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May 20 Emerald Dream Role-Playing Guide (Maralah) Syrilrian57 May 20
Oct 14 RP-PvP FAQs (Maralah) Oringally posted on the Old ED forums by: Ehrin Level 11 Human Mage Guild: Aurora Realm: Emerald Dream (( Due to people querying the new server type, I thought Id try and consolidate a few FAQs that Ive seen floating around on the forum and in-game. I hope this helps those considering rolling on any of the new RP-PVP servers or just starting out Rp'ing. )) EDIT TO ADD: Our current RP off forum community can be found at http://www.emeralddreamgazette.com Sections: 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? 4. Do I need a Background Story for my character? 5. What kind of name can I use for my character? 6. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? 7. How do I denote if what I am saying is In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC)? 8. Is the General channel IC or OOC? 9. Do I have to role-play all the time? 10. RP vs PvP? 11. How do I meet other RPers in-game? 12. Is it appropriate to RP in Instance Dungeons and Battlegrounds? 13. Helpful links 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? An RP-PVP server is a hybrid of the Roleplaying (RP) and Player-Vs-Player (PvP) server rule set. 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? Blizzard's official explination of Realm Types can be found here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/realmtypes.html But here it is in a Nutshell: A regular RP server is based on the PvE (Player Vs Environment) rule set. That is, if you come across a member of the opposite faction, you are not able to engage them in combat. Everything in /say and /yell channels must be in-character. A PvP server does not require you to act in-character, and you are able to openly attack members of the opposing faction. RP-PVP takes the best of both worlds. You are always in-character, dealing with situations as they would and you get the opportunity to turn a member of the opposite faction into green, purple or blue jelly. 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? You act out the role of your character. You talk as they would talk, think as they would think and act as they would act. If you do not want to act out a character, or at least abide by the RP server rule set, you should consider rolling your character on a different server. 4. Do I need a Background Story for my character? No, but it helps if you have some idea of your characters history to draw on to help you figure out how your character will react to certain situations and people. For (a very simplified) example: Your Human character lost her parents at the hand of the Orcish Horde during the Second War. She now has a deep-seeded hatred of all Orcs and will go out of her way to kill as many of them as she can. 5. What kind of name can I use for my character? Use a name that fits in with the fantasy setting of the Warcraft universe. Names such as Pointydagger, Leetdood and Fearmages are not appropriate. Be creative! Check out http://www.babynames.com for some ideas! 6. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? For the most part, simply speak in regular English; just make sure it is in the context of the game world. Words like thee, thou, art, thyne and other terms that are considered to be Old English are generally avoided, and depending on the race, may be completely inappropriate, eg; Thrall says: Wouldst thou like to crush thyne enemies? Some races do have different accents, for example Trolls are considered to have Jamaican-like accents, eg: ZulJin says: Ya tink dat would be a good idea, mon? And Dwarves are considered to have Scottish-like accents: Muradin says: Ill ave a pint with ya laddy! There is no right or wrong way. Just remember to avoid Netspeak. Zeyad15 Oct 14
Jul 3 Guilds of Emerald Dream: [UPDATED 8/29/16] Please follow this format: Using the + signs, indicate how much your guild leans towards a particular area in the game. There are three categories: RP, PvP, PvE. In addition, please provide a maximum of three words to describe your guild. For instance; "Troll Themed" "Instance PvP" "Hardcore Raiding". This will give an insight into what type of guild you are, in addition to the focus. Please provide either guild website, or forum recruitment thread. Whichever one you prefer people to visit more. Link to Guild Bases of Operation: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15140654133 HORDE GUILDS <Storm Earth and Zug Zug> RP+ PvE++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748875375#1 <The Weathered Expedition> Treasure Hunter/Archaeology/Exploration guild. RP ++ PvP+++ PvE++ <House of the Illidari> PvE+++ RP++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748506731#1 <Atrayne> Together Since Vanilla PvP+++ PvE+ RP+ http://atrayne.com (no www) <All Shall Perish> PVE Progression PVE+++ PvP++ http://allshallperishguild.com/forums/1851026 <Dreadites> Legion RP/PVE/PVP PVE+++ RP++ PVP++ <The Guldan Girls> Legion raiding. PDT. PVP+ PVE+++ http://thegg.io/ <S a n c t u a r y> Horde, all races PvP+++ PvE+++ RP++ <Iron Legion> PvP+++ PvE++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747616139 <Money in the Bank> PvE/PvP PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ <Ironsworn Regiment> WPVP Defense Team PVP+++ PVE++ Rp+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745776280 <DRG> PVP++ PVE+ http://digitalrevolutiongaming.com/ <WarCry> RP+ PvP+++ PvE++ https://curse.com/invite/3pHNdw4b5kSeH0KQJGQhGg <Darkwind Regiment> privet military RP++ PVP+++ <The Førsaken Ørder> Undead/Bloodelf Military Theme RP+++ Pvp++ <Thunderforge Offensive> Mid-day/Weekend Raiding PvE+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743284614#1 <Smolderthorn Tribe> Dark Horde Troll Rp++ Pvp++ Pve+ <The Turned Profit> Pirate themed RP++ PVP+++ PVE+ turnedprofit.shivtr.com <Elves of the North> Blood Elf Only PVP+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742694810 <Steelwolf Clan> Clan Style All Races RP+++ PVP++ PVE+ <Syntax Error> PvE+++ <Earthspear Clan> Tribal Clan Theme RP+++ PvP++ PvE+ <Anova> Semi-Hardcore Raiding PVE +++ <Volition> PVE focused, casual PVP PVP++ PVE+++ RP+ <Shatterspear Offensive> PVP+++ PVE+ RP+ Shatterspearoffensive.com <Blackrock Clan> All Orc, Old Traditions RP+++ PvP+++ PvE+ www.blackrockclan.com <Resolve> PvP, some RP RP++ PvP+++ <Defilers of Arathor> All Forsaken RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15699452444 <Sapere Aude> Family Friendly Fun PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882019188 <Nightfall> Casually Hardcore PvP + PvE +++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15142514290?page=1 <Malum Factum> PvE +++ PvP ++ http://www.malumfactum.com/ <GorWatha Warband> Troll Themed RP+++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742604952 <Raided R> Casual Raiding PVE++ PVP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15269669326 <The Eventide Accord> RP, WPVPRP, Raiding RP+++ PVP++ PVE++ <Keepers of Lordaeron> All Undead RP+ PVP+++ PVE++ <Sinforsaken> Raiding/Heavy RP PvE+++ RP+++ PVP+ sinforsaken.com <foul> RP+ PvP+++ PvE+. Website: foul.shivtr.com <Warsong Battalion> PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10357206088 <DO WORK> Semi-Hardcore PvE+++ http://dowork-guild.com/?action=forum <Sythegore Arm> PvE+++ http://sythegorearm.enjin.com/ <Nightstalkers> PvE+++ http://forums.NightstalkersED.com <Clan Stormfist> Orc Based RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9872227138?page=8#149 <Phoenix Highguard> Blood Elf RP+++ PvP++ phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com <Blackmoon Tribe> Troll Themed RP+++ http://www.blackmoontribe.com/forumsBebbit173 Jul 3
Aug 5 Guild Bases of Operation - 08/07/17 This is a continuation of Bebbit's, Jakosta’s, Landrêth’s, and Tulkes' posts! As in previous attempts, Sticky Request... APPROVED!!!! World PVP: Many guilds have claimed a territory as their own for RP. Normally they will defend if you 'ping' (attack) it if able. Most of the other time they use it for RP and various other events. If you're looking for a fight, attack a base listed below just keep in mind the time of day and around what events you attack. Just because you want a fight at 4 am, or they are doing something else, doesn't mean the guild you're trying to ping is obligated to come. Try to be aware of RP implications when claiming territory for your guild such as clear faction cities, quest stories, and general borders. I will not be counting ideas for those that claim Class Halls. If there are conflicts of interest regarding multiple claims on a single place, I will need representatives from each of the guilds involved to send in-game mail or a forum-post resolution, or it will be left as CONTESTED so sides aren't taken. All sides must come to the same conclusion before updates. Please limit claims to one location/proximity as much as possible. This is more for claiming a base than zones. Though areas with justifiable proximity/RP value may be considered if in a justifiable sphere of influence, if a location is part of a claim including multiple holdings and another party wishes to claim it, an agreement will need to be reached, or by default the new claimant will receive the location if it is the only location they wish to claim. The other option is for the initial holder to give up other claims and share the location with the new party. Basically, you give up the spot to the guild that wants just one spot, or you give up your other spots to show you actually care about that location. No individuals; Guilds only. I will be trying to keep this list managed as they often get long, disorganized, and generally become an eye sore. I will be looking for: Guild Name, Current Zone(s)/City(ies), will defend or not, phased or not, actively RP's there or not. Chat Channel: /Join WorldDefense (cries in hoping it will get fixed) Map of the below list updated and put together by <Speedbarge Subsidiaries>: https://speedbarge.wixsite.com/maps Horde: <Redwood Tribe> Sun Rock Retreat (Stonetalon), Camp Oneqwah (Grizzly Hills): Defends, RP <Phoenix Highguard> Orgrimmar (Durotar): Defends, RP <Warsong Vanguard> Thunder Bluff (Mulgore): Defends <Ironsworn Regiment> Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra): RP <The Orchid Hollow> Tian Monastery (Jade Forest): RP <Speedbarge Subsidiaries> Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge (Thousand Needles), Splintertree Post (Ashenvale): RP <Resolve> Fray Island (Barrens), Splintertree Post (Ashenvale): RP <Bloodsworn Command> Silvermoon City (Eversong Woods): Defends, RP <Ravenheart Vanguard> Vengeance Landing (Howling Fjord): Defends, RP <Get Good> Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula): Defends <Elves of the North. Tranquillien (Ghostlands): Defends, RP <Ironfang Clan> Dragonmaw Port (Twilight Highlands): Defends, RP <The Sunwing> Silvermoon City (Eversong Woods): RP Alliance: <Starborne Legacy> Astranaar (Ashenvale) Greenwarden's Grove (Wetlands): Defends, RP <Warbringer> Aerie Peak (Hinterlands): RP <The Seventy Third. Westguard Keep (Howling Fjord): Defends, RP <Magetank Industries> Dun Garok (Hillsbrad Foothills): RP <Orchid Hollow> Tian Monastery (Jade Forest): RP <Heroes Creed> Theramore Keep (Dustwallow Marsh): <House of Nobles> Dalaran {Old} (Wherever she floats!): RP <The Päck> Blackwald (Gilneas): RP <Honor Watch> Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula): RP <Mekka Corps> North Gate Outpost (Dun Morogh): RP <The Mercenary Outfit> Darkshire (Duskwood): RP <Lioncrest> Stormwind City (Elwynn Forest): RP <The Alliance Empire> Hearthglen (Eastern Plaguelands). Defends, RP. <The Spellguard> Ambermill (Silverpine Forest): RP <Coldridge Company> Anvilmar (Dun Morogh): RP <The Hounds> Shadowfang Keep (Silverpine Forest): RP <The Ninth Circle> Surwich (Blasted Lands): RP <Kingdom of Norhgarde> Tyr's Hand (Eastern Plaguelands): Defends, RP <The SouthSea Cutthroats> The Shady Lady and Cutthroat Alley (Stormwind): RP <The Scarlet Empire> New Hearthglen (Dragonblight): RP <Redridge Brigade> Lakeshire/Stonewatch (Redridge Mountains): RP <Clan Battlehammer> Ironforge (Dun Morogh) Blackrock Mountain (Searing Steppes/ Burning Gorge): Defends, RP Coalition of AzerothWestbrook Garrison (Ellwyn) Southern Ellwyn Forest: RPAbrahof112 Aug 5
