Earthen Ring

Jan 24, 2012 [A-10] Insurgence is Recruiting! If you're progression raid oriented, and looking for a home for your character(s), then come see what we have to offer. Who We Are Insurgence was created in late WotLK near the end of the summer before the Cataclysm expansion. We started as a group of friends from our prior guild with the intent of raiding and clearing 10 man content in Cataclysm. We're currently progressing through normal mode Dragon Soul, with intentions of venturing into heroic mode once it is unlocked. We do our best to maintain a fun, social, open lighthearted environment while keeping high standards of dedication and performance in our raids. There is an adult atmosphere abound in this guild, but that does not mean disrespect or any type of harassment is tolerated. What We Need We're currently looking for the following class: Hunter Warlock We'll also looking to bolster are casual player ranks. These are the type of folks who aren't looking for a steady raiding spot, or don't have time to commit to a every day schedule, but instead just want a home with a bunch of fun, sometimes hilarious, and just a tad bit insane group of folks. Please visit and fill out our recruitment application. The link is on the front page! Raiding Schedule Wednesday: 8-11 Thursday: 8-11 Sunday: 8-11 What We Expect We expect our raiding members to have high attendance rate and to normally be able to sign up to all raid days. However we do recognize that the real world happens and expect all members/applicants to provide a simple call and or in-game note that you can't make it ahead of time. Remember others are dependent on you showing up, it's the only decent thing to do. We are a relatively tight-knit group of people, and we try to provide everyone that common courtesy. Gear isn't a deciding factor, as we are looking for skill first, gear second. We're also willing to teach the right candidate if the potential is there. So if you're interested, and feel you have what it takes, contact one of the people listed below or visit our website and apply. Officers to Contact Issden\Anubas (GM) Trenum/Jartemiz /Tormecki IsuridedesIssden4 Jan 24, 2012
Jan 24, 2012 Giant Chicken Mount "El Pollo Grande" Yes you've probably seen it on the auction house, but I am now taking offers for my magic rooster egg. This is a very rare Trading Card Game mount. Send me an in-game PST or mail with your offer or if you want to know what the current offer is. Contact my main Desomús or my alt, Mesmori.Desomús0 Jan 24, 2012
Jan 23, 2012 [A] Selling or Trading Alliance Lunar Lantern Hello all. Managed to get a second Alliance Lunar Lantern that I would like to trade for the Horde version or to sell. It is currently posted on the neutral AH if someone would like to purchase it. Message me in-game if you are interested in trading. Thanks =)Mournwood0 Jan 23, 2012
Jan 22, 2012 [H] Kamikaze Runners seeking more! Kamikaze Runners is looking to expand our 10 man raid team. We are looking for players who are dedicated and focused on progression. We use a rotational system for raid spots allowing for everyone to enjoy raiding at a not so hectic pace. However, when it comes down to the wire, we get things done. Currently, we are 5/12 of the current content and off to a great start!!! In addition to our raid team, we offer a friendly guild enviorment with helpful guild members and fun events to let off some steam. KR is a home away from home, not a place to login to raid 2 nights a week and then log off. So if you are looking for a bit of raiding and some place where everyone knows your name, then KR is the place for you. We are currently recruiting for the following classes/specs: Holy Priest with a Shadow Offspec Arms/Fury Warrior Enhancement Shaman Hunter Our Raid Schedule (server time): Tuesday 8:30-10:30pm Saturday 8:30-12:30pm For more information or to apply please check out our website or speak to me or one of the other officers. Praehard Alyannia Minimar *updated 6/20/11Praehard8 Jan 22, 2012
Jan 21, 2012 [A] DS 10 Raid LF a Warlock Hi, due to a recent trimming of my raid we lost a dps because he was not performing up to par and this left me with an open spot in my raid. My raid runs on Saturday and Sunday from 6:45 PM server to 11 PM server. We are 7/8 right now, but tomorrow we plan on downing Madness making us 8/8. Our raid times are slightly unique in that we raid 3 weeks out of every month, taking 1 week off. This is due to my work schedule having me work every 3rd week. Sometimes on these off-weeks my raid finds a tank to sub-in for that weekend and continues running, so there is always that possibility. For example, after this Sunday's raid (1/8/12), the next weekend would be our off weekend and then we would raid the next two following weekends. Some may view this as hindering progression, but we do progress fairly well assuming all the raid members are pulling their weight (which again is why I had to kick someone out). Had my raid not been hindered by me pulling together people in the middle of Firelands, we would have gotten more pre-nerf heroic kills, but alas we did not and thus only made it 5/7 for post-nerf heroic Fireland Kills. I don't want to start killing heroic bosses after a nerf goes out which is why I trimmed my raid of under performing people so it doesn't happen again. Like the thread title says I am looking for a well geared warlock who is aware of his/her surroundings and knows their class well. Everyone in this raid currently knows their class very well and brings their A game to every raid and I expect nothing less of the warlock that comes into my raid. I'm not asking for a 390 iLvL warlock, but the closer the better and