Earthen Ring

Nov 29, 2012 Raiding With Leashes. So was I wrong in reading the patch notes that specifically said you could solo or are Twin Emps and Visc still damn near impossible to solo?Gori11 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 Shadowfae Trickster pickpocket no moar?! So I've been farming for the Gloaming Blade by pickpocketing these Shadowfae dude. But now after 5.1 says theres no pockets to pick, any one know another source for vinecracked lock box?Sictricity0 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 WTB Filter for Green Tea Leaf Filter PST! I will HOLLAH for the DOLLAH. This isn't complicated. I'm an herbalist, and I would like to have fewer Green Tea Leaf nodes appear. Will pay lots of gold. I will also dance. Bring it! /dance DastyDastaria2 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 accidental post, please delete .Chrozz1 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 For Sale: Ramencup's Cooked Manly Parts Ramencup is selling his manly parts, prepared for consumption in whatever manner you choose. Contact him for more info.Shanudis3 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 [H] 10m <Treachery> recruiting Healer and DPS <Treachery> is a tight knit group of folks who raid because its what makes the world go round. To raid with us, please be knowledgeable and experienced, and looking to have a good time. However, we are a progression oriented group so we will have very little truck with incompetence and lack of dedication. We work with what we have to get the job done. And remember, gear is farm able; so if you think you have what it please contact one of the following people: Axon/BreakinBones (kronos#1118) Zoldock Moostachio kathesniper/kathebrutalBreakinbones1 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 Selling Robe Of Eternal Rule + Free Enchant Serious buyers only. Average price of materials: Blood Spirit x 8 >>>5,000g - 8,000g each. + Spirit of Harmony x 6 >>> 500g - 1,000g each. + Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats >>> FREE (exchangeable with any other chest enchant) = Robe of Eternal Rule >>> 60,000g (10,000g cheaper than average maximum) Please send me an in-game letter if you are interested in this item, or post in this thread.Chrozz0 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 WTB Slavehandler Greens! COD to me immediately!Cornpower1 Nov 25, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 [H] <Prime> Recruiting Last Core 10m Spot Hello! <Prime> is a relatively new guild to Earthen Ring though most of us have floated around for awhile. We are actively seeking members to fill out the remaining spots in our 10 Man Raid. These spots will not go to a casual raider. Though we only raid 3 nights a week we expect to progress during that time. Work outside of raids is a requirement to be in our guild. Showing effort outside of the raid is a must. As some of this server has noticed many members of <Prime> were in decent gear before even stepping foot in a raid. This is because we put in the effort to be prepared. Raid Times: Mon: 8pm - 12am Tues: 8pm - 12am Thurs: 8pm - 12am Benefits: Full Repair Gems Flasks Food Enchants(All) Requirements: Ventrillo Prior Progression Raid Experience Contact anyone in Prime in game and/or you can apply at Recruiting The Last Spot For Our Core(DPS): Hunter Rogue DK Recruiting For Backup: DK (Any Spec) Monk (Any Spec) Priest(Any Spec) Druid(Any Spec) Shaman(Any Spec) Wowprogress: Nov 25, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 LF Low level guild Hey guys, I'm looking for a low level guild that I can grow with as a player. I just rolled a tauren paladin (named Cowherdly) and I'm looking for a guild that I can help level, get achievements, and hopefully eventually raid when the guild gets to the higher ranks with more players. Thanks!Pandoma1 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Rest in peace Ully 11-20-2012 For those that do not know Aberration lost a great friend and member over the past week . On Nov 20th we lost a great Friend and healer in our guild. His name was Ully he has been my right hand man for over 3 years. Anyone that have ever crossed paths with him know he would do anything for any one. I don’t really know what to say other then wanted to let the community know that he will be miss and always in our hearts. You will be miss my Brother at Arms.Kameo4 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Looking to join or help start a troll guild I just came back from a break in the game and looking to start fresh on a new realm. I was wondering if there was a troll rp guild already out there and or if anyone would like to help make one. I'm still trying to learn the lore and still a novice of sorts when it comes to role playing. If interested let me knowZevrij0 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 23, 2012 Guild for parents wanting to play WoW w/ kids Hey all, just got my 13 year old set up for WoW, which he has been bugging me for for years now! I was wondering if there were any guilds out there that are mainly for parents who want to play the game with their kids and also know that they are in a safe environment when they cant play together. I am thinking of starting my own with that purpose in mind and was just wondering a few things: 1. Are there guilds out there currently like this? Are they successful? 