Jun 5 [20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion For guild progress, see the link below. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dreamDefenestrate499 Jun 5
Mar 31 Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This! v2.0 Greetings travelers! Thank you for taking the time to look at Emerald Dream. Please feel free to read this guide in full detail to decide if you are right for our realm. Don't skim - it's important to make sure you are able to give back to this realm as much - if not more - than it gives to you! Before you find yourself $27.23 poorer than you were yesterday, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we see on an almost-daily basis!: Please let me know if any of this information isn't correct, is outdated, or simply needs to be added, and I'll edit it accordingly. Lets answer the more difficult questions first: "Is Emerald Dream right for me?": This question really should be, "Am I right for Emerald Dream?". Emerald Dream has its own unique flavor in that we are both an RP server and a PvP server. That doesn't mean that we are mainly RP with a little bit of PvP thrown in or vice-versa. We are as much an RP realm as we are a PvP realm. How you fit in to that description is entirely up to you. "How is the RP here?": It depends how you look at it - if you're coming from a PvP or PvE server, it will be quite a bit more prevalent (I can't recall seeing open RP on any of my PvP-realm stints). If you're coming from a dedicated RP server, it probably won't be as prevalent. But regardless, it's still here, and we're doing our best to keep it alive and well. Admittedly, most of the true RP is guild-centric, but not exclusive to anyone. In other words, you may not just up and stumble across 10 random players RPing together. Instead, you're more likely to envelope yourself in an RP group if you start introducing yourself to well-known RP guilds, so you can tag along when they host events. Or better yet, become a part of their guild so you can host your own. Emerald Dream RP is what you make it. Side note: Hop into the RP channels on Horde/Alliance and give it a spin (/join RP). "What is an RP-PVP realm?": RP-PvP servers were opened at subscribers’ request. Prior to the opening of this type of server, players had to choose between RP-PvE servers or pure PvP servers, often splitting time between realm types to satisfy both areas of interest. In other words, an RP-PvP realm such as Emerald Dream is not a realm designed for players to partake in only RP or only PvP. RP-PvP servers were created in response to roleplayers that wished to play with the PvP ruleset. It is not a request, but an expectation, that veterans, transfers, and new players alike be well-versed and capable in both. As mentioned above, if you do not satisfy that criteria, please invest your time elsewhere on a more suitable realm! "How is the PvE here?": Generally pretty decent. Long-time PvE'ers will tell you that "PvE comes to Emerald Dream to die", but we have countless guilds clearing normal-mode raids on both Horde and Alliance and quite a few conquering several bosses in Heroic and a handful have Heroic/Mythic bosses on farm. PS - Pre-emptive grats to all guilds competing for realm-firsts. WIll update with the first full Heroic/Mythic clear for the expansion! Best of luck to everyone! If you're a hardcore dragonslayer, please take a look at where other guilds are and decide for yourself, in comparison to your server, where we're at: 20-Man Mythic Progression Sticky: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415131707 Continued....Aeterna91 Mar 31
Mar 16 RP Guides/Resources for Beginners RP Guides/Resources for Beginners I wanted to compile some resources for anyone who might be interested in trying out Roleplay. If you know of any other articles/guides/videos that should be added, just let me know. ... ...Rend24 Mar 16
21m <Graphical Error> 5/9M LF Solid DPS <Graphical Error> Server: Emerald Dream Current Progression: Mythic ToS: 4/9 Mythic Nighthold: 8/10 Mythic TOV: 3/3, Cutting Edge Mythic EN: 7/7, Cutting Edge Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 9 PM EST to 12 AM EST Wednesday: 9 PM EST to 12 AM EST Thursday: 9 PM EST to 12 AM EST Recruiting (Updated 7/18/17) Resto/Ele Shaman RDPS Warlock Mage Hunter *All Classes Will Be Considered and are encouraged to inquire!* Who we are and what we do: Our guild philosophy is a simple one – we are first and foremost a competitive endgame raiding guild. This attitude is reflected in everything we do, from recruits to guild friends, to our raiding core, and officers. Our raiders are consistent, show up on time, show up prepared. Min-max with the best raiders you’ve ever seen. There are no guides for most of the content we tackle, and there typically isn’t a lot of free information about them. We are used to developing our own strategies, and our raiders are used to researching on their own, thinking creatively about solutions to fight mechanics, and putting into practice the plans we’ve designed. Our goals for Legion: In Legion we are aiming to clear current content fast and aim for US RANKS while maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. We are currently focused on putting the final touches on our mythic roster. We are seeking players with the right personality and skill level to help us progress. We will be competitive and kill bosses and fight to climb the ranks. If this sounds like something for you we want to hear from you! What we expect from our raiders: We are a 3 day a week and consider ourselves semi-hardcore. We expect our raiders to maintain 95% to 100% attendance in order to maintain continuity in our composition. We do understand that life comes first and understand when an emergency comes – all we ask for is communication. We expect our raiders to develop themselves outside of raids – this means class research, completing world quests, mythic plus and old raids for AP/Legendary's, etc. If you plan on logging in for raid times only, things probably won’t work out – we enjoy hanging out and progressing as a team in AND out of raid times. Lastly and most importantly – we expect our members to be respectful of fellow guild mates and guild leadership. Joking to a degree is okay but we will not tolerate discrimination or bullying of any sort – no exceptions. GM: Primary#1287 Officer: MrJ#11299 Officer: Rickwilson#1481Primely58 21m
1h hey you Nier Automata is the best game of all time go play itShibbys5 1h
1h Nightstalkers recruiting for ToS Mythic 4/9 Nightstalkers is looking for a few talented players for Mythic ToS progression. Current Progression: Mythic EN 7/7 Mythic ToV 3/3 Mythic NH 10/10 Mythic ToS 4/9 We are looking to add exceptional players to the roster. We have an immediate need for a healer of any class. We are also looking for ranged DPS. Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest We will not overlook other classes if you are interested. About Nightstalkers: Nightstalkers has been a guild on Emerald Dream for over 10 years now. We've been raiding consistently on ED since Karazhan with no plans to stop any time soon. We're a semi-casual guild that enjoys progression but we also prioritize having fun with our guild community. We're not going to compete in the top few hundred guilds, but we do strive to get through as much Mythic content as we can before the next content is released. What kind of people are we looking for? Over 18 - In our experience, we find that older folks have a better grasp of what they can commit to. Of course, if you feel you're an exception, have a chat with us. We may be willing to make an exception on a case by case basis. Intelligent - You MUST have at least a modicum of intelligence. Be able to fully understand each boss' mechanics. Have at least a basic grasp on the math behind your chosen main to ensure you're making smart choices. Dedicated - We are looking for people that have the ability and desire to fully commit to a raid team. This includes keeping up at least 90% attendance, being willing to put that extra effort in at the beginning of tier to gear more quickly, researching fights ahead of raid time, etc. Attitude-Free - This is non-negotiable. We are not an elitist guild. We don't care for arrogance. If you can't check your attitude at the door, please look elsewhere. I don't care if you're the Jesus Christ of WoW, if you have a !@#$ty attitude towards raiding or anyone on the raid team, you will not make it here. Raid Info: Our raid schedule is as follows: Our REQUIRED raid nights are Tues, Thurs, and Sun at 7:00 p.m. server. Raids generally go until about 11:00 p.m. server, but if we are close to a new kill we'll stay a bit longer. We require that you are able to make ALL of these raid nights. If you cannot, please do not bother applying. Loot System: We use a Loot Council system on our progression raids. All main spec loot is handed out by officer decision based on a number of things. Attendance, time in guild, skill, recent performance, amount of loot recently received, and extent of upgrade are all things that are considered, though not necessarily in that order, when deciding who will receive loot. Please understand that our loot system is designed to do two things. One, ensure smooth guild progression over individual progression. Two, reward our best players for their dedication to this guild. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to read more about us at http://forums.nightstalkersed.com or contact any of our officers in game. Feel free to add me to battletag: Káelyn#1403 (alt code 160) or contact our GM - Defenestrate#1146Káelyn4 1h
