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Aug 10 Emerald Dream Communities Since we have many communities forming up, I made this thread to gather them all here. Will be easier to find them and will advertise them all at the same time. Type of community: Ingame community - Is only available ingame and is associated to your character only, it isn't account wide. Bnet community - Will join with your Battle tag name, allowing you to access the community on any character careless of faction or outside the game via the Bnet launcher. Important While it does show your btag name, other players cannot whisper you or know which character you are on or even know your location ingame. It is safe. Horde Exclusive: ... ... ... ... ...Magladroth18 Aug 10
Jul 25 Guild Bases of Operation - 07/25/18 This is a continuation of Bebbit's, Jakosta’s, Landrêth’s, and Tulkes' posts! As in previous attempts, Sticky Request... APPROVED!!!! World PVP: Many guilds have claimed a territory as their own for RP. Normally they will defend if you 'ping' (attack) it if able. Most of the other time they use it for RP and various other events. If you're looking for a fight, attack a base listed below or set up near by. Just keep in mind the time of day and around what events you attack. Just because you want a fight at 4 am, or they are doing something else, doesn't mean the guild you're trying to ping is obligated to come. Try to be aware of RP implications when claiming territory for your guild such as clear faction cities, quest stories, and general borders. I will not be counting ideas for those that claim Class Halls. If there are conflicts of interest regarding multiple claims on a single place, I will need representatives from each of the guilds involved to send in-game mail or a forum-post resolution, or it will be left as CONTESTED so sides aren't taken. All sides must come to the same conclusion before updates. Please limit claims to one location/proximity as much as possible. This is more for claiming a base than zones. Although, locations/zones with proximity/RP value may be considered if in a justifiable sphere of influence. If a location is part of a previous claim including multiple holdings and another party wishes to claim it, an agreement will need to be reached. If not, by default the new claimant will receive the location if it is the only location they wish to claim. The other option is for the initial holder to give up other claims and share the location with the new party. Basically, you give up the spot to the guild that wants just one spot, or you give up your other spots to show you actually care about that location. The exception being large cities. No individuals; Guilds only. I will be trying to keep this list managed as they often get long, disorganized, and generally become an eye sore. I will be looking for: Guild Name, Current Zone(s)/City(ies), if you will defend it or not, phased or not, and if you actively RP there or not. Chat Channel: /Join WorldDefense (cries in hoping it will get fixed) /Join RP: Can be a great global tool to help get in contact with various parties that each faction has already has set up. Map of the below list updated and put together by <Speedbarge Subsidiaries>: https://speedbarge.wixsite.com/mapsAbrahof157 Jul 25
May 30 RP Guides/Resources for Beginners RP Guides/Resources for Beginners I wanted to compile some resources for anyone who might be interested in trying out Roleplay. If you know of any other articles/guides/videos that should be added, just let me know. ... ...Rend27 May 30
Feb 6 Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This! v3.1 Greetings travelers! Thank you for taking the time to look at Emerald Dream. Please feel free to read this guide in full detail to decide if you are right for our realm. Don't skim - it's important to make sure you are able to give back to this realm as much - if not more - than it gives to you! Before you find yourself $27.23 poorer than you were yesterday, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we see on an almost-daily basis: To all the current Dreamers before we begin, please let me know if any of this information isn't correct, is outdated, or simply needs to be added, and I'll edit it accordingly. Let’s answer the more difficult questions first: "Is Emerald Dream right for me?" This question really should be, "Am I right for Emerald Dream?". Emerald Dream has its own unique flavor in that we were both an RP server and a PvP server. Despite our current denotation as a RP realm, we still keep our RP-PvP flair. This means we are a full RP server, as we have always been, minus our official PvP rule-set. However, Warmode is a very active part of our server if not "the way to play" on Emerald Dream. How you fit in to that description is entirely up to you. "How is the RP here?" It depends how you look at it - if you're coming from a PvP or PvE server, it will be quite a bit more prevalent (I can't recall seeing open RP on any of my PvP-realm stints). If you're coming from a large dedicated RP server like Moonguard or Wyrmrest, it probably won't be as prevalent. But regardless, it's still here, and we're doing our best to keep it alive and well. Admittedly, most of the true RP is guild-centric, but not exclusive to anyone. In other words, you may not just up and stumble across 10 random players RPing together. Instead, you're more likely to envelope yourself in an RP group if you start introducing yourself to well-known RP guilds, so you can tag along when they host events. Or better yet, become a part of their guild so you can host your own. Emerald Dream RP is what you make it. Side note: Hop into the RP channels on Horde/Alliance and give it a spin (/join RP). We have also established communities for these channels. Ask General or RP chat for those link and invites. They can also be found here on the forums. "What is an RP-PVP realm?": RP-PvP servers no longer exist with the addition of Warmode. However, they were opened at subscribers’ request. Prior to the opening of this type of server, players had to choose between RP-PvE servers or pure PvP servers, often splitting time between realm types to satisfy both areas of interest. In other words, an RP-PvP realm such as Emerald Dream is not a realm designed for players to partake in only RP or only PvP. RP-PvP servers were created in response to roleplayers that wished to play with the PvP ruleset. It is not a request, but an expectation, that veterans, transfers, and new players alike be well-versed and capable in both. Although Emerald Dream no longer holds its RP-PvP denotation as mentioned above if you do not satisfy that criteria please invest your time (and likely money) elsewhere on a more suitable realm! "How is the PvE here?": Generally, pretty decent. Long-time PvE'ers will tell you that "PvE comes to Emerald Dream to die", but we have countless guilds clearing Normal, Heroic, and even Mythic mode raids on both Horde and Alliance and quite a few conquering several bosses in Heroic and a handful have Heroic/Mythic bosses on farm. If you're a hardcore dragonslayer, please take a look at where other guilds are and decide for yourself, in comparison to your server, where we're at: 20-Man Mythic Progression Sticky: (Capped and outdated) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415131707 It is suggested you look for yourself here: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dreamAbrahof21 Feb 6
