Emerald Dream

May 28, 2016 [RP Day] The Future's So Bright (AU) Zeke Sarkell -- mage and current head of Criminal Investigations -- turned in the seat of a wagon carrying confiscated crates of a highly illegal substance called "Fidjit's Funk". He was riding next to Yrek, who guided the first wagon. Zeke surveyed the other two wagons behind him. The bust had been surprisingly easy. They had spent at least an hour, pouring over the wagons and their contents looking for bombs and finding none. The drovers had put up no fight other than cursing, prior to the verification that they were, indeed, transporting contraband. Then, the Stormwind City Guard officers spent their entire journey jumping at shadows, convinced that an retaliation from the Funk-runners was coming at any moment. But as the wagons turned off the main road from Goldshire, and headed towards the front gate of the Garrison, Zeke finally allowed himself a sigh of relief. They had made it. This time with more evidence than ever before. Zeke figured one of two things was going to happen: either they were going to find evidence linking the Funk to someone they could prosecute and punish; or they would make transporting the crap so expensive that whomever was behind it would decide that Allied territories were not worth it. He turned back around and saw that several Garrison personnel had come out to welcome them, lining the entry into the gates. The Captain and Leslie were even out there. Zeke told Yrek to keep moving as he hopped down from the slow-rolling wagon and went to greet them. Captain Landreth eyed him, looking impressed. "Another bust, and well done, Sergeant. Keep this up and you'll be a Lieutenant." Then, the gray-haired paladin paused scowling as the wagon that Grathier was driving started to pull up. He turned his attention back to Zeke, "See me in my office about this when you have a moment." "Yes, sir," replied Zeke. He hadn't even had to pretend to be excited at the prospect of becoming a Lieutenant. The Captain turned on his heel, walking alongside the first wagon as it began to pass through the gates. "Good job, everyone!" called the Captain to no one in particular. Leslie folded her arms and regarded Zeke with one of her characteristic, lopsided grins. "Oooo, Looootenant Sarkell! Good thing you've finally started doing something use---" Her words were drowned out in a thunderous roar as a crate on the wagon passing beside her exploded in a deadly blossom of splintered wood and broken glass, obliterating the clerk's head with it. The other, almost simultaneous blasts knocked the headless corpse onto the low wall, glass shrapnel shredding it until it looked like a grisly ragdoll. Without a thought, Zeke's magical shields had come up causing most of the blast and debris to divert away, but the force still sent him flying. He felt the heavy thuds as the gateway itself collapsed, bringing the whole front face of the Garrison down. The roar of the explosion had died down to a single, high-pitched note, while everything else became eerily silent. Zeke tried to stand, but immediately fell over again, and settled for crawling back to the wall. He pulled himself up and gazed with horror at the carnage. There was little discerning between corpses, equine or human, at that point. They were jumbled masses of blood and bone, mixed equally with the wreckage of the wagons. Mind shocked into numbness, Zeke thought he was yelling for help, but could hear no sound. He started trying to move down the wall and fell again. This time he saw why: his left leg was missing from the knee down and pumping blood. His vision grew misty. The ringing in his ears turned into a voice. "Sergeant Sarkell?" He tried to open his eyes, but they were already open. "Sergeant?" Stark white blurriness and a hiss. "Are you okay?" He felt a touch on his shoulder. Suddenly, the space he was in resolved into the common washroom at the Garrison. He was standing in the white-tiled shower area, water pelting him in the face. George Whitney, one of the Garrison officers, was looking at him with concern. Zeke blinked. "What?" George looked at him. "I was telling you how my youngest, Elly, was going to start school in Stormwind this year, and you just... I don't know.... You went all quiet. When I looked over at you, you were just frozen in place with this...expression. Kinda spooked me, to be honest." Zeke rubbed his hand over his face, wiping away the water. "Sorry George. I'm fine. Fine." The other officer's look of concern only deepened when Zeke left the showers in a hurry, failing to turn off the water. Sarkell went to the locker area and began to frantically pull on his clothes without even attempting to dry himself. I can't let this happen. But even as he thought it, he realized that he had no way of knowing how to stop it.Landrêth6 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 [RP] Like A Bull (( happy RP day folks. :^) wrote a bit of a story for Tov, there's probably mistakes in there idk )) The constant chatter of the trio of the sin'dorei never ceased to mildly irritate the young, stoic tauren. As she had stepped off of the broken stone pathway her employers walked on, her hooves sank into the wet ground beneath her. An escort through a marsh of all places? It seemed as if all the magic the elven race had been hoarding finally had gotten to their head. Her warm, honey hued gaze acutely watched her surroundings, brows furrowing every now and then as a husky tail of a crocolisk slipped into the murky waters not too far away from her. Although she was paying attention to her surroundings, she did her best to ignore the high pitched tone of the tiny elves she had to protect. Idly resting a large hand over one of her well balanced axes, Tovero then allowed her guard to slip down to a relatively low state. If some sort of animal were to approach the group, a good kick could scare it away. With her ears slowly lowering, a low sigh left her lips. Besides the occasional shake of her head to throw the annoying bugs off of her, she allowed her movements to become lax. Glancing down towards the thinly built elves in front of her, she then snorted half-amusedly at their body stature. How could something built like a hare manage to survive in a place like this? A snicker emitted from her as she began to become lost in her thoughts, ignoring the halted elves in front of her. As a scream tore through the air, she raised her head, her sharp gaze boring into an equally wild one: it belonged to a Grimtotem. A band of bulls blocked their path, the largest one that had stepped forward raised an axe with a menacing look in his eyes. Recklessly, the young tauren charged forward, the bulk of her large figure knocking an elf to the side as she was struck with the blunt end of the axe. As well built as she was, the hit knocked the breath out of her lungs and sent her crashing to the ground with an audible thump. Dazed, the mercenary gave an attempt to lift herself up from the ground only to receive a harsh kick to the gut. Crying out, she then fell back to the ground, head bowed as she attempted to recover and compose herself. Abruptly, one of her horns was yanked and her head was lifted. The other two attackers had went after the elves, and surprisingly, the lanky trio of magic wielders seemed to be holding their weight well. The hot air that the Grimtotem had snorted straight into her face ripped her out of her daze. A