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Sep 14 Emerald Dream Role-Playing Guide (Maralah) Syrilrian55 Sep 14
Oct 14 RP-PvP FAQs (Maralah) Oringally posted on the Old ED forums by: Ehrin Level 11 Human Mage Guild: Aurora Realm: Emerald Dream (( Due to people querying the new server type, I thought Id try and consolidate a few FAQs that Ive seen floating around on the forum and in-game. I hope this helps those considering rolling on any of the new RP-PVP servers or just starting out Rp'ing. )) EDIT TO ADD: Our current RP off forum community can be found at http://www.emeralddreamgazette.com Sections: 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? 4. Do I need a Background Story for my character? 5. What kind of name can I use for my character? 6. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? 7. How do I denote if what I am saying is In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC)? 8. Is the General channel IC or OOC? 9. Do I have to role-play all the time? 10. RP vs PvP? 11. How do I meet other RPers in-game? 12. Is it appropriate to RP in Instance Dungeons and Battlegrounds? 13. Helpful links 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? An RP-PVP server is a hybrid of the Roleplaying (RP) and Player-Vs-Player (PvP) server rule set. 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? Blizzard's official explination of Realm Types can be found here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/realmtypes.html But here it is in a Nutshell: A regular RP server is based on the PvE (Player Vs Environment) rule set. That is, if you come across a member of the opposite faction, you are not able to engage them in combat. Everything in /say and /yell channels must be in-character. A PvP server does not require you to act in-character, and you are able to openly attack members of the opposing faction. RP-PVP takes the best of both worlds. You are always in-character, dealing with situations as they would and you get the opportunity to turn a member of the opposite faction into green, purple or blue jelly. 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? You act out the role of your character. You talk as they would talk, think as they would think and act as they would act. If you do not want to act out a character, or at least abide by the RP server rule set, you should consider rolling your character on a different server. 4. Do I need a Background Story for my character? No, but it helps if you have some idea of your characters history to draw on to help you figure out how your character will react to certain situations and people. For (a very simplified) example: Your Human character lost her parents at the hand of the Orcish Horde during the Second War. She now has a deep-seeded hatred of all Orcs and will go out of her way to kill as many of them as she can. 5. What kind of name can I use for my character? Use a name that fits in with the fantasy setting of the Warcraft universe. Names such as Pointydagger, Leetdood and Fearmages are not appropriate. Be creative! Check out http://www.babynames.com for some ideas! 6. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? For the most part, simply speak in regular English; just make sure it is in the context of the game world. Words like thee, thou, art, thyne and other terms that are considered to be Old English are generally avoided, and depending on the race, may be completely inappropriate, eg; Thrall says: Wouldst thou like to crush thyne enemies? Some races do have different accents, for example Trolls are considered to have Jamaican-like accents, eg: ZulJin says: Ya tink dat would be a good idea, mon? And Dwarves are considered to have Scottish-like accents: Muradin says: Ill ave a pint with ya laddy! There is no right or wrong way. Just remember to avoid Netspeak. Zeyad15 Oct 14
Nov 25 Emerald Dream Roleplaying Guilds (7/30/13) It seems that every time I attend a public event, I meet players from a guild I’ve never heard of before. New guilds pop up all the time, and it’s beyond even my expansive gnome mind to keep track of them all. So I decided to create a list of roleplaying guilds on Emerald Dream, large and small, old and new, serious and casual alike. The goal of this post is to create a list of contacts so that leaders can keep each other informed about events and issues. The contact people for each guild can spread the word to their members, making sure the entire community is in the loop. It will also be a good tool for new roleplayers looking for a guild that suits their characters. I would ask the guilds to provide their basic information, including name, brief description, and public contact people (not necessarily the leader, but someone whose job it is to coordinate with the outside community). The formatting is not important. I’ll start with GnomeTech: Name: GnomeTech (The Gnomeregan Technical Institute) Theme: Gnomish research university Style: Eccentric, absurd, or exaggerated characters; large public events Web Site: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=50847 Public Contacts: Zappie, Elzabeth Below is an index of guilds by post number. I'll try to keep the list up to date as new guilds are added. Defunct guilds will be removed periodically. Last updated 30 July 2013. Alliance 1. GnomeTech 12. Pirates of the Iblis 27. Starsong Tribe 31. Scattered Petals 44. Bandit Lounge 45. Endless Eclipse 50. Crusaders of a New Dawn 56. Keepers of Stromgarde 57. Nobles of the Republic 58. Guardian Brotherhood 62. Sentinels of the Blade 66. Republic 67. FLUFFALO 69. The Seventy Third 72. Spirit Council 73. Anvilmar Brigade 80. Ishtar 81. Kul Tiras Horde 18. GoblinTech 25/63. Blackmoon Tribe 26. Tauren Marines 41. Conclave of the Horde 42. Nyx 52. True Authority 59. Bads 61. GorWatha Warband 64. Yongjiu Tong 65. Eastwind Trading Company 71. Clan Stormfist 74. Bleeding Hollow Clan 78. Aeturnas Trinitas --------------------------------------------------- For history's sake, here's the index from the original post on the old forums (Now-broken link: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=18315574385): ...Zappie162 Nov 25
Dec 30 Guilds of Emerald Dream: [UPDATED 8/29/16] Please follow this format: Using the + signs, indicate how much your guild leans towards a particular area in the game. There are three categories: RP, PvP, PvE. In addition, please provide a maximum of three words to describe your guild. For instance; "Troll Themed" "Instance PvP" "Hardcore Raiding". This will give an insight into what type of guild you are, in addition to the focus. Please provide either guild website, or forum recruitment thread. Whichever one you prefer people to visit more. Link to Guild Bases of Operation: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15140654133 HORDE GUILDS <Storm Earth and Zug Zug> RP+ PvE++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748875375#1 <The Weathered Expedition> Treasure Hunter/Archaeology/Exploration guild. RP ++ PvP+++ PvE++ <House of the Illidari> PvE+++ RP++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748506731#1 <Atrayne> Together Since Vanilla PvP+++ PvE+ RP+ http://atrayne.com (no www) <All Shall Perish> PVE Progression PVE+++ PvP++ http://allshallperishguild.com/forums/1851026 <Dreadites> Legion RP/PVE/PVP PVE+++ RP++ PVP++ <The Guldan Girls> Legion raiding. PDT. PVP+ PVE+++ http://thegg.io/ <S a n c t u a r y> Horde, all races PvP+++ PvE+++ RP++ <Iron Legion> PvP+++ PvE++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747616139 <Money in the Bank> PvE/PvP PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ <Ironsworn Regiment> WPVP Defense Team PVP+++ PVE++ Rp+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745776280 <DRG> PVP++ PVE+ http://digitalrevolutiongaming.com/ <WarCry> RP+ PvP+++ PvE++ https://curse.com/invite/3pHNdw4b5kSeH0KQJGQhGg <Darkwind Regiment> privet military RP++ PVP+++ <The Førsaken Ørder> Undead/Bloodelf Military Theme RP+++ Pvp++ <Thunderforge Offensive> Mid-day/Weekend Raiding PvE+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743284614#1 <Smolderthorn Tribe> Dark Horde Troll Rp++ Pvp++ Pve+ <The Turned Profit> Pirate themed RP++ PVP+++ PVE+ turnedprofit.shivtr.com <Elves of the North> Blood Elf Only PVP+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742694810 <Steelwolf Clan> Clan Style All Races RP+++ PVP++ PVE+ <Syntax Error> PvE+++ <Earthspear Clan> Tribal Clan Theme RP+++ PvP++ PvE+ <Anova> Semi-Hardcore Raiding PVE +++ <Volition> PVE focused, casual PVP PVP++ PVE+++ RP+ <Shatterspear Offensive> PVP+++ PVE+ RP+ Shatterspearoffensive.com <Blackrock Clan> All Orc, Old Traditions RP+++ PvP+++ PvE+ www.blackrockclan.com <Resolve> PvP, some RP RP++ PvP+++ <Defilers of Arathor> All Forsaken RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15699452444 <Sapere Aude> Family Friendly Fun PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882019188 <Nightfall> Casually Hardcore PvP + PvE +++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15142514290?page=1 <Malum Factum> PvE +++ PvP ++ http://www.malumfactum.com/ <GorWatha Warband> Troll Themed RP+++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742604952 <Raided R> Casual Raiding PVE++ PVP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15269669326 <The Eventide Accord> RP, WPVPRP, Raiding RP+++ PVP++ PVE++ <Keepers of Lordaeron> All Undead RP+ PVP+++ PVE++ <Sinforsaken> Raiding/Heavy RP PvE+++ RP+++ PVP+ sinforsaken.com <foul> RP+ PvP+++ PvE+. Website: foul.shivtr.com <Warsong Battalion> PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10357206088 <DO WORK> Semi-Hardcore PvE+++ http://dowork-guild.com/?action=forum <Sythegore Arm> PvE+++ http://sythegorearm.enjin.com/ <Nightstalkers> PvE+++ http://forums.NightstalkersED.com <Clan Stormfist> Orc Based RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9872227138?page=8#149 <Phoenix Highguard> Blood Elf RP+++ PvP++ phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com <Blackmoon Tribe> Troll Themed RP+++ http://www.blackmoontribe.com/forumsBebbit150 Dec 30
