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May 3, 2016 boost to 90/100 I was wondering how many people use rp reasons to explain their boosts. As an example actually travel to Light Hope's Chapel as a Paladin and maybe even being knighted by a fellow player before logging out and boosting then logging back in. You could do a similar thing with Druids travelling to Moonglade to beseech Keeper Remulos for aide to defeat the coming Legion. If you have actually done this please share your stories below. Even if you have only thought about doing it please post your ideas below. I think it would be fun and inspiring to share. I am interested in how things might vary between classes and even races or guilds.Konoll6 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Toy List: Need Help Pls Hello friends, it's ya blind boi Nightwind here with yet another thread. I'm looking to make a video guide showing what's good to pick up for providing an advantage in outdoor/world PVP. I'm not much of a toy user but it would be good for myself and others to know what's good for picking up should anyone be interested in collecting them. What I know of so far: Escapes + Mobility Goblin Glider from Engineering Nitro Boost from Engineering) Treesassin's Guise from the Lumber Mill Aviana's Feather from the Lunarfall Inn Buffs Strength, Agility, and Intellect potions created from Alchemy. Strength, Agility, and Intellect flasks created from Alchemy. Whispering Crystal from the Lunarfall Inn. (does not stack with Alchemy flask) Strength, Agility, and Intellect runes (permanent version from Tanaan rep vendor) Utility Grenades (Engineering) for a stun effect. Ever-Blooming Frond from the Lunarfall Inn for a big heal outside of combat. Please add your suggestions!Nightwind15 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Legion MAJOR Class Changes So as you may or may not have seen already, Demon Hunters aren't the only big change/addition to our game play in the next expansion. Apparently many classes will be seeing some extreme changes heading their way. For example, all 3 hunter specs are being reworked. Beastmaster is going to stay somewhat the same, where the hunter fights with a pet and at range. However, Marksman is losing the pet, and Survival is losing the range and becoming a melee spec! It has also been said that Demonology warlocks will see some major changes to make them far more based on summoning and controlling their demons. Affliction is going to be heavy on DoTs and Destruction will use heavy bursts of fell magic. So for the most part the changes will be fairly limited to demo. The devs have said that every class is being looked at and there will be major changes to many of them! So I'm curious what you guys think about this! If we can expect to see changes as extreme as melee using hunters, what do you think will happen to your favourite classes? Could this be a good thing that will make the game feel fresh? Is it going to be an awful experience when we have to totally relearn our class of choice? Seeing that this is the best opportunity we've ever had to see such massive changes, what would you like to see added or removed?Jigowat145 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Boost to 90/100 Konoll3 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 @The Alliance http://i.imgur.com/osZJOAF.gifTreng18 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Why are the forums not juicy gimme some juiceDegno9 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 @Bricke It was on burritos, but I was drunk and may have used a bit too much.Bebbit48 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 To my bud Zendarian Hey man its been awhile and I got a sneaking suspicion that Blizzard is considering making official Vanilla servers... If so I can't wait to travel back in time with you and show you what I played when I was in Jr. High! Ya big ol' Cata baby! :D If it comes true! I can't wait to suffer the pain of having to make 30 minute long corpse runs, make levels in days rather then minutes and celebrate to together when a young Narator and Samiya get their first cloth head piece and shoulders... probably of grey quality. If this comes true I'll be happy to suffer with you! :) As for my stance on Vanilla servers... I think they are a good idea as a experiment to see how modern players would react to more complicated class mechanics (i.e. Arms warriors having tanking utilities) and to get back to the games roots.(If it goes well enough we might see more of vanillaesque stuff in the future.) HOWEVER I do NOT want to hear anything about class balance, (it didn't exist in vanilla) or how we need flying mounts. (Back in my day we RAN to get across Kalimdor because you didn't get mounts until lv 40 and epic mounts at lv 60 but... Good luck with affording that since you'd probably be broke after buying the max level of all your spells from the class trainer.) Long story short if I see a official vanilla WoW server... I want no qq, 3-5 day Alterac Valleys.... and mortal strikes instagibbing poor mages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty2nVp3vWc0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QXK71lD_MENarator89 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Vol'jin kill Hello, some of you may already know who I am, if you do not, I am the GM of <The Guard> and I have been working with multiple other GM's to fight against the zerg guild <Warsong Battalion>. These guilds include <The Kingdom Guard> <GoA Inc> <Clan Stonefist> <Clean> <Blackwood Winery> <Order of the Blue Wyvern> and many others. We formed <The Guard> about 3 weeks ago and since then we have done WPvP every night. Tonight we finished the [For The Alliance!] achievement. Vol'jin was killed by a 25 man group with no opposition from the Horde. <The Guard> <The Kingdom Guard> <Blackwood Winery> <Shadows of Whisperwind> and <Order of the Blue Wyvern> were all present. Baine: http://imgur.com/jbjZ1oT Sylvanas: http://imgur.com/K6po0uE Lor'themar: http://imgur.com/Q7pFJ3A Vol'jin: http://imgur.com/Bh7FPHw I am not making this post to brag, I am making this post to ask the GM's of all the Alliance WPvP guilds, big or small, to please get in contact with me. We need to combine our forces in order to combat the Horde zerg guilds as the Alliance ones either will not or can not fight them. If you are not a GM and just someone who enjoys WPvP I recommend joining any of the guilds listed on this post. Btag: Basedgodbm#1872Basedgodbm157 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Arena Partners Looking for arena partners. S.O.S emergency please helpEazyj9 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Seeking Horde for Machinima TOONS CHOSEN! Thank you everyone for your interest I have chosen the following people to be part of the Machinima: Azivalla - Shadowmoon Bebbit - Emerald Dream Feaya - Garrosh Gurnok - Ghostlands Jihuan - Bladefist Morenwyn - Azuremyst Shirt - Emerald Dream Snipeology - Tichondrius Tundarr - Alexstrasza Tyrrim - Emerald Dream Zega - Black Dragonflight Previous Projects: Class Chats Ep. 