chuckle left the bull as he looked down at the poor excuse for a tauren in front of him. Shaking her head to loosen his grip on her horn, she recoiled momentarily, long enough to drive her skull straight into his. With her horns curving inward at the tips, she disoriented him with such an action. Reaching for her axe, she hastily drew it, swinging it down onto the neck of the man in front of her. A sickening snap was heard as the steel bit into the flesh and bone of her attacker, but it didn't sway her from quickly scrambling to her hooves. For a split second, a sense of panic fought its way into her eyes. With one of the warriors advancing onto a lone elf, she inhaled sharply, doing her best to pull the axe out of the flesh it sank into. With no luck, she gripped the second axe at her hip, her arm pulling back as she stared forward. As her arm whipped forward, she let go of the axe, ears twitching at the sound of the weapon sailing through the air. The weapon hit its mark and she watched the Grimtotem fall to his knees, body quivering as the steel ripped into his spine. Normally, Tovero would take a few moments to admire her handiwork, but now wasn't the time, especially with the last attacker barreling towards her at full speed. With a panicked sense of haste, she gripped the lodged axe with both of her hands as she managed to pull it out of the dead bull. Shifting it to her main hand, she then swung at the oncoming warrior, slashing a good portion of his chest. It took a second too long for her to realize that couldn't stop the fury of the Grimtotem, though. As she was knocked into, she dropped the axe from her hand, hooves digging into the ground as she pushed back against him.Tovero6 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 [RP] Day Today!! Slams palms on table Okay listen up kids and I guess not kids. It's about time for another [RP] Day! Suggested Prompt (Not required at ALL!): Your character's worst interaction with their enemies. Be it Horde, Alliance, the Legion, the Scourge, a couple of dudes with water guns, whatever. Write a story about your character's worst interactions with those that want to hurt them all badly and stuff. What is [RP] Day exactly? [RP] Day is a day where we as a community post as many [RP] stories, poems, machinimas, music, and whatever else as possible, so long as it relates to [RP]. That's pretty neat I guess. What's the point? The point is to just share tons of user created stories and media with one another, as a community. Emerald Dream is renown for being a really strong community, but with the WoD and end of xpac blues, well, people are struggling to get enjoyment out of the game and it's world. That's where YOU come in, kid. You post a story about your character, and cool as heck friends read your story and tell you what they think and liked. This not only creates general interaction among everyone, but it's doing so with something our server always needs more of, and that's [RP]. We all love it, and I doubt most of us can get enough of it. Oh okay, well heck ain't that swell. When is [RP] Day? We're lookin' at May 27th. Give everyone a week to write, script, create, or whatever they gotta do to produce what they wanna produce. Note from me to all ya'll, Write anything. I'm serious, write anything. Your [RP] is great. If you enjoy it, and you aren't like, hurting people with it, then do it. Share it. Everyone wants to read it, interact with it. We on ED love RP, we do, and the more there is. the more we'll drown out the boring PvP arguments and drama and whatever else. The most successful this event can be usually leads to the first two pages of the forums being coated in nothing but [RP] stories. It's happened plenty of times already. It's a community effort however, and we need as many people involved as we can possibly get to really shine like we can. If you want to quietly write and post, that's completely fine. But if you can spread the word, link this post anywhere you can, tell your friends and get them all involved, well, that's golden. That's going above and beyond, and it's only benefiting the forum event, and the server itself. So spread the word, go to Twitter, any message boards like Facebook and what have you, and tell people. We all want [RP], let's encourage it as much as possible. May 27th. Write anything, do anything, just tell a story.Taelyren32 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 [RP] Preparations *It was another dark night in Silverpine forest. The smell of rotted flesh filled the air with the dead silence only broken by the screeching of the crows. In the distance was the dilapidated fortress of Fenris Isle which now had two new banners outside the gates. The banners were black with the symbol of a red torch* *Samsion walked into the keep towards the meeting room to kneel in prayer* Oh, merciful and holy Light! I now understand the vision I received. When I was lost astray in the darkness you lit my path for me to see. Everything is coming together now for this Vigil. I pray for you to grant me the strength and tenacity to carry through with this righteous task you have bestowed upon me fo.... *Malghoul walked into the meeting room, interrupting the prayer* Grand Master... *Samsion lets out a drawn-out sigh before responding* Yes, Malghoul. What is so important that you interrupt my prayer? Apologies Grand Master but I wished to inform you that new potential recruits are on their way to Refugee Pointe for transportation to this Isle. Well, that is good news. I assume we have someone awaiting their arrival then? Yes, Grand Master. Good. Make preparations and inform the other members of our Council. I will be ready to greet them on arrival. *Malghoul nods his head and begins to take his leave* Malghoul... Yes, Grand Master? I want to know where the others stand on our ideals. Speak with them and learn more of their character. If you find one lacking in good intention or faltering in faith then you will inform me. Understood, Grand Master... For this Vigil to stand and my vision realized then those who follow must share our ideals and faith. I have great ambitions for the future of this order and the reclamation of Lordaeron. *Samsion walks to the table and picks up a scroll to examine it* Ah, yes. Inform Kynradora I have need of her. We must make further preparations for our meeting with ''The Pride of Lothar''. They are another order of some sort who shares common goals in Lordaeron. *Samsion pauses* If the Light wills it so, we can make use of them through mutual treaty. You are now dismissed, Malghoul. *Malghoul leaves the keep while Samsion kneels to finish his prayer*Samsion4 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Transfering to ED, LF PVP Guild Moving to Emerald Dream and looking for a friendly casual pvp guild to join. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Nosfuratwo262 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Who killed Kag? ... Post your Screenshots here. I didn't take a screenshot but the first time i met kag in game i killed him and he just stared at me while it happened.