2. If there are guilds like this around, can anyone give me some insight as to the best way to go about starting one like it? Obviously it would be a mostly casual playstyle with helpful members and a safe guild chat. Although I would love to be able to get some guild dungeon runs and events scheduled for both family times (with kids) and maybe later events for parents...we all need our "own" play time too! Anyway, please any and all HELPFUL (trolls need not reply) advice or information would be great!! Thanks tons, MyrrdynMyrrdyn7 Nov 23, 2012
Nov 23, 2012 News about my past and future stories. I have been giving some thought to this idea of doing stories again for having fun. So if i do, here is my plan for alot of them: 1. Master and the apprentice( relation betwee Bara and my DK, including how he hates humans, what he thinks about humans, trolls, Illidan Stormrage with night elfs included, Elune, ashbringer, and with the appearence of Kormok's dad (and maybe kormok.) 2. Death of a chieftain (My DK's telling of how he killed Kormok's dad when the LK found out they knew each other and will detail how different he was when wraithverge was a DK) 3. House of Ravens(if you can't tell who I am collabing with then you prolly don't know who is who on ER, and also this is old so I am finishing this one up. 4. When I was born (orgin story of Bara, with details of his mom and what he was like as a child) 5. Man of Sanity (maybe) if Erik comes back I'll try to do one with him because his stories are really awesome. 6. Blistering cold- That one will tell what Baranalot was doing in WOTLK expansion 7. Blades and Daggers- kind of a tribute piece for Daggers of Varian guild from back in the day. and yeah.... This will take me a good couple months but alot of these will have interesting view points, symbolism, and imagery so please read them and have fun.Baranalot1 Nov 23, 2012
Nov 22, 2012 World Bosses World bosses are awesome. I really enjoy creating a group and fighting over the alliance to get the kill. I remember being in some epic galleon fights where both horde and alliance were fighting for the tag, tons of fun!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure most people won't agree with me on this but I think that they should decrease the spawn timer on sha so that there could be more battles between horde and allliance. I also think it would be awesome if we could get flagged pvp for attacking galleon or sha. Then there would be tons of world pvp going on and lots of more fun. Now it seems that everyone does world bosses just for the gear, which is fine, but it annoys me when people complain that they only got gold.Demhealz2 Nov 22, 2012
Nov 21, 2012 Need your PVP tips!Rogue-Pally Hey everyone, my friend and I have been doing arena's lately and would like some tips. Bring on the hate! Assassination-rogue Holy- pally Nov 21, 2012
Nov 21, 2012 LF 2's Partner Hey, havent really got into arenas this expac and would like to, if anyone is interested pst here or in game, thanks.Tyræl2 Nov 21, 2012
Nov 21, 2012 [H.10] Ex Inferis is LFM! Hey everyone, we are looking for 2-3 players to fill our early 10 man raid. We have been raiding for a long time on this realm and we plan to keep that trend going. Our times are 830-1130pm server time; Tuesday, Sunday and Monday are the 3 nights we raid. Right now we are looking for 1 healer with a solid dps OS, and 2 DPS of almost any kind. We have 3 Monks, 1 for each role, so I would prefer to fill with other classes. Shaman or priest healers would be best, but we're not picky. What we expect from you: The main rule of our guild is ‘Don’t be a jerk’. This applies to how you treat fellow guildies as well as the general Earthen Ring population. We do not tolerate drama of any kind and if you have an issue with the way things are handled you should bring it up to the officers in a private forum. The l33t, the melodramatic, and the self-entitled need not apply. We’re all here to have a good time and kill some baddies, not play host to the behaviorally challenged. If interested please contact me in game, or on our website: We are looking to fill ASAP!Vaevic3 Nov 21, 2012
Nov 21, 2012 Rezi, Size Matters! Rezi, Merchant Greenfield is too portly and the mount you are currently using is too small. I would have thought as leader of one of the premier raiding guilds on the server you would, well, have something a little bigger in your pack(age). That is all, DastyDastaria20 Nov 21, 2012
