Emerald Dream

Feb 4 Fel Seminar Tomorrow (2/4/2017), at the Stormwind Lake waterfront, Yagi will be explaining to his guild how Demons and the Fel work, along with giving some background on the Illidari! It should begin around three PM server time, and all are welcome to attend. If you have any questions, page me in character, or if you can't find me, poke anybody in the guild Orchid Hollow.Yagi3 Feb 4
Feb 4 [A] The Whitefang Pack - Worgen RP ... Throughout the lands, the wolf-men began as but a meager youngling’s tale... one which transitioned from a simple tale into a sheer nightmare. As night’s chill blanketed the misty countryside with the haunting wails of malignant conspiracy, an inconceivable shadow had begun to consume the fragile minds of men. These ‘shadows’ of the forest and children of White Wolf, the Worgen's curse caused a sense of confusion upon their own weary, yet clouded minds. Shunned for and ashamed of their newfound existence, several of these “accursed were-beasts” grew increasingly uncertain of the mysterious entity which had so sympathetically accepted such an aberration, as well as, the lupine form which had granted them their salvation. Many of the Worgen struggled ceaselessly to contain the beast within in attempts to blend amongst civilization. They so desired a return to the ruins of their former lives inside the confines of cumbersome stone... only to become slaves to their own martyr. Day-by-day, their mounting fears and anxieties would intensify as the bestial instincts within fought for their rightful freedoms. However, there were those who would embrace the spirit of the wild and the instincts which burned intensely within them. These Worgen found paradise with in the depths of the darkened corners of Azoroth’s densest forestry. These clever, free-spirited creatures of the night would experience the pleasures of their being without fear of persecution: the exhilaration of the wind rustling through their fur, hunting to their hearts content, and the thrills of effortlessly navigating the untamed reaches. A whole new world lied before them, one many would later appreciate. But not all was well for the newly-established race. Both man and death itself had begun to revile the Worgen’s very existence, hunting them for sport and the misdeeds of the few who had long since fallen from Goldrinn's grace. These "beasts" were deemed as mindless men-slaughterers... an unwelcomed bane which should never have existed. The Worgen thus fell prey to man’s fear of the unknown and their insatiable ignorance. Despite the later-inducted charter forged between Greymane Worgen and the Alliance at the Darnassian Summit, internal relations between human and Worgen remained shaky at best. Their own kin began detesting that which they had become... viewing the Scythe’s blessing and its lupine form as a "Curse" to be ashamed of. Those who rejected such ideology became reprimanded and scorned for their alternative convictions. Raedolf “Redmane” Yaeger was no exception. Like many before him, Raedolf fell prey to the Worgen curse involuntarily. In time however, he grew to embrace the precious ‘gift’ he had received, and accepted the Wild God Goldrinn as a Patron and the Alpha Prime of all Worgen. Passionately, he taught Nature’s creed for all to hear. But... his words were often met with whispers of blasphemy and scowls of discontent. Cultist... Fanatic... such became the brand of his declining reverence. Even so, a few listened to his words. As they learned to be proud of what they are, these Worgen appeared from obscurity to stand by both him and his word... regardless of those who would chastise his philosophical convictions or his unwavering faith in the Great White Wolf. The pain within Redmane’s heart grew as he realized the ever-growing divide between the ones he once called friends. The pain reached its apex the day a great tree wailed in pain from the magics turned against it... the day that they ignored his warnings, wounding both the land and the reverenced tree. This gross disrespect for the land and its bounty would be the final breaking-point for the displeased Worgen. He realized at this moment, that the divide had become too great. Believing himself not a leader, and unwilling to take power, he left the relative safety of his group with a heavy heart. But it would seem the spirits had other plans. Content with his decision and the belief that the spirits would guide him, Redmane, along with those that followed, would soon establish a foot holding within the depths of Duskwood. It would be here that they would provide guidance and sanctuary in the name of their Patron Wild God, Goldrinn, thus establishing “The Whitefang Pack” in his honor. Just as the Worgen of Felwood and Silverpine have accepted their newfound place in this world, so shall we, neither as a sacrificial unit of war nor as a cursed people, but rather... as proud patrons of the lupine. A ray of light in the darkness of night, we are The Whitefang Pack. -Written by FarrinardRaedolf198 Feb 4
Feb 4 QOTD Kill on sight. What is your favorite race or class you like to kill/see die? Personally it's dwarves and any race of druid. Dwarves because they're so short and stubby and make funny noises when they get hurt, kinda like a three foot squeeky toy. They're like rampant hermaphrodic danny devitos or something. Druids because they always run away. Always, always, always ran away from my warlock and healed up behind a tree or something. Now on my demon hunter I can actually out run them, and stealth is no longer an escape. It's beautiful. Another little rule is when I'm on a solo roam is to kill anyone with a stupid name, or just a name I've seen before, particularly from the forums.Mortignis63 Feb 4
Feb 3 [A]<Death Knights of Scourge> Rp-PvP/PvE "Life, a second chance, that is what our king gave us. We were given a second chance for one purpose, to serve our king, and to bring death to all that stand in his way. We were betrayed, some say, by our king, he sent us to our deaths at a holy temple, but he never betrayed us, as we shall die for our king. Some survived, and most betrayed the king to join the horde and alliance, but some resisted. We stayed with our king, and helped him every chance we had, in vain. Our king was killed, right in his own citadel. I prayed, for 7 years, I prayed to Ner'Zhul, and it was not in vain. I now know, we must stay true to our second chance, and kill every single person that even helped kill our king! The end is near, for the death knights that stayed loyal have gone out of hiding! We will bring the death and darkness to all that stand against us! For the scourge!" A large scourge symbol is engraved into the Hero's Call board in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, under it is one sentence "The end is near, the scourge never died, and the scourge is ready to fight once more." OOC The <Death Knights of Scourge> Guild is the World of Warcraft division of a new gaming community <The Bradberry Squad>, we play CSGO and are excited to enter WoW. This guild is a heavily scourge themed guild, made up of primarily death knights, however you don't need to be a death knight OOCly, just ICly. We are planning on a lot of rp, doing a good amount of world pvp, and eventually forming a small raid team to get better geared for pvp and keep up to date on lore. I am making this guild with my RL friend, who will be the first officer. We need two more people to form, an officer and our first champion. Ranks High Commander(1): This is our GM rank, the high commander is the person that received a blessing from Ner'Zhul and started the movement. Commander(2): This is the officer rank, these are the leaders of the organization, they plan out attacks and help the High Commander make decisions. Champion(5): This is a rank exclusively for the first five people (other than officers) to join the guild, they are the first people to join, and the most honored. Death Knight of the Scourge: This is the member rank, these are death knights that never lost loyalty to the Lich King, and are prepared to fight for him again. Un-loyal Death Knight: This is our initiate class, these are death knights that have not yet learned following the scourge is the only way. They will become loyal eventually. Raiding We will be raiding once we have ten geared players to form a team with. We will be raiding to stay up to date in gear and keep in touch with current lore. PVP We strive to have lots of fun with pvp, we will be organizing many cross-faction events with pvp included, we will often duel instead of roll at are events when it's an ally player vs ally player. We also do late night wpvp after finishing with the rp. We do arenas on the weekends to have fun and get that rating up. Rules 1. Respect. You must always respect other members of the guild, and the ED community, if you are caught disrespecting others, you may receive a warning or a guild kick. 2. Know Lore. We expect you to have decent knowledge on the scourge lore so you can perform well at rp events. 3. Have a frost transmog to use at rp events. Music Guild Anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Ll-db8enM Bradberry Squad anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E9lsF8EKDIJordrend26 Feb 3
