Emerald Dream

Jul 29 Family Oriented Leveling Guild There are three of us at the moment. We are a family with a child who is learning to play the game. We as of now are only a group on Saturdays. We are available (adults) on our alts during the weekdays. Our Alts are rapidly outleveling our mains. We are introducing our child to the dynamics of the game and are currently seeking either someone willing to join with and alt (mains welcome) or just willing to group and be patient. The parents are experienced DPS and Heals from WotLK era. Formerly a highly rated 10man Guild Horde Side. A lot has changed since then, common sense and knowing a role hasn't. We prefer to control the guild environment for multiple reasons, protection of the young one being the priority. As such we are not willing to join an established guild. That would be unfair to current members for us to police. We are the <Vodounkin Tribe> and you are more than welcome to search our history on Ravenholdt. We are open to all, just keep in mind we are seeking folks willing to keep it to a PG rating. Thanks for taking the time to read this. PST to any online member if interested.Murdralass48 Jul 29
Jul 29 LF Guild with Mount Achievements Hello all, Have a new alt on this server with my dad and he doesn't have any cool mounts so I'm looking for a fairly casual guild that has the Pandaria Raider / Draenor Raider achievements for the Jade Serpent / Boar mounts. We're pretty active and will stay (not using just for the mounts and then quit) but I would prefer if we found a guild that could offer these mounts for us. Either reply here and I'll look for someone in your guild when I'm on, or message Audessa in game. Thanks!Bluntgirl6 Jul 29
Jul 29 [H] <Chimaera> LF ALL ROLLS! 8/9H <Chimaera> Is currently looking for dedicated and exceptional DPS and a tank but all rolls can be considered! =) We are currently 8/9 H working our way towards a mythic standpoint! Raid days / times : Tuesday and Wednesdays from 7pm - 10pm Server. We also do N ToS smash nights and other prior raids on the weekends! =) As well as Rated BGs starting up soon! Any questions please add Figatree#1349 to btag!Yagirl1 Jul 29
Jul 29 <Wardens of Azeroth> New Guild Recruiting Thanks for your interest in Wardens of Azeroth! Guild is on the Horde-US-Emerald Dream RpPvP server. We are sub-branch of a much larger multi-gaming community known as Guild Medieval. Guild Application: http://www.guildmedieval.com Founded in 2001, Guild Medieval is well known as a haven, or sanctuary if you will, for mature gamers. We are family-friendly, helpful, and courteous. Many of our members form friendships that last beyond the games we play. Some have even gotten married! When you join Wardens of Azeroth (Guild Medieval) you are not simply joining a World of Warcraft guild, you are free to play any game and join us in games we have a presence in, the current list is: Diablo Dungeons and Dragons Online Elder Scrolls Online Neverwinter Path of Exile Star Wars The Old Republic And more... In WoW we accept players of any level and our focus is on growing our presence in WoW and helping guild members level and complete dungeons. But we are open to creating other content like forming raids and participating in PVP. To save you some time reading, we do not allow swearing or off-color language/jokes. Or temper tantrums when someone dies or causes a wipe for that matter. Not that our members are all saints, but this isn't the venue for that. We all practice courtesy and the no naughty language rule is consistently and swiftly enforced. Continued belowKhorlamahr5 Jul 29
Jul 29 Emerald Dream Discord. (NVM ALREADY IS ONE) sVexxshades5 Jul 29
Jul 29 ED Discord up and running! https://twitter.com/JereyneED/status/871106877245050880 Its open now: https://discord.gg/VruffqR More than 150 members strong now. We have custom emojis! I even take requests for emoji! wOW!!!!! We would all appreciate it if you came in as your character name. Thanks. Just a reminder, Vaedron, a few others, and I are moderating this in our free time. Don't make this painful.Jereyne42 Jul 29
Jul 29 3.0 ???Myis10 Jul 29
Jul 28 [Campaign RP] The Devil's Right Hand ((This is a story detailing the struggles of our devious CEO, Fozle, and his efforts to obtain a ship in order for CoCo to make their way to Northrend for the upcoming campaign. Sorry in advance for the length. Hope you all enjoy :) )) The well groomed gnome sat lazily behind a well crafted mahogany desk, his hands casually sifting through various forms and documents that required his immediate attention. Time and again, a rubber stamp was pressed into the neat parchment, and another bit of semi-important paperwork was placed in a small bin at the desk’s righthand corner. Such was the life of Fozle F. Fizzlefort, CEO and Founder of Coldridge Company. Since they’d sprang upon the trading world mere months before, the company had been on a meteoric rise in Azeroth’s steadily growing business markets. Years of bloodshed had left the ravaged planet ripe for such undertakings, as any good businessman knows that nothing breeds economic development like the labours of war. From the innermost room of his quiet getaway in the hills surrounding Coldridge Valley, the pint-sized executive silently begrudged days such as this. He enjoyed the extravagant trappings of wealth, and all the fame and recognition that came with it. The actual work itself was far less enjoyable. An endless stream of seemingly miniscule details required his attention on a daily basis, and no amount of delegation felt agreeable to his domineering nature. However, while his constantly scheming mind found the process rather boring, the deeper meaning behind it gave him an intoxicating thrill nonetheless: control. To be in the driver’s seat of such an ambitious vocation was half his heart’s desire. He reveled in the glory of it, the mental acuity required to stay one step ahead of the competition; all of that, and so much more. He was the general of this little corporate army, and he moved the pieces on the chessboard known as the “free market” as he saw fit. Such responsibility, such power, was only a small step toward the ceaseless dreams which danced through his duplicitous mind when he laid his head to rest. Barging in unannounced, a heavily breathing courier, ragged from exhaustion after his long hike from Ironforge, made his way down the meticulously stitched crimson and gold carpet that formed the walkway into Fozle’s study. Wiping the sweat from his brow, and running a calloused hand through his curled, tawny hair and scraggly beard, the pale young man strode past the rows of sculpted busts lining the adjacent walls, each styled in the likeness of some long dead hero or villain. In his single-minded approach, the ragged courier paid little mind to the elegant scenery as he hurriedly made his way before the agitated gnome. “What on Azeroth are you doing in my study? Didn’t your mother teach you to knock? And take off those filthy boots. You’ll ruin the carpet!” The small businessman cried out in frustration. “I-I’m sorry s-sir, but an important message just arrived from the Board of Directors. I was told not to tarry; it s-should be presented to in you all haste.” The courier, slightly stammering under the narrowed eyes of authority, politely replied. With a muffled sigh, the miniscule mastermind of the Coldridge Company stretched out his hand. “Let’s see it then, and be gone. I’m in no mood for entertaining visitors today.” Ignoring the courier’s farewells as he dutifully opened the envelope, neatly sealed with a wax stamp emblazoned with a double-C, Fozle’s eyes widened as he studied the information within. One of the company’s forward scouts had learned of a recent conflict brewing between Alliance and Horde forces on the continent of Northrend. The messaged detailed the various attacks made on trade routes, and that the point of contention between the two mega-powers seemed to have culminated in the resources laden area known as the Grizzly Hills. Fozle’s astute mind immediately recognized the potential profit such a confrontation represented. Troops would need supplies, weapons, artillery, and possibly re-enforcement from the company’s private security teams. A team of representatives needed to be sent immediately, before more Alliance troops arrived in order to secure the company’s position as a major player in the markets of war.Krohgin12 Jul 28