2h [A] <Remnant of Lordaeron> Military RP-PvP The Remnant of Lordaeron is an up and coming Military Themed RP-PvP Guild for the Alliance Faction on the Emerald Dream RP-PvP Server. We utilize a strict but fair military structure and a strong team based mindset. We are firm believers that our strength as unit is far greater than the sum of our player's individual skills. We are looking for like-minded, quality individuals to join our team. Our organization started out as a trooper guild in Star Wars Galaxies nearly 15 years ago. We led one of the largest and most popular trooper only guilds in the game. We were featured in Wired Magazine in 2005 for our achievements in bringing RP and PvP content to a game that had little in the way of immersion. The unit continued into Star Wars: The Old Republic and become renowned on the Jung Ma server for our World PvP proficiency, military discipline, and unique uniformed appearance. Now we have set our sights on the world of Azeroth, and seek to bring the best qualities of our history to a new land and start a new legacy. The focus of our unit is PvP. We cater to individuals that wish to fight shoulder to shoulder with armor-clad allies to defend the Alliance from its enemies. We also participate in casual PvX activities such as: Roleplay Events, Battlegrounds, Raids, and Mythics. What we offer: •Strong Military Style Leadership. •Enforced Guild Uniforms and Behavior Standards. •A Mature, 18+ Player Base. •Zero Tolerance for Elitism, Drama, or Toxic Players. •A Roleplay Friendly Environment. •Training and Assistance for New Payers. •A Tight-Knit, Friendly Community. Become a part of the next chapter in our history. Fight As One! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECRUITMENT INFORMATION: CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS: To maintain a uniform appearance and support our roleplay theme as a Remnant of Lordaeron, we are restricting our characters to only the following races: Humans - Lordaeron Citizens. Worgen - Lordaeron Citizens that contracted the Worgen curse. Dwarves - Ironforge Allies from the Second and Third Wars. All character classes from the allowed races are accepted. Visit http://www.alphacompanyonline.org/WoW/Enlist.html to download the training manual and learn more about our guild and submit a recruitment application! (Special Note) The guild website is currently undergoing renovation. The Application and Training Manual content is up and running, but other site content may be broken or still reflects guild activities from previous games at this time. The site will continue to be built and updated by our talented webmaster over time.Rakehell3 2h
2h [RP] The Coming of the Tide Arendelle Aquagaze sat quietly in her tent, contemplating the bloodbath to come. Battle had become a common occurrence as of late for the self-proclaimed “Alliance Empire”, a crew of battle hardened mercenaries with a vendetta against the treacherous Horde. This day was little different than any other, and yet Arendelle felt restless. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, she missed her home. It had been years since she’d sat out on this journey, and after many of them were spent living among the humans even her dwarven accent had lost some of its flavor. She missed her mother and father, and the quiet simplicity of life among the wilds of the Hinterlands. Such comforts were beyond her reach these days, as an entire regiment of Horde soldiers made their camp across the narrow valley from their own. In the morning their armies would clash, and death would fall over the valley like a shroud as men and women from both sides laid down their lives for a never ending conflict between red and blue. For now, Arendelle laid back on her fur-lined cot and tried to calm her thoughts. She began to look back on her life; all of the events and decisions that had led to this moment. As she closed her eyes in a vain attempt at sleep, she replayed the memories in her mind and drifted back to those earlier times in the hills near Aerie Peak. ******************************************************************* The young dwarven girl stood sheepishly before a small crowd of friends and family who’d gathered before her cottage. Casually brushing her scarlet hair to the side, the dwarven youth’s ocean-blue eyes flashed with excitement as her father emerged from the group with a small basket under his arm. Kardrin Aquagaze smiled warmly as he gently placed the basket before his daughter and backed away, and watched as the girl rush forward to claim her prize. Peeking inside, Arendelle gazed into the eyes of the small gryphon hatchling within. The infant creature cooed in response, and Arendelle lifted her new avian companion for the onlooking crowd and hugged it firmly. Cheers and applause followed, and the girl had never felt so alive. The gryphon in her arms would be her closest ally for the rest of her life, and as her mother and father stood watching proudly, she couldn’t help but feel as though this day was the beginning of something very important that she had yet to fully understand. “What’re ye gonna name it, lass?” The girl’s mother, Aedrea, asked softly. “Aye! Tha’s a fine gryphon ye got there. She needs a name, lassie. Take yer time, and listen t’ what yer heart tells ye.” Her father added. Arendelle’s eyes cut skyward as she pondered. Gazing out over the landscape of the surrounding Hinterlands, a small gleam through the trees caught her eye. It was the unmistakable shimmering of sunlight on the water, as the last light of day sat over Valorwind Lake in the distance. The girl had spent many an afternoon splashing through the crystal clear water of that lake, and lounging lazily on its shores with her uncle Halven, the village shaman. She felt an unmistakable connection to the place, and she was always happiest when near the water. Looking at her newly hatched gryphon, the girl spoke. “Valorwind. ‘Er name is Valorwind.” The girl said confidently. “Like th’ lake?” Her father asked, slightly confused. Arendelle nodded in reply, and the baby gryphon squawked softly in apparent approval of her newly chosen title. The celebration, however, didn’t last for long. Cries rang out in the distance as the rumble of hundreds of marching feet thundered beyond the treeline. “Attackers! We’re bein’ attacked! Arms yerselves laddies!” The cry came from further up the hill toward Aerie Peak. When the encroaching army came into view, Arendelle gasped. She had heard the stories, as many had, of otherworldly invaders that had ransacked a human kingdom to the south and battled their cousins in the Highlands, but she never could have imagined what she gazed upon now. Hulking, green brutes with eyes glowing red with fury burst forth with axes and mauls the size of any two dwarves. On this day, the Horde had come to the Hinterlands.Arèndèll2 2h
4h [A]<Last Bastion>WPvP/PvP/PvE Last Bastion is a new guild that does WPvP/PvP/PvE We are a group of players that have battled the Horde together for years and are looking to expand our ranks. With the Horde dominating the WPvP scene on this server it is vital for the Alliance to build its forces to repel them. Come be apart of the Last Bastion, and be feared by all the Horde. Last Bastion is forming teams to do Rated Battlegrounds, having many skilled leaders to host the events and to help others learn strategies and hone their skills. We raid ToS every Tuesday and Sunday with our sister guild Relentless Rage. Last Bastion has a list of events we do through out the week such as; -5v5 1v1 gauntlet style arenas, to help perfect you 1v1 skills against all classes. -In guild wargames, to learn WPvP and RBG strategies. -Small-mid sized WPvP -Mythic keystones -Transmog runs -RBGs We encourage any member regardless of rank to create events they might want to do. If you are looking for a guild with a great community, skilled players, and fun events; Come join the Last Bastion and have a meaningful impact on this Server.Lothfreya112 4h
5h <Starborne Legacy> Kaldorei RP/PvP (cont.) Legacy... What does this mean to us. By definition legacy means something received from an ancestor from the past, but what does it mean for us? Our legacy is in our blood, it is the wind whispering our name, the water cleansing our soul, the ground lifting us to new heights. Legacy is indeed our blood. From the dragon riders that gave their last breath defending land and friend, to the love sparked between two of our most gracious, legacy is in our blood. It is now time to write our own legacy, a song of sorts to pass down to Kaldorei in the ages to come. We are Legacy... We are Starborne. Starborne Legacy is a RP/PvP guild Contact Information Teef, Layilea, Kyrraen (contact anyone in guild to find out where these slackers are hiding) Guild Base Astranaar - Friend and foe alike feel free to show us a visit. Darnassus - If not in Astranaar we can usually be found here. Most active times Weekdays late evening to late night and all weekend Recruitment We are recruiting all night elves with ic interviews. All night elf classes are accepted. Voice Starborne uses Discord for all guild events Addons TRP 3 is highly recommended to get the most from interactions within guild and beyond. Message Boards is also recommended. Other info Guild mounts are Swift Frostsaber and Twilight Drake Guild chat is ooc Please note, all levels of RP are welcome as we have everything from novice to loremasters. We are all learning and growing together. So begins a new cycle. Link to old post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20744264488?page=1Imfyros202 5h
6h [A] <Coldridge Company> RP/PvP The RP The Artists Formerly Known as BBV are now recruiting all races/classes to join us on our newest adventure: running a business! Now, I know what you're thinking... "That sounds pretty boring." WELL YOU'RE WRONG. This isn't just any business, you see. It's a trading company with the best private army that money can buy (that's you, potentially). Simply put, we're in the business of business: imports, exports, security details, resource acquisitions...we do it all. Are you a soldier looking for a life outside the bureaucracy of the Alliance military? Or perhaps a priest looking for a job as a field medic? Better yet, are you simply an individual looking for work in these troubled times? Oh boy, have we got just the job for you! *Druid consultants to oversee excavations and logging operations. Someone has to make sure nature is being respected along the way (we aren't dirty, low-down goblins, after all)! *Military personnel of all types. *Salesmen to get our name out there to potential clients. If you've got resources/equipment/valuables to trade, we want to handle the shipment and sales (for a share of the profit, of course). *Job site managers, accountants, couriers, sea captains, office workers, cooks, flight masters...if you can think of it, we're probably hiring for it! Founded by our CEO, Fozle Fizzlefort, along with the former members of the Bronzebeard Vanguard as our acting Board of Directors, we strive to uphold Alliance values while providing the best service available. No longer shall we toil under the oppressive whims of the goblin cartels! Finally, there's a trustworthy trading company with Alliance interests at heart! Apply today! OOC We're the same rowdy bunch we've always been, we're just allowing elves and furry pandas and #@!$ (I know...). With enough active participation, we offer weekly RBGs, casual raiding, and weekly D20 events/random tavern nights for RP. We're a fairly laid back guild. Not all of us RP, and not all of us are outstanding at PvP, but as a whole we do enjoy both aspects of the server (we even have some filthy PvEers in the lot). Our only requirement is, as it was before, don't be a jackwagon. If you grief* RP (*We mean actively griefing RP. We don't mean ganked. See: Don't Be A Jackwagon rule), you're gone. If anyone has a problem with one of our members, feel free to contact an officer and we'll get it taken care of. Current Needs We're currently recruiting for RBGs, and as always we'd love to have more RPers as well. This section will be updated as specific RBG class/spec needs arise. Also in need of a second DM capable of co-DMing events and running their own independently. Disclaimer *Coldridge Company is not responsible for the words and/or actions of Drehn/Testiklese. Any interaction with said individual will be at your own risk. You've been warned.*Krohgin289 6h
