Earthen Ring

Jun 13, 2016 [A] <Order of the Ebon Circle> reborn, LFM Earthen Ring! The Order of the Ebon Circle--an RP friendly, social guild--is looking to bolster its ranks and get back into the game. The Ebon Circle was founded in Vanilla, and was active until the mid-Cataclysm. We're a former SASU member guild, looking to make connections to other active social and RP guilds on Earthen Ring, make friends and rebuild our little community, all in preparation for the upcoming Legion expansion. The lack of general activity for the last two expansions has left the roster pretty bare, so we're looking for all types--casual players, PvP enthusiasts, compulsive collectors and achievement-chasers. We have room for new members to grow into officer positions, if you have the inclination to serve your fellow players or a thirst for power. If you don't have a guild, check us out--and if we're not a perfect fit, keep in touch. Roleplay The Ebon Circle has historically been in opposition to war with the Horde ever since the Third War, preferring to focus the Alliance's attention to more widespread threats to the races of Azeroth, or to problems within the Alliance itself. With the rise to power of Garrosh Hellscream as Warchief of the Horde, this Order's membership waned as individual knights left for organizations that supported renewed war with the Horde. As the Burning Legion shows its hand on Draenor, the Ebon Circle once again raises its banners to gather those who will put differences aside to protect Azeroth. Contact GM: Hygelakus All-New Website: Armory Listing: Feel free to send a tell to any guild member online, reply here, use the in game recruitment tool, or message Hygelakus on the website, and you should be contacted shortly!Hygelakus6 Jun 13, 2016
Jun 10, 2016 [H]Scotch and Soda-Whisperwind-12yr guild LFM Scotch and Soda has been on Whisperwind for over a decade, and is well established in it's leadership and membership. We place an emphasis on the personality of the player over their ilvl and experience, making this a good place to come to spend time with amazing people, doing amazing things in game! We are looking for: New Players, Re-Rolls, Casual players, Raiders! All are welcome as we prepare for Legion. We focus on providing an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone in the guild, not just our raiders, and not just our casuals. We have 180+ unique players in guild, ensuring there is someone online pretty much all the time! No more logging in to a ghost town! We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and are #1 on Horde side-Whisperwind for progression in this expansion. We keep a laid back but focused approach in raids, and really enforce the no shaming/blaming concept while still pushing for progression and performance. If you are interested in joining the Scotch and Soda family, visit us on Facebook at Scotch and Soda Recruiting, check out our website at, or feel free to contact any of the officers in game: Rhawnah - Rhawna#1207 Zauberr- Karrill#1518 Treddybear- tredecim#1284 Gravesend- Nemo#1931 Blackangus-gundar#1433Rhawnah0 Jun 10, 2016
Jun 8, 2016 Last Hope 11/13M Wed/Sun Recruiting Schedule: Wed & Sun 8:30 CT - 10:30 CT Realm: Sargeras Current recruitment priority: DPS DK, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Balance Druid - High Demand Warrior, Monk, Elemental Shaman, Hunter - Possible spots available Shadow Priest, Ret Pally, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druid - Low Healing Sorry, no additional healers are needed at this time. Tanking Sorry, no tanks are needed at this time. About joining the guild: We would ask that you server transfer after a trial if you love us and we love you. Please get ahold of our guild leader swerenfl#1545/Gluteas-Sargeras/Glutose-Sargeras, or you can get ahold of me Adhesyve#1668 or Adhesyve-Sargeras. You can also apply at We are a 11/13 guild so we would ask if you’re applying that you have similar experience. About the guild: We have a very light schedule, but we have high output and expectations for the time we play. We’ve managed to get 11/13M on a 4 hour schedule, and with a couple more people we can get our 13/13M before pre-launch patch. The guild is pretty silly and fun in general with great raid leadership.Adhesyve0 Jun 8, 2016
Jun 7, 2016 New to ER & RP info Search.... Hello ER, I am new to this server & pretty much new to RP. I rolled a DK to get a feel here, cause seriously a level 1 doesn't show whats under the rug. So Could anyone give me info on where I can find Active info on guilds, RP & even ER. Should I just apply here? lol ....sigh guess I will keep my search in google, but boy is that lame findings... Thanks, PeepsDespiona5 Jun 7, 2016
Jun 7, 2016 WTB Heroic Archimonde kill. No Loot. As the title states, looking for a heroic arch kill. Not interested in loot, just a quick guaranteed kill for the quest item. Add me in game and let me know how much and when. Thank you.Seatle1 Jun 7, 2016