Jul 28 US-ED [A] Shadonian Empire H-RP Brief Back Story “The Shadonian Empire, formerly affiliated with the Scarlet Crusade and its pursuit to rid Azeroth of the undead Scourge of Lordaeron. A young Paladin who would later become the very first Emperor took his most devout followers and fled New Avalon seeing as the current state of the Order he had followed was “flawed” and beyond reasoning. He and his band of noble men and women embarked on their ships to set sail for the southern bastion of humanity; Stormwind.” “Years have passed and now that the Alliance had become tolerant of the damned walking the streets of the city it was time for the Crusaders to adjust and reevaluate their true enemy in the world, the Forsaken and all those who would harbor them. The Paladin who led the evacuation of his people long ago called upon all former members of the Scarlet Crusade to rally and regroup again. To his great surprise quite a few members of the Knights of the Ebon Blade answered the call claiming to be former Crusaders. The Paladin was reluctant but, saw no other choice since this war could not be won by wielders of the Light alone with such a formidable enemy.” “Thus, the former Scarlets decided to adopt a new symbol to represent their new established relationship. The traditional crimson red coat of arms would be replaced with the shimmers of light and dark weaved together to establish that the wielders of the Light and Shadow working in unison. As a visible symbol, a Cross was drafted to showcase Unity and Equality to all those who would fight under their banner despite their background.” “The Scarlet Paladin, the one man that saw the flaw of the Crusade and decided to act now has the opportunity to bring the fiends of Azeroth to justice. The former Scarlets now mixed with the collective of other races of the world, forming this new Empire built on the foundation of creating a safer more perfect world. Statement of Service. To help promote the RP community in WPvP, PvE and other local events. We will not cower in fear at the first glance of our enemies but, would gladly lead the charge against them. We shall try to promote a respectful, friendly and unified RP community for the betterment of the Server.Delmarick4 Jul 28
Jul 28 Any New Guilds Looking for 2 Tanks? Hey all. Friend of mine and I are two tanks looking for a raiding guild. Not too worried about progression (we can pug Heroic or whatever if you're only on normal). Just looking for a fun and fairly consistent raiding schedule. A couple things: He's a Demon Hunter (only 890 ilevel). We're working on gearing him up since he just main switched from a H Priest. We would like to only do weekdays. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are off the table unfortunately. We do like to sleep, so please not something SUPER late. Feel free to hit me up on here or at SneakyPotato#1441. We really don't care about your progression. We just want to have some fun :)Uglash0 Jul 28
Jul 28 Unique names on ED Anyone else have unique character names on ED that they don't want anymore? Let me know. Trackamp#1722Trackamp7 Jul 28
Jul 28 <Tank> 720 - Vengeance DH LFG 720 V DH looking for a progression raiding guild. I am available M-TH from 6PM EST to 11PM EST. I have mostly Heroic experience this expansion as I was playing semi-casually with friends. Fully capable of steping into the Mythic domain. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/17743728Sabacc1 Jul 28
Jul 28 [A] <SUDS> New Legacy Reroll Guild Recruiting UPDATE: Great launch last night! It's still not too late to join up though. Message me ingame if you have any questions. Hey everyone! I’m here to introduce a new Legacy reroll guild. Emerald Dream looks like a great community and I'm excited to get to know it better. If you’re at all interested, take a peek at our website: Sudsguild.com    TLDR: New guild that's running old-world content in a reasonably true to period way looking for members. Look at the above website. THE SALES PITCH:            <SUDS> is a new community oriented legacy guild seeking members to join us for our upcoming launch on June 14th, 2017.  We are an ambitious group that will be approaching old content in unique and exciting ways. In contrast to other legacy guilds that have come and gone, we offer a dedicated core membership as well as a concrete structure for legacy play.            <SUDS> absolutely refuses to be another legacy guild that goes belly up in a week. How many guilds have been created to “experience old content the way it was meant to be” only to burn out after two weeks of play? Legacy guilds have earned a reputation for being whimsical pet-projects destined to be thrown to the curve. That is not who or what we are. Rather, we are offering an entirely new, detailed, framework from which we will operate.   The core membership has a decade long history of gaming together. We’ve been looking for something to do as a group and Legacy WoW struck the perfect chord. Some of us have significant experience in WoW, a couple are brand new -- which presents its own sort of excitement. As for myself, I've played since Vanilla and spent most of WotLK and Cataclysm looking for a solid legacy or reroll guild. I must have joined a dozen, including spending a bit of time in Screams of the Past towards the end of their reign. Most of the guilds I joined were disappointments. Reroll guilds too often lacks leadership or direction and lose steam in a couple of weeks. Level 60/70 guilds are often cold places, filled with the inactive alts of those looking for a novelty experience or curmudgeons irrationally bitter about changes to the game.   The notion of legacy guilds was in the back of my mind up until the Nostalrius fiasco when I realized just how many others were looking for a community to do this content. When our group was looking for something new, it seemed the perfect opportunity to give a Legacy experience in WoW the best shot possible. While legacy guilds have a well-earned reputation for being flaky and frivolous, SUDS is determined, beyond all else, to prove itself.     If you’re at all interested in what I’ve been saying please hop over to our website: sudsguild.com. We’re all incredibly excited to find more founding members to join us on June 14th and can’t wait to see the ideas and personalities everyone brings to the group.     WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU: 1.      Clear Rules & Expectations: All rules and expectations regarding how we handle classic content can be found on our website at sudsguild.com. There should not be any worrying about what is and isn’t allowed. 2.      A Dedicated Community: SUDS has been formed by a group of lifelong friends and directed towards 3.      Refreshing the Difficulty: Playing through this content with a full 40 man raid nowadays is incredibly boring. There is no risk of wiping, the bosses are dead within moments, and the entire experience becomes incredibly bland. To counter this, all level 60 raids, from Molten Core to Ahn’Qiraj, will be done with no more than 10 players adhering to the above-mentioned standards. Adding to the experience, this will produce multiple raid teams in friendly competition with one another to clear content first.Zanaran25 Jul 28
Jul 28 The Alliance Empire < The Alliance Empire > is recruiting for those interested in world domination. Small to large scale WPVP; raiding, RBGs, mythic+'s, and other events. Join us as we destroy the Horde and conquer realm after realm. [Currently have an active presence on ED, Tichondrius, Stormrage, and Darkspear. Our calendars are synced, we phase into the same raids, and fight as 1 entity.]Andreyax50 Jul 28
Jul 27 Question for RP'ers. In the vast ocean that is roleplay I have delved into puddles when it comes to actually partaking in RP. That being said, my intentions on actually RP'ing goes as far as possibly making my own RP guild. I'm constantly debating in my head what Class / Spec for a troll catches my attention. I have tons of experience in WoW but there are a few on my bucket list before I do have the final goodbye to an era of my life. No shaman, as I've mained Shaman in the past. I'm looking for different roads to travel here. My thoughts are Beast Master Hunter or Blood Death Knight. I'd like to emphasize the Death Knight portion. Would it be enjoyable for others to have a Troll attempting to reconnect with the previous life he lost despite being turned? Becoming a victim that's using the potential gift and burden of undeath towards furthering his people? Edgelording as the kids call it these days isn't an RP string I want to follow however. If anything, it's Warcraft. Terrible things happen to every person, so why spend all my time /crying in say and telling people I'm a monster. I'd also like to mention, I really appreciate the Hakkar story line. It's brutal, gruesome and feel like it's understated in the lore what could have potentially happened. Yeah Burning Legion, but the Loa are fearsome in their own right.Tazanji13 Jul 27