ßullseye29 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Migrant² ERPer a selfish tease/fast finisher ((The off server ERPer Naydran just gets his rocks off with minimal reciprocation and leaves with no consideration of his ERP partner's pleasure, even going so far as to lobby insulting parting shots as he laces up his pantaloons on the way out. I suspect this is rooted in most of his ERPing experience being a solo adventure between his Elf character and a dominating sexual alter ego he calls Maekur. Well there are other people involved now, Naydran! The show doesn't end with the shamefully brief limits of your stamina. If you don't learn the importance of nurturing a partner's needs you'll be forever stuck pretending Maekur is doing it with your Elf like a horny narrator with two imaginary dolls.)) Edit: ZendMareike21 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 AMA Rasek Hello. Being an rp guild gm and a member of the KGB can earn you some drama, especially if you're elderly and have been doing it for as long as I have. But being elderly, I'm pretty bored with the whole gossip chain thing, and would like to invite and encourage people, especially those who take issue with me and mine, to ask me anything. I will try to answer as politely and honestly as I can. And if I get no questions, I can just assume everyone thinks I'm cute.Rasek133 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 @Emerald Dream https://www.twitch.tv/himanshuwsb/v/66692846 Starts @ 1:20:17 WSB & WSV team up and bring a multiboxer to Stormshield on Tich. Why am i posting this? because Alliance on Emerald Dream shouldn't feel bad about working with x-server Alliance Guilds and multiboxers when they offer help... The Guilds crying about ED Alliance using multiboxers and PVPing on other servers do the same thing.Ûñhølÿ236 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Reviews for Warcraft the Movie 9 min review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgMSn9jOdCo 20 min review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYBaA0KeZdc Hmm, interesting to hear more about the movie. I'm actually slightly looking forward to it now. I mean, no matter what I was going to go see it (actually taking my dad to see it for father's day) but I was going into it with incredibly low expectations. Now I'm a bit more hyped. EDIT: I don't really appreciate the emphasis on comparing Warcraft to Lotr that's inherent in the 20 minute review though.Vairal0 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Kagrenac/Pride of Lothar AMA No longer at work so let the AMA continue until I or you all get tired of the thread. so AMA about Kagrenac as a character, Pride of Lothar as a guild, Kag as a person, etc.Kagrenac123 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 To Moon Guard and back: Why did you return? (( Tonight I gave new life to Kittylicious on Moon Guard. No, I didn't transfer her but I did start a new hunter in an effort to find a different feel to the game. Once getting to Stormwind the first thing I noticed was a TON of people. People everywhere. It reminded me of when I left my previous server and came to ED - I was astounded at the amount of people online, even late at night. But with ED being a "medium population" server now, those days are no more. I met up with Rage in Northshire and we headed to the infamous Goldshire - knowing what to expect but having never experienced it. All I can say is wow. There were a crap ton of people there too and yes, most were naked or at least half naked. We turned in our quests and kept moving on to other areas. My first experience on MG was a good one. I didn't rp, only quested. The erpy stuff seemed to be localized to Goldshire which I can easily avoid. I was fascinated by the AH (made 2k within 10 minutes of listing random items - a gray sword sold for 1500g almost immediately) and also with the sheer amount of rp I seen going on - EVERYWHERE. Even Trade Chat was buzzing with rp notices. For my first 16 levels, I felt life had been breathed back into the game. My question to you all is.....I have seen several people leave ED over the years and eventually return to ED. Why do you come back? I don't plan to transfer my ED characters to MG (but never say never) but I am thinking about using my free Legion boost on that server as a 2nd Kittylicious. The mogs I seen on MG put much of ED to shame. Not just a good mog here and there but nearly everyone had good mogs. Seeing this made me want to do one of Kittys fashion shows on another server. I was really amazed with what people came up with over there. I'm not concerned with whether or not Kitty's style would be accepted (before those comments start rolling in) rather what your experience was when you were there... and what ultimately made you come back to ED. ))Stablemare60 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Dark 'n Stormy Just had my third drink. It is refreshing, spicy, and likely to leave me with regrets in the morning. In short, these drinks remind me of you, #edream. So what are you drinking this Friday night?Xeer7 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 how expensive are mythic blackhand kills? I want the title Ironbane for my viking characterTreng7 May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016 Assassination of WSB Guild Master D7's Hit Squad presents to you the assassination of the GM of WSB inside of Ogrimmar. Thank you Damage for uploading this video of the kill for the people of Emerald Dream to watch. We know we are not the only ones who rejoice at the sight of this fallen Horde's corpse. You can view the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACj44aXej2w Tor ilisar'thera'nal!Kotya74 May 28, 2016
May 27, 2016 Project Nostalgia - Lvl70 Horde Raiding <Project Nostalgia> - Wyrmest Accord Level 70 Horde Progression Raiding Guild Project Nostalgia is a TBC progression raiding guild in search of more players interested in the bracket to fill our core raid team. We aim to bring a refreshing experience of old content back into our lives. Starting from the very beginning in Heroic Dungeons eventually finding ourselves undoubtedly downing Kil’jaeden in the Sunwell. We hope to see you there, and may the odds be forever in your favor. Coming with The Burning Crusade mind set, we have some amendments in place to restrict certain aspects of the current game that would in place be a little too overpowered for our experience. So I'll list a few rules, I won't completely spam the entire forum post with examples but to give you an idea! 1. Fury warriors are restricted to Single Minded Fury [I.e. No Titan's Grip] 2. We aren't allowing PvP Gear, the Brutal Gladiator's within our PvE setting. We don't mind if you're going to be PvPing although the Brutal Gladiator's ilvl compared to where we will be starting is far too high, andi it will eliminate the purpose of gearing the old fashioned way! 3. We will not be buying any tokens for ourselves! We understand that you can buy tier tokens from the Hyjal vendors by strolling in there, but to make it appropriate you aren't going to be allowed to do this. You can only buy tier with the tokens you earned during the raid you attended. Now, at the moment this entire idea is in beta. This is not the final revision of some of the rules, we're actively accepting people to step forward with their suggestions and offer insight to help improve the experience for themselves, and our members. If you wish to get a hold of the founding members of the guild, you may contact either me, in game, or out of game! Feel free to send me a message if you have me added to skype, or I will list my email below if anyone wishes to shoot me a message that way. The guild is in fact formed on Horde side! Guild Leader