nothing below 380. Also, the more flexible the warlock is with swapping specs depending on the fight the better. Some fights favor one warlock spec than the other and the warlock should be comfortable with swapping specs depending on the fight. Prior experience in Dragon Soul (not LFR) would be extremely beneficial, but I have had people in my raid who had no experience and are quick learners. If you don't have Normal Dragon Soul experience, but are a quick learner, are very aware of your surroundings and know how to play your class and can bring your best performance to every raid, then post in this thread or send me an in-game mail. As of right now I need a Warlock by tonight, which I know is unlikely. If I find someone that fits the criteria by tonight's raid time of 6:45 then awesome, but more than likely I'll have to find a trade PuG for tonight's raid. Nerieana5 Jan 21, 2012
Jan 20, 2012 Feral lf arena I'm a geared feral druid looking for some serious arena looking to get 2k before the seasons up. I'm mainly always on cuzo if interested pst me or send in game mail.Cuzø0 Jan 20, 2012
Jan 20, 2012 1,000g each to 90 players tonight Hi All, I'll be giving away another 1,000g each to 90 players on Earthen Ring this evening. Ally: Look for Nikon on the Stormwind bridge entering the city. Horde: Look for Tense in the Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar. Rules are simple, show off your transmog outfits. Fabulous outfits each win 1,000g until I basically run out of gold. My street cred and sample criteria by which I will be judging: (as mentioned on The Instance podcast) and This will be the fourth and final major giveaway in my quest to give away 1 million gold. Follow me on Twitter for details (@deazeroth). For scenes from last week's 100k giveaway on Earthen Ring check my Picasa album: -"The Mogfather"Tense6 Jan 20, 2012
Jan 20, 2012 (A) But Mostly Donuts - Casual and carefree Have you had your fill with guilds that pressure you to do one thing or another? Tired of all the drama? Looking for a guild where you can be yourself in an adult (over 21), judgement-free and stress-free environment? Then "But Mostly Donuts" is the guild for you! We are a level 7 small, friendly casual RP and social guild looking for mature players to join our ranks. The ideal applicant should have a sense of humor, not take life or the game too seriously and should be looking to make new friends in a fun environment. If this sounds like a guild you've been looking for then whisper me (Rheine) or Dazie in-game for an invite. Let's have some fun! FOR THE HOLE! PS - We would love to get some more healy type folks.Rheine1 Jan 20, 2012
Jan 19, 2012 [H]Resto druid LF late nite/morning raid team I am a 388ilvl resto druid LF a late night or morning 10 man raid team. Due to my work schedule I am available to raid from 2am-1pm. Due to real life/swtor/skyrim my previous guild stopped raiding pretty much after we cleared T11 content. We attempted Firelands once before calling it quits. Currently I have been doing LFR to get my fix of raiding but it is such a joke. While I don't have alot of cata raid experience due to guild/rl issues I cleared all of WotLK content including most HM bosses while it was current and I am a competent raider. Please feel free to contact me in game or reply to this post.Sorchaa0 Jan 19, 2012
Jan 19, 2012 <Flying Dutchman> <Flying Dutchman> is recruiting any and all players. We want to be a leveling, questing together achievement guild. Right now we are level 1 so we have no perks, no rewards, very little money for guild repairs and the like hell pretty much do not have crap to entice new members really, but we are named after a cool pirate ship and come on who doesn't like pirates. If you think your willing to deal with the pain of helping a guild level up from scratch or just feel like parking an alt in for a few levels then send me an in game mail or guild invite request and I will get you that invite ASAP :)Braidyne0 Jan 19, 2012
Jan 19, 2012 Kaoskreator: A formal compendium While I work on switching networks for my highly rated television show, I would like to take this time to release a formal statement involving my true intentions for the future. To cut to the chase, Kaoskreator is a force that needs to be stopped. No other man, beast, or manbeast has stopped him yet; and I plan to rot him from the inside out. Now some may say that this is a bit extreme, to which I disagree. If you've seen the atrocities that this man has done, you'd be after the man too. I'll accept any and all help to take down this target; I am welcoming both alliance and horde. I guarantee you Kao, I have the resources to take you down. Excuse me, I must go. Sabu just jumped through my computer desk.Paulheyman9 Jan 19, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Horde side on ER Hey guys, I am considering coming over to an rp realm, and I can;t decide if I should come to Earthin Ring or Cenarion Circle, soo hows RP here on the Horde side? I myself am a heavy RP'er on my hunter and would do the same on this toon which i hope to make my main!! so yea! opinions, comments!Celendrin1 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Ulduar (10 Man) Achieve Run this Friday 1/13 The thread says it all. I will be hosting a 10 man Ulduar achievement run this Friday 01/13/12. Here are the details: Raid: Ulduar 10 Date: 1/13/12 Time: 7:30 EST (Server time) How to get invited: Send me a tell in-game or respond to this post Vent Required: YES -- I will provide the server. No vent, no invite. Level Requirement: 85 As noted in the title, this will be an ACHIEVEMENT run. The achievements that this run will be shooting for are the following: Getting