Jun 4, 2016 <Fordragon Elite> LFM Friendly Casuals Hello all, If anyone is looking for a small guild to join, have a look our way! We recently formed this guild with 5-6 friends who have been playing together for a long time and we are looking for a few more to join us so we can tackle some of the content that requires 10+ people. On average we play every day and we are always up for anything fun! We PvP, we run heroics, we try to raid but pugging is often cumbersome as it's hard to rely or get accustomed to random players' play style and skill. Our plans are usually to be open to anything on weekdays if people are around and run a raid on the weekend during the day as to not conflict with other life plans. There is no class restriction or playtime restriction, if you want to have a raid on X day at Y time on a regular basis then we try and set it up. Play when you can and when you want, if you're having fun you'll want to play more, that's how we roll. Have a look at our guild activity to see what we've been up to. We really enjoy running old raid dungeons to collect transmog gear and see content some of us may not have seen but we would love to have enough people who want to run current raids as well. We are all very experienced and we just generally enjoy the game any way we can. I understand the guild is only level 5 right now and that's tough to offer anything like perks but what we can offer is guild bank tabs and a good environment. Over time we'll reach the level 25 to have all those perks. If there's a small group of friends out there like us, give us a shout, we can split up the gbank tabs as we find it very convenient to operate this way where everyone has their own or a few people share the same tab. Larger guilds typically don't allow anyone but officers access to the gbank so we find this may be something we can offer. We also have our own vent that we are always on when we play. If anyone is interested in meeting some new friends, here we are! /join Bazinga Come and meet us and try us out, maybe you'll stick around. Free Chocolate Cookie for all!Robin3 Jun 4, 2016
Jun 3, 2016 [A] Group Therapy is Recruiting For more information about our guild please visit: Guild drama got you down? Ready to leave something you thought could be more? We're here to help! Try some Group Therapy and join an aspiring progression raiding guild. If PvP is what you're into, we do that to! If you're just wanting to level/socialize we've got room for you! Heck, we will level our alts up with you! Most importantly, we have class lead and officer spots available! We are recruiting for Legion. Our scheduled HFC PROGRESSION raids will be: Saturday night from 7:00 - 11:00 EST. There are other raids, scheduled events, dungeon achievement runs, etc throughout the rest of the week. Once our core raiding team is set, we may or may not change raid times. Whisper me in game if you're interested in joining!Nykronus9 Jun 3, 2016
Jun 2, 2016 *[BUYING ALL WoD Herbs]* Hey all! Im interested in buying all the herbs you guys have to offer! Im looking for; Nagrand arrowbloom Gorgond flytrap Talador orchid Fireweed Frostweed Currently buying them in stacks of 200 for 160g a stack. If you have less then a full stack im willing to buy them still for 80s a herb! CoD would be preferable, if not post or mail me ingame and we can arrange a time to meet up. Thanks. KeoKeo0 Jun 2, 2016
Jun 2, 2016 Welcome to <Terrorize> We're a new and casual social/leveling/raiding guild for just about everyone! Don't have time for raid night? No worries! Have a screaming kid and need to walk away? All good! We know that real life comes first. We're all here to help each other. If you ever need anything - never hesitate to ask in this guild! Also I pretty much play this game everyday with the rest of my guild.Talras4 Jun 2, 2016
May 31, 2016 Windwool Cloth If anyone has some spare windwool cloth and wants to get rid of it I'm offering to buy it for 120g per stack of 200. Just COD it to me and you'll get your money.Cheabizzle0 May 31, 2016
May 27, 2016 @Lilaure/Anoox Miss you. Come back to ER.Nezbek2 May 27, 2016
May 20, 2016 Anyone selling 8/8 CM gold on Alliance? Will pay gold for a full carryMaxum0 May 20, 2016
May 18, 2016 Incompatible The realm list says "Incompatible" on all realms but the website shows my realm as up and running. What can I do?Anielie11 May 18, 2016
May 18, 2016 WTS Crystal-infused Shiv transmog Great transmogrification for Rogue. Great way to get in early up before the new transmog system comes out. Starting at 85k. High wanted item since it keeps its black glow even if you enchant it. May 18, 2016