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN7uKTQG35Y The Ritual : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k2_9YhccV8 Are you a member of the Horde ? Do you want to have your character in a short ? Then you've come to the right place ! Post below if you'd like to volunteer your toon, I only need a few people -- No class or Race requirement, Non-glowy transmogs preferred but not necessary.Strausin56 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 Best RPing addon? Right now I'm using MyRolePlay, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it. There doesn't seem to be all that much functionality to it. What other RPing addons are out there?Moriarta24 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 variation on a theme I decided to play around with song lyrics while I try and figure out if I am going to try and get my dwarf shaman, dwarf hunter, orc shaman, worgen druid or dranei paladin ready for legion. My playing time is limited so multiple alts just won't work unfortunately. Here is the one I did for this character, my dwarf shaman. It goes best with Disturbed's cover of the song. Hello Maelstorm, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains, warns of the hounds of Legion In restless dreams I walked alone Down the ramps of ancient stone 'Neath the blazing fiery lamp I breathed in deeply of the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed By the fire of a diamond light A King’s sad plight That foretold the hounds of Legion And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand demons, maybe more Demons killing without mercy A human king falling and dying People whisper hymns And prayers never shared And no one dare Disturb the hounds of Legion "Fools," said I, "you do not know Legion like a cancer grows Hear the wind that I might teach you Feel the Earth that I might reach you." But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence And the people bowed and prayed To the neon God they made Yet the Elements flashed warnings And the words that they were forming Made signs that said, "The words of the prophets Are written on the Titan’s walls And the Deepholm halls." And whispered the defeat of LegionKonoll5 May 3, 2016
May 3, 2016 variation on a theme part II -modified lyrics Continuing on the theme from the other thread, modified lyrics to songs I listen to while playing my shaman from Godsmack's Awake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opU1urLhw50 Wait another minute. Can't you see what this drink has !@#$ing done to me. I'm alive and feel them near What I see you can't see and maybe I’ll start to hear them speak. I'm alive for you. I'm awake because of you. I'm alive I told you. I'm awake swallowing you Take another second. Open my eyes earth covers me, believe that You're always with me. It's safe to say you're never away. A big part of you has died And by the way, I hope you're satisfied. I'm alive for you. I'm awake because of you. I'm alive I told you. I'm awake encased in you I'm alive for you. I'm awake because of you. I'm alive I told you. I'm awake bathed in you Tearing it back unveiling me. Air filling my lungs so I can breathe. Feel the Maelstrom once and for all. No resistance I hear your call. Tearing it back unveiling me. Burning purifying so I can see. Feel the Maelstrom once and for all. No resistance answer your call I'm alive for you. I'm awake because of you. I'm alive I told you. I'm awake now breathing you I'm alive for you. I'm awake because of you. I'm alive I told you. I'm awake burning for youKonoll0 May 3, 2016
May 2, 2016 *Bewp* I ended up getting a two month subscription to WoW after the seven day return to WoW promotion. Hi everyone! Looks like I''m here to stay for a while. Hopefully I'll figure out what I want my characters to be, and what kind of a story arc I'd like to put them in during this time. Anyways, I'll be seeing you!Moriarta1 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 favourite cheese? I like old !@# cheddar. Like granny old. I also like feta. I could eat feta with a spoon.Colbor20 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 So... Today I spent majority of the day thinking it was Tuesday. Low and behold, it's Sunday... Imagine that.Eazyj10 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 [RP] I'm With You but I'm Lonely ((AIN'T PROOF READ but I was in the mood. tl;dr if you haven't been keeping up: Cav has been sent to kill this woman's wife in exchange for helping his dear friend Eldie with her brain rot.)) He’s about a hundred yards off and has her in his sight. Skin the color of dried roses, grey at the temples of her black black hair, piled high on her head and stuck with pins. She turns to the window like she sees him, the gentle slope of her shoulder not unfamiliar to him. He wonders what his wife would have looked like at that age. He’s outside the cottage, his back to the side of the door. He can hear her moving inside, shuffling in a pair of threadbare slippers. The fire pops. The smell of rabbit pours through the cracks and fills his nostrils with more memory than hunger. Salt. Pepper. Green onions that grow in the hills of Duskwood not far from her squat little house on the edge of a marsh. He wonders if his wife would still make stew the same way. He’s in her doorway, finger on the trigger of his gun. She’s startled but trying to act like she isn’t. He can see the muscles in her shoulders tense, watches a twitch in the corner of her mouth as she asks him what he wants. She knows he isn’t feral; they don’t dress as well as he does and they don’t bother with weapons anymore. He listens and wonders when the last time he heard his wife. Before she died. Before he became what he was. Before the pits. “It’s nothing, um, personal.” He mumbles through his mask, the gun at his side. “It’s murder.” She says, forgetting her rabbit for a moment. “How can it not be?” Cav fidgets, eyes still locked on her. He isn’t a hired mercenary, usually. He doesn’t know if they have any codes, any checklists, anything they kept private. Did it matter, if the target was going to die anyway? You never had to explain yourself to game. Or crusaders. “Oh, well. I mean, it isn’t personal for me, but I suppose it wouldn’t make sense if it weren’t personal at all. But I understand, um, where she’s coming from.” “She?” His target stiffens, straightens her back and sticks out her lower jaw. Defiance runs through her eyes, and for a moment he wonders if she'll try to attack him. “You mean Norelia?” He nods. “I knew it. I knew it! Of course she couldn’t just let me live out my days here, no, she had to make me suffer. Because she suffered. Of course. That’s so like you…” she waves her hand, a sneer on her lips. “…forsaken.” Cav gives her a moment. She goes back to her rabbit, turning it slowly over the fire, peeling the flesh back with a fork to see how far along it was. He wonders if she thinks she's going to finish it. He wonders what his wife thought when the hamlet fell to the scourge. “She loves you, I think. Samira, right? She loves you.” Samira sniffs and shrugs, turning her back to him. “If she loved me, she would leave me alone.” Alone. Sitting outside a cabin not unlike this one, rocking in his old chair, his hunting rifle across his knees. He could hear her, his beautiful wife, his darling wife, crying from their bedroom. He hadn’t even known what he’d done. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck, her arms red to the elbows with deer’s blood. A family, finally. For the two of them. They’d been married for a few years now, and she was still young but he was getting older, and he wanted some children before he was thirty, and it would be fine because he hunted enough for more than two of them, and she’d be a good mother, such a good mother, and— She barely even spoke to him. She cursed him, called him weak, called him a mongrel's son and a simpleton and many other things strung together before throwing the innards she was holding and storming off. He saw her tears through her rage, the hatred twisted in her gut, and didn’t understand. But her wailing, oh, her tears never seemed to dry, and no matter how he tried she turned away from him and cursed him and locked him away. He gripped the butt of his rifle and made to get up, leaning forward in his chair, listening to her pain. He could end it, for her. Whatever kept her tethered to their world against her will. She wasn’t strong enough to break it herself, but it drained her, dulled her, made her bitter and pale and afraid. He could break it for her, but then… Cav shoulders his gun, the new rifle he uses now days, and watches Samira down the barrel. “She doesn’t want to be alone.” Muscles tense. He takes a deep breath. So does she. “And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”Cavistius8 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 710 MW Monk looking for a raiding guild. Currently my guild is only really doing hfc normal, and I am looking for a slightly more serious guild that is at least doing hfc heroic clears weekly. Hard finding successful pug groups for heroic hfc. Shoot me a message or reply here.Chilloutson0 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 June 4th Marks the 2nd anniversary of Return's death on Timeless Isle at the hand of yours truly. The most viewed killshot screenie on this server: http://imgur.com/a/2CltE#41 What I saw as terrain exploitation vs an inexperienced player, he saw as interference in an xv1. He lied about not having recorded the fight, clearly the loss cut him deep. Enraged, he scoured the isle for me with the help of others to avenge his death but failed. After a few more wpvp deaths and what seems like ages of arguing on the forum, he gave up on vengeance until he caught me practicing skirmishes. So very impressed with his success in a premade vs yolo he claims victory over me despite all our other fights based on my leaving a match. I dismiss it since I was just practicing, had zero addons running & was up literally for days. Now it will finally be decided. On June 4 of this year, I challenge Return to a 1v1 wargame with the following rules: - Partners have to leave. - No use of the eye. - I get to choose the map. - Dc = wait unless obv cds, then dc = rematch. If he wins, I leave the server & the tmo imgur album gets deleted.Resetqùeen500 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 To bracket or not to bracket When writting OOC comments on the forums in either an RP post or event thread is it more polite to use brackets? I see some that do use them, and some that don't.Destrey13 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 @Return Do you have a playlist somewhere? A spotify set? A soundcloud public list? Ever since Grooveshark shut down and I lost Totemtoe's Rock playlist (and his current spotify rock list has NOTHING on what it was in the past. Sadly I dont remember all the tracks), I've had a big void to fill. All the videos you push out have some pretty decent stuff that I have never heard of.Orxon29 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 A Novice again (Part1 2.4k official RP post) (( I already made a announcement post concerning my 2.4k RP post but according to tradition I wanted to make a official RP story concerning the last battle in which I got the achievement. This is a FULL story just like the ones I used to write and although it is not yet complete but I think You'll like my RP interpretation of my dwarf shaman. This came so late because these posts take time. Keep in mind though my teammates names are presumed arena nicknames and not actual names.)) A Novice Again A good place to die, he used to tell to himself once upon a time ago when the world still seemed vast. It was time when his only desire was to find a foe to end his life and his shame, and a time when he yet to understand his purpose. Funny how fates could change on a whim as slight as the dance of falling cherry blossoms, which swayed around him and his teammates with the snowfalls of the kun-lai summit. Timesplitter uttered with a eerie whisper. A life must end for another to begin. Accept me. Accept me. For I am the beginning and end. He opened a locket and inside there was a small portrait of a blond human lady dressed in a white flannel gown reading a storybook. Lying beside her was a brown hair child not piggish enough to be a proper orc and yet far too stout to be a human just past toddlerhood. A life must end for another to begin. Accept me. Accept me. For I am the beginning and end. He could feel himself draw a fading breath, whose echoes vanished as fading seconds came and passed. A heavy mail boot smashed into his knee followed by the boisterous shout of a dwarven woman. “Hey! What ye looking at tough guy?” Narator tried to push the dwarf shaman aside but she persisted, jumping up and down until she got a firm hold of his shoulders with her two stout and stubby arms. “Got ya overgrown, lily-livered elf kisser! Now show me what you got there!” The dwarf’s legs swung and kicked in midair as she grappled her right arm around Narator’s neck causing him to let out a grunt and a gag. She pulled and wrestled the locket from Narator’s grip for a closer inspection. “Oh! So who might that two-faced, dainty wrench be?” “Thats my mate Samiya, Scoobie!” Scoobie let out a chuckle. “Well ain’t you a real charmer for a stinken, fly-slobberen, sorry excuse for an orc!” She then pointed towards the child. “And who might that wretched half-ogre be?” “That would be my son, Doran.” Another voice interrupted. “Are you cheating on me?” Exclaimed Unbannable the teams token Kaldorei mistweaver healer. She flung her green ponytail back before giving him a stern glare from the seething glow of her pearly eyes. Narator tried to smirk and swallow away the fear of Timesplitters omens shivering down his spine. “She said yes first!”

