Earthen Ring

Aug 31, 2012 Any late night casual guilds around? Hi there I normally only play late in the evening (after the kids are asleep) usually 9pm PST onwards. Are there any guilds that are active at those times? My current guild is more East Coast so I'm usually the only one on :( I'm a casual player with an army of alts and I LOVE running old dungeons/raids for fun or to help guildies through. If you know of any casual guilds that are active that late please give me a shout :) Thanks, SunnySunnywar1 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 WTS TCG mounts !! WTS Mottled Drake: 150k Amani dragonhawk: 150k Magic rooster egg: 200k Msg me in game mail if interested !!Crisisangel0 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 28, 2012 Who didn't see this coming? Hey it is patch day, and so far Blizzard has set the launch clock back 3 times. Who wants to bet we'll see more push back?Packhunter1 Aug 28, 2012
Aug 28, 2012 @ER#2 RIP Cataclysm. Been real... interesting. P.S. WHERE THE !@#$ IS DORDREY?Jeln0 Aug 28, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 Requesting help before 5.0.4 With the 5.0.4 patch around the corner, my quest for a single piece of loot grows desperate. With the patch will bring the new Scholomance, which will ruin my chances of ever getting the Ironweave Pants ( Wouldn't be a problem, except... The Ironweave Pants only drop off of a boss named Kormok in Scholomance. Now Kormok is a boss from the old tier 0.5 questline and can only be summoned with Brazier of Invocation ( from the questline. The brazier is no longer obtainable unless you happen to have kept it around all these years. I'm looking for someone with that brazier to help me get the Ironweave Pants out of the kindness of their hearts. I've been paying the 1 person I found with the brazier to run me, but my gold is all but gone now. I will pay the 2.5k I have left if you will help me get these pants. I know it's not much, but it's all I've got. Here's hoping someone with the brazier will lend an old gnome a hand.Zacheus1 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 WTS Mottled drake and Armani dragonhawk Selling amani dragon hawk for 200k and mottled drake for 250k !Crisisangel0 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 H <Aberration> is recruiting of Earthen Ring We are a level 25 social raiding guild on Earthen Ring. Our goal is to make sure all of our members have fun first and foremost. As well as progressively raiding. Basically come to have fun and if you fell like raiding that is open to you as well right now we are still running dragon soul we are 8/8. We plan to continue raiding till Mist of Pandaria comes out while taking it easy and laid back. When Mist of Pandaria comes out to do plan to start raiding ASAP. (For those into raiding) as well as at some point I would like to start a rated pvp team. Our back ground we where form 2 years ago on the server Malygos decided to move due to lack of horde and disrespectful people on the server. Our 1st week on Earthen Ring we started raiding and by the 3rd week we downed Deathwing… which was a great feat for us and feel it was due to the new people we picked up on Earthen Ring and just there mere friendliness. We do have many people that do play Sarcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well as other games. We plan to go back to old content to get achievements. So to some things up our goal is to provide a fun leveling and raiding experience in one big family .Fell free to contact Kameo or any guild member to get you an officer for information on joining the guild as well as visit . P.S. All we ask from our member is to be respectful to othersKameo0 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012 WTS Banking Guild ----This guild has been sold. Thanks for looking!---- (I can't figure out how to delete! lol)Trollpimpin0 Aug 24, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 Friendly Social Guilds of ER Hey all, I'm looking for a friendly social guild to join, as I am returning to the game after a long break. Mainly, I am looking for a fun, friendly adult guild that also has people interested in raiding. I have been absent for most of this expansion, but I started playing back in 2007. I didn't really hit my stride until early in WotLK, which is when I started raiding (as my former guild's main tank and raid leader). But after a mass guild exodus (not related to our raids, I might add) I found myself stepping back into the dps spot, and stepping away from the game more often. After a while and a little into Cataclysm, I decided to move to Earthen Ring, seeking an overall more friendly environment, which I found. But never did I join a guild. I am hoping to change that and join a guild where I can help others once again, now that MoP is coming soon, and I have more time to play. I would love to try some light RP, and am also interested in older content. I