May 10, 2016 It's Turwinkle Time! Yay! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a brand new episode of Turwinkle Talks with the guild called Coram Populo! A great Horde-side guild on WrA, US. Join us as we learn all about this fantastic guild! From how they were formed, what their RP History is, how to get in, what to expect when you get in, what they do as far as guild events and activities and what they enjoy about being in this guild! While you are waiting in the queue, for Blizzard to fix whatever is broken or for the 6.8 million people to get off your quest item, take a look at this fantastic interview! So grab a soda, your favorite snack and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle and Coram Populo goodness! May 10, 2016
May 9, 2016 Is anyone selling Gold Challenge Mode runs? Feel free to reply here or mail me in game. I'm looking for the complete set of runs. Thanks.Bradwr0 May 9, 2016
May 2, 2016 ... Nothing Here ... ...Songofsorrow0 May 2, 2016
Apr 26, 2016 Looking to tame Echeyakee Any horde people have the quest by chance that wouldn't mind summoning the white lion for me to tame in the barrens?Carmen2 Apr 26, 2016
Apr 13, 2016 LF Horde Guild Hello Hordee's, I have been playing on Earthen Ring since BC and deeply enjoy playing this game. I have multiple classes on ER. During college I was an active player until after Wolk. As life goes on, you graduate and begin working and then the family comes in. So that is where most of my time is. I might not raid, but I enjoy a good battleground after long day/week of work and family tasks. In the past I have made it in to guild alt raids, due to the weekend scheduling. I may not have the time to get consistent raid time now. But when I was in an active guild I was helpful to those in need and always contributed to the guild with mats and professions. End of Wolk, all my friends that I would play with either quit the game or transferred servers/faction. I only have 1 person on my real ID that still plays if his account is active. I have attempted to try other guilds, but nothing sticks. Either no one is on, I get kicked for not being active or guild disbands. That is why I have continued to stay in a guild that myself and old friends have created. I have been a true Horde player on ER and does not make sense to transfer. If I play wow, these are the characters I want to play. If any active guilds are still around on ER and would allow a social PVPer/alt raider into their guild, I promise to provide the dedication to guild. Please post below if interested. Sorry for the long post, and thank you for time.Gordock1 Apr 13, 2016
Apr 12, 2016 LF RP Guild Looking for a Horde guild that has a good amount of members who actually RP and chat on skype/whatever. Preferably a guild that is level 25, not that I think that is a problem anymore. Also I tend to play during the AM times of American time zones.Jelatin1 Apr 12, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 Anniversary For the Horde! Hello Friends, Adventurers, and Soon to be Companions! We over at the Dreadnought Society are planning something, relatively big for our fifth year anniversary as a guild, and we're wanting to invite a whole lot of people for the main event. For a long time, on server, we've been sort of doing For the Hordes, usually after defending a city form an attack from random alliance adventurers--to our monthly round that we do simply as a tradition. For us it's gotten to the point sometimes, we even let the alliance know we are coming days in advance just to see what kind of challenge we'll get. However all this time the big boss of the guild, has expressed a dream For the Horde. This dream seems ever more possible due to the CZR and Cross-Realms set up and this is where we want to invite all of you. The dream for the horde is very simple. We want four, seperate For the Hordes going, at the same time, each striking a different city and rotating as they go between the cities. Yeah I know, that sounds freaking badass right? Although extremely hard to accordinate and maintain. However I believe we can do this. What makes this even more fun, is the response we'll get. Frankly if your just CZR, you do set off world defense alerts in 3 of the 4 major cities on the run for all the servers that CZR. Rather or not a proper defense will be laid or not, we look forward to the sheer fun of doing such a massive run. So I know I know, your wanting to know how to join? When is it? What day are we rolling this? Well, we're planning months in advance here. I can't tell you the time yet, but I will let you know the date. June 30th. If your guild wants to participate, or even spear head the assault on your server (Considering Stormwind is server only) or if your just some random dude who wants in on this. E-mail me at Include your guild name, how many you have who may want to participate (guestimate) and most importantly... what time of the day would be best for your guild. If you'd like more details we'll try to keep the main thread updated over on our home server's forum: Blood and Thunder! Bitah DirgesingerBitáh0 Apr 1, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 [A] RP Event: Noblegarden Dinner Party This Noblegarden, for the first time ever, The Company of the Wolf will be opening their base of operations in Surwich, Blasted Lands, to the public. Why? To