1d [20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion Neutral Party Disclaimer: I am here to track and ONLY track progression on this server as a neutral party. I am not going to play favorites with any guild, including my own. When you are updating your guild's info on your progress, you must list the bosses you downed. NOTE: This thread will track MYTHIC kills ONLY! Please post your kills to be listed. I'm sorry to the multitude of guilds running other size configurations, but there's simply no way to guarantee that fights will not be easier or harder with more or less raiders in the same difficulty. In addition, there will be far too many groups running normals and heroics to accurately track. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dream + Mythic completed * Server First Mythic Emerald Nightmare NY - Nythendra ER - Elerethe Renferal UR - Ursoc IL - Il'gynoth DN - Dragons of Nightmare CN - Cenarius XA - Xavius ___Guild________________NY___ER___UR___IL___DN___CN___XA [H]Anova________________*____*____*_____*____*____*____*_ [A]On Cooldown__________*____*____*_____*____*____*____*_ [A]Livid________________*____*____*_____*____*____*____*_ [A]Coast to Coast_______*____*____*_____*____*____*____*_ [H]Nascent______________*____*____*_____*____*____*____*_ [H]Nightstalkers________*____*____*_____*____*____*______ [A]No Talent Whatsoever_*____*____*_____*____*___________ [A]Resolute_____________*____*____*_____*____*___________ [A]WoW Palz for Life____*____*____*_____*________________ [H]Remorse______________*____*____*_____*________________ [H]SinForsaken__________*____*____*_____*________________ [H]Cornfed______________*____*____*______________________ [A]Dismal_______________*____*____*______________________ [H]Cadence______________*____*____*______________________ [H]Mystic Raiders_______*____*____*______________________ [A]Warbringer___________*____*____*______________________ [A]Momentum_____________*____*____*______________________ [H]Xen of Onslaught_____*____*____*______________________ [A]Last Call____________*____*____*______________________ [H]Sanctuary____________*____*____*______________________ Defenestrate495 1d
Oct 5 Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This! v2.0 Greetings travelers! Thank you for taking the time to look at Emerald Dream. Please feel free to read this guide in full detail to decide if you are right for our realm. Don't skim - it's important to make sure you are able to give back to this realm as much - if not more - than it gives to you! Before you find yourself $27.23 poorer than you were yesterday, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we see on an almost-daily basis!: Please let me know if any of this information isn't correct, is outdated, or simply needs to be added, and I'll edit it accordingly. Lets answer the more difficult questions first: "Is Emerald Dream right for me?": This question really should be, "Am I right for Emerald Dream?". Emerald Dream has its own unique flavor in that we are both an RP server and a PvP server. That doesn't mean that we are mainly RP with a little bit of PvP thrown in or vice-versa. We are as much an RP realm as we are a PvP realm. How you fit in to that description is entirely up to you. "How is the RP here?": It depends how you look at it - if you're coming from a PvP or PvE server, it will be quite a bit more prevalent (I can't recall seeing open RP on any of my PvP-realm stints). If you're coming from a dedicated RP server, it probably won't be as prevalent. But regardless, it's still here, and we're doing our best to keep it alive and well. Admittedly, most of the true RP is guild-centric, but not exclusive to anyone. In other words, you may not just up and stumble across 10 random players RPing together. Instead, you're more likely to envelope yourself in an RP group if you start introducing yourself to well-known RP guilds, so you can tag along when they host events. Or better yet, become a part of their guild so you can host your own. Emerald Dream RP is what you make it. Side note: Hop into the RP channels on Horde/Alliance and give it a spin (/join RP). "What is an RP-PVP realm?": RP-PvP servers were opened at subscribers’ request. Prior to the opening of this type of server, players had to choose between RP-PvE servers or pure PvP servers, often splitting time between realm types to satisfy both areas of interest. In other words, an RP-PvP realm such as Emerald Dream is not a realm designed for players to partake in only RP or only PvP. RP-PvP servers were created in response to roleplayers that wished to play with the PvP ruleset. It is not a request, but an expectation, that veterans, transfers, and new players alike be well-versed and capable in both. As mentioned above, if you do not satisfy that criteria, please invest your time elsewhere on a more suitable realm! "How is the PvE here?": Generally pretty decent. Long-time PvE'ers will tell you that "PvE comes to Emerald Dream to die", but we have countless guilds clearing normal-mode raids on both Horde and Alliance and quite a few conquering several bosses in Heroic and a handful have Heroic/Mythic bosses on farm. PS - Pre-emptive grats to all guilds competing for realm-firsts. WIll update with the first full Heroic/Mythic clear for the expansion! Best of luck to everyone! If you're a hardcore dragonslayer, please take a look at where other guilds are and decide for yourself, in comparison to your server, where we're at: 20-Man Mythic Progression Sticky: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415131707 Continued....Aeterna90 Oct 5
5m Why can't blood elves be druids? Would someone please explain to me why blood elves can't be druids? My assumption would be that it's a lore-related thing, since most decisions like this are, but that doesn't make complete sense to me for several reasons: 1. The sin'dorei attachment to their woods in Quel'thalas. When the orcs came and burned them down some time ago to get rid of the Scourge (if memory serves me right), they were rather jaded. While it could be argued that this attachment is more territorial than a concern for nature, I feel that with all the power of the Sunwell at their disposal, they could be making more important use of that land than keeping it rolling hills and trees and creeks. 2. Their reverence for the sun, which is the basis of some druid skills, besides being a key part of the environment. Without sunlight, there would be no plants, and without plants, no animals. 3. With their re-imagining with the purifying of the Sunwell into holy energy, the Light is becoming more central to the blood elves. While this isn't directly "naturey," it is a large step toward greater reverance for all life. Furthermore, simply on a gameplay side, only two races--two kinda visually derp races, until this confounded model update hits--are able to be druids: tauren and trolls. Of those that remain, it could be argued that the closeness of shamanism to the natural magicks could make the orcs a decent candidate for this class--in places like Nagrand and others, the orcs are close with their primal side, a large component of druidism in WoW, and shaman magic, which is also closely associated with orcs through Thrall and others, is thematically close to druidism. After the orcs, the Forsaken and the goblins clearly wouldn't fit. Although, one would think that the Pandaren might, with how their architecture often works with and compliments nature, and their monk mindset of unity, patience, etc. That large digression aside, what are your thoughts on druidism and blood elves? This is really the only thing holding me back from playing the class, which I only played briefly about six years ago while using a trial.Vynillin38 5m
20m Assassin's Guild? Has anyone ever tried an Assassin's Guild on ED? Take gold to put out hits on and/or camp certain players or guilds?Malphage8 20m
1h Call Of The Scarab Lord So this event is Saturday till Tuesday. Should be some good WPvP.Polymorph14 1h
1h (RP Story) Ranger of Lakeshire Pt. 2 Part 1: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752590243 Lakeshire The fog of battle had lifted. The small town was trying to grasp what had occurred. The attack came so fast and unprovoked. Over the ridge Orc bodies were being burned and in the cemetery the dead villagers were being laid to rest. Death still lingered in the air. Phatori bandaged around the chest with armor sitting against the stable wall, gently combed through Tara's feathers. Her wounds made her weak and slow. Phatori knew she'd never see battle again. Speaking softly Phatori leaned in and said, "Come on girl, let's go home". The two made their way out of town and up to their camp. The walk took longer than normal and Phatori could see how it pained Tara with every agonizing step she took. Finally reaching the small summit, Tara let out a long sigh and collapsed by the fire pit, as a cloud of dirt filled the air around her. A smile curved on Phatori's face, "Don't worry girl, I'll get the fire started", laughed Phatori. Reaching over and scratching her head, Phatori grabbed some wood and looked for his fire kit. "Damn Orcs made a mess of this place didn't they?" he remarked. As the fire roared, Phatori began to straighten up the camp. As he turned a barrel upright a letter was revealed, wedged between the Earth and a rock. The seal of Stormwind embellished the front of the parchment. Tara raised her head and let out a little squeak. Still looking at the parchment, which requested the return of Phatori to the 7th Legion, he gently said, "Ahh this is nothing dear. My time is done, I'm not going anywhere!", he turned and winked at Tara as she laid her head back down by the fire. As he rose he heard a branch crack in the distance. Without hesitation he reached for his bow and an arrow as he looked into the woods. Tara grunted as she tried to stand, but Phatori using his hand motioned for her to lay back down. In the distance he saw a large cat with giant fangs and symbols etched onto its matted