would also like to say, of course I have vent, but I am a shy person. Meaning, I am not a very chatty person on vent. Thank you all.Thundarbrew1 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Icon Now Recruiting on Earthen Ring Guild Name: Icon Server: Earthen Ring Website: Who We Are: Icon is a recently formed guild created by experienced players/raiders with the intent of fostering a fun, friendly atmosphere amenable to regular raiding, leveling, achievements, and enjoying the game. We’ve been very lucky to find a core group of individuals with similar vision to help grow this guild, lead raids, and ensure that we are proactive in recruiting great people. Our Guild Offers: • A relaxed and fun playing and raiding environment with experienced officers and raid leaders • A friendly, diverse group of players to engage in activities with and have a good time • Ventrillo and a maintained website • A concerted effort to leave the drama, rudeness, and bad attitudes elsewhere • Guild activities and events, including mount runs, contests with in-game incentives, achievement runs, and social events Current Schedule: • Monday: 8:30 – 11:30 PVP Night • Tuesday: 8:30 – 11:30 Firelands 10 • Friday: 8:00 – 11:00 Dragon Soul Progression Run 1 • Saturday: 2:00 – 5:00 Dragon Soul Raid 2 • Sunday: 2:00 – 5:00 Dragon Soul Raid 3 • Old school/achievement raids weekly • Mount runs • Rep runs • Progression and casual raids forming for MoP Ideal Guild Candidates: • Are mature, over 16 years • Have an excellent, positive attitude. • We welcome all classes and levels, mains and alts • We do not require that you raid. We engage in lots of other activities, and we’re a fun, friendly group to hang out with. If you DO want to raid, we have several raiding options available, from training new raiders to casual current content raiding to harder core progression. We try to involve as many folks as are interested. Ideal Raiding Candidates: • Possess a working microphone and aren’t afraid to use it • Possess a stable internet connection and a raid-capable computer that will not explode • Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play. • Ability to work well with others, follow directions, and play nice in the sandbox • Raiders will be required to have Ventrillo and a raid management add-on like Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs Contact: Send in game messages to Laurelynn on Earthen Ring. Alternatively, you can create an account on the website fill out a recruitment application at We look forward to you joining us!Laurelynn0 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 [H] Strength and Honor - Open recruitment! Strength and Honor Guild Leader: Kersi Officers: Xellanora, Wulfsfury Strength and Honor has been around since Burning Crusade in various forms. In our time on WoW, we have worn many different banners, from a loose coalition of friends in different guilds who stumbled through Karazhan and Shattered Sun Offensive dailies, to a casual (but successful) raiding group who managed Arachnophobia exactly once, to a semi-serious 10 man guild scoring as high as a realm 12th kill in Firelands, and we have been on several different servers. Through all of this, our core membership have remained friends, and we have now decided to make Earthen Ring our home for Mists of Pandaria and beyond. We invite you to come enjoy our veteran experience, casual atmosphere, and more as you play. We welcome all levels, play styles, and players. Among other things, our current members enjoy: Old raids - level 60, 70, 80, and even 85 Current raids - we hit LFR frequently, and we're currently laying the ground work for a successful Mists raid team (10 man). Alts - we've got Alliance alts too! Other games - Anno, TF2, Civ, Minecraft, and some console games that we enjoy together. Achievements/Quests We have several real girls in the guild! It's true!There's something to do every day, and while some of our members don't play daily, we'll probably have something to do anyways if you do. To join, simply whisper any member asking for an invite.Kersi1 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Thinking of transferring So I'm looking at a couple of servers to xfer too, and Earthen Ring is one of them! So how is this server? PvP wise, Raid wise, RP wise. Also how are the people on this server?Cosmology4 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 (A)1750+ exp Lock lf 3s team to push higher I know a 2100+ exp Hpally. We would need an SPriest, Fire Mage, or Boomkin to make that work. Willing to join a team that already exists though. I'm full cata and have cunning (lfr). Respond here or in game if you're interested. Also, looking for a serious pvp guild. I know there aren't many.Deoxippus7 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Question about Earthen Ring My friend resurrected my account with a scroll of resurrection and I'd like to use my free level 80 on a