Feb 3 Server AV FUN GG fellas. I'd like to do more in the future.Heltor30 Feb 3
Feb 3 Im back Hi. Im here for your rps and your friends.Tylissius13 Feb 3
Feb 3 Beginner d10? Hey I was talking last night about this, and I'm really interested in doing some kind of d10 event but I haven't been able to go to some of them, and others seemed a little too intimidating for me. Anyone interested in putting a small, beginner d10 event together? I haven't done one yet and my girl keeps bragging about how fun the ones she goes to are, but I wanna get my feet wet a bit before jumping in to anything crazy.Ematerasu1 Feb 3
Feb 3 PvP Question Does ED have a decent RBG scene?Garinhalt2 Feb 3
Feb 3 Luchador Wrestling Contest! 2/5/17 Just a bit of more advertisement for those who don't look back at edited pages. During the bar night session this sunday @ 8pm ST we'll be hosting a wrestling match. Its 50 gold to enter with 10,000 gold as the grand prize for the main tournament and if things stay organized and go well the entry gold will be put into a pot for a all in free for all. Everyone is welcome as long as they are respectful of the RP and it will be hosted either in Dalaran-Northrends sewers half way through the nights events or on the landing pad for a nice circle. Below is a link to the bar night details if that peaks your interest also. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752551572?page=2Raeisley0 Feb 3
Feb 3 Possible roles DK's had in the Scourge. Hey everyone, Relare here. Decided to make this toon my main here on ED and I was just looking for some thoughts on roles DK's could have had in their time serving Arthas. I toyed with this toon last Spring with the idea that they were a Dragon Hunter for the Scourge. Not as a solo deal, more like a squad of DK's hunting dragons to be raised for the Scourge. Since regaining their free will they'd be acting as a bodyguard for various clients willing to hire them, while also trying to hunt and slay any undead dragons they may have had some part in creating. I'm just wondering if this sounds too 'special snowflake' in the minds of what our characters should be able to. Since I generally try to stay within certain bounds while RPing. Any constructive thoughts that could help me streamline my ideas with this would be appreciated.Isarion12 Feb 3
Feb 3 ☭<Warsong Battalion> is recruiting.☭ Warsong Battalion, Emerald Dream's premier World PvP guild is now recruiting. We are without question, the best at what we do: Large-scale World PvP As the realms greatest power in World PvP we're seeking team-oriented PvP loving level 100s willing to fight for the greater good. We have quite a few artists in our community ranging from singers to graphics artists and would love more. ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ Our current activities include: RBGs Arena WPvP Baptism rituals for heretics Giving back to the community Weekly For the Horde raids(for those who REALLY like to kill alliance) We have recently formed an Alliance alt guild for those with a character in the main Horde guild. We have fought on countless battlefields since time immemorial. Countless enemies of the High Chancellor, and His Empire have fallen, paving the way for the establishment of an enlightened democratic system. In place of the old dark tyrannical organizations, we have built a glorious temple of freedom and justice. Enlist today. ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ Website: Warsongbarracks.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWIYUygLRKFlIvOLKie1aBw Twitter(Himanshu): @HimanshuwsbInquisitor500 Feb 3
Feb 3 873 MW LF Heroic Guild. Title says it all :D I took a break for awhile due to real life and now i want to start raiding not really casual but not hardcore either. 2-3 nights a week max and between 6-11 Central time. Any hours in that slot should be fine. Thanks for reading!Nexs1 Feb 3
Feb 3 The Huntress and the Warlord Standard-RP ... The Maiden of Modighiem “Where ravens caw, poppies throe, where rats grow fat with flocks of crows,” Samiya hummed. With light-forged wings thrumming in gales of the Storm’s Peak, Samiya descended upon the smoke soaked earth still warm with the touch of blood. The hollow shells of tanks burned in hallowed pyres as gun and blade slept with their owners. The battlefield was silent aside from the cawing carrion who ate a rich harvest of man and orc. In life Samiya was a mother and a warrior, but in death she was a seeker of valiant souls. She pursed over the carnage that was soiled by the occasional demonic corpse. There was a boy on this field who was too young to fight but old enough to die; crushed, mangled and cast aside. The gentle contours of Samiya’s curves swayed upon the weight of her gentle stroll. Raven and crow scattered upon her approach and it was there she found him lying in a knee deep pool of mud all alone where no one would care. The boy’s ribcage had been crushed and flattened to a bloody pulp, perhaps by the roller of a tank or the heavy fist of an infernal. His eyes had been picked clean from their sockets by the flocks of carrion who still circled the skies. Ravenous cinders of felfire gnawed on his bones, impossible to quench and always hungry for more. With solace heavy arms furled around his crumpled back, Samiya lifted the dead boy and held him upon her bosoms like a mother nursing her child. She leaned into his ear where she kissed him with a whisper from her lips. “When ravens caw, poppies throe, where rats grow fat with flocks of crows. On Eyir wings to the halls you go!” said Samiya before carrying him with into the heavens, whose golden rivers belied untold tears. Where ravens caw, poppies throe, where rats grow fat with flocks of crows.Samiyä10 Feb 3
Feb 3 Streaming keystones | Prot warrior 900 ilvl Come join my stream and support the emerald dream community. Tanking +15 keystones to get weekly caches in. Join the stream, follow the stream, and lets do keystones together! thanks for checking it out =D @Twitch.tv/zulehqtZulehxd0 Feb 3
Feb 3 [A] RP for Ômnos' Premade AV's http://i.imgur.com/LPsNKcz.jpg [An urgent message appears to be placed on the call board. Stepping forward, you see the following:] http://i.imgur.com/CC0VKn4.jpg [Upon sending away your notification to assist in fending off the Horde, you are promptly sent a sealed letter...] http://i.imgur.com/6xKlhL2.jpg ((The RP will begin 30 minutes before the event proper. Please refer to https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753145488?page=1 For details on this event! If anyone is feeling saucy, feel free to use this thread for any RP you might feel like writing for the upcoming event!))Rileys2 Feb 3
Feb 2 [H] At What Cost is recruiting! About us At What Cost is a serious progression guild focused on being a top competitor on the Emerald Dream server's progression ladder. We are currently seeking only the most dedicated individuals who work well under pressure and understand their class in and out. Hours: Tue/Wed 6:30-10:00 Server Progression: 7/7Mythic Emerald Nightmare (Pre 7.1.5) 3/3Heroic Trial of Valor (Pre nerf) {Looking to clear mythic for progress standings shortly} 10/10Heroic / 1/10Mythic Night Hold Open Recruitment * Balance Druid * Holy Paladin * Restoration Shaman * Any Rogue All other specializations are currently closed, with reserves for exceptional players. Recruitment Officers Recruitment Officers - Gains, Pursuing Additional Notes All new members will be trialed at the earliest convenience to the guild, usually on a heroic clear or during high mythic+. Trial period (Intiate>Member) is determined by attendance, participation, and attitude. *We raid with RCLootCouncil (no points or anything). Distribution is determined by several factors, including attendance, performance, and dedication to the guild outside of raid.Zulehxd0 Feb 2