fur. It's eyes peered straight at Phatori, he had a feeling his guest had been there for some time. A chill ran down his spine, but he did not feel threatened. From behind him in town a large crash echoed up to his camp. He turned to check and saw a portion of a roof had collapse in. When he turned back to the curious guest, it was gone. Returning his bow to its resting spot against the crate and his arrow to the quiver he made his way back to town to see if he could help with the repairs. The villagers had already started to clean up the debris. Climbing up the ladder, he asked where he could help. The sun beat down on his tan shoulders, the bandages around his chest made it hard to breathe. Dropping his hammer he grunted as he pulled the bandages off. A large scar was revealed covering the whole of his chest, the skin folded over, twisted, and blotched. Some of the men stopped and looked on in horror, trying to imagine what would cause such a disfigurement. Phatori reached back for his hammer and noticed the silence on the roof, "Dragons", Phatori stated with a solemn tone, "They weren't always under their own free will". They returned to their work and Phatori began to ask some of the men what occurred after he went unconscious. He learned that a group of adventurous had come to the villagers aid and turned the tide of the battle and had left soon after the Orcs retreated. The night was coming and Phatori's work was over. He returned to his abode and tended to Tara's wounds. Laying down for bed, he thought of this unnamed and unfamiliar group. "Maybe I should return to the fight, but not with the 7th. I'm too old for that sh¡t again. But this group may have some promise to it." He whispered under his breathe as he turned in for the night.Phatori2 1h
1h ☾ [A][RP]<Gryphon Feather Accord> ☽ ☾ <Gryphon Feather Accord> ☽ Alliance RP “Take part in our story... allow yours to flourish.” ... Mood Music: https://youtu.be/VeZd0WeaXXM http://i.imgur.com/Q0bFNT6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8W1Rinc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vwbZcvi.jpg Guild Leaders: Jaerend “Rend” Spearcrescent (or Rileys), Nyzaara, Rangari Shilavi The trio watched the fallen feather glide gently, to and fro, dancing in the air until it landed softly upon the green grass of Lakeshire. Jaerend inspected the still feather for a time, and felt the silence between Nyzaara and Shilavi meant they were doing the same. “I have a proposition,” he said at last, turning to lead them into the Lakeshire inn. “We have much to discuss.” ----------------------- - What is The Accord? – ----------------------- ICly: The <Gryphon Feather Accord> is an organization that enlists individuals who wish to apply their skills, abilities and experiences to help members of The Alliance (along with other neutral factions) with any challenge they may be facing. These agents can use their skillsets both abroad and locally, allowing opportunities for high adventure and the reward of knowing you are making a difference in the world of Azeroth. The Accord is hostile to the Horde and all of its associated forces (at the very least we are not sympathetic to their goals). As such, alongside helping the Alliance, our other goal is to combat the Horde wherever we may be. OOCly: The <Gryphon Feather Accord> is a guild created to act as a platform for roleplayers to roleplay consistently, in as many diverse settings and situations as possible, with as many other RPers as possible. We are looking to network with both Alliance and Horde RP guilds in order to assist in bringing the RP community of Emerald Dream together. Our main focus is RP. The IC angle of The Accord allows for RPers with various IC motivations and character backgrounds to become part of an active collective; able to travel, adventure, and otherwise become an active part of the RP community. --------------- - Recruitment – --------------- Member Requirements 1. RP Name (Covering up a non-RP name with TRP doesn’t count) 2. Total Roleplay 3 (TRP3) or equivalent add on 3. At least a rough backstory; a reason to join The Accord ICly 4. Not an (outward) Legion or Horde sympathizer ICly 5. Not (outwardly) “Chaotic Evil” ICly 6. Level 100 Main minimum 7. Forum write-ups not required but highly encouraged Interested in joining? Whisper one of the guild leaders to begin an OOC interview! New Members are required to come out of the gate being participative, and are officially inducted into our ranks during a mandatory IC event once they’ve proven themselves to be an asset to The Accord by means of completing an IC objective (this usually means attending an RP event, but other arrangements can be made). Guild Base: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains Guild Mog: None (Tabard used for events/guild representation) Guild Mount: None Voice: Discord Active Times: Afternoon-Night, EST daily --------------------------------------- - Currently Planned Events/Activities – --------------------------------------- New member inductions (IC), d20-style adventures, IC/OOC Interactions with any and all guilds in need of our assistance, frequent Impromptu/Walk-Up RP situations, IC Exploration of any and all continents/zones, participation in any and all Emerald Dream realm RP events, etc. Member-created events are also encouraged assuming they fit within the context of your character and the guild. Feel free to speak with an officer to discuss and initiate this.Rend94 1h
1h The Seventy Third needs YOU! ((Heavy RP/PVP)) <As you check your mail, you notice a recruitment pamphlet. Someone has taken interest in your skills!> NOTICE! ALLIANCE MILITARY CALL TO ARMS! THE SEVENTY THIRD NEEDS YOU! The 73rd and the Alliance Military are issuing a Call to Arms to all able bodied members of the Alliance seeking Companionship, Comradarie, Soldiery, or simply to aid the Alliance and her People. In these perilous times, with threats of the Horde on our very DOORSTEP, the defense of our Great Alliance is now, more than ever, in need of citizens to make the transformation from citizen to soldier, and are willing to take arms and fight the Alliance's enemies! The 73rd is a Land-Air-Water based elite Corps. of Soldiers, with soldiers holding positions in nearly everything: From Snipers, Pilots, Spec-Ops, Infantry, Naval Operations, to the Medical Corps, Chaplaincy, and more! The clarion call has been given. Your peers, your countrymen, children, and indeed, the Alliance as a whole are all counting on you. Will it be YOU who takes up the call? Will it be YOU who will aid the Alliance and her Military in a time of great need? The Legacy of the Alliance will always be borne by the soldiers who carry it forth. Speak to a 73rd Soldier TODAY and BE that Legacy! 73rd Company/7th Legion Central Leadership Roster: Commanding Officer/Company Commander: Captain Branngas Stouthammer Executive Officer/Company XO: 1st Lieutenant Demitassie Rayneclaw ----------------------------------------- 1st Platoon (Combat Arms) Platoon Commander: 2nd Lieutenant Gielnorian Dawnseeker Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Lasaedius Valoris Example Military Occupations: Foot Infantry, Cavalry, Magi Infantry, ----------------------------------------- 2nd Platoon (Support Operations) Platoon Commander 2nd Lieutenant Gidgett Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Ino'lis Example Military Occupations: Combat Engineer, Medic, Chaplaincy, Military Guardsman ----------------------------------------- 3rd Platoon (Special Operations) Platoon Commander: 2nd Lieutenant Serilan Furymane Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Tinksy Mekkagon Example Military Occupations: Special Forces, Military Intelligence, Scouting & Reconnaissance ----------------------------------------- Training NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer): <VACANT> ----------------------------------------- "The Seventy Third Company: Reforging the Alliance, one soldier at a time." --Captain Branngas Stouthammer 73rd Company, 7th Legion Commanding Officer Grand Alliance Military ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ OOC Information: The Seventy Third has been in existence for a little over 7 years--originally coming from the Twisting Nether RP PvP Server. We have a strong focus in Military Role-Play, as well as our highly active PvP membership base (we frequently get together for PvP, even when it is not set as an event!) The 73rd hosts two events a week: 1 RP event, and one PvP event--these events are posted on our calender and in our MOTD. PvP and PvE are not required, however, RP is generally encouraged and you are required to be an RPer in order to join. Even if you're just picking up RP for the first time, don't b afraid--we help our members with their story and RP skills to help them get the most out of their character, WoW experience, and story. There are many RP opportunities when you enlist, be it at: Guild Events, Casually (such as at the Pig and Whistle), or simply in Guild Chat. Participation is also encouraged, even if it is something as simple as talking to people in our Out of Character channel. The Seventy Third has no race limitations, or level limitations. Our most important goal as a Guild is to enjoy the time we spend together, regardless of what level you may be. We understand many people do not have the time to come to some events, and will not penalize people for not showing to events, like one may be forced to do at work. The Seventy Third plays the game to have fun and enjoy one another's company: Not force people to do things they do not want to do by stipulating they have to show to a PvP event, "or else". However, showing to Events will help with promotions and the gaining of rank, including PvP events. Expect to be asked to attend a PvP event or RP event if you're around! Speak to any 73rd member, even myself, if you have any questions. I can be contacted in the game on "Branngas" by mail or by whispers in WoW. Demitassie, the 2nd in command and 1st Lieutenant of the 73rd can also be contacted--but feel free to contact any member of the 73rd to get started on recruitment, and they'll point you to a Sergeant First Class or 2nd Lieutenant if myself or Demitassie is not available. Thank you, hope to see you soon! Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_2OhRq7f_4 --Captain BranngasBranngas381 1h