Nov 19, 2012 Looking for a raid team! I'm an ilevel 463 prot warrior looking for, preferrably, a weekend raid team. I'm pretty free from 5-11ish on weekdays, too. I haven't done any serious raiding in a good amount of time, but I'd like to get back into it. I've been playing my warrior since the vanilla days, so I know all three specs pretty thoroughly, but I'm definitely more interested in protection as my main spec. Also, my ilevel 462 monk healer friend, Rahxephon, would also like to join =DPalasnazzed4 Nov 19, 2012
Nov 19, 2012 [A} LF active, social, casual guild Let me start by saying I am extremely loyal to the guild I belong to, however there just is never anyone online anymore. I was hoping MoP would change this but it has yet to do that. Anyway, I would really like to find a guild that has active members between 8pm and 1am EST. Preferably not one of those huge guilds you get "lost" in, but rather one of decent size, say no more than 100 members. I solo level as kitty DPS but dungeon run and would love to raid as resto. I would love to find a guild that ran some events and had guild runs and such on a scheduled or at least fairly regular basis. Thanks much for any info you may have, MyrMyrrdyn1 Nov 19, 2012
Nov 18, 2012 <Neckbeard Excursion> LF DPS <Neckbeard Excursion> We are a former top 50 US 10 Man guild focused on hardcore progression that has been together for roughly 3 years. Raids are 4-5 days a week(Depending on state of progression) from 8:00 Pm- 12:00 AM EST on Earthen Ring(Horde). Progression: - Ranked #161 US 10 Man Guild according to Guidox - Ranked#231 in US 25+10 Progress - Ranked first on Earthen Ring. - Cleared 6/6 N first week. - Currently 2/6 Heroic. Recruitment: Prefer 475 ilevel+ but all are considered! One of the following classes/specs: - 1 Ret Paladin - 1 Arms/Fury Warrior Feel free to check out our world of logs if you are interested: What we expect from you: - Near 100% attendance, this is not a bench spot. if you don't show up, we don't progress. - Positive attitude towards wiping, it happens/Man up for own mistakes. - Able to live in an adult oriented vent What you can expect from us: - Take server firsts and compete for high rankings - Give you a fair shot - Replace people in the raid who suck Applying: If you have ANY interest/questions please contact me(or anyone listed below) and we can talk. My battletag: Deshawnjones#1258 Another person you can talk to if I am not online: Kraks#1288 If on Earthen ring: Message or mail Kraks/Cowchi/ReziCowchi7 Nov 18, 2012
Nov 18, 2012 (H) Frost mage Lf 3's/rbg group Yep, I'm bored and looking for a pvp group for 3's or rbg's. What you get: A frost mage who doubles as a Pokemon in org that has 1800 exp who knows what a peel, swap, and how to chain cc's with out overlap. Would like to push rating but at this point would just like a group that plays consistently to fill in time between raids. Sincerely, ER's Rank 1 Pokemon. or something idk.Poliwhirl14 Nov 18, 2012
Nov 16, 2012 Haters ball protest That is right fun times shall be had :D anyone is invited it will be at the mage quarters and everyone dress like ya want. Oh and horde can come as well :DBaranalot7 Nov 16, 2012
Nov 15, 2012 So Lonely. It's so lonely out here in front of Terrace of Endless Springs where is everyone?Rezi4 Nov 15, 2012
Nov 15, 2012 WTB Void Storage Expansion. Seriously, I have a problem with the need to collect EVERY SINGLE fun looking weapon and shield and am running out of room =( Who seriously farms up Vanilla mats to craft an Engineering shield almost 9 years after the games been released?Gori2 Nov 15, 2012
Nov 14, 2012 From the Desk of Ryzor. Greetings Fellow Roleplayers, Some of you may remember the name Ryzor although my avatar may show as Mathorius, as I was planning on starting fresh on this lovely Earthen Ring realm, however I decided to completely move over and bring my Paladin along with me. So my name is Michaelson and I am new to the realm here, hence my introduction statement. I just wanted to give a quick hello and say a few things in regards to my character with hopes of networking and finding like minded players to roleplay with. Michaelson Dragonlocke is a Paladin of the Light, he hails from Stromgarde prior to the invasion of the Orcish Horde, which then drove him and his family to Goldenshire. He is a freelance mercenary at times, though righteous to the core with faith. Being unguilded as of right now he wanders throughout the lands of Azeroth with hopes of adventure and challenge. He is also a writer on his off time and will be hosting and organizing certain events which will come soon, both in game and on message boards. Now I have just recently submitted an account to and I have hopes to most of my work there, (ie; newletters, in-game events, etc) however worst case scenario I will conducting here on the forums here. Again, I want to say Greetings and May the Light Bless You. Until We Meet ~ Michaelson Dragonlocke Please feel free to contact me in game: Username: MichaelsonMathorius0 Nov 14, 2012
