Earthen Ring

Apr 12, 2012 Server Information? Hello ER! My husband and I have multiple 85's on a PVE server and we are looking for a new home prior to MoP being released. I've been checking out this server and Wyrmrest Accord, and both of them seem like they could be a good fit. We are hoping to find a great big happy guild, with lots of members and lots of RP events, light RP'ing, old school raids, world pvp, and possibly current raids though we have been getting out of the raiding scene lately due to LFR becoming so popular and we prefer to run with guildies. So we are basically looking for a guild that is big and active... any recommendations? I'll be posting over at Wyrmrest too. I've got low levels on both servers and have been checking them out for the last month or so. Thanks!Emmaree6 Apr 12, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Looking to purchase a guild Would like to buy a level 2 guild.Grapee0 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Acal's Transmog Shoppe! Hello friends; It has been a while since I have had the pleasure of post on the ER forums and it feels great to be back. I have amassed a large amount of Transmog items that I feel are desired by players. So far I have only focused on plate. Below are the links to sets that I have for sale. Next to the link is the price on the set. Please send me an ingame mail expressing interest in a set! I will do my best to respond to all mail within 24 hours :)Plate Sets Bloodfist 8k Chromite 8k Darkcrest 9k Embossed 7k Gothic 8k Heavy L 10k Jouster 8k Reaver 8k Revenant 10k Other Items! Blade of Wizardry Offer a price! Sands of Time 2k each!Acaldraa0 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 Buying Elementium Ore Paying 40g a stack for Elementium Ore. COD me as much as you like.Grapee0 Apr 7, 2012
Apr 6, 2012 Street Knights Recruiting Street Knights a lvl 25 casual Guild now trying to expand more into Pvping Looking for more pvpers to join us so we can start working on a Guild RBG's. Also starting up a 3rd raid group for possibly days of Tues-Thurs and or Sat afternoons. As always looking for more mature casual gamers to join us we are very active Guild always with people on at all time. Look us up on Guild Finder and or just look us up there always people on to invite. Guild Website http://streetknights.guildlaunch.comMadas0 Apr 6, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 [H] ilvl 399 lock looking for RBG group Have 4950 res, I'm fully chanted and almost fully epic gemmed. Contact me here or in game if you are interested. Looking to get to 2200...Deoxippus0 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Hello everyone! It is nice to meet you! I recently rerolled to this server and I have loved it since I have been here. Alliance side, the RP has been great. Thank you!Tyom4 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 [H] Recent resub looking for right home Greetings! As the title states I have recently rejoined WoW and I am looking for a guild that I would fit well into. Here's a little info about me: "I'm some dude in his late 20's that has played videogames most of his life. I like sarcasm and ice cream and killing dragons. I dislike the ending to Mass Effect 3." I know, funny guy. In all seriousness here's some basic background information: General Timeline I started playing World of Warcraft around the time of the release of Molten Core. I never raided during vanilla mainly due to having a low end PC. I quit WoW and returned when I built a new PC that could handle WoW properly. This was around the release of Karazahn, and I have played the game off and on since. The last time I quit I swore I'd never come back and thus deleted all of my gear and toons, like a tool. This was around the release of the firelands about a year ago. Luckily for me Blizzard was nice enough to restore my DK and some of my gear. Raid Experience My raiding resume isn't very impressive. Mainly all I have done is 10 man content. Even though I have played WoW since vanilla, I never really raided 25 man content outside of PuGs, with the exception of ToGC25. I must say that killing H Anub was one of the most intense and gratifying fights I had ever been in in a video game. However I shortly came to realize that even if I could raid well enough to be part of a team that did hardmode content I did not want to dedicate so much of my time to raiding or take raiding that seriously. At the time I was spending at least 20 hours raiding during the week after work and also doing optional content on Saturday. Throughout my WoW career I have played mainly the role of tank, but am also a capable DPS. I also have lead raids and such to a varying degree of success, and have some guild leadership experience as well. Role Playing I don't really have any solid experience in roll playing in an MMO aside from some stuff back on Ultima Online, but am interested in dabbling here and there. Leftovers If you have any questions about me I'd be happy to discuss