Emerald Dream

Feb 27, 2016 Bring Vod Home Hey yo my parents told me you died when I was little but now I've grown up and realized you just ran away. I'm sure you've had fun with your new family, but I think it's time to come back now.Xhii1 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 27, 2016 Urivial - AH stuffs. (( About a year ago I bought a Vanguard Breastplate for 5k. Stashed it in my bank and forgot about it. Started listing it a week or so ago and finally sold it today for 24k. On the flip side, I've been clearing out my bank alt so I can delete the toon. I had 4 tabs of stuff in there, mainly mats and armor. In a hurry to get rid of it all fast, I started listing the armor I wasn't familiar with for 5g-10g each. Within seconds many of them were snatched up all by the same person. Also listed the red roses (Kitty got sent 100 red roses a long time ago, each in an individual mail and I saved them - been selling them for 25g each every so often) for 8g each. Oddly enough, the same person who bought the armor within seconds, also bought the roses. So then I listed 10 more but he/she didn't buy those lol. Its been fun playing the AH again though I have never used an addon. I have always done it manually. Sometimes I see you buy my cheap stuff I list to get rid of in a hurry but its been a while. Do you find there are lots of people who use the sniper type addons? I've made about 60k in 2 weeks just dinking around about an hour or so a day at the AH. This late in the expac, I'm happy with that. ))Stablemare10 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 27, 2016 LFM Mythic Raid Team and More! Hey guys, new player on Emerald Dream here! So far I'm loving the realm and all it has to offer. As someone who enjoys all aspects of the game equally I think the realm is a fantastic fit for me. Anyway down to the point. So I have killed a few Mythic bosses (7/13), but really unhappy with my raid team, realm, and class. Anywho, with my recent transfer to Emerald Dream on my Death Knight and Hunter I was looking to put together a raid team to gear up through heroic super quick and get some mythic kills in! Believe me 7/13 Mythic is super simple and all it takes is some decent players with a good attitude. Especially with the upgrade system, we could knock out some lower and upper half bosses easily and shoot why not goal for Archimonde before Legion? Anyways I plan on most likely tanking on my death knight but depending on how well things go I may bring this guy over or play my hunter maybe even shadow priest. I'm looking for people that are like minded and want to get some mythic kills in! If you don't have mythic XP it's fine, a decent performance level on your class is all you need! I'll help you get gear and learn the fights, it's smooth sailing! If you are interested, currently looking for everything, let me know! My battletag is slimshadybob#1864 I'm also looking for people who love challenge modes, rbgs, wpvp, and arena! I want to put together teams for these things as well because they are parts of the game I love. If you're interested contact me on my battletag!Asylm1 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 27, 2016 [RP] A Skirmish Near Chillwind Camp The day has grown late into the evening and a lone orc rode into the heart of Western Plaguelands. A soft grey covered the sky, and the mountains to the north prevented the wind from slithering between the thin, groaning trees. A faint smell of rot and long since fallen pine needles lingered in the air before the orc's nose, like a swarm of insects following her steps. Her Timber Wolf began to approach the journey with a hint of caution, and she took it as a sign to dismount. From here she would walk. She crossed the bridge near Andorhall and followed the beaten trail to a small camp known to Alliance as 'Chillwind Camp'. She began to veer off the path and hid behind a small cluster of trees to the Southwest of the clearing. She counted her weapons. Two axes, good. Totems, bandages. She stopped and began to remember why she came here, so far from her band of brothers and sisters. Earlier in the day she overheard Forsaken gossiping about increased activity so close to Undercity. She pretended not to notice but grew curious why they sounded so annoyed. And now she stood a stone's throw from the subject of their conversation. Cripes, this is crazy. This place hardly sees traffic anymore, but it's still far too dangerous. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, the thump thump tremored beneath her chestplate. A Dwarf walked out the front of the inn. His beard was long, naturally, and was braided in twin tails. He had dark reddish-brown eyebrows that resembled two huge caterpillars from Gorgrond resting heavily above his beady eyes. He took a short look around. Clad in deep velvet, he seemed to be a veteran of War. His armor matched in purple hues and he had an Elemental pet following him. An Elemental! I've never seen a Dwarf Mage before. She thought about crawling closer but the distance was already so short. He would not have time to flee before her attacks reached. A harsh yell rang in the air and she lept down the hill, bearing on the Dwarf like a wild boar. A whoosh followed her war cry and flames engulfed the Mage's robes, causing him to fall backwards in terror. He seemed too shocked to react. His Elemental already responded to combat by rapidly attacking the young orc, but it seemed to have no visible effect. Crawling to his feet, the Dwarf tried to sprint behind the inn to gain cover, but shards of rock whipped towards his head with dangerous ferocity, and caused him to surround himself with an icy barrier. She caught up with the now Dwarven Popsicle and stared, breathing hard with a still gaze. Her eyes peered within the Dwarf. She dared him to hit back. He looked towards her for a brief moment then blinked through the air. She threw a shock of flame and - he vanished. She hit nothing except a Human peasant who would shortly draw her last gasp. She cared not. At a lost for words from the Mage's inexplicable disappearance, she took out her frustrations by burning nearby trees. Shrieks of anger rang through the woods. How?! I've never felt so stupid! I had him, it was so easy... A faint growl shook her senses back to a heightened focus. A head of a Worgen peeked out behind a hill, and slowly his whole, intimidating presence came into view. His dim, red eyes peered down on her. She stared back. "Yes, you will do. A pity you caught me at a bad time. You see, I wasn't able to sate my earlier bloodlust." Now I'm going all out. She strode forwards him a few paces but stopped short after seeing someone else to the left of her. Another Worgen ran towards her, clad in all white with peculiar goggles over his eyes. "But then again I'm not so weak as to be ruled by emotions. I can just do this some other time." A quick shrug of her shoulders, she dipped back over the hills to the south and sprinted between the trees. "Oh fel, I knew I should've brought someone." Never listen to Forsaken, never! (( I was bored at the end of the night so I pinged Chillwind for an hour or so since I knew WPL was a hotbed for activity lately. Saw a Mage from THG that didn't really seem to want to fight and took a skirmish queue to avoid dying. Then I saw a Priest from the Pack that fought me a few times. He later called a Disc Priest to help him so that's when I bolted. Decided to write a short story about it. First time doing it so if you have advice on tone, syntax or pacing, I would appreciate it. I tried to keep the writing in all past tense since I heard I was supposed to do that but I'll admit it felt awkward. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.))Courser15 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 Black Desert Online -- Unique RPish guild! *EDIT* We got a guild going that I think a lot of RPers on ED would like. Think Game of Thrones meets an MMO! We're creating a "kingdom" within the guild. Noble Houses, factions, etc... http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/21458-aeternum-pvx-siege-na-where-game-of-thrones-meets-bdo/ With Black Desert launching periodically starting this Sunday, I was curious how many people from ED were planning on playing the game long-term. With only two NA megaservers, the chances of us all winding up in the same place are fairly high. I figured why not simply grab all of those interested and go forward with a guild of our own. With no sub, and only costing $30... not a lot of reasons why not too! For those curious what BDO is, it stands for Black Desert Online, an upcoming Sandbox/Open World MMORPG being released within a week. It's similar to ArcheAge, if that helps, but different in many areas where it counts. With some of the best graphics of any MMO combined with a fast and fluid action combat system, the game is quite simply unique and a blast. A lot of the game focuses on GvG warfare, with two different types of GvG: Nodes and Regions. Node Warfare is smaller in scope and is focused over controlling smaller sections within a region. Two times a week Nodes can be contested over, with the winner receiving bonuses specific to that Node as well as taxes from players who use the NPCs within the area or who have their housing in the Node. Region PvP is much larger, with guilds with upwards of 100 players competing to control the main area and win their Castle. This occurs weekly, and every guild who wants to participate can Siege the city. Note, guilds that participate in Node GvG cannot siege Region GvG and vice versa. This is to stop giant Region guilds from dominating the game. So, all of that being said, I think it'd be great to get a band of EDers (let's be honest, we're all PvPers at heart here) and start something. I created and lead one of my servers top guilds in ArcheAge and if there's enough interest here, I think we can do it again. I'd like to grow this guild (if it happens) in to a really strong PvP hitsquad, possibly ultimately growing the guild large enough and vying to compete on a