Prawnhub [Gymtan] Officer Binaak [Linathus] Officer Tomcruize [Sakima] Shoot anyone here, or me a question if you can catch us online! Wolfen#1224 [ Linathus' Real ID ] If you have questions! Gymtan#1213 [ Gymtan's Real ID ] If you have questions!Lìnathus1 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 The zerg is real https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkJYuvxn3AE PS: Sorry about terrible quality. Window movie maker won't encode 1440p.Chachere7 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 Mark Kern meets with Blizzard re: Legacy Mark Kern, who was the team lead for developing Vanilla WoW, met with Mike Morheime to represent many of our interests in having Blizzard support legacy servers. The following was tweeted by Kern after the meeting (as summarized by a poster on Nostalrius forums): Thought it might be easier to post the entire report including photos instead of going through Mark's 20+ tweets... ---- First, Blizzard and Mike can make NO PROMISES about legacy servers. But, the amount they have been paying attention is incredible. But first, how about some pictures of the @NostalBegins petition that YOU GUYS SIGNED, being delivered to Blizzard? Image Image Image I promised you that if the petition hit 200k sigs that I would go to the CEO of Blizzard and deliver the petition. I'm proud to say its done. I was very happy to be able to fulfill my part...the meeting was an extra bonus, and I can say I'm happy. No promises, but we talked about everything you guys brought up. We talked about how there are two fandoms in WoW, classic and new, and both vital. We talked about how you guys wanted vanilla servers, as they were, with few or little changes, esp no LFR stuff etc. We talked about the surveys and how you guys would absolutely support a vanilla CE with physical and digital goods. We talked about how I felt bringing a core "first-gen" audience of WoW players would help even the current-gen WoW. We talked about each and every point you guys brought up. And here's the kicker... They KNEW EVERYTHING ALREADY. Mike and the WoW team has been paying HUGE attention to this issue. Mike has read all the posts. He's watched all the videos (even mine, lol). He wanted to tell you HE AND WOW TEAM ARE LISTENING SERIOUSLY. It was a bigger meeting than expected, I was met by SaraLyn Smith, the Gobal Director cf Community Development who joined us. She took copious notes during the meeting as Mike and I talked about you guys, the passion for vanilla, etc. The WoW Team and Mike are paying extremely close attention to this and wanted to let you guys know they are paying a lot of attention. Also, they were very enthusiastic about meeting the @NostalBegins team. Mike was super impressed with what they and MaNGOS have accomplished. Mke and the WoW team are eager to meet with @NostalBegins and to learn about how they overcame technical issues and got things running. I can confirm: They have NOT LOST THE SOURCE CODE. But the technical issues are more complicated than that. Mike and I talked about the technical challenges and I agree that for Blizzard, the challenge is greater than just throwing up a server. Mike and WoW are committed to a very high level of qualty and polish. That makes everything more complicated when considering legacy. Mike and the WoW team want to LISTEN to @NostalBegins perspective on vanilla and the technical issues they faced. Mike says there are no easy solutions to this, but that they are listening very intently and following everything you guys say. Mike and WoW team are also eager to meet with @NostalBegins and recognized they are GOOD GUYS with PASSION and they love that. So to sum up, while they can make no promises, they are going to continue to think and regroup and be in LISTEN mode to you guys. Finally, I'd like to share a pic that shows Mike and I still have a sense of humor after all these years... Image ---- My note: I'm personally looking forward to Nostalrius' technical meeting with Blizzard! Go guys! :D One more thing. ME: did you get the sense Mike was genuinely interested in Legacy servers, or was it more like polite courtesy? Mark: Serious interest. No way was it just polite. But...lots of issues they have to consider and no promises. https://twitter.com/kxmode1/status/736042676810702849Charax22 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 WTB bulk Elixir of Rapid minds 3k each! pst in game or send COD to this character. Thanks all you Allstars, you must be hitting the gym!Hoenin0 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 Happy birthday Lexandriah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEX *sounds off the MLG Airhorns* you've been a good friend over the last few years since I've been here. Probably because of the whole nice Canadian thing but hey! Enjoy your day, hopefully it isn't to cold!Slëdgehammer18 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 Returning DK looking for a Raiding Guild Hi everyone, I've made some posts on these forums and so far no luck. I'm going to keep trying though. 1. Times available & time zone: I'm on the East Coast, all times are EST My availability is as follows: Tuesday - 730pm-1130pm Wednesday - 730pm-1130pm Thursday - 730pm-1130pm Saturday - 11am-4pm *i can be slightly flexible with those times* I want to raid 2 nights a week. I really cannot comitt to anymore than that. 3. Faction preference: My DK is Horde. If I love my DH maybe I'll tank or dps for an alliance guild, but I would have to LOVE IT. Because I love my DK. 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: I think if you can be semi-hardcore but only raid two nights a week that would be me. I'm good at this game, right now I'm real rusty, but at my core I'm an excellent raider. I will take every step possible to max my performance on the meters and with my execution. I'll be there for the team too. In short I can confidently say I'm a rock, the type of player who swiftly becomes a core raider on a good raid team. But being server first or w/e just isn't important to me. I want steady progression but not at the cost of my personal life. Being like... World first really isn't gonna add any inches to my **##*@*%. 5. Current progression/experience: Very unfortunately I was forced to basically miss all of WoD. I cleared Highmaul on heroic before BRF opened, but sadly the week BRF opened for mundane reasons I don't want to delve into here I had to cancel my subscription. However I have raided every expansion since Vanilla. I know how to be a part of a raid team, and perform at an excellent level. 