Cold In Here Who Needs Bloodlust? Lumberjacked Deforestation Not-So-Friendly Fire Shadowdodger They're Coming Out of the Walls Supermassive All other achievements will take a backseat to these listed above. If we have time/the want to do other achievements not listed, we will do so but don't write it in stone. The reason I require all users to have vent for this is to leave nothing to chance on getting these achievements. I don't care if you don't want to talk on vent, all I care about is that you listen and understanding what technique and method the group will use to get the achievement. Seeing as how this is an achievement run we will wipe (once or twice) if the achievement fails to try for it again. I stress once or twice because I am interested in getting these achieves but I will not make people try for them all night long. I will do the research and leading for these achieves, I just ask that the players who sign up listen and not do anything overtly stupid (like purposely dying in fire or asking what deadly boss mods is). Anyone that is 85 is welcomed to sign up, invites will be given out with respect to class balance and necessary composition for achievement success. Hope to see you all there! Edited for date.Ranzou14 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 WTS Unknown Archaeologist's Hammer!! i have an Unknown Archaeologist's Hammer on my alliance toon that im taking to horde next week. so allys, if you dont wanna neutral AH, times a wasting in-game mail Missfais with (generous =D) Offers Unknown Archaeologist's HammerMissfais0 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 WTB: Enchanting Mats In Bulk Title...Don't need hypnotic dust. CoD to Vanguard or whisper me in game / post here prices. If they're alliance side it's your responsibility to get them to horde and your gold back to alliance.Vanguard1 Jan 15, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 1,000g each to 100 players: Friday, 10pm EST Hi All, I'll be giving away 1,000g each to 50 players on Earthen Ring (Horde) and 1,000g each to 50 players on Earthen Ring (Alliance) beginning this Friday evening at 10pm EST. Rules are simple, show off your transmog outfits. Best outfits win. 10pm: Alliance (Nikon) 11pm: Horde (Tense) My street cred and sample criteria by which I will be judging: (as mentioned on The Instance podcast) and This will be the third major giveaway in my quest to give away 1 million gold. Follow me on Twitter for details (@deazeroth). -Keelhaul, aka "The Mogfather"Tense13 Jan 15, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 Never say never...the Nev story /wave@server Restrictions: - no death - no guild - no questing - no heirlooms - no looting - no grouping - no mounts - no instances - no professions - no hearthing - no mage portals, I guess that means no Dalaran - no summons - no Flight paths, walking only - starter gear (level 1) only Extra restrictions: - 100 achievements points maximum - no glyphs Current attempt Attempt number 3 This should be fun. So if you see a poor Night Elf in starter gear or wearing a black dress don't forget the /hug and /wave. I have 3 sets of starter gear since bows break after about 110 kills and after level 40 you need to repair 3 times per level. Persons who have RP'ed and/or donated gold to help with the grind in-game and pay for repairs and spells and to whom I am very grateful: - Sanguinarium - Pantherao - Malifact - Mongreal - Caoren - CaniiaNeverdied44 Jan 15, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 Arrival (RP) <<I am unaware of how your forums state something is an RP, which is what follows below, enjoy>> "Awakening" Cathedral District, Stormwind City Alliance That first intake of breath, so critical, relays so much information with those who know how to process it. In a modest home in the facing the lake in the Cathedral District, such a breath is taken, not by a youth, but by a reborn adventurer. Getting up from lying down on a cote, he feels bombarded by the input. Sight, smell, sound, touch, all of them telling them about where he is, but not who he is. Flexing his fingers, he examines them, callused battle worn. "Who am I? Where I am? What am I?" he whispers, perplexed by his awakening. He hears someone coming down the stairs, looking desperately for a weapon, he finds nothing. He feels light and lethal in the plain linen cloth clothing. Drawing his arm back ready to strike, an aged human turns the corner to her confused patient, "Well it's about time you awoke, I've been pumping you full of tea for a week trying to heal you from what was ailing you." "Excuse me, ma'am you have me at a disadvantage, " he bows, "I thank you for your care, but perhaps if you can help me some more, if it wouldn't be too much." Nodding like every mother since the dawn of time has, she responded, "I am Marlay, formerly a high ranking healer for the Alliance until I retired a few years ago, occasionally I still help with the hard cases, or in your case, were brought to me." "Brought to you?" Smiling, she extends her hand to him, despite the fact he towers over her, "Come with me, and I'll explain. " Leading him up the stairs, they start to walk, "About three moons ago I was walking in Elywnn Forest, after finishing helping a new adventurer learning the art of making bandages when a ram assaulted me. Do you know anything of rams?" Shaking his head, she continued her story, "Rams are a mount type preferred by dwarfs, a race which is shorter than us humans. However, they are known for being loyal from beyond the grave. After several head butts, I followed it to where it had tried to dig into the soil, and a shovel was up against a tree. . ." a screech happens behind them, he