large Regional scale. Winners get their guild crest flying over the Capitals with a Guild hall to hang out in. Not too shabby! If you already have purchased the game or plan on doing so and you like the sound of this idea, drop a message in here and let me know. CR has about 6 confirmed people playing the game when it launches, and with a guild cap of 100 people, the guild can grow and become full quite easily. I will say though that I'm looking for people who know they will be playing; not wishy-washy players who are going to bail in a week. I'm not saying that people have to play every day, but stability is a big factor at the start of an MMO launch. Eager to see who is interested and can't wait to hear back from people! Cheers!Layke9 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 Bought new wheels I'm bored at work and I'm so pumped on my new rig purchase, all I can think of is what I can buy for it. It's a special edition, "Black RAM", "Murdered Out" directly from the manufacture. http://dreamaticl.com/images/2015-black-dodge-sport-1500-4.jpg (best picture I could find, not where I bought it) I've already debadged her (removing any decals (ie RAM, 1500, Hemi, etc)), only leaving the Ram Head on the front grill and tailgate. Anyone familiar with Diablo Tuners? Not cheap upgrades, wondering if it's worth pulling the trigger to do this? Anyone else want to show off their wheels?Gorgor18 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 What Kind of RP Guilds is ED Looking For? As the title says, what kind of RP guild would ED love to see? Or are you happy with selection there already is? Feel free to put your answer in this google form: http://goo.gl/forms/cZjen2Lmfr If I get enough answers, I'd like to put a list of RP guild ideas people would love to have, numbered from most wanted. Discuss below! Adventure Guild - 2 Pirate Guild - 3 Monk Monastery Guild - 3 Theatre Troupe Guild - 2 Trade Skill/Vendor Guild - 1 Guard Themed/Alliance-centric Guild - 2 Scholar Guild - 1 Azeroth Political Guild - 1 Lawful Good Guilds - 1 Shadow Priest only Guild - 1 Evil Type Guilds - 3 Orc Clans - 2 Goblin-centric Guilds - 4 Demon-centric Guilds - 1 Gang-centric Guilds -3 Royal Apothecary Society Guild - 1 Assassin Guild - 1 Neutral Guilds - 1 Scarlet-themed Guilds - 1Ellwindris82 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 The Perfect Boss - Design your boss Design your perfect difficulty starter boss of an expansion. What weapons it would use, type of creature, raid size, ability list, cast sequence, phases. Optional Boss; 25 man only; leaked that it drops legendary quality, but once it is defeated for first time, all the player gains is a title with some sort of play about how harder achievements, net nothing good usually...as does this boss, people think it will drop good loot but drops like 20silver to be split among 25 people and a grey latex uniform that can be worn by no one. Mine would be an optional one, a warlock/priest hybrid...guess shadow priest....but with warlocky spells Phase one 100%-80% health Boss floats around the room casting Mass dots that hit 25 people, no tanks needed for this boss btw leaves trail of corroded blood on the floor from first physical attack that hits her, corroded blood cannot be moved/removed off the ground... Phase 2 80-50% Casts patches of Chaos Rain (looks similar to area of healing rain), and mass immolate, mass incenerate Phase 3 50%-20% Shreds soul into 4 demon elites as she attempts to heal herself, each demon chops out some of her health, and interrupts the heal Phase 4 20%-0% mass drain life, corroded blood wherever she moves, and casts chaos rain Loot Black Latex body Suit - armor class: Latex 20 silver Achievement: Loot isn't everything KEYS TO VICTORY and why this is starter boss everything is dispellable, removable that is cast on a player....this is making sure healers, and others that can dispel are capable of doing so instead of gear check its a spell checkÀglaica15 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 Looki I come looking for some cool guild that likes making raids and dungeons, and follow the lore of the game Hope it works, cheersJoraus1 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 Just did some changes to my computer Upgraded my computers power supply and Video card. Never knew Video cards could actually require a Source of power other than off the mother board. still gotta upgrade the ram and processor, but I can now play on ultra at 40 fps(used to be 30fps on low) Seeing all these shadows and stuff is pretty neat. http://imgur.com/a/6lJPL Before/after, My old card was a lot smaller than my current one.Fera23 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 a basic duel / combat system with GHI I have made these pistols with Gryphonheart Items that were in fact requested by Siddis months ago. (Where did you go Siddis?) I was stumped at the time, but they seem to be working well now. WHAT: - duel until someone has been blinded - only those who fire pistols may be fired upon - hit % takes into account the direction, distance - 4 round clip, requires reload - shooting and reloading have to be standing still - 2 people or 50 - "/uncle" prompts opponent for surrender WHY: WoW duels are only 1v1, and are annoying for rp. I might also make a quest around Stormwind that only pistol-wielders can compete for. - racial bonuses: Draenei - easy to hit, hard to blind Gnomes - hard to hit, easy to blind Elves - reload half as often Dwarves - can shoot while blind Worgen - run while shooting (wip) Pandaren - easy to hit.... suggestions ? So it's a basic combat system. Currently they're "lingonberry pistols", but I'd be happy to do a makeover for your guild's rp. Come try it out, would love some feedback!Tesser10 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Lord/Lady of War Is anyone selling these carries on the Alliance side?Luck25 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Tour through Stormwind with Turwinkle! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle here in a brand new series! Turwinkle Tours! That's right! Turwinkle is walking around the cities of Azeroth and seeing what Role Play can be found within! So join us on this first foray into this series, as we walk around Stormwind! We meet all kinds of folks as we journey through the city. We do some fun walk up RP and talk about the areas where RP can be found! Who knows? Perhaps we will find you! :D So grab a soda, your favorite snack and enjoy the tour with Turwinkle! https://youtu.be/d2SqHNa2m1oTurwinkle18 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Any guilds or groups selling Moose run? Looking for someone to take me along for a heroic Archimonde kill. Corvus#1853Corvus1 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Clan Battlehammer Ya dun goofedSplït35 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 [AMA] about RP (( Mods told me to feel free to remake my thread, I'm bored again, and since most of the questions were about RP anyway I figure we might as well make it the official theme! Ask me anything about RP, from advice to lore to whatever you can think of! And, of course, if other people wanna chime in, please do! The more opinions the asker has, the better! ))Umcha65 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 [RP] A Burning Liberation (( OOC Notes: This is the first time I've ever done something like this, so any criticism is welcome. If this sucks, roast me. Also, some Defias lore knowledge is recommended for this piece, otherwise some of the allusions I've used in it probably won't make much sense. Anyways, enjoy this semi-lengthy (for forum stuff) story. )) TWO YEARS AGO The early morning air outside Quinn’s makeshift wooden shack would pierce the crevices of the splintered wood used to construct the damp shelter. Inside, a sweaty, lanky man would be dipping the tip of a quill into a dirtied inkwell. Quinn shoves the quill into it as hard as he can, attempting to scrape whatever’s left of the dried ink caked to the bottom of the inkwell onto the tip of the quill. Quinn knows he only has a few words left. The words would escape his trembling fingers, noting something almost unintelligible onto the paper-- Quinn’s typically composed mannerisms would be absent in this moment. “. . . E, you've got to send this message for me. I can't take it anymore. I refuse to. After his death, everything has gone wrong. His daughter’s a !@#$ing tyrant, E. Do yourself a favor and get out while you can, too.. Please. Q.P.” With a swift movement of his right hand, still visibly trembling, Quinn removes the glove covering his left hand and reveals a tattoo of a small bronze cogwheel. He grimaces at the sight for a moment, his trembling would become shorter, his expression would narrow and his trepidation would be nearly vanquished. Quinn now remembered why he was doing this. With a quick swipe of a cleaned dirk, he’d cut a gash through the cogwheel-tattooed skin and, as is typical for a human, a stream of crimson liquid would pour into the soggy wood he used to write his note on. He then dips his thumb into the blood and stamps the note with it, rolling it back into a scroll-like fashion, then using the same bloodied dagger to jab the page into the wooded side of the shack. He knew E would check there. Soon, even. It was still dark outside as Quinn trudged through the tall grass and mud, typical for Duskwood. Passing south to the road, the cemetery of Raven Hill seemed oddly calm this evening. The wind would gently rock the lanterns that dimly lit the paths in and around the cemetery. It would seem as though the fallen leaves that painted the damp ground would be kicked around in the wind, forming vague figures in their sway. With a shake of his head and a determined look on his face, Quinn would continue on the journey southward, towards the path that lead to Darkshire. “For a few weeks, I’ll stay at the Scarlet Raven.. Maybe get some work, change my name, slowly work my way up,” Quinn would mutter to himself, maybe a couple more times than would be typical, even