7. Contact info: BNET: WhiskeyGrin#1389 Reddit: WhiskeyGrin 8. Anything else: I don't think I have a very impressive character sheet, but I also do not believe it accurately depicts my skills and experience level. I encourage you to message me if you think I COULD be a fit for your group to find out more. One more thing. I'm an older guy (31), so I wills kinda prefer to be in a group that is mainly comprised of 25 and older types that don't mind someone who grew up in the 90s running with them.Terranic0 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 The most skilled pvp guilds on ED horde/ally Who would you say they are?Naydran49 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 Maekur removed all of my skin. Now he's wearing my skin over his own skin. But not in a creepy way.Ashishishe24 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 @Clown. Let's go Penns.Orxon22 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 The Kingdom Guard is asking for help! ((As the Legions of Rome were once prohibited form entering Rome, so were we to Stormwind)). We defend the Eastern Kingdoms from all threats Horde. Allowing them to be a safe place for people to live. However due to recent events, The Kingdom Guard has been granted permission to enter the city of Stormwind. By the order of the King, to replenish our forces. We are recruiting any human who wish to join our ranks, who would like to defend against the increasing Horde threat and bring peace and stability to the Kingdoms. Join us, and help us achieve this goal. We are wanting willing members, be it battle hardened veterans or fresh recruits eager to serve, all are welcome to help protect the kingdoms. If your interested contact me in game or reply on the forums. This won't be an easy task but with your cooperation we will succeed! http://thekingdomguard.enjin.com/home ((What type of guild are we? RP, PVP, WPVP with possible raiding in the future. We specialize in Attack Response. We aid Alliance members that are having trouble with bully Horde guilds(camping). What is the atmosphere of the guild like? We are a fun group. We help each other out. We help one another to succeed. We are there for each other. We work together as a team to get the job done. "The team is only as strong as its weakest player". What should I expect going in? You can expect a friendly welcome with a lot of questions. We like to get to know our new people. See what they are like and what they are about. We take the time to get new members associated with the guild so they can fit in right away and start doing what they want to do with the guild. Coming into a new guild can be overwhelming, but with The Kingdom Guard we do our best to take that down. How much WPVP, PVP, RP do you guys really do? Honestly!!! Honestly... we do a lot of all of the above, however as of right now we do not have an RBG team. We are working on that. As far as everything else? Horde we are about to be your worst nightmare:). We do quite a bit of PVP. If you don' t have gear, then we will do everything to help you so you get it. As far as WPVP goes, we respond to mostly pings in the Eastern Kingdoms. , but we have been known to expand. Are there leadership opportunity's? Yes of course. If you have good ideas send them either my way or to Valadian. We take everyone's ideas very seriously. If you have the drive and think you have what it takes to have a leadership position and do your best to make the guild as glorious as possible, then through time and effort it will be granted to you. Would you consider "The Kingdom Guard" and Honorable guild? You bet your !@# I do. Honor is what we are about in everything we do. We do not t-bag players and we do not camp players. We do not interrupt RP events( unless its Horde AND they're attacking an Alliance settlement... I mean come on). )) More to come. Something to add. If you are a low lvl we will do our best to help you lvl. Also if you are a new 100 we will do everything we can to get you the gear that you need.Kraytoce43 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 Please, seek help if you need it This is not meant to be some sort of attention grab or me digging for sympathy and empty apologies, but today a long time friend lost his brother to suicide. Out of the blue, no warning, no warning signs, no second chances to go back and do things differently. He's gone forever because something didn't click in his brain and he just bottled it up. He was also somewhat of a social outcast and it was frequently commented how 'odd' he was and things of that nature, not a ton of friends either. But none of that matters now. I love Emerald Dream, from the guilds, to the WPvP, to the RP, and all the people on it. I might come here with my chest puffed out and talk crap/playfully troll people but I certainly don't hate anyone here and I hope nobody else does either, because in the end this is just a game. I see a lot of trolling involving real life insults and situations and I just want people to think before they tell someone to 'off themselves' or called them retarded/gay/etc., any other slurs you can think of when used in a demeaning manner. This might be just a game, and these are just game forums but some people are in the same boat as my friends little brother, they are depressed, they feel they have nowhere to go, no-one to turn to, and they feel helpless. It isn't easy searching out help when you need it most, I am extremely bipolar and for the longest time I was ashamed to admit it and only told my closest friends because I thought people would look at me like a nut job. But that isn't the case, millions of people are affected by very serious mental health issues and they never get the chance to seek help before it is too late. So I ask you Emerald Dreamers, just keep it semi-civilized. Troll, but don't go the extra step to make someone feel bad about themselves (yes that can happen over internet forums), or to second guess life decisions, don't harass people, or push them in a direction with which they are unfamiliar or not comfortable with. At the end of the day we are all gamers, we all play this game and we play together. I might rag on WSB but guess what? They keep the spark for medium-large scale WPvP going on this server. When I give Xanathal, Arashi, or Himanshu a hard time it isn't serious, and I hope in return they don't wish ill will upon me. Same goes for everyone whom I've engaged with on the forums. The trolling and child-like behavior/harassment isn't as evident in game but it still there. I just ask that you be a decent human being, if you see someone struggling with something or feeling down on themselves ask them whats up. Actually talk to your random bg/heroic dungeon group, get to know a little bit about someone. Go out of your way to do something nice for someone. Let your guild master, an officer, or a friend know if you are having a hard time in your real life. Hell, even add me WhiteBuffalo#1615, I will talk to you for as long as you need it. Just let someone know your situation and how you are feeling. It is easier to talk to people with a sense of anonymity. Just don't let things go to far because you are scared to talk to someone, or you think you can handle it on your own. We are all human beings here and no matter who you are at some point you will have a rough go of it and having people to talk to makes it infinitely better. Just wanted to get this off my chest, and its going to be a huge wall of text but I hope at least some people will take the time to read it. Even if you don't have anything to add/say just keep this in mind. You are never alone, and I think that is something my friend's brother didn't realize when he chose to take his life, because he felt hopeless. Tl;dr: Keep the banter/trolling up but don't ruin someones day with it. Let someone else know if you need an ear to talk to, and in return be someone else's consolation. Make someones day. Be a little bit nicer, have a better sense of humor, give someone a compliment. It can go a long way. . .Sandahl140 May 27, 2016