Dec 1 Emerald Dream Role Playing Guide (Maralah) The Basics Gender Do you want to role-play a female or male character? Perhaps something outside of the binary? There are advantages to either. This is mostly a personal choice. Most people tend to stay with their own gender, although there are many people who cross-gender roleplay. Largely there is no stigma around this among role-players. Many factors go into this choice, and none are to be critiqued as said it’s an individual’s personal choice and we are not here to police or chastise Name What's in a name? A lot, actually. Your name, oftentimes, is the first impression another player will have of you. In a roleplaying server, like ED is, a name like Twinkforu or Imapriest are often frowned upon. A good way of deciding if your name is appropriate is to picture your character in a real-life scenario. Would a parent name their child Imapriest? Ultimately, the decision is up to the player. Keep in mind where you are playing, however. Under character names, I've found most people find a simple search around a baby names site useful if they're stuck on what to name a character. The following are useful sites*: o http://www.20000-names.com(Searches names) o https://www.behindthename.com/ (Meanings of Names) o http://www.lowchensaustralia.com/names.htm o http://www.namegenerator.biz/wow-name-generator.php#generator-bookmark Personality Having a vague idea of your character's personality is always good. Personality is how your character reacts and responds to certain situations. Is she mean, or is she kind and benevolent? This choice will affect your gameplay, seeing as your evil warlock will not likely give a discount to that cute gnome mage, not matter how much you like the gnome mage out of character. Personalities often conflict, which is normal. Don't expect everyone to get along, just like in real life. However, don't bring your in character (IC) drama out of character (OOC). Alignment Alignment is usually used in Dungeons and Dragons and other related games, so it isn't of much relevance to World of Warcraft. Your characters alignment is a general stereotype of their personality. The usual alignments are lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, and chaotic evil. Who is Your Character?Who is your character after all? There are many things to consider while making your character. Before you actually begin to roleplay, you must consider other aspects, such as: Who is this character? What drives him? What makes him respond to different things in different ways? A character background or history can answer most of these questions. The key to a character history is to ensure that your creativity fits within the boundaries of the environment you wish to play in. These are a few general questions to help shape your character: * How and where did your character grow up? * Do they have family? Where are they? What do they do? * Hold old is your character? Who are their friends? * Have they ever been hurt? Have they been in love? * Are they happy? Are they disappointed? * What are their morals? What are their ideas on honor and respect? * What about on stealing and lying? *Thanks to the lovely Harpalyce for the baby names websites.Abrahof22 Dec 1
Dec 1 RP-PvP FAQ's (Maralah) Originally posted on the Old ED forums by: Ehrin Level 11 Human Mage (Aurora) [ED] and reposted by: Cadmael Level 80 Human Paladin (Cartel of Netherstorm) [ED] Sections: 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? 4. What will happen when the server type change happens? 5. Do I need a Background Story for my character? 6. What kind of name can I use for my character? 7. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? 8. How do I denote if what I am saying is In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC)? 9. Is the General channel IC or OOC? 10. Do I have to role-play all the time? 11. RP vs PvP? 12. How do I meet other RPers in-game? 13. Is it appropriate to RP in Instance Dungeons and Battlegrounds? 14. Helpful links 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? Simply, an RP-PVP server is a hybrid of the Roleplaying (RP) and Player-Vs-Player (PvP) server rule set. It is an RP server who has been added an additional PvP rule set. 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? Blizzard's official explanation of Realm Types can no longer be found. Though I have an archived source from various points. From 2005: https://web.archive.org/web/20050829004121/http://worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/realmtypes.html From 2007 with the one of the first mentions of RP-PvP servers: https://web.archive.org/web/20070501223249/http://www.worldofwarcraft.com:80/info/basics/realmtypes.html From 2013: https://web.archive.org/web/20131120222414/http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/guide/getting-started But here it is in a Nutshell: A regular RP server is based on the PvE (Player Vs Environment) rule set. That is, if you come across a member of the opposite faction, you are not able to engage them in combat unless both of you manually flagged. Everything in /say and /yell channels must be in-character. A PvP server does not require you to act in-character, and you are able to openly attack members of the opposing faction. RP-PVP takes the best of both worlds. You are always in-character, dealing with situations as they would and you get the opportunity to turn a member of the opposite faction into green, purple or blue jelly at any moment. 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? You act out the role of your character. You talk as they would talk, think as they would think and act as they would act. If you do not want to act out a character, or at least abide by the RP server rule set, you should consider rolling your character on a different server. 4. What will happen when the server type change happens? Speculation is always difficult but Emerald Dream is no stranger to change. We have always been a tight-knit community at our core who looks out for the longevity of our server. However, from our best guesses and mildly general consensus we as a community based realm will carry on the RP-PvP history of the server. Many guilds have already dedicated themselves to remaining flagged at all times even before any changes have been made concrete. At this point (12/1/17) RP servers will be within their own PvP and non-PvP flagged shards that will not be shared with any others. Many of us came to this RP realm for the specific purpose that it also has a PvP rule set and intend to keep that draw and mysticism the same. 5. Do I need a Background Story for my character? No, but it helps if you have some idea of your characters history to draw on to help you figure out how your character will react to certain situations and people. For (a very simplified) example: Your Human character lost her parents at the hand of the Orcish Horde during the Second War. She now has a deep-seeded hatred of all Orcs and will go out of her way to kill as many of them as she can.Imfernal6 Dec 1