new server. I've leveled Alliance my entire WoW life and I'd like to try the horde side. How is the faction balance on this server? Is it more alliance or horde heavy or is it pretty even? I've heard a lot of good things about this server and I'd like to find a nice casual horde guild to join. Thanks in advance!Ranndal4 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 WTB Runs for invincible. I'm highly aware of the drop rate being extremly low. I just really want this mount as i have since i started shortly after wrath was no longer current content. I am looking for a good guild or group of people who would like to kill H LK weekly, i would provide the lockout up to him if need be. I am willing to pay 10k per kill regardless of the mount dropping. When it is to finally drop I am hovering around the price of 400k if that is of any interest to you or your guild pls send a ingame mail.Crisisangel3 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2012 WTS Guild lvl 10 As the title says I would like to sell this level 10 guild. It has been inactive for months and I need the character slot for Mists. The bank has 5 tabs bought at the moment. Send an in game mail with your offer.Christinalyn0 Aug 19, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Corvus is looking for a guild to merge with! Hello, all. <The Corvus Coalition> (8/8h) is looking for a potential guild (or raid group) to merge with so we can raid 25s in Mists of Pandaria. If your raid group/guild has some really good, fun, and dedicated players and you would be interested in merging with us, please let me or an officer know. We currently raid Tue/Wed/Sun from 10:00pm server time until 1:00am server time. This is likely to remain the same for Mists. You may email me at: Real ID: Mine: (just make sure you note that you're interested or have questions in the comments section when/if you add me!) Jeln's: You may also contact me (Imina, Iminar, Maraudah, Splinky), Shanudis, or Jeln via whispersImina17 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Looking for a new home. (Horde Holy Pally) Hello Earthen Ring! I will be transferring in today. And as the title states I will be searching for a new place to call home. I have played RP servers for almost 6 years, until I followed my husband to a PvE realm. And after spending some time on that kind of server I knew I would much prefer to play on a RP realm and honestly I missed RPing. I will mention though I wish to hang out do dungeons or raids with people before I decide to join a guild. I just want to make sure we are good match before I fully dedicate myself. Pretty much I don't want to be a guild hopper till I find my match, if I can avoid it I will. What I am looking for, is a group of friendly and helpful people, but who aren't afraid to make jokes with each other or at least have some moments of silliness. I would like to raid, I am a fast learner usually within 2-3 attempts I understand what I need to do to accomplish the goal. But I understand that this late in a expac I will most likely be pugging my way until MoP. While I have done some 25 man raiding in Cata I prefer 10 man raiding. I LOVE doing old world raids and farming out achievements. Occasionally I do dabble into PvP but nothing serious. In terms of RP, I am casual RPer. I prefer to RP anywhere from once a week to once a month. It really does depend on how my mojo is and if I partake. I also have been checking out the Earthen Ring RP Network for the past month. Which is a wonderful site and I have been reading stories and checking out the art. I am not to hard pressed in finding a RP guild for this toon, but I would like to be in a guild that at least respects RPers and possibly partakes in RP in a casual manner. Any who some random fact about me! I am a 28 year old house wife, so I spend a lot of time in WoW to pass the day. Sometimes I meander into Skyrim and pick flowers or shout villagers into oblivion (har). I can be some what silly, I can take a joke and dish it out. And if not I will bonk you with a foam sword! I met my husband in WoW during Vanilla, and had a wonderfully nerdy wedding a few months ago based around World of Warcraft. Yes I am a dork. I draw and sculpt as a hobby: Whelp that's about it. Sorry for the long post. But if you are open to hanging out with me as I do dungeons, raid, or just hanging out in Org. Let me know or give me a whisper if you see me running about, I will be putting in my transfer a little bit later today and will be changing my name to Lilyia since I wasn't able to free up this current name.Alexandra7 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Starting a guild. Hello all, I'm looking for four people to sign my guild charter so I can started my guild. I would like people level 15-18 to sign and stay in the guild so we can have a dungeon running group and then add more people when we get to the level for raids. Thanks.Nasadah0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 14, 2012 [H]<Blood Fist> 8/8H 25m LF 1 Holy Pally About Blood Fist: Guild created 2-22-2005 There is something to be said for longevity.