Jul 27 [RP] The Redwood Initative ((This is the Redwood response to the Horde propaganda Tare put out yesterday officially throwing ourselves into the fray as lead antagonizers The link to the propaganda: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757628107 )) Abrahof gathered the Tribe in an emergency summons around the overly large peace pipe in the largest tent of Sun Rock Retreat after meeting with Brave Anunkasan. Lighting the pipe and inhaling the ceremonial mix he started: ... Many had heard the news prior and were not surprised of the action taken by the relatively new Chieftain, he has gently guided them to the war path. Most had cheered, saluting Abrahof before slowly picking up their large axes and mauls alike. Their lumbering movements exemplified their size and strength though mostly only average in size. The hunters made their way out first to find food for the travels, Togakwunu with his thick armor and hard had made his way to the forge, a few others following close behind and those with extra furs moved further to the sides of the tent to begin their stitching. Abrahof nodded as he stood by the smoking pipe watching the tribe. The Alliance will not get the chance to create another Taurajo so long as they could help it.Abrahof7 Jul 27
Jul 27 Patch 7.2 Goals What do you want to achieve during this patch? Down a certain boss? Attain a certain Raiting? Progress a char though an RP arc? Become a wpvp god? AFK in places because real life is killing your time to play? Set a goal for yourself below and come back later to see if you done didily did it!Destrey73 Jul 27
Jul 27 Emerald Dream Roleplaying Guilds (7/30/13) It seems that every time I attend a public event, I meet players from a guild I’ve never heard of before. New guilds pop up all the time, and it’s beyond even my expansive gnome mind to keep track of them all. So I decided to create a list of roleplaying guilds on Emerald Dream, large and small, old and new, serious and casual alike. The goal of this post is to create a list of contacts so that leaders can keep each other informed about events and issues. The contact people for each guild can spread the word to their members, making sure the entire community is in the loop. It will also be a good tool for new roleplayers looking for a guild that suits their characters. I would ask the guilds to provide their basic information, including name, brief description, and public contact people (not necessarily the leader, but someone whose job it is to coordinate with the outside community). The formatting is not important. I’ll start with GnomeTech: Name: GnomeTech (The Gnomeregan Technical Institute) Theme: Gnomish research university Style: Eccentric, absurd, or exaggerated characters; large public events Web Site: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=50847 Public Contacts: Zappie, Elzabeth Below is an index of guilds by post number. I'll try to keep the list up to date as new guilds are added. Defunct guilds will be removed periodically. Last updated 30 July 2013. Alliance 1. GnomeTech 12. Pirates of the Iblis 27. Starsong Tribe 31. Scattered Petals 44. Bandit Lounge 45. Endless Eclipse 50. Crusaders of a New Dawn 56. Keepers of Stromgarde 57. Nobles of the Republic 58. Guardian Brotherhood 62. Sentinels of the Blade 66. Republic 67. FLUFFALO 69. The Seventy Third 72. Spirit Council 73. Anvilmar Brigade 80. Ishtar 81. Kul Tiras Horde 18. GoblinTech 25/63. Blackmoon Tribe 26. Tauren Marines 41. Conclave of the Horde 42. Nyx 52. True Authority 59. Bads 61. GorWatha Warband 64. Yongjiu Tong 65. Eastwind Trading Company 71. Clan Stormfist 74. Bleeding Hollow Clan 78. Aeturnas Trinitas --------------------------------------------------- For history's sake, here's the index from the original post on the old forums (Now-broken link: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=18315574385): ...Zappie167 Jul 27
Jul 27 Sup Suckas Ya'll miss me or anything?Nazaràh7 Jul 27
Jul 27 Alliance Propaganda! CoCo is here to help! A badly dressed, stinking Dwarf stands up on a podium in the middle of Stormwind City’s famed Trade District. The beating heart of the Alliance economy where artisans and traders from all across Azeroth gather and congregate. The Dwarf reaches down into his i'll fitting pants and fondles around down there, and fumbles around for an impossibly long time taking out a small leather notebook. The dwarf clears his throat, then clears it a dozen or so more times following that. His time on the podium is well and truly eaten into as he begins in a voice much prone to cracking and breaking. Reaching pitches as high as human ears can comprehend, then dropping back down to a bassy Dark Iron rumble. The Dwarf says, “Heya budDIES! If you don't know who I am then you’re abouT TO CURse yourself for making my acquaintance, i’m Doodle Bop Ratskin -my friends call me “Ratstink”- and it’s a pleasure to BE UP HERe talking to you all. First off, I hate every single thinG ABOUt this city STormwind. How cold it is, how windy it is, the harbor smells like fish, the canals smell like poop, and the guards are reallY GOOD AT THEir jobs. I hate that. So…” The Dwarf fumbles around for the vein of his sentence, then shrugs giving up. He reaches up into his beard and takes out a smudged piece of paper and begins to read from it. “Uh, right. Uh huh. Yeap. I still can’t read.” The dwarf crinkles the paper up and throws it into the crowd. “I’ve been asked up here to teLL YOU ALL ABOut the thing going on in Grizzly Hills. I’m an adventurer and profeSSIOnal wilderness guide working for the Coldridge Trading Company. I’ve been all up and down this crappy upper worlD YOU FOLks live in and can speak a slew of languages that might help us out thERE. One of thosE LANGUAges is Orcish a tiny bit, and I hate that I have to say this buT THEY DOn’t got very good vocabulistic tendencies.” Doodle Bop Ratskin waves his hand a bunch of times to dispel that line of thought and paces back and forth on the podium, muttering to himself almost loud enough to be heard. As the crowd -yourself included perhaps- leans in to listen to the muttering he suddenly turns on his heel, claps his hands with a loud snap, and points at the front rows gesticulating wildly at them with the pointed finger. “But let me tell you a SECond thing about languages I know! One of them’s that every single one on this friggen planet’s GOT A WORd for “fighting”. And that’s just about everything you need to know about the peoples up here. Fighting! Fighting, and killing, and bein just regular old jerks to each other! Them Horde fellas, they’re AT IT AGAIN! They’ve turned Grizzly Hills, those hauntingly beautiful woods, and sweeping mountain vistas, into a battlefield! The deranged Tauren, or Taun’ka, -or whatever they are- BASTARDS are out there slaughtering innocent Wurkins! Killin em dead for no other reason than they’re wearin’ the blue an’ gold of the Alliance! We gotta stop em, because that kind of BULL!@#$,” Doodle Bop laughs to himself at his wordplay,” wont do! We’re a peace loving people here in the ALLIANce. Up to the point where someone sticks some sharp metal into us that is! So pick up your pitchforks, get on your armor, buy stock in Coldridge Company so we can get food and stuff to you guys who’re fighting out there, AND GET OUT THERE!” I’ll let you be the judge of how you feel about these stirring words delivered with vim and vigor, at three pitches that generally don’t go together in a single voice. But the majority of the crowd standing around seem to be quite adamant about going to Grizzly Hills to fight the Horde. Perhaps you should join them? Perhaps you should speak with a member of the Coldridge Company today and enlist as a “consultant”. Maybe a lot of things but no ifs, ands, or buts about this next bit, The Horde are in the Grizzly Hills, they ARE killing Alliance soldiers, civilians, attacking and burning villages. The facts of this particular case of aggression are not up for discussion the only thing up for discussion is this: What are you going to do about it?Doughpie6 Jul 27
Jul 27 Lf RP/PVP Guild Greetings fellow knights of the Alliance I am looking for an RP/PVP guild for my fellow Paladin. One of my first RP events I took part in was a RP/PVP event and I loved every second of it. If your guild is recuriting feel free to contact me on Battlenet: NoLimitsNick#1453Jerthad6 Jul 27
