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3d Guilds of Emerald Dream: [UPDATED 8/29/16] Please follow this format: Using the + signs, indicate how much your guild leans towards a particular area in the game. There are three categories: RP, PvP, PvE. In addition, please provide a maximum of three words to describe your guild. For instance; "Troll Themed" "Instance PvP" "Hardcore Raiding". This will give an insight into what type of guild you are, in addition to the focus. Please provide either guild website, or forum recruitment thread. Whichever one you prefer people to visit more. Link to Guild Bases of Operation: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15140654133 HORDE GUILDS <Storm Earth and Zug Zug> RP+ PvE++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748875375#1 <The Weathered Expedition> Treasure Hunter/Archaeology/Exploration guild. RP ++ PvP+++ PvE++ <House of the Illidari> PvE+++ RP++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748506731#1 <Atrayne> Together Since Vanilla PvP+++ PvE+ RP+ http://atrayne.com (no www) <All Shall Perish> PVE Progression PVE+++ PvP++ http://allshallperishguild.com/forums/1851026 <Dreadites> Legion RP/PVE/PVP PVE+++ RP++ PVP++ <The Guldan Girls> Legion raiding. PDT. PVP+ PVE+++ http://thegg.io/ <S a n c t u a r y> Horde, all races PvP+++ PvE+++ RP++ <Iron Legion> PvP+++ PvE++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747616139 <Money in the Bank> PvE/PvP PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ <Ironsworn Regiment> WPVP Defense Team PVP+++ PVE++ Rp+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745776280 <DRG> PVP++ PVE+ http://digitalrevolutiongaming.com/ <WarCry> RP+ PvP+++ PvE++ https://curse.com/invite/3pHNdw4b5kSeH0KQJGQhGg <Darkwind Regiment> privet military RP++ PVP+++ <The Førsaken Ørder> Undead/Bloodelf Military Theme RP+++ Pvp++ <Thunderforge Offensive> Mid-day/Weekend Raiding PvE+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743284614#1 <Smolderthorn Tribe> Dark Horde Troll Rp++ Pvp++ Pve+ <The Turned Profit> Pirate themed RP++ PVP+++ PVE+ turnedprofit.shivtr.com <Elves of the North> Blood Elf Only PVP+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742694810 <Steelwolf Clan> Clan Style All Races RP+++ PVP++ PVE+ <Syntax Error> PvE+++ <Earthspear Clan> Tribal Clan Theme RP+++ PvP++ PvE+ <Anova> Semi-Hardcore Raiding PVE +++ <Volition> PVE focused, casual PVP PVP++ PVE+++ RP+ <Shatterspear Offensive> PVP+++ PVE+ RP+ Shatterspearoffensive.com <Blackrock Clan> All Orc, Old Traditions RP+++ PvP+++ PvE+ www.blackrockclan.com <Resolve> PvP, some RP RP++ PvP+++ <Defilers of Arathor> All Forsaken RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15699452444 <Sapere Aude> Family Friendly Fun PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882019188 <Nightfall> Casually Hardcore PvP + PvE +++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15142514290?page=1 <Malum Factum> PvE +++ PvP ++ http://www.malumfactum.com/ <GorWatha Warband> Troll Themed RP+++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742604952 <Raided R> Casual Raiding PVE++ PVP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15269669326 <The Eventide Accord> RP, WPVPRP, Raiding RP+++ PVP++ PVE++ <Keepers of Lordaeron> All Undead RP+ PVP+++ PVE++ <Sinforsaken> Raiding/Heavy RP PvE+++ RP+++ PVP+ sinforsaken.com <foul> RP+ PvP+++ PvE+. Website: foul.shivtr.com <Warsong Battalion> PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10357206088 <DO WORK> Semi-Hardcore PvE+++ http://dowork-guild.com/?action=forum <Sythegore Arm> PvE+++ http://sythegorearm.enjin.com/ <Nightstalkers> PvE+++ http://forums.NightstalkersED.com <Clan Stormfist> Orc Based RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9872227138?page=8#149 <Phoenix Highguard> Blood Elf RP+++ PvP++ phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com <Blackmoon Tribe> Troll Themed RP+++ http://www.blackmoontribe.com/forumsBebbit188 3d
3d Guild Bases of Operation - 04/23/18 This is a continuation of Bebbit's, Jakosta’s, Landrêth’s, and Tulkes' posts! As in previous attempts, Sticky Request... APPROVED!!!! World PVP: Many guilds have claimed a territory as their own for RP. Normally they will defend if you 'ping' (attack) it if able. Most of the other time they use it for RP and various other events. If you're looking for a fight, attack a base listed below or set up near by. Just keep in mind the time of day and around what events you attack. Just because you want a fight at 4 am, or they are doing something else, doesn't mean the guild you're trying to ping is obligated to come. Try to be aware of RP implications when claiming territory for your guild such as clear faction cities, quest stories, and general borders. I will not be counting ideas for those that claim Class Halls. If there are conflicts of interest regarding multiple claims on a single place, I will need representatives from each of the guilds involved to send in-game mail or a forum-post resolution, or it will be left as CONTESTED so sides aren't taken. All sides must come to the same conclusion before updates. Please limit claims to one location/proximity as much as possible. This is more for claiming a base than zones. Although, locations/zones with proximity/RP value may be considered if in a justifiable sphere of influence. If a location is part of a previous claim including multiple holdings and another party wishes to claim it, an agreement will need to be reached. If not, by default the new claimant will receive the location if it is the only location they wish to claim. The other option is for the initial holder to give up other claims and share the location with the new party. Basically, you give up the spot to the guild that wants just one spot, or you give up your other spots to show you actually care about that location. The exception being large cities. No individuals; Guilds only. I will be trying to keep this list managed as they often get long, disorganized, and generally become an eye sore. I will be looking for: Guild Name, Current Zone(s)/City(ies), if you will defend it or not, phased or not, and if you actively RP there or not. Chat Channel: /Join WorldDefense (cries in hoping it will get fixed) /Join RP: Can be a great global tool to help get in contact with various parties that each faction has already has set up. Map of the below list updated and put together by <Speedbarge Subsidiaries>: https://speedbarge.wixsite.com/mapsAbrahof154 3d
May 7 RP Guides/Resources for Beginners RP Guides/Resources for Beginners I wanted to compile some resources for anyone who might be interested in trying out Roleplay. If you know of any other articles/guides/videos that should be added, just let me know. ... ...Rend26 May 7
Feb 6 Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This! v3.1 Greetings travelers! Thank you for taking the time to look at Emerald Dream. Please feel free to read this guide in full detail to decide if you are right for our realm. Don't skim - it's important to make sure you are able to give back to this realm as much - if not more - than it gives to you! Before you find yourself $27.23 poorer than you were yesterday, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we see on an almost-daily basis: To all the current Dreamers before we begin, please let me know if any of this information isn't correct, is outdated, or simply needs to be added, and I'll edit it accordingly. Let’s answer the more difficult questions first: "Is Emerald Dream right for me?" This question really should be, "Am I right for Emerald Dream?". Emerald Dream has its own unique flavor in that we are both an RP server and a PvP server. That doesn't mean that we are mainly RP with a little bit of PvP thrown in or vice-versa. We are as much an RP realm as we are a PvP realm. That said, this still is an RP server and should be treated as such. How you fit in to that description is entirely up to you. "How is the RP here?" It depends how you look at it - if you're coming from a PvP or PvE server, it will be quite a bit more prevalent (I can't recall seeing open RP on any of my PvP-realm stints). If you're coming from a large dedicated RP server like Moonguard or Wyrmrest, it probably won't be as prevalent. But regardless, it's still here, and we're doing our best to keep it alive and well. Admittedly, most of the true RP is guild-centric, but not exclusive to anyone. In other words, you may not just up and stumble across 10 random players RPing together. Instead, you're more likely to envelope yourself in an RP group if you start introducing yourself to well-known RP guilds, so you can tag along when they host events. Or better yet, become a part of their guild so you can host your own. Emerald Dream RP is what you make it. Side note: Hop into the RP channels on Horde/Alliance and give it a spin (/join RP). "What is an RP-PVP realm?": RP-PvP servers were opened at subscribers’ request. Prior to the opening of this type of server, players had to choose between RP-PvE servers or pure PvP servers, often splitting time between realm types to satisfy both areas of interest. In other words, an RP-PvP realm such as Emerald Dream is not a realm designed for players to partake in only RP or only PvP. RP-PvP servers were created in response to roleplayers that wished to play with the PvP ruleset. It is not a request, but an expectation, that veterans, transfers, and new players alike be well-versed and capable in both. As mentioned above, if you do not satisfy that criteria, please invest your time (and likely money) elsewhere on a more suitable realm! "How is the PvE here?": Generally, pretty decent. Long-time PvE'ers will tell you that "PvE comes to Emerald Dream to die", but we have countless guilds clearing Normal, Heroic, and even Mythic mode raids on both Horde and Alliance and quite a few conquering several bosses in Heroic and a handful have Heroic/Mythic bosses on farm. If you're a hardcore dragonslayer, please take a look at where other guilds are and decide for yourself, in comparison to your server, where we're at: 20-Man Mythic Progression Sticky: (Capped and outdated) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415131707 It is suggested you look for yourself here: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dreamAbrahof21 Feb 6