6h 2/9 Mythic TOS Needs MW MONK <The Syndicate> is 2/9 Mythic TOS and looking for a quality Mistweaver Monk to join our team!! We raid Tues and Wed 7pm-10pmish server time. Please send in game mail to Feminísta ( í = alt 161) or Femnizzle for more information to try out! Must have logs on warcraftlogs.com for heroic and normal runs; AOTC preferred, but will consider anyone with excellent logs to show skill. We will also consider high quality dps Hunters and Shamans to join our raid team. Must have good logs that can be seen on warcraftlogs.comFeminísta0 6h
8h Should my guild transfer here? Hey guys. I'm currently with my guild on Darkspear and we just don't have consistent numbers to raid with anymore. We're going to be transferring our guild to another server so I was just wondering what PvE looks like on here. Is there a consistent player base of active and dedicated people to raid with? Or is it mostly RP guilds with very few progression raiding guilds? Let me know any suggestions!Lightswourn11 8h
9h Returning player, Returning player here looking for a active guild. I'm not a fan of cesspool guilds (Auto-invite stuff) as I've had toxic experiences. I used to raid back in LK and quit when Cata came out. I started a fresh account and will be freezing exp taking things slowly enjoying all the changes. I would love some company along the way because I'm getting a tad lonesome. Whisper me in-game and we'll see if it's a fit! Thanks :)Fraymor5 9h
13h [H] It's Good to be <foul> After a long and strenuous sacrificial ritual - which mostly consisted of a couple credit cards, some WoW tokens, and a tub of sherbet ice cream - <foul> lived once more. We're an active bunch, inside and outside Warcraft, and we're seeking new blood so things don't get too crusty. In some form or another, many of our members partake in all aspects of this game (PvE, PvP, RP, and some even do this thing called pet battling). Dragon Slaying [N 9/9] We're going to begin progressing through heroic, after clearing normal fairly easily. Our raid days for heroic will be Saturdays, at 7:00pm server time, that will run until midnight (expect breaks!). We will run normal on either Tuesday or Wednesday with whoever, and will pug if needed (same time). Several of our members have hinted that they want the guild to start working on mythic difficulties. Given a bit more interest and a full 20-man roster, we will undoubtedly begin that grind. While we are mostly a chill group, we strive for good numbers and smooth encounters. If someone is consistently under performing, we will not hesitate to voice our concern. We look for members who are able to handle criticism and are willing to improve on their faults. It is done not to be !@#$%^-s, but to cultivate an enjoyable raiding environment. If you are interested in slaying dre-gans as a member of foul (or with us as a test drive), please reach out to an officer. What we're looking for (but not limited to!): A healer (Monk, Druid, or Disc Priest) Ranged DPS (Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Boomie, Elemental Shaman) PvP lol PvP was our original bread and butter and many members of <foul> still enjoy it. Throughout the day it isn't uncommon for a group to be spam queuing BGs simply for the fun of mongo-ing down another person's avatar. RBGs are run a couple of times a week as well, though these are for fun because lawl RBGs. While these are lighthearted games, we do expect our members to be performing well (switching to kill targets, listening to strats., and generally knowing how to operate your class). Having Fudge-face the Hunter and Melee-train Jr. not swapping on the low health, over-extended Demon Hunter (who manages to still live) is not fun for anyone. While not what we're known for, some of our members participate and are good at arena. Several <foul> members have 2k+ experience in some shape or form, so one might just find a teammate or two to play with. Roleplay We're not going to lie for appearances here: we ditched our old story and haven't firmed up its replacement. Yet. Though with that said, several of our members enjoy RPing and have TP3 installed with fancy profiles and won't shy away from a nice walk-up. Again, nothing is set in stone at the moment, but we intend for our guild RP story to be a bit dark (because most of us are white and super edgy). We won't be plucky mercenaries or a trained troop of soldiers, but we're looking to be gangsters, slavers, and liars, who've banded together because the world is dangerous alone. And despite our lack of story for the time being, we'd happily intermingle with other guilds to make for a fun RP or exciting encounters. So, this will be updated some point in the future. Outside of WoW We do things outside of this game together too. It's pretty great. Sometimes we have a movie night or we just watch Netflix or some Chinese cartoons over rabbit. We also play other games such as GMod, Minecraft, Tabletop Simulator, Overwatch, Sonic Racing, D&D, and a bunch of other things. We like to think of ourselves as a community, not just a WoW guild.Crowsong167 13h
18h [A] < The Ninth Circle > recruiting to KILL! < The Ninth Circle > is recruiting for WPVP/PVP! Looking for members who meet the following requirements: - Level 110 /w an ilvl of at least 880. - Skilled in PVP. - Capable of coordinating with others and following the Raid/Party leads commands. - Enjoy WPVP and killing Horde. Raids & Mythic+'s Light RP Join up. Bring Hell to the Horde! * * Chapter 1 of 9: It started simply enough; a slow descent in lieu of a rapid fall. It was a single pebble that became an avalanche, and by the time it reached that unstoppable wave of madness and death, there was naught one could do but be swept up. You had reason enough to hate the Horde. Most people that lived through the Second War did. The death of loved ones, the loss of land, the terrors of battle. It was difficult to find someone that had not been affected. Everyone harbored some latent hatred, but most moved on, content with just having survived. Most. Within you resentment still burned, a careless whisper of flame, gently stoked by the daily little reminders of that which was no longer there. It called out to those who had the inclination to listen; a siren’s song that was irresistible to certain ears. The pieces were in place, and all that was needed was someone willing to play. The man that approached you had the smile of a demon and the promise of a saint. His words were silkened honey ran along the whetstone of your desires. It seemed too good to be true. In hindsight, you should have known it was. All you had to do was kill Horde.Bounties109 18h
18h [H] <Scuffed Gaming> <5/8 H ToS> <Scuffed Gaming> is looking for skilled raiders to improve our raiding roster as well as push mythic+ and pvp. We're a casual weekend raiding guild that is always looking for awesome people to clear content and join in on the fun (but also get stuff done!) Raid Times: Saturday Normal ToS 3pm-6pm Server Time (1pm-4pm PST). Sunday Heroic ToS 3pm-6pm Server Time (1pm-4pm PST). With M+ during weeknights! Recruitment: HEALS: Holy Paladin (High) Holy Priest (High) DPS: Warrior (High) Hunter (High) Warlock (High) Boomkin (High) Elemental Shaman (High) All DPS feel free to apply. Flex healers are especially welcome If you are interested, message Lightsaber#1367 Silentsavior#11515 or Robster#1354Blightsabre1 18h
20h <Nascent> Savage team 4/9M 6hrs LF Holy Pally Nascent's Savage raid team is recruiting talented and passionate raiders. Spots are for progression- not the bench. Website: https://nascent.gg/ ➡ Raid Times Tuesday 5:30-8:30PM PST Thursday 5:30-8:30PM PST ➡ Progression Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 4/9M ➡ Recruitment needs Holy Paladin Holy Priest Warlock Mage Shadow Priest ➡ Social media Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHoAmi0vQkPyQ2igY68fLA Twitter: http://twitter.com/nascentgg Facebook: http://facebook.com/nascentgg ➡ About us The Savage raid team emerged at the end of Nighthold, where we climbed our way to 8/10M in only 8 weeks. We pride ourselves in a friendly raid environment that is not compromised by the thirst to complete Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. We embrace competition for all raid spots on our team. Progression spots are given to the top performing raiders on the roster after considering composition. We do not have a large bench, therefore as a trial you should expect to be participating in progression. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-8:30 PM PST. That is only 6 hours a week. We never add an extra day, never "stay late if close to a kill", have a "clean up day". Our logs are public so you can go see for yourself. We do have an alt night (Sunday), but those are simply for the enjoyment of having an alt and are voluntary. We don’t run split groups, but having a viable off-spec is helpful. We run a tight roster and having the ability to swap roles is important for optimizing around a fight. Showing up prepared and knowing how to optimize around a fight is how we clear content. We have an open feedback policy so that everything is kept on the table. We have no cliques, no seniority, and therefore no drama. Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. It keeps us all on our toes. Nascent is unique amidst a sea of poorly managed guilds that lack focus and direction. If you're looking for a new home that you can grow in and feel valuable as part of a team: come talk to us. Please submit an application on our website if interested. Or contact one of our officers below to learn more: Ehkamo - Ehkano#1260 Sharkaphor - Mrilovegolf0#1834 Lissidia - Lissidia#1173Ehkamo33 20h
21h [H]<Transcend> 8/10M NH, 3/9M ToS <Transcend> Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 3/9M 9/9 H We are a social and friendly 2 day weekday raiding guild two-night a week guild. Raid times are 10pm-1am CST Wednesday-Thursday (11pm-2am EST, 8pm-11pm PST). We are currently looking for resto shaman, rogue, and any healer/dps players. We expect such players to have mastery of both specs and be willing to switch when needed on a per boss basis in mythic. Exceptional players of any class or roles will always be given consideration. If you're interested in applying please visit our website: http://transcendemeralddream.enjin.com/forum/m/30883462/viewforum/8559945 Don't hesitate to contact one or more of our officers listed below through Battle.net with any questions. Officer Btags: Val#12996 Barwan#1278 Kura#1606 GM/RL: Nexhawk#1988Natascha7 21h