 Unbannable chortled and furled her fingertips over her lips. “Well at least I see your kind at least have good taste with common wh0res,” Scoobie interjected. “Well yer the one fell for that warty tree humping Tw@t with some sissy elven name like Moonflower or something stupid like that! The flee bitten runt even had the nerve not to even buy ya a proper tankard of beer!” Unbannable took a sip of mana tea. “Well is he alive any more dwarf?” The arena gates creeped open. “Not after ye forgot to give him a res last night! After I remodeled his pretty little face with a warhammer!” The dwarf shoved her fist into Narator’s thighs. “Alright! You know what to do laddie! Run in! Hit hard and start performing on the overdressed mage until she figures out her place belongs in the kitchen baking mana biscuits!” Narator lead their sprint for the first pillar where he braced his back against it. “I got her from the front and you got her from behind!”Narator8 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 Who would be interested in a gnome only guild Who would be interested in a gnome only light RP, PvP guild?Cues45 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 Back to the Shadows *You hear a whisper from behind* I have been banished... living in the shadows... crawling thru the dark... you will never see me, you will never hear me... until you feel my blades of sharp cold steel... *Startled you quickly turn around, but no one is there* ((Azmadi#1240 author of Realm Bounty Hunter))Raevyn7 May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 Your Kings & Queens Hit the Ground Like Rain Fire cracked and sparked, lighting up Orgrimmar's battered stone walls, with their sooted scorch marks and fallen pikes. For as far as the eye could see, death and destruction reigned over the heart of the Orcish capital city - its guards slumped by the hundreds inside and outside of its gates. He couldn't believe his eyes, as he ran feverishly through the once trade district -- now a war-torn battlefield -- toward the fortress of the Warchief. With nary an axe, nor sword, Treng Firesoul plunged into the center compound to find Vol'jin strung up from the skull of Mannoroth - a poor joke, he figured, on the part of the Alliance. The warrior rushed to his Warchief's side, following the links of chain to where they'd been crudely bolted into a support post, and took hold. With all of his might, he pulled, anchoring his right foot against the timber to offer more leverage, but it yielded none as the chains clinked together above him and the wood strained but offered no release. "Why ja strugglin' wit de inevitable?" His eyes widened; and he spun around with fists pulled up infront of his face, but what stood before him wasn't a human, but a Troll. Dressed in garrish purple-tan robes with voodoo effigies cast on his shoulders and a skull hung from his necklace, the figure's most notable feature was his piercing pupiless yellow eyes. Treng wasn't given the chance to respond before the world swirled around him and all sense of balance, place, sight, and sound was lost as he fell into the void. Time had no sense of passing. What could have been moments might have also been years before the silence broke, with the sound of cannons ringing out under feverish rain and furious thunder. As the lightning cracked, he saw. Airships in the sky approached an island, and he recognized them both. The Alliance's airship was clear as day with its gryphon iconography and on its deck stood the King of Stormwind. Next to the Skybreaker flew Orgrim's Hammer, with its wolfhead cannon laying fire not at the Alliance, but at the island below. Sylvanas spearheaded its direction, firing her bow at demons that proliferated in the air. The lightning faded as quickly as it came, rendering the world dark again. He heard cannons repeatedly firing, he heard men and orc and forsaken alike shouting warcries and orders. He also heard terrible shrieks and roars that no mortal creature could utter. Thunder drowned all of it out as lightning cracked the sky and both the Skybreaker and Orgrim's Hammer nose dived toward the water's surface. He heard the Troll's voice one last time. He shot up in a fevered pitch, sweat on his face and wide eyed as his gaze darted to catch his surroundings. A camp's fire lit up the night as a cool barrens breeze fell over him. Stars shone dimly in the night's sky, but the Troll's words still haunted him. "Ja kings and ja queens hit de ground like rain."Treng7 May 2, 2016
May 1, 2016 Mythic Guilds Any promising Mythic guilds on the Alliance that don't have absurd raiding hours?Arevas1 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 Who is ED's #1 cutie? I nominate lulls but other nominations are welcome. Looking forward to the responses. Thanks!Mafic97 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 [H-Crime RP] Coinblade Cartel: Goblin Only! Explosives? Check! Rockets? Check! Alcohol? Double check! Booze, bounty, and booty, what more could you want from life? There is no better time to call yourself a Coinblade. \/------------------------------------------------/$$$$\--------------------------------------------------\/ Who We Are The Coinblade Cartel is an unofficially criminal Guild which has set up shop in Booty Bay. Its Boss, Nimsil Sparkshank rules it with an iron fist, embarking on a rocket propelled ruthless conquest for money, power, an an unhealthy amount of Rum. The Cartel thrives on the fact it has no qualms about who it targets. Horde, Alliance, even the major Goblin Cartels, Coinblades are neutral in the sense they steal from everyone equally. What style of Role-play we provide The Coinblade Cartel aims to provide a roleplay environment that combines all the tension and distrust you’d expect from a Criminal Guild, and the humorously creative technology employed by its Goblin leaders. Ultimately, this results in a Cartel where you may literally be turned into a chicken for failing the boss. As a Criminal Guild we have a lot of emphasis on the casual, day-to-day roleplay injected with occasional Event (We’d be a pretty silly Cartel if we never actually got around to stealing anything!) Events will come at random, as and when contracts are drawn up and given the go-ahead by an officer or above. From two-man assassination missions, to Ten-man Caravan heists, we’ve got a very long to-do list! ... ... Calling Yourself a Coinblade The most clumsy, secretive, and difficult part of all criminal roleplay: How to safely get yourself involved. There's nothing set in stone when it comes to recruitment, the more malleable the process the harder it is for local law enforcement to keep on top of