Dec 1 Emerald Dream Role Playing Guide (Maralah) The Basics Gender Do you want to role-play a female or male character? There are advantages to either. This is mostly a personal choice. Most people tend to stay with their own gender, although there are many people who cross-gender roleplay. Largely there is no stigma around this among role-players. Many factors go into this choice, and none are to be critiqued as said it’s an individual’s personal choice and we are not here to police or chastise Name What's in a name? A lot, actually. Your name, oftentimes, is the first impression another player will have of you. In a roleplaying server, like ED is, a name like Twinkforu or Imapriest are often frowned upon. A good way of deciding if your name is appropriate is to picture your character in a real-life scenario. Would a parent name their child Imapriest? Ultimately, the decision is up to the player. Keep in mind where you are playing, however. Under character names, I've found most people find a simple search around a baby names site useful if they're stuck on what to name a character. The following are useful sites*: o http://www.20000-names.com(Searches names) o https://www.behindthename.com/ (Meanings of Names) o http://www.lowchensaustralia.com/names.htm o http://www.namegenerator.biz/wow-name-generator.php#generator-bookmark Personality Having a vague idea of your character's personality is always good. Personality is how your character reacts and responds to certain situations. Is she mean, or is she kind and benevolent? This choice will affect your gameplay, seeing as your evil warlock will not likely give a discount to that cute gnome mage, not matter how much you like the gnome mage out of character. Personalities often conflict, which is normal. Don't expect everyone to get along, just like in real life. However, don't bring your in character (IC) drama out of character (OOC). Alignment Alignment is usually used in Dungeons and Dragons and other related games, so it isn't of much relevance to World of Warcraft. Your characters alignment is a general stereotype of their personality. The usual alignments are lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, and chaotic evil. Who is Your Character?Who is your character after all? There are many things to consider while making your character. Before you actually begin to roleplay, you must consider other aspects, such as: Who is this character? What drives him? What makes him respond to different things in different ways? A character background or history can answer most of these questions. The key to a character history is to ensure that your creativity fits within the boundaries of the environment you wish to play in. These are a few general questions to help shape your character: * How and where did your character grow up? * Do they have family? Where are they? What do they do? * Hold old is your character? Who are their friends? * Have they ever been hurt? Have they been in love? * Are they happy? Are they disappointed? * What are their morals? What are their ideas on honor and respect? * What about on stealing and lying? *Thanks to the lovely Harpalyce for the baby names websites.Abrahof22 Dec 1
Dec 1 RP-PvP FAQ's (Maralah) Originally posted on the Old ED forums by: Ehrin Level 11 Human Mage (Aurora) [ED] and reposted by: Cadmael Level 80 Human Paladin (Cartel of Netherstorm) [ED] Sections: 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? 4. What will happen when the server type change happens? 5. Do I need a Background Story for my character? 6. What kind of name can I use for my character? 7. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? 8. How do I denote if what I am saying is In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC)? 9. Is the General channel IC or OOC? 10. Do I have to role-play all the time? 11. RP vs PvP? 12. How do I meet other RPers in-game? 13. Is it appropriate to RP in Instance Dungeons and Battlegrounds? 14. Helpful links 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? Simply, an RP-PVP server is a hybrid of the Roleplaying (RP) and Player-Vs-Player (PvP) server rule set. It is an RP server who has been added an additional PvP rule set. 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? Blizzard's official explanation of Realm Types can no longer be found. Though I have an archived source from various points. From 2005: https://web.archive.org/web/20050829004121/http://worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/realmtypes.html From 2007 with the one of the first mentions of RP-PvP servers: https://web.archive.org/web/20070501223249/http://www.worldofwarcraft.com:80/info/basics/realmtypes.html From 2013: https://web.archive.org/web/20131120222414/http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/guide/getting-started But here it is in a Nutshell: A regular RP server is based on the PvE (Player Vs Environment) rule set. That is, if you come across a member of the opposite faction, you are not able to engage them in combat unless both of you manually flagged. Everything in /say and /yell channels must be in-character. A PvP server does not require you to act in-character, and you are able to openly attack members of the opposing faction. RP-PVP takes the best of both worlds. You are always in-character, dealing with situations as they would and you get the opportunity to turn a member of the opposite faction into green, purple or blue jelly at any moment. 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? You act out the role of your character. You talk as they would talk, think as they would think and act as they would act. If you do not want to act out a character, or at least abide by the RP server rule set, you should consider rolling your character on a different server. 4. What will happen when the server type change happens? Speculation is always difficult but Emerald Dream is no stranger to change. We have always been a tight-knit community at our core who looks out for the longevity of our server. However, from our best guesses and mildly general consensus we as a community based realm will carry on the RP-PvP history of the server. Many guilds have already dedicated themselves to remaining flagged at all times even before any changes have been made concrete. At this point (12/1/17) RP servers will be within their own PvP and non-PvP flagged shards that will not be shared with any others. Many of us came to this RP realm for the specific purpose that it also has a PvP rule set and intend to keep that draw and mysticism the same. 5. Do I need a Background Story for my character? No, but it helps if you have some idea of your characters history to draw on to help you figure out how your character will react to certain situations and people. For (a very simplified) example: Your Human character lost her parents at the hand of the Orcish Horde during the Second War. She now has a deep-seeded hatred of all Orcs and will go out of her way to kill as many of them as she can.Imfernal6 Dec 1
Aug 28 [20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion For guild progress, see the link below. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dreamDefenestrate500 Aug 28