1d <global warming> LF savage pvpers Small group of homies looking for people to pvp it up with, anything from instanced to wpvp and we're mostly a late night guild. Feel free to btag me Griz#11232 REAL SAVAGES ONLYGríz19 1d
1d Anyone else have a hard time picking a main? Hello everyone, So I've been playing this game a long long time. And for many years I was a Resto Shaman. But then I fell in love with Alts. So now I am sitting there a few weeks out of Legion, wondering just who I want to main. Why do I have such a hard time with this? I love to heal, always have. I have played every healing class in the game. There are things about each that I love. But part of me wants to really try DPS out. I want to go into pvp and be able to kill someone lol. Anyway... am I the only one with this issue? :)Mythnas70 1d
1d [RP Discussion]The Cathedral of Light? Many Believe this conspiracy to be true for some believe its not. For that reason some believe there is a Dungeon under the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind was used for strange worshiping activities some believe its a evil, some believe to punish wicked female gnomes who have done naughty things to the Stormwind guard which I don't know what they're talking about can someone please explain to me?Buttscratch5 1d
1d <Nascent> 6/9M US115 9hr LF Warr Lock Spriest Nascent is recruiting talented and passionate raiders. Spots are for progression- not the bench. We have a high need for a warrior, shadow priest, or rogue. Website: http://nascent.gg ➡ Raid Times Monday 7-10PM PST Tuesday 7-10PM PST Wednesday 7-10PM PST ➡ Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3M Nighthold: 10/10M (US 108) Tomb of Sargeras: 6/9M ➡ Recruitment needs Marks Hunter Shadow Priest Warrior Warlock Tank (Brew, Guardian, Prot Warr/Paladin, Blood DK) ➡ Social media Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHoAmi0vQkPyQ2igY68fLA Twitter: http://twitter.com/nascentgg Facebook: http://facebook.com/nascentgg ➡ About us We embrace competition for all raid spots on our team. Progression spots are given to the top performing raiders on the roster after considering composition. We do not have a large bench, therefore as a trial you should expect to be used in progression. Many of us have played WoW since release and have hardcore raided at a high level at some point. We know what it takes to succeed, but no longer believe it is necessary to spend large amounts of time to progress. We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 7-10 PM PST. That is only 9 hours a week. We never add an extra day, never "stay late if close to a kill", have a "clean up day". Our logs are public so you can go see for yourself. We do have an alt night (Sunday), but those are simply for the enjoyment of having an alt and are voluntary. We don’t run split groups, but do require a viable off-spec. We run a tight roster and having the ability to swap roles is important for optimizing around a fight. It also shows you know more than just your spec, which makes you a more valuable raider. Showing up prepared and knowing how to optimize around a fight is how we clear content. We have an open feedback policy so that everything is kept on the table. We have no cliques, no seniority, and therefore no drama. Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. It keeps us all on our toes. Nascent is unique amidst a sea of poorly managed guilds that lack focus and direction. If you're looking for a new home that you can grow in and feel valuable as part of a team: come talk to us. Please submit an application on our website if interested. Or contact one of our officers below to learn more: Dobi - Grioja#1804 (Guild Master) Lissidia - Lissidia#1173 Scrogg - Scrogg#11904 Treeshield - Treefee#1923Dobi476 1d
1d ED Horde MONK LF GUILD Hello, I'm interested in joining a Horde PVE raiding guild. I'm a 916 MW / 916 WW Monk. I prefer to play MW and am looking to join a guild that raids on FRI/Sat if at all possible however, I don't mind switching to WW for certain fights here and there. I lost my spot in the guild I was currently in because, quite frankly I couldn't make the times. I'm not interested in RP at all, that being said if there's a raiding guild out there that needs me I would be able to tolerate it as I'm sure you don't do it whilst raiding. I can do very very light RP. Thank you, BreathableBreathable3 1d
1d <Over The Hills> 8/9H TOS LF DPS The Guild <Over The Hills> is an adult oriented community (generally 30+) for both veteran and new players who are interested in common company. Our goal is to create a casual raid environment that is able to include all levels of experience. We raid for a total of 6 hours weekly, with our primary goal being the AOTC achievement from heroic content for each tier. We are currently on a summer schedule, which has us raiding Friday/Saturday rather than Saturday/Sunday. Times have been updated below. Raid schedule: Friday [7:30p.m. - 10:30p.m.] (server time) Saturday [1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.] (server time) Raid progress: 6/9H Tomb of Sargeras 10/10H The Nighthold (AOTC) 3/3H Trial of Valor (AOTC) 7/7H Emerald Nightmare (AOTC) Voice program: Discord Contacts: Labyrinthine#1616 Spikes#1768 Casual RBG schedule: Wednesday [7:30p.m. - 10:00p.m.] (server time) ... If your class/role is not specifically mentioned, but you feel like we would be a good fit, please contact a recruitment officer. _____________________________________________________________________ RP for the RP Gods "Epic, but not trying to hard... eloquent, balanced, and appropriate... it needs to have that" Starborne paused for dramatic effect, elven features drawn forward as if suckling on a Tauren's nipple. "Special *something.*" Lythosse had long tuned him out. Starborne's voice reduced to an audible humming that makes you acutely aware you have an ear on either side of your head. They had been at this for hours. Myrhina scribbling on parchment after parchment, hopeful that the two stubborn elves would come to a consensus. "It's just a name, pick one." She said. "The name is everything..." Lythosse replied, finally breaking his silence. "She's right man," Starborne echoed, "The Legion is scheduled to hit Azeroth on August 30th, we can't wait any longer." At this point, the floor was covered in tiny paper balls. Each piece of parchment holding a name that neither of them could agree upon. It was becoming a trip hazard, and neither of them stacked agility. Lythosse brow furrowed, as they so often do in roleplay scenarios. His eyes flicked up from the table, catching the light of the many candles he'd placed strategically around the room, again, very roleplay-esque. "Tell me something." He said. Both Starborne and Myrhina produced audible groans. "He's gonna monologue again." Said Myrhina. "Bear with me," Lythosse began. "We're old, right?" He asked. "Super old," Starborne said, running his finger along one of his withered elven ears. Myrhina didn't respond, and Lythosse didn't press it. He wasn't tanky enough to ask a woman her age twice. "I don't know about you two, but I'm retiring soon," Lythosse sat forward, his armor, which once fit him perfectly, now sagged and bubbled where body parts shouldn't sag and bubble. "After this, I'm done." Lythosse could tell they wanted to protest, but they stayed silent. They had been questing together for so long, they could tell he was serious. "Does that mean we're over the hills?" Myrhina asked. "Exactly." Said Lythosse. - and therein lied his genius.Lythosse241 1d
1d [H] <Speedbarge Subsidiaries> RP/PVP guild ... In-Character: ... Out of Character Information: ... If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cephyon#1665 or in-game characters Cazixx, Creebyx, Wrikz, Ferés, Kogiid, Valstraz, Balladaz, or Gusztav.Ferés110 1d
1d bucket list for live shows Neither gf or I have ever been frequent concert go-ers, but before she stops performing we'd kill to go see Sia live. We live in NY and I think we'll eventually have to travel half way across the world to see a show live. Anyone else have a band / artist on their list they don't want to miss out on?Tolvashoc14 1d
1d [RP] Clarity in Madness Cold. Dark. Buried deep beneath Azjol-Nerub, neither the light of day nor the warmth of life could be found in such a forsaken place. Quiet. Still. The cave carved out of frozen earth and stone was a practically a tomb. Frozen gore was scattered across the dark stone, and in the center of the room was a throne made of frozen blood. Dark magic seeped from the throne, and beneath the frozen exterior, it seemed as though the blood within was flickering madly like a mirage. On the throne sat the Darkfallen Lord, Galthuin Palewind, his eyes closed as he sat slumped in the seat with his hands folded in front of his mouth. A couple feet in front of him, a small, black crystal sat on the ground, propped up by three needles of ice. Slowly, what looked a faint, purple mist seemed to creep across the ground towards the crystal. The energies grew darker and stronger as more power was drawn into the crystal, a vortex of void magic forming on the ground. Galthuin’s eyes snapped open. He stood up from his throne and reached out towards the crystal with dark magic. A tendril of magic whipped out at Galthuin and struck him in the face, splitting his cheek open. Galthuin snarled as the dark blood seeped from the wound. He reached back with his off hand and turned the throne back into liquid. The blood danced around him before being wreathing around his arms and hands. With a surge of power, Galthuin poured into the crystal, with each step he took, the screaming energies flew about more violently. “I must know… I must…” Galthuin reached out with both hands. “…see!” From all around the room, shadow fiends crawled out of the ground and started slithering towards Galthuin and crystal. Galthuin muttered a dark incantation and several soul fragments flew out of the crystal and shot in all directions, obliterating the shadow fiends. Galthuin roared over the tormented wails of the crystal, before finally collapsing down upon it, both of his hands shattering the ice needles that it had been propped up on. Everything grew quiet, but not like before. Now, there was a distinct hum in the air, as all the void energies that had been summoned simply stopped, as if frozen in time. The crystal slowly floated into the air in front of Galthuin. He looked up at it, the wonder of a child lighting his face. “I see…” Galthuin mumbled. “I see!” He reached out and touched a single clawed finger on the crystal, and suddenly his vision went black. His mind tumbled endlessly, until suddenly his vision was filled with the glory of the cosmos. The nature of the divine flashed before his eyes, all the secrets of the void dashing into and then out of his vision as if shot out of a cannon. It vanished from his mind as fast as it entered, like a waterfall endlessly refilling a cup. 