celebrate bunnies and booze, of course! This party invitation is going out to everyone, so, bring your friends. There will be games, and dueling, with great prizes up for grabs! Dinner and drinks will be served, and the Wolves are reaching deep into their frankly humongous stores of alcohol to ensure all guests will be pleasantly sozzled throughout the evening. Come dressed in your sturdiest armor or best clothes (although formal wear is not necessary), and prepare yourself for a night of unadulterated fun like only The Company of the Wolf can plan! * * * Itinerary 1. Cocktail Reception Note: Those who would like to participate in the raffle at the end of the evening, please give your names to the bunny-eared Wolves during the Cocktail Reception. Appetizer: Pandaren Noodle Soup Aperitifs: Gilnean Apple Brandy Dalaran White, Grigio Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Sweet Nectar Morning Glory Dew 2. Dinner Entrees: Citrus-Roasted Boar Sugar-Crusted Grilled Daggermaw Assorted Seafood Selection Assorted Roasts Selection Drink List: Dalaran Red: Chardonnay Dalaran Red: Noir Kaja'Cola Refreshing Spring Water 3. Mini-games A quick couple of games, with prizes going to the champions! Tonk Wars Dueling Showdown 4. Drunken Egg Hunt The main event of the evening! A strider is up for grabs, as well as a few consolation prizes. Alcohol Choices: Darkbrew Lager *Dragon P.I.E. *Darkmoon P.I.E. *Subject to availability. 5. Raffle Because we love you, we're giving away even more prizes--everyone who entered their name during the Cocktail Reception stands a chance! 6. Probably Complete Chaos This is the afterparty. Nothing is set in stone, but you can be sure things will get just as weird as they are fun. The Company of the Wolf will not take responsibility for any drunken screaming, crying, rambling, fighting, or subsequent falling into the lake and drowning that results from imbibing way too much at this time of the night. --Although we will try to make sure you get home in one piece. * * * OOC Information Event Type: Open Time: 10.00pm server time, til late. Location: Surwich, Blasted Lands, Eastern Kingdoms. NOTE: Surwich is phased for higher level toons. Please speak to the NPC Zidormi ( ), to phase into the correct instance. Prizes: One mount, and an assortment of pets. Other Information: 1. If you have not yet gotten an in-game calendar invite, please contact me with the name of the toon you will be attending on. The GM of The Company of the Wolf will invite you. 1. You may spy eggs lying about at some point... This is for our Drunken Egg Hunt! To keep everything fair, please, please do not loot the eggs until the game has begun, which will be announced by the Wolf emceeing that particular game. Breaking this rule will result in instant disqualification. 2. If you wish to take part in the PvP dueling, ensure your toon wears their best PvP gear! We will try to match you with someone else closest to your iLevel.Akaali1 Apr 1, 2016
Mar 30, 2016 [A]Lunatic Friends LFM for Mythic and Legion! Hey there! Lunatic Friends is LFM! We’ve had heroic cleared since October and are currently fielding a 15-20 person heroic team casually gearing up new and returning members and alts. We're trying to build up a solid roster of mythic-capable raiders to keep raiding engaging as we all wait for Legion to launch! Who we are: Lunatic Friends has raided as a guild in every tier since the Trial of the Crusader. We're a family friendly guild with players ranging from their teens to their sixties, with most falling in the late twenties to early thirties. We try to maintain a PG-13ish atmosphere in guild chat as well as in vent. We are always happy to work with people who want to raid but don't want to leave their current guild (although you're welcome to join at any time,) and many of our core members started out as cross guild or even cross-server raiders. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8-11 pm server time (EST). What we need: Preparation! Watch a video, read a guide, do whatever it is you do to make sure you know what to expect. Make sure you're on top of your class and know where to go find out what talents and abilities are best suited for a given fight. We also expect everyone to have consumables ready and gems and enchants taken care of in advance, but we have a lot of members who are very much on top of their professions and who like helping out the team, so we strongly discourage members from spending gold on raid prep without asking around for help or checking the GB first. Attendance! Mythic raiding is very hard to make work if your team isn't reliable. Life happens, of course, but whenever possible we ask for raiders to give us some notice before an absence, and we need to know at the start of the night if you may need to leave early. We're mainly looking for dps and are open to most classes and specs if the raider has the skill and temperament to mesh well with our team, but we are particularly interested in a boomkin