Nov 14, 2012 [H] <Aberration> is recruiting We are a level 25 social raiding guild on Earthen Ring. Our goal is to make sure all of our members have fun first and foremost. As well as progressively raiding. Basically come to have fun and if you fell like raiding that is open to you as well right now we raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:15pm invites go out at 8:00pm. (For those into raiding) as well as at some point I would like to start a rated pvp team. Our back ground we where form 2 years ago on the server Malygos decided to move due to lack of horde and disrespectful people on the server. Our 1st week on Earthen Ring we started raiding and by the 3rd week we downed Deathwing… which was a great feat for us and feel it was due to the new people we picked up on Earthen Ring and just there mere friendliness. We do have many people that do play Sarcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well as other games. We plan to go back to old content to get achievements. So to some things up our goal is to provide a fun leveling and raiding experience in one big family .Fell free to contact Kameo or any guild member to get you an officer for information on joining the guild as well as visit . As well as my gamer tag is Kameo#1392 P.S. All we ask from our member is to be respectful to othersKameo0 Nov 14, 2012
Nov 14, 2012 Late Night Raiding! Hello all! I have been lurking about these forums and seeing as i am both a RP-er and Raider I stumbled upon this server in hopes of many things. Community, Raiding, and of course RP! I have heard nothing but great things about this server and wish to join everyone of you all as i grow upon it! Now here is my dilemma! My friend and I work very late shifts. And we both are out at 12am PST! Now if anyone could be so kind as to give me a list of guilds that my friend and I could join that raid about this time i would be very grateful! We both have some MoP experience but tire of our classes (That is if you need me on the same i will oblige, but i currently do not have the funds to faction/transfer. So i will be rerolling). Anyone that is willing to take us in or point us in the right direction i would enjoy immensely! Hope to see you all on the battlefield soon or perhaps in a tavern or two ;DCarnonos0 Nov 14, 2012
Nov 14, 2012 Roleplayers United! Greetings Earthen Ring, Old player newe character here, brought back to Earthen Ring as I did many years ago and had a great time with roleplay and friends alike. So my question this morning is, how is the roleplay these days? I see the forums show some activity and if so, are there any in game channels, or websites, etc? How can a new character old player get in touch with roleplayers of ER? - RyzorRyzor3 Nov 14, 2012
Nov 13, 2012 [A] <Knights of Chyrellos> new guild LFM <Knights of Chyrellos> is a new Alliance side guild looking for more members. We're a few core members away from being able to raid. Check out our website or whisper anyone in game if you're interested. We are looking for members that: 1. Tell it like it is. We value honesty--no need to beat around the bush. Those who can't take teasing need not apply. 2. Value working together towards a common goal. We're all here to help each other. We want raiders who: 1. Are willing to put in the time necessary and make a commitment to excellence. 2. Have the computer specs to be able to handle a 10 man fight without their computer grinding to a halt. 3. Understand the realities of progression raiding. Its going to be hard, its not LFR. 4. Are willing to use a voice chat program to listen to instruction during the raid. No mic required.Mayiel3 Nov 13, 2012
Nov 12, 2012 [A-10] Insurgence is Recruiting Open Slots Healer/DPS Combo (Preference for non-Paladin, non-Priest) Ranged DPS (Caster Preferred) Note If you're just looking for a home on Earthen Ring and are not available for raiding, we do accept non-raiders into the guild. We're a pretty accommodating bunch. Current Raiding Schedule Monday: 8pm - 11pm Server Time Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm Server Time Thursday: 8pm - 11pm Server Time Officers / Website Issden (GM) Tormechi Isuridedes (Also on 'Kieru' quite often) - Apply via Website Who We Are Insurgence was created in late WotLK near the end of the summer before the Cataclysm expansion. We started as a group of friends from our prior guild with the intent of raiding and clearing 10 man content in Cataclysm. We've since gone on to complete all content put in front of us, and we're looking forward to doing the same thing in the Mists. We aren't a "Tip of the Spear" guild in that we aren't particular shooting for realm