them in-game, through mail, or in person on vent. Looking at my gear currently, I'd say I'm a poor applicant to raid in any situation. I am currently in the process of getting my gear up to par, at least to the best I can get through heroics. I do read up on my class, spec, and gem and enchant properly -- but you won't see that from my armory atm. One of the downsides of giving away your gold is that it's not there if you come back. What I'm looking for My ideal guild would be of small to medium size, one that consists mainly of adults, is active, and does old and new content often. Roleplaying would be a plus. I'm willing to tank or DPS, but only have my DK at 85 currently. I wouldn't mind casually raiding. I'm not looking for a large or "zerg" style guild, nor a full-time raiding guild. I really would prefer that a guild consists mainly of adults. A guild of like-minded individuals that take the time to know their stuff but play the game for the sake of fun. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, if you think I might be a good fit just point me in the right direction to apply for your guild. P.S. There may be mistakes in this post. I would like to go on the record and state that Crabby can die in a fire. Edit: Formatting and Crabby HatredSarvok3 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 [A] Vengeance – 8/8N DS 10m, starting H DS Stay awhile and listen! What we're doing now: We're starting in on Heroic Dragon Soul and are looking for a few more dedicated and level-headed players to join us. We're also working through Heroic Firelands (4/7 – doing mounts and our 2nd legendary.) How we go about it: Vengeance is an established raid team with a history of getting bosses down pre-nerf since early Wrath of the Lich King. We are an adult-only level 25 guild that raids Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 8PM -12AM (EST). As a 10m raid team, everyone has to get it done - there's no herd of people to carry you. It's not for everyone, but it sure feels a lot more epic to us than a 25m LFR mob. About you: If you're a DPS, we need your help. Ranged is particularly desirable. If you're a Healer, we need your help. DPS off-spec is particularly desirable. If you have fun doing the hard stuff and stay cool under pressure, we'd love to talk to you. How to Apply: Application can be found here: OR Feel free to contact us in game: Katalaerya, Pa%@*!t, Lookie, or Bruwulf Thank you for your consideration! LookieLookie4 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Weekend Raiding? Any guilds right now that are on ER and that are running weekend raids (weekend meaning Thurs,Fri,Sat) Or any pugs that i can join that arent completely elitist about everything that wont mind taking a weekend player to a raid. My current guild raids but i can never fit their schedule so i was wondering if anybody can respond. My characters are Zacaree,Laoz,Decend. You may see me on either 3 of them but im mainly on my warrior. may be on my rogue a little more because he just hit 85. Respond back or whisper/mail me in-game and ill get back to you.Zacaree13 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Hagara Pick Pocket / Late Night Raid Hey guys. I'm looking to see if anyone has a hagara pick pocket availible for my up and coming rogue, terms could be negotiated. In other news though, I'm looking for a late night raid team to run with. My main toon that many are familiar with is 8/8 with a heroic under his belt, but I'd be looking to run this toon into the ground. When I say late night, I work second shift, so usually am getting home around 12 am server time. Please feel free to respond to me here or contact me in game via tells or mail. I appreciate the consideration and continued community of ER. Have a great day guys.Acidwash0 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Yo xfers/resubs/others we need raiders. (Prophecy Reborn) DS 10 man groups, few nights a week. Need mainly a few tanks and healers, but also a couple of good ranged. Schedule is pretty flexible, due to their being raids posted 5-6 nights a week. We normally start at 10 pm server, but their will possibly be a run that starts 6-7ish server. Hit me up in game on this toon, Pitt, Advocator, or ask for a guild officer. We would love to have you.Isolator3 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 2, 2012 [A] The Sunrise Brake - RP Guild Recruitment The Sunrise Brake is now an official guild! If you're interested in joining, please contact me in-game or leave a message here. The Sunrise Brake is an order devoted to the restoration of the forests of Azeroth, as well as it's wildlands. Though the druidic members of the order are wary of metalcraft and artifice, in these times of war, they are deemed necessary and tolerated, as long as they are used for the greater good. Anyone, regardless of class or profession, is welcome into the order, as long as they have the desire to protect and nurture life. Those devoted to the dark arts may have to prove themselves capable of maintaining the ideals of the Sunrise Break, but will not be turned away. Please feel free to post any comments or suggestions. Thanks.Fraxinus25 Apr 2, 2012