<Blood Fist> is a progression raiding Guild. We have a family-friendly atmosphere while maintaining a serious raiding mentality. Raid Schedule: Mon / Weds / Thurs 8pm-12(midnight) EST Current Progress: 8/8 Dragon Soul Heroic 25m Guild Website: Guild Level: 25 Server name: Earthen Ring Faction: Horde Loot method: LPS (a very transparent system. no bidding! no mods!) Looking for 1 extremely competent Holy Pally. All exceptional applicants will be looked at. Being a Raider carries the expectations of performance, attitude, and attendance. It's letting your team know when you can't make it. It's showing up with the right frame of mind. It's showing up mentally and physically (consumables, yo!) prepared. It's treating your teammates with respect, not derision and mockery. It's knowing that you are part of a group that is *choosing* to spend 4 hours of your evening *together* doing something you all find interesting and fun. What We Supply For Members: Gems Full Repair Flasks Food EnchantsVanguard106 Aug 14, 2012
Aug 14, 2012 Lf 1xPreist/Pally DS10 HM 6/8 08-14-12 Tue 10-1pm server Thur 10-1pm server Sun 10-1pm server Need a priest or pally to run 6-8 heroics DS on Tuesday night. Then working on downing spine thurs/sun if needed. Pst me on Isolator/Pitt or hit up member and ask officer. Refrence this post. ThanksIsolator0 Aug 14, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Selling Swift spectral tiger ! Im selling a Swift spectral tiger on my realm Earthen ring us-horde. Asking 550k will drop to 500k if your are willing to transfer with the gold.Crisisangel0 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 [A] For sale: Heroic Madness kill and mount Greetings Earthen Ring community! The Corvus Coalition is now at the point where we are able to offer the unique opportunity to non-raiding members of the community to obtain a heroic Madness of Deathwing kill as well the Life-Binder's Handmaiden mount. We are able to begin selling kills starting the week of July 31st. Availability of mounts will be variable at this point in time; please contact me in game for specific weeks during which mounts will be available for sale. Our asking price for a kill is 100,000 gold. We are asking an additional 50,000 gold for the mount, for a total of 150,000 gold. Contact me via in-game mail if you are interested. Thanks for reading!Shanudis19 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 <Nemesis> Recruiting for 10man Raiding 6/8 H Hello everyone, Nemesis is a somewhat small raiding guild We currently are working with three 10 man groups for Dragon Soul. Group 1 is currently 6/8H, Group 2 is currently 2/8H. We are looking to start filling out our ranks for the upcoming Mist of Pandaria Expansion. We are currently recruiting all classes. Please have a Gear score of at least 394+ You can contact myself in game if you have any questions regarding <Nemesis>. If you wish to submit an application for Nemesis you can go to We are a great bunch of people. Number 1 rule is leave the drama at the door and bring your "A" game. Respect your guild mates ;) As I said before, if you have further questions please contact us in game. Thank you, BulletbillBulletbill4 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Uh oh! Well y'all time to change your password it seems :( This is kinda worrying...Acaldraa0 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTB DS10 Run for Hargara Pickpocket! I have the quest, just need to get to Hargara to pickpocket her! Thanks guys!Asspoker1 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Yo cin! Where is your brother? i've spoken to Hildor(Tho been a few months) I do pop on every once in awhile over here. I wanna raz Lenopi for getting beat by a non pvp resto druid waaay back in the day :P my wife (Aadrinna) still laughs about that. I'm either on this nublet tryin to be healz. or I'm on Bartoke over hereMarques1 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 The latest Horde Multi-Boxer in the server... Just wondering, is this type of activity even allowed on the game? Not only has alliance been losing every single Tol Barad battle this player joins in, and now hes been taking a liking of trolling around Stormwind and cheating on Arenas, the darkmoon faire, battlegrounds and even raids...Sheraila25 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Buying Leather Working Patterns Looking to buy the following patterns to finish off the last of my BOE patterns. So look in your banks, guild banks, inventory for those patterns collecting dust and earn some money. Send me a message in game and I'll buy straight from you. If selling through Neutral Auction House please make contact first to set up a time so I can be there then. :) 1. Moonglow Vest - Alliance only quest reward inside Darnassus. Quest has the same name. Very low level quest. 