it. The Goblin ports of Azeroth are always your best bet, and if your Character already has connections with the criminal underground its even easier to find the Coinblades. Just make sure to bring a deck of cards. Risk it all, win Big When someone pledges their life to the Cartel, they do so literally. There is no job made without risk, no alliance forged without enemies. There is a grim reality to this line of work: Most won't die of old age. As a Coinblade, both IC and OOC, you are willing to put your character's life on the line to risk it all, and win BIG! This thread is designed to be our portal to the community, creative writings, artwork, and event information will all be posted here. If you have any questions, queries, or even an interest in joining, comment down below! -Nimsil SparkshankNimsil13 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 Mr/Ms Emerald Dream Pageant Hello fellow Dreamers! My guild and I invite you to join us in a series of transmog competitions. There will be one competition for each of the capital cities. The winners of these competitions will receive 5000 gold and an invitation to compete in the final competition. The winner of the final competition will be crowned Mr/Ms Emerald Dream and receive a 10000 gold prize. The first of the competition series will be taking place on Friday at 8 PM ST, in Orgrimmar. The rules of the competition are listed below: -Contestants' outfits must be fully transmoggable (No white/gray items, no wearing non-class armor types). -Contestants must prepare two different transmogs for the two categories of the contest, serious and silly. Contestants will be judged according to three criterion: -Style: Overall visual appeal of the outfit -Creativity: Uniqueness and originality. (All pieces from same set would score low here) -Wow factor: The element of the transmog that takes it over the top (Matching mounts, Rare Gear, etc.) If you wish to enter the competition reply to this thread, or whisper me in game. Volunteers for judging are also welcome! Hope to see many of you at the event!Milësto31 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 FMT class. (Field Medic Training RP updated) *A scroll bearing a blood red cross is nailed to local boards, signposts, and various structures from Silvermoon to Thunderbluff.* As a service to The Horde Aon, The Twinblade, Knight of The Dark Covenant is offering a lecture on the topic of Emergency Field Medicine. This will take place on Saturday at the Sixth Bell on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff (location subject to change) . The main purpose of this is to aid in the provision of immediate medical care to the people who most need it, without which, many combat and accident injuries may lead to many more fatalities/maimings that would weaken The Horde. We would like to invite any who are responsible for providing first aid and front line trauma care on the battlefield as well as any who would simply wish to learn in order to aid themselves, their comrades, or others in medical need. Emphasis will be placed on: - What to keep in your medical bag - Scene safety - Body Substance and Contagion Isolation - Airway and breathing management - Basic bleeding control - Broken bone splinting and mending - Bandaging - When and when not to use magical -v - mundane healing - Potion use - Curse management - Triage - Pet and minion emergencies - Treating the Undead - Hoof, Horn, and Tusk issues - Child Birth - Use of conventional and unconventional equipment in the delivery of basic emergency care We will also be accepting medical supplies, blood, viable organs, well preserved limbs, and monetary donations which we will be shared with various providers throughout the Horde. (( Saturday 4/30 6 pm server. I will be putting on an EMT style class event involving medical training for members of the horde. I feel I could be fun and irreverent in game as well as informative. This will focus on how to treat battlefield injuries in and out of the safety of town. From mundane bandaging, to potion use, to various means of magical healing. We will cover: - What to keep in your medical bag - Scene safety (making sure no combatants or hostile creatures are around etc) - BSI (body substance isolation don't want to catch necrotic plague) - Airway and breathing management - Basic bleeding control - Broken bone splinting and mending - Bandaging - Potion use - Curse management - Removal of arrows from knees and other joints - Pet and minion emergencies - Treating the Undead - Hoof, Horn, and Tusk issues - Child Birth (don't pull elves out by their ears and Goblins DO NOT lay eggs) - ETC (Jumper cables and other assorted improvisational methods) Please comment if this this is something you may be interested in attending.))Aonnoa30 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 ill be your maverick if you'll be my gooooooooooooooseDamoçlês3 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 Can I gank on RP PVP server Could someone give me a brief explanations about the difference between RPPVP and PVP servers?Spongedoo31 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 @Graphite HAPPY BIRTHDAYTaelyren4 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 Turwinkle starts the Swamp of Sorrows! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a brand new fun adventure! That's right! Episode 141 is up for your viewing pleasure! In this episode, we find our hero working for the Baron of Bogpaddle! Turwinkle is tasked with gathering Makrura tails, disarm some landmines and kill some Crocolisks! A very busy day for our Gnomish hero! So grab your favorite beverage, your favorite snack and snuggle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! https://youtu.be/1vqev8bVpf4Turwinkle0 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 re: Legion PVP I saw this in another thread and it kinda has me bummed out :( The PvP talents are overladen with % damage increases. There's a lack of emphasis on anything other than damage and healing in PvP. Utility, CC, and risk v reward mechanics are all unsettling rare. Gearing is going to be complete hell. The artifact system doesn't presently have any weekly caps, just weekly/daily content that rewards Artifact Power. In order to maximize Artifact Power gain you have to do PvE and PvP each day. Catch up caps aren't yet mentioned, so multiclassing looks exceptionally tedious to maintain. Furthermore, all players could get the best PvP gear in WOD, just people with higher ratings got it faster. In Legion gear is gated behind rating and pve. Casual PvP awards 810, Glad Gear and Mythic Raid Gear is 870-880. While there is a system to