for a man who talked to himself. Quinn had been awake for, at the very least, the last forty-three hours. Still, though, he would be glancing around in an askance manner, making an attempt to ignore his ominous surroundings. This calming silence, however, would be broken by the sound of gaudy banter. The road visible now, the lanterns casting a dim veil of light over the road, and visible to Quinn’s weary eyes would be the sight of two masked men. One carried a long black rifle at his back and held up a small flask, his arm would be wrapped around his counterpart, another masked man with a dagger and a shortblade at his side. Quinn would stop dead in his tracks, his feet firmly planted into the soil, the blades of grass danced along his muddied leather boots as he watched the two bandits walk past. He knew he didn’t have much time left. E was coming for him, and it was quite clear that others were, too. Quinn crept slowly back towards the river to the north. He knew that he could go the long way, though he would be risking an encounter with some of the vicious creatures that roamed here-- the magics of Duskwood morphed whatever ambient wildlife that lived here previously into the ominous creatures they were. Not to mention the feral Worgen, and risking another encounter with the Defias.. No, his mind was made up. From his black leather sack he drew a scroll tied together with a black lace He’d inspect the scroll for a moment, tossing it into the air and catching it, satisfied with his choice. Slowly now, he’d saunter to the abandoned town known now as Raven Hill. His damp leather boots would make an audible squidging noise against the moss that capped the old cobblestone walkways. The well would sit at the town center, essentially rubble from the weather-wear. Just a short distance away would lie a wooden bucket, coated in moss and fungi, sitting at the foot of the torn-down inn. Quinn places a timid hand on the side of the well, peering over its edge. Inside, resting water would sit still in utter silence, his soft movements would not cause even the slightest ripple. It was perfect.Quincival3 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 I love ED. This server is unique guys! Out of all other servers I have been on this one is bar far the best... The friendly atmosphere and the endless wpvp that happens I never get bored. Just today I had multiple engagements with the player base: some random person asking me how much gold I have a couple pvp engagements that ended badly for me. Rp at the blue recluse that didn't have ANY racism towards horde (I swear) Hador trolling the heck out of trade chat got 1v2ed by this Technique hunter You know the good life and that isnt even half of it... ED keeps me happy It almost reminded me of this time, about 11 days ago... When Baine was 9 manned by us and the horde looked on and did nothing.Phalco14 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 AMA: Kained to answer all your life problems. Well, your favorite Mexi pally is back to answer all your questions once more in Mexican witch doctor fashion, so ask away and I will consult my rubbing egg as I transform in to a Falcon and fly the mountain range of Sinaloa It's been a nice year long break, but as always I'm here to reach out and help the community. I mean, Cacaw.Kained74 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Roleplay assistance: Orc Warrior I am curious about how I can role-play my orc warrior as well what kind of guilds would accept me. My main issue is I am confused about orc clans, I think I want to join either Warsong or the Blackrock clan and My warrior is a furious berserker/juggernaut and is inspired by the Saurfang warriors. Any comments and assistance in helping me flesh out my role-play will be appreciated.Roggvar17 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 WTT - Horde gold for Alliance gold Hello, i am looking for someone that could please trade some gold . I will give you the amount horde side and you give me the same amount Alliance side. From 2k - 6k. Thanks. UPDATE: FOUND IT.Abyssinian2 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Transfer Incoming I've been part of Twisting Nether's community since Vanilla, with a couple breaks. I'm searching for a new server to be part of and I've always enjoyed RP elements. I'm probably switching to Alliance as well. Dwarves are amazing. My biggest concerns are that I have to chose one of my Lv. 100 characters in order to do so. My Paladin being my current focus. I'll be bringing a friend that I often do arenas with. I'd appreciate some insight as to the current state of ED. :)Naxxremis21 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 I'm a Pally and I need some serious help 1) Recommended specialization for Pally 2) Recommended stats for each type of Pally 3) Last name for this character 4) Recommened dungeons for gear for each Pally 5) Recommended gear for each Pally be it a certain sword or helm or whatever. I am playing this character semi often and could use some help with leveling and I am a Holy Pally but I'm not sure if that's the best thing for PallyBellamue20 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Anyone getting some lag this morning? Currently sitting at 200 world ms and it keeps going up, anyone else having lag problems this morning? Also it looks like it's just affecting ED, my world ms is fine on other servers.Sayir5 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 Operation Cobra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amYzBQMT4VIAskari6 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 The long goodbye. Most of the people who play now have little or no idea who I am and won’t care a bit about this announcement. Based on the other post by Holyforest, I may be the oldest account on ED and among the oldest players in the game. After 10 years and 8 months, I have decided enough is enough and am quitting WoW for good. I started on Uther back in February 2004 and came over to Emerald Dream within a couple weeks of it’s creation. It has been my greatest privledge to meet some of the best people to ever create a story, run a guild or teach pvp in the history of this game. So many of them have moved on and so few remain that it is literally impossible to reach them all. None the less there are a few I would love to say a personal good-bye to. Rasek and Theenie, two of the sweetest and most creative people I know. Your generousity to have invited me to be a founding member of Gor’watha Warband was exactly the gift I needed at the time when Emerald Dream was on yet another RP backslide. The energy of your youth went a long way towards keeping this old man feeling young in a game full of kids. I miss Yarbo and hope you get a chance to wish him well for me. Bhootam: Warlord, Conqueror and friend; I wish my ability would have been enough to keep even a tenth of your training. In your undead days back in Nyx, you were inspired my friend and I also never forget the shock you showed when I crafted gear for you for no more than being a guildie. A shout out to all my old Nyxers, for what we created was unassailable in its time. Tomoyo’s shifting leadership to Aitana and Warburn was a genius stroke but no one could have kept that leviathan together the way it was meant to be. I am proud to have known all my old Nyx friends, even those who no longer claim the guild. Even Barefoot, who was a strong personality and solid debater. Anyway, the list is too long and too many of them are no longer here, so I will briefly share my old man memories and go on. I remember when Treng was Virtue, and was much less cynical. His partner Kahwena, Aitana, Virtue and I camped the headless Horseman one year literally all day to the point that Kingship and Starsong Tribe both came to remove the four of us. We laughed and killed …and died for hours. I remember when WPVP was a mixture of pageantry, tactics, and respect. Zajiwa’s first attempt at filming the great charge was in Hillsbrad, where 50+ Horde RP marched from Undercity and formed on the north side of the field while the 50+ Alliance marched from the Wetlands to line up on the south side of the field. There were cheers, jeers taunts and yells, but no one moved until the command was given. He also was the first to lead simultaneous assaults on every capital of the Alliance. I was proud to have been part of that as well. I remember The Mayor, Aeservist, Lavabeard, and that kiwi was a Burd. I remember when people knew who Sianl was (no offense intended), The Church of Zarz, and when Reginamarie made her No mercy Mafia semi-respectable. Bloodysoul, Brontar and Camara, the Dhets and the -dros brothers and how seeing Heimdal out in the world solo meant death to any Horde, guaranteed. I remember the first Nyx vs. Kingship of the East war and how Nyx won. I remember the second Nyx and Kingship war how Nyx lost so badly in the forums and PR war that no victory in the field could save them. I remember Kyoa and what happened because he was good to someone. Blackacidice and Jesterjoe, names that became the synonym for bad. Rhooja, Amdolis, Woodwylde and Ally and the very first time we crashed the server with a 100 v 100 battle in Orgrimmar. No one knew what disasters that would bring, but at the time it was epic. We had defeated Blizzard and all their efforts. I remember EBOLA and the Crew, the inheritors and defenders against what Hinik and his AEC were doing to the server. And Zigra. Wise and crafty, hiding in humility, espousing wit and wisdom whether people understood it or not. This server is full of rich history. I hope that you who remain will look into it, appreciate it and build on it. Emerald Dream was the first RP-PVP server and has always been the greatest. Many of you have played with or against me and never known since I am the only one that knows all my alts till today. Gorehorn, Zulzahmiin, Gohjira, Apawiwahacan, Kithkin, Scornweaver, Stormwitch, Laurelbeard , Gutstripper, Schatsia, Karnisov, Nynieve (sorry to all the guys, she wasn’t just playing hard to get), Pathwinder Coincatcher, and Blitzwhistle. There are others, but they were never on ED. So long friends and strangers. There are still so many more people and memories, but I doubt there are enough people around to remember them all. All in all it has been quite a ride. I already gave away my pets and gold. Don’t ask.Gorehorn25 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 What do you play? What other games other then WoW do you play? [u][/u] [ul][/ul]Wessex42 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 Plans, that never come to fruition So, what are your plans INGAME that never come to fruition? I hope I am using that word correctly. The majority of my ideas and plans never finish. Even something as simple as, "I am actually going to cap this week! " In which I get too busy with RP, and WPVP and Dailies to ever finish till like hours before weekly reset. I do think the last time I capped out completely was in Mists.