Feb 2 [A] Arena mount grind friends? Pugging is giving me a migraine, and I'd rather use the time to actually meet some people on the server and do that whole "friendship" thing I've heard so much about. I've got two alts at 110 that I've slowly started to grind the 100 3 v 3 wins out on for the saddles. {I've been doing them in RBGs on Shirt here instead - which I'm always looking for groups to join to escape the yolo grind.} The two alts I have are a destro lock and a frost DK - I should have an s-priest soon too. Looking for chill games. No raging. Don't care about rating and haven't cared about rating since ye olde days. Just be nice and willing to learn if you're new to gladiatorial low mmr combat. If you see me online in game just message me! (Usually only busy Tues/Weds night.) And I guess if there's a few others looking to grind games we can all just message each other or something and go have a picnic between bashing in faces. Maybe a long walk on the beach? (I hear Azsuna has plentiful honor kills this time of year.)Shirt13 Feb 2
Feb 2 Reign of Chaos WC3 videos! Just doing things to get my mind off things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDajL3xRrNM&feature=youtu.be new video is up orc power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRHo-gjrrY4&t=1sArashicage12 Feb 2
Feb 2 Have you seen my guild? - Alliance Vanguard Logged in today to an empty roster and a message from blizz saying my guild moved. AV u on ED? lolZarrett6 Feb 2
Feb 2 Considering moving Considering moving here, im really want to do pvp this xpac and fill the void ive missed in others. Ive spent ao much time focusing on pve and raiding my pvp is lacking. I really want todo rbgs and from what ive heard ED is the pvp capital. Would it be a smart move and is there alot of pvp guilds on horde?Raz7 Feb 2
Feb 2 so long friends and foe Tonight was my last night playing wow and I had fun, hope you all have fun playing wow and best of luck to you all, you liked me or hated me but I had fun playing with each one of you as friend or foe.Camfor6 Feb 2
Feb 2 Faction Numbers I was curious if someone knew the faction numbers of the Alliance/Horde on this server if someone does that would be very much appreciatedErivalys11 Feb 2
Feb 2 this forum is dead what has happened to all the rivalries this server used to have? did humanshoe buy everyone?Arashicage21 Feb 2
Feb 2 Battle on the Sea[RP-Story] ((this is just me moving my personal story arc to the Broken Isles so i can continue to be all IC there...I love to be IC while running around doign quests and wpvping so if see me around dont be afraid to chat. ) The sky was dark, unnatural, it scared valibas. What had he signed up for! He was all nerves, the very pit of his stomach was clenched in a knot so tight he did not know what to do. He could barely answer the other's who had enlisted to fight the Legion without stuttering and shaking violently. For so long he and his people had run from the legion, and now he was doing what he could to help this new world he was on. Valibas was tired of running, he wanted to live without the fear of knowing that they would run once more, he wanted to live in peace for once, without the threat of invasion. Valibas sat in the gear the recruitment officer had given him, clutching a shield and fist weapon tight, those he supplied himself as that is all he really knew how to use. Mumbling prayer after prayer to the Light, to the Naruu, to the elements, to the long gone, anyone that might aid him and the other troops in what was surely a suicide mission. Even though he knew he faced death, he also knew that freedom from the legion was coming, whether the legion perished, or he perished fighting. "GUNNERS to your cannons" one of the Captain Lucille shouted, and half the cargo hold ran upstairs,, "Shoot those infernals out of the sky before they crash into us!" Cannon fire roared above as they shot down the infernals that were flying down with such force. "Fel bat swarm coming in, Battle-mages to your stations!" Captain Lucille shouted. Valibas nervously got up, he was just a novice at the arts of shamanism, could barely control what he could, but was grouped with the mages, and ran upstairs. The battlemages were all centered in the middle of the ship, in a circle, guarded by the cannons and officers. As the bats swooped in valibas' nerves eased, as a sense of protecting his new found friends came over him. Small blasts of fire he was able to do, but it was enough to knock the a bat or two into the others sending them crashing down for the others to finish off. Then it happened, a cannon missed, or blew up, all Valibas felt was searing pain and felt sharp pains in him as the ship seemed to shatter. Shrapnel from an infernal crashing into the ship. Valibas tried to look around but he was floating, no, sinking, he couldnt breathe, he was in the sea. Darkness came. =============== Valibas opened his eyes, but now he seemed to be in a bed, overlooking what looked like a sea lion in a shower? He must be dead he thought to himself as the sea lion flopped around in the shower. Valibas tried to sit up, but the pain made him fall back against the cot he was in. "Do not move Draenei! You will aggrevate the dressing, and you are next for surgery. There is some internal damage we must take care of" A lady in reds and white spoke softly to him. "Where am I?" he asked, barely able to muster a whisper. "You are safe. We rescued you and many others off the coast of Azsuna" she said, "Welcome to Dalaran."Valibas2 Feb 2
Feb 2 Pharmaciist down ! Server first ? !!! On 1/29/17 as the sun was setting over Bradensbrook, after many back and forth skirmishes, deaths and close calls , the horrific world boss known as Pharmiciist was finally put down by a rag tag group of Alliance freedom fighters. And while my damage dealt was a mere pittance, my casting of Nightmare visions as he was about to run back into the Inn may have been a pivotal moment ( at least that's what I keep telling myself, let me have my moment ). Don't know what his Mother fed him when he was young but sheesh is he a beast. This could be the first and last " Realm first" I will ever be a part of. For the Alliance ! Signed, ( while refusing any autographs at this time) CharfangCharfang143 Feb 2
Feb 1 [RP] The Book Thief : Chapter 1 The clinking sound of a hammer against an anvil occupies the air through New Tinkertown on an early Spring day. Puck Scribbleton walks cheerfully along the main road humming a familiar tune he caught while visiting Stormwind. You can’t help but notice the abundance of critters that have returned to the valley. As he enters his home, Scribbleton shakes the light snow off and hangs his cardigan on the door behind him. The miniature estate is littered with old newspapers and books. The Gnome immediately directs his attention to a painting hanging above eye-level on the wall. A younger version of himself stands next to a beautiful young pregnant Gnome, both done up in matching graduation gowns and mortarboard hats. Their laughter is infectious and the way they look at one another is something only written about in the steamiest of romance novels. Her life ended at the expense of the the gnomish militia after being irradiated. Puck picks up an Alarm-o-bot from his desk and flicks the ‘ON’ switch behind it’s head and places it at his feet. He exhales into a closed-mouth smile and removes the picture from the wall, revealing what is best described as a vault sealed garbage chute. Entering the hexadecimal code 70-65-72-72-79 he unlocks the door and begins to climb into the passage. After a moderately steep slide down he lands comfortably in a complex maze of Gnomeregan’s heating and ventilation system. Without hesitating he begins to crawl on his hands and knees, retracing a familiar route. Scribbleton comes to a sudden stop, reaches for his arclight spanner and begins to unscrew the grate in front of him leading into the Eastwing Control room. The room is dimly lit by large wall mounted monitors that once presumably displayed Gnomeregan security footage. Through recent rewiring the monitors are capturing reputable locations across Azeroth; Stormwind library, Ironforge museum, the Chamber of the Guardian, and of course his front door. Puck Scribbleton takes a seat at the desk and opens a textbook he recently stole from the Dwarven District titled Alkali Metals 101. While bringing his right hand towards his mouth and whispering a short prayer [...]. A sphere of light flows from his hand to the ceiling like a glowing helium balloon, revealing a green colored monster in a cage next to a blood transfusion device. “Now son, repeat after me; Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium and Francium.” “Gaaaaah!” voiced the leper Gnome as he hammered his fists against the steel bars. ...Scribbleton4 Feb 1