Aug 28 [20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion For guild progress, see the link below. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dreamDefenestrate500 Aug 28
5m i am glad that i quit i am not a fan of troll voodoo in this game. voodoo exists in real world and these people give their souls to the devil for material gains. so /spit orcish brothers beware they want to destroy us.Arashicage10 5m
17m Reformed Shaman LF Heroic Tier Raid Guild I am a reformed player recently turned friendly from toxic and I am on the hunt for a guild that will be tackling normal/heroic raids. I am a good player with a good heart. Hit me up in game, check out my gear etc. etc. im so random xd. Details: Raid days pref tues, wed, mon, sun. Times, 7pm-11pm server. no Thursday raids cause thats wings days with the boys.Jamcracker1 17m
20m [H RP] Swiftsilver Cartel Inside a smoke filled tavern in Booty Bay, you come across a leaflet written in the Goblin Language: Calling All Goblins of Sound Mind and Questionable Character! Did you lose everything when Kezan was destroyed? Have you found yourself working odd jobs just to get by? Have the traditional cartels used you to get rich, while giving you nothing in return? Are you fed up with the small time gigs and ready to move on to the big leagues? The Swiftsilver Cartel is looking for you. For years, since the fall of Kezan, the once mighty Swiftsilver Cartel has been consolidating its power and networking among the most influential players in all of Azeroth. The looming war between Horde and Alliance represents the perfect time to emerge from the shadows and take back what's ours. (Not to mention get rich along the way.) Since the Cataclysm, the goblin race, under the Bilgewater and Steamweedle Cartels has languished in obscurity. We've become an afterthought to the other races of the horde, as we work tirelessly to build their war machines and keep their economy running. All the while the likes of Trade Prince Gallywix have been raking the profits for themselves. No longer. Trade Princess Swiftsilver seeks to restore the goblin race to a position of respect among the races of the horde. Together, we will claim what is ours, and we'll all get rich along the way. If you think you have what we're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. After all, time is money!Senneca7 20m
45m Transfer Support Group Hey everyone, Maekur here. I’d like to take some time and talk about a very sensitive subject for a lot of people; transfers. We all know someone who’s transferred to our paradise, shoot most of us did ourselves. We also know someone who’s transferred away from here for one reason or another. We spent years developing cute monikers, hurtful nicknames, T(squared)... I’m here today to announce the formation of a “Transfer Support Group”. It doesn’t matter if you transferred to or from, know somebody who did, are just mad at the word... you’re all welcome here to open up and share your feelings.Maekur76 45m
55m Two Pallies looking for Raid/mythic+ guild Looking for a very large guild with active members around late night that will respond if guildies are looking to do either Mythic dungeons or form a raid grp. Any guilds with that type of community on Horde please msg Lilyraiser and Doompally in game. Thank you!Lilyraiser1 55m
59m [H] RP-PVP <Shadows of Lordaeron> Shadows of Lordaeron is an RP-PVP Forsaken-only guild. The lifeblood of the guild is PvP in any form be it: RBGS, WPvP, Arenas, and the usual bg queues. The reason being that you’re playing a game, and you don’t always want to sit and type and would rather be killing things. Roleplay is optional but highly encouraged as the guild will be progressing through various RP driven PvP with Alliance guilds. I myself see to the events being arranged and go through the effort to make sure these events are fair and that both sides are in for an enjoyable experience, no matter the outcome. What to expect: Daily world pvp in BfA. Daily RP Dark roleplay, nationalistic Forsaken themes. Weekly rated battlegrounds. RP-PvP campaigns. Background on the roleplay: “After years of wandering and soul-searching, Mortignis found himself at an impasse with his scientific endeavours. He lacked a purpose as he sat all alone in his shack in Silverpine, surrounded by his failed experiments. The aging warlock had grown deeply set in his feelings about the other races of the Horde and the way he felt his race was reviled by all others for reasons out of his control. Then it finally dawned on him, he couldn’t do it alone. Perhaps it was all the fel incantations, perhaps it was rage that blinded him from this reality. He wasn’t a god, he was merely a man, an undead one to boot. There was a time when he was truly happy, a time when he was lesser warlock. It was during the expedition to Pandaria when he was accepted into the ranks of a military group called the “Shadows of Lordaeron.” Their comradery was a blessing, and at last felt like he had a home. The years went on, times change, until he was given leadership of the group. He never did say why he turned his back on them but he did and tried his best not to look back. Mortignis31 59m
1h Dead Server-Rp xenophobes Killed it wpvp seems dead on this server, and I hardly see any players out in world. this is all because a few rp players dont wanna see non rp players in our realm. So we get LEFT OUT of cross realm zone technology, and we are left with an empty ghostland server. No alliance to see out in the world questing, just 1 here and there. have not seen a single horde all day. Wpvp is dead on this server, and the RP xenophobes are to blame. Now rest of us are trapped in a ghostland, i see hardly any alliance, and no horde. Its like a single player game... I remember before Cross realm tech, this was a top Wpvp server, now its probly one of the worst. Blizzard, please give us option as a individual to queue warmode with NON rp servers, warmode on RP servers is a barren ghostland, and it will just get worse.Morigari16 1h
1h Kul Tiran racials released I'm not sure what I was expecting but even I was a little surprised... [Slow Metabolism]: Digests food at a slower rate, allowing your food buffs to last 300% the normal duration. [Sedentary Lifestyle]: Health and mana regeneration rate is doubled while sitting. [Paunchy]: Movement speed reduced by 30% at all times. [Diabetic Blood]: Chance on hit to reduce your secondary stats by 50%. [Whiny]: The radius of your /yell function is increased by 100%. [Stubby Fingers]: 10% chance on melee attack to drop your weapon, disarming yourself for 3 second. Oh, and they also just released the concept art for the new Kul Tiran race mount: https://imgur.com/a/VndD6cC I'm not sure how I feel about all this on a conceptual level but it seems like it could be perfect for some of you less physically inclined Emerald Dreamers!Heltor16 1h