first kills. We are a full progression guild, and strive to be as competitive on the guild rank charts, and in terms of pure completion of content. We do our best to maintain a fun, social, open lighthearted environment while keeping high standards of dedication and performance in our raids. There is an adult atmosphere abound in this guild, but that does not mean disrespect or any type of harassment is tolerated. What We Expect We expect our raiding members to have high attendance rate and to normally be able to sign up to all raid days. However we do recognize that the real world happens and expect all members/applicants to provide a simple call and or in-game note that you can't make it ahead of time. Remember others are dependent on you showing up, it's the only decent thing to do. We are a relatively tight-knit group of people, and we try to provide everyone that common courtesy.Isuridedes1 Nov 12, 2012
Nov 11, 2012 <Prime> Recruiting Heals! 10m Horde. 8/16N Hello! <Prime> is a relatively new guild to Earthen Ring though most of us have floated around for awhile. We are actively seeking members to fill out the remaining spots in our 10 Man Raid. These spots will not go to a casual raider. Though we only raid 3 nights a week we expect to progress during that time. Work outside of raids is a requirement to be in our guild. Showing effort outside of the raid is a must. As some of this server has noticed many members of <Prime> were in decent gear before even stepping foot in a raid. This is because we put in the effort to be prepared. Raid Times: Mon: 8pm - 12am Tues: 8pm - 12am Thurs: 8pm - 12am Benefits: Full Repair Gems Flasks Food Enchants(All) Requirements: Ventrilo Installed Prior Progression Raid Experience Contact anyone in Prime in game and/or you can apply at Recruiting For Core: Resto Druid Mistweaver Monk 1 Hybrid DPS/Healer that is proficient at both. Prefer Druid or Shaman. Hunter 2 Spots Remain! Recruiting For Backup: DK (Any Spec) Monk (Any Spec) Priest(Any Spec) Druid(Any Spec) Shaman(Any Spec)Vanboom9 Nov 11, 2012
Nov 11, 2012 Resto Druid LF a raiding team [A] Recently transferred to ER and have not found a home yet. Serious, dedicated hardcore raider with a 99.9% attendence record. I am available to raid in the evenings. I also enjoy PvPing as resto. For more info please send an ingame mail to this toon and I will get back to you. Thanx.Pujiecao0 Nov 11, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Lvl 70 Raid/PvP RP guild needs members!! Hello everyone, my name is Kyler and i recently created the guild The Noble Order. I wanted to create a guild that foucsed on content from The Burning Crusade Expansion. The main focus will be doing the level 70 raids and PvP. We are on the Earthen Ring RP server. If you have any questions or are interested in joining feel free to reply here or add me!! Real Friend ID- genetixdm@yahoo.comXephos1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Looking for a Alliance Weekend Raiding Guild. Looking for a Alliance weekend raiding guild in need of a tank when he hits 90 (This weekend!) I can raid Thurs Nights typically and Friday and Saturday.Zacaree3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 9, 2012 Splinky for Warchief! Nuff said! I believe he has what it takes to defeat basic campfire for WarchiefSkyaan9 Nov 9, 2012
Nov 9, 2012 Free credits in Halo? SAY IT'S NOT SO. Figured I'd post this here so people who want free stuff can have it. Nov 9, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Who says spiky isnt sexy? Not this gnome. xD HOLLER!Däzie8 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 [A]<Tauri> Needs a Tank Tau'ri is a group of friends and family, who have been raiding since BC. We have all gathered together for this expansion to push the content. We all have lives outside of WoW as well as all being adults. At this point we are looking for one tank. We started raiding one night at this point and have cleared the first two bosses of Mogu'shan Vaults. 1 Off Tank needed: Warrior, Paladin or Death Knight (Need a DPS Offspec) At this point we do have a healer and a tank, who are looking to take a back seat and will be able to play as backup. We raid two nights a week at this point, on Wednesday and Sunday from 8 to 11 PM EST. We will add Friday night to our schedule in the near future. We have a vent server which is needed. If you are looking to join us please visit our website: You can also contact us in the game, and look for me under Eneroth#1135 So at this point one night of raiding and we cleared the first two bosses. Once we are able to raid at least two nights awake by taking two more people. People who look to join must be working on their dailies as well as maxing there Valor Points per week. Please have an item level of 465 when applying.Tatsuro3 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 New to earthern ring realm