May 27, 2016 Nailed a life changer! So I just officially locked in a life changing job for myself and I feel like telling everyone. Just got out of a huge conference call with all my friends, family, and the love of my life and gave them the good news. The crowd went wild!! Bahahahaha So excited! Now Im telling you guys ^_^ Not gonna mention any specifics or money but its amazing! :D Bahahahahahaha SO FREAKIN HAPPY!!!! UPGRADE TIME ALL AROUND! UPGRRRRRRRADDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEE! -Hectic P.S. Hectic doesnt die, he just multiplies!!!Hectic20 May 27, 2016
May 26, 2016 so do the alliance not dominate bgs anymore? i'm trying to gear my fresh 100 viking and they're losing basically every game possibleTreng45 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 The Goober Squad enters Gnomeregan! Hi-ho folks! The Goober Squad is back to take on the radiated depths of Gnomeregan! That's right! In this episode we see our heroes take on the challenges within the old halls of Gnomeregan! So grab your favorite drink, your favorite snack and cuddle up to all the Goober Squad goodness! https://youtu.be/-h5tS-qwtk4Turwinkle1 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 Does anyone else use GHI? (RPers) Does anyone else use the addon Gryphonheart Items and would you be interested in doing RP with it? Lately I've become obsessed with making items and seeing what new things I can come up with. For example on my belf hunter I made a quiver that contains arrows that actually get used while I'm in combat just like in vanilla days. This addon is great because it feels more immersive to me since I feel like blizzard has been making the game less immersive over the years.Heiddi13 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 I'm looking for a raiding guild Any guilds recruiting for Legion? Looking for a dedicated spot. I main a DK. My alt is a priest.Sanctomoo8 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 @Fury warriors who hate titans grip the two handed honor axe from this season isn't bad on size. http://i.imgur.com/JpHZsMe.jpgTreng18 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 Arcane Crystal (highmaul rare pet drop) Trade I have an extra Vibrating Arcane Crystal (one of the 3 pet drop items from the flying-only rares in the non-instanced highmaul). I am looking for a Warm Arcane Crystal. If anyone is interested in a trade, shoot me a message or in game mail.Aeyllia2 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 [RP] It's not Infected or Anything ((I wanted to write something, but I'm not in the mood and it sort of died.)) After the bar, after the battle, Juzmik climbed the squared staircase to their rented room. The gig in Uldum completed – the cursed sword in Gor’Watha’s hands, a little cash on the side, and a job well done – meant that their tent could be bundled and their packs abandoned for the comfort of a room now that most of the fortune seekers had fled. His arm ached – he hadn’t meant to fight in the pit, but he’d gotten carried away, and he missed the feeling of his sword in his hand. It had felt good, though, at the time – getting right back into the thick of it after a week of too much resting. Now, though – “Don’t tell Umcha.” Juzmik announced to the room at large. His audience, a knight, looked up from his book as the Amani dropped himself onto the bed without ceremony; the feather mattress barely budged, already sunk from dead weight. Sarjen shut his book, leaning forward to peer over his general’s shoulder as the smaller troll began to peel bloody moss from his fingers. “I see you had your bar fight after all. Did you win?” Juzmik issued a sarcastic laugh, tilting his head from side to side as the ‘ha’s poured from his lips, dropping the puss-caked druid dressing scraps to the floor. “I almost did. You’re lookin’ at ‘Almost Zul’Juz’ right now.” A pause as the last of the moss stretched free from the sticky blood. “‘s eh, pass the bandages? I got ‘em on the table there.” The regrowing skin, paper thin, scabbed, and still somewhat translucent, hadn’t appreciated the brawl; it had split at the joints, at any mobile junction, protesting the friction of pommel to flesh. Angry, deep purple lines from ruptured vessels lined muscle that was still surreal to see up close. The remainder of the ruined skin that stretched from wrist to elbow, intact and healing, looked wasted and partially mummified. Juzmik twisted on the sheets, facing Sarjen, arm extended. Not the most delicate of nurses, the death knight wound the bandages tightly around each finger, drawing the dressing down the length of the Amani’s arm. The first layer of white was spotted with red by the time the older troll reached Juzmik’s elbow. “I’m beginnin’ to think I should’a just taken you up on the skin. Woulda been easier, prolly.” Sarjen smirked, wrapping a second round of linen cloth around the boy’s arm. “You’d have fidgeted under the needle and plucked at the seams. And,” He pat the top of Juzmik’s bandaged hand, even as the young man winced and stuck out his tongue. "I suspect I wouldn't be as tolerant of it as your little nursemaid, who, undoubtedly, will have words for you in the morning."Juzmik10 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 Mature Gamer LFG Hello, my name is Justin and I am 27-year-old software developer from Austin, Texas who is looking for a change of scene for Legion. I have been playing Warcraft since Orcs vs Humans and World of Warcraft since Vanilla. In World of Warcraft I have had progression raiding experience in every expansion with various breaks in between. I have raided as pretty much every class and spec but am looking to stick to my fury/prot warrior for Legion and possibly dabble on my hunter. What I am looking for: An established guild of mature players, I am looking to make some new friends in the Blizzard community. Casual Raiding, I would like to find a guild of competent players that can easily do heroics but I am not looking for a 20 hour a week mythic progression raiding job. Alliance, I have played as horde pretty much since vanilla and I would like to spice things up by trying the other side for Legion (also my girlfriend who would be joining me and is a newer wow player thinks the Draenei are wonderful). Some aspect of Roleplaying, this isn’t critical but I would like to see if it changes the fun of the game at all, because for me WoW turned into a stat/rotation optimization game which in the end felt more like work than fun. Please let me know if you think your guild would be a good fit. ThanksGreatartemis40 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 [RP CONTEST] A Heavy Mantle The slow, thoughtful, clank of plate against cobbled road cut through the silence as Caldrice walked away from Stromgarde - his mind plagued with questions which would more than likely have no answers. As his heavy footfalls caused sound to cascade around him, his mind drifted some more - it’s been slightly over half a year. He closed his eyes, and forced himself to inhale through decayed lungs as he nodded, “Slightly over half a year since I escaped.” Two and a half years ago marked his defeat over the frozen sea, his Forsaken uncle that dealt the final blow which sent him barreling towards the frigid waters at terminal velocity - only to defy death itself. Jutting out of the water, far to the North of Icecrown a small patch of land stood as a pillar in the sea of blue; a pillar which he would crash into, leaving him completely shattered and unable to move. From the zeppelin he was cast off of, massive waves grew in force and speed as the airship was swallowed by its ever-hungry maw, leaving nothing to be