Apr 1, 2012 Retro Raiding & 70 Bracket BGs Hello ER! Hiszi here. On Sundays, I will be trying to put together some t6 runs (BT & SWP) for those interested. Open rolls for all. I'm more interested in the Slayer's Gear for the Pvps. :) Will also be putting together a team for BGs in the 70-74 bracket. If interested, post your Character's name, spec, level, wants from these runs and time best suited for you. We'll go from there. Thanks!Hiszi0 Apr 1, 2012
Apr 1, 2012 [A] The Abyss Will Gaze Back Into You I'm making a group specifically for this. Yeah, i'm a baddie for not getting it earlier. I'm thinking of going on March 8th 6PM EST for a normal clear of BoT. We can do some other achievements along the way so long as they don't hinder us too much. Post a message here, or send me an in-game whisper or mail to get in touch with me.Sprucelee12 Apr 1, 2012
Mar 31, 2012 MoP beta Anyone else get invited? I'm really enjoying it so far. Warriors are awesome from what I've been seeing in PvE (no battlegrounds popping yet) and overall the talents seem a little better. I'm playing on Lost Isles (US). *edit* check out DRAGON SHOUT: Mar 31, 2012
Mar 31, 2012 <Aevum> is recruiting 1 lock/spriest for Hm's We are currently 8/8 on normal difficulty, and next raid night will begin Hm's. We are bolstering our raid team in preperation of MOP where we plan to hit the xpac very hard. We will be pushing for heroic Dragon Soul once these spots are filled. Our raid environment is relaxed, however, we want to alter this fact a bit due to the resuscitated urge to tackle heroic progress. We have a raid leader experienced in heroic dragon soul, and our core team is very familiar with their roles. Aevum sees Dragon Soul as a stepping stone into the upcoming content, but, we will be pushing through heroic Dragon Soul as swiftly as possible, to further test the mettle of our team. With the intent to push M.O.P. content hard, we hope that we can facilitate your raiding needs. If you're interested in joining, PM either Abbadin (Real ID:, Arcanexe, or Myself (Real ID: -eLZhiElzhi5 Mar 31, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 [H] Luck in the Shadows recruiting. We're not hardcore. We do wipe, but we laugh about it and learn from it. We're all just normal people that play the game solely for fun, not as a job. With that being said, you don't have to be a raider to join. However, we are in need of a raid healer. We don't have a Shaman in the group, and would like one. A druid is fine too. To be perfectly honest, any healer is fine just as long as you can raid heal, but we are recruiting other classes and roles. Shoot an in-game message to me, or anyone else that's online if you would like to learn more.Sharron3 Mar 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 Oh god, I've made a huge mistake. D: Uh, can a mod delete this thread? >_>Sprucelee0 Mar 30, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 [A] Ten Mans Don't Count LFM (3/8 H) Sexy Group of Sexy People (Also known as "10 Mans Don't Count" according to Frostea) is LFM. At the moment, we can use any role. We are currently 3/8 heroic. (H Morchok, H Ultraxion, and H Yorsahj down) We'd like a good healer or a good ranged dps (though we're willing to settle for a melee if you're an exceptional player!) We're a 10 man group that runs: -Tuesday (11:00pm-2:00am) -Friday (11:00pm-2:00am) -Saturday (11:00pm-2:00am) Also, joining the guild is optional, but recommended. So if you like the current guild you're with, don't feel obliged to join us :P So if you need more information on this terrific group of terrific people, whisper: Splinky, Imina, Iminar, or Maraudah (they're all me!) Also, necessary links about penguins below: and one about pelicans below: <strong/>WOULD LOVE HEALER KTHXSplinky57 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 [H] Covenant of Souls. Old level 15 reformed guild is seeking more for raiding, social environment, and PvP. We are in need of heals, and dps for our 10m core group. There's no need to be experienced with raiding, just be decent and know your class. We ARE in need of a few select classes, though. Since we want to keep our group rounded out and not have more than one of the same spec. Anything other than a DPS DK, DPS/tank paladin, hunter, mage, druid tank, and dps shaman. A rogue and warlock would be nice to have. Raid days, times, loot rules, as well as bank rules and the like will be discussed once we get everything formed. All levels and classes are welcome. PST anyone that's online in the guild.Butter0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 Dragon Soul 10 man Anyone got a raid going tonight that needs a DPS?Thanks!Listentowind0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Looking to buy in Bulk! Hello there friends! Recently, I have lost my