2h LFG (A) who does a little of everything PVP, PVE, Raiding, and just about anything else. A guild that allows for casual players and alts (although I would consider myself more than casual and less than hardcore :P) Would be great if guild makes use of DIscord as well although not necessary ThanksOzonya0 2h
2h [H-RP] <The Frostfury> Recruitment "In that icy pass, we forged ourselves into something new. Our blood steamed from the cold, unforgiving saronite and we came out different people. Strangers may have entered that pass, but only the Frostfury exited." -Kag'uro Gravewarden <The Frostfury> Northern Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend RP-War Mode Contacts GM: Raeni Officers: Durg/Grave, Jinstar, Soulstrings, Lhugol Battle Tags: Argonuz#1270, Durg#1312 Times of Activity Mid Afternoon to Late Evening Day to Day Events: Monday, Wednesday, and one Weekend date. Guild Base: Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest Outpost: Northrend TBD Greetings, I am Durgulia Blightstrike, Warlord of the Frostfury and one of it's founding members. The Frostfury is a Warband of Northrend Veterans that fought and lost almost everything to bring down the Lich King and his minions. Upon our return from that frozen wasteland we had to face what Garrosh was becoming. What he was turning the Horde into. It was at that point we broke away, taking refuge in my ancestral lands of Silverpine Forest. We worked to help keep secure the lands of Lorderon for the Dark Lady, but with the rise of Vol'jin, and later our Lady herself, we felt our ties to the Horde pulling us back. Our duty had not yet been fulfilled. Now, with the Worgen and their Boy King at our doorstep, we put out the call once more. Though we all come from many walks, the Horde has been a home to us all. The outcasts. The ones sneered upon by the Alliance from atop their high horses. The question is, will you step up and help us defend that great name? Stand and fight FOR THE HORDE! Suffer well, friends. Our Areas of Focus: RP: Obviously, our main activity and purpose is RP. We hold several events per week and have twice monthly guild meetings. All members begin as "Untempered" but through an RP session can move up to our main rank of "Forged". Outside of scheduled events we have pick up RP quite often at our Keep or Inn. We are extremely interested in working with other RP guilds to add our names into the great community of ED Roleplayers. PVP: Most of our members are in War Mode. We all cut our teeth here on Emerald Dream and WPVP is the way of life. We have Raeni and Soulstrings leading our instanced PVP efforts with RBG teams, brawl nights, and general PvP tomfoolery. PVE: This is the lowest on our priority list, though that isn't to say we are devoid of opportunities. We will most likely have a few Mythic+ teams and some very casual raiding as long as it doesn't interfere with our other aims. Character Class and/or Race Restrictions: None Alignment: Darker characters are welcomed, but none can be against a fellow Horde race. Levels: We have no technical level requirement, but many of our events will be inaccessible or have limited opportunity for participation if below 110. Alts are welcome. Communication: Discord. We have a Guild Discord server and utilize its voice and chat functions regularly. Talking is not required but for many things, such as WPVP, being able to listen in for instructions will be necessary. Add Ons: Total Roleplay 3 (TRP3) is our main addon of choice. All War Mode must have Spy, as well. ------------------ Miscellaneous - Guild Mounts: Garn Nighthowl (we can provide) and Wyvern Flying Mount - No RP Experience? No problem! Only the interest in RP is needed. - The Frostfury is very open to partnerships on Horde or understandings cross-faction for events and campaigns. Contact an Officer if interested.Durgulia45 2h
2h LGBTQ CHAT Welcome all the players that want to be part of this big community with almost 2000 people! If you are horde, alliance, man, woman, agender, etc. You are invited! We leave you this link to join us: https://blizzard.com/invite/OkPYAh3Wx or write me down to my BattleTag #Bax11224 We have to be clear and say that this is not a community that seeks different privileges or to isolate from the rest of the players. This is like any other community that brings people with the same tastes or like same stuff, we want to chat and hang out to have a better time together, if you feel excluded by our community you are more than welcome to join! Kisses. Miss Vanjie. PS This community is for players that speaks english and spanish! From all over the world :) you never where is your other half! Nacil1 2h
3h ED Character Profiles 2018 Introduce yourself! Name: Title: Occupation: Affiliation: Alignment: BRIEF Description: Now go!Elessar75 3h
4h The Horde could use a buff One thing I didn't realise I really missed from #backinmytime was the random drive-by buff that you would get / give - Mark of the Wild, Kings, Arcane Int, mage water and food or healthstones - stuff like that. Legion took Fort away and that seems really iconic for priests. So now we can buff folks again in BFA, yay. However, targeting a toon and hitting your keybind is a surprisingly tedious task. Compared to this. So here's the macro that I cooked up. When I mouse over a toon and hit my keybind (I have it bound to mousewheel up) it buffs them with Fortitude and, for good measure, whispers them a nice RP message. Mine is "The Dark Lady's Fortitude be with you!" Its pretty nice to surprise off-server folk with random acts of RP and a buff. The one salty comment from some elf about how they hated Sylvanas and wanted to go back to Alliance made it really really worth it. It helps folk and you don't even have to change targets, just mouseover and hit your keybind. So here's the macro: #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][@target,help,nodead][@focus,help,nodead][@Bhootam]Power Word: Fortitude /run SendChatMessage("The Dark Lady's Fortitude be with you!","whisper",nil,GetUnitName("mouseover",1):gsub(" ","",2)) I'm not the most expert macro person - suggestions welcome, I'll edit this post. Replace Fortitude with Kings or Int w/e. And obviously, replace my name with your toon's.Bhootam6 4h
4h Alliance Truce Can we all agree that we should level in Warmode ON and not interfere with each other while leveling? I won't be ganking any questing Alliance and I expect the same courtesy towards me. Thank you all, happy leveling!Beltones54 4h
4h Bwonsamdi who? I'm sorry what was your name? Ryuk right... Well Ryuk, I mean Bwonsamdi. You can bring back my Guardian angel now.Damain5 4h
4h horde easy i dont think ive died 1 time. u guys suck lol get good pvp or go back baby mode.Jamcracker39 4h
4h Well it's official, we are all 3 back Atrax just logged in, Tundros is leveling a rogue, I am on a resto druid. Real in the field.Destdros18 4h
8h Late Night/Aussie Guilds/Groups? Hey all! Just looking for a good late night guild or group (Aussie is a big plus!) I can hang out with for BFA. I get on typially 4AM server time M-F, with more flexibility Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. Open to light RP, PVP (especially WPVP!) and possibly some casual PVE. Mostly just shooting the breeze (voice chat is best) and keeping each other company. Hit me up if you know of any good groups!Gnoope5 8h