Jul 26 Ratio of ally and horde Hi guys its me its ya boi muramasah! Wanna ask hows the ratio of ally and horde here as I come from a realm with 70 - 30 in favor of the horde. Heard a lot of good things in this realm and was thinking of transferring here. Thanks and may the force be with you!Muramasah14 Jul 26
Jul 25 923 Havoc DH LF Mythic+ Team so far i have pugged all of my mythic + content sitting at 1900 score roughly, i always keep flasks,food,runes,burn pots,invis pots on me for when i need them would like to look into joining a team pushing 15-20s+ on weekly basis for fun add my Bnet or message here Feoro#1655 https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/emerald-dream/Capit%C3%A3oCapitão0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Quick question about RPing a race? Hey Dreamers, it's me again, Myis. This is a tough one. For me. I've been doing a lot of soul searching recently, trying to figure myself out. You know, the normal stuff. All that. I'll get to the point. The other day I found myself playing Skyrim, and for whatever reason I found myself compulsively pulled toward the Argonians. For those who don't know (I know a lot of people haven't played Skyrim), the Argonians are anthropomorphic lizards with scales, big alligator tails, sharp teeth, etc. The whole nine. Your basic beast race. I picked around, creating my character and everything, and it just started to feel more and more, right, I suppose would be the word. Like, there was some sort of normalcy about picking that specific race for me. A connection? I'm not sure how to describe it exactly. I was running around doing the normal intro and everything (went with Stormcloaks, DUH) and I could not stop looking at my characters tail sway back and forth. I ended up running in to a wall for a solid 37 seconds before I even noticed. It was like a was transfixed or something. I shook it off and just went on like normal. After about an hour or two I found myself in the Bee & Barb, in Riften, which is owned by two Argonians named Keerava and Talen-Jei. They're dating; Keerava is the girl. I started talking to Keerava and couldn't help but notice (warning: next part is a little less than PG) that her blouse was a bit, well, low-cut. Her eh, breasts were pretty exposed, but that isn't what drew me in. I just sat there and stared, almost drooling on myself. Her scaley skin. It's light green complexion. It looked like it was shimmering. I looked up and started to glance over her nubby little horns, too. She had about 8. They were so cute, I kept thinking. I snapped out of it, AGAIN, and shook my head, saving the game and getting up to go do some house things for about ten minutes, but it kept gnawing at me. What was it about those Argonians that was hypnotizing me? What the hell is is absorbing me? I sat down and googled "female Argonian", which led me down a rabbit hole. SO so so many beautiful pieces of fan-art. So many different colored scales. Some of them had feathers in their hair, some of them had long rigid horns. Three toes, raptor claws, everything. They all looked so beautiful. Nothing comparable to human girls. It felt so right. Like this is what I needed in my life. I knew about Furries, I mean who doesn't, but I didn't think lizards really counted as furry (xD). After a bit of poking around online and finding some questionable websites, I read about "Scaleys" on a subreddit. Think Furry, but for reptiles. I knew when I found this, that this was me. I knew right away. I spent hours reading posts, looking at images. Dinosaurs, crocodiles, sharks, you name it. So many powerful, beautiful reptiles. I mean, dragons?! Need I say more? This IS me. I want to be apart of this community. I know Emerald Dream have some Furry guilds, but I don't know about Scaley. I think <Myis> may end up being their first bastion... once I'm more familiar with the fandom, that is. Don't want to embarrass myself LOL. So my question is, I sort of want to start RPing Myis as a Dragon. I know Dragons can take on human (or elf) forms, so I figured it would be doable. Any lore nuts out there have some advice for me? Dos/Don'ts? I figure he'll be apart of the black Dragonflight, of course. They're the coolest. If anyone has any quick tips on how to RP a Dragon well, please let me know. Thanks Emerald Dream. You're my family. P.S. If you're interested in Emerald Dream's first Scaley guild: Stay tuned...Myis26 Jul 25
Jul 25 WTB ToS N or H run ally side Hi there, I haven't had much time for raiding and was curious if purchasing a run of normal or heroic ToS is something guilds are doing yet. If you're an alliance guild that sells runs please message me!Clanmar0 Jul 25
Jul 25 WTB the name Popstyle Some random level 98 demon hunter has it, if the owner could shoot me a message in game about it that'd be awesome, thanks teamSixgodx6 Jul 25
Jul 25 [RP] Obscurities. Everything is a weapon, Boy - best you never forget that. Life’s not always what it was meant to be, Cal. Sometimes you just have to let people go. You need to let me go. So you remember those days in Silverpine, where the world’s troubles seemed like a mere flea in the tall grass, brother? Always there, but out of sight. That’s how I feel fight now; here, but not here. There, but too far away to be grasped; forever adrift within the sea of fate, barely keeping my head above water. You are an agent of decay, for where you walk only death shall follow - Dark Child. Wander in the darkness, and you’ll forever be blind to the actions you do - High Executor. I remember your face, rotted one; so long ago, on the island of Caer Darrow you once tread. Where is the woman that once loved your callous heart? Has she, too, fallen - like you and your wretched allies intend Stromgarde to? Wake up... Wake up... Wake up. Slowly, but surely, the Lightslayer opened his eyes to the Crone before him - all around him the festivities of the Darkmoon Faire surrounded them like a thick, woolen blanket. Her garb was layered, concealing, but still he could see her seemingly ancient features from beneath the colorful purple cowl that rested just below her brow. “Your eyes tell of a life which has seen much strife, even before it was… well, warped into this.” The Crone croaked out, her face briefly illuminated by the crackling flame - her eyes peering into the bones which were cracking from the heat within. “I’d prefer to keep this simply business, Witch.” Muttered the Lightslayer, his deceased eyes gazing at the bones with a seemingly fanatical glare. He had little faith in the art of fortune telling, but at this stage in his life he wasn’t certain about anything anymore; Argus loomed overhead, and the path he walked was a lonely one. Perhaps a miracle could happen, and the Crone would have some form of insight for him, but he wouldn’t hold his breath - not that he needed to breathe anyway. “Witch.” The Crone chortled, “Aren’t we a bitter one.” Though, her jovial jest fell short as the bone which was within the fire didn’t merely crack, but exploded entirely - fragments of bone shrapnel peppering the two as a pillar of flame erupted briefly, eventually fading back to a dull ember. Within the flames, however, Caldrice saw a vision; it was a vision of a fel-broken world, and a great battle occurring within one of the various strongholds. There was death of both Eredar and Azerothians in large scale, but for some reason he felt an immense sense of loss. In the distance, he saw a collapsed construct - a golem, perhaps, with the fallen form of a man leaning against it amidst a slew of demonic corpses. He was unmoving, but the Lightslayer could understand that it wasn’t him. In the distance, he saw who he suspected to be him; a figure cloaked in a darkness which was foreign to what he wielded, and he found that the more he focused on the figure, the more he heard an insidious whispering in the back of his mind; a tongue he could not understand, nor even begin to make sense of the cryptic words. It was a language which tugged on the fringes of his mind, as if it tried to pull him towards something - some unseen truth that he had so long forgotten. It was then when he realized that it wasn’t the shadow that this distant variant of himself commanded. No, it was the void. "Three shall go, but not all shall return. Say your farewells now, for this is my decree. This is your prophecy." She swayed, as if hit by a sudden exhaustion. Wrinkled hands clutched at the side of her head before waving the Lightslayer away, “Begone with you, Undead one. Leave an old woman to rest.” He stood as instructed, and began to slowly walk away - heavy plated sabatons clicking their way against the pebble laden dirt in a steady rhythm as his mind was still fixated on what he saw - on what he heard. Three shall go, but not all shall return; does that mean Xavius and Jessa meet their end on Argus? Was the defeated figure leaning against the fallen construct Xavius? And how does the void come into play? Was it always within him, as it possibly is now, or will it inevitably corrupt him when he embarks on the journey to the doomed world? A growl parted from his pale lips before he slowly shook his head. It couldn’t be, not like that. This was a Faire, and that Crone was putting on a show. She had to be, the Lightslayer tried to convince himself, but still… he couldn’t shake the mountainous doubt that now plagued his mind. It seemed like, even from the beginning, he was doomed - from long before his life of Undeath, all the way until now. Was his fate sealed, or could he break the vicious cycle that he could never seem to defeat previously?Caldrice4 Jul 25