1h Elves of the North has Returned... EOTN is now recruiting 100+ Blood Elves or other races who support the Blood Elves cause. Our main priority is World PvP and to hunt the alliance. If you are interested, contact Thalacus in game. If it's red, it's dead. Glory to the Sin'dorei!Thalacus22 1h
1h Why can't Gnomes be paladins? Yes yes yes, I know... Because they're too short to reach the light. But legit question. Theyre in touch with the light enough to be priests, and have demonstrated enough strength to be a warrior... Just curious why not?Defector94 1h
1h Shadows of Whisperwind shame WSB On 1/16/17 6 a friend and I made our way to Undercity. While in Undercity WSB was briefly encountered though there was no fighting involved. We had a free for all and killed to our hearts content. When we tried to move on the Dark Lady we found we had a need for help. 5 members of Shadows of Whisperwind responded to my call and we downed the Dark Lady. This is not the first time I have struck blood on WSB, I have killed the leader of the Bloodevles, as well as Voljin, with the help of the Guard and other guilds. However I have never thought WSB so weak of leadership to not be able to form up a small defense raid to stop 7 lowly allies from killing a faction leader. I find it funny how WSB takes whole raids to our cities to kill our leaders yet we can take a small party to get the job done. Himanshu, where is the skill in what you do if you cannot protect your borders?Ausiana9 1h
4h <Grave Danger> I will never stop hunting you As you might have noticed, you ganked a friend of mine at azure wing reposte. I spent the next hour repeatedly charging your 9 man and killing you until your corpse rezing overwhelmed me. I have followed you from flight path to flight path. From Azshuna to Val'sharah to Stormheim. Finally you ended up getting camped by me and 2 other alliance in Valdisal. I'll HUNT YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH IF I HAVE TO. DO YOU HEAR ME GRAVE DANGER? TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. You did a thing in WPVP, vengeance shall be mine. Just kidding lol, good fights tho.Dárìus3 4h
4h Kick fish teams I know a couple of us were thinking of making a kick fish team. But curious if there are other kick fish teams out there? If so is there established rules?Torahate16 4h
8h Why Is Warsong Battalion Hated So Much? So, being a pretty active Roleplayer; a couple weeks ago I joined the RP channel and was looking for Walk-Up Roleplay. Well, skipping forward, I was told through Whispers that Warsong Battalion, my Guild was toxic due to zerging Stormwind and, "making the server lag out". I understand on why some people would think that's a very toxic way of matter, but hear me out. A couple days ago it came to my knowledge that the Alliance despite they can't push us out of anything, started pulling in this guy by the name of Melseph. A multiboxer that runs 20 Unholy Death Knights and 4 Restoration Shamans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb5g0ifoBqI ^ Here's a video to show what he does. As you can see through the video, he's made the server lag out worst than what I've ever seen through all the World PvP Events Warsong Battalion has ever hosted. (If you look around the sides toward the healers, you can see me there.) Also, another thing I want to add is that by what I've heard through Teamspeak from a past experience I want to say about a week or two ago is that the Alliance tried to make us phase into a completely different server to fight them rather than fighting on our own server. Like seriously, what is this. Now, my question to the RP community and Emerald Dream community in general is why are we hated so much among the community when the Alliance does stuff like this almost every time we try to go to do a World PvP Event toward Main Capitals, Wintergrasp, or Tol Borad? I could probably speak for everyone that RP's in Warsong Battalion that it's pretty discouraging and hard to try to make friends among the RP Community when I'm even in this Guild despite I like everyone in it. P.S. By my knowledge we didn't use a multiboxer at all. I might be wrong though, feel free to point out who multiboxes for us on the Horde because I honestly don't know of them; or they're not even in our Teamspeak or our GMs don't mention them at all.Numsgil272 8h
9h Thinking about transferring to Emerald Dream. So, yeah - Tichondrius is pretty awful right now. We have guilds like Warsong Vanguard and The Horde Empire, which is enough to make anyone want to move on to greener pastures. What's the faction balance/WPVP like over here on Emerald Dream? I've heard good things. Thanks.Owlcapwn5 9h
10h The Return of Thal Elves of the North has returned I thirst for alliance blood.Thalacus70 10h
11h [H] <Nascent> 2/3M 9hrs LF Tank + Casters Nascent http://www.nascent.gg ➡ Raid Times Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7-10PM PST (9-12 CST/Server Time) ➡ Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M (Odyn pre-nerf) ➡ Recruitment needs Prot Paladin / Prot Warrior Mage Warlock Balance Druid Please read all of our guild requirements and information on our website and then submit an application if interested. Questions may be directed to an officer in game or via private message on our forums. We embrace competition for all raid spots on our team. Progression spots are given to the top performing raiders on the roster after considering composition. We do not have a large bench, therefore as a trial you should expect to be used in progression. Many of us have played WoW for 10+ years and have hardcore raided at some point. We know what it takes to succeed, but no longer believe it is necessary to spend large amounts of time to do so. We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 7-10 PM PST. That is only 9 hours a week. We never add an extra day, never “stay late if close to a kill”, or have a “clean up day”. Our logs are public so you can go see for yourself. We do have an alt night, but those are simply for the enjoyment of having an alt and are not required. We don’t run split groups, but do require a viable off-spec. We run a tight roster and having the ability to swap roles is important for optimizing around a fight. It also shows you know more than just your spec, which makes you a more valuable raider. Showing up prepared and knowing how to optimize around a fight is how we clear content. We have an open feedback policy so that everything is kept on the table. We have no cliques, no seniority, and therefore no drama. Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. It keeps us all on our toes. Nascent is unique amidst a sea of poorly managed guilds that lack focus and direction. Dobi - Grioja#1804 (Guild Master) Lissidia - Lissidia#1173 Juxi - Kaylend#1476Dobi320 11h
12h LF Mythic+ And Raiding Hi, looking for M+ 10 and higher group and above to consistently run Don't have any accurate Warcraft Logs ATM due to taking a 2 month break but I'll have some updated by next week I take it. Feel free to armory for further information or reach me at Aztec#1290Kained7 12h
14h Any early morning raiding guilds? Any guilds run raids around 8 - 9 am server time?Walderfins3 14h
14h (H)[Rp] Themed Bar Nights ((Hey everyone; Tanahrok here)) Greetings my friends and fellow patrons. I am yongfere blackpaw. I am new to your lands of the horde and I have learned so far orcs like eating meat. Still I have more to learn of your foods. I will be traveling across the horde lands and serving drinks. I wish to bring something slightly different by introducing themes to where ever I set up my stand. Either to showcase the culture of the area or to do something fun for the patrons. Each day of sat (Saturday), I will be moving my location. And so will be the theme. I hope to see you out. And thank you for your patronage and support my friends. ((I'll open bar nights around 9:30 pm server time if there is no designation it will often go back to orgrimmar as a fall back.)) This weeks theme: Silver And Gold - Dress in silver or gold colored clothes or armor. Location: Wayfarers Rest Inn; SIlvermoon Opens at 9:30 pm. Last call at 10:45 pm. Drinks are free.Yongfere4 14h
14h [H] Resolve, The Recruitment Thread *Val'kyrs descend from the sky and light beams down from the heavens......onto a Panda standing at a podium in the forum of Ancient Rome.* Hail, Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. Resolve is recruiting for well....pretty much everything. WPVP, mythic+,raiding, random RP we do it all(rated pvp could use a touch of work atm). The GM: Me also known as Sledgehammer or Arn. I have seen the light of the Pandaren, and also the destruction of Elemental which was my old main. I am pretty laid back and easy to approach, I don't bite, well unless its food. I am a panda. RP: We have a ship called the Resolve that we use to do missions and patrols and stuff. Atm we're hunting a troll warsword that was entrusted to our care that we lost. The sword makes you crazy(sounds like every blizzard plot line...ever). Sledgehammer my shaman is the IC leader of the guild but he got shanked by a demon so my panda is the regent atm. PVP: We do a decent bit of WPVP and bgs. Could use more work on this front however, if you like to stab things that have the potential to send rage whispers we'd gladly have you. PVE: Led by our...odd and eccentric Nazthori we focus on normal and heroic progression. Heroic EN on farm, same with normal ToV. She will have more details on the pve in the following post. More Info: Resolve is a guild that was founded near two years ago and we're still going strong. We have a reputation for only being partial potatoes. That being said if you like to be an edgelord, grief RP and the like, you can find a different guild. I will not tolerate it and I will keelhaul you. Or rather ask my friends on team blue to do it. In our WPVP we show respect to our enemies even if they're the starchiest of potatoes, unless i'm feeling really militant. You'll know when that is. We like to have fun and have a variety of events including Soccerfish, The Great Azerothion sport. We're still looking for other guilds to play us in Soccerfish. If we sound like the guild for you shoot me or one of my officers a whisper in game. Or a /say or a /yell. And now to close out this thread with a metal song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKYhi6Om5wgSuíren105 14h