Feb 1 The wow subreddit is full of pve nerds I posted a reply on a thread about how a guild got banned for having their tank hearth out of a boss fight and I said that a ban seemed excessive for something like that and I got like 40 downvotes in less than 10 minutes. If you disagree with anything related to the pve race, prepare to get !@#$ on by everyone instantly.Smokey42 Feb 1
Jan 31 EDiquette for rp-pvp "EDiquette" or etiquette on how to succeed on Emerald Dream. For years now Emerald Dream has been my sole home for my characters in WoW. I've spoken to hundreds of people from all walks of life, with their own ventures and obstacles in life. It has been a long strange journey and an enjoyable one. Today I've decided to be a good boy and share some knowledge on my sick obsession with this game. To start things off, we'll go with the basics. As an rp-pvp server, we are encouraged to rp but in all honesty anyone who spends the time searching for rp will find a major lack thereof. For the most part it is a melting pot of players seeking world pvp and a few pockets of dedicated roleplayers. Even if you're here to be some kind of straight edged pvper, it is highly encouraged that you embrace some form of roleplay. It is an mmorpg of course. And also, if you think rp is simply too nerdy for you, realize you're playing WoW. You nerd. Now rping doesn't mean you have to go sit in a tavern and act like a hobbit. It doesn't mean you need to speak eloquently in every sentence, or have the vocabulary of an english graduate student. The easiest way to think of it is using your imagination. Rp is a form of escapism, to open the mind to realms of fantasy. All I'm saying is: your character should have some "character." Some uniqueness. But remember, your character does not have to share your thoughts and emotions. Think of it as acting. You can be someone else. Now you don't even have to go full on rp to at least have a role in the community of ED. Just have respect for one another. Don't be a jerk. Don't hate. A majority of players play for world pvp. This tends to put many players into a sort of "mercenary" lot of rpers. "What's my guy do? Oh he kills people. Probably for gold or something. I'm busy killing boars right now go away Mort you're creeping me out." That's perfectly acceptable. The point is to have fun with it. Try to avoid being too cliché and make sure your story or character traits aren't too outlandish or otherwise invulnerable. Vulnerability is essential to good storytelling. Try not to literally rip a character out of another game or piece of literature and put it into WoW. I mean you can but it's just... off putting. Shallow. Secondly, you're going to want to "git guud" at pvp. Look up guides. Aim to succeed. You want to be able to win even in unfair situations. You won't always be able to plan every engagement. You will likely die. You may be ambushed by anyone at any time. But fret not, there will always be time for another opportunity. Look. I'm not going to beat around the bush. Keybind as much as you can. It's only disorienting for a VERY short while. Move with your mouse buttons exclusively and the only buttons you should use to move are the strafe keys. Personally I use the homerow as my primary ability keys but it's your choice. The best experience to get better in my opinion is to solo roam for fights. Duel other people, don't get discouraged, it's rewarding. With the whole rp-pvp shtick there is often drama over unfair fights. Oh yes, there will be unfair fights. Lower your expectations. This is a game, not a play or an opera, or your version of a story where you always win because you're the "good guy." Just try to match numbers. Play it the way you feel it. Make friends. You're gonna need them when you get chased across a zone by some hellbent mythic geared player and a pocket healer with nothing better to do. Heck even if you want to start some rivalry, do it. Just uh, try not to lose your head over it alright? Try not to threaten someone's family or light a cross on fire because your avatar died. Avoid getting lost in hate, it's unhealthy. If you're curious about transferring to ED for the wpvp alone, you might as well go somewhere else because it's not exactly the land of milk and honey. I'm sorry guys, I love you but most hardcore rpers don't like to leave the sanctity of their cities. If you don't play for a challenge, I suggest you boot up skyrim and turn on god mode for a power trip. So in summary... Try rp. Imagine a story and write it down if you feel so inclined. Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to read. If you're not sure about something, ask the forums. Try pvp. World pvp. Go to world quest hubs and go nuts on the first player you see. Don't be a jerk. I'm not your dad but poor behavior can be unattractive to some others. And lastly. Have fun your own way. I'll pop in occasionally for any questions or to continue the discussion. I'll gladly expand on anything I've stated.Mortignis33 Jan 31
Jan 31 Looking for Guild Hello, I recently returned from a break from the game and I'm looking for a friendly guild to join. I'm interested mostly in PVP and questing. May start to get into raiding and doing the more advanced dungeons if I have a group to do that with. Mostly just looking for a group of people who enjoy working together. Thanks!Ursavis1 Jan 31
Jan 31 Thinking about transferring to Emerald Dream. So, yeah - Tichondrius is pretty awful right now. We have guilds like Warsong Vanguard and The Horde Empire, which is enough to make anyone want to move on to greener pastures. What's the faction balance/WPVP like over here on Emerald Dream? I've heard good things. Thanks.Owlcapwn80 Jan 31
Jan 31 [A/H-RP][Cloak and Dagger]Twilight Domino As tensions rose in Suramar city, the Arcanist Thalryssa led the group of underground uprising against Elisande. To most of the rest of the Nightborne, Thalryssa was known as the Dusk Lily. After a failed attempt to make an example of this uprising backfired. Many seeds of doubt were spread through the city. One of those seeds has evolved further into a new sect. The area between Dusk and Dawn just before light escapes the darkness. The blinding moment of the day known as Twilight. This new group was formed from the inspiring tale of the Dusk Lily. Led not by Nightborne, but others. By other heroes of Azeroth. This is their tale. OOC: So this isn't a recruitment for a guild at all, but instead it is a group. A group focused specifically on some cloak and dagger roleplay within Suramar City, and other areas of the broken isles. You can still remain a part of your current guild, and even faction. This will be a cross-faction group that is centered around events leading into an over-arcing storyline related to current content. The etymology of this group's name is from the true meaning of the term Twilight as well as the ever popular Domino Costume of Venetian Masquerade Balls. The Domino costume consisted of an all black attire with a white mask, and it represented the four elements of the masquerade atmosphere. Intrigue Adventure Conspiracy Mystery If you have any interest in this. Let me know. Things will start out slowly and discreetly. As all uprisings must. Lest we be squelched by the vicious rage of Elisande and her Burning Legion allies before we can grow.Voradu5 Jan 31