“I… can’t…” Galthuin thought. “I can’t… hold on.” Despair, briefly made it’s way into Galthuin’s mind, followed by anger and frustration. Summoning all of his will, he brought the visions to a halt. Everything went black again. Then, he felt a presence. Far and distant, a presence that loomed far above the old gods, one that made them look like hapless children. Horror gripped Galthuin, as he felt in his mind something far beyond the cosmos and the depths of reality. His mind writhed in panic. Desperation took him. He felt as though a million giant eyes had turned towards him. He felt small, and powerless. Drowning in the vast sea of the presence, Galthuin could feel only one thing now. Not despair. Not fear. Something that eluded both. Insignificance. In a sickening flash, Galthuin found his mind back in his body. His eyes focused on the icy ceiling above him. He sat up and looked forward. The crystal was sitting on the ground, quiet and still. He stared at it for several minutes, not moving. Finally, he stood up and walked over towards it. He bent down and picked it up. It felt wrong to put it back in his pocket. It felt as though it was an individual now, one that had seen his darkest secrets. He realized now, this crystal wasn’t merely a weapon to be wielded, or a trinket of the old gods. It was a means of communion. A means of divine insight. After a moment, he put the crystal in his pocket at his belt. This didn’t change his plans for the Vanguard, but it certainly changed his perspective. The happenings of mortals meant nothing. Ascension was paramount now. True immortality would mean growing far stronger than the Old Gods… Galthuin had a tall ladder to climb.Galthuin1 1d
1d Returning RPer looking for home [A] Evening all, I have been RPing in WoW off and on (more on than off) since Vanilla. My gaming community shifted to ESO shortly after Legion's launch, and is still happily RPing there but I'm just not getting into the immersion of that world. So I am back, looking for some RPers to connect with! Ideally, I would like to find a Kalimdor based guild (that general aesthetic at least), while not being restricted to a specific race. But from a brief browsing of the forums and what seem to be active guilds, the only ones over there are nelf only. =( Is there anything out there that is active and would fit those criteria? If not, I'm open to any friendly and active RP community. I do have an interest in PVE and PVP, but with a limited time constraint (toddler, one on the way, and frequent Overwatch) I'm realistically just in it for the RP. Thanks!Dasha2 1d
1d LF Guild [A] I am just returning to wow (2 weeks) and would like to concentrate on pvp this time around vs pve as I have no desire to do any raiding beyond normal/ possibly heroic. I am looking for an alliance unicorn guild that is competent in pve but focuses on pvp, does rgbs, wpvp, fairly large and active, friendly and mainly of older players (30s and up range). I made this toon at the tail end of my WoD playing when my love for the game was definitely waning. I really enjoyed what I could see of the community as it seemed very tight knit compared to other servers. Not quite vanilla days but as close as I have found. I realize wpvp has changed with this expansion but I enjoy small skirmishes so hopefully that is still going on. I would however prefer to be doing things with a guild this time around vs just sight seeing. I did a tiny bit of RP while here and respect it just not had a lot of experience or know if it is my cup of tea. Most of my toons are Horde due to a faction change during WoD to play with friends no longer into the game so I will need to transfer and would prefer to get to know the guild a bit with an alt or chat before doing so. Can link my toons to you as well during this process. I plan on maining my mage (895) this exp but I play a priest (888) and am leveling a pally via bgs slowly as well. edit: Hmm I guess a lot has changed since I played on the server seems most of the threads you guys are pretty hostile to anyone not professing your love for RP these days. Too bad was a pretty chill server before not sure how much they represent the server as a whole but seems to be quite a few on the posts at least.Montai9 1d
1d [A] Magetank Industries (RP/PvE) (9/9H) Nestled deep in the foothills of the northern Eastern Kingdoms is a bunker locked tight. Its concrete walls and spires rise with the mountain it is built into and are guarded day and night by well-equipped sentries, their eyes scanning as far as they can with the scopes and binoculars in their posts. The enormous blast door creaks loudly when it occasionally raises, the noise often accompanied by the roar of an engine as a golem, gyrocopter, or motorcycle flies free of its hangar. Those who come and go as the hours pass are tight-lipped about the goings-on inside, and they appear on the surface to come from every walk of life imaginable. From paladins to felcasters, from the most eccentric magi to simple warriors, and from the most unassuming professional-looking individuals to the most combat-ready, its denizens are many. Each is as unique as the next. They fought for their place in these hills. Encounter after encounter, they battled the encroaching Forsaken, packs of rabid worgen, and the Syndicate. Each time, their ground was held. Each time, their enemies were routed. Even when the Legion’s third invasion began with attacks that included Tarren Mill, the bunker stood fast as its denizens swam in oceans of spent brass and demon blood. Now, these groups do not venture close -- they have long since learned the hard way that the technological advantage held by those in the bunker outweighs any strength they may have in superior numbers. Still, this does not stop the occasional enterprising villain from trying to claim the bunker’s treasures for themselves. In this region far from the bureaucracy of the Alliance, this bunker has become one of legend. The company within, known as Magetank Industries, has garnered a reputation for its highly-advanced weaponry, vehicles, and its trademark use of magic within its engineering. Through fierce battles and arduous labor, they have carved themselves a home in the tumultuous bluffs of Hillsbrad, giving themselves room to work without the heavy hand of governance immediately on their doorstep. Despite the reclusive and antisocial reputation earned by its individual members, they are quick to heed the call of a worthy cause. Of course, gaining access to such a place is a sign of trust. It is no easy task to draw the attention of those that the bunker houses, but perhaps with the right invention or in a streak of luck on the battlefield, they may notice your prowess. Whether you’re looking for adventure, seeking the cutting edge of technology, or simply after a paycheck, there is a place for all who stand out from the crowd in their craft in that bunker hidden in the northern foothills.     Is that you? <Magetank Industries> is a heavy-RP guild that also dabbles in heroic raiding (currently 8/9H) and occasionally does some PvP. We emphasize quality roleplay and host weekly, story-heavy DnD-styled events. We also do smaller-scale roleplay spontaneously and place particular importance upon supporting the community by doing our best to attend (and hopefully in the future, create) community events. In addition to all of this, we often play other games outside of WoW with each other and typically have an active Discord! RP+++ PvE++ PvP+ Alignment: Neutral-good (rebel-moral if you’re down with the 5x5) Themes: Magic, technology, business, faction-neutral RP, moral dilemmas, Ron Swanson Raid times: Tues/Thurs, 7-10 server D20: Saturday, 7-10+ server If you’re looking for an Alliance-side heavy-RP guild with a bit more of a taste for endgame than what many other RP guilds offer, MTI might be for you! Contact Sachiel or Gerhan in-game for more information or take a look at our application (http://bit.ly/2taNBzT). You can also get a hold of me on battletag (Sachiel#1375) or on Twitter (@MagetankED). We build guns and get in fights.Sachiel17 1d
2d LF World PvP Guild (Alliance) Lf Dank Wpvp Guild. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/darkspear/chernovax/achievements/feats-of-strength/player-vs-player || This armory link will show my XP.. My alliance armory doesn't show all my achieves for some reason. Uhhh yah idk what else to look for when trying to find a decent Wpvp or what I should say when looking for one so uhh yah thanks!Chernovax212 2d
2d [A/H-RP] Orchid Hollow ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ... ✿ Out of Character Information ✿ ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- ✿About Orchid Hollow ✿ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Orchid Hollow started as a band of pandaren. Our oracle of chi-ji had a vision of things to come. At the time we didn't know it was the legion, but we knew it was bad. That we had to get our people safely out of Pandaria. In doing so we settled across Azeroth, becoming the strong, dedicated force we are today. We built alliances with other families, and a name for ourselves. Many of our founding members have lived through the terrors of the Mogu, the Mantid, and tyrant leaders. Never before had we seen the threat of the Legion. Our emperor made sure that our race had time to grow. Thus, we reached out to the other races of the world, learning from them as they learned from us. We preserved our way of life and taught it to them. Pandaren love food, family, and comfort, but we also know what it's like to be slaves, fight our entire lives, and live for something more. The beginning forces of Orchid Hollow have been around since early WoD, going under a different name then. Since the beginning, we have held together as one and upheld the meaning of being a pandaren roleplayer on this server. The guild has a sense of friendship and loyalty that can't be beat, and holds quality, but also learning, to a standard. As a community, we have held OOC classes teaching the culture of the Pandaren, had one on one time with people helping them with their character, and making friends across the server. We hold our own personal guild campaigns, but try to focus on individual roleplay as well. We try to attend all major server rp events, and keep an ear on what is happening in our circles. whether that be horde or alliance. Something that I think is unique is that we love forum-style writing. We hold a weekly write-up on our website forums each week with a different prompt, allowing the creative juices to flow. We like to keep in contact with members out of the game if they so choose, through facebook, steam, Discord, and even a blog! Orchid Hollow is committed to providing a fun, safe, low-stress environment for all of our members. To that end we have a Code of Conduct that all members of the guild are expected to adhere to.Cranesong135 2d