seen in its devastating wake. As the waves washed over him, the water which settled in the crater his body caused froze almost instantly - nothing but a macabre painting beneath the ice which was his frame. ...Seven months since his body had regenerated beneath the ice by the Shadow which permeated from within the long-dead shores of Icecrown over the course of two years. Caldrice lifted his head with a faint smile as rain began to fall around him when he came to an abrupt stop. As he was lost in reverie, his feet carried him to the ruins of Thoradin’s Wall. He glanced back behind him to see a far-off figure clad in all green, an axe secured to his back walking in the opposite direction. The Lightslayer turned back towards the wall as he sighed, remembering the High Executor’s words within his clouded mind. “I’m going to be off and on, taking a pilgrimage - gathering much needed information along the way.” “In my absence, we will need a concrete leader.” “For this task, I have selected you…” “...to become...” “...High Executor…” Caldrice wiped the rain from his face, slicking back the strands of raven black hair which dangled downward, obscuring his vision. He pursed his lips as he went beneath the portcullis of the wall to shield himself from the rain. The true irony of this all was present in his life before the Defilers - how Caldrice despised, and still despises, the Forsaken as an entity. He pondered on what his little brother would say, had he survived this long. The brother he loved both in life, and undeath - as they both had travelled long ago. Would Xavius laugh, or would he consider him a monster for becoming such an integrated pawn in the Forsaken Warmachine? His brow furrowed as his gaze was cast downward in shame, but not before a third thought came into his mind… perhaps he would understand. Xavius, even in Caldrice’s darkest moments, always saw a glimmer of hope within his older brother. That somehow, someway, his brother would do the right thing, or at least have a reason for his course of actions. So even though he no longer walked by his brother’s side, having perished long ago during his affliction with undeath, he still served as a moral compass for his older brother. But would he do the right thing, now that he’s the leader of a large Forsaken military unit? After all Xavius did to pry Caldrice from the clutches of the Shadow Ascendant, Brother Gregory, was it all for naught? The only thing that crossed the Lightslayer’s mind was how nothing sprouted where death tread. Now? Now, it seemed as if he was like decay - rotting the ground which would guide their way. He slumped against the wall, watching the fat droplets of rain splatter against cobbled road and ground alike before slumping his head downward in thought. For all the light that Caldrice wished to see - that his brother wished for him to create for the world, only darkness presented itself for him to plunge into within his future, but… he was reluctant to follow. So he would wait, he would wait until another option presented itself - however long that would take. Though, even he was wise enough to know that morals never survive in the world which he lived - only those strong enough to sacrifice to survive.Caldrice0 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 Legion Heads-up: PVP Scaling in WPVP. Spoiler alert: there is none. Absolutely none. Discuss. https://twitter.com/WarcraftDevs/status/734842770066526208 ...Orxon48 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 To CC or not to CC - in regards to RP Hello friends. No, I do not mean crowd control. I mean constructive criticism. Lately I've been hearing a lot of "I wish more people would comment on my RP with real input", and let me tell you, I agree. I feel this in my bones. Thing is, I think many of us are perfectly happy to do so, but worry about stepping on toes. We don't wanna hurt any feelers or start any fights, so many of us limit our responses to silly junk or A+ or +1 or whatever. Question is: Would y'all like to see more critical input on RP, stories and concepts and everything else? Or is the community largely pleased without it?Rasek93 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 Bebbits and Birthdays and Bears...OH MY'S! Theys once was a bears names Bebbits. And hims hunts and captures a rebbits. I's tooks it aways and hims says "Girls, I's no plays! If yous no gives it backs I's will stebbits!" HAPPYS BIRTHDAYS YOUS BIGS OLE FLUFFS OF HAIRBALLS! *Draws her gun* Games on!Kittys11 May 26, 2016
May 26, 2016 Some friendly advice concerning transmog gear TL;DR: Are you one of those people who will obsessively fill out your transmog wardrobe the moment the prepatch hits and its in the game? Consider buying transmog gear now while its still relatively cheap. Rambling reasoning below for those who want a more in depth explanation. So Legion is coming. Just around the corner. Hopefully its worth the wait because WoD sure wasn't. But more importantly, the Pre-Patch is coming first and with it comes a new transmog system, the Wardrobe: http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/legion-transmogrification-changes I'm sure everyone is pretty excited about finally being able to clear out their banks and bags of any drifting transmog gear. I'm sure the Ethereals are incredibly disappointed that their Void Bank scheme is about to crash and burn into the ground. However, what this really means for everyone out there who collects transmogs, be you a roleplayer who has to have an outfit change every week, or just a player who likes to look snazzy and make their own unique and stunning sets, is that all of the items you may go buy off the AH to complete your newest outfit are probably about to skyrocket in price. The reasoning is relatively simple, when the prepatch hits thousands of players will probably come back to the game on ED alone. Some of those resubbers, along with some of those currently playing right now, are going to want to start compiling and collecting transmog pieces for their wardrobe immediately. Given how much excess gold Warlords of Draenor has created, its reasonable to believe that there will be dozens of people at the AH buying up every piece of gear for the armor class they transmog into. So what's my advice? If you're one of those people who plans on buying a ton of gear off the AH once the Wardrobe is implemented, you should consider doing so now instead of later, because once the prepatch has hit, the auction house will likely empty out fast of any of the good transmogs, and for much of the early part of Legion, transmog gear will probably cost a lot of gold. Of course, if you're the kind of person who could care less, or even if you're just happy with your current transmog and don't see yourself changing it for several months, you can also probably just wait for around the middle of Legion, because that's when I expect the transmog market to start rapidly declining, as everyone manages to mostly fill out their permanent Wardrobes, and no longer needs to rebuy any transmog piece they may have gotten rid of to make room in a previous expansion. Feel free to debate with me and tell me why I'm wrong about anything I just said. Most of this is largely just guessing and conjecture based on how I see things going. All of it is subject to change and it's also possible I end up being wrong, partially or entirely.Vairal9 May 26, 2016