or a Fury/Arms warrior. If you’d like to give us a try you can reply here or message Åz, Yvandis, Laalia or me in-game.Cylthia2 Mar 30, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Panda Nemesis I will be just by the graveyard next to garrisons in Shadowmoon Valley tomorrow night at 9PM EST flagged for PvP so people can farm me for Nemesis. If any alliance healer wants to hang around to rez me people will get kills faster. I'm also currently on Pandas 280/500 so if anyone ever wants to reciprocate let me know. I'll probably be around until 10PM.Cuddlebolt0 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 LF Mages Blood Fist 9/13M is in need of a Mage. Raid nights / times are Wed, and Thursday 8 pm-12. Feel free to contact me in game. Kardio#1748Kardiovert8 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 26, 2016 [A] <The Great Rift> is recruiting Hello, The Great Rift is seeking players who wish to experience raiding for the first time, and do not wish to settle with LFR. We have been around since Wrath of the Lich King (at least, that's when I joined) mostly in a social aspect but would like to help players grow by focusing on the normal difficulty of Hellfire Citadel. We wish to maintain a very relaxed raid atmosphere centered on developing your skills rather than being focused on loot. To be clear, we can't teach you all the ins and outs of every class. There will be some work that should be done on the individual player's part to research rotations/secondary stats/etc. What we WILL do is provide a low stress environment to help you learn the raid encounters and what you can do to help improve the group's performance. The goal being to let you taste the waters of having a challenge in your raiding and for you to see the encounters closer to their intended form. Hopefully we can help you step up to Heroic or even Mythic levels of raiding. Our focus on normal means that if you begin to crave a greater challenge, we as a guild will not pressure you to stay, that is not our goal. Helping better the raiding community is our ultimate goal. Raids have started up. Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 - approximately 11 PM EST. Thanks for reading, and if you're interested please send an in game mail or a /tell to Elbicnivni(GM), Jiern, or Jeirn to join! Hope to see you soon!Elbicnivni4 Mar 26, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 (H) Havoc LFM for Legion Raiding! Havoc Recruiting for raiding in Legion! About us: We’re a bunch of IRL friends and co-workers looking for a change of pace. We’re very laid back, and understand that real life comes first over in-game events as some of us have kids, work full time, and simply want to live a life outside of the game. We have varying degrees of raiding and play experience, with most of us having played since vanilla. Raid Leader has been playing since vanilla. We are looking for members that are 16 years of age or older as we do still want to keep the raiding and guild environment mature, but equally immature at the same time as adult-related themes will be very present in conversation. Raid Times: Thurs-Fri 9PM-12AM EST Mon (Optional) 9PM-12AM EST Who are we looking for? We are looking for individuals who are looking to raid casually with a group of friends, while at the same time are serious during those 6-9 hours per week that we are raiding. We want to have fun, and screw around doing BGs, mythic dungeons, and other content that will be released. Loot Distribution: We will be using a combination of EPGP to keep track of attendance and item distribution, and loot council to ensure key pieces are distributed appropriately. What classes/roles are we looking for? We are looking for a plate-wearing tank, healers, and DPS (ranged and melee) no demon hunters please. If you’re looking for a change of pace for the new expansion, looking to make some new friends, and want to reduce your hours but not your progress, we may be what you’re looking for! We plan to begin raiding in Legion, and are currently building up our raiding core. If we are able to set up a group before launch, we’d like to try and get everyone into HFC! Requirements: 16 or older A working microphone Team Speak 3 Willingness to learn, and have fun For more information or to apply please visit: Or you can contact: Chrexis#1588 (Raid Leader) Nenharm#1228 (GM) [u][/u]Chrexis1 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 can't log in When i log in i get a realm list and ER is showing "Incompatible" what is going on?Anareese2 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 [A] Auction house help Hi, I was wondering if I could find someone to help me transfer my horde gold and an item to alliance via auction house trading. I've recently came back to the game and looking to make things fun and interesting by playing max level alliance for once. I don't want to faction change because i'd like to start a new class I haven't played yet. I can give gold for helping me or return