5m A word to Rpers from an Rper First let me start off by saying I rp, maybe not so much in wow but in plenty of other games so this isn't a "I hate Rpers post" So a few days ago my warlock's name got reported for the first time and I got a 24 hour suspension. I was unaware Harrydotter was against the rules since it is based on a copywriten character from a book. Fine no big deal changed the name. So I'm wondering if someone can explain to me why Clan Battlehammer, their GM Bruneor and the several other toons in the guild with names ripped directly off from the forgotten realms books / game has been a thing for 8+ years? I mean those names are the copywriten and trademarked property of Wizards and R.A Salvatore. Why hasn't this been reported? Seems like Harrydotter had nothing to do with where the name was taken from and more that some butt hurt rp elitist didn't like it and reported it. So I've reported battlehammer and the other names that go along with the book, fair is fair after all. As far as this name reporting thing goes I think there is a fine line here. I agree some names should be reported like for example XxpwnzuxX or stuff like stabbyface and the like. Yet I see alot of names like Purgatory or Malice and what not being reported and feel that is silly and a little petty. I see the arguments in trade "It's a rp serer follow the rules or gtfo" and you're right it is an rp server it is also a pvp server and there is no rule that you HAVE to rp to play on this server. In fact considering that when the game launched there were no rp-pvp servers and if you wanted to rp you were forced to do so on a pve server. After enough complaining (feedback sorry meant feedback freudian slip) Blizzard launched a few rp-pvp servers in 2005 so you Rpers should consider yourself lucky you even have pvp servers to play on. This ust isn't your sever Rpers and others play here as well. Considering how the actual RPers make up such a small percentage of the actual server pop yet seem to think they own the sever seems pretty self entitled to me. Yes report the stupid names like XxpwnzuxX or what have you, but you can simply choose to ignore the others. Also in regards to the post I read where Rpers were complaining about non Rpers attacking their rp events. This is a pvp server and Blizz don't have alot of rules when it comes to pvp. Lets not forget you guys wanted pvp servers and now you have them your mad about pvp? So that leads me to believe it was never about the pvp and more of "not fair they have something we don't". Also if you're here to roleplay than roleplay. As there are no global chat channels irl I consider trade chat to be OOC (out of character) so reporting names you don't like from trade chat is wrong imo. Also using some addon to see and report names is metagaming as your character would not know that info. Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself. As a roleplayer I think this "community" needs to chill a bit and learn to let some stuff slide. The non Rpers have just as much right to play here as us and just as much right to enjoy their 15 bucks a month. Roleplayers you are not entitled to anything!!! Maybe if the majority of the Rpers stop acting like elitist snobs more people would be willing to rp or at least give it a try, which would only help the rp "community" and their dwindling numbers. At the end of the day you the Rpers brought all the hate onto yourselves and have no one else to blame but you. *Edit Also as a side note: Since we don't have the use of last names or hyphens or what not ANY name could be argued it isn't an RP name. Ok end of post you may now commence your attack...Szass132 5m
26m ⚔️The Emboldened⚔️ PvP/WPvP/PvE/RP The Emboldened is a primarily PvP guild [formerly known as Warforged Legion]. As a whole our goal is to participate and be an active guild in the Emerald Dream PvP community both in rated/casual instanced PvP but also in WPvP. Our members have an interest in improving their own skills as well as helping others to explore and enjoy all aspects of the game! We do guild RBGs multiple times a week as well as having several members who play arena and many that just enjoy casual BGs and skirms! In an effort to encourage all aspects of the game we have a growing RP community with in guild! Many of our members enjoy walk up as well our own small guild centered RP! We are also working on becoming more active in server-wide events! While we have had a casual raid group for sometime we are working to build a stronger PvE core as well! Many of our members are expressing interest in raiding and because of this we are building a heroic core! The Emboldened is a thriving community of empowered and emboldened individuals that have built friendships that go beyond the World of Azeroth, lasting years! We encourage you to join us and be a part of it! ⚔️What we do: ... ⚔️What we don't do: ... ⚔️What we expect from you: ... ⚔️What we offer as your new family: ... ⚔️Join today! ... Keep up with guild events and giveaways on Twitter! https://twitter.com/EmboldenedEDCari96 26m
33m WTS Chromatic Sword SOLD Selling a real deal Chromatic Sword on Emerald Dream. Asking price is 8.5 mil but open to offers. HMU here or send me a mail in game and we can get discuss options. EDIT: This got moved over from General. Sorry about having two posts here. :(Coriander22 33m
1h Goblins Vs Gnomes World PvP Event So it seems we've got us an issue. We are the goblins descendant from Helix Blackfuse. Us goblins are currently undergoing plans to turn Azeroth into our own massive goblin homeworld with major goblin trade cities all major locations and superhighways paved across gnome locations. However, Gnomergan and new tinkertown we thinking will just be turned into a sewer system. I am also personally thinking Ironforge would look better with a goblin steampunk makeover. Its gonna be absolutely fantastically glorious will assure that we will be filthy rich lifetimes over! Of course, many of you gnomes it seems have other plans and would rather Azeroth dark remain in the dark ages when we could both be exploiting the worlds natural resources for capital, profit and exert our dominance over the natural world! What am I proposing? We need to need to get together and solve this issue once and for all. Goblin to Gnome. Lets meet someplace and duke it out. Each of us brings one leader and we will place will start things out very civilized. One of us moves forward and starts by with an opening statement and a few words. We then place our faction flags down and then begin the battle. To assure that there will be no shenanigans like non goblin or gnome gankers, will start this on a rp server(thinking Wyrmrest Accord) then everyone flags when ready. The location will be undisclosed till close to the event. Streaming will only happen if everyone is fine with it. For complete fairness we can also attempt this in a war-game to balance stats. More discussion over rules will happen as people sign up for this. I am thinking we should have at least 10 goblins and 10 gnomes each side around the same ilevel. We can also have 1 person duel at a time and weight the results. How the winner is determined The winner can be determined by which side defeats everyone first. We can also have weighed results depending on how many people of each side wish to join in. Important and helpful things to know 1.If things go well, I'd love for this to be a recurring event which we do many times on a regular basis. 2.All levels are welcome. We can try to find people of equal gear and level to fight each side. 3. Its recommended to have some sort of decent rp story for members partaking in the event, but not required. Communication If you have interest in joining this event, join this discord for details and discussion and/or respond in the thread. https://discord.gg/sVUgB5H _____________________________________________________ Tl'Dr Us goblins of Nitrofuse would like to want to set up an rp-world pvp event between Goblins and Gnomes. *Also. People who aren't goblins/gnomes may be allowed to come to the event to cheer people on as the fight continues. My main worry about this though is if the event may get disrupted.Çryptøganstà8 1h
2h [For the Horde]: Heroic & Mythic+ Sales Greetings, fellow travelers! Do you possess the might, courage, and/or resolve to vanquish powerful demons of the twisting nether but lack reliable and skilled heroes to follow you into battle? Well, look no further, friend! As a resident raider of Emerald Dream (11/11M), I am here to aid you in your quest. Whether it be achieving a +15 keystone for the week or defeating all the malevolent residents of The Burning Throne, I'll see to its completion and your sparkling reward! --- Prices: +15 Mythic: 150k A full-heroic ABT (PL): 400k If you're interested in my services or have questions, feel free to add me on bnet (cyan#1619; I've elected not to use my normal character name due to the indiscriminate name banning that's been plaguing the server). Also, please note that because I reside in Azeroth, I will only accept gold!Skeeboogie3 2h