drops into a crouched position, he hand reaches for his side as if to grab a weapon, but comes up empty. Seeing the gryphon flying over them something red flashes though his mind. They've been walking slowly towards the Dwarven District, with the sights and smells memory awake within him, "You were saying my lady?" Despite her advanced years, she continues, "Several mounts seemed to hang around this improvised grave, every time I tried to leave, it was as though I could sense their collective will to keep digging. As I hit what appeared to be a cover stone, there was a pick laying on top of it. By fate, by chance, or by design it not for me to say, but what I can say is I found you." Entering the bank, she gives a hand gestured to the bank attended, "You were barely alive, most would've given you up for dead. The ram made it clear you were to be laid across it. What I assume were your positions were given to the others. As if some unit to one, the air mounts seemed to cover the sky's aiming to protect us as we headed back to Stormwind. " A pair of burly dwarfs lifting a heavy package come from around the side, with the attendant from the till. He continued, "And then I awoke, and you have told me this tale, but it still leaves many questions." Shaking her head, "Not as many as you think, " from a pocket she pulls out chain which holds a dog tag, he lowers his head. "Read the inscription, and then tell me who you are." In the torch light, he read it, "Marshal Packhunter, Armed Forces of the Alliance." He expected a memory or two, a name and rank were something he must've said before. What happened was a saga began to unfold. Even as he pitched forward in pain, he remembered everything. Dealing with bandits in the forest, fighting his way to both ends of Black rock mountain, to the wildness of Nagrand in Outlands, to the frozen waste that was Northrend, until finally his confrontation with Arthas. Packhunter1 Jan 15, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 2 Healz LF late night Horde guild! As the title says, we are two healers looking for a late night guild that can progress in DS. Any time between 10pm to 1am server would be ideal. We are free any day of the week but Tuesday and Thursday. Hit us up in this thread or contact me in game. Hope to hear something soon!Pixaedri1 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 [H] Frost DK LF steady DS group Greetings Earthen Ring. I have explored most all my options on trying to find a regular raid group I can run with and progress through the Dragon Soul raid so I turn to the forums here. I am currently experienced 4/8 on normal DS and willing and able to learn the other half of the raid. My schedule is a little weird but I am available Mon,Thurs & Sat all day and the other days of the week I am on after 2 am till about 7-8 am (server time/EST). I am known to be reliable and good dps able to fulfill my role and down raid bosses a boss. All I'm asking for is a chance to be part of whatever organization is in need of my class and role on a regular bases and provide quality deeps. Thanks again for all those who come across this post and your time it took to read this as well please keep this a troll free thread raiding to me is srs business. If I interest you for your group please feel free to contact me in game or respond on the forums thanks again for your time. Sincerely. MürderfaceMürderface0 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Farewell type post thing So, this is my farewell type post thing. I'm unsure if I'm going to come back, or if it's just a temporary thing. I've got about 4 months left on the subscription, so I may be on and off every now and then. Just saying thanks to everyone out there who made my time on Earthen Ring enjoyable, in case I don't return, but I'll probably make a new, updated post about that. HPeppito3 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 [A] Looking for serious 2s, 3s, 5s partner(s) IGM: Rahtchet Guild: The Old Guard Class: Paladin Spec: Retribution -Last Word- Resil: 4380 ( Currently missing 3 enchants, I am aware of it, thank you. ) Looking for: A Good partner to do 2s with everyweek, someone that doesn't just come in for points and leaves, although you might as well leave if you don't pvp much. Also looking for a team for 3s and/or 5s, serious offers only. I will accept doing a practice team and the reseting it to start fresh. You can mail me ingame, whisper or leave a comment here. Leaving a comment is recommended so I can get a hold of you if I am offline. I will seriously consider any reasonable offer (ie: nothing like double Retribution) Thanks, RahtchetRahtchet0 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Hi. Tank LF Weekend Raids I am interested in doing some raids on the weekend. I'm not very happy with the atmosphere of LFR and am looking for something with a little more organization. Leaving my guild is not on the table at this time. The window of opportunity is 9 AM ST to 9 PM ST Saturday and Sunday. If you have a raid team and want to give me a shot, please post or find me in game. If you do not have a raid team, well... feel free to criticize my equipment or my hairstyle. :) Edit: Recruitability closed. Have nice day!Mhao0 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 <H><Cereal Killers> Morning raid team Recruit Yes thats right <Cereal killers> raid team is looking for standbys and possably even a main healer or range dps. If you can raid from 8am-11am monday,wensday,fridays and have at least 90% attendence then we are the team for you. Progress: Teir 11 full clear Teir 12 6 out 7 Teir 13 4 out of 8 with us almost having ultraxion down (attendence boss wins) We are a