Jan 31 Looking for a guild that does random bgs etc Hey ED, Looking for a guild that does random bgs together now and then, wpvp, and rated bgs but not mega serious, mostly having fun. I don't want a quiet guild, it would be nice to have events going on for the players. I will be starting a level 1 toon as I want to fully invest in the character, and level cooking, fishing, first aid to max etc. Horde or Alliance gulld it does not matter. I dont roleplay because I am pretty useless at it. ThanksMcvoh3 Jan 31
Jan 31 Zendarien Zend is one the nicest people on this server. Always helping others, and contributing so much of his time to ensure that this server is a good place for all. Thank you friend for all that you have done.Arashicage15 Jan 31
Jan 31 Is Annoyed the 2nd most liked person on ed after zendarien?Arashicage8 Jan 31
Jan 31 Ranger of Lakeshire Pt 3 Lakeshire Part 1 and 2 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752530383#post-1 Lakeshire Part 3 The smell of ale was thick and the sound of music carried over the Lakeside town. Laughter and joy erupted from the tavern. If only for a day. A gentle draft could be felt by the door as people swung around the room and the liquor flowed from the bar all night! Phatori twisted and turned his mug in his hand and lifted it to his mouth as he finished off his round. It's been a long time since he's been involved in gathering like this, he looked on into the crowd as people danced and drank. It was a celebration of the towns survival and to welcome the heroes. Off to the side sat a mixed matched group of individuals. Phatori glanced up from his freshly poured mug and overlooked the guests, "They call themselves the Gryphon Feather Accord", remarked the bar maiden, "After you went for that little girl on the bridge they came out of no where and cleared out those damn Orcs!". As Phatori sipped on his drink he began to feel more and more out of place. Living on his own for so long, he almost forgot how to socialize. As he tossed down some coins on his table and adorned his cape he made his was for the door. Reaching out to push the door open it swung inwards towards him before he could get a hand on it. A tall, dark and mysterious Night Elf stood in the door way. Phatori, taking a step back looked up at the Night Elf, curiously studying his face. From behind him he heard the adventurers cheer and call for the Night Elf to join them. Walking past Phatori, the Night Elf made his way towards the crowd. Phatori thought to himself, "The face seemed so familiar, and the way he walked. I just can't figu---", spinning around Phatori shouted at the Night Elf, "Hey you! I know who you are now! You're that cat I saw outside my camp the other day! You're the curious guest!!!". The Night Elf turned and looked down at Phatori and with a slight smile then nodded his head and motioned for Phatori to join him at the table. Phatori froze for a moment. On one hand he'd been looking for a place to offer his services and on the other it's been so long since he's been apart of a tactical group. The Night Elf just stood there and waited patiently for the old Human to make a move. The rest of the group slowly quieting down and looking on with enthusiasm. Phatori thought to himself, "You have to make a choice, head back up to that camp, live out the rest of your life, and watch old age over take you. Or continue the fight. Till the very end." Looking up into the Night Elf's curious yet omniscient eyes, Phatori took one step forward and the crowd erupted with cheers and applause. The Night Elf placed his hand on Phatori's back and welcomed him into the group. A smile broke across Phatori's face as he was introduced to the others and a sense of belonging and hope filled the room.Phatori4 Jan 31
Jan 30 WSB's 40-Man Potatos I mean, I understand that all WSB potato players have the PvP prowess of someone with one arm and no fingers, but being annoying for the sake of being annoying is just... well... annoying. All you gotta do is gank people your level and you'll get better at PvP. :) Inb4 salty WSB players downvoting. Lol.Vindolyn26 Jan 30
Jan 30 (RP Story) Ranger of Lakeshire Pt. 2 Part 1: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752590243 Lakeshire The fog of battle had lifted. The small town was trying to grasp what had occurred. The attack came so fast and unprovoked. Over the ridge Orc bodies were being burned and in the cemetery the dead villagers were being laid to rest. Death still lingered in the air. Phatori bandaged around the chest with armor sitting against the stable wall, gently combed through Tara's feathers. Her wounds made her weak and slow. Phatori knew she'd never see battle again. Speaking softly Phatori leaned in and said, "Come on girl, let's go home". The two made their way out of town and up to their camp. The walk took longer than normal and Phatori could see how it pained Tara with every agonizing step she took. Finally reaching the small summit, Tara let out a long sigh and collapsed by the fire pit, as a cloud of dirt filled the air around her. A smile curved on Phatori's face, "Don't worry girl, I'll get the fire started", laughed Phatori. Reaching over and scratching her head, Phatori grabbed some wood and looked for his fire kit. "Damn Orcs made a mess of this place didn't they?" he remarked. As the fire roared, Phatori began to straighten up the camp. As he turned a barrel upright a letter was revealed, wedged between the Earth and a rock. The seal of Stormwind embellished the front of the parchment. Tara raised her head and let out a little squeak. Still looking at the parchment, which requested the return of Phatori to the 7th Legion, he gently said, "Ahh this is nothing dear. My time is done, I'm not going anywhere!", he turned and winked at Tara as she laid her head back down by the fire. As he rose he heard a branch crack in the distance. Without hesitation he reached for his bow and an arrow as he looked into the woods. Tara grunted as she tried to stand, but Phatori using his hand motioned for her to lay back down. In the distance he saw a large cat with giant fangs and symbols etched onto its matted fur. It's eyes peered straight at Phatori, he had a feeling his guest had been there for some time. A chill ran down his spine, but he did not feel threatened. From behind him in town a large crash echoed up to his camp. He turned to check and saw a portion of a roof had collapse in. When he turned back to the curious guest, it was gone. Returning his bow to its resting spot against the crate and his arrow to the quiver he made his way back to town to see if he could help with the repairs. The villagers had already started to clean up the debris. Climbing up the ladder, he asked where he could help. The sun beat down on his tan shoulders, the bandages around his chest made it hard to breathe. Dropping his hammer he grunted as he pulled the bandages off. A large scar was revealed covering the whole of his chest, the skin folded over, twisted, and blotched. Some of the men stopped and looked on in horror, trying to imagine what would cause such a disfigurement. Phatori reached back for his hammer and noticed the silence on the roof, "Dragons", Phatori stated with a solemn tone, "They weren't always under their own free will". They returned to their work and Phatori began to ask some of the men what occurred after he went unconscious. He learned that a group of adventurous had come to the villagers aid and turned the tide of the battle and had left soon after the Orcs retreated. The night was coming and Phatori's work was over. He returned to his abode and tended to Tara's wounds. Laying down for bed, he thought of this unnamed and unfamiliar group. "Maybe I should return to the fight, but not with the 7th. I'm too old for that sh¡t again. But this group may have some promise to it." He whispered under his breathe as he turned in for the night.Phatori11 Jan 30