14h [A-RP Lore Event] Pandaren 101 Hey ED! A long time ago, one of our GMs, Pingyang, held an informational event called "Pandaren 101" in which anyone could join and learn about the history/lore of the race, taken from quests, written lore, and of course interpretation. She's decided to bring this back recently, and we're opening it up to the public again! This event will be OOC, we will meet in a raid group and Pingyang will teach in raid chat, and sometimes we will have games that we do together to help learn different RP techniques and general knowledge. We do not have a set schedule for this yet but it will be updated each time a new event is made ...Cranesong47 14h
15h [A]<Gardener>(9/10H) is expanding the garden! <Gardener> (9/10H t/th 7-11) Light RP/casual progression Avacyn here, head Gardener. We're currently few in numbers, but our roots run deep. Our raid core has been together since before the fall of Deathwing, but we've lost many along the way. The legion assault has proved daunting, and now more than ever we seek others to stand strong with. The Nighthold contains the worst of the legion, and we need your help! It should be known that Gardeners tend to be on the more relaxed side, and very friendly should you need help. We also supply food for our hungry members, and flasks for the thirsty, and we're always happy to help members find the equipment they need to survive. If you think you're ready to get your hands dirty, reply here or send in game mail to an officer: (Daang, Madworldz, Dinellana or Paradise) (( We're seeking a few more active members to get our raid group back up to par as well as host/attend social events. We're fairly light on RP, but always support it. Our core group transferred here a few months back and are finally settling in.)) Avaçyn0 15h
15h [A] <Rebel Alliance> 2-night/week recruiting! *******Now Recruiting for Nighthold******* We group of experienced raiders and friends that have decided to start our own guild after years of progression raiding; we are trying to enjoy the game and raid on a semi-causal level. Although we have fun, we are serious and dedicated raiders that want to get things done. Our officers and main raiders have mythic and heroic experience, and we are hoping to get through as much content as we can, while still having fun. Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7H Trials of Valor: 2/3H Nighthold: 0/10 Raid Days & Times Wed 9-12 CST Thur 9-12 CST Sunday (optional fun day) 9-12 CST Current Needs: Death Knight Demon Hunter Mage Rogue Priest (Shadow) Warlock Warrior Everyone is welcome to join! https://goo.gl/forms/FqdKEP23lGef79Hj2 Contact information: GM- Pussofdoom - Gypsysavage#1220 Raid Leader- Deky - Fire#1630 Feel free to add us anytime! We're awesome!Deky12 15h
15h (RP PvP Event) Prisoner Escort Alliance Bulliten: Attention Soldiers of the Alliance, We are looking for more bodies to relocate a Horde infiltrator from the Stockades to Aerie Peak. The Stormwind guard will escort the prisoner to the tram. From there the dwarf guard of Ironforge will escort the prisoner to the gates. Horde resistance is expected, be prepared for battle. If the mission is a success you will be handsomely rewarded. -For the Alliance Where: Ironforge Gates When: Jan 21st 8PM server. Who: Any Alliance __________________________________ Horde War Board: Horde Mercenaries! Those Alliance dogs have captured one of our spys. They plan an escort soon, slay them all and bring back our informant. Intercept their escort and bring back our spy to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands. Lok'tar Ogar! Victory or Death! Where: Hammerfall When: Jan 21st 8PM server. Who: Any Horde (Preferred stealth classes) ___________________________________ RSVP here or send Defector in game mail. Thank you!Defector23 15h
15h [A] <Tophat Standard> 7/7 M 3/3 H <Tophat Standard> We're a raiding guild focused on providing a home to players who wish to progress through the current relevant content. Which is now soon to be Nighthold. The core members and leadership of the guild are very accepting and friendly towards new people and are always looking for keystone party members. We come from a plethora of locations, careers, and video game experiences but our love for gaming at a higher level has brought us together. Our first mission at hand is to establish a second raid team so that we have room for the excess amount of people in the guild that wish to raid. Raid Times (ST) Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am What We Offer Experienced Leadership [Top 25 U.S. raiding during TBC & WotLK] Mature Raiding Environment [We DO NOT tolerate drama - We DO encourage mild intoxicants & Laughter] Progression [The #1 goal in all progression raids is to PROGRESS. When a wipe occurs we do not complain. We identify the problem, then correct the issue immediately] What We Require 18+ years old [We play the game for fun, not to babysit or censor our conversations] Raiding Experience [If you stand in fire we do not want you!] Class Knowledge and Comprehension [Know your class & spec - Perform YOUR job in raids] Thick skin and Personality [We want people who can take a joke and fre one right back, otherwise our raiding would be boring] Character Upkeep [Gems/Enchants/Flasks/Food] Microphone & Headset [Communication is vital to success in raids!] Discord [This is the main voice program we will use for our activities] Current Recruitment Needs Tanks - Low Melee DPS - Low Ranged DPS - Medium Healers - MediumWebsite www.tophat.shivtr.com Recruitment Process Short Application on our website Short interview via Discord Two week trial period [Extensions if needed] Promotion to Core-Raider or Demotion to SocialIf you have any questions or would like to join <Tophat Standard> please contact any of the following officers in-game or by battletag. Misc Officer - Bigmacs humantractor#1919 Tank Officer - Ikaika Gamble#1312 Healing Officer - Akunabear Armand#11840 Melee DPS Officer - Singham Ednister#1512 Ranged DPS Officer - Ohtheothero murlocphase#1723Akunabear3 15h
16h <Over The Hills> 7/7H 3/3H Mandatory RP Preface "Epic, but not trying to hard... eloquent, balanced, and appropriate... it needs to have that" Starborne paused for dramatic effect, elven features drawn forward as if suckling on a Tauren's nipple. "Special *something.*" Lythosse had long tuned him out. Starborne's voice reduced to an audible humming that makes you acutely aware you have an ear on either side of your head. They had been at this for hours. Myrhina scribbling on parchment after parchment, hopeful that the two stubborn elves would come to a consensus. "It's just a name, pick one." She said. "The name is everything..." Lythosse replied, finally breaking his silence. "She's right man," Starborne echoed, "The Legion is scheduled to hit Azeroth on August 30th, we can't wait any longer." At this point, the floor was covered in tiny paper balls. Each piece of parchment holding a name that neither of them could agree upon. It was becoming a trip hazard, and neither of them stacked agility. Lythosse brow furrowed, as they so often do in roleplay scenarios. His eyes flicked up from the table, catching the light of the many candles he'd placed strategically around the room, again, very roleplay-esque. "Tell me something." He said. Both Starborne and Myrhina produced audible groans. "He's gonna monologue again." Said Myrhina. "Bear with me," Lythosse began. "We're old, right?" He asked. "Super old," Starborne said, running his finger along one of his withered elven ears. Myrhina didn't respond, and Lythosse didn't press it. He wasn't tanky enough to ask a woman her age twice. "I don't know about you two, but I'm retiring soon," Lythosse sat forward, his armor, which once fit him perfectly, now sagged and bubbled where body parts shouldn't sag and bubble. "After this, I'm done." Lythosse could tell they wanted to protest, but they stayed silent. They had been questing together for so long, they could tell he was serious. "Does that mean we're over the hills?" Myrhina asked. "Exactly." Said Lythosse. - and therein lied his genius. _____________________________________________________________________ Atmosphere <Over The Hills> is an adult oriented community for both veteran and new players who are interested in common company. Our goal is to create a friendly, casual raid environment that is able to include all levels of experience. We raid for a total of 6 hours weekly, with our primary goal being the AOTC achievement from heroic content for each tier. Raid schedule: Saturday & Sunday [1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. server time] Raid progress: 7/7H Emerald Nightmare || 3/3H Trial of Valor Voice program: Discord Contacts: Labyrinthine#1616, Laurentian#11848 ... If your class/role is not specifically mentioned, but you feel like we would be a good fit, please contact a recruitment officer. We will always make an effort to include all interested players into the raid environment.Lythosse92 16h