9h Phasing & the Battle for Azeroth(s). Funny story. So I'm sitting in Boralus talking to the guild. My guildmate mentions something about a person where he is in Boralus. That's odd, I've been in the same spot for 15 minutes and haven't seen him. I send him a group invite and we finally phase together. We've been standing next to eachother the entire time. We both have Warmode on, etc. It's not the first time I've noticed it but the first time I confirmed it unequivocally. Does anyone know if this is intended? I hope it is just a bug. It seems odd that I would be paired in a shard with xrealmers at the expense of my guild/realm. Edit: Just confirmed with multiple other ED guild leaders, sharding is confirmed. Blom16 9h
13h axe the cruel & john muffler new video up. https://youtu.be/5-s5eT_9ino thanksArashicage11 13h
14h [A] <The Bench> Tues/Thurs Heroic guild Hey there! <The Bench> Is an Alliance guild on Emerald Dream - US. Our core raid team consists of a good group of skilled players. We are recruiting DPS and a possible tank for our raid group, and are looking to begin heroic progression as soon as possible. Previous raid experience is extremely preferred, while not necessarily required. Logs (Warcraft Logs) of your previous raid attempts are also very beneficial for us, to see how you've performed in the past. We are not only a raiding guild, we are a group of people that love to PvP and also run dungeons, M+, mount runs and transmog runs. What we are looking for: Any player that is mechanically sound, and willing to learn and better themselves through constructive criticism. Players that do not take themselves, or raiding too seriously. We are all here to have fun, but also to kill bosses :) Raid Times: Tuesday, and Thursday 5pm-8pm Central / Server time Preferred Classes: Death Knight (Blood, Unholy, Frost) Demon Hunter (Havoc, Vengeance) Monk (Windwalker, Brewmaster) Paladin (Prot, Ret, Holy) It is also worth noting that while we take progression raiding semi-seriously, we do like to have fun, and we are not a hardcore progression guild. If you are looking for a serious and very mature guild, or a realm-first mythic progression guild, we are not the right fit for you. We are very laid back and meme-friendly. The only time we tend to get serious is during actual progression raiding. Thank you for reading! If you are interested in joining, please add any of these officers on Battle Tag to speak with them. Guild / Raid leader: Skillster#11874 Officer: SonicScrew#1160Iberolling2 14h
14h Sunfury Sanctum -Blood Elf/Horde RP Guild- A notice which is emblazoned the seal of the Sunfury Sanctum, is pinned in various, select places within Silvermoon City: parts of the Spire, the Hall of Blood, the Rangers Lodge, and other specific order halls have all been selected to bear witness to this notice. ... The Sunfury Sanctum has existed as far back as many people can remember. But it fell out f prominence with issues caused by Kael'thas and his Sunfury elves. Those associated with the sanctum who stayed behind from the mad quest of Kael'thas retreated to the shadows. Studying and trying to rebuild their power base, but despite the rumors and lies spread about them they exists for one reasons to grow the High Kingdom and continue the quest for power to keep the Sindorei above all others. The path to glory is paved with power, and why should those destined for greatness shy away from their destiny? The war that has broken out between the Horde and Alliance has offered a chance, a chance for the Sanctum to reclaim it’s spot. With the Regent Lord busy playing lap dog to the Warchief, the new Grand Arcanist Dorathia Songspell aims are to gain power, to rebuild the honor of the Sunfury Elves and have the power to combat the Horde and Alliance if need be when they come knocking at Silvermoon’s door due to the actions of the Banshee Queen. She has started to recruit the best and brightest of her people and the Sanctum has been travelling around Azeroth with the goal to collect magical artifacts, powerful weapons, mystical items and enchantments. Driven by pride and vanity the members of the Sanctum are illusive and never reveal secrets or wisdom to outsiders. They aspire towards growth in knowledge, power and cunning. The emergence of a new source of power out in the world, the Sunfury Sanctum belives there is only one group worthy of handling it… the Sindorei. As some of the Sindorei surrender their purity, and mingle with the lesser races of the horde and the rest of the world, the Sunfury Sanctum will stand strong and united and lead the way into the future! Reminding the High Kingdom of its greatness. Now is the time for power, now is the time to hunt… who will embrace the suns fury and claim their spot among the future of the Sindorei people? ------------------------Abandun8 14h
15h [A] <T N A> About TNA TNA was formed by a group of friends who have been playing together for several years. In TNA, we're all dedicated players who strive to be the best that we can be. We're currently looking for others that share the same goal as we do. We expect all members to know and understand the classes that they play. As a member of TNA it will be your responsibility to know what you are doing and how to do it in order to progress. We have an open feedback policy so that everyone can perform to the best of their ability. Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. TNA is unique in that we don't allow the few to prevent progression for the ones who are hardcore and put in 100%. The guild is led by four council members each with several thousand hours of time played and extensive Mythic raiding experience. No decision is made unless agreed upon by the entire council. (Council Members: Roxamus, Starsurgeon, Rhinosrs, and Callmegrizz) We are looking to recruit people who are interested in Mythic raiding and pushing Mythic+ keys. However, we will accept anyone that plays any aspect of this game in a hardcore manner (i.e. rating push in PvP, pet battles, marketing, etc.) Our choice of voice is Discord, which is a requirement as a member of TNA. - https://discord.gg/SNb2Sz8 Finally, in order to become a full fledged member of TNA, you must be able to recite our Doctrine which will give you the insight needed to understand what the acronym "TNA" actually stands for. This is a requirement and can only be bypassed if you're reasonable close when you guess (as we know only the leaders will understand) the true meaning. Raid Schedule TBD - Currently waiting for the team to form. We want to create a schedule to best fit everyone. Recruitment Needs Note: Subject to change and any other classes and specs will be considered. *We expect to have specific classes/specs soon. ATM all candidates will be considered. Tank: TBD Heals: TBD DPS: TBDRoxamus5 15h
16h Goblin RP guilds? Where are they ?Magedezl4 16h
17h Looking for Guild! wrong area to post, sorryCutiepie0 17h