3h [Rp-PvP] Horde War Council ((OPEN INVITATION TO ALL RP AND RP-PVP GUILDS BIG OR SMALL Date: May 23rd / 2018 Time: 8:00 pm Server / Central time Location: Crossroads, Northern Barrens Misc info: 1 representative of your RP or RP-PvP guild plus up to 2 others to accompany your rep. We will do introductions of the upcoming event. People will be respective of the initial talks that will be lay out then we will eventually get to a questions and open floor period. I Repeat! THIS IS OPEN TO ALL RP / RP-PvP guilds on Emerald Dream. even if your new or old come to this meeting and be part of the community. If you don't think people will know about this. then spread the word far and wide cause Horde will spill blood soon and we want you all here.)) A white haired with brown spot tauren approaches your gathering area. after speaking briefly that a message from Stonetalon has been sent to you. the longwalker greets everyone of your group. he begins to repeat the message. "To members of the horde, and other brothers and sisters of arms. Though we have just fought our fight against the demons from another world. We do not grow soft for too long. The High Chieftain has been tasked by the Warchief and the high overlord to secure horde lands from aggressive Alliance who seem to be after resources in our lands. We call upon all of the horde to gather for a pre-emptive war council, to help combat the arrogance of the alliance for again trying to step foot in our homes. We dare not let what happened to Camp Taurajo happen to anyone else. We will go to secure our home for the future of our kin. For generations. We gather in the crossroads of the northern barrens. bring a representative and up to two others with you. no more than that. We fight not to continue a cycle of violence, but to preserve our way of life from paranoia and arrogant mindsets who would see us as mindless animals. Kalimdor is OUR HOME! WE FIGHT FOR OUR HOME! FOR OUR FAMILIES! FOR THE HORDE!" Torahate7 3h
6h [RP Resource] Archive Greetings Emerald Dream, After over 500 hours of research and another probably large number compiling it onto Wowpedia, I've finally finished more than one guide. So, ladies, gents, various genderless void beings, I give you my completed resources with more to come! ... While I cover strictly the lore, the talented Greaves has written a more in-universe guide to all your alchemical and botanical needs! Found here: http://herbalcompendium.tumblr.com/... ... Please keep in mind, I am one person. I miss things, I get some things wrong, and I'm not omniscient. This is why I've listed sources. Check for yourself if you're wishing to use anything here for roleplay or serious lore discussions. If you find anything incorrect, or discover a new item that is not on a list, please let me know and I will do what I can to add it in. You can send in-game mail to Cannibal on Horde-side Wyrmrest Accord. You can leave a post on my talk page, found here: Wowpedia.org/User_talk:Cannibeans You can leave a post here on the forums. You can add my Discord and send me a direct message here: Cannibeans#3192- Hope you guys enjoy. :)Cannibal8 6h
6h [RP-PvP] Wardens Faction <The Ashen Vale> "You have proven yourself worthy of the white cloak. Steadfast in battle, patient in judgement and a bulwark for those who cannot defend themselves. Take up the mantle and call yourself a Warden of the Ashen Vale!" This is a recruitement post highlighting one our IC factions within the Ashen Vale. IC'ly the Wardens work independently with our primary mission being to thwart agents of the Banshee Queen. It is a lonely mission. Wardens often find themselves alone in the far reaches of Azeroth aiding where they can be it settling disputes, providing aid to local populace, and engaging evil wherever it may rear its ugly head. OOC the Wardens operate as the military arm of the guild. Some activities include pre-arranged guild battles, attacks on enemy guild bases, defending our guild base, scouting missions, and most importantly, answering the S.O.S from other guildies being attacked. There are a few requirements: -Mog: White mog(if possible) to match the tabard of <The Ashen Vale> -Mount: Any white ground mount of your choosing *The mog and mount are only required for Warden events and battles -Conduct: This is a Heavy RP faction with WPvP as the main element. !@#$%^-*!@, rage whispers, and corpse camping WILL NOT be tolerated. TLDR Keep it Classy Fam! -Final requirement: Have fun, kick #$% and take names! If this group sounds like a good fit for you, contact anyone in <The Ashen Vale> and they can point you in the right direction. Ride with the Wardens!Jimmirus3 6h
7h [H][Rp] Redwood Tribe <Recruitment> The breeze of Thunder Bluff hit against his face, the wind causing his braids to fly along with it. He stood before the group gathered at the ceremonial fire among the highest bluff. He softly cleared his voice before addressing the crowd; "I am Abrahof Highmountain, son of Hannurk of the Eastern Highmountain, Veteran of the Horde now Chieftain of the Redwood Tribe after the passing of late Chieftain Tanahrok. The Redwood, a tribe created of those less fortunate, alienated, dismissed, and left alone who's only goal has ever been to defend our people. Our strength lies in each of our individual skills and the bonds we form as new brothers and sisters among the tribe. I come to you today to offer you all an opportunity to join us among the Redwood to fight back the Legion as they taint the land the Earth Mother has so graciously given to us. The privilege to destroy any and all Alliance who dare trample on our ancestral homes across the world! Be it here in Mulgore, the Taunken villages of Northrend, the Highmountain of the Isles, or the Yon'gol of Pandaria, the shu'halo will not be pushed back behind a wall like before! For the tribes, For the Horde!" ((Guild Site: https://www.redwoodgaming.com/ What we do. Here in the Tribe we focus on tauren based RP and RP events. We prefer to make relations with other RP based guilds on the server and focus on community as well as individual story telling. Community is part of our overall function just as it is in the tauren culture. Hoping to include as many as possible, our events are open all who wish to join in. We are RP first and foremost, with most other things taking a back seat. We have our weekly IC meeting Tuesdays, as well as free RP days on the weekends and any other time we are not doing anything. PvP- With a growing active group PvP is going to happen on a server such as this. Because of this, active training as well as grouped pvp is encouraged to our members, and not just with us but with friends in other guilds as well so you will always have a partner to kick some butt with. Even with the alliance (death to you all), it is important to show respect to those on the other side. There is nothing wrong with being competitive just as long as you keep it in the battlefield. We're all here to have fun. We have also just recently dedicated Wednesdays to RBG/arena night. PvE - We have dedicated Friday normally to Mythic+ and ToS Normal for casual PvE usually at around 8pm server or later. It is completely dependent on the amount of people available and what we are feeling though normally defaulting to ToS. Currently 2/9 Ranks: While this is not like the military as with other groups, we have ranks to show ones status while traveling through their life or time with the tribe. These ranks are attained by completing rites of passage, which there are 4. Each rite is done by catering to an individuals needs to better them with in the tribe. RP purpose of this series of quests is for passage into membership and to know where one sits in the tribe. While this varies from tribes in what is required, we focus on 4 rites of passage. Youngling/OOC - Achieved by joining the tribe, it's a basic rank to everyone. People who want to try out the guild will do so in this rank. it does not offer much but company and conversation. it allows a person to get used to how things are run. Initiate - You are a new member who is not quite a Tribesman. Though much of your actions are a bit restricted its because they need to be. One is not allowed to wear the tabard yet. This rank is achieved after doing an rp meeting with anyone from elder to chieftain of the tribe. Tribesman - After passing the first rite of passage into the tribe you are now a basic member. Benefits are given and you begin to have more say within the tribe as Tribesman. We take your voices and concerns more seriously and are allowed to wear Tabard at events Oshkibi - This is given to those who wish to watch or are ambassadors from other groups or regions. This is great for Non Tauren characters who would like to be more involved in the tauren community or guild as a whole. (limit:10) Brave/Mystic - A Tribesman must again prove themselves within a rite of passage. You find yourself elevated over the regular tribesman proving you are capable of not only taking care of yourself but others within the tribe or on the bluff. You are valued for all that you give. Can wear tabard regularly, and has access to Elite tabard for events.Abrahof141 7h