the favor however you'd like. tag is trillixkitty#1292 if you are interested in helping.Trillixie5 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 Anyone out there? I have recently returned to the game to find that Earthen Ring is pretty deserted. I am looking for a guild that has active members. I like to raid/pvp/challenge mode/enjoy the game. Is there anyone out there?Bulljitsu8 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 20, 2016 <Nerd Herders> on Earthen Ring RECRUITING <Nerd Herders> is now recruiting! Casual, fun guild looking for helpful people who hate drama so much that they kill theater majors on sight. Must be a warm body to bolster our numbers, conversation and participation optional. We do it all! PvE, PvP, Raid, Old Raids(Achievements,Mounts,Pets) We have a decent number of Veteran players who are skilled in all aspects of the game and are ready to help assist!Warthislok5 Mar 20, 2016
Mar 20, 2016 [Event] Spring 2016 Kosh'harg (Horde-RP) The supple hide of a lamb is nailed to a supporting beam of a nearby building, tacked at four corners with thick, iron spikes. Immediately spotted from a distance is the symbol of the Horde at the top of the hide and a pair of crossed warhammers at the bottom. Thick script emblazoned in a rich dark brown covers the hide as if it has been branded with the words. It reads as follows: Throm-ka, Warriors of the Horde! For generations before their betrayal and corruption our people lived at peace with the elements. We honored the spirits of our ancestors and we fought to defend our homes and bring strength and glory to our Clans. Twice each year, when the day and the night held equal sway, all the Clans would gather together in the sacred fields of Nagrand and seek counsel from the spirits at the Holy Mountain of Oshu’gun. Since our arrival on Draenor the old festivals and traditions of the Horde have become even more important than ever as our victories over the Iron Horde rally many of the Clans to our banners. This Spring as we look toward the end of our dire conflict with Gul’dan and his Shadow Council our eyes turn homeward with hope for a reinvigorated Horde and a secure future As the night fades and the warmth of day shines once more on our people we are more confident than ever that our hour is come: we look to return to Azeroth victorious with new strength added to our numbers! Come then and celebrate with us in Nagrand that was broken. Let us bring the strength of fresh blood to old and broken lands. Let us celebrate our victorious dead and look with hope to tomorrow. Let us look ahead to the road home. Let the Clans be gathered together once more for Kosh’harg! For our ancestors, and FOR THE HORDE!Malmedula3 Mar 20, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 S O H Congratz to SOH on your gorefiend kill, well done.Kardiovert3 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 [A] Drunken Brawlers is recruiting! Who we are: Drunken Brawlers is a guild of long time players/friends. Most of us have been together since BC. We're on the Earthen Ring server. What we do: Everything! Our primary focus is raiding, but we also do dungeons, pvp, old content. We have a couple that are interested in RP. What we need: Casual players only interested in having a good time, raiders, pvpers who want a home. For more details on the raiding point see below. No Drama starters, please. We've just gotten through dealing with it and no one wants more. How to contact us: You can contact myself at Rastlin#1680 or by responding to this post. More information on the raiding: We ask that you know your class. This doesn't just mean putting out the numbers, this means knowing your utility and knowing what you can do to help the raid otherwise. We ask that you show up ready to go. This means Food/Gems (When applicable)/Enchants. We also ask that you follow the raid leader and show them respect as well as respect your fellow raid members. This one may seem like common sense but it's something important. Don't be adverse to glass chewing. We are progressing in Heroics and this means wipes will happen. This isn't a free ride for kills by any means. Currently we're 12/13 N 2/13 H looking to push into heroics more as well as starting Archimonde attempts. We raid Friday 11pm - 12/1 am (Depending on interest past 12) and Saturday 8:30 - 12am. We've got positions open to dps and anyone who has a tank/healer off-spec are especially welcome. We also have a full time healer position open. Check Current roster to see what we've got and what we're looking for the most. Current Roster: Prot Paladin Guardian Druid (Open if the right tank is interested) Fire/Arc Mage Assassin Rogue Windwalker Monk Marksman Hunter Balance Druid Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Resto Druid (This is the position we need filled, current raider has work conflicts) What we'd love to have (Highest Priority): Death Knight (Any) Warrior (Any - Gladiator will be assessed on a case by case basis) Monk (Healer/Tank Pref) Warlock Others that would duplicate what we already have are always welcome as well.Ameathea4 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 6, 2016 Asmodeus Destroyers Congrats on the Mythic Gorefiend kill.Kardiovert2 Mar 6, 2016