Jul 25 How powerful is healing? To clarify, what is the extent that a healer in lore can reverse damage done? Something I have always wondered since I started RPing in WoW when I first made Zhii being that my main spec was a healing spec, how should I translate that into my character? In the game, it would seem that maxed out healers are PRETTY powerful, removing diseases, magic effects and able to bring back someone to full health from the brink of death and even bring someone back from dieing. How I RP it currently is how I see it in game play that given enough time you can pretty much heal anything, however some people do not agree with this. Some people I have RPed with have a very limited idea on what healers can do to the point where they want you to roll a natural 20 just to close a wound out of combat. Now I think perhaps regrowing limps would be a stretch, but outside of stuff like that I have reason to think just about anything can be healed given enough time and IC skill level of the mender.Zhii14 Jul 25
Jul 24 The True King of Arathor On a beam of wood, hidden within the twisted streets of Old Town, hangs a single piece of parchment. It has been secured to the beam by a dagger; handle worn by use, blade polished by a dedicated hand. The parchment bears the unmistakable emblem of Stromgarde, the two headed eagle, seeming to be printed in half-dried blood. The emblem is followed by a short collection of words. There is only one king of Arathor. There is only one future for humanity. Arathor achieved that future once. King Trollbane will achieve it again. Honor and Vengeance.Belaal7 Jul 24
Jul 24 Any [A] RP guilds recruiting? Not sure how the RP scene here looks, but willing to give it a goRaiuu11 Jul 24
Jul 24 80s kids, get in here You can't escape being an 80s kid, being a 20 something in the 90s. Why would you want to though? Salute to the people of my generation, late nights and music so loud you can't hear the dumb stuff you are yelling. No damn cell phones either. We are the last cool generation. Sorry kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUhcwdALOGM Enjoy your Friday!Promiseland45 Jul 24
Jul 24 (RP) Year of the Comet [For her exploits before the Siege of Orgrimmar and throwing in the the Blackrock, follow the link; https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757668171 ] Luggora walked quietly into the bar. No one in Dalaran had any reason to suspect her of the crimes she had committed. Many of them were years behind her and on another continent. Still, she felt a certain apprehension approaching the warlord of the Blackrock. He was surrounded by his clan and having a hushed, tense conversation with a blood elf who bore the stench of her work with demons. Many of the orcs were drunk, but all looked as if they knew that things could quickly turn sour. The warlord would not grant her audience, but she was quickly put to work by the one called Eursaa. Word was the Blackrock clan had taken to calling themselves bastards, on account of taking in those left clanless after the wars. She claimed her own people had been scattered to the winds after the death of Neeru Fireblade, and Luggora could not stomach the thought of throwing in with the soft new horde. This group was undisciplined; fighting, drinking and fornicating, but in them she could see the possibility of a clan that could again be great and terrible in her master's service. Waiting patiently, she could also see vomit on the floor ahead of her. It would be a long road.Luggora31 Jul 24
Jul 24 Baa baa black sheep. Don't think I can find a guild on this server with a healthy mix of activities. I searched high and low. It's been painstaking attempt after painstaking attempt. Either a Guild is hardcore RP and has -ZERO- to offer otherwise or they're super serious business. Recruitment as a process is terrible. I've given out benefits of the doubt like Oprah and ate that grain of salt. "We're a work in progress." Everybody has a vision of grandeur when it comes time for them to form a guild. Finding a focus and being loyal to existing members (as they should be in return) is an important thing. This leads me to a more recent guild experience which I won't divulge the name and is the reason I'm posting on an alt to conceal their identity. I'd absolutely hate to clip their wings or act as though I am truly trying. I joined under the pretense that they were a guild in the process of rebuilding. They interviewed and explained that they were, "Mythic Raiders," as if to announce their superiority complex and achievements in-game. They were attempting to partake in Rp with hopes of raiding in the future. Recruitment was a definite focus as was many little projects as a side note. Day in, day out, I offered services as I could. Running dungeons, flying new 110s around and giving out gold to low levels (15k+) but no recognition followed. Stayed a recruit for several weeks for not committing to a limited couple strings of RP in-guild. Joined in for a handful of Mythic+ runs as they came up. One in particular, Halls of Valor. Both GMs were part of it and during which wipe after wipe. It was terrible, these Mythic raiders couldn't do call outs. I was drunk and had to start calling things out in order to succeed in the fight. Both of the GMs are north of 900ilvl as was I. We only had two sub 900 and couldn't complete a +5 without taking 3 hours. I met quite a few nice members, but started getting impatient. I asked, "What's going on with the roster? (End of second week). To which on of the GMs walked in circles without an answer other than, "We don't know, not sure, not there yet." They scheduled a raid. Hallelujiah! It got cancelled after being up for more than a week about two days prior. I asked, "Why'd the raid get cancelled?" The response was, "It didn't, it got moved and is now a different raid at a different time." It just also happened to be on a separate week's lockout. Shortly after an officer explained in full detail, probably shouldn't have, during a Mythic+ run where they used one of my characters to boost DPS for completion. Apparently they're trying out a new raid lead. They demoted the ex-raid lead and apparently without speaking to them. I logged in today to them having left the guild. The part that truly sticks out was the lack of explanation for him leaving and seeing that demotion. Less than a week prior he was tearing up on discord explaining that the Guild was his only distraction from the pain he was experiencing. I made the mistake of asking why did "so-and-so" leave the guild in gchat. I immediately received whispers from both GMs with a bit of a heated notation to their phrasings. The second asked why I asked so many questions while flaring their ego. I explained that all I did was ask a question and shortly after left the guild on an alt. Before logging over they had already dropped my main. This guild has absorbed over a dozen new recruits over the past couple weeks. I fell out of the loop by being inactive for a week as I'm expecting twins and had to move. All I wanted was a solid response that my time patiently waiting and contributing had an endgame. Alienated, reprimanded and thrown out behind the scenes. Probably explaining away that I wasn't active and helpful. That I asked -too- many questions. If there is a guild that has a heart and soul without a self absorbed, diluted core I'd be more than happy to join in. Drama is not an aspect in the game I want to play. I want to raid, I want to explore the lore and have fun nights of drunken PvP.Bingsoko10 Jul 24