8h [H] <Solidarity> 9/11 Mythic Raid Team! LFM! ABOUT SOLIDARITY We are a multi-game community with a strong history in progression raiding. We moved to Emerald Dream to establish a longterm end-game progression team and are currently looking to make new additions to our raid roster in preparation for current and future raid content. At our core we are a raiding guild, but we highly value raid-life balance. Our goals are to progress at a high level but we believe that maintaining a fun atmosphere is imperative to the longevity of any progressive-raiding team. This means that we progress at our own speed and facilitate strict raid times. We expect people to be on time and prepared to progress efficiently as a team. However, we take into account our real-life emergencies and are understanding if something should come up that would prevent anyone from attending. We are looking for dedicated, skilled players that are proactive in looking for ways to maximize their character’s potential, no matter what role they fulfill in the raid. RAID TIMES Tuesday - 8:30pm to 11pm EST Wednesday - 8:30pm to 11pm EST Thursday - 8:30pm to 11pm EST We strictly keep to the raid times listed. Pulling begins at 8 and raids end at 11. We never stay after 11 and we don’t add extra days to kill a boss. Our mission is to be as efficient as possible in our 9 hour per week raid schedule. PROGRESSION 11/11 Heroic Antorus - Cleared on 12/14/17 9/11 Mythic Antorus RECRUITMENT NEEDS Hunter Mage Balance Druid Rogue Frost DK Holy Paladin Shadow Priest WHAT SOLIDARITY HAS TO OFFER • Progression raiding with strict raid times. • Fair loot council that rewards performance, attendance, and dedication. • Fun, drama-free, raid atmosphere and an active Discord community with a wide variety of gamers. HOW TO JOIN If you are interested, please contact us for more information. Phantix - PhantixTV#1385 (Bnet) or Phantix#8896 (Discord) Sloppy - Sloppytoppy#1263 (Bnet) or Sloppy#3876 (Discord) (If you add us on Real ID - Please PM us with who you are from the forums *Class/Role/iLvl*)Phantix119 8h
9h [A&H] Kul Tiras Marines (RP-PvP) Website: www.kultirasmarines.com Discord: https://discord.gg/7MuQz2m Bnet: Gonzalez#1887 I. Theme Alliance-based, dual-faction RP-PvP guild specializing in military intelligence, reconnaissance & special operations for the sea-faring nation of Kul Tiras; bringing an aggressive, antagonistic culture against the Horde in contrast to the more pacifist tone of Stormwind. The Marines are committed to the dismantling of the Horde as a world power, extermination of the Orcs as an invasive parasitic species, restoration of the lands Eastern Kingdoms to it's rightful peoples, and a return to the world order which existed prior to the Orcish invasion of the First War. II. Ranks & Structure Our unit is the elite 5th Marine Reconnaissance Brigade, and have a presence on both the Alliance (Alpha Company) and the Horde (Bravo Company) as part of our RP. Members are strongly encouraged but not required to maintain a character in both Alpha and Bravo Company. Alpha Company (Alliance) < Kul Tiras Marines > Traditional military unit specializes in Marine Reconnaissance and Special Operations. Marines consist of Humans (including those afflicted with the Worgen curse), Dwarves, Gnomes and Thalassian Elves (Void Elves). Other races are only accepted on a case-by-case basis as agents for Boralus Intelligence (Kul Tiras' equivalent to Stormwind's SI:7 spy agency), but only after completing bootcamp on their Marine. Bravo Company (Horde) < Kul Tiras Marine > Undercover agents for Boralus Intelligence. Consists of Thalassian Elves and the Undying Marines, the dead who have rejected the curse forced upon them by the Lich King and Sylvannas Windrunner. Working within the Blood Elf and Forsaken structures, Bravo Company emphasizes espionage, sabotage and spreading of misinformation & propaganda. Bravo Company will also attack Alliance-based targets whom we consider threats to Kul Tiras (Pirate-themed guilds, etc.). Command Structure: Kul Tiras High Command: Lord/Lady Admiral of Kul Tiras (NPC) Fleet Admiral (NPC) Captain (Capt.) (Guildmaster) Officers: Lieutenant (Lt.) Non-Comissioned Officers: Sergeant Major (SgtMaj.) Warrant Officer (WO) Enlisted: Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt.) Sergeant (Sgt.) Corporal (Cpl.) Lance Corporal (LCpl.) Private First Class (PFC) Private (Pvt.) Recruit (Rec.) III. RP Goals Provide a venue for Alliance players who want to RP a well structured special forces military unit and give them a context to create Horde characters and enjoy the storyline on that side the faction divide, but with an interesting and unique context with a direct tie to their stronger Alliance-centric allegiances. Provide a venue for Horde players to RP dissident Thalassian Elves who oppose Silvermoon's alignment with the Horde, and Undead who are unhappy with having been raised from the dead and the continued desecration of their friends' and families' graves, as well as their opposition to the atrocities being committed in their name by the Forsaken under the leadership of Sylvannas Windrunner. Kul Tiras Marines Culture Military culture of strict martial discipline and adherence to the Chain of Command with a strong maritime element. We follow the Marine Code of Honor, a set of six tenets which sets the pace for how Marines live, work, fight and die. Some marines have a bit of a xenophobic streak against Night Elves because we see them as having contributed to the death of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, but we still work with some Night Elves on an individual basis separate from their overall leadership when our interests align (or if we view them as "one of the good ones"). Jaina Proudmoore is viewed as a traitor for her role in Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's death. We will accept former Theramore residents who served under Jaina Proudmoore, but they must prove their loyalty to Kul Tiras in bootcamp. IV. Communication & Recruitment Members are required to always speak in-character in /say. Other channels such as /guild, /party, /instance, etc. are considered (OOC) channels. Recruits will undergo a Bootcamp campaign as part of the recruitment process, which includes Shipboard/Naval Operations, Ground Reconnaissance and the Zoology on the various animalistic Horde species. This involves WPvP, battlegrounds and classroom "education". V. About the Guild We are all adults and want to maintain a mature and casual gaming experience devoid of drama. Real life comes first. Many of us have been RP-PvP'ing together since Ultima Online. In WoW, we are originally from the Bleeding Hollow PvP server when it was the "unofficial" RP-PvP server, and transferred to Maelstrom RP-PvP server the day it launched. We just moved to Emerald Dream-US and are recruiting!Nearo54 9h
10h Turwinkle interviews Ante Tiriosh! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle here with a fun new guild interview! That's right! We had the chance to speak to this great Alliance guild. the Ante Tiriosh! Come and see what Ante Tiriosh is all about and how you can join in! We talk about how they were formed, how to get in and what to expect once you make it! So grab your favorite snack, your favorite beverage and snuggle up to all the Turwinkle and Ante Tiriosh goodness! https://youtu.be/3OD48wJLsroTurwinkle0 10h
11h Stay classy ED https://imgur.com/Fjtf7M2Doylê32 11h
11h [A] <The Ashen Vale> / Jael'dorei - RPPvP As <The Ashen Vale> grows larger so do our interests! We're going to be creating one of our first RP Sub-factions, the Jael'dorei (The Children of the Rat)! Its primary focus is just Rogue-ish fun, stealing and doing whatever it takes to make a pretty coin. This thread is going to be used to maintain the sub-faction RP info as well as answer questions or reach out to anyone who's interested. ((I'm super terrible about checking forums and will probably only post updates as we progress, If you want to get in contact with me just send in game mail to either Raeve or Faeve or reach out to the other officers of <The Ashen Vale> with a /who or something ^-^)) Not all of the info here is probably lore accurate fyiRaeve12 11h
13h [H] Looking for a home Ello ED, currently looking for a home coming into BFA. For a quick bit about myself and what I’m looking for, -I am pretty casual in play times, I haven’t had much luck getting my RL friends into WoW so it's mostly a game I play when they are busy. So I play week days ( 6pm-10pm CST M-F is pretty common ). Then sneaking in a bit here and there on the weekend. -I really want to enjoy all aspects of the game. I've spent most of Legion solo just doing the story content. In turn Id really like to check out the group side more going into BFA. I also plan to spend a massive amount of time in Warmode in BFA. -Still working on this characters backstory but for a tentative TLDR. She used to be a guard in Suramar. Unfortunately on the wrong side of the Nightborne rebellion assuming it would never succeed. During such time she did a lot of horrible things telling herself she was just following orders. Fearing the consequences she changed her name after the rebellion and fled. Ending up in pandaria. Recently however she has started receiving letters trying to blackmail her for past actions while in the guard. Based on that any Guild recommendations? What Horde RP guilds are even still active these days or plan to be for BFA?Sèlus3 13h
17h Turwinkle interviews the Isle of Baldurheim Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle here! This week Turwinkle Talks to a brand spanking new guild called the Isle of Baldurheim! A fun guild that is just starting out with a great RP theme! I do try to find some guilds from time to time that are just getting going to help highlight them and get their guild out there! Also, the guild leader did not have a mic so the beginning is a little slow. I also don't want to let the lack of a mic to stop a guild from being seen or "heard". We do, however, eventually get an officer in the guild with a mic and talk with her for the duration of the interview. With all that said: Grab your favorite snack, your favorite beverage and cuddle up to all the Isle of Baldurheim and Turwinkle goodness! https://youtu.be/RIBvEpFX8QcTurwinkle1 17h