2. Embrace of the Phoenix - Sunwell Drop 3. Sun Drenched Scale Chestguard - Sunwell Drop 4. Bindings of Lightning Reflexes - Black Temple and Hyjal Summit Drop 5. Living Earth Bindings - Black Temple Drop 6. Clutches of Evil - Firelands Drop 7. Dragonfire Gloves - Firelands Drop 8. Ethereal Footfalls - Firelands Drop 9. Footwraps of Quenched Fire - Firelands Drop 10. Treads of the Craft - Firelands DropQuay1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Dissonance Recruiting OPEN 25s (3/8 H) <Dissonance> is a 25man, Level 25 Horde raiding guild located on the Earthen Ring Server. We have been around for over six years (3/2/05) now and still going strong. We finished WotLK as the second ranked guild on our server. Our current raid schedule is: Tuesday/Thursday/Monday - 8:30pm - 11:00pm EST...that is 7.5 hours per week total! Current Progression (25): Heroic 3/8(Morchok, Hagara, Yorsajh), 8/8(Morchok, Zon'ozz, Yor'sajh, Hagara, Ultrazion, Blackhorn, Spine, Madness), Heroic 6/7(Shannox, Rhyolith, Staghelm, Alysrazor, Beth'tilac, Baleroc), 7/7 (Shannox, Rhyolith, Beth'tilac, Alysrazor, Baleroc, Staghelm, Ragnaros), 6/13 Heroic (Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Magmaw, Maloriak, Valiona & Theralion) Our members have real life commitments, families, and sometimes things come up. We are proud to be able to offer such a light "commitment" schedule and still experience the majority of content the game has to offer. We want our members to be able to have a life outside of World of Warcraft and not spend 5 days / week and/or 20+ hours a week committed to a single video game. While our time commitments are casual, we do expect all of our raiders to be stellar players that fully understand the mechanics, statistics and priorities of their respective classes applied to each encounter. If you find that you are the type of person that has trouble controlling the profanities or bigoted and insensitive remarks that flow from your mouth, we are not the guild for you. Simply put, if something that is said or typed by guild members in /guild, /raid, /party chat, /class channels, the forums or Ventrilo wouldn't be allowed in a PG-13 movie then it isn't acceptable. We also have a long-standing “Don’t be a jerk” policy – we’re here to play together and enjoy raiding together, and not being a jerk to people goes a long way towards keeping things running smoothly. Our recruitment needs have us searching for the following: OPEN RECRUITMENT If this interests you, please visit us at and post an application. You may also contact any of the officers in game (Ralnar, Kallan, Riraa, or Trundle) for more information. If your class is currently closed, feel free to post an app to show your interest, and keep us updated. Update 2/27/2012Riraa81 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 looking to hire guild to get Orb Whisperer Looking for a guild group that knows what they are actually doin. only need orb whisperer achievement in icc 10 man. willing to donate 7k gold to guild. u can divide it among the group or keep it for guild, doesnt matter upon getting the achievement. on horde earthen ring server. pst me or drop me an in game email.Curuptedsoul2 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Horde PVP guild. Are there any pvp guilds on the Horde side?Bartlok0 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 holy/ret pally n/or Hunter LF raid team LF a raid team that starts 9:20pm EST Tues and Thurs or 8:20pm EST Mon, Wed, Fri. (or any combination of those times) I have a very consistent schedule. As long as raid is within my time frame, you can expect me to be there and ready. Optimizing my character to perform their role to the best of their abilities is nothing new for me. You can also expect me to come with my own food and flasks as well as knowledge of the encounters we will be taking on that evening. I've done progression raiding and I don't fizz out early. So for MoP just around the corner, i'll be able to hold up well as we learn the new encounters. Any recruiting information is welcome and i will Pm you within the week. Thank you for your time.Saikin0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 [H]<Panic Attack> 8/8 need rdps ilvl 390+ As noted in the title, we are currently in need of one ranged dps with ilvl of 390 or higher, knowledge of ALL dragon soul normal modes. Applicants should be quick on their feet, consistent in their attendance, and ready to raid AT OR BEFORE raid time (see below for specifics). Players with references from past guilds or raid teams and/or destroyer's end are preferred. We are fun, friendly, and always eager to get that next boss kill. Performance: You are expected to know your class, yes that means reading and understanding your elitist jerks page. Each member must pull their own weight, this is a team and we are only as strong as the weekest member. Attendance: You are REQUIRED to notify ahead of time if you can not come, attendance is why we are only 0/8 heroic. USE THE CALENDER!!!!!!! (for special circumstances/emergencies of course you will not be kicked on the first time). Ventrillo: Use it. Make sure it works. Listen to it. Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 pm to 10:00~10:30 (if needed) pm server. Thank you for your time and interest.Kronös4 Aug 3, 2012