Àglaica37 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 CMs Hey. So being a solo player makes it difficult to find people to do this with. So Im LF some chill folks to learn and work for gold with. Anyone interested?Askari23 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 an offer to GMs I'm hoping to find some rp GM's who would be interested in coming up with a few objectives in line with their guild's rp, at which point I would code a quest with GHI which we could release to the realm as a competition, providing some real drama for the rp. To incentivize the quest and make it interesting (and probably really difficult) we could all pitch in a hefty chunk of gold. GHI can do pretty much anything - the objective could be various continents, killing npc's or certain players, guilds, etc. It could also be non-combat related and just involve uncovering some secret code words. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a quest span the course of days or weeks, with one winner. If any GM's think this could be fun for their rp hit me up! ps: I have many items you can sample, and a couple solo quests in particular to get the ideas flowing.Tesser8 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 [Rp-PvP Event] Ashenvale Assault ((Dear friends, I am happy to come here today to propose a RP-PvP Event that will be a month long event one of which we can return to in April and many months after. the is engineered into different stages and will progress as time goes by. Now onto the setup, the rules will be errata over time as through trial and error, and Pictures picture pictures. I can not stress how important this is especially when it comes to wounded and prisoners of war.)) Event Map: https://scontent-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t31.0-8/12711112_10154725701150190_1748627921913584251_o.jpg Event Start: March 1, 2016 @ 8:30 pm ED Server time. Tuesday Rules: 1) Areas and ownership- We will begin on the first point on how this will start out. Horde will only have control of areas 1 and 2. which will be starting. The Alliance mostly lead by the Night elves will control the rest of the map. Ownership is based on every week from the start of the campaign to the Saturday, we will be doing a tally of players who are occupying other areas. areas are the places bordered on the map and are labelled from 1 to 8. Every area owned already gets +5 points towards the side that owns it plus every active fighter who is not wounded from battle. (Eg: Area 5 is owned by the alliance and has 5 active fighters and 3 wounded fighters. so at the end of the weak their tally is 10 points towards ownership. The horde have 8 active fighters stationed in the area. they do not gain control and so the horde at the end of the week do not gain control of area 5) All updates of the event will be posted on the Emerald dream forum. It is important for EVERYONE to communicate what areas they want to camp at. as characters involved will not be able to leave the combat area of ashenvale as they signed up for this and unless gained authorized leave from the field would be considered AWOL and will not be able to return for a week. 2) Wounded and Prisoners of War- Wounded is fairly simple. You fall in battle you become wounded. Combat resurrections are allowed and will negate the status of being wounded. For story purposes. everyone who goes out to the field is given a special infirmary beacon. so one you res back to your body you bee line to the nearest owned area and stay there on light duties or bed rest for 2 real life days. While wounded you do not count towards the tally at the end of the week till you recover. Prisoners of War- this will happen often in battle. if you are defeated in combat wait 10 seconds to see if they plant a flag on your body. if they do. you will res to your body and be captured by the enemy. It takes 2 people to capture 1 defeated enemy. Edit: both players who capture have to plant a flag on captured target to show they will be taken. Jailers: It is your job to watch and escort the prisoner to a safe place where they will be detained. you will be responsible for their food and medicine. during this time they would be a wounded. The further away from actual combat the least likely of a rescue mission. You can after they have recovered trade them back to their side for a +2 bonus towards the end of the week tally. Points for captured: +2 for regular, +5 for GM Officer You can have a prison area to hold up to 10 people but requires 3 guards to spend to watch all the prisoners. if all the jailers are defeated then the prisoners escape. to let a prisoner go as part of an exchange is to do the following emotes. /point /goodbye /shoo. Prisoners: After being captured you will unequiped all weapons and major armor. trinkets ,rings and capes can stay on to save space in your bag. You will follow you captures to a point where you will be watched and taken care of till you are back to full health. (2 days). You can try to escape but for every failed attempt costs you an additional 2 days of recovery ontop of your wounded status. (yes it does stack) Attempts of escape will be done without use of weapons or major armor. While this can not be policed but for serious role players I would hope would encourage not cheating. But when you are captured you can talk in guild chat but you CAN NOT tell them where you are being held at as it would be meta gaming. All in all it takes alot to capture and take care of a prisoner of war. but if done right and done well. it can be a fun experience which adds to the role playing experience of war. we can't expect players to watch a prisoner all the time. ALTS will be important for this time in the campaign as 2 days is a long time to not really play a character it is important to work on other toons to help pass the time. or have active scouts who can find where people are being detained.Tanahrok16 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 I am King of Shadowmoon Valley. You have two days to move out Alliance, already gave several Alliance players an eviction notice. Will be back tomorrow to look for more tenants to kick out of my land.Argontus7 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 . made new thread to clean and organize all theinfo into the top fewslotsÀglaica16 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 24, 2016 [RP AU] Turncoat (( This is a series dating back to Cataclysm which was a collaboration for a "4th War" RP campaign in anticipation of MoP and the 'new war' it promised to bring. The collaborators wrote in full chapters using each other's characters in a planned plotline, co-writing and co-editing in several places. Authors and collaborators for each chapter will be duly noted. It can also be considered an AU piece, since it was designed to involve figures with enough power to actually trigger another Horde/Alliance War. The campaign was set to follow an escalation that would echo the rising tensions between the factions as laid out in Cataclysm, and would be set in motion by a series of events that ICly were never intended to light the powderkeg. While different groups set up different story arcs for the overall War purpose, this particular arc starts in the Eastern Kingdoms, but was designed to involve the Kalimdor continent in actual fighting. The entire series used to reside at an off-site RP forum that existed for several years, until the web-host dumped all its (paying) users, claiming that not only was all the data at the host site corrupted, but that there were NO backups. Years and years of RP and hundreds, if not thousands, of stories were lost. While I possessed a number of the original chapters, and had faithfully dual-posted the first arc to a guild website, many pieces are just plain gone along with the players who no longer play the game. So, I am piecing this together as best I can in what I hope may make for an entertaining read. )) ============= Chapter 1: The Stormreaver By Xelas The rain had been falling long enough that it trickled through the upper canopies of the forest, soaking into the earth below. The wind caused the leaves to slap against one another in little patters of random arboreal applause. From time to time, gusts caused the trees to groan, and smaller branches to snap. The waning storm provided the elf with perfect cover. Although he was quiet as any predator must be, the woods would hide any small errors on his part. Not even the trees would betray him as often happened to others who hunted as he did. Since he had returned to Kalimdor, he could hear the quiet hum of the ancient trees thrumming in his mind. No, the forest turned a blind eye to his killing -- perceiving it as simply as part of The Great Cycle. Moreover, he had anointed himself with a salve that masked him further, making it so that other woodsmen would not be able to track the elf until he was right on top of them. These precautions had been unnecessary at first. But his prey was growing more and more wary. They started traveling in pairs or groups when ranging beyond the safety of their camps. "The Stormreaver" grimaced. So