17h [A]Looking for pvp guild Looking for an active pvp guild on ED alliance that likes to do rated/casual pvp. Also wouldn't mind learning how to do some raids on the side.Mezo3 17h
19h [H] <One Hundred Percent> is hardcore casual. <One Hundred Percent> is a guild that plays 100% of the game. We do old and new content. Achievements, mount runs, pets, xmogs, BGs, world PvP, everything. We're a smallish group of friends who are usually on voice chat (Discord). Voice chat is optional, but encouraged. I promise there is no better way to play WoW than with friends on voice. Give us a chance, or listen if you're shy! I call us hardcore casual. Lots of old content runs, achievement and rep farms, whatever people are unlocking or whatever goals they set for themselves, we try to do it as a team. I'm Komo, the guild Mistress. Been playing this character since vanilla and not going anywhere!! If you're interested... we accept old and new players! Reply here or contact one of us in-game. Your ilvl won't matter in 6 months.... go hardcore casual!Komo11 19h
23h Worgen Wanted (RP) Pinned on the Hero's Call board in Stormwind City and Darnassus: "I am looking for fit living Worgen adept in combat as well as someone adept in knowledge of the Worgen Curse, prefferably Druidic. If you are interested, please send me some mail and I will give you more info. -Jordrend Falksteed" OOC: Hey there! I'm looking for Unguilded Worgen RPers and a druid potentially interested in an RP oppurtunity within CoA. We are forming a Worgen Pack within one of our Orgs, the Obsidian Order, and are looking for members.Jordrend0 23h
1d ⚔️The Emboldened 3v3 Arena Tournament⚔️ Hi everyone! The Emboldened will be hosting a server-wide 3v3 tournament during the month of June. There will be a gold prize that will be divided out amongst the top three teams of the tournament. We are trying to gauge reactions right now and see how big of an event this could be! The tournament will be disseminated out between three days; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The games on Saturday and Sunday will be streamed by one of The Emboldened’s officers Jenelope. Now is your time to shine! The Rules: Four-man interchangeable roster Tournament Rules Setting (Gear) Initial Blind-pick draft, then counter-picking No tanks, or double healersEntry Requirements: Players must be on Emerald Dream 20k Entry-Fee, 5k per-team memberWe are accepting alliance entrants! The Dates: Registration Ends: June 17th at 8 p.m. Actual Tournament: June 22nd-24th The Prizes: Bragging Rights 200k+ Prize poolThe Emboldened is proud to run the tournament and deal with all the technical difficulties, but we cannot fund it all by ourselves. The 20k gold entry fee will all be going to the prize pool, for this reason any submission fee will be non-refundable effective as soon as it is given. We expect this tournament to be a friendly competition, while we love that we can enable players to show-case their skill to the community we want it to be understood that we cannot take responsibility for any trash-talk or the likes of it that is said during the tournament. We would kindly ask to keep it out of the tournament but if trash-talk is a must then we want it done solely in whispers. This friendly competition is meant to bring a community that is struggling together. Let unknown players make names for themselves and players who are known to reaffirm the belief that they are the best! For registration please include: Gold for entry [5k per person a maximum of 4 people] Your team name (Not accepting anything offensive as a name) Your team roster(Thank you to Hysteria for formulating this info sheet and Jenelope for leading and organizing the event!)Cari20 1d
1d Extinction, Sargeras Sword Impact on Silithus https://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=248685 Great Vid, check it out.Snowda5 1d
1d New to RP-PvP - LF Guild Lok'tar, I just came back to the game after taking a long hiatus and decided that I wanted to try something new and play on an RP server, so I figured I'd ask and see if any RP-PvP guilds are taking on any new recruits as I level up to 110. I plan on being a Restoration Shaman for BfA and like to heal, but also love to PvP. Thanks.Uzithor1 1d
1d Stormrage <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> is Recruiting Guild: <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> Faction: Alliance Server: Stormrage Raid Days: Friday & Saturday 8:30pm -11:30pm EST server Cleared: 8/11H Recruiting: Looking for Heals and Dps and active casual members Goals: We are currently recruiting active members to have a happy solid guild. We are recruiting more solid core members for our raid team. Intending on mythic raid content. We plan on being active within and out of the guild. I realize, as a guild, trying to rebuild that it will be difficult. Considering the Expansion is right around the corner, which is why we are preparing for that as well, but at the same time maintaining it being fun and just overall having a good time. Extras: We offer discord and all its many tools. We have games periodically during holidays and off days as well. Our calendar stays full of events. Contacts: B.tag: Biggjax#11657 Kithanna#1592 “Stay Fluffy”Bigjax2 1d
1d Rolling a new character. Rolling a new character on this server and I want to know what does this server need more tanks or healers?Strukov5 1d
1d [A] Blood Legacy -5/11M- Recruitment Hello, and thanks for checking out our thread. We are a small guild with committed roster looking to restructure our raid composition a bit to finish Mythic Antorus and going into Battle for Azeroth. At the very least have a solid core group going into Battle for Azeroth. Currently in need of Ranged DPS and a raid healer preferably priest but open to any exceptional candidates in DPS and Healing aspects. Clearing normal/heroic weekly to gear up alts and new comers. Out side of raid our group loves to do WPvP we often go to hot spot areas and just stir up stuff with horde. Recently we have been pushing to get a regular RBG night going as well. Raid Times- Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30-11pm EST. Alt Raid / RBGs - Thursday from 8:30-11pm EST. If any of this interests you or just looking for some knowledgeable players to learn from message me in game or add my Battlenet Tag for more information. Kthug#1679Senix3 1d
1d [H]<Nightstalkers> Recruiting for BfA Nightstalkers is looking for a few talented players for progression through Battle for Azeroth. Current Progression: Mythic AN - 9/11 We are currently looking for the following: DPS - All Healer - All Tank - 1 (any capable class) About Nightstalkers: Nightstalkers has been a guild on Emerald Dream for over 11 years now. We've been raiding consistently on ED since Karazhan with no plans to stop any time soon. We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We're not going to compete in the top few hundred guilds, but we do strive to complete all the Mythic content before the next content is released. Our raids are fast paced and fun, but very low stress. Mistakes are dealt with appropriately, but we don't think we need to scream at anyone to correct a mistake. We have an extremely dedicated raid team (We farmed Blackhand and Archimonde mounts for EVERY raider on our team). What kind of people are we looking for? Over 18In our experience, we find that older folks have a better grasp of what they can commit to. Of course, if you feel you're an exception, have a chat with us. We may be willing to make an exception on a case by case basis. IntelligentYou MUST have at least a modicum of intelligence. Be able to fully understand each boss' mechanics. Have at least a basic grasp of the math behind your chosen main to ensure you're making smart choices. DedicatedWe are looking for people that have the ability and desire to fully commit to a raid team. This includes keeping up at least 90% attendance, being willing to put that extra effort in at the beginning of tier to gear more quickly, researching fights ahead of raid time, etc. Attitude-FreeThis is non-negotiable. We are not an elitist guild. We don't care for arrogance. If you can't check your attitude at the door, please look elsewhere. You may be the greatest player ever to play your class...if you're a douche, you will not make it here. Raid Info: Our raid schedule is as follows: Our REQUIRED raid nights are Tues, Thurs, and Sun from 8PM-12AM server time (CST). We require that you are able to make ALL of these raid nights. If you cannot, please do not bother applying. Loot System: We use a Loot Council system on our progression raids. All main spec loot is handed out by officer decision based on a number of things. Attendance, time in guild, skill, recent performance, amount of loot recently received, and extent of upgrade are all things that are considered, though not necessarily in that order, when deciding who will receive loot. Please understand that our loot system is designed to do two things. One, ensure smooth guild progression over individual progression. Two, reward our best players for their dedication to this guild. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to read more about us at http://forums.nightstalkersed.com or contact any of our officers in game. Defenestrate#1146Defenestrate0 1d