16h [RP Event] The Moot on the Mountain ... The Bronzebeard Vanguard invites all members of the dwarven race to join us outside the great titan complex of Ulduar for discussions on dwarven society, where all voices will be heard and all mugs will be filled (and then promptly emptied)! Those that like a bit of fightin’ with their drinkin’ and talkin’ will have the opportunity to test their skills against their peers. For those of you who’d like to save your aggression for the Legion, and simply wish to weigh in on current events in dwarven society or mingle with your fellow dwarves, we’ve got room for you too! So put on your thinkin’ caps, gather up your favorite mugs, and sharpen your blades for the finest showing of dwarven philosophy and drunken, bearded shenanigans that Azeroth has ever seen. Let's get this party started, ye wee numptys! When: Saturday, January 28th. 8:00 PM server. Where: Ulduar, The Storm Peaks, Northrend Who: DWARF ONLY (Fancy-pantsed sissy elves will be ridiculed unmercifully. Other races too, but especially you long-eared, flip floppin', tree huggin', stick-in-the-muds) Who pt. 2: Actually, everyone is welcome to join in on the festivities and RP with us. However, only dwarves will be eligible to participate in the dueling tournament and transmog contest. ((This event is open to anyone who wishes to attend. This is an RP event, and those in attendance are expected to either participate IC’ly or be on their best behavior if they only wish to observe.))Tholdrim23 16h
17h <Stalwart> [RP-PVP] is recruiting for Legion *********************[ How Do You Arpee ?] ... *******************************[ Join Us ] Note: we are a very *light* RP guild. Most of us don't do it but we very much support you in the RP community. Shine on you crazy diamonds! Stalwart is an alliance guild on Emerald Dream (US). Our guild formed in the early days ED's history (September 2006), and have been off and on as a PvP/PvE guild. We are a very small group of veterans who have been playing since Vanilla. Seeking to expand our membership in order to clear out the high end raids, mythic dungeons, and field PvP / wPvP gank squads. We are old school wPvPers. Red means dead. Sorry! We are looking to recruit fun players. As long as you enjoy what you're playing and can do so or learn to do so well. We are recruiting people who enjoy raiding, who want to raid seriously, but not feel like it's a job. Currently we we are starting from scratch and plan to progress through early content swiftly. This was our first week raiding together. With almost 0 Legion raiding experience and fresh gear we cleared 7/7 EN N. As we are returning players we are actively seeking returning players, new players, and other veterans. Especially those who want to experience the content from start like we do! The core of the guild consists of about 10 or so people who have been playing together since Vanilla. We are mostly functioning adults, some of us have kids, others have cats (one guy has burritos and taquitos and *$%*), but in general we're a relatively chill group of people who enjoy trolling trade chat in between killing internet dragons and tough guys. We are looking for people who have a similar mindset, patience, and want to have fun in a relaxed pro raiding experience. We are looking for people who value loyalty, honesty, comedy, and competency. We are looking for the homeless, the strays. The veterans of old with no family or place to call home. We have been looking for you. Get in touch with one of us and fill out an app online! Current class needs are on our website: http://www.StalwartAllies.com ...Wyspers8 17h
17h [A] <On Cooldown> 7/7M 2/3M LF Mythic RDPS <On Cooldown>, also formally known as <Relax> on Emerald Dream, is now recruiting top tier players for Mythic progression. Established at the beginning of TBC, <On Cooldown> has recruited some of the best players from across all realms! Notable Achievements: (All of which were done on this server) Full BC content clear as a top 3 guild pre WotLK Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas (11/21/2008) Realm First! Magic Seeker (11/26/2008) Realm First! Fire Fighter (08/05/2009) Realm First! Celestial Defender (08/26/2009) Call of the Grand Crusade (11/10/2009) Alone in the Darkness (07/03/2010) Ahead of the Curve: Imperator's Fall (12/26/2014) Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible Cutting Edge: The Black Gate Cutting Edge: Xavius Current Progression: Group 1: 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor Group 2: 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor Current Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:00 - 11:00 Server Time (CST) Wednesday: 8:00 - 11:00 Server Time (CST) Thursday 8:00 - 11:00 Server Time (CST) Recruitment: Ranged DPS (High) Melee DPS (Low) Healers (Low) Tanks (Low) **If your class/role isn't listed, don't let it stop you from applying. We recruit ALL talented players.** Why join: Stable raiding environment with veteran leaders and officers Flasks and food provided for raids A fun and friendly environment You get to be a part of <On Cooldown>, one of the most prestigious guilds on Emerald Dream Requirements: Good Attendance Solid Internet connection Discord Meet DPS / HPS benchmarks Willingness to take criticism in order to improve yourself and the raid How to apply: If you're interested in joining, simply apply at www.on-cooldown.com Any questions? Post here or ask any of the officers below in game: Bretech - Bretech#1201 (Guild Leader) Sleythe - Slaythe#1431 (RDPS Officer) Kharmahh (MDPS Officer) Nevin / Eaten (Healing Officer) Darhault (Tank Officer) Draedz/Daylewis/Oohchild (PVP Officer)Sleythe8 17h
17h The Queen's Court RP Bar Night When: Friday nights @ 9pm server (Staff form up about a half hour before showtime) Where: Bizmo's Brawl pub under the Stormwind side tram. What: A public night where the server can cram into a tiny space and Rp their hearts out and a meeting spot for folks looking for freelance work. Sharding: Not an issue, as before the event starts you'll see us spamming in /rp about the event to unite everyone in one group. When that raid reaches cap a coordinator will break off and form a second one and we'll all be in the same phase. "Booze, bar fights, brawling, butts." - Zevie Coordinators: Raeisley, Zevie, Vaedron (Llynavae) ________________________________________________________________________ The finer details: With being such a popular server we often find the Blue Recluise crowded as it stands being the sole bar folks are drawn too. I'm hoping to create an environment other character archetypes can show up at and conduct business. Every Friday at nine server (With any luck!) there will be a open bar and entertainment varying on the night for all the public. Gambling either through Cross-gold or Texas' hold'em, Dancers and live entertainers from our more civil inclined RPers. Those who fail to pay their gambling debts will be banned from future gambling (Until an IC appeal is made) and can expect RP repercussions ____________________________________________________________________________ https://youtu.be/Fp17BZeeEPI Our first night! ____________________________________________________________________________ Employment Opportunity! Either waitress, dancer, bouncer, or a gambling dealer you can find employment here the night of the event. Most employees will fill double roles where they have their secondary position of their job of serving drinks or preforming or escorting unwanted(s) out but their primary role will be to socialize will everyone in the bar at the time and ensure everyone is getting involved. Whether is be a bouncer encouraging someone to the gambling table or a dancer showing a particular patron more attention the goal is to make everyone feel like the man of the hour while they are within our court.Raeisley13 17h
17h [A-RPPvP/E] <BBV>: LFM DKs/Locks [the three Dwarves are comparing their scars] Vapo: What's that one? Kurgrum: What? Vapo: That one, there, on your arm. Kurgrum: Oh, uh, that's a tattoo, I got that removed. Kreauxm: Don't tell me, don't tell me..."Mother." [he roars with laughter] Kreauxm: What is it - [Kurgrum solemnly clamps a hand on Kreauxm's arm] Kurgrum: Mr. Kreauxm, that's the Wildhammer Stronghold. [Kreauxm immediately stops laughing] Kreauxm: You were in Twin Peaks? Vapo: What happened? Kurgrum: Ten Horde dismounted us in the river between th' bases, Rev. We was comin' back from th' stronghold, just zoned in an' buffed up. Went over th' strat. Ten Dwarves went into the water. We had a Path o' Frost. Well Path o' Frost breaks on damage, Rev. Didn't see the first moonkin for about half a second. Tauren. Thirteen-footer. You know how you know that when you're in the water, Rev? You tell by lookin' from the claws to th' cloaca. What we didn't know... was our flag cap mission had been so secret, no distress signal had been sent. Heh. [he pauses and takes a drink] Kurgrum: They didn't even list us overdue for a week. Very first light, Rev, Horde come cruisin'. So we formed ourselves into a beardball. Y'know, it's... kinda like ol' chokepoints in a battle like, uh, you see in a calendar, like the Battle of Alterac Valley, and the idea was, Horde comes to the nearest Dwarf and that Dwarf, he'd start poundin' and hollerin' and screamin', and sometimes the Horde'd go away... sometimes he wouldn't go away. Sometimes that Horde, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y'know the thing about a moonkin, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'... until he moonfires ya. And those black eyes roll over white, and then... oh, then you hear that terrible high-pitch honkin', the ocean turns red, and spite of all the poundin' and the hollerin', they all come in and they... zerg you to pieces. [he pauses] Kurgrum: Y'know, by the end of that first fight... lost ten Dwarves. I dunno how many moonkin. Maybe a thousand. I dunno how many Dwarves, they averaged two a second. When we rezzed, Rev, I bumped into a friend of mine, Kragus from Ironforge. Big drinker. Tori's mate. I thought he was asleep. Reached over to wake him up. Bobbed up and down in the water just like a kinda top. Upended. Well... he'd been moonfired in half below the waist. Noon the fifth day, Mr. Kreauxm, a Gnomish Gyrocopter saw us, he swung in low and he saw us. Old pilot, a lot older than Mr. Kreauxm. Anyway, he saw us and come in low and three hours later, a big fat battleship comes down and start to pick us up. Y'know, that was the time I was most frightened, waitin' for my turn. I'll never put on a life jacket again. So, ten Dwarves went into the water, ten Dwarves sent to th' spirit healer, and th' Horde won th' match, October th' 22nd, 2016. Kreauxm: But that river's only like... 8 feet wide. [Kurgrum pauses, smiles, and raises his glass] Kurgrum: Anyway... we're LFM RBG's.Khurgun146 17h