Jul 24 [RP] Messenger in the Night Druids were a strange lot, Ciana thought. The one before her was no exception. After requesting and receiving permission to sleep in this building - Ciana's building - and requesting and receiving, with the help of Felaana and Chaewel, a tub of water, the druid unhooked the daggers at her waist, carefully set them down, then unceremoniously slipped out of her leather attire, dumped the clothing into the tub of water without a second look and slipped a simple linen dress over her head. The druid had then proceeded to sit on the floor, withdrawing cloth from her pack, and carefully cleaned her daggers. Listening to Felaana and Chaewel bicker good-naturedly back and forth, Ciana gave a soft snort. It had been a very long time since the weaponsmith had seen a druid care for her weapons so fastidiously. And now? The druid was asleep on a mat on the outside balcony. The bickering and laughter grew louder. With a sigh, Ciana walked over to speak with the pair, pointing to the sleeping druid, cautioning them to be quieter out of consideration for their impromptu guest. Her attention turned to a flurry of activity in the center of Whisperwind Grove - a rider approached. Ciana could see the newcomer, a Kaldorei woman, speaking with a few of the sentinels. The weaponsmith frowned and moved to the doorway. It was a strange hour for a visitor to these parts. Felwood was generally a place one hurried through if one had no business here, though with the fairly new residents on hand perhaps the occasional visitor was to be expected. Ciana's frown deepened as one of the sentinels pointed to where the weaponsmith stood. Ciana eyed the Kaldorei as she approached Huntress Selura at her post right outside the building. Selura turned her gaze to Ciana, an eyebrow raised in a silent question. A barely perceptible nod was all the huntress needed, and she motioned the newcomer up the ramp to the doorway. Ciana took in the Kaldorei's appearance silently for some long moments before speaking. "Who are you and where are you from?" The woman bowed respectfully. "I'm Maedellyn Duskleaf, and I have come from Ravenholdt Manor." What does Ravenholdt want with us? "Long way from home, aren't you?" Ciana stared Duskleaf down. ~ ~ ~ ~ Maedellyn simply inclined her head. "I've been tasked with delivering a message to Lady Shadowthorn. My sources tell me she is here, or at least was recently." "I don't know any 'Lady Shadowthorn.' Your sources must be wrong." Maedellyn smiled tightly. Be patient... be patient... She carefully schooled her face into a curious but questioning look. "Oh? Didn't I see Luminara, her saber, near the moonwell?" The weaponsmith stared blankly at Maedellyn for a few seconds. "The druid? That's Lady Shadowthorn?" "Yes." Maedellyn nodded. "It's imperative that I get this to her right away." She held out some folded parchment. "Would you kindly tell me where I might find her?" A snort. "By all means. She's right through here out on the balcony. Sleeping..." ~ ~ ~ ~ No sooner had Ciana motioned toward the balcony than the Kaldorei hurried over to the sleeping druid. Duskleaf placed a hand on the druid's shoulder, shaking it slightly. Instantly the druid sat up, and the messenger placed the folded parchment in the druid's hand. Ciana watched as the druid appeared stunned and shocked as she looked at the parchment. Even from where she stood, Ciana could tell the news was bad and unexpected. Felaana approached Ciana and stood at her side. "What's happened?" she whispered. The two watched as Duskleaf helped the druid to her feet then stood behind the druid as she stood at the balcony's railing, head bowed. Ciana shook her head slowly as she whispered back, "I have no idea. Nothing good." After the two on the balcony appeared to speak together quietly, the druid finally gave a slow nod. Duskleaf bowed shallowly and turned to where the others were watching. "M'lady will be leaving tonight. She asked me to convey her heartfelt gratitude for your hospitality." Duskleaf held out a bag of coins. Ciana shook her head and made a dismissive gesture. "There's no need for payment." Duskleaf bowed deeply. "We thank you." Within a short amount of time the druid dressed quickly in simple leathers, took up her daggers and followed the messenger out into the night. Bemused, Ciana gazed after them. "Huh... she forgot her robes and the rest..." Felaana smiled and placed a hand on Ciana's shoulder. "I wouldn't worry. She'll be back." "Oh?" Ciana turned to the other woman with a raised eyebrow. "What makes you think that?" "She's got someone special here." Ciana looked incredulous. "She does?" Felaana nodded. "Mhm. She'll be back."Tìnian6 Jul 24
Jul 24 [A] Weeb Squad - New Guild Recruiting All! We are the Weeb Squad, an ironic, self-aware guild. Want to pve? We do that! Want to pvp? We do that too! The Weeb Squad consists of myself and several irl friends. We are looking to expand our group and do content together such as; raiding, mythic+, pvp, you name it! Some of us used to raid hardcore but we burned out back in WoD. We want to get back into raiding but in a casual/semi-casual atmosphere which we hope to create here in Weeb Squad! :) We are looking for friendly and passionate people to fill our ranks and slowly conquer ToS and get ready for Argus! Shy about raiding performance? Do not worry! We will help you learn the fights and give you the neccesary information to succeed with us! We will be figuring out the best raid times once we have a couple more people! :) It will be slow to build up but we hope to create a great environment for everyone casual or not! :D Have any questions? Message me on my btag at Mardukas#11232Mardukas0 Jul 24
Jul 24 [A] 923 shaman & 906 DH looking for PvE guild I can raid on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I want to get to do mythic ToS, and heck I want to do M NH and M EN still too - I never got a chance! Message me @ WonkZilla#1361Hahci0 Jul 24
Jul 23 [A] Sunday Raid Team Recruiting <Haven> Greetings all, I am recruiting for the Sunday Heroic ToS Progression Raid Team in <Haven>, bashing bosses from 6 to midnight server time (7-1am EST). My roster currently has room for healers and dps, so all competent players seeking to fill those roles please apply! Message me, WonkZilla#1361, if you are interested in trying out for the team.Hahci5 Jul 23
Jul 23 Division VII For The Alliance! Division VII had some fun on this past Tuesday! https://youtu.be/3p5QCt5iJjw Shout out to: Division VII Clan Battlehammer Sworn Enemy Mekka Corps Heroes of Fight Club Special thanks to the Horde for coming out to fight, without you people, King/Queen kills just aren't the same.Daemontard3 Jul 23
Jul 23 Romper Room recruiting for RBG's and PvE So I decided to name change Project Mayhem as it's a name I didn't originally choose and was never overly crazy about it. Nonetheless this is a 10+ year old guild with an all new face. As always a guild under my leadership will be a PvP guild, including RBG, arena AND WPVP (not zerg WPvP). That being said, I spent a considerable amount of time in Nighthold last patch and I'm slightly ashamed to say that it was actually fun. I'd like to get a mythic raiding group together and I have a few very capable PvE scumbags ready to lead them. I, on the other hand, will be leading and organizing RBG's on a nightly basis with the intention of having atleast 7/10 ED players at all times. The goal is restore the once feared "Emerald Dream Team" to it's former glory, and maybe coax Albo online into playing periodically. I've played RBG's since Cata S1, have gotten hero and HWL numerous times, and I have enthusiasm for leading groups. While the game time put in by some of the 10+ year guild veterans may be casual, thegame play itself is not. The point is to strive in PvE and PvP. We want to see mythic progression as well as a rating push in RBG, and it's obviously anticipated that arena teams will be formed as well. My original passion in this game, as seen through a 10+ years of videos, is WPvP. I understand WPvP is now as cheesy as it's ever been, but all cheese aside I intend to maintain a WPvP presence as I always have. The legacy of Emerald Dream is now, and will always be, WPvP and I'll continue to be its oldest and most ruthless contributor. Now I don't like the word "elitist" however we are absolutely not looking for new players but rather very experienced ones. In the past we had used a 2200+ achievement requirement to weed out newbs but as the years rolled on it turned into a very ineffective method of gauging one's capabilities. Achievements are old and the complexity of the game has been dramatically reduced to such an extent that the difference between a 1500 player and a 2200 player could be a matter of 3 days. So... send a whisper or mail myself, Tamathorn, Beggles, Erbvirus, Tyler or Mortignis for information about joining and we'll do a brief interview. Ideally we look for experienced PvP'ers that get enjoyment from raiding periodically, although it isn't necessarily our primary focus. We prefer 18+ year olds as gchat can get a little raunchy sometimes. Lastly, I'll be continuing to sponsor more server PvP events on a more frequent basis... like the ED only AV wargames and perhaps a few new ones like a king of the hill type event in WPvP, etc. It would help tremendously to have the cooperation of a like minded guild alliance side. https://www.youtube.com/user/001CORPORATION/videos ^Video archive with multiple guild contributors. New recruitment video coming in the near future.Heltor24 Jul 23