fairly new team maybe together 4 months total. Hit me up ingame with a mail or reply here You do not have to be a member of AIE to join the team. Loot is by council and mostly thats for trinkets and what not because we are a 10man team loot usally isnt a issue.Gulrakis1 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Horde RP How good is RP horde side and where are the best locations?Kamagua1 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Blackdawn is recruiting! Guild Name: Blackdawn Guild Master: Carmyne Guild Type: Heavy RP Guild Theme: Militia for the liberation of Gilneas Guild Information: Blackdawn is a militia force stationed at Shadowfang Keep, part of the Gilnean Liberation Front that continues to fight the Forsaken and Horde forces in Silverpine. We are not entirely Lawful-Good in alignment, as we serve Gilneas, Greymane, and Blackdawn. We open our doors to any who wish to fight for our cause, and maintain a strong Pack mentality with our brothers and sisters in arms who have earned themselves our recognition. So long as any member of the Alliance wishes to fight for a Gilneas free from the taint of the vile Forsaken, they are welcome in our pack (OOC Information) : We’re a level 12 (nearly 13!) guild and boast many members. There’s usually quite a few of us on and we have active weekly events. We are striving to maintain a drama free environment that provides excellent, fun and lore pertinent RP. Guild chat is IC and we use communication stones. We provide an OOC channel for OOC chat. Requirements OOC: You must have attained level 30 (65 for DK’s), maintain active participation, be respectful and drama free, have a good working knowledge of lore and try to keep grammar and spelling mistakes to a minimum. We understand that typos happen! Roleplay in Blackdawn: We have many different venues we Rp in. Stormwind, Pyrewood village, Shadowfang Keep, Fenris Isle and Gilneas. What we’re looking for: Excellent RP’ers who want to take part in epic storylines, RP/PVP, world RP, community RP, and social gathering RP. We offer RP to suit just about all tastes and are a very active guild with a lot of great plans for the future. How do I join? : Easy! Send a tell in game to Ihluriel, Carmyne, Ravvos, Abigayle, or Ginlan. We’ll be happy to talk to you to make sure Blackdawn is the right guild for you. Any rules? : Yes, we have a few. Please refer to our website (and bear with us, it’s still under construction) or ask one of us in game. Questions? : Please ask an officer in game! Ihluriel1 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 LF casual/semi-casual raiding guild I'm a 375 ilevel frost DK, looking to raid a couple times a week with a guild. I hav plenty of raid experience, know the fights in DS mostly, done them in LFR and the first four on my priest. I'm free in the evenings. It's rather hard for me to find a group for anything so it'd be nice to have a guild to run with. I raided back at 70, 80, and have done some at 85, DS, LFR, few bosses in BoT and Shannax in FL, I know how to move out of rings of death on the ground and follow a kill order. I can be contacted in game on this character since it's my main.Zarcine0 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 LFM for DS 1-7 Sat. 1/7 with a good group :) About half of our raiding team is spending winter vacation overseas (a thousand curses be upon them! :P), thus we are looking for a few people to run normal Dragon Soul with us during these few weeks. We had good runs the last two weeks. This week's run will be Saturday (1/7) starting at 7:30PM. We might need 1-2 DPS. We would love a rogue (yes you can do your legendary quest) or a hunter/warrior. For other classes, please inquire! :D ------------------------Details------------------------ CONTENT: We are definitely going to do 1-4, possibly 5-7 if all goes well. We are on a 1-day-a-week reduced raiding schedule so I doubt we will get to 8. TIME: Saturday 1/7 7:30PM - 11PM (hopefully we will finish before 10:30 though.) REQUIREMENTS: 1. Know the fights. At a minimum you should have done all of them in Raid Finder and know the differences between Raid Finder and Normal. 2. Adequately geared and skilled for the content. Somewhere around 25k dps would be preferred, though we understand this varies by class and fight. 3. Have vent and working mic. And able to stand a slew of foreign language in vent. LOOT SYSTEM: Main Spec >>>> Off Spec. (Main spec being the spec you are in the raid with unless prior arrangements are made.) Those who have gotten fewer main spec loots will have a priority over those who have gotten more. Off spec is open roll. T13 tokens are of course open roll for MS, though it counts as a piece of loot. If you are interested or have any questions, please either reply here or contact me in-game. I am usually on either Hamartia or Hermitage. Thanks for reading and happy holidays! =)Hamartia15 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 7, 2012 <Aevum> is LFM for DS progression <Aevum> is recruiting for Dragon Soul progression for our 10 man group, min ilvl of 380. We are recruiting rdps including a boomy/ele shaman/hunter and mdps. We will provide flasks/food/gems. Raid leaders have 8/8 exp and hardmode experience. Raid times are 7:30pm-10:30pm Friday and Saturday. Whisper me, ziquan, arcanexe, or premo for more info in game. We are a friendly group of people with the goal of killing bosses in hardmode. We will provide flasks/food/gemsAbbadin4 Jan 7, 2012