many of them had died, and yet she refused to come out to protect them. She had to know he was responsible. The tokens of his kills that he left in Darnassus, and at her own door, were meant to be unmistakable. Perhaps she thought she could out-wait him and force him into some foolish, fatal action. The older elves often displayed such patience. Although he could play that game, it was hard. Fear for his sons and granddaughter made him reckless. The sooner Feathermoon was dealt with, the sooner he could make an attempt to return to his life in Stormwind. At least, that is what he told himself. Nagging doubts made him wonder if there would ever be a way back. Twilight had reached the shores of the Forgotten Sea where he had roosted in the cliffs overlooking Feathermoon Stronghold. His golden windrider dug its claws into the bark of the thick bough of the massive tree in which they waited. Leaves, parted by the winds, gave him glimpses into the stronghold below. Here, the Sentinels moved with more assurance, occasionally walking lone patrols between buildings, in and out of the wells of light created by the wisp lanterns that lined well-tended paths. Xelas opened a special cage secured behind his saddle on the wind rider's back. He helped a large, gray dog into the cage. Toadkiller trembled with excitement. The dog loved to fly, but knew he had to resist barking and shifting back and forth to get a different view as he would do if they were not hunting. Xelas soothed the excited animal. They had work ahead of them. The hunter eased onto the wind rider's back, into the saddle. Since this was a short flight, he would not secure himself with harnesses as was his habit -- he needed to be ready to jump at a moment's notice. With a touch of his heels, he urged the wind rider into flight. The tawny wyvern dropped into a silent glide from the bough, over the edge of the cliff. It landed at the base. Xelas popped the latch on the cage door, allowing Toadkiller to leap out. (Cont'd)Landrêth4 Feb 24, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] A Jug of Punch ((I love drinking songs and stuff, decided to make a bard character for that reason. Pretty much everything she sings is gonna be related to that, and you'll probably recognize them if you're a nerdo about that stuff to. Broke the story up into two posts so it's easier to read. CC always welcome.)) It was easy to make and sweet on the tongue: Cloves, boiled water, some sugar, the cheapest rum you could find. Her grandmother made it when she was younger, sitting by a dying fire in her chair, spoon and glass in hand. The perfect Gilnean lowland punch. It afforded those who had little to experience the sort of spontaneous, summer romances that girls from Duskhaven and Stormglen giggled about. Sweet dreams and foggy mornings, long lashes over blushing cheeks, picking out young men from Kul Tiras with salt-stained skin and fair hair. Marowen took a sip from her jug and set it down beside her, seemingly oblivious to the flurry of activity around her. She plucked idly at her lute, humming a familiar song in the fashion of the oldest Harvest Witches who still spoke the old tongue in hushed tones, learned long ago before the law of Lordaeron overtook them and wiped it all away. If any drink could be her last, she decided, it would be punch. She’d come from the south of Duskhaven many years ago to Keel Harbor, a typical Gilnean girl with dark hair and dark eyes and the heavy southern accent of her grandmother. The harbor had become her home since then, hopping ship to ship where work was needed. She was good with the rigging and quick with a sword, not that there was much danger on the stretch on sea between her country and Kul Tiras. But her lute made her friends more often than anything else, and she was happy to provide. Old songs, passed down by men and mothers alike, flowed through her like blood, and she thought if she was to provide one she may as well provide the other. Worgen, they said, from across the wall. The Cataclysm had left a gaping hole in their only defense from the ruined land of Lordaeron, and in came the pestilence that plagued it. “The love that I have chosen, I’ll therewith be content The salt sea shall be frozen before that I repent Repent it shall I never until the day I dee But the lowlands of Gilneas has twined my love and me.” Her voice rose with the din of battle, cries over song. A soldier fell not far from her, blood splattering the stones by her feet and jug, enough to make her flinch. She heard someone call for her, hold out a sword to her nimble hands, but she turned them away with the sound of her strings. His words hurt. She could feel his eyes boring into her, demanding answers to questions he didn’t need to ask. “Oh hold your tongue my daughter dear, be still and be content. There’s men enough in Kul Tiras, you need not sore lament. Oh there’s men enough in Kul Tiras, alas there’s none for me For I never had a love but one, and he’s drowned in the sea.” Marowen recognized him, offered him a glance as he turned from her in disgust. They worked together on the Royal Rose nearly six months last year. A fine man, tall and keen and good with knots. He sang with her in the mess more than a few times, sitting at her feet with a jug between them. He’d die too, she knew. They all would. Gilneas was lost to them in one way or the other, from worgen or from the scourge. She could only imagine how long it would take for their wretched queen to march on the northgate, and how many of them would still be left to greet them. But the crash of waves against the docks of Keel Harbor and the fire of punch in her belly calmed her nerves and kept her hands steady, singing dreams and kinder things as the battle raged around her. If ever there was a way to go, it would be surrounded by the things she loved.Marowen6 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] A Weapon of War ‘A Weapon of War’ Time seems to slow down when you’re hit with a stiff punch. Doubly so with a kick to the solar plexus. Jaeroth Luxton took this moment to admire the clear sky. Part of him wished he was back home in Elwynn forest. A small part. He hit the ground at long last, his lungs nearly deflating, and he began to wheeze uncontrollably. The added weight of his rifle coming down on his chest didn’t help. His messy, golden-brown hair fell into his eyes. A Kaldorei silhouette came into his blurry vision, blocking the sun above, “You took the hit better than I imagined, young one. But you have to use your weapon.” Nightwind reached out to pull Jaeroth up but was sheepishly waved away, only receiving a second round of hacking coughs in response as Jaeroth struggled to breathe. He could feel the Kaldorei’s grin on him, as well as the onlookers’. It was true. Jaeroth had only used his rifle in a folly attempt to parry the monk’s blows. The idea of shooting an ally in a sparring match wasn’t one he wanted to consider. But what else was he good for? Why did Ironheart bring him here if all he could do was pull a trigger? “Don’t hold back,” Kagrenac told Nightwind from the fence of Chillwind Camp, “the little guy asked for it, after all. That goes for you too, Luxton. Use your weapon or go home.” Jaeroth picked up his head to look at them. Jeevie the gnome was failing to suppress a torrent of laughter at the final blow of the match. Garo’s arms were crossed and Jaeroth couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all. He imagined it wasn’t something friendly. The boy let his head fall back to the grass which began to feel more and more comfortable with each passing second. Maybe he would just stay here in the dirt. A strong hand gripped his own and he was brought to his feet with one quick motion, “You have to get up,” Nightwind said softly, almost reading Jaeroth’s mind, “always get back up.” He smirked and clapped Jaeroth on the back, a little harder than Jaeroth would have liked, before gliding back to join the others resting near the fence. Jaeroth felt a warm trickle of blood begin to pool in his mouth before creeping to his chin. “Poor zink,” Vastra cooed, emerging from the camp’s single shack, “Shuud I feex heem oop?” Jaeroth still struggled to understand her Draeneic accent at times, but her voice alone seemed to be enough to mend his wounds. He gaped at her for the briefest of seconds before pulling his eyes away. He often wondered how a creature like that could be married to such a monster, though admittedly Jaeroth had only seen Pachyderm from afar a handful of times. “He’s fine,” Kagrenac said, uncrossing his arms and walking over to Jaeroth, his hefty armor clinking under its own weight. Jaeroth slouched ever so slightly, never quite meeting the magicked gaze of the Death Knight, which glowed with the palest blue Jaeroth had ever seen. Kagrenac spoke calmly, firmly, “Where’s that dog of yours?” “I put her inside. If she saw you all beating on me she’d try to save me.” “Maybe that’s what you should let her do.” Jaeroth look Kagrenac in the face now, “I will not use her to fight my battles.” Kagrenac’s face was unmoving for a moment. Then, “This,” he grabbed the rifle in Jaeroth’s hands, picking it up and pushing it close to the boy’s chest, “is a weapon of war,” he grabbed Jaeroth’s stringy, white arm, “this,” he let it fall to the boy’s side, “is not.” Jaeroth suppressed a scowl. Kagrenac pointed an armored finger at Jaeroth’s forehead, “this,” Jaeroth looked to the ground in return, “…is a weapon of war.” The boy looked back to the Death Knight, eyes wide. “Do you think,” Kagrenac went on, “I would have allowed you to join us if I didn’t know you could survive?” He continued to point at Jaeroth’s forehead, “Use this. You’ve got potential. Figure out how to use it.” Kagrenac stepped back and away. Jaeroth stared at the rifle in his hands for a moment. The ambient sound of the Western Plaguelands had seemed to melt away for a short while until, “He’s going to die.” Garo said plainly, arms still crossed, his deep voice like a bullet to Jaeroth’s frame. He shot the Kaldorei a look of disdain