Emerald Dream

Feb 23, 2016 [A][RP] New Beginnings. <Stormcrow Enclave> "She's here. You ready?" The Kaldorei Death Knight leaned against the door frame, her eyes glowing a bright cobalt against the dark hallway. The Priestess sitting at the table looked up briefly from the parchment in front of her then went back to her scribbling. "Send her in." A pause hung in the air for only a moment then was broken by the sound of heavy boots approaching which made the Priestess' sensitive ears twitch. Her eyes scanned over the contents of her letter briefly. The sound of the Death Knight sharply clearing her throat achieved its purpose of demanding the Priestess' attention. The heavy scent of alcohol permeated the air with the arrival of the two and hit the Priestess' nose like a brick to the face. The Priestess placed the parchment inside a leather bound book, clicking together the attached clasp, the entire time hoping that her facial expressions did not betray her disgust at the pungent smell. "Euphie, I need you to give this to the courier I've sent for. No snooping." She emphasized the last sentence with a raise of both brows. Euphoria snatched the book out of her hand. "Wasn't planning on reading your stupid, probably boring, letter anyway." The Death Knight huffed past the guest, bumping shoulders with the woman next to her. "And you smell like the Blue on half-off night." Euphoria mocked waving her hand in front of her nose, smirking at the guest as she made her exit. "I see she's pleasant as ever." The Kaldorei guest said rubbing her assaulted shoulder. The Priestess smiled and gestured to the vacant chair adjacent to her. "As she will ever be. Please sit, Ellanys." Ellanys paused as her attention shifted away from her shoulder and to the woman in front of her. Tucking a stray strand of teal hair behind her elongated ear, she sat letting her hands rest casually on her thighs. The two sat silent for a moment, reading each other's expressions as if deciding whether to break the ice first. The Priestess spoke. "I imagine you have some questions as to my whereabouts the last few months." Ellanys' brows raised slightly. "Among others." Her tone was hushed. "I suppose you do and I intend to answer each one in time. Before I do, I need a status report." The Priestess replied in an equally soft tone. Ellanys began to fidget with her hands, finally settling on clenched fists. "What is there to report? Everything is gone, Skyriver. You ran off without a word and everyone vanished soon after. Now you come back out of nowhere and don't even offer an explanation?" Ellanys made no attempt to reign in her frustration. Her eyes never left the Priestess' as if challenging her to respond harshly. Skyriver pursed her lips for a moment, internally taken aback. "That was well deserved. I can't offer a complete explanation right now, but know my absence was in the best interest of everyone. Now that things are in control, we can rebuild from what's left." Skyriver spoke softly. Ellanys relaxed and released her fists. "I'm not the only one who stuck around. It felt like it sometimes, but a couple others helped keep things together." She spoke to in a softer tone. "You've done well, which is why I sent for you. During my time away, my focus has changed its direction and I have use for your expertise in..procuring.. rare items." "You mean smuggling." Ellanys cut in. "Not exactly. Just the hunting part will suffice. You see, my focus is on finding relics of power and keeping them from falling into hands which might use them for destructive purposes." Skyriver continued. "And when we recover these relics?" Ellanys inquired with a raised brow. "We destroy them. Neither Horde nor Alliance or any other being should have them. They cause naught but suffering and bloodshed in the name of supremacy." Skyriver clenched her fists and stared intensely at the table before she tore herself away from whatever thought had held her. "Will you help me pick up the pieces?" Skyriver spoke softly as if fatigued. Ellanys sat silent for a moment, processing what was being asked of her. "When I heard you were back, I didn't know whether I'd hug you when I saw you, or hit you for leaving." She smiled out of the corner of her mouth. She stopped and stepped in front of Skyriver. Leaning over, Ellanys put a hand on the Priestess' shoulder. "I still want answers....when you can." Ellanys smiled. She leaned over and threw her arms around Skyriver. The two spent the remainder of the evening laughing and catching up. There would be plenty of time for planning later.Skyriver13 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 My latest pvp video! Me 1v3 against horde in tanaan hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X9SChvQf2EGinjow2 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] The Visionary ((Hey folks, thought I'd type a brief story preceding TCU's latest arch in Vash'jir. It involves two of my newest characters! :D I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave your thoughts. Warning - DID NOT EDIT. )) Drulen resided amidst a verdant, open field, lids draped over his luminous sapphire eyes. Exhausted, albeit content, he sighed heavily – he was pleased with the victory he’d struck for Westhorne Imports. What the mercenaries lacked in moral fiber, they compensated for in efficiency and camaraderie. There were heroes to be made of them yet. More pressingly important than swaying their hearts, however, was a recent discovery, - a perturbing one at that. When Reagan Luthen had first assigned him to fetch the map to the tomb of Sargeras, Drulen had surmised it a fool’s errand. The stalwart draenei figured that the twisted Naga queen, Azshara, would’ve claimed such a potent prize. After all, anything beneath the ocean’s transparent, shivering surface was her domain, any relic hers to seize at a whim. A vast, expansive legion of Naga adhered to her edicts, an empire established over millennia – a kingdom older than he perhaps was himself. The fragment’s existence was nothing short of a miracle, and he wasn’t keen on squandering it. Fortunately, neither was Reagan, as he’d been commissioned to retrieve it from the perilous depths. Despite Reagan’s acquisitive ambitions, Drulen acknowledged his intent nobler than Azshara’s – he fancied harvesting the fragment’s inconceivable fel energy, whereas the scaled Queen sought wanton destruction, and to herald the Dark Titan’s horrific re-entrance into Azeroth. A tiny smile creased his lips. Doing the Naaru’s work was a privilege, and to spread its reach was a blessing. It imbued purpose in the despairing, and smote true evil into the abyss like a hammer into nails. He felt honored to heed to requests of the venerated Naaru, especially after what he’d – What he’d done. His face taut, Drulen soured. As the Naaru’s gift permeated through his mind, he’d forgotten his prior sins – perhaps that was better, perhaps that was worse. It was a question he nagged himself with since the Light returned to him. Sagely, he drew his fingers down his braided tentacles, brows clenching. If he ever hoped to achieve internal peace as the pandaren masters promised him, he’d need to forgive himself for what he’d done. Light willing, he was certainly adamant on atonement. Penetrating the serenity of the sward, Drulen heard sizzling behind him. Grass shriveled to its roots as a robed figure approached him, his gray garb enshrouded with thin plates. His physiognomy was guised by a mask, a patterned hood draping his scalp. Four perpetually blazing eyes bore into the draenei noiselessly, save the harsh crackling of a fire growing. Eyes creaking open, Drulen shambled to his feet. His efforts against the orcs had drained him, and he silently prayed his visitor hadn’t sought conflicts, as he always did. He was greeted with sardonic applause. ‘’You’re to be commended for your successes against those warted, bolvine orcs,’’ the figure smirked, arms dangling freely at his side. ‘’And of course, in your successes against the inert demons who’d been tasked to safeguard the Dark Titan’s secrets.’’ ‘’Hail, friend,’’ the towering Draenei greeted, disregarding his visitor’s overtly malefic intentions. ‘’I am called Drulen the Timeless – and you are?’’ ‘’For the sake of this conversation, you may refer to me as the Visionary,’’ the smoldering man responded, his muffled voice a crackling hiss. ‘’And I’m afraid I’ll need those hieroglyphs you’ve stolen from my associates.’’ ‘’You say you’re a visionary,’’ Drulen replied gently, cracking his neck as his breath leveled. ‘’The Legion’s vision, then?’’ ‘’As repugnant as they are, their objectives are unexpectedly pure – and they don’t even realize it,’’ the Visionary retorted bluntly. ‘’No, I come not bearing their banners, but my own.’’ ‘’If you share their endgame, I’m afraid I cannot share these secrets with you,’’ Drulen rumbled steadily, digging his hooves into the grass. ‘’Nor may I permit passage from this sanctum. ‘’Ah, excellent,’’ the Visionary chuckled. ‘’I revel in warranted opportunities to expend my power.’’Drulen3 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] Serilan's Biggest Fear (TO CLARIFY- This is not in present day, this is during Wrath, four or five years ago, when my mage was working as a mercenary, I am not implying the nexus wars are starting again) Serilan stared at the open fields of the Borean Tundra, his eyes occasionally darting to the random shape off in the distance of the barren landscape; deciding then and there, for perhaps the ninth time, that this was a waste of his time. He sighed and took his glasses off for a moment, rubbing them on his robe, once more thinking that this was a waste of time and that he really didn’t need the money from those merchants. But he did, and he was here, so he may as well do the job. Protect the caravan. Simple. "Hey, kid, we’re moving, don’t day dream.” A gruff voice broke Serilan out of his thoughts. He bit back a remark and simply followed the caravan, putting his glasses back on and drawing his staff, deciding he may as well in case a rabid penguin attacked. The man in charge of the caravan looked at the mage’s staff and then opened his mouth. “Ya’ know that mages have been disappearing lately right? You might want to put that down, otherwise a dragon might get you.” The man chuckled to himself. “Yes. I’ll be sure to watch for stealthy two-ton lizards. Them being so silent an’ all.” Serilan bit back. The man simply shook his head, a ‘do as you like’ motion that ended that thread of conversation. The caravan continued, and except for the occasional conversation or the random snobold that decided to show up to die or run away, it went smoothly. As Serilan followed the caravan into the decided ‘campgrounds’ he grew increasingly annoyed. And worried. The patch of dirt on the shore of the Borean Tundra, if it could be called a patch of dirt, was a rocky expanse, with very little room for the caravan; jagged rocks creating sharp pillars on the coast, obscuring the view of an island off the shore, which he could only assume was Coldarra. Serilan looked to the caravan driver for a moment, confused. “Why are we camping here? I’m not a ranger, but I’m sure this is a horrible place to camp.” Serilan said plainly, not wanting to piss the man off and have his decided pay reduced. The man didn’t even look at Serilan, and simply dug around in the wagon for a while, before pulling out something, that clearly wasn’t a keg of ale like Serilan had thought the caravan was transporting. It was a black metal box, with various blue runes on the sides of it, pulsing with a sinister feel. “Now, mortal, this can go two ways. A nice clean detainment and death, or a futile retreat.” The man said, his voicing dropping from a westfall accent into a more clean, very refined tone, like every word was calculated down to the letters he used. Serilan paused for a moment, looking scared and alone, and then tentatively took a step forward, putting his staff down. The man simply smirked. “I like you. So much of a coward you don’t attempt to fight. Good, and I thought you were an idiot child from Gilneas.” The man simply walked towards Serilan and stepped forward, the black box’s runes glowing with arcane energy.Serilan5 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 <Ironsworn Regiment> is now Recruiting! <Ironsworn Regiment> is a freshly created guild already full of talented and friendly players and are looking for dedicated members of the horde to become apart of a growing community! We are first and foremost a world pvp guild and pride ourselves on success in this area. In terms of PVE we are on Normal HFC for the time being and being lead by a mythic geared / experienced tank. Also in the works is a unique RP backstory and we will be starting up campaigns in the coming weeks. REQUIREMENTS: Experience: None, be as green as an orc, just come willing to learn and participate! Race / Class: Any Voice Comm: We use TS3 and it is a requirement for events, you do not need to speak if you don't wish to just listen in. WHO TO CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION Renosh, Shadòwstrike, Kalthrash, Tuxalor. Do a /who Ironsworn Regiment search and whisper a member if none of us are on and we will get you invited :D Thank you and we hope to talk to you soon! We are Ironsworn, and we have arrived.Shadòwstrike3 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] Brothers, even through death. ((Hello everyone! This is actually my first roleplay story so I’m still relatively new to whole writing scene, so I apologize in advance if the story isn’t well…great? Regardless, I hope you enjoy and more may come at a later time!)) The storm was approaching faster and faster, causing the snow to rain down harder than it had previously- I knew I had to find shelter soon. How embarrassing would it be, a seasoned orc veteran, a Frostwolf at that, to die due to a snowstorm? That’s when they caught my eye. Fresh stag tracks. Surely they would had traveled the terrain enough to find a shelter for times like this…So I decided to follow them. The tracks led on for another ten minutes or so until a cave came into sight. It would do. It had been an exhausting track. Three days I had been walking through Northrend. Searching. You see, when the scourge first attacked Orgrimmar, they also took prisoners…They were looking for powerful heroes of the horde to convert into their own, into Death Knights. Unfortunately, my brother was one of those taken. Once I heard of his disappearance, I vowed that day that I would head to Northrend and search for him. It’s been almost a decade. As time has gone on, I continued my searches, but they became less and less frequent. Not a signal sign of him arose…after all that time and searchimg, until last week. I was told about a small group of cultist and their scourge being heavily armed, but not with their normal armaments, but rather equipment that heavily resembled that of orcish weapons. That heavily resembled those that my brother had crafted. I knew this is where I would find him. I asked for more information about the cultists from my informant but he only knew the littlest of details. They had