May 25, 2016 WTB H Arch kill horde or alliance Looking for a kill before the end to get mount drop price raid time and btag below horde or alliance doesn't matter I got bothMalfrain6 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 We Need to clean up Our silvermoon! Seriously guys/ gals . What is up with all these drug Dealer trolls and blood elves in Silvermoon. We need to focus on our future and Clean up this city! ( rp drug dealers :P)Cuddlebones32 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 <Ethereal Gaming> [H] Emerald Dream US Casual Hey there fellow wow player! Do you want someone to team up with when playing your toons? Are you looking to join a fun and friendly gaming community? If so, please read below for more information about Ethereal Gaming. What is Ethereal Gaming? Ethereal Gaming is a brand new multigaming community that is looking for new members every day! We are group of playful, kind, and relaxed gamers. Come join us and let's have fun gaming together! The community utilizes a TeamSpeak 3 server for voice communication. What is a multi-gaming community? This just means that EG hosts a wide variety of games (Not just wow) but also Black Desert Online, Smite, LoL, Hots, and CS:GO. We plan to host more games as the community grows! If you play any of these games, feel free to head over to those sections in our TeamSpeak server! Do I need TeamSpeak 3 to join? Yes, TeamSpeak is the primary means for voice communication within the community. What type of gaming styles do you accommodate? Ethereal Gaming accommodates both casual and competitive gaming styles. We host multiple channels for both Ranked and Casual games. What kind of events do you host? We will begin to release more events as the number of members in each section increases. Some events may be casual custom inhouse games, some may be intense and competitive community tournaments. We will also host social events to help bring the community together. (Karaoke, Movie Nights, Cards Against Humanity) Our requirements: You need to be 16+ You need to have a working microphone You need to have TeamSpeak3 installed (if you don't know how to do this no problem we will tell you) Our community is english speaking therefor we require you to speak the language. --- Come and be a part of an exciting, growing, gaming community. Join the family. The fun starts here! --- Signing Up is FAST and EASY! Go to the website (below). Sign up on the forums. Fill out an application for Heroes of the Storm. One of our staff members will be right with you to process your application within minutes! Hop onto our teamspeak server (ID below) and we will provide you with an introduction to the community! ---- Website: www.ethereal-gaming.com Teamspeak Server IP: ts3.ethereal-gaming.com We hope to see you with us! If you have any questions please don't hesistate to add me to battle.net and ask!Broodmðther45 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 Gnomegeddon!!! Calling all Gnomes. I have a dream that a full raid of Gnomes regardless of guild, server, religion, gender, pancake-waffle preference and anything else will unite! We will spill forth from New Tinkertown on a spree across the Eastern Kingdoms and over to Kalimdor in a show of such force that no one will ever dare make a joke about punting us again! On this monumental day we will parade through the alliance cities and ravage the Horde's! All gnomes are welcome and encouraged to attend! Lets try for 6 Server on 5/28!Papilon14 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 The Knights of Gnomeregan (Alliance RP-PvP) ((NOW RECRUITING!)) * A small toy zeppelin hovers here projecting the image of a pristine white scroll bordered in blood red on a nearby wall. It reads:* The Knights of Gnomeregan will soon be accepting applicants. We are an order dedicated to the protection, preservation and proliferation of Gnomekind. We believe that it is up to us to secure the existence of our people, our lands, and a future for our children. If you feel as we do we would gladly invite you to seek a place in our ranks. *signed simply* Papilon ((RP Posts to come along with detailed backstory. We will begin accepting applicants! What we would like to provide and cultivate: (I know I have said it before but it is worth repeating) - A Gnome Only Guild. - An old school guild. Always helpful, friendly, and who always greet you when you log in. -An immersive RP experience. We maintain an in char guild chat (we use ochat available to all) We try to encourage good RP behaviors while providing feed back to help ourselves and other's RP to be appropriate for this game's setting/lore. -A zero drama environment. The /ignore feature is a beautiful thing. Rather than flaming each other on the forums and in trade chat we simply rise above it and pay it no mind. Dramateers can't do their thing if you don't participate. -An open door policy. We realize not every guild is for everyone forever. Come try us out! If you like stay, if it's not a good fit were not going to hate you for leaving we want you to have the most fun you can have for your buck and if it is with us then GREAT!... if not no worries and best of luck. -A unified dedicated group of people. We are dedicated people uniting in a guild who care about the guild and one an other. We are never afraid to ask each other for help or to offer it to one and other. When we world pvp we look for fair numbers, we don't camp, we don't teabag, we never kill a lowbie unless provoked and then no more than once per provocation, we are people not just pixels on a screen and as such treat each other with respect. -We will do our best to help you create and to provide you with both Rp and Rp-Pvp events. Some linear, some semi-linear depending on the input of the group, and some freestyle. Whatever it is we encourage attendance and participation. It is never mandatory to attend an event, we don't want you there if you don't want to be there, but it is strongly encouraged that you attend and even create your own for us to attend. - An active guild of active people. I will always be coming up with events and things to do. But I want you to participate in, come up with, and execute your own ideas too! If yer not sure how or need help I'm always there to help :). -Over all we would like to provide and enjoy a fun, caring, competitive, active community and if such sounds good to you we would like to invite you to be a part of it. Let's get ready for Legion!))Papilon75 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 I am considering writing an ED Horde anthem. What should be included?Ashishishe23 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 Fight For The Alliance / Fight For The Horde Yeah, I thought we had another week before this started but the achievement just popped up and got the sword/shield combo in the mail. Looks awesome. :) Is anyone else going to use their's with their mogs or what?Kynradora29 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 Elves of the North vs. Clan Battlehammer [HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m04j8rRkHw ;)Thalissius36 May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016 What's the most gold you've ever spent? Tabard of Frost and Tabard of the Defender sunk me 220k and 200k, respectively, and I also lost about 250k in total for the entire Plagueheart lock set. What are some of the most expensive things you guys have bought in this game?Montyx21 May 25, 2016