Jan 30 [RP-Story] Escape from Karabor (backstory) [[This is part of my backstory I am writing for Valibas. I am not an expierienced Draenei RPer, and all criticism and help will be greatly appreciated. basically I want to start at Karabor-->Aldor--->arrival in azeroth--->losing faith--->shamanism--->joining Ashes of the Blood Raven ]] Scenery: Sitting in the Vault of Lights in the Exodar, talking to a shaman trainee. Totems around the two as he recounts his revelations to the shaman, and most to the elements. [[Escape from Karabor backstory part 1]] The cries of my fallen brothers and sisters still ring my ears, as the orcs slaughtered my brothers and sisters within the Temple of Karabor. Saquib and I barely escaped by leaping off a balcony into the sea below, a sea that had more power to it due to recent storms and we knew it was extremely dangerous white waters. I will now recount that day and part of my story for you all. Valibas takes a deep breath A Day like No other The daylight began to rise over the clifflines on the edge of Karabor, and as if by some automatic machine, the voices of a thousand Draenei proudly begun to sing their morning prayers with such devotion. Even though I had been a part of the Priesthood for over a hundred years, the morning prayers always renewed my spirits, always surprised me that so many Draenei, could be so well in unison, we must truly be connected to each other and the Light. After the morning prayers, Saqib and I had been assigned to work the Temple Gardens and hurried out of the Dormitory, down the cloister to the gardens. The Garden overlooked the cove and both of us were mesmerized for some reason at it's beauty for some reason that day. I guess somehow we knew it was sub consciously that we would never see it again. Tears start falling from Valibas' eyes "Curious, Curious! The Orcs flooding in! Blood Blood!" One of the Arrakoa who frequently came to visit the Temple came running into the garden ranting covered in blood and an orcish axe sticking out of his back. Everyone in the garden area panicked. Most of them ran to the Heart of Karabor, Saqib and I moved to the arrakoa who had given warning and...eased his passing first. We could hear the thunder of the orcs moving into Karabor, we could hear the sound of steel cutting deep into flesh. Confused, we had never had trouble with the orcs, we aided them, and they aided us and now they were defiling our Temple! Saqib and I took too long with the Arrakoa, the path to the heart of Karabor was blocked by at least 20 orcs, so we did all we could to escape, jumping from the garden into the sea. Valibas gulps, as if reliving the drowning feeling of the waters I have not seen my brother since we jumped into the water. I awoke on a shore in a new world. A world were orcs were now bloodthirsty, war machines bent on killing everything in their way. The temple was under orcish control, thousands of our people died there and within Shattrath in the following weeks. We were alone, the light had left us this day. Valibas, closes his eyes and wipes a stream from his face. Then smiles at the novice shaman listening. "Tears are good, memories are good, even if they are bad. We learn from the past, as long as we do not get stuck there. You must always remember that!"Valibas8 Jan 30
Jan 30 Off topic - Zigra's Football Pickem League. That's right, after a several year sebatical, Zigra's NFL pick - em league for ED is back. We'll be starting with week one. Pick every game, no point spread. Most correct picks win the week. Two winners at the end of the season including most weeks won and most correct picks total. Not knowing the economy of Legion, I'll come up with a reasonable entry fee for the season, something say, equivalent to a hundred gold in WoD. Week 1 picks will need to be in before September 8 at 5:00 pm ET. Zigra, Looks forward to the competition.Zigra121 Jan 30
Jan 30 [Discussion] Fourth Gen DKs With the introduction of the Four Horsemen and the inclusion of Death Knight Troops, I think it is safe to say that there is now a fourth generation of Death Knights. To clarify the different generations of Death Knights for those who do not know, 1st gens are the souls of orc warlocks put into the bodies of human knights by Gul-Dan, Teron Gorefiend from BC is an example of this. 2nd gens are individuals corrupted by a Runeblade by having their souls eaten by it (or other means), Arthas Menethil is an example of this. 3rd generation Death Knights are what the player character is defaulted as (this can be Changed in RP but most stay as 3rd gens) these Death Knights are trained and tortured by the Lich King to become perfect killing machines to lure out Tirion Fordring. As for 4th gens, now that there is a new Lich king and the legion is invading a new class of Death Knights are made. Fourth generation DK’s have an extremely tiny amount of explanation on who or what they actually are. The only things we know (that I am privy to) is this bit of quest text for summoning Death Knight Troops in the Class Order Hall-- “Korgaz Deadaxe has arrived at Acherus to aid us in recruiting additional death knights. He has an eye for potential. I cannot emphasize enough that it is of the utmost importance that we replenish our numbers during the battle with the Burning Legion. The demon armies are nearly endless and we are few. Speak with Korgaz when you are ready to recruit additional death knights.” -- and everything that happens during the Death Knight campaign, resurrecting the Four Horsemen. From what I have gathered from the campaign is that new Death Knights are still being made in order to fight the Legion. Therefore I am going out on a limb here and saying that fourth generation Death Knights are old soldiers that have been known to want a second chance and to defend Azeroth from the Legion and/or soldier and various warrior volunteers that fight alongside the Death Knights upon the broken isles. For example these brave individuals volunteer to be raised and trained as a Death Knight if they are struck down by the Legion. This would give these people a second chance to keep fighting for Azeroth and those they love. However this does not remove the fact that probably many new fourth generation Death Knights are taken forcefully from graveyards or wherever a warrior falls, this is still a very true fact about undead. “The Legion is endless and we are not. We don’t have the time or luxury of being dead. Actually dead, like, dead ‘not-moving’ dead.” – Sullin the Kneeslayer (Yes I just quoted myself, get over it.) A 4th gen would be still as powerful as a 3rd gen in terms of combat prowess as they are trained by the Ebon Blade and raised into undeath by the Deathlord with the artifacts. This would grant them the same power the 3rd gens have which was given to them by the Lich King. Plus we have Bolvar the Lich King on our side so there would be little to no difference between 3rd gens and 4th gens based on who raised them. However 4th gens would still have more emotions than 3rd gens, since 3rd gen’s positive emotions were brutally beaten out of them by the Lich King to make them more efficient. I do not believe the Ebon Blade would continue the same harshness as their old master in the new DK training. Undeath does still mellow people out and change their outlooks on life so they would not be the exact same person and their emotions would be dulled. From a Roleplay standpoint I would say this gives a new area for Death Knights to create a neat character. It frees them from possibly being forced into the angsty edgelord scene as their life wasn’t “ripped away” from them. Being willingly undead gives new on the concept of undeath, where it is shown to be a noble sacrifice to give up part of their humanity (or elvenity or whatever race you are) to keep defending Azeroth, instead of being seen as only an abomination to nature. Either way let me know what you think of this “filling in the gaps” sort of explanation, would the community accept this until actual canon is implemented?Sullin6 Jan 30