2d [H] <Ravenheart Vanguard> Forsaken RP-PVP In Character ... Galthuin Palewind pinned the parchment to the Warboard in Undercity. He had already done so in Orgrimmar and Silvermoon, though, from the city of his living elven counterparts he expected little to no results. Maybe a few undead souls still dwelt in Tranquillien. He looked up at the bats circling around the Trade Quarter before saluting the Dark Ranger standing a few feet away. She returned the gesture with a weary look on her face. He understood the feeling. Things were starting to look more dire for the Vanguard as well as the rest of the Forsaken... they would need all of the strongest undead they could find. Out of Character Hello, Emerald Dream! The Ravenheart Vanguard is a Forsaken/DK RP-PVP guild, with a military/dark cult theme. It is mostly Forsaken only, with exceptions made for Death Knights of any race. However, these said dks must be loyal to Sylvanas and the Forsaken first and foremost, simply because Galthuin personally wouldn't trust a member of the Ebon Blade enough to let them join, what with recent events. Who are we? The purpose of the Ravenheart Vanguard remains as it has since the end of the War in Northrend: to act as the strong-arm of the Forsaken and in turn, the Horde. Since the Vanguard is heavily influenced by the Cult of Forgotten Shadows, it draws heavily upon a philosophy built around worshipping undeath and darkness. Thus, with cult-like fervor, the Vanguard is a strong proponent of necromancy and furthering the “great and glorious mission”, which in this case is to bolster the Forsaken and see to it’s achieving "peace" through darkness and securing Lordaeron as an eternal realm of death. If you've ever wanted to start a Forsaken character or dust one off, now's the time to do so! If you're not a ridiculous, no-life, lore-nerd like I am *cough cough* then that's great! We're firm believers of learning on the job. What we do Both personal, and expansion based story-arcs have been the centerpiece for the Vanguard, ranging from large scale plots like fighting a dreadlord over a ruined necropolis, to smaller flashpoints like hunting down a rogue demon hunter and killing your family members. *cough cough* That having been said, the guild is icly a military organization, so pvp is something we'll plan to do on both casual (bgs, skirmishes) and rp-driven fronts. Given how many Alliance guilds hold land very near Forsaken lands, it's bound to happen sooner or later. You don't have to be a pro pvper by any means, (I sure as death am not at the moment), but world pvp is to be expected to say in the least. Events -Street Preaching- Come listen to the Dark Vicar or even Galthuin Palewind himself preach in the Undercity on the glory of the Darkness and celebrating undeath. -Patrols- The Forsaken lands are ever in need of protecting. Join us as we safeguard Hillsbrad Foothills, Tirisfall and even the Forsaken fortresses in Stormheim. (WIP) Our website: http://ravenheartvanguard.enjin.com For a more detailed description, I'd recommend viewing our codex, which can be found here: http://ravenheartvanguard.enjin.com/forum/m/42116444/viewthread/30378743-ravenheart-vanguard-codex-wip/post/130573552#p130573552 If you're interested, catch us in game or send us in-game mail, either oocly or icly, doesn't matter, and we'd love to talk to you! Darkness guide you!Galthuin25 2d
2d Rebirth of Stromgarde Galen, the traitor, is dead. Sylvanas is the most hated leader of the horde. From this day forward, Stromgarde is, once again, under the protection of LIVING humans. The Trollbane line will return. The Trollbane line will eradicate all pretenders, and all usurpers. Stromgarde is the beacon of life, north of the Thandol Span. Stromgarde will not bow to the Horde, or Stormwind. Honor to all those who defend the ancient name of Stromgarde. Vengeance upon all those who would seek to destroy her. Honor and Vengeance Belaal Keeper of StromgardeBelaal11 2d
2d [A]<Clan Battlehammer> WPVP/PVP/RP Who are we *zzzZZTTKKRAACKK* Crackling Thunder rang out as the Lightening bolt just barely missed its mark, setting ablaze a nearby tree instead. "Behin' yeh Bruenor!" Shouted Rhusty as he threw up his shield, empowered by the light, deflecting another incoming bolt ment for Bruenor. Who's that you ask, oh at this point he was just a lost Dwarf fighting for his life in a land that wasn't his home, but he was to become the Warrior King of one of Azeroths mightiest Dwarven Clans, Clan Battlehammer. But for now, back to the story... This was the third time in as many nights tha' the small Dwarven band had been set upon by the Horde. Outnumbered and ambushed along the road the newly formed party had barely survived the previous battles and this one wasn't looking to good. However, the discipline and fortitude of the Dwarfs saw them through and only a days travel more saw them through the Mighty Gates of Ironforge and a new home. Thus began the epic journey of wonderous battles and timeless adventures of Clan Battlehammer. That was the beginning, but today, over eight years later, we still strive with that same kind of grit and determination. King Bruenor came to ED with a vision of fielding a massive all Dwarven army, charging across the battlefields of Azeroth with a true Clan of Dwarfs. A family that would fight and die, if need be, beside one another and that is exactly what Clan Battlehammer is today. We've had times of nearly fielding two raids and some darker days barely mustering a full party(mostly due to blizzard screwing pvp over). But through all the years we've held true to the Alliance and the ED community. That is who we are. A determined and honor bound Clan of Dwarfs set on defending the weak and vulnerable good people of Azeroth against any and all threats that may come. What we do. WPVP: Clan Battlehammer has a storied history of city attacks, outpost defenses, and general world skirmishes. Today is much the same. Due to many of blizzards foul ups with sharding and breaking world defense we find it a bit more difficult to find the more organic battles of yesteryear but still, a few times a month, CBH will have a call to arms involving some wpvp. Be that attacking a Horde capital, rp base, or just charging across the Broken isle until we find a Horde band to tangle with. PVP: Again, a brief YouTube search will quickly let you know our history with Alterac Valley. It's a staple of CBH's CTAs today that typically ends in a Hammer victory and a great battle. Besides that currently CBH is in a casual setting. Only running Yolo RBGs and running random bgs when any online Hammers are interested. RP: With an 8 year history I'm not about to fill this up with it all, but we are a light RP guild with a few medium to hardcore RP centric players. Currently working on a few projects for in guild RP and encourage any interested members to reach out in the greater ED RP community and participate where available. PVE: What's less than light? Almost zero history with PVE in CBH. We have many experienced pve'ers we just don't spend guild time on it much. Unless gearing up a returning player or new member and as always anyone can start a group up for mythics and so forth. Bargrim37 2d
2d Level 70 twink guild (horde) <Kakorraphiaphobia> is a brand new 70 twink guild now recruiting all types of twinks for PvP/PvE action! No real requirements besides being level 70! We are very new and very small atm but all of our players are really active! If you are interested stop by the server and whisper either Aqillos/Arríètty/VêndetoMacedonian80 2d
3d No more sharding in old zones. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758556541?page=9#post-165Cortech35 3d
3d [A] <Warbringer> 3/9 M ToS Alliance For all of my fellow Alliance guilds and independents we come to your aid in this dark hour as horde guilds pillage our home. If you want to join in on some of our world player versus player Guild Leaders please try and make an effort to contact Jalen to organize a time where we can discuss possible epic events and have them planned properly. Without proper organization Warbringer will not show, this isn't because we believe that we are better but simply because it is a lot more fun when things aren't such as mess. For the Alliance, Hail Warbringer! - - Legion Mission Statement - - As the expansion continues to roll, we've shifted our attention to the raiding scene. Our goal for the upcoming raids is to push as hard as we can to have 2 teams. 1 for Mythic, and 1 for casual play. We're also shifting our gears to being more open to making events for other games as well to avoid getting burnt out on Legion. Join us! We'd love to have you on board! - - Guild Information - - - Warbringer started on Emerald Dream in December of 2012 with a small group of Venture Co transfers. We quickly swelled up with the Emerald Dream Guild hopping crowd and plowed our way into the epic scale WPVP that this server is known for. After about a half of a year Warbringer’s image began to take shape. Unlike most guilds Warbringer’s emphasis was put in Community Involvement (Inside of the guild). Not every raid went perfectly, but in time we eventually earned our status on server due to the amazing officers and community members that we had. With strict rule enforcement and strong leadership Warbringer has managed to maintain a low-level of drama within the community allowing players to focus on actually playing the game. During MoP Azuma (A Lt. at the time) took 9 other WPVP'ers and went from LFR to Heroic level raiding content surpassing everyone’s expectations. Warbringer’s officers have shaped and controlled the communities’ events leading us to have 2k RBG teams, Mythic Raid Progression, Role Playing Storylines, epic WPVP, and many silly nights in Discord improving ourselves in game. Warbringer is a safe haven for gamers who look to participate in a moderately-serious WoW guild with standards on membership that place us all around the same social level of maturity. - - Our Current Officers - - Jalen - GM Mariessa - Co-GM (Director of Recruitment) Sully - Captain (Human Resources) Monzaligar - Captain (Raid Progression Leader) Bromosauras - Lt. (Co-Raid Leader/Recruiter) Lexavik - Lt. (Recruiter/2nd Raid Team Leader) Fieryflame - Lt. (WPVP) Greedydwarf - Lt. (Recruiter/WPVP) Impirius - Lt. (Recruiter/WPVP) Manodeldio - Lt. (Community Events)Jalën74 3d
3d Just switched to ED! Hows the realm? I'm Curious on your experience on this realm. I was stuck between this and tich I came from Stormrage, had enough of alliance and pve.Tukla13 3d
3d [A-RP] <The Hounds> Worgen Military Unit Looking across the lake, the little girl poked her head from around her father as they stood on the docks. She raised her hand to her forehead in an attempt to block the sun just to catch a glimpse of their new home. She remembered overhearing her father speak to her mother of how some families were joining the Hilsbrad refugees at Fenris Keep. The promise of safe passage by the Alliance alleviated their concerns about the journey. Loaded wagons and livestock filled the convoy as the cheery faces of so many seemed to overshadow the fact that they only had six guards to protect so many... The convoy is lost in sight as their journey continues. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following events were given by eyewitness reports. The roads now turned to mush as the rain continued to fall down onto the convoy. Yelling and screaming filled Silverpine Forest as the Forsaken continued their assault on the poorly defended convoy. The smell of burning wood and smoke consumed the air as some of the wagons burned from the oils their attackers had thrown on them. As the rain kissed the burning hulks, smoke spread out through the battle making it both hard to see and breathe. The guards continued to fight on, though they seemed hopelessly outnumbered. Hiding under one of the wagons, the little girl and her family huddled together in fear. Each one of them trembling as the battle continued. Spotting the family under the wagon, a menacing Forsaken approached them. He carried two rusty looking blades that seemed to eagerly pull him towards their next victims. If his lower jaw had still been attached, they would have seen the evil grin of delight upon his face. The little girl closed her eyes as she saw him reach the end of the wagon. Then…she waited. A moment passed and still nothing. Opening her eyes she found herself staring at a pair of massive foot paws. She followed the feet up, slightly sticking her head out from under the wagon, and seeing a massive wolf like man. His thick crimson and black armor could barely be seen by the nearby firelight. A cloth draped down his back with a sword and shield on it. Thinking for a second she remembered in class being taught about the Worgen though she never had seen one this size. Snapping back to reality she jumped, “Oh!” as between his legs she came face to face with the Forsaken. His once menacing look was now one of horror as he dropped to his knees, holding a massive gaping chest wound. His eyes clouded over as he collapsed back in a heap. On Laeg’s blindside an ambitious combatant decided to seize the advantage and leapt towards him with a very large axe. Just before contact, a bullet