supplier for Cataclysm Herbs and Volatile Life! I'm looking to buy these herbs in bulk every so often, at reasonable prices. Of course, I'm looking for prices under what the AH provides, otherwise I'd buy them all from there. I'm willing to negotiate with you, so long as you can provide adequate supply. I'm mainly looking for one supplier, but if that is not available, obviously I will buy them from separate people. I am also looking to sell some BoE belts from DS and Essence of Destruction (currently 20). I am willing to trade these items for herbs as well. As a side-note, Corvus has many of the new patterns, so (while I do not prefer) I would be willing to trade the BoE crafted for equal value in herbs. My RealID is, if you want to talk or work something out. If that makes you uncomfortable, my alts are: Frostea, Alahondor, Lithorium. Thank you!Frostea8 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 TO: Alliance attacking Org early mornings. Thank you. It was a pleasure engaging in world PvP against you folks. Your healers are fantastic. Until next time. TayzhaTayzha7 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 [A] Earth,Wind, and Fire 10 man I'm thinking of knocking this out sometime soon. I recall 25 being cake, and i'm sure 10 a muffin. Who wants to come?Spruceree18 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 25, 2012 Geared and experienced Rogue. I am looking for a raiding team for Heroic Dragon Soul. I have 5/8h kills and experience on Heroic Blackhorn. I have an ilv of 401.5. Here is the armory link: I keep on top of my enchants/reforges, and I use potions/flasks/food. I use epic gems only in my BIS. I can only raid evenings, and no later than 11:00 P.M. I am two weeks from getting my legendary daggers.Littlemenace2 Mar 25, 2012
Mar 25, 2012 [H] <The Knights Who Say Zug> (PvE, PvP, Lvl) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HELLO AND WELCOME TO ZUG'S GUILD FORUM THREAD! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Introduction] We are a fairly new guild, and we have an active and social roster who love to Raid. We also like to run Battlegrounds and Dungeons on our off-time. We always welcome new recruits, our only policy is to leave your drama behind. We are all friends here, and believe that helping each other is the key to success. We open our doors to experienced and learning players alike. We do not turn players away due to lack of experience or gear, everyone needs to start somewhere and we can provide that start. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Statistics] Guild Created: Nov. - 02 - 2011 Players: 244 Members, 110 Accounts Activities: Raids, Dungeons, Battlegrounds (rated / non-rated), Arenas, Old Content Bank Tabs: 7 Guild Repairs: Yes (higher rank = higher budget. Give-and-take appreciated.) Guild Item Withdrawals: Yes (higher rank = more stacks. Give-and-take appreciated.) Raid Progression - Team Rhouge: (DS 10N 8/8 ) Raid Progression - Team Adaptabull: FULL! Rated Battleground Rating: RECRUITING This Post Was last Updated: Apr. - 07 - 2012-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [How Do I Join?] It's simple. Leave a post here if you with to join our ranks, or you can send an in-game letter or whisper to any of the following players: Rhouge / Lazuline - Lead Guild Master & Team Rhouge Representative Jaggore / Chrozz- Guild Master Council & Team Rhouge Representative Tidax - Guild Master Council & Team Rhouge Representative Jhumbalaya / Klimcinagro / Zurielle - Guild Master Council Pazumuu - Guild Master Council Adaptabull / Vyndication - Guild Master Council & Team Adaptabull Representative Sapphirah / Ambrial - Team Adaptabull Representative-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Link] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jaggore5 Mar 25, 2012
Mar 22, 2012 [A] Bacon Bandits is recruiting DPS!! Bacon Bandits, alliance 10 man cross-guild raid alliance, is recruiting! Any DPS of the not Paladin/Warlock/Priest variety! Ranged preferred but exceptional melee will be considered. Having a geared offspec you are familiar with and good at is definitely a plus. Bacon Bandits is a 10 man raid that goes back as far as Karazhan in BC, cleared all Wrath content including heroic Lich King. We are 4/8 heroic in Dragon Soul and pushing the others. We're from various guilds, and don't care about guild perks. We have our cauldrons, and provide flasks, and you don't have to leave your current guild to raid with us. We run a steady roster of 13-14 people, and raid 2-3 nights a week. Tuesdays 8-11 EST Thursdays 8-11 EST and about every other Monday 8-11 EST You must be available to raid on all of raid nights, at least 2 nights per week. Loot is handled via in game need on spec, greed offspec. We expect our raiders to be mature, reliable, know their class/role, and be prepared. We're casual and don't want any drama. Period. Loot is nice, it helps us, but we don't like people being d**** about it. We're here to progress through content without a massive time commitment or drama. If you think this sounds like a raid for you, we expect you to have all possible pre-raid gear available to you, at the very least you should have mostly 384ish epics and as much other gear as possible. If you find yourself meeting the qualifications and interested, please drop me a line either through a post here or an in game mail. In game whispers are also an option if you can catch me but that is the least reliable/desired. I'm not going to post an application but please try to describe your past experience and current situation to make the evaluation process easier for everyone!Seniummortus48 Mar 22, 2012