Jan 30 55 pages and almost ready Zendarian I've been writing and editing for almost the entire week and I got another chapter written and my first run through editing job and I would like to do one more round of revising before I show you Zendarian. Here are my concerns, -Length: My goal is 120,000 words maximum which is about the maximum length for a high fantasy novel that publishers will like. Currently at around 26,000 and 11 chapters. -Story consistency: As my story has grown so have ideas, sub-plots, character development and lore and I have tried to emphasize these with revisions to past chapters but I will like feedback if I have to do anything else. -Size of the World and so little I can physically explore in the First Book: I've done some research into World War One and there was also a significant amount of fighting for each other colonies. (Remember the Edwardian/ WW1 Era takes place after the 19th century colonial wars) I've tried to make some mention of it in some of my character development but want feedback on it as Im worried about whats too much/not enough. -Good Guy Brutality: The good guys can be especially and things get chapter 3 level nasty in Chapter 9. I have tried to give them a justified reason for doing said nasty thing but I want some feedback on it. -'Orcs' got developed: As of now they are still called orcs even though IMHO they bare little in common to WoW orcs (culturally) or really most Fantasy orcs other then being big and strong. There is a book plot behind my Narator-equlviant thats new and I want to know what you thought of it. -'Magic System Consistency:' As I've been writing Chapter 11 I've been trying to establish the basic ground rules of the magic system my main heroine will be versed in and I was wondering what you thought of it. Also too their culture got developed after I jotted some ideas as well and I think it would make a awesome center story for another book. Overall I got a good feeling about what I got so far and I can't wait to show you!Narator9 Jan 30
Jan 30 [A-RP] Harborside Guild Faire! Newly-tacked to the Hero’s Call message boards all across Stormwind city were simple fliers, bold blue ink marking the top. “Alliance Association of Application, Athletics, Activities and Amusement (AAAAAA) PROUDLY PRESENTS our first HARBORSIDE GUILD’S FAIRE! COME ON DOWN TO STORMWIND HARBOR THIS FRIDAY FOR... Refreshments! Activities! Entertainment! Free stuff! And of course, GUILDS! In the wake of war and demonic invasions, it is important to remember to stand together… and remember to have FUN, FUN, FUN! Refreshed, and with full bellies! Contact the AAAAAA for details or business offers. “ ((OOC: What’s happening? The event will be an in-character faire! It’s intended to showcase Emerald Dream’s RP guilds in a setting that characters can freely roleplay in, and feel out various guilds before committing to one. It isn’t just a recruitment event, though- we want to provide a place for you to mingle with RPers of all shapes and sizes! Where is it happening? The Harborside Guild’s Faire will be happening in Stormwind Harbor, along the southern side of the docks. When is it happening? The faire will be happening this Friday, January 27th, at 8:30PM server. How can I participate? Simply show up! If your guild is interested in attending and setting up a vending/recruitment space, contact Gielnorian or Demitassie no later than Thursday evening. Who will be there? Recruitment representatives from a plethora of Alliance RP guilds will be at the faire, including: The Seventy Third Lioncrest Bronzebeard Vanguard Emberside Inquiries The Päck Whitefang Pack House of Nobles Magetank Industries Justice Society The Spellguard Orchid Hollow Gryphon Feather Accord We hope you can make it! ))Demitassie44 Jan 30
Jan 30 H <Nightstalkers> 7/7M 2/3M 10/10H LF DPS! We are currently recruiting exceptional DPS for core slots in Nighthold and beyond! If you are interested in raiding with a laid back and well progressed guild look no further. Feel free to drop an app or whisper any member in game. 2 Hunters, 1 Ret Pally and 1 Ele Sham are preferred but all applications will be considered if you have the numbers to back it up About Nightstalkers Nightstalkers has been a guild on Emerald Dream since 2006. We've been raiding consistently on ED since Karazhan with no plans to stop any time soon. We're a casual raiding guild and we prioritize fun and the guild community over progression. We're not going to compete in the top few hundred guilds, but it's our goal to complete all mythic content before the next content is released. In Warlords of Draenor we obtained mythic Archimonde and mythic Blackhand mounts for all of our raiders. What kind of people are we looking for? Over 18 - In our experience, we find that older folks have a better grasp of what they can commit to. Of course, if you feel you're an exception, have a chat with us. We may be willing to make an exception on a case by case basis. Intelligent - You MUST have at least a modicum of intelligence. Be able to fully understand each boss' mechanics. Have at least a basic grasp on the math behind your chosen main to ensure you're making smart choices. Dedicated - We are looking for people that have the ability and desire to fully commit to a raid team. This includes keeping up at least 90% attendance, being willing to put that extra effort in at the beginning of tier to gear more quickly, researching fights ahead of raid time, etc. Attitude-Free - This is non-negotiable. We are not an elitist guild. We don't care for arrogance. If you can't check your attitude at the door, please look elsewhere. I don't care if you're the Jesus Christ of WoW, if you have a !@#$ty attitude towards raiding or anyone on the raid team, you will not make it here. Raid Info: Our raid schedule is as follows: Our REQUIRED raid nights are Tues, Thurs, and Sun at 7:00 server. Raids go until about 11:00 server. We require that you are able to make ALL of these raid nights. If you cannot, please do not bother applying. Loot System: We use a Loot Council system on our progression raids. All main spec loot is handed out by officer decision based on a number of things. Attendance, time in guild, skill, recent performance, amount of loot recently received, and extent of upgrade are all things that are considered, though not necessarily in that order, when deciding who will receive loot. Please understand that our loot system is designed to do two things. One, ensure smooth guild progression over individual progression. Two, reward our best players for their dedication to this guild. PS - It's really very fair as long as you play well and show up for raids. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to read more about us at http://forums.nightstalkersed.com or contact any of our officers in game.Kazec14 Jan 30
Jan 30 [RP Event] The Moot on the Mountain ... The Bronzebeard Vanguard invites all members of the dwarven race to join us outside the great titan complex of Ulduar for discussions on dwarven society, where all voices will be heard and all mugs will be filled (and then promptly emptied)! Those that like a bit of fightin’ with their drinkin’ and talkin’ will have the opportunity to test their skills against their peers. For those of you who’d like to save your aggression for the Legion, and simply wish to weigh in on current events in dwarven society or mingle with your fellow dwarves, we’ve got room for you too! So put on your thinkin’ caps, gather up your favorite mugs, and sharpen your blades for the finest showing of dwarven philosophy and drunken, bearded shenanigans that Azeroth has ever seen. Let's get this party started, ye wee numptys! When: Saturday, January 28th. 8:00 PM server. Where: Ulduar, The Storm Peaks, Northrend Who: DWARF ONLY (Fancy-pantsed sissy elves will be ridiculed unmercifully. Other races too, but especially you long-eared, flip floppin', tree huggin', stick-in-the-muds) Who pt. 2: Actually, everyone is welcome to join in on the festivities and RP with us. However, only dwarves will be eligible to participate in the dueling tournament and transmog contest. ((This event is open to anyone who wishes to attend. This is an RP event, and those in attendance are expected to either participate IC’ly or be on their best behavior if they only wish to observe.))Tholdrim46 Jan 30
Jan 30 The Guild Faire on ED I had a great time at the Guild Faire the other night! If you missed it, check out this fun little episode I made while I was there! Some great Role Play and awesome RP guilds were there! Big thank you to the Seventy-third for putting on the event and for the invite! So grab your favorite drink, favorite snack and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! https://youtu.be/dMjV3OyScZATurwinkle5 Jan 30