Jan 6, 2012 383 Holy Pally LF Casual Core AM Guild! Lookin for a new home! Haven't raided seriously since naxx, wotlk. Geared gemmed and have mats for enchanting. Ready to start healing for a good group of people. Willing to transfer servers. Also knowledgable of pally tanking and dps, willing to do either, but not currently geared for them. Also have Resto/Elemental Shaman, 85 and Blood/Frost DK i'm willing to gear and transfer to raid with!Lazis0 Jan 6, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Fashion advice Hey you guys! So I need ta make some acquisitions. Orgimmar is a big city and I need ta look my best, ya know? Here's what I'm hoping ta find: - a good patterned open front vest and a shirt with them fancy cuffs - either striped pants or pants with piping down the side - either comfortable shoes that curl up at the toe or a lizard skin boot would be alright too Being new ta town, I am happy to pinch some coppers. These goods don't necessarily need ta come off a tailor's rack. they can be worn in, if ya know what I mean? Mixyl11 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 [A] <Prophecy Reborn> is recruiting raiders! <Prophecy Reborn> is a guild that was created around the release of patch 4.2. We are currently raiding Dragon Soul and are 4/8. We are now opening recruitment in order to build our raid force into a 25 man team. We currently run 10 man content and will be getting into 25's with a small step at 2 10's along the way in order to keep as many people raiding as possible while we get the raiders we need. Our raid times are: Tuesday - 10:00 pm to 1 am server time Thursday - 10:00 pm to 1 am server time Sunday - 10:00 pm to 1 am server time We currently schedule off raids on our off nights, including t12 content, old raids (WOTLK and previous), as well as rated battlegrounds, and other group activities. We are not looking solely for raiders as we do not look to build just a raiding guild, rather a community of players who enjoy playing together (meaning we do not discriminate as to what type of player you are, casual, hardcore, etc., but we do build the best raid force we can). While we do maintain a serious atmosphere during raids, we do like to have fun as well. We have a great leadership core dedicated to making this guild the best it possibly can be. Our raid times and activities are generally scheduled around the working adult lifestyle and to benefit those who have young children and still want to raid. What are we currently in search of in order to fill our 25 man roster? Tanks - not recruiting main spec tanks currently. Healers - 3-4 healers (preferably paladins/druids) Melee DPS - 2-4 melee dps (preferably rogues, feral druids, retribution paladins) Ranged DPS - 2-4 ranged dps (most classes wanted, most desired are boomkins/warlocks) If you have any further questions or think we may be the home you are looking for, then contact myself, Merciana, Zxeion, Crevis, Brigghid, or Bloodwiser either in-game or via mail, or visit our website at Edit: update recruitment/progressionMyssiani19 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Farewell type post thing So, this is my farewell type post thing. I'm unsure if I'm going to come back, or if it's just a temporary thing. I've got about 4 months left on the subscription, so I may be on and off every now and then. Just saying thanks to everyone out there who made my time on Earthen Ring enjoyable, in case I don't return, but I'll probably make a new, updated post about that. Hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday time!Peppito0 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Retro-Newb seeking server opinion(s) I started way back at the original launch or shortly thereafter, played till just after the BC expansion, then quit. Now I have decided to come crawling back like smoe type of dejected bachelor. Glad I did. Feels like an old shoe that I forgot I loved to wear. although the world has changed and I am once again clueless. I have recently rerolled (Alliance again) and have found the old newb areas to be seemingly empty. Also, what used to be an overcrowded bussling Ironforge market now seems as empty as a Vegas Condo project. Did the financial capital of the alliance migrate over the last few years? Sure there were a few high levels flying around on salamanders and the odd low level farming dirt, but it felt desolate. The census says this server has a comparatively huge population and is well balanced. I usually get on evenings/nights eastern time. Am I missing something? 1.Is the server top heavy? (tons of high levels, not alot of lowbies or anything in between) 2.What would you assume the percentage split of the current Alliance economic trading volumn is between the auction houses? (ie, for example IF 50%, SW 10%, Darnassus 10%, etc. etc.) 3.In your opinions, what is the split of true new players coming on to the server vs. Utility Alts of already established players? (If its even possible to venture a guess on that) Thanks. Rellidor4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 (A) Shadow Priest looking for new home I am looking to join a raiding guild where I can feel at home. I would prefer to find a raid team that raids on weekdays in the evening, but I am also open to Sunday nights. Feel free to ask any questions on here or in game, Sassyblonde.Sassyblonde3 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Nevermind Nothing to see here. Idea has been done so I don't have to. :DAjapaw2 Jan 2, 2012