but couldn’t tell what Garo could see through that blindfold of his. He instead changed his focus to Jeevie who had waddled up, grabbing Jaeroth by the tunic and pulling him in with a jerk, “Just so you’re aware,” the gnome grinned wildly, “If Pachyderm sees you making goo-goo eyes at his wife, he’s going to pull your spine out through your nose.”Pachyderm12 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] An Inner Turmoil Nephilium sat, pen dropped on a single page of parchment and his forehead resting in the palm of his hands. It had been a rather long time since the majority of his day was spent behind the large ruby oak desk where countless contracts had been drafted, many letters penned, and the playful antics of his now disappeared lover occurred. What had life come to that it was difficult for him to find the proper words to say? A leader must force himself to feign confidence, security, and happiness, he thought, the Sunsworn are counting on me. Sighing heavily, he picked himself back up and began to write, hoping his words would make sense and adequately portray the views of the reformed Sunsworn. Starting to write, he paused again and stared out the window overlooking the Square below. The Rangers fought their wooden target dummies, the Paladins meandered around the area chit-chatting, a random goblin drove by, and, looking closer, he noticed the small group injecting fel, presumably, in the corner. He shook his head. This city needs cleaning. Refocusing back on his parchment, he finally pushed away distractions and wrote. ... The ink trailed off as the magister became increasingly unfocused. His head hurt. He could not remember the last time that he actually felt this much pain, then again, the past few years were spent on self medicating to cope. He had stopped with the gathering of Sunsworn’s Remnant, but maybe it was time to start again. A little bit couldn’t hurt, after all…. A few moments later, as he was putting away the evidence, there was a slight knock and the door burst open to have the Captain standing in the threshold. Nearly losing the ground herb to the floor, Nephilium straightened his posture, staring across the room at the male. “Captain Lynxfang, the documents are over there on the credenza,” he stammered. Please don’t let the stench catch him. I don’t need that…, he thought. Lynxfang grabs the documents and left, most likely having the raw scent of the numbing concoction reaching his nostrils. After the door shut, Nephilium looked over the parchment again and crinkled it, throwing it across the room. “Begin again; you have this,” he told himself aloud. Once again hunching over a piece of parchment, he began to write. ... Without proofreading, the magister tri-folded the document. Spilling bright red wax on the opening, he pressed in the seal of Sunsworn and stared at it for a moment while rolling another blend of “herbs” into a small piece of thin parchment. There was legacy within that simple seal; a legacy of which he was afraid he could not untaint.Nephilium31 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 fair enough 2016 :(Milkydud5 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 |AMA| Kenji Edition Seems like an interesting thing going on. Still "newish" on the ED forums but I believe most people have at least seen me by now. So let em rip.Kénji17 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] A New Warband (( Just something small I put together regarding something that happened last night. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing stuff, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.)) The cities’ stench slowly faded as the Druid soared ever higher, desperate to be away. The longer he stayed in Orgrimmar, the more he could feel its foul air seep into his skin, sinking into his bones. The city was no place for a Druid. Bebbit usually declined to visit this place, preferring to buy any needed supplies at smaller outposts, but necessity had forced him here today. He’d run out of milk. All of his usual haunts were out as well. Desperation had forced the Druid to overcome his disgust and enter the city. Passing by the bustling auction house, the flutter of a pamphlet nailed to a signboard had caught his eye. Green and gold tassels hung from the knives that pinned the notice to the board. Quickly skimming over the scratched lettering, Bebbit’s eyes narrowed. This was a recruitment post. For a war band. Grunting to himself, the Druid had started to move away, but something stopped him. The thought of joining once again with a war band churned in his mind. The last time that he’d experienced being part of a unit was with foul, but they had since scattered to the winds. Inevitably his thoughts made their way to Craznys. Bebbit hadn’t heard so much as a whisper about the young Warrior ever since they’d parted way. He still felt slightly guilty about how it had happened, but the drive and determination which brought him down this path was too strong for anything more than a fleeting thought. He’d grown much stronger since that day in the cave. But he wasn’t strong enough yet. Bebbit took a deep breath as he’d decided on his course of action. Turning back and ripping the sign from the board, he’d stuffed it under one of the straps of his vest. The only thing on the pamphlet that suggested where to sign up, was something about Booty Bay. Figuring that he’d sample some of the precious milk he’d come to this city for, Bebbit had made his way towards the nearest bar. The sight of a single occupant piqued his interest as he’d entered. A Troll with electric blue armor, and wielding a hammer and sword was sitting at the central table. Wind whistled through his ears as the Druid replayed the events in his mind. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d spoken so much, or politely. His first impression of the Troll had been a good one. The mage who had wandered in looking for someone he wasn’t so sure, but the camaraderie between the Troll and Undead was encouraging. The eagle opened its mouth in an imitation of a smile as he broke through the clouds and soared away from the city.Bebbit4 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [A][RP] New Beginnings. <Stormcrow Enclave> "She's here. You ready?" The Kaldorei Death Knight leaned against the door frame, her eyes glowing a bright cobalt against the dark hallway. The Priestess sitting at the table looked up briefly from the parchment in front of her then went back to her scribbling. "Send her in." A pause hung in the air for only a moment then was broken by the sound of heavy boots approaching which made the Priestess' sensitive ears twitch. Her eyes scanned over the contents of her letter briefly. The sound of the Death Knight sharply clearing her throat achieved its purpose of demanding the Priestess' attention. The heavy scent of alcohol permeated the air with the arrival of the two and hit the Priestess' nose like a brick to the face. The Priestess placed the parchment inside a leather bound book, clicking together the attached clasp, the entire time hoping that her facial expressions did not betray her disgust at the pungent smell. "Euphie, I need you to give this to the courier I've sent for. No snooping." She emphasized the last sentence with a raise of both brows. Euphoria snatched the book out of her hand. "Wasn't planning on reading your stupid, probably boring, letter anyway." The Death Knight huffed past the guest, bumping shoulders with the woman next to her. "And you smell like the Blue on half-off night." Euphoria mocked waving her hand in front of her nose, smirking at the guest as she made her exit. "I see she's pleasant as ever." The Kaldorei guest said rubbing her assaulted shoulder. The Priestess smiled and gestured to the vacant chair adjacent to her. "As she will ever be. Please sit, Ellanys." Ellanys paused as her attention shifted away from her shoulder and to the woman in front of her. Tucking a stray strand of teal hair behind her elongated ear, she sat letting her hands rest casually on her thighs. The two sat silent for a moment, reading each other's expressions as if deciding whether to break the ice first. The Priestess spoke. "I imagine you have some questions as to my whereabouts the last few months." Ellanys' brows raised slightly. "Among others." Her tone was hushed. "I suppose you do and I intend to answer each one in time. Before I do, I need a status report." The Priestess replied in an equally soft tone. Ellanys began to fidget with her hands, finally settling on clenched fists. "What is there to report? Everything is gone, Skyriver. You ran off without a word and everyone vanished soon after. Now you come back out of nowhere and don't even offer an explanation?" Ellanys made no attempt to reign in her frustration. Her eyes never left the Priestess' as if challenging her to respond harshly. Skyriver pursed her lips for a moment, internally taken aback. "That was well deserved. I can't offer a complete explanation right now, but know my absence was in the best interest of everyone. Now that things are in control, we can rebuild from what's left." Skyriver spoke softly. Ellanys relaxed and released her fists. "I'm not the only one who stuck around. It felt like it sometimes, but a couple others helped keep things together." She spoke to in a softer tone. "You've done well, which is why I sent for you. During my time away, my focus has changed its direction and I have use for your expertise in..procuring.. rare items." "You mean smuggling." Ellanys cut in. "Not exactly. Just the hunting part will suffice. You see, my focus is on finding relics of power and keeping them from falling into hands which might use them for destructive purposes." Skyriver continued. "And when we recover these relics?" Ellanys inquired with a raised brow. "We destroy them. Neither Horde nor Alliance or any other being should have them. They cause naught but suffering and bloodshed in the name of supremacy." Skyriver clenched her fists and stared intensely at the table before she tore herself away