Jul 31, 2012 [H] Experienced hunter LF dedicated raid team I'm looking for a dedicated raid team that runs 9pm till whenever during the week or weekends. My schedule is very consistent so you can expect 100% attendance and i have full knowledge of DS on normal, 2/8 H. I'm used to coming prepared for raids with food and flasks and keep up to date on my character in order to perform to the best of my abilities. I'd prefer a mature atmosphere but don't mind different types of personalities. Jokes and chats during trash and through the day are fine with me. Please whisper me in game if anyone has any information.Öni2 Jul 31, 2012
Jul 31, 2012 (H) Looking for Guild Hi! I am looking to get into a new guild. I have a lvl 85 Hunter that I stopped playing once I capped. I also have an 81 mage on a PvP realm that I am currently leveling and a few other alts. I never got into any end game content and really wish I did. I missed WoW during my hiatus but am back for MoP. What I am looking for is a guild that is friendly and willing to work with me in return for me being a good member that participates and is respectful of my fellow guildies. I am still learning the best ways to play my character and my gear isn't that great. I pretty much stink at PvP but it makes me want to get better. Like golf no matter how many times I screw up in PvP the one or two times I don't keeps bringing me back for the abuse :) Previously I was in a lvl 25 guild but they left for a new realm. If I find the right guild I would be willing to bring all my toons over and make this realm my home. Hopefully there are some takers out there. Thanks for reading!Juwannadai0 Jul 31, 2012
Jul 30, 2012 (A)Ávant Garde Dual H 5/8 AND H 7/8 Ávant Garde now have 2 10man progression raid groups, one H 7/8 and the other H 5/8 We're casual raiders that get stuff killed. Raiding Schedule: (Server time) Heroic 5/8 Group: Friday: 10:00pm - 1:00am Saturday: 10:00pm - 1:00am Heroic 7/8 Group: Wednesday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm Monday: 9:00pm - 11:00pm Loot rules are simple. We do free roles with a very few exception, loot council. (Basically MS > OS) Recruitment needs: Strong DPS and a healer/dps We're looking for reliable, consistent, raiders that knows their class and knows the fights before hand. (Research on the bosses, etc.) Please apply at the website: Please feel free to contact me, Deinnomos, Avis, Chewby, Wolvir(Petrin), and Barraik if you have any questions!anKaizar50 Jul 30, 2012
Jul 30, 2012 Looking to buy level 15 or above guild, 35k If you have or know someone looking to sell pst or mail meGogen0 Jul 30, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 Felsteel Longblade Any blacksmithers hordeside have this pattern? Been looking for it to no avail. Hit me up here or in game if so, so we can work something out. Thanks!Nerrok6 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Looking for a Battered Hilt. I am looking for a Battered Hilt from the ICC Heroics. I haven't seen any pop up on the AH recently so I thought I would post a request here. If you have one and are interested in selling it, please contact me here or in game and we can discuss. Thank you.Teshae1 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 [A] <Prophecy Reborn> 5/8H Recruiting! <Prophecy Reborn> is an established raiding guild on the alliance side of Earthen Ring currently at 5/8 Heroic Dragonsoul in progression. We have decided that with the impending release of Mists of Pandaria within the next few months, to open recruitment for a large portion of roles and classes. We currently field a main raid each week, and multiple non main raids each week. With the addition of new raiders/non-raiders, we plan to expand our raiding roster to fit all of our needs as well as maintain the raiding desires of our members. Short-term goals: - Recruit that which we need in order to continue progression in Heroic Dragonsoul. - Expand our roster so that we may move forward with Mists of Pandaria upon release. Long-term goals: - Build a community within the community of Earthen Ring that is enjoyable to be a part of. - Tackle content in MoP as it is current and compete for server first achievements. - Participate in all forms of content including (but not limited to) Raiding (Heroic content), PvP (rated teams and world PvP), Transmog contests, and much, much more. Recruitment needs for Heroic Dragonsoul: - High emphasis on ranged dps (especially