Mar 21, 2012 Unofficial theme song for MoP. I'm sure someone has done this before, but here is my unofficial theme song for MoP: Mar 21, 2012
Mar 21, 2012 <Fate> LF Heal & Tank <Fate> & Group Three are looking for a Healer & Tank roles for our 10M DS raids. Our main raid is 2/8 Heroic and alt raid is 6/8 Normal DS. Food & Flasks provided. Raid times are Tues 7:00-11:00 & Wed 7:30-11:00. If you are interested, please go to and click on Recruitment to fill out an application. Also feel free to whisper Shadyface or Peach in-game with any further questions. Thanks! ShadyShadyface1 Mar 21, 2012
Mar 20, 2012 The 150,000g transmog fashion show is BACK! Did you miss the last one? YOU DID??? PC Gamer covered it for their March 17th magazine! Man, you missed out! The most striking outfits will be in their article due out next month! Here's a video from the previous event: Earthen Ring / Lightbringer show: Did you hear about the one I just held on Proudmoore last weekend? I think they raised the bar, Earthen Ring, so it's time to step up! Proudmoore show: So it's your turn to prove to the intrawebs that Earthen Ring has more killer looks than any other realm! The 150,000g transmog show is BACK! The Date: This Saturday, February 25th. The Time: Alliance at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Horde at 10:30pm EST. The Place: Alliance in Stormwind Harbor. Horde in Orgrimmar, specific location TBD just be in Orgrimmar. The Rules: The majority of your gear MUST be transmogrified. The Prizes: The top 10 Alliance outfits will each get 10,000g. The top 5 Horde outfits will each get 10,000g. The Criteria: We'll be judging based on overall look, originality, uniqueness, completion of the look, theme of the look, etc. Things that traditionally hurt a player's outfit: Something gets left out, for example the entire "gold" look is fantastic but you're wearing a purple helm. Can't make it? Follow me on Twitter @DEazeroth for details because we'll be live streaming the event. See you Saturday! -Nikon, aka KeelhaulNikon19 Mar 20, 2012
Mar 19, 2012 <Fortunes of War> -H- Open recruitment Fortunes of War is a young guild formed by active and experienced players that strives for a fun and friendly atmosphere for all. Recruitement is opened to every friendly player looking for a casual guild. If you're looking for a place to level, run instances or work on achievements give us a try! Whisper me or anyone in the guild for an invite or more info.Deadhorn0 Mar 19, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 RP Server Survey Project Greetings, Earthen Ring! I am posting this thread on every RP server aside from Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord. This is a survey of RP activity on the various RP servers, many of which are only vaguely known by WoW's RP community at large. This was inspired by a handful of requests for insight on the various RP servers, which were met only with talk of Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord. However, there are over a dozen RP servers out there, one of which is yours. I would like to gather the feedback from each of these surveys after a week for a general consensus and post the findings altogether. So if you are a role player, a member of an RP guild or have experiences and/or insight to share on the RP community of your server, for one faction or both, then please represent in this thread within one week of the original posting date. Thank you very much to everyone who participates. ******************************** EDIT For Additional Notes! 1. Replies From Trolls Will Not Be Included In The Final Results Report / Every Server Has Its Trolls 2. The Final Results Reports Will Be Posted On The World's End Tavern Forum 3. Potential Feedback Topics : - A history of the RP community - Where the RP community is at / How the RP community is doing now - Where new players to the server can go to find RP (RP 'hotspots') - What the RP is like (very guild-based, more random, faction events, etc) - Current RP Guilds (and what they're all about) Again thank you very much to everyone who participates! Let's keep the creative writing alive! =)Azastala5 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Splinky for President Where the other thread go!? WHAT DID YOU DO!?!Shanudis18 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 15, 2012 Mog Finder Can't find that missing piece to your mog set? Don't want to waste time checking the AH every 30 mins to finish your outfit? Don't want to spend hours farming for that world drop piece? Then don't! Let me do the leg work. Send me an in-game email with the name of the item(s) how much your willing to spend, in game currency only, per item. When I find the item I'll in-game mail it to you COD. If you don't want to at that time no worries I'm sure I can find someone else that will love to have that shiny new armor. This has been an advertisement for CONKY, your friendly personal shopper. My name is Conky and I approve this add. Vote early and vote often.Conky1 Mar 15, 2012