18h [H RP]<Blackmoon Tribe> Recruitment You see a scrap of parchment clutched in the teeth of a wild boar, running across the desert with madness in its eyes. The writing is impossible to discern under these circumstances. You squint at the horizon and take a sip of your milkshake. Elsewhere, unrelated to this incident, the Blackmoon Tribe is recruiting! ((The Blackmoon Tribe is opening it’s gates in solidarity with the return of the Zandalari. We are a long-standing Troll themed RP guild with a family atmosphere. We are a small group, and intentionally so. While our primary priority has always been roleplay, we enjoy all aspects of the game. We are best known for our Festivals (fireworks displays), Warbands (PvP events), and modest raiding adventures. We are a laid back and friendly, drama-free, party guild with a strong Troll theme centering around family. Upcoming activities include: Troll stuff Leveling Zandalari together as a hunting party Troll things Member requirements: 18 and older Appropriate RP name for your character Minimum character level of 30 (does not apply to Zandalari characters) No Forsaken Elves are low priority, other races welcome, Trolls are preferred Must Roleplay and be willing to PvP To join, contact Sahnjin, Bantaro, Manashnee or Majah Come prepared with your Loa’s blessing as you will be asked to preform a small ritual to demonstrate your understanding of the Tribe’s mission and willingness to be of our Tribe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi9Hq16deXA...eature=youtu.be ))Manashnee4 18h
21h Black Cloaks of the Ashen Vale We are the embodiment of Elune's vengeance. Our small numbers are bolstered by the wrath that guides our actions and the cries of thousands of Kaldorei. We are justice delivered. Remember Teldrassil! -The Black Cloaks ______________________ OOC: We are the wpvp gank squad of the Ashen Vale. Stealth characters preferred but all are welcome! We are war mode only and members must be willing to respond to a CTA at the drop of a hat. If this sounds like a good time contact Strongbow for more info.Strongbow12 21h
1d petition to change realm name to Esmeralda dream plz sign ur name below thank uCryptek0 1d
1d ⚔️The Emboldened⚔️ The Emboldened is a primarily PvP guild [formerly known as Warforged Legion]. As a whole our goal is to participate and be an active guild in the Emerald Dream PvP community both in rated/casual instanced PvP but also in WPvP. Our members have an interest in improving their own skills as well as helping others to explore and enjoy all aspects of the game! We do guild RBGs multiple times a week as well as having several members who play arena and many that just enjoy casual BGs and skirms! In an effort to encourage all aspects of the game we have a growing RP community with in guild! Many of our members enjoy walk up as well our own small guild centered RP! We are also working on becoming more active in server-wide events! While we have had a casual raid group for sometime we are working to build a stronger PvE core as well! Many of our members are expressing interest in raiding and because of this we are building a heroic core! The Emboldened is a thriving community of empowered and emboldened individuals that have built friendships that go beyond the World of Azeroth, lasting years! We encourage you to join us and be a part of it! ⚔️What we do: ... ⚔️What we don't do: ... ⚔️What we expect from you: ... ⚔️What we offer as your new family: ... ⚔️Join today! ... Keep up with guild events and giveaways on Twitter! https://twitter.com/EmboldenedEDCari329 1d
1d [A&H] Kul Tiras Marines (RP-PvP/PvE) Website: www.kultirasmarines.com Discord: https://discord.gg/7MuQz2m Bnet: Gonzalez#1887 I. Theme Kul Tiras-based military themed RP-PvP guild, emphasizes special operations, guerrilla tactics, sabotage, military intelligence, disinformation, espionage and targeted assassinations. II. RP Goals Featuring an antagonistic and xenophobic culture against the Horde in contrast to the more pacifist tone of Stormwind, the Marines are committed to the dismantling of the Horde as a world power, complete extermination of the Orcs as an invasive parasitic species, restoration of the Eastern Kingdoms to it's rightful peoples, and a return to the world order which existed prior to the Orcish invasion of the First War. We also wage a shadow war against the tyranny of the Horde's leadership from within the Horde itself, with dissident Thalassian Elves opposed to Silvermoon's alignment with the Horde, and Undead who refuse to surrender their humanity to the Curse of Undeath, and reject the atrocities being committed by the leadership of Sylvannas Windrunner. III. PvP & PvE Goals Active in RP-PvP campaigns, War Mode, BGs & PvP/PvE Island Expeditions. We're looking to get a core group of about 10-15 as that seems to be the "sweet spot" where PvP is fun, challenging, engaging and not too laggy. We do guild M+ runs and typically PUG raids, but want to start running our own raids on a non-toxic casual level. IV. Recruitment Recruits undergo an extensive Bootcamp campaign as part of the recruitment process. These are essentially RP events with various elements, including WPvP, battlegrounds and classroom "education" covering the materials in the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual - https://www.kultirasmarines.com/forum/m/44169095/viewforum/9060458 V. Structure We RP the elite 5th Marine Reconnaissance Brigade, a special forces unit integrated with BI:6 agents (Kul Tiras' equivalent to Stormwind's SI:7). Members are strongly encouraged but not required to maintain a character in both Alpha and Bravo Companies: Alpha Company (Alliance) < Kul Tiras Marines > *Kul Tiras Special Operations Unit *Accepted Races: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Worgen, Void Elves *All other races restricted to stealth-capable classes (rogues, druids, hunters) in order to work as BI:6 Agents - available for members who complete bootcamp on an Accepted Race. Bravo Company (Horde) < Kul Tiras Marine > *Undercover BI:6 Agents *Focused on espionage, assasination, sabotage, misinformation & propaganda *May targets threats within the Alliance (Pirates, criminals, etc.) *Accepted Races: Blood Elves, Forsaken. Blood Elves are RP'ed as High Elf infiltrators, Forsaken are those who reject the curse forced on them by the Lich King and Sylvannas Windrunner, including the Undying Marines who remain loyal to Kul Tiras even in death. VI. Ranks Kul Tiras High Command: Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras (NPC) Fleet Admiral (NPC) Captain (Capt.) (Guildmaster) Officers: Commander (CDR) Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Lieutenant (Lt) Non-Comissioned Officers: Sergeant Major (SgtMaj) Warrant Officer (WO) Enlisted: Master Sergeant (MSgt) Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Sergeant (Sgt) Corporal (Cpl) Lance Corporal (LCpl) Private First Class (PFC) Private (Pvt) Recruit (Rec) VII. Kul Tiras Marines Culture Military culture of strict martial discipline, adherence to the Chain of Command and the six tenets of the Marine Code of Honor. Some marines are openly racist against Night Elves because they are suspected of involvement in the disappearance of a Kul Tiran expedition around the coast of Kalimdor led by Lieutenant Alverold shortly after the Third War. We will still work with some Night Elves on an individual basis separate from their overall leadership when our interests align (or we see them as "one of the good ones"). VIII. Communication Always In-character channels, limited use of ((OOC brackets)) is OK: /say /yell /emote Always out-of-character and casual in these channels: /guild /raid /Instance /party IX. About the Guild We are all adults and want to maintain a mature and casual gaming experience free of BS and drama. Real life comes first. We embrace that this is a game we all enjoy to relax and have fun - not a job or a chore you dread. We support one-another in that spirit. Many of us have been RP-PvP'ing together since Ultima Online. Established in 2004 on the Bleeding Hollow PvP server, the "unofficial" RP-PvP server at launch. Transferred to the Maelstrom RP-PvP server the first day it launched, and now on Emerald Dream!Nearo94 1d