1d i garrosh, i mean arashicage will show you what it means to be called hellscream. alliance peasants are not invited to this thread.Arashicage19 1d
1d ED sharding in BfA? Hey guys, I'm a bit confused as to how the war mode flagging will affect RP servers in BfA. I was just going to ask in the beta forums thread but I'm not authorized =/ I was initially under the impression that RP servers would not shard with anyone else, only themselves. Then I heard that it was changed so all RP servers will shard together (ED along with MG/WrA, etc). Then I read that warmode will be available for us but there won't be sharding of the PvP/Non-PvP players (so essentially just becoming a PvE realm with flagging like in its current state). Can anyone clarify this for me? Will we be sharding with other RP realms like MG and WrA? Or will we be isolated to just our own server regardless of whether you flag for PvP or not?Illaeth40 1d
2d House Johnson - Carry Sales Carries for the Legion expansion are no longer being scheduled. At this time we're taking a break to relax and enjoy the game. Look for us again come Battle for Azeroth as we return for AotC carries, Mount Achievements, Mythic+, and more in the new expansion!Vurian50 2d
2d IRL & WoW I was wondering, how would you feel if someone from work was spying on you through wow and using that to affect your work. A lawsuit or no?Boadicea35 2d
2d ED Character Profiles 2018 Introduce yourself! Name: Title: Occupation: Affiliation: Alignment: BRIEF Description: Now go!Elessar38 2d
2d (RP) War Council Wardens Report: Lakeshire, Redridge An invitation was extended by the Coalition of Azeroth to discuss the possiblity of renewed open war with the Horde. A smattering of Alliance forces were present at the meeting. Notably, officers of the Kul Tiras Marines and a representative from the Alliance Empire. As for the Wardens, the Huntress Brig Shadebough and myself represented the Ashen Vale. The meeting went as expected, the Humans as always were eager for war. What surprised the Huntress and I was that the Tauren, namely the Redwood Tribe and the Sunmaul Tribe have decided to give their support to the Banshee Queen. I lamented at that news, for the Tauren and Kaldorei have coexisted on Kalimdor for millenia. It would be a shame to spill Tauren blood but sadly they have made their choice. The host explained the reason for this renewed conflict and it was of no surprise, resources. At the mention of Azerite, i let out a small groan. Greed always leads to war and the humans seemed to be chomping at the bit. The scouting reports given by our hosts did not brighten our outlook. The Warforged Legion, who are now calling themselves the "Emboldened" had pledged their forces to the Horde. Smaller warbands like the Inner Circle and other fighters had answered the muster as well. The outlook was grim and hopefully more Alliance forces will answer the call. Finally our hosts asked the representatives what we could bring to the war effort. We were reluctant being that it appears to be a war fueled by greed but knowing it was a fight against the Banshee Queen, we agreed to contribute. As for our part the Ashen Vale will send a small band of Wardens to harass the enemy. Our hope is the oppurtunity to engage the Banshee Queen herself. -Jimmirus MoonshieldJimmirus2 2d
2d Paying 50k for Skulgoloth (Naxt Victim) Part of the Next Victim achievement. I've farmed it for quite some time now with no luck getting the portal to drop. The portal drops from mobs spawned with the sentinax beacon of the greater FIRESTORM. Reply here if you have the portal and want to make some quick gold!Vethereal1 2d
3d WTS [Chromatic Sword] SOLD I have a real deal Chromatic Sword that I am looking to sell. I know that there are true collectors here and have even spoken to a few that are excited to see it available. I have been asking for 8.5 million on the AH but I am willing to discuss offers with both Horde and Alliance. Feel free to send me an in game letter on either Coriander for Horde or Corianderr for Alliance if you are unable to catch me online and want to discuss prices.Coriander7 3d
3d Bellatorum Unita Bellatorum Unita was founded in 2012 on the now vacated Echo Isles server. Recently moved to Emerald Dream, we have every intention of being a front runner for the Alliance in the up coming expansion. As the leader of this guild, i try to exhibit a level of diplomacy, be it here on the forums or other social media platforms (Twitter). We welcome all level 110s of all skill levels and offer an active discord and a helpful community. We do our very best to work with all guilds of the Alliance in the name of protecting our community. In the future we look forward to organized wpvp, rated content as well as progression raiding. If you are a member of the horde and interested in wpvp events, please see my co-gm Barndoor. Good luck to all in BFA! And feel free to check us out @ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/emerald-dream/Bellatorum_Unita/Ðevilx15 3d
3d Nìtrøfuse BØmbsquaÐ Goblin RP-PVP Guild Guild Type: RP-PVP. Theme Tags: All goblin/Military/Bombsquad/Iron Horde Allegiance: Horde, Chaotic Neutral, Originally Blackfuse Syndicate RP Information-Major Backstory(Simplified) Following in the footsteps Helix Black-fuse, we are surviving descendant goblins from the Siegecrafter himself. After Helix Blackfuse was killed and Hellscreams Orgrimmar sunk to rubble we had to find a new way to rake in the gold. We soon found that way when the Dark Portal opened. Dreanor proved to be a treasure trove. We discovered new minerals that were able to build our technologies far grander and tougher than ever before. We build hidden bases under the seas to mine minerals in safety without getting noticed. We began getting filthy rich, but then were eventually spotted by an agent of Blackhand. Recalling our work for Garrosh Hellscream, they made us an offer we couldn't ruse. They were going to pay us quadruple what we were making in order to build machines of destruction for them. After some time working with them something sinister began happening. Numerous members of our squadron began getting approached by a strange warlock each offering them a 10 lifetimes worth of gold and powers beyond their wildest dreams. Nearly everyone from the squad accepted it and we later found out that they had met a very horrible fate that is simple not worth 10 lifetimes of gold. Along with our discovered that the foundary of black fuse had yet again been destroyed. We are found ourselves jobless once again. Losing fellow goblins, coworkers and long time associates was a feeling of sadness and hurt we never expected to feel as ruthless juggernauts. Neutral goblins wanted nothing to do with us, but then we got word that many goblins had been accepted into the horde after a terrible incident on Kezan. So we went over and leveled with then Warchief Voljin and offer our skills to the horde. Shooting forward to death of Violin and the Horde's entrance into the broken isles. Our squad is back in operation now and this time known as Nitrofuse Bombsquad. Side Backstory Helix Blackfuse had once envisioned a day where everyone falls under the banner of Hellscream with his mighty technologic terrors defending an impenetrable fortress. Our new goal is to build massive cities of trade all over Azeroth ushering in a new age of goblin technology. Its time to make Azeroth great again. I am thinking Ironforge and Stormwind would look much better with a goblin steampunk makeover. And those pesky tax evading gnomes. We are gonna build superhighways through all gnome locations and make those gnomes pay for it. Guild Goals -We seek to develop an active community of goblin nerds who are preferably both into pvp and raiding related activities. -Get to the point where we can regularly do 25 goblin RP-PVP events and raiding. Currently we are able to do about 5-10 goblin raids and world pvp on a regular basis with gear and proper transmogs. -Have a real good time and show those pesky tax evading gnomes that we mean business! Events we do There is a long list of events that we would love to do that involve transmog specific world pvp events. Some examples of these events include with pictures: Blackfuse Syndicate Resurgence-We mog up like we are still apart of the Iron horde. https://i.imgur.com/YMggFC2.png Invasion of Goblins from Hell https://i.imgur.com/CrgAPwa.png Who says goblins cannot be Demon Hunters(Event where everyone mogs up like a DH) blob:https://imgur.com/4e6495e4-1dc5-4c4a-8136-098f4bce5fe6 Important other things to know Our home server is Bleeding Hollow, but we have a guild on Emerald Dream. The one on Bleeding Hollow has around 240 members. The one on ED has about 24 members, but the key thing of importance is quality active members. Discord is required The discord is our primary method of communication since we have this guild on multiple realms. You can find our discord here: https://discord.gg/Mv2jRt2 Times we typically do events: 7:00 PM EST Tuesday Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are our primary event days. Will be adjusted as we understand members schedules better. We are currently recruiting and looking for active goblins who'd love the idea of being apart of an all goblin squad and have both an interest in raiding and pvp. *We are also seeking all gnome guild or gnome centric guilds to do battle and rp with. If you know an all gnome guild or are apart of one we'd like to have a word with it. One last thing. Here is a picture of us standing together after a world pvp event. https://i.imgur.com/xMDFEoO.pngIsohelixion0 3d