mages, boomkins, spriests, and elemental shamans). - Medium Emphasis on healers (particuarly priests). - Low Emphasis on melee dps and tanks. Recruitment needs for MoP content: - open recruitment for all classes/roles. We are currently also looking for members for rated battleground teams that run on a consistent basis. With the current limitations to our specific recruitment for Cataclysm, we do consider all exceptional players, regardless of class/role. If you have any further questions, contact myself (Myssiani) or one of the officers (Merciana, Bloodwiser, Gvendalyn, Jiern, Lailinnia, Isolator), or visit our website at http://prophecyreborn.guildlaunch.comMyssiani35 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Feral/Balance Druid for RBGs Borond, 85, Tauren Druid looking for serious Rated Battlegrounds over 1750 rating. Add me on Real ID or e-mail me kylesemail@rocketmail.comInformation Dual talented into both Feral* (Melee DPS) and Balance (Caster DPS). Can provide strong single-target damage or extreme multiple-target damage (Always top damage in RBGs). Will provide wide variety of crowd controls. I have a headset.Feral 4894 Resilience Has raid items, if you're into that kind of thing.Balance 4357 Resilience with wearing both Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind Insignia of the Corrupted Mind *For someone who actually desires a Feral Druid in their RBGs.Borond7 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Guild question Hello, I love level 70 content. I know there are guilds on different servers that are just level 70 raids. Is there any guilds on ER that is strictly BC content. I would prefer it to be horde =) Thanks for your help.Firebelle0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTB Mekgineer's Chopper Feel free to send me a whisper or in-game mail if you got it.Sprucelee1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Realm Transfer I will be doing a realm transfer from my main server, Feathermoon, to here in the next couple of weeks. I was wondering though, should I transfer realms, is Horde or Alliance more active? I am curious as I am not just someone who will be sitting in SW or ORG(should I also do a faction change) and I am a raider. Maybe not hardcore but I am decent. My schedule for work does not allow me to be able to raid all the time. Any and all tips appreciated.Carregmus2 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 23, 2012 Ghost moderators are after you. Jul 23, 2012
Jul 23, 2012 RP On Earthen Ring? I'm looking to server transfer to a highly active RP server, doesn't really matter Alliance or Horde. So my question is, what's the RP like on Earthen Ring? Which is more active Horde or Alliance? Which is more mature? Any input is welcome and appreciated.Akeso13 Jul 23, 2012
Jul 21, 2012 Ulduar 25 Mount/Mace/Mog runs Hello ER, Raid is Saturday 8:30-finish. We are going to be moving into our 6th week in a row of getting ulduar mounts. Openraid and ER people are welcome to come to this! We get between 15-25 a week with attendance getting stronger and stronger. The current mace is 14/30 and will be finished in the coming weeks so we are looking for people who are going to come every week to give the next one too. Achievements come depending on the raid but 90% of the time we do every meta achievement. Loot rules are Master Looted for fragments and all mog gear is open roll. Rings, trinkets, ect. will be vendered by me. Runed orbs will be given to people who are working on Titans toons. We have not gotten to the point where we are farming 0 lights but when we do and if a mount drops, top attending players will be rolling for it. So in short. We are looking for a player who can give 100% attendance for the next mace. The people who can give me 100% attendance will roll off for it and the highest winner will get the fragments. We also do not want people to roll, lose, and quit the runs. This is the only fair way of doing so because someone who shows up on their first run should not have a shot at mim's head or the mace. Just keeping it fare for those who come every week or almost every week. So all are welcome to join for: Loot, mounts, fun, w/e your reason you are welcome to join. Thanks, ShiroShiro0 Jul 21, 2012
Jul 20, 2012 Looking for WoW Factor Sponsors Within the past 6 months the WoW Factor transmog show has made 2 stops on the Earthen Ring server and the shows have been phenomenal. So I'm looking for any potential sponsors to bring the show back for a third time. Generally a prize pool of 75k is warranted to hold the show and provide a variety of prizes for the winners.. and no this is no gold scheme. Feel free to check out their website for the validity of it at: Also here's a link to the last show we had which was a great success. Just shoot me some in game mail if your interested in being a part of a sponsorship to bring the WoW factor back for another run on Earthen Ring.Bloodwiser1 Jul 20, 2012