reduce ilvl in instanced PvP that equates 10 ilvls of a stat to a 1% increase, a 7% bonus per 4 stats is till a significant advantage a Mythic raider would hold over your typical casual gamer. Obviously, WPvP will cease to exist if some people are running around 70 ilvls above most other people. Also, PvPers can only get 2-3 pieces of gear per week from rated PvP, meaning you'll be encouraged to PvE to have additional opportunities at gear, ontop of Artifact Power. It's just too grindy. PvP shouldn't be about trying to maintain a combat advantage over your opponent through anything but skill. Victories should be awarded through team coordination, not who has the highest ilvl, more artifact traits, or PvP talents. All of this superfluous grinding is going to burn PvPers out and Legion's gameplay is more one-dimensional than ever.Larvae50 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 @<The Syndicate> Props on the awesome wpvp in Tanaan tonight. :) You all put up a great fight. Thank You for the fun.Dreadious0 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 [RP] Ezzran Reclaimed ((PART 2 of the retelling of Ezzran's fantasy land. Posting it in parts because lol. Part 1: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743664328)) The Loa of the realm was waiting for him in her garden, and her whole domain was a garden, overgrown and twisting beneath her. She was beautiful as he thought she would be. She wore nothing but the simple robes of a priestess, her hair was the color of the shade of the pines, and her eyes were the color of gold that spilled from his chest back home in the city whose name he could not remember. “I’m here to rescue you from the snake.” He said. “Rescue me?” She asked, her voice as deep and rich as colored glass. “From the Loa that guards the rivers and skies?” Ezzran approached her, wrapped in the furs and marks of the bear that were his armor. She was perched above him on a moss covered stone, looking down at him though she was no taller than he was. “How are you going to do that?” A soft layer of green coated her skin, and for a moment he thought she looked nothing like a jungle troll at all. “I’m the strongest guy you know.” he said, feeling weaker than ever. The Loa reached out to him, tipping the edge of his tusk with the side of her hand. He felt a crack there he hadn’t felt in many years (months? Weeks?), and a warmth like coals just out of reach. “The spirit of a troll is stronger than the body, and can carry on long after its tether had given up the will to live. You are not the strongest I know.” Ezzran thought for a moment, arms across his chest. “I’m the fastest guy you know.” Her eyes were a cat’s and her smile on him like a mouse. He said nothing and did not move, but felt her judging him, weighing his character against her own and dozens of others who had passed through her realm, all of them quick and strong. He was unsure. “The great cats are faster than any troll, and can run longer and farther, and hear and see when a waking troll cannot. You are not the fastest I know.” Ezzran grew impatient. “If I’m not the fastest or strongest guy you know, why did you send someone to me? Why bother if I’m not the best?” The Loa smiled at him, her lips sweet and her eyes like poison. Ezzran considered going back to the snake with its dream-scales, but found the idea of surrender more repulsive than he could have imagined at the start. A sunburst came across the garden, and Ezzran shielded his eyes from its reflection in the rivers that swirled around them. “Why did you come here?” she asked. “I wanted to help. I wanted to save you, like your messenger asked.” he said. “But I’m not strong enough or fast enough, so what do I do? How can I save you?” “You don’t need to save me.” Said the Loa. “I have been here since this realm was created, and will be here until it withers and dies at the end of time. The snake, too, has been here, though longer than me and you and all the others, and when the sun dies it will be in his belly, and when life is gone it will ride on his back to the end of the black road.” She took his hand, guiding him through paths unseen, skirted by bell flowers and broad-leafed plants on either side.Rasek15 May 1, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 [RP Story] Back to Uldum "Fourteen weeks wasted Dawnlight!" Delorashan shouted at Aglaica. "And all you have is some story of an Alliance raid on the caravan" "Bu..." Aglaica Dawnlight started to speak but was interrupted by Delorashan, "You are going back to Uldum to get your research completed again! You have two weeks or you are dismissed from the Reliquary." Delorashan had sent Aglaica Dawnlight into Uldum already once to map out the ruins under the sand. The last night there a sandstorm had raged through impeding the departure, but also masking a group of Alliance explorers who ransacked the camp and massacred most of the team. Her first mission since joining the Reliquary, and it had been nothing but miserable. Dawnlight gave a quick nod to Delorashan who was already nose deep in the paperwork stacked upon his desk and left the office. Head sunk low as she walked the road towards the Bazaar, mind soley on how Uldum just felt like a complete death sentence. The Bazaar Aglaica sat down at the bench in the Bazaar, pulling out her journal from the jeweled satchel she carried with her always and began to write out a list of supplies for Galdaes to fetch before they left again. "he is going to be furious." she muttered aloud, having not noticed Galdaes Dawnlight had snuck behind her. "Furious at what?" Galdaes said laughing, his words making Aglaica jump nearly a foot in the air spilling the contents of her bag on the ground infront of the bench. Aglaica bent down and scraped together the few tonics that spilled out, pushing their corks in tight and placing back into the bag, "We, are going to Uldum! Isn't that great!" She replied in a sarcastic, snarky tone. His smile faded and eyes widened.Aglaica13 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 Mythic guild I am just curious, is there any 13/13 M guild looking forward to push through Legion? I have a couple friends + alts i'd like to bring over the horde. I am 744 ilevel boomy / whatever the OS is needed. You can look up my logs they aren't that great, didn't focus much on parsing at this point of the xpac. add me btag Elyveen#1327 if you are willing to talk. I don't want a guild still in progression its useless for me, thanks yall. Also I am wide open for raid time, as long as its night time. Your best pal, ElyveenElyveen0 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 Suspected Pilot - Zeraelia From a source that goes by Kermit the Frog I have been kissed by a frog and must reveal this information on his behalf. "Rival 1st season of WoD, inactive S2 then comes within 100 points of gladiator at 2406 and is sitting the rating. Refuses to tell partners names. also 1600-2005 rbg rating within 2 days. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Zeraelia/achievement#95:15092 alts http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/C%C3%A4lia/pvp#bgs http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Kevay/pvp#bgs Been sitting rating for the past month and probably season"Toughguybob10 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 New reroll - Selling pets Hey folks. Re-rolling on this server and need some gold to get epic flying, level 3 garrison, an exp potion and such. I have some pets on the AH but have others as well. Some level 25, some level 1, a few between. If you want something specific I may have it, I'm not a huge pet battler but I have a modest collection. Stuff on AH (under Mackswain): 25 Darkmoon Tonk Viscidius Globule Sunfur Panda 25 Pandaren Water Spirit Also have a Firefly for sale on this toon in the AH. I think it's listed at lik 17 but I could come down a bit if you whisper me. I'm not going to undercut by much on the AH since i don't want to drive down prices.Meraux3 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 World PvP in Warlords of Draenor, Finding it. I love Draenor. I think it's my favorite continent of all. The scenery, zones, lack of flying, and cool items are a lot of fun. I've seen a lot of threads and comments come up discussing concern for the World PvP or lack thereof in WoD. I wish to create this post to both inform and encourage discussion about some of the successes I and others have had finding good World PvP in Draenor. Phasing, of course, is an issue, but there are ways around it which I'll get to later, and it has been declining as an issue as zones become less crowded now that so many are 100 and sitting afk in their Garrison. I spend the majority of my time in WoW roaming the new continent looking for prey, and looking for a fight. There are some nights where I have an absolute blast. There are other times where I search for over an hour for some action, give up, and do some bgs or Ashran for some good fights. Nonetheless, I wish to share some of the places I've had the best experiences so far finding World PvP in hopes to encourage and enlighten others to further excite the World PvP scene on the new continent. There are some places that I have found to be hotspots for stirring up trouble. Khadgers Tower / Zangarra is a great spot, and is particularly noteworthy. I can nearly always find level 100 gankage there, and have had it escalate many times into good fights. Often attacking the town in Taladar named Vojin's Pride or something can get some action going as well. I recommend larger groups attack this town, as the guards are nasty sometimes, and I imagine if it starts pinging players may come to defend. It also gets lowbies to squeal as it is a major quest hub, which can get a defensive response. I've had a lot of success attacking this place both solo and with groups of five or so. The alliance has a nearby town, Fort Wrynn, which is likely just as good to attack. I would love to see some of our bigger WPvP guilds hit these areas back and forth. A few other notable spots I've found to have an abundance of level 100 players are: Iron Siegeworks in Frostfire Ridge, sometimes crowded, sometimes empty. Magnarok in Frostfire Ridge, occasionally crowded, usually empty. Shattrath City in Taladar, occasionally a moderate level of players, usually empty. Zangarra in Taladar, usually a few 100s present, occasionally crowded, almost never empty. Socrathese Rise in Shadowmoon Valley, sometimes a few players, sometimes many, sometimes empty. Iron Pit in Gorgrond, very phase dependent. If you can find a good phase, amazing world pvp. Highpass/Beastwatch in Gorgrond, always many lowbies, high chance of level 100 retaliation. Forest Apexis Area (not sure of name) in Gorgrond, sometimes several players, sometimes empty. Poundfist Spawns in Gorgrond, was amazing a few weeks ago, low chance of players here now. Veil Tarrok in Spires of Arak, often lowbies present, high chance of level 100 retaliation for ganking, sometimes 100s present.Phasing is most definitely an issue barring the finding of World PvP. I have, however, noticed as of lately that I am less likely to be phased from both lowbies calling for help and local defense pings. I still get phase walled, but not nearly as frequently as I was a week or two ago. It is likely that zone populations are declining due to most players reaching level 100 by now, reducing the phasing issue. One way to get around the phasing issue as well is to ask in general chat to be invited to someones party. It will usually port you to the hosts phase. I have seen groups of pvpers unable to find each other in the past. If it is an organized setup such as a group of WPVPF looking for a D7 group at Veil Tarrok, try having both parties disband their group until two report they can see members of the opposing party. Then reform with those players as host. If that doesn't work, try asking in general chat for players that can see each other. I've had success doing this to find players terrorizing towns and killing lowbies. Phasing sucks, but don't let it deter you from WoD WPvP, as it is so great. I want to encourage and stress the awesomeness that can be had in WoD. Phasing, the #1 issue, seems to be declining as zones are emptying of the masses and masses of leveling lowbies. I've seen old world zones pinging on World Defense lately. Attack Draenor areas! If I see them ping, I will likely come. If you have a lot, I may even get my guild to come. I hate the old world because of flying mounts, and Draenor WPvP is something I've been having a ton of fun with lately. It's out there, you just have to know where to look and have some patience. Keep at it, and keep looking.Predatoria37 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 Caesar salad is the ultimate test of mettle You want croutons in every bite, but you know if you do that, you'll run out of croutons before you're finished and then you just can't be bothered to eat the rest of the salad.Colbor14 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 My Best World Of Warcraft Troll I'm so proud of myself after this one so my friend Tapeman is trying to get all the spirit beast in the game and at the time of this video he was trying to catch the "Spectral wolf". It looks almost exactly like the Shamans Ghost Wolf so