17h [A] LIONCREST (Heavy RP) THE LIONCREST WELCOMES YOU TO THE ALLIANCE! RECRUITMENT THREAD ... The Lioncrest is an Alliance guild on the Emerald Dream server that heavily emphasizes roleplay while also offering a variety of PvP content to its members. Our player base is filled with a diverse group of friendly, tight-knit members that all share a common interest for the game and a sense of respect for its players new and old. Accompanying that base is an experienced and dedicated officer core that works every day to ensure the vision of the guild is accomplished. When you are brought into the guild, you are welcomed with open arms as if you have always been a friend to us! Our goal in The Lioncrest is to provide a fun, unique, and enriched roleplay experience, keeping to the canon of the Warcraft lore while also offering our knowledge and valuable resources to you, as well as be a source of PvP & WPvP encounters. ... Roleplay Theme The Lioncrest serves their world and its people as an independent order from its faction, to fight back the threats that loom over their world. They play their own part in pivotal moments to impact Azeroth' s future. For those who inquire more information about our story, please check out our lore archives! http://www.thelioncrest.com/lore Roleplay Information The Lioncrest always has the main mission to deliver the most immersive roleplay experience for our members and the Emerald Dream community as a whole. We strive for quality and offer a constant fount of roleplay with ongoing story progression. Our roleplay basis comes from the game itself. With a vast amount of lore within the Warcraft world, the Lioncrest uses the in-game history to its advantage in order to create content to satisfy those who have a true passion for creative writing and storytelling. We offer many different styles of roleplay. Whether you enjoy freestyle roleplay, or thoroughly thought-out story arcs, we encourage our members to constantly progress their stories with not only the guild and its members but throughout the entire realms community. Here are just some of the different types of roleplay you can expect within the Lioncrest: Personal Progressive RP; individual or through small groups Main Lioncrest story progression Side stories through our several organization storylines D20 inspired mechanics (offered with some of our storylines) Emerald Dream community roleplay Exclusive organizations that bring side story campaigns to the guild The Lioncrest looks forward to being constantly involved within the roleplay community! We also hope to inspire people to roleplay with each other inside and outside of the guild and allow their character personal growth beyond their home within the Lioncrest.Jacuren61 17h
17h ISR looking for new recruits! :) < Ironsworn Regiment > is a friendly Rp-PvP-PvE guild looking for new lvl 100+ members. With events ranging from bgs and arenas to raiding and questing there is something here for everybody :) We are looking for new level 100+ horde toons who are wishing to join this friendly community. We are active in pvp, wpvp and pve, with a strong raid team and leader, in addition to forming rp events within the coming weeks. We also have many other events held by fellow officers such as: Scavenger hunts, duel tournaments, guild mount runs, transmog contests, karaoke night and many other events. Watch the calendar to find future events to attend! We require all new members to attend a quick initiation meeting held by our Head HR within the first 2 weeks of joining the guild. ISR is run by our fearless leader Renosh and his right hand man Shadòwstrike. With a strong officer core we work hard to create a fun and intriguing environment for all of our guildies to enjoy :) ISR does not support any poor behaviour from any of our guildies such as; racism, sexism, abusive language and harassment. Additionally any cheating in game is not supported and action is promptly taken. If you see any behaviour contact our officers or myself and we will look into it promptly. If anyone has any questions or wishes to become a part of this community feel free to message myself or any officers in game or on battlenet. Silhana#11158 UPDATE: ISR will now be using discord as our voice com :)Silhana161 17h
18h A<Totems> 8/10M is looking for ranged DPS. Hey everyone. RP Backstory: "It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy...." Guild purpose: Totems is a 7/7M 1/3M guild that is hoping to be in the mix for the progression race come Mythic Nighthold. We're currently a top 10 guild on the server with some really amazing and dedicated people. We also have a very successful PVP department that hosts regular RBGs. We dabble in WPVP a bit, but it isn't our focus, even if it is fun. What we're looking for: Right now our biggest problem is that we're rather melee heavy. We're looking for some good ranged DPS to help us push progression in Nighthold. We're not looking for a ton and honestly, getting good ranged DPS is very competitive so I'm not expecting miracles. If you're interested contact me in game and show me your logs. I'll get you in on the heroic runs and we'll see how it goes. What classes in particular: Just ranged DPS. A core principle I operate under as a GM is that I value good players (even on a bad class) over a meh player on a good class, even if the total performance of the later is higher than the former. A good player will always be a good player and balance changes, so I'd rather bring the best players I can find and worry about flavor of the month precisely never. Essentially I'm saying Hunters are welcome *winky face* Raid Times Friday/Sunday at 8 server. Sometimes we expand to thursday or monday, depending on player availability.Dárìus0 18h
21h Omnos's Friendly WPvP Challenge! Omnos issues a friendly challenge! I am looking for Horde guilds to organize some friendly competition on the stage of WPvP! Rules: 1. Meet in the open, no LOS advantages. 2. Even numbers 3. No fighting in Broken Isles with combat followers 4. We will pick a spot that is not right next to a graveyard to avoid infinite re-spawning (Preferably some place EPIC) 5. No camping after a win Simple fun. Let me know here if you are interested or add me on battletag at 'Omnos#1966' Let's make our own content! I am getting board of instanced PvP and un-even WPvP. The exact location and time will be discussed in-game so as to not attract ZERG Guilds to the event. WARNING: Cheaters will be laughed at wholeheartedly! -Omnos Fair winds and following seasÔmnos61 21h
21h RP Event Calendar Heyo, my name's Tinksy, but you don't care about that. This is where you will be able to find out when RP events will be happening this month, all in one concise forum thread. If you are hosting an event, or know of one coming up, please post it here in this topic, along with the date and time (or even a link to its personal thread) and I'll add them to the list! Credit to Liniadel for the initial idea. Unfortunately, I believe she moved to a different server and is no longer maintaining the old thread, so I've decided to assume the mantle. Thank you!Tinksy116 21h
21h Order of the Blue Wyvern (PvE/WPvP) ‘As time passes, new foes rise to challenge our freedoms and take our lands. The Order remains the heart of the Alliance and so takes up sword and spell against any who dare threaten what we hold dear.’ ((Theme Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NwFO_WJk_I)) Order of the Blue Wyvern is a primarily World PvP/Raiding guild, however we choose not to focus on one activity but rather a wide array. We participate in everything that WoW has to offer and as such we are constantly growing, and progressing as a guild. What we offer: Daily World PvP Rated Battlegrounds Roleplay Events Heroic Raiding progression --> Pushing into Mythic ((We are 7/7H)) Mythic/Mythic+ Dungeons Premade BG Groups ((including Balinda/AV defense!)) Social Events TeamSpeak 3 And much, much more! Requirements TeamSpeak 3 » Someone is always on TS3, it is how we stay social, communicate, organize guild events, and relay out of game information. You should always been in TeamSpeak when in a guild group and socialize in there as much as possible. Level 105+ » In today's WoW there is very little reason to not be max level, so we ask our potential recruits be at least level 105, if not 110. Thick Skin » Guild chat is kept fairly clean but TeamSpeak is unregulated, aside from during guild meetings/major guild events. Politically incorrect humor is encouraged! A Good Attitude » I'll take a bad player with a good attitude, over a good player with a bad attitude. You can teach somebody to be proficient at WoW, but you can't fix someone’s poor attitude/elitist complex. What are our goals? Domination » As a World PvP guild, we are constantly battling the Horde. Whether this means defending cities, attacking Horde towns, clearing out WQ hubs, or doing set RP-PvP fights, we are always on the front line. Our motivation stems from an unrelenting desire to be victorious, and we often are. Progression » We are currently 7/7H, and looking to slowly push into Mythic, however we progress on all fronts. Whether this guild progression or individual progression, we push each other to our limits and beyond. Fun » Video games are all about fun, and while we are serious when doing events, don't mistake our ire of professionalism for a lack of desire to enjoy the content we are participating in. Growth » No guild survives without recruits. As such we are seeking like-minded individuals who like to participate in the same content as us. We do our best to ensure each new member fits in and becomes part of the guild's core. What are our values? - Teamwork - Dedication - Respect - Excellence Think you have what it takes? Whisper any member in game for an invite/TeamSpeak interview. We look forward to meeting you!Danterius200 21h