Mar 3, 2016 <Crimson Moon> (H-RP) Dice Games {Events} ... Description: <Crimson Moon> an open race cross-realm guild with interests ranging from dice games, races, exploration, treasure hunting, and more. Adventures/missions can take members all over the world, in enemy cities, and/or raids. RP Events: Guild is active almost daily for personal rp between members and friends. We also host a number of public RP events. ... Races: ALL races are allowed. Alignment: Crimson Moon is a collection of different families and people with alignments ranging from lawful evil to chaotic good. Website: ... Website hosts current story lines, character information, guild announcements, whatever pertains to guild interests for rp, raiding, or pvp. Website also hosts an open calendar for possible RP events the guild may be interested in attending. Thanks! ~ Vlea & Daesong (on Wyrmrest Accord) & Faeti & Incinerate (Earthen Ring). Battle tag is Lionpaw#1410 I am one of the Recruiting Officer / Guild Adviser and would be happy to answer any questions here or in game.Incinerate23 Mar 3, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 How is Earthen Ring on rp, raids, and pvp??? Hello people of earthen ring ive been looking for a good horde side rp server for some time now and a friend of mine told me that this server was awesome due to it being a close commuinty. Well how is the rp here? Is there any walk ups or tavern rps? Is there any casual raiding guilds and how is the pvp here?Narku30 Mar 1, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 LF arcane mage. Blood Fist, 9/13 M is in need of an arcane mage. Please list M / H hfc exp. Wed, Thursday 8-12 raid nights.Kardiovert1 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 [A] <The Old Guard> recruiting for Mythic HFC This is a recruitment thread for <The Old Guard> PvE guild. If you are interested in raiding and might be looking for a home for your character then we'd be delighted if you continue reading. To apply, head to our website at Who We Are <The Old Guard> started near the end of the Burning Crusade expansion. Through time and commitment, we have grown into a large successful raiding guild clearing all raid content in 10 and 25 man modes for over 7 years. We do our best to maintain a social, drama-free and lighthearted environment while keeping high standards of conduct, dedication and performance in raids. We frown upon elitism and strive to treat all members fairly. Our guild has been structured to operate with stability in mind. We have finished all WoD raid content on heroic mode. We are currently 3/13 in Mythic HFC. What Are Our Goals Our goal is to do something fun while waiting for Legion to come out. That means mythics! We are looking for good people who love to raid. To expand upon that, we're looking for friendly, skilled and mature players who enjoy experiencing and progressing through PvE content. Why Do You Want To Raid With Us - We are a mature stable guild environment. The majority of our guild has been playing since Vanilla. This guild has been running non-stop since its founding with the same leadership active and in place. - We raid 3 nights a week for 2 hours each session - Tues, Wed and Thurs. Weekends are free. - We have many gnomes. For hugging or emergency food supplies, your choice. Beware they may bite back. What Are We Looking For We are currently seeking DPSers that can pull a minimum of 60k. Absolutely zero room for healers or tanks at this time. When Do We Raid We raid Tues, Wed and Thurs from 8:00pm to 10:00pm server time. Where To Find Additional Information Our website can be found at The applications board will contain information about the application process and our guild. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask our recruitment officer Midnitini or Neapo. The GM is Nanako.Mikako41 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Looking for one more for challenge golds. <Armistice> is looking for a 5th for our challenge mode gold attempts. Would ideally like to have a druid healer, but a dps could work as well. We're not going to push for realm times, we're just trying to get those wep mogs together. We can start as soon as Saturday. Contact me @ kidvaloo#1737 if interested.Kjeera0 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 New ER Player, Horde Hello everyone. I'm new to Earthen Ring. This is not my main realm, as I've filled up my roster on Wyrmrest Accord already -- with Alliance toons. However, since I don't want to delete and/or faction-change any of them, I've chosen to look for a different realm to RP Horde on. I was wondering just how active the RP community was here.Grugthok1 Feb 14, 2016