3d (H) -= Singularity =- Recruitment -=Singularity=- Currently recruiting players for weekly raiding, RBGS, M+ and more! Normal Antorus clear every Sunday as we gear up our guildies for heroic! Not interested in raiding? Just come hang out with us! We are a casual friendly guild that attempts to support its members in every environment of the game! Questions? Let me know! N 11/11 Antorus Sundays at 7 Realm Time!! H 11/11 Antorus Tuesdays / Thursdays at 7 Realm Time!! Rated battlegrounds every Friday / Wednesday night beginning at 7 Realm Time!! Beginning to put together a Mythic team for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Officers to contact - Fvzzy / Bluberyscone / LuxillidariFvzzy12 3d
3d <Nascent> 11/11M US69 9hr LF Ranged + R Sham Nascent is recruiting talented and passionate raiders. Spots are for progression- not the bench. We have an opening for a ranged DPS and Resto Shaman. Website: http://nascent.gg ➡ Raid Times Monday 7-10PM PST Tuesday 7-10PM PST Wednesday 7-10PM PST This is a strict 9-hour schedule. No "add an extra day during first 2 weeks" shady business. ➡ Progression Antorus: 11/11M (US 69) Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9M (US 77) Nighthold: 10/10M (US 108) Trial of Valor: 3/3M Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M ➡ Recruitment needs (updated 5/18/18) Mage Shadow Priest Hunter Resto Shaman If your class/spec isn't listed, don't be put off. We have an interest in the right player and are more than willing to evaluate that over your class/spec choice. Apply anyway! ➡ Social media Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHoAmi0vQkPyQ2igY68fLA Twitter: http://twitter.com/nascentgg Facebook: http://facebook.com/nascentgg ➡ About us We embrace competition for all raid spots on our team. Progression spots are given to the top performing raiders on the roster after considering composition. We do not have a large bench, therefore as a trial you should expect to be used in progression. Many of us have played WoW since release and have hardcore raided at a high level at some point. We know what it takes to succeed, but no longer believe it is necessary to spend large amounts of time to progress. We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 7-10 PM PST. That is only 9 hours a week. We never add an extra day, never "stay late if close to a kill", have a "clean up day". Our logs are public so you can go see for yourself. We do have an alt night (Sunday), but those are simply for the enjoyment of having an alt and are voluntary. We don’t run split groups, but do require a viable off-spec. We run a tight roster and having the ability to swap roles is important for optimizing around a fight. It also shows you know more than just your spec, which makes you a more valuable raider. Showing up prepared and knowing how to optimize around a fight is how we clear content. We have an open feedback policy so that everything is kept on the table. We have no cliques, no seniority, and therefore no drama. Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. It keeps us all on our toes. Nascent is unique amidst a sea of poorly managed guilds that lack focus and direction. If you're looking for a new home that you can grow in and feel valuable as part of a team: come talk to us. Please submit an application on our website if interested. Or contact one of our officers below to learn more: Dobi - Dobi#11747 (Guild Master) Scrogg - Scrogg#11904Dobi190 3d
4d Rshammy/anyheals Lfg Looking to get back into raiding for bfa. Ive been out of it since EN. Right now im playin shaman but i do have the other healing classes that i can play if thats what is neededKhodi2 4d
4d [A] <The Ashen Vale> - RP/RPPVP/PVE Current Location -- Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas Next Move - June 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- “For vengeance, for honor, for the Ashen Vale by the grace of Elune: The Kaldorei people forever prevail As day recedes, in moonlight pale, The owls do softly croon: For vengeance, for honor, for the Ashen Vale Our homeland the horde comes to assail Our birthright they impugn The Kaldorei people forever prevail Barbaric war cries to no avail to such we are immune For vengeance, for honor, for the Ashen Vale Invade these woods, march these trails and find your corpses strewn The Kaldorei people forever prevail Whether by arrow, glaive, tooth or nail Invaders will meet their ruin For vengeance, for honor, for the Ashen Vale The Kaldorei people forever prevail” ((Poem by kind friend and honorary member Gholbine Riverstone)) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Information <The Ashen Vale> is an RPPVP/PVP guild dedicated to preserving Kaldorei heritage and the elimination of the Horde. While we maintain an interest in Kaldorei/Night Elf culture we are a guild open to any and all races and classes of the alliance. Anyone willing to commit to our cause is welcome! We plan to offer WPVP, casual Raiding/M+s, and RP events for players of all skill and experience levels. We hope to participate within the community and work with both Alliance and Horde RP guilds! Ranks and Recruitment Member Ranks: Guardian - CO-GMS - Jimmirus, Aeriara, Faeve Warden - Officers - Yancey, Trathos, Brig, Ethrus Member Ranks: Traveler - New Member Sentinel - Core Member Watcher - Veteran Member Please whisper Jimmirus/Aeriara/Faeve or an officer for more information! Thank you so much :)Faedrynn54 4d
4d Hello Everyone This old guy has returned and it look likes i have missed much. (including all of you)Zenithian4 4d
4d [A] <Warbringer> 10/11 Mythic Antorus! Alliance For all of my fellow Alliance guilds and independents we come to your aid in this dark hour as horde guilds pillage our home. If you want to join in on some of our world player versus player Guild Leaders please try and make an effort to contact Jalen to organize a time where we can discuss possible epic events and have them planned properly. Without proper organization Warbringer will not show, this isn't because we believe that we are better but simply because it is a lot more fun when things aren't such as mess. For the Alliance, Hail Warbringer! - - Legion Mission Statement - - As the expansion continues to roll, we've shifted our attention to the raiding scene. Our goal for the upcoming raids is to push as hard as we can to have 2 teams. 1 for Mythic, and 1 for casual play. We're also shifting our gears to being more open to making events for other games as well to avoid getting burnt out on Legion. Join us! We'd love to have you on board! - - Guild Information - - - Warbringer started on Emerald Dream in December of 2012 with a small group of Venture Co transfers. We quickly swelled up with the Emerald Dream Guild hopping crowd and plowed our way into the epic scale WPVP that this server is known for. After about a half of a year Warbringer’s image began to take shape. Unlike most guilds Warbringer’s emphasis was put in Community Involvement (Inside of the guild). Not every raid went perfectly, but in time we eventually earned our status on server due to the amazing officers and community members that we had. With strict rule enforcement and strong leadership Warbringer has managed to maintain a low-level of drama within the community allowing players to focus on actually playing the game. During MoP Azuma (A Lt. at the time) took 9 other WPVP'ers and went from LFR to Heroic level raiding content surpassing everyone’s expectations. Warbringer’s officers have shaped and controlled the communities’ events leading us to have 2k RBG teams, Mythic Raid Progression, Role Playing Storylines, epic WPVP, and many silly nights in Discord improving ourselves in game. Warbringer is a safe haven for gamers who look to participate in a moderately-serious WoW guild with standards on membership that place us all around the same social level of maturity. - - Our Current Officers - - Jalen - GM (Raid Progression Leader) Mariessa - Co-GM (Director of Recruitment) Sully - Captain (Human Resources) Lexavik - Lt. (Recruiter/2nd Raid Team Leader) Zikari - Lt. (Recruiter/PvP Officer) Fieryflame - Lt. (WPVP) Greedydwarf - Lt. (Recruiter/WPVP) Impirius - Lt. (Recruiter/WPVP) Manodeldio - Lt. (Community Events)Jalën240 4d