Jul 23 [RP] Are these eyes faulty? It was a regular night for Mittle. She was sleeping in the forests of Kalmidor her Night Elf allies had. Ashenvale she thinks it's called? Bah, who cares. She hadn't made it to Northrend yet and as much as she flew blind, sleepy flying is NOT something to mess with. She lay in a nearby bush, with her flying machine concealed under a much larger bush. However Mittle had some strange dream she could not explain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The city is Ironforge, ah yes, where she lived... except she wasn't in her normal house. She was in some apartment tiny even by gnome standards. She actually slept in a bed and she had pictures of various animals on the wallspace available. By her bed was a table that had pictures of her parents. "Today is my first day working for that lady, I just hope I don't make a mess." Her view shifted to a mirror. Oh great, who is this lady? Upon closer inspection Mittle noticed it was her. I mean she didn't wear the same stuff. Where's my hat? Why don't I have the gear to hide my brew? and why do I have that trainee sash? These questions are what the actual Mittle thought. She didn't have anyone to answer those questions however, and the dream went on from there to Mittle walking to the Mystic Ward. She knocked on a door and she heard familiar voices answer. Actual Mittle was a bit shocked but those were her parent's voices. No mistaking that...Mittledann2 Jul 23
Jul 23 Dance happy? TotallyBrinhilda0 Jul 23
Jul 23 In the Shadows of the First War [RP] We didn't know it at the time, but our home was the corpse of a long dead spore mound who once shook Draenor. Botaan was the last of it's kind and in it's final breath shattered the great titan construct Grond. It's legacy could be seen everywhere on Farahlon. The island's deceptive beauty held hidden dangers. I was a young girl then of only a little past her first score of summers, but to a Laughing Skull that made me a woman. I had a hunting range and responsibilities. One of those was to slay the infested. Minions of the Fara would take our hunters and place the seed of the primal's consciousness in them. From that point on they would become more plant than orc. This one I had tracked use to be my friend. The creature still looked like Cha'ka, but moved with none of her grace, her savagery. It walked through the undergrowth unhindered, but as someone having a pleasant daydream. It's eyes unfocused; it seemed to be looking for something ahead. I prepared to strike, but heard the call of an animal not from my range. The hissing of arrows preceded not-Cha'ka's fall. The thing that was my friend lie on it's back, gasping not two yards away. Two arrows had pierced it; one in the chest, the other in the neck. It was looking at me, and I swear it was afraid before it stopped breathing. I watched the light leave HER eyes. My friend was gone. Unseen in the brush, I was passed over by her assailants. Headhunters from another tribe; the Bleeding Hollow. They were many, and far from Tanaan. I could already smell their smoke. They were burning Farahlon.Luggora4 Jul 23
Jul 23 Dear Sister Pt. 3 “I’m sorry miss, I’m afraid I can’t help you there”, the human paladin gave a quick nod of the head and continued his duties. A frustrated Minaeva was left standing there, tired of hearing the same replies over and over. The encampment seemed small and yet no one could give her information about her sister. Disheartened, she decided to search the plaguelands on her own. As she mounted her zhevra and strolled through the gates, she found herself being chased down by a scrawny little human no older than 25. “Excuse me ma’am, I overheard you asking about Avashi in camp. May I ask why?” Minaeva slowed the zhevra to a stop and dismounted. “She is my sister and I need to find her.” The young paladin’s eyes went from Minaeva to the ground as he said remorsefully, “I’m sorry to inform you but Avashi died awhile back on a mission we were given.” “Yes, and she was apparently brought back as a death knight.” The young paladin’s expression when hearing this told Minaeva that he was unaware. “S-seriously?!” The paladin stood in shock for a moment before trying to regain his composure. “Well I don’t know where she would be now, but I can bring you to where I last saw her. It may help give you some clues.” “Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated greatly.” Relieved at finally getting somewhere, she got back on her zhevra and turned to the paladin. “Do you have a horse? I doubt Zashaa would want a double load.” Zashaa gave a quick whine and huff at the sound of her name. “Sure, just let me grab a spare saddle and we’ll be set to go. I’m Cody by the way.” “Minaeva” And with that exchange Cody hurried to grab his horse. As the two traveled to their destination, Minaeva couldn’t help but be saddened by the corruption all around her. Dead trees and giant mushrooms littered the landscape. She could hear the snarls of mutated dogs and ghouls in all different directions. She decided to take her mind off these things and turned to study the human who was leading her; a slender young paladin who seemed a bit… odd. “So how is it you’re the only one who knows about my sister?” Cody smiled a little, “everyone knows your sister, she was one of the best.” “And yet when I asked everyone they acted as if they had no clue…” though she tried to hide it Cody could hear the slight displeasure in her remark. “The mission your sister went on was pretty hush hush. I mean, we all know she died but only a few know how.” “Then why help me?” Minaeva retorted. Cody motioned to the scar on the left side of his neck. Though it was fully healed, it ran from the back of his jaw down to the top of his chest. Minaeva could tell it had been a nasty wound at one point. “It was my first time doing a patrol and she was one of the experienced members assigned to us. We ran across a pack of ghouls and we underestimated their numbers.” Cody hung his head a little, “I thought I could handle my own weight and ended up tunneling on one of them. Avashi called out to me and I turned in time to see a ghoul lunging for my neck. In that moment, I thought I was done for.” Cody let a small sigh escape before continuing. “But nope, just as I felt the ghoul make contact a bright hammer fell from the sky and crushed it.” Minaeva chuckled as they rode along, “of course, Avashi always had a talent for being in the right place at the right time.” “Well, she sure saved my life that day. It’s a debt I’ll never be able to repay.” As the words left his lips Minaeva could hear the remorse in his voice. She paused, letting Cody compose himself before asking, “were you and Avashi close?” That question seemed to bring back his cheery disposition as he had a big grin on his face when he answered, “ha-ha, not so much. After she saved my life I asked her to mentor me and we sparred from time to time, but that’s as far as our relationship went. She did tell me a few stories about you, to be honest I expected you to be a bit… scarier.” Minaeva just chuckled to herself quietly. “You and your sister are… different from other draenei I’ve met.” “I imagine you haven’t met many young draenei, we aren’t exactly a common thing.” “Young?! But Avashi told me stories of you two on Draenor before it was destroyed. That was centuries ago!” Cody couldn’t comprehend the notion that someone as old as Minaeva would refer to themselves as young. The shock of the paladin was oddly refreshing to Minaeva. “Centuries are nothing to us. What’s a few centuries when most of our people are thousands of years old. To the races of Azeroth I may seem old, but to other draenei I’m just a naïve kid who has rage issues and still has a millennia worth of lessons to learn.”Minaeva3 Jul 23