hole materialized out of the Forsaken's forehead, causing the once strong trajectory to crash into the ground. Turning around, Laeg nodded to the nearby tree line as Cadwallen watched him, from his camouflaged position, run back into the fray. Turning his attention to a seriously wounded guard, Cad pulled the trigger just in time to stop a finishing blow from the guards attacker. The guard fell on his back as he noticed some roots and foliage begin to travel up his leg in order to get to his chest. The roots began to wrap around his chest which in turn caused the guard to panic. He grabbed at the roots but quickly halted his frenzy as he noticed that the roots were adding pressure to his wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Hearing a thunk he leaned his head back just in time to see Lysella pull her staff back from rendering one of the enemy unconscious. Standing over top of him was a female worgen. She gave him a warm smile, placed her hand on top of where the plant life had already started to work its magic to help speed up the process. Sharp screams stole her attention momentarily as she looked over her right shoulder to see three Forsaken creeping up on a small group of civilians. She held her breath for a moment, then relaxed as she saw icy chains envelop all three attackers. Lady appeared from the darkness alongside Arganan who stood in the open, paw outstretched towards the moon overhead. In a flash he brought his paw down and pointed at the Forsaken. Three columns of energy fell onto their victims as the beams tore into their rotting flesh. Their yells were cut short as a spear expertly took them through the middle creating a Forsaken kabob. Kernan rode up and dismounted quickly. Placing his foot on one of the Forsaken’s chest he kicked outward and pulled at the same time which freeing his beloved spear. Nodding to Lady and Arganan he ran back and pulled himself back up upon his steed as he rode off to find his next target. Looking at each other, Lady and Arganan grinned and followed suit.Deàthchàrge300 3d
3d [A]<The Päck> Still Wants You! IC: The mystically pristine city of Dalaran hovered high over the seas. The foreboding beacon of the Tomb of Sargeras still shone in the distance. Its gloom overtook the once whimsical nature of the city. Any music that played, any laughter heard, any smiles seen, all felt forced. There was only one who seemed genuinely happy. A gnome, armed with a push broom slung about his shoulder, strolled along the ever clean walls of the city. He hummed a happy tune, showing no signs of displeasure. That was, until he saw it. His head spun on a swivel. Several feet up the wall, a smudge tainted what was otherwise perfection. With a snap of his fingers the broom bounced to life. Another snap summoned a ripple in space near the wall’s imperfection. A bucket of soapy water faded into existence and splashed its contents against the grime before it vanished. The broom flew up where the water hit and hesitated. The gnome raised his hands, still humming the happy tune. As a gentle flutter his hand’s proceeded to wave his hands as a musical conductor. The broom danced along to the 4/4 time as it scrubbed and it scrubbed with exact harmony. When the song was finished, the wall shone free of imperfection. “Excellent.” The gnome spoke with a cheek-to-cheek grin. “That makes the last wall. The city is clean for another day!” He held aloft his hand, and the broom flew into his grip. It was slung over his shoulder and he happily marched around the corner. SPLAT! The sickening sound brought a twitch to the gnome’s eye. His head turned as though the gears in his neck were rusted. There, towering over him was a worgen. He wore the white wolf’s paw of the Päck on a red cloak. The crinkle of paper could be heard as he spread a large poster over the glue that had befouled the walls that were just cleaned. From the mouth of the lupine figure the same jaunty tune that had been hummed by the gnome a moment ago. The worgen picked up his bucket of glue and satchel of fliers and continued about his business, leaving a furious janitor behind. The gnome gazed up at the poster (( http://i.imgur.com/KIvFzXV.jpg )). He could hear the splat of glue once more from around the corner. He turned in the direction the worgen had come from and his heart sank. The same poster littered the walls of the city every few feet. “Why can’t they just cram these on the call boards like everyone else?!” The gnome shouted before slamming his broom into the paved ground with a snap. Now his precious cleaning utensil lay on the path in two pieces. He lets out a final cry of rage at his predicament. OOC: The Päck is an all Worgen RP-PVP guild, now over five years strong. We have been running wild across Azeroth since September 9th, 2011. We have grown and prospered on the Emerald Dream server and we will continue to grow to bolster the great ED RP Community. Whether it be light and casual roleplay, to long term complex story arcs, we have it. We have developed a strong PVP presence and recently, thanks to Laernyx, have formed a solid casual raid team which cleared Emerald Nightmare Normal within the first few weeks of its release. We provide a mature environment to help our members both grow and have fun. Whether you are fully geared at max level, or just starting your way through the Gilneas starting zone, we can offer you a home. Here is our current activity for each aspect of the game. RP We have regular RP ranging from casual gatherings to D20 events. Currently we are stationed on the Broken Isle, our forces travel mostly between Dalaran, Greywatch, and Bradensbrook. Long time and experienced with RP? Welcome, we have a home for you as we unite in this curse to protect our fellow worgen everywhere. New to RP? We welcome you as well, we are more than happy to assist any and all new roleplayers to build confidence and develop their characters to be as interesting as possible. We are also proud of our involvement in large community events. Our five-year anniversary party was a blast, with thousands of fireworks launched and countless prizes given away to the community. We were active in several RP PVP campaigns, and we were an integral part of the Silver Sickness campaign, the multi-server, cross faction, plague style RP campaign. PVP Arena partners are never hard to find among our ranks. Ask around and we can help you get that strongbox you want or even push rating. Every week we join forces with Clan Battlehammer and engage in larger scale PVP, both WPVP and Pre-made Alterac Valley. Of course we also have our own Casual PVP. Ask for BGs and you will almost always be able to get a group together. PVE Our raiding team has recently become something to be truly proud of thanks to Laernyx’s leadership and the hard work of everyone who came together. We were able to have a guild group clear Normal Emerald Nightmare and are now moving onto Heroic.Nemò226 3d
4d [A] Kingdom of Northgarde - RP-PvP-PvE + The Kingdom of Northgarde + In the northern lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, war has taken many lives and destroyed many homes. People from all different parts of the North have suffered greatly as they have seen their own cities fall to the undead and the Horde. Many still stranded have become lost in their connection to the Alliance. Some hearing the news of a new Kingdom representing the North have fled to Northgarde in hopes to finding a new home, others have yet to be found. With the alliance between House Dereth, House Fairbreeze, House Whitesword, House Redpath, House Jadewing, and House Delronde, the Kingdom of Northgarde now stands as a bastion for all those who wish to defend and bring glory back to the North. I. Mission Statement To provide a friendly and respectful RP-PvP community while aiding the community in their best interests. II. Background During the beginning of the latest Legion invasion, Stromgarde's last living forces were killed and risen as undead by Galen Trollbane and his minions. After some short time, the Ebon Blade would uncover the truth and bring swift justice onto Galen Trollbane. The Kingdom of Stromgarde would finally come to an end with its capital now resting in ruins. After the collapse of Stromgarde, the Kingdom of Arathor fled south to the town of Marshtide Watch after escaping from their homeland of Arathi as refugees. After spending many weeks and months in the south, they would rapidly begin to restructure and reorganize their entire views on the world. Angry and eager for vengeance, this new clan of survivors would begin to form a new Kingdom, one seeking gold riches and the heads of their past enemies. It's monarch, largely made up of Stromgarde breed, would create a name for their new kingdom that would honor both the North and their home city of Stromgarde. The Kingdom of Northgarde is born! III. Ranking System Rank Chart: https://goo.gl/MCCFXh Hierarchy Chart: https://goo.gl/oN58GP House of Nobles Chart: https://goo.gl/5cFzqR House of Commons Chart: https://goo.gl/kKAizi Armed Forces (Military) Chart: https://goo.gl/Ttu4h1 -- House of Nobles -- King .:+:. (GM) Royal Councillor :+: (Co-GM) High Noble .+. (High Officer) Noble + (Lt. Officer) -- House of Commons -- Captain-At-Arms (Military Leader - Northgarde Sub Officer) Champion (Honorary Rank - Northgarde Sub Officer) Major-At-Arms (Second Tier Military Rank) -- Commons -- Soldier-At-Arms (First Tier Military Rank) + Patriot (Non Military - Advisory) + Northman (Introductory Citizen Rank) IV. Uniforms Th Kingdom of Northgarde has standard uniforms for each class. Although not everyone (such as Citizens-Champion) in the guild is required to wear a uniform, one is required to obtain the guild uniform to achieve higher ranks. Once you have obtained the guild uniform, you may choose to wear your own transmog or remain in the guild uniform. Although we always recommend you wear the uniform, it is not always required. Though, when achieving certain ranks within the guild, members must be ready to transmog into the uniform when a special event, or situation is called for by an officer.Delronde31 4d
4d The Walking Dead Are there any TWD fans left out there? When season 7 aired, I speculated that the only thing left for season 8 was for Rick to die. That would be the only way to top the season 7 opener. http://us.blastingnews.com/showbiz-tv/2017/05/walking-dead-season-8-spoilers-major-character-death-speculated-001726343.html You just never know.Boadicea19 4d
4d [A]Return With Honor[PvE/PvP] Wants You! <Return With Honor> H6/9 weekday 6pm-8:30p EST raid times. Tank and RDPS needed. We also have a reward system where you can receive game time & game store items paid for by the guild. If interested pst me. Also visit us at returnwithhonor.shivtr.com Who Are We? Originally established in Tichondrius-US during the WoD expansion, Return With Honor is a guild lead by military veterans who are also veteran players of World of Warcraft. We offer great conversations, crude humor, active environment, and a home for individuals looking to be apart of a tight nit group. We also have a guild point system used by our members to earn great prizes like in-game items(gear, pets, mounts, etc) and game time. These points can be earned by staying active on our guild website, volunteering to assist the guild, and being involved in any guild groups. RAID SCHEDULE Alternating raid weeks (Varying days scheduled a month out)Tues, Friday, Sunday and Wed, Thu, Mon: 6:00PM-8:30PM EST We expect everyone to be prepared and ready to go 15 minutes before raid time (5:45PM EST) to start pulls at 6:00PM EST. We get Saturdays off every week. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Return+With+Honor RATED BATTLEGROUNDS The RBG schedule varies on a week by week basis. Multiple groups will be formed to accommodate mostly everyone. Guild Events Guild Events are held every week with prizes for members to earn like high ilvl BOE gear, gold, pets, and mounts. If interested please contact Hoodxd or myself by in-game message or mail contact me at #ActionJack11202Dreddmourne11 4d