid Monday and Wednesday 9pm-12am. Vent is required.Sophrosyne0 May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013 The Earthen Ring Roleplaying Network Citizens of Azeroth! Are you looking for a place of like minded roleplayers? Are you looking for tools for the community, to join together and not only share your experiences, works of wonder, and battles, but share in the experiences of others? Do you wish for a place where you can find roleplayers in a snap, and be able to collaborate to make a story fitting the heroes of the Alliance or Horde? Then join us, on the Earthen Ring Roleplaying Network! We have a community site for the Earthen Ring roleplayers to congregate and share in their tales of glory, woe, drama, and wonder. We pride in being years old, with not only having tools to help facilitate and benefit your roleplay, but a myriad of members of the server, from fresh faces to veterans, always ready to chat with about the game or whatever your interest may be (but mostly World of Warcraft. We're nerds like that.) So give us a look, and hopefully Earthen Ring becomes a memorable home for you, as it did for all of us. Site itself: www.earthenring.netCalithos2 May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013 [A] <Alliance Protectorate> *Heavy RP Guild* Alliance Protectorate is a Heavy RP guild on Alliance side of Earthen Ring and invites new and old roleplayers to join our ever growing community. The Protectorate was formerly known as The Conjurers Court which has been around since 2009. In mid September of this year; the Conjurers Court and the Stormwind Guard merged into the present guild of the Alliance Protectorate. The Alliance Protectorate is considered to be a Guard guild but not all members are members of the Stormwind Guard. With this merge currently Kelsus Hadson serves as Grandmaster of the Protectorate and Flixle Sparkspindle serving as Captain of the Guard and Second in Command of the Protectorate. RP Theme: The Alliance Protectorate is the First and Last line of defense of the Alliance. The Protectorate is a Multi-role organization of the Alliance that serves as a unique combat force of the Alliance ranging from heroes, adventurers, and soldiers in a single organization that promotes Honor and Duty in the Alliance. The Protectorate also hosts the Stormwind Guard Division which acts as the City Guard over the realm of Stormwind and her territories but has recently taken a more active role in the changing times of Azeroth. The Guild: We view ourselves as a casual bunch of misfits who are friendly and welcoming and especially enjoying the game. This means that we do occasionally do raids ranging from current to past and enjoy doing BG's and any sort of PVP. Now to note, we are a RP guild first and foremost so all members are required to be at least roleplayers. We are also currently attempting to rebuild a raiding team for the guild as well. Requirements: Basic information on roleplaying, knowing what IC and OOC is really the major requirements, we encourage new roleplayers to join the guild and really just want like minded people who enjoy the game in our community. In order to join the Alliance Protectorate, please contact myself, Flixle, or any member of the Alliance Protectorate and we'll happily do an interview with you for entry into the guild. Misc Notes: The Protectorate currently manages the Pig and Whistle tavern as an Panderan restaurant and occasional hotspot for roleplay. The guild also hosts numerous RP events that ranges from large masquerade balls to Secret Father winter's gift exchanges, most events will be posted on the Earthen Ring Network.Kelsus6 May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013 Playing a while, first RP Char. bckgnd ?? I've been playing a couple of years and am 47. Started reading fiction when I was a teenager. This is to be my first RP toon. I did my homework on Orcs at least from a google the orcs basis. I'd like your critique on the Following info and see if this fits lore or do I have something wrong? Never mind about your particular politics on Garrosh, just is this a workable scenario. Keep in mind it starts with a child's horrific discovery. and there are no Spoilers for those that haven't hit 90 yet. The next post in the thread will contain the info. Seems I hit the 5000 char limit.Baldandold2 May 21, 2013