from whatever thought had held her. "Will you help me pick up the pieces?" Skyriver spoke softly as if fatigued. Ellanys sat silent for a moment, processing what was being asked of her. "When I heard you were back, I didn't know whether I'd hug you when I saw you, or hit you for leaving." She smiled out of the corner of her mouth. She stopped and stepped in front of Skyriver. Leaning over, Ellanys put a hand on the Priestess' shoulder. "I still want answers....when you can." Ellanys smiled. She leaned over and threw her arms around Skyriver. The two spent the remainder of the evening laughing and catching up. There would be plenty of time for planning later.Skyriver13 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 My latest pvp video! Me 1v3 against horde in tanaan hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X9SChvQf2EGinjow2 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] The Visionary ((Hey folks, thought I'd type a brief story preceding TCU's latest arch in Vash'jir. It involves two of my newest characters! :D I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave your thoughts. Warning - DID NOT EDIT. )) Drulen resided amidst a verdant, open field, lids draped over his luminous sapphire eyes. Exhausted, albeit content, he sighed heavily – he was pleased with the victory he’d struck for Westhorne Imports. What the mercenaries lacked in moral fiber, they compensated for in efficiency and camaraderie. There were heroes to be made of them yet. More pressingly important than swaying their hearts, however, was a recent discovery, - a perturbing one at that. When Reagan Luthen had first assigned him to fetch the map to the tomb of Sargeras, Drulen had surmised it a fool’s errand. The stalwart draenei figured that the twisted Naga queen, Azshara, would’ve claimed such a potent prize. After all, anything beneath the ocean’s transparent, shivering surface was her domain, any relic hers to seize at a whim. A vast, expansive legion of Naga adhered to her edicts, an empire established over millennia – a kingdom older than he perhaps was himself. The fragment’s existence was nothing short of a miracle, and he wasn’t keen on squandering it. Fortunately, neither was Reagan, as he’d been commissioned to retrieve it from the perilous depths. Despite Reagan’s acquisitive ambitions, Drulen acknowledged his intent nobler than Azshara’s – he fancied harvesting the fragment’s inconceivable fel energy, whereas the scaled Queen sought wanton destruction, and to herald the Dark Titan’s horrific re-entrance into Azeroth. A tiny smile creased his lips. Doing the Naaru’s work was a privilege, and to spread its reach was a blessing. It imbued purpose in the despairing, and smote true evil into the abyss like a hammer into nails. He felt honored to heed to requests of the venerated Naaru, especially after what he’d – What he’d done. His face taut, Drulen soured. As the Naaru’s gift permeated through his mind, he’d forgotten his prior sins – perhaps that was better, perhaps that was worse. It was a question he nagged himself with since the Light returned to him. Sagely, he drew his fingers down his braided tentacles, brows clenching. If he ever hoped to achieve internal peace as the pandaren masters promised him, he’d need to forgive himself for what he’d done. Light willing, he was certainly adamant on atonement. Penetrating the serenity of the sward, Drulen heard sizzling behind him. Grass shriveled to its roots as a robed figure approached him, his gray garb enshrouded with thin plates. His physiognomy was guised by a mask, a patterned hood draping his scalp. Four perpetually blazing eyes bore into the draenei noiselessly, save the harsh crackling of a fire growing. Eyes creaking open, Drulen shambled to his feet. His efforts against the orcs had drained him, and he silently prayed his visitor hadn’t sought conflicts, as he always did. He was greeted with sardonic applause. ‘’You’re to be commended for your successes against those warted, bolvine orcs,’’ the figure smirked, arms dangling freely at his side. ‘’And of course, in your successes against the inert demons who’d been tasked to safeguard the Dark Titan’s secrets.’’ ‘’Hail, friend,’’ the towering Draenei greeted, disregarding his visitor’s overtly malefic intentions. ‘’I am called Drulen the Timeless – and you are?’’ ‘’For the sake of this conversation, you may refer to me as the Visionary,’’ the smoldering man responded, his muffled voice a crackling hiss. ‘’And I’m afraid I’ll need those hieroglyphs you’ve stolen from my associates.’’ ‘’You say you’re a visionary,’’ Drulen replied gently, cracking his neck as his breath leveled. ‘’The Legion’s vision, then?’’ ‘’As repugnant as they are, their objectives are unexpectedly pure – and they don’t even realize it,’’ the Visionary retorted bluntly. ‘’No, I come not bearing their banners, but my own.’’ ‘’If you share their endgame, I’m afraid I cannot share these secrets with you,’’ Drulen rumbled steadily, digging his hooves into the grass. ‘’Nor may I permit passage from this sanctum. ‘’Ah, excellent,’’ the Visionary chuckled. ‘’I revel in warranted opportunities to expend my power.’’Drulen3 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] Serilan's Biggest Fear (TO CLARIFY- This is not in present day, this is during Wrath, four or five years ago, when my mage was working as a mercenary, I am not implying the nexus wars are starting again) Serilan stared at the open fields of the Borean Tundra, his eyes occasionally darting to the random shape off in the distance of the barren landscape; deciding then and there, for perhaps the ninth time, that this was a waste of his time. He sighed and took his glasses off for a moment, rubbing them on his robe, once more thinking that this was a waste of time and that he really didn’t need the money from those merchants. But he did, and he was here, so he may as well do the job. Protect the caravan. Simple. "Hey, kid, we’re moving, don’t day dream.” A gruff voice broke Serilan out of his thoughts. He bit back a remark and simply followed the caravan, putting his glasses back on and drawing his staff, deciding he may as well in case a rabid penguin attacked. The man in charge of the caravan looked at the mage’s staff and then opened his mouth. “Ya’ know that mages have been disappearing lately right? You might want to put that down, otherwise a dragon might get you.” The man chuckled to himself. “Yes. I’ll be sure to watch for stealthy two-ton lizards. Them being so silent an’ all.” Serilan bit back. The man simply shook his head, a ‘do as you like’ motion that ended that thread of conversation. The caravan continued, and except for the occasional conversation or the random snobold that decided to show up to die or run away, it went smoothly. As Serilan followed the caravan into the decided ‘campgrounds’ he grew increasingly annoyed. And worried. The patch of dirt on the shore of the Borean Tundra, if it could be called a patch of dirt, was a rocky expanse, with very little room for the caravan; jagged rocks creating sharp pillars on the coast, obscuring the view of an island off the shore, which he could only assume was Coldarra. Serilan looked to the caravan driver for a moment, confused. “Why are we camping here? I’m not a ranger, but I’m sure this is a horrible place to camp.” Serilan said plainly, not wanting to piss the man off and have his decided pay reduced. The man didn’t even look at Serilan, and simply dug around in the wagon for a while, before pulling out something, that clearly wasn’t a keg of ale like Serilan had thought the caravan was transporting. It was a black metal box, with various blue runes on the sides of it, pulsing with a sinister feel. “Now, mortal, this can go two ways. A nice clean detainment and death, or a futile retreat.” The man said, his voicing dropping from a westfall accent into a more clean, very refined tone, like every word was calculated down to the letters he used. Serilan paused for a moment, looking scared and alone, and then tentatively took a step forward, putting his staff down. The man simply smirked. “I like you. So much of a coward you don’t attempt to fight. Good, and I thought you were an idiot child from Gilneas.” The man simply walked towards Serilan and stepped forward, the black box’s runes glowing with arcane energy.Serilan5 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 <Ironsworn Regiment> is now Recruiting! <Ironsworn Regiment> is a freshly created guild already full of talented and friendly players and are looking for dedicated members of the horde to become apart of a growing community! We are first and foremost a world pvp guild and pride ourselves on success in this area. In terms of PVE we are on Normal HFC for the time being and being lead by a mythic geared / experienced tank. Also in the works is a unique RP backstory and we will be starting up campaigns in the coming weeks. REQUIREMENTS: Experience: None, be as green as an orc, just come willing to learn and participate! Race / Class: Any Voice Comm: We use TS3 and it is a requirement for events, you do not need to speak if you don't wish to just listen in. WHO TO CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION Renosh, Shadòwstrike, Kalthrash, Tuxalor. Do a /who Ironsworn Regiment search and whisper a member if none of us are on and we will get you invited :D Thank you and we hope to talk to you soon! We are Ironsworn, and we have arrived.Shadòwstrike3 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] Brothers, even through death. ((Hello everyone! This is actually my first roleplay story so I’m still relatively new to whole writing scene, so I apologize in advance if the story isn’t well…great? Regardless, I hope you enjoy and more may come at a later time!)) The storm was approaching faster and faster, causing the snow to rain down harder than it had previously- I knew I had to find shelter soon. How embarrassing would it be, a seasoned orc veteran, a Frostwolf at that, to die due to a snowstorm? That’s when they caught my eye. Fresh stag tracks. Surely