served under Arthas for a period of time, but after his death they went off on their own. Apparently the group of cultists was small, maybe ten or so, but the scourge they controlled quadrupled that. Lastly, they were always on the move, not staying in a camp for more than two weeks. So the task was laid in front of me. I knew exactly where my brother was, but I was limited to the amount of time I had to find him. I had to go alone. There was no time to request for aid. And thus I began my journey to find my brother. Time was ticking, I had no idea how much longer they would be staying in their encampment. Now, before you ask “Why didn’t you just travel on one of your mounts?” You see young pup, I knew ahead of time of the storm that was brewing, and I was told to wait it out, for nothing could fly through it and surely any other animal could be put at risk. So, I decided to travel on foot. Now the problem was, the cultist camp was deep into Icecrown, and I had to make the trip from Warsong Hold. It was destined to be a hell of a trip… I ended up staying held up in the cave for two nights before the storm was over. I explored it a bit but there wasn’t much to find other than some tinder for a fire, so I merely just sat and waited out the storm. At the dawn of the fifth day, I knew I needed to head straight for Icecrown in order to make up the lost time. Icecrown, a frozen wasteland. The scourge still walk there today. Not only was I having to deal with the cold, but every few minutes a rogue scourge would try to attack. Mindless beings. Finally, I came across the camp of cultists. Sure enough, the surrounding scourge were each holding some sort of weapon. Not your typical broken shortsword, or wooden mallet. No, they were using weapons that only a veteraned blacksmith could forge…what my brother could create. That’s when I saw him, for the first time in what seemed like a life time…Kazuto…Kénji14 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 <Toon Squad> is a fresh guild lfm! We are a brand new guild looking for members any level and skill level. We are looking for PvP, PvE as well as RP players. We are also interested in a RP leader to create and lead our RP story. Add me on battle net @mrdodo#1726 !Killour0 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 [RP] Maybe We'll Emulate Harrison Jones ((I dunno, trying to set up a mini-plot but I lost my mojo today.)) The bar was quiet, empty but for a lilac boy with bags under his bright orange eyes; the split ends of his blue braid brushed carelessly against the dusty floorboards of the upper level. The candles burning on the table flickered against his frown. Beside him, casting shadows of his own, sat sentient armor with the slightest gap in his guard; an open wound that sat beside him, paperwork in hand. Athena gathered her dress and ascended, the wood creaking despite her slight frame. The mage sat across from him without a word, no permission or acknowledgement requested. The general’s eyes glanced over at her, while his guard dog straightened his shoulders. She sat primly, hands folded against glimmering robes the color of dead grass, with a thin cloth mask colored to match. “General. Former Senior-Sergeant.” Juzmik shot her a weary, polite smile; Sarjen said nothing, hands curled around a clear glass of water. “How’s it goin’, ‘teena? I ain’t seen you in a while.” The Amani took a pull from his bottle; the Bruiser OPA label fretted and half-peeled from the opaque brown glass. The knight beside him tipped his glass slightly, a dribble of water spilling crooked over the lip. The mage tipped her head. “I’ve been busy, sir. Our recent jaunt to Northrend reminded me of several inherent truths about myself that needed addressing.” She paused, purple bangs falling across her eyes briefly. “Though that is likely of little consequence to either of you, nor should it be.” Juzmik leaned to his left, muttering something in Zandali. The knight snorted as more water tipped from his glass. Athena took the moment to pull a small dossier from her satchel, sliding it across the table. She spoke as he lifted it, flipping arbitrarily through the several pages inside. “I’d like to requisition funds for a research expedition.” The general elbowed the knight and held her carefully printed research out for him to peruse, all the while speaking in that guttural language. The mage busied herself with staring vacantly across the way while they conferred. From what she had managed to pick up over the years, the boy was questioning her research and what she wanted, exactly; his verbiage was rough and casual, easily lost in translation, though the older troll’s succinct replies were far more intelligible. Sarjen lifted the research from the general’s hands, skimming. More Zandali; a pause. “Ulduar’s real far outta de way, ‘teena. What’s out dere dat we gotta throw money at it?” The general took another swig from his bottle, slight blush to his cheeks. “I mean, eh, what’s in it fa de Warband?” “An excellent question, sir.” She raised her eyebrows slightly in lieu of the smile that had vanished from her face four years prior. “Relics.” The knight shut the folder and set it back on the table, sliding it deftly across to her with one finger. “I’d like the opportunity to study them, and I am fairly certain there are others within the Warband that would leap at the chance. And, of course,” She continued, slipping the dossier back into her bag. “Our dear Chief Rasek would undoubtedly like the chance to sell what we find to the highest bidder.” Juzmik rubbed his face, stubble patched across his cheeks but tighter across the chin. “I’ll tink about dis an’ get back to ya in a day a’ so.” He said, finally. She nodded once, rising and bowing in one fluid gesture. “Thank you, sir. Also, you’ll want to advise Craziba to collect his payments far more promptly. Seeking medical attention for a non-life threatening wound should have been secondary on his priority list.” The troll’s brow furrowed as she spun on her heel and strolled down the stairs and out into the bright Orgrimmar afternoon. Leaning against the doorframe, the Darkspear general spoke after her before she stepped from the stoop. “Ulduar?” The Forsaken glanced over her shoulder, slipping her research from her bag. She pressed it into his hands and walked off without another word.Juzmik4 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Linsaria Voidweaver; Portal Purveyor <Elegant vellum parchment adorned with faintly glowing purple runes and script appear throughout the various settlements of the Alliance> ...Linsaria1 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Silvermoon Battalion now recruiting. No relation to Warsong Battalion. Currently I only have two people. Thalistia and Bellamue are both mine so technically I have a roster of three. But I am looking to recruit players who will be active members. I just got a new job and I know for sure I will not be on Saturdays. For the next 6 months I do believe I won't be on Tuesdays and/or Wedsnesdays. My new boss hasn't fully decided yet. When I become full time I will only be able to be on Sundays and Mondays for full day. The rest of week I'll try to be on in evening. But we've got 6 months till then. We do have a website where events are posted and where characters' backstories go. My ranking system goes as follows: GM > CoGM > Treasurer = Recruiter = Team Leaders > Healers = DPS = Tanks > Applicants. Unfortunately I have had some members who didn't want to contribute to the Guild so I had to give them boot. I personally live in Maryland which is Eastern Time Zone, I will be holding meetings every Monday at 1630 (4:30 pm). This is subject to change in which case each member will receive a letter and it will be in the news feed on the guild site. Our site is: silvermoonbattalion.wowhordes.com The meetings will be used for rank, and scheduling dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, as well as special events such as character birthdays/anniversaries of joining the guild/anniversaries of character couples within guild. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE GUILD PLEASE SEND Thalistia A LETTER IN THE MAIL WITH THE FOLLOWING INFO: 1) Character's First and Last name 2) Race 3) Class and Specialization 4) All Professions your character does 5) Rough Schedule of when you the player are available 6) A Statement of agreement that you will sign up for the site and post a backstory for the character you are using under the forum Character Description on the site. 7) Alts within the same faction that you'd like in the guild with 1-4 listed for each. If you would like to know the rules of the guild please visit our site it's under the forum General Discussion. If you have any questions about the guild please whisper Thalistia or Bellamue or send a letter to Thalistia.Thalistia22 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Emerald Dream Team (NFL) In the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting polls on Twitter. You can watch for polls on Twitter @RPbackstory We will be voting on the official Emerald Dream NFL team. Of course you have your own teams to root for but I thought we could create another reason to root for a team and also gives people a chance to check out the sport when they may not have any interest before. Or could just use these polls to find out the most popular/favored team on Emerald Dream. Feel free to vote for your current favorite team if you want. I'll start the voting off with voting on the conference. NFC or AFC? Then there's 4 divisions within the winning conference. North, south, east or west? Then there's 4 teams within the winning division. The final team will be voted on between those 4 teams. Below are the list of all the teams in their conference and division: NFC: NFC NORTH - Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings NFC SOUTH - Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC EAST - New York Giants Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC WEST - Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals San Fransisco 49ers St. Louis Rams (L.A.) AFC: AFC NORTH - Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals AFC SOUTH - Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts AFC EAST - Buffalo Bills New England Patriots Miami Dolphins New York Jets AFC WEST - Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs If you'd like to participate on the first poll - NFC or AFC? Check out @RPbackstory on Twitter! If you have no clue what conference, division and team to vote for, base it off a city or animal or team colors or random. :PDonkey42 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Any sized pizza is a personal pizza ...if you are hungry enough. :)Xeer44 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 [H-RPPVP] The Sunsworn Remnant: Recruiting Bal'a dash, malanore. I would like to welcome you to an idea of unity within the Greater Horde Community, the overall goal for the reformation of the Sunsworn.. If you feel the drive for unity, direction, and devotion, more than the mindless meandering around Azeroth, or if you wish to eradicate the Alliance threat upon our homelands, then I strongly urge you to seek out the Sunsworn Remnant,, acknowledging that you are one of but many seeking to fall under a greater calling of balance, unity, guardianship, and peace. If you find yourself ready to join arms in an attempt to defend Quel’thalas and other Horde territories, to defend the innocent, or to rise up against Alliance threat, then let us join together! Let us be sworn to assist and protect our innocent from destruction. Let us train together in better technique and organization. Whether you are intrigued with our offer, or merely curious, please fill out an application attached to this letter, making sure to explain your intent with The Sunsworn. After your application is submitted, a representative will seek you out for a formal interview to discuss your interest. We look forward to hearing from all who seek a higher calling toward the unification of the Greater Horde Community. Until we meet, al diel shala. Nephilium T. Sundance, Ambassador and Advisor to the Sunsworn Remnant OOC: Hello, Emerald Dream! The Sunsworn, once a rather large Horde RP-PVP guild on Emerald Dream, has returned for more role play and wPVP! Currently reforming, we have a desire to bring about RP in, and around, Silvermoon and other various horde settlements with the intent to defend Alliance attacks. For more information on our history and current status, as well as submitting an applicaiton, please visit us at thesunsworn.guildlaunch.com. Please note that portions of our website are undergoing renovation, but the History has been updated and our Policies will remain much the same. If you have any questions, please reach out to Nephilium or Luckian in game, or respond to this thread. We look forward to working with other Horde RP-PVP guilds and meeting those interested in joining our Remnant. See you in Azeroth!Nephilium74 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 WTS Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry Hello my dear Dreamers, I found this extremely rare recipe in the corpse of some warlock I killed in Scholomance. I think i'm the only one auctioning this thing in the entire US region: https://www.tradeskillmaster.com/items/11168 http://www.wowhead.com/item=11168/formula-enchant-shield-lesser-parry Feel free to make your offers here or mail / whisp me in-game.Aguja0 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Dears Kittys: Volumes 27's, Editions 66. Goods mornings and welcomes to this editions of Dears Kittys. Todays we's focus on questions abouts ours formers parks in Stormwinds, howevers questions on other importants topics such as dates and marrys and fashions is allows. Please remembers that Kittys is certifies in many areas and can halps yous with most of lifes problems. Yous can asks yous questions and be rests assures theys be keeps confidentials. This editions of Dears Kittys will close tonights at 9pm's. Thanks yous.Kittys7 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 anybody interested in more AV wargames? horde versus alliance AV wargames anyone?Heltør38 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 Avast! Thar be a new pirate in these waters Recently joined this server, both for the RP-PVP but also for all the amazing Pirate RP going on Horde-side. Found a place among the crew, the Turned Profit, with the great Captain Gobbwrench. For those of you unfamiliar with William "Billy" Skellig, I used to Captain a crew on Wyrmrest Accord called the Cursed Corsairs. Now active in the game again. If you're interested in a short video backstory of Billy Skellig, check out the video I stitched together from Warcraft cinematics as well as Black Sails, and a now defunct Pirate RPG called The Damned Armada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-oHvZ9KNog Be sure to wave a salty salute to Billy if you happen across him in Booty Bay, Orgrimmar, or anywhere you may find him. Skellig's Bio and Backstory: http://turnedprofit.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2368359Skellíg4 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 X Com 2 vs ED! Narator's MANLY sword attack! (( First MAN ever in the history of my time with Xcom 2 to charge a alien main battle tank with a sword... and live on Legend Difficulty! http://edvsxcom.blogspot.com/2016/02/narators-super-manly-sectopod-attack.html Completely stupid charging a heavily armed and armored walking tank with an oversized machete? Check! Something that would probably get you killed? Double Check! Worth it? Triple check! ))Samiyä1 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 [H] Leveling DK looking for guild for heroics I'm currently level 92, but should be 100 within a week or so. I'm looking for a guild to run heroic raids/group up in taan jungle with once i hit 100! I plan on raiding as unholy. A little bit about myself: Ive played wow on and off since release, but have never delved into PvE and want to change that. I've played to 2k mmr on multiple classes throughout the years so I feel like I shouldn't have much trouble picking things up. I work 1 to 930pm M-F so nights/weekends are when i would be available to raid. If interested in my membership please send me a message in game. Thanks!Billzard0 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 (Open RP) Sunset on the bay. ((May as well encourage some free form RP on the forums, get some people writing and create some sort of platform for lurkers to jump in on so, feel free to join in regardless of faction.)) Iorvan looked with a drunken look of pleasure as he held the tabard up to the orange glow of the setting sun, his feet dangling over the docks as he watched the ships come in and out of Booty Bay. The black cloth had been crudely stitched with a lazy skull and two crossed bones, perhaps not the flag he'd wanted to strike fear into the hearts of whomever saw it but for now it would have to do. He tugged it over his head and did his best to smooth it out, pulling his red bandanna from within to let it rest loosely around his neck. "Don't look alf' bad" he muttered to himself as he plucked an amber bottle from his side and sloshed around the dwindling liquid inside. Soon he would have to pull himself up off the docks to head back for more booze he supposed, and that meant putting on his best smile for the guards of the bay. He'd not come to Booty Bay with the most sterling reputation, in fact more often than not he found himself waking to a splitting headache and bloody face on the sand outside the bay. It was becoming such a habit that the local pirates had quit trying to pilfer his pockets and steal his goods for they knew he had less on him than they did! With a cocksure grin on his face and the new tabard secured haphazardly about his torso he set about his task and began the march up the rickety docks towards the Salty Sailor, somewhat of a second home to him as of late. So what if he'd lost the first ship he had been given command of, he was finding that the life of a sellsword was just as fun as terrorizing the high seas, and Nixxrax always made sure he had some sort of job to pay for his growing tab. He took a seat near the stairs and threw a sign to Nixxrax who, with an obvious sigh, nodded as he brought a few mugs to his table. Things are going to be great, he thought as he lifted a pint in a toast to whomever would have it. Maybe I'll try my hand with that Catelyn lass a bit later!Iorvan2 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Tattoo Thread What do you have? Do you draw your own or go to your artist with bits and pieces and get them to draw things up for you? Do you just walk in and point to a design on the wall and throw money at them? Would you get names tattoo'd on you? Do all your hipster chinese symbols have meaning? Do they actually mean that or do you have "boogers" tattoo'd on you? Work on my first sleeve that I have been planning and designing for a good many years starts on Wednesday/Thursday (depending where you are) and it's a combo of things I have been drawing/designing and taken to him. Show us ya ink, answer my questions.Zebra48 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 [A]<The Honor Guard> The Bebbiting pt. 2 <The Honor Guard> Alliance RP-WPvP http://honorguarded.enjin.com/home ---------[Backstory Premise]--------- After the events of <The Pride of Lothar> ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13020131940#1 ), Kagrenac Ironheart has elected to put The Pride through a heavy metamorphosis in order to better facilitate the ever-changing battlefield of Azeroth. While The Pride had maintained a respectable foothold in their campaign to secure Free Lordaeron, a lack of support in the Eastern Kingdoms has forced them to withdraw in favor of assisting The Alliance in other ways. With this change of approach also came a change of name and outlook. No longer would they opt for strictly regimented forces within a predetermined location; but would instead become more of a freelance paramilitary group of tight-knit, "mercenary-esque" heroes. Ranging from countless perspectives and walks of life, <The Honor Guard> has come together with the common goal to fight for The Alliance and the safety of Azeroth, hone their skills on the battlefield, and to use those skills for glory over gold. Honor and Vengeance! Guild Trailer: https://youtu.be/Ikrlka0Mic4 ---------[Current Storylines & Prompts]--------- We are interested in maintaining a number of engaging RP storylines in order to provide character development and consistent events. 1. The hunt for the Hellfire artifact continues. 2. There seems to be some trouble in Northrend concerning with The Scourge. Can THG & friends assist The Kirin Tor in investigating the matter? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20043025164 3. The Honor Guard has elected to return to their original base of operations, Hearthglen, in order to purge the area of enemies. ---------[Recruitment]--------- Character Race Restrictions: None. Character Class Restrictions: None. RP Alignment Restrictions: No "Evil" characters. No characters against The Alliance. Rules: NEVER grief RP, within the guild or otherwise. Respect the outlined rules of any RP campaigns you will be partaking in. Experience (Level): 95+ only. Alts are accepted once you have a Main invited. Voice Program: TeamSpeak 3. ---------[Misc.]--------- - We are not a Mercenary organization; at least not in the traditional sense. - There is no required guild uniform or mount, but having a guild tabard on standby is recommended in case an RP event calls for it. - Members are highly encouraged to use the Total RP 3 addon, or something similar. We can help you in installing and customizing your RP profile. - Our most active time-frame is in the evening hours, usually EST. We use the in-game calendar to plot out our events. - New to RP? Intimidated by it? We will help you! - We are more than happy to be contacted about potential RP campaigns by both the Alliance and the Horde. Feel free to message Kagrenac, Rend (Pachyderm), Malissa, Vukan/Grubby, or Garo if you'd like to discuss a new storyline. ---------[Our RP Stories]--------- The Pride of Lothar: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13020131940#1 ---------[Other Stuff]--------- Pachy gets Thunderfury w/ <THG>: https://youtu.be/mcvX9tviBmk Our Streams: twitch.tv/thekagrenac twitch.tv/garolak twitch.tv/profpachyBebbit20 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 [RP] !@#$ Fighting - A Big Bologna Boys event One night kept awake of the thought of the events to come after the invasion of the legion on Draenor. You decide to take a walk to clear your head in the Streets of Stormwind after hours. As you make your way to the mage quarter you notice the door of the now closed Blue Recluse opens slightly a strong smell of sea mist rice noodles and shrimp fills the air only complimented by the loud squaking of what sounds like is a bunch of hens. A Shadowy Pandaren figure dressed in a big black coat holding a giant leather book of some kind, suspiciously slides out of the recluse he notices you standing there watching he walks up to you and informs you in some broken form of common, of a monthly event !@#$ fighting club where you can make a lot of money. Big Bologna Boys are hosting their first rp event: Underground Cockfighting! When: Saturday March 5, 2 A.M ST Where: Basement Ground floor of the Blue Recluse No City Officials or Guards allowed, although a bust could always occur. Private security will be needed for protection and in the sudden case of having to “buy time” to clear our the ring in the case of a bust. As this is a underground event and a rough crowd there is always the sudden possibility of a rogue appearing and stabbing you. How to participate: Bring your best battle pet "Chicken" only battle pets that can be classified as some form of chicken are allowed. However a Turkey "disguised" as a chicken may be overlooked. We will have pet battle brackets of lvl 1,5,10 and max level 25 chickens (so everyone can participate but there can be only one victor so those who take the effort to level a chicken to 25 or close will have an edge) You may also participate by betting on victors of each fight (At your own risk, this is an underground event, anything is possible) Panderen Noodle Carts and Cuisine will be provided No bet ceiling or floor.Citybrewery1 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Sometimes I really wish... Death wing hadn't dropped his Mix Tape on the park district, that place was RP heaven. Was pretty fuego still...Kained14 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Wanting to roll a horde on ED I would really like to get into rp, and I love pvp, so I decided on ED lol. The only concern I have is the lower horde player base, which leads to questions like: guild activity, guild rp, walk up rp, rp commitment, rp communities, et cetera. Given the fact I am new to rp, I would appreciate any advice, pointers, apprenticeship, maybe someone out there needs a brother/ally in their characters lore? Lol any advice would be awesome. TyBlaquetar10 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Quality players WSB http://imgur.com/rE4IRxb I would link the 3 pages of racial slurs about how he is so much better than glad players. But no one wants to see thatReflexez51 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 NO MOAR NUB!! [Not RP] http://i.imgur.com/gedBiyp.png Story for the change coming...whenever I stop being lazy and finish it. cyaKeybuh2 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Thunder Bluff [XFactionRP] Where did all the hardcore RPers go? So sad to see this capital deserted on this server.Swing1 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Black Dragonkin, Worgs, Flamekins oh my! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a fun-filled episode of the adventures of Turwinkle, the Gnome Mage! In this episode, we find our hero in the Burning Steppes still working for Col. Troteman. We have the tasks of gathering 18 Flamekin bodies and 40 Worg cutlets. Then John Keeshan wants to go out and kill 25 Black Dragonkin. Whew! So grab a soda, your favorite snack and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle Goodness! https://youtu.be/zwKIjsONqhETurwinkle1 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Good morning. Just had my third cup of coffee. I thought you all should know. <3Xeer24 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 5 days To this very moment that baine was 9 manned by a band of pirates! May he rest in peace.Phalco8 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 The Scarlet Initiative -Overview- The Scarlet Initiative derives from the explicit teachings of the Scarlet Crusade by bringing them to the modern lore of today, along with a new set of Ideals to bring the Alliance victory over the Legion. Adapting and learning to remain flexible and ever changing. We are the vanguard of the Alliance, and we will strive to bring the Scarlet Crusade and the Alliance back victory. Highly Committed Role Play, and Character Development We here at The Scarlet Initiative have created our own guild-only RP Rule Book based off the D&D Roleplaying Game (tabletop). Our Rulebook includes our custom Character Sheets, Dice Roll system, and RP system! Interactive story driven development for your character through RP that is physical! Fill your character sheet to reflect your character and build them up. Journey with The Scarlet Initiative in Story Arcs driven by the guild branches and the overall guild! Defeat enemies of the guild both NPC and Player based! -What we seek- The Scarlet Initiative is a dedicated, fun, interactive guild that seeks to not only promote good story telling through RP, but development of individual characters. We are looking for RPiers who want to not only strive to have fun with rp but to also want to grow as a roleplayer as well.. We are also very militaristic with three Division for different types of rp, The Inquisition, The Menders, and The Military. We are also looking for people willing to take the time out to train weekly, and attend events through our RP system loosely based on the Roleplaying Game based off a D&D like system. Associating with those outside the Guild We here at The Scarlet Initiative as we begin to build ourselves up hope to make the most out of our return by participating in community events, RP out in the open, and talk with other guilds, individuals, and factions. We're looking to make friends, enemies, associates, and more. It's no fun if we keep to ourselves, and especially no fun if we don't include the community and others in our RP experiences. If you'd like to RP with The Scarlet Initiative, please feel free to openly approach us! WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING ALLIES! Recruitment Recruitment is done in several parts: Application, In-Game Interview, OOC Interview, and Character Sheets. The first step to joining the guild either from online or in game is to go to our website: http://thescarletinitiative.enjin.com/home and fill out an application by clicking the Recruitment tab. Once applied, you will be spoken to by an officer, admin, or recruiter who will specify if your application is denied, or accepted. Once accepted, you must meet the officer in game for an interview. The interview is completely IC and is mainly to RP you into the guild. We are a Heavy RP guild before anything, so prepare to show us what you can do. Once you are in the guild, you will be brought into the guild in game, and your application will be approved. The last thing you MUST do is make a character sheet within the first week of your recruitment. Character Sheets are easy and MANDATORY for all members to participate in any event or RP. Failure to create your sheet will result in setting up a meeting to get it done. In Character statement. Let it be known that all and former members of whats left of the Scarlet Crusade we are your last bastion of hope. Adopt our new Ideals and follow the true path that was laid before us. Before we were blinded by our Demonic corruption. We will accept any and all who are willing to fight for the Crusade. It is the greatest glory to fight for Lordaeron and the brotherhood. Our stalwart and pure warriors must always conduct themselves accordingly. Disrespecting fellow members of its divines, the brotherhood and its righteous cause, is not tolerated. Disobeying orders of the high lords, is not tolerated and will be punished. Loyalty and strict discipline will remain within the brotherhood, we are a family, anything else will be answered with punishment or even death. For Lordaeron. For the Light. Forever. This I pledge! Please Contact Razeth, Vlad, Griffyn, Chiyun or ask a member if an officer is on if interested.Razeth47 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 pretty players Everyone! https://img1.etsystatic.com/047/1/5426442/il_340x270.663749013_ah46.jpgColbor5 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 Team Muffin Ive heard rumor that the guild Team Muffin from Ravenholt realm xfered here. Looking to reunite with some old friends. Does anyone know anything about them?Crów14 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 See posting Batman > Goku > Superman.Nolln14 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 @Kittylicious How much wood would you chuck if you could chuck wood?Dïesel27 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 The Honor Guard griefs RP? Surpises Part 2! Continue please! :)Aswang25 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 @Ru Shallora Enudoril You dirty dirty elves. LET ME RIDE A BOAT YOU MEANIES!!!!!!!!Bèr5 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 THIS REALM IS RATARDERED :^)Aumic7 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 Expanding my WoW Experience Hello Emerald Dream members. We are a small group born and raised on Tichondrius, and are looking to explore different offerings from different servers. We have taken interest in your Emerald Dream Server, but we have been unable to find the information we were looking for poking around the forums. Yes, we have seen the stickied post about PvP on ED, but seeing as it was over a year old, we would like to get some fresh information on this. How is the World PvP on ED? From the Horde Side standpoint that is. How is leveling on ED? Are there many bored 100's looking to gank lowbies? (this does not phase us by any means, as we grew up on PvP servers since Vanilla, and well, it is something you grow accustomed to, but would like to know in general how much ganking towards lowbies there is upon your server) Are the rules as far as RP on ED very strict? Seeing as we have never experienced an RP server before, we would like to know what the etiquette for the server as to make sure we do not break it and insult those who are veterans on the server. We are learning the whole RP aspect, and will catch onto it eventually, but will obviously be a little rusty at start. Naming rules. Are we going to get reported for using our normal names we use on Tichondrius? (my name here for example) or do we need to come up with more RP related names? (Muktar, Ghandar, etc....) For the moment, this is all I can think of for questions that we have, but I will post more if we come across any. TY for your time.Tóesocks8 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 petty players how are people that pvp on ED so petty and immature? you guys make this server toxic and its sad how you come to petty name calling when you get killed my someone in the world... grow up and learn to take things on the chin.Wessex66 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 Faction Activity? I'll keep this short and to the point. But first- Greetings dwellers of Emerald Dream - US! As someone looking to... 'expand' upon the communities I mingle with, I happened upon this realm and enjoyed the things I saw in the forum. So the question is- Which faction seems to be more active (RP wise) on this realm? I'm thinking about rolling a toon over here just to keep my 'horizons' broad, and I'm not particular to 'dead' factions on servers. :| Thanks for the read. (and if RP guilds want to give a short N sweet ad in this topic, I'll be sure to keep it mind when I roll a char.)Whydow25 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 [RP] Farther Down The Path To Darkness ((Hey guys! Just another short following Aki's secret life. Follow me on Twitter @AkianaStone for notices regarding future stories - I have a few more planned! Thoughts, comments, suggestions are always welcome! <3 )) "Your father will kill me if he finds out we're out here," the young boy laughed, following his sweetheart deeper into the woods. "He won't find out, I promise," the girl giggled, picking up her skirts as she navigated the woodland path. The boy hesitated a moment, however, scanning their secluded surroundings. Something didn't quite feel right but he couldn't discern what was amiss. The sun was low in the sky but there was still adequate light to see that they were alone. Yet still the boy was not sure. "Cara...I think we should go back," he finally proclaimed, unknowingly stepping over a rune burned into the ground. "Don't be such a spoil sport," Cara laughed, turning around just in time to see the cloaked warlock materialize in a puff of green smoke where the rune on the ground was behind her lover. The warlock quickly reached around the boy and drew her dagger across his throat, expertly extracting his soul before his body hit the ground. "I'd say you should have listened to him," she mused with a raspy voice, stepping over the corpse towards the girl, "but you were both dead the moment you set foot in the woods." ~~~ Meanwhile, back at the farm, three farmhands were working tilling the soil when they heard an ear piercing scream coming from the woods. They grabbed what tools they had handy and ran through the brush to where the sound came from. The bodies they found were laid side by side; the boy with his throat slit, and the girl with several stab wounds to the abdomen and chest. No evidence of the attacker remained, except for the burned rune on the ground, leaving the farmhands stumped and thoroughly spooked. The murders of the good people of Elywnn Forest were becoming more frequent... ((Edit: Used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t8-_pI1-9Q for inspiration for this piece))Akianastone4 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 CBH - Blackrock Ranger Event 2/15/16 Kragus watched General OldGrumpy furiously rifling through paperwork on his desk in the garrison. A slightly drunken guild page stumbled in and hiccuped at the door. In his hand the page held the paperwork of yet another Clan Battlehammer hopeful. OldGrumpy eyed the parchment in the page's hand and began to growl. Kragus quickly intervened. "Here now lad, I'll take that. The General is very busy as of late. I'll be sure it gets added to his stack." OldGrumpy had now moved his disapproving gaze from the parchment to the drunken page. "Well thankee sir, I'll be off now," squeaked the page as he shuffled out of the garrison avoiding OldGrumpy's dour countenance. Kragus walked up to Grumpy's desk and delicately slid the parchment under the bottom of the mountain of paperwork. OldGrumpy just tugged at his beard and continued to emit a low growling noise. "Well, perhaps some of this paperwork can wait, eh?" OldGrumpy looked at Kragus and gave a nod. Kragus followed him out of the garrison and together they headed for the shipyard. They stopped at the edge of the deck and mounted their flying machines. "I need to kill something," OldGrumpy said to Kragus while staring straight ahead shaking off his paperwork induced haze. The two flew towards