Hi. Looking for a fun social guild on horde side. I'm new to earthen ring. I'm a casual raider. Helpful friendly person. Old content new content. I'm a arms warrior lvl90Shåggy0 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Splinky for President of the United States ! HERE HERE SPLINKY FOR PREZ ! {◕ ◡ ◕}Aríana36 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 RP/PVP guild in creation. server undecided initial forum: guild startup forum: Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 [A] Seraphim 10 Looking for a guild merger... As a lot of you know recruiting is a daunting process these, Seraphim has been around for a long time and we are about 2-3 people down for our 10 man raid team and what we would like to do is find a smaller guild or a guild of like size and merge up to take on content. We have 10 years on server. We are through Dragon Soul (were pre-ferf) and are working on hard modes/heroics at this time. We are 1/8 in that effort and sadly had a couple of our members have to move on. Such is the way of WoW. That said the right group of players would find a great home with us and we come from many guilds ourselves, and came together to form this guild and carry on a proud tradition. From Frost Watch, to Crusader, Order of Sanctus, to Shadow Remains, and many other guilds from Earthen Rings past and present. We offer you a chance to be a part of that. If you are interested just seek out any member in game, or me personally. /who all Thorn will generally find me even if on an alt or visit our website for more information. We are not looking to merge int o a 25 man guild, rather we are looking for a smaller guild who wants the challenge of heroic modes to pass the time while we wait for new content who has the right mix of personality and skill to join our core group and allow us all to prosper together as one team. Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 LF a Ele Shaman/Moonkin/Warlock Looking for R.Shaman/Ele Shaman, Moonkin, or Warlock to take a permanent spot in our 10m raid. You must be at least ilvl 480 because you will be immediately starting heroic progression in late Mogu'Shan Vaults and Heart of Fear soon. We expect minimal fails and elite play. Heroic 10man raiding is unforgiving so play is required to be perfect almost at all times while still executing high dps numbers. If you think you have what it takes please hit us up anytime. Thanks If you're alliance add my Battletag: Rezi#1797Rezi7 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 [5/16 25M] Corvus recruiting Ranged {◕ ◡ ◕} The Corvus Coalition is a 25 man raiding guild located on Earthen Ring - US. We cleared both T12 and T13 while they were relevant, achieving server first Heroic Ragnaros and Heroic Deathwing. Recruitment We are currently recruiting all non-tank classes and specs, with an emphasis on ranged DPS, warriors, and enhancement shamans. Our recruitment process is four phases long. During the first phase, you will fill out an application on our website, and we will ask you extra questions. Should we decide to accept you, you will be moved to the second phase and brought on one raid to ensure you are good enough to be granted a trial period. After this run we will invite you to the guild as an applicant, and the third phase begins. You will be an applicant for a minimum of four weeks while we assess your capabilities in both farm content and progression. After this, you will be accepted as a full raider or declined. History Does anyone read this anyway? <- GO APPLY. also we do officer loot and stuff.Shanudis500 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Heavy Raider Returning to WoW in a few days GUILD FOUND Thanks to all who considered me.Tearshorn7 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 [A] <Ascent> 10-Man Looking for DPS Recruiting ranged and melee DPS for 10-Man raiding. RANGED DPS: ANY MELEE DPS: ROGUE or PALADIN Guild: Ascent is a 10 man Heroic raiding guild (Level 25) on Earthen Ring. Old school friends, family and working adults. Years of end game raiding experience since launch. Raid Nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 7:45pm to 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time Raiders must be available at least 2 of the 3 nights. Loot Distribution: EPGP Leadership of Ascent: Nelang - Guild Leader Ráwrr - Officer Vhirus - Officer Contact Information: Whispers/In Game Mail: Nelang, Ráwrr (alt0225), or Vhirus Website: Website Email: ascent.earthenring@gmail.comNelang6 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 i think...... We need to speak english english!Baranalot0 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Frost Dps dk looking 4 raiding guild. Newly transfered to the server, im looking for a guild for casual raiders i was into raiding in cata and would like to start again. feel free to message me ingame.Moosabi0 Nov 3, 2012