Mar 15, 2012 Looking to xfer. Hi there! I am currently looking for a server to xfer too. Thought I would stick my nose in the forums here and get some input. I am looking for a raiding guild. I have 1/8 HMode experience in DS. I am ilevel 398 Holy/Disc Priest, available to raid Mon-Thu 8:30 EST until 11pm EST. What is the world PvP like? Are raids easy to pug? Does anyone still mess with the old school raids in the hopes of getting mounts and what not? Let me know please <3 Xanthì4 Mar 15, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 Horde group LF Alli group for Halaa Mounts What: Organize PVP fight to get Halaa mounts Where Halaa, Nagrand When: 3/22/2012 9PM-Midnight The two mounts above are only purchasable via local pvp tokens. Since Nagrand is desert like now we have to organize the skirmish. We are looking for a brave group of alliance players to fight in Halaa. As of now we are a group of 10 lvl 85 characters. If you are Horde and are interested, please send me an in-game mail for a calendar invite. If you are on the Alliance, post below and let us know which character you would like to take part in this. Please consider stepping up as the raid leader for that evening as well. One will be needed. To smooth things out, using vent that night would allow us to coordinate the assault. My guild's vent is for guild members only. Let us know if you have one we could use. I will ask around as well. Your post needs to look like: Faction: Horde Character name: Sokotep Friends or Guildies involved? Yes (I have 10 players coming including myself) If Alliance, would you consider leading the raid? N/A Do I have a vent both alliance and horde characters can use? No The goal is for everyone involved (Horde and Alliance) to get enough tokens to buy the mounts. We may reorganize this event if needed Sokotep0 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 Raiding around 2am? Are there any guilds out there that raid around 2am?Maddocta2 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 Looking for something a little more casual.. Hello all, due to my current guild's break up I'm looking for something new to enjoy the game with, and with that being said i need something casual that raids and has raids available for alts.. due to my RL situation i have little time to raid anymore between work and my kids but on an off chance that you might need someone with exp and gear to fill a spot and im online i don't mind sitting the bench till that chance comes about. I'm looking for something Rated R with no children in it because sometimes i have the foulest of mouths/jokes and i wouldn't want my kids hearing /seeing it soo i dont think others should have to as well.. besides a more adult type guild is always more fun, im also looking for a guild that does RBG or is attempting todo so (isnt important just looking to see if any is out there) I'm not looking to go thru the whole "app" process again soo i wont be going to any guild websites and filling out a form and sitting on a waiting list till you get around to me.. however if your looking to fill your ranks with someone who has a 395 or higher IL Tank/Healer/Ranged dps/Melee dps and knows what their doing im that guy... If you'd like to contact me do so in game because i wont be checking back on this post Swishersalh1 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 13, 2012 Hi. I'm around for a week!Asmodoues5 Mar 13, 2012
Mar 10, 2012 Transfer levelling refer a friend thinking of transferring to earthen ring. I'm gonna level a character here first. Anyone interested in becoming my refer a friend?Phrike5 Mar 10, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 New to realm-Any other older gamers here? I'm back from a long break and finally leveling a resto sham. Really fun class. Healer at heart. Too old probably to be playing but eh....whatever. Any other older gamers here? Possibly leveling a toon? I'm questing currently on the Ashenvale border and then on to who knows where. Lok'tar friends! (novice RP'r have no clue but thought it might be interesting) Chugorage8 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 LF Fiery Chain Girdle I'm looking for someone with 6x Dark Iron Bars and/or the Fiery Chain Girdle pattern to craft me one. I have the Lava/Fiery Cores and will pay 