1d [A] <The Lion's Bulwark> - Weekend Warriors About The Lion's Bulwark https://thelionsbulwark.org/ Our guild was recently founded from a core group of dedicated players/friends who have been playing together for a number of years and across multiple expansions. The majority of our players are in their twenties and play WoW to supplement their busy lives. Outside of WoW we play a number of other games, and we're always looking for more people to hang out on Discord with us! We have been growing steadily in preparation for BFA, and it's been great seeing a small guild community form. Outside of raiding we intend to actively run M+ dungeons through the week, venture into organized PvP/Warmode, and explore all of the new content BfA has to offer. Why Choose The Lion's Bulwark? Because you want to be a part of a new, growing guild! We intend to never stray from our 2 night a week, weekend raiding schedule. This allows us to accommodate a wide array of skilled players that may have 9 – 5 jobs, are currently studying, have families, or do not wish to raid on weekdays/late at night. Our ultimate goal is to have a community of players so that raids can happen routinely every week and guild members have no difficulty finding others to form Mythic+/any other groups with. Raid Times: Saturdays and Sundays from 5-8pm server time. BFA Recruitment Needs: Recruitment needs are most actively updated on our website. Healers (High Priority) Ranged DPS (Medium Priority) Melee DPS (Medium Priority) RP Theme <The Lion’s Bulwark> is an offshoot from the Alliance military whose primary function is to serve as a rapid deployment force/strike team. While we are definitely military focused, we do not insist that our members be run-of-the-mill soldiers. As an independent military force, we value individuality in our members' personalities and equipment so long as they stick to the chain of command in matters of war. Our RP component does not only accept soldiers, as there are many other trades/specialties that are useful to our goals and objectives. Outside of battle, the Lions also engage in a few entrepreneurial enterprises, including the management of a tavern that doubles as our base of operations. Events will be a mix of hosting tavern RP nights and participation in RPPvP/WPvP against the Horde. RP Story The founding members of the Lion's Bulwark first met while recovering from the events of the Broken Shore. The failure of this assault, and the Horde's perceived betrayal, lead many operatives to doubt the efficacy of the Alliance's military leadership. While their loyalty and devotion to the Alliance was without question, they began to consider the superfluous nature of its military leadership to be its biggest weakness. These members began to hold discussions where they shared their opinions on the leadership decisions, the war against the Legion, and future relations between the Horde and Alliance. Following the burning of Teldrassil, these discussions gradually transitioned into secret meetings that lead to the formation of an armed force totally independent from the Alliance military. The events that lead to this disaster solidified the doubts they held over the efficacy of the Alliance military's intelligence apparatus, as well as its decision making capabilities. The members began to understand that the wars to come would severely strain the Alliance, and that to truly serve it they would need to do so on their own terms. With this in mind, they took it upon themselves to draft a special task force dedicated to the protection of Alliance interests, whether that be through the defense of Alliance civilians or the outright destruction of the Horde and its allies. Contact Details: If you think that you may be a good fit for our guild, please contact: Myself (Recruitment Officer) - OptimusPrime#1854 Vaantik (Guild Master) - Crater#1571 Mulfalto (Guild Chef) - Mulfalto#1198 We are always looking for RPPvP opportunities, please reach out to me via Battle.net if you have an event that you would like for us to attend.Swiftwright57 1d
1d LF Horde guild. military/guerrilla RP theme? Hey, I love some light RP. I am looking for a PvE and wPvP guild on the horde side. It would be swell if it is a guild that RPs with a military or guerrilla hierarchy. orc only, tho not necessary.Bertakuz0 1d
1d [H] <Cry Havoc> is Recruiting! <Cry Havoc> is back and is focused on becoming the most renowned W-PvP guild on ED. Not for zerging down others with pure numbers, but through skill and outplaying our enemies. We're looking for quality, not quantity. We are specifically focused on RBGs and World PvP and our goal is to get all of our active, skilled PvPers, the High Warlord title. Looking for a guild focused on high end PvP? looking for an active, friendly, non-elitist online gaming community with an active Discord? Whisper one of our officers or myself for more details! For the Horde! (+1800 PvP Rating Achiev, Discord, and Working Headset required)Nayrjin32 1d
1d [A] lf guild sup, lf casual alliance guild I spend most of time doing achievements and collecting things, though I enjoy pvp as well not an active rp'er though I enjoy guilds with rp themes prefer smaller/medium sized guilds I don't like male orcsLaoghaire12 1d
1d LF GUILD (HORDE) - PALLY/MAGE/HUNTER Btag/Discord: Rodelas#1630 / Respawner#9300 Looking for an active, easy going and inclusive guild. Voice chat preferred. Sometimes run M+ or do legacy content. No racism, homophobia, drama.Fenivael2 1d
1d <Body Snatchers> LFM PvP'ers we world pvp, we rbg, we arena, maybe some light weight rp, don't suck have some experience, thats it our organization: https://www.youtube.com/user/001CORPORATIONHeltor23 1d
1d Silvermoon Nobility RP Guild Hey everyone, I'm looking to form a guild where we will be playing as if we are members of a noble house of Silvermoon City. I've got a name in mind, but I need four blood elves that would be interested in being Officers or Founding Members to sign my charter and help me set things up. If this sounds interesting to you then please let me know. L~Laethras7 1d