21h Looking for Pally engineer. Be my hero. Why are there no paladin engineers on this server? I've been searching and I cant find any. There is an item I've been trying to get my hands on called "Specialized Bio-Optic Killshades" but the recipe can only be learned by engineers who are also paladins. If any of you rare pally tinkerers would be willing to help me out here, I would really appreciate it. I have all the mats, I just need the bloody skills.Gallaran6 21h
23h WPVP "Balance" 7.15. http://imgur.com/a/657uWDárìus266 23h
1d Largest alliance guild? So basically I'm looking to see if there is an alliance guild to rival WSB. They're huge and pretty much everywhere I go, I see wsb everywhere. Is there a guild on the alliance side that rivals them?Ryusensei15 1d
1d [H]<|Shatterspear Offensive|> 1/7M 3/3H Greetings fellow Horde, I am Isu(Nami) Of <Shatterspear Offensive> UPDATE: NEW WEBSITE!!!!! Shatterspearoffensive.com Stance on RP Est Nov1st '14 - We have been together for just over 2 years,while not an RP centric guild, we do our very best to be courteous ,respectful ,mindful and defend RP on the server - I personally will be debating with our officer core to evolve our RP stance and story for the well being of the server and our members who wish to indulge including myself. Our name holds alot of lore and the server will know our story... UPDATE: First RP Publication in the works. PVE We are recruiting for Legion Expansion, this time around we will be pushing PVE progression right from the start in hopes of taking our HEROIC roster to MYTHIC during LEGION. UPDATE: We are now 7/7H - Server 4th H Nyth kill on Wow progress - Server First H Nynth on Guild OX. Mythic Progression Starting - Need Healers! PVP/WPVP We have also become a small but powerful presence in the servers small scale WPVP - We will continue this as one of our main motives as a unit as it has fueled great rivalries and provided many good times outside of regular content. <Shatterspear Offensive> has been known to run Premade Ashran/AV.Since Ashran will no longer be relevant, we will seek to replace PVP Premades with whatever becomes relevant to the player base on a regular basis Update: We have been having a hard time finding fights, We will continue to seek fights with the likes of certain alliance guilds in good sportsmanship.We do this to build team work and good spirits among our faction and the emerald dream community, respect is shown when due. Photo OP http://i.imgur.com/Ef5HPug.jpg Calendar In Current Standing: Sunday Night Core 10Man RBG Roster - 7pm EST/ (Low MMR Progression) Tuesday Night Core PVE Progression 8pm to 1030PM EST Thursday Night PVE 8pm EST-1030PM EST Friday Night Guild Event "The Shattered Hour" (Wpvp/games/forfun)8PM EST Saturday PVE Raid(Normal/H EN) - All welcome - 4pm EST/Guild OX: http://guildox.com/rank/ilvl/us/emerald-dream/Shatterspear%20Offensive WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Shatterspear+Offensive Official Twitter https://twitter.com/shatterspeared Community Spotlight Mention with Gameonmag.com(Formerly Forsaken Hour) http://gameonmag.com/portfolio/world-of-warcraft-community-magazine-issue-7/ Thank you for taking the time to view this post and we hope to see you on the battlefield during LEGION! *Contact isunami#1263 or DM on twitter.Isû126 1d
1d [A]<The Päck> Still Wants You! IC: The mystically pristine city of Dalaran hovered high over the seas. The foreboding beacon of the Tomb of Sargeras still shone in the distance. Its gloom overtook the once whimsical nature of the city. Any music that played, any laughter heard, any smiles seen, all felt forced. There was only one who seemed genuinely happy. A gnome, armed with a push broom slung about his shoulder, strolled along the ever clean walls of the city. He hummed a happy tune, showing no signs of displeasure. That was, until he saw it. His head spun on a swivel. Several feet up the wall, a smudge tainted what was otherwise perfection. With a snap of his fingers the broom bounced to life. Another snap summoned a ripple in space near the wall’s imperfection. A bucket of soapy water faded into existence and splashed its contents against the grime before it vanished. The broom flew up where the water hit and hesitated. The gnome raised his hands, still humming the happy tune. As a gentle flutter his hand’s proceeded to wave his hands as a musical conductor. The broom danced along to the 4/4 time as it scrubbed and it scrubbed with exact harmony. When the song was finished, the wall shone free of imperfection. “Excellent.” The gnome spoke with a cheek-to-cheek grin. “That makes the last wall. The city is clean for another day!” He held aloft his hand, and the broom flew into his grip. It was slung over his shoulder and he happily marched around the corner. SPLAT! The sickening sound brought a twitch to the gnome’s eye. His head turned as though the gears in his neck were rusted. There, towering over him was a worgen. He wore the white wolf’s paw of the Päck on a red cloak. The crinkle of paper could be heard as he spread a large poster over the glue that had befouled the walls that were just cleaned. From the mouth of the lupine figure the same jaunty tune that had been hummed by the gnome a moment ago. The worgen picked up his bucket of glue and satchel of fliers and continued about his business, leaving a furious janitor behind. The gnome gazed up at the poster (( http://i.imgur.com/KIvFzXV.jpg )). He could hear the splat of glue once more from around the corner. He turned in the direction the worgen had come from and his heart sank. The same poster littered the walls of the city every few feet. “Why can’t they just cram these on the call boards like everyone else?!” The gnome shouted before slamming his broom into the paved ground with a snap. Now his precious cleaning utensil lay on the path in two pieces. He lets out a final cry of rage at his predicament. OOC: The Päck is an all Worgen RP-PVP guild, now over five years strong. We have been running wild across Azeroth since September 9th, 2011. We have grown and prospered on the Emerald Dream server and we will continue to grow to bolster the great ED RP Community. Whether it be light and casual roleplay, to long term complex story arcs, we have it. We have developed a strong PVP presence and recently, thanks to Laernyx, have formed a solid casual raid team which cleared Emerald Nightmare Normal within the first few weeks of its release. We provide a mature environment to help our members both grow and have fun. Whether you are fully geared at max level, or just starting your way through the Gilneas starting zone, we can offer you a home. Here is our current activity for each aspect of the game. RP We have regular RP ranging from casual gatherings to D20 events. Currently we are stationed on the Broken Isle, our forces travel mostly between Dalaran, Greywatch, and Bradensbrook. Long time and experienced with RP? Welcome, we have a home for you as we unite in this curse to protect our fellow worgen everywhere. New to RP? We welcome you as well, we are more than happy to assist any and all new roleplayers to build confidence and develop their characters to be as interesting as possible. We are also proud of our involvement in large community events. Our five-year anniversary party was a blast, with thousands of fireworks launched and countless prizes given away to the community. We were active in several RP PVP campaigns, and we were an integral part of the Silver Sickness campaign, the multi-server, cross faction, plague style RP campaign. PVP Arena partners are never hard to find among our ranks. Ask around and we can help you get that strongbox you want or even push rating. Every week we join forces with Clan Battlehammer and engage in larger scale PVP, both WPVP and Pre-made Alterac Valley. Of course we also have our own Casual PVP. Ask for BGs and you will almost always be able to get a group together. PVE Our raiding team has recently become something to be truly proud of thanks to Laernyx’s leadership and the hard work of everyone who came together. We were able to have a guild group clear Normal Emerald Nightmare and are now moving onto Heroic.Nemò113 1d
1d <The Red Hand> H-RPPvP There are fresh flyers posted to various boards throughout the Horde cities. The penmanship is impeccable, and there is a wax mark on it that has a hand imprinted into it. It reads much like a call to arms. The Red Hand is recruiting individuals that are dedicated to the Horde, regardless of race. We expect anyone interested to possess good steel and a strong stomach. Our focus is to eliminate threats to the Horde, whatever form they may take. The main focus at this time is the Legion and Alliance. If this describes you then seek out Rajayah or Korziel for more information, or to join our ranks. OOC: Our current focus is roleplay, PvP, and work towards Mythic Plus. If there are enough people interested we may try raids as well. We wish to experience as much of the content as we can, this includes both new and old stuff. We have both healers and tanks that are more then mythic ready, but need dps if we are going to do guild runs. Website: http://trh.shivtr.com/forums Note: I honestly did not realize until after I made the guild that there is another guild called "Legion of the Red Hand". My husband and I were briefly in that guild and may have subconsciously picked up on that name. It was not intentional, I had honestly forgotten the name of the guild because we were only in it briefly. As a result, the guild name may change if there are issues caused by the similar names. Otherwise, we will keep out name.Rajayah9 1d
1d Really important announcement barkJazz60 1d