Feb 3, 2016 lol lol! hahahaThebreadman0 Feb 3, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 Greetings Earthen Ring. Hello, I have decided to roll a toon on this realm to see how it is on a lower pop realm. My in-game name is Råspberry and I'm looking for a nice RP guild to call home. You can also hit me up at FahShizzle#1274 Looking forward to playing with you guys!Vladislov3 Feb 1, 2016
Jan 30, 2016 <H> Uncivil Servants Hello Earthen Ring! Uncivil Servants is rebuilding after some time away. We are focusing more on raiding then ever before. We are looking to build up a small but dedicated group to start raiding HFC in the next couple of weeks. Our ultimate goal is to clear heroic HFC before Legion. We love to have fun and are pretty laid back, but we take our raids seriously. Our raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9 pm MST. Reply here or message me in game for more info. Thanks!Denjiron1 Jan 30, 2016
Jan 27, 2016 <Dark Honour> has opened it's Doors! DH is a small Horde guild right here on Earthen Ring. Led by a couple of friends who want to enjoy the game and complete content without the worry of being left behind because our kids broke free of the duck tape. We want to build a family oriented guild in which our members can enjoy the game and create friendships that carry on beyond just World of Warcraft. We have kids and I imagine many of our future members will have kids therefore we fully expect interruptions and distractions during play sessions and raids when we get started organizing them. Because our guild is built on this premise you can fully expect cooperation and understanding from our members and leadership when it happens. Our ultimate goal within World of Warcraft is to complete Heroic Raid content. Yes... Heroic. In the past (pretty much just Rift) we recruited as a 10 player raid guild but always ended up with 12-14 players who wanted to participate in Raid content. As a result we had to ask 2-4 to sit out every week. In World of Warcraft we plan to recruit as a 10 player raid guild once again and when we get to 12-14 members (or more) take full advantage of the Flex raid feature by bringing all who wish to participate. As a result it is very unlikely that we will form a Mythic Raid team. Heroic difficulty should offer us a sufficient challenge and allow our members to complete current raid content at a speed that is enjoyable for all of our members. A little bit of extra information in regards to raiding... We have not yet set dates for raiding. We will likely schedule our raids to begin at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central with an earlier weekend start time if it is needed. We plan to use Suicide Kings as our method of loot distribution and we use Mumble for voice communications. (If you haven't used mumble in a while don't let that deter you.. it is much improved compared to years past and of the same quality as Team Speak.) Our mumble server is also currently used by some friends no longer playing World of Warcraft. (One is playing and running a Skyforge Guild the other in Final Fantasy 14). We try to make friends that we keep beyond our time in World of Warcraft and this mumble server is one of our methods of keeping in touch. Thank you for taking time to read a little about us and I hope I have given you enough information to spark some interest. If I peaked some interest and you would like to join or looking for more information you can contact @Xaqshnr#1186 or @Dzargul. I will check this thread periodically so you can also leave a reply here and I will get in touch with you.Kanicus18 Jan 27, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 Need a Challange Mode Carry looking to get a run through the challange mode instances on horde side. email me in game or reply to post with priceCuruptedsoul0 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 Ironman My name is Aal and I'm working on a little project. I can't die. Well, if I do then I'll have to start over. With the current gap between expansions I've decided to take up the ironman challenge. I'll be playing my main toons just enough to do LFR for my ring, but my primary focus is the ironman challenge. I'll be going over zones, giving tips and tricks for those doing the challenge themselves. I'll go over what you can do, what you shouldn't do, and even the things you should be thinking of during the challenge. As of right now, the time of me writing this, my challenger, "Aalone" is level 38 and is ranked 191 among all challengers. Looking forward to this challenge and giving my insight. Should I fail, I'll be making a new toon and get right back into the world... I'm hoping that I won't have to make "Aaltwo," but I know it's a possibility. ---AalAalone0 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 24, 2016 What is the best wow race... ...and why is it male panda?Warrensapp4 Jan 24, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 WTS Character name I have the name "Anduin" on Earthen Ring. I'm looking to sell it or tradeDoratir1 Jan 21, 2016