Jan 29 @Zendarian and ED. Narator Novel Update I've been writing like mad over the course of the last two months and now my Huntress and the Warlord high fantasy novel now spans 43 pages plus another 16 page of random background lore which although isn't part of the official novel is used for reference. I still can't post the details of the story but I can say with a total of almost 20,000 (27,000+ words including my background lore) and nine chapters plus a one page prolouge with my tenth chapter ready to write. @Zendarian you've helped me so much on this project and although its going to take me at least two weeks (or longer, its ready when its ready) to clean up my newest chapters to the standards of a presentable rough draft I would love to show you. I've been reading Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule between my shifts at work and now that I've gotten deeper into my story I'm trying to let my imagination run wild. @ED For those curious to know a bit about my setting I will say that the setting is set with a strong World War One perhaps with some bits edging on World War Two and beyond. (Ie there might be some flirting going on with nuclear power although I haven't wrote anything on the subject yet.) backdrop instead of a medieval one common in many high fantasy stories. Basically things like bolt-action rifles, automatic weapons, biplanes, tanks, flamethrowers, poison gas, zeppelins and industrialized, holocaust-style genocides co-exist with things like dragons, magic and crazy wizards. I really wish I could say more but I don't feel comfortable disclosing anything else.Narator27 Jan 29
Jan 29 himanshu idk if people have seen this before, but it's !@#$ing gold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0xlzHAG8esJordrend1 Jan 29
Jan 29 <The Red Hand> H-RPPvP There are fresh flyers posted to various boards throughout the Horde cities. The penmanship is impeccable, and there is a wax mark on it that has a hand imprinted into it. It reads much like a call to arms. The Red Hand is recruiting individuals that are dedicated to the Horde, regardless of race. We expect anyone interested to possess good steel and a strong stomach. Our focus is to eliminate threats to the Horde, whatever form they may take. The main focus at this time is the Legion and Alliance. If this describes you then seek out Rajayah, Korziel, or Suli'yap for more information, or to join our ranks. OOC: While we are, of course, primarily a role playing guild we do offer a casual and relaxed raiding environment. All members must be role players, but we are more than happy to accept people that are new to it. We are also happy to help people gear up so that they can join us with Mythics and Raids. You can either contact Rajayah, Korziel, or Suliyap in game, or you can apply to join on our website, which is listed below. We may also be on alts, so feel free to shoot us a letter and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able. Website: http://trh.shivtr.com/forums Note: I honestly did not realize until after I made the guild that there is another guild called "Legion of the Red Hand". My husband and I were briefly in that guild and may have subconsciously picked up on that name. It was not intentional, I had honestly forgotten the name of the guild because we were only in it briefly. As a result, the guild name may change if there are issues caused by the similar names. Otherwise, we will keep out name.Rajayah16 Jan 29
Jan 29 Official Appointments for Emerald Dream Greetings, fellow citizens of Emerald Dream! It is an exciting time as we inch closer to the new expansion of World of Warcraft. As the Gatekeeper to Emerald Dream, I believe it is important that we establish a well-running community especially since I expect our great server to be flooded with new players returning to the game. In that context, I wish to appoint several official positions to veteran community members to regulate a safe and fun realm. These positions will be valid for the entirety of Legion. Neither I, nor my appointees, nor the general population, can repudiate these highly regarded positions of authority. Many of these appointments will be going to those that are not friendly to me. I feel that it is important that we keep a widely represented leadership class and in that respect, I wish to recognize those that are most able. And now the official appointments... Minister of Immigration While official review of new guilds and players coming to Emerald Dream fell under my authority as Gatekeeper to Emerald Dream, I feel that it is important to have a particular person assess their suitability to join our RP-PvP realm. I hereby appoint XEER as our official Minister of Immigration. Xeer has done a wonderful job interviewing new players and guilds, generating a healthy discussion focused on RP Backstories. I expect continued success with this official title. Protector of Roleplay There are many enemies of the state of roleplay that exist on Emerald Dream. Lately, I have been very impressed with how these malcontents have been dealt with. KAGRENAC, who has generously devoted his gold, time and leadership to rally Emerald Dream players and guilds to bounty hunt these players into submission, has earned the right to be our Protector of Roleplay. As a successful transfer guild from unclean lands, it is very impressive to see how well you have risen to being a leader amongst our community. Forum Deputies In the past, I have appointed fellow community members to be Forum Deputies when I was going on holiday with the expectation of maintaining peace and harmony on our forums. I thank those who have taken these roles in the past. For further information on Forum Deputies, see this post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16858106357#1 I chose my Forum Deputies based on the eloquence, tenure and respect that most of us have held with these individuals. The following have been appointed as Forum Deputies until the conclusion of Legion: 1. JALEN 2. LANDRETH 3. SHOTSFIRED 4. SLEDGEHAMMER 5. DESTREY May you maintain the peace! MOG STEWARDS In the past, I have also appointed Mog Stewards to help lead people with fashion. This is a very important role given the incredible changes to Mogging coming in Legion. In the past, Zendarian and Ellwyndris have held these positions (see the following thread for further information: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13778258166#1 The Mog Stewards for Legion shall be: lol no Zendarian has represented himself well in many things, but especially so in Mogging. Monty, though he fears entering Mog competitions, has demonstrated much eagerness at having a Mog title. Hopefully, being appointed as a Mog Steward will encourage him to be more active in this area. MOG EMPEROR As your reigning MOG EMPEROR since Cataclysm, where I was the winner in the blah blah blah, I think it is finally time to pass on the mantle. I do not have a person in mind for I feel that they have to earn the title. At the next major MOG competition that I am able to attend (perhaps in August for Kitty's), I will bestow this title on a worthy candidate. Said candidate must obviously look great, but must also be active on the forums and have an avatar that we can see your armory with to ooo and aaah at your latest innovation. But let's be real here. The MOG EMPEROR has been, and will be: MONTYBebbit268 Jan 29
Jan 29 Thank you, Emerald Dream. Well ED, we've called it quits on retail WoW. Blizzard decided to focus the game on scripted boss fights rather than strengthen PvP and by extension, WPvP. Not only did they turn their back on PvPers, they designed Legion to destroy WPvP. Sharding made it difficult to even get into the same phase as another raid, it also made the World Defense channel irrelevant, on top of that they added guards in all of the questing hubs that were originally WPvP hot spots. It's terrible. We'd like to thank all of you guys for being a great host server for us, I realize losing the best guild on the server and in North America is a devastating loss but WoW as a whole is done, accept it. Ironsworn Regiment, Warforged Legion, Elves of the North, Division VII, The Allied Vanguard, Warbringer, Pride of Lothar, Hold My Weave, Devils Den, Clan Sverker, TMO, we appreciate you trying to fight us time and time again, we basically committed genocide during our time on the server, it was lots of fun dominating all of you. Order of the Blue Wyvern, Warsong Battalion, Spectrum, Nifty, you all proved yourselves formidable opponents. Thank you. Through Bounty Boards and DDoSing, through Wargames and sacking cities, The Guard reigned supreme. After all of it, it was Blizzard that destroyed our will to play the game , the company that was dumb enough to defend us from harassment, I guess it makes sense. The World PvP Comes To Us. Goodbye ED, Basedgodbm M.D The GuardBasedgodbm68 Jan 29