they would had traveled the terrain enough to find a shelter for times like this…So I decided to follow them. The tracks led on for another ten minutes or so until a cave came into sight. It would do. It had been an exhausting track. Three days I had been walking through Northrend. Searching. You see, when the scourge first attacked Orgrimmar, they also took prisoners…They were looking for powerful heroes of the horde to convert into their own, into Death Knights. Unfortunately, my brother was one of those taken. Once I heard of his disappearance, I vowed that day that I would head to Northrend and search for him. It’s been almost a decade. As time has gone on, I continued my searches, but they became less and less frequent. Not a signal sign of him arose…after all that time and searchimg, until last week. I was told about a small group of cultist and their scourge being heavily armed, but not with their normal armaments, but rather equipment that heavily resembled that of orcish weapons. That heavily resembled those that my brother had crafted. I knew this is where I would find him. I asked for more information about the cultists from my informant but he only knew the littlest of details. They had served under Arthas for a period of time, but after his death they went off on their own. Apparently the group of cultists was small, maybe ten or so, but the scourge they controlled quadrupled that. Lastly, they were always on the move, not staying in a camp for more than two weeks. So the task was laid in front of me. I knew exactly where my brother was, but I was limited to the amount of time I had to find him. I had to go alone. There was no time to request for aid. And thus I began my journey to find my brother. Time was ticking, I had no idea how much longer they would be staying in their encampment. Now, before you ask “Why didn’t you just travel on one of your mounts?” You see young pup, I knew ahead of time of the storm that was brewing, and I was told to wait it out, for nothing could fly through it and surely any other animal could be put at risk. So, I decided to travel on foot. Now the problem was, the cultist camp was deep into Icecrown, and I had to make the trip from Warsong Hold. It was destined to be a hell of a trip… I ended up staying held up in the cave for two nights before the storm was over. I explored it a bit but there wasn’t much to find other than some tinder for a fire, so I merely just sat and waited out the storm. At the dawn of the fifth day, I knew I needed to head straight for Icecrown in order to make up the lost time. Icecrown, a frozen wasteland. The scourge still walk there today. Not only was I having to deal with the cold, but every few minutes a rogue scourge would try to attack. Mindless beings. Finally, I came across the camp of cultists. Sure enough, the surrounding scourge were each holding some sort of weapon. Not your typical broken shortsword, or wooden mallet. No, they were using weapons that only a veteraned blacksmith could forge…what my brother could create. That’s when I saw him, for the first time in what seemed like a life time…Kazuto…Kénji14 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 <Toon Squad> is a fresh guild lfm! We are a brand new guild looking for members any level and skill level. We are looking for PvP, PvE as well as RP players. We are also interested in a RP leader to create and lead our RP story. Add me on battle net @mrdodo#1726 !Killour0 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] Maybe We'll Emulate Harrison Jones ((I dunno, trying to set up a mini-plot but I lost my mojo today.)) The bar was quiet, empty but for a lilac boy with bags under his bright orange eyes; the split ends of his blue braid brushed carelessly against the dusty floorboards of the upper level. The candles burning on the table flickered against his frown. Beside him, casting shadows of his own, sat sentient armor with the slightest gap in his guard; an open wound that sat beside him, paperwork in hand. Athena gathered her dress and ascended, the wood creaking despite her slight frame. The mage sat across from him without a word, no permission or acknowledgement requested. The general’s eyes glanced over at her, while his guard dog straightened his shoulders. She sat primly, hands folded against glimmering robes the color of dead grass, with a thin cloth mask colored to match. “General. Former Senior-Sergeant.” Juzmik shot her a weary, polite smile; Sarjen said nothing, hands curled around a clear glass of water. “How’s it goin’, ‘teena? I ain’t seen you in a while.” The Amani took a pull from his bottle; the Bruiser OPA label fretted and half-peeled from the opaque brown glass. The knight beside him tipped his glass slightly, a dribble of water spilling crooked over the lip. The mage tipped her head. “I’ve been busy, sir. Our recent jaunt to Northrend reminded me of several inherent truths about myself that needed addressing.” She paused, purple bangs falling across her eyes briefly. “Though that is likely of little consequence to either of you, nor should it be.” Juzmik leaned to his left, muttering something in Zandali. The knight snorted as more water tipped from his glass. Athena took the moment to pull a small dossier from her satchel, sliding it across the table. She spoke as he lifted it, flipping arbitrarily through the several pages inside. “I’d like to requisition funds for a research expedition.” The general elbowed the knight and held her carefully printed research out for him to peruse, all the while speaking in that guttural language. The mage busied herself with staring vacantly across the way while they conferred. From what she had managed to pick up over the years, the boy was questioning her research and what she wanted, exactly; his verbiage was rough and casual, easily lost in translation, though the older troll’s succinct replies were far more intelligible. Sarjen lifted the research from the general’s hands, skimming. More Zandali; a pause. “Ulduar’s real far outta de way, ‘teena. What’s out dere dat we gotta throw money at it?” The general took another swig from his bottle, slight blush to his cheeks. “I mean, eh, what’s in it fa de Warband?” “An excellent question, sir.” She raised her eyebrows slightly in lieu of the smile that had vanished from her face four years prior. “Relics.” The knight shut the folder and set it back on the table, sliding it deftly across to her with one finger. “I’d like the opportunity to study them, and I am fairly certain there are others within the Warband that would leap at the chance. And, of course,” She continued, slipping the dossier back into her bag. “Our dear Chief Rasek would undoubtedly like the chance to sell what we find to the highest bidder.” Juzmik rubbed his face, stubble patched across his cheeks but tighter across the chin. “I’ll tink about dis an’ get back to ya in a day a’ so.” He said, finally. She nodded once, rising and bowing in one fluid gesture. “Thank you, sir. Also, you’ll want to advise Craziba to collect his payments far more promptly. Seeking medical attention for a non-life threatening wound should have been secondary on his priority list.” The troll’s brow furrowed as she spun on her heel and strolled down the stairs and out into the bright Orgrimmar afternoon. Leaning against the doorframe, the Darkspear general spoke after her before she stepped from the stoop. “Ulduar?” The Forsaken glanced over her shoulder, slipping her research from her bag. She pressed it into his hands and walked off without another word.Juzmik4 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Linsaria Voidweaver; Portal Purveyor <Elegant vellum parchment adorned with faintly glowing purple runes and script appear throughout the various settlements of the Alliance> ...Linsaria1 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Silvermoon Battalion now recruiting. No relation to Warsong Battalion. Currently I only have two people. Thalistia and Bellamue are both mine so technically I have a roster of three. But I am looking to recruit players who will be active members. I just got a new job and I know for sure I will not be on Saturdays. For the next 6 months I do believe I won't be on Tuesdays and/or Wedsnesdays. My new boss hasn't fully decided yet. When I become full time I will only be able to be on Sundays and Mondays for full day. The rest of week I'll try to be on in evening. But we've got 6 months till then. We do have a website where events are posted and where characters' backstories go. My ranking system goes as follows: GM > CoGM > Treasurer = Recruiter = Team Leaders > Healers = DPS = Tanks > Applicants. Unfortunately I have had some members who didn't want to contribute to the Guild so I had to give them boot. I personally live in Maryland which is Eastern Time Zone, I will be holding meetings every Monday at 1630 (4:30 pm). This is subject to change in which case each member will receive a letter and it will be in the news feed on the guild site. Our site is: silvermoonbattalion.wowhordes.com The meetings will be used for rank, and scheduling dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, as well as special events such as character birthdays/anniversaries of joining the guild/anniversaries of character couples within guild. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE GUILD PLEASE SEND Thalistia A LETTER IN THE MAIL WITH THE FOLLOWING INFO: 1) Character's First and Last name 2) Race 3) Class and Specialization 4) All Professions your character does 5) Rough Schedule of when you the player are available 6) A Statement of agreement that you will sign up for the site and post a backstory for the character you are using under the forum Character Description on the site. 7) Alts within the same faction that you'd like in the guild with 1-4 listed for each. If you would like to know the rules of the guild please visit our site it's under the forum General Discussion. If you have any questions about the guild please whisper Thalistia or Bellamue or send a letter to Thalistia.Thalistia22 Feb 22, 2016