1d [PvE] (H) Dreamforged Seeking Mythic Raiders Greetings! Dreamforged is a newly transferred guild here on Emerald Dream, looking to recruit new members for raiding and other guild activities in the coming expansion. We are a semi-hardcore guild with the intent to progress though mythic raiding content at a reasonable pace, with the goal of clearing the final boss in the instance before the next raid tier. Our schedule is light, with only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 11 CST for a grand total of 6 hours per week. In order to achieve our goals, we ask our members for their focus and commitment on those two raid nights. If you're interested in a respectful, mature atmosphere to which to add your talents, please do drop us a note! You can find our application form, as well as more information, here: https://sites.google.com/view/thedreamforge/apply Or you can always add my battletag: Livi#1753 Openings - Tank - Ranged DPS And that's it! Thanks for your time.Lseira3 1d
1d [H] Solidarity - CE Guild Recruiting for BFA ABOUT SOLIDARITY We are a multi-game community with a strong history in progression raiding. We have an established end-game progression mythic team on Emerald Dream - Horde and are currently looking to make new additions to our raid roster in preparation for current and future raid content. At our core we are a raiding guild, but we highly value raid-life balance. Our goals are to progress at a high level but we believe that maintaining a fun atmosphere is imperative to the longevity of any progressive-raiding team. This means that we progress at our own speed and facilitate strict raid times. We expect people to be on time and prepared to progress efficiently as a team. However, we take into account our real-life emergencies and are understanding if something should come up that would prevent anyone from attending. We are looking for dedicated, skilled players that are proactive in looking for ways to maximize their character’s potential, no matter what role they fulfill in the raid. RAID TIMES Tuesday - 8:30pm to 12am EST Wednesday - 8:30pm to 12am EST We strictly keep to the raid times listed. Our mission is to be as efficient as possible in our 7 hour per week raid schedule. PROGRESSION 11/11 Mythic Antorus - Cleared on 7/3/18 https://raider.io/guilds/us/emerald-dream/Solidarity%20Gaming RECRUITMENT NEEDS Currently recruiting everything in preparation for BFA! WHAT SOLIDARITY HAS TO OFFER • Progression raiding with strict raid times. • Relaxed raid schedule. • Fun, drama-free, raid atmosphere and an active Discord community with a wide variety of gamers. HOW TO JOIN If you are interested, please contact us for more information or fill out an application at our site: www.Solidarity-Gaming.com Phantix - PhantixTV#1385 (Bnet) or Phantix#8896 (Discord) Sloppy - Sloppytoppy#1263 (Bnet) or Sloppy#3876 (Discord) Nox - Nox#1368 (Bnet) or Nox#3461 (Discord) (If you add us on Real ID - Please PM us with who you are from the forums *Class/Role/iLvl*)Phantix36 1d
2d [A] <Pigeon> - LF raiders for BFA <Pigeon> US - Emerald Dream is a new community that is looking for exceptional players for our upcoming BFA raids as well as new friends and warm bodies to contribute to our atmosphere! ABOUT US: Pigeon is a guild created from multiple groups of friends coming together under a similar purpose, to be apart of a relaxed, drama free team, while also being able to accomplish raid and general game progression. Our members are dedicated to guild success and long-term continuity. At the same time, we also understand that life happens and each member has real life priorities that sometimes take precedent. We are looking for people who will contribute to the guild through active participation in activities, being vocal in chat, assisting other members, and helping to grow our strong community. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7pm - 10pm CST Wednesday 7pm - 10pm CST Currently Open: Ranged DPS Melee DPS - OS backup Tank still needed) Raid Progression - We plan to have a full raid roster built and ready for BFA and will have boots on the ground on raid launch day. Current goal is full Heroic, with Mythic definitely not being out of reach. Mythic+ Progression - The core of our team is very much invested in scaling to high keystones in BFA. We believe the M+ system is one of the best features we've seen in a long time, as it allows a smaller group of people to still have challenging content. PVP Events & Grouping - All of the current team have been heavily involved in PVP throughout WoW's life time. We have hopes that BFA will return some of the flare that's been missing for the past couple expansions. One of our favorite past times is WPVP & general shenanigans! Family & Friends - It's a cliche term, but it describes the type of atmosphere I'm striving for in the guild. Each member of the current group is composed of friends made in-game, IRL, and family members. We all treat each other as family, as most of us have stuck around just to be able to hang out together.Please feel free to contact me at anytime, if I am not online leave me a message here. I look forward to speaking with each one of you and hopefully we can build something great together! Contact information: BNET - Boggs#11471 BNET - Noch1201#1861Deck26 2d
2d Returning player looking for guild/community Returning player coming back for expansion today, didn't play much of legion, warlords, or cata, but mop wrath bc and vanilla I played religiously. Looking for new community and people to play with as most every person I've known from this game i've lost contact with or has quit. Always enjoyed both pvp and pve, more of a casual player.Daygo10 2d
2d RL friendly guild recruiting for BfA [A] About us: Raids are on Tues and Weds night 7pm server. We do not do Mythic raiding (the mentality is too toxic for what we are). We will go as far as we can into Heroics, however. We do not ask our raiders to research fights outside the game. Just know we raid for fun and like to learn the fights as we go. Efficiency isn't our goal, fun is. You are welcome to do personal research if you wish, however, if you enjoy min-maxing. Attendance is not mandatory. RL first always and you will never be pressured to be there. First and foremost, we want to be your home on Azeroth. Impromptu Alt raids on other weeknights if we have enough interested. We also do Pet Battle Tournaments (NCAA college basketball-style brackets) weekly. We cycle the night each week. Sometimes Monday, Thursday and Sunday depending on the week. Prizes to be had such as gold, mounts, pets, toys, etc. Warmode PvP and Mythic+ is our focus on non-raid, non-pet battle nights. Generic Guild Info: Only friendly, non-toxic people. Asmongold and Sodapoppin fanboys need not apply. Unlimited Guild Repairs to members and their alts. Guild Discord to hangout with some of the most friendly members of the Alliance. Free items in our FREEBIES bank tab to help you level through BfA. Sweet, sweet Kul Tiras-themed tabard and ranks. An amazing GM who loves to come to the assistance of members being attacked by Horde filth. No silly rules other than to be respectful to others. Obligatory Alliance RP recruitment post: =D ... Throw up a post here or hit me up ingame @ keihndeth#1251 if you're interested or have questions. Look forward to hearing from you =) P.S. - Tauren also welcome. You should have been Alliance in the first place my friends. <3Wryndox17 2d