Dec 31, 2011 LF late night raiding guild LF late night raiding guildPlovdiv0 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 A few questions about your server. Hi, I just recently came back to WoW after a long absence and I was thinking of rerolling on your server. I have a few questions if someone can give me some generalizations about the Hoard side. How is leveling on ER? While I'm not going to be just poking along, I'm also not going to be rushing to 85, so I'll be spending a fair bit of time in old zones. So what's the leveling population like, is there even one? How busy are quest hubs and chat channels, will there be people to talk to and/or group with, or will I be alone with my thoughts? How is the state of casual guilds on ER? While I've raided a bunch in other games, it's never been my main focus (here or there), and so I'd most likely end up in a casual grouping/light raiding guild. Is there a wide selection on Hoard, or is it mostly made up of more hardcore raiders? What's the state of the economy and crafting? I must say that I do enjoy a bit of crafting from time to time, and while I've checked out your AH I've been gone from the game so long that I really have no frame of reference anymore. Are things generally seen as expensive or cheap here? Can you generally make your money with crafting, or is it hard to find buyers for your goods? From reading some of the threads here, it sounds like the ER population is skewed more towards Alliance. How great is the imbalance and does it cause any problems with anything? I'm not sure what kind of problems it could cause on a PvE server, but do you have any population issues or thoughts in general? How is the Vindication Battlegroup? In PvP, does one side generally dominate or is it pretty balanced? How are the PvP and DF queues? Thanks to any and all responders!Morboe2 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 [A-RP] The Antiquarian Society *Posted around bulletin boards in major Alliance capitals and towns.* "For many generations, every sentient race on Azeroth has been mystified by their own origins and the relics and pieces left behind by our ancestors. Gilneas is but one nation that shared in this tradition, as do the Dwarves of Ironforge, the Shu'Halo of the Horde among others. The study of archaelogy and collecting of antiques and artifacts has been a necessary and important process in uncovering these truths that remain hidden and buried in time. With this in mind, I've sought to bring together the greatest minds and antiquarians on the subject into one place, so that we may work together to unravel these mysteries. This social club, or The Antiquarian Society will work together to excavate, collect, analyze, and teach for the sake of intellectual and personal achievements. I seek that all those who have interest in such a path seek me out, whether it be to join, or to share a good tale." -Adelynn Jacobson - Proprieter of The Antiquarian Society (( OOC Information )) The Antiquarian Society is a newly formed guild on the Earthen Ring RP Server on the Alliance side! It's focus is the collecting, maintaining, selling, studying, and finally teaching of the antiquarian lifestyle and in methods of archeology. The main purpose of the guild is to achieve roleplay through exploring and diving into Blizzard's lore to analyze and create our own rp off the mysterious and sometimes unexplained nature of Azeroth's past! Any character that finds themselves interested in these themes are welcome, and no one will be turned away if they show the proper expertise in their field. Within the dynamics of the server's rp, The Antiquarian Society hopes to find people who are interested in trading relics and artifacts, or bringing it to the society for analysis. Also through our own excavations and work we will have collectible pieces for sale, some but simple trinkets, others may be sinister in nature. These profits from the antique black market will seek to empower and finance our academic division of professors and their students that will create a new generation of players who are interested in archeology, antiques, and uncovering the mysteries of the great story Blizzard has laid out for it's players. Players can expect both in game roleplay and text based roleplay. Unfortunately, not all our adventures can be represented in game by the scaled down graphical representation of Azeroth, which will require some imagination and text based roleplaying to work through! Influences for this guild include many things from Indianna Jones to Lovecraft and will deal with age old questions such as the ethics of selling and buying antiques and artifacts by private collectors instead of opening them up to the public in the form of a museum. It will also wrestle with Azeroth's dark past and the idea that sometimes things buried by time should be left that way.. As we are just starting out the guild is currently only crewed by myself. There are alot of positions open, from collectors, to dealers, to professors and even students. Once a character passes the initiation and becomes a student in the organization, they can pick several paths to study. The Path of Collection - These are for people who are not afraid to socialize with other antiquarians and personal collectors in order to make deals that benefit the society. This may be through financial arrangements to gather artifacts or relics of certain significance. They are trained for a keen eye and must be able to personally identify and trust their instincts on the significance of an archeological artifact placed before them The Path of Dealership - This path is for those who like dealing solely with the financial aspects of antiquing. A character may find antiques interesting, but only so far as they will get compensated for their time and energy through payment. Their job is to sell and distribute pieces of The Antiquarians Society through black market webs to private collectors once analsysi on collected and excavated pieces are completed. The Path of Excavation - The real backbone of The Antiquarian Society. This is the group that is willing to go out into the field and conduct excavations based on evidence provided by local towns people and geology research by other Academic insitutions within the Alliance. They must be physically rugged and capable of meeting any horror or challenge that may be waiting in the depths of Azeroth. They must also have some characteristics from all the other paths. The Path of Academia - These are those that have risen through the ranks of the Society and wish to pass on their knowledge through teaching and field exercises to help bolster the ranks of our other paths and make the Society as efficient as possible. Adelynn1 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 Starcaller World First: REAL Heroic Hagara this !