60g for the bars and 40g for crafting me the item.Rafikki0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 <Icon> Recruiting on Earthen Ring Guild Name: Icon Server: Earthen Ring Website: Who We Are: Icon is a recently formed guild created by experienced players/raiders with the intent of fostering a fun, friendly atmosphere amenable to regular raiding, leveling, achievements, and enjoying the game. We’ve been very lucky to find a core group of individuals with similar vision to help grow this guild, lead raids, and ensure that we are proactive in recruiting great people. Our Guild Offers: • A relaxed and fun playing and raiding environment with experienced officers and raid leaders • A friendly, diverse group of players to engage in activities with and have a good time • Ventrillo and a maintained website • A concerted effort to leave the drama, rudeness, and bad attitudes elsewhere • Guild activities and events, including mount runs, contests with in-game incentives, achievement runs, and social events Current Raiding Schedule: • Monday 8:30 – 11:00 pm joint guild run – Dragon Soul 25 • Tuesday, Thursday: 8:30 – 11:30 – Firelands 10 • Old school/achievement raids weekly • Progression raids forming Ideal Guild Candidates: • Are mature, over 16 years • Have an excellent, positive attitude. • We welcome all classes and levels, mains and alts Ideal Raiding Candidates: • Possess a working microphone and aren’t afraid to use it • Possess a stable internet connection and a raid-capable computer that will not explode • Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play. • Ability to work well with others, follow directions, and play nice in the sandbox • Raiders will be required to have Ventrillo and a raid management add-on like Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs Contact: Send in game messages to Laurelynn on Earthen Ring. Alternatively, you can create an account on the website fill out a recruitment application at Mar 9, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Buying a lvl 25 Guild I'm looking to buy a lvl 25 guild contact Hemnu, Raharmachias, Faxon or Verineth in game if you have one you would like to sell.Hemnu2 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 <Guardians of Honor> is Recruiting We are a 10 man raid guild on Earthen Ring. Currently 8/8 Normal 1/8 Heroic Dragon Soul Raid Times - 11:45 PM invites raid ends at 3 AM Eastern Standard Time Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Raider Expectations Show up on time and be prepared with food buffs, flasks, potions and knowledge of the boss encounters. What we are looking for... 1 DPS Any Class with a Tank or Healer off spec If interested you can contact Raharmachias, Hemnu. Faxon or Verineth in game or go to to applyRaharmachias9 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Old Guard Vs Heroic Morchok So here is the video of the old guard downing Roic MORCHOK this was our second downing i believe the first one got accidently deleted when my 2nd Hard drive crapped out on me...yes the video editing got alil messed up aswell it was late and i was tired lol well hope you guys enjoy ..and sorry for no back round music...still learning how to use these programs lol apparently bb code doesnt workOnepromise23 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 (A) The Jägermonsters are Recruiting! The Jägermonsters are recruiting new members! We're a level 25 guild and have been around the realm since mid-early Wrath of the Lich King and are now looking to recruit more members for our guild. The Jägermonsters is mainly a social guild looking to expand our numbers. We will try and have events set up weekly that anyone can attend to help out with everyone being social with each other. These events will range from achievements to raiding to PvP. We also do currently have 2 raids that are in Dragon Soul. If there is a lot of interest in raiding then we will be forming a 3rd 10 man group to do whatever raid people would like to do, whether it's early Cata stuff for achievements, Firelands, or Dragon Soul. We also have some members who PvP and if there is a lot of interest in PvP then some events will be set up for those who are interested. If you're interested please apply through our website: If there are any questions about the guild you contact an officer in-game. (Some officers are: Belade, Toolazi, Shaldre, Hystaria, Federer, Battlespring, Lizamber, Zheroux, and Zetath) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. :)Shaldre15 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Is this a good rp server i just made a new toon on this server because i wanted to start rping but so far every one ive encountrered either has a name like "whatthell" or the talk like "yea and so i freaking pwned that nub" mind you i am in on of the starting zones so is it just me or is it the server?Coochies3 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 For all you Alliance Dragonsoul raiders 10 hours of bliss: Mar 5, 2012