Jul 23 Rp is Not doing so hot right now. The truth of the matter is that blizzard has destroyed the rp community. They have destroyed it by doing one simple thing: neglecting it. Role playing servers have always been and always struggled with the masses thinking they can server transfer and "stomp the nerds". I know this because I was that idiot! This along with a severe lack of quality emotes and simple rp tools (dying on command) leaves rp stale and usually leads to just sitting around and talking/traveling from point a to b. No action can be taken in rp. No fights or assassinations or even a simple thing like picking up a book or drinking/ eating periodically. (30 seconds of munching on a muffin doesn't count) To top it off let's talk about how FACEROLL any zone you go to is. You want to do an rp in plague lands involving the undead towns there? Well no worries because 1 ability wipes out everything with ease. A great way to ruin an rp? Hell yes. Optional scaling would help rp with the lack of danger posed to the players. Yes the cons would be trolls could easily wipe an rp but the benefits out way the cons here. Rp is an important part of our server and these simple changes could go a long way. An rp it would benefit for example: not too long ago, when this game was hard, myself and 8 others banded together and faced baine. Baine back then was harder than mythic TOS and now it is to easy. Level scaling please?Gremmjow25 Jul 23
Jul 23 hi i hope your all having a nice day and have gotten to pet at least 7000 dogs todayJazz7 Jul 23
Jul 23 [A] Mage LF Friendly Raiding Guild Hello Dreamers! I recently transferred BACK to the Emerald Dream after 9 months on Ysera. Now, I'm back home on ED :) I have 76+ days time played in the Mage role, with 11+ years exp playing the game. Currently 8/9 ToS N experience with pugs (so close to getting KJ down... but you know... Pugs). Anyway, I'm looking for a friendly new guild that raids during the week. Other guild events a plus too! I love the community aspect of the game :) I would like to call myself a casual-hardcore player. RL always takes precedence (full-time job family, etc. over game), but when I play... I enjoy progressing with a friendly / fun group! If anyone knows of a guild that would make a good fit, Alliance side, I would love to know! - DemonDemoncracy5 Jul 23
Jul 23 Shadonian Empire RP,PVE,WPVP Greetings everyone of the Battle.net Forums and of US: Emerald Dream server. This is to advertise the recruitment of the "Shadonian Empire". We will be primarily be a RP guild with its theme set upon a Militaristic backstory. Now with that being said I shall gone into detail of what that means throughout this post. What I'm looking for at the moment is a good leadership base to help get the guild off the ground. The guild itself was established on 12/15/14 but, due to recent events the guild dissolved and I'm trying to resurrect it. Not only RP events we would perform casual PvE as in raids, dungeons or maybe just trying to help level other toons as well as PvP. Depending on how it goes branch out to do coordinated RBG's and Arenas. Now if all the above come to be a reality with the Raiding and PvP side of the House I want it to be more of a casual guild type of feel and not of an elitist raiders/PvP'ers. Now as a disclaimer the guild name itself and its current backstory does fall in tail with current World of Warcraft canon story or lore. It is purely fan based taken on aspects of the game to bring it to life. With the RP aspect It’s actually broken down fairly simple despite its awkward appearance. The Militaristic part meaning almost the inner workings is almost based around a typical military unit. Where there are ranks or titles with the respects and honors that come with it. Down below is currently the ranks in the guild and a brief meaning *ACOLYTE- Trial Member *GRAND ACOLYTE- Semi-Member *REAVER- Full Member *DARK CHAMPION- Raider/PvP'er *BLACK GUARDIAN- Raid Leader/ PvP Commander/ Jr. House Leader *SHADONIAN LORD- House Leader/ Co-GM *EMPEROR-GM Now with the portions of the "Jr House Leader/House Leader" the guild internally is broken down into the 3 corresponding Houses. These Houses server as a major concept in the RP aspect of the guild but, as well serve as a competitive basis for members. Example being if the Empire held a tournament of some sorts and each house had to elect a group or certain members to compete. Whoever won there would be a prize for the victor but, as well as bragging rights for the particular House. Well each House is governed by its Shadonian Lords with the assistance of their Black Guardians when it comes to upholding the laws of the Empire and good discipline. Also as a Shadonian Lords there automatically appointed to the Council of the Black Hand which is the main governing body of the Empire which is under the direct supervision of the Emperor. As part of the Council is to advise the Emperor on any decisions and to ensure the "Emperors Will" is being carried out to the best of their abilities. Example being. The Emperor demands the Guild bank be stocked with Flasks, Potions and Feast for upcoming events. The Council will take his orders to their corresponding Houses and "make it happened" Now to go into detail about the Houses themselves. Each House was actually named from a significant person in the Empires history. A full detailed explanation of these three can be read on our official website. *HOUSE CEREBRUS- Named from the very first Emperor who reigned. *HOUSE VANGUARD- Named from a Legendary Black Guardian who served in the Empire. *HOUSE BLACK FANG- Named from the first female ruler of the Empire. Like I said before at the moment looking for key leaders to help re-establish the guild and to help it grow again. If you’re not interested in a leadership role and like how it sounds thus far I still encourage if you would like to join you can contact me via through the comments section or through this character when I'm on line or via In-game mail message. If you want to know more information or if you have questions feel free to post down below, whisper me in game or send me a message and I shall answer it as soon as possible. Thank you all who viewed this post. The guild does a Website up currently but, needs to be updated and we already have a private Ventrilo server. Again Thank you for your time and Hope to see you in the World.. of Warcraft. WEBSITE http://shadonianempire.guildlaunch.com/Delmarick6 Jul 23
Jul 22 Zulu Foxtrot looking for veterans I'm forming a military/veteran oriented guild, Zulu Foxtrot, on the Horde side. Civilians welcome if sponsored by a member. Verification will be done through RallyPoint. Casual, social, RP-friendly but not required, mostly PvE focus but we do enjoy PvP when it's called for. Most important requirement is a sense of camaraderie. Whisper Moghrarg, Korahngar or Felnyxxt if interested.Moghrarg4 Jul 22
Jul 22 Goods mornings! Theys once was a Gnomes, Mittledanns. Most peoples they thoughts hers was mans. Hers wears a bigs hats, and hers bootys was flats But Kittys was still a bigs fans! Theys once was Paladins names Zenals. The codes hims is has brokes was penals. Hims flips tables in stores Clerks says "YOUS NO COMES BACKS HERES NO MORES!" Then paladins was fills with adrenals! Theys once was Shamans names Jazz. Hims likes doggies thats babies, but no has. Hims makes them look cutes Wearins raincoats and boots, Theys doggies with lots of pizzazz! Theys once was Pandarens names Zhii's Hers was even more beautifuls than Kit-tys! Hers sends drinks in the mails Probablys poisons as hells! If I's no finish writes this......Kittys11 Jul 22
Jul 22 Saying no, politely. We here on ED are blessed with some fine writers and deep thinkers. I have a question for you. Ok Svendeta, you can answer too. So, a customer of ours recently asked for a discount for one of our standard services. She asked nicely, but we don't give discounts. Here's my reply: That has been our standard rate for (hazmat cleaning service) for the last several years. I appreciate your request as reasonable for a person with the responsibility of securing services for your company. I don’t deny that our fee is a significant, unanticipated investment in the shipment of your goods. However, the fee is reflective of the costs required to provide you with a well-trained, careful, and expeditious crew to (provide required service). We’re doing everything we can to not raise our rates in the current (state) business climate for hazardous materials handlers. I hope you can appreciate our position. We look forward to providing you with the best service available. First off, I think it's too long. I wanted to say briefly "No, it costs X, take it or leave it, makes no difference to me"...in as kind a way as possible. Any suggestions? Zigra, not beyond improvements.Zigra20 Jul 22