@#$ is really difficult edit: I don't know if this is a real world first probably not shut up edit2: that is my maniacal girlish laughter, i am easily amusedPoppop3 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 Inferno To Ember's LVL Off! Inferno to Embers is hosting a 'level-off' which holds a prize pool of 190k gold. When? Leveling begins on Monday January the 2nd. Rules: RaF -( refer a friend)- and DK's are prohibited, but BoA's ARE acceptable. Also one's joining the race MUST be in the guild 100% during the leveling process. 1st place is 75k, and the money values depreciates for lower placements. Everyone else in the running who didn't obtain gold will be eligible to roll on miscellaneous prices such as pets. Inferno To Ember is also looking for regular recruits also! If you need more information, send a tell or some mail my way.Pwnshadow0 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 381 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild I'm looking for a good raiding guild that needs a tank for their team. I expect to do DS and FL every week with a set team. Message me here or in game.Dabbsy1 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 28, 2011 Incredibly good looking, looking for guild... Level 85 Resto/Balance Druid ilevel 377 and an 85 DK tank/dps ilevel 375 looking for a guild. We are wanting to transfer to a more active server. Our level 25 guild has gone bust due to Star Wars and Skyrim. We are both very active players, mostly weekends. We are looking to join a fun active adult guild. We would like to raid but realize this might be limited since we play mostly on the weekends. Mostly we just want to have fun with a good group of people. We have both played since Vanilla Wow. P.S. We really are hot..Krystallis8 Dec 28, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 7/8 DS Raid Team looking for guild We just transferred to server. We have the majority of people for a full raid team and we are looking for a level 20+ guild who is interested in a core or secondary raid team. We will fill empty spots with people from guild who are ready for heroic dragonsoul progression. My main's name is USCTrojan (the toon on server) and it is an ilvl 394 fury warrior. email me at or whisper USCTrojan in game.Holytowel3 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 Looking to transfer... My server seems to have died off over last few months. Last good guild i was in was torn up just before Cata. I'm looking to move to a more active server. I am interested in Raiding, I am a casual raider, usually on around 9pm-1am server (EST). would like to find a social guild too, I miss logging on and seeing people actually on and chatting. I'm willing to help anyway i can. I only have a little bit of raiding exp since cata / I have done the new LFRs. also have druid/healer I would be bringing over as well. Can transfer 1 right away.Blart4 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 Adopt a bear... ...or a Cat,,, or both actually. This Druid is looking for a home. I'm mostly a weekend player and qualify as what the *censored* on the general forum call a "damn casual". I'm currently looking mostly for friendly people to run dungeons of all kinds and improve my budding bear tank skills with. As I am still leveling, my gear is in a constant state of flux, so don't expect it to tell you much. I'm interested in all aspects of the game, raids, Instances ( Heroics or not ), PvP and Earthen Ring oblige, Role Play as well. So yeah, Polar bears and great albino cats are endangered ! Don't let this one sit alone on the cold Stormwind streets. Between the Darkmoon Zoo keepers and the poachers, I can't dance to save my life !Telaïn3 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 26, 2011 Looking to sell my Swift Shorestrider. Hey all, on a whim, bought some WoW cards the other day, and was lucky enough to get the new mount. Swift Shorestrider I'm willing to negotiate on price, and sell either to Ally or Horde, send a mail ingame to Droxie if you're interested in the mount at all. Thanks! :) Droxie6 Dec 26, 2011
Dec 23, 2011 Poppop I hope they nerf Holy Pallies so I can actually kill you one day. Sigmar15 Dec 23, 2011
Dec 22, 2011 Nublet Cartel recruiting! 7/8 DS Nublet Cartel is a fast progressing small guild formed upon Firelands release. We worked our way through FL fairly quickly and ended with HM kills before the 4.3 patch. Now we're 7/8 in Dragon Soul with Spine going down after 3 attempts. We've recently lost a founder of our raid team and a very core member of our team. We're looking to recruit someone to fill their spot as a healer, we have an open spot for a Non-Paladin who's willing to put in the time and effort. We're also always looking for addition members to fill spots in alt teams as well as anyone interested in being on a substitute list., you can throw all applications here. Any question/concerns/comments can be directed to Naptyme or Epÿon (alt + 0255).Naptyme4 Dec 22, 2011