and landed on the Carrier. Grumpy grabbed the mic in the cabin. "Blackrock Rangers! Report to mah carrier ship! It's time to do some damage!" Moments later the air was filled with clanks and sparks as the Blackrock Rangers sputtered in on their flying machines. "Welcome Rangers," began OldGrumpy. "Tonite is our patrol duty in Tanaan. I hope yeh brought yer ale and yer wits! It's horde killing time!" OldGrumpy turned and faced the end of the carrier ramp. He gritted his teeth and hit the turbo button and launched into the air followed by Kragus, Khargrim, Valhollond, Akforisven, Voldiira, and Gunderson. They banked hard right and headed for Tanaan. No sooner had they set down in Lion's Watch when OldGrumpy's radio began to crackle. *** zzZttzZTTTtt *** Horde forces spotted in Kharanos carving a path to Ironforge. *** TzzzHHTtttZZz *** "Change of plans boys!" yelled Oldgrumpy over the rattle of the flying machines. "To Kharanos!" After a couple of portal hops the Blackrock Rangers emerged in Ironforge and made a beeline for Kharanos. When they arrived they found a force of about ten horde gathered on a hilltop near the Thunderbrew Distillery. "For Clan Battlehammer!" yelled the dwarven hunters as they dove straight into the fray. Explosive traps were dropped and horde bodies went flying in every direction. The horde lay scattered in the snow making easy pickings for the dwarves. Within seconds, several horde lay face down in the snow. Suddenly the Hammers looked up as ten more horde dropped out of the sky. This time, facing superior numbers, the dwarves took a beating. "Fall back!" yelled OldGrumpy. The Rangers regrouped just outside of town to the east. The hunters watched with eagle like eyes as the horde began to move out of Kharanos and towards Ironforge. "Looks like we might need a little help," said Kragus as he rubbed snow on his wounds. Valhollond fiddled with the knobs on his flying machine's radio as he listened to a choppy incoming transmission. "Already got it. The rest of Clan Battlehammer is reporting to Ironforge as we speak along with members of Clan Thunderbeard," said Valhollond. The dwarves all nodded and jumped on their flying machines. By the time they got to Ironforge the horde group had just finished slaughtering Auctioneers and merchants in the Ironforge Auction house and begun to move toward the Council Chamber. Their progress was slowed as Hammers and Beards dropped in from all sides. Finally the horde approached the door to the Council Chamber, but by this point they were thouroughly surrounded. The temporary allied Dwarven clans surged forward cleaving and blasting the horde into oblivion. Shouts of "Long Live Clan Battlehammer!" and "For Clan Thunderbeard" rang out and reverberated off the walls of the Great Forge. Some of the horde tried to escape into Old Ironforge, but the Blackrock Rangers easily tracked them down and eliminated them. A couple other stragglers were rooted out and executed as well. "So... you ready to get back to that paperwork now?" Kragus chided OldGrumpy.Kragus5 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 [RP] Story of Devotion: Part 1 ((So as some may remember, I am working on my Night Elf RP with my future Legion main in mind. Before, I was considering the Shadow Priest, but now I am looking toward a my druid with the same intent in mind. With the corruption of the mind and possible Emerald Nightmare taking grasp. These events are after Deathwing had awoken and fractured Azeroth. Criticism is always welcome and thanks for reading!)) She found it funny how timely catastrophic events could be on Azeroth at times. Deathwing had just awoken and desolated Auberdine. Not to much further, Fandral Staghelm had been unveiled as a traitor to the Kaldorei. The lands were reflecting her own inner turmoil with the the news. Conflicted with her thoughts of her commander and leader, the idea of the betrayal of a cause she had believed to see one day. Destroyed. She couldn’t abandon her ill sister, but her loyalty to Fandral was of equal importance. The years of devotion, wasted? ‘I should be helping in the resettlement of Auberdine, but Teldrassil is just so lovely to look at. This is one of his largest contributions to our society...to our people… Will his legacy be tarnished due to the betrayal? What am I to do? I’m known as a loyalist to Fandral...but I’m also devoted to the Cenarion Circle...will that alone clear any suspensions? However, should I even cease my efforts due to this? Why would I stop following him now...because my lapdog sisters tell me to?’ She pondered these thoughts until it was nearly dusk. The answer was still unclear. Even if she chose to follow Fandral, she doesn’t know where she would begin in searching. If she asked questions, her intentions would be clear. ‘Had everyone that devoted themselves to him already gone in hiding? Would they be of any help? What of the Twilight Cultists?’ Shocked, she couldn’t’ believe she was considering such a thing. The thought had made her gag is disgust as a valid option. ‘What would Fandral be doing conversing with the Twilight Cultists? What would make me think such a thing?!’ Then it hit her, with the feeling of someone strangling her. He had betrayed her trust and loyalty and she was looking to defend the actions. But even so, she wanted to continue admiring him from afar and to follow his orders until the end. She rose to her feet. ‘Family does not come before the duty of my people. Fandral still has our best intentions in mind. I will help rebuild this settlement, then I will settle my household business.’ She thought to herself with a blank gaze toward Teldrassil. Eraris made her way back toward the others, to make haste with her new goals in mind. To be continued... Still working on Part II, but hopefully this sets up the scene for y'all that enjoy.Eraris1 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 [RP] A Good Captain's Choices ((Hey, Taelyren here. For Emerald Dream’s [RP] day, i’m writing as per the optional prompt, which is an AU death of one of your characters in the coming expansion, Legion. Thanks for reading! This is probably the most heart breaking thing i’ve ever written, a real emotional ride for me. I will say there is a trigger warning or two, there’s a bit of drowning to happen. Otherwise, enjoy. Please, let me know what you think. I need to know.))Taelyren30 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 19, 2016 [AMA] ASK OOMDAR ANEYTING! HI! The somewhat dimwitted orc waves Me Oomdar! Me is blademaster! See Far Seer Sledgehammer once tell oturs ask hem things. So, me do thawt me do same! Ask me anyting! Try answer! (( Feel free to ask me anything. IC or OOC. I will try and answer all of them when I can ))Oomdar42 Feb 19, 2016
Feb 19, 2016 Andrew #1 Druid on Emerald Dream All praise Andrew #1 Druid on Emerald Dream.Khavon75 Feb 19, 2016
Feb 19, 2016 AMA Fred/Madeira/Busshock/Adva Been here a while, and my forum presence is merely posting unwitty one-liners, ranting about a certain deviant, and egging the 1v1 heroes on. I'm a washed up TBC 2k hero. I need validation. HALPS.Fredtide6 Feb 19, 2016
Feb 19, 2016 LF Chaotic Evil type of guild -Alliance ((Not just criminal, looking for a guild that holds no guilt for anything they do. Whether it be skinning a child alive I the middle of Stormwind and disappearing in a puff of smoke leaving the sticky, barely breathing brat to die of shock and blood loss, to aiding in spreading of disease... Are there any guilds like this on alliance. I am thinking similar to cult of the damned type.... ))Àglaica7 Feb 19, 2016