I decided to go take a walk around the spawns in my wolf form and I was lucky enough to catch his reaction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upkYQqbrjScJayzwad7 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 [RP] Crime and Punishment ((Hey folks. Super late admission to RP day, but I thought I'd share with y'all Reagan's origin story. I hope you enjoy, and if you have questions or comments, please leave them below.)) Reagan Luthen shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Kiryn was designated to meet him thirty minutes ago, and she had a reputation for punctuality – at least, until recently. While he treasured his girlfriend – adored, even – he didn’t entirely trust her. He’d been taught otherwise on the filthy Gilnean streets. After all, his father was a staunch supporter of the King, and thus, precautions were a fundamental aspect of survival. He’d never understood his father’s support of Genn, or any royalty, for that matter – to serve someone for their birthright alone was lunacy. If their inherent privilege wasn’t insufferable enough, they always carried themselves with pompous comportment, shunning the peasants who’d built their fortresses and stocked their pantries. When Reagan and his father had departed Gilneas, he’d hoped to find a more judicious land in Hillsbrad, although unfortunately, royalty loomed imperiously over that province as well. The Silvercoins, nobles of Alterac descent, lorded over the region. Unlike Perenolde, the affluent family was favored amongst the other kingdoms, and even dined with Elwynn’s monarch. Subsequently, they behaved as if they were invincible, and ruefully, it wasn’t far from the truth. Grumbling to himself, Reagan shambled from his seat, leaving his mug to moisten on the furbished wooden table. Despite how they repulsed him, attempting to combat nobility was the swiftest route to the gallows. Thus, he repressed his hatred and sauntered outside, pondering what curses he’d wish upon Kiryn for standing him up again. Pausing in his tracks, he reconsidered. He loved Kiryn dearly, and his fancied proposition would merely corrode their relationship. No, he convinced himself, instead of his ire and spite, he’d meet her with roses. Conveniently, the local botanist was an elderly woman with abysmal eyesight, and thus, retrieving his coveted flower wasn’t too taxing an endeavor. The red luxuries were too resplendent to afford under a measly skinner’s salary – besides, if he could get them for free, why pay? Jovially, he strode across town, squinting as the sun glared at him. Southshore, while occasionally burdened with skirmishes, was a vibrant atmosphere with a supportive community – the type of county that left their doors unlocked at night. Despite its gullibility, Reagan enjoyed its hospitality, and seldom exploited it. Everyone had their roles, and they executed them diligently. When he arrived at her residence, his curled knuckles rattled against the door, and after several seconds, a husky, albeit jolly visage met his. Her father greeted him, an oafish, genuine smile plastered on his face. ‘’Regs!’’ the man welcomed. ‘’You got a little something for my daughter, hmm?’’ ‘’Aye,’’ Reagan nodded, pale skin glistening in the afternoon heat. He dabbed his pate. ‘’Fraid she stood me up this ‘noon, but forgive ‘n forget, right?’’ They shared a brief chuckle. ‘’Don’t take it personally, my boy!’’ her father smiled, poking at his rib jestingly. ‘’She’s been out all morning – I can take those pretty roses off your hands and give them to her when she gets back, if you like.’’ ‘’S’alright, reckon she can’t be a stone’s throw too far!’’ Reagan reciprocated the grin, albeit lackluster. ‘’Thank you kindly.’’ As the frumpy elderly man pattered back into the house, the thin youth ducked under the window. Aptly, Kiryn had not only skipped their rendezvous, she planned over it. And he’d find out why. Sneaking around the house, he peered into her room to glean any striking details. Nothing immediately gripped him, although near her wardrobe, he noticed a small, ornate pendant, its immaculate prisms glinting into his eyes. A unique crest was engraved in the center – the Silvercoin crest. ((Play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kswWeezE7hA )) Retreating a step, Reagan forgot to breathe for several seconds as he stroked his temple, appalled. Aptly, excessive taxes hadn’t been enough – the wretched nobles saw it fit to bequeath his beloved unto their son, Thomas. More than sorrow and depression, Reagan felt pain, anger, and the necessity to inflict pain on something – if that thing were to be Kiryn or Thomas, he’d yet to decide. In the following days, he personally snared several rabbits and flayed them alive, taking solace from their thrashing and agonized squeaks. However, his morbid obsession was yet to be quelled, and eventually, he sought larger prey. Hence, he began abducting stray dogs, repeating and often increasing his wanton cruelty against them to suppress his festering pain.Luthen6 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 Daredevil Season 2 Shane is back! Yup, Jon Bernthal is playing The Punisher.Bebbìt7 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 29, 2016 New monitor for Overwatch Looking to upgrade my monitor. Currently using a 22" Samsung SyncMaster T220 and I want to get something sexier for Overwatch. Not looking to spend more than $550. I want to move to 144Hz for sure and G-Sync is something I want to try out. Would love an IPS, but I'll mainly be gaming on it and I know that will jack up the price as well. My current rig specs - GPU: GeForce GTX 970 CPU: i7-4790K CPU @ 4GHz Memory: 16gb OS: Windows 10 Pro Most recently, I have been looking at the Acer Predator XB241H: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C05C1OK/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza What do you all think? Any opinions / suggestions? Many thanks, The Reverend Vaporelli BlastboxVaporelli16 Apr 29, 2016
Apr 29, 2016 Theramore/Kul Tiras guild?? is there one? Good Evening, I am in search of a Theramorian? Theramore based guild, maybe one that focuses on those that were away from the city when it went kablowy...Does anyone know of such a guild that may, or even maybe a Kul Tiras based guild. I would rather just join a guild instead of creating one...though have started on some names if I were to make a militaristic type (Naval based) -The Last Fleet -Theramore's Lost Fleet -Remnants of Theramore -The Admiral's HammerÀglaica11 Apr 29, 2016
Apr 29, 2016 WPVP toy name